December 27, 2007 - Msg 59193: Hi, Hazel. No, I didn't know you have scoliosis. How did I miss that? I have it myself, though probably not to the same degree, as mine doesn't cause a lot of discomfort. Some, but not a lot. Tell me more. You have my email.

I just put a couple of current pictures of Starr in the album, in the "Sugarplum and family pets" album - they're the last two pictures. --Romeena

December 27, 2007 - Msg 59194: Oh, and I didn't mind sweeping. Never mind that it's 40 degrees out there, the wind is blowing, and there were dust-bunnies everywhere. Spot, are you shedding again?? --Romeena

December 27, 2007 - Msg 59195: Yea Romeena I need a grooming from Mavis...gona get some much needed rain here tonight and tomorrow..TOM?..check in buddy..well its Capt Crunch time..yall get a clean bowl and join me!..Asa lets take the bunch to Shoneys in the morning..oh-hush, I will buy!!you just get the tip and hold the door...back in a bit...SPOT

December 27, 2007 - Msg 59196:
Hello porch family....been busy today running around doing "stuff".

Ro...we use the Glory brand greens a lot also. They are very good. My wife says the same thing as you about them, "they are good and a lot easier to use than cooking from scatch." Still praying for your son. So thankful he is doing better.

Welcome Dave glad you stopped by. It's always nice to have a new face pull up a rocker and sit a spell. Come on back!

Mavis & Possum....pray you're feeling better. Mrs Rev is under the weather with that ole cold also.

Spot...push some of that rain on over our way when you get your share.

I had a (good) suprise visit today. The girl that use to sing backup for me in my band during my country music days, stopped by for a visit with my wife and I. I had lost contact with her and have not seen her in over 10 years or more. She was a great keyboard player/backup singer and I really enjoyed having her in my band. She had moved away for a period but has moved back to SC. It was so good seeing her. She asked me about maybe doing some backup vocals on my next cd which would be pretty cool to have her back singing with me. We're also talking about having a band reunion in the near future. Just trying to locate everybody and get everyone back together for dinner and talk about old times. It's been almost 20 years since we were together.

Well gang...I'm heading off to bed. Prayers for all the porch family. Jesus loves you and so do I!

December 27, 2007 - Msg 59197: Wow brother Rev the reunion sounds great!..Old friends tha stay in contact are just great..sleep well...see ya at breakfast...SPOT

December 27, 2007 - Msg 59198: Interesting posts, enjoyed reading them! Sounds like you all had a good Christmas with family.

I just have to say that you are all really something! To read that you are praying for me and my family means the world to me, thank you so much. I want you to know that God is answering those prayers and things are going much better that I thought they would with my mother-in-law. Bless her heart, it's a hard thing for her but she seems to be handling things well at this point. We had a good visit with her and other friends and family memebers and there has been a big outpouring of support from her community and church. I had a tough time last night, just being in their home and Don not being there. I took Erin for a little drive to look at some Christmas lights and remembered the time I took Don and Ann around to look at lights last year. Very bittersweet memories. I guess right now, it's just hard to see that things will get better for Mom. My mind tells me they will but my heart doesn't see how she will ever stop hurting. I'm telling you, losing Don is a huge loss. I guess I could say I would compare him to someone like Ro's Dale. He was a great man and a gift to everyone who knew him.

Your comment Ro, about your parent's old home was so very sad. I know that feeling a little. I was recently driving past the house we lived in when I was age 6-10 and remembering the good times with my family there. Those years were probably the happiest, most carefree of my life and there was something so painful about seeing that house and thinking of how young my parents were then and how quickly they became old and fragile. I wanted so much to go back, just for a day even, and relive that time. No going back though, is there. I guess someday I might look back at "now", while my children are still at home and my parents are still with us, and want to go back. I am trying very hard to keep the "glass half full" attitude.

TAGS is on TVLand right now but it's the jewel theif in the hotel episode and I have always found that one to be rather boring. Am I alone?

I had many things to comment on but am forgetting them because I am so tired. Maybe I'll remember them tomorrow! Goodnight Mayberry,


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59199: Ok gang .."GOOD MORNING"..GET UP!..Asa and I are gona take yall to Shoneys..Hazel we are gona give you and that lead foot of yours a chance to redeem your self and drive ok?...yall better pull those belts tight!..gona storm here in ga...YEA!...well let me get things wound up here at work and get headed home....prayers to all...SPOT

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59200: Hazel is driving? Are you kidding? All she knows is speed speed speed! Hazel, how you aimin to drive?

Thanks for the feedback Ro. I'm not a coffee drinker. I do enjoy a Pepsi on occasion. OK, more like most days, but I want to cut them out of my diet. Anyway, I'm sorry if my post was rude. It almost sounded like Barney saying "to heck with Dale, am I gonna pull through?" I'm glad he is doing better and going to get his problems fixed.

Hazel, I do remember you talking about your back, You always get that pain that starts in one leg, goes down and back up through the other leg. It really goes places. Maybe I should try some of your little blue pills. Will you share?

