November 03, 2007 - Msg 57695: What a heart-wrenching and tragic event, BOO. I can only take solace in the fact that the precious little boy is now in Jesus' arms. He's released from a life of abuse and neglect. I also read a story on cnn about a 3 year old girl found in a storage container off the coast of Galveston. She had suffered head injuries. The lead investigator was pleading with the public for any information that would lead to finding the identity of this little girl. It's extremely hard for me to wrap my brain around how someone could do something so evil. Literally, my brain just goes on hiatus when I learn of such things.

AUH2O, thanks for your understanding and I certainly hope that just because I have a differing opinion about a book, that my fellow porch friends wouldn't view or treat me any different than I have always been treated here. I'm an honest person and I will always try to be honest about what I think, with tact of course. My condolences to you and your family. I'm sending out a special prayer...

OPIEMOM, those girls in your church that dress modestly and appropriately should be commended and held up to be examples! What great role models for the younger girls. I'm certainly not looking forward to "fashion" for my girls as they get older. I already shop at 2nd hand children's clothing stores and I've been able to find some really cute clothing that is age-appropriate and modest at the same time. There's this great line of clothing for girls called "Chicken Noodle" that is so charming. It's mix and match patterns with lots of jumpers, old-fashioned dresses and long shirts with coordinating leggings or bloomers. I certainly wouldn't be able to afford this line brand new. It's more of a boutique product, but 2nd hand has been affordable.

MDC, I've got a GREAT recipe for a steak sandwich that will knock your socks off! If you'd like it, let me know and I'll post it for you. I really think we could bring world peace with this sandwich. People would sit down, take one bite and forget what they're fighting about in the first place. It's just that good.

Well my friends, I shall bid you adieu to you and you and you! Goodnight and pleasant dreams. Blessings and PEACE to all---MW

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57696: HOTDOG! It's my first sweep! Yay!! (It's amazing I still had the energy at this time of night!)

Oh, sorry there SPOT, didn't mean to kick up some dust while you're snoozin in your chair! Here's a tissue. Night! MW

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57697: Good sweep Merri! at work now..let me read the mail...SPOT [kerchew]...

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57698: Nice sweep MW. You even got the corners. We usually just sweep around Spot rather than wake him and ask him to raise his feet.

New Neighbor, how's the young-uns doing? Any better? Sure do hope so.

Boy Romeena, Starr is just a few days away from realizing how lucky she is about to be. If'n I was a dog I'd sure wanna be yours. (I mean that as a compliment)

Was just reading some of the archives and noticed that Hazel had some surgery and that Mr. Hazel had a heart attack. I pray you are both on the mend and doing better.

I offer my prayers to all who have need for them. It's pretty easy to get caught up in your own world of problems sometimes. But you look around and see we all are dealing with something, be it health, or family, or finacial, or something. It's nice to have a place we can all come to to lift one anothers spirits and hopes. At least you do that for me and I thank you for it.


November 03, 2007 - Msg 57699:
Hey Folks

Merri-I didn't mean that your differing opinion might hurt your standing (which it wouldn't) I meant that my agreement with your opinion might hurt your standing (which it won't). Just, yet another, badly delivered joke.

Boo-That is a hard to take in.

Asa-Yes, continued prayers for Hazel and her husband. And, your family as well, buddy.

M-T If your still burning books toss on "Catch 22" for me. I don't read a whole lot of fiction but there's a couple of days I'll never get back.

Tom-Like Rev said, "stay warm." It was at least a one dog-night here (no offense SPOT).

Lucy-Those two books I mention were "The Summer of 1787" and "Founding Character." I haven't started either of them yet, I'm rereading another old book, "Up from Liberalism," by Bill Buckley. I might reread "Will," The G. Gordon Liddy autobiography. Inside Liddy's thought's, now there is a deep dark and scary place.

For anyone that's interested, here is a nice site for books online. You can read them online or download to a PDF file. Me-They don't burn these. I bet it would really reek havoc on your hard drive.

And, thanks to those who noticed my pity party the other day. And, thanks to those who didn't notice.


November 03, 2007 - Msg 57700: None taken auh20 [ha ha] me I never mind the one dog nights!..busy here at work for some reason..great weather but we are in very much neeed of rain..hey nw,ro,my buddy Asa,brother Rev,possum,horatio,boo,lucy and all...Lunch will be: Grilled ham and cheese samaches,chicken noodle soup,sliced canalope and fanta grape soda....back at lunch...prayers for rain...SPOT

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57701: Don't sweat it, Merri. We're not like that here. We have had so many moulage's over the years and very tossed anyone off the porch yet...wanted to a couple of times, but didn't. I, myself, admire a person who is not afraid to voice an opinion that may be different than those of some and like I said before, I wouldn't learn a thing if everyone thought just like I do.

I used to by little dresses for Erin from an outlet that sold House Of Hatten clothing for girls. The dresses are like the ones we wore as children. Most have the smocking at the collar and are cotten, pasted colors. Such sweet dresses! They cost way too much if you buy them in the regular department store, though. Sometimes you can find them reasonable on Ebay.

