October 25, 2007 - Msg 57447: It's the fall-out Ray teehee couldn't resist that one. I can tell you, it's not just people, I learned (after 27 years I better have learned something)not to schedule certain dogs to be groomed when it's a full moon. I do have some little critters that are more like creachtures, especially during a full moon. Ro I don't know how you do it & not end up depressed all the time. I'll take the dogs over the people anyday thank you. Spot thanks for the travel report, be safe & have fun. Rev be careful driving home. Everyone else, prayers for you all & I'll be back tomorrow.

October 25, 2007 - Msg 57448: Well, look at that, can't even find time to clean my own house, but sure can sweep the porch! teehee

October 25, 2007 - Msg 57449: Mavis, that puts something else into the equation, animals. Have heard of dogs howling at a full moon. Interesting that it effects only some. I can't say I have any notice of feeling any different.

Boo, saw your mention of the weather....WOW it is great and looks like more to come.

October 26, 2007 - Msg 57450: Full moon, huh?...and all along I thought it was PMS.


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57451: It is PMS. Trust me. ;)


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57452: hahaha...yep, I know it is.

Ray, Romeena may be able to shed some light on your question, but I never noticed a difference during full mooons (when I worked in labor and delivery). We were just pretty busy and crazy most of the time so I never noticed a change. They used to tell us in the ER that it got crazy down there during a full moon.

Hey M-T, are you having your morning coffee?


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57453: ...or full mOOns, for that matter...


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57454: Ray, I found what might be an answer to why dogs howl at the moon. I read that they howl to communicate with other dogs...it's like calling them to come...either to "call the pack home" or to keep away unwanted dogs. There isn't any evidence that the moon actually makes them howl but it was suggested that because dogs tend to be more active in the light of a full moon, there is more communicating that goes on. Sounds reasonable, I guess. I also read an interesting comment from a woman who said that she witnessed the death of her dog one night and at his passing, she begand to hear dogs howling all over the neighborhood. She thought they seemed to "know". I have never noticed anything like that, bit it's interesting if it's true...just thought I'd pass that on.


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57455: Had my golden arches cappacino this morning so I am raring to go. Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57456: Did I mention Tom that the Sox knocked the Rocks again? :)


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57457: Hi All.
Just a cold, raining and wet day here.
O K HM so the the red sox are up be two and the rockies may come back.


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57458: IT NOT OVER TO THE FAT ONE SING


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57459: Good morning, all. Home from work, finally. Last night started out absolutely awful, one of those shifts where you wonder how long it would take to find another job if you just up and quit on the spot. Miraculously, by midnight things had settled down, and the rest of the shift wasn't too bad.

About the full moon, yes - we definitely see an upsurge in admissions. A lot more false labors, but a lot more deliveries, too. I've worked ER as well over the years, and it's a zoo during a full moon.

About dogs "knowing" things - here's a story for you. I had a cousin who was killed instantly in an accident when he was 14. At about the moment of his death, his border collie started howling. My aunt heard him and went out to see about him, and she said his howls were so pitiful and strange, she knew something was wrong. When the phone rang a few minutes later, she was afraid to answer it, but did, and got the news. By that time, the dog had gone through the crawl space opening, and went under the house. He never came out. They were never able to coax him out, and he wouldn't eat food they took under there to him. He died on the day of my cousin's funeral. I don't know how Tippy knew, but I believe that he did. My cousin was two when they got Tippy as a puppy, so they had been together for twelve years. Tippy was old, and when he sensed that Roger was gone, it was just too much for him, I guess. Strange.

Well, I guess I'll go eat a little something and lie down for a while. I'm tired. A couple of hours sleep, though, and I'll be up and at 'em. Blessings, y'all! --Romeena

October 26, 2007 - Msg 57460: Actually, BOO! I drink a regular (fountain) Coke every morning. I enjoy coffee, too, but usually only after a meal when I am dining out, at someone's house and they serve it, or on vacation in the a.m. Sometimes on the weekend we put a pot on, but typically are too lazy. How sad is that?

ROMEENA: I think I might have mentioned it before, but I recommend the book "For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend" by Patricia McConnell. I heard her on the Diane Rehm Show several weeks ago and found her really interesting. If you want to check out where's she's coming from, I can dig up the webcast address for you.

Still cold, dark, and rainy here.

What's for lunch? And why is HOMEMAKER running in circles?

TOM: Here goes..."And in the month of May, falalalalala, falafalalalala!"


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57461: M-T, you are sad, very sad. . .but how can I say anything when I pay for my coffee to be made as well!

Okay Tom - I am singing too - I saw M-T's picture and he ain't bonafide. . .
"Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the park, buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. . ."