Boo, Time just moves right along doesn't it. I think I mentioned that I had sold my Dads house to my Daughter and her husband. It was the house he built himself and I bought out my sisters half interest in it when he passed away. She wanted to sell it but I wanted it to stay in the family. It is so neat now to see her and her hubby living there and fixing it up. It's only a half mile from where we live so we visit often and it is such a flood of memories to see my grandkids occupying my old bedroom. It has worked out very well.

Rev, it's always fum to see old friends. I bet you two will have a fun time if you join up again on a reunion or something. And I'm still available if you need a first tenor. My old voice teacher always thought I should preform in public. :)

Well I'm headed over to the album and check out Starr.


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59201: Good morning everyone.

HAZEL: You can add one more to the Curved Spine Club. Should we have a secret handshake?

ASA: I'm not part of the Pepsi Generation. I'm a Coke man myself. Pepsi's a little too sweet for my taste. In a pinch, it'll do just fine, though.

BOO: I always enjoyed that episode. My favorite part is at the end when Andy and Barney walk away from teh camera into teh elevator, and Andy tells Barney who the man was that Barney thought was the jewel thief. His body language really makes me laugh.

I know how you all feel about places you grew up in. I pass the old farmhouse where I spent most of my youth every Sunday on the way to church. It's very bittersweet. I like seeing the place and remembering good times, but the people who own it really let it go. It's vinyl-sided now with stuff growing uop everywhere and looks like the Remshaw place or something. And, teh side lot was sold off and a new home built where my parents had their garden and some very old lilacs and a huge grape arbor once stood. Time does move on.

Actually, though, several of the homes that really mean something to me are still in the family. I purchased my paternal grandmother's house years ago and live in it now. My parents purchased my mom's parents house after they passed away and they live there still. My grandfather built the house with help from his brothers when he was a young man in the 1940s. When contractors come to do work there, they are always amazed at how sturdy and over-and-above it was built. My grandfather was a very handy man (his father was a blacksmith) and never did anything half-way or just to code. That little Cape Cod will be standing long after we're all gone. My mom grew up in teh house, so it's of course very special to her. It's very special to me, too, as I was very close with my grandparents and spent a lot of time there. My grandparents were the best people that I have ever known. In teh 18 years I spent with them, I honestly can say I never heard them say a cross word to each othetr or anyone else, or talk negatively about any person. They were true Christians examples.

ASA: No signing in the morning!

See y'all at lunch.


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59202: APB for TOM, AFD, HORATIO, DIXIE, IDELLE, LUCY, DWF, BWB, NEW NEIGHBOR, and others who haven't checked in in awhile.


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59203: trouble check

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59204:
Andy: Talk about robbery, will you look at the price of a room here---seven dollars!

Boo- Maybe our dear Lord will let us go back and re-live those days when we are in heaven. We know from Revelation that heaven is a definite place, so we wont be playing harps on clouds! (:
REV- Maybe the original Tiger cats can play at your reunion right along with ya!
How about, as a belated BD gift for Spot, we cook up some jambalaya and gumbo, I gawr-en-teee it be good!
OK, I gotta share with you all one serious concern, and that is the as*as*ination of Bhutto. If pakistan falls into chaos, and we know that they have nukes, what could happen? Sorry, this is just heavy on my mind today, and it's hard to shake. This is not little Chavez ACTING big, this is a whole different ball game! Please join me in prayer that that country keeps it's wits and can get thru this. Thanks for your ears.
Soapbox sliding back under porch.

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59205: MDC, I'm right there with you...this has bothered me greatly. For one, I always admired her--a woman leader of a Muslim nation. When she was Prime Minister, I remember thinking "why can't the free-thinking United States have a female President?" That was also during the Thatcher years as well. I'm also a bit angry--Bhutto was taking some unnecessary risks. I don't think anyone was shocked by this. It was released today that she actually died of a fractured skull hitting her head on something in her car and not the bullets of the cowardly murderer. Small comfort.

On to more fun topics...talking about soda reminded me of when I was around 18 and 19 years old, after I graduated high school. There was this ice cream/soda shop called Chauncey's in town that hearkened back to the 50's. Maybe even earlier. My girl friends and I would all meet up there and get "Lemon Cokes." They made them fresh. They would drop a lemon in this nifty squeezer and hand mix a coke. It was the most refreshing, delicious drink I've ever put in my mouth! Eventually, we made regulars of ourselves and even got into dressing up like teenagers in the 50's...scarves tied in our hair, jeans rolled up, saddle shoes...we really got into it. Our group grew into about 20 giggling, chattering, hyper girls! We would drink coke after coke until we felt sloshed. One of us would go to the jukebox and put some music on. It wasn't too long after that though, that they went out of business. Oh, for the love of Pete, I miss those Lemon Cokes!

Well, I better get back to the kiddies before they systematically destroy the house! Have a great day everyone! Many blessings to you and yours! MW

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59206: I think that's more of a prayer request than a moulage, MDC, so I wouldn't worry about being on the soapbox. I, and I'm sure a lot of people around the world, share your concern. Our leaders, as well as theirs, and their people need to watch their steps and do the right things in the days to come. Good thing it's in God's hands.

