September 28, 2007 - Msg 56473: Just looked at the photo of Logan's homegoing. It gave me chills- wow. I am just awestruck and at a loss for words,Ro.

possum again

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56474: Hello to one and all---popping in to say "HEY!" and hope that today brings renewed faith and comfort in knowing that there are so many that care.

DeS, if you want to call someone a boob, you need to call me one. My gherkin #1 lost a tooth yesterday (seems like she's losing them left and right) so I got all prepared to play "toothfairy" after she was fast asleep. Well, hubby got home late from work and we had a snack together and then there was this real goofy Zombie movie that came on, and then I checked back here and had myself a nice conversation with SPOT and ROMEENA. By that time, it was really late so to save time in my night-time routine, I was getting my pajamas on while I grabbed some money from the dresser. Well, somehow one of my "undergarments" got hooked on one of my drawer knobs and as I took off for gherkin #1's bedroom, my "undergarment" pulled the whole darned drawer out and it slammed onto the floor waking everybody including my husband- a.k.a "Rip Van Winkle." Needless to say, I had to get everyone back to sleep and by that time I was facing 3 a.m. I plopped down on the couch, curled up thought I'd wait for 15 minutes so I could get that durned tooth out and place my crumpled up dollar bill under her pillow. Next thing I know, my alarm is going off and it's 6:30 a.m. time to rise and shine or in my case: "rise and whine." I completely forgot about my side job as Tooth Fairy and poor gherkin #1 was practically in tears that the Fairy had forgotten to stop by to pick up her bloody little tooth and deposit some cash. Oh, how horrible did I feel? Like I deserved to win the title of "Jerk-Mother of the Year 2007!" Thankfully the good Lord has blessed me with an ability to think relatively quick on my feet so I told her that since Mama was up all night (wink, wink) the Fairy wouldn't come in. We got on her website and found out the complete set of rules for tooth picking and money dropping. Apparently, if you make your kids walk out of the house in their pj's at 6:45 a.m. and let them hang out on the deck with the dog, the Tooth Fairy "magically" will appear and do her duty! Did any of you know that? Well, I'm glad to say that this little maneuver worked and all was saved. Apparently the Tooth Fairy felt so blasted guilty, she left my "toothless wonder" a whole $5 dollar bill! (Inflation or something like that.) Anywho, whew! Glad to get that off my chest because I really did feel like a boob.

Sorry my story was so long folks. I guess I'm a "Chatty Cathy" of sorts. I better skidaddle and get some lunch going...I'm in the mood for a nice Cobb salad! But we're probably talking more like chicken nuggets. ROMEENA, I meant to tell you that I think it is so neat that you lived in Springfield! It has probably changed so much since you were here--come back sometime!

BIG MAUDE, Olive Garden sounds so good right now! Great pick!

M-T, you had me rolling on the floor with your friend who wore the Dickens costume! Gosh, you're funny!

REV, thanks for wishing me a Jesus-filled day! I need that!

HEY to MRS. WILEY and AUH20 and BOO and BELLE and MISS VICKIE, MDC, RAY, ASA, TOM, AFD, POSSUM UNDER A ROCK, and to anyone else that I may have accidentally left out. HEY to you from me! Hope you're all having a great day and I'm wishing you all many, many blessings and peace!

Merri Weather

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56475: You ever try to hold a broom when you're covered in goosebumps? Geesh! Why'd I get stuck with sweeping?
I know I missed a few places-Spot,would you catch 'em for me? Thanks!

possum once more

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56476: Hey gang im back at work..possum I will catch the is it olive garden tonight...I got to flip back and read...back in a bit...SPOT

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56477: Ok read some...Vickie you are most welcome to our family! see SPOT"s old mug on Ro"s will have to get her some can mail me and I will give you her thats ok with olive garden was for lunch on the to go box..was running late...Rev you take care in the cajun country brother....ah-2-fay!..Merri 5 bucks for a tooth!..i may knock a few out!..put a gold one in~...well let mw get started here...back with supper in a bit....SPOT

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56478:

Oh Merri, if I felt any better I'd be ROTFL! You and I are having us some week, huh? A couple days ago I went out the back door to paint some cabinet doors and got hung up on the door latch on the way out. I ripped my shirt and just about fell on me bum, then I got loose and ran face first into a spider web! At that point there was nothing to do but just stand there and laugh.



September 28, 2007 - Msg 56479: Loved your tooth fairy story, Merri Weather! And I was feeling your "guilt" right along with you. Many a time I feel like I am letting my little one down, even when it is something like taking some time during the day for me when we have been doing stuff together all day.
You handled it well, though.
By the way, I don't think I said "hey" to you yet, so "hey".
And hey to Vickie as well.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56480: Hey to everybody.

MERRI: We never did the tooth fairy thing. WE take our daughter out for a ice cream when she loses one of hers. Seems kinda ironic that a tooth falls out so we do something to rot the ones she's got.

DES: You won't catch me out there with them spiders. At least not without a hammer to take a whack at them.

I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but I'm seeing Christmas stuff in the stores already and I may have to start a moulage...