Better hit the chores!

Good to see ya ASA!


November 03, 2007 - Msg 57702: that's supposed to be "NEVER" tossed anyone off the porch! I need to get back to proof-reading!


November 03, 2007 - Msg 57703: Well, I am back.A lot of sickness kept me away for a spell.

well,well,well: That saying can be a deep subject.


November 03, 2007 - Msg 57704: Well hello there George...Ms Boo,and starr on the way,Romeena and all ..where ya at Rev?..porch quite...busy here at work for a sat...well lets plan a big supper:Smoked Chickens on the grill,green beans,fried okra,stewed taters,big maude slaw,sweet tea,sliced onions,hot peppers,pound cake...Asa wear shoes ok?...SPOT

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57705: Good afternoon, all. I'm in Fredbg with my family, and having a wonderful time. Kids and dogs everywhere, too much food, a huge platter of sliced honeycrisp apples, little Main Street shopping forays now and then, more good food, new folk arriving now and then, (there are 18 of us right now) and we're having a great weekend.

You folks are awesome, counting down for Starr for me. Thanks so much.

Lots of stuff up for comment, but I don't have time. My daughter needs her computer for business purposes, and another group is heading out to Wildseed Farm and I want to go, so I'm gone. Keep on lovin' one another, friends! --Romeena

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57706: WElcome back Geroge - so sorry you were ailing.

We cut a load of wood today. . .trying to get everything we can possibly can done before hubby's surgery in December. So we need to get all of our wood cut this month. What we don't get cut we will have to buy later at outrageous prices.

Good to see you Asa - are you out of meatballs yet?


November 03, 2007 - Msg 57707: Howdy everyone--I sincerely hope that you all are enjoying weather as beautiful as it is here on my end of the porch. Actually, I'm more like the middle towards the front steps. I tend to get in the way!

AUH2O--how dumb of me! I should have realized you were joking! Sometimes, it sure is hard to get stuff through the written word, isn't it? I won't say you had poor delivery, I just had a moment of bad perception!

SPOT, as usual, supper sounds terrific! Speaking of stewed taters, would you mind if I brought my stewed 'maters? I've been hankering for them and would love to share with the porch.

GEORGE, you get to feeling better. Maybe it's just me but it seems like our cold and crud season has started off early and with a bang!

ROMEENA, I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time. I sensed you needed a break from the hospital and needed a change of scenery. Little Starr is so lucky--she will be the most loved pup that there ever was. I have a friend with 3 dogs and he treats them like his children. Gotta love animal lovers. I'm planning on taking my dog to a park with a pond and letting her run around a while. She's just getting to be a lazy old housedog!

BOO, I'll have to look up "House of Hatten." Sounds darling. BTW, how is little Layla? Any new news on her? Still thinking about her. I include her in my children's prayers.

ASA, hope things are improving everyday for you and your wife.

HM, don't pull anything with all that chopping!

Where's Belle, Mavis, Possum, M-T, MDC, AFD, Ahappynut, Hazel and all? Come back to us soon!

Well, I better get back to my Saturday chore list. How's this for getting a jump on my weekday chores--I'm doing all the laundry today! Now, I'm off to go be somebody!

Love to all---MW

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57708:
Merriweather- Sure, please post the recipe! Barney and I both would love it ! ha
Rev, Spot, MD, racing in TExas this week. See who's on the pole!!?
Spot- heard on the news that football fans there have to let the attendants flush the toilets to save water. hmmmm. ha
HM- Yea! got the wood cut for winter, you would have been great on Pioneer House!
Anyone see the superhogan they build on the Navajo res on the makeover show? Navajos dont believe in casinos to raise funds, so this was so great for them.
Prayers continue for all.
God bless,

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57709:

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57710: MDC - I have only just begun with the wood. . .we have hauled one truckload - need at least 6 more! Aaaugh! Yeah - I would have loved to be on pioneer house - would have really showed up some of those city slickers! I know how to preserve, can, and butcher - let alone chopping wood and growing a garden! Thank you to my sainted mother that I have those skills. . .

Go Colts - big game is tomorrow. Now ya'll will root for 'em, not agin 'em. . you hear!!


November 03, 2007 - Msg 57711: Glad you are having a great time, Ro. Wish I was there to go along to Wildseed Farm, Love that place!

How sweet of you to remember Layla in your prayers, Merri. I have not heard anything from her mom in a bout a week. At that time, Layla was still with her aunt and doing ok. She had a birthday last week and turned 2. Jill is still messing around and not getting it together.

Better go, company here...


November 03, 2007 - Msg 57712: Hi everyone. Hope all is well. Just checking in.
Charlotte Tucker

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57713: hey everybody,it is cold here on my end of the porch,went down to 38 last night!Tom,is it cold where you are?-ky girl

November 03, 2007 - Msg 57714:
Hello porch family....Pray you all are having a great weekend.

Good to hear from you Ro...Sounds like you're having a wonderful time with your family. Be safe and enjoy!

