October 12, 2007 - Msg 56909: Hey you all,It's me again, just wanted to let you all know about a new family movie opening tonight. It's called The Final Season , a true story filmed in Iowa last summmer,about the Norway,IA baseball team. I haven't seen it yet,but it has gotten some good reveiws.
Have a safe and good weekend PEACE Dr P

October 12, 2007 - Msg 56910: WE saw that advertised. It looks good. If anyone sees it give us a review. We probably won't see it until it's on DVD. We'd have to take out a bank loan to pay for all 7 of us to get into the theater. HA!


October 12, 2007 - Msg 56911:
Hello porch family. Just got back from the fair. I'm stuffed. But wifey and I had a good time together. It was kinda cool tonight. And Ro...can you believe they didn't have the roasted corn this year. But I made up for it with all kinds of other goodies.

Ro....as for the muslim husband kneeling with his backside in the air....seems like to me that would be a good position for a swift kick!...........I know, I shouldn't have said that.
And as for the matter of the green Empire State Building....it makes me sick also. It's hard to believe "we" are allowing this mess.

MDC...you bet Sears heard the wake up call last year.

Possum...that's great news on Laci!

Continued prayers for Sean.

Well better get to bed....tired.
Prayers for all the porch family and for our nation. God Bless America and America Bless God!

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56912: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. II Chron. 7:14.

This promises hope for us yet, but so far I don't see it happening. --Romeena

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56913: Oh, and Rev, don't think that didn't cross my mind, that night at work. Happily, God restrained me and didn't allow me to do it. --Romeena

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56914: Good morning everyone. Busy day here. 2 children have band rehearsal from 9:45-12 and then 3 children have dance rehearsal for THE MUSIC MAN from 1-2:30 or later. I keep reminding myself that in 10 years I"ll be down to just one precious child at home and then I'll wish I were so busy. Have a great day everyone. I'll get lots of knitting done while waiting at these various rehearsals.


October 13, 2007 - Msg 56915: hey gang ..prayers for everyone
MDC,SPOT,ASA.. Cup racing in my neck of the woods tonight at Lowes Motor Speedway .I hope everyone has agreat weekend

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56916:

Mercy, I've missed a lot! Prayers for that dear baby, Boo. It takes courage to step in and do what's right, and you have courage. As you said, I doubt you'll have any problems with 'the husband.' I've seen men like him before, and they usually have a sixth sense about the type of woman who will put up with their nonsense and the type who will not. If you ask me, if he were any kind of man, that baby wouldn't have been in that situation in the first place. My brother got his babies out of a nasty situation with his first wife. She was a monster, raised by monsters. Her nickname for my nephew was "the abortion that lived." Said it to his face. She was pitiful and detestable all at once.

Which brings me to my biggest gripe. Ro, you sure see your share in the hospital. Bless your heart.. it must be hard having to watch those babies leave with some of those "parents." Have you noticed how many of the fathers aren't in the picture? Why do some young kids think it's a studly thing to do to impregnate as many females as one can? And why do the dumb girls allow it to happen? Women have been struggling for decades -- centuries -- to gain the ground we have, and to judge from the popular TV shows it seems young females (SOME, certainly not all!) are stupider than ever. No wonder young males consider themselves as having carte blanche to treat them any old way.

Sadly, that's the way some of these kids grew up seeing things done. Some things never change, I guess. Seems they meet, go out drinking once or twice, then suddenly they're "in looovvve" and it's time to get pregnant. Excuse me??? I get riled thinking about it.

I waited 36 years to have children and I'm glad I did. I could never have been an abuser, nor would I have ever neglected my child, but I know I have been a much better mom for having waited. What's WRONG with waiting??

Well, looks like my first post in a couple weeks has turned into a negative rant. But I get FURIOUS thinking of all those young lives -- both the parents AND the children -- messed up by irresponsible kids becoming parents. It's insane.

I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful, Mayberry type weekend. We're still painting and redecorating here at Casa Dismay. My office hasn't been painted in eight years, and today's the day. So why am I playing on the computer? haha... Rhetorical question. Because I'm dreading it!

Love and prayers for all my Porch friends!



October 13, 2007 - Msg 56917: Good morning, all. De§, if you think your post was a "negative rant", wait until you get the email I just sent you. On a totally different subject, but a rant nontheless.

Yes, I've noticed that often the father isn't in the picture, but in a significant number of cases, it's possible that he would be, if he only knew that he WAS the father! A lot of these girls have no idea who the father might be - could be one of many possibilities. Now isn't that lovely?! We had one case that stands out in my mind. Both parents were 17, and were no longer dating, but they both agreed that the baby was his, because of the timing. The girl didn't want the baby, but get this. He did. So, at discharge, the girl left with her mother, and the boy left with his mother and the baby. He was absolutely fascinated with it, obviously in love. He had already gotten an after-school job, his mom was going to babysit, he would graduate soon and was planning to go on to the local community college. He had big plans for himself and his baby son. It absolutely warmed my heart! I really believe he will follow through. I wish there were more like him.

