January 03, 2008 - Msg 59383: "...like the little brown church in the vale."

January 03, 2008 - Msg 59384: what happened?...there seem to be some archives missing.

January 03, 2008 - Msg 59385: They're stacked above the 2001's. Floyd must be trying something different.
- Hazel

January 03, 2008 - Msg 59386: Yep, Hazel's right. Look in the upper left corner on the archives page. Remember, there's only one listing in it, so it's easy to miss. --Romeena

January 03, 2008 - Msg 59387: RO, I'll be thinking of you and little STARR. Hope everything goes smoothly.

HAZEL, I hope you're feeling better knowing that you have a lot of porch friends saying prayers for you and your personal situation. Take comfort.

BOO, the worst age for me as a mother was when my oldest turned 4. I don't know why, but it was literally overnight that my child changed from a sweet, cherub-faced toddler into a snotty, dramatic and obnoxious preschooler! It was temporary and she is turning out quite nicely, though like all children, there are those moments with them where you just want to run screaming mad out of your house thumbing for the next truck driver that happens by on his way to Flagstaff. Or then again, that could be just me.

I'm glad you all pointed out where the archive was. I was beginning to get paranoid like I had been locked out of the club! HA!!

We had breakfast for dinner tonight. I resort to breakfast at dinner when I've ran out of ideas. I whipped up some french toast, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, orange slices and a big, hot pot of coffee. (Milk for the kids, of course.) It was big, satisfying and delicious. It was the first time in a long time that the kids CLEANED their plates! Without having to be told. A million times.

Have a peaceful night everyone...MW

January 03, 2008 - Msg 59388:
Hello porch family...another cold day in SC. Supose to be 14 in the morning.

Thanks Hazel for those directions to the archives. I didn't see them up there.

Opiemom...continued prayers for your son.

auh2o....I loved the new book. If you get a chance to get it, I think you'll be blessed. Just remember, it's not a "story", it's quotes that he has made through the years on different subjects.

Hazel....you bet I will be praying for you and your hubby.

Ro...that's a great idea with the pinecones. I'm going to give that a try.

Me-They....As I just posted to auh2o, it's a really good book. Gives a lot of insight on Rev. Graham's thoughts on many subjects. Of course we may not agree on every single one of them. This may sound kinda crazy but the way I read the book was....I would read the question, then I would think about it and answer it myself...THEN I would read Rev. Graham's answer. Honestly, most of my answers were in the same thought tank as his. Just from what I get from you on the porch, I really think you'd enjoy it.

Boo...I stayed up just to watch Huckabee on Leno last night. And yes I agree...I like the way he is talking. Iowa must have liked it too.

MDC... my prayer every single day is, "Lord, I pray that whatever I say or do today will be pleasing to You". That is my 2008 resolution: To please Him with my life and to reach more people with the love of Jesus Christ. And to grow closer to Him in my prayer life and my study of His Word.

You all have a good night's sleep and remember that Jesus loves you so much. Prayers for all the porch family.

January 03, 2008 - Msg 59389:
Also Ro...I'll be praying for little Starr.

Hey there MW... we love to have breakfast for dinner also. Yummy


January 03, 2008 - Msg 59390: Romeena, you are amazing. With everything going on with your heart and upcoming surgery(is it still on, or is it a wait-and-see type of thing?), instead you are worried about your little Starr and her upcoming procedure.

I hope everything works out well, for you both.

I agree with you all about TVLand showing that "Just Shoot Me" show. What's gotten into them anyway? You'd think they would have learned something from that failed Farrah Fawcett "reality" show they had on a while back. Awful.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59391: Morning porchters. Cold on my porch this morning. But it's the middle of winter so it's supposed to be cold I reckon.

MW, That dinner sounds pretty good to me. I didn't get enough of Maude's breakfast yesterday. N.N. stole my sausage when I reached for more biscuits.

Prayers for Starr and Ro. She'll do just fine, as will you my dear.

Happy Friday everyone.


January 04, 2008 - Msg 59392: Morning gang..back at work...breakfast on Asa!...waffle house..back in a bit....SPOT

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59393: Morning, porch. Thank you all very much for the prayers, I do appreciate it so much. See ya at breakfast.
- Hazel

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59394: Mornin' Y'all! Like Rev. mentioned,it is COLD here in S.C.!In the teens this morning. Gosh! No way I could live year round in a cold climate-I would stay under my rock 24/7.

Prayers for Ro and Starr.Hazel,you and Mr. Hazel are in my prayers as well. God Bless.

Well,I need to head into town to run a few errands.Anybody volunteer to help a possum scrape the ice off of the possum mobile?

Take care all,and stay warm!
possum under a rock

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59395: Well, Sterling, I guess that's what love does to you, and I do love that little puppy. I still miss my Sugarplum like you wouldn't believe, but little Starr is trying very hard to fill some big/little pawprints. She's so sweet, and I really feel the responsibility - she has no choice in the matter, I just decided to subject her to surgery and she has no control over the situation at all. Poor little baby.

