November 08, 2007 - Msg 57913:
"Look Arnold, I can't give every friend who comes in here more than he's suppose to get."

ole MDC sayin' hey

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57914:
Perfect! the porch needed a good sweep! ha

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57915: Good sweep, MDC. You even got the corners.

I want to wish you all a great weekend early--I'm taking the day off tomorrow. Actually, I have many things to get done. I'm not going to be able to goof off, so it won't be exactly like going up to Raleigh and taking a corner room at the "Y."

Prayers for all of you. Have a good one.


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57916: A-choo! Well,MDC,I bet you ain't never caused a possum to sneeze before! Thanks for sweeping anyway.

Hey Boo- I think you were shopping at the wrong store.Seems like you should've been at Target! (get it? Target?) Sorry.. couldn't resist! I bet you've just about scrubbed your poor lips raw-I know I would!

Me-They,are you off to glue covers on hymn books with Edgar Coleman or something? Sounds like you'll be busy,whatever it is.Hope you get it all done.

Speaking of getting things done,I need to go make supper.I'd invite y'all,but not sure WHAT I'm gonna cook.I hear ya,Merri Weather! It gets old sometimes,don't it? Well,I'm off to see what I can scrounge up.Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57917: Afternoon Family:
Boo-we usually go IN Sam's club for the food samples!
Here's one- Boo, is that a new flavor of LIP BOMB? (balm) I use chap stick.
Thanks for letting us laugh WITH you...
Where's ASA? He can't let that one slip by.
Prayers for all the family. Gonna get supper started. ~New Neighbor

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57918: Hey there possum- didn't see ya there. ~New Neighbor

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57919: Ha, funny should have been Target.

Merri, I remember seeing something about the different brain theory in homos*xuals on the discovery channel once and as I recall, they were saying that, while there is sometimes an observable change in a section of the brain in homos*exuals, they weren't sure which came first "the chicken or the egg", so to speak. Did the homos*xual behaviour cause the change or vise versa...unable to prove, but it was interesting because they were studying identical twin brothers who share the same genetic make-up, but one was gay and one was not. By the theory of the different brain, they should have both been gay, I guess, if it is the difference in the brain that caused the twin to be gay. Anyway, I think I have that right. It was a while ago so you might be able to do a search and check my memory on the subject. It is a very interesting topic, scientifically (in my opinion).

Hope Me-They has a great weekend and has plenty of clean shorts.

We still have the rabbit. No one has claimed him yet and according to Texas law, you have to hold onto a found pet for 7 days before claiming or giving him away. I think this rabbit is a boy because he seems to spray urine...yuck. If we keep him we will have to neuter him. Also, he is either a dwarf-type rabbit or a baby. He is too small for a regular adult rabbit. Really cute and seems to be using his litter box already.

I am so excited because I don't have to go anywhere tonight! I get to stay home. Have to do some laundry but at least i don't have to go out.


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57920: I think it time to glue that toper of homos*xuals closed.

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57921: Hey will someone trun the heat back on, and tell old man winder to go away.


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57922: Hey there BOO, just have a minute before I start dinner (decided to grill some burgers with Worcestershire and a little onion soup mix.) Yeah, I don't know a whole lot about the scientific research and you always have to take it with a grain of salt--like who is funding the research. I know this is a bristly subject for some and we all have passionate convictions regarding the topic. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind at all, just "keepin' it real" by expressing my thoughts. I know the majority of you are so good to listen to other thoughts without being offended or angry. I do appreciate it. BOO, I hope you get to keep the rabbit!

When I was in college and in my first apartment, my roommate bought us a set of rabbits. She got a black one and gave me the white one. Their names were Mabel and Esther. (Don't ask me why!) We had a grand time with them, they ran around the apartment when we were home and everyone who came over just fell in love with them. Then about 4 months down the road, we were awaken by a terrible noise. They were having a fit, kicking each other. I hate to say they kicked each other to death before we even really knew what was going on. I've never heard of anything like that before in my life and no one could seem to tell us why it happened. They were healthy and had a check up not too long before. It was the strangest thing. Oh, I was so upset for so long. (This is coming from a gal who called her dad up at 3 a.m. one morning crying about her pet hamster who had a cold, sneezed and died in her lap. Seriously, I'm nuts about my pets!

M-T, have a great weekend! Enjoy it even if you have lots to do.

Hey to POSSUM, MDC, AFD, NEW NEIGHBOR and anyone else I may have missed. SPOT, how you holding up? Have a great evening everyone. --MW

By the way, my parents' anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks. I wonder if I should buy them a concrete, steel-reinforced septic tank. What do you think?