Well, things are winding down here at work so I'm off to the old people's home to wax the steps and take the screws out of the wheelchairs, then I'm heading home. With all this rain, I guess I'll have grass to cut tomorrow.

Prayers for you all over the weekend. And please remember me and mine in yours. Have a great one!


September 28, 2007 - Msg 56481: I am lucky - my boys leave their teeth on the mantel piece so the tooth fairy job is relatively easy. They didn't want some strange fairy in their bedroom while they slept so the mantel piece was the perfect place. Our fairy only leaves a $1 or two, not five.

Des - I only hope things look up for you dear. You have had your share of accidents I do declare.
As Aunt Bee would say, Bless her heart she is a clumsy thing!


September 28, 2007 - Msg 56482: Oh my stars, you people are hilarious! Merri, that was some pretty quick thinking on the tooth fairy thing. "The tooth fairy goes high-tech and builds a website!" Complete with tooth-redemption etiquette, yet. As for getting hung up on things, I've done that so many times. The most embarrassing occasions are those at work, when the big pocket on my lab jacket would snag on the crank handle on the overbed table, yank the table around and send everything flying off the top of it. Nowadays, the tables don't crank anymore, but I still manage to find something to catch those pockets on.

Me-They, I was in Target today, and I'm proud to say they don't have their Christmas stuff out yet. Halloween, yes, but I can walk right by that stuff. I'm sure the Christmas things will appear soon, but at least they're not there yet.

Olive Garden was good today - really! My friend and I had lunch there - I had their new dish, a grilled chicken breast with citrus and apricot sauce, served with broccoli, tomatoes and asparagus. Truly delicious, and very light.

Well, I'm thirsty, gonna go make a huge glass of iced tea. Later, taters. --Romeena

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56483:
Just checking back in real quick....Praying all is well with everyone. Wanted to let you know that I may be off for a couple days. Not sure if I'll have internet for the next few days. But know that you're still in my thoughts and prayers.
Blessings and prayers to all the porch family.

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56484: Afternoon Family:
I missed posting yesterday because of trying to deal with tough memories. Do you every wonder why you're in this certain place at a certain time? Usually I am long home by 3:30, but Wed. I had to Attend to an appointment, which made me 45 minutes later coming up the road. About 10 miles from home a terrible accident happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! The one p-u truck driver was ejected from the cab onto the road in front of my car. I had stopped and jumped out to help this lady. I was fortunate enough to have gloves, and my medical equipment with me to start working with her. I knew she was in BAD shape and was struggling for breath. When the EMTs got there she was fading fast, and all I could do was pray, and tell her to hold on...hold fast to the Masters'hand. The chest compressions started her heart (faintly) but I knew if the Lord didn't intervene, she wouldn't make it, and some family would be without their daughter, or mother, wife. etc. I felt so helpless.She died on the way to the ER. Now I feel I need to find her family (she wasn't from around here) and tell them what she said to me. Would that be cruel or comforting? They are dealing with such a severe loss. Please pray for Danya's family. Thanks you all are the greatest. ~New Neighbor

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56485:
Let's all remember to be of one accord during Millie's memorial tomorrow. I thank the Lord for each day she was with us here on the porch.
I hope PH is ok. He hasnt posted lately.
God bless
PS: ROMEENa, did you get my snailmail?

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56486: Wow new neighbor..I was in the same situation with a over turned suv in front of me and being in the electrical business we have to be every year certified CPR so I could help but the person was not in real bad shape..I got cut a little on my leg getting in to get her out of the seat belt and let her down but all was well...I dont know what to tell you about your situation...Go with your heart but sounds like you did all the right things...prayers for Danya"s family...supper will be grilled hot dogs and big maude slaw and baked beans....sweet tea...well let me get back to work...Rev be cool buddy and watch for the UPS prayers are to all in need...Romeena will you let us elect you porch secertary? do so much...back in a bit...I like my dogs split and burnt a little bit..will some one chop some onions?...."sniffle".."Now the buffalo is facing the other way!".....SPOT

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56487: Thanks Spot:
That sounds like a good supper... one I don't have to cook! I will chop the onions, just pulled them out of the garden, ready to store for the winter.I'm gonna set right here in this rocker and rock my worries away. ~New Neighbor

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56488: NEW NEIGHBOR, what a truly tragic day. Sorry you had to go through that but glad that you were a comfort to that woman in her hour of need. I think it's fine to tell her family what her message is. Perhaps you can write them so that they can read over it when they're not in so much shock?

DeS, Yep! Looks like we've had ourselves a time! I tell ya, nothing drives me battier than running into a web! Ugh. Can't stand it. Gives me willies for hours!

HM, normally we don't do $5 either, we usually do a dollar or a dollar and a quarter but I, I mean, the Tooth Fairy did feel very guilty. But here on out, it's just a buck!

MDC, I will certainly be thinking of Millie and her family tomorrow while they have their memorial. I've been thinking of her all week.

SPOT, I will cut you some onion cuz I like my dogs just like you--split and burnt.