I sleep on my left side, and she sleeps curled on one side, against my chest, with her head on my arm. Last night she decided to curl up down at the foot of the bed, and wouldn't relocate when I called her. So, I just left her alone. Suddenly this little white fluffy ball came sailing through the air, twisted a little and landed in perfect position in front of me, exactly in her spot, head on my arm and all. I laughed until my sides hurt. She is such a little clown.

And now, I have to go take her to Dr. Mike. Argh.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59396: Hi All.
Cold here this morning hit about 5adre .
REV I used a haiddry to keep my finger warm win arthirtis come a calling!
There is one thing I heat about old house the set low win it git to cold all your waterlime freeup and it take for every to warm him up for water can run.


January 04, 2008 - Msg 59397:
Morning Porch

One little finch out at the feeders this morning, well at least he has them all to himself.

MW-Thanks, I don't know if it's idyllic but it's the kind of place I've always wanted to live. A simple ranch house in the woods. I guess a downside to it would be the driveway, during the winter. We suspend our Schwans deliveries until spring. But, for watching critters it's fun. I haven't seen a bear yet (I'm not sure I want to ... no, I want to. I think. Yes, definitely, I want to). I did see a bobcat a few years ago, that took my breath away, something about seeing a big cat.

Rev-The books sounds good. I have a paperback of his from years ago, maybe from the '70's, that sounds similar to that. I love to get an updated version. Did you happen to read Graham's, "Approaching Hoofbeats: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."

M-T No, I didn't see the PBS show on Jackson, wish I would have. For the most part, I agree with everything you said about slavery.

Boo-I'll sign-up for that anxiety free 2008.

Hazel-Continued prayers for you.

possum-Get that heater going.

Ro-Prayers for you and your little Starr.


January 04, 2008 - Msg 59398: Oh man, I had a nice long post and I accidentally pushed "escape" and lost it!!

I'll hit the highlights: Glad Dale, Jr is doing better, Ro! I am concerned about you, though. Please remember that I am only 6 hours away (if I observe the speed limit). If you need me to come up on a weekend and help out all you have to do is email. I know you have church friends in your area but the offer stands if you ever need it. Prayers for STARR this morning. I am sure she will be up and pulling wrapping paper rolls around the house as quick as you can say "put that in your smipe and poke it!" (I just watched the Barney and The Governor episode). Thanks for the kid advice. I try to outsmart Erin all the time but it doesn't usually work for me. If I had left her alone in the dark, she would have just turned on the TV. Oh well...

MW, your post made me laugh...I'll be right there with you on your way to Flagstaff!

REV, I think I will share your resolution and then my anxiety resolution will take care of itself. Glad you saw Huckabee on Leno. I never watch Leno but I noticed that Huckabee would be on so I made sure I caught it and I'm glad I did. I could see Huckabee as president, but not sure a majority of Americans could.

Stay warm Possum TOM and Asa. I had finally warmed up here and is supposed to reach the mid 70's today. Wish I could send some of it your way.

Auh2o, your place sounds great. I would be thrilled to have wildlife in my own yard! I got so excited about a few deer tracks on our place.

Gotta start the day..


January 04, 2008 - Msg 59399:
TOM- keep warm buddy, but be careful with the hairdryer!
MW- if you catch that truck, you may want to scoot straight thru Flagtown, as there is snow there! haha That's why i like Phx, we can drive 2 hours, see the snow and then drive back! ha
AUH20, what's your favorite Schwans dish?
Well, Iowa is over, but no one has brought up how Dubi is buying up America.
I like all the resolutions! Let's pray that we can all keep them!
ole MDC

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59400:
oops, i forgot my barney quote,
Seeing too many Glenn Ford movies again.
Barney: Well my friend, today it's Marshall County, tomorrow it's us!
It's a-PATH-ee, is what it is.

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59401: Evening Proch Family:
Just sledding by to say Hi, and it's cold here. Think there are frozen things that ain't supposed to be frozen!! Wonder what causes that?
Asa- that was not me taking your sausages...that was SPOT. That ole dog snagged them quick as a wink.
Ro- just a few more hours and you'll have your little sweetie back in your care. She'll sure be glad to be back home, I'm sure.
Gonna go get supper on the table. Asa- you say the blessing. ~New Neighbor

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59402: In doing the archive reset for 2008 I played around with the way the archives are formated. *IF* y'all can think of a better layout for them. Feel free to e-mail me any ideas.


January 04, 2008 - Msg 59403: Evening all...wondering how STARR is doing after her little surgery today? I sure hope she and her MISTRESS RO, are recouping after a stressful day.

MDC, I would love to stop by Flagtown, as you call it, someday. I had a friend that spent her winter break there once and just fell in love with its beauty. Oh, there are so many places I'd love to travel to! Someday...