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57923: Gosh gang im back at work now and ust now getting a break...hey Ro,Dr p,Starr, Rev ahere are you tonight?..hey New N,hazel...Maude whup up some slaw and lets have slaw dogs..for a late supper...chips kool-aid...ok more calls comming in...let me get caught a late night homeowners tour coming through at 7:30..[bunch of them]...back in a bit .SPOT

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57924: posted at the same time MW!...doing just great...time flys when its busy!...just keeping the lights on...SPOT

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57925: AAWWW MW- What a thoughtful gift for the folks! Just think, no one else has gotten them one, and you know it will fit. One size fits all (flushes). It's probably something they need,right? And steel-reinforced--you have just splurged, girl.teehee
No, really, that is one thing they can mark off their "needs" list they won't have to buy. Just think, they can tell all their friends "this is what my daughter and her husband got us for our anniversary."!!!)
Have a good evenin'~New Neighbor

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57926: Oh no, what a terrible story, Merri! You know, I read that it's good to have 2 rabbits instead of one but when I was a girl, I had a very friendly black and white rabbit named Butch (kind of funny considering our earlier topic of conversation! haha). My sister had the great idea of getting a rabbit, too, but her rabbit was snooty and unfriendly to mine and started biting him on the feet and legs. My rabbit developed an infection from it and had to be put to sleep, so I don't like the idea of 2 rabbits, either. Seems to me that if you only have one, it would bond better with humans.

Merri, I don't want you to misunderstand my prior comments. I have much compassion for people who struggle and have also had close friends in that position. It is heartbreaking. I don't want to come across harsh in my opinions. I just am of the belief that there is an answer in our compassionate Jesus.


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57927: Testing: Dež ž ž. Hey, Dež, I'm on Firefox, and it let me make the squiggle. Maybe you should try again. --Romeena

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57928: Oh, my goodness, MW! That's awful about your rabbits. You must have been very upset. And I fully understand about you calling your dad about the hamster. I've taken calls from my kids at weird hours for the very same things. One daughter lost a little guinea pig, called me when she knew it was sick, I went over and sat with her babies while she took it to the 24-hr vet clinic, but they couldn't save it. My other daughter called me nearly in hysterics because her adorable little parakeet had died in her hand. We think her psychotic dog had scared it nearly to death, and she had picked it up to comfort it, and it just died. Awful! I guess everyone knows how I am about animals, and believe me, my kids are all the same way. No hunters in the family, but everyone has pets, of many persuasions. Mostly dogs, but other critters as well. The spouses are the same way, I think my kids wouldn't marry anyone who didn't like animals.

Well, time for some supper. Have a great evening, all. Starr says 10-4. --Romeena

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57929:
Paint... Paint... It's all painted. Everything. Even the cats and dogs, I think. Not sure..

BOO! I'm so sorry, but that's one of the grossest, funniest things I've ever heard! You poor li'l thang. I have a similar story that is just too disgusting to relate. I will merely say it involved the sebaceous glands on the aft-end of a feline. I had no idea such things could exist on this Earth.

I was belly aching the other day about rising gas prices, but I think I'll stop. Unlike those poor folks in CA, we're still paying less than $3.00 a gallon.

H* in animals is widely documented. There are even truly b*s**ual species, including primates and penguins, the latter of whom will actually reject the opposite s** in favor of their life partners. No one knows why this is, and while it is futile to use it to explain human behavior, it is perhaps significant from an anthropological standpoint.

Speaking of critters, I have a cat that is just about driving me nuts. Any cat psychologists out there? He is 6 years old, neutered at age 4 months, the offspring of a tamed feral mother, and hollers constantly (seriously, for years) to go outside. He has gotten his way a few times by darting out the door, climbing out windows, etc. In an attempt to protect him, we do everything in our power to keep him inside. We even screened in a 10'x12' section of our covered patio so he could go outside and eat grass. This isn't good enough. LOL Oh no, he's not buying it. He wants the whole neighborhood. I'm so frustrated, and I feel so sorry for him. (But not sorry enough to turn him loose.) I'm out of ideas.

Hamburgers from Whataburger tonight. We haven't had them in a couple months. Besides, Mom's plum wore out. :-)


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57930:

Now that worked! Thanks, Ro! I don't know what happened before, but whenever I tried to type it, I would actually lose the entire page and have to re-type everything I'd entered. Silly me, silly me... :-)


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57931: Hay Romeena did you git the last two e-mail from me


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57932: That cat sounds a little "off the beam", so to speak (no offense). You must really love him. I would have found him another home somewhere on a farm or something! He is a very determined fellow....wonder what he thinks he's missing (maybe he doesn't know he's neutered..)?


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57933: I did, Tom, and thank you. I just had so much email to catch up on when I got home after being gone for five days, and now I've got Starr taking up my time - I've been reading my email, but haven't answered any of it. The pictures were beautiful!

About cats roaming the neighborhood - I think I told you about my watery little boobytrap for roving cats? Works so well, and gives me such a big laugh. I wouldn't dream of hurting one of them, but I don't mind sending them packing with wet fur. Beats the horror of watching one catch a baby squirrel. For most, it's several days before I see them around here again. Too funny!