Well, Oh! Reilly's folks will be coming for him soon, guess I'd better gather up his toys and things. He is the sweetest little thing, and has been so much fun. Very well-behaved, and a cuddler. Next best thing to having my own puppy, but still have to wait until Nov. 6.

Blessings! --Romeena

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56918:

Ro, wonderful about the boy and his baby. I just hope the mother doesn't decide she wants him back. Some judge might just give him to her.

Thanks for your email. I had heard about that, and while it is supposedly just one history department in one school, I fear a more widespread ban. I hope that school get feedback aplenty and reconsiders. If my child attended, I would demand it!



October 13, 2007 - Msg 56919: Laci's out of the hospital and on her way home!

Appreciate all of the prayers so much!

possum under a rock

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56920: Evenin' Porch Family:
Praise the Lord that Laci is on the "road" in more than one way-- Healing and home!! We will continue to pray for her. She's the darlin' of the porch.
Ro- I admire you and your strength everyday. It makes me know that there are caring, good people in this mess of medical care.
Prayers for all the family. Gonna check on the youn'uns. ~New Neighbor

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56921:
Opie: What about indians and redcoats and cannons and muskets and guns and stuff?"
Andy: Oh, it's just history.

Hope evrybody is having a good weekend. Sounds like REV did at the fair. Did ya stop at the top of the ferriswheel and give the missus a little sugar? ha
MD- the chase is at it's peak! Have fun there.
I see Floyd put out the Barney pumpkins again this year.
Did anyone here buy all 8 seasons? just curious.
Prayers continue for ya all.
Double dallops all around.
Malcolm: 14 pounds, 10 shillings, and tupence 3 farlings?
Andy: If that's 40 dollars.

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56922:
Possum, great news about Laci!! mdc

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56923: Yep, MDC, I bought all 8 seasons. Got each as it was released, though, so missed out on the pilot and the movie that comes with the boxed set. For anyone who hasn't gotten the set, it's priced right and would make a great family Christmas gift. Check it out at Weaver's.

It's a bit too quiet around here. My little houseguest went home, so once again, I'm furkid-less. I'll be so glad when I get my little girl, who will probably be named Toye Starr - or did I already tell you that? Just a little more than three weeks now --- Romeena

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56924:
Hello porch family.....Not a lot of folks stirring on the porch today. But it's good to see the one's that are!

DES....so good to see ya back. We missed you.


Opiemom...enjoy every minute of those kids. Yes it takes a lot of time but it goes by so fast. You don't realize how much joy it is until after it's all pasted by. When our daughter was younger, we were at something every weekend (usually cheerleading events). Today my wife and I were in a mall and a bunch of cheerleaders from different schools were all over the place. We just looked at each other and said "remember when.....". It just kills me.

Ro...We're counting down the days with you till that little Toye Starr arives. Get us a pic as soon as you can.

M-D...watching that race now. How far are you from the track?

MDC...I would have give the missus a little kissy but we both had food in our mouths the whole time we were there! hehe

Well better get ready for bed and finish watching the race. You all have a good night and a blessed worship day!
Praying for all the porch family!

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56925: Yeah, MDC, you gotta spend a quid and some bobs to get anything decent.
Oh, and I have all 8 seasons too. I got them one by one, as gifts from various family members. Somehow they had the idea that I would enjoy them. That was the idea they had.
- Hazel

October 13, 2007 - Msg 56926: Hazel, you just make me laugh. You are so quick with the quotes, and always so appropriate, and often very subtle. You're a bird in this world.

Thanks, Rev. It seems like the time has passed so slowly, and yet I can't believe it's already been nearly two months since I lost the Plum. Poor little girl, I look at the pictures of her, especially the ones I took just a couple of days before she left, and I just can't believe she's gone. She looked so good, didn't look sick, you'd never guess from the pictures that she was in such a bad way. Truth was, though, she was unable to walk, and in those pictures she is sitting just wherever I had put her down. Bless her faithful, loving little heart. --Romeena

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56927:

Possum, so glad to hear about Laci!

Thanks, REV. I get that tug at my heart whenever I see a woman out somewhere with a baby in tow... seems like just yesterday when mine were little bitty. People warned me it would fly by, but in the midst of it all that just seemed impossible. Yet fly by it did.

I know it's hard, Ro. Will send up some extra prayers for you today.



October 14, 2007 - Msg 56928: Wow, interesting conversations here on the porch.

Been a busy weekend, carrying the church youth group around to concert, bowling, etc. It was fun, though, but boy am I behind on the housework...lots of laundry to do tomorrow!

Rev, your statement about contiually having food in your mouth at the fair was funny!! Glad you enjoyed it.