Talk to you all later! --merri w

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56489: Hey, y'all"
All this talk about hot dogs and now I have to have one.

New Neighbor the woman you assisted was blessed to have you holding her hand. If I were family I would want to know what she said.

Baby teeth! I'm dealing with wisdom teeth in number one son -they have to come out in December. I wish the tooth fairy would bring me a return on the baby teeth investments!

If anyone has a site for Millie's memorial I would appreciate it.

Going to buy me some hotdogs....
PS- Also please post Big Maude's slaw recipe - I make terrible slaw.

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56490: Welcome to all Millie's entourage! Belle, what brings you to Iowa City? I live about two hours southeast of there in Illinois. Tom, that's a lovely sentiment to date a link in your chain for Millie. Asa, how are things going with you and Mrs. Asa? Had any time to golf? My hubby and I went the other day, but I played simply wretched. (I think I spelled that right.) Sure am enjoying the marathon this week. I looked back through Romeena's album. Fun lookin' at all yer smilin' faces.
Charlotte Tucker

Sorry I'm not so dressed up today on the porch. I was gonna greeze ma shoes, but ever time I do thet, the cats all folla me. LOL

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56491: Hey Belle..merri w,new N we now have plenty of onions!..DOGS ARE READY! [no kin to me]..big maude better show up with that slaw or the UPS truck one...Rev yours will be on the UPS truck wraped in tin foil..vacumed wraped..think I will whup up some chili for the dogs too...bake beans are smoking on the grill...smell that bacon..merri toss in a hand full of onions in them there beans..Asa you and M-t and auh20 need to start parking cars..and "put your shoes on"..hazel we can smush up a dog and roll it into a hotdog ball for you!..TOM you can say grace plese when the time comes...we need to find horatio...possum spread the checkered talbe cloth out please...Romeena yer ear ring fell in the beans...HM tie the goats up please!..MDC drive those horse shoe stops in good...Sterling and Vickie yall string up the lights ok?...and a one and a two and here we go!...SPOT!

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56492: Charlotte Asa aint got no shoes on for the party so just take yers off..SPOT

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56493: Yes, I did, MDC, and thanks!

New Neighbor, I believe I would contact the family, especially if she said anything to you that you could repeat to them. Even if it doesn't make sense to you, it might to them. Yep, I'd tell them. God bless you for being willing to jump in and do whatever you could. --Romeena

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56494: I agree with Romeena, New Neighbor. I think I would contact that family. You could be a huge comfort to them, just to let them know that she was peaceful at the end or not suffering terribly. I'm sorry you have to deal with those memories. I had a similar experience about 15 years ago and I had real trouble dealing with. I had trouble sleeping for about a month and didn't want to be alone. Very traumatic for me, even as a nurse who has seen alot. There is just something about being surprised by something like that and seeing how quickly life can be taken. I pray you will be able to deal with it in a healthy way and get beyond it.


September 28, 2007 - Msg 56495: Hey, BOO. Been wonderin’ how you are.

CHARLOTTE TUCKER, howdy neighbor! I am going to the University to take my first job since graduating from law school in May - and I am a middle-ager, 46, with a grown son. I ended up finishing law school with no desire to practice law so I am going to be doing biotech transfer. Suits my science background better. I am having a terrible time trying to find a suitable place to live.

Did RAY say something last night about porch prayers around 9PM?

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56496: Yes he did, Belle. He said 9pm central. I will be praying at that time.

Thanks for wondering about me. It's been a tough day but that's life, right?

Hope you find a place soon.


September 28, 2007 - Msg 56497: Yes, and will be on my knees in just a few minutes. Prayer has never let me down, but sometimes the answer isn't what was asked for but later becomes evident in God's plan.

Let us pray:

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56498: Keep watch, dear Lord, with those who work, or watch, or ?weep this night, and give thine angels charge over those who ?sleep. Tend the sick, especially Brittney, Lord Christ; give rest to the weary, especially Boo; bless ?the dying, soothe the suffering, especially Danya’s family and the Neighbor who attended her, and Romeena and her family; pity the afflicted, shield the ?joyous, especially those on the Porch; and all for thy love's sake. Amen

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56499: What a beautiful prayer and I feel honored to be a part of this. I will be glad to meet with you all anytime we need to pray together.

Merri W

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56500: Almighty God, we remember before you today your faithful servant Millie.; and we pray that, having opened to her the gates of larger life, you will receive her into your joyful service, that, with all who have faithfully served you, she may share in the eternal victory of Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56501: I want to thank you Lord because "as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is your mercy toward them that fear you" and as far as the east is from the west have you seperated our sins from us in Christ. You are slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. Please be merciful to us as we draw near to you each day and help us to remember that each day and moment is a gift from you. Make we take the gift of life that you have given us and glorify you with it. Your word says that you are near to the broken-hearted, Lord and deliver those who call on you. Please help us through these difficult trials we are in. Help us, as Paul said, to count it all joy when we fall into various temptations, knowing that the testing of our faith brings patience. You work all things together for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purpose. I come boldy to your throne of grace to ask for your help regarding Romeena, Brittany and all the family. Please intercede in their behalf and use this trial to strengthen them and make them more like precious Jesus. Uphold them, comfort, strengthen and heal. We believe that all things are possible with you. May all be done according to your perfect will concerning Brittany. We love you, Lord. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


September 28, 2007 - Msg 56502: Amen, and amen. Thank you, one and all. Most of all, thank You, Lord, as you hear these prayers and answer according to your will. --Romeena

September 28, 2007 - Msg 56503: Just wanted to pop in and say "Hey" before I go to bed. I've been in and out today; Enjoyed a warm, but not humid day. Went for a stroll this evening around the block with hubby. It was so nice.