Boo, (heehee, snicker, giggle) I'm so sorry about your encounter with the bird bomb. That's just hilarious, you must admit. Reminds me of the night Cindy, one of our nurses and a terribly fastidious little soul, perfect make up and all, came in to work in a state of high indignation, and calling for someone to "get it off of me". Seems a bird had made a deposit into her hair as she walked beneath a tree. Yep, there it sat, a big, dark green slug, right on top of her head, sort of draped over her perfectly-coiffed hair. She couldn't see it to remove it, and it took us all about ten minutes to stop laughing long enough to come to her rescue. Shame on us! (haha) Nature will have the last laugh sometimes.

Blessings, all. Starr says 10-4. --Romeena

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57934:
Hello porch family....Pretty chilli here in SC.

Tom...praying you're feeling better. made me go wash my lips by just reading your post...... Now I didn't laugh at you.....well maybe a little bit....well maybe a lot. You are a riot!

Hey Spot....Yep I'm here brother....Can't stay long. Got to go and make some phone calls.

You all have a great night's rest and know that I'm praying for all the porch family.

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57935:

Ok, bird poop, know there's a topic I can relate to. Back in my baseball days I played third base (my do I miss those days) and during one game I was on the receiving end of two "bird bombs" after the second one the base umpire said to me, "that bird hates you."

Spot-We didn't watch but my daughters were rooting for Taylor Swift at the CMA's last night. From what I know of her she seems like a sweet kid.

Barney: "If there's anything that upsets me, it's having people say I'm sensitive."


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57936:

Boo, this cat is indeed off the beam. He's a NUT. I can't think of a thing to do beyond what we've done. Letting him roam the neighborhood is out of the question, both for his sake and that of the neighbors. He's not a hunter, oddly enough, but he'd no doubt be a pest.

My wonderful uncle sent me some old photos of my grandmother between 1905 and 1910. Seeing her when she was young really tugged at my heartstrings. I miss her so...

~Dež~ (back to squiggling.. thanks again, Ro)

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57937: Hey gang..caught up here at work now..auh2 that taylor swift is good and the teens lover her my 16 old son does!..Brother Rev are gona hit the road anytime soon?..been down to freezing here Rev in about a half of cord of fire wood split on the to get to work and fill it up...TOM you still working on the chain?..MW,MaudeSPOT

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57938: well all of my post fif not post...huh...I said hey to a bunch more...oh-well..breakfast will be at Denny on Star..I may have got censord..let me try this..Romeena when can I ask Starr for a date to the duck pond?..I will have her home early but she better not bite the end of my snow cone and su*k all the syurp out!..prayers...back in a bit...[see if this post]...SPOT

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57939: I need an answer for a trivia page I'm writing: Did Steve Quincy get Opie to throw an apple or a rock at that streetlight he broke?
Thanks. Hey to everybody.
Charlotte Tucker

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57940: Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Been busy this week. Getting home every night at 11:30 after play rehearsal. Whew! What a week. Tomorrow night is opening night. One thing I've noticed is there are certainly some "needy" people in the theater. I don't mean materially needy either. Might not get by much this weekend. So have a great one.


November 08, 2007 - Msg 57941: Just looked at some archives. Thanks for the APB, Me-They. Here I is. Busy, just busy. A woman in a hurry. Maybe I should go peel an apple. Hope everyone is well. Prayers for Mrs. Asa and anyone else who may be needin' 'em.
Charlotte Tucker again

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57942: It was an apple, I believe. Not positive, but I think so. They had been throwing apple cores at each other. --Romeena

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57943: Well, my interview went pretty well today. I probably shouldn't say that because I thought all my interviews(for the jobs I didn't get) went well.
There were only 4 people on the board interviewing me, so that wasn't too bad. And they were all nice older ladies, well except for the administrator whom I know pretty well, so it wasn't as nerve-wracking as I anticipated.
I only got stuck on one question, and I should make a note, because this one always seems to get me. That one is, "do you have any questions for us?" I always draw a blank on that one, because usually they have already explained about the job and have answered any questions I may have had. I know I should have asked something, but on the spot like that with everyone staring at me I couldn't think of anything to ask that hadn't already been said.

Des, if you don't mind, where is this behavior in animals "widely documented"?
I think we have to be careful with who is doing the "documenting" as well. As people have been known to lie and commit outright fraud to further an agenda.
I remember the Hamer Study, which was the one which started this whole "gay gene" nonsense, and was summarily dismissed by the scientific community for its terribly flawed, biased research. Yet Homo****** activists and supporters still use this case as "proof" that they are "born that way". I guess it's a nice way to not take responsibility for your actions.

Sorry if I appear a little harsh on this issue. I really am not judging what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms. I have just had my fill of opposing these activists and their agenda in our schools these past couple years. If they want to live that way, fine. Live and let live, I say. But when they come into our schools with their agenda trying to force their way of thinking into our children's minds, that's where I draw the line.
If you tangle with a lion's cubs you're gonna get what's coming to you.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57944: Sorry, didn't mean to rock on yer toes, Opiemom. Have a nice evening.