It is pretty crazy the way things have gotten with the young people in this country. I had one of my junior high students tell me the other day that if s*x outside of marriage is a sin, he would just have to sin. He said that everybody is doing it and that there's no way he could wait until he's married. And this was a good kid who does well in school, etc. They are just deluged with s*xual songs, movies, internet, even commercials in this country. The temptations for them are great and they are led to believe that whatever they feel like doing is alright. I hate to think about how things might be in another 20 or 50 years. Will their even be the institution of marriage?

Well, I haven't heard from Jill this weekend, and don't expect I will for awhile. I have thought about the baby many times, though and wonder how she is doing.

Romeena, will you call the puppy "Starr"? I'm glad you got sit keep O'Reilly for a few days.

So glad Laci is home and doing well!

DES, I waited until I was 33 to have my first and while I suppose it made me a better parent, I wish I had started soon and had one or two more. It's also hard keeping up with little ones when you're in your 40's instead of 20's! ha I certainly don't understand these teens trying to have children. Makes no sense at all to me.

Better go get ready for church..


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56929: Good Sabbath to ye.

I'm stuck at work today, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. Misery loves company.

About the Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays thing, it used to rile me, too. It ocassionally still does. However, one time, in conversation with some acquaintences (sp? where's Charlotte, anyway?) one said they she had said "happy holidays" to someone somewhere, and that the person proceeded to indignantly tell her that they celebrated Christmas and didn't care for the happy holidays thing. Well, the person telling the story, who is Jewish, said that basically she was just trying to be polite and spread some holiday well-wishes. She didn't celebrate Christmas, and for all she knew the other person may not have, either, and was just being nice. From then on, I have accepted "happy holidays" with a polite thank you and a "Merry Christmas" in return. I don't think you can spread the meaning of the season with bad cheer. Better a silent witness than a rude one.

Glad things are looking up for that dear baby girl, BOO. Regarding your statement above about the boy in your class, well, us guys--believers or no--have been having that feeling forever. I am surprised that he said it out loud to you. I think the difference, as you allude to, is that where at one time the circumstances under which to commit that particular sin was less available, and was discouraged by society not encouraged.

Have a great day.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56930: And, by the way, MERRI, I don't know about anyone else, but I think I'd get pretty bored coming to the porch if all we ever talked about was the waether, TAGS, and smiley happy stuff. I have enjoyed getting to know all my fellow porchsters, and you get get to know someone merely by exchanging pleasantries.

So, no, in my opinion, you certainly are not oversharing. Now, if I was to talk about my special hairy growth, that would be oversharing.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56931: That's "can't get to know."

So sue me.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56932: SPECIAL HAIR GROWTH??? M-T, you slay me! Hey, I'm a glutton for punishment and you've riled my curiosity! You must share. Ok, I'll tell ya something weird--my dad has 3 functioning kidneys. He was in medical books as a kid.

Ok, GO!

*wink* -Merri

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56933: Uh, I was kidding about the growth, but while we're on the subject of extra body parts, did you see teh news item last week about the performanec artist (and I use that word very loosely) who had an ear surgically grafted to his forearm? Although it (of course) is not actually a working ear, he wants to implant it with a microphone so people can "hear" what his ear does. THis is not a joke. Google it.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56934: Ugh. Very disturbing. Gee, what people won't do to get attention.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56935: I pretty much agree with MT's thoughts on the Happy Holiday stuff. I would give people the benefit of the doubt when they say "Happy Holidays". They are saying a cheerful greeting, and merely wishing that you have happy and wonderful holidays, which to me includes both Christmas and New Years. I don't think the average person that says that is really trying to insult anyone, and like MT says, a rude response doesn't get anyone anywhere. While I'm not Christian, it doesn't bother me at all to have someone say "Merry Christmas". They are trying to be thoughtful and nice, and that's the way I try to lead my life too, so I have no problem with it. We all have to get along in this old world. I'm a "Merry Christmas" sayer myself. That's what I wish people to have, so why not say it. Now, stores forbidding their employees to say "Merry Christmas" is another matter entirely. The nerve. Folks have a right to greet people as they wish, (as long as it's nice and polite) so I can understand why people can get riled about that.
I'm looking forward to when you get Starr, Romeena. It will be fun to hear about the various stages as she grows and becomes part of the porch.
Did I ever tell you guys how much I care about you all? I'm not very good about posting every day, and often don't respond to people like I should, but I do care about you all and think of the porch daily.
I guess I'm just sentimental today. I watched "Hot Rod Otis" earlier, and it got me all emotional. When Barney was talking about missing Otis... "His silly round face, his wrinkled tie, little pot belly. He really is a good fellow. Never hurt anybody. Never said a mean thing." sniff, honk
- Hazel

"Next time let's play with some trains."

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56936: If there's one thing I can't stand it's a drunk on a cryin' jag.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56937: I wonder if Ringo was ROMEENA's favorite Beatle?