Since it's the New Year and all, I've been trying to commit to really paying better attention to our finances. I do already, but just want to be the best I can for our future and my girls'. Today on the radio, I caught a segment on a Christian organization that helps you with your finances and I believe it's named "Crown." Their site was crown.org. Has anyone dealt with them or know of anybody's personal experience? Any tips would sure be appreciated.

Well, I better hit the neighborhood road for a quick walk, take the dog and then settle in for some Andy and the gang. Did I tell you that I've got my oldest hooked on Brady Bunch? I remember being her age and just never missing the reruns! It's so strange to see everything come full circle!

Have a great night to all of you--BOO, put your feet up girl! You need a break tonight. PEACE and LOVE---(no, I'm no stinkin' hippy. HA!!!) MW

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59404: My daughter and her boyfriend are over cooking dinner for us tonight. It's nice. Real nice. It's cold here too. 39, and winds of over 50 miles an hour today. A lot of places lost power. I left work a couple hours early and found out on the news that my work shut down early because of power outage. And I took 2 vacation hours, and everyone else got a freebie. That's the kind of luck I been running lately.
I hope Starr is doing ok. I'd love to meet her someday.
- Hazel

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59405:
MDC-My favorite items from Schwans are the plain frozen veggies. I love the "California Blend." The girls just love the Brownie Sundae cups. Do you order from Schwans?

I check the archives every now-and-again. And, when I checked to see what we were talking about a year ago ... well, it fit right into the recent discussion about programing on TVland, with a post from a dear friend. Here's what Millie had to say last January 2nd Msg 48186: "OK, my turn to start a moulage....
Over the weekend, as you may know, tvland started showing MASH.....and it really kind of shocked me. First of all, the movie was NOT appropriate for tvland, had bad language and lots of se*ual content, and was not even that good anyway."

I thought that was kinda neat. She was right.

Romeena-Hope your day went without a hitch.

Hazel-Your sounds nice. I hope you have an enjoyable, and warm, evening.


January 04, 2008 - Msg 59406:
Hazel-I meant your dinner plans sound nice.


January 04, 2008 - Msg 59407: You're right, Auh20, Millie was such a dear friend to the porch! We really were blessed to have her find this place and start posting, and become one of us. It was really a gift from God, I think, that we all met her. To know such a sweet, un-selfish and giving person, and especially to have us walk with her in her last days; well... it was life changing.
- Hazel

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59408:
Hello porch family...Pray everyone is staying warm.

auh2o....yep, I read the book you spoke of but it was many years ago.

Spot...you must be busy at work brother.... you haven't been posting much lately. Take care.

Ro...praying all is well. Waiting to hear from you. I loved the little story on Starr at bedtime last night. That is so cute.

Everyone stay warm. Praying for all the porch family. Jesus loves you!

January 04, 2008 - Msg 59409: Hey everyone, Been really busy cleaning. Just wanted to let you know I was able to get my son an appt. with a pulmonologist. THe only problem is that the earliest one available is Jan. 24. So praying he doesn't faint again before then.


January 04, 2008 - Msg 59410: I agree completely with your thoughts about Millie, Hazel and have often thought the same thing.

Prayers for your boy, Opiemom. Glad you will be seeing the pulmonologist and I pray you get the answers you seek and that things are resolved quickly.

Wondering how little Starr is doing.


January 04, 2008 - Msg 59411: Good evening, all. Just got home from an evening of bunco with the girls. Lots of laughter, a little good food, lots of fun and good fellowship. Sure beat staying home in this empty house. Starr's doc called me after the surgery to tell me that everything went very well. I called them this evening before I left, to check on her, and they said she's fine and I can pick her up first thing tomorrow morning. I'll be there! Sure do miss her.

Tomorrow I've got to start taking my Christmas tree and everything else down, because I won't be able to do that sort of thing after I get that pacer, at least not for a couple of weeks. Yuck. I hate this part. It's no fun, it's just work. Oh well.

Boo, that is so sweet of you to offer to come help me out. I've half a mind to take you up on it, just because we'd have so much fun. However, I'd never ask you to make such a long drive for me, when I have family and friends right here in town. At bunco tonight, they were making plans to bring food over so I wouldn't be trying to cook. You realize that the bunco girls are all church friends as well - only one doesn't attend our church. Friends are a treasure, indeed, and I've known most of these women for at least thirty years.

Hey, I order from the Schwan's man. One of my favorites is the cheese ravioli with marinara sauce. Makes a great meal to take to work. The rice bowls are good, too.

I guess I'm going to have to change my email address. I'm getting so much spam - up to 100 a day - and 99% of it is filth. Today was the final insult. A sleazy message hit my inbox and the sender was - are you ready - me! Yep, to me from me. This tells me that someone has now hijacked my computer and is using it to send out their spam. I've heard of this, and have seen signs of it before. Now and then I'll get a "mailer daemon" message, telling me that some email or other was undeliverable, and I never sent it. This is the first time I've been both sender and recipient. So, I've talked to my provider, and they recommend that I just change my address. I really hate to do it, I've had that address for years, but I think I have no choice. There's no stopping the spammers, they're like weevils, or termites - they just keep on coming. So, when I make the change, I'll let you know. Isn't that annoying, that scum like that can cause everyone such inconvenience? I'd like to get them in my sights just once.