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57462: ME-They so go falalalalala, falafalalalala in may


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57463: That's some story, Ro. I remember about a year ago, my Dad was having some problems and waiting for the test results of a scan on his lungs. I was thinking he might have cancer (his has a considerable amount of asbestos in his lungs). Anyway, I remember while he was sick one day, his weinie dog started acting very strangely. She moped and wouldn't leave his side or go outside. You can bet I was worried about those tests results and kept a close eye on dad. I thought she might be sensing that he was dying or something. Well, the results were fine and so was Dad but it was sure nervous for a couple of days, ha! Really, that is such a sad story about your cousin and his dog. Must have been so agonizing for the whole family. When I was growing up some friends lost their 13 yr old boy in an accident and the family just fell apart and never really recovered. They all died young. Some had mental illness and attempted suicides, some were drug addicts. It was a terrible situation to see.

Coke in the morning, M-T? Hmmm...sounds good but I don't want to get that started. I try to avoid soft drinks. I usually have only one cup of coffee a day.

Lots to do!! The weather is outstanding!


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57464: Puddles! I have puddles in my yard! Yep,we are FINALLY getting some rain here in SC! We've had a good steady rain since last night.I just might go out and make some mudpies! Yee Haw!

About the full moon- y'all do know where the word "lunatic" gets it's origin,don't you? Yep,it's from "lunar",as in moon. I remember an elderly teacher I worked with telling me that the kids acted up more when the moon was full.I began paying attention,and boy,she was right!

Still dealing with this eye ailment.Pretty sure it's conjunctivitis (pink eye).I have antibiotic drops that are helpinig.Vision is still blurry though.

Well,I think I'll go watch it rain- y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

October 26, 2007 - Msg 57465: POSSUM: How many fingers am I holding up?


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57466: Well, it look like I'm headed for flood control. Our archives and resaerch center is experiencing some minor water penetration. It is the lower floor of a 1820 house. The French drains have started to back up and can't handle the volume of water, so off to shop-vac I go. (Translation of French drain: one that complains and doesn't work properly. Actually, it is just small holes in the floor inside stone foundation beneath the finished wall that is supposed to allow water that weeps through to seep into the ground.) THis one's under "other duties as required."


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57467: Quiet day on the porch. Is everybody napping or something? Have a great weekend, y'all. I'm outta here...


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57468:
M-T: New twist to old lyrics: "Everyone's gone to the moon, including now the Chinese"
HM- I'll paas on the yak.
For Possum: OTIS to Andy and barney: Oh good, all four of you are here.
Seriously, prayers continue for you and for all porchsters.
Have a great weekend.
TOM- Rockies will get Sox on Saturday.
All you travelers, be careful out there.

October 26, 2007 - Msg 57469: Ah MDC - give it a try, it'll put hair on your chest!

Going to Ky tomorrow - see you on Monday!


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57470:
Hello porch family...I made it home safely. Thank you Lord! It rained on me pretty much the whole trip home....23 hours of driving straight through...and I'm ready for bed.

M-T...didn't go through Maryland this trip.

Jr...did ya'll get much of the rain that went through Columbia?

Possum.....I'm so glad to see this rain in SC. I think you all got more on the coast than we did but just glad the state is getting it.

Tom...looking like a quick series buddy.

Ro...get some rest. Sounds like you've had some tough shifts.

Spot...where you at brother? Have you started the competitions yet?

Night all....Prayers for all the porch family!

October 26, 2007 - Msg 57471: We got quite a bit of rain in Aiken yesterday. Today it was beautiful with blue skies and temps in the low 70s.


October 26, 2007 - Msg 57472: Good evening, all. Me-They, I'd enjoy checking out that website. I do believe that God placed something special in the canine heart, some attraction to mankind, because the loving bonds can be very strong.

Before I developed diabetes, I used to enjoy cold leftover pizza and a Pepsi for breakfast. Hey, don't knock it 'till you've tried it! Now I settle for a toasted English muffin with cream cheese, and a glass of unsweetened iced tea. Sometimes juice instead of tea, but juice will really shoot the blood sugar up.

So glad some of those who need it are getting rain. I hope it will come to all who are dry, and wouldn't it be wonderful if thunderstorms would come and drown the fires out west? I guess they're settling down a little, but still not out. Do we have any porchsters in that area? My memory is too faulty to rely on - anybody else know?

Possum, I'm sorry about your eye problems. That's really annoying, I know. Too bad it couldn't have been me instead of you - the hospital wouldn't let me work, and I'd love to stay home! Unfortunately, they don't extend the same restriction to the hives I've suddenly developed. Since most of the lesions are covered by my uniform (I wear a jacket), the supervisor assured me it would be okay to work, doggone it! I have never had hives in my life, and have absolutely no known allergies, and suddenly I've got these red whelps scattered everywhere, since Wednesday afternoon. They don't really itch, just a little, so that's something to be thankful for.