George....praying you're feeling better.

Hey Spot....I'm right here brother. Been out with the Mrs today doing a little shopping. sure did a good job sweeping the porch for your first time. Must have been a new broom.

MDC...nope, didn't see the pole sitter. Been gone all day but hope to watch it tomorrow. This will be one of the few races that I will get to watch all the way through this year.

Boo...enjoy your company.

Good to see ya Charlotte.

ky girl...stay warm...38...brrrr

Well you all have a good nights rest and have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow. Prayers for all the porch family.


November 04, 2007 - Msg 57715: thanks for the reminder REv!I am up early cooking mashed potatoes for a church dinner today,and i saw your reminder,well,i'm already up and moving now,I just started cooking potatoes at 5am instead of 6!prayers for all on the porch-ky girl

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57716: Mornin' Porch Family:
Just checkin' in after a LONG weekend that started Friday with the apple paring & schnitzing. (22 bushel of apples) and then 5 am started the copper kettles to boiling. Made 70 gallons of applebutter. YUM YUM. People everywhere and the kids had a blast. I'm a bit stiff and sore (no comments- ASA!!) But to hear those jars sealing!
Gonna take it easy today. Sit and listen to a good preachin' service and then put the race on...snooze!
Prayers for the family, Ky girl- it's been 32 here.
Ro: enjoy the family. We're never guaranteed tomorrow.
~New Neighbor

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57717: YOu, too, KY? We have our quarterly luncheon/business meeting today after church and I put a couple of roasts in the crock pot last night. Sure hope I don't go off and forget to take them with me to church. Not looking forward to the business meeting. We will be discussing the budget for 2008...yuck. They are proposing a 10% increase, which is ok with me but will raise some heated discusssion, I'm afraid. Did anyone notice how much gas prices went up this past week? Yikes!...and the price of groceries.

Better get ready for church.


November 04, 2007 - Msg 57718: Why the big increase Boo. Are they wanting to put a pool table in the basement? :)

New Neighbor, stiff and sore? You get that way just going out to get the mail anymore, don't you? lol

Homemaker, I was just reading about your hubby's knee situation. Sorry to hear about that, but it seems to be a very succesful procedure. I have a co-worker who had it done and he was back to work in a few weeks and is doing great. Maybe you shouldn't have him hoist anymore of your meatballs though. That's quite a load.

Hey Charlotte, nice to see you. Hope you are well.

Rev, I reluctuntly set my clocks back. The extra hour is nice but I hate seeing the sun set at 5 pm like it will be doing in a month from now.

Ky girl, smashing potatoes at 5 am? That's dedication. Nothing I like better tham smashed taters though.

Where is Possum?

My 2nd Grandaughter is due to be here in 3 weeks. Getting pretty excited. They are naming her Amy. Mariah (Grandaughter #1) is going to have to adjust to this. She has pretty much enjoyed the spotlight to herself and now she will have to share. Should be interesting to see her reaction although she is only 18 months, sh'es pretty spoiled rotten. (I had nothing to do with that)

Well best get off to preachin my own self. Maybe I'll suggest the idea of a pool table at my church. I think it's a good compromise.


November 04, 2007 - Msg 57719: Oh, and also who's gonna win the big game today? HM says Colts. I think the Pats are just to strong though HM. Sorry, I say the Pats by two touchdowns.


November 04, 2007 - Msg 57720: I'm right here,Asa,and I'm with you about daylight saving time-sure don't like it getting dark so early! Been wondering about the new addition to your family.Amy is such a pretty name.I considered naming my daughter that,but went with Shanna instead.Keep us up to date,now,you hear? Prayers continue for Mrs.Asa.
Speaking of my daughter,she told me last night that Laci opened the oven door and climbed up on top of the stove! My daughter about had a FIT! I told her to take the knobs off of the stove when they aren't cooking and to maybe tie some jingle bells on the oven door-that way if she hears them,she'll know Laci is messing with the oven.I must say though,I was impressed to hear that she managed to do that,considering she wears AFOs(leg braces) and has cerebral palsy! We'll just have to get her a jungle gym for Christmas!

Well,I'd better get going.Y'all have a wonderful Sunday.
possum under a rock

P.S. Breakfast is on spot over at IHOP.He doesn't take us to Waffle House anymore 'cuz he's afraid he might have to tackle Kid Rock! Ha!

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57721: Noon time gang...Colts will stomp...wait and see Asa, possum you better tell the daughter to put a blanket in that thar stove for Laci!..hey brother Rev,Romeena just days now till Starr!...I will show her around the porch dog style!..Asa thanks for wearing shoes to breakfast...lunch ya aint got to...hey merri,boo,MDC its race day at texas...carl is the busch champ..Mavis how is the dog grooming/..I need a little taken off around the ears...and get them side burns even!..hey there miss CT! girl and goober and horatio,MD,afd and all...well its a race day tailgate lunch:cold cut samaches,pork-n-beans,lays chips,big maude slaw and beverage of your choose....well let me get a few things caught up hee at work...SPOT

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57722: GO COLTS!!

