September 25, 2007 - Msg 56253: Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful day (again) here today, though we need rain and none is forecast for the rest of this week, at least. It's staring to feel like one of Rev. Tucker's sermons.

HAZEL: Thanks for clearing that up. I was curious.

BELLE: Howdy!

BOO: I hope that you got some sleep after all. It's obvious how much you love and are devoted to your parents. You've certainly gone that extra mile. But remember, you cannot sacrifice yourself (and your family) to their reluctance to do what they should. I don't see the full situation, but from what you've described over the years it sounds as if there actually may be a danger to them living all alone. They are adults and can make their own decisions but they cannot expect you to go down with the ship as well. That's not to say as their child you don't have a responsibility to them--I believe you do--but they have a responsibility to themselves, and you, as well. Easier said than done, huh? Well, you have my prayers for strength, sister.

Wghen did you start homeschooling Sean again? I though last I heard he was doing better at school. Prayers for him as well.

Ah, what the heck...I'll just throw y'all in the prayer hopper.

OPIEMOM: Hope that your cold is better today.

NEW NEIGHBOR: My wife jokes that she loves being an RN, it's the patients and other healthcare professionals she doesn't like. Really, she does love it and is a great nurse (from what I hear). She's glad to be out of the hospital, though; she didn't like the politics, and other negative aspects of the environment. And she knows she had it better than some since she was in a nonprofit, Catholic hospital. Now she working from home as is realy enjoying that. She is doing wellness; she interviews her clients to make sure they are taking their meds, etc., counsels on good eating, excercise habits, etc, and tries to help troubleshoot problems, and others stuff like that. She really likes the idea of assisting people stay well and is happy she gets to use her medical knowledge is a positive way. ROMEENA: You'd be a natural at something like this. You should look into it.

Well, it's time to get to work...


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56254: Never too busy to sweep...Maybe I'll go ahead and mop, too. BOO: Would Sean like to help?


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56255: Happy to report that the baby's fever broke last night Yea! Just a little cough this am. Hopefully we're on the way to recovery.

Know what you mean about hospital politics M-T. THat is why my sis. left. She and the other "older" top of the pay scale nurses were getting booted. Like, being reassigned to ER nights/weekends. Yuck! So after she remarried her dh said she didn't have to work if she didn't want to. She's taking a well deserved break.

We're off to the library


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56256: Welcome to Belle and Opiemom and welcome back to Irishster.Hello to everyone else around the porch today. Hope all is well today. busy week this week. kids busy with school and usual things. Please continue to remember me in your prayers please. lunch will be: grilled ham and cheese, pickles, chips, little debbie cakes and tea or lemonade to drink. see you at lunch. take care Big Maude

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56257: Hey, MAUDE: If we stick some pork on those sandwiches, a little hot mustard, throw the pickles on, and press 'em, we've got ourselves a first-rate Cuban sandwich! Prayers.


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56258: Sounds good M-T, you come early and you can be in charge of the press. thanks for the prayers, I appreciate you. Big Maude

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56259: Opiemom, you gave me a good cry with your post about your dear mom. I must have needed it. I feel so sorry for her (and you). I have been seeing firsthand how hard it can be for folks to get older and I think many get depressed. If you think about it, they have lost so much by that age; they can't go and do what they used to do, family is grown and busy with their own lives, etc., and their health is waning. A neurologist that my parents see (my mom is a stroke victim) told me that as the brain ages, there are chemical changes and many elderly folks become depressed...makes sense, but I can't get my dad to try taking medication. We went that route before and he had some bad side effects. He just lives with the hope of taking another trip somewhere but he wants to be driven. It's hard for those of us with children to up and to somewhere. Dad has 2 sons in California that would be happy to send him a plane ticket if he and mom would come out and stay with them for a while but dad refuses to fly out and won't leave the blasted dogs. Those dogs have become a blessing and a curse! Anyway, thanks for sharing with me Opiemom. I prayed for you and your mom when I read your post and would be honored to do so anytime you want to share a need with me. I am very glad you came to the porch and I hope you stay, you really fit right in here and are a blessing. Let us be a part of you life to encourage and pray for you.

Ro, you are right. I already agreed to babysit for Jill for a couple of days next week IF she goes to take the test. I have already told her that I can't help her unless she decides she wants to leave. She knows that I am the one with the contacts who can find the help for her and she isn't asking yet. I'm going to screen my phone calls best I can and just say no. She doens't ask for my help often but the problem is that she has an aunt in New York who she calls in a crisis and the aunt tells her to call me to give her money, and then she will reimburse me. I am going to have to talk to the aunt and tell her I am not willing to cooperate because I don't feel like it's the right thing to do. It's a tough decision to make because I love the girl. She is pitiful and has nobody. Karen had Jill when she was living in NY city and was a teenager. She had left her own home to escape the abuse of her parents and had fallen for a loser who left when Jill was born. Karen came to Texas soon after and was here until her death. Karen's parents are both dead and she has only a sister living. Jill has no father or family on that side, no family except Karen's sister, nobody else. I am the closest thing to family that she has and it is particulary hard to use tough love in this situation because I feel like my hand is the only one that's out for her. With the depression she is having, it's hard to withdraw. I have told her there is nothing more I can do until she decided to do what has to be done, but part of me is asking if it is possible for her to make that decision without any support. She has a handful of friends that are no better off than she is but that's it besides her husband's drunken family. Very sad. Thanks for listening.

