December 13, 2007 - Msg 58889:
"Me and Lefty(me-they) is bustin' out tonight!"

December 13, 2007 - Msg 58890: That is NOT funny Me-They, just for that remark, I'm not wearing shoes to the Christmas party OR the big dinner! No, Jake is not getting a brother or sister for Christmas, I am way too old for that & my nerves are even older, they couldn't handle a little one around the house!
And since Jake knows where the porch is located, I'm not gonna post what the big surprise is until after he gets it.
MDC I didn't know you were in PHX, a friend of mine in the Bull Terrier community had her house broken into this morning & they stole her 17 week old Bullie puppy! Left the other dogs, but took her puppy, she is devastated!

December 13, 2007 - Msg 58891: Evening Family:
Just had a chance to read the last days of postings. My, My aren't we quick-witted? Speaking of names... one of the men of our church is names...are you ready? Harry Butz. One day he had his sister and her friend visiting and they asked if there were any visitors (we always give them a little info and gift) and the preacher told the ushers that the 2 ladies down front with Harry Butz needed their gift!!! That's no joke. He didn't realize what he had said until it was too late.
Prayers for all those tryng to get through the ice, rain and cold temps.
Later~New Neighbor

December 13, 2007 - Msg 58892: No way! That is just too funny to be true. Poor women and poor, poor preacher....and POOR Harry! hahaha


December 13, 2007 - Msg 58893: What about prince Albert in a can??

December 13, 2007 - Msg 58894: Ok, I'm ashamed of myself and if this wasn't true, I wouldn't utter it to a single living soul BUT my Dad used to work with a guy by the name of Dick Trickle. I kid not. Now, please forgive me while I run off and scrub my mouth out with some Ivory...ok, I'm back. Sorry. Did I say sorry? Hopefully you all are laughing and not passing out in disgust! Everyone made fun of the poor guy and I always wondered "why not Richard?" It's a good question that I never got to ask.

Anyway, MAVIS, so glad to see you're doing well. We missed ya! The only thing I can say friend, is allow yourself a little time here and there to think of your mama and get sad, cry and feel depressed. Then clean yourself up, count your blessings and find a way to honor your Mom this Christmas. I am sorry for your loss and you are in my prayers.

Well folks, I have a bit of a headache so I'm going to go rest now...goodnight to M-T, BOO, MDC, NN, MAVIS, TOM, REV, RO, SPOT, AHAPPYNUT, AFD, AUH20, HM, and anyone else out there tonight that I missed. LOVE and PEACE to all! Merri "Christmas" Weather

December 13, 2007 - Msg 58895:
Hello porch family. Getting a little cooler here today. It was only 70 today. But suppose to get down to freezing this weekend. first car was a Ford PINTO. I bought it new in 1974. I was 15 yrs old and working at a gas station and paid for it myself. Also bought a new 350 Honda motorcycle that year. I thought I was something.

Tom....praying you don't get flooded. You take care buddy.

MDC...I've got to be in TN tomorrow but then I'm off for Christmas. Mrs Rev will be going with me on this trip so that will be nice.

Maude....great supper...THANKS

Possum...that is great news on Laci. Praise the Lord! good to see you. Prayers for you during this tough time. Just keep your eyes on Jesus.

New N.....that is sooooo funny.

Merri.....I believe I would use the name "Richard" for sure. Prayers that your headache is better. don't work too hard today. You haven't mentioned your bike lately...are you still riding a lot?

Prayers for all the porch family. Have a good night's sleep and hug Jesus real tight tonight.

"The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord" Psalm 33:5

December 13, 2007 - Msg 58896: My addition to the name game, I used to work with a guy named Harry Foote, he was a pretty good kidder so he took it all in stride. I think of that & still laugh. He would say his name was Harry Foote but he wasn't taking his shoes off to prove it. haha Bet Me-They would appreciate that thought. ha
Thank you Merri "Christmas" Weather (that's cute) I appreciate the thoughts, I am trying to come up with a way to honor her on Christmas besides going to the cemetary. Maybe a plate at the table with a candle burning in it?
Thanks to you too Rev be careful in your travels friend, where in TN are you going to be & when?


December 13, 2007 - Msg 58897: HAHAHA! You guys kill me. Merri, I have always wondered why ANYONE would go by the name DICK, but if Mr. Harry Butz didn't change his name, I guess anything's possible.

Well, the yard looks boo-tiful, if I must say so myself. I worked hard and am already sore but it looks so festive. Think I'll head off to bed. Goodnight!


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58898: Morning gang...just been Rev during the hot days I have not had time to ride and now its done got to cold...40"s here now...hey ro,boo,possum,Tom,hazel..let me get settled in here at work...waffle house this morning on Mavis...SPOT

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58899: And Maude that supper was great...brought some left overs for lunch today...SPOT

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58900: Mornin.... DEAR!

Hope you are all fine and dandy. All is well here, I hope.

MW, NN, Your posts cracked me up. You'd think folks would change there names wouldn't you. Ha! Funny stuff.

