November 14, 2007 - Msg 58126: Morning porch family, been a busy week for me so thought I would stop by and sit a spell. Looks like a lot of folks have been by. It's good to see and hear from everyone. Northeast TN has had some cool weather and finally some rain. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and are still playing football. My sons team moves on to round 2 of the regional playoffs this week so we go to
Greeneville, Tn about 45-60 minutes away. wish them luck and safety please. This is the first time in the schools 26 year history they have made it to round 2 in the playoffs. Lunch will be at Olive Garden my treat. see you there. Big Maude Prayers and Blessings to all.

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58127: Oh my gosh!! I swept for the first time in a long time. I hope I did not stir up too much dust. Big Maude

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58128:
homemaker & ~Des~ My post my not have been as clear, and when I say clear I mean my post most likely looked like gibberish, as I wanted it to be. My daughters grade for gym was 60 her over all grade was 89.9, which caused her to miss the honor roll by a tenth. Being sick made it a rough quarter. To tell you the truth I am not so fond of the "Honor Roll" thing anyway. We have never had an issue with it here but I have seen what not making "the list" does to some of my girls friends and cousins. I guess it just the seems too much like a caste system (M-T, I know it's not a caste system but that's as close as I could figure) to me. I think a lot of the kids that don't make the roll think of themselves as less and tend to perform at lower lever than they could. That's just my take on it, I could be, and most likely am, wrong. I too am vocal regarding school. This new lot of "documentaries" are driving me crazy. And, in turn, I am driving some teachers crazy.

~Des~ My youngest recieved that award also. I thought it was pretty cool, maybe cooler than she did.

Big Maude-That's just great! On to Greeneville and VICTORY! But, first let's hit the Olive Garden.

Merri-Hang in there.


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58129: Oh my. auh2o, I just have to pick up that gauntlet. Admittedly, it was thrown in a gentle way, and I hope my response will be equally gentle, but I must respectfully disagree. While it's true that some children may feel discouraged when they don't make the "honor roll", there are others who will feel challenged and determined to make it the next time. When the system is discarded, the kids who would work so hard to earn that distinction find that a major goal has been removed, and could easily lose motivation. I know, the honor is in the learning, not the grade, but kids don't always see it that way. Now, having said that, it must be said that if such a system is in place, it's incumbent upon the school to make sure that their policies are just and fair, and don't harbor any little hidden traps that can undermine a student's efforts, such as the injustice done to your daughter. That was grossly unfair, and I wouldn't blame you if you raised a considerable fuss about it.

On the other hand, while I was always on the honor roll in high school, I missed being salutatorian by a tenth of a point. My grades were soaring, and I was quite over-confident. Imagine my shock when I received my Texas History grade. A "C".

Horrified, I went to my teacher, armed with my test papers, all 100's, and asked for an explanation. He showed me his "class participation" record book, and my daily grades were woefully deficient. I had no excuse. I had been reading Edna Ferber's "Giant" during class, deluding myself that since it was about Texas, it would be okay. I could multi-task a bit even back then, and had managed to answer a couple of questions directed at me, but I still wasn't fooling Mr. Neff. (Sorry, Mavis, that really was his name.)
He showed me how he could actually have given me a "D" because of the way it averaged out, but gave me a "C" instead, because "the book was about Texas, so I gave you credit for that." He was really a nice guy, and a good teacher, and I had no one to blame but myself. I thanked him, swallowed my indignation and left. I have never forgotten him, or the lesson he taught me. When you're involved in a task, commit to it, or leave it.

I know there are different ways to look at the matter, but I guess I just hate to see reward being denied those who work to achieve, so as to avoid offending those who didn't hit the mark, for whatever reason. If they missed because they didn't really try hard enough, when they get out of school and into the real world, they're going to be offended quite often. Employers aren't as tactful as the schools are, in that respect.

Well, that's just my opinion, and hey, what do I know? My class has already had their 50th reunion, so I'm a bit out of date. Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58130: Here is a funny story about "honor roll." My oldest son made honor roll in fourth grade. That was the first grade it was made eligible for them. In third grade, he had received a BUG award (bringing grades up). Casey and school have never gotten along well - while he is diligent and does his homework - it doesn't come easy. So we were very pleased with the BUG award and the honor roll award as well. Well Jesse is very bright but very lazy - he needs to be motivated by the prize. Well he let his grades slip in third grade in hopes of bringing them up the next quarter to win a BUG award. His grades did not come up high enough. So sad for him. NO BUG award! :(
But this year - he made honor roll! And boy was he proud. With some of his homework grades that we saw - I knew that English was going to bring him down. We were prepared for no honor roll and some of his favorite things disappearing. He was relieved and proud that he made honor roll. His next goal is not to miss too many days of school so that he will be rewarded for that. Those things that not everyone can attain easily often makes one try harder.