Going to a picnic tomorrow evening. Why don't you all come. We'll have hamburgers and hotdogs. How about everyone bring a dish to share?


September 28, 2007 - Msg 56504: Meant to add, Prayed for Brittney as I went about my day today.


September 29, 2007 - Msg 56505: What great thoughts prayers are out to all my friends...slow here at dogs were good...I sure miss Millie on these late nite work nights!...she was always there to keep me company..well let me find a till ya porch!..SPOT

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56506: Hey SPOT, how's it going? What kind of movie are you going to watch? I'm a movie junkie! I don't get to watch nearly as many as I'd like and we don't ever seem to get to the theater but maybe once a year. But we rent from time to time or try to catch something on tv if we're not watching Andy. I also love the History and Discovery channel.

Well, tomorrow is our big weekend in Branson. I'm really looking forward to the pretty drive. The mountains are gorgeous this time of year. Our leaves haven't turned yet but I'm hoping to catch a splash of color here and there. My hubby and I are also hoping to do a little fishing on Lake Taneycomo tomorrow night. The last time we fished Lake Taneycomo at night, we had rented a cabin and went out at about 2 a.m. It was foggy and you could hear every frog, bug and wild animal for miles. I tell ya, it was creepy. Then we heard this ferocious growling and then squeaks and squeals of something getting eaten. A minute later, about 100 yards down the bank was a bobcat. I could hear my own heart beat at that point. We calmly picked our gear up and high-tailed it back to our car where, could ya believe, were a small hurd of deer. I'm sure that bobcat had his sights set on one of them and we were just in between the two. That's the last time I fished with hubby. Hopefully, there won't be any scary incidences. I don't think my poor heart could take it!

Well, I'm going to grab me a small glass of cider and hit the hay. Hope you have a great weekend SPOT (and to anyone else that may be up burning the midnight oil.)

Wishing you peace and blessings, merri w.

OPIEMOM, your evening picnic sounds great! Have fun.

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56507: Morning gang...well about time to go home ...breakfast menu: 3 eggs your way,country ham,grits,hashbrowns,fried apple rings,bisquits and white gravy,little jimmy dean sausage links,pop tarts,coffee,ice cold mayfield whole milk,oj,auh20....ready at 7:00 est...yall be cool!...prayers...SPOT

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56508: what beautiful prayers! my oldest and i said a special prayer for brittany, too.

i'll be going to millie's celebration today and then we are off to north carolina for the weekend (almost typed north 'caroline'-see what's on my mind!) i will fill y'all in when we get back to town.
my best to all-

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56509:

New Neighbor, bless your heart. That must be weighing heavy on your mind. I know if it were my family member, I would want to know as much as possible, so I vote for telling them. Prayers for Danya, her family, and you, that you find peace of mind in dealing with this.

Yep, hm, I'm NOT the graceful one. LOL

Feeling better today. I thank everyone for the prayers offered up on my behalf. Yesterday afternoon and last night were just awful. This wasn't a case of allergies; I have a cold! And a particularly nasty one at that.

Love and prayers to all.

Thinking of Millie today...



September 29, 2007 - Msg 56510: My goodness the old porch is in a rocking frenzy. That is wonderful to see.
Welcome to the newcomers if I have not done so already. Been so busy as of late I don't get here to much and when I do it takes a while to read up all I have missed.
N.N., What a sad thing to have witnessed, but how good you could be there to help. I suspect it wasn't by accident. And by all means I'd try to get with the family and share with them what was said.

Des, I hope you avoid bronchitis. I get that alot myself and just hate it. It just hangs on and hangs on and hangs on. I developed it back in January of this year and it wasn't until May I finally got over it. Take care of yourself.

Let us know how Millie's celebration goes Vickie. We will be there in spirit.

Belle, I do pray you will find suitable housing soon. That must be a worry for you. Will pray for you to be directed to find a good home.

Opiemom, I'll bring my appetite. You don't want me cooking. And kindly ask Homemaker to leave her meatballs at home. They'll lay on your chest for sure.

Boy MW. I wish you'd been my tooth fairy when I was a youngster. 5 bucks? I might just pull one out now for 5 bucks. :)

I wanted to mention this, I hope Hazel doesn't get mad, but I just read in my E-Bullet that she won the trivia contest for the last quarter and gets to pick a prize. We all need to congratulate her for her TAGS knowledge. She's a smart cookie that one.