A bootiful yard huh Boo? Wish we could see it. I guess we'll just have to be like Griswalds mama and envision it in our minds. Where did you get all your knowledge on exterior illumination at?

Mavis, good to hear from you. Try to not let things get you down now. If your Mom was here she'd tan your hide for it. I have no doubt she is at peace and would want the same for you. Have fond memories of what you shared with the knowledge that you will be re-united in due time. Am I getting thru to you!? :)

Mw, get that bar of soap out of your mouth. :)

Has everyone got all there shopping done? Mine is pretty much done.

Well off to work I go.



December 14, 2007 - Msg 58901: Ooh,I'm so glad that Merri brought up the latest weird name,because I have one similiar,but was kinda worried to post this.Since the "Word Police" haven't shown up yet,I'll go ahead with it.And if they DO show up,Phooey on 'em! Ha!
My daughter went to a job interview once and was sitting next to a guy with the same first name as in Merri's tale.Anyway,the receptionist comes out and calls him back to be interviewed.He had the same first name as in Merri's story-Richard was NOT his given name,it was just as in Merri's story.As for his last name? Try "Little." I kid you not. My daughter said people snickered and laughed and the guy told her that he's heard that all his life and that he even had a girl break off an engagement because she didn't want to be Mrs.D.Little. The poor guy! Now if that's not a case for a name change,I don't know what is!
If that don't wake ya up,I'll leave a STRONG pot of coffee on the Porch for y'all!

P.S. Laci was so glad to head out of that hospital yesterday! She's doing good.She did get antibiotic ear drops,so she'll be just fine.Thanks again for all of the prayers on her behalf.

possum under a rock

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58902: Hey Asa!!!

possum again

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58903: Just checking in with you all - brought the hubby home on Wednesday. Surgery lasted longer than expected but the doctor thinks his prognosis is excellent. He is being a fairly good patient - the pain medicine upsets his stomach so we are having issues with that.
I am very tired and not getting much sleep.

We are expecting 6 inches of snow here by Monday morning. We are thankful that we didn't get the ice storm but ours came in the form of rain. Which I am tired of - I like rain. . .but I am tired of mud.

I will check in later. . .


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58904: Poor Dick.

Hey Asa, I learned what I know about exterior illumination by trial and error. When I was growing up, Dad never put lights out. I was the one to do it if it got done and I have been the one doing it ever since. Bruce used to put up some lights now and then but I am really the exterior illuminator (Man-Mom, remember?). I am kinda feeling like Clark and am considering putting more lights in the trees today....hmmmm..

Have to get Erin to school. I am babysitting a friend's little boy today. He is 3 and the cutest little dickens...still not potty-trained, though, so this is a big favor.


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58905: Hang in there, Homemaker...




December 14, 2007 - Msg 58907:

MW, he didn't by any chance go on to be the famous NASCAR driver, did he? I can't imagine two people in the country with that name! Hope your headache's gone by now.

Prayers for Mavis and everyone else needing them.


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58908: I was wondering the same thing, Des. Old "Rick" was from my neck of the woods, and I remember hearing his name quite often.

Hope your situation gets better, homemaker, and that you can get some sleep, but am glad your husband is ok.

Well, I made it through shopping yesterday. My wife was surprisingly frugal on the spending front, and we kept it under $100 dollars. Though we still have a few people left to buy for. But for the most part we are doing more presents that we can put together and make.

Rev., glad your pinto didn't blow up on you. Remember that? ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58909: Good morning everyone! DES, I don't know nuttin' about NASCAR but I'm fairly certain this guy isn't it a race car driver! He worked in the insur. business. The poor man moved away but don't know where he went. I still feel sorry for him. Bless his little heart! But maybe he was a racing fan and kept the name for a bit of notoriety! Thanks for asking about my headache...seems like I'm some kind of human barometer. Every time we experience a weather change, I end up with a headache. I'm keeping it at bay, but barely. Hopefully, the front will finish moving in and we'll get our snow and I'll get rid of my aching head!

I'm glad you guys stayed on budget STERLING. There's no need for going into major debt at Christmas! Just adds to much stress to a time when we should be our happiest.

Well, some company came in to my hubby's work with books for sale. I can't seem to turn down a good book sale! They are always reasonable and I usually get a good cookbook out of it so off me and my #2 gherkin go...have a great day everyone! Prayers for HM and her hubby. Love, MW

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58910:
Morning Porch

Well, Mrs auh2o has a few days off so we're gonna order some Chinese food and watch some Christmas movies with the girls. The snow here is beautiful, really nice. So, I might be bunkered-up for a while with the FAM (is that Internet lingo for family? If not, it should be)

Rev-I just love your quotes at the end of your posts. They really help bring everything back to center. Not centered in any "new age" type nonsense.

MDC-That was me with the cow story. I hope I didn't detect a bovine bias in your tone, did I? Just kidding buddy. The cow may be the dumbest of all of the Lord's creations. I believe, and I could be wrong here but, lowing refers to sounds the cattle were making, such as, mowing.