Thanks for your words of wisdom, Me-They. I understand what you are saying. I am trying to navigate all my circumstances, you might say. I have alot to learn. Guess I will have to call a family meeting to discuss the folks.

On a positive note, I found out this week that we are going to get to hold a baptism service at the beach for the girls at the drug rehab! I have been waiting a long time for this. I am going to talk to them about Baptism tonight at bible study.

Me-They, I will come back later and explain about Sean...thanks for asking.


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56260: Hey!
Thanks for the welcome! I guess I'd better introduce myself - I'm from the south but living in the midwest and homesick daily. I have an 18-year-old son who I raised alone and he started college last month - . In anticipation of the empty nest I went back to law school three years ago and just graduated over the summer. Funny thing is, I have absolutely no desire to be an attorney now and so I am starting a new job in ten days in biotech transfer - wish I had followed my heart when I was young and become a nurse, its what I really wanted to do in the first place, but my family pursuaded me to follow another path. At least in the new job I can help see that new medical discoveries can get into the mainstream.

I am moving next week but not back home- wish I was moving home to Huntsville, Alabama where my sister and her husband and my nephew are caring for my aging parents - mother has Alzheimer's just diagnosed and the burden on my sister is so great. I feel guilty about not being there but haven't been able to afford to move back home. Maybe in four years when my son is finished with college.

So tell me - how do I create a family feeling in my new home, where I will be alone in a new town with no child to raise and no friends? I realize I will make new frineds, but not all at once, especially since I am in a place in the midwest that while friendly on the surface, is not welcoming to strangers who didn't grow up here. My son is close by for Sunday dinners which I am looking forward to.

Opiemom and Boo, you sound like you have your hands full. Prayers for you, and for Big Maud, too. Blessings to you all.

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56261: Belle, sounds like you need a good church home. If you don't have family in your area, God can provide a church family for you that will be a huge blessing. That's where you will find the "friendly" people, in the right church where people love God and each other, but for now, pull up a rocker and join our porch family. Thanks for the prayers, I appreciate them so much.


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56262: Well Belle - we midwesterners are a strange bunch (I live in Indiana so I know from experience). Probably what I would do is find a good church. Now - you will probably hear that alot from this porch because we are a deeply spiritual bunch. Unfortunately - midwesterners will remain true to you once you have gained that trust. So - just because you went to church one time, doesn't mean you will have a bunch knocking on your door but give them a couple of weeks or a month, and let them get to know your southern charms - and you will be fine. (And you and your son will have company for Sunday dinner!)

I would say you are probably in the same age range as Boo and I (we are both 45). Hope that didn't offend you. Your job sounds exciting!

Oh and by the way, are you a Roll Tide fan or an Auburn fan (Alambama usually beats us round November.)? Roll Tide!

And for lunch - I sure wish I had one of Millie's reubans!


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56263: AUH2O, MDC, or anyone else: Have you caught any of Ken Burns' "The War?" I am really enjoying it. As a social historian, I really appreciate that it focuses on the people who actually fought and their loved ones, and what they were experiencing, as opposed to generals, strategy, and battle details. I've studied World War II quite a bit but am learning from the film, and sometimes thinking of things in new ways. I'm glad it doesn't present a "pc" version of teh war, or do an equal time treatment. Not that studying what was going on in Japan, Germany, et al. isn't interesting, but this is really showing the U.S. story. Anyway, I'm interested in your observations.

BELLE: Like HM said, that's right, pull up a chair alongside them older women ;).


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56264: Y'all are so nice! I am looking forward to church, I can't tell you how much. We went to a church where I live now for the youth program and it was a great experience for my son. So the next church in the new town will be one for me!

Yes, HM, I am 46 although I look much younger or so I tell the mirror every morning! And, indeed am an Alabama fan, although I pine for the days of Bear Bryant and the shotgun formation. When I was 9 I pitched a fit because my dad told me I couldn't play football when I grew up. I am now also an Iowa Hawkeyes fan since my son is in the Hawkeyes Marching Band - he got to perform at Soldier Field two weeks ago, imagine the roar of the crowd!

M-T, I would love to see "The War" as an old journalist friend of mine did some research for Ken Burns on the project. I have to fess up though, that I took the TV out of our home five years ago because my son was sneaking out of bed to play video games and wasn't spending time on his homework or music. The consequences are that I missed half a decade of TV and son graduated in the top 5% of his class and was the lead in last year's All State Musical and first chair trombone in symphony and string orchestra! (Oppiemom, enjoy these days as a stage Mom - although hectic, it is a ball! And break a leg to your children in the upcoming production.) So, in my new place, for the first time in over five years, I am going to have cable TV. I have had a dvd player, for TAGS dvds and movies, so having a TV and cable will be such a luxury.

I am off to find a home in the new town but will be back tonight - then the packing begins. See y’all later.

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56265: Good advice to Belle, hm.