Got a brisket slowly cooking for today's game. I also have some nice Hoagie buns that I'm going to toast and lay some of that brisket on. Then we're going to put a smathering of K.C. style bbq sauce. I can hardly wait. You can have some too!

Happy Sunday to everyone--hope everyone's day goes just right. (That includes Budget meetings!) Ouch, that doesn't sound like no fun at-all...

Congrats Papa Asa! Keep us posted when the big day arrives.

Well my friends, I best go. I'm expecting a call coming in from the Capitol. Have a wonderful day and oh yeah--GO COLTS!! --Merri W.

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57723: No way is the colts going to win

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57724: MDC, I almost forgot to submit my recipe for Cowboy Steak sandwich.

Your ingredients are 2 1/2 lbs. cube steak (needs to be extra-tenderized), sliced onions, butter, Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco. Start by slicing your onions so that they are long length-wise, add a generous helping of butter in a skillet and saute until they are soft and light brown. Go ahead and start slicing your meat. Cut the meat in strips against the grain of the meat. LIGHTLY sprinkle the meat with Lawry's season salt. (Go easy on the stuff, otherwise it will turn out too salty) Now take your onions out of the skillet and melt a couple tablespoons of butter. Brown the butter on high heat. Cook meat in a single layer and do not stir. Let it brown for a minute then flip to the other side and do the same. Once the meat is brown add 1/3 to 1/2 cup of Worcestershire sauce. You can always add more or less to your taste. Next, add 5-6 shakes of tobasco sauce; also to taste. Stir and add 2-3 tablespoons of butter (I know, this recipe calls for a lot of butter but it's worth it--trust me!) Now incorporate your onions and simmer while you go and toast your hoagie rolls or French rolls. Butter and toast both sides. (I do this on my electric griddle, it's much easier.) Finally, take a roll, open it and generously place your steak and onion mixture onto the bottom half of the roll and be sure to add a couple tablespoonfuls of sauce. Place top on and ENJOY!

This is a filling and delicious sandwich. I usually serve this with a nice green salad but sometimes nothing at all! You could also get some low-salt beef consumme for extra dipping. Hope you all get to try this some time. I think you'll really like it. I found this recipe a couple months ago on a cooking blog. Toodles for now--MW

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57725: Merri what a party for the game!...I will bring a jar of my hot peppers!..My old HS team North Cobb Warriors are ranked #1 in the state of Ga!..9 and 0! more game then the state play offs...well lets get ready for the even getting off work at 2 today!...prayers..SPOT

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57726: Afternoon porch, checking in for a minute before I have to go back to church. We are having a special event at 4:00 today.. so I will probably miss most of the football game. Been busy this week end. Football game on Friday night and then chores and such yesterday. My son's high school football team is going to the regional playoffs!!
They beat their arch rivals Friday night by 4 points in the last 10 seconds of the game! Whew, it was sooo close. We will play in Bristol, TN (where Mavis lives) on Friday night. Hey Mavis, I will be at the Stone Castle Friday night! It is a beautiful fall day here, cool but the trees are really pretty.
I will cyber send some snacks for the football party. How about sausage balls, cheese straws and
a vegetable tray (gotta have something healthy on the table). Blessings and prayers to all. Big Maude

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57727: Afternoon Porch Family:
Back from preachin' and getting ready to turn on the game. Not much bothered WHO win, just so they don't wake me up with a lot of hooraying. Got to catch up on my rest. (No jokes ASA!) And haha on you, I don't walk out to the mailbox anymore, I got kids for that! Off to the game, catch ya later...~New Neighbor

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57728: Okay Tom - you need to get on the side of RIGHT - go COLTS!!!


November 04, 2007 - Msg 57729: trouble check

November 04, 2007 - Msg 57730: Hey Asa, actually the budget increase has to do with and increase in insur@nce on the church...wind damage or something. We are currently shopping around to see if we can do better. I would vote for the pool table over the insur@nce, though, but nobody gave me the chance. hehe

MW, that sandwich sounds great...nothing like onions browned in butter! mmmm I'll have to try that soon.

Possum, sounds like Laci is doing well!

Better go feed the kids...they're whining.


November 04, 2007 - Msg 57731: HM-It look like the colts lost the game.


November 04, 2007 - Msg 57732:
Hello porch family....Pray you all had a blessed day!

Asa....I know what you mean about getting dark so early. But it seems like I get a little more rest during this time. I guess it just seems so late I start getting tired.

New N... hope you got some rest.

M W...the sandwich sounds so good. YUMMMM

How bout those Patriots making a come back on the Colts home field. Brady is some more of a QB.
TOM...they want be picking at you now buddy...hehe you get to go to any of your old HS games? 9-0... Wow...great record! Well Jimmy took Matt on the last two laps. Those 4 fresh tires just out run Matts 2 tires. Good race though. Take care brother.