September 29, 2007 - Msg 56511: Yeah for Hazel - -

Good to see you Asa, been polishing your bullet? Miss seeing you regular here on the porch but I know that your porch is full where you are at. . .

Thought of Millie's family today - I am glad that we have a porch member there on our behalf. Thank you Vicki for joining our porch.

Need to get busy. . .


September 29, 2007 - Msg 56512: Oh and Asa - you thought you had bronchitis . . .and it was my meatballs all along!

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56513: Hey, y'all:
Halftime in Iowa City and number one son is marching the show. Iowa Hawkeyes are getting shut out 21-0 - its a young team this year, QB is a sophomore and we had a bunch of injuries in our first string players last week during the Iowa-ISU game. Rats!

Thanks, Asa for the prayer for a home. Just a little prayer is all I need.

Feel better DES - nothing like hot tea with honey and lemon for what ails.

Wow, Hazel you must be a font of knowledge! Two questions have been prayin' on my mind - what was Opie's mom's name and what was Thelma Lou's last name?

Lookin' forward to hearing from Vickie when she gets home.

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56514: HM- what DO you put in your meatballs? Belle

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56515: PLEASE NO MORE MEATBALLS

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56516: Belle, I think she mixes Porland cement with a good dollup of Vicks. Stick to your ribs, and everything else for that matter.

Boo, just had to jump on and mention that it is snowing on my porch this morning. Ground is still warm so it's not sticking much. I saw my breath this morning for the first time since spring.

Oh, and Belle, I'm no Hazel but to answer your two questions.... there is no answer. There never was any mention of Opies Moms name and never a mention of Thelma Lous name... unless it was Lou. Guess it could be.

What does your son play in the band Belle? He ain't a standby cymbalist is he? LOL


September 29, 2007 - Msg 56517: Asa, snow! Sounds like the mountains!

Well, 3rd quarter at homecoming in Iowa City and the score's now 21 - 13, Indiana.Those Hawkeyes are catchin' up, though.

Son was a standby cymbalist in 4th grade. But since then and now in college he plays any brass instrument: trumpet, trombone, baritone, you name it - if it has a mouthpiece he can buzz in he can play a tune. Right now he's on trombone, I think they have him on tenor trombone for marching band. He play's a bluesy version of "My Funny Valentine" that's superb - that'n makes me cry! Wanted to be a music ed major in both low brass and voice (oh, yeah - he sings, too!) But he found out it will take him five years so he is looking for a major that can be completed in the normal amount of time. There is only so much tuition to go around.

Asa, are you a musician, too?? I know Rev is, been to his website.

Oh no! Now the score is 28-13!

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56518: Thanks for the congrats, Asa and everyone! But you know how I feel about fuss and falderol. Lord knows the job itself is reward enough. (Just a plain, simple, gold plaque will be fine.)
- Hazel

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56519: Asa - quit giving the secrets out about my MEATBALLS! Geesh, can't a girl keep any secrets!


September 29, 2007 - Msg 56520: Good afternoon porch folks, several of you have asked for my cole slaw receipe. I am not sure how I got to be the cole slaw queen of the porch but I will pass on my receipe. I am sure many of you have your own version and that it's very very good. There are many variations out there but this is one that I like:

1 medium green cabbage, cored and shredded, 1 small purple cabbage, shredded and mixed with the green cabbage. 2 carrotts shreddedm Mix cabbage and carrotts in a lrage bowl. You can also purchase it washed cleaned and already shredded and ready to go in most produce sections of most grocery stores. Sure saves time and mess to purchase it that way.

The dressing is: 1 cup sugar, 3/4 to 1 cup mayonnaise, 1/2 cup red wine vinegar. Mix sugar, mayo and vinegar well. Pour over carrott and cabbage mix , toss well. Be careful as to how much dressing your pour over the cabbage as it tends to wilt down and can become soggy quickly.

I usually make my ahead of time and let it set in the fridge for 4-6 hours. You can add salt and/or pepper to taste if you like.

Again, my receipe is not the best, it is one I have kinda altered over time based on my Mom's. You can also buy cole dressing already mixed up in the salad dressing ailse of the grocery store. Works just as well especially when in a hurry. I believe in making cooking as easy as possible with less mess to clean up!!

Romeena, I have been meaning to ask you if you received my contribution for Millie's memorial?
You never know about the snail mail.

Blessings and prayers for all. Big Maude

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56521: Yes, I did, Big Maude, and thank you. Yours was one of the first in. Your concern is valid, as you're right - snail mail can let you down. Doesn't happen often, but it does happen. I'll be sending an email out toward the end of next week to everyone who participated, so you'll know for sure I got it. We have over $325 so far, with $95 out for the flowers, so that's over $230 to send to the church. I haven't run it on a calculator yet, that's my "ciphering", but I think I'm right. A fitting tribute to Millie, folks.

