November 06, 2007 - Msg 57776: Awesome! Romeena, I was telling Sean about Starr yesterday and he was pretty excited. He says he can't wait to see a picture of her. He was very upset to hear about little Sugarplum because he remembered her well. Wonder of Starr will like carrots?

Too ignorant to join in on the political discussion, but will ask this one question: Do we really want a president with the name "Huckabee"? He sounds like a real hayseed...(just kidding, of course).

It's 4am and I am awake!! Had an upset stomach for some reason. Think I'll try to get some sleep before I have to get up and get Erin to school....


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57777: Wow, I can't believe I swept at 4 in the morning!


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57778: At least you weren't messing around with that toggle switch on the vacumn cleaner again, Boo.
For those that asked about my husband, he is doing fine. We had a little scare Friday night, but it turned out to be nothing. Hard to believe it is just a little over 2 weeks since he had his heart attack. He is back to work, and says he feels fine. He is on meds, of course, and is also on a special diet, which really isn't that much different than the diet he was on before. (for his diabetes). Anyhow, thanks for asking! And thanks for the prayers too.
As for the politics discussion, listen brother, how I vote is MY business!
- Hazel

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57779:
Morning Porch

Well...It's snowing here, the weatherman says up to 8 inches of the fun stuff.

Boo-On behalf of "real hayseeds" everywhere I say, ...huh? What? oh? In all honesty, I resemble that remark. And furthermore, when has ignorance ever stopped anyone from giving their opinion? (The preceding has been yet another attempt at humor any interpretation other than that is inaccurate and possibly libelous with the exception of myself being a hayseed. That was on the money.)

I could vote for Huckabee in a New York minute although having to vote actually in New York means that vote in worthless. It's been a while since someone other than those in favor of the "Nanny State" won in N.Y.

Opiemom-I say the Obama stunt you mentioned, quite interesting. But, how could you not vote for a guy who likes peace, hates war, and wants everyone to just talk things over.

Me-They In case I'm not back, to respond to your opening salvo, until much later let me just say, I'm rubber you're glue what ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you! Ha, gotcha, the old glue counter!

Romeena-Now don't be confusing the moulage by bringing facts into the picture.

Star Day, today!


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57780:
Hazel-Great news about your husband. You two have been in my prayers, I'm sure all of our prayers. That is amazing, a little over 14 days and back to work.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57781: Ha! I haven't heard that glue one in a LONG time! You're funny, Auh2o, and you sure don't sound like a hayseed. Can't believe you are getting up to 8 inches of snow! It has been warm here, in the 80's for several days.

Yep, Starr day today....


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57782: Yes, glad your husband is ok, Hazel. Hope you have a great day.

forgot to mention that I saw an interview with Joel Osteen on Fox news yesterday...seems like he has been under fire from traditional ministers. I did have to raise my eyebrows at a couple of his comments, I must say. Not sure where I stand, though. I must say that I do get frustrated sometimes by the prosperity-type teaching when there are so many Christians suffering in this world, and choosing the hard way for their faith (even dying for the sake of the true gospel). I have a real aversion to hearing it "watered down" so to speak. Having said that, though, I believe most Christians depend too much on the preacher to preach the gospel to the lost. I believe all Christians should be giving the gospel in their daily speaking it and living it out as an example (I often fail in this, myself). What does that example look like? I don't think it looks like perfect people, with plenty of money and no worries, always smiling. Sometimes it looks like Millie...ill and even dying with God's grace. Sometimes it looks a slave in the Sudan, who has been taken captive because of his faith. Sometimes he is alone because his entire family has been murdered or sold. Just like the book of Hebrews mentions, there are some who refuse release because they are looking for eternal reward, not temporal. The bible says that the world isn't worthy of them. I don't for a second put myself in the same category with them, but I certainly don't want to dishonor them by even suggesting that they weren't blessed by God and if we are to take the bible as God's word, I think we need to take a good look at what some ministers are preaching these days.

Did I start a moulage? I would be interested in the opinions of other Christians.

Better get Erin off to school..


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57783: It looks like it's going to be a STARR of a day!


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57784: You are right Hazel - how you vote is your business! The fact is we need to vote and excerise that powerful freedom granted to us. Remember in Iraq when those people voted for the first time - purple fingers everywhere!

Veterans Day is coming up folks - please drop our soldiers a card and let them know they are thought about. Freedom isn't free - ask any soldier!


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57785: Good morning everyone. Another beautiful, crisp fall day here. I could get used to this, but as soon as I do the temperature will drop to 20 and we’ll have an ice storm. The thing about Maryland is that while we don’t get weather in the extreme one way or the other, we get a little of everyone’s else’s extremes.