M-T, what was the name again of that book that mentions Dalhart? I want to find it for Sean and I to read. I am assuming it would be suitable for Sean's age. It's historical non-fiction, isn't it? I though Sean might be interested in learning about it since he has been to Dalhart several times. You asked about Sean being home schooled again. Things were better in school for a couple of days but then got worse again. It seems that there were some discipline problems in the class and Sean was continuing to be bullied and was not accomplishing his work due to being distracted in class. With all the talk of "wishing he were dead", etc. Bruce and I decided to take him out, get him some serious help (especially since his doc is talking about putting him on meds for the ADD), and really focus on him. I have him scheduled to see the psychologist next week and his regular counselor. I have also been trying to line up some tutoring from the local university...trying to find someone who majors in special education. Also, I am trying to improve his nutrition and eliminate certain things from his diet and we are walking most every day. That's the plan so far. Some days he does great with his school work because there are no distractions, other days nothing seems to work. I am trying to get us the help we need instead of just riding things out to see how he does in school. His principal agreed that with him being so far behind (most of his work is at about a 4th grade level), he needs more help than the school can give him. Also, we are going to have to do some adjusting of his meds, which might be difficult if he is in school.

Better go...


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56266: ....excuse me, that's "Sean and me to read"....oops


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56267: I couldn't leave before recommending your state's Protection and Advocacy non-profit to Boo for possible resources related to special education. I clerked for P&A while in law school and they can be of help with resources. Type in your state's name and "Protection and Advocacy" in the search engine. Prayers going up for you and Sean and your family....

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56268: Hello to all of you dear people...I must apologize because I've been lurking here since Millie's passing. (I knew her on another site.) I really thought long before I decided to invite myself to your lovely porch. Hope you don't mind. You all care so much about each other, it made my heart ache a little. Friends are priceless and I realized that after the majority of mine have moved hundreds of miles away! I've just been so impressed with everyone's love and support of one another and of course how much all of you love Millie. Also, I've been an Andy Griffith fan my entire life. I remember as a little girl, running into the house grabbing something to drink and parking it in front of the tv for the afternoon "Andy Griffith Show" reruns! There's a different element for me now--it's a way for me to relax and remember simpler times and appreciate good, clean fun & humor. It's good for my little ones to watch with it's sweet life lessons. I yearn for the simpler days of the past where people really did get together on someone's porch and have a glass of iced tea (sweetened for me thanks!) or a cup of coffee and just shoot the breeze. I long for neighbors really caring for each other and being there for one another, not what I find now--people rushing home and hurrying into their garages quickly closing their doors. So, I am coming here in hopes that I can become one of you and shoot the breeze, show my support and have a laugh or two! I'm sending gratitude up to Millie in heaven for leading the way here. Have a great afternoon everyone and I'll check back this evening...oh, I almost forgot---allow me to introduce myself--- you can call me Merri Weather.

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56269: Hey to all. The PORCH seems "Full".

I would like for the PORCH to remember a FAMILY in our church: The family of the "MARINE" who was killed last Friday in a training exercise in Virginia. The squad was training for anti- terroist activities and was soon to be deployed to IRAQ.
The family are deeply rooted in the church , but are devastated by their loss and truly needs prayers to get them through this ordeal.


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56270: Belle, Moving is hard. I hope I can encourage you. I grew up in GA, never lived anywhere else. ANyway, I lived in MI for 7 years. Man I loved it. The people there are some of my favorite people in the world. I second the idea to find a church and really get involved. Just go to things. DOn't wait to be invited. OPiemom

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56271: Afternoon all. Cloudy and rainy here,it's a good thing we need the moisture. I've been making raspberry jam, anyone like some on a warm buttermilk biscuit Yum yum.
Welcome Belle,where are you in Iowa,I'm from North English.
Me-They, I've been watching The War,it's very interesting. I'm also reading The Worst Hard Time and enjoying it.
Boo, you need to take an afternoon off. Pamper yourself, if you don't take care of you, you can't take care of anyone else:)
HM hope our rain heads your way.
Opiemom,glad the baby is doing better.
Romeena,I'm glad you are surrounded by angels,I have alot hear,too
Hope everyone has a Mayberry day. Peace Dr P

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56272: Hello and Welcome to Merri-weather,isn't it great that dear Millie is still warming the porch?
Hey Big Jerry how you doing? Dr P

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56273: I should proof read Here Dr P

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56274:
A belated welcome to Opiemom and Belle and if I do say so myself, a rather timely welcome to Merri Weather!

Irishster, DWF, and other's are coming home to the porch and new neighbors Opiemom, Belle, and Merri Weather have joined us, that Millie, the gift that keeps on giving!

Thanks for all the kind words regarding my "ill family member" (didn't mean to sound so ominous) my stepfather or as I refer to him my mother's husband.

M-T Yes I'm watching and really enjoying ken Burns' "The War." I just love that not one academic has had his/her hogwash tarnish it.

BIG JERRY-Prayers for the fallen hero's family.

Michael Moore is in the area today so if anyone is up this end of the porch I'd bring my boots. And, maybe a shovel.

Thanks Romeena!
Hey Spot!


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56275:
Hello to all the porch family. Good to see all the rockers out on the porch. glad you're feeling better. Still praying for you both. By the way...I buy those chickens a lot when I'm touring without my wife.

Spot...thanks man for those kind words. Yes, one day we will all be together on God's "porch."

Welcome's so good to have you here. Come on back anytime and pull up a rocker.