I'm waiting because I know some folks get paid on the first of the month, so am allowing time. However, offhand I can't think of anyone who hasn't shown up. We have a total of 17 people so far, and that pretty much covers the porch regulars, I think. We all know our own circumstances, and if anyone was unable to participate at this time, it's no one's business but yours. I have no intention of checking any sort of list against porch postings, so I probably won't even know. If anyone is watching for a cancelled check, know that the checks are still on my desk, along with the cash, until it all gets in and I'm ready to pay the florist and send a money order to the church. They won't be cashed until the end of next week, at least.

My friend and I went to our mutual grandson's coach-pitch ball game today, and that little rascal smacked that ball, and ran to third, then the next batter brought him home. We were so proud! Those kids are just so cute. There's one little-bitty guy, helmet too big, constantly hitching up his pants which are also too big, but he can connect with that ball and run like a jackrabbit. Amazing! There's a little girl with a two-foot long ponytail who is a real contender as well. She's just as tough as the boys, a real scrapper. Those games are so much fun!

Brittney (grandson's mom) was there, of course, and is very upbeat about the melanoma thing, just rolling with the punches. My son had come home last night from out of town, and we had thought she might fold up when he was here to catch her, but she didn't. She was up at that fence at the game, cheering the kids on, just her usual enthusiastic self. The surgery is next Friday - wish they were getting it done sooner, but that's the best they could do. Please keep praying, friends. It's our greatest hope.

Have a wonderful evening. --Romeena

September 29, 2007 - Msg 56522:
God, Bless Millie, and thank you Lord for taking her home to your holy city. I'm sure that wonderful aromas are already coming from the kitchen of her mansion, and that many of her friends from this life are enjoying her company.
May she now enjoy her reward until we see her again! Amen
God bless the porch and God bless America!
Love ya all,

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56523: Asa, I was just smiling while reading your post about the meatballs and then I read the line about the snow and you should have seen my face fall. You are testing my Christian charity, man! It's STILL hot here, but at least it's rainly so it's not in the 90's.

So glad to hear that Brittany and her mom are taking things in stride and trusting the Lord. Wonderful testimonty to God's grace right there. Prayers continue, to be sure.

Maude, that recipe sounds good. Try throwing in a teaspoon of celery seed sometimes. It really gives it a good flavor.

Been a busy, but good weekend. Have had extra kids at the house all weekend and we had a youth work day at the church yesterday and accomplished alot. Back to church again this morning, so I had better get fixed up and put my dangly earrings on...

Oh, almost forgot, Belle, Asa isn't exactly a muscision but he does do a show down at the Gigolo Club in Yancey, involving a speedo and a tool belt....that's all I'm sayin'....


September 30, 2007 - Msg 56524: Rainly?....


September 30, 2007 - Msg 56525: muscision?....I'm making up my own words this morning.


September 30, 2007 - Msg 56526: Morning gang!..Great work Romeena...and Maude you ARE the cole slaw queen!..Asa it might be a meatball stuck in yer nose!..hey Boo,Rev you take care brother!..we will get you yer plates...great Sunday here in Georgia!..hey hazel,hm,vickie,Tom,possun,des,belle,opiemom,merri and all the reg's and reg nots!...lunch will be a bring a plate outside after Church...I will take care of the tea and fried chicken...prayers to all...SPOT

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56527: Good Sabbath porch friends.
I saw the Beamens going to preachin this morning. Claude Sr., Claude Jr., Plain Claude, and Claudette. Cute family.

Boo, sorry if I annoyed you about the cool snowy weather. I wish I could send some down to you, especially in January. And as far as my floor show at the Gigolo club goes, you always have enjoyed it. :)

Boy the weather here is sure odd. Friday it was in the 80's, yesterday snow and in the 30's. Today is sunny and supposed to be near 70. Kwazy I tell ya, just plain kwazy.

Lunch sounds good Spot. I'm there.

Charlotte, glad you got to swing a club at least. I have been out some this year, but not enough.

Possum, how's our Laci doing? Well I hope. Are things better with your Mom and sister?

Mavis, how you doing sweetie. You still in the honeymoon mode?

We are still waiting to hear what Mrs. Asa liver biopsy reveals. I'm not sure what to hope for there. Thanks for the concern and the prayers for her... and me.

Auh2o, guess your man has decided not to run. That's to bad. I sure hope one of these conservatives will step up to the plate and act like somebody.

Well best go get ready for preachin. I hear they are talking abour sin this morning. Can't hear enough about that subject.


September 30, 2007 - Msg 56528: Afternoon Family:
Just checkin' in to see what I'm missin'. Asa, you are a bird in this world! If ya don't leave HM Meatballs alone...she may just wing one at ya. (and you know what a mess that will make.) So glad to hear from ya Asa. Still prayin' for you and the Mrs. Give her a hug for me and the kidfolk.
Hope everyone is having a restful Sunday afternoon. Think I'll run down the the fillin' station and get a bottle of pop. Anyone wanna take a walk with me? ~New Neighbor

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56529: Happy Sabbath Friends, just poppin in to say HEY to one and all. SPOT, sure would love to get a plate of that church food! My cabinets are getting bare and running out of things to cook up. Guess need to get to the market. My family and I had a great day in Branson yesterday. It was perfect weather and the gherkins behaved splendidly. The only thing is, my poor dogs are barking today---2 amusement parks and probably 20 miles of hiking up and down hills will do that to a body's poor feet! ;-) I will be adding some pictures as soon as I can figure it out...I'm not so technically inclined, so to say!