Well, I'm bushed. I slept about an hour after I got home this morning, then went with my buddy Eloise to meet her daughter (my DIL) and our grandson for lunch, then she and I went for pedicures. Got out of there just in time to go for a haircut, and got home around 8. Have been at this keyboard ever since, and my eyes are slammin' shut!

REV, glad you made it home safely. You stop that "23 hours straight through" stuff, you hear me? That's dangerous. My son does the same thing, and I fuss at him, too. God provides traveling mercies, it's true, but He expects you guys to use your smarts at the same time.

Blessings, all! --Romeena

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57473: Beautiful morning here on the Texas end of the porch. Clear and cool. The high is supposed to be 80 and dry. Just sitting here by the open window drinking my coffee out of "Blue Bonnet Cafe" mug (remember Romeena?). I'm going to have to get back to Marble Falls for some of that chicken fried steak one of these days soon. Wonder if I could make a little detour on my way to New Mexico. We are shooting for Fort Stockton the first day...I'll have to check the map.

I sure wish you could retire from your job, Romeena, and just do what you wanted to do everyday. I know how hard it is to work those 12 hours shifts, doing what you do. I don't know how you manage it, even part-time. Are you going to Fredrickburg this year for the christmas festival? I am thinking about taking my parents this year. Mom would probably consider going that far and Dad is always ready to go. I guess it depends on his knee.

Hope Me-They was able to manage "flood control"...

Well, the in-laws are coming for a visit to day, so better go do the last-minute clean-up. Hope you all have a great day if I don't get back to the porch today.


October 27, 2007 - Msg 57474: Oh Ro, one more thing...I was looking at one of the Fredricksburg websites and noticed something on the 14th called Trade Days at Sunday Farms. Are you familiar with that, or have you been to it before?


October 27, 2007 - Msg 57475: Where is everyone?...probably enjoying the nice fall weather. I realized after I posted this morning, that our small town was having it's annual fall parade so the kids and I walked uptown with our lawn chairs and watched it. It was so Mayberry-like, with the old, classic cars, high school band, Shriners in their little cars. The weather was perfect for it.


October 27, 2007 - Msg 57476: Wow, Boo, that parade sounds like fun. I hope the band sounded better than the Mayberry town band, though. As for the Trade Days in Fredbg, I'm not familiar with it. My girls probably know all about it, in fact the DJ daughter is probably promoting it on the radio, but I've never been to it. I'm flying to SA Thursday morning, to hook up with the Florida kids at the airport and drive to Fredbg with them. We'll be there until Monday, for the annual reunion planned by my kids. The four of them and their families and me - we'll have a good time. We'll sit around the firepit (both daughters have one in their back yards) and toast marshmallows, the boys will try to outdo each other on movie quotes, the girls will gossip, and a good time will be had by all. However, to answer your question, I probably won't go to the Christmas festival, since I'll be there next week, and then will have little Starr to get raised. I'll keep her close to home, other than short trips here in town, for the first two or three months. Maltese puppies are so small and fragile, they really require a lot of TLC in the first months.

The weather here is gorgeous. Temp in the mid-70s, very light breeze, one of those beautiful green and gold days that only happen in fall and early spring. Eloise and I went to our grandson's coach-pitch ball game this morning, out in Keller. Such fun. He's coming along as a player - smacked one and brought in two runners and made it to third himself. Then when he was playing third base, he caught one thrown by the second baseman, which put a runner out at third. This is the kid who two years ago was sitting in the dirt at second, his back to the game, and nearly got his head taken off by a hard hit. The ball missed his head by about two inches, and he never even knew it! He told us later he was watching some ants! We were so proud. Kids! Aren't they wonderful?

We stopped at Central Market on the way home, and I bought some yummy stuff - a little individual meatloaf, some marinated and grilled brussels sprouts (yes, I like brussels sprouts) and some very good sesame bread and some cheddar cheese that's incredibly good. Found some Honeycrisp apples, too, and some wonderfully sweet grapes. Got dinner covered, but I may just have to have some fruit and cheese right now.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57477: Afternoon Porch Family:
Just wanted to check in and say I made it to the KY state on Thursday evening. Found my neighbette very sick and lost 20 pounds. She is still fighting dizzy spells and at times fainting. The Dr.s are treating her symptoms with several meds and "waiting" to see what happens. It's hard to be patient when I'm working on a schedule. (gotta go to work on Monday) She's a little better, just sleeping a lot... Thanks for your prayers. ~New Neighbor

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57478:
Prayers for your friend NNeighbor.
Be careful on the drive back too.
HM- I think I will still pass, the wife says I got enuf hair there! ha (yak, yak)
TOM- Go Rockies.
RO- maybe you have the herpes, but then again you DO like to chit chat! ha
PappaBear says hey to all.
Racing in Atlanta and no Spot , er Rover to be seen! ha
BOO- what a neat parade, but is Corpus Christi that small?
Well,Ya all have a good Sabbath, prayers abound.