Boo...prayers for you. I know all those things weigh heavy on you but you have to take care of yourself.

Welcome Merri are most welcome here with all the porch family. It's always great to have new folks to join us.

Ro...Not sure if I emailed you but I did contact your friend at J.O.Y. about a concert next year.

Big Jerry....prayers for the Marine's family. That is so sad.

Well better get going. I've got concerts tonight, tomorrow, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Busy week....Prayers for all and remember that Jesus loves YOU!

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56276: Afternoon Family:
WELCOME to BELLE and MERRI WEATHER!!There's always room for one more rocker on this porch. Just sit right down and we'll start jawin' with ya right away.
Thanks for all the encouragment in my new job! Take it from me Belle- I just turned 40 something (be quiet ASA!!!) and went back to college to get my RN. I, like you, was "encouraged" to get my teaching degree when I was younger, but I never lost the desire to get my RN.So here I am!!! Go for it girl! My ultimate goal is home care for people who want to stay in their homes. I found while taking care of my grandparents, there is a major void in that support system. I think the Lord allowed me to see that so I could "step up" and help fill that void. I find it very rewarding to interact with elderly people and become a part of their lives. (They have great stories and honestly, they lived lives close to Mayberry standards.) Well, enough about that...
Supper sound great! I'll bring dessert. Homemade apple dumplings with homemade ice cream. ~New Neighbor

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56277: BOO: The book was "The Worst Hard Time" and, yes, it is historical nonfiction. (I'm glad you are enjoying it, DR.P.) Sorry to hear about the recurrence of problems for Sean. It sounds like you have a real battle plan though.


BELLE: I'm shocked and suprised that you would admit such a dastardly thing here in a public forum! No tv! Boy, how do you ever learn anything? I think BOO also is one of "your kind." ;)

Now that the Mrs. isn't working nights anymore, I've had the thought to do the same. When she was working nights it was great for company when I didn't really feel like reading. Since the kids go to bed at about 8:00, they don't get to watch tv in the evenings anyway. I don't watch many shows but there are a few I really enjoy ("Top Chef" rules!).

BIG JERRY: Prayers.

Like AUH2O said, this porch is becoming crowded, especially with women. Now, don't y'all get any ideas about running for council or anything. That would be plain silly. Ouch! Okay, who threw that leg of lamb? Now I'm gonna have to change my shorts...BOO, where's the laundry?


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56278: Didn't see you there REV and NEW NEIGHBOR. By the way, REV: can you give your website address one more time? Thanks. NEW NEIGHBOR: Are you new to the porch or a returnee from the Dark Ages (also known as before my time)?


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56279: It's in the dryer, M-T. As far as TV, I do still watch the news now and then and I actually watched an old movie last week. That's about it.

Prayers for the marine's family. So sad.

A big WELCOME to Merri Weather! I sure hope you keep coming back to visit us. I just had an idea...some evening (or day) soon let's all agree to pour up a cup of coffee (or sweet tea) and sit together on the porch at the same time...

Belle, I will absolutely check out the P&A site. Thanks!

Wanted to say more but have to pick up Erin from school...which reminds me of something funny she said last night (she is 6). I was wiggling one of her loose teeth and I said, "Aw, you are about to lose your baby teeth. Don't lose them, they are so cute!", to which she replied very seriously, "You have to let go Mom. It's God's plan for me." haha....


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56280: Welcome Merri Weather. Any friend of Millie's is a friend of mine! I totally agree with you about missing the days when people actually sat on their porches and drank iced tea instead of hurrying to hide in their garages. So true and sad. Opiemom, I agree with Belle (welcome to you too, Belle) to enjoy these days! My kids were babies but a blink of an eye ago and now they're 15 and almost 17. I don't know what I'll do when they leave home. I'm certainly not ready for an empty nest! Also, I noticed you spoke of your sister's dh--are you a flylady? Big Jerry, Prayers for the marine's family. Ro, I've got my boots and shovel ready. Now, Merri Weather, let's have some bubble and squeak with a dollop on top.
Charlotte Tucker

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56281: Oh, sorry, that was auh2o, not Romeena.

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56282:
Boo- Just as you have to show a little "tough love" to Jill; I want to do the same to YOU, in a porch friendly way, if I may. Speaking from experience, it is very important that you get your dad to the doctor and get him diagnosed. That way, if he IS losing his faculties, his POA can then make those decisions for him. From your past discussions, starting garbage barrels on fire for strange reasons, along with other things, is NOT good. No one wants to admit that this is really happening to a parent, and i am the worst offender here, but it IS, and I urge you, just as you urge your friend Jill, YOU need to do something before he gets hurt. There, I said it and I hope I dont regret saying it. (:
RO- to skip off Tom's idea of the other day, if you have a color printer, why not duplicate PH's memorial to Millie on MS Word, then print it, scan it, and post it on the album site? Just a thought.
Prayers continuing for her family, Big jerry's friends and all our troops.
Welcome belle and others, plennty o fried cabbage and blackened catfish here!
MT-and others, I too am watching The War. Last night it actually showed that we DID indeed have an inept general in North Africa, and TEN thousand of our men died in just a few days because he couldnt lead. Then along came Patton!! I loved his line about pi--ing thru the same straw!
So Ah-ma-did-ajohn wants free speech, gee, doesnt the US Constitution say that that is for U.S. CITIZENS!??
OK, now I am going to say what's REALLY on my mind! haha
Have a good evening, I'm uncorking the jug.
ANDY: Opie, you rest your ears and work yer jaw.

