November 19, 2007 - Msg 58273: I read that Andy's new animated film, Christmas Is Here Again, is supposed to be released on November 20. Sure hope that it is!


November 19, 2007 - Msg 58274: Whooeee - I did a sweep! Sure hope those dust bunnies got out!

November 19, 2007 - Msg 58275:
Good sweep homemaker, at least you didn't chop up the porch for firewood! ha
Good to see Dr P, Happy Nut, Opiemom, des and others.
I'll be back later.

November 19, 2007 - Msg 58276: hello there

November 19, 2007 - Msg 58277: Hey, Dr. P. I hate to display my ignorance, but what is a cornburner??

Hey to #58276. Do you have a name?

I'm beat to the socks. My landscaper friend and his helper were here all day again, and we got a LOT done! The yard looks great, lots of seasonal color around, everything pruned, mulched and put to bed for the winter. We moved the big plumeria tree into the garage, where it will winter over. I got some amaryllis bulbs potted up, they'll live in the sunroom and should be blooming at Christmas (I hope.) Joe put in another sprinkler head to cover an area that wasn't getting enough water and my little China Doll roses there weren't doing well. They should perk up now. We ran through the sprinkler zones and adjusted any heads that weren't behaving. They do get out of whack now and then. There are still two roses and a butterfly bush to transplant into my neighbor's yard, and two new roses to put in their place, but that can wait. He'll be back later to do that, had to get on the road because of the Dallas traffic.

I didn't know Andy had a new film coming out! Will it be in theaters or on DVD?

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some grub. Anybody cooking anything good? I guess I'll just have the rest of that La Madeleine tomato basil soup that I made. It's pretty close to the real thing, if I do say so myself.

Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 19, 2007 - Msg 58278:
Wow, Ro, sound like your Mr. Wheeler did a fine job.
Looks like everyone must be out shopping for turkeys!! ha
have a good evening, prayers for all.

November 19, 2007 - Msg 58279: please don't squeeze the charmin ( Mr. Whipple )

r i p prayer for his family.

November 19, 2007 - Msg 58280:
Hey Folks

A little under the weather the last few days but hope you are all feeling well.

Doc P-Hope you get some of the white stuff.

Merri-How you folks doing? Feeling any better?

Jr-You still out there? How's the sauce business?

Gomer: "I reckon' the cellar would be downstairs."


November 19, 2007 - Msg 58281:
Hello porch family.....I'm back home. Got in this morning. It was a great tour. Lives saved, healed and changed! Thank YOU Jesus! And thank you all for your prayers while I'm out on the road.
I get to be home for a week and spend Thanksgiving with my family. I look forward to this time so much.
I'll have to go back and read the archives to catch up on what's going on. Been praying for you folks everyday. I didn't have internet where I was at for this pass week so I couldn't check in.

Spot...thanks brother for keeping those meals coming to me by way of UPS. Good stuff!

You all have a great nights sleep. I am really tired so I'm heading off to bed. Prayers for all the porch family and remember....Jesus loves you so much.

November 19, 2007 - Msg 58282:

Nice sweep, hm! You got the corners, too.

Hey back atcha, MDC.

I'm buying my turkey tomorrow. I'll probably regret not buying it today, but we're not getting a very big one this year so I'm sure it'll thaw in time.

Hope you get to feeling better, auh20.


November 19, 2007 - Msg 58283: Glad you're home safely, Rev, and had a nice time!

Opiemom, I hope your holiday is uneventful, if you know what I mean. I feel for you. I really do.

And thanks Romeena, for those sample responses you gave Opiemom. I might use some of those someday myself. Your education was worth every penny.

I didn't know Andy was making an animated Christmas movie either. Thanks for the info, hm! I'll be looking out for that.

Well, I have a week off, starting today. That's never happened before, but I can't say that I'm overly upset by it. Maybe I can get some stuff done around the house. ...or maybe not.;)
Oh, I didn't get that job at the library here that I was hoping for. Wife thinks that someone knew someone in the union and they got it. Nepotism type of thing.
I don't know what to think. All I know is that I am pretty disappointed about it, because this would have been more than a job to me. And it isn't the type of work where you are making money for someone else. It's almost more like a community service type of thing, I think.
I told my wife I am just going to have to look for the least objectionable dead-end job and go for that, since I can't seem to get hired at any job I actually want.

Thinking about getting the Nativity scene out. I've already seen a bunch of houses with Christmas decorations, and since I have the week off anyway....
I have to do some minor structural repairs though, as it has started leaning to the right a little. Anyone have any suggestions to make it look more natural and not just some boards nailed together? I've been thinking about attaching some straw to parts of the roof and sides somehow, but if you have any (low to no-cost)ideas they would be most appreciated. I think Romeena still has pics of it on her website, if you want to see it.

auh2o, hope you get to feeling better soon.

Everyone have a good night.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 19, 2007 - Msg 58284: Good evening, all. Sterling, I think it looks great as is, but if you just want to change the look a bit, you could get a lot of mileage out of a couple more bales of hay, and maybe open the bales. Also, some burlap (pretty cheap at fabric stores) hung around, maybe forming make-shift-looking curtains along the back and/or sides, would look great. Tatter them a bit. You might even find a feed store that would give you some old burlap bags.