MDC-Right, where is Romeena.

"Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love-light gleams.
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams."


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58911:
Hey there! MW There is nothing like a good book or "The Good Book" for that matter.


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58912:

...of course, when I say mowing, I mean mooing. But you knew that.


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58913: Right you are, AUH20! Hey, I didn't know cows could mow! I might be investing in a bovine beauty come summer time...HA! Just razzin' ya! I thought that was cute!

Have fun eating Chinese food and watching movies--it sounds like an absolutely perfect and wonderful day--those days just don't happen all the time!

Alright, I'm really outta here this time. MW

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58914: "There is no singing at the North Pole!"

What movie is this from?

Thanks for all of the prayers - will check in again when I have the chance!


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58915: Lunch time...tomato soup and two grilled cheese sandwiches..a pickel..coke....SPOT

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58916: Man, Spot, I just had pulled pork sammiches. . .I like your lunch better!

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58917: That's from the movie "Elf", Homemaker. We quote it often around here...."Is too."..."Is not"...."Is too"! or how about "Why are you smiling like that?"..Buddy (with crazy grin on his face) "I like smiling. Smilings my favorite".

I am wondering about Romeena, too. I think she said she was having to work for a couple of days. Maybe she is tired. Check in if you can, Ro.

TOM, so far the little boy (Avery) is doing fine. He is making an enormous mess in Erin's room but he is keeping himself busy...It looks like an explosion in a toy factory in there.


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58918:

I need to really read the posts instead of just scanning them. Based on what I saw while scanning through the page, auh20 was going to enjoy a Chinese movie with grits, his love quotes have no center, but there was a good book for the mother.



"What's your hurry?"

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58919: Funny Des....Boo I will take one of those pork samaches hungry...SPOT

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58920: I meant HM...I was in a hurry too...SPOT

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58921: Trade you Spot!


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58922: B00-a 3 year can run for every and will not stop
I never like babysitting because it make you go crazy.


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58923: "Merry Christmas you wonderful old Building and Loan!!"

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58924: ckeckpoint chickie

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58925:
Hi Everyone! 58923 that is from Wonderful Life.
REV-I bought a new AMC Hornet Hatchback that year!
It cost $2500.00 !! Wow! How much was your Pinto, and you got to drive at 15??
Man, MAYOR Pappa bear better get back here soon! haha All the talk made me think of that 70's song Ding a Ling! haha
AUH20 thanks for the info, I think possum mentioned it too.
Mavis, yes I am actually in Tempe, a suburb east of Phoenix. We get a lot of "thermal inversion" in te winter and get a brown cloud a few days after a good rain!
I hope RO didnt take my Mr Tucker line seriously!
RO, I was just funnin' with ya! Where are you dear?
Yall have a good evening

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58926:
Oh I forgot to mention how our pastor was telling us about the verse Luke 2:14. It is one of the most mis-quoted verses in Scripture. From the Greek and Hebrew and also painstakinly copied down by monks thru the middle ages, it was "Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth, peace to men of goodwill." (you will have God's peace if you are of goodwill), but our modern times have changed it to "Peace on earth, good will to men." Which totally changes it. Interesting! Something to ponder.

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58927: That is interesting, but what exactly does it mean to be of "goodwill"?

Yes TOM, babysitting can make you go crazy, but so can Motherhood! ha Avery did alright, except for the mess in the kid's rooms. Of course after he left, I found some little things like he painted on the wall in Erin's room with some kind of flourescent pink glue paint and he got ahold of a ball of yarn, found some scissors in Erin's room and cut up the yarn in little piles! No wonder he was so quiet...

Well, the kids are going to my sister's for the night so Bruce and actually have a whole evening and night together. Here's how I have it planned out..drop the kids at sister's, go see the movie "Bella" and eat lots of popcorn with a big Dr. Pepper, hold hands, go looking at Christmas lights after the movie, go home and cuddle, SLEEP LATE IN THE MORNING, and have Bruce fix me breakfast. Sounds great, doesn't it (at least to the women on the porch). We'll see how it pans out..


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58928: Well, the last time we heard from Romeena was on the 11th. She said something about jury duty and working on Tuesday and Wed of this week. I am wondering if maybe she got selected for a jury and has been too busy to visit the porch.


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58929: ...or maybe she is holding out for a not-guilty verdict like Aunt Bee....


December 14, 2007 - Msg 58930:
Boo, I could ask you the same about the word "cuddle"!! haha
Have a GREAT evening!! You deserve it!
A good weekend to all the porch family!

