November 26, 2007 - Msg 58419: Well, just got home from taking little Starr for her last DLP shot. She'll get a rabies on Friday, then that should be it for a while, I think. She was so good. Cooperated so nicely with Dr. Mike. She's a little sweetheart.

Of all things, my yellow brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet) is opening a big flush of blooms! The pink one has buds all over it, I hope they get to bloom before a freeze takes them. This is entirely the wrong time of year for them to bloom, but that's what they're doing. They usually bloom in late spring, then once or twice more in the summer, but in November??

Well, guess I'll go cuddle Little Bit. She's feeling a bit stepped-on after that shot, I think. Have a great evening, everyone. --Romeena

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58420: Lucy "breenbeans" are something Asa [breem] grew...they are "GOOOOD"....SPOT

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58421: Oh, and you can just leave a tip on the porch railing for the sweep. --Romeena

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58422: Swish.Romeena did you or I sweep?..when I posted it tood me to this page under your...hee hee..its a Co-Sweep!...SPOT

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58423: here is a dime Romeena!..times are hard...SPOT

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58424: Well I left her dime too Spot.
Look, why don't I just go over there and put my hat on one of them dimes and get it back?!


November 26, 2007 - Msg 58425: Good thinking Asa....ahhh nawww lets let her have it she can buy Starr a treet...SPOT

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58426: Evenin' Porch Family:
Just rockin' by to say Hi and read the archives. Sounds like everyone survivied the holiday, and gearing up for the next.
Thanks for the prayers for daughter travels. She made it to college, but is struggling with what they now think is a gallbladder attack. This may be the trigger of her migraines. Sooo off to the ER AGAIN!!! Bless her heart, she is so worried about her students (challenged) and wants to do her best. Thanks for praying for her and the Drs.
I will keep you posted. ~New Neighbor

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58427: Hello to everyone. I am back from New Mexico. Have not read all the archives yet but wanted to let you all know we are back safely. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was good...we even got snow on Thanksgiving. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. I am pretty tired from all the driving. Love to all,


November 26, 2007 - Msg 58428:

Welcome back, Boo! Hope you had a great trip.


November 26, 2007 - Msg 58429:
Hello porch family

Welcome back Boo....So good to hear you had a great trip. Now get some rest.

Dr.P....not a lot in the Mid-West as of now. I have been talking with an agency that wants to book me in that area. I normally don't go through agencies but we'll see about this one.

New N....still praying!

You all have a blessed night and I'm praying for all the porch family.

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58430: Welcome home, Boo. It's been too quiet around here without you, glad you're home safely. New Neighbor, I can't say I've ever heard of gallbladder problems triggering migraines, but one thing I've learned in 28 years of nursing, is that anything is possible. I hope the problem is solved!

Asa, and Spot, you fellers are just too kind, leaving two dimes like that. Little Starr will be grateful when I tell her. Right now, she's reclining on a satin-covered pillow, which she considers her bed of pain. Apparently, the DLP shot she received has left her very sore, because she won't move her left back leg, and cries when I pick her up or move her. I've been carrying her around on that pillow, and don't any of you say one word! I even brought her a drink of water, so she didn't have to get up. As for pottying, well, I guess she's on her own there. It reminds me of the Plum's last days - I was carrying her everywhere too, but at least I know Starr will be better very soon, and she can walk when she has to. My poor little Plum couldn't, and my heart still just breaks when I think of her. She was so sweet and cheerful through it all.

Starr was wonderful through the wild and busy weekend. Fifteen people in here, plus Bentley, and she didn't get stepped on, not even once. Of course, everyone was watching out for her, but she did a pretty good job of staying out of the way. I had put one of her cuddlebeds in a corner of the kitchen, and when the crowd got too thick in there, she'd just go hop in that little bed and watch the show from her safe spot. Oh, she now weighs 3 lbs and 2 ounces, up from the 2/7 she weighed two weeks ago. She's coming along.

Well, enough of that. I guess I'll go see if she needs to potty, and then put her (and me) to bed. It's early, but I'm tired. Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58431: Nice to see you, Boo. Glad you had a good time and got back home safely.

I hope Starr gets over her soreness soon, Romeena. Poor little thing. I wonder what one of those needles looks like to a little puppy. Probably something not too inviting. ;)
I'm sure she will appreciate all that spoiling you do, Ro.

Finally got my Nativity out today. I didn't add too much too it. Just reinforced some of the wood on the frame, and glued on some straw here and there on the front of the roof.

Now I've got to get to work on that bandstand. ;)
Geeze, I can't even imagine having an outside band concert in these temps up here. Brrrrr!

-Sterling Holobyte

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58432: I guess I have to watch my o's.
And here the teachers always told me to mind my p's and q's. ;)


November 26, 2007 - Msg 58433: Hey BOO! Glad to see you're back--can't wait to hear about the trip!