Wow! We just get through one moulage and there’s BOO staring another. I gotta say, it’s my kinda week! Don’t even get me started on Joel Osteen, please. I can’t say as to whether his heart is in the right pace or not, but his message is flawed. I can’t decide whether he is a false teacher of the Biblical kind or just ignorant of Scripture. As I’ve said before, the claim that God wants us to have it all, and that we deserve it, is just plain wrong, at least in the earthly sense. God wants us all to inherit his kingdom to come, not gain wealth here. How many times did Christ have to warn us about concerning ourselves with earthly things and acquiring wealth? What part of they will kill you because you love Me makes one think the Godly way is a pleasant one? Sometimes, success in God’s terms looks very much like failure in the world’s. I think old Joel is more of a motivational speaker than preacher, anyway. He sure is purty, ain’t he?

About the other stuff you said, BOO, I agree completely. No argument there.

Now, regarding yesterday’s moulage: Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!

ROMEENA: Taking Mr. Franklin in context, he indeed did mean security as it applies to safety. However, I don’t for a minute think that he would have objected to prudent inconveniences. I believe he was taking more about severe invasions of privacy. So, I guess I partly agree.

But that raises a specter that I have brought us before and will again (nothing like kicking a dead horse). Many conservative Christians are willing to give up a lot of privacy in the name of national defense. It’s easy to understand way: most have absolutely nothing to hide and are more than willing to inconvenience themselves for the good of all. However, I caution that while today the freedom and information we so easily give up to government in the name of safety is being used to protect us from the threat of terrorism we agree to define, that may not always be the case. In some year’s time, it is conceivable that fundamentalist and evangelical Christians will be declared “subversive” or “dangerous.” The scent is already there. It’s easy to give up things now, but the definition of potential terrorist could change with one election. Think about that.

Enough doom and gloom! Starr is arriving today, right!

AFD: I am not a cream puff! But they are delicious.

AUH2O: Got you last final period.

I'm gonna vote early, and often.

Y’all have a great morning. You’re the best.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57786: Boy, I have to apologize for my horrible typing skills and grammar. Really, I'm not such a bad writer! You would think I was a borderline dolt by reading my posts, though. What I need is a little more patience to proofread BEFORE I post and not after.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57787: Oh, I think you did just fine, M-T. You always know how to bite into a good moulage and I love your posts. You really think Osteen is "purdy"? Hmm, not sure I'm with you there. Now, his wife is "purdy". You know, I was doing some thinking on my way home from dropping Erin off and I was thinking about that verse you mentioned about being hated because Jesus was hated and I think I will do a little study on that very thing. Why, exactly, is the true gospel such a threat? What does the bible have to say about it? One can hardly see someone like Osteen being martyred for his message but when the gospel is preached it can sure bring out the evil in some people. If some oppose the truth and the light because their deeds are evil and they love the dark, then, it would stand to reason that part of the gospel that Jesus intended us to preach is repentance. Don't hear that much anymore. So, obviously, people often don't want to repent or admit their need for God. Also, people want to be in charge and to think that their own goodness is what will save them in the end (the old, "I've been a good person. I've never killed anybody...yada, yada. God will let me into heaven when I die"). I think what concerns me most about the current trend of "easy believism" is that there is this current of not wanting to offend or lose church attendance (and tithes), so preachers are kind of dancing around the truth. Why not just give the gospel and let God deal with people's hearts? I think I may have mentioned this before, but I had a friend tell me that she was talking to an unbeliever that she works with, and he told her that he likes to listen to Osteen on TV because "He doesn't say all that stuff about how you have to be saved". Later that week, I had Dad with me in Houston (Dad's not a Christian) and when we passed by Osteen's big church, Dad said, "I like to listen to that guy because he doesn't tell you to get ready because Jesus is coming back and all that stuff (only he didn't say 'stuff')."...kind of got my attention. Ok, I'll give someone else a chance to comment...


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57788: It look like this mayberry is becoming a ghost town.
No more talk of the show here


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57789: Naw, not a ghost town, PAT; more like a vibrant, loving, living town where people don't live in a bubble but talk about life's very real ups and downs, share, comfort, laugh with, and support one another. Sometimes, we even argue. Sounds exactly like Mayberry to me.

"Mayberry, May-ber-ry..."

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57790: I agree!


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57791: not like the one that i have ben befor all this chanr came in town


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57792: Good morning, all. Just a quick question, then on to more important things - why is it that people lurk on the porch and never open their mouth, and then when they finally do, it's to fling a criticism at us? Seems to be happening a lot lately. To "pat" - instead of criticizing, why not try throwing out a quote and see if someone answers? Very likely, they will. And ditto to what Me-They said. Well put, M-T.

On the subject of Osteen and his kind, I've never been impressed by the "name it and claim it" brand of "evangelism". Makes me think of someone luring children along by offering them candy. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, "Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and curse you for My name's sake."

your points about Franklin's quote and the dangers of governmental oversight are very well taken. I think we have to try to find a happy compromise. We must do all we can do secure this country, to expose terrorists and eliminate them, do what it takes to prevent another 9/11. We must also be careful whom we elect and who is allowed to define "terrorist". As you said, the scent is in the air. Christians are already defined by some as subversive and dangerous, and it's only going to get worse. Scares me to death, and the problem is compounded by some seriously flawed and misguided people who call themselves Christians - I'm referring specifically to old Phelps and his gang of funeral-picketing thugs, but there are others. We as Christians must remember, and try to help others to understand, that there are those who take the Name in vain. Jesus himself said, "In the last day, there will be those who will say to me, 'Lord, Lord", and I will say to them, depart from me, ye that work iniquity, for I never knew you."