REV, I'm glad you're home safely. Enjoy this time with your family, I'm sure they're delighted to have you home for a while. Glad the tour was effective.

Asa, those emailed pictures were delightful! The captions were so cute, and so appropriate. Thanks for sharing, I'll be passing them on.

Drat, there went a mosquito, drifting by. Sure do wish I could nail him before Starr and I go to bed. I hate to think of him chewing on either one of us while we sleep. I just hate and despise mosquitoes. I declare, I don't see any purpose in their existence whatsoever. And don't anybody try to tell me about their place in the food chain. Anything that eats mosquitoes could very well eat something else, since they don't seem to be doing too bang-up a job at controlling the pests anyway. So there! --Romeena

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58285: Sterling, if you get more hay, and have more than you want to try to store, it makes great mulch, as long as it doesn't contain any seeds. Straw hay is great, which is what yours appears to be in the pictures. Just don't do like someone I knew did - they bought coastal bermuda hay and used it as mulch. Basically planted coastal bermuda in their garden. Never did get it all out. --Romeena

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58286: Morning Dears.

I don't know Sterling. I think the look of a few boards nailed together is what I envision of a manger and best demonstrates the humble and meager circumstances that the Lord was born into.
I think it looks good.

Glad you liked those pics Ro. I thought you might.
I agree about your sentiments concerning mosquito's. I know bats eat em, but I feel the same about bats. Let em starve! The only thing they are good for is laying eggs in your hair and making you go crazy. They remind me of mice with wings.

Anyone listening to Christmas tunes yet? We have two local stations that went to a 24 hour Christmas format on Nov.1st. I love Christmas music so I admit I've been tuning it in. About to drive my co-workers nuts. But hey, they leave me alone now. LOL

Sorry you didn't get the job Sterling. Be patient. Something will come along soon I bet.

Welcome home Rev. Glad your back safe and sound. I've been studying real hard over at Miss Poultices so I will be ready when you need me.

Hey to Auh2o, MDC, Des and good sweep Homemaker. Do you do winders?

Later friends.


November 20, 2007 - Msg 58287: Good Morin' hope all who are ailing, are feeling better. Another foggy one here.
Ro, a cornburner is stove that uses corn for fuel,it looks just like a wood stove,but has a hopper on top that you fill with corn.It does a real good job of heating our home and it is renewable energy. We saved a ton on our heat bill last year.
Asa keep practicing one day you'll get to step up to that special microphone.I'm with you on the Christmas music,I got out my cd's a couple of weeks ago.
Spot,thanks for letting me get lunch yesterday. I love Pizza Hut. How about some chili and corn muffins,today,you get dessert.

Rev, glad you had a safe one,I always enjoy Thanksgiving,it's the calm before the Holiday storm.
Sterling,hope that dream job comes along soon, Just use the one you have now as a learning experience.
auh2o,do you still have snow on the ground? Yeaterday we got up to 68 degrees,I'm afraid the ground is too warm to keep snow for very long,if we do get any. Take care PEACE Dr P

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58288: Good Mornin,sorry not really awake.
Hey,MDC hows the southwest?
Tom,I can't help myself I just have to squeeze the Charmin. May he rest in peace.
Dr P

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58289: Hey Ro and all - I found out about Andy's animated movie through the E-Bullet and then went searching on the web. It has been in a couple of festivals and has won rave reviews. It even has the DOVE stamp of approval. I found one source that it was suppose to be out on DVD today. So I don't know -

Romeena - hay is a good idea for the Nativity except around here - hay is going for $10 a bale. Way too expensive!

Asa - I have been listening to the Christmas tunes. In fact, I have a CD that I have been copying for my Christmas cards. One of my co-workers gave us all burned CD's last year so I am burning her CD for some of my cards. It has alot of the Peanuts Christmas songs on it as well as I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas (which my boys just love) and of course - it has Alvin and the Chipmunks. I am probably violating all sorts of laws but, oh well - I am not selling it.

Take care everyone! Go out and act like somebody!


November 20, 2007 - Msg 58290: The CD idea was better than sending my meatballs recipe in the card. That didn't go over so well last year!


November 20, 2007 - Msg 58291: Good morning, all! Now Asa, sometimes I like to see a bat! Seriously, I do like bats, even have a bat house up on a pole in my back yard, but have never gotten any bats to move in. I wanted them to help with the mosquito problem, but apparently they don't like the house. As for them laying eggs in your hair and making you go crazy, you can just keep your hat pulled down over your ears and the problem is solved. Bats are essential critters, like bees. Without bats, we'll lose the giant saguaro cacti in the western deserts. Bats are their sole pollinators.

Dr. P, is that corn you burn shelled, or on the cob, or what? Somehow I just can't get my mind around the notion of burning corn. I didn't even know it would burn, except when you let it burn while cooking it on the stove and then it smells to high heaven. Actually, it stinks, is what it does.

Wow, $10 for a bale of hay? Plain old hay? I wonder what alfalfa is selling for? We used to buy hay for $2 a bale for my horse, and occasionally, as a treat for him, we'd buy a bale of alfalfa for $4.

I think I mentioned earlier that I switched my CD player over to the 6-disc player the other day, and found it still contained the Christmas CDs from last year, mostly the Mannheim Steamroller. So have been playing Christmas music for about two weeks now. I love it!