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58931: Evening Family:
Just reading the postings and getting the giggles. I wonder if Romeena has been sequestered?Can you imagine being isolated with her??? Fun, Fun, fun.
Boo: best of luck to ya. (teehee)
Asa: how is your neck of the woods? Hey, Courtney wants to know if you can make it to her wedding on Leap Day? Can ya perform the ceremony? Course, we do want the marriage to take!!!
Better get supper started. ~New Neighbor

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58932: Good Evening Porch,
Sorry for my quick departure. I have been in the hospital for the last 8 days. We thought I was having a heart attack, but thankfully (sort of) I have severe esophageal spasms that close my air ways and constrict my heart to give that illusion. My GI doc will do a scope and balloon after the holidays. I just have to eat baby food or broth until then. The surgery to fix my sphincter forever 1/100 people die from and with my blood disorder I'm a really big risk. I'm weak from all of the tests and lying in a bed! Other than that, with nitroglycerine I'm fine. I'll chat with ya later!

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58933: Sounds like my kind of night, Boo. Except for the Dr. Pepper; I'd have a coke instead. Never did care much for Dr. Pepper. But the movie, the popcorn, the cuddling, and having Bruce fix me breakfast, it all sounds great! hehe
MDC, I think I've already told you that I lived in Phoenix as a kid. We used to go to Tempe... is there an amusement park there called Legend City? I have a childhood memory of going there, but I'm not sure if it was in Tempe or not, but it seems like it was.
I have a rotten cold. I've been sneezing, sniffling, coughing and blowing my nose all day. Really chaps me, because I have a lot to do this weekend. Oh well, life goes on. aachooo!
I wonder if Romeena did get sequesterd. Cool! Or, she may have gone to visit her daughter who just had the baby. I hope all is well with her daughter and the new baby.
Well, 10-4

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58934: Oh, gosh, Lucy, your post snuck in on me! Take care, dear!
- Hazel

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58935: Well, howdy, all. New Neighbor, I'm going to take that "fun, fun, fun" as a compliment. No, I wasn't sequestered, didn't even get on a jury, and I haven't had to work this week - that's next week. I have to work Sunday night, and then Tuesday and Wednesday nights, then I'm off until after Christmas. I've just been really busy, and my DSL was down for a day, too. Got most of my shopping done, most of the decorating finished, and am debating whether to bake or not. I don't need the sweets around, but it's really hard not to get in there and make Christmas cookies. I probably will.

A happy nut, I'm sorry to hear about your diabetes diagnosis, but I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to change your life a lot. Just learn to make somewhat wiser choices in what you eat, take your medication as ordered, and most importantly - CHECK YOUR SUGAR OFTEN! Wilford Brimley says it all the time in the TV commercial, and he's right. You absolutely must know what your blood sugar is doing, so your doctor can adjust your meds if necessary. Take cinnamon capsules (I do) and ask your doctor about taking Alpha Lipoic Acid (mine recommended it), but if you're really diabetic, honey, you're gonna need more than that. As I've said before, I waltzed around for about six months with the oral meds, but ultimately had to go on insulin, and it has been a piece of cake - no pun intended. Don't let anyone tsk-tsk you out of using insulin if you need it. It's a natural substance that ordinarily your body would make and use, and if that system breaks down, then you just supplement it. It's that simple, and it works. This is not the end of the world, believe me.

Mavis, you got some great advice from Boo. Go have your cry, throw something, get a spade and go dig up a flowerbed - do something! Then take a warm shower, make yourself a cup of cocoa, watch a favorite movie, and relax. Your mom is there, honey, and she wants you to be happy.

I just read all the archives back to my last post, and prayed for you, Merri, and for little Laci, and for Zack and everyone else that was mentioned. Better late than never, and we all need prayers, all the time. I missed all of you goofy people these past few days, but I'm back at the keyboard now.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

I once knew an obstetrician named Dr. Cutbirth. (ouch!)

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58936: Hi, Hazel. No, I didn't go see the baby, though I'd like to. I'm not getting out on the highway until after I've seen my cardiologist next week. Have been having some episodes of bradycardia (heart rate drops into the 40s) that last from 3-10 minutes, and resolve spontaneously. I can always pull over if it happens when I'm driving, as I don't pass out, just get very weak, but I'd rather not be on a lonely stretch of highway at such a time. I'm seeing him next week, probably will just need an adjustment in my heart meds.

New baby is fine - had to stay in the hospital for five days due to jaundice (he was four weeks early) but they're home now and doing great.

Lucy, I'm so sorry you're having that problem, and you surely got my attention with the description. (I know I sound like Emma, but it's true.) I have esophageal spasms too, mine are related to the radiation I took in 1979 after my cancer surgery. Had one at a Christmas party last Monday night, worst I've ever had. Pain was pretty bad, and I almost blacked out. No one knew, because I just sat very still until it passed off, but I was getting scared. I've had them for years, but none anywhere near that bad. I was eating some baked chicken breast at the time, a bit dry, and that triggered it. Usually a warm drink will relax it, but all I had was iced tea! Does that sound like what was happening to you? Will be discussing that little episode with the cardiologist, too. I know the surgery you're referring to, it's no picnic, but it should fix the problem, and you'll be fine. Prayers for you, love.