RO, sorry about your fish. And please give STARR a tiny kiss upon her wee nose for me...I have a hard time taking kids and dogs to the dr. I just can't stand to see them in pain.

LUCY, my girls are 6 and 2. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I like 31. It's a good number. Young enough to still feel like you're young and old enough for people to respect you a bit more! ;-)

I've barely stopped by long enough to heat up my rocker but I still have a thousand things to get done before bed. So, goodnight to you all! I wish you a peaceful night and many blessings--MW

P.S. SPOT, I left ya a snack--some warm gingerbread and a glass of ice cold milk. You might want to share with anyone who may be itching for something to eat!

November 26, 2007 - Msg 58434: Thanks!! Glad to be back. I was sleeping peacefully when my phone rang at 10:30 so now I have to get sleepy again.

Ro and Hazel, you have GOT to see Christmas Story. All I can say is that it is really movie magic. It would definitely be one of my top 10 favorite movies. Besides the humor, there is just something about it...hard to explain, you just have to see it for's my Christmas Story quote: "My Dad wove a tapestry of obscenities that is still floating somewhere over Lake Michigan.."...(I think that's how it goes).

Asa, I am so glad that your wife's test results showed improvement in her liver function, that is really wonderful!

Ro, so glad you are having a good time with Starr. I have a question for you. You mentioned your daughter taking home some baby furniture. I must have missed something. Who is having a baby?

It was nice reading about your Thanksgiving festivities, etc. Mine was certainly memorable. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. I think I will try to sleep. I have to get up and get Erin back to school in the morning.



November 27, 2007 - Msg 58435: Mw thanks for the milk...hey brother Rev, Boo glad yer home safe..Sterling I will help ya with the bandstand..Ill make the loan of some tools..happy b-day local Lucy..maudie where are ya ?..breakfast will be at I-Hop on me and Boo..Asa wear shoes and hazel you drive ok?..TOM where are ya buddy?..apb: possum,CT,horatio,CHUCK,happy nut,opiemom and all missing...well prayers to all...gona find a movie here at work will check back soon!...SPOT the talking dog of this here porch

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58436: Just a quick hello before my day gets started.

WE had a nice Thanksgiving trip. ALl went well. Spent Thanksgiving day with my sister and her husband. Went fine. THen visited with my Mother on Friday and Sunday. My bro was fine. Didn't say a whole lot. On Sunday he wasn't there. My sis called him and said, "Why aren't you here for Mother's birthday?" He was ugly. Actually I'm not sure why she did that. He can't drive. My mother had driven him to a friend's house.

ANyway, our trip sure made me thankful for my dh. My sis, while she isn't like my bro, has control issues. My dh thinks her husband is a saint.
Got to get back to school here.


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58437: Glad your Thanksgiving was better than you expeted, Opiemom. I guess we all know some of those "saint" men who have wives with control issues. They must have alot of patience...or something, not sure what to call it. I have one friend who just does not seem to be able to stand up and be the man. He can't even discipline his kids. Not sure what's going on there and he has a wife with a very strong personality and some definite control issues. She is nice to him, though, at least in front of other people. I hate to see a woman talk a man down in front of other of my pet-peeves. It makes a woman look like a real shrew.

Have to get Erin off to school, then go to the store for something to put in the crock pot. I also have to tackle Dad's van. It's a real mess. My sister had the bright idea that she would bring our leftover food along in one of those flimsy, styrofoam ice chests and, of course the thing got pushed on and split down the middle, spilling out a quart of eggnog that ended up all over Sean's coat and the floor in the back seat (and this was while we were still in New Mexico). Good thing it was cold so it didn't smell. Anyway, that's just a all the laundry, unpacking, Sean's schoolwork, etc. Whew, welcome back to reality!


Ready for I-Hop, SPOT?

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58438: Morning Dears.
Hey Boo, welcome back. Glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip and got some snow even. How's the Hubby's spider bite?

New Neighbor, what are we gonna do with Meridith? Bless her heart. I pray she will get feeling better soon like.

Lucy had a birthday? I missed that I guess. Happy Birthday Lucy. Hope it was good.

Opiemom, glad you survived the holiday. Sometimes they can be stressful no doubt.

Spot, why do I have to wear shoes everytime we go out to eat? I don't think thats fair! :)

Yea Romeena, me and Spot can be big tippers when we have to. And seeing how the big tip is gonna be spent on Starr, we don't mind. Well at least I don't. Spot gets a tad jealous at times. He'll get over it though. He's a good pup.

Rev, last night when I was over at Miss Poulice's she said she thinks I'm ready for the stage. She's my voice teacher you know. The woman that teaches me about singing. She thinks I'm ready for the big time. I just hope my face don't break out.

Des, you burning the fireplace today? We are expecting snow later today and I'm looking forward to a fire when I get home.

Well off to work for me cause I was born with looks instead of money. Wonder what causes that?


