September 11, 2007 - Msg 55688: Good afternoon,WOW, Romeena, you've been thinkin again.LOL :). Boo, hope your group goes well, tonight.How is Erin feeling,today?I just made a fresh raspberry pie, if anyone is having a sinkin' spell. Big Maude, you must be getting the rain we had yesterday. Thanks for supper. Possum, "I've seen fire and I've seen rain, I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end " Mrs Wiley , what end of the porch are you on? Big Jerry , are any where near Charlotte? Millie,hope you're having a good day. Well, I'm going to watch the rest of Oklahoma on TCM. Take care PEACE Dr P

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55689: Yep, I guess I need to quit doing that, Dr. P. I always end up writing an endless post when I have a thinkin' spell. I wonder what causes that? --Romeena

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55690: Evening Porchsters:
Boo I know the Lord will give you the words to say to the group tonight. All we have to do is ask for the words and wisdom, and sure enough--there it is, just what is needed even though we might not think so.(The Lord knows the needs.)
I'll take a piece of that raspberry pie if ya don't mind. Sounds real good this time of evenin' when I get that sinkin' spell. Just what the Dr. P ordered.Thanks!! We're getting that rain, just in smaller doses today. Much needed rain that is! Well gotta get movin' and get supper started, that pie hit the spot. YUMMM. ~New Neighbor

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55691: Romeena, maybe your shoes are too tight. :D
Dr.P, I reside in the ATL, nice to meet you! Where are you located?.

~ Mrs. Wiley

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55692: How do you do Mrs. Wi-ley
And a big overdue welcome to New Neightbor. We'll keep yer rocker ready.
No snacks here tonight, anyboody out there wanna share? I'm not too picky.

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55693: ps.....Dr Pendyke, where is the ATL? Atlanta?

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55694: Checking in to say good night to all. Sleep tight.
Big Maude

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55695:
Hello porch family....back on the road again. Things are going good.

Dr.P....Thanks for the pie. Gooooood stuff.

Boo...I know God will use you as always to touch those young ladies.

Ro....glad you been "thinking again." It always stirs up my thinking.

Well better get ready for bed. You all sleep good and know that you're in my prayers.

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55696:
Hello to everyone.

Hey Rev, I'm talking with my girlfriend (in Canada) over the telephone right now. She informed me that today started out badly for her. When I'm away (in the USA), being alone gets her depressed. Then she played your "Do You Believe" CD. It put her in such a good mood that her depression disappeared. WOW, that is some powerful music you created. Thank you.

Millie, the only snacks I have to offer you are dry roasted unsalted peanuts and potato chips.
I would like to know your opinion about that web site I gave the last time we met over at Sarah's. You can post here or we can arrange to meet at Sarah's some night to talk about it.

from Poor Horatio

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55697: Poor Horatio, I can't seem to get that page to come up....Any tips?
ps....sorry about he short posts...lots of pain. Sorry.

September 11, 2007 - Msg 55698: Oops! I found a few pages....looks like I've got a lot of reading done. Hazel and I will be at Sarah's Thurs. nite....I'm free tommorow(Weds) night if you'd like to chat then....

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55699: Hello, Chilly here this morning,it's 38 degrees. Mrs Wiley,I'm a Yankee from Southeast Iowa,we live in the country, we're the only house on the road. I don't think I could live in a big city like Atlanta. Millie, so sorry you're suffering,hope today will be a better one. Hey to New Neighbor. Rev, you be safe in your travels. I better go walk the dogs, i'll look in later. PEACE Dr P

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55700: Monring all. Cooler here today as well. had some nice rain yesterday and the humidity is down today. Getting my wokr day started and wanted to check in before I got busy. safe travels for rev and Prayers for all especially Millie. French toast with maple syrup and sausages and bacon for breakfast, coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate to drink. Big Maude

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55701: Good nonring. it going to be a nice dat not to hot .
prayer for everyone,


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55702: Don't be sorry, Millie. Just post what you can, we love to hear from you even when it's a little bit. Sure wish you were feeling better, physically. Prayers for you today.

Ro, looks like we are going to get alot of rain here on the coast for the next day or two. By the way, interesting post earlier. I always enjoy hearing/reading your opinions.

Dr. P, I can't even remember what 38 degrees feels like. It seldom gets that cold here in South Texas, even in the heart of winter. I get to experience it on December Colorado trips, though, and I NEVER complain. I love snow and cold (as long as it's not TOO cold). It's supposed to be in the 80's here today, which is cooler than it has been and the wind is actually out of the North so it kind of has that fall feeling to it.