Blessings! --Romeena

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58937: Hi porch friends, been rocking and staying quiet for a while. Just listening in. As always my prayers each evening include 'you all.'

Ro, you always are so concerned with help for anyones health problems but time to take care of yourself. Prayers especially for you tonight.

DeS, you may smell smoke from over here tonight. Not that cold, but damp...(same there I am sure). Just wanted to watch and take in the smell of a real fire. The pyro in me.

May the real sprit of the season be upon us...the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Greatest Gift Ever Given....Gos's Son.

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58938: y'all need to quit talkin on this computy thang and go out there and live life like Granddaddy said; "Go out there and live life".

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58939: Taylors front porch? Excuse me but none yall are really talkin bout Andy and Mayberry and Opie and the morals of the TV show as it was intended or eluded to. Is this a tlk show or a veniew for serious conversation?

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58940: Sorry to y'all, I did not read enough of yalls comments on this site. I'm new to this computer stuff and was looking for info. on the Andy Griffith Show. I meant no harm and ask if yall can forgive me?

December 14, 2007 - Msg 58941: I'm popping in to say goodnight to everyone and as I get ready to rest my weary head (long day) I am thinking of all of you and all of our individual situations and ailments. And not just physical ailments...ailments of the heart for the loved one that has passed away and for whom we wish we could spend this holiday season with...for those of us who are lonely tonight or depressed...for those of us who have recently received a bit of bad news and not quite sure on how to take it...for those of us who have a lot on the mind about finances, how to provide or pay for medical expenses. I think of all of you tonight and I will ask the Lord to be by your side. He knows you better than yourself. Let him be a comfort to each and every one of you. Goodnight friends. --Merri

December 15, 2007 - Msg 58942: MSG 58940--you're forgiven. This is a front porch for us folks who need to come sit a spell, rock a while and discuss the days events or what's happening in our lives. We talk "Mayberry" too! Join us, will you? MW

December 15, 2007 - Msg 58943: Hey Hazel, cuddle with your own husband (but Bruce can fix you breakfast)..hehe....well, my evening turned out lousy. We dropped off the kids and decided to go eat because we had plenty of time before the movie started. Nothing fancy, just stopped by the IHOP and had breakfast for dinner. I ate part of an omelet, we had a nice conversation and then left for the movie. I was ok for about the first 30 minutes of "Bella", then I started not to feel so good. I was getting very nauseous. We had to get up and leave. I came straight home, changed and went to bed, no "cuddling", no way. The first line of the movie last night was, "My Grandmother used to say, 'If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans'"....seemed fitting. Oh well, that's life. It is now 5am and I am wide awake but my stomach feels better. I am sipping some tea and ate a few crackers. So, no movie, no popcorn OR Dr. Pepper, no cuddling, no sleeping late and I sure won't feel like breakfast. haha It was a nice try, though.

Glad you are back Romeena. I was not the one who gave Mavis the advice, though, sorry I can't remember who was. Bless her heart, I was hoping this Christmas would be very joyful for her but I understand that she misses her mom this time of year. I think this is when each of us misses our loved ones the most, I guess.

Lucy, you poor thing! I pray you will be getting stronger and well soon. Hang in there and know that your porch friends care very much.

Thanks for the prayer Merri. This Christmas season has been hard for me, but have been feeling better the last few days. I think putting the lights out front helped to cheer me up.

Did I tell ya'll that I had to take a little kitten to the animal shelter the other day? Thank always makes a person feel very cheerful, doesn't it (sarcasm)? One of our neighbors had a little mistreated, skinny kitten that they left outside the other night when it got cold and the next morning when I went out, the poor thing was very sick. I snuck it off to the shelter. I don't think the people even noticed. It is a small kitten and was skin and bones. Makes me sick. I hope she will get well and get a good home.

I think I sort of adopted a neighbor boy, too! ha We live in a duplex and there is a man and a 12 yr old boy living next to us. The man is divorced and has his son living with him. He works long hours and the boy is home alone for hours after school. He doesn't have his mom in the area and is fairly new in town. Sean has befriended him and the other night, he was over till nearly 10pm until his dad came home. I found out he had not eaten so I fed him dinner at around 9pm. So sad, I feel sorry for him and he is a good kid. Very smart and makes A's in school. He was telling us that he gets picked on alot at school. His name is Aaron and I think he might be come a fixture around here!

Well, I think I will grab a book and read a bit to see if I can get sleepy and go back to sleep for awhile...wish me luck...


December 15, 2007 - Msg 58944: Good morning, all. Boo, you're right, it wasn't you, it was Merri Weather who gave Mavis such loving advice. Both of you are so good at that, it was an easy mistake. I think God will have to widen the gates of Heaven to admit either one of you, you have such big, loving hearts.

Thanks, Ray, for such kind words, but I'm okay, really. Bumps in the road now and then, but all in all, I'm in pretty good shape for an old gal.