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58439: Oh, forgot to tell ya'll about how we kept warm in the cabin. There was a wood burning stove that heated the front part of the house and I had to actually get wood from the woodpile outside and bring it in and keep the fire going. It would go out in by morning and I would have to gather kindeling and restart it at least once everyday and keep it burning. Can you believe that? I was a real pioneer! I didn't some things I didn't expect to be doing on the trip, for sure. Last Saturday, it snowed like crazy and talk about cold! The cabin we were in was up on a little hill with forest all around it (really neat) and when I went into town Saturday morning, I found that I couldn't get the car back up the hill, it kept slipping on the ice. Finally we went down the mountain to Alamagorda and bought some tire cables (like chains), which nobody seemed to know how to put on. My poor dad is in no condition to do it or is too confused to figure it out. I thought, 'oh, great. I am going to have to do it myself in the cold, blowing snow!'. We drove back up the mountain to Cloudcroft and by this time it was 14 degrees, with a wind-chill of 8 and the snow was blowing sideways. I did put the cables on in the parking lot of the post office and it was pretty easy. I thought my gloveless hands would freeze and fall off the ends of my arms and I could swear my corneas were frostbitten, but other than that, I was fine, AND the van made it up the hill to the cabin (the kids don't call me "Man-Mom" for nothing! Initially, I tried putting cat litter under my tires to see if I could get the van up the hill (this was the suggestion of the locals)...didn't work and my sister and I both fell about 4 times trying to do it. The ice was so slippery you would be on your feet one second and on the ground the next. We laughed so hard, we wet our pants (no kidding). It was awful! Oh well, it's something we won't ever forget.

Better run...


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58440: Hey there Asa! Bruce's spider bite is all well, thanks for asking. Have a great day...


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58441:
Morning Poch

Overcast and snowing this morning.

Boo-Good to see you back. Thanks for posting about Asa's wife, I missed that.

Asa-Yes, that is GREAT news about your wife's test results. Continued Blessings! However, Asa, I tend to agree with SPOT, put your shoes on.

Buddy the elf: "You smell like beef and cheese, you don't smell like Santa."


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58442:
Wow, Hey! Asa, Boo, and OPiemom, I did not see you folks there.


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58443: Prayer request for a local family here - it seems that this mom had given birth five weeks ago and she passed away this weekend with complications from the pregnancy. Extremely sad. . .


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58444: Thanks Spot! I'll let you get under there with them spiders. ;)

Homemaker, I don't know what is sadder than a child growing up without one of their parents.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58445: Lucy - I read the archives and sometimes, things do click for boys when they get to be about 10.. My oldest has visualprocessing problems - can't do a puzzle or a word find to save his life but give him a small engine and the tools, and that kid can go to town.
If you haven't checked out resources on the web - I suggest LD ONline. It is a wonderful site and will give you many helpful pointers.

Yes, some LD kids need help throughout their school years but some of our greatest people were LD or would have been labeled 'special needs' in our current society. Don't let the label hold him or you back. Let them work with him and make sure they give him all that he needs. Be his advocate and his cheerleader.

I will help you in any way that I can!


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58446: BOO, that cabin sounds so fun! I love the idea of having a cabin in the woods with blowing snow and a roaring fire and such. Problem is, I'm a big weanie. I'd probably be scared of bears, mountain lions or escaped convicts out to get me. But I sure would love to try it. As a matter of fact, I've always wanted to spend a Christmas like this. Maybe one year I'll get my wish. My other Christmas fantasy is spending it in a lighthouse off the coast of Massachusetts! Hey, I aim high, what can I say?

HM, that is very, very sad. I will definitely say a prayer for this poor family.

ASA, I heard some gossip about Miss Poulice--I heard that she has taken up drinking in the afternoons. That may or may not have anything to do with her evaluation of your crooning talents. I'm just saying.

Well, it's good to see everyone back at the on to prepare for the Mother of all Holidays! What a happy time! BTW, where's M-T? Have a great morning everyone--catcha on the flipside! MW

Buddy the Elf: "You sit on a throne of lies!" AUH2O, my hubby and I will, out of the blue, lean over, sniff a couple times and say "you smell like beef and cheese." It's really a term of endearment now!

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58447: hi all.Just coming by for a few minutes,hope eneryone had a great holiday,prayers for you all-ky girl

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58448: Oh MW, I don't think you would have been afraid. We were very close to town, could have walked downtown if we wanted. We laughed when we read the instructions left by the owner of the cabin. She was talking about not leaving trash bags outside because of the bears. She said the bears especially like coffee grounds and that (and I quote), "I don't know about you but I don't want to run into a bear, especially a caffeinated bear". haha We didn't see any bears, except for those bears they carve out of wood up there. One night, we left Ruidoso heading back up the mountain to Cloudcroft and it is a very deserted drive, but beautiful, and I saw the most gorgeous elk standing on the side of the road just looking at us. He was huge with a big rack on his head.