It becomes a sticky wicket, because the world looks at people like that (Jesse Jackson is another who comes to mind) and lumps them and their duplicitous behavior in with all Christians, and we all get tarred with the same brush. And we all fail to some degree but we're just not as visible. Oh yes, it gets difficult.

Hazel, I'm so glad your husband is doing well. You must have been so scared. Thank God he's healing.

And now, I'm off to pick up my buddy, we're going to get some lunch, then stop by Hobby Lobby for something she wants to pick up, then on to GET STARR!! Woohooo!

Blessings, all. --Romeena

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57793: Hey there, BOO. Maybe PAT would enjoy a quote-a-thon? I know I would, so here goes:

"I resent that mister! I come from a good family--my mother was a nurse."


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57794: One of my favorites!

How about, (and I'm not sure I have this one exactly right...) Otis: "Slow it down and let me in, or I'll go out and get some gin"! (jumping rope)


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57795: Been on the porch alot today because I feel kind of rotten and am having an old battle with anxiety today. I never when it's going to hit or how long it will stay but I really hate dealing with it. It's good to come here and find friends to talk to.

Think I'll try to lay down for a little bit.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57796: BOO, you can take this or leave it but a good remedy for anxiety is a nice walk around your neighborhood, come back for a healthy lunch, and then put in some good ole Andy episodes while you brew yourself a nice cup of tea. Deep breathing and surrounding yourself in comfort will usually help, too. I know you didn't ask for advice but I thought I'd throw that out there to help you.

Here's a quote--

Barney: If only someone would just kill somebody!

Andy: Barney!

Barney: Well, it wouldn't have to be anyone we know... If two strangers was to come to town, and if one of them was gonna kill the other one anyway...

RO, you let us know the second you get home with that precious pup!

Blessings, Merri W.

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57797: criticisom us all are doing a good job of it.
by saying all that suff about people.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57798: Pat - don't know if you read the archives but most of us have been on the porch a long time and frankly, we are not going to change how we do things because someone wants us to feel bad that Andy and Barney's name are not in every single post. We function as a cybertown - now, you can go back and read the posts and see what's been happening or you can go on or join in when you can. . .that's up to you. I, for one, am not going to apologize for the way we do things just because you don't like it. I don't mean to sound harsh but it does get old. WE are kind folk who discuss whatever is on our mind.

There - I've said it and I ain't taking it back!

"Citizens arrest! Citizens arrest!"
"Goober says Hey." "Well tell Goober we said Hey back."


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57799: BOO: Take HOMEMAKER'S advice (just don't take her meatballs). I hope that you feel better soon; I know how you feel.

HM: Well said, on all accounts.

PAT: Welcome to our little Mayberry.

"You're not talking to a jerk, y'know!"

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57800: Oops! I guess that was MERRIWEATHER's advice, BOO.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57801: I've been following Joel Osteen for about 8 years now,I guess. I see him as a great motivational speaker or life coach,although he does call himself a minister. Joel will be the first to admit he's no great theologian,doesn't know the Scripture like the back of his hand,etc.Speaking for myself,his messages have helped me immensely.I know what the Bible says,I know what God says,yet Joel does say things that help me focus on different and difficult aspects of my life.I just blend it all together and it works for me. No,the guy is not perfect,but who is? For the record,I have heard Joel speak about being saved and the fact that Jesus is the Way.Like I said,I've been following him for quite some time,before he got "packaged" into this Rock Star Preacher persona.That's my two cents worth.Hope I didn't ruffle any feathers-just saying what I feel.

Well,Mr.Goss did a fine job of cleaning our red carpet.Let's roll it out on the Porch so we can welcome Miss Starr in style!

Y'all have a wonderful day! Love to all!
possum under a rock

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57802: No ruffled feathers here, POSSUM. A person who like JT as much as you do can't be all bad ;).


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57803: M-T : I wonder if that special ingredient of oregano would help the meatballs. I mean it certainly couldn't hurt!


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57804:
pat- read the banner line just below "The Taylor's Front Porch" above. We're all just "shootin' the breeze."
Have you ever watched the ep "those gossipin' men"?
HM- you do know that Hazel was quoting barney, right? Andy says something about being "democratic" and Barn comes back with that great line.
We have to be careful as Christians to not become like the frog in the boiling water.
One thing I found out recently is this, if your spouse watches tags with you, but normally doesnt, dont say the line of dialogue before it comes out of the actor's mouth, or you may end up with a gut full of elbow!! haha
Well, one thing about the WRITERS' STRIKE is this: maybe they'll finally realize that what they are writing nowadays is pretty much junk anyways!!ha
Prayers continue for you all!
"Leonard Blush, Leonard Blush, is that all you can talk about? Leonard Blush!?"