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56283: "You have to let go Mom. It's God's plan for me." Boo, did you just fairly explode, laughing at her?? That's absolutely priceless! I can just see her, little angelic face and all. Hoo boy, these kids!

Welcome to Merri Weather. Glad to have you, neighbor. This porch is amazing, it just stretches and expands to include all the new rockers it needs. And thanks, Millie, for sending us new friends.

Belle, I can't remember if I've welcomed you or not, and I'm too lazy to check the archives. Anyhow, we're glad to have you.

For those with aging parents, I sympathize. Some of you old-timers will remember when I walked that road with my dad. He had Alzheimer's, and functioned pretty well, especially while my mom was living, because she was sharp as a tack and covered all the bases for him. When she passed unexpectedly, he was like a ship without a rudder. He lived in their home for a year, and then God blessed him with a sweet spirit and a surprising understanding of his situation, and he went into an assisted living facility voluntarily. He remained there for three years, moving from independent to light assist to close supervision as time passed, and finally went home to the Lord after a series of small strokes. I know I was very fortunate, because not all people in his situation are so cooperative, but my dad always had a gift for seeing things in a true perspective. That blurred a bit as the Alzheimer's robbed him of reason, but he never lost his sense of humor, or his sweet nature. Even if he didn't understand what was happening, he'd just laugh indulgently and "go along" with what was asked of him. God bless his sweet little old heart. My mom was a treasure too, but right now my dad is on my mind, because we're talking about the problems with aging. Mom just plowed through and never missed a beat, until her sudden death.

Folks, I need your prayers. My son just told me that his precious wife has had a biopsy of a small lesion on the back of her leg, and the doctor is pretty sure it's melanoma. We're waiting for the pathology report - probably next week. As if that weren't enough, she has two or three other questionable spots on her body, but he only biopsied the worst one. This doesn't sound good. She's 36, and they have two little boys. My son is handling it with his usual grace, but I know he's terrified. Please pray for them.

The hospital just called and offered me the night off, and guess what? I took it!! Now I can watch the TAGS marathon on TV Land. See you later. --Romeena

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56284: First off, thanks to all of you and your warm welcomes! And to you manly Men out there, don't worry--we're not going to take over city council or start protestin'! At least not right now...HA!

Let me tell ya a little about myself--I live in the midwest but the very southern tip of it. A few miles down the road, and it's officially considered the south. Right now, I'm a stay at home mom with 2 little ones and I also have a dog and a hubby (not necessarily in that order!) I don't have a home church yet, but I still pray every day. We've been looking for one and trying to find one that's a good fit. I have varied interests and am always open to new ideas. I just turned 36 but still feel like I'm in my 20's (is that denial?!) Anyway, there's a little glimpse into who I am and I'm really enjoying reading about who all of you are!

Now Charlotte, I'll admit, you got me with the "bubble and squeak," so I had to google that and found out it's a nice traditional English dish. Sounds yummy I might add! Thanks for the invite and also for allowing me to learn something new today.

I love to bake so I thought I'd bring a batch of my homemade pumpkin bars since I'm in the mood for Fall. Help yourself!

I will be sure to pray for all concerns tonight. Please take some comfort in knowing that there are people praying for you somewhere out in this great big world of ours. Alrighty. I better get my hiney back to the family. There's dinner dishes to do, homework, and baths. Lawsie! I'm ready for bed already.


Merri Weather

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56285: Way to go RO! YOu deserve a break today. Get your sweet tea, better yet,MDC is uncorking the jug and Mayberry marathon...what more could you ask?
Prayers especially for Millies family and Ro, your daughter-in-law. There are so many standin' in the need of prayer, but what's wonderful is that the Lord knows each one, even if I do forget one.
M-T is have been posting on the porch for quite a few years, probably about 6 or 7. Just took a leave of absence when my mind also took a leave!!! Wonder what causes that?
Well, best get going. Gotta get the kiddles to finish up homework and showered. My nest is soon to be empty and I'm already havin' "Mommy Moments". Well off to finish up the evenin' chores. ~New Neighbor

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56286: Special Prayers for Romeena daughter in law and family as well as everyone else. I am also watching the Andy Marathon. Good Therapy for me right now. Lets have a snack: pizza pie and cold drinks for everyone. Big Maude

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56287: Hey, y'all!
I had a discouraging and humilitaing day trying to find a new place to live and came back to the porch and Big Jerry and Romena's request for prayers reminded me that there are things in this world more heart-wrenching than my little humiliation. Prayers going up from me for all service members (I was an Army wife for ten years so I know the fear and lonliness) and for Romeena's daughter-in-law and son and gandchildren.

Welcome Merri Weather! And New Neighbor (and Miss Charlotte Tucker too), I had "Mommy Moments" all last year, and now that handsome son of mine of is out of the nest and doing fine - in fact I had lunch with him today. I asked him if it was weird for me to be moving near him and God love him he said "No - don't you know I'm an unashamed Mamma's boy?" Love these children of ours that warm the heart!