I took alot of pictures and will send some to Ro for the photo album when I get Bruce to load them for me.

Whew, better get back to putting away the groceries and putting the beef tips in the crock pot. Beef tips and mashed taters, salad and apple pie for supper, ya'll are welcome.


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58449: ...oh, and those great little rolls you pull apart and put butter on...


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58450: ...something else I wanted to mention and forgot...(especially to the Texans on the porch). While I was coming out of New Mexico through Carlsbad, I missed my turn-off to Pecos and ended up in the Guadalupe Mountain state park. WOW!! I didn't even know it existed and boy, was it beautiful. Clearly the most beutiful spot in Texas...has the highest mountain peak and there were clouds rolling over it like dry ice, snow, too. It really took my breath away. Have any of you been there? It was really worth going 60 miles out of the way.


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58451:

Never been there, Boo, but it sounds beautiful. I got tickled reading your snow cable story. Whatta hoot! You're a regular pioneer woman. :-)

Prayers for that family, hm. Very sad.

I'm outta firewood, Asa! Whatever shall I doooo??? Gotta have some delivered, unless... Boo, you feel like hauling more wood? It's just 150 miles or so. C'mon, pleeze?? :-)


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58452: Good morning, all. Boo, you are something else! I'd have had my cellphone out, "calling the man". Well, maybe when I was your age, I'd have tackled it, but not now.

Hey, ky girl! Good to see you. Sure do wish you'd come around right regular-like again.

So sad about that family who lost their mom, and now there's a new baby to raise. What a heart-breaking story, and what a challenge they face. Prayers for them, indeed!

I slept late this morning, as I have to work tonight, and may even try to get a little nap in later, if I can.

My little drama queen Starr is feeling better this morning, favors the leg a little but has abandoned the yelping. She's not going to be happy when we go back to her doctor on Friday for her rabies shot. Poor little baby.

Well, off I go. I've got bed linens to change, laundry to do, and need to dust and vacuum. I may even get some of it done! (heehee)

Blessings, all. --Romeena

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58453: Ok DES, let me go get my wagon...

I think you would have put the cables on, Ro. It really was pretty easy...easier than alot of the things you do on the job, I assure you! Being a nurse makes you tough.

Glad Starr is feeling a little better.

Prayers for the family who lost their mama. So very sad.


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58454: Boo - I think your cabin story is hilarious but you must realize, my home is about like that cabin. We live in a log cabin with only a wood stove in the "front room" for heat. It does pretty well, we have a small heater in the back bedroom but for the most part, that puppy can put out the heat. I re-start the fire in the mornings with the coals left over from the night. Sometimes, I add would at about 2-3 in the morning and then go back to bed. Of course, I have no ice to contend with. . .yet, but one of us fills up the porch with wood in the evening. Very simple country life! And we don't have bears - not even caffeinated ones! A few wild coyotes -


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58455: That's neat, HM. I didn't really mind it, the only problem was that the stove was a very small one and it only took a short time for it to burn out because it didn't hold much. I think a nice, big one would have been better.

It's a beautiful day here today (in the 60's) and sunny. I went to mom's to get some of my Christmas boxes out of the shed and as I was crossing the patio with two boxes, I tripped and fell. It felt like I flew through the air and landed hard on both knees. OUCH! I had to lay there for awhile before I could get up. Skinned both knees but they seem to be ok. If felt like they exploded when I hit that concrete. Very pleasant surprise that they are ok now. Been a trying day but that's ok.

Better go get Erin from school...


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58456: OUCH! Boo! Hope you are feeling better. Glad nothing was seriously injured.

Long day around here as well. Grumpy children and teenagers mostly.

Hey, only 4 weeks until Christmas! I know because my 8 yo will 9 the week before and my baby will be 2 on Christmas day. So December is a big month for us. I've almost got the shopping done. I've been very frugal and found some fun things for low prices. I've got to knit a few more washcloths and submit my AMazon order and I'm basically done. THne I can relax and enjoy baking cookies and listening to Christmas music,

Have a great evening


November 27, 2007 - Msg 58457:
Opiemom, but whose counting?! haha
If you do a lot of shopping online, check out
very cool old fashioned stuff there.
Sounds like everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Boo, sounds like yours was quite eventful! I hope your knees are ok and you dont get "fat knees" like Andy! ha
Please keep my BIL, Rick, in your prayers. He had brain surgery today to take out a benign tumor. He's doing ok, but lot of prayer needed for recovery.
Prayers for all the porch.
I set a blanket and cup of cocoa by each rocker for ya.