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57479:
"I'm waiting for the official verification"

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57480: Hey, homemaker, how did the yak burgers turn out? Probably pretty good. I have no doubt that I've eaten yak, though I wouldn't have known what it was at the time. During the Mongolia missions, we often ate "MUO" - meat of unknown origin. Since the Mongolians herd just about anything on four hooves, I'm sure it was served to us as well. It's not uncommon to see several young men (and women, at times) on horseback, herding a large mixed group of animals. There may be horses, cows, sheep, goats, yaks, and even the occasional camel, all in one herd. They milk anything that's lactating, including the horses. I think I've mentioned before that a great delicacy among the nomads is a concoction called "airag", which is mare's milk that has been fermented in a crock for a very, very long time. It tastes awful, has a kick like a mule, and they love it. If a visitor refuses it, they are not necessarily offended, but they're very disappointed, thinking that you've really missed a treat! They mourn the wasted airag as well, because they will not just serve you a little taste, they insist on serving a brimming bowl, which holds nearly a quart. Since all I could manage was about a fourth of it, the rest was wasted. If I had consumed any more, it would have all been wasted, however, as it would not have stayed down. How bad is it? Let me just say this - I love buttermilk, really enjoy it, and I couldn't stand the airag. Now you can take it from there.

This dumb rash is getting worse. It got a bit better this morning, and now is back, with the old spots looking worse, and new ones appearing. I just can't figure it out. If my Dale was alive, he'd be saying it was the meanness popping out, but he'd have smiled when he said it. (He'd better!) --Romeena

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57481: Evenin' Y'all! My eye is lots better-'preciate all of the concern. Ro,have you come in contact with anything new,like shampoo,soap,lotion,etc? I have a relative who breaks out if she uses any laundry detergent,dish liquid,or soap that is green.Just wondering if you might have contact dermatitis.Or shingles? Does it resemble that? Sure hope not.Have you eaten something you might be allergic to? You've probably already run through all of this in your mind,but thought I'd mention these possible causes. Here's hoping it clears up soon.

New neighbor,your daughter will be in my prayers. Please let us know what the doctors find out about her. And be safe going home,my friend.

Y'all have a good evening-love to all!
possum under a rock

P.S. I miss Asa.

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57482: Ro, I hope you're not allergic to Starr... I know you haven't picked her up yet, but perhaps something her current owners are using on her? I know when you met her you probably hugged her and such... (just a thought)
I hope your daughter gets better soon, NN. And I pray that they find out what in the world is causing it.
- Hazel

I miss Asa too. And others that haven't been posting. I'm just... sensitive.

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57483: We know that about you, Hazel. Your whole family is sensitive, I've heard. Are y'all related to the Fifes?

Believe me, all those things have indeed run through my mind. I met Starr last Sunday, and this didn't break out until Wednesday afternoon, so I don't think it was anything on her. I haven't changed soap or cologne, or detergent, no new clothing - I just can't figure it out. It's not shingles - I had them several years ago, and this is not the same. It behaves more like a systemic allergy than a contact dermatitis, since it doesn't itch much. Systemics don't itch as much as contact allergies. However, I'm such an omnivore it would be hard for me to find something really new to eat. I eat anything and everything - I have very wide-ranging tastes in food. I bought some new tea, but I made a gallon of it last Sunday and drank all of it by Wednesday. I did make a new gallon on Wednesday, just before this broke out, but it was the same thing I had made on Sunday. Very strange. I guess if I'm still spotty on Monday, I'll go see a dermatologist. Argh. I hate going to doctors, and usually just tough things out.

I miss Asa, too. I hope Mrs. Asa is okay.

Well, guess I'll mosey on home. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57484:
Hello porch family

Had a great day with Mrs Rev.. We just went to the mall and walked around and then went out for supper. Me and my sweety.

Ro...Yes maam...I understand! But now you're a good one to be getting on me about long hours with those long shifts you work! But thanks for caring. We luv you!

New N...still praying for your daughter.

Gonna head to bed...night. Remember Jesus loves you. Prayers for all the porch family.

October 27, 2007 - Msg 57485:
Spot....Your dawgs put it on those Gaters brother!

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57486: Peace.
Do you have peace
Way down inside,
Or do you turn aside
In foolish pride?
Follow your heart
A nd to Him cling,
Feel the joy
His love will bring.
The peace you feel
From God, my friend,
Is a peace
That will never end.
So open your heart
And feel the love
Our dear Father showers
On you from above.


October 28, 2007 - Msg 57487: WHERE IS EVERYONE .