To Message 58940, you bet you're forgiven, friend. If you only knew some of the encounters we've had with self-appointed critics - mercy! Some of them make your gentle comment look like a compliment, and then you followed it with such a polite apology - I think you're porch material! I hope you'll grab yourself a name and a rocker and stay.

Mavis, I'm sorry about your friend's loss of the puppy. That's why the breeder where I got Starr wouldn't give me her address until she had a deposit and the check had cleared. The address on her website is a PO box. She has an 8-foot solid fence around her back yard, no kennel signs or any indication of dogs living there, and her dogs live inside her own home. Puppies are hand-raised and pre-spoiled by her family. She doesn't allow visitors unless you're a bonafide buyer, and she told me a terrible story about a Maltese breeder friend who came home one day to find her front door kicked in, and every single one of her dogs gone. They caught the person eventually, but by then almost all of the dogs had been sold, and he had no idea who bought them - all cash transactions. Horrible!

Boo, that poor little kitten. I'm so glad you got it out of the bad situation and really hope it finds a loving, forever home now. As for the boy next door, he may be just what Sean needs. The boy obviously needs a friend, and tender-hearted Sean will try to help him, and in so doing will almost certainly help himself.

I'm glad your big bad bug subsided - remind me not to eat at IHOP. Never cared much for them anyway.

Well, about fifty of us from church are supposed to be getting on a bus and taking off for a day of shopping, and lunch somewhere (hope it's not IHOP!) - we don't know the destination. It's our "Mystery Lunch" thing that we do every couple of months - always fun. However, it's cold, wet and dreary out there, yuck. It's 43 degrees, though, so no ice worries. Knowing that bunch, we'll make our own sunshine all day - we always have fun.

Blessings, all. --Romeena

December 15, 2007 - Msg 58945: What sweet words, Ro. You are the one with the big heart!

I think you are right about Sean. He seems to care alot about Aaron already and even let him take his XBox home to play with. Aaron told us the other night that his dad was too poor to buy him much of anything for Christmas this year (that may be an exaggeration) so Sean piped right up and said, "We'll buy you a present"! That's one more for my unfinished Christmas list....haha.

Stay away from IHOP...and have a great day shopping.

I'm off to visit the in-laws then bell-ringing for the Salvation Army with the church youth group....HOHOHO!


December 15, 2007 - Msg 58946: hey gang ,we are getting some much needed rain here on the western N.C. end of the porch ,we have been in extreme drought conditions for several months ,something like 14.5 inches of rain behind now .Everyone take care and have a blessed weekend

December 15, 2007 - Msg 58947: Good Afternoon Friends,
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support. I had a spell today and boy they really tucker me out. Bryan really had a rough time with taking care of the boys, visiting me in the hospital, and working. It's amazing how when they do it all they have a new appreciation for us Mom's.
Is everyone finished with their shopping?
I really wish that TAGS had done more Christmas episodes. The one they did is the absolute best Christmas show ever. The Walton's Christmas specials are a close second. My favorite part is when Ellie and Andy sing Away in a Manger. What's yours?
I'm gonna go lie down a bit. Y'all have a great weekend!

December 15, 2007 - Msg 58948:
Just a quick Hi in between errands!
Prayers for Lucy.
Boo- so sorry! hopefully you dear Saint sister can do it again soon, and you can skip IHOP!
Hazel- your showing your age. Legend city closed in 1982! ha But a guy started a wesite to remember those fond days. You can google it, but I think it is legend Neat memories! Thanks!
Also, for the cold...oregano!
Prayers continue!
Andy: Lord, what did I get myself into?

December 15, 2007 - Msg 58949: Just a quick stop by gang...RAIN HERE in Ga !...I got to go get the 4-wheelers in the barn..not used to having to get things out of the rain!..back in just a bit then I will read...prayers..SPOT

December 15, 2007 - Msg 58950:
Hello porch family...just got in from TN. Rained all the way home and still rain hard here. But I thank God for the rain.

MDC...can't remember what I paid for my Pinto. I remember those Hornet hatchbacks. My Pinto was a hatchback too. It was matalic green with whitewalled tires. And SC you can get a restricted license at 15 to drive during daylight hours. (At least you could back in 1974) You could also drive a motorcycle at any time of the day or night at 15. So I would drive my car till dark and come home and get my motorcycle.hehe I had it all planned out...or I thought I did anyway.

Lucy...sure praying for you. You take care of yourself.

Hazel....everyone around here has had that ole cold. It tries to hang on to you.

Spot....enjoy that rain while you can get it.

You all have a great Sunday worship service in the morning. And have a good nights sleep. Prayers for all the porch family. By the way... "Can people see Jesus in you?" That's my prayer.

December 15, 2007 - Msg 58951: Hi All.
It was a nice day no rain just cold.
now it is raining and a little snow for the night.
If it keep raining we may be flooding.