MERRI: I believe that a woman is electable in the "free-thinking" U.S. It's just a matter of which woman--no different than for a man. This time around there's exactly one choice on the feminine side, and most people's concerns with that one choice I would wager have nothing to do with her being a female.

One thing always perplexes me, though: if women account for at least (maybe more) of registered voters, how come us men get blamed for not "allowing" women into high office? Seems to me a lot of ladies must be crossing the gender line.

ALERT! ALERT! Step away from the soapbox! Nearing moulage area!

By the way, add AUH2O to my APB.


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59207: That should be "at least half of registered voters."


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59208: M-T, I'm not saying it was one gender's fault. I just admired Thatcher and Bhutto for being elected to run a country. Pakistan isn't known historically for being progressive in the ways of women. We haven't been able to do that yet for whatever reason(s). There hasn't been any options for voting a female pres. I just wonder why sometimes.

Not trying to start t-r-o-u-b-l-e. Just expressing my thoughts.

Have a good day! MW

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59209: There's nothing wrong with females; I like 'em!



December 28, 2007 - Msg 59210: hehe, your so funny, Me-They. Thanks for cheering me up (that goes for all of you). Just can't say how much you all mean to me.

I am just having a coffee break and taking a last look at my lighted tree. The poor thing is beyond dead and into decaying so I am going to go ahead and undress it and put it to rest. That is always sad for me. I have been sitting here looking at some of my older ornaments and thinking of some good memories of each. Even though it's sad, I always feel better getting rid of all the clutter. I am alot like Me-They and was sorting, and putting the kids toys away on Christmas Day! I am feeling "edgy" when I look in Erin's room and try to decide where to put things.

A beloved church member (Lucy) just dropped by to give us a late Christmas present, and boy is it neat! Her husband Tom is a carpenter and he made what they call a "family night box" for us. It looks like a hope chest with our name on the lid and inside, she put family movies, popcorn bowl, cups, movie theater candy, popcorn and 2 fleece throws. Inside the lid, she painted a movie projector and 4 stars with each of our names on it. It's neat!! It was just the sweetest thing for them to do it for us. Bruce is Lucy's sunday school teacher and she thinks the world of him so she wanted to do something special for us. Lucy is a fairly recent convert to the faith. She and her husband lived across the street from our pastor and he made friends with them and they started attending our church a few years ago and were baptized. They have been faithful, and very loyal church members and friends since then. I have seldom met such giving and loving people. A true blessing! I rejoice so much in God's great work of grace in the two of them. Tom is at the church anytime something needs to be done. He fixes things and paints, just whatever needs to be done. He made a beautiful swing for our last fundraiser/auction.

Well, Me-They, I think you are a very blessed man to still have the family homes still in the family! How wonderful. I am really hoping that at some point my nephew (Baby Emily's dad) and his wife will be able to buy my parent's home when they can no longer live there. I would love for it to remain in the family. I lived there from age 10 so it has been the family home for 35 years. I remember when Bruce's dad, Chester died 8 years ago and we had to move his mother out of the family home and it was an incredibly painful experience for everyone. I felt like not only did Chester die, but it was the death of those wonderful family times in their home. Finally, things were beginning to feel that way again after Don came into the family and we would all meet at their home for holidays. They were a wonderful five years that we can be thankful for. The fact is, "time waits for no man" and things will always change. We do, however have that wonderful hope that MDC mentioned. Someday we will grieve no longer and we will be together in God's great house.

Coffee break over!


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59211: Speaking of elections, remember the TAGS episode that had Aunt Bee running against Howard for Town Council? Aunt Bee (and her group of women supporters) is shown to be the candidate offering platitudes and "if the people want a bridge, they shall get it" kind of insubstantial and shallow politics, and Howard (and Andy, et al.) is shown to be the "thinking" candidate who doesn't pander but has actual solutions. I have always though that this episode, from one of the later, color seasons seems awfully s*xist and backwards, especially when considering the Ellie for Council episode from the very first season. Odd.


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59212: Hey, you snuck in on me there, BOO. I know that "edgy" feeling well. I feel the same way until I can find a place for all the new stuff, which usually means adjusting the old stuff.

Aw, have another cup!


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59213: Hmmm...maybe I will, thanks. I am already feeling like I can breath better. I have all the decorations down, just have to tackle the tree. I think I will go to WalMart and get some containers for the ornaments. Some of them were broken when I unpacked them this year.

You know, I am feeling kinda like a TAGS marathon tonight....Sean got a new TV for his room for Christmas so he and Erin can watch movies in his room while I watch TAGS...of course, I don't know what Bruce has in mind. Poor baby has so much on his mind and is so concerned about his mom that it might do him some good. He has been working all day on the program for the memorial service. He is a very good son and will continue to help his mother. I suspect that someday she may end up living with us (good thing we are building that extra bedroom).