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57488: Hey, Tom. Beautiful poem. As for where everyone is, they're probably just like me - just got home from church. Stopped off for a hamburger with some friends, and now I'm home. What a beautiful day!! 70 degrees, soft breeze, birds singing, squirrels all fuzzed up and working hard, running around with pecans in their mouths, no doubt planning to plant them in my flowerbeds, the little dears. I just hate when they do that, because a sprouting pecan tree is almost impossible to pull up. By the time it's up big enough to attract your notice, it has a taproot halfway to China and about the only solution is RoundUp. Since I try to avoid using chemicals, this doesn't make me happy.

There are two of those gorgeous, rust-colored velvety dragonflies hovering over the fishpond. The lotus blossom stem is still intact, and one of the dragonflies perches on it from time to time, just lying in wait for a passing mosquito. Go, dragonfly, go! The mosquitoes are not as numerous as they were, but the ones that remain are vicious. After a bite from one of them, you feel like you might need stitches.

Some sort of spider is active out there right now. I never see them, and they don't build a real web, but there are very long, silvery web strands everywhere. Just single strands, from a tree limb down to a shrub, or from the phone line to a rose bush - some are twelve or fifteen feet long, just one long shiny thread. They're really quite pretty, but I don't know what the spider is hoping to catch with them. Maybe he's not trying to catch something, maybe it's a means of travel for the spider. Hmmm. Interesting.

Well, I feel a nap coming on. I need to clean house, but you know what? This being the Sabbath, I think I'll spend it as the Lord intended, and just rest. I may go plant something later, that's not work for me, it's recreation. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57489: HI rOMEENA.
It just a little cold here but nice.
Maybe everyone is stayind insid to keep wram.


October 28, 2007 - Msg 57490:
Ok TOM- Rockies have to win today!!!
RO- I didnt want to say it, but could you have picked up a staph at the hospital??
I got a rash near my cath insertion site now that they THINK may be staph! ahh, can you believe it? I am on an antibiotic and also
taking my oregano. They are also thinking that I may be allergic to the glue used on the bandage that they covered it with.
We'll pray for each other, how's that for intercessory prayer!? ha
I got a nice letter from Colt Pappa bear. He says hey to all and will try to post more from the library.
Hey to Mavis, forgot to tell ya Good Sweep!
It's a nice Sunday afternoon here, high 80's.
Take care all,

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57491: Hey, MDC. That thought crossed my mind also, but it doesn't look like that. Certainly staph is present in hospitals, but where I'm working now, I'm not exposed to much that's infectious. Years ago, I dealt with every nasty little thing known to mankind, but I'm in a generally cleaner area now. I'm beginning to wonder if it might be the new tea I'm drinking. It's a black currant/black tea, very tasty, but not worth a rash. Only thing is, I had gone through a gallon of it over about three days, and this didn't show up until I was a day into a second gallon. I guess if it isn't better tomorrow, I'll think about seeing a dermatologist.

Well, I didn't take my nap. I cleaned a bit off of my messy desk instead. By the way, everyone -- the church has cashed the check I sent for Millie's memorial, but as yet, I haven't received a receipt. When it comes, I'll email a copy to all involved.

I'm sure most of you have seen the email that's going around, but just in case you haven't - DO NOT take your children or grandchildren to see the movie "The Golden Compass". Apparently it was written by a militant atheist whose aim in life is to eradicate any trace of God or any other religion from the planet. The book, hence the movie, tells the story of someone's quest to kill God, and supposedly they succeed. It seems it's modeled after the Harry Potter series, in that it's adventurous and exciting, evidently well written. Anyway, it sounds pretty dangerous. Not that one frail writer is going to make much of a dent in God's plan for the world, but we don't want to risk letting him sidetrack even one precious soul. So - BIG FREEZE to "The Golden Compass".

Well, I think I'll go curl up in my big chair with some fruit and cheese, and a good TV show. If there's nothing good on, I'll watch some TAGS on DVD. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57492: HELLO

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57493: Hey, Tom. --Romeena

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57494: Good evening folks, hope everyone has had a good week end. I was busy, chores, shopping and church today. We had a beautiful day today, cooler but sunny. We turn our clocks back and hour next week end, so it will be dark earlier probably not long after I get home from work. I will try to check in tomorrow afternoon but I have to go to Johnson City tomorrow for a CEU seminar so I will be away from work much of the day. I made crock pot full of chili beans today if anyone is interested, shredded cheese to top and crackers or fritos for dipping. Guess I had better get ready for bed, busy day ahead. Bedtime snack will be: oreos and milk. Prayers and blessings to all. Big Maude



October 28, 2007 - Msg 57496: Besides Barney's Uniform, what episode shows Barney doing judo?