And yes - because Jesse is a very bright but lazy student - he has things disappear when D's and F's appear on tests. He loves his TV - we only have one and it is a joint set - but he cannot always watch what he would like. (Disney)
And because he loves wrestling so much - his action figures and his wrestling rings are confiscated for 9 weeks at a time if grades are not where they should be. I am such a mean mom!


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58131: Oh no, my dear, you are such a good mom! --Romeena

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58132: thanks to everyone who answered my questions last time. As far as H*****S**** go--I am of the personal opinion that it is wrong--but I am not going to go around with signs and condemn any one who is. Live and Let LIve.

Now something happier--I just got my "

Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cook book
Alot of people are going to be getting Cashew fudge and divinity for Christmas this year--Along with ERNST T's Nutty fruit cake.
AHappy nut

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58133: Homemaker, you think you can come over here and confiscate a few things from Sean??...getting him to complete his work here at home is sometimes murder. Bruce and I have just started the removal of privledges route but so far, he gets so frustrated with the work that he just shouts, "Fine, take it!. I'm supposed to get the results of his latest testing on Friday so maybe I will learn something. Today he sat down and started his work without any trouble but on some days it's really hard. I think I forgot to tell you all that we did wean him off the Paxil and onto Zoloft successfully (Hooray!). That was just a little rocky the first week but he the Zoloft is a better med for Sean. I pray it continues to work because the last time he was on it, he hit the maximum dose pretty quick, which is why we switched to the Paxil. Poor Sean has just packed on so much weight it breaks my heart and making him eat right is a constant battle. He doesn't want to be very physically active because of his size and so it is a bad cycle. We are working on it, though.

Hey, I have question for those of you who take the fish oil supplements. I think they are making me sick. When I take them I seem to get nauseated throughout the day. At first I thought it was the coQ10 I was taking, but then I stopped that but started taking the fish oil at night. Then I started waking up in the middle of the night feeling sick. Maybe it's something else entirely but wondered if any of you had experienced anything similar?

Auh2o, it would be great if kids would love learning just for the sake of learning, wouldn't it. I remember reading in a book about homeschooling once that our goal should be to give our kids lifetime of love for learning for the sake of learning. Gaining knowledge can be a real joy, but how to get them there, that part I don't remember reading, ha!


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58134: Where in the world is Lucy, by the way?


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58135:
"He's a NUT!"

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58136: Boo - I just googled "fish oil cause nausea" and it did bring up a some articles to look at. Glad to hear Sean is off the Paxil - and that Zoloft seems to be working. Prayers continue for you all.

I just thought of another book that my 7 year old really likes. It's called "The Scrambled States of America" by Laurie Keller. It's not a chapter book, but it's really cute and very colorful. The gist is Kansas is not happy being in the center of the US, so all the states change places and meet new states, but then the states aren't really happy after all and want to return to their original locations.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58137:
Adding LUCY to the APB list!
MerriWeather, for a thirty-something midwesterner, you can be quite fiesty! ha Just funnin' with ya as Andy did to the inspector!
to which he got the reply, I didnt know this place was being run by the Katz and Jammer kids!" ha
BTW, I tried the steak sammich, goood! better than the diner, that is for sure!
BOO- Since i probably top everyone on the sppliment-taking list, i will tell ya that I usually take them all on a full stomach, ie: right after a meal. That should take care of it.
Or, itt may be like Opie eatin' all the apples at once and gettin' sick. ha
TOM- we need rain here also, please send some to the Phoenix area. Thanks
Homemaker- I bet you have darn good buceps!!
My goodness, that IS a lot of wood and you're still going!
Prayers for all. God bless ya.

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58138:
BUceps? I better proofread my proofreading! ha
Must be that new muscle they discovered!

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58139: Thanks AFD!

MDC, I don't know. I don't think I have ever taken them on a completely empty stomach and it seems that the effects last off and on all day. Yucky.