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57945: Wow, the trees, er the porch, sure is full tonight. Hey there, Sterling Holobyte. Long time no see. (You've been here, I haven't.) Glad your interview went well.

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57946: Did I miss something, Romeena? :D
Who was throwing apple cores at each other.

Or are you dreaming again?!;)

-Sterling Holobyte

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57947: Thanks Charlotte!
How goes everything?

-Sterling Holobyte

November 08, 2007 - Msg 57948: Put your reading glasses on, Sterling. I was answering Charlotte, a question she asked in #57939. Or did I dream that? (heehee)

As I sit here at the keyboard, there is a soft little chin resting on top of my foot. It's been over three months since I've had that sweet comfort. It's pretty nice. I don't know why furkids like to do that, but I'm glad they do. The Plum always rested like that when I was here at the desk, and now little Starr is doing the same thing. I love it! --Romeena

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57949: Serling you and hazel throwing apples at each other?..she will break out the meatballs on you...hee was an apple CT...will someone throw a tomato at me I aint had lunch..SPOT

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57950: Mornin'! In light of our conversation a few days ago concerning the state of the gospel in this country, I wanted to share a verse from scripture that was part of my devotional this morning. It just fit so well that I wanted to share it. It is in the apostle Paul's letter to the Corinthian church and he is describing his present suffering for the gospel's sake: "Even unto the present hour we both hunger and thirst, and are naked, and are buffeted, and have no certain dwelling place; and labor working with our hands; being reviled, we bless, persecuted, we suffer it. Being defamed, we intreat; we are made as of the filth of this world, and are the offscourings of all things unto this day."~1 Corinthians 4:11-13. I know not everyone is called to the sufferings of Paul for the gospel, he even says that Christ showed him "what things he would suffer..." for the gospel, but he certainly didn't "prosper" in the godly sense, but who would argue with his righteousness before God? Kind of interesting to think about, anyway.

How sweet about little STAR resting her head on your foot, Ro. I am so glad, it really does my heart so much good to know that you are getting that comfort from Starr. Hey, you forgot to have her "10-4" us.

Yes, the bird bombing was funny...AFTER I got my lips disinfected. Sean was with me and he certainly got a good laugh. I also noticed as I was leaving that there were two men sitting in their car with the windowns down very nearby. I'm sure they got a good laugh over the whole thing.

Auh2o, your bird story was hilarious, "that bird hates you", hahaha...I laughed out loud. What was really gross about this bird bombing was that it smelled so horrible and was a strange orange-yellow color that actually stained my skin for awhile. Vile stuff but I am just so thankful that I had my mouth closed (for a change, ha!).

REV, you made me realize that I forgot to tell my husband about the bird bombing before he kissed me last night. Wonder if he still would have if he had known?...yes, I'm sure he would have. We are talking about a man who can gut a deer in record time. Not much grosses him out.

Hey Sterling, certainly hope the interview went as well as you think. I don't think you should worry about not having any questions. I think people with too many questions are annoying in an interview. They probably just thought you were paying attention. By the way, I think you make a great point about the "scientific" studies that are out there. They can't always be believed, but the word of God can, right?

Better go get Erin ready for school. It is too warm here (in the 80's yesterday). I'm ready for the mountains of New Mexico in less than 2 weeks!! Hey, lets get ready to share our favorite Thanksgiving memories, recipes, funny stories, etc...."It's that time of year again", and for you who have been here for years like me, I never mind hearing a story repeated so don't let that stop you. Was it Opiemom who told us that great Christmas story recently? Maybe she can come up with something similar for Thanksgivin. I LOVED her storytelling!

I will be very busy the next couple of days with the fundraiser so if I'm not around as much, you'll know what I'm up to. Later..


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57951: On the subject of studies and research, remember one time on Dr. Dean Edell's radio program someone called in about some interesting results from a study. They found that 97% of all fatal accident victims had eaten carrots in the previous six months. Every time a see a carrot I remember this and get a chuckle.

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57952:

Mornin' honeys, mornin' dears. Just got the younguns off to school. One's been out for three days this week with tonsillitis. I suffered with that as a kid but it stopped when I hit my late teens. I hope my youngun's does, too. I also hope she remembers to turn in her excuse note! She's been known to forget, and unexcused absences can be serious business.

I'm going to find one of those 'cat forums' to write to about my fur buddy, although I can't think of a thing that can be done. Maybe someone there will have a suggestion, short of a lobotomy, which we couldn't afford even if we were so inclined. LOL

Sterling, I don't know about any "gay gene," but I just googled "h***s******** in animals" and came up with a ton of stuff. I didn't check any of it out and I'm sure one could discount any of it offhand, but there it is. I first heard about it in the '70s from my friend who was studying anthropology or something in college. He was a psychology major and was forever relating all manner of weird and interesting stuff.