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56938: IM BACK!Hey gang just a quick Hey to let you know we have arrived back at the Dog House just fine..had a great fair trip and good food and good company!..Biggest Fair I have ever saw!..Rev old buddy hope ya have been getting your meals!..hey Ro..and prayers for laci..hey Boo,Asa possum...have not read the mail yet but will when I get to work tonight at 6pm..MD was a great race your way..hey N-T,hazel,MW,des...hope all the porch is fine. Like I said will catch up at about 6:30 from work tonight...peace to all...SPOT

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56939: No, Me-They, my choice of "Starr" has nothing to do with old Ringo. While I wouldn't call myself a Beatles fan, I'll admit I liked their music a lot better than some of the stuff that followed them, and still hangs around today. The puppy's name came from my "Oh, my stars!" when I first saw her. I added the second "r" because I think it looks pretty on paper.

Hazel, you said it beautifully, and so did you, Me-They. I have no problem with someone wishing me a happy holiday. It's not about words or terms, it's about the feeling. If I know someone is Jewish, I would never dream of wishing them a Merry Christmas, but will certainly say Happy Hanukkah, and mean it. Mercy, I get Christmas cards from my Jewish friends!

What does rile me is when merchants get all PC-ish, and try to censor and control the situation. They have no problem putting up red and green decorations, and Christmas trees galore, and then forbid employees to say "Merry Christmas"? They'll profit from it, they'll take my money, but the word "Christmas" can't appear anywhere? Let me see - a Christmas tree generally means Christmas. A menorah generally denotes Hanukkah. Red and green = Christmas. Blue and silver = Hanukkah, at least where I grew up. The two holidays have always co-existed peacefully in my experience, without the benefit of censorship on the part of government and the merchandising community. Why can't we just leave it alone?

If someone happens to wish me a happy holiday, I just thank them. I will not make an issue of it. Those greetings will not be the death of Christianity, it has survived far worse, but it seems to me we never had these problems until the Muslims entered the scene. Actually, the intrusion of Islam into this country may just prove to be the thing that will unite Christians and Jews like nothing else has. Islam hates us both, so we'd better unite. It shouldn't be hard. True Christians love the Jews, because our own Jesus was a Jew, one of the Chosen People, and He died in order to give us the right to enter the family through faith in Him. The Jews traditionally choose to live in peace, and prefer to avoid conflict with anyone. So, presenting a united front - Christians and Jews - should be easy. Hmmm. I suppose if a simple "Happy Holidays" helps to promote that, it might be a good thing. I'll have to think about that. --Romeena

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56940: Exactly right on the "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays" thing M-T and Hazel. I agree.

Hazel, thanks for what you said about caring for all of us. I care very much about you, too and am glad that you post when you can.

Me-They, I never really thought about it that way (about boys). That makes me feel a little better about it, thanks. I know as a girl, it certainly wasn't the first thing on my mind growing up. I had no trouble waiting until the right one came along, and he's the only one.

Sorry you have to be at work today!


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56941: Oh Hey, Ro...didn't see you there.

Hope you are having a pleasant Sunday. I was just thinking that, before long, you will be starting to decorate that big tree of yours. I'm ready for the daily "blow-by-blow" description! I am starting to get that Christmas feeling, even though it is still 90 degrees here. My sister and I decided that we will be taking my dad on a trip to New Mexico the week of Thanksgiving (did I already tell you all this?). We will be spending the week in Cloudcroft and visiting Ruidoso, too. I reserved a neat cabin in the pines (in Cloudcroft) and I will cook a small thanksgiving meal for us, then we will go to Ruidoso to watch the lighting of the town. I am also planning on taking the kids to the annual Santa festival in Cloudcroft that weekend. I am really looking forward to it. The average high temp there in November is about 40, and in the 20's at night...perfect in my opinion.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56942: Excuse me, I meant that the average high temp was 50, not 40.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56943: BOO: As a guy, I can tell you that at some points in life it was the ONLY thing on my mind.

Happy Festivus for the rest of us! Let me know when it's time for the airing of grievances.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56944: REV ... Im about an hours drive from the race track

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56945: BOO, your trip sounds absolutely idyllic. A cabin in the pines, the lighting of the town, and Santa festival??? Wow, I bet wonderful memories will be made! Good for you and your family. MW

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56946: * *

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56947: # 56946, why are you unhappy?
- Hazel

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56948:
Hey Folks

Me-They Nope, I haven't been celebrating Gore's little prize. An award from a bunch Euro-Socialists isn't my idea of a party. But, I will say, I do hope to have a "Carbon foot print" as big as Al's someday.

M-T As for the Congressional resolution regarding Turkey, I can't think of a bigger waste of time. Not only is it a waste of time but it is putting our troops in danger. San Fran Nan is more like Tokyo Rose than a Speaker of the House.