Dr. P I am now in DM and moving to somewhere outside of IC in the next ten days- gulp! Ten days to find a place and move! Your suggestions on a good location are welcome.

Yes, M-T, no tv for five long years but getting cable as soon as I move - I can't wait! But I did fill my home with music instead of telly...I have to sell my beloved piano because I will be renting. Rev. what concerts do you have??

I have a question of all you cooks - my grandmother made a stew called "Camp Stew" and my mother and aunt threw out her recipes so I have no idea what was in it. But it was the best, most warm and wonderful comfort food. If any one knows what it is and has a recipe, please send it my way. I think, but not sure, that it had pulled pork in it.

Hang in there, Boo.
Blessing sand sweet tea to all,

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56288: Belle,

Regarding Camp Stew, I don't have a recipe, but I just did a quick search on google and several came up;. Perhaps if you looked at those, one would sound like your grandmother's recipe. One of my favorite recipe sites is


September 25, 2007 - Msg 56289: Hi, all. I'm back - just spoke to my best buddy, who is my DIL's mom, and she's very upbeat about the biopsy on my DIL's leg. Very encouraging, as I was concerned about her reaction. We've decided it's best to just wait and see for now (and pray!).

I've been watching the marathon, and now they're repeating the first two eps, so thought I'd stop by the porch. A few questions came to mind tonight as I was watching. First, who on EARTH chose the wallpaper in Miss Elly's living room, and then hung those busy little pictures on that wall? How did Aunt Bee produce more baked potatoes on demand, especially without a microwave? How is it that Andy seemed to be unaware that Barney had been bringing Miss Rosemary to preaching every Sunday? There were others, but I've forgotten. Should have been making notes. Hey, let's have a "how-come-a-thon", want to? --Romeena

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56290: Camp stew. Hmmm. Don't believe I've ever heard of it, but I'll bet it's something hearty and good. One of the best stews I ever ate was something called Hunter's Stew. I read about it, and decided to make it myself, though for reasons which will become obvious, I had to make some big adjustments.

The idea is that you start out with a big pot, and you put in the leftovers from a venison roast. You add a generous amount of sauerkraut, cover it and place it on the back burner of the old wood cookstove. There it remains, getting reheated every time the stove is fired up. Each day, you add the leftovers of the rabbit, wild duck, smokehouse ham, whatever you have as the main meal of the day. Toward the end of the week, you heat it up, add some potatoes, onions, carrots and whatever other veggies you may have on hand, and simmer until everything is done. Season to taste, and enjoy.

Obviously, I didn't have venison, rabbit or duck, so I used roast beef, chicken, some pork roast, whatever meat we were having each day. I chose to refrigerate the pot rather than leaving it sitting on the stove, but each evening, as I added the last meal's leftover meat, I heated it up and let it simmer a while, then let it cool down and put it back in the fridge at bedtime. By the end of the week, all the different meats were butter-tender. I added the veggies, simmered it a short time and set it aside. We ate it the next day after all the flavors were blended and it was absolutely delicious. Rich and flavorful, and I dare you to find the sauerkraut. No one knew it was in there but me, but it added a zest and richness to the flavors, and I think the acid in the kraut helped to keep it from spoiling in the original format, without refrigeration. It was truly delicious.

I enjoy experimenting with different foods and methods of preparation. I'll eat just about anything, nothing disagrees with me, and I love leftovers. My husband used to say that dinnertime was an adventure at our house. I'm not at all sure how he meant that! Fortunately, he was easy to feed, not at all picky, so we got on very well. Our kids all eat just about everything. Sure does make it easier to prepare meals.

Well, back to the TV. Even though I just saw the ep that's running now, I'll watch it again. What can I say? When it's good, it's good. --Romeena

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56291: Belle, I'm wondering if your camp stew is anything like pioneer beans (stew)? I'll be curious as to what you find out from your search. I love pioneer beans as it has all sorts of stuff thrown together to make the most delicious concoction. I can always use a new recipe...I get tired of cookin' the same stuff over.

ROMEENA: I thought the same thing about Andy not knowing that Barney was kind of courting Miss Rosemary! Andy sure does get a tickle out of teasing Barney, doesn't he?

Good night all, and many blessings to you and yours.

Merri Weather

September 25, 2007 - Msg 56292: P.S. Big Maude, your snack was DE-LICIOUS!!! Thanks!

Merri Weather

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56293: Haha! No, MDC, you won't "regret" giving me advice. I always appreciate a caring friend telling me what they think, especially when it's done with love and concern (as your's was). I will think it over and try to come up with the best way to accomplish what needs to be done, thanks. Maybe between my sister and I, we can figure the best way to accomplish that goal. Dad is not the agreeable kind and is pretty onery sometimes...kind of like a spoiled child, but sometimes he can be talked into things.

Romeena, when I was pregnant for the first time, this thing appeared on me that was horrible-looking. Looked like a Melanoma, then a few others appeared. The doc told me they were something I can't spell and it was an inherited skin thing, that showed up with the pregnancy hormones. I have also had 3 things biopsied in the past several years that "might" have been melanoma but weren't. The skin can grow some pretty interesting things that aren't cancer. A few months after I had my babies the spots faded but they never went away. I am hoping that with your D-I-L it is something like that. I was pretty terrified when I was pregnant, before we knew what the spots were. Unfortunately I have that fair, freckled skin that has some interesting marks on it! I think if I ever had a Melanoma, I wouldn't see it. I guess I should get checked out by a dermatologist yearly.