Guess I'll head to Walmart. I might carry an umbrella just in case, Boo. :-)


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57953: Good idea, carry that umbrella DES! ha.....the lobotomy thing is hilarious...maybe they have Xanax or Zoloft for kidding, maybe he need medication to help him calm down.


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57954:
Hey Folks

I don't really have anything new to add to the topic of homosexuality. I do know and agree with what the Bible says on the subject. However, why would someone choose to be gay, that's not like buying a car you don't like or living in a neighborhood you despise. Why would someone choose to be something they are not? See, I told it was nothing new.

Ray-That's a good one. I do not want to start a moulage on gun control but I can remember some spokmen saying, something along the lines of, more children under 4 years old die each year by drowning in 5 gallon buckets than are accidentally shot. So, should we outlaw 5 gallon buckets?

Boo-I must say your experince sounds much worse than mine own was.

Charlotte-Great to see ya rockin' again.

Sterling-Glad the interview went well. Now, keep positive!

Rev-I have the "Cube Steak" recipe in the crock as we speak or as I type.

"There once was a deputy called Fife,
Who carried a gun and a knife.
The gun was all rusty,
And the knife was all dusty,
Cause he never caught a crook in his life."


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57955:
Oh yeah, I against outlawing 5 gallon buckets. I'm pretty sure we can all agree on that one. Until Me-They shows-up again.


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57956: Thanks for the well-wishes, auh2o.

Though I really can't stand that argument people are always bringing up "why would someone choose to be homosexual?"

Well gee, I don't know; why would anyone choose to do drugs or be a child molester either?!. They know they will be looked down upon, and they know in their heart of hearts that it is wrong and sinful; but it is also pleasurable for them, and that that pleasure is easily obtained. They also have their own kinds of "support groups" where people tell them they are doing the right thing.
And sometimes the draw of that easy "high" is more enticing than sitting down and reading the Bible, which is what they should be doing right?.
That's why.

Also, some people like to feel like they are the underdog, and fighting the system for a "cause".
And some causes are easier to get into than others.

Well, that's enough of that kind of talk from me.

Kai doesn't have school today so we are gonna have to find something to do. Maybe we will have a band concert.
Or maybe we will go over to her Grandma's, where her cousins' are staying today. :)

Have a good day, everyone!

-Sterling Holobyte

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57957: Good morning, all. What a beautiful day!! It's cool, around 70 degrees, light breeze, beautiful sunshine, and for some reason, the mosquitoes are scarce. I can't imagine why, but I'm grateful. I've got three flats of color to plant - two of pansies and one snapdragons. They'll just go in little clumps here and there. My landscaper friend will be here next Wednesday, to strip the big raised bed and we'll fill it full of more pansies, snaps and dianthus.

I had ordered a Satomi dogwood from a California nursery, and it arrived Wednesday, so my landscaper friend stopped by this morning and planted it out front. I was so disappointed, just really crushed, when the beautiful mountain laurel I had in that spot died last summer. I had brought that little tree from San Antonio 33 years ago when we moved here. It was two feet tall, rooted in a gallon can. When it died, it was ten feet tall, spreading about twelve feet, and just beautiful. We still don't know why it died. Age, maybe. Anyway, I went online and looked at ornamental trees, and found the Satomi dogwood. Absolutely impossible to find in this area, but the California grower assures me it will grow here and do well. We shall see. Anyway, it's in the ground, and I have high hopes.

Little Starr is running around here all full of spit and ginger, and is so cute it just makes your heart want to laugh. I think we're going to have a very good life together. She's the perfect mix of cuddly and energetic. When I'm moving around, she's right at my heels. If I even look like I'll play, she gets really bouncy and busy. If I sit down at the computer, she plops down by my feet, puts her head on my foot, and naps. When we go to bed, she plays and bugs me for a few minutes, then settles down and goes right to sleep. Very adaptable, ready for whatever I want to do. I'm so glad I've got her, and thank you for the kind words, everyone. It doubles my joy in her to know that you're happy for me.

I'll be getting some pictures in the album soon - my DIL took some cute ones, but she wants to clean them up a little, take the reflection out of her eyes and all. She'll email them to me when she has them ready, and I'll put them in the album.

Well, Eloise is on her way over, we're going to go find some lunch and do a bit of shopping. Have a great day, everyone! Starr says 10-4. --Romeena

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57958: Good morning all! Hope today finds you full of health and happiness!

I was gonna keep my mouth shut about the bristly topic of gay people, but I can't ignore your comments STERLING. Putting a gay person in the same context with drug addicts and child molesters is like comparing apples to boulders. It's not remotely the same thing. Being with someone you love I guess could be described as a "high." Then I guess we're all guilty of that at some point, whether we're with the right person or not. Also, I've never had a gay person try to recruit me or threaten my children with their "lifestyle." My friend never talked about it until I asked. He just explained his side of things. And yes, I hope gay people understand the love in the bible. Because some of them sure face a lot of "unloving" situations in this world. Ok, I'll shut up about it and get back to porch business. I don't mean to sound in a tither, I'm not, but I had to respond. Hope you understand where I'm coming from. STERLING, how are things with your wife? I hope much better. Hope you and Kai have a fun day off.