Poor Horatio, that is really wonderful that your girlfriend was so blessed by REV's music. Sounds like the Lord is using it to lift her up! Prayers for her and you today.

Thanks REV, we had a wonderful time at the rehab last night. My friend Keith went along again and it really helps to have him there. He is very real Christian and always has something to say to bless the girls. We went over the basics of salvation and the girls asked some great questions, then we had a very sweet prayer time together.

I forgot to tell you guys what happened to me yesterday! I was driving my suburban at the local park, which has a little road that runs around a lake, very scenic and Sean and I decided to go for a little drive. Well, I was trying to turn around because the road was muddy up ahead and while I was backing up, I went right into a huge rut that was so deep that the back wheels were actually suspended! I had to get a tow truck to pull us out and it cost me 150.00. My biggest mistake??...trusting a 12 year old when he said, "you're ok, keep backing up"! Live and learn...haha


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55703: Hey there TOM, glad you are cooling off. Hope you have a great day,


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55704:
Morning Porch

Millie-I'm sorry I didn't stop by last night. I would have shared my favorite snack with you, sourdough pretzels and with some extra-sharp cheddar.


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55705:
Dr P 38 degrees was our low last night too. We also having country living in common, it takes us an hour to get to the closest mall.


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55706: Mornin' Y'all! Wanted to share something that happened yesterday- sure makes you grateful for what you have.
My daughter was in a Wendy's with Laci and noticed a woman stealing glances at Laci.Laci does get a good bit of attention due to the fact that she has glasses and braces on her legs.Sometimes people are just looking at her out of curiosity,I guess,or that she's so darn cute! Anyway,my daughter saw that the lady was teary eyed and her husband appeared to be comforting her.Finally,the lady realized that my daughter was aware of all the glances at Laci and came over to their table.She told her that she did not want to appear rude by staring at Laci,but that Laci looked exactly like her little girl who was killed in the Oklahoma City bombings.She said even down to the eyeglasses.The lady had family in the Charleston area and was here visiting.She asked Laci's age (just turned 4) and said that her daughter was four & a half when she was killed. To hear that story,and on the 9/11 anniversary nonetheless.. wow.I'll admit, I was teary eyed myself.
38 degrees? Not around here! Snow? What's that? Ha!
Well,I'm doing laundry so I'd better go.Thank goodness I only have 2 loads,not forty-eleven like homemaker!
Y'all have a good day-love to all!
possum under a rock

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55707: Morning Porch:
Finally a day off... let's see wash all the sheets, blankets, etc. and get them out on the line. It's a beautiful day. Not much humidity, sunny and a little breeze to make the clothes smell great. Just love to smell line dried clothes!! So glad the meeting went well last night Boo. You've planted the seeds, nows the time for watering.
"Where oh where has that Asa been? Oh where oh where can he be? He's been gone a while without any posts, oh where oh where can he be?" **LOST-- 1- ASA! Last seen sitting at the bank, guarding the money. *Carrying a revolver (a little rusty)*Slightly confused at times. * If found please return to the front porch.* Missed by all. ~New Neighbor

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55708: Good morning everyone. It's about 70 and very pleasant here today. Wish it were like this year round.

That's some touching story, POSSUM.

Live and learn, BOO. You should read that book BOO; it really centers on Dalhart and will give you an even greater appreciation of the people who came and stayed.

ROMEENA: I re-emailed you on Monday. Did you get it?

I'll chat with the rest of y'all in a bit. I'm running behind here at work...


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55709: NEW NEIGHBOR: Well, I know ASA ain't somewhere eating HM's meatballs.


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55710: M-T: No> they lay heavy on his chest. ~New Neighbor

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55711: To hear ASA talk, they lay heavy on asphalt.


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55712: Oh my- are they considered a health hazard? ~New Neighbor

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55713: Okay - I think I have heard ENOUGH about my meatballs. . .:D

Ya'll think you are pretty funny. . .I guess being somebody's Barney is okay - ya'll are funnin right?! Huh?

The ever notorious meatball maker

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55714: ...only when Asa is using them as gold balls....

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55715: ...uh, that's supposed to be "golf balls"...

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55716: Ya'll are "goof" balls!. . .

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55717: Oh my, y'all are on a roll! Maybe Asa is breaking up meatballs while he's in lockup, he could whittle them down for bullets... they wouldn't get moldy. Millie, just type what you can when you can. Works for me. Possum, that is a sweet story - you are blessed. Dr.P, Atlanta is home, although I consider myself a Yankee transplant (Born in upstate NY, moved to Atlanta at 1.5yrs old.) I love the big city, but may eventually move closer to the woods if I had my druthers.