Well gonna get ready for bed. You all have a good night and remember to start the week off tomorrow by sharing how good our Lord is with someone. It will make your day, but more important, it could mean someone else's eternity.
Prayers for all the porch family.

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57733:
Morning Porch

Had a little snow yesterday and may get some more later in the week but right now it's SUNNY!

Played "paint ball" at a nephews birthday party yesterday, 6 teenagers and two of us knocking on 50.

MDC-No, I didn't catch that, sounds interesting.

hm-Sorry about your Colts. Though, something tells me you my get the last laugh again.

Asa-Congrats on the forth coming Granddaughter. Now that ya spoiled the first one, ya have to spoil the second one, that's only fair. I agree with on ya on the smashed taters, yummy.

M.W. As long as we're talking about smashing taters, I think a couple of those steak sandwiches would fit in REAL NICE!

Brigadier General Paul Tibbets


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57734: Hey, auh2o, have you seen the picture floating around of a certain presidential candidates behavior during the pledge of allegiance? Very interesting. HOpe I'm not starting a moulage, but this presidential election doesn't give me a lot of hope. PErhaps the family and I will move out of the country, Ha!

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57735: Electing him for president makes about as much sense as selling brass knuckles to Mother Theresa. hehe....


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57736: OK...I have thrown down the moulage gauntlet.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57737: Who are we talking about here, Boo and Opiemom?
I didn't see the picture.
Does this person share part of his name with a recently deposed dictator, by chance?

Yeah, I'm with everyone who doesn't much care for the time change. Especially remembering during the summer when it would start getting dark at around 9pm.

Supposed to get snow showers today.
What was that about global warming?

-Sterling Holobyte

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57738: Good morning everyone. Beautiful crisp fall day here. I hope that you all had a great weekend.

Who started the moulage without me? Well, since you've gone and brought up politics, I'll only say that I find it interesting that so many Christians seem willing to give candidates who do not reflect Christian values a pass simply because they are perceived to be "tough on terrorism." To my mind, like MDC (I think) has said in another context, voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Saving our butts (can I say that? Well, I just did) isn't an adequate substitute. So given the choice of a pro-choice Hilary Clinton and a pro-choice Rudy, who should I vote for? I have great respect for those who voted for Ralph Nader; not that I agree with old Ralph, but at least those people voted their convictions and not for the candidate they thought could or would actually win. I'd rather have a clear conscience and vote for a loser than vote the "lesser of two evils." Pragmatism should have nothing to do with doing the right thing.

There. Now are you happy? ;)


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57739: And, just to pour gas on the fire, I'd like to state my opinion that I believe it's perfectly okay--even more than okay--for a Christian to not vote if all he or she is left with is to go with "the lesser of two evils." I believe that our Christian mandate to do only good trumps our American civic duty to vote. Sometimes we have a hard time prioritizing their Christianity and patriotism.

I can hear the flames from here...


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57740: ROMEENA: I don't know if you received my response to your e-mail request, but it's okay.

I wonder where HAZEL is lately? I hope things are well with her and her husband.

Good to see CHARLOTTE, even it was just for a drive-by.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57741: M-T, Agreeing wholeheartedly. I know who I will vote for in the primary, but if he doesn't make it I"m not sure. For me Pro-choice candidates aren't an option.

Yes, Sterling it was that candidate. He refused to put his hand over his heart and say the pledge of allegiance.

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57742: M-T, I was a Nader-voter because I couldn't vote for the other candidates out of principle. People like me were blamed for Gore's election loss! Regarding the young gentleman candidate--he was standing during the National Anthem, not the pledge of allegiance. It's not customary (though I think it's a nice patriotic gesture) to place the hand over the heart during the Anthem--just quiet reverence. Now, I don't support this guy at all. As a matter of fact, he gets on my nerves--did anyone see that clip of him dancing on Ellen? Ugh. Embarrassing! Anyway, I just wanted to make that clarification. The media biases can certainly work both ways sometimes. And M-T, I will not be participating in '08's election for the very reasons you listed. This will be the first time I will not vote since I turned 18. I have little hope for this country--I've been feeling this way since about the end of 2000. Now, I brought around the hose from the side of the porch. I'm ready to put out any fire I started! *wink*wink* --MW

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57743: Oops. Thanks for the correction MW. I am usually very dilligent about checking sources and I didn't on this one.

On a lighter note, this is tech week for Music Man. We'll be at the theater until 10 or 11 M-T and then opening night is Friday at 8pm. We have 2 performances on Sat and the closing one Sun. at 3pm

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57744: As REO Sppedwagon so aptly stated...Keep the fire burnin'

MERRI: You weren't to blame for Gore's loss; Gore was. Seems like everyone has to blame someone for that election.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57745: By the way, I was a Perot voter in '92. And I still stand by my vote, even if I did get blamed for the Clinton election. (Like GHWB was such a success story.)


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57746:
Moulage!! YIKES!!

Ok, first of all, before I walk into Me-They’s trap, I would like the record to show that these issues were brought about by someone other than myself. And, notice the geniality in my response.