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58140: Forgot to tell ya'll something cute that happened on the way to school this morning. Erin asked me, "Mom, will you go with me to knock on people's doors to tell them about the gospel?"...I think the church where she goes to school has been having a revival this week and have been inviting people by going house to house or something. Anyway, I was kind of taken by surprise and didn't know how to answer her at first! What do you do? Do I take her and if not, how do I explain that she can't? HELP! I have always been more of a "relationship evangelism" type...haha


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58141: Hey gang im back at work now..good to see ya Asa and Maude...hey auh20,a happy nut,Boo,Ro and all the regulars...maude thanks for the olive garden lunch..guess what gang they are calling for an 80% chance of RAIN for us after midnight!!..I get off at 10 tonight and I may just go home and let Otis out and ride the 4-wheeler in the rain..the prayer meeting the Gov had yesterday must have been answered!..TOM still give us all you can spare [rain],hey afd,hazel,c-t,horatio Lucy?..come in 10-4,Goober too...tonight lets have a rain coming party for the south!..fried catfish,hushpuppys,baked beans,big maude slaw and sweet tea! haww bring on the rain Lord!...back in a bit ...SPOT

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58142: Brother Rev check in...SPOT

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58143: Me-They must be busy today...I had something to discuss with him in the way of theology...

Hey to SPOT...hope you get that rain you need. Sure was sad about the prayer meeting that was protested. Guess that kind of thing is just going to happen but we can't be discouraged over it, can we? Anyway, hope you get a regular gullywasher.


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58144: Boo - maybe take her to someone who is already a Christian and let her witness or bond with them. That way - she will feel that she has accomplished something and she has - she has told them that Jesus loves them and cares for them. Everyone needs to hear that.

Yes MDC - I have good "Buceps" and my biceps aren't that bad either! Only two more truck loads to go - we hauled home number 6 tonite! Yee haw!

And Boo - confiscating only works with the youngest - the older one has the same attitude as Sean. Sorry!


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58145: And Spot - I hope you all get that RAIN!!
despite the protesters!!


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58146: here yiu caan have me and the cold that is comming what it to


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58147: "Buceps", isn't that a muscle in the derriere region?

-Sterling Holobyte

November 14, 2007 - Msg 58148: Wrong Sterling. The buceps is in the brain. Anyone knows that! :)


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58149:

homemaker, I think you're a great mom! The lessons you're teaching will make a difference. Besides, a kid's gotta listen to a mom with great buceps. (Thanks for the chuckle, MDC!)


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58150:
Spent most of the day readying the yard for winter. It's kind of a sad thing but I do enjoy winter, well at least the first half. Romeena I love reading your post concerning the yard work you're up to during the winter months.

Ro-I understand completely what you're saying. I guess my main concern is that the schools don't become participants in creating a chasm between the "smart kids" and the kids that need some extra help. If it really does motivate the kids than I'm wrong (like that's something new) but my fear is it my stigmatize kids. I hate putting labels on kids. I have no facts (like that's something new) to backup my position just a concern. I enjoyed your salutatorian story.

Boo-"...lifetime of love for learning for the sake of learning." Now that's great goal. And, that's what I love about the Internet (that and the gambling, I kid, I kid) reading, reading, reading, like a geek locked in a library.

Andy: What say? Mayberry Minutemen... always ready with the answers?
All the boys: Yeah!
Opie: And any guy that don't join is British!


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58151:
oh yeah, SPOT enjoy the water an mud.


November 14, 2007 - Msg 58152: how about somee snow and rain just for the fun.
That what is comming for tomorroe.


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58153: NO SNOW TOM!!


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58154: Good idea Homemaker. I'll take Erin to someone who will ready and waiting.

I think bucups and Honeycrisp apples are becoming the new VICKS....know what I mean? I thought it was time to introduce VICKS back into the conversation (for the new porch members...).

I could go for some snow right now. Yesterday was downright hot, around 90 with high humidity. Cooled off some today, but not much.

" a geek locked in a library"...hehe, Auh2o. funny.

Hope Me-They shows up to do for some lively discussion (but without his shorts).


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58155: ...uh....let me clarify....with his shorts ON, not his shorts that need to be laundered....


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58156: Vicks, Vicks,
That Glorious Goo,
Helps with anything you do;
Grease a hinge or kill a fungus,
We all need some Vicks among us!

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58157: Uh-oh, the masked Vicks poet strikes again!


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58158: Where is everyone today??

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58159: I'm rite 'cheer! Getting ready to groom some dogs, my own this time, so I don't get paid for that. It's rather damp & COLD on my porch today & supposed to get colder, no snow in the forecast yet tho, you can keep that in WV Tom, at least until we get back from NC.
I checked the weather for Concord this weekend tho, & it's supposed to be cold there too, my poor little hairless dogs HATE this weather as bad as I do. Had to pull out their jammies yesterday. Now if jammies could just fix these pains I have from the weather, my hips, back & hands are just aching! Arthritis in them I suppose. Wonder if VICKS would take that away?
Blessings Porchsters, be back later.
Who's Malloy?

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58160: I could go for some 90 degree weather here, Boo. 44 here, and that was in the car in the garage this morning. I guess the grass is always greener....