Thanks for the pumpkin bars, Merri W. They are my favorite this time of year. I baked some peanut butter cookies last night and topped each one with a candy corn before baking. The candy corn melted in the oven and they looked pretty cute.

Hey New Neighbor, after that marathon and jug, how are you feeling this morning??

Maude, was it your son who had been sick or am I thinking of Charlotte? Hope all is well in your family and that the worry bug has let-up on you.

Thanks Belle, prayers that you find a new home soon. Keep a good thought! I love what your son said to you, that is so sweet. Our children are such a blessing to us.

Ro, I think the "how-come-a-thon" is a great idea! Here's one from me: "How come Barney is missing teeth in the first couple of episodes?"....later, after a few weeks of his actor's salary, they suddenly appear...


September 26, 2007 - Msg 56294: Morn'n Dears, 43 degrees and clear here this morning.
Belle,there are alot of small towns around IC,we're about 40 minutes southwest of there.What size town are you looking for and how much commuting do you want?
Romeena,Keeping positive thoughts for your daughter in law.
Merri Weather, I haven't had camp stew,but we do enjoy camp casserole,it's made with smoked sausage and vegies.MMM...Good.
Better go walk the furkids,Have a blessed day.
Peace Dr P

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56295: Hey,Boo. How come Clara's name was Johnson and then it was Edwards ?
Dr P

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56296: Good morning Porch people.
Lots of rocking going on I see. Wonderful. Welcome to Belle and Merri Weather. Both seem like like sweet folks and a great addition to the porch. Plus they can cook. You gotta love that now. :)
Romeena, prayers for a good outcome on your DIL biopsy. I sure do pray it's not what your thinking it might be.
We should get the results back today or tomorrow on my wifes biopsy. Thank you for all of your prayers everyone. It does a heart good to come here and see all the expressions on love and caring.
Belle, I will pray that you find suitable living conditions as you hunt for a new place to live.

Dr. P, also there was one episode where Clara was not called Clara but a different name all together. A free bowl of ice cream to who can tell me what the other name was and in what episode it was.

Boo, I always wondered that about Barney's tooth too. I thought maybe Otis' Mother in Law had nailed him with a leg-a-lamb (Andy's favorite dish).

Romeena, I love the idea of a how come a-thon. In family visit, while Andy and Uncle Oliie hear about the 3 escaped convicts, how come later when Andy gets a call from the State police announcing they have been captured Andy asks, "so they got both of them huh? Seems to me we still have a dangerous criminal lurking about in Mayberry.

Hope you all have a blessed day and take a moment to enjoy His splendor today. Sniff a flower, lay back and look at a cloud, read and ponder His word. Just do it! LOL


September 26, 2007 - Msg 56297:
Morning Porch

MDC-Nope, no snow here yet. We have had a few stronge frosts. Well, not here at my porch, we live in the woods and it is quite uncommon for there to be a frost this time of year. But, the rest of the time sure has been getting some killing frost.

MDC-I couldn't agree more about Columbia University and Ahmadinejad. If that University was concerned about free speech why will they not allow ROTC onto their campus? They let Ahmadinejad, a coward and a criminal (he took part in the Iran Hostage crisis) but they don't let men and women from ROTC. One more thing and then I'll quit screaming, the University has been pumping their chest claiming they exposed Ahmadinejad for what he is, my question is, who didn't know what he was?

Romeena-Prayers for your DIL.

Dr P-I saw your pictures in Romeena's photo album, very nice. It is illegal to feed deer here in New York State. However, they sure do love the apple trees.

Asa-Great to see ya. Still praying for your family. I can't recall Clara's other name.


"how-come-a-thon" In many shows Andy's pants leg, at the bottom, hardly ever layed over his shoe/boot. Just a small piece of his pant leg would be tucked into his shoe. Why? It always looked intentional to me.

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56298:
MDC-that should say, "the rest of the town sure has been getting some killing frost."

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56299: Good morning, all. Just a quick visit, lots of yard stuff happening today. Help is on the way!

Clara Johnson/Edwards was also known as Bertha Edwards early in the show, but I can't name the episode.

Gotta run -- Romeena

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56300: Exactly, Auh2o, and who didn't know there were no gay people in Iran?! haha

I have noticed that pant leg several times....curious.


September 26, 2007 - Msg 56301: "How come" all of Andy's girlfriends just dissapear without any explanation? What happened to Ellie, Mary the nurse (part 1&2), Peggy,etc....the only one that ever stayed was "Old Lady Crump".


September 26, 2007 - Msg 56302: Good morning everyone. Prayers for all who need them today, inlcuding ROMEENA's DIL and teh others mentioned. I only have a minute or two but I wanted to check in and get the porch swing.

There are gay people in Iran? You mean there's one left that they haven't executed yet?

Ever wonder why Andy drove to church in the Mr. Tucker episode when it was just two doors down, across the street? And that tree stump turned up in front of just about everybody's house at one time or another, it seems like. And even in a small town like Mayberry, Sarah must have had some relief or the poor woman would have been on duty 24-7.