Well, I'm off to bed. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59412: AUH20, I went back and read that thread with MILLIE'S posts...it is interesting how similar the discussions are going about tvland. One thing that really stood out to me was reading posts from several people that don't post anymore. I wonder why that is? It seems like there's the "core" of the porch and then all the others tend to fade away. That's sad. I wish people were better about staying in touch with one another. I guess it gets increasingly harder with busy lives.

Well, my tea kettle is about to whistle--time for some sleepy-time tea. Also, if anyone caught my post earlier about the Christian org. regarding finances and has any info., it would be greatly appreciated. 'Night all! MW

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59413: I SAID A PRAYER FOR YOU TODAY.

I know God must have heard.
I felt the answer in my heart,
although He spoke no word.
I didn't ask for wealth or fame;
I knew you wouldn't mind.

I asked Him to send treasures
of a far more lasting kind.
I asked that e'd be near you
at the start of each new day,
To grant you health and blessings
and friends to share the way.

I asked for happiness for you
in all things great and small.
But it was for His loving care
I prayed the most of all.



January 05, 2008 - Msg 59414: Morning friends.
Snowing like mad here this morning. Wish you were here Boo. I'd put you to work clearing my driveway. LOL
Glad Starr is doing well Ro. Bet you will be glad to get her home.
MW, A wise man said misery is being 5 dollars short at the end of the month in meeting your financial responsibilities and joy is having 5 dollars left over. Makes sense to me. My personal plan is to pay my tithing first, realizing that all I have comes from the Lord so giving Him back 10% is not hard. Then I pay myself next. 10% put into a savings and investment portfolio will add up fast if you are consistent. Avoid debt as much as possible. There are really only a few things we should go into debt for. Education, Housing, and maybe transportation. And in all 3 of those things we should only get the most affordable and get out from under them as quick as we can. Interest payed out is a total waste of money to the one paying it. Prioritise your needs from your wants. There are really very few things we must have. Most are wants that we talk into being needs and then try to figure out how to get them. If you find something you think you need, hold off buying it for a month or two and see if you still think you need it. If so, then come up with a plan for procuring it, hopefully by paying cash and not borrowing for it.
I have lot's more thoughts on this I am willing to share if you are interested. Most all of it is really common sense and really requires some restraint on our part. Not east to do though in todays world sometimes.


January 05, 2008 - Msg 59415: Mornin' Asa, thanks for your thoughts. As it stands, we have a mortgage, car payment and a small business loan that we're paying off. No credit cards to pay off. I'm really looking at wanting to save more for retirement and education for the kids. We have managed to save some, but I'm trying to find ways to save more, especially for college. It will be here before we know it. We don't buy the latest gadgets or anything other than the staples that get us through: groceries, utilities, phone service, etc. My one luxury is satellite television because I like to watch old movies and TAGS. Since I stay home with the kids, we're lacking the income that I'd like to save. But then again, I'm not putting out $600 or more a month on daycare...any more thoughts on finances are welcomed, Asa. Enjoy your snow!

My favorite aunt, Aunt Fee Fee, has come in town from St. Louis. You all may remember me talking about her when I wrote my favorite Thanksgiving story. She was the one we picked up in St. Louis and then got caught in a blizzard on the way to my grandparents house. She's staying with my mom so we're off to spend the day together. I'm going to try and pump them for stories. My hope is to write these stories down and print them out for family members this year.

Have a great day everyone! Hope everyone is doing well--prayers for the porch!! MW

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59416: Yes, we remember Aunt Fee Fee!...now what was it she smelled like?...Heaven's Scent, wasn't it? Hey, that sounds wonderful...share some stories with us, pretty please??

Most excellant financial advice, Sir Asa! I agree completely and try to live that way, only sometimes I have difficulty with the need/want thing. Reading KP Yohannan's book, "Revolution In Missions" has helped me with that issue. I am working on it and want to be able to send money to local missions in India each month. Those missionaries sleep in huts on the floor!

I wish I were there in the snow, too, Asa. I would certainly shovel that driveway for you, and then maybe we could sit in front of a fire and share stories.....or, (as Buddy the Elf said in the movie "Elf"), "We can make snow angels for 2 hours, eat a roll of cookie dough and hold hands".

Had a house full of kids last night and was up late, so I slept in. Need to go start the chores.

One prayer need, if you don't mind. I talked to a dear friend on the phone today who is going through alot. He is depressed and lonely and mad at God right now. Please remember him in your prayers today. His name is Paul and he has been like family to me for many years. I think he needs a wife. Thanks!