Well, guess I'd better go take my insulin, and feed little Starr. Slept in this morning. It was beautiful, bright and sunny when I got up, and now quite suddenly, it's all clouded over. It's 71 degrees, but probably going to drop. At least it looks cold out there!

Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58292: Plain old hay Romeena - the better the hay, the more you pay! Hey that rhymes!


November 20, 2007 - Msg 58293: Hey,hm thats a good idea burning cds for cards,might have to try it.
Ro,the corn is shelled and very dry.It burns really well and instead of ashes we are left with a 6 by 2 inch klump they call a klinker. The burner has a thermostat with 5 setting,when the temps are in the mid to upper 30's we have it set on 1 if it's windy 2. On really cold nights,it's on 5. It is vented out the wall,you don't need a chimney. I shut it down once a day.I Then drop the klinker and clean the glass in the door and inside the stove ,takes about 5 minutes. I then restart it with a handful of pressed wood pellets and fire starting gel.When it gets hot enough the corn is fed into the fire box. There is no smell in the house and just a slight roasted corn smell outside.We buy corn about every 2 weeks,it's stored in the garage,we sift it to keep out any large pieces of stalks and cobs. Our house is a story and a half,the kitchen,dining and living room are open ,sort of like a ranch,so the cornburner does a real good job of heating it. The bedrooms[2 down and 1 up ]
are cool,but we just throw on a extra quilts.
Is that more than you wanted to know?
Dr P

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58294:
Dr P- Yes, we have lost just about all of the snow we've have a the ground the past week. We live up in the hills so we have had snow, while down in town has been pretty green. But, today it's a little over 40 and raining a bit so we can see a little snow but it's mostly green up here also.

Romeena- I don't want to speak for the good doctor but the corn, I think, has been processed into a pelt form and then is lead into the stove by a hopper.

Asa-We have a local channel that started Monday also and we're a listening.

We are gonna start a little Christmas Movie Marathon here in a little bit. Thanks for the heads-up on the Andy Christmas movie we'll have to check out Blockbuster.

Me-They, Ooooooh Meee-Theyyy-Where you be?

Thanks for the well wishes ~Des~ & Sterling.

Bob Hope: "The Thanksgiving season's here again. That's when we realize that not all the turkeys are on television."


November 20, 2007 - Msg 58295:
Hey Doc-I guess I was a bit off with the corn burning.


November 20, 2007 - Msg 58296: Dr. P, That's very interesting about the corn burner. Where do you buy the corn?


November 20, 2007 - Msg 58297: Well, that corn burner thing is fascinating! Have you ever thought about how much we depend on corn in our daily life? Now the corn burner comes long and adds one more thing to the list. So much is made from processing corn, from margarine to plastic, the stalks and leaves are chopped and used as mulch, and think of all the ways we eat corn - on the cob, creamed, whole kernel canned or frozen, popcorn, corn syrup, and while I've eaten tamales made using some sort of paper wrapper, nothing tastes as good as the ones wrapped in corn shucks. Besides, the masa that tamales and tortillas are made of is made from corn. Then there's good old cornbread. You know what - I think this world would be a sad place without corn! And now a corn-burning stove to heat one's home. Who'da thunk it?

Just bathed little Starr. She was amazingly good, didn't fuss with me at all, but she sure doesn't like getting combed out. Little drama queen, much yelping and struggling, and you can rest assured I wasn't hurting her. She sure looks cute now, though, all fluffy and white, clean face, fresh bow in her hair - too cute!

Well, my son is coming in a little while to start putting up my Christmas lights, and I'll be frying some pork chops and making gravy for him. That's our bargain every year. Oh, I cook for him at other times too, of course, but this is a tradition. He's such a good guy, and his wife is a treasure - I love that girl!

Oh, I just cut a bouquet of roses from the yard and brought them in. There's about a dozen, and one variety, called Angel Face, is so fragrant it's just unbelievable. I planted that one a couple of years ago to honor Sugarplum, because I called her Angel Face a lot. That rose bush sure means a lot to me now.

Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58298: Welcome back brother Rev!..I have just been so busy with getting my Lights up and still not finished,hey Tom,ro,boo,hazel,opiemom,Starr,possum,asa,auh20,mdc,dr and all..maude you doing ok?..whup us up some slaw and i will fire up the grill for ribeyes and baked taters and grilled corn!...will someone bring a salad...well im still here and love alll yall...let me get back to work outside...i will take a pic of my crosses and get it to Ro for the album....they are 3 or them about 18 ft tall..all lit up on my fence...with a 20 ft american flag towering above them...people stop and take pics.....SPOT

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58299: Good afternoon all,
Opiemom,we buy about 15 bushels at a time at the local elevator,we store it in 30 gallon trash cans.
Ro, I think we need to thank the Indians for introducing corn to the Pilgrims,you're right where would we be without corn? I am so jealous,I miss my roses.
auh2o,are you feeling better?We have rain moving in,the temp has dropped 10 degrees in 20 minutes.
I'm need to go vacumn , the dogs and I have this game we play,the see how much hair they can shed and I see how much I can pick up with the Dyson. I think the Dogs are winning.
Peace Dr P

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58300: Hey Spot,supper sounds great. Dr P

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58301: Hey, DrP I think my dog knows the same game your dog does :-)

We're off to the opening game of the local university's basketball season in their new arena.