Does anyone ever have interesting dreams? I had one last night.
Started off, my wife and I were at the church I grew up in(which we unfortunately do not go to), and they were singing songs there, and they would stop the song and pick a name and that person had to sing a part of the song.
But that's not the interesting part(well, it IS kind of weird).
Well, I wanted to get out of there because I didn't feel like singing(on my own), so we went out the side door that led down to the church basement, which in reality attaches underground to the school next door.
Anyway, my wife went through one of the doors to go into the basement, and I stopped because I saw another door to the right of it with a small handle. So I went in that one, just because it was there and I had never seen it before.

The room that was there was adorned with alot of ornate furniture and decor, but it was weird because it didn't fit together. It was all in different styles and colors. Like in one part of the room there was a shining gold organ. I suddenly remembered seeing a picture of the room with that organ in it.
In another part of the room there was a figure wearing a robe, but the robe wasn't complete because you could see that the figure was partly robotic, like one of those fortune teller robot things you see some places(like in the movie "Big"), except this one wasn't behind a glass case.

Well, before I know it, this thing starts talking to me. Instantly I realize that it is not just a recording, but that he is talking directly to me. Well, we begin talking and I start telling him about seeing this room in a picture and that it is weird seeing the room for real, because I grew up in this church and went everywhere here with my mom(who did a lot of stuff in the church that I sometimes helped her with), but I had never seen this room before.
And he begins telling me about God and, talking in a friendly, off-the-cuff way, telling me about how God made humans and why he made certain things about them.

As we are talking, I suddenly am kind of embarrassed, because I just have a thought of who this animated person with the beard and robe could be.

So I ask him, "Are you Jesus?"
He doesn't answer my question, but goes on talking congenially about God, almost like he knows Him.

I woke up not long after that. But darn it, I can't remember all that he said. I wish I could. He did talk about some things that pertained to me that I remember, but those are personal and are between God and me, I guess. I can't really share them.

Anyway, that was my weird dream, talking to a robotic Jesus. ;) Just a dream. But it makes me wonder though.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58161: Good morning, everyone. Auh2o, you're very kind. I do tend to "run on" about things, and it's nice to know someone isn't bored. Lots going on in the yard right now. Joe, my landscaper friend and his helper, Jorge, were here yesterday. I stayed in the front yard while they ripped all the angelonia and zinnias and begonias (all of which were blooming nicely) out of the island bed. It's just not possible for me to pull up something that's blooming, but it has to be done. If you wait for the first freeze to knock them down, then it's too late to plant pansies and other winter bloomers. You have to get them in now so they can get established before the cold hits.

Anyway, they did that part, and then we all planted. My island is thick with beautiful pansies and snapdragons now - we had 17 flats, got 12 planted, five more to go in today. Jorge is here this morning, raking out and weeding the other beds, and we'll put those five flats in them, in clumps here and there. Joe will be here in a little while. He had to take his wife to the doctor this morning.

It's cold here (for us) at 52 degrees. I'm glad Joe could get me into his schedule, because it's time to get this done. Now, I've got to see if my son will have time to come and put my Christmas lights up, and get all my lighted deer in place before Thanksgiving. My daughter is coming up over the weekend, and I'd like to have it all decorated when she gets here. The Christmas tree, maybe not, but at least have the lights up.

Well, gotta run. I would imagine Jorge would appreciate something to drink about now. See you good folks later. Starr says 10-4! --Romeena

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58162: Good morning everyone. Sorry I couldn’t come out to play yesterday; I stayed home “well.” Actually, had a doctor’s appointment and watched the two younger kids while the Mrs. helped organize the 2nd grade Thanksgiving Party.

Thanks to everyone for your reading suggestions for Nora. I’m keeping a little log and going to go to Amazon and check them out. She reads pretty well, and is on the cusp of enjoying reading. We are really trying to get her to enjoy it more. One problem is (in my opinion) the Mrs. doesn’t do much reading beyond medical stuff and magazines. Chad doesn’t seem interested much at all. We try reading to him, and sometimes he’s into it, but most of the time he’d rather do something else. As much as I love to read, I hope Veda is different. Anyway, thanks for all your help.

BOO: What was that question? You peeked my curiosity.

STERLING: That is one interesting dream!

No moulage for me today; I’m still pretty busy, though not as much as last week. I’ll stop back sometimes after lunch. I do have a dilemma I’d like to share and hear some advice about.


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58163: Hey, Sterling, I hope I didn't rock on your foot. That is some wild dream you had. Very interesting! I dream a lot, but usually can't remember them, I just wake up knowing I had been dreaming but trying to remember the dream is like trying to catch smoke.