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57805:
Did someone say "oregano?" ha

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57806: this porch think it perfect inthe way us act.
maybe in some way us do give a handy out.
but it no fun wined you all criticism someone for the way he is.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57807: mdc- the writers want more of the profit from all the films and dvd that is on the airing on the internet.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57808: I'm sorry if you feel criticized, DR. PAT; while I won't apologize for stating my opinions, I will say that they are just that: my opinions and not attacks on any one person. I'm not sure I understand what you are getting at and I won't encourage you to gripe about us, or the way the porch is, but if you have a problem you wish to share with us, I for one will listen. Anyway, prayers.

MDC: Warm frog water? You and your strange diet supplements.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57809:
Merri-That is one of my all-time favorite quotes! Now that's comedy!

homemaker-Yes indeedy, that was well said.

Pat-If we don't criticize Me-They, now and again, how will he ever learn. It's a tough love kinda thing.

Barney: "You know Andy I thought it would never come to this. Mayberry, gateway to danger."


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57810: Did someone say strike? "WE WILL NOT SING! WE WILL NOT SING!"


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57811:
oh...didn't see ya there, hi M-T


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57812: AUH2O: Hardy, har, har. Maybe you should go up to the old people's home and wax the steps.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57813: Git some crazyglue and meatball for M-T , he can glue thim on the step at the old people home


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57814: Bible knowledge is a great thing Opie, but you shouldn't flaunt it!

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57815: Ok, I need to take a breather and gain some perspective folks---I just know you all can help me...

Sometimes I have a HARD time letting things roll off my back and just get on with things. Today, my toddler kept climbing onto the tiling that surrounds my gas fireplace. I have a large, heavy pottery vase that my husband bought for me for our anniversary this year. It had some nice smelling eucalyptus in it. Anyway, she kept climbing up there. I kept telling her no while I lead her away and tried to get her to do other things. My buzzer went off on the dryer, so off I trot to get some laundry out. You can guess what happened from there. She went right back up there and knocked my vase over and the top of it shattered. Luckily, she had shoes and socks on, so she didn't get injured. I yelled "No" at her and sent her to bed. I feel like a jack**s (sorry if I offend anyone, but that's just exactly how I feel--like a donkey's hiney.) #1, I shouldn't probably have that kind of stuff around since she is in to everything all the time and #2, I shouldn't have yelled at her. I was shocked and Lord help me, it was a reaction. I just hate it when I lose my cool. And now not only am I mad at myself, I feel terrible that something that was special to me is out in my trash can when I should be thanking God that she didn't hurt herself. I love being a stay-at-home mom but somedays I want to take the day off! Does that make sense? Well, it certainly doesn't help when you're fighting off a migraine to boot. (Weather changes does that to me.) Well, I've said enough. I'm going to go say some prayers and get my mind straight then talk to the little one. I just had to unload. Thanks friends. MW

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57816: I hear your pain, MW. I'm sure evry parent on the porch does, too. But don't be too hard on yourself--we all make mistakes. Even if you did overreact, God make kids very willing to leave it and move on, if you do. Prayers for you today.

TOM: I smell something funny. Did you just glue one of HM's meatballs to my back?

Y'all have a great evening.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57817: By the way, I appreciate everyone's opinions, I really do--but I appreciate them more when I know who they're coming from. MW

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57818: Thanks M-T. I appreciate it. It's the guilt afterwards that stinks. MW

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57819: me-they why would I want to glue a meatback to you.
We have to eat thim not play what thim and glue.


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57820:
I think every parent has felt the way you do, MW. Guilt is a useful emotion in cases like this, however; the next time we're called upon to practice patience, it enables us to keep our cool because we know how we'll feel afterward if we don't. I had two of the little rugrats at the same time, and although I wouldn't trade it for anything, I'm here to attest that parenting is the most difficult, inherently guilt-charged 'occupation' in the world! The fact that you feel guilty is proof that you're a loving mom!

~DeS~ (too lazy to do my html tags :-)

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57821:
MW- we dont have kids but we do have 25 nieces and nephews, all of which we have had for weekends and or longer as they were growing up. When they were that age, Friday PM everything went up to the 5 foot level or higher. You say you also have a migrane going, so that just added a big factor to the mix.
Dont be afraid to apologize, even at 2 or 3, they understand a reconcilatory tone.
Mommy's sorry she yelled at you, but I had told you three times and i have a bad headache. Punishment is done. Let's continue from here...
I'll say a prayer for you to our papaGod, who also disciplines US as needed! ha