First, a few quick thoughts, I think this is the greatest Nation on the planet and I have great hope for it. Also, I didn't believe any of the candidates are evil. Not even Hillary. She's just a socialist. She's disingenuous about her socialism but not evil. Also, I have always viewed the Presidency as secular.

And a question, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter, all pro-choice, so are they evil? Is their pro-choice stance following any "Christian value?"

Now, I'm sure I'm the cheese. Standing alone.

"Well, as the man said after being ridden out of town on a rail, if it weren't for the honor of it, I would just as soon walked."


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57747:
I don't know why all of those spaces showed up. hmm


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57748: Hi porch friends,well,the church dinner went well,everybody ate too much,as usual!haha!it was an all day event,kind of like a harvest celebration.The kids had apple bobbing games,hot potato,musical chairs etc.For the ladies there was an apple peeling contest[who was the fastest,and who had the longest apple peel,and,a tie tieing[hope i spelled that right] contest.I didn't enter any of them.i can peel an apple,but not in record time,and certainly i won't have one long peel!And,as for tie's,the men in my family always bought clip on's,so,I was clueless!But,the winner of the apple peeling ,time wise,was5or6 seconds.she says she peels potatoes that way!it takes me at least a minute!i have a question i'm hoping someone knows the answer to.Someone told me that they heard that Ron White,you know the comedian that was on the blue collar comedy tour,died from scerosis of the liver.I hdn't heard it,but,i just wondered if any of you knew about it,talk to you all in a bit-ky girl

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57749: You're welcome OPIEMOM! It's really hard to sift through the material. I can't wait to hear about how Music Man goes this weekend. I wish you the BEST of luck to you and your sweeties who are performing! Maybe you could post a picture or two, if that would be possible...

M-T, I went to a Perot support rally in '92. It was my first election I was able to vote in! I was so excited!

Well, I'm off to volunteer in my oldest's school. I'm library-lady today. I know it brings out the nerd in me (HA!), but I LOVE being the library-lady. Have a great afternoon everyone. My lunch will be a little meager today--just a mozzarella cheese stick (how did Barney pronounce that?) and an apple. But you're welcome to have some! See ya this evening...MW

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57750: Oh, hey there AUH2O--I'm glad to see you posted! And you were perfectly civil in your response! I appreciate your opinion...but I do want to make a clarification. I don't have a lot of hope for the POLITICAL PROCESS and who it has to offer in recent history and for the direction this country has taken. That doesn't mean that I don't think this is the best nation on earth. It is. We could all have it so much worse, but that doesn't mean that I don't want it to strive to be better. That's all.


Now I really need to skedaddle! Merri

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57751: Congrats Tom on your Patriot win. A good loser must always congratulate the winner - even if it does smart a little bit. I can live with the Colts loss because it was to a good team. Had they lost to the Bengals - I would have definitely not been a happy camper.

My first election was Reagan. Then Reagan again - and then Bush, and probably Bush again. Can't stand slick Willy nor his wife. . .not real happy about any candidate. . .Huckabee isn't too bad but I don't think he'll get that far.

Just too busy!!!


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57752: Hey all - nice to see a moulage goin' on! ; ) (I'm voting Mike Huckabee, BTW)

Way to go, Cobb EMC! Your boys did great, spot!

Asa, prayers for you and yours. I didn't realize that Miss Amy's arrival was this close - how exciting!

Not much going on here - just wanted to check in. Hugs and Prayers for all!

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57753: Hey there homemaker! Didn't mean to rock on your toes!

I think if conservatives actually pull together and get behind a conservative candidate, he could go far. I think, though, that so many people are deciding to "settle" for Guiliani, Romney, or Thompson, just because they don't think a second tier candidate can win. Hasn't the conservative vote played a role in the last few elections? Surely it can do it again, if we'd all band together behind a candidate that shares our core values.

BTW - I first voted in 88, and I've voted Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush, and Bush.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57754: Oh, forgot to mention, as you all were talking about girls' fashions. I got some really cute "scooters" (skirts with shorts built in underneath) at Target for Evie. I have seen a few in Walmart as well, although I found them mainly at a small town supercenter rather than our big supercenter here in town.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57755: Hehehehehe (maniacal laughter and zealous rubbing of hands)...

AUH2O: I suppose I overstated; I don't mean to characterize and individual in the election as "evil." I was just using that expression.

Also, I agree about this being a great nation. Best on earth in my estimation. I'm darned blessed to have been born here. I have great hope for our nation, too, but I just can't help but notice that though many nations and regions are spoken of and alluded to in Scripture, ours is not. I wonder if that means that at some point in the future we will be irrelevant. I sure hope not, but our society does seem pretty self-destructive these days.

I voted for Bush twice, too. I often wished I hadn't the last time, to tell the truth. He seems to have forgotten what old Benji Franklin said: "Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security." But that's another fish fry ;).

I respect all your opinions, friends, as I'm sure you do mine. It's good to have friendly, though meaningful conversation, ain't it? Y'all have a great day.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57756: Hey to you, too, AFD!