~ Mrs. Wiley

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55718: WOW, Dr P, 38 degrees. That is cold.
It is still hot and dry here about 30 miles from Raleigh.

Hope all is well with all on the porch.


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55719: MRS. WILEY: Maybe you could find a place near the water, like at the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge.

AUH2O: In election news, Baltimore elected a new mayor yesterday with a mandate! She got a majority of the 18% of the registered voters who bothered to show up. (Actually, it was just the primary election, but since the city has nearly 300,000 registered Democrats and about 30,000 Republicans, it's all over but the shouting.) Sad, huh?

Y'all have a great afternoon.I hope STERLING is fairing well. Prayers for all who needs them.


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55720: Hey,all, BOO, glad your meeting went well, sorry about the rut trouble. auh2o, the nearest town to us is 6 miles and only about 200 people,it doesn't have any stores, just a bar a beauty shop and a very small elemenatry school. POSSUM ,great story.My husband and Tristan comute about an hour and a half morning and night HM,do you think you could make your meatballs larger,we can paint them for Christmas ornaments?:) NEW Neighbor, where are you located? I agree laundry on the line smells wonderful, I hang out laundry everyday. MRS WILEY,I've been through Atlanta a couple of times, it's a very busy place,I'm just a slow paced person. Big Jerry,Here it's all relative,in Febuary 38 will be warm. PEACE Dr P

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55721: Boy I need to proof read, Sorry DR P

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55722: Hey Me-They ,hope you are having a good day DrP

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55723: Dr. P - sounds like your town is like my town cept we have a filling station, a little market, 2 bar/rest. combos and a bunch of churches. Oh - and a flashing lite!

Boo -what ahppened with your school situation?


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55724: Back again from the clothesline- Good afternoon Mrs. Wiley. Hope all is well on your end of the porch. Dr. P I'm in the big state of PA. Homemaker- wasn't makin' fun of your meatballs. They come in handy for an abundance of uses. Asa wrote a book "1001 uses for HM's meatballs" Need I say more? Teehee. Got more clothes to bring in, and beds to make. ~New Neighbor

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55725: Now heard this stop making fun of HM meatball.
I thing everyone can mak some meatball and we git some juges and see make good ons.
and everyone can stop joking about hm.


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55726: We can't hang clothes out here in South Texas unless we get a good northern front. The humidity is so high that when you bring the clothes and sheets in, they smell like a wet dog...ya'll know what I'm talking about.

Wow, DR P. What do you all do for fun out there in the sticks?? Go to the beauty shop or the bar? hehe My hubby has to drive 45 minutes to work and I thought that was a long time!

HM, we have been pretty busy and I just found out that the Principal has been out of town, so no meeting yet. I need to sit down and have a conversation with Bruce and see what he wants to do about it. Thanks for asking, I will let you know how it goes...when it does.

MDC, thinking of you,'re in my prayers. Thank you for sending the email.

Better go...I have to meet with the youth group at 5 about the up and coming fundraiser.


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55727: Boo,we are out in the sticks,but love it. For us the wildlife really is wildlife,we have a doe who is raising a set of twins in the back pasture and the possums and racoons eat out of our birdfeeders. A big day might be seeing an eagle. We really do sit out on the front porch,have root beer floats and listen to the coyotes.We're just simple country folks. probably pretty boring for most people. The only way it could be better is if we were farther out in the wild. Dr P

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55728: Wow, that sounds great Dr P. I think I could handle it just fine as long as there was a grocery store and a church within a reasonable distance. Wish I were close enough to sit on the porch with you and have a soda on this fine, cool evening.

Wonder what Romeena is doing this evening..maybe she is at work.


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55729:
Dr P It sounds like we could be neighbors. It takes us about 35 minutes, round trip, to get pizza and wings but like you said, "we are out in the sticks, but love it." A few years back, as I was leaving for work, I hit a deer halfway down our driveway. It didn't kill it but he did put a pretty good dent into the side of the car.

HM-I can remember chatting a while back with ya about our small towns.

M-T That is a sad state of affairs, that's for sure but the big news for me was, I had no idea that Baltimore had 30,000 Republicans. haha


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55730: Dr. P, you're describing my idea of heaven. I lived in the country as a kid, and loved it. Never quite managed to get back to it after I got married, but we always dreamed about it.

I'm worried about Asa. I hope Mrs. Asa is okay. I know he's been very concerned about her. I think I'll drop him an email and see if he answers.