Have a happy day, everyone. --Romeena

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58164: "5"

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58165: Ok, I'll play...

"4" ?

Is this a countdown to something? ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58166: Wow, really neat dream Sterling. FULL of symbolism. If I were you, I would give it some thought over the next few days and try to read as much meaning into as you can. Your subconscience is trying to tell you something, I think. The robotic Jesus really intrigues me...any ideas on that?

Me-They, it wasn't a question really, I just wanted to discuss something about the prosperity thing we were talking about last week but no time to write more now, I'll talk to you about it later.


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58167: I don't know, Boo. Maybe because I am a star wars and star trek fan?! So He manifested himself as something that I would be interested in?. I don't know.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58168:
Hey Folks

Just a quick hey, for now. Hey!
My youngest girl has a Band concert tonight.

We had some pretty hard snow this afternoon while a rainbow was out, it looked reeeal purrty.

Romeena- That "tend to run on about things" is your description not mine. I really enjoy 'em.

Sterling-Maybe you hit the "Honeycrisp" a little to hard.

Boo-If it weren't so sad it would be funny. haha


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58169: What me to make some signs, AUH2O? I just ain't going under teh bandstand with them spiders.

Just a quick run by to say hey!


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58170: I can't even imagine how beautiful that would be, Auh2o! Snow AND a rainbow? I would have had to faint or something.


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58171: Sterling-My the robotic imagery has something to do with how your sub-conscience feels about your church service. Just a thought.

Boo-It was pretty neat. It happens sometimes when the sun is shinning real bright before it starts to snow. It must be that higher up in the atmosphere the snow is still in a water form causing the reflection...ahh...ouch. I think I just hurt my brain. I'll just leave it at it was real purrty and leave the science stuff to Poor Horatio.

M-T Thanks! Truth be told, I'm not so crazy about spiders.

Ok, I'm really going this time.


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58172:
Sterling-Maybe...that first word was to be maybe.

ok, ok, I'm going.


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58173: auh2o Ain't you gone yet? teehee

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58174: Good afternoon, all. auh2o, I'll bet that rainbow with the snow really was beautiful. On my first trip to Mongolia, we flew from Chicago to Beijing by going up and over the North Pole. As if that wasn't exciting enough, just about the time we were passing over the pole, the pilot told us to look out of the right side of the plane. Luckily, I had a window seat on that side, and I saw a full-circle rainbow below us. It looked like a ring of colored lights, lying on the snow. Most unusual and beautiful thing I've ever seen. I'll never forget it. It's called a Pilot's Halo, because you have to be in the air to see it. I really felt blessed by that opportunity.

Once when I was in Mexico City, I was given another gift. My friend and I were standing on the parking lot at the university, and she suddenly caught her breath and pointed toward the horizon. Incredibly, the thick layer of smog that usually envelops the city had blown away, and we could see in the distance the twin, snow-covered peaks of the volcanoes. My friend told me she had lived there most of her life and had only seen them twice, so I did indeed feel especially blessed. They truly were "a picture no artist could draw."

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58175: Good Evening Porch,
We are leaving in the morning to go to my in-laws in Ohio. We will be back on the 25th. Everyone take care! The reason I haven't been dropping by for a visit is I am overwhelmed with life. Everyone is pulling me in different directions. My back is finally feeling a bit better. I've reintroduced meat back into my diet and my stomach is rejecting it-literally (reflux). My coumadin levels have been off and I feel like I live in a constant fog. So, with some rest and country air I pray to be back to normal and can visit. I miss you all!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Blessings to you and yours,
Auh20- Glad to see you posting again!

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58176: Hey Porch Family:
Just a quick Hey before I get supper started. Baked Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravey, baked corn, and homemade rolls. Apple pie and icecream for dessert.
It is cold here, with misty rain all day. But, we need the rain. No telling how much snow we will get this year... ~New Neighbor

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58177: LUCY do not go there you just may be hit by snow
where you can not leave.


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58178: hey gang ,stopped in for a trouble check
SPOT..MDC.. one race to go for the Cup title
prayers for all porchsters

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58179: Sorry to hear things aren't going well, Lucy. We miss you around here. Prayers for you, friend.


November 15, 2007 - Msg 58180:
Sterling- yes, your dream may be reflecting "mechanical" services. Not that all worship has to be the jump up and down kind, sometimes we just go thru the motions. I will be praying for you.
Have a good safe trip LUCY!! be careful.
I have heard thet the movie Noelle, coming out Dec. 7 is suppose to be very good.
You all have a nice evening.
Aunt Bee: Opie, you will see it grow before your your eyes.
Opie: But does it haveta be SPINICH!