Have a great night


November 20, 2007 - Msg 58302:
Well, I must admit i learned me somethin' today..cornburning. very interesting! thanks Dr P.
Here's one: Anyone ever eat MASH PEA?
And it has nuthin to do with the Darlin's famous squeezins! ha
Sterling, that's great to be putting out the nativity again. I am doing another one this year, not the Peanuts. maybe I'll send Ro a pix.
Boo hoo, nascar is over for a while! When does baseball start? ha
Ro- the way your one sentence read in message 58291 it almost sounded like you were going to feed insulin to Starr! ha
I think Mrs Mendelbright took away my 100 w bulb!
I give thanks this day for all you fine folks that i have come to know here. Thanks for your friendship.
ole Mr Darlin's Cuz

November 20, 2007 - Msg 58303:
Hello porch family.....It's turned back into summer here in SC. Near 80 today.

Ro...while up in KY this past week I got some Honey Crisp apples. That was my first time eating them but you are right.... they are good.

Asa...keep pacticing...we'll do a tour together. be sure to send Ro pics of your crosses....would love to see them.

Boo....where you at today?

MDC....never had MASH PEA.....but of course I've mashed my peas up and ate them. Does that count?

Have a great nights rest. Say your prayers and remember we have a God that loves us so much!
Prayers for all the porch family.

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58304: Well, what a fun afternoon and evening. My son got here about 3:30, and went right to work on my roof lights. Took the leaf blower up with him and blew all the twigs and leaves off, then strung the lights. Down below, I raked up the stuff he blew down, to have it out of his way later. After he got the roof lights up, he strung the icicles, and naturally, one section was out, he ended up having to remove it and replace it with a new string. It never fails. At least, at 6'5", he can do it from the ground, doesn't need a ladder.

Then his wife and my grandsons arrived, along with her parents (her mom is my best buddy, you'll remember) and we had a good dinner. I fried pork chops and some round steak, made pan gravy, and had noodles, peas, green beans and hot rolls. Good!

They brought their Wheaton Terrier, Bentley, and he and Starr had a wonderful time. Now Bentley is about 40 pounds, very tall, and very sweet. Starr just totally intimidated him! She barked at him! Yes, that tiny thing barked. She would back up, then charge at him full bore, and just run right into him. He would look very sheepish, pick his feet up and set them down carefully, and tolerated all of her foolishness. He obviously understood that she's a baby, and was very gentle with her. You could see him pulling his punches as they played. They chased each other, and once they started chasing each other around my kitchen island, and it was just hilarious. Somebody would switch directions and they'd collide, and Starr would be rolling across the floor, scrambling to get to her feet, and when she did, she'd charge right at him again. It was too much! She's about the size of his head, but she challenged him and he let her win. Too funny!

Well, gotta hit the sack. Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58305:
Morning Porch

Romeena-Great story! very nice.

Rev-Good to see ya. Glad the tour went well.

MDC-Could they be pea's that were injured in a military conflict, M*A*S*H Pea's?

We haven't heard from Hazel in a spell, have we?

Verlene Campbell: "We're not at home, so don't losen your belt at the table."


November 21, 2007 - Msg 58306: Morning Rev why dont you treat us for lunch at I-Hop?..I will catch the dinner bunch..Mashed Peas?..what about "smashed"?..I have done that in my taters "with peas that is"..hey Tom,Romeena,auh20,Hazel?..CHUCK?..maude,opiemom,lucy,possum,mdc,goober,md,dr p and all...well lets all get in the turck u 2 Asa...head to I-Hop...prayers to all....happy Holidays..SPOT

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58307:
Believe it or not, mash pea is canadian bacon!
My wife was in New Hampshire recently, and it was on the menu as mash pea.
PH- tell me this isnt so!! ha
Sterling - if you get donated burlap, make sure the "Purina" isnt showing! ha.
Busy day today, this may be it til after thanksgiving.
Ro- enjoy your family and those comical dogs! I think our Colt would say something like, "speak softly and carry a tiny Starr!" ha
Take care my friends,

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58308: Tomorrow is thanksgiving - a day we can truly look at the porch and thank God for allowing us to fellowship with each other. We can also thank Floyd for putting his knowledge to good use that allows us to chat frequently and infrequently.

I am glad you are my friends. . .even Asa, although he complains about my meatballs.

Bless Millie's family this holiday season - I am sure they miss her, as we do, but I am sure, as we are, that she is out of pain and rejoicing with our Heavenly Father.


November 21, 2007 - Msg 58309: Good afternoon,well it's snowing,YEAH!Temps are dropping,starting to feel like Thanksgiving.
MDC,isn't it funny what things are called in different parts of the country?
I want to send you all Thanksgiving blessings.If you will be traveling be safe. WE're eating at Cracker Barrel,tomorrow and having a dinner at my in-laws Saturday. Take care PEACE Dr P

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58310:
Amen! The Good Lord has truly blessed this country and we need to turn to Him and thank Him this day! Thank you true and living God!!
And again i say Amen!

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58311: I stopped by to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! God bless you all. I'll be back next week. Prayers for safe travels, patience, and good times with family and friends. Please keep me and mine in yours.