No, Me-They, I didn't get an email. Try one more time, and I'll be watching the spam filter. However, I did put your address in the trusted senders file, so it shouldn't have been caught in the filter, should have come on into the regular inbox, and it didn't. Try again, and post on here just before you send it, (mention the time) and I'll watch for it. I can't imagine what's happening to it. If you have the address wrong, you should be getting it back. Weird.

Well, I'm really tired. I worked last night, came home and slept a couple of hours, then went to my brother's jewelry store to serve as an extra person while he and his wife went to the doctor about his hip. Looks like he's going to have his fourth hip replacement, but will wait until January to do it, after the Christmas rush. Bless his heart, I hate that he has to do that, but it's not a choice. He's in too much pain.

Oh, how I wish Sugarplum could say hey! --Romeena

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55731: hey all....auh2o, I'll have some of those pretzels and cheese now, please.
Having a rough night...your prayers are appreciated.

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55732:
Hi folks. Dont know if Ro or Boo shared with you that my mom passed away yesterday at about 1 pm.
She is finally VICTORIOUS over her alz disease and the devil is, well duh...DEFEATED!
As may of you know, this has been a long battle, and she WON! Thank you thru the years for your concern and prayers. She was 88, and she died instantly according to all on the floor.
Many family flying in for Sat. so will be afk for a while.
If you want to read about her, go to then down the right side to obits and then to Viola Raths.
God bless all you great porchsters.

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55733:
And now more of my prayers can go for Millie! (:

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55734:
sorry, down left side, and it wont be in until tomorrow.

September 12, 2007 - Msg 55735:

Millie-You can help yourself to all that you want, the cheese is Vermont extra-sharp, enjoy buddy!

MDC-Now your Mom is at peace and full of joy! God Bless!


September 12, 2007 - Msg 55736:
Hello porch family.

P-H....thanks for sharing that story with me. That's so encouraging to me. It's all to the Glory of God.

Boo....I praise God for your rehab service last night. That's great!

Ro....prayers for your brother. Be sure to get you some rest.

Millie.....prayers for you dear friend.

MDC....Brother, prayers for you and your family. There's Victory in JESUS!

You all have a wonderful night. You are all in my prayers.

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55737:

Millie, praying extra hard for your comfort and relief from pain. I hope you wake up feeling a lot better this morning.

It's downright nippy out there! 68░! Mercy, we're not used to this. :-) Boo's right -- fall is in the air. I first detected it a couple days ago. I love that feeling.

Possum, that was an amazing story.



September 13, 2007 - Msg 55738: Romeena - thanks for checking in on Asa - I have been concerned but have lost his email. I know that MS is a difficult disease to live with. So I am hoping all is okay.


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55739: Good Morning,all, MDC,so sorry for your loss,she's in a far better place now. MILLIE,you are so strong and brave,hope today is a good one. AUH20, we've had our share of hitting deer,too. My oldest son,Colter,hit 3 deer in 8 months,needless to say he's not a big fan of deer. Boo,you are welcome any time,the root beer is always cold. If the weather gets chilly, we'll wrap up in quilts in the rockers,with a mug of hot chocolate.Hope all is well with everyone. Take care PEACE Dr P

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55740: Good morning all! mdc: My condolences on your mother's passing into Glory - but understand it IS a Victory!! GOD: everything - Devil: 0. HM, so good to read you and thanks for understandiing about the meatball thing. :) Why not try dinner rolls next? Millie, if you can... and I know how hard it is to think when in pain... ask Our Dear Lord to forgive us poor sinners. I KNOW you have his ear right now. Ro, thanks for checking on Asa for us. Hope the Asa family is OK.

~ Mrs. Wiley

Emma Watson: "I hope it's not more soup."

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55741: Morning, folks. I am sorry for your loss, MDC. Thanks for posting that obit site; I will check it out later.
I've seen Asa posting at one of the other Mayberry places, so I know he's around, bless his heart. He and his wife continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
Millie, sorry you had a bad day, I'll try to catch you at Sarahs tonight.
Auh20, one of my very favorite snacks is pretzels and sharp cheeze! Yum. I actually like it for breakfast.
- Hazel

Helen: "Pretzel, Lydia?"
Lydia: "No thank you, they lay on my chest."

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55742: Prayers for our Millie. Hurts to know she is having a hard time, but I'm so glad she shares that with us so we can pray. Lord give her some relief today.

Thanks, Dr P, I wish I could drop by but it would be quite a drive, wouldn't it? ha Well, we can sit here on the cyber-porch and imagine. I don't remember you telling us much about yourself. Do you just have one son (Tristan)? Tell us about him. Where did you grow up, what are your hobbies, etc...