Well, I'm off to WalMart...


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59214: Oh, wanted to mention that it is a gloriously beautiful day here in South Texas. The sun is shining and it is a cool, crisp 60 degrees...couldn't be better. I have the doors and windows open and am wearing shorts (I like to get a chill now and then).


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59215: Just checking in to say Hey. we're having a wonderful time at Grandma's in Nashville even though it has been raining. It's been fun to watch my 4 yo niece play with our 2 yo, went to the mall today to let them play at the play place there. She was so funny defending him from this little boy. "He's just a baby you know!" Enjoying spending time with my dear children making some good memories. we'll be leaving on Sunday


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59216: Just checking in to say Hey - "hey"
Been giving the Vicks a good workout on the youngest boy!
Been keeping the pain pills in the oldest boy, er, I mean, husband.
Been keeping the road hot keeping the goats in check with the middle boy.
Can't wait to go back to work - ooh - did I say that!


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59217:
Yes boo, the end of the Christmas season is a downer for me also. I cant believe it went by so quickly! My prayers continue for you and yours.
I hope you have a chance to watch some tags.
That box of goodies sounds neat. Maybe you could add some board games etc to it also.
Me-they- yer gettin close to moulaging again! ha
Remember how Aunt bea showed some real gumption in the "We will not sing!" episode! (:
I got another nice letter from Colt. 8 inches of snow in Lincoln, IL, so he wont be getting near the library computer in the near future.
Have a great evening all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59218:
Hey to opiemom and Homemaker, didnt see ya there.

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59219: I just got a call from a friend of mine and she got a Bassett Hound puppy for Christmas from her husband and kids. They named it "Barney!" I just had to chuckle over that! How cute. They're thinking about getting a female. I suggested "Thelma Lou" for a name! I think that's a rather fitting name!

I'm really wanting to take my decorations down but we have a long-standing tradition of keeping them up until the Epiphany...every year it gets harder and harder to wait. I really want to get my house back to normal.

I found out today that a client of my hubby is giving us a two-day stay at his lake cabin for New Year's. I can't tell you how excited I am! We wouldn't normally be able to afford to go so this is a real treat. The cabin is right on the lake. It's a 2-story cabin with 3 bedrooms; we've invited my mom to go for some much needed R&R for herself. We plan on fishing from the dock, cooking out and joining a fun informal New Year's party with the owner and his church. It will be cold but we can gather around the fireplace with hot cocoa while we talk, laugh and play board games. Ahhhhh, it sounds like pure heaven to me! A nice way to close the holidays. I have a tendency to get down in the dumps after all the festive hub-bub. This will provide a good distraction and it will kick off the new year on a positive note. What more could you ask for? Take care everyone. Have a restful and PEACEful night. MW

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59220: I agree with Me-They, Boo, about the TAGS ep that you don't like. The jewel thief one that you find rather boring. I like it. My favorite part is at the beginning, when Barney comes over to pick up Andy, and Opie greets him at the door. And he is missing a front tooth. Or maybe it's both front teeth, I can't remember. And Barney asks him about it and Opie says "Want to hear me Thing a Thong?" (for Sing a Song). And when they walk out the door, and Aunt Bee says "Step out with your right foot so all will go well!" And also how she hands them a sack full of sandwiches for the trip. Anyhow, I like that episode.
I'm not taking my Christmas tree down yet. It's too early. Shoot, I just put it up a week ago. Remember I started to put it up earlier, but Mr. Hazel chose that opportune time to break two ribs. Funny what that man will do to get out of helping me with stuff. I probably won't take it down until next weekend - I'm still enjoying it! My tree is made up of only decorations that mean something. Like one that says "Baby's First Christmas. 1981" which someone gave us when our son was born. Or an Angel made out of tin foil that our daughter made when she was about 4. I also have three pickles, that my niece gave me, at separate times. When my nieces were growing up, they would come over to my house and we would always watch "The Pickle Story" together. And of course I'd get out the jar of Baby Banquet pickels and we'd all have a few. I have "ET" ornaments that people have given me (which happens to be my nickname that I've been called for years), and "Wizard of Oz" stuff. Anyhow, everything has sentimental value on my tree. No tinsel, no bulbs. Just stuff. I'm sensitive, ya know.
Thanks for checking in, Opiemom, and you too, Homemaker.
- Hazel

Clara: "They're quite pleasant. And nice."

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59221: Hey, where's Ro and Starr? I miss them! So sweet those two gals! :-)

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59222: Hey there Porch Family:
Just checking in before I lay this old tired body down for the night. (No comment about age-Asa!!After all you are older than me...) Wonder what causes that?
Can't wait to see the pics of Starr. Feel like it's one of my own. How's the proud mama doing? Getting rested up from all the holiday frolics?
Hey there Hazel- haven't talked to you for a ling time. We got a new computer becasue the old one crashed and I lost all the IM names.
Gotta get some sleep...~New Exhausted Neighbor

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59223: I think Ro said something about cleaning algae out of her fishpond, or something, MW. I miss her too when she doesn't check in. I don't think she's working.
- Hazel

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59224: Thanks Hazel! I think I remember reading about the leaves clogging up her system...