I'll be back,


January 05, 2008 - Msg 59417: My only comment on the savings thing is that's all well and good if you make a decent salary. Some folks never had the opportunity to go to college or a training school, or for whatever reason they are only able to have a job that doesn't pay all that well. Sometimes people just barely pay the bills and buy minimum groceries; forget about money for savings or tithing. I know that credit cards are a waste and stupid, but for some families, when the only car breaks down and the repairs are $500, or the washer bites the dust and you have a family of 5 that all need clothes washed; well, I can understand why some folks use credit. I'm just trying to play devils advocate here and stick up for the people that do have credit card debt. Stupid, yes. But understandable in some cases.
- Hazel

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59418: Good afternoon, all. On the email thing - I talked with Internet America today, and a very knowledgeable tech gave me some good advice. He said that most of the spammers tire out after a couple of months, but are replaced by new ones constantly, so you don't notice. He suggested that I open a free Yahoo account, and anytime I'm shopping online, which I do fairly often, and they ask for an email address, give them the Yahoo address. In a couple of months, my other address should start losing popularity with the spammers and they'll go away, with no new ones coming in because I'm not putting that address out anymore. So, we'll see. I now have a Yahoo address, but will only use it with merchants I order from. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Yes, MW, I remember Aunt FeeFee (love the name!) and will be looking forward to more of those marvelous stories. You have a gift, dear - you should use it more often. May I suggest a small tape recorder, recording discreetly in the background, during some of those conversations you plan to initiate? That way, you won't forget any details, and you won't distract the others by taking notes. I only wish I had taken my own advice during conversations with my family members. Now that there's no one left from the generation before me, I'm really wishing I had been more attentive. My cousins and I were talking about it recently - we're the "old folks" now! That little realization will get your attention, believe me!

Starr is home and doing beautifully. She's prancing around the house getting into mischief as though she had never had surgery. Incision is about 1 1/2", has four big old stitches in it, and that little pink tummy looks so tiny. Dr. Mike said it was like operating on a chipmunk! Anyway, she's just fine.

My yard man came today and got up 13 bags of leaves - just the thickest layers - and mowed and mulched in the rest of them. We took all my deer and backyard lights down, and he hung them on their pegs on the garage wall - all 11 of them. It sure is going to look drab back there tonight. Oh well, there's always next year.

Well, guess I'd better go start some supper. I've got a little pork loin to roast, some potatoes that are getting old but will make good tater salad, and I'll open a can of Glory greens. There'll be plenty - if you're nearby, drop in. I'll make a fresh pitcher of tea, too. Starr says be blessed! --Romeena

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59419:
MW- Crown used to be "Christian Financial Concepts" run by Larry Burkett. He was a great financial advisor, but is now with the Lord. We used many of his materials over the years for budgeting. Now we are basically debt-free, tho it took a long while to get here! Crown is the same outfit, just a new name and minus it's dear founder, but it's advise is still top notch.
BTW- Flagtown is from the old 70's song Convoy! And it is indeed a beautiful place, like Durango CO!
RO, Auh20, we have used schwans yes, and the raviola is great. Lately we have a place called Entrees Made Easy and you make up entrees from many ingredients and then freeze them. No preservatives etc and great meals!
Ro- alse be careful as you may have "spyware." Get your whole computer checked out!
Yall have a great afternoon, spot and maude thanks for the grub.

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59420: Hi All.
Wil it raining here and a little warm.
Ro- Yse do git your computer check out, becaues spyware hitmy and that why I was down.


January 05, 2008 - Msg 59421: I give up!! Again, I had a long post and somehow erased the stupid thing. I have no idea what happened, I felt myself accidentally hit two keys at once and it was gone!

Gotta go to the store...see ya later.


January 05, 2008 - Msg 59422: Howdy, all. Tom and MDC, I have AVG Anti-malware, which finds and eliminates most spyware and viruses. It updates itself automatically every morning, and I run a scan at least once a month. I ran one last night, and it did find some files, which it quarantined. However, this morning I received yet another of those "from me to me" things, so obviously something is still going on. Actually, it may not even be on my computer. It may be on someone else's, someone who has my address in their address book. That's how they operate - they hijack a computer and then everyone in their address book becomes a "sender" for them, as well as a receiver. It's nasty, insidious and beyond annoying.

However, there may be hope. Like the tech at Internet America said, it's just a matter of time. He pointed out how long we were all pestered by telemarketers - several years, at least - but eventually the "Do Not Call" registry came along. When it did, I signed up, and I now receive almost no telemarketing calls, maybe one every two or three months. He thinks there will eventually be a registry for your email address, where the spammers can be prosecuted severely for sending something to you when you've registered on a "Do not email" list. Of course, they have to catch them, and that's very difficult, but all they'll have to do is catch a few and make examples of them.

Another idea is to impose a tiny charge, like a penny, on every email sent out. I would happily pay a penny on each email. It wouldn't cost me but about a quarter a week, and it would be well worth it. The spammers couldn't afford it, because even at just a penny, when you're sending out thousands, maybe millions of emails, it could get expensive. Now exactly how that charge would be levied and collected, I don't know. That might be the hitch.