December 16, 2007 - Msg 58952:

Lucy, sorry to hear about your recent scare. I'm glad it wasn't a heart attack. I thought I was having a heart attack one morning about 10 years ago, but it was a gall bladder attack! Those are nasty. All the best to you. I agree with you about the TAGS Christmas show -- it was the best. "Away in a Manger" always makes me choke up. It truly captured the spirit of Christmas. The place where I work (a huge retailer) unabashedly plays Christmas music 24/7. It's so nice to hear the songs of Jesus I grew up with. In spite of my grueling workload, I see a wonderful Christmas in the making, with many prayers answered.

Ro, I was talking to a girl at work tonight who is about to get her LVN, then quickly as possible, she's on her way to becoming an RN. I know there's some job security in that, as I have a friend who's a RN and she pulls down some good money. Any advice you can give my new pal? Btw, I never had radiation, but took chemo for almost a year. Is there anything I need to look out for? The only thing that's vexed me was the Prednisone they gave me -- made me an Amazon. LOL At work the other night I found that, at age 52, I can still effortlessly lift 90 lbs. -- kinda disturbing actually, although it had some of the young guys whooping and yelling. :-) I might have to email you privately for your opinion about a couple other things.

Ray, you're right.. it's so foggy and damp out. Send some of that good ol' fireplace smoke over my way anytime you want!

Boo, I wish we lived closer and I'd known about that little kitten; I'd have taken her in in a heartbeat. All you can do is try. Perhaps you made it possible for the little creatchture to have a second chance. I'm so happy to hear Aaron is hanging around your house. He sounds like a great kid who could benefit from your open, generous spirit. You can make a difference in the boy's life and he will be in my prayers.

Hey 58940, stick around for a while! You seem like a nice person. Welcome to the Porch.

Boo, the first IHOP I ever ate at, in the late '70s, was teeming with ants and the booth was sticky with syrup. I swore I'd never eat there again, but these days we go to the one on I-35 & Hwy. 46 in New Braunfels. It's just as clean as a whistle and the food is fresh and tastes wonderful. I'm sorry you felt sick and I hope you're all better by now.

REV., my hubby had a Hornet many years ago. It wasn't without its quirks, but that 8-cylinder engine in such a small car made it fun to drive!

Blessings to all my Porch friends...


December 16, 2007 - Msg 58953:

TOM, I hope you don't encounter any flooding. Please keep us posted. You're in my prayers.


December 16, 2007 - Msg 58954: Not sure about the motorcycle, but you can still get a restricted liscence at 15 and a half. You can only drive during the day and you can't carry any passengers under 21, but siblings.


December 16, 2007 - Msg 58955: Thanks MDC. I don't think my sister will offer again soon. She already has 3 young grandchildren living with her and a very grumpy husband who doesn't tolerate kids very well sometimes (he's a good guy just has a hard time with children sometimes). I will probably leave them with Bruce's mom soon and we'll try a night out again.

Very kind words, DES. I wish I could have brought the kitten to you.

Better go get ready for preachin'.

Hope you don't flood, TOM!


December 16, 2007 - Msg 58956: Good Sabbath, all! I had a little adventure last night. I think I told you I was going on a Mystery Lunch trip with our church group. About fifty of us on a bus, and we went to Granbury, the other side of Ft. Worth. Had lunch at Babe's (fried chicken, wonderful) and then to the Christmas show at the Granbury Opry House. It was absolutely terrific. Seven extremely talented young people. The first half was secular, an ongoing skit about seven former classmates getting together for a Christmas party at the home of the only married couple in the group. Another couple got engaged during the evening, and a lot of secular Christmas songs were woven into the script. Fun. Then the second act was all true carols, and one of the girls gave the best rendition of "O Holy Night" that I've ever heard. She absolutely brought the house down. Since the musical presentation at my own church this year really wasn't very impressive (guest soloist, very expensive, not very good), I came away from that show at the Opry House with my Christmas spirit just soaring. By the way, both recitations from Andy's "The Christmas Guest" were done. The story of Conrad and his Christmas Guest, and the story of the Belleau Woods, and it ended with "Silent Night", of course, which the audience was invited to join. Wonderful. Joyful. Thanks, Lord!

Anyway, when I got home, some of my Christmas lights were out and I started into the porch with my flashlight to reset the GFCI. Well, there lay a huge dog, curled up by the front door on the rug, shivering, cold and scared. It was a pit bull, and had scars all over its poor old head and face. Obviously, it has been fought. I'd like to get whoever did that in my sights! However, as I approached, it raised its head and looked at me with fear and distrust, and I'm smart enough to know to leave him alone, because he may attack.

I came in and called animal control, who said they'd send someone out. I left the garage door open and then my neighbor said he saw the dog go into my garage after I came in the house. I looked out the front door, he wasn't on the porch, so thinking he was in the garage, I just shut the door. I called the animal control guy again, he said he had already been by and couldn't find the dog, but would return this morning. I couldn't tell if the dog was in the garage, because there are boxes, bins and tools filling up about a third of it, and I'm not about to go poking in there to see if he's holed up. So I put food and water out where he could smell and find it, and as of this morning, it's still there, so I guess he didn't stay in the garage. Haven't seen the animal control guy either, but he could have come during church. I hope the poor thing found a warm spot to sleep, and that someone takes him in. It won't be me - with Starr, I don't need a pit bull, but I sure felt sorry for the old warrior. Because I wasn't sure he was in the garage, I did put a plastic bin out on the porch, laying on one side and turned to block the wind, and put a rug inside it, but it doesn't look like he used it. Poor old guy.