AUH20, I got rid of my buckets when I had kids. I just use my sink for mopping my floor.

CHARLOTTE, good to see you! Hope you get a chance to sit a spell and rest.

BOO, that is a good suggestion about the cat. They actually put dogs and cats on antidepressants these days.

DeS, just what are you painting? I'm very curious...

RO, there's nothing nicer than a sweet little warm head resting on your foot! What a blessing STARR is.

REV, I've checked out your recipes on your website, I even bookmarked them. They all sound DE-licious!

So yesterday, I told you all I had called my mom to come over to relieve me from the "TODDLER WARS," and my hubby didn't have to put in his usual 15 hour Thursday. We had a nice meal together and then hubby and I went off to go scout some Christmas ideas for the gherkins. My mom was confident, dare I say--smug, about her abilities to tame the wild beast which is my 2nd curly-locked Shirley Temple resembling child! She had plans, you see. Big plans on how to entertain the little one. She brought story books, puzzles, treats, even the "Ratatouille DVD." My dear mother was armed to the teeth with reinforcements prepared for battle. After all, she is a seasoned mom who raised 2 girls herself. We were gone about an hour and a half and as we entered the house, we could smell something. It smelled kind of like NOXEEMA. We carefully walked through the laundry room, through the kitchen and into the living room. "Ratatouille" was playing, there were bowls of popcorn and pillows everywhere. The living room was a mini-ghost town. Not a soul in there. We proceeded down the hall and heard some commotion in the hall bath. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up! My mommy/Spidey senses were in full effect. As we entered the bathroom, my oldest was sitting on the edge of the tub with a sour look on her face and 2 little hand prints on the front of her pajamas. The hand prints were the color of some kind of creamy beige. My mom's back was to us and sitting on top of the counter was our 2nd. She peeped around my mom and I gasped! She looked like Al Jolson from "The Jazz Singer!" Apparently, she was able to commandeer my mom's makeup bag and had opened 2 new bottles of Covergirl liquid make-up spreading the entire contents all over her face, hands and letting the rest drip down my cabinets onto the tiled floor. Now, I'm not blaming my poor mother. Not at all! The poor dear went into the kitchen to make the girls popcorn and juice. But during that time, #2 quickly went into action like a pint-sized Ninja! She's quick! She's smart and she's dangerous. Verrrrrrry dangerous. I wished I would've had a camera right then and there! I would have lined them all up like a cop does when he's investigating a crime scene...we all had a good laugh, some of us before others. My sweet mom was worn out and ready to drive home at break-neck speeds, I'm afraid! I don't think she really believed me when I warned her about #2. But she sure does now! I think I'll send her some flowers today--just to be nice and to encourage her to come back sometime! HAAAAAAA! I sure do love my mom! She can't be beat!

Well, that's all for now folks. Take care of yourselves--many blessings to all. MW

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57959:
Romeena-Aside from your 70 degrees and the mosquitoes (I won't see them again until next Spring) and for the fact it's snowy here a bit our weather could have been separated at birth. It's 27 degrees here.

Sterling-I don't know if your reasoning is correct there. Doing drugs and the gay life style don't seem to be parallel roads to me. As for the child molester, I've known a few gay people in my life and I don't think that's fair either. Now, believe me, I've never been known as someone who supports the gay life, they don't need to answer to me. But, I don't think it's as cut and dry. People that want to commit to someone for the rest of their life don't seem like people looking for a "high" to me. I had a cousin that was gay. He has since died but while he was alive I think he fought, within himself, his feelings. He was a devout Christian and it troubled him deeply. I guess, I think Me-They got as close to the answer as there is one. I really don't believe someone is gay just to fight the system. I don't mean to sound harsh, really I don't. I just don't know. I don't think any of us know. And to tell you the truth I think I'm going to drop the subject.

Sterling-You and Kai have a GREAT DAY!

Andy Taylor: That's real good, Goober; but Cary Grant wasn't in 'Picnic'.
Helen: That was William Holden.
Goober Pyle: William Holden? Heck, I can't do William Holden; he sounds like everybody else.


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57960: Funny story, MW, and sounds pretty familiar...seems like I have had quite a few of those types of experiences. I had to call poison control 3 times when Erin was little. I was afraid CPS was going to come and take her from me. The first time it was because she got ahold of my purse while I was in the kitchen and found some type of pills that I was taking for bladder irritation (you know, those things that make your urine turn red). The second time, while I was in the bathroom, she pulled a chair up to the sink and got ahold of a bottle of children's Motrin that was at the back of the counter and had a childproof cap on it. She drank half the bottle. Third time, she swallowed a hearing aid battery. It was always something with Erin (still is, come to think of it...).