Wonder what happened to Ray? We don't seem to hear from him anymore. Hope he comes back soon. "Are you out there, Ray?"..APB for Ray.

Got to get the kids off to school, then I have ninety-eleven loads of laundry to do (hey HM, that saying might just stick around like VICKS), then I am thinking about sneaking off to see my baby neice, Emily. It's been a whole week since I saw her and her cheeks grow every day. Can't wait to see her cute little chubby face! I'll get some "neck sugar" for all you neck sugar-lovers on the porch (you know who you are).


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55743: Did you ever really think about that statement of Lydia's? How on earth can a PRETZEL lay on your chest. A pretzel has to be the most benign food in the world...


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55744: MDC,my heart goes out to you in the loss of your mother.I am relieved her suffering is over and that she's with the Lord.
Prayers for you Millie,as always.

Love to all
possum under a rock

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55745: MDC - I am sorry for your loss but I am that is a victory for you. To be released from the chains of pain must be a relief for you. Praise God that she had a wonderful family and a wonderful relationship with Jesus.

Mrs. Wiley - my roll recipe was borrowed from Ellie Mae, and you know Jed could never quite stomach one of her rolls! :)

Well - Boo - ninety-eleven loads is a lot more than forty-eleven. . .you must be realllly dirty at your house. Ha Ha

Millie - your in my thoughts a lot and so is your family. May God give you some relief today. . .


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55746: oops, did I say "ninety-eleven"?...yep, that does sound like a lot more that "forty-eleven". I am having a problem right now with my sofa, it needs to be cleaned. It is a fabric sofa and I can smell it when I come in the house. Gross! I think my dad was letting the dog in to lay on it when I was gone. What on earth do I clean it with? Spraying it with Febreeze is only a temporary fix. Any ideas??


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55747: Good morning, all. In my family, a big number was 'leventy-seven. Is that bigger or smaller than ninety-eleven? Either way, it's BIG, really BIG!

Hazel, would you mind sending me your email address? You probably have mine, it's been posted here often enough, but if not, let me know and I'll post it again. Hate to do it if it's not necessary. I still wonder if that's why I get all that miserable spam. I hear there are search engines that comb websites like this and skim off anything that looks like an email address. I get at least fifty a day, and a lot of it is pretty sick. I could probably stop it by changing my address, but I just don't want to. I've had that address for years, and I like it, and I resent having to give it up because of a bunch of sickos.

Well, I've got to get busy. I had filed an extension on my income tax (they owe me, so no penalty), and now the final deadline is tomorrow to get it to my CPA. Naturally, I still don't have it all together, so I guess I'd better get to it. Lazy, just bone lazy, that's all.

See you later, folks. --Romeena

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55748: Good morning everyone. It feels like fall here, too. Woke up to a chilly 50 degrees. It felt great. I love the fall.

ROMEENA: I resent.

MDC: I am so sorry, and happy, to hear about your mom. Sorry that you will miss her; happy that she is in a wonderous place. My prayers are with you and your family.

TOM: If HM didn't make meatballs, what would we throw at those spiders under the porch?

MILLIE: So sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I pray today is much, much better!

HAZEL: Drop by more often. I enjoy your conversation.

AUH2O: That's okay; we in western Maryland don't really think much of Baltimore.

BOO: Here come my shorts...

Hey to the rest of you good people. I'll stop back later when I can really chat and start a moulage or something.


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55749: ROMEENA: Maybe I should have clarified that as re-sent, not resent!




September 13, 2007 - Msg 55751: Hey,everyone I just turned on TCM,there's a George Raft movie on ,lets all go over to skippy's and watch it. Call Barney and be sure to bring Goober,because Edward G Robinson is in it too Dr P

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55752: Well BOO, I have 2 boys, Colter is 28, he lives about 7 miles away, He works 12 hour shifts at a printing company. HE's car crazy,has a sweet girlfriend,they've been together for a year and a half.He plays the guitar,loves concerts. Tristan is 25 , he lives back here, again. He is a journeyman electrian and works the same place as his dad.He loves cars,hunting and fishing.My husband,Fritz and I have been married almost 29 years.I grew up in a small town about 30 miles from here,I have 2 younger brothers and a younger sister. My hobbies are cooking,cross stitch,gardening and 3 large dogs.I do a lot of reading and love old movies. I really am pretty boring:) DR P

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55753: Would you like to hear me do my Cary Grant?