November 21, 2007 - Msg 58312: Have a great Thanksgiving. We're going to my sister's (about 2 hours away) tomorrow. We're coming back on Sunday. I may check in while I'm there. We're going to my mother's house on Friday for a little while adn may go on Sunday as well.


November 21, 2007 - Msg 58313: I am indeed thankful for this porch, and for Floyd who makes it all hold together. God has been good to us.

homemaker, Millie and her family have been heavy on my heart the last few days. I'm sure the holidays are stirring up a lot of memories. I'm certain there's not a person on this porch who couldn't identify with that. We've all lost loved ones, and there's always the sense of an empty chair at these times. For many of us, the loss has seemed to be "out of time". Too early, too sudden, whatever.

With that in mind, I'd like to recommend a little book which I just finished reading. It's under title "One Minute After You Die." It gets into a rather deep theological discussion regarding hades, sheol, h#ll, etc. vs. heaven, and the comparisons and contrasts of those concepts. That part is interesting, though perhaps in places it's open to interpretation. What I did find very helpful, enlightening, encouraging and comforting was the discussion about the "why" of death, how God's will influences not only our death, but the timing and the method. The writer does not back away from saying that basically, it comes down to one fact - God is omnipotent. He has His reasons, and He doesn't need our permission or approval. That stings a little, but it is true nevertheless. As I read, I found myself gradually letting go of some buried resentments, and accepting the whole idea of God being in charge, like it or not. I felt like I did as a child, after being angry with my dad for something, then experiencing the joy and relief that came with acceptance and reconciliation.

I would really recommend this book. Mavis, after what I know you went through, I think you'd find it very helpful. Everyone would benefit from reading it, but I remember the anguish you experienced when you lost your mom.

Well, I'm tired. I think I'll go kick back with a big glass of tea, a little Starr in my lap, and watch a little TV. Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58314: Evenin Porch Family:
Just dropping by to say Happy Thanksgiving!!! We truly are blessed beyond what we begin to count.
Hope everyone enjoys the time with family, friends, or whatever you find to do. Be careful, and act like somebody SPECIAL...because you are to me! ~New Neighbor

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58315: I wish my porch friends the happiest of Thanksgivings! I wish you safe travels, loving memories, a full tummy and heart. What more could we ask for? Merri W.

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58316: Couple of weeks ago I asked about the episode of Andy where both Barney & Andy left a quarter tip at the diner. Someone, I think it was Hazel, replied that it was in the Ernest T Bass Joins the Army. Thanx for the correct info!

That episode was not in my collection, visits to several used books stores proved fruitless however I did purchase it via the internet (Season 4).

Our Pastor often uses visual aids to demonstrate points. We are currently in a series about know, tithing, being generous. He has in the past reminded us that we need to be generous with tips when good service is received. Unfortunately, many "church people" aren't and it is noticed. He has talked with many waitresses/ers and they often say they don't like to work on Sundays because the "church crowds" are demanding and cheap with tips...many waitresses/ers are paid just a bit over $2 per hour, so tips are important.

Where this all re-surfaced, a group of 10 folks from our church (60+ers) traveled about 6 hours to Charlotte NC to visit the Billy Graham Library. (A must stop if you're ever in that area.) We stopped at Cracker Barrel twice, and each couple left a measley $2 per couple tip (if stretched that might be 10%) and one only left $1 for he and his wife. I was so embarressed, we received excellent service, food was good, I am very frustrated and annoyed!

Anyway, hopefully our pastor will use the video clip and reemphasize our need recognize people for their service. After all, they work to probably help support their family, many waitresses are single moms trying to make it...humm, wonder just how effective our witness becomes after leaving a $2 tip.
Dr James

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58317: Well gang hey!..I just want to say one thing...tomorrow is a day to give thanks and I would like to thank this porch and all who are on it for being my friends..back in 2004 when I had my almost life ending truck wreck you all were with me 100 cool to have friends like yall...Thanks again...back in just a bit...SPOT

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58318: Let's all give thanks for all the great blessings we have. Many times I gripe and complain at the way I see our country going, but compare us to parts of the world where people will go hungry tomorrow while we are so fortunate.

For most of my life I pray each evening before bed and thank God for his many blessings and ask Him to guide and direct me in they way I should go. I have learned to never question any of turns of is God's plan.

I lost my best friend and wife of thirty two years in September of 1992. That year at Thanksgiving I cooked for the first time a turkey with all....Richard and Brenda, my kids gave thanks for the time we were given with Jo Ann. Then they complained about my cooking!

This year we will be together and my cooking has improved (my openion). Have a free range turkey and sprial ham. Purple hull peas, of course cornbread dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes & rolls....(make them myself...have to get up at 5am for them to rise twice etc). My mother will bring a pumpkin pie. Actually we will be doing this Saturday. Brenda and Joe will be coming in tomorrow night to avoid the traffic. (all porch friends more than welcome to drop in and portake)

Ro, in life what is more sure than if there is a beginning than surely there is an end. We are to tied to our earthly treasures we don't want to leave, but I know we are promised a much better reward in the life to come. With faith we should look forward to this and I do.

I pray God's blessings for all.

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58319: Forgot, today we hit a record high temperatire...88, beat the 1932 record of 86 in all recorded history here. Now at 8:30 is 52 and supposed to be 42 for the low tonight....South Central Texas weather!