OH ASA, you and your floor show! For some reason it conjured up images of feathers and bubbles. I think I need some of that snow you had to rub it into my eyeballs! HA!

I leave you with warm thoughts and special prayers to ASA and the MRS., BELLE (please find her a good home Lord), BOO, SPOT, MDC, ROMEENA and BRITTNEY, BIG MAUDE (thanks for the great slaw recipe!), HM, HAZEL, DES, OPIEMOM, MISS VICKIE (and of course MILLIE), RAY, TOM, ME-THEY, POSSUM UNDER A ROCK, AUH20, and NEW NEIGHBOR and ANYONE ELSE I DIDN'T MENTION...I leave you with this Old Testament Blessing that is so beautiful in it's simplicity (in honor of the Lord's Day)

The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Merri Weather

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56530: NEW NEIGHBOR, I could sure use a bottle of Coke...I think I'll walk with ya, though probably at a slowwww pace!


September 30, 2007 - Msg 56531: Asa,here's the latest on Laci- during church this morning she announced quite loudly to the entire congregation that she had "gone number 1" in her Pullup! The preacher kind of put everything on hold long enough for her to be attended to,because he knew the choir was getting ready to sing Laci's favorite song "Victory In Jesus" and didn't want her to miss it! She is the church baby,if y'all didn't know it! Oh,and she took about 12 and a half steps all on her own (no walker) at Physical Therapy last week-she's coming along wonderfully!!

As far as my mom and sister,my mom has gotten her act together & weaned herself off much of those pain meds she was on. I have my Mama back after almost 2 years of turmoil!That's what had caused her personality changes and nasty moods. My sister,however, is a deeply disturbed person and needs help. Even though she can be a royal pain,I hate to see anyone in the misery she's in. So,if y'all would,please keep Cindy in your prayers.I think this all goes back to a traumatic event in her childhood that is just starting to prey on her mind.She's hurting,for sure.

Thank you for that blessing,Merri Weather. It's one of my favorites.

Boo,you forgot to mention the bongos! They are my favorite part of Asa's floor show! Love his mullet too!!

Asa,I was wondering if y'all had gotten the results of the biopsy- praying things turn out ok.

There was a full page article in my paper today about Betty Lynn .Did y'all know she now lives in Mt. Airy AKA "Mayberry"? She's 81 years old-hard to fathom Thelmer Lou( I said it the way Gomer does!) that age!

Y'all have a good afternoon!
possum under a rock

P.S. Congrats Hazel! Your education was worth every penny!

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56532: Great news about glad she is taking some steps!

Prayers for Mrs. Asa and her biopsy report.

Glad your trip to Branson went well, Merri. I am getting into the mood to take a trip. We usually go to Colorado in December but it's looking like we won't get to this year. I am thinking of planning a trip for Dad to New Mexico maybe during the Thanksgiving break. I might go back to Cloudcroft for a few days, we'll see. Wish I was there now. It's been too hot here.

Thanks for all the prayers. I can always use them.


September 30, 2007 - Msg 56533: Boo, you forgot Asa's best quality - his mullet!


September 30, 2007 - Msg 56534: I think Boo's ignoring Asa's mullet (whatever would be the reason?!) because I mentioned it too,homemaker, in my post just awhile ago!

possum again

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56535: She just can't contain herself. My mullet just clutches her. :)


September 30, 2007 - Msg 56536: Ok, ok....the truth is, Asa is right. I just can't talk about's, (whispering) too personal.


September 30, 2007 - Msg 56537: Mullet Mania!!

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56538: You know what they say about Mullets--

"Business in the front-"Party in the back!"

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56539: HAHAHA!!...who said that? Too funny, man. Oh, my "achy-breaky heart"!

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56540: Good Evening Porch,
I apologize for my long absence. There just ain't enough hours in the day. I didn't want y'all tho think I'd forgotten about ya. I just read about Millie. I'm so terribly heartbroken. Prayers for her family and Danya's. Romeena, I have a new email address-brysonwgataoldotcom- if you can send me about the tribute please?.
I'll check back in when I'm not so tired.
Blessings to you and yours,

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56541: Hey there, Lucy. Good to hear from you, friend, we were getting concerned. I'll send you the info you requested, no problem. Thanks for checking in. --Romeena

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56542: Just wanted to wish you all a good week coming up. Lifting up Brittney and Mrs. Asa.

Hi, Lucy, I'm Belle.

Vivkie, please let us know how your week end was and Millie's memorial.

September 30, 2007 - Msg 56543: Vickie, not Vivkie. I was typing too fast.

October 01, 2007 - Msg 56544: Belle - Asa uses one those microphones that Barney used to sing into. His voice is so powerful that it needs to be controlled. . .