I think it's neat that you have a lot of Wizard of Oz ornaments. I have just 1. My mom gave it to me years ago and I treasure it. If we hadn't put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving, I'd leave it up longer, too.

I've been on line researching Parkinson's disease. A friend of mine suspects her husband has it and they are going to the dr. next week. She's just wanting some initial info. I don't want to scare her but I know she wants to learn more and without having a computer, it takes longer to get information.

Night all!!

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59225: Drats! That's me---MW

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59226: Thanks for those prayers, MDC. I know we will need them tomorrow due to the memorial service. Tonight Bruce brought home the program he made for the service and it had a wonderful picture of Don on the front. The second I saw it I burst into tears. It still hurts more than I like to admit and I think tomorrow might be tough but we will get through it.

Hazel, I am like you. All my ornaments are sentimental and full of memories...nothing fancy. I don't usually take my tree and decorations down so early but I just felt sad looking at them at this time. You know, the reason I did so much decorating was because Don and Mom were coming to stay a couple of days with us at Christmas. I was really looking forward to their visit and had done alot of little things to make their stay pleasant. I made Don's favorite (fudge), and did some baking, bought mom's favorite coffee creamer. I bought a new down mattress cover to make the bed extra comfy and cozy and they never got to use it. I just want to move on and get past the holidays this year.

Hazel, how in the world did you get the nickname "ET"?....just curious.

Well, guess I will try to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day. Blessings to All...


December 28, 2007 - Msg 59227: I know how she got the ET nickname. But I'll ler her tell ya. She is sensitive.:)


Get some rest N.N. You ain't as young as you used to be.
You too Homemaker.

December 28, 2007 - Msg 59228: Good evening, all. Thanks to those who were asking about me and Starr - we're here, doing fine. I was scheduled to work tonight, but woke up just before the call-in deadline, about 4:55, and was having a lot of cardiac arrhythmias, so I just called in. Will probably see some raised eyebrows from management, but the eyebrows will go back in place when I check in next week for a pacemaker. And yes, I did have some pond cleaning to do yesterday, but it wasn't a big deal. Takes about twenty minutes.

Starr is doing fine. She's eating like a little piglet, but remains a bit thin. She's so active, though, that I think she's running it off. She's one busy little girl. She has discovered my stash of gift-wrap rolls beneath the bed, and keeps getting them out and towing them all over the house. Some of those big old unopened rolls are heavy! Yet, here she'll come, bumping along through a doorway, dragging a roll of paper behind her.

The funniest thing she does takes place when I've been gone and get back home. When I'm leaving, I put a cuddle bed and some toys (and food, water and a piddlepad) in my bathroom and close her up in there. When she sees me putting those things in there, she runs and hides and I have to drag her out from wherever she has holed up. Well, when I get back and let her out, she immediately dashes out into the bedroom, then turns and runs back into the bathroom, grabs a toy and carries it out, goes back for another, and another until she has them all out in the bedroom. Then she tows the cuddle bed out into the room as well! It's like she's saying, "OK, you can't put me back in there, because all my stuff is out here!" She's so transparent, and so innocent, it's just hilarious.

My son was discharged from the hospital today, blood work on his liver is looking better, but he'll be off work and doing nothing but resting for a few weeks, until all returns to normal. He dodged a bullet, I think, and I praise the Lord. As soon as he's completely well, he WILL have that hip replacement! His wife has spoken!

Well, I think I'll go watch some TAGS. Guess I could have gone to work, the arrhythmias have smoothed out, but I just didn't feel like it. I have the hours, why not take them? Be blessed, y'all! Starr says howdy. --Romeena

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59229:
Hello porch family...It's late but wanted to check in real quick.

Spot...did ya'll get any of the storms? They had watches out here but nothing hit us. Got some rain but nothing serious. Take care brother and keep those lights on.

MDC...can you book the Tiger Cats for us? You know they are so busy it's hard to get them.

Opiemom....glad you're having a great time.

New N....get some rest.

Boo...still praying for all your family.

Ro...that's more great news on your son. PTL

Well it's 1:15am so I've got to get to bed. Prayers for all the porch family.

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59230: Boo, I totally understand about wanting to get the holidays behind you. I would be so hard to see all the stuff you had prepared for your mother-in-law and Don, and then to have tragedy happen just before they came to stay. Again, I am so sorry for your loss, and hope all goes well at the memorial service.
I got the nickname ET because my first name (in real life) starts with an "E" and my last name starts with a "T". At the place where I work, we all have to initial everything we do. If we file something, we initial it. Put an entry on the computer, initial it. Anyhow, I've been at my job for almost 20 years, and on my very first day, when I initialed something, someone else in the office said, hey, we have an ET! An so it begin. Some of the people I work with don't even know my real first name. I've tried to shake it thru the years, but it's no good.
I hope you all have a good weekend.
- Hazel

Barney (to a newspaper reporter): "Yeah, I have a nickname that I've had for years and can't seem to shake. 'Fast Gun Fife'."