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58181: I may have missed it but brother Rev have you checked in?...we had a little rain but need more...any left overs?..breakfast will be at waffle house on Miss Boo!...TOM you and Asa and i will park cars..let me read the mail at home tonight!...SPOT

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58182: Lucy prayers to ya girl...missed yer post!...local girl...SPOT

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58183: NW that was good baked yard bird...SPOT

November 15, 2007 - Msg 58184: "gosh thats NN" new neighbor" fat paws..

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58185: Good Morning Porchsters! Cold on my porch this morning, we even have snow flurries floating around out there! Spot last time Rev posted, he said he probably wouldn't have internet where he was going & it might be a week or so before he could post again. Lucy prayers for you friend, I know how that "pulled in lots of directions" thing goes, not fun at all. Be careful, saw the weather channel say snow in OH. Best get off here & get the day started, lots to do before we head for NC tonight. Not sure if I'll have internet there or not, but I will be taking the laptop just in case.
Later taters!

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58186: Mornin' y'all! It's a cold one here in SC too,Mavis,but no snow.

Lucy,prayers for you friend.Have a nice Thanksgiving and hope things level out for you.

Well,I'm off to be inarculated,which is better than being incarcerated! My sciatica started aggravating me again,so I probably need another cortisone shot. And I'll get a flu shot too if I can.If y'all hear somebody hollering,it'll be me!

Wow,auh2o,I would love to see a rainbow in the snow.Don't think it's gonna happen down here in SC though-haven't seen so much as a snowflake in the last few years! And that rainbow ring that Ro saw must have been stunning.I did see a double rainbow once-very pretty!

I'd better get ready to head off to the doc.Y'all take care!
possum under a rock

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58187: It's even nice and cool here in South Texas this morning! Yesterday was what I would describe as perfect..60 degrees, sunny and dry. The kind of day where you can open your windows in the house and really enjoy it instead of running the air conditioner every single day.

MDC, I have not heard about a movie called Noelle. What's it supposed to be about?

Drive safely Mavis, and good luck in the dog show. Keep those hairless canines warm!

So sorry for your back, Possum. That sciatica is no laughing matter, for sure! Been there, but I since I quit working as a nurse several years ago, no problem. I was just on my feet so constantly that I aggravated it terribly. The doc told me the best thing for it is to stay off your feet for a few days. Is it possible for you to do that while it's acting up?

Today is Erin's last day of school for the Thanksgiving break and she has a special lunch today that she could invite one person to. My dad is going with her, which could be interesting. Sean and I have to be in Corpus for an appointment to the results of his testing so I couldn't take her.

Almost packed for my trip to the mountains! Just a few more things to wash.

Better go get Erin ready for school.


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58188:
Morning Porch

Boo-I agree 60's, maybe 50's, are hard to beat. It's snowing a bit here now, nice.

Lucy-Great to see ya! And, I hope you can find some balance.

My girl's concert was great last night, man I love that kid, both kids. I hope someday I am as good a person as they both are. I try to teach and guide them but at times, am the student.

Romeena & Possum-That "snow rainbow" was nice but I'd trade it for that "ring rainbow." You're right Possum, that ring one must have been stunning, Ro. I have seen a double one before.

Les: "This is Les Nessman, saying, this is Les Nessman."


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58189: "They're falling!...Oh, the inhumanity!"


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58190: As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!" --Romeena

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58191: Vicks, Vicks
That glorious smell
I can see now
Though it's hard to tell -
That someone like me
Enjoys it well!

The "original" masked Vicks poet -

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58192: Will it that time of the year, time for the Vick to comeout and play.


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58193:
The best line ever from 70's television, and Gordon Jump must be smiling from his heavenly post every Thanksgiving!
And I see the Vicks poet is still at large! ha

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58194: Hey, all. There are pictures of little Starr in the album now. Feel free to say "ooh, ahh!" --Romeena

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58195: Ooh, ahh! He sure is cute. But, that bow just has to go! What are you trying to do, give him a compelshun?


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58196: Hey all! RO, I can't seem to find the pictures of STARR. I've looked under your family and pets. I'm dying to see STARR!! MW

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58197: M-T -you want a little blue bow for yourhair too.
Romeena -Starr is a sweet lookinglittle puppy.
Mavis-by the time Lucy git there all the snow will by gon.


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58198:
MDC-Couldn't agree more about that quote. That WKRP episode is to Thanksgiving as The Grinch is to Christmas.

Romeena-You had it right, "ooh, ahh!" My girls have a stuffed animal form the "American Girl"...stuff, that looks just like Starr and it's name is Coconut. Someone here on the Porch tossed out the name Coconut I think, Sterling, maybe? Anyway, I thought it a little bit of a coincidence.