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57822: I'm so glad you feel like you can come here and "unload" Merri. Boy, can I relate because I did the same thing last night and felt terrible about it. I was really tired and trying to get Erin to bed (she had snuck 2 tootsie rolls out of the cookie jar and ate them, so she was hyper) and when I was trying to read her a bedtime story, she just came unwound about wanting to read something different. Wouldn't have been such a big deal if we didn't go through this nearly every night. Sometimes I let her pick out what she wants to read and she tries to take all night to do it (a ploy to stay awake, I guess), so last night I told her that I was choosing the story and that I didn't want her to give me a problem about it because it was late. Well, of course she had a little fit when it came time to read the story. I couldn't even get her to listen to me and I lost it, big time. I grabbed her arm (not hard enough to hurt her) and got about 3 inches from her face, gritted my teeth and yelled "STOP IT!". She immediately started crying like I had half-killed her. I felt terrible but I just left her in the room crying in the dark for a few minutes while I calmed down. Then I was able to go back in and talk to her and she kept saying, "I'm sorry, Mommy" over and over. I felt real small for losing my temper like that. I think I know exactly how you feel. I surely could have handles that much better. Now that it's all over, I can think of many ways to handle the situation and even prevent it, but last night I lost it!

Amen, DES.

MW, thanks for the advice. I did actually take a walk around the neighborhood and it helped. Didn't feel like lunch and no time for TAGS, though.

Bible study at the drug rehab tonight. I covet your prayers greatly...


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57823: that not the andy would have dond it


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57824: Thanks, MDC, for explaining my Barney quote. "Listen, Brother, how I vote is MY business." I was going to explain it myself, then I saw you had done it. I guess I just assume that everyone knows all the Andy quotes. Which reminds me, guess what came in my mail today. The Mayberry-opoly game. I'm so excited! That's what I chose for my free gift from that Mayberry trivia contest I won last month from the e-bullet. I can't wait to play it.
Dr. Pat, did you read Romeenas post, # 57792? I guess we all wonder, why do people lurk here and then criticise us on their first post? What exactly is it you find offensive? We're just talking. We try to include TAGS quotes and lines from the show. If you don't like the way the porch is, have you tried Miss Crumps place? There's a whole section where people only talk about the show. Try it.
Don't worry, MW, that happens to all of us sometimes. (your incident with your young'un) Like Des said, just your feeling guilty about it shows a lot about your love.
I've never heard of Joel Osteen.
- Hazel

"Punched me. Punched me right in the nose."

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57825: Well HELLO porch...gosh sorry for the long not post spell [aint like me]..been bike riding with miss sherry...14 miles yeaterday and 22 [give or take a half a mile] today..hope yall have been eating well..I am back on the job...hope starr is here soon,hey Rev,Tom,boo,ro,possum,hazel,goober,mavis,horatio,dr.p,des,asa,auh20 and all...well let me get this bike unloaded and breakfast will be at waffle house on ME..scattered,smothered,covered,chunked,topped...[double order]...prayers to all...back in just a bit...Asa wear shoes K?...SPOT

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57826: Hey yall [just bed and the Bible] yall remember that ept? watching it now...SPOT

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57827:
Hello porch family....It's STARR DAY!
Alot of topics today here on the porch. for Joel Olsten....My wife watched him for a serveral years and to be honest, I watched him some. But then I began to notice that his message was (like possum said) a motivation talk...not a sermon. That in itself is not really bad. I am not a "name it claim it" follower. Most of the "name it claim it" ministries relate wealth/success with holiness and faith. To them if you are not walking in wealth it's because you are not walking in faith. I have ministered in the jungles of Vietnam with under ground churches that have as much faith as anyone here in the USA but they will never be finacially wealthy.
I guess the thing that cut me the most about Brother Olsten was when he was interviewed about the muslim faith and he stated; " he could not say that muslims were not saved because even though we (Christians) believe that you need to recieve Jesus to be saved, who's to say that their way won't send them to heaven also?" Let me tell you something folks, THERE IS ONLY ONLY ONE WAY and thats JESUS. I don't get into many issues concerning doctrines because I minister in many different denominations but one thing I will stand my ground on is our salvation. That's the one belief we better agree on as Christians. There are things like "once saved always saved", "being filled with the Holy Spirit", "types of baptism", etc. that the Baptist, Petecostal, Meth and so on will disagree on but the one thing that ties us together is our salvation through Jesus Christ.
I know I've rambled on too long but this is one subjuct that really concerns me in the Body of Christ. If we don't stand for this then we might as well close all the doors to all the churches and become a big pep rally; Christains, muslims, budist and all. Not for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!
Love you folks and prayers for all!

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57828: Hi, all! Well, I'm home with Starr, and she is absolutely the cutest little thing you can imagine. She weighs 2 lbs and 14 oz, and is about 5" tall at the shoulder, not as big as your fist, and trust me, she's all there. She has zipped through this house checking everything out, and I don't think she's missed a thing. At this moment, she's asleep next to my foot.

She seems to have bonded to me immediately, so apparently my little plan with the toy worked. I think I told you I took a little stuffed carrot out to her the day I met her a couple of weeks ago. I had carried that toy around with me for about three weeks, slept with it beside me, carried it in my pocket, tucked it into the waist of my jeans, just kept it close to me all the time. Then I left it with her on that visit. So, when I picked her up today, I smelled very familiar to her. My DIL's mom went with me to get her, and we stopped by my son and DIL's house on the way home. We were sitting in the living room, and while Starr would venture around the room now and then, if she started feeling timid, she would come straight back to me and get behind my ankles. So, as I said, I think it worked. I'm not a stranger to her.