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58320: Ray purple hull peas are just the BEST..I grow several rows each year many put up froze...and ya know what going to Rays for turkey day sounds good!...but the best thing would for each of us to visit each family...yea lets do that!...we are getting the blessed RAIN here in ga!..thank you Lord..Rev brother yo can get you several plates from all homes!..Starr gets the left overs [Otis and Opie too}...Otis stays out and is just amazed by my CHIRSTmas lights!...well possum,hazel,CHUCK,ro,boo,mdc,asa,Tom,gobber,gooberit,horatio,miller,NN and all..prayers! ya neighbor!...SPOT

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58321: That was meant "Love Ya Neighbor" all porchters..ya know the one that lives next to ya..just wanted to clear that!...SPOT.

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58322:
Hello porch family....Want to wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving Day. Many of you have already said this but I too thank my Lord for each of you. You folks have become so special to me.

Ro...Yes..."One Minute After You Die" is a wonderful book.

Another warm day here in SC. It's 11:09pm and still 65. Supose to turn colder by weekend. And some welcomed rain on it's way. Thank you Lord!

Spot....hey don't eat too much tomorrow. If you do, you can hit the bike a little longer. Hey did you hear that Glavine is coming back to the Braves? We needed some more pitching...hope he still has it.

Well better get ready for bed. You all have a wonderful night's rest and know that you folks are in my prayers.

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58323:
Hey Folks

ray-Thank you and blessings to you also.

homemaker & Romeena-I was thinking of Millie the other day also, when I was having a hard time sleeping. It was late when I went online to read and get sleepy and stopped by the Porch, in the past Millie would have just been rocking or just pulling up a rocker. I thought of her quite a bit that night, a person I'd never actually met and was now missing. Merri W reminds me a bit of Millie.

Merri W - It's great to see you drop by.

Asa-Peace for you and your family, think of you often buddy.

MDC-I think you're about colt, that is something he'd say. haha

Spot-You are one nice dog, give yourself a scratch behind the ears from me.

Opiemom-Have a safe trip, all you porchsters on the move, be careful.

Romeena-Thanks for recommending the book, that sounds like a good one.

Dr James-I had no idea skimping on gratuity was of such a concern.

I'm thankful that I have found this wonderful, and at times silly, place, The Porch. I can't believe how often you folks pop into my thoughts. If I don't get a chance to stop by tomorrow, Peace, to all of you.

Thanks Floyd!


November 21, 2007 - Msg 58324: Good evening, all. Dr. James, I couldn't agree more. It's very embarrassing to be part of a group at a restaurant, and everyone is leaving these measly little tips. In some cases, I think people simply don't know how to compute the tip (sadly). In most, however, it's a case of sticky wallet - they just can't get those bills to come out. One of my sons waited tables for a couple of years while in school, and he said the same thing you mentioned - that church people are notoriously bad tippers. It's not hard to figure out who they are - anybody that comes in for Sunday lunch and is resonably well-dressed, is probably coming from church. Now folks, that just isn't right! I would hope that no one on the porch would be guilty of such a thing. And have you noticed that when the majority of the group is tipping poorly, they throw their tips into a little pile in the middle of the table, so it looks like more? When I see this happening, I don't contribute to the pile, I just quietly tuck my own tip under the edge of my plate, especially if it's a place where I eat fairly often and might be remembered.

A good rule of thumb here in Texas, to compute the tip, is to round the tax (8.25%)up to the next dollar, then double it. If it doesn't look right, I'll add another dollar. That's going to be pretty close to 20% on an average tab. If the service was really good, I'll add another dollar. It's just a dollar from me, (and if I can't afford that I shouldn't be eating out anyway), but if everyone would do that, it could mean a car payment at the end of the month for the wait person. Those folks work very hard, and they appreciate that little consideration. God's people, of all people, should be known for their generosity, not their stinginess.

Spot, I have a wonderful mental picture of big old Otis, sitting there just gazing in wonderment at the lights! You gotta love it! I can only imagine what fun I'm going to have with Starr and the Christmas tree. Oh, my goodness! She's like a toddler, into everything and everything has to be tasted, so I guess the strings of lights under the cotton below the tree will not be there this year. It's going to be hard enough to keep her from dragging the cotton itself around! She loves to tug on things, and is surprisingly strong. She has towed her little cuddle bed all over the living room. Sugarplum had a precious little pillow, black velvet with "The Queen is Resting" embroidered on it, and white satiny fringe all around. I made the mistake of leaving it in Starr's reach. It is now fringeless, and I'm picking up thousands of little white threadlets. Oh, the joys of being a puppy mom.