Boo-Holy cow, 90 degrees. We had a couple of snow flakes fall on Friday. And, year ago Friday this end of the porch had about 3 feet of snow fall.

Hazel-Love reading your posts.

"Barney, you're gassed!"


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56949: Yep, Auh2o, it's a real drag when it's 90 degrees in October. It doesn't even cool off much at night due to the high humidity. This is supposed to be unusually high for this time of year, but not much. That's why I am always so anxious for the first cool front. They say we shouldn't expect one until November! Bummer. I should be used to it. I remember many a Halloween as a child when I was sweating in my costume. When I was in Houston this weekend, I noticed it was much cooler at night and in the morning than here. I really despise this high humidity.

Me-They, do you think most young men are like you were(with only one thought most of the time)? Must be difficult for them. Guess it's a good idea to keep them involved in sports, etc. I remember reading once that girls who stay involved in team sports have the lowest teen pregnancy rate.

Thanks MW, I think it will be wonderful in New Mexico.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56950: Yeah, you're right goldie, winning a dignified and noble award sure is a waste. I mean, why would we want any dignity brought to our country now? Why on earth should we be part of the Global community (those blasted Socialists!) We're on such a roll with dubya! Man, I hate the Nobel Peace Prize. And Nancy's the one that puts our troops in danger? What kind of kool-aid are ya drinking? Goofy grape? Well, I better mosey on back over to Ms. Crump's. I kinda like their shut-up policy on politics. I was referred here by the Mrs. but me thinks this ain't the watering hole for me. Take care now.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56951: Well im back at work now for the night..hey auh2o,hazel ya need a foot rub or something?..New N you been doing ok>..Tom hows the weather?..we have had no rain here in ga..Boo trip sounds great...man-o-man at the Ga fair the food was great..never saw so many ribs,chickens,sausages and turkey legs being smoked...I would just stop by the booths and stair..Miss Sherry would have to drag me away!...well if yall aint had supper I made a big bowl of chicken gumbo and cornbread...yall get a bowl...well let me get logged in and catch up here at EMC...back in a bit..Big Maude have you been feeling well enough to cook some?...SPOT

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56952:
Remshaw-No need to name call here. Those not mature enough to discuss politics shouldn't. I was asked my opinion, by a good friend, and I gave it. If you disagree that's fine but you don't need to run away. A Liberal judge in the UK has said Gore's propaganda film can't be shown to public school kids there without warnings due to the false statements in it. And, if you need some evidence of the Noble committees commitment to socialism just ask. As for San Fran Nan, how do you defend the Congressional resolution and the ramifications that it will bring?


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56953: Oh, my. Let's play nice, now. auh2o, that's a good one about the carbon footprint. Try as I might, I can't seem to manage anything bigger than a toe-print! Maybe if I'd quit recycling, and go chemical instead of organic in the yard, and put my tank-style water heaters back in place, it would help. It would help even more if I'd put in solar collectors and make my own power, but since it would cost at least a year's pay, I guess I'll have to keep supporting the local power company.

To unhappy, would you care to share with us? Sometimes just talking about a problem makes it seem lighter.

Remshaw, it's okay to disagree here, but please do try to do it a bit more gently. Take a clue from your Mrs. - she has the technique down pat, and we love her.

Me-They, I think you may have hit on the reason why my husband was always threatening to turn off the water heater that served our boys' bathroom. He was always saying he should turn it off and leave it off until they either left home or turned 21. Hmmmm?

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56954: A thousand pardons I extend to all on this Porch. The Mrs. will probably give me a good smack upside the head when she gets home. But let's be fair: name calling. Ok, well I think that there has been some name calling here before my post. This doesn't strike me as an entirely open forum. If you don't happen to toe the conservative/Bush admin. line then you are hatefully labeled as a "socialist" insinuating it's a dirty word. I'm not going into a long dialogue on why I believe what I do and why you believe what you do. To each his own. But what gets me is that the same privilege is not extended to all, in my humble opinion. And Romeena, I'm happy to know that you enjoy my wife's company. She is something special--full of love and life. She's always the peacemaker. But maybe you all wouldn't love her so much if you knew she was partially of middle eastern descent. Her father's family is from Syria. They converted to Christianity when they came through Ellis Island in 1918. They were Muslim. And they are Arabs. But American through and through. Sorry folks, I was a little hurt by some of the stuff I've read. I've heard my wife's father called a "sand n***er after 9-11. It just gets old. Well, I've said all I've needed. I think this is a good place for my wife, just not for me. I apologize again and wish you all a pleasant evening.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56955:
Remshaw-Where do you get off saying, "maybe you all wouldn't love her so much if you knew she was partially of middle eastern descent." That is your prejudices speaking loud and clear. As for the name calling, you have not seen words like that here, never. For your information I am not a Bush lover, at all, I've said many times that I had to hold my nose and vote him. Lastly, I wasn't insinuating that socialism was a dirty word, it is an abhorrent state of affairs. You can keep your apology.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56956:
Speaking of the Global community, Conservatives have won national elections in Germany, Mexico, Canada, and even France, within the last couple of years.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56957: Some of the things I've read here have ruffled my feathers a bit too, Mr. Remshaw. But, when I've responded to them, I've been treated with respect and open minds. And apoligies, if needed. So, unlike Miss Crumps, we've been able to all co-exist together on this porch, even with all our different opinions. It's just the nature of the game that people have strong opinions about our world and our nation. We actually don't usually discuss politics all that much. Stick around, maybe we'll grow on you.
- Hazel