MW-Glad to see you're up an at 'em. Aren't ya? How are the kids? Starr's pictures are in the Porch ablum at the end.

Me-They Did ya catch any of the debate last night. I thought BO really stunk-up the place. His take on the role of the Supreme Court was frightening.

Used up some of my carbon credits and ordered a couple of cords of wood today. I do enjoy a nice fire when winter comes. I hate to sound like the hayseed I am but any of you Deep-South folks have fireplaces? Yikes, I'm a Yankee hayseed, probably the worst kind.

Barney Fife: Man, we really packed it away, didn't we?
Andy Taylor: Yeah, boy.
Barney Fife: Fortunately, none of mine goes to fat. All goes to muscle.
Andy Taylor: Does, huh?
Barney Fife: It's a mark of us Fifes. Everything we eat goes to muscle.


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58199: Happy Friday porch family, Hope all is well today.
Romeena, Starr is a cutie pie. I know you are having fun with her. Cold and windy here today.. going to the football playoff tonight, guess I had better dress warm. I will make a pot pot of home made stew, cornbread and SLAW for dinner. Homemade fried pies for dessert, apple or cherry. sweet tea, kool aid. Prayers and Blessings to all. Big Maude

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58200: Thanks for the tip AUH2O! I suggested "Coconut" but wasn't aware it was a dog from "American Girl." How neat!

Oh my, oh my!! STARR is just so darn cute you could eat her up with a spoon! (Wait, is STARR a "she?" I thought she was, but then someone said "he" ??) That little toy carrot is adorable, by the way. I'd like to have one myself but what would folks say about a grown woman carrying around a stuffed carrot? "She's a nut."

We're hanging in there AUH20. I'm not going to lie to ya. It's been a little rough the past few days but we're getting through. The girls seem to be doing better everyday, though that cough is not going away much. I've just been giving them tons of things to drink. I don't feel too bad during the day, it's just about the time the sun sets and my chest and upper back hurt so bad it feels like someone's taken a baseball bat and beaten the tar out of me! So, and I say this with a bit of trepidation, I've been using a lot of VICK'S...I mean A LOT! I practically bathe myself in the stuff. But it relieves the pain enough where I can sleep at night. OK you masked VICK'S poet, lay one on me!

Well, it's about time to administer the noon feeding and medications. I'm off like a dirty shirt. I'll try to check in this evening. Blessings to all---MW

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58201: AUH2O: Yeah, I caught a little bit. I agree with your assessment. Usually, I try to pick what I perceive to be the best candidate of the bunch (that has a possible shot, sorry Mr. Kucinich) in each party. I've got to say, though I wouldn't vote for the lot of them, Hillary is at the top of my list in that crowd (Obama and Edwards--the others don't have a snowballs chance). I have to say, the whole flip-flop flap stemming from the last debate has me scratching my head; I still don't see why is has been characterized as a mistake, much less a flip-flop. Don't get me wrong--she says tomato, I say tamata--but what she said makes pefect sense to me. Basically, what I heard was that she does not support giving illegals licenses, but that since the Feds haven't provided a comprehensive immigration plan then she supported the governor's action. She didn't think it was a good idea but understood that the governor felt he had to do something. What's so hard to understand there? Imagine that! Me defending Hillary! I just saw a pig flying by my office window.

I don't mind it when candidates attack each other on issues and answers, but I hate it when things are taken out of context or hit below the belt. Her opponents and Republican pundits have been eating this up. Is this the best they can do with respect to pointing out why a Clinton in the White HOsue would be bad? Sad, very sad.

On the other side, right now I'm leaning toward Huckabee. His stance on immigration makes sense to me. I will never, ever vote for Rudy, I've decided, and, though I may be attacked as a bigot or worse for saying so, I don't know if I could vote for a Mormon. I studied Mormon theology/history in college. Every major denomination from Southern Baptist to Roman Catholic does not regard the LDS Church as Christian; they are classified as a cult. Since they do not profess the basic tennats of Christianity, I agree. That said, I don't condemn Mormons personally any more than any other faith. I only say that I don't know if I could vote for a non-Christian for president.


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58202: Wow! Thank goodness my Saviour is my judge, not Me-They!


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58203: I'm sorry if I stepped on yer toes, ASA (my head hung low in shame). I certainly didn't mean to offend.

"How did I get that great big foot, all of it, in my mouth?"

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58204: ASA: I forgot to say, I'm sorry.


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58205: Here you go, MW:

VICKS on the chest,
Aren't you blessed?!
Vicks on the feet,
Man, that's SWEET!
Put on some socks, and sleep, sleep, sleep....