By the way, while I am glad your experience with your friend has been a good one, I have had some very negative ones concerning my own family, etc. I had a trusted gay uncle who came into our home and mosested my brother. By outward appearance, he seemed like the nicest, kindest man in the world. He even went to church. He never talked about being gay or even admitted it outright. He also was very generous and kind around children. I spent much time in his household growing up and saw he array of men who came and went, and the young boys that he "hung out" with. His secret lifestyle was something else. I'm not saying all are like him, I understand that, but I am trying to say that you can't always judge a book by it's cover and be careful who you trust around your or straight, of coure. I also have two other gay family members by marriage who are not very nice people...outwardly, they seem nice enough, but I have been around them when their guard is down, and I have had them spew their vile language in front of my children. They are also very deceived, in my opinion, about right and wrong (I'm speaking of those in my family) and hate those in the family who don't accept their lifestyles with joy. Just a view from where I'm standing.

Gotta go help Sean with his schoolwork...


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57961:
Merri-Hey there! We must have posted at the same time. Must be that old adage is true about great minds. haha


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57962:
Hey Boo, I guess that makes 3 great minds.


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57963: I don't mean to imply that all gay people are like that, just what I experienced. I also have had a couple of gay friends who were very sweet.. one who was a Christian and struggled, as you mentioned, Auh2o. I think it's a pretty complex issue with no really easy answers. I do believe it to be a very sad, and unhealthy lifestyle from what I have seen. I read a really good book once by a psychologist who talked about the kinds of things in people's early life that makes them prone to live the gay lifestyle and it was a very sad book, indeed. I also read a book not long ago about a preacher with two sons who were both gay. I pray that my own children don't have to deal with those kinds of struggles but I have worried about it.

Ok, I think I'm done with this topic..


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57964: will will it look like this topic of lifestyle had no end to it.
how about one who want to have more money there a lifestyle for you.
no one happy what a little money.


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57965:
Dr. Pat- Methinks thou protesteh too much. I have little money and I'm happy.

Boo-I'm with you, let's stick a fork in this topic, for me, it's done.

Andy: "If you asked me, I would say that this Earnest T Bass is a strange and unusual man."


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57966: AUH2O Look having no money is one thing but wanting to have more will that crazy. you known money can not by happer net can it.
i have little money too, but i'm just as happy to.

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57967:
Man, porch is busy! I may have to sweep again! ha
OK, to the subject of Thanksgiving, I don't think i ever mentioned this one on the porch; but in 98 or 99 when the deep frying of turkeys was becoming the thing to do, my uncle decided to try it. Of course, he didnt read the directions, but he had enough smarts to set it up way in the backyard. Well, when we all arrived, he told us that the turkey should be ready soon, because he had had it in the fryer for THREE HOURS!!!
He just figured it would be the same cook time as a 16 pounder in a regualr oven. Well...he went to check on it and that poor bird was burnt to a crisp!! haha
So we had a thanksgiving dinner of all "side dishes" that year! Ripley's believe it or not!!
I liked the "cozy" story better by MW, but hey, what can i say, only in my crazy family!
God bless ya all!
Yea, Des got the squiggle back!
Racing here soon!

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57968:
Dr. Pat- Wasn't Lennon or was Lenin, (oh well, no difference) that said, "Money can't me love."

Hey there MDC!


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57969: MDC gona be a good run for hendricks next few weeks in nascar!...hey Ro,boo,hazel,des,auh20,Starr,ray,possum,TOM,lucy,ct,sterling,goober and all....well busy here at work again but slowed some ,im here till morning then off the weekend..supper will be bbq chicken,corn on the cob,baked sweet taters,greenbeans,fried okra,rolls,big maude slaw and brother Rev will you bring the tea and grace?..back in a bit...SPOT

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57970: Not much of an Oprah fan but the Osmond special was great. . . .


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57971: Just to be clear, my comparison was to highlight the similarities of self-destructive lifestyles. They are not all that different. If you choose to believe otherwise, then so be it and no amount of facts or research are going to change your mind.
And if you haven't had homos@xual activists come into your schools under the banner of "diversity training" MW, you must have a good school there, congrats. But sometimes evil can be looking you straight in the face and it still can be hard to see because it is in disguise. Satan is a clever one, you know.

Yes, it is a bristly topic isn't it? Thank you for asking about my wife.

The trouble with those "committed" partners, auh2o, is if you look at the stats, the majority of self-described committed homos@xual couples will have more than 100 outside s@xual partners. That is WITHIN their relationship. I'm not saying all are like that. But unfortunately the ones who are truly committed are the exception rather than the rule.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57972: Evenin' Porch Family:
MW: I haven't laughed this hard in ages. I laugh only because *BEEN THERE,DONE THAT*. I left my children to go get groceries with their father standing in the yard with them. When I got home one look at them and I nearly fainted dead away. They had been in our burn pile where I had burned all the newspapers (before recycling) and had left leafy ashes. They had "colored" each other with the black, with the only thing not covered were eyes, and the ring around their mouths!!! I asked Mr. why he let them do it--his comment? "They were'nt crying and no one was bleeding, just a lot of laughing and giggling.! MEN. I too wished I had the camera, I was just too shocked to move. They still remember it to this day.
Hello to everyone tonight. Cold here- 34 degrees, snowed a little this morning. Gonna go get warm. ~New Neighbor

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57973:

I've noticed the lack of skeeters here, too, Ro. I did see one in my bathroom last night, but at least I'm not being attacked in my garden anymore! I hate this 'getting-dark-at-6:00' deal. I do love it getting dark in the summer at 9:00, though.