NEW NEIGHBOR: I've been here about three years and I don't recollect running into you before. Try not to wait so long between visits!

See y'all at lunch.

By the way, anyone know REV's website?


September 26, 2007 - Msg 56303: Ouch! Where those shorts right out of the dryer, BOO?


September 26, 2007 - Msg 56304: Another howcome: In several episodes, it appears as though there was no window glass in the cell windows. That doesn't seem economical. (Side note: glass was installed during the Carter administration.)


September 26, 2007 - Msg 56305: Good Morning All! It's foggy and rainy here but not really cool at all. The thunder has been rolling and my power has been flickering off and on. I tell ya, since I've moved from the city out to the country, it seems like somebody sneezes in the next town over and we lose power! HA!!! But it has been a lovely morning...

Asa, if my poor memory serves me well, I think Aunt Bee asked Bertha to come sit down on the couch next to her at the end of the episode "Andy and Opie, Housekeepers." Of course, I could be wrong. If not, thank you in advance for the yummy bowl of ice cream! I'd be glad to split the dish with Miss Romeena!! You pick the flavor.

You know, I always wondered about Andy's pant leg. And about his girlfriends, like the cute little blonde that he kept trying to have a free night with, without Barney. Remember the pizza pies and how Barney pronounced "mozzarella?" That always cracked me up! Hey, what about Jack Dodson who played Howard Sprague but in one episode, he was Ed the ins. guy in "Lost and Found" where Aunt Bee thought she lost a broach? It wasn't too long after that, he became a regular as Howard.

I was about to get started on my chores this morning--I desperately need to sweep and mop my kitchen floor. I went to get the mop and couldn't find it. After much investigating, I found the mop in my 2 year old's bedroom closet. Apparently, she needed a wig and was using my old mop. Yuck! Bless her little heart...if she only knew! ;-)

What's everyone got going on for this evening? One of my girlfriends invited us over for pizza night and some board games since both our hubbies work late on Wednesday nights. Should be a nice mid-week break.

Have a great day folks!

Merri Weather

PS I had to shorten "ins." because I got a censor message that someone might find the word i-n-s-u-r-a-n-c-e offensive. What???

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56306:
M-T & Boo I think Ahmadinejad was just telling us that there was no happiness in Iran. Then again, what do they have to be gay about. (I'm trying to reclaim the word, hehe)

Rev's web site


September 26, 2007 - Msg 56307: Morning porch family.Prayers and blessing to all today. How come Emma Watson also was called Emma Brand? and in the episode where Miss Ellie would not give her her pills she lived in town but in a later episode about an escaped convict she lived out near the lake? just wondering if anyone else noticed that. Big Maude

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56308:
Hey Merri Weather!

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56309:
...and Big Maude!

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56310: Hey to auh2o and Big Maude!

That's an interesting question Big Maude--I've wondered that myself. I love the actress who played her and her name was just adorable--Cheerio Meredith.

I liked Miss Ellie. One of my favorite episodes is the Christmas Story with the grumpy Ben Weaver (who later became a much younger man!) and Andy and Ellie sing the sweetest version of "Away in a Manger." It reminds me of how the Lord started off in the most humble of circumstances and needed little more. It's a great lesson I think.

Merri Weather

September 26, 2007 - Msg 56311: Romeena and Merri Weather are right. Aunt Bee called her Bertha on the episode where Bee leaves town for a few days and the boys make a mess.

I just love these how come questions. I have always wondered about the windows and lack of glass on them as well. Or how come there are even windows in the cells. Doesn't Floyds barber shop sit right next door with no alley in between. And how did Ben get in that non existent alley anyway?
And where did the prisoners go potty? I'm not aware of any "facilities" in the Courthouse. In fact where id Andy and Barney go to "take care of business"? Hmmm, curious, curious, currrriousss.


September 26, 2007 - Msg 56312: Howdy folks! Good to be back on the porch after my trip and see some new faces - welcome Merri Weather, Belle, opiemom and anyone else I may have missed.

Your weather sounds about like mine, Merri Weather. Maybe we live in the same vicinity. I live just north of the south and call the beautiful Missouri Ozarks home.

I had a good trip although I got a terrible headache Friday afternoon and didn't get rid of it until Monday morning. My family did great without me - and even had a cake and balloons ready for my arrival home. One thing that really blessed my heart about coming home was the fact that my hubby had taken my wedding ring in to get fixed. It's been sitting in my jewelry box for three years, with the diamond out of the prongs. We've kind of had some ups-and-downs these last few months so for him to do that really touched me.

About Andy's boots - my grandpa used to wear boots similar to them and when he'd stand up, his pant legs would do the same thing. I don't think it was necessarily contrived on the show - maybe just not corrected before the cameras started rolling, and it did give kind of a "homey" effect. (at least to me).

My "how come" is how come Big Maude was wearing heels while she was dancing with Barney in "Convicts at Large"? How many lady prisoners would wear heels in prison - and keep them on as they were escaping - you'd think they'd slow a person down?

Glad you had a nice anniversary getaway, M-T, and my sympathies at your friends passing.

Well, not much more going on here at my porch, so I'll sign off for now. Prayers for all.
AFD (Andy's Favorite Dish)