Anyway, I'm working on it. Sleazy people, I wish all of their computers would break down daily. Their mothers must be so proud of what they do, don't you think?

Be blessed! --Romeena

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59423: Oh, just in case you snowbunnies are interested, the temperature is 76 here in North Texas, at 5:43 pm. (heeheehee) --Romeena

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59424:
Romeena ...now play nice.


January 05, 2008 - Msg 59425: Awww auh2o playin' nice takes the fun out of it, even when you give her a nickel for it. ;)

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59426: Dadburn Redskins, I'm so disgusted with them I could just bust! Maybe next year. :(

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59427:
Hello porch family....Little warmer here today.

Ro...So glad Starr is doing fine. And I know you're she's home.
Too bad about the hijacker problems. That just burns me up knowing that their are such low lifes out there.

Tom...glad you warmed up some.

Mavis....I've been gone all day but by your reaction I take it that the Redskins lost.

Well I'll check back in tomorrow. You all sleep good and know that you're in my prayers. Have a blessed worship day!

January 05, 2008 - Msg 59428: Sorry about your skins Mavis. They kinda blew it at the end. Oh well, like you said, there's always next year.
Just watched the Jags squeek past the Steelers. Great game, exciting finish.
Glad Starr is home and feeling good. Sure hope you don't work up a sweat Ro. You poor thing! LOL
Hazel, I wasn't trying to be critical of anyone. Just trying to answer MW's question on money management.
MDC, I use to listen to Larry Burkett all the time. He was a smart fellow. I guess I didn't realize he had passed on. Sorry to read that.
Boo, that is frustrating to post out something long and lose it like that. Have done it myself more than once.
Well off to bed for me.
Night all.
Over and out.


January 05, 2008 - Msg 59429: Hey, auh2o, I wish you had thrown a snowball at me this afternoon. Around 3pm, I was hauling lights and grapevine deer from the backyard around front to the garage, and it was HOT out there! Almost 80, I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and was perspiring. Just perspiring, never did go to what you'd call sweatin', but it was HOT out there! A snowball would have been right welcome, believe me.

Had a very pleasant experience this afternoon. I had typed up a nice little letter to all the residents of my street, regarding decorating for Christmas. More people decorated this year than did last year, and it looked very nice. The letter encourages everyone to participate next year, and is worded to include everyone, those of other faiths, or no faith, or who wish only to participate in a minimal fashion. Everyone's contribution is appreciated. Our street is wide, with deep setbacks for each house, and if everyone does something, it can really be a wonderland at Christmas.

Anyway, I looked at the two-block-long street, and knew I didn't feel up to traipsing to every house. My sweet neighbor was outside as well, and had read my letter, thought it was a good idea. She suggested I get the three young boys who live on the other side of her to pass the flyers out. I hadn't met the kids (they haven't lived there very long), but she had, and called them over. They're a Native American family, the boys are about 8, 10 and 11 or so. I offered them $2 each and a cold soda if they'd pass the papers out. They very politely accepted, and the deed was done. When they returned, and I tried to hand them their money, they tried to refuse! I had to insist they take it - after all, we had a deal! They took the sodas without protest, though, and finally accepted the money. Cute kids, very polite, and how about that - trying to refuse the money! Kinda restores your faith in the youngsters of today, doesn't it? I guess I need to get acquainted with the parents, and let them know how nice I think their kids are.

Well, I'm off to bed. I think Starr will be very happy to turn in. She's hanging in there, but I know she's tired. Be blessed, everyone, and have a lovely Sabbath. --Romeena

January 06, 2008 - Msg 59430: Hey, that's great Ro! They sound like sweet kids. You should get to know the parents. I love getting to know my neighbors. I'm what you call a "people person". It's kind of my hobby making new friends.

I am very glad to hear that Starr is "shining"..I knew she would come out with flying colors.

The neighborhood Christmas lighting sounds like fun. I just love to see houses decorated for Christmas. I think that is what I miss the most when Christmas is over (seeing the lights come down). Everything goes from being lit up and festive to dark at night. Out where we will be living when the house gets built, there is only a house next to us with a single man living there who never puts up lights. Hopefully, ours will really stand out. One of these days, after I cultivate some critters, I want to have a live nativity. The street we will be on is fairly busy at times and I think it would be a nice thing to do to bless people at Christmas time.

Hey Asa, you staying warm? My offer still stands (the snow angel thing...).

Well, I guess I should go hit the ironing board. Goodnight Mayberry,


January 06, 2008 - Msg 59431: All us Fifes are sensitive, Asa.
- Hazel

January 06, 2008 - Msg 59432: Hi All.
Will it look like we are going to have some nice warm day this week, but you know the cold will come back next week
What the west is everything now well come this way next houch,


January 06, 2008 - Msg 59433: hi kids are we having fun.