Otis: "It will be my pleasure, dear lady, to be incarcerated in your domicile."

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56958: FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56959: Remshaw, you have absolutely no right to assume that we would feel differently about your wife after learning that she is of Middle Eastern descent. You said they "were" Muslim. That's all I need to know. I don't fear anyone because of the color of their skin, or the way they spell their name, only when they believe in a religious system that teaches them to convert me or kill me. If your wife's family is American through and through, and I believe you when you say that, then they were as appalled by the events of 9/11 as the rest of us were. However, you will not hear the words you alluded to coming from my mouth, and likely not from any other member of this porch.

It might help you to understand us better, if you knew that a while back we weathered a bit of a storm, the result of too much political discussion and the use of sharp comments and digs. Some were mine. I apologized, as did others, and we all more or less agreed to soft-pedal the politics.

You say this isn't an open forum. Well, you're probably right. It was never meant to be. It was formed as a place for people to come and discuss TAGS. We take our TAGS identity, we make up little scenarios, we play gently with each other. That may seem a bit tame for you. I think you'd probably be happy surfing through the political blogs, and I could put you onto one that might interest you, if you wish. However, if you want to just come here and be one of us, you're very welcome.

I'll admit, as you found out, that once in a while one of us may bark a little. That's what you encountered, and responded to. Some of us just can't resist now and then, and the rest of us usually deflect it or let it pass on by. We're working on that.

That may seem like censorship to you, but it's really just a tacit agreement among friends to play gently. There are plenty of other areas where free speech runs rampant, and that's good. We just happen to prefer a lighter touch on this porch.

Have a wonderful evening, all. --Romeena

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56960: Mr.remshaw here is a big FREEZ go a way .

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56961: Bless you, Tom. I think that's one of the prettiest poems you've ever posted. --Romeena

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56962: Now, now. We don't want to give Remshaw the big freeze. He just needs a little time to get more familiar with our ways, and we must be careful that we don't say things that give him the wrong impression. --Romeena

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56963:
Hello porch family....and I mean family! Hazel you're so right....we may not agree but we can still be Mayberry neighbors. Remshaw, brother just come on back, sit on our little porch and we can work things through. Yes, I'm a Christian and not ashame of that fact, but I love all people because my Lord loves all people. Of course I get very upset when someone hurts another and it doesn't matter who they are or their background.

Spot....so good to see ya back brother.

Well folks I've got to get going for now. Prayers for all the porch family.

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56964:

OK, I think I see a pattern developing here. Me-They asks me a question I respond and then everything goes sideways. That seems the be the natural course of these tussles. Also, I forget that there is a segment of the population that actually believes the "Michael Moore type" of world view. That's fine, I guess. But, I'm the type of person that if somebody wants to call me a racist or a liar, well that's fine too. But, pack a lunch. I'm not gonna roll over and play died. I guess what I mean is this latest little bit of drama is clearly Me-They's fault. hehe

Rev-I was just at your web site a bit ago. We gonna try Nancy's "crock pot cube steak & mushroom recipe."

Tom-Haven't seen ya in a bit, nice poem.

Romeena-Sorry to drag you into that.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56965: And you've just proven my point auh2o. Your tactic of "don't agree with me--then stick it" isn't doing much for this forum, apparently. I'm so glad you've got the answers to it all. No one brought up Michael Moore. No one called anyone a liar or a racist. You refuse an apology? That sounds like hysterics. Big FREEZE still on? Is that part of all this "Christian love" that goes on around here?

I love The Andy show, too. I just don't get much of a "Mayberrian" vibe.


Hazel, you sound like a level-headed lady. I wish you well and hope you continue to enjoy it here.

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56966:
Remshaw-You're making less sense with each post. Best check the pilot light or maybe try opening a window.


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56967: Sound like Mr.Remshaw want to start trouble here.
Maybe he git run off from Ms Crump.

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56968: I agree that this is all Me-They's fault (since he isn't here to defend himself). haha

Hey Remshaw, who's your wife? I'm sure her descent wouldn't matter to me. And I can say that because I'm a Mexican, Spanish, Irish, Scottish, English great-great grand daughter of an African. Who am I to be prejudice?...