My DIL took some really cute pictures of her, and will email them to me, so I'll get some of them in the album soon. She's just adorable. However, I have never missed Sugarplum more than I do right now. I'm fighting guilt, feeling like I'm betraying her - whatever nutty emotion you can think of, I'm experiencing it. I know it's silly, and I know it will pass, and part of me is already head-over-heels for Starr, but I miss my Plum. We had a good thing going, that little girl and I.

Now, as for you young moms feeling guilty because you yelled at a misbehaving child, just cut that out. It's normal, and kids need to learn that when they don't mind, or they pitch a tantrum, they get very negative feedback. Mommies yell, kids survive it, and a lesson just may be learned. Yes, it would be wonderful if we could all be June Cleaver, but we're not. Kids aren't always Wally and the Beaver, either. Yes, Boo, you could have just quietly turned off the light, said "well, no story tonight" and walked away to let Erin have her fit in private, and another time you might, but that's not what you did this time, and that's okay. She was pushing your buttons, and she got a reaction, one she didn't like. MW, your little one chose to ignore your repeated warnings, and no doubt got a big scare when the vase broke, and an even bigger one when you came unwound. If she didn't know what "no" means before, I'll bet she does now! For pete's sake, moms are human too. Both of you quit beating yourselves up inside over your perfectly natural, normal reaction to a kid's behavior. My DIL has a little plaque on her refrigerator door, which reads "Raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken." Can you identify with that?

Well, I need to go feed Starr. I hope she will eat, she's too little to have any reserves, so I have to watch her intake very carefully and be sure she doesn't get hypoglycemic. Have a great evening, everyone.

Starr says 10-4. --Romeena

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57829: Welcome home STARR! I can't believe how excited I am about her being with you (& us) Ro! And, I am sure Sugarplum understands, in fact, I bet she had a in sending her. And I am with you on the advice you gave the Mom's, you 2 quit beating yourselves up, I did the same thing to Jake, more than once I am sure, and he's fine. In fact, he told me not long ago, he's glad I was as hard on him as I was, he knew for sure I loved him. They do grow up & remember things, but like Ro said, they know you are human as well.
Big Maude I only live about a mile from the stone castle now, maybe we can get together even if just to say hello & hug each other like family does. Be careful in that old castle tho, they say it's haunted. teehee
I'm off here for a bit, gotta get to bed, long day tomorrow & the dogs I am grooming are bratty, not at all like the newest porchster I'm sure.
Blessings to all of you!

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57830: If everyone is going to be saved in the end, it makes you wonder why Jesus bothered to come to earth and allow Himself to be tortured to death, doesn't it? --Romeena

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57831: Almost forgot, Ro be sure you keep some Karo syrup on hand for that little girl, just in case. I always have a bottle of the dark Karo when I have new Crested babies, let them lick a little of it off a spoon if they seem to be sinking, it will hold them until you can get them to the vet. Hope it doesn't happen, but doesn't hurt to be on the safe side.

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57832: Yep, I heard it said like this, Romeena, "If there was any other way to be saved, why would God send his only BELOVED son to die that way?"...If there is one thing I am sure of, it's that Jesus is the way, and the only way to the Father. Not a popular message these days but they are the words of Jesus himself, not my own.

"Starr says 10-4"! I love it! I know she's the pup for you, Ro. I believe she is an answer to prayer. Sugarplum loved you so and would want you to love little Starr.

Thanks for the motherly encouragement, by the way. Funny thing is that as I was writing that post about yelling at Erin, I was thinking that you would certainly have something to say about us not being so hard on ourselves. You are awesome.

Gotta go get Erin to bed....wish me luck!


November 06, 2007 - Msg 57833:
Welcome to the porch STARR! glad to see ya finally getting her home. Can't wait to see the pics.

Ya'll....I pray that I didn't sound harsh with my above post. I re-read it and seemed like I may have come across kinda hard. I just get so fired up when I talk about that subject because my heart breaks when I think about people dying without Jesus.
Prayers for all of our porch family.

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57834: Have I told all you gals lately that I love ya??? Well, I should have ions ago--so there! Incidentally, when I went in to talk to my little one this afternoon, she was fast asleep. When she woke up from her nap, I gave her a big hug and she asked me to go find pennies with her so she could play her piggy bank! (Every time you put a coin in, it plays "Jesus Loves Me" and she gets the biggest kick out of a singing piggy!)

RO, so glad you got your little girl home! I understand your feelings of guilt. Getting that second pet after your beloved one passes is always like that in the beginning. But Sugar P loved you and would want you to make another one of her kind just as happy as you made her! I'm just sure of it.