MW, I'm painting walls, furniture, shelving -- you name it. LOL It's amazing what lighting and fresh paint can do to spruce up a place! (I watch too much HGTV. :-)

Hey back atcha, Spot.

Yep, me squiggle's back, MDC me matey. arrggg!


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57974:

Wait.. do pirates say "arrggg" or "arrrr?" I think "arrggg" is something you say when you spill paint down your arrrrmmm. Well, it beats some of the things I could say. :-)


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57975: I think pirates say "arrggg" when they are falling off the plank, Des. ;)

Or is that "arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg(splash!)"?!

Kai went with the Mrs. to see our high school's production of Bye Bye Birdie tonight, so I is all alone. Except for Sophie.
...That's Kai's cat, in case you were wondering if I was up to no good.;)

-Sterling Holobyte

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57976:
Sterling-This looks a touchy subject with you but I think maybe you're a bit off with your "facts." As for the, "the ones who are truly committed are the exception rather than the rule" well, I think the same could be said about a lot heterosexual relationships.

Dr. Pat- I'm not sure but we might be saying the same thing. I don't have a lot of money, I'm not opposed to having a lot of money but I'm not willing to trade our happiness for it.

Spot-I don't think I've ever seen fresh okra, only frozen. This my be a dumb question but is there a world of difference.

Rev-Well, needless to say, the Cube Steak dish was a big hit.

Merri-Great story.


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57977:

Sterling, I think you're right about that pirate thing. Have you ever seen the pirate translator? It's hilarious -- lots of scaliwags, keelhauling, wenches, seahags.. you name it.

We're watching TV with a couple of cats and dogs. They are good company, and they appreciate the fine things in life.. like basketball, for instance. :-) Tonight my Spurs are whoopin' up on the Hornets. They're way ahead so Pop's playing the bench. That new feller, Washington, is looking good.

auh20, I'm with you on the money thing. I've had money and I've been broke. Not much difference between the two in terms of state of mind and happiness.


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57978:
Hello porch family...pray you all had a great day. I leave out tomorrow for TN & KY. Gone for about a week.

Auh2o....glad you enjoyed the cube steak recipe. We really like it too. glad the Starr is fitting right in.

Porch family.....I really need your prayers.....I am feeling real bad. I've got a cold and have concerts coming up this weekend and through next week. If you folks would lift me up in your pray time I sure would be thankful. I truly believe in prayers! Thank you all so much and I send love and prayers for each of you.

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57979: Hey des,auh2 there is a world of difference in fresh okra and in the south we just have a big garden and can and freeze the fresh stuff and its good all winter...hey ro,mdc,goober,possum,lucy,asa,hazel,ct,merri,boo,mavis,my brother Rev and all..Im still here at work watching the 1960 Psycho movie!..."The Bates Motel"!..BOO![I scare ya?]....well snack time will the the good old capt. crunch and milk...nice weather here just NO rain...lows 40 highs 60"s...well back to my movie...SPOT

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57980: Brother Rev we posted at the same time...have a blessed and safe trip and look for the UPS truck!...SPOT

November 09, 2007 - Msg 57981: Certainly will pray for you REV. Thanks for asking. Hope you feel fine real soon, Brother.

MDC, that turkey story reminded me of the Christmas Dinner scene at Clark Griswold's house (Christmas Vacation movie). I remember Clark's wife dipping the dried up turkey pieces in her water glass and trying to eat it. Love that movie...but I think we have talked about that every December, haven't we? I think it's Asa who is the Clark Griswold expert and knows all the qoutes from the movie, isn't it?

I agree with you Sterling (on the topic I decided not to talk about again..ha), and I think it should be a "sensitive" topic for all Americans who are concerned with the moral climate and future of this country. You are obviously concerned about what the future will be like for you dear daughter, as I am (and for all children growing up in this age). And Auh2o, I really don't think Sterling is far off with his facts.

Well, been a long day and the bed is looking real good so I think I will say goodnight to all you "Wenches, Seahags, and Scalliwags" and see you tomorrow. Arrrrrrgggg!


November 09, 2007 - Msg 57982: Hey SPOT, I noticed that Psycho was on AMC but I don't have the guts to watch that movie. It freaked me out the first time! That shower scene is too much. Hope you aren't alone and don't have to take a might get shampoo in your eyes from showering with your eyes open! he