Well, that's my novel for the day. Have a great Sabbath, friends. I have to work tonight. Yuck. Blessings, all! --Romeena

December 16, 2007 - Msg 58957: Hey REV, did you have a side-car like Barney??? HA!! I'll be back later friends--one of the kiddos woke up at 4 a.m. throwing up. I'll come back later when I have time to catch up with you all! MW

December 16, 2007 - Msg 58958: Hey there RO--we posted at the same time! See ya later this evening! MW

December 16, 2007 - Msg 58959:
Hey Folks

Just a quick stop. It is definitely winter here.

Rev-That is an excellent question. And, I hope they can.

Ro-You're a nice lady Romeena.

Lucy-Prayers for your health.

Ray-I thought of ya last week. In our local paper there was an article about a fellow arrested for feeding deer. That's money that could be sent straight to Albany they figure. Ablany is our state money pit ... err capital.

"Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"


December 16, 2007 - Msg 58960: Thanks, auh2o, though I'm not so sure about the "nice lady" part - there might be those who would disagree. However, I do know an abused animal when I see one, and it makes me mad every time. I wish he would have stayed in the garage. He'd have been warm in there. My garage stays between 50 and 60 degrees, no matter how cold it is outside. Poor old dog. --Romeena

December 16, 2007 - Msg 58961:
Hi all, just a quick hello today! So good to hear about all the much needed rain! Thank you Lord!
Band concert under the stars tonight!

December 16, 2007 - Msg 58962: Evening Porch Family:
Just dropping by to say Hi, and hope your Sabbath was a blessed, restful day!!!
So glad to see new faces on the porch. Do hope they stay for awhile. If we get them use to us before Asa shows up, chances are they'll like us! TEEHEE
Got lots of ice and a little snow. Well, off to finish my Christmas presents for the folks I work with... ~New Neighbor

December 16, 2007 - Msg 58963: Yea brother Rev we loved the rain...was playing your music in my truck the blue grass twang!..just great...I still got to get caughe up on reading ..I will at work in the morning at 6am...hey ro,boo,nn,macis,Tom,possum,hazel,maude,auh20 and all....gosh im so tired..."yawn" the do the last week Christmas shopping ...whew...breakfast menu: 3 eggs scrambled with cheese,hashbrowns with chunks of ham,bisquits and gravy,country ham,bacon,grits and coffee and h220...prayers...your porch dog SPOT

December 16, 2007 - Msg 58964:
Hello porch family....kinda cold here today. Windy....getting down to 29 tonight. side car for me. To many pranksters around to pull the lock pin out...hehehe

Ro...that is so sad to know that some people are so low to treat a living creature that way. I'm with you, it really boils my blood.
Something I have thought about often is that animals are not only loving but they are so forgiving. I have seen dogs that were mistreated but yet as soon as the owner talked nice to them that tail started wagging. They could beat the poor dog but yet the little thing would come right up to them just as soon as they called him.
It rips me up Ro. Thanks for trying to help that poor dog.

auh2o....are you snowed in up there in NY? You guys got hit over the last couple days didn't you? Stay warm!

Spot...Glad you like the music brother. You mentioned the bluegrass sound....that is the first bluegrass style song that I had ever written. Most of my music is more toward the Christian country style. But we've had some fun this year with the song you're talking about. I've been busy writing a lot these past few days. Trying to write for a new cd this summer.

You all have a good night. Praying for all the porch family. Jesus loves you and remember....when I look into a mirror I see weakness but when I look into the Word I see strength.....Praise The Lord!

December 16, 2007 - Msg 58965: Hi All.
THURSDAY RAIN ALL DAY and on friday,saturday and Sunday it snow all day.
It will be cold for everyone in NY.
Romeena Don stop by to see how I was doing?
h e say hi to you.


December 17, 2007 - Msg 58966:

I wish I could have gotten that sweet little kitten, too.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, Boo. I've had my trials lately and it means a lot.


December 17, 2007 - Msg 58967: Mornin' Y'all. Passing along a bit of sad news to music fans- Singer/Songwriter Dan Fogelberg has died at age 56.He had prostate cancer.For those who think they don't know Dan Fogelberg,you hear one of his most popular songs this time of year-"Same Old Lang Syne."

"Met my old lover at the grocery store.. the snow was falling Christmas Eve.I stole behind her in the Frozen Foods,and I touched her on the sleeve."

"And as I turned to make my way back home,the snow turned into rain."

Great lyrics,a huge loss.Thank you for the music,Dan.Rest in Peace.
possum under a rock