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57757: If you're bent on being cheese, AUH2O, how about a good mozarella. I love mozarella.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57758: Hi All nice day, we may it up to 60gree.
Will it looklike HOLLYWOOD WRITER GO ON STRIKE.The writer want more bigger slice of the profit and revenue from DVD and films show airing on the internet.
I think the writers are right to fight for more money from it all, becaue if it was for the writers there would not be movie to have on thim.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57759:
Thanks for the recipe MW! I'll try it real soon. i guess as Barney would say, i better pound that steak good! ha It sure does sound good. Maybe it's the Tabasco! But i may need another heart cath after I eat it! haha
I'll stand with the auh20 cheese. I think he's a direct decendant of Nathan Tibbs!(: (You know, good at 'burning bridges', you bet pun intended! haha)Let's not give up on 'Merica just yet. As Christians, we need to pray, fast, and discern, or we will end up like the Church at Laodicea. or maybe we are already there. Hmmm After much prayer, etc, I lean toward Romney. Sure he's changed his mind on some things, but read about him, or better yet, read about all of them. It's all there on the blogs etc. Go to the alternative media to get some other insights. Ask God to guide you.
KY Girl- how have you been? How is your son and his bride? Do you watch Smarter than a 5th Grader? ha
NASCAR to be here at PIR this coming week!
Maybe i'll see Elizabeth Crowley.
PRAYers continue for Hazel's husband. Check in when you can.
ole MDC
"All us Fifes are sensitive."

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57760: Well, you all have a great evening.

Count me as a cheesehead, too. Us moulage makers ought to stand together.

Yep, I'm going to vote for whoever tells me to (not really, I just wanted to see what AUH2O looks like when hios head pops off his shoulders).

"I remember that about your mother."

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57761: Oh boy,a moulage! I think I'm gonna steer clear of this one,except to say that I haven't decided who I will vote for-don't really care for any of them! But neither Obama or Hillary will get my vote-those two scare me! (More so than the others).

Ky girl,I think that's a rumor about Ron White. Nothing on his offical website about it.I'd wager he's still alive.I can see why word would get out that he died from cirrhosis of the liver-pretty sure that ain't iced tea he's drinking on stage! No,I think ol' Tater Salad is still alive. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong,though.
Oh,y'all should have had Malcom Tucker in the apple peeling contest,ky girl.Bet he could take that 5-6 second lady!

Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

"Mildew! You can't expect me to do anything about mildew!"

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57762: Just wanted to clarify that I love the US and agree wholeheartedly that it is the best country in the world. My statement about leaving the country was tongue in cheek. WE lived in DC during the previous Clinton presidency and the thought of that happening again really nauseates (sp?) me.

WE definitely need GOd's guidance as to the best person for the job. When I thing things are bad, I also remind myself that the early church lived in Rome under dictators. Many countries still have horrid gvoernements and while I don't wish that on the US, I know that no matter what happens it doesn't change the fact that God is in control.

Anyway, what a moulage I started. Off to fix a quick dinner and to the theater we go.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57763: Good Evening Porch,
Just wanted to let y'all know I'm thinking of ya. My back is still hurting so it's difficult for me to sit for long periods of time. Asa, I'm glad you've posted. Romeena, excited for you. Hey to everyone! In my prayers.

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57764:
M-T Isn't that just like you to play the "Ellie Card." Of course you want Ellie, we all want Ellie but Ellie ain't running.


I didn't mean to make anyone feel less of an American than I (but, I'm pretty M-T is) us jingoist's do that, make other feel less so we feel more.

Opiemom-I'm off to google what you posted about earlier.

Merri W.-I'm a volunteer at school also, mostly reading to the little ones.

Me-They-To offer some balance to your assessment of the second term of W, the Iraq problem was left for him by a couple of appeaser's, namely his dad and Bubba, and we all know what Winston Churchill said about appeasement, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

Oh yeah, as long as we're confessing voting records mine own has gone Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Kemp, Kemp, Bush, and Bush. The two Kemp's were write-ins.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57765: Hello family:
Just trying to make heads or tails of this moulage. Maybe that's how I'll vote...toss a coin. then again, maybe not. Asa, why don't you run? I'll vote for you. Ro could be your VP. Or pick just about anyone on the porch, they would definitely be better than what we have to choose from. This is when FAITH comes in and we believe what the Bible says-- God is in control. Just some knuckleheads ain't listening! Well off to the ironingboard. It might say 6:30, but my body says its later than that! Still got to get caught up on lost sleep over the weekend. ~New Neighbor

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57766:
Roger: (Bee's beau) Carbonic Acid, now that's goodbye in any language.
Well, i see that no one has turned into the "Beast of the Fourth Floor" over the moulage. Aint America great?!
Spot- load up the truck and drive that same Kansas pace all the way to PIR! ha
Speaking of trucks, for those that remember it, Colt told me to get the brown truck off its blocks, we gotta get 'er serviced for Dec 24th run.
Cheese rules! ha
Ya all have a blessed evening!