BOO, sounds like we both had the same issue arise around the same time. Good thing we can come here and gain some perspective! Thanks for telling us your story--it is reassuring to know that we all go through the same stuff sometimes. And YES, I do feel like I'm being pecked to death sometimes! I dearly LOVE my family but sometimes they are all a bunch of little vampires sucking the life force right outta me!! HA!

REV, you tell it like it is. You are always honest and loving with your messages. I know we appreciate them!

MAVIS, I have a doggy question for you...I have a female Lhasa Apso/Cocher (misspelling on purpose due to censor) mix who looks just like "Benji." I've never really known how to have her hair groomed. Different groomers haven't either. She has baby-fine hair with a wavy perm look to it. What would you recommend?

SPOT, would you mind if I skipped the scattered, smattered, chipped and chopped? I just love their pecan waffles!

Well, goodnight to all. I'll be checking in tomorrow to see how STARR'S first night with RO went!

Blessings and PEACE,

Merri W.

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57835: REV, here's something a little weird...I had written my response to you before your recent post. It's like God had me say the right thing to comfort you! I love when that happens!! MW

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57836: STARR IS HERE!..Hey brother Rev!..Starr is so tiny!..merri you get what ya want im buying..Romeena I need to take Starr around the porch ,just us dogs..I will take care of her!..well Im gona hit the ironing board..prayers to all..hey Mav,Tom,haz,pos....SPOT

November 06, 2007 - Msg 57837: Hi again, all. Thanks, girls - I just hated to see you being so hard on yourselves just because you reacted in a perfectly natural, normal manner.

Starr is a hoot. I hope I'm ready for this. She's a wild child, in spite of the fact that I've owned houseshoes bigger than she is. The Plum and I had been together so long, we knew each other so well and I declare she could read my mind. We had our routine, each knew what to expect of the other, and things just rocked along so smoothly. Now this little fluffy mouse has hit the scene, and I already know things are going to be very different. No routine here! Fortunately, she's tiny and manageable, and when all else fails, she has a crate! This is going to be fun.

Well, I guess we'll hit the hay. No ironing board tonight, she'd fall off. The king-size bed is a better choice, I think. I just hope she doesn't wet it, but she probably will. Time for a garbage bag under the sheet, I guess. That's what I do when the grandsons sleep over, or rather, what I did. They've finally gotten past that stage. I know, she should sleep in her crate, but I just don't have the heart. The Plum slept cuddled next to me all her life, and I guess Starr will too. --Romeena

November 07, 2007 - Msg 57838: Lucky little Starr. Just be careful not to roll over on her if she's smaller that your houseshoe! I'll bet that in time Starr will fall into rountine with you and things will go smoothly. Sometimes the puppy stage seems to last a long time, though. I mentioned a few months ago that my sister adopted a little puppy that needed a home. Well, she's been a good puppy but now she looks like a greyhound..has really long legs, pointed nose and big pointed ears that stand straight up on her head at all times (kind of looks like one of those dogs you see carved into pyramids in Egypt). She is very agile and has a very bad habit of running up behind you and hitting you full-force in the middle of your back with her front feet, shoving you forward! It's pretty hilarious to see her do it to my 28 yr old nephew when he gets up in the morning without a shirt on. When I'm over there I hear, "Molly!" alot. My sister really loves her, though.

Finally got a really good night's sleep and am feeling more rested. This is a busy week trying to get ready for the youth fundraiser on Saturday. I have all the entertainment lined up and ready to go and we will have a run-through on Friday night. I am looking forward to it and even went out and bought a new outfit (I'm telling this for the girls, I know you men couldn't care less). I found these really nice black dress pants that are comfortable, too, and a nice satin blouse in a deep red with jeweled buttons. I am having trouble finding just the right shoes, though. We have already run into a glitch about Saturday, though. Two of the youth that were performing (a boy and girl, 15 and 16) have been grounded from seeing each other for 2 weeks so Keith and I have to figure out how that is going to work itself out. The girl's mother called yesterday upset with the realtionship between the two and wants us to help her and talk to the girl (mom is a single mom and needs help). It's always something....

Last night was very good at the drug rehab. I had 4 new girls. One was a 13 year old who is pregnant. One of the faithful girls invited her to come to bible study and told me that the girl didn't believe in God. It so happens that what Keith had prepared to share with them was about how to know God is real. I am praying that she will continue to come and will find Jesus. We gave her a bible and she seemed happy with it, I noticed her trying to follow along by looking up scripture as we went. She is just a baby and dealing with so much in life. She needs God's help.

Well, better start the day! It's nice and cool here after a front came through yesterday.

By the way, Merri W, thanks for the "I love you's"..we love you, too.


November 07, 2007 - Msg 57839: me prayer go out the OSMOND FAMILY ON THE LOST OFGEORGE.


November 07, 2007 - Msg 57840:
Morning Porch

Well, I braved a blinding snow storm to go out and vote for a Liberal yesterday. Well, it's only about 5 or 6 inches of snow but it was dark out. Anyway, that was the very first time I have ever voted for someone endorsed on the Liberal Line. I gotta tell ya, it felt kinda naughty. The Conservative/Republican Town Supervisor is just a "train wreck," I mean bad. I actually voted for more Democrats than Republicans.