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58458: Asa you can just wear flip-fops to eat next time ok?..hey auh20 you ok tonight?..I aint had time to read all..busy here at work..hey Sterling,Romeena spend the tips at several stores..hey Opiemom..possum,boo glad bruce is doing better..Merri where are you?..Brother Rev getting ready to leave Friday is it?..Tom where ya at buddy?.getting any rain?...Des I need wood too...I got a ton to split if that Asa want bring ya some I will UPS a cord to y!...Sorry yall but I aint had time to cook..Maudey you got anything to eat?..or anyone...end it to Cobb Emc Marietta Georgia here all night then off for 6 to get the boat in the barn and Tree up...well my paws are tired...watching the depressing news...prayers ..back in a flash!..Local Lucy come in..10-4...SPOT

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58459: Evenin' Porch Family:
Just rockin' by to say Hi and let you know that Meredith is undergoing MORE tests. She is so disheartened to think more blood work and poking and questions. If only they could come up with something. They are now looking at the gall bladder and esophogus. Please pray for her. Thanks.
MDC, the blanket feels real cozy, the hot cocoa tastes wonderful. Thanks for being so thoughtful.
Asa- so glad Mrs. Asa is"on the road". It's certainly been a long one.
Where is M-T? Don't make me come down there...
Ro: Kiss little Starr for me.
Blessing to all the family. ~New Neighbor

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58460: Good evening, all. Boo, I'm so glad you didn't damage anything when you fell. Be careful, and don't be falling down.

New Neighbor, I'm so sorry Meredith is having so many problems. Sure does seem like somebody could come up with some answers by now. Prayers continue for her.

I have to work tonight and tomorrow night, not happy about leaving little Starr, but it can't be helped. She'll cry and scratch at the bathroom door, but she'll have food, water, toys, a potty pad and a cuddle bed in there, and nothing accessible that can hurt her, so she'll be okay. Poor little baby. I really hate leaving her.

Well, off I go. Got to get some clothes out of the washer and into the dryer, or I won't have a clean uniform to wear. Blessings, all. --Romeena

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58461: SPOT, here comes dinner... fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, SLAW, biscuits with honey butter. ice cream sundaes for dessert.
enjoy but don't get to full now. don't work too hard. Big Maude

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58462: New Neighbor prayers for Meredith..Romeena what time do you have to go to work when you work nights...our songle shift is from 10pm to 6am..Big Maude thanks so much for that wonderful gona bring a plate for lunch tomorrow if there is any left over!..But Asa and Rev will eat so there may not be none...TOM my buddy where are you?..Lucy?..MDC i see you at the other end...HELLO!..back in a bit..SPOT

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58463:
Hello porch family...Been praying for you all today!

Asa....if Miss Poulice says you're ready, then you're ready!

Boo...looking forward to seeing the pics.

Ro...don't work too hard tonight. Glad Starr is feeling better.

WOW Opiemom....Dec is a big month for your family.

MDC...prayers for Rick!

New N....Continued prayers for Meredith. She is in my prayer book.

Spot....leaving out late Thursday. And don't worry brother...Me and Asa will leave you some leftovers from Big Maude....promise.

You all have a good night. Remember, we are tallest when we are down on our knees in prayer! Praying for all the porch family.

November 27, 2007 - Msg 58464:
MDC....I checked out the web site. Some neat things on there. Thanks

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58465: "GOOOOD MOOORNNNING PORCH"..Get-up-Get-up..early bird gets the worm but thats not whats for breakfast!Menu as follows:3 eggs {scrambled,poched,fried or boiled},hashbrowns scattered,covered,smothered,chunked and topped,bisquits and white milk gravy,fried center cut country ham,thick sliced jimmy dean bacon,sausage links,grits with cheese and a glob of butter,toast with grape jam,english muffins with warm honey,fried apple rings,coffee,milk,h20,OJ,apple juice and a tear from my roll of paper towels...salt and pepper.."dont worry you will work it off"!..Rev look for the BIG UPS package for this breakfast..well I get off at 6 this morning and off till 10 pm next wed!..yee haw..gona get a lot done and will be checking in..prayers to all and have a blessed day..over and out 10-4 SPOT

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58466: Good morning, SPOT. Thanks for breakfast!

Hope little Starr did ok last night.

Like that quote REV, but I don't think I'll be getting on these knees for awhile! Actually, they are doing much better than I expected. The left had just a little swelling and is just a tad sore, no other problems, though....thank ya'll for your kind words of sympathy. I went to bed with the heating pad last night. Feeling kind of stiff and sore from all the falls this week! haha Slept well last night in MY OWN bed. Isn't it great to get back to your own comfy bed after a trip?

Had bible study at the rehab last night and the subject was guilt (true vs. false). The girls were pretty attentive and one new girl had many questions. It was a blessing, as always.

I almost caught up with the laundry, just a little more to do....if you're out there Me-They, toss your shorts.

Better get Erin off..


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58467: Morning folks. Thanks for the worm free breakfast Spot. I wore shoes today cause it's cold on my porch with a few inches of fresh snow on it.