Well, guess I'd better go see what the little brat is into now. She's very quiet. Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58325: Oh, for pete's sake. Resonably? Ahem! Make that "reasonably". Sorry. --Romeena

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58326: Rev SO glad to have Tom back in Atlanta!..yall just wait and least an 18 game winner..Hey miss Ro Otis is 120 and Starr os "what 4lbs"?..he is just so much in love with the lights..."very cool dog"..8 yrs old..rides in the truck anywhere with it was tonight!..sets till get done !...thanks for the scrach Rev lets takes the porch to a quick breakfast in the morning at waffle house and then for a bit of prayer time ....just a quick one mind ya [dont want to keep people from there turkey day]...just a thought.....back in a bit ..>SPOT

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58327: Romeena you are a good puppy Mom!...Otis is so cool..does not jump,lick,great dog that I love....Ro ya got fat fingers like me sometimes?...SPOT

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58328: Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

-Sterling Holobyte

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58329: Yep, Spot, I do, though sometimes it's weak fingers that don't hit the key hard enough. Or maybe it's a sticky keyboard. Grandsons do play their little computer games here now and then. Otis weighs 120 lbs? Mercy, that's a lot of dog. My daughter has two yellow labs - one would go that much, and one maybe more. Other daughter has a golden retriever that's at least 100, and a little mixed breed that's about 20. Youngest son had an English Mastiff (who died a few years back) who hit 210 lbs, believe it or not. My son is 6'5", and Barron could stand on his back legs, put his front paws on my son's shoulders, and almost be eye-to-eye with him. Huge dog, and an old sweetheart. Sugarplum was about nine pounds, and little Starr hasn't quite hit three pounds yet. Now, that's my kind of dog! I do love big dogs, really I do, but don't want one myself. I want my little cuddly pal, who sleeps on my pillow and can go in the cabin of an airliner with me.

For the big dogs, I just enjoy my family's. Actually all the dogs in the family are indoor dogs. Sometimes cooking a meal in my daughter's kitchen is difficult, with two big walruses parked in there and refusing to move. Oh, it's a circus when everyone is together. I probably won't be taking Starr around the labs and the golden, though. They're just too big, and could hurt her without meaning to. One of them might even mean to, I'm not too sure about her. She's pretty territorial. The other one is just a love sponge, and wouldn't bother anybody, except to try to persuade you to scratch her ears. So, Starr will probably stay home with a friend when I go down there to visit.

Well, guess she and I will hit the hay. She's curled up in a cuddle bed beneath my desk right now, so I think she's ready. I know I am! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Blessings, all. --Romeena

November 21, 2007 - Msg 58330: Romeena yea my buddy Otis is about 120...such a big head!...but Miss Starr is what ya need!.."walruses"...funny.. now Opie is just a med cat...he is cool too...Kelsey jus loves him to death!...Hey Sterling!!well its the ironing board for I Rev you wach out for the FOOD! yall...night ...and by the way breakfast will be on auh20 at waffle house!!Asa wear shoes K?...SPOT

November 22, 2007 - Msg 58331: AUH20, I just popped back in to see if anyone would be spinning Thanksgiving yarns, and there you were saying something so incredibly sweet that I just about choked! I don't think you could ever know how much your comment meant to me. Millie and especially her family, has been on my mind lately. It's an honor to even be mentioned in the same sentence with her! Thank you friend. You've brightened my mood and that is saying something--especially lately!

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately friends. I have really been battling sickness. I had to go to the ER again Sunday night. On top of everything else, I have strep and a nasty sinus/ear infection. I know I'm a girly-gal and my pain tolerance may not be up there on the scale, but as the good Lord as my witness, I've never felt so sick in all my life. Nothing compares to this strep stuff. I've never been a sickly person but for some reason my immune system is shot. I'm trying to work on that with foods and supplements. I'm on 2,000 mgs of amoxicillin for 10 days. I also got a shot of antibiotics at the hospital and a shot for pain, which I didn't ask for. Not that I'm too proud or anything, I was just too darn delirious to ask for anything! They must have known by the crazed look in my eye, the fevered face and the drool coming out of one side of my mouth! In all seriousness though, I was scared a bit because I had told the doc that I was having chest pain and heart palpitations too. They said something about rheumatic fever. I really thought that was something pioneers got back in the days of yore, but apparently you can get that after you've been infected with strep. Luckily, I'm ok and on the mend. I also waited too long to get treated for my symptoms. I'm stubborn like that. It's just silly. I'm not invincible and I'm not getting any younger so it's time to get real with myself! See, this is one of the reason's I come here--it's catheric or however Barney says it!

At any rate, I will say this...we may be great big grown-ups but when you're in humbling bad pain, you certainly feel like being a child again. Remember when you were a kid with the measles, chicken pox or the flu? Remember how your mamma would comfort you with cool cloths and sweet liquids to drink? I remember one Thanksgiving morning when I was about 5 or 6, I had the Flu and a high fever. My mom had me in the bath tub with lukewarm water with rubbing alcohol and a cloth for my fevered forehead. She was talking about all the pies and breads she baked for Thanksgiving dinner. My grandma was coming in town to be with us. It was snowing lightly that morning so after she got me out of the tub and into warm pajamas, she pulled my bed over by the window so I could see the snow falling. She piled the quilts onto my bed and read me one of my favorite stories to me--about an Indian boy that had his beautiful clothes stolen by tigers. The tigers eventually latched on to each other's tails and ran around a rubber tree. They melted into butter and the little boy had the melted tigers on a huge pile of pancakes! Such a strange story but I loved it though to this day I don't know what book that was...anyway, my mom stayed with me the entire morning and into early afternoon. That evening when we all sat down to our Thanksgiving dinner, we had all the traditional foods except turkey. My mom had fried up some pork chops and served them with her turkey gravy. Apparently, she had stayed with me while I was at my sickest instead of attending to the turkey. It had dried out and she felt it wasn't fit to serve, so fried pork chops it was! I didn't realize anything was out of the ordinary at the time but many years later, my mom and I had a good laugh over the Thanksgiving fried pork chops!