October 01, 2007 - Msg 56545: Good morning,hope this post finds everyone well.
We had a busy weekend, my friend Kandee's son was supposed to get married Sat.,but they called it off,they had been plannig it since last year . Don't know way it was cancelled,the bride to be is a little flighty.
So we spent the weekend shampooing the carpet in my living room.The new furniture I ordered will be here tomorrow.
Belle,the Iowa game was sad,but maybe things will turn around.Hope you house hunting is better this week.
Lucy,good to hear from you.
Romeena thanks for handling the donations for Millie ,I was thinking about her all weekend.
Asa, hope the Mrs is doing well.
Everyone else take care of yourselves and have a safe day. PEACE Dr P

October 01, 2007 - Msg 56546: hello, all! hope everyone had a good weekend. we're back in town after a nice trip with my husband's boss and his wife. picked up the children at my sister's house to find them both coming down with something, so we're off to the doc this morning. always something!

caroline's memorial was PERFECT. exactly what she would have wanted-a total celebration of her life. the flowers were gorgeous! big, beautiful pink gladiolus and little dainty wax flowers with baby's breath, and the arrangement was the centerpiece of the buffet table. the place was packed with people and i got to catch up with a lot of our friends who i hadn't seen in ages. steve had pictures up on the bar and at the entrance by the guest book. i could feel her there-i actually caught myself looking for her at one point. i know that sounds strange, but it was exactly the type of party that she would have thrown. i half expected to see her swooping around the corner from the kitchen with a platter of food. she had picked all the music when she and steve and her mom were planning for everything. she told me she had picked "always look on the bright side of life" from monty python
and we just cackled about it, so when i heard it come on, i couldn't help but smile. i'll never be able to hear that song again without laughing with her.

steve and the children seem to be doing ok. i asked mary when she was ready to come over for a playdate and she said, "tomorrow!" hee hee i didn't get much time to talk to steve at all, but that's to be expected with that many people around.

well i'd better run-have to call the pediatrician and see when we can squeeze in. hope this message finds everyone well.


October 01, 2007 - Msg 56547: The flowers sound just gorgeous and I am so glad that you represented the porch. Thanks for letting us know.


October 01, 2007 - Msg 56548: Morning porch, good to see Lucy back in town!
Thanks for letting us know about Millies celebration of life. I know she was proud! Prayers for Mr. & Mrs Asa and for Romeena's family and for everyone else. Please continue to remember me got some worries going on and some decisions to make about them. I hate to even bring my stuff up because compared to others it is really minimal. But extra prayers do help.
Kinda chilly this morning. lower 50's around this end of the porch. Gotta get to work but see you at lunch: Applebees, my treat. Prayers and blessing to all. Big Maude

October 01, 2007 - Msg 56549: Thanks Vickie for letting us know. It sounds as if it were as perfect as an event like that can be.

A little chilly here this am. We have the windows open and the AC off. It is supposed to get up to 85 tonight, but I"ve decided to just keep the AC off and use the ceiling fans.

Today is Oct. 1 Wow! This year is almost over.

Meet you at Applebees for lunch.


October 01, 2007 - Msg 56550: Morning Dears.
Vickie, thanks for the report and for being here. We really do appreciate it. Sounds like it went very well. and am glad her family is doing well. Thats important because we know Millie is doing well now.

Dr. P. we were supposed to get our carpets done this weekend also but the guy we had scheduled had equipment problems so now it's gonna be done on Thursday. Great minds think alike.

Maude, no problems are to small to bring up in prayer. I will include you in my prayer s for sure. Lunch sounds good. I like Applebees because they serve Pepsi, at least the ones around here do.

Thanks for all the prayers for my wife. They are greatly appreciated. I guess I should mention to the new folks what's going on. She has been diagnosed with M.S. Every treatment we have tried thus far has not worked and we are down to the last resort as far as medications go. And she has to qualify for it because it is a fairly new treatment. But because her liver readings have been so messed up, thay have to figure out what is wrong there first. I tell ya, it can be frustrating, especially when you see one you love hurting so bad and you can't do much to help. That's why I appreciate your prayers so much. Thanks again friends.


October 01, 2007 - Msg 56551: Vickie, I can't tell you what a blessing it has been having you here. It's like we still have a link to Millie and her family. It is a real comfort to know that they are ok and that you are there to help them along. Thank you for your sweet thoughts on Millie's celebration of life. I have been missing her this weekend, especially.

Maude, thank you for sharing your needs with us...they aren't "minimal" to you or to your friends. If something is bothering you, we want to pray about it. You hang in there and know you aren't alone.

Yesterday was "one of those days" for me. Had a pretty tough battle with anxiety and feeling kind of depressed from it. Really been letting my thoughts run away with me, I guess, but am doing my best effort to think positive and stay focused on God's promises. I really believe that fear/anxiety is my biggest enemy and I seem to have to battle it often, lately. I know I'm not alone there. Many women deal with the same enemy, I know. I hope we won't be afraid to share when we have a need for prayer and encouragment. Suffering alone only makes things worse. Sometimes we need an encouraging word from others, so please don't ever think your problem is too small to share, Maude. We love you here. Prayers for your decisions-making...try not to fret.

Better go get Erin off to school...