New Neighbor, prayers for Meredith. I sure do pray they will find what's ailing her and give her some help. Tell her hey for me. I e-mailed her a week ago but I don't know if she got it or not.

Ro, how did Starr survive the night without you? She will get used to it pretty soon. Bless her heart.

Prayers for Fred MDC and for the poor family Homemaker was telling us about. That's very sad, aspecially this time of the year.

Rev, you are a class act, you know that? You seem like a very nice feller and always have uplifting posts. Thanks for being here.

Boo, sorry about your fall. I bet your feeling them knee's this morning. Are they barking at you?

Now MW, I'll have you know the more you drink the better I sound when I sing! :)

Hey Big Maude, what's cooking today?

Des, you best get more firewood for Christmas. If ever there was a requirement for a burning fireplace it's during Christmas.

Auh20, Is it getting cold up there in the North?

Well off to work. Lots to do and little time to do it in.


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58468:
Morning Porch

Cold and suppose have some weather moving in today from Mary Wiggins direction.

MDC-Heartfelt prayers for Rick.

Romeena-Your stories about Starr are similar to my Mom's about her new kitten. I really enjoy reading them.

Spot-All is well here, thanks. Enjoy your time off.

I think I can lure Me-They out into the open. So, when he shows-up someone throw a net over him. Ready...?

Me-They Hey buddy, did you see that Karl Rove is out there saying the Democrats in Congress pushed the Bush Administration into the war in Iraq? No kidding, that's what he told Charlie Rose.

Linus Van Pelt: "Charlie Brown, you're the only person I know who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem."


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58469: Good Morning porch family, hope all is well this
Wednesday morning. Cold this morning but supposed to be a sunny day in Northeast Tennessee.

Working today but not a "too" busy day, tomorrow I will start at 8 and finish at 6 so that will be a long day. I need to be home cleaning my house today but guess that will have to wait.

Anybody seen M-T? Maybe we need to get together a search party for him? He may be lost in a cave somewhere.

Glad Starr is doing well.

Thanks for that mega breakfast SPOT, I need to go lay down after that huge meal.

You all have a blessed day. Prayers for everyone. Big Maude

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58470:
Wow, Asa & Boo, we have to coordinate this a bit better in the morning. We keep just missing each other.


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58471:
...hey Big Maude.


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58472: Hey there, Asa, Auh2o and Maude! Guess we all hit the computer at the same time.

That's very interesting about Carl Rove...can't quite figure that one out. I went through Carl Rove's hometown driving through the great state of Texas and my liberal, Democrat Dad wanted to stop and spit or something. He despises Rove and Bush.

Listen Asa...."woof, woof" (that's my knees)....

Let's keep those Christmas show quotes coming. I love reading them!

We could make it a quiz like we did last year. Ok, I'll start....what movie is this quote from?:
"..he's barkin' for the Yak Woman."~~(Asa will get this one).


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58473: Good morning, all. I just got home from work. Spot, to answer your question, I leave home about 6:30 pm, start work at 7 pm, and get off at 7:30 the next morning, getting home around 8 if I come straight home and don't stop at the store or something. It's a long night.

For all you kind souls who have expressed concern for Miss Starr, don't waste too much sympathy on her, the little escape artist. She met me in the kitchen again! I can only assume she has been out and about most of the night. I had closed the bathroom door (it slides) and wedged a folded washcloth under it to keep her from getting it open. Well, she did it anyway. The washcloth was in the kitchen, along with several other pilfered items from around the house. I had hung three t-shirts on hangers on doorknobs to finish drying, as they shrink if you dry them completely in the dryer. All three were on the floor, and apparently were used as a bed last night, as they're quite rumpled. She had dragged my jeans off the foot of the bed, scattered her toys hither and yon, almost pulled a tablecloth completely off, and just generally had a high old time. I'd love to have been a mouse in the corner, and watched her. Don't you know it was a sight? She sure was glad to see me, though, ran around the room, stopped and spun in circles, ran some more, then came and begged to be picked up. I did it, of course, and cuddled her, though a scolding would have been more appropriate. I just didn't have the heart to do it. I'm afraid she's going to be terribly spoiled. Oh well.

OK, I'm pooped, and I'm going to bed. It was indeed a long night. Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58474: Ha! How cute! I can just see that little puff ball dragging the jeans through the house. I guess you should have named her Houdini (or Houdina). She must be very smart. Have you thought of a crate. I remember that Sugarplum had one that she liked. Maybe Houdini would feel more secure....uh-oh, I just remember what happened when you tried to crate her and she got out the top and nearly hanged herself...never mind. Don't know what to suggest.


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58475: Ha! Starr sounds like a prize Romeena. You're gonna have your hands full.

Boo, that was Cousin Eddy in Christmas Vacation.

How about this one... "Shut-up Ralphie!"