Many blessings to each and every one of you. I hope I didn't bore you poor people to tears. I do have a way of going on, don't I? I will think of you all tomorrow when we are saying our blessings of gratitude! Merri W.

PS If any of you brave souls are going out on Black Friday, I wish you safety, patience and bottle of Excedrin! Hardy-har-har!

November 22, 2007 - Msg 58332: Happy Thanksgiving! PEACE Dr P

November 22, 2007 - Msg 58333: Mornin'Y'all and a very Happy Thanksgiving to the Porch!

I am so grateful for each & every one of y'all.

Love to all
possum under a rock

P.S. Merri Weather,so sorry you are sick. I had strep a few years back,and oh,boy,was I sick.I feel for you and hope you get well ASAP!

November 22, 2007 - Msg 58334: Happy Thanksgiving to all my porch pals. I love you all.
Possum, give that little Laci a hug for me, will you?
Dr. P, Hope your day is great.

Hope you get feeling better soon Merrie W.

Auh2o, thanks for the kind words my friend.

Spot, have fun with them lights. Don't hang yourself.

Romeena and Starr have a fun first Thanksgiving together.

Rev, Ray, Sterling Have a great day.

Homemaker, love you and your meatballs.

Hey New Neighbor, hope your family is all well. I e-mailed Meredith.

Prayers for all of you for a peaceful and enjoyable day and weekend.


November 22, 2007 - Msg 58335: Good morning, all. Asa, thanks for the good wishes, and I hope Mrs. Asa feels well enough to enjoy the day.

I'm so thankful for all of you, and wish everyone a wonderful day of rest, family fun, good food and peace. I'm not cooking today, will eat at my DIL's sister's home, then go to work tonight. Will cook a traditional meal on Saturday, when my daughter and family are here. That's not unusual for us - most nurses have to adjust their holiday schedules. I've done it for years.

Merri W, I'm so glad you got treatment. Honey, strep can indeed run into rheumatic fever, which can and will damage heart valves. I have two bad valves today, which may very well be due to a strep infection I had in the early 70's. It was a horrible illness, with my husband out of town (of course), my older two taking care of the younger two, a faint memory of waking up lying on the bathroom floor and thinking how good the cold tile felt. When my husband came home, I was completely delirous, he took me to the ER, where they recorded my temperature at 105, and a culture later came back as strep. I remember almost nothing about that two-day period, except that my throat was so sore I wouldn't even try to swallow water, it hurt too bad.

So, Merri, I know exactly what you're talking about, and I'm so glad you got help. Rest, honey, rest, rest, rest! In a little while, talk to a cardiologist and see how they feel about checking your heart valves. Mine are definitely damaged from whatever cause, and I can't even get my teeth cleaned without taking an antibiotic first.

Well, off I go. I'm hoping to get all my back yard stuff - deer and twinkle lights - powered before I leave for dinner at Terri's. Not too hard, as I have had power sources put in at strategic places in the yard, but still everything has to be placed and connected.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Thanks be to God for the freedoms and pleasures we enjoy in this still-great country. May it never end! --Romeena

November 22, 2007 - Msg 58336: Happy Thanksgiving to all the porch!
Sorry I haven't stopped by much lately, but I've missed you all. I too, have been thinking about Millie so much. I miss her something awful. My chat buddy! We'd always pick each other up when we were down. I could tell her anything. Such a wonderful friend, with truly a heart of gold. The most un-selfish person I've ever known. That being said, on this day especially, I am Thankful that she is no longer in pain. God bless her family.
My gosh, Merri, that was one of my favorite childhood stories as well! Boy, when you posted that it sure brought back memories. I even had to go to the closet where I have stacks of childrens books. I was on a quest to find that story! I did find it, although it's not a separate book. The one I have is part of a childrens book series called "My Book House" and it has all kinds of childrens stories. The name of it is "Rama and the Tigers". I too read that story over and over, both as a child and to my own kids. It doesn't say who wrote it, just that it's from "A Tale of India." Here's the beginning lines:
"Once upon a time there was a little Indian boy. And his name was Rama Krisha. And his Mother was called Lakshmana. And his Father was called Ishwaran. And Lakshmana made him a beautiful little Red Coat, and a pair of beautiful little Blue Trousers. And Ishwaran went to the Bazaar and bought him a beautiful Green Umbrella, and a lovely little Pair of Purple Shoes with Crimson Soles and Crimson Linings. And then wasn't Rama Krishna grand?" (I won't write any more, I just wanted to read part of it to comfort MW in her time of sickness)
I hope everyone has a peaceful and family-filled day.
- Hazel

November 22, 2007 - Msg 58337:

Mornin' honeys, mornin' dears! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Like Ray said, it dropped 32░ here in just a few hours yesterday. It was hot, I tell ya. But this cool snap made it possible for me to build a (drum roll!) big ol' fire! The turkey's in the oven, the big ol' dawg is sleeping in the recliner in front of the fire, and TAGS is on the TV. Happy happy joy joy. We have SO much to be thankful for. The first thing I did this morning is look around and thank God for all our blessings and say a prayer for all those who aren't so blessed.

Wishing everyone a wonderful turkey day.