Love and Peace,


October 14, 2007 - Msg 56969: Hey Rev my brother!we had a blast in perry...will get back to the cooking in the morning..got a big bike ride when I get up tomorrow afternoon..got to work all night...gona do about 18 miles..hey auh20,Romeena my friend,TOM and all...think I will check out a movie roe a bit "Dante"s Peak"..looks prety good any of yall seen it?..they had a Barney look alike with a squad car at the ga fair..got some pics with him that I will send Ro...he has been to the Mayberry days each year...well the porch seems to be a shaking a bit so I will get the nails out and get down there with those spiders and try to steady her!..Prayers to out porch and all visitors!...Rev look for the breakfast truck brother..Jeff put on a good show at the race...Tony hit everybody in the pits! ! ...back with a snack in a bit...SPOT

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56970: I propose a moratorium. No, not a "big freeze", just a moratorium on the political topics that seem to be setting everyone off. I don't want to come here and see that sort of thing - there's enough going on right here in my town. In fact, I sat down at this keyboard in order to fire off another letter to the editor, which I do on a regular basis. Some get printed, some don't, which is to be expected since they have a 30-day rule in effect, and I don't pay any attention to the calendar. I do have a letter in print about once a month, though.

This time, it's to point out the absurdity of the protest of an 18-yr old high school student. He's mad at the Irving Police, who deported his best friend. The friend was an illegal alien, he got into a fight at school that resulted in police being called, and he was arrested along with some other kids. When he was determined to be illegal, he was deported, in full accordance with the law. The 18-yr old is screaming "profiling", and wants it stopped! How in the world this becomes "profiling" is beyond me. The kid had been attending school, driving (licenseless) all over town and no one had bothered him. Once he got into a big fight, though, he got picked up. Moral: If you come here illegally, keep your nose clean. Get in trouble, you get sent home. Seems simple enough to me.

Well, that will be the gist of my letter. That, and one question - why are we letting Vicente Fox tell us how to run our country?

I know, that's all political talk, but I seriously doubt it will ruffle anyone's feathers. As I've said before, I have no problem with immigrants. We're all descended from immigrants. My objection is to illegal immigrants, who don't pay taxes and who send money out of the country by the billions. Come here legally, learn the language and assimilate, and you're welcome. Sneak in, flout our laws, refuse to speak the language, and drain the resources which we so stupidly ladle out to you, and you're not welcome.

Anybody disagree? I'll listen. --Romeena

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56971: Um, wow. I leave for the afternoon and evening and look at what I missed. Ugh. Well, I'm just going to be right up front about it. RR is my hubby who is a wonderful husband and father and I love him dearly. He's very passionate about his beliefs and will state his opinions, come hades or high water. I told him about the Porch. He was at home working on the computer and decided to pop in. I led him here. I thought it would be kind of neat for us to share this place. I was very wrong. I'm sorry to anyone that was/is offended. I wish he would have expressed himself in a non-confrontational manner and gotten to know you all first. That would have done a lot of good and saved us all this uncomfortable hassle. But I also know he apologized too and that was not well received. I'm also sorry to see some of the hatefulness that was thrown back. I don't like it from anyone. Hubby INCLUDED! Well, tomorrow's another day. Again, I am sorry for the ruffled feathers or hurt feelings and anger. But I will say that my husband is not a troublemaker and is very intelligent. I'm very, very sorry that he left a different impression with you all. He's got to learn to turn the other cheek when offended instead of going to battle--it's just not worth it. It's going to be a life-lesson I'm afraid. We all have our crosses to bare, don't we?

I was going to fill the Porch family in on a lovely day I had with my MOPS group (Mother of Preschoolers--a Christian based support group)--but the wind got knocked out of my sails a bit. We took the kids to a pumpkin patch and then one of the moms hosted a bbq and a treasure hunt in their back yard. You should have seen all the beautiful children running around in absolute delight with their little flashlights. It was a fun day.

Well, I wish you ALL love, many blessings and PEACE. Goodbye and goodnight. May we all get some much-needed rest...

Merri W.

P.S. SPOT, you are so funny! Gomer and those spiders. SPOT, you are one of the many reasons why I loved coming here! I’d be glad to take your snack tonight. I need some additional nourishment—I am plum tuckered out! HA!

BOO, I am still praying for Layla, that sweet beautiful angel and I love that you're multi-blooded! Me too! Let's see...Syrian, Lebanese, Jewish, Scottish, French, Blackfoot and Sioux Native Indian. I think that about covers it. Just call me the walking United Nations.

HAZEL, you’re a class act. What a woman!

ROMEENA, I love ya and can’t wait until you get your Starr *

M-T, you’re as smart as they come and I love your humor.

BELLE, I hope you’ve found a home. I’ve been thinking about ya—hope your car is holding up!

POSSUM, so glad that Laci is on the mend

REV, what a loving man you are! An awesome Christian example! You make me want to be a better person.