September 13, 2007 - Msg 55754: Hey Me-They,can you walk like Chester on Marshal Dillon? Dr P

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55755: I put my bets on Me-They walking like Chester. . .and you know he has this thing with his shorts, so he's probably hitching up his pants anyway.

Now, there's another use for my meatballs - spider ammo! Who would have thunk it!


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55756: stop stop what the meatball

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55757: :O


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55758: This "thing with my shorts" is the fact that I like them clean (no starch, please). I mean, what if I were to be in an accident?


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55759: : ) : ) : )uesd starch in his shorts.

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55760: Well gang still here!...been at the lake getting the last days to at work now till 6 am....supper will be olive garden on me.....back in just a bit for the night...SPOT

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55761: Hey there, SPOT.

HM: I hate it when you're purposely obtuse.


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55762: hope you are paying her for doing your shorts.
just think how big her wate bill is and she can used all the money she git to pay it off.

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55763: Hazel, please check in. Please contact me thru email - if you don't mind. --Romeena

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55764: Hey all on the porch. I hope no one is in the path of this storm.
Prayers for all on the porch.


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55765: Millie - my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

MDC - my sincerest sympathy for your earthly loss, but I rejoice with you at your mom's heavenly gain.

What a sweet and touching story, possum. Thanks for sharing.

Hey to the porch - prayers for the rest of you as well.

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55766:

MDC, please accept my apologies for not sending my condolences on the loss of your mother in my last post. I certainly meant to.

Romeena, if you have to post your email address, you can leave spaces in it and spell it out, such as "porchromeena at great isp dot com" and chances are the bots won't "see" it.

Boo, tonight on our local news (KSAT, our ABC affiliate) they're running a special on some 'revolutionary' new treatment for Tourette's that doesn't involve drugs. (Yes, I'm skeptical, too. LOL) I would record it for you but my VCR bit the dust and I don't have TIVO or a DVD recorder. Maybe someone within the San Antonio viewing area will see this and make you a copy. If I'm awake, I will watch it and take notes. You're very well informed on the subject and it may be something you already knew, but just in case.

Prayers for all needing them.



September 13, 2007 - Msg 55767: Thanks, Dež. Actually, I know about that way of posting, and have done it the last few times, but it was posted the "put-together" way a few times. I'm not sure that's where the spammers got it - I am on some online mailing lists - so they may have gotten it there. All the sites declare they don't share, but I think things get shared anyway, intentionally or not.

I am just so anxiously awaiting my puppy, and it's still nearly two months before I can get her. Not sure I can wait that long! --Romeena

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55768: Thanks DES, very kind of you. I suspect that KSAT has a website that I can check out tomorrow. They might have something about it on their site.

How on earth are going to wait 2 whole months, Ro?! Won't they let you have her earlier?

I forgot to mention something to you all the other day. When we were having all the talk about pitbull dogs, I was in a parking lot and saw this dog in the back of a man's truck. He was parked and the dog jumped out and was playing. I am telling you that dog was the most beautiful dog in the world! He was massive, with a big, wide head and he was a blue-gray color with gold eyes. The man said he was the gentlest dog he ever had. Said he was a "Blue Nose Pitbull". Wish I could trust it, because I sure would like to have one like him.

Bruce is home, better go get supper on the table.


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55769: MDC- As with all the other family on the porch, please accept my condolences on the passing of your mother into the loving arms of her Lord.Remember- NOTHING is ever lost when you know where it is!!!
So much fun to catch up on all the porch news today. Was a wonderful day at work.
Romeena, enjoy the quiet while you have it...we just got a new shelty puppy..yip, yip, yip chew chew chew. tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, Know what I do all day long on my days off??? (Kinda makes the nursing work look good). Did someone offer Olive Garden? Just wondering what to fix for supper.
Dr. P I too live out in the country on a dairy farm. We also raise buffalo,deer, goats,etc. There are times I think I live with the Noah's ark passengers! Nearest town? 12 miles. Front porch - 80 feet long. Big enough for all the rockers ya want to put there. AAAHHH heaven with the view of the mountains on 3 sides. Wanna pull up a chair? Tea and pie for dessert. ~New Neighbor

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55770: Thanks for sharing, Dr P. You don't sound boring at all. I love old movies, too.


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55771: Ro, here's my e-mail. I can't seem to find yours. I used to have it when I was on AOL, but since I've got a new provider, I've lost all my old contacts.
- Hazel

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55772: hey porch, I'm trying to post, keeps getting censored....I'll try some more, Maybe I am unssuitable,lol!