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57497: I think he was doing judo in the ep with the County Nurse, # 57496. (That's the one where she wants Rafe Hollister to take his shot) In the beginning of the ep, Barney is showing Andy how he can chop a board in half, and he hurts himself. Seems like there's another one too... I'll have to think about that...
- Hazel

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57498: Hey, Tom,

We're rooting for the ROckies here. Hopefully they can pull it out.

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57499: Oops, Msg. 57498 was me Opiemom

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57500: Not looking good for the Rockies tonight :-( Opiemom



October 28, 2007 - Msg 57502: Well, it's over. :(

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57503:
Hello porch family...just got in from visiting my daughter at college. We all went out for supper and just had a good time together.

MDC...prayers for you buddy.

Ro...sounds like you have the right plan for the day....RELAX

Tom...didn't get to see the game tonight.

Spot...praying that you continue to have a safe trip brother.

You all have a blessed night and sleep tight. Prayers for all the porch family.

October 28, 2007 - Msg 57504: Prayers for all the porchsters. Just stopping by to say I'm doing well, just been busy over the last several days.

RIP Porter Wagoner


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57505: Barney turns his whole body into a weapon,but does'nt get out of the uniform.

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57506: Whew, very full weekend. The in-laws are still visiting but are on their way home this morning. We had a nice time, even built a fire in the fire pit Saturday night and had a cook-out...THEN the mosquitos came out of hiding...dreadful things! Anyway, been staying busy but things should get back to normal today....whatever that is.


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57507: I just wanted you to be aware of a new movie being released this holiday season called "The Golden Compass." Please take the time to review the following before you see the movie. I know I can hear my kids now because it will be heavily promoted. It stars Nicole Kidman.

For those of you considering taking your children/families to this movie, check out this website first:



October 29, 2007 - Msg 57508: Oops Romeena - didn't see that you had posted the same thing - I guess we all know that the Big Freeze is what this movie needs!

Tom - I'm done singing now! I told you "Sox Knocks Rocks!"


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57509: Good morning everyone. Beautiful, though chilly day here.

HM: Having read the book from which this movie is made (which I didn't like because of the themes), I certainly stick my thumb down for this movie. It is no "Lord of the Rings" or "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," that's for sure.

On the converse side, the movie "Bella" was just released in limited areas this weekend. It's an adult movie (nothing bad though), made by a Christian filmmaker, that is getting rave reviews by cultural and Christian enteratinment critics. Even Dr. Dobson gave it two thumbs up.

Let's not talk about big freezes; I had to scrape frost from my car window this morning.

I'll look that link up for you, ROMEENA.

Just out of curiosity, who around here "does" Halloween, and what do you do for it or instead of it?

I'll check back later.

Me-"My aching back"-They

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57510: ROMEENA: The link for the program is: http://www.wamu.org/programs/dr/07/09/19.php#13723. Scroll down to 11:00 program and click on whichever media you'd like to use to listen to it. I think you'll enjoy it.


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57511: Good morning, all. homemaker, from what I understand about that movie, we can't warn folks enough. I Peter 5:8 says, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." And in John 8:44, Jesus says (speaking of Satan), "For he is a liar, and the father of it." This movie is aimed straight at the hearts of children, and it's our responsibility to guard our little ones from its lies.

I'm absolutely reveling in this weather! It's 52 degrees, will be in the 70s, plants that were heat-wilted have perked up, my winter rye grass has grown up through the lawn so it's a beautiful emerald green and will remain that way for the winter, even after the basic lawn grass fades to brown. The squirrels feel so good, and are just a regular riot to watch - funny little creatures. I put a little pile of shelled pecans on the feeding stones, and one little juvenile found them. He stationed himself beside them, and proceeded to try to eat them all. He couldn't, of course, and was starting to carry the pieces off to hide them, but when he returned for another one, he found a larger squirrel busy eating the pecans. So the little guy went up and sat on a limb and threw bits of bark down at the bigger one. Oh, it's a jungle out there! Too funny!

Well, either the house gets cleaned today, or it doesn't get cleaned. I have to work tonight, sleep tomorrow, work tomorrow night, sleep some on Wednesday, do laundry and pack, go to my son's Wednesday night, then leave for San Antonio Thursday. Long weekend down there, then home on Monday afternoon, and on Tuesday -- GET STARR! I can hardly wait!

Well, have a great day, everyone! --Romeena

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57512: Oh, hi there, Me-They. Thanks for the link, I'll certainly use it. As for Halloween, we have never outright boycotted it in our family, but we de-emphasize the "bad spirits" part of it, and treat it more as an excuse for the kids to dress up, and eat more candy than would normally be allowed. I grew up in San Antonio, which is heavily Hispanic, and most of my friends observed "El Dia de los Muertos", or the Day of the Dead. On that day, families go to the cemeteries to visit the graves of departed loved ones, often turning it into a picnic. It's a complex holiday for many Hispanics, with deep roots in ancient traditions, and probably most people who celebrate it don't even fully understand it. I can't really explain Christmas trees and Easter eggs either, but they're part of my traditions. They have no religious significance for me, but were a part of my childhood, and I enjoy them.