Merri-I think MDC mentioned how forgiving kids can be and he is so right. I think those little stinkers understand the deal when they mess-up. We yell at them, sometimes, but if it's because of something they know they did was wrong, well, I really think they understand. She probably felt worse than you. Something about nap time that gives the day a fresh start for them also.

Rev-As always, we can all learn something from your words. Like Hazel, I have never heard of Joel Olsten I don't always feel right about it but I tend to filter "TV Religion" out. I'm sure I'm missing out on some good stuff but ...I don't know.

Romeena-Like everyone else, I would love to see some pictures.

Aunt Bee: Well, I wouldn't put much stock in what Nat Pike told you.
Opie: Why not?
Aunt Bee: For one thing, he's only 4 years old.


November 07, 2007 - Msg 57841:
Morning, Tom & Boo


November 07, 2007 - Msg 57842: Mornin' dears...mornin' honeys...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family ROMEENA! Where's my seegar?

Busy, busy, busy today. Good thing they're paying me, I'll tell you that.

APB for BIG MAUDE, GOOBER, CHARLOTTE, PAPPABEAR, and many other regulars as well as IDELLE, DIXIE, etc.

AUH2O: I thought I saw a pig in flight last evening.

When's lunch? My stomach's still on standard time.


November 07, 2007 - Msg 57843: Good morning everyone! AUH2O, you're making me yearn for Christmas with the snow talk! I like snow from December 1st through New Year's Day and then I want it gone, gone, gone. By the way, are you a closet liberal? HA!! Just messin' with ya!

RO, how did the night go with STARR?

BOO, that is absolutely tragic about the pregnant 13 year old. It must break you heart.

Well, I better get busy, lots to do today. I'll check in later...MW

November 07, 2007 - Msg 57844: Oh, hey there M-T! Didn't see you there...good morning to you.

Lunch today will be turkey club sandwiches, potato salad or BIG MAUDE slaw, dill or sweet pickles and iced tea with lemon slices or soft drinks. How does that sounds? MW

November 07, 2007 - Msg 57845: Good morning, all. Starr and I had a good night, both of us slept well. The breeder sent her "blankie" with her, and I think that helped. It seems that each puppy has a blankie - a little baby's receiving blanket - and they're kept in a little pile in the playpen that each litter occupies for their naps, as they pass through stages of growth. Older puppies, bigger pens. They have the run of the house, but they have prescribed nap times, and go to their playpen together to sleep. They sleep on the pile of blankies, and when each puppy leaves to go to their forever home, they take a blankie with them. Isn't that the cutest idea? Starr was the last to go, so she had her very own blankie for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I sleep with a couple of those long body pillows, so just pushed one of them down a few inches which made a space between the end of it and the regular pillows at the head of the bed. I put her blankie down in that space, put her on top of it, and she plopped right down and went to sleep. No problem, and I'm not going to hurt her because she's at about neck-level, and I'd have to roll over that big pillow. I woke several times, and each time, she was snoozing away, right where I put her.

She's pretty smart, I think. The Plum always used a water bottle, the kind rabbits use, and I liked that, because she never had a drippy face. Starr was used to a bowl. She was thirsty when we got home, so I put her down in front of the bottle in her crate, got some water on my finger and let her lick it off, then she followed my fingertip over to the bottle. I held my finger alongside the outlet of the bottle, she licked at my finger and at the same time touched the little valve on the bottle and it released a few drops. Bingo! That's all it took. Now she knows where the bottle is, goes in there, and I hear the "click-click-click" as she's getting a drink.

Unfortunately, she's not as swift with the potty training. She has piddled three times, none of them on her piddle pads. Well, we'll work on that.

Sorry, folks. I'll probably melt your ears with Starr talk for a while. Thanks for your patience. Now I've got to go feed her.

Starr says 10-4. --Romeena

November 07, 2007 - Msg 57846: Mornin' Porch Family:
I feel like we should have a baby shower or something for Ro. Starr is sure a welcome blessing.
Way to say it REV. So many get caught up in the $$$ of religion. (get rich quick scheme) that they forget that the Lord provides us with our daily bread. Now how we use it is another thing.
MW- being the mother of 4 children, stay at home mom for 20 years, and getting to the end of our rope, you are a loving, nuturing mom. BUT YOU ARE HUMAN... your child is playing you! They need to know that there are boundries and that they hold steady. When the rules change, you are in for childish moulage and sometimes startplaying parent against parent. BEEN THERE< DONE THAT. You just need to recognize that. Structure is soooo important. I kept things "in their place" with the instructions that no means no! sometimes it's time out, or sometimes it's gated entrance only, but they soon learn. If it's REALLY precious, don't take that chance. Just remember you won't be able to take it with you anyway! Their souls are more valuable... Loving ~New Neighbor