TOM, beautiful poem as usual.

And HEY to anyone else I missed!

October 14, 2007 - Msg 56972: Hey to you, MW. I agree that Hazel is a class act, but so are you, my dear. Don't you just hate it when things spiral out of control, and things are said that aren't meant, in ways that weren't intended? Once again, I'd like to propose that moratorium. Ha! It had me so shook up that I totally confused myself. My references to the carbon print up there a ways didn't even make sense. I started out in one direction and ended up facing the other way. Oh well, I'm old, so sue me.

Uh-oh, Rev, I think MW has your number. She's got you pegged for sure. MW, you must know that he comes across exactly the same in person as he does here on the porch. I'm so glad I put weariness aside and braved the traffic that Sunday morning. What a blessing!

Have a lovely night's rest, everyone. --Romeena

October 15, 2007 - Msg 56973: Well gang the porch seems to be getting better but still a little shakey...ha ha..but Im going back down there under with them spiders and try to do some more nailing and get her a little more steady! ! ha ha...MW snack time!..you too boo and ro and all..Rev will vacume seal your and send it with breakfast...snickers bars and milk...back in a bit..."ouch" "spider bite"...your friend SPOT

October 15, 2007 - Msg 56974: Spot, you watch out for those spiders - spider bites can smart! And watch where you're swinging that hammer - we don't want the whole porch to fall down! --Romeena

October 15, 2007 - Msg 56975: Ok the Porch should be tight now...no spider bites and no brused thumbs...Breakfast will as follows: 3 Eggs your way,center cut country ham,bacon,sausage,hashbrowns with cheese and [onions upon request],grits,bisquits and milk gravy,toast with grape jelly,pop tarts,baked apple rings,milk,coffee,h20 and a tear from my roll of paper towels [gosh its good to be back on the job],Rev look for that UPS truck brother!...prayers to all..about quiting time for me then back at 8am Tue...Asa and Tom,Mavis,possum,auh20,M-T,horatio,MW,Dr.P,NW yall all come on!...SPOT

October 15, 2007 - Msg 56976: I don't want to hear no more about them spiders!

October 15, 2007 - Msg 56977: or feet!...

October 15, 2007 - Msg 56978: Merri W, something in your post sounded like you were saying goodbye. I sure hope I am wrong. I really like you. I'm also curious....did you give your hubby the old "leg of lamb" in the head last night? He sounded like he was afraid that you might.

Well, I know practically nothing about politics so I usually don't say much. I have alot to learn in that area. I think if I have questions about such things I will email some of you directly from now on (see what a moulage you started, Me-They!) hahaha...just kidding, of course. I can't wait for you to read all this when you get to work! hehe

Well, think I'll try to sneak in a bit of devotion time before waking Erin. I had a VERY trying day with her yesterday. She seems to be getting extremely hyper and never sits still for a minute. It really is driving me nuts. She really gets worse when she eats sugar so I need to cut that out as much as possible. I mad some cookies last night and that child turned into the Energizer Bunny. I kept waiting for her to finally collapse somewhere in a heap but it never happened.



October 15, 2007 - Msg 56979: "mad" some cookies....sounds kind of Freudian, doesn't it? I certainly was mad a time or two yesterday....


October 15, 2007 - Msg 56980:
Morning Porch

Beautiful day here sunny sunny sunny and 41 degrees.

Merri W When I read, "maybe you all wouldn't love her so much if you knew she was partially of middle eastern descent," from RR's post, that mad my blood boil. That is the exact opposite way I try and lead my life and what I try and teach my kids. For example, I have, until recently, cut back nearly all visit's with my mother because of the bigot she married. (She doesn't think he is but he is.) My girls haven't been to their grandmothers house in over 6 years because of this oaf. So, to see an apology attached a couple of sentences after that remake didn't jibe for me. The comment that upset your husband was not directed to him but was a response to a question from another porchster. As for political beliefs I'm not even in the majority in my own family. If someone disagrees great. I sure hope we can put this behind us.

Me-They Thanks buddy.


October 15, 2007 - Msg 56981: Stopping by to say good morning to all today. Hope everyone is up and ready to start the week. I am at working and getting ready to start another week. Busy this week end with usual stuff. Friday night football and then Saturday morning 4 of my sons friends from school came over to work on a school project.

All of them are on the football team as well. I made biscuits and sausage gravy for them (those kids ate about 18 biscuits, 8 cups of gravy and drank almost a gallon of orange juice!!) They
were very were mannerly and thanked me for my "hospitality". I was pretty impressed to see this from 16-17 year old boys. Just thought I would share this as all we usually hear is the bad about teen agers.

Guess I better go to work now. Lunch will be: tuna salad sandwhiches or chicken salad chicken salad sandwhiches, chips, little debbie cakes and tea or lemonade to drink. see you all at noon. Big Maude