January 06, 2008 - Msg 59434: guess no one home.
Hi All.

love tom

January 06, 2008 - Msg 59435: Sorry for the sporadic visits - seems I have had a lot on my plate. Could you all please pray for husband's family. His uncle passed away last nite - he was critically injured in auto accident on Dec. 26. No alcohol or drugs involved - the man he was carpooling with lost control of his truck and hit a guardrail. He did have one day that he was able to converse with all of his brothers and sisters as well as his wife and his stepchildren. We were unable to go up to the hospital due to hubby's leg (which is healing great!!). The funeral will be this week.

I have missed visiting - there is no place like home.


January 06, 2008 - Msg 59436: I'm so sorry, Homemaker. I will pray for your husband and his family. We miss having you around regular. Hope things work out so you can be back often.


January 06, 2008 - Msg 59437: Oh, and "Hey" to TOM. Glad you are warming up a little.


January 06, 2008 - Msg 59438: Hi All.
Homemaker- me prayer for your husband and his family.


January 06, 2008 - Msg 59439: Hey Friends--TOM, BOO, HM, RO, HAZEL, ASA, REV, MAVIS, AUH20, MDC, and ALL...hope this evening finds everyone in tip-top shape and happy as a clam!

It's been a busy weekend here. Between visiting with family and lots of chores, I'm bushed! I'd much rather visit, obviously, but things had to be done. I felt like my house had been taken over by a Christmas monster. Rolls of wrapping paper here and there, toys peppered throughout and a multitude of holly-jolly decorations. We had a mini heat wave today--70 degrees, so we opened the windows, turned on the attic fan and got to work. Balance has been restored, mostly. I visited with my Aunt Fee Fee (named by my French grandfather) and I did get some stories but they were mostly spooky ones from my grandmother's childhood. But they were entertaining!

RO, I love your neighborhood idea of organizing and including everyone for a spectacular turn-out of lights next Christmas! That wouldn't fly in my neighborhood--no one talks to anyone. Just stay to themselves. Oh well, I guess I'd rather have that than a bunch of loud partiers. (Is that a legit word??)

Hey BOO, how's that nice neighborhood boy that was hanging out at your house? Also, you asked so sweetly about another story and my mind's been a churnin'---I'll see what I can come up with! Any particular topic?

HM--consider my prayers done for your hubby's family. What an awful thing to happen.

Goodnight friends, I'll be seeing you soon...MW

p.s. And RO, thank you for the sweet compliment--you have no idea how you warmed my heart. You always know just the right thing to say.

January 06, 2008 - Msg 59440:
Hello porch family....Hope you all had a great day today.

Ro...just goes to show their are still good kids out there. Makes you feel good.

Homemaker...will be praying for you all.

MW....get you some rest.

Spot....?....where you at brother?

Tom...glad you're warming up some. Enjoy it while you can.

You all take care and have a great night. Prayers for all the porch family.

January 06, 2008 - Msg 59441: Hey REV. I just love the way you check in to say goodnight whenever you can. You really bless me that way, Brother.

MW, the neighbor boy is doing very well. In fact, his dad recently married a woman from the Philippines (sp?) and she and her 18 yr old son are living there now. They all seem as happy as clams right for the present (and forever, I hope). It makes me feel much better that the boy isn't alone all the time anymore.

As far as sharing a story, I would love to hear about anything. How about one of the spooky stories Aunt FeeFee shared with you this weekend?

Glad you got your house in order. I felt like a new woman when I got all the Christmas stuff put up and the toys where they belong.

Well, school starts tomorrow for the kids and it's back to getting up early. Guess I should get some sleep. Goodnight!


PS-I wanted to thank you for your prayers for my mother-in-law, after the death of her husband. I have been keeping in touch with her and she really seems to be doing amazingly well. Praise God for that.

January 06, 2008 - Msg 59442: almost forgot..it's time to talk about VICKS again. Sean has had a cold with an awful cough so tonight after his shower I put Vicks and socks on him and guess what?...the coughing stopped. "Wonder what causes that"?


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59443: Good morning everyone. It's unseasonably warm here today, and they're saying we could hit 70 tomorrow. That's about 30 degrees above our average high for this time of year. Darn that Al Gore!

Sorry I haven't been aroudn too much lately; I've been busy at work, and at home. Veda has been carrying a fever for four days now and not eating much, so please keep her in your prayers. It's probably just a nasty old virus, but the Mrs. is taking her to the doctor this afternoon to try and rule out infection and such. Unless it is an infection, the Mrs. is dead set against medicating other than a fever reducer.

Prayers for HM's family, and all who need them today.

I feel a real disconnect from lots of things lately, including the porch. Guess I'm feeling the pressure and just having a little pity party. Oh, well.

APB for AFD (how're the girls?), GOOBER (how's the newest Goobette?), and other friends. Gee, I wish RAFE would stop in and say hello.


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59444: Good Morning porch, hope all is well today.