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58476: Hey, Ro, Sounds like Starr had a grand old time. Just be glad you don't have any dirty diapers around. You don't want to know what our lab does with those if we leave him alone uncrated. GROSS! Opiemom

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58477: Hey Porch Family:
Had the day off, but you know how that goes... now, I'm off to volunteer at the Red Cross booth in the local mall to wrap gifts. It's so funny to see what people buy for presents. (Especially the men!!)
Ro: You think you're pooped, just think what poor little Starr is!! She worked all night to get things in order for you!
It's cold on this side of the porch. Gotta bundle up a little warmer.
Thanks for the prayers for Meredith. She is back in her dorm, and resting. (that means doing homework and fretting about classes) I appreciate her being so contientious about her work, but there comes a time when she needs to take care of herself. As for the tests, we are still waiting.(and waiting)
Thanks for the breakfast this morning. It sure hits the SPOT!! teehee
Asa- send the snow this way. We're gearing up for the ski season.
Check in with everyone later. ~New Neighbor

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58478: Ha, I'll bet that can be really funny, NN!

Right, ASA, and of course your quote is from A Christmas Story. How about this one: "I can't see the nuts!"...


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58479: hellow

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58480: I just woke up gang just a quick hey before coffee...Asa those are spiffy shoes..the red tips and all..Rev my brother I got a package in the mail from you this morning...fantastic my good friend and I will drop you an e-mail later today..Maudey whats for lunch?..hey Romeena get some rest..Boo and auh20 and NW good to see ya this afternoon..TOM?...Lucy?..possum?..REv guess you are getting ready for the departure tomorrow night..I allways like the night you drive the coach?..well enough talking I got to get busy..if B Maude aint got no lunch I will treat us to tacos!...back in a bit ..and once again thanks Rev..will be something in the mail for your ministry..just a gift not payment brother!!..peace and love to all...I got to get busy!!SPOT

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58481: just look on this porch for thim

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58482:
Nick-Look out rummy!(squirts him with a selzer bottle).

Hey Spot, for a moment there i thought Robin Williams was here! ha
New N- could some of it just plain be STRESS. When studies get intense people react differently.
Thanks for all the prayers for bil Rick. He is in icu but recovering well for having a hole in his skull!
REV- I ordered some of the chior boy candles and also one of those retro looms for making potholders with the stretchy material bands. Remember those?
Wow, auh20, we got cold from mich to NY!
BTW, our paper is profiling all the candidates and will do Ron Paul on Friday.
Ya all have a good evening.

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58483: ash

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58484:

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58485: It's a Wonderful Life.
" A dentist ? "
Dr P

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58486: MSG #58481, I am assuming you are speaking of my movie quote?! haha!


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58487: Hey Dr. P. that one comes from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, of course.

How about this one?: "My lip's bleedin'!!"


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58488:
Spot-Always good to see you also.

MDC-Yeah, The Great Lakes are getting wintery for a few days. Michigan is a lot colder than we are here. We're in the low 20's and they are single digits. We also have a winter storm warning here for tomorrow and Friday, they say up to a foot of snow.

Gotta run, be back in a bit


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58489: Evenin' All:
Just got back from my wrapping escapade. TEEHEE if that didn't make you laugh-* "Do you think you can wrap this gift so that my wife won't guess what it is?" " Sure, I have a big enough box right here and we will wrap it and put a BIG bow on it." "Oh thanks I really tried this year, she always hates what I buy her, last year it was a new floor mop and the year before a new rototiller. So this year I bought her this se*y present. Do you think she'll like it?" As I pulled it out of the bag I had to look EXCITED and enthusiastic...A LONG FLANNEL NIGHT GOWN WITH this huge ruffle at the neck!! I asked him if their house was cold, he said "Not really, but would save on his firewood supply if he could let the woodstove go out in the night!!!" Try to keep a pleasant smile on your face with that one.
Oh well, ya gotta give him credit for that one!!
Going to get supper finished up...Keep warm~New Neighbor

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58490: Wow, stay warm and safe Auh2o! What's the coldest that it gets up in your neck of the woods? I was in Michigan in December once and it was pretty cold.

It was in the 70's today here in South Texas, cloudy, though and too humid for me. Don't want to complain, though, with Auh2o facing a winter storm. It would be great to live in the perfect climate but most of us either have to deal with the heat or the cold, don't we? I went to Starbucks for an Eggnog Latte today (I highly recommend it) and the young girl behind the counter was discouraged because it is so warm here and she just moved from Minnesota. I guess it does seem more like the Christmas season when you aren't wearing shorts and sandals.

I hung my Christmas wreath today and took out a few decorations. I was dissapointed to find out that some of my things were broken that were in the boxes I dropped when I fell yesterday. Three of my mom's village buildings were broken. I bought them for her when I got my first job and had a little cash to spare. That was back before the little villages became so popular and they were selling them at JC Penney's. I bought the whole set for her and she was so proud of them and displayed them proudly every year until her stroke. I put them out for her last year but now I have to get up the courage to give them all a good look to see if more are broken. I hate when things like that happen. Oh well, they are just "things".