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59231: An so it begin. Sheesh. Make that "And so it began". I need more coffee.
- H

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59232: Hi hope everyone had a Merry christmas. Mine was quiet. Talked to the daughter for about an hour-and started my life style changes. I didn't use sausage in my cornbread dressing--just neck meat and gibblets. Made my turkey tetrazinni with low fat cheese and skim milk. I am trying to adapt my favorite things to make to the demands of my new lifestyle. I am going to try making baked beans with turkey bacon. I am also going to invest in a juice machine-so I can remember to get my fruit and veggies. I already bake my own whole grain bread. No more store bread. I have to leave myself notes to check my feet and use my moistureizer. Shelf care has never been one of my strong suits.
any way--keep me in your prayers --you all are in mine

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59233: oh how about that guy in Packistain??? I, for one do not belive he is innocent. It dosen't take a rocket scinetest to see what's going down. He has stacked the courts in his favor and all of his rivals are starting to "dissapear".
Why dosen't our president get it?
Ahappy nut

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59234: Morning folks. Hope you are all well.

Cold and snowy on my porch this a.m. But it's the middle of winter so it's supposed to be I reckon.

Good to see you Happynut and good to see you are taking your condition serious. I'm sure that will aid you in feeling better along the way.

Let's play a game. Let's see if we can guess Hazel's real name from using her initials.
My first guess is Ella Tiwanski. An I right? :)


December 29, 2007 - Msg 59235: Thanks for the nickname explanation, Hazel.

Hey Happy Nut, sounds like you are headed in the right direction. I'm proud of you. Don't forget to start getting a little exercise. Even if you start with short walks, it will do alot for you.

Ro, glad your son is home. Hope his wife will make him get the rest he needs. I am very relieved that you are getting that pacemaker next week. You are starting to make me nervous.

Starr sounds hilarious. Very smart little critter, isn't she?

Better go get ready for the memorial service. Thanks again for your prayers and kind words.


December 29, 2007 - Msg 59236: hehe, hi geuss is: Edna Tallywhacker.


December 29, 2007 - Msg 59237: Morning Porch Family:
Ok Asa my guess is Estella Twitterman.
Opie's guess is Esther Tirechanger. (boys!!)
Got that much needed sleep last night. I feel much better this morning.
Boo: Our prayers are with you and the family as you celebrate the life of Don.
Happy Nut: We are with you on this one. Everyone needs to make some lifestyle adjustments-one way or another. (Does that mean I need to put this bag of Doritoes away? Shoot:)
Asa: did my Christmas gift fit? teehee Gotta go.
Blessings & prayers to all. ~New Neighbor

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59238: You two are real funny. It's too bad you're not twins. You could be the Katzenjammer Kids.
- Erma Tudmuscle

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59239: You snuck in on me, NN. You're a riot too!
- Hazel

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59240: Oh, I forgot to say hey to Ahappy nut. Congrats on the lifestyle change. It's hard to do, that's for sure. I'm trying to do the same thing myself. I was thinking that maybe after the first of the year we could take turns periodically posting our favorite low-fat receipes. I've got a couple of favs, and I'm sure others do too. Just a thought.
- Hazel

Aunt Bee: "Who's for apple pie?"
Barney: "Oh, no thanks. I'm kinda watching the ol' carbohydrates and glucose this week. Apple pie is just loaded with carbohydrates and glucose."

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59241: Hey everyone...remember when I posted about a friend who got a Bassett for Christmas and they named him Barney? Today, the family went to get a female companion for Barney and they sure enough named her Thelma Lou! I am so excited for them! They picked the perfect names and boy, are those pups going to be spoiled! I went to see them this morning and they were literally curled up in a lazy-boy on their individual doggy that's the life!

Good luck with your changes HappyNut! I know you can do it!

BOO, I'm thinking of you today and your precious family. May their be peace in all of your hearts.

NN, good to see you--glad you got a night of rest.

RO, I will be breathing easier when you get that pacemaker...can we send "Get Well" cards somehow after your surgery? I know that takes the surprise out of it but would like to do that for you.

Hazel, my guess is Ezmerelda Tannenbaum!

Asa, stay warm with all that wintery stuff.

MAVIS, I forgot to tell you that I just loved your Christmas surprise to your son--he will never forget that.

REV, how's the MRS. feeling today?