Back at work, kids back to school so hopefully some kind of routine will emerge at my house. I tend to function better with a routine of some sort.

Foggy and cool here today, supposed to warm up a bit though.

Breakfast will be: scrambled eggs, toast, bacon,
apple butter and jelly, coffee, tea and assorted juices. see you all there.

Have a great day. Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59445: Hey there M-T, were must of been posting at the same time. Hang in there, prayers for Veda. Maybe breakfast will make you feel better.

Big Maude

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59446: Sorry to hear how you are feeling M-T and prayers for Veda. I am taking Sean to the doctor today, too. He had me up until 2am last night with a horrible cough. He had the virus and fever first, now the cough...a terrible hacking cough!

Better get moving in the right direction...


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59447: Friends,I need to ask for some Big Time prayers.Below is the reason:

" Your mammogram performed on 12/28/2007 shows the need for further evaluation.We would like you to have a left breast special view mammogram and ultrasound."

I am floored. I need to be well for my sweet Laci.Please,please,pray and if anyone has had mammogram results like this,please give me some insight into what might be going on here.

possum under a rock (Pam)

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59448: Hi all first chance I have had to get out---Lots of things going on I see. Oh boy possom--I am due for a momogram next month! I will pray for you. My pap smear came back normal--Praise God for that!!!
but I am still not out of the woods heath wise--I will be seeing a diabeties educator and my doctor tomorrow.
A happy nut

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59449: Oh Hazel--I think it was---talking about good low fat recipies-Have you checked out the american diabeties Assn. Website? www. diabetes.org. Look under nutrition and recipes.
You should find alot there.

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59450: another note for Hazel and whoever. You can adapt some of your favorites by just changing ingredents too--ground turkey for ground beef Low fat sour cream, cheese ect and add some more veggies to your dishes too.
It will make them more colorful and intresting and you can sort of sneak the veggies in.
Ahappy nut

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59451: I was going to write a story for y'all this morning but I see there are more pressing issues at hand...POSSUM, I'm not doing the mammogram thing yet, but I can understand how your letter can strike terror. Have you called your doctor's office to see if they can explain further? Just get back in a.s.a.p. and get this thing figured out. Most likely, they're being cautious and just want to make sure everything is fine. I bet RO and BOO could lend more insight to this, however, I will be praying for you today.

M-T, hope Veda gets better soon. Special prayers for her. And I hope you perk up too. Are you just overextended at work and you're tiring? Well, whatever the case is, prayers for you today as well.

BIG MAUDE, thanks for that delicious breakfast--it's just what I needed to get my day started!

You're in my thoughts friends. MW

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59452: It look like we can used a big net to hold all the prayer to send up to God for all who can use him now.

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59453: Oh my dear sweet Possum. You are in my prayers at this time. Try not to worry to much. I know that's easy to say, but worry will not change anything and my first reaction is in line with MW's. Probably nothing, thet just need to cover all bases. If I told you the number of test done on my wife over the last year because of suspicious tests earlier you'd swear she was a human test dummy. You'll be fine and so will our little Laci. How kind that it is her who you worry about. You have a great heart Pam and God loves you. Have peace and faith in Him.


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59454:
Possum- actually my Cecile got one of those once and it turned out to be just some sort of reflection or somthing on the film as the re-do was fine. I pray that that is all it is!! LOTS of prayers!!! Dont get stressed, for Lord knows you have enuf to stress over! Phil. 4:6 tells us:" be anxious for nothing...)
RO-prayers for you also as you get ready for Thursday.
ME-they- Hope I didnt cause your discontent. I'll try to skip politics for awhile and stick to Andy-type topics! "MDC, you decietful, miserable wretch!."
HI TOM- hope all is well.
Big maude- here's the routine--escape, run, stop at O'Malley's, dance with Barn, get caught! ha
And, if ya ever even THINK of throwing apples at streetlamps, just remember, "No more carefree hours, no more doing what you want, no more peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches..."
Hang in there my friends, 2008 will be great!

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59455: Good advice for Possum, Asa. I have never had a report like that one Possum, but if I got one, the first thing I would do is call my doctor's office and leave a message for her to call me. She/He should have a more detailed report from the radiologist and could tell you more. This might put your mind at ease while you wait for further tests to be done. Wish I could tell you more but I don't have experience in that area. One thing I can do is pray, and I will do that.


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59456: Well, come to think of it, I don't follow my own advice very well. I have had 3 abnormal paps this year and have another one on Wed. I have to remember to ask the doctor why! ha...maybe she needs to make a payment on her vacation home.


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59457: Hey MDC, I like what you told Possum. Ya'll remember the heart attack scare I had awhile back. Turns out it was nothing. Then they did the nuclear stress test that showed a possible blockage. Turns out it was some kind of shadow probably caused by breast tissue. Test results aren't always what they seem. Please try to keep that in mind, Possum. I know it's hard to stay calm at a time like this but odds are that everything will be fine.