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57767: What is the Andy Griffith episode where both Andy & Barney leave a quarter tip at the diner? Barney discovers that Andy also left a quarter and wants to go back put his hat down and get his quarter. Andy says no that Olive is a wodow with four children.
Dr James

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57768: That's whatcha call "adventure sleepin' NEW NEIGHBOR!

DR. JAMES, my brain is already on hiatus for the evening...I remember the conversation, just can't remember what episode right now. Hmmmm...

Hey Y'all--Just a friendly reminder that Thanksgiving is just 17 DAYS away. Can you believe it? Where oh where did the year go??? Does anyone have certain Thanksgiving special dishes that is tradition in your family, besides normal stuff like turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole; etc? I'll start--we always have Oyster and Crab stuffing. My mom has to makes pans and pans of the stuff so that everyone can take their own pan home. It's really that good. What about you?

Merri Weather

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57769: STARR comes tomorrow, doesn't she??!!


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57770: Don't know that episode, sorry Dr James. If you keep checking back, someone will probably be able to tell you soon.

MW, we always make the same thing every year...turkey, cornbread dressing (outside the bird), sweet potatoes (made by slicing up the sweet potatoes and covering them with a lot of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, then baking), canned cranberry sauce, broccoli-cheese casserole and rolls. Desserts sometimes vary.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57771: Dr. James, that ep is "Ernest T Bass Joins the Army"
I'll be back to post more later, folks, just passing thru at the moment.
- Hazel

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57772: I've got one word for ya, M-T: Creampuff!! ; )

Hey to Sterling! Good to see ya - hope things are going better for you.

As far as Romney is concerned, I like a lot about him but can't dismiss the fact that he practices a "religion" that believes that Jesus and Satan are brothers. I'd rather vote for someone who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57773: Hi All. will it halftime and the pitt are walking all over bal.


November 05, 2007 - Msg 57774:
Hello porch family...pray you all had a great day. said it buddy....pray and seek GOD! He's never let us down when we seek Him.

Lucy...still praying for your back.

Yep Boo....tomorrow is the big day......STARR day!

Spot...where you at brother? Working?

As for the election....right now I probably would vote for Huckabee even though I haven't put anything in ink as of yet. I'm still praying and seeking God's direction.
But the fact is after the election takes place, my Lord WILL still be Lord! AMEN

Prayers for all the porch family and don't forget to pray for our nation/leaders tonight. Jesus loves YOU!

November 05, 2007 - Msg 57775: Hey, everybody! I'm home! What with delays at the airport and being misled by a dingbat agent there, the issue was in doubt for a while, but here I am, safe and sound. Gave me a chance to read for a while - I'm reading "The Kite Runner", and wow, what a novel. And it's the writer's first effort, too.

Just caught up on the archives, you guys have been chatty! Asa, how wonderful, Mariah is going to have a sister. You gotta send me a picture - don't forget!

I really don't know how I'm going to vote, or if. It's really a tough one this year. I voted for Dubya both times, and I'm not sorry. I don't agree with everything he's done, but I do not blame him for the Iraq mess. He pretty much inherited that, and if I hear one more person say how "Bush lied" about the WMD's, I think I'll be sick. If you have any questions about his "lies" let me know, and I'll email you some eye-openers. Everybody in the world, including both Clintons, Kerry, Gore - you name 'em - believed they were there and swore to go in and get them! What else could he do? Since he can't go over there and slog through the sand personally, he had no choice but to trust the intelligence reports he had, and if they were wrong, what was he to do about it? Besides, I still think the stuff was there. That's an awful lot of sand, and can hide a multitude of "sins".

Me-They, I completely agree with your Ben Franklin quote, "Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security." However, to pull a Clinton on you, I think we have to define "security". It can mean comfort, having your needs met, as in "social security", or it can mean safety. I don't think old Ben meant it in the "safety" sense. Certainly it's wrong to give up your freedoms in order to be taken care of, as the Communists promised to do - everyone equal, everyone will have enough, but the government holds all the cards. However, I think in this time of high threat to our safety, if we're called upon to give up a few "freedoms" in order to have security in the sense of safety, then I'm willing. I just got off a flight where I know my luggage was searched - a violation of my privacy, if you will - I had to remove my shoes and walk barefoot through the checkpoint, and I couldn't even carry the rest of my bottle of water in with me. However, a potential terrorist couldn't carry the makings of a bomb in either, and presumably his luggage was searched too - at least it was x-rayed. They can violate my privacy all they want, if it means that the plane I'm riding in isn't going to be turned into a WMD.

Regarding Mr. Obama and the salute during the national anthem, check out this site: (sorry, PH, but I still don't know how to make a link, so everyone will just need to copy and paste:

Thanks, everyone, for all the countdowns to Starr. I'll be picking her up at 2 pm tomorrow. I can hardly wait. My last night rattling around in this big old house all alone.

You all sleep well, you hear? See you tomorrow! I'll introduce you to Starr! --Romeena