Well, I'm off to do DUNES of laundry...stuff kinda got away from me over Christmas and the girls got some new outfits and we all got new bedding sets so in addition to the endless piles of dirty, wrinkly, smelly regular stuff, I've got additionals! Have a happy day everyone--take care of yourselves! MW

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59242: Good afternoon Porchsters! Still fighting this dad-burn cold & getting whiny-er (is that a word?) by the hour. I HATE being sick, too much to do & don't feel like doing any of it. Even those little blue pills aren't working.
Boo my thoughts are with you guys today, you will get through the day, I'm sure of it. Oh, & check your email.
Ro that Starr sounds a little like our kids, on the rotten side. I bet she's cute as the dickens.
Asa it is so good to see you back & in good spirits again, I missed that Asa.
I'm not even going to try my hand at Hazel's real name, I'd have a big old mess in my brain if I did. Speaking of nicknames tho, I lived with Coz for years because my married name was Cosgrove, still have folks calling me that, even tho the name has changed, guess they will be calling me Crab now. ;) Jake & his dad answer to Coz too, guess it's easier to say than the full name.
Where is Tom??? Hope he is ok.
Best get off here & try to do something amidst my whining about not feeling good, let's see, run the vac, whine a little, dust, whine some more, load the dishwasher, whine again....sounds like a plan, don't ya think?

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59243:
dang it, I even double checked my commands~Whining some more.

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59244: Hey there MW Jake did love that gift, he is calling it "The Whip" crazy kid. I got the reaction on video, it was priceless.
Since I don't feel good, & I certainly don't feel like doing housework, how's about I tell you how it all came about? Ok? Since you're begging me.....teehee
Mr. Neff & I have too many vehicles around this house to keep tagged, titled & taxes paid on,(long story) so we decided to get rid of some of them. Well, I had decided a few months ago to let Jake have the Dodge, but didn't know how to get him to let us do a pick-up/drop-off for the holidays instead of letting him drive down from his house, he couldn't very well drive 2 vehicles home. We had it all figured out by "offering" him the '88 Cougar for $100 bucks a month, so he thought he was going to go home with that car, boy was he surprised when we gave him his choice of the 2. We all knew he would pick the Dodge, but thought him just might choose the Cougar since it had a bigger motor. Anyway, when he opened the card that said he had his choice, the look on his face was priceless. Now, anyone here need to buy a car or truck? We have a few here for sale. Even the food trucks are for sale.
BTW~send me an email MW & I'll send some pics to you of our crew. My email is angmobilegroomin at

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59245:
Hey Hazel (ET) how are hubby's ribs doing these days?
"I've been called Maddog, but never tattletale"ha
My guess is Elonore Thebobbydazzler! ha
MW- great to get the cabin trip. What part of the porch are you on?
Boo- you bet on the prayers. More a goin' up!

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59246:
BTW, if anyone has PH or TOM's emails please see if you can get them. I'm concerned about their absence.

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59247: any mayberrians here?

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59248: Hey Y'all! My 30 year high school reunion is tonight and I just found out about it 6 hours ago! No one called me,no letter,nothing.My sister happened to see it announced in the paper & called me at 1pm.Naturally,I didn't have anything to wear,so I jump in the possum mobile and go to Sears 30 miles away.I think I can pull myself together and look pretty good,but I'm still fighting this cold.Whoever planned this probably bet on folks being in town for the holidays.But you think they'd let somebody know before the actual day of the reunion! I hope Carl Benson's Wildcats are playing up there.I'll be bummed out if they're not.Anyway,might be fun.I'll let y'all know.
Y'all are all wrong. Hazel's name is Esmerelda Turnipseed.
possum under a rock

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59249: Goodness, Possum, I wonder who's on the phone committee for the reunion? Have fun! I hope you don't run into your old high school flame... you don't want to bust up a marriage!
- Hazel

"The tears on my pillow bespeak the pain that's in my heart."

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59250: Hey MAVIS, I will email you this evening. I just got back from the grocery store so I need to get dinner on...has anyone noticed the price of chicken breasts??? Good grief, a package of 3 in my little town was almost $10. I swear, I nearly fainted right there in the meat dept. I opted for chicken thighs--I'm going to bbq them on the grill along with potatoes, zucchini, onion and garlic.

POSSUM, you have a great time tonight! Maybe you can find the people on the committee and give them your info. Let us know if the Wildcats are playing!

MDC, I'm located in the plateau of the Ozarks...lots of lakes and good fishin' around. I suspect ANDY and OPIE would have loved it here.

HAZEL, was I close with Ezmerelda Tannenbaum? tee hee.

Also, I haven't seen PH on another Andy site that I go to. He hasn't posted in quite some time. Hope all is well with those that we are missing. Have a good Saturday night and get some rest so you don't fall asleep during preachin' in the morning. MW

"Fly away buzzard, fly away crow, way down south where the winds don't blow. Rub your nose and give two winks and save us from this awful jinx."

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59251: I think Hazel's name is Ernestine Twerpmeister. Wow, Possum, you're good! No way could I pull off something like that on such short notice. I couldn't make a decent showing if I had a week to work on it! My wardrobe these days consists of a couple of uniforms and a lot of jeans and t-shirts, and big old men's shirts that I wear like light jackets. Comfort, that's the thing for me. I have a couple of dressy slacks, and some pretty sweaters for church - light sweaters for summer, heavy for winter. That's pretty much it. I've never been a dressy-up person, and definitely am not these days.