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55773: No, Millie, you're suitable!
- Hazel

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55774: Thanks, Hazel.
Just want to let Mr. Darlin's Cuz know I'm thinking about and praying for y'all, so happy about her joyful passing.

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55775: I just had a chance to read all the posts. I gave Ro my e-mail address before I read the posts that said we shouldn't do that because that's how spammers get us on their list and start sending us junk. Oh well, too late now. If anyone e-mails me, be sure to put your name in the subject line, or I won't open it. I might think that you're... well, the wrong sort of person. (Luke: "I resent that, my mother was a nurse!".)
- Hazel

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55776: HAHAHAHA!! Hazel, you are so funny. I love that quote you used.

Hey Millie, I don't think you are the problem with the censor..


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55777: haha! thanks guys.

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55778: Hazel - I would say Millie is more than suitable - she is "bonafide."

Asa - he probably got run over by a train. Momma said he got run over by a train!


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55779:
What's all this about Millie causing problems with the censor? Why is it always the nice ones? I would have guessed it was Me-They.


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55780: Hi guys! Figured since I'm from Surry Co. and live real close to Mayberry, I'd post up some homestyle music I've recorded that is popular in the area. Hope ya'll enjoy!

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55781: Whoops - been so long since I've been on I forgot to sign in LOL!

Jim Taylor

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55782: Thanks, Hazel, and don't worry too much about posting that addy. As I said, I'm on some online shopper lists, so I'm pretty sure that's where they got it. Anyhow, watch for one from me.

Millie! Good to see you, love. I hope you're resting well, and are comfortable. Constant prayers for you and yours!

New Neighbor, you can probably hear me turning green with envy. Out in the country? Raising buffalo and the like? An 80-foot porch? Oh, my. And I'm so thrilled that some of my goldfish have had babies, and it just makes my evening when a possum or raccoon ambles through my yard. I hope the Lord is planning to build my mansion out in the sticks somewhere, with lots and lots of critters around.

Boo, I could get the puppy on Oct. 21, when she's 12 weeks old. The breeder won't release her before then. Maltese are so small, they are vulnerable to hypoglycemia, especially so until they're 12 weeks. It continues up to six months, but the younger they are, the greater the risk. Also, the reputable breeders are aware of the "window" of risk for parvo, and most will keep the puppies with their mothers and away from the rest of the world, so to speak, until their immunities are fully developed.

So, I could get her on Oct. 21, but I'll be going to Fredericksburg on Nov. 1-5, and just don't want to leave her with someone else so soon after I get her. I don't want to take her with me, because there's a golden retriever, two yellow labs and a bunch of big-footed grandsons down there, and she will be less than 3 pounds. So, I guess I'll leave her with her mom until I get home, and I'll get her the next day. Argh.

Well, guess I'll hit the ironing board - lots to do tomorrow. --Romeena

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55783: MILLIE STOP RUNNING OFF FROM THERE.Now I have to have a up due address from you brcause someone keep asking me for the one I have to the restsu of your.
you can git me from mavis or ROMEENA OR GIVE THIM YOUR.


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55784: Well, that sounds like the wise thing to do, Ro (concerning Star). You sure wouldn't want the little thing to get sick or injured. Anyway, you will have years to get to know and love her.

Thanks Jim Taylor...don't be a stranger. This here is a big, long porch.

Better hit the hay...more laundry to do tomorrow. Bring me your shorts, Me-They. I'll even put some bleach in the wash this time to kill germs (I thought you might like that).


September 13, 2007 - Msg 55785: Tom...Ro has my addy.

September 13, 2007 - Msg 55786: Hi all,
Just a quick note to say I am back from Vegas. And glad to be back safely. Thank you for your prayers.
I had some fairly good times, and not so good times.
Would I want to go there again? Nah. Like I said before, I didn't really care if I ever saw Las Vegas. And it still stands.

The great part is that my sister had Kai sleep at our house tonight, and she doesn't even know we are home yet. So it will be a nice surprise for her seeing her mommy and daddy when she wakes up.
I must have stood there for about 15 minutes just watching her sleep tonight.
So glad I am home.

-Sterling Holobyte

p.s. Just scanned some of the messages above. Sorry MDC for the loss of your mother. I hope I can have your positive outlook when my mother goes.
Nice to know you will see her in heaven later, though.