For many years, my church, like most churches today, has offered an alternative on Halloween night. Dubbed the "Fall Festival", it involves ten or twelve "treat" sites, where children can compete for small prizes or candy (everyone wins), and are invited to come in costumes, and to bring a new article of clothing or non-perishable food to be given to needy families. Spooky or scary costumes are discouraged, and children come dressed as animals or some such. There's usually some prizes for most imaginative costumes. One year, my grandson who was four at the time went dressed as a wrapped gift, complete with a big bow. Amazing what you can do with a cardboard box.

The grandsons who are small right now will be dressed as pirates, I believe - left over from the theme of a recent birthday party. Their mom, her mom and I will take them to the homes on their street and one street over, and let them collect candy. Then we'll go back to their house and have pizza, and something good baked by my DIL, the kids will eat a little candy, then it will be put away to be doled out over the next few weeks. When the bell-ringers start getting taller than we are, we'll turn off the lights and close the door, and spend the rest of the evening enjoying each other's company.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57513: Sounds like alot of folks got the "golden compass" email this weekend, cause I did too.

Romeena, I was thinking after reading you story about the squirrel...I remember the story you told about the squirrel who "cussed" you out and threw the piece of bark at your head may have thought you were a big squirrel threatening to take his pecans. Ever thought of that? haha.. Hope you have a great time in Fredricksburg...I'm sure you will.

Well, Me-They, we have our youth activities at the church on Wed nights, so we will be there on Halloween. We don't really "do" Halloween. Ever since 2 years ago, when I decided to take the kids trick-or-treating and we got in a hail storm, Sean refuses to have anything to do with it. He insists that God was telling him not to. It was pretty interesting, for sure. It was one of those typical South Texas warm, humid evenings, we were about a half mile from our car when, without warning, the wind started blowing at high speed, the temperature dropped 40 degrees in 10 seconds and then came the hail stones! We ran a half a mile with blinding sleet and hail stinging our skin and eyes and when we got to the car, Sean announced, "We're not doing this Halloween thing anymore! God is trying to tell us something". I figured he would change his mind, but he never has. So, we'll just go to church as usual and I'm sure they will have something there for the little ones so Erin won't feel left out.

MDC, you asked if Corpus Christi was that small. No, it's big, I live in a small town just outside of Corpus with a population of 7,000 so I always just say that I'm from Corpus because everyone knows where it is and we do spend alot of time there. Bruce works there, we were both born there and I worked there for years. Anyhoo...

The in-laws are gone and now it's time to.....(horrified SCREAM)....face the laundry.


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57514: INCOMING! Here come my shorts...


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57515: Hahaha! Boo, I was thinking about that other squirrel too, as I was writing about the one this morning. That was just so funny. Little bitty thing, perched there just chattering away at me, and he wasn't calling me "sport", either! And he threw that piece of bark at me! The nerve! Squirrels are just too cute, and funny.

Hoohahaha! I got him! There's a big old cat who keeps coming in my yard, prowling around the feeding stations, and harassing the birds and squirrels. I have a remote control device for my sprinkler system, which I keep handy on my desk. Just now I saw that cat, creeping through the angelina and begonias in the flower island. I waited until he was dead-center, and hit the button to turn that zone on. That cat shot straight up like a rocket, tore through the flowers and out the end of the island, made it across ten feet of lawn in one leap, up the fence and is gone, a wetter but wiser kitty.

Now lest any cat folk get upset, be aware that I'd never hurt him, but I'll sure wet him down when I get the chance. I like cats, I really do, but I don't want him in my yard because he's a hunter and I have little critters back there. I hate to feed them and attract them to the yard, only to have them become lunch for some already-overfed cat. He's not a stray, he belongs to somebody around here. He's wearing a collar, and is quite portly.

My landscaper, who originally installed my sprinklers, brought me this remote device as a gift one day. He knew exactly what I'd do with it, and always asks me if I've watered any cats lately. He gets a big laugh out of the whole thing, even though he's as much of an animal lover as I am.

Well, I have GOT to get away from this keyboard and get this house cleaned, before the board of health comes in and condemns the place. I got my bathroom cleaned thoroughly (that's where Starr will reside when I have to leave her alone) and my bedroom dusted, but that's not even a start on what needs to be done around here.

Have a wonderful day, everybody! --Romeena

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57516: We observe Treating, no Tricking here. We usually make up our own costumes. The youngest is going as the ultimate wrestling fan (big afro, one of his favorite T's, blue jeans, a leather vest. . ) the oldest who turns 11 today (happy birthday Casey) just wants the candy. We only visit about 6 houses (a couple neighbors and a few relatives) and we are done. They will get enough candy and vouchers for a local restaurant that will do them well into November.