Vicks in the nose,
Man, that's gross!
Vicks in your eye?
Don't even try!
Vicks on your butt,
Man you're a nut!!

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58206:
Wow again, Me-they, interesting stuff! ha
I bet you buy Citgo gas too! ha again
ASA- good to see you there!
Big maude- hope all goes well for your team at the playoffs!
BOO- I saw about Noelle on TBN- it is a family Christmas movie.
When do you leave for NM?
Posssum- i thought only Emma Watson had sciatica problems! ha A prayer for you!
REV- hope the concert goes well.
MW- How did Music man go?
SPOT- very good of your gov'na to call for prayer and actually PRAY for rain! Hope you get more today.
Pray and fast and repent.
Prayers continue for ya all!
ole MDC

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58207: Uh-oh, politics has gotten us into trouble again (and religion).

Hey to Asa, hope Mrs. Asa is in good spirits today. Prayers for you both. Does it look like you have snow for Thanksgiving? They say there is a slight chance of snow in Cloudcroft, where I'll be. That sure would be nice. I have never had a white Thanksgiving.

Think I will take a break and actually veg-out on the couch for a change before getting back to the chores.


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58208: Hey there, MDC. I am leaving for NM on Monday.

Hope you get some rain.


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58209: Will did someone pay the man for some rain, maybe that why no one gitting the rain. hehe


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58210: Hey, MW, Starr's pictures have been moved into the Porchsters' Pets sub-album, where I should have put them in the first place. And to all who are wondering, she is a little girl, so she's justified in wearing a bow in her hair. However, little boy Maltese also wear bows, theirs are just usually black or navy blue. --Romeena

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58211: Starr is So cute! Thanks for posting the pictures of her, Ro.


November 16, 2007 - Msg 58212: We are hitting the road to NC in just a few minutes. Wanted to let you all know so you wouldn't be worried if you didn't see me all weekend. Will let you guys know how the dog show goes when I get back. We decided not to take the laptop since there won't be internet there.
Blessings & prayers to all of you & Act like somebody!

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58213: Oh & for the record~I like the bow on Starr, of course, being a groomer, that's part of what I do the make them cute. ;)

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58214: Just checking in. We finished up Music Man last weekend. It was very successful. I haven't heard the total raised, but we almost met our overhead ($15,000) on the first night. So that it good. It is a fund raiser for the local kidney board. The funds go to help dialysis patients with living expenses which are often not covered by insur*nce. My 3 dc were wonderful even my little OPie. He was the most enthusiastic Boys Band member ever!!

My mil was here until Tuesday. THen on Wed. dh went out of town and my 1 yo had nursemaid's elbow. Ouch! My dd had that several times when she was younger. THen today he had it reoccur. Went back to the doc. He fixed it, but now my ds is still saying ouch and trying not to use the arm. Occaisionally he will use it so I'm watching it to see if he is still in pain or if he;s just skittish.

Off to make a cup of hot chocolate and go to bed.

November 16, 2007 - Msg 58215: Hey, Opiemom, I would have loved to see that production of "Music Man". I thoroughly enjoy stage productions. And good for your little one, for being such a good sport about the whole thing. What a growing-up experience for him! Now, what is nursemaid's elbow? Is that anything like the versitis? Have him soak it, soak it a lot!

Well, I think I'll take this fluffy little pup and go curl up and get some sleep. This is very early for me, but it sounds like a good idea. She's in a little cuddle bed under my desk, and now and then I feel her cold little nose on my ankle. I think she just wants me to remember she's there. As if I could forget!

Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 17, 2007 - Msg 58216: Sounds so sweet to have a little pup to curl up with. Hope you get some good sleep. I went to bed early, was just really tired, but then woke up at 3:30! Can't sleep so I thought I would sit in front of this computer for awhile, hoping I will get drowsy. Can't lay in bed in read since Bruce is sleeping. I don't want to disturb him. He has been working so hard at work and on the property. He is still putting up the fence and has several bruises, and is sore! He got a spider bite day before yesterday that sent him to the doctor. It looks like a brown recluse bite so doc started him on antibiotics. It is on his inner thigh and very red and sore. He didn't know he was bitten until he discovered the bite later that evening.

Forgot to tell you that I got the results of Sean's testing yesterday and it shows that his ADD is greatly improved and they are removing that as a diagnosis. His problems are mostly anxiety related so we are working on that. I really like the psychologist we are seeing. He is very practical and has no problem with "telling it like it is". Kind of a Dr Phil type.

Well, think I'll try to get some more sleep before everyone starts getting up...