I got to spend some time with baby Emily (my neice) today. She is 4 months old now and is without a doubt the cutest, chubbiest cherub I have ever seen. She has the fattest cheeks I have ever seen on a baby and smiles those big, toothless grins at you every time you look at her! It's just too much, I tell you. What a blessing. I took her to Walmart and showed her the animated Christmas things...should have seen the faces she made at Rudolph!

Better go...


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58491: Oh Hey there, NN...glad you had a good time wrapping presents. I think after getting a mop and a rototiller, I might not mind a flannel nightgown so much....hopefully that guy's wife will feel the same! ha I actually like flannel nightgowns but we don't get much chance to wear one down here in this warm climate.

I'll tell you a little secret....(shhh)...what I really would like for Christmas this year is this great bike I saw at Target. It was like an old-fashioned bike with a basket. PINK, too! Don't know if I should mention it to Bruce, but I dropped some hints to Sean so we'll see if he remembers to tell his dad. How'd you like to try to wrap a bike, NN?


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58492: Well, Boo, I don't know about NN, but I don't think I'd even try to wrap a bike. I think I'd suggest hiding it behind the sofa, putting a couple of pillows on top of the sofa to hide the handlebars, and then have a couple of people sit in front of it. Then Bruce could call you into the room and ask you to get him his slippers, which he thinks he left behind the sofa. Might work!

Tom, that was a funny one, #58481, where you answered Boo. You're pretty sharp. And Boo, "my lip's bleedin'" is Jimmy Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life." That was my husband's all-time favorite movie, and certainly is one of mine.

Well, gotta run. One more night at work, then I'm free until next Tuesday night. Poor little Starr. I've got to figure out a way to keep her in that bathroom. The door doesn't latch, wish it did. And you're right, the crate won't work. She nearly scared me witless with that little climbing stunt. I've got to find some solution, though, because she's going to get hurt wandering around with the run of the house when I'm gone. I mean, you can't unplug everything in the house! Some of the plugs I can't even reach, but she can, by crawling under things, and believe me, she can crawl into some very small spaces.

OK, off I go. See y'all in the morning. Blessings! --Romeena

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58493: Good evening porch, hope all is well tonight.

Boo, I hope Santa hears your wish.

Dinner will be: Home made beef stew, cornbread, SLAW and chocolate pie for dessert. tea, coffee or
kool aid to drink. come hungry and sit a spell.

Romeena, could a baby gate in the doorway of the bathroom be a solution for little Star? I am not sure how your doorway works with the sliding door but it is an idea. We use one with Belle. She stays on the laundry room while we are away. She could probably climb the gate if she figured out she could but she never has. I have seen various types of gates at our local Pet Smart but Wal Mart has them too. Just a thought.

Have a good evening. Big Maude

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58494:
Boo-We have a few days each year when we reach minus 20 something and we average about 240 inches of snow a year. Those winter storm warnings, 90% of the time, are nothing. Even a foot or two of snow is nothing to worry about if you don't have to factor in extreme winds. Really, one day last school year we had over two feet of snow and the kids still had school, much to their chagrin. To tell ya the truth, I enjoy winter weather, like it better than summer. Now Spring, there's a season, I love Spring.

Me-They ???

I'm beat, gotta hit the hay.

Ok, who said this one, "It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore."


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58495: Hi All.
I'm fighting what this pc everyso it was hit by the stomr that came in monday night.
Lucy no I did not miss ohio.
Spot have is me rain and the cold to.

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58496: Auh2o HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS


November 28, 2007 - Msg 58497:
Hello porch family

Boo...glad those knees are better. We'll just pray for complete healing!

Ro...that's funny...looks like Starr is a smart one. I remember the potholder makers. That reminds me of a little old lady in my community that use to let us kids make those potholders. She would let us pick out any colors we wanted. We thought it was a really big deal. I remember running home and giving them to my mom. Oh such good memories.

Spot...yea brother, I like night travel too. And I do all the driving. It's a time that I just spend with the Lord, me and Him just talking. It's also a time that He gives me ideas for songs. I do a lot of writing while on the road.

Well gotta get ready for bed. Praying for all the porch family. Have a good night and remember, you're never alone when you're walking with Jesus!

November 28, 2007 - Msg 58498: Why, AUH2O, that would be "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas."

"All the Whos down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville, did not.
The Grinch hated Christmas -- the whole Christmas season.
Oh, please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason.
It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.
Or maybe his head wasn't screwed on just right.
But I think that the best reason of all
may have been that his heart was two sizes too small."

Here's a little Christmas joke to get you in the spirit, rated G for "Good Grief!"

What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? Claustrophobic

Goodnight dears...sleep well! --Merri W.