MW, you are the sweetest thang, but I won't need any get-well cards. A pacer placement is usually done under local, I'll probably come home a few hours later, and it will be business as usual. Now, if somebody wants to drop off some chicken or a big pot of soup, I'll whine a little to make you feel better, but I really don't expect to be at all sick.

Well, off I go. Got to work tonight, and again on New Year's Eve. Yuck. Poor little Starr, she just hates it when I leave, but she's so forgiving, just dances around and celebrates when I come home. We do have a little problem, by the way. You know how Sugarplum was such a veteran traveler, just loved to go anywhere with me. Well, poor little Starr gets carsick. She has thrown up in the car three times now - did it again today. She gets this distressed look on her face, starts swallowing a lot, then just hangs her head over the edge of her carseat and lets it go. Thank goodness for leather seats! I keep a roll of paper towels and a bottle of water in the car now, and a couple of ziploc bags. Poor little baby, I sure hope she outgrows that.

Well, I'm off. See you all tomorrow. Be blessed! --Romeena

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59252: One more thing - I don't know where PH has gotten off to, but Tom mentioned that his computer was broken. I think he used a family member's a couple of times. I hope he can get it fixed. Hmmm. --Romeena

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59253: Emmaline Tootwhistle? Ethel Tuggbustle? (heehee) --Romeena

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59254: Ezmarilla Ti-tensore.

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59255: You guys ain't even close.
- Hazel

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59256:
Hello porch family. Warm day here in SC. A little damp though.

MW...Mrs. Rev is doing a little better. She still got it pretty bad. Thanks for asking.

Ahappynut....stay strong on your new lifestyle change.

Possum....have fun at your reunion. I haven't been to mine in a long time because we have ours in the summer and I'm always on tour during that time.

Ro...have a good night at work and be safe.

TOM....where you at? Missing you buddy.

Have a great nights sleep and a wonderful worship day tomorrow. Prayers for all the porch family.

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59257: Hey y'all! E.T. was on ABC Family channel tonight--what a coincidence! :-)

December 29, 2007 - Msg 59258: it Ernestine Tightbottom?

Well, we got through the funeral and I am dead tired (pun gotta keep a sense of humor). All went very, very well. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Well, would like to say more but I should get to bed. Wanted to let you know all went well. Goodnight my beloved pals.


December 30, 2007 - Msg 59259: Eleanora Tbass?

December 30, 2007 - Msg 59260: It's storming and snowing again this morning on my porch. We've already got more snow so far this year than we had all of last winter. It sure is pretty. The mountains are just beautiful.
# 59259, you were close. It's "Ernesta Teabass". haha
- Hazel

December 30, 2007 - Msg 59261: No it's not! It's Eggmar Tuttlewad.

Wish we had a little snow here.


December 30, 2007 - Msg 59262: Happy Sabbath Porch,
Just a quick rock with my friends today. Sorry I haven't been by recently. After my stay in the hospital we went to Kentucky. The day we returned, (27th) my stepdaughter, Michaela, came for a visit. She's staying until 1/5. It has been interesting so far. No lies and drama, praying none at all. Nick's not happy with her here, but we keep reminding him that she's hubby's daughter and she deserves to be here too. Well, I need to get busy. I just wanted y'all to know that we're all here and alive. I'll sit a spell again soon.
Blessings to you and yours,

December 30, 2007 - Msg 59263: Good Sabbath to all ye. The sky is getting dark here, and rain and/or sleet is supposedly on the way. We'll see.

Prayers for all that need them today. I wish some of our other recently quiet friends would pop in for a "hello."

HAZEL: Egghead Toothpaste?

Well, I'll stop back later.

"Why, that's pure gala!"

December 30, 2007 - Msg 59264: BOO: Oh, by the way, for the last few days I have been listening to a local station (that I don't usually) because they are still playing Chsritmas tunes. Anyway, they happened to play a "flashback" American Top Forty this morning of teh top 100 of 1978. I was loving it! The wife and kids thought I was nuts.

BTW, the #1 song of 1978 was...(drum roll, please)..."Shadow Dancing" by Andy Gibb. Can't say as I cottoned to that one too much. And, there was at least three songs from the movie "Grease."


December 30, 2007 - Msg 59265: Good Sunday afternoon folks, hope all is well today. a rainy dreary day on my end of the porch.

We went to church today and then had lunch. Not much going on, kinda a quite afternoon. We are watching Andy which makes for a good restful time.

My husband and I will celebrate 19 years together tomorrow. Seems like just yeasterday we were tying that knot. Guess we will have to celebrate
later in the month though because he has to work 9am-9pm tomorrow. He did buy me a beautiful diamond necklace for Christmas/anniversary. It is one of those journey necklaces. I am not much of a "bling" wearing girl but I will make an exception. :).

Dinner menu will be: grilled chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, slaw, green beans, rolls.
red velvet cake for dessert. tea, coffee or kool aid to drink.

Prayers and blessing to everyone. Glad you are okay Boo. Hey to Lucy, M-T, Hazel, Rev, Romeena and everyone else.

Big Maude