September 14, 2007 - Msg 55787: Uh, Millie, I know I had your address, but I have searched the computer, my desk and everywhere else that I thought it might be, but can't find it. I'm sorry, I don't know how I lost it, but I did. If you'll send it to me again, I'll be forever grateful. --Romeena

September 14, 2007 - Msg 55788: Well hello gang....I hope Im back now for a good sitting at work all night..hey Maude,mil,Rev,TOM,sterling,hm,asa,boo,ro,jim,possum,auh20,m-t and all...lets meet at dennys in the morning...I got to do some archive reading....snack will be cheese and crackers..ya know when ya get busy and stay off the porch ya sure miss it....well let me read...prayers to all in need...Big Jerry will seing by and pick up a few of the ladys in the morning for breakfast?...SPOT

September 14, 2007 - Msg 55789:

Well Boo, as I suspected I would, I fell smack dab to sleep before the news came on. I'm so sorry. I was just exhausted. Their web site is I looked around there but didn't see anything pertaining to last night's story. Maybe you'll have better luck. If not, you could email them and ask what it was about.



September 14, 2007 - Msg 55790: Morning Porch. Just popping in because Romeena E-mailed me, bless her heart. We are still trying to find an effective treatment for Mrs. Asa. The stuff they have had her on has messed things up for her pretty bad. Keep her in your prayers please. Thanks friends.
Have not read the archives but did get an e-mail from MDC about his Mothers passing. I'm sorry for your loss but join you in your rejoicing at her victory friend. God bless.
Well sounds like Spots buying at Denny's so I'm headed over there right now.


September 14, 2007 - Msg 55791: Mornin' y'all! Thanks for checking in Asa-will keep the prayers going. Hey to Sterling-glad you're home!

Jim Taylor? Nah,it couldn't be.. whatcha think,Me-They? Nah,ain't no way,but a hearty welcome to Jim anyway! I'll check out your music.

Asa,save me a seat at Dennys!
possum under a rock

September 14, 2007 - Msg 55792: So sorry about Mrs. Asa...prayers for her and for Asa.

DES, don't feel bad! I found some info on KSAT site. It appears they were talking about Deep Brain Stimulation, which I was familiar with, though it is only used in the most extreme cases due to the risks of planting the electrodes. It is certainly something we would consider doing if Sean became more severe in later years. I know he would want to. When his symptoms were severe, he begged to have it done but it wasn't possible or wise at that young age because they often get better through adolescence. The news could also have been about treating Tourette's with a drug called Levadopa, which is used in patients with Parkinson's. In a trial, it reduced symptoms of Tourette's by 40%, which is really good. It has some pretty unpleasant side effects, but so do most drugs, I guess.

Glad you are hame safe, Sterling! Hope things went well in your relationship....any progress there that you would like to share? I'm really hoping you are feeling closer to Mrs. Sterling after the trip....

Better go get the kids ready for school. I wanted to ask you to pray for Sean again. It seems he is really getting picked on this new school and is feeling pretty alone. I am asking the Lord to please give him at least one friend that would stick by him. I can't imagine what it must be like for him to be taunted every day. I'm praying it will make him stronger, not bitter, though I am seeing some real anger coming out. Guess I should seek some counseling for him.


September 14, 2007 - Msg 55793: Morning Porch, SPOT - "Slam" me. double bacon on the crispy side. ;) ASA!! Glad to see you old friend! I thought you may have run off to Charlotte and got run over by a taxicab. My prayers will assuredly go out for Mrs. Asa and for you. Boo, counseling for Sean may be the best thing ever for him! And for you... in the long run. I stand by it. Sterling, glad you made it home safely and very glad you gave it your full effort. No regrets now whatever may happen. M-T, watched your episode yesterday with Mom... who couldn't figure out why "Meee-theyyyy" made me laugh so hard.

Prayers for the whole dang porch!
~ Mrs. Wiley

September 14, 2007 - Msg 55794: Good morning everyone.

Prayers for Sean today and every day, BOO. He's a regular on my prayer list. And thanks for the bleach. I can't use it myself because I'm on a septic system.

AUH2O: Hardy-har-har. Why don't you go wax the steps up at the old people's home?

POSSUM: Nah, I don't think it could be. Regarding ole James, I recently read an interview with Carly Simon where she said that since his marriage to his current wife a few years ago he has cut off contact with her and other long-time friends. I also noticed that he doesn't tour as much. Maybe she's a Yoko or something?

ASA: Good to hear from you. Your Mrs. is on my paryer list, along with your grocer :).

STERLING: Glad that you're back safe and sound. But don't worry, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas :). Along those lines, remember about ten years ago when all the ads for Vegas were touting that it's for families and showing theme parks, etc? Boy, I guess that angle didn't work out.

SPOT: Lenny's?

Hey to the rest of you fine folks.