Geesh M-T, couldn't you aim just a little better. . .


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57517: Boy, I can just picture that "portly" cat, ha! Sounds so funny....THAT's what I want for Christmas; A "cat watering devise"...hours of fun-filled entertainment!

Shorts are in the wash, M-T...


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57518: "IM BACK!"..Glad to be back home safe and sound,thanks for the prayers,got back late last night but with GOOD news..Cobb EMC is once again World Champs!..out of 238 teams from around we were #1..the Journeyman Lineman are the best in the world pluse the apprentance took home several 1st plce events..Tue if yall get a chance check out the International Linemans Rodeo web page to see Cobb EMC at the top of the scoring..well got to read the mail and wash and settle back in..glad i was off work today..Rev and Maude thanks so much for the cyber and UPS food it kept me going..Romeena,mav,TOM,hazel,ray,boo,m-t,possum,hm,afd,md,mdc and all hope yall are doing fine..well let me have a victory supper: slow smoked baby back ribs,backed beans with bacon and brown sugar,grilled corn in the husk,tater salad,grilled vegies and big Maude slaw!..the best sweet tea ya ever tasted and a great grace before!..gosh its good to be home!..SPOT

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57519: CONGRATUALTIONS SPOT!!


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57520: Woohoo! Congrats, Spot. Sure would like to watch that rodeo one of these days.

Well, I finally broke down and made an appointment with a doctor for this afternoon. This "rash" is getting annoying. Some of the spots are red, very slightly raised, and feel a bit firm. They don't itch. Many others, including a very large one on over my right shinbone, looks more like a large purple bruise. That's what's sending me to the doctor. A rash is one thing, unexplained bruised-looking lesions are quite another. The oldest spots are fading, but there are others forming. So, while I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree, I'm not stupid, either. I'm getting this checked out!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57521:
TOM- I am crying in my Root Beer with ya buddy! boohoo
RO- another thought, maybe it's just nerves in anticipation of Starr, or the tea! ha
Boo- now I see. that was neat to have the little parade. Do they do one for Veteran's Day too?
Spot, aka Rover, good to have ya back! Go IBEW!
More later after I try Maude's beans! ha

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57522: Nope, no veteran's day parade. Not alot going on here most of the time, MDC.

Are you sure the bruise on your shin isn't just a regular bruise that you got somehow, Ro? Prayers for you as you visit the doc.


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57523: Romeena -is is pityriasis rosea? It sort of sounds like it to me.
jennie boone

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57524: Well, hey there, jennie boone! Where ya been, girl? To answer your question, no, it's not pityriasis rosa. I know that when I see it. I just got back from the doctor, and she didn't know what to make of it. She drew blood, a CBC and a sed rate, and made an appointment with a dermatologist for me. It's really weird, they don't itch at all, and they look like they should.

No, Boo, the one on my leg does resemble a bruise, but when you look closely, you can tell that it's not. It's very much just in the skin. Very strange.

Well, I hope the dermatologist will have some answers. I sure do wish I didn't have to work tonight, I have too much to do. Work seriously interferes with my life!

Blessings, all! --Romeena

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57525: Well, I've got something hanging in the back of my throat, ROMEENA. I'd better not do any singing. Seriously, I hope you get better.

Hey to everyone! It's been a long day so I'm outta here until tomorrow.

APB for LUCY, DIXIE, IDELLE, CHARLOTTE, GOOBER, BELLE, RAY, MERRI, and I'm sure I forgot at least a handful. You know who you are.

Who am I?

Oh, yeah....Me-They!

October 29, 2007 - Msg 57526: Congrats, SPOT! I guess you can teach an old dog a new trcik ;).

BOO: My shorts done yet?


October 29, 2007 - Msg 57527: Welcome back,spot,and congratulations! Glad y'all good ol' Southern boys are the CHAMPS!

Happy birthday to Casey!

Strange,Ro.You sure you ain't got fungus of the knee like (the bank's cleaning lady) Mrs.McGruder?! Glad you sought medical advice.I hope it's nothing serious.Keep us posted.

Prayers for the families & friends of the victims of the NC beach house fire.Six kids were from USC,one from Clemson,so it's a sad time down here in the Carolinas.

Well,it's very windy around my rock today and the pecans are falling all over the place.I've nearly filled a 5 gallon bucket already today-from ONE tree! We had 7 more pecan trees but the Bad Boy of 1989 (Hurricane Hugo) took them down.Honestly,I don't think I could tackle more than what's coming off of the one tree.When I get most of them up I will sell them to a pecan packaging plant in a neighboring town. The cash will come in handy with Christmas approaching.

Well, I'd better go gather some more pecans before it gets dark out. Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock