January 07, 2008 - Msg 59458: Well,I have had time to calm down a bit and think about things.First off, THANK YOU ALL for the sweet & re@ssuring words. The letter said that I would need a referral from my doctor before I could have the diagnostic tests,so I called his office.They told me that he wanted me to come in for a sort of follow up on it with him. He will tell me straight about what's going on.I'll see him on Wed. morning,so I'll let y'all know what I find out.

I looked up " special view mammograms" on the Web and felt better after reading some about them. I believe they just want to check something out.If things were dire,I'd have been phoned or told to come in for a biopsy,I'd think. So,I am believing for the best and leaning on the Lord and as I type this,I'm looking over at a Bible verse next to my computer that I'm going to try to live by : 2 Timothy 1:7
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear,but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

And again,thanks,friends. Love you all.
possum under a rock

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59459: Ok,I get it. I guess somebody thinks I'll keep my mind off of things if I do some chores! I'll sweep,but I don't do windows!

possum again

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59460: rat possum I was going to have you do me windows for me. hehe


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59461: Possum, I think you're on the right track. The others have given you some very wise counsel, so I won't try to add anything. Praying for you, love, and am convinced that all will be well.

Tom, since she won't do windows, we need to find someone who does. Mine are awful!

My brother is going in for a hip replacement tomorrow at noon. This will be his third one, his first one was when he was about thirty, second about 45, and now at 60 he's doing it again. Those hips just don't last much over 15 years. Knowing that is what has kept my son from getting his done, and the pain led to the problems he had, but he's going to get it done now, I reckon. Not sure when, but he'll do it.

I wish we could have a porch Christmas decoration taking down party. Boy, could I keep us busy. My tree is still up, Nativity display still up, Snowman Row on the mantle is still there - I just haven't felt like putting it all away. I worked last night, very long night, came home and fell into bed until about 3 pm, and haven't made it much past my living room chair since then. Tomorrow will be taken up with my brother's surgery, I work tomorrow night, will no doubt sleep much of Wednesday, and Thursday I get my pacer. Hmmm. Guess I'll come home to a Christmas tree! Worst part is I won't be able to reach above my head for several weeks, so I don't know how long the thing will stand there. No, actually, I'm sure my son and his wife and her mother will come over after I get home and they'll put it all away, if I don't get it done beforehand. The tree alone takes about six hours to take down. I think I have too many ornaments.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some grub. Got some leftover pork roast and tater salad. Add a veggie and it will do just fine. Starr says howdy! --Romeena

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59462: Glad you are feeling more confident, Possum. I think the initial response to something like that is fear, but I'm glad you are meditating on 2 Timothy 1:7.

Ro, I wish we could all help you with that tree! Why don't you have a bunco get-together a couple of weeks after the pacemaker and let your friends take everything down for you? It might just work. Of course, you might not me able to play Bunco, depending on how rowdy your group gets. When my church friends played, the dice used to fly and people had bloody knuckles!

Hope all goes well with your brother. He had a hip replaced at 30?! Wow, why did he have to do that at such a young age?

Well, have to go get ERin out of the shower. She came home with 6 pages of math homework for some reason so I have to encourage her to finish. She rarely has any homework so I don't know what's up with all the math.

I took Sean to the doc and they gave him an antibiotic, which I had second thoughts about giving him, but gave him anyway. It is Zithromax and it made him sick and gave him diarrhea, yuck. Guess I will call for something else tomorrow...


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59463: Hey, Boo. Our bunco bunch is mostly loud, lots of laughing and screaming when the dice do strange things, but nothing physical. I don't think we've drawn blood yet. I usually play lefthanded, guess I'll have to switch to righthanded play next time, since I'm supposed to "favor" the left for a while.

As for having that wild bunch put away my precious Christmas ornaments, I don't think so. You know how it is - some junky-looking little ornament might not look valuable to somebody else, but can mean an awful lot to you because you know the history. I have a little blue bell, faded and worn, doesn't look like much, but I know it's about seventy years old, and was on my mom's tree for as long as I can remember. It doesn't go in the bins with the rest of the stuff, but rather resides in a nest of shredded tissue in a coffee can on a cabinet shelf. There are about a dozen ornaments that are stored like that. The rest are put in plastic drawer-type bins, between layers of bubble wrap, and wheeled into a closet. There are six of those bins, and two more very large ones where the larger things go. Then there are two more medium-sized ones where heavier, ceramic things go. I have three Beleek ornaments brought to me by my DIL from Ireland. Lots of treasured things, but I think the little blue bell may be the most cherished.

Hey, how about everyone describing your most favorite ornament? I'll bet we all have at least one. I've told you about a couple of mine, but there are others. Let's hear from somebody else??

Starr says howdy! --Romeena

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59464: I used to have a favorite old angel ornament that belonged to my grandmother. It was made out of that thik tin foil with one of those wooden ball heads. One Christmas-time when I was still living at home, my sister and I were taking out the decorations and I heard a crunching sound nearby. Turns out my mom's giant Airdale was chewing up the angel, darn it! My sister had a good laugh about it but I was steamed (I am the sentimental one, she couldn't care less). I have 5 old glass ornaments that Bruce's mom gave me, that hung on their Christmas trees throughout Bruce's childhood. I keep those seperated and safe, but other than that, most are fairly unbreakable. Almost all have sentimental value so it would be very difficult to pick a favorite. BTW, what's a Beleek ornament?

I came back to the porch tonight because my mind has been on Possum all evening. It's not that I am worried about her test results, I am more concerned with how she might be feeling emotionally. I hope she isn't worrying. Prayers continue.

Guess I'll go to bed. I finally broke down and bought some new sheets for the bed. I had been using old sheets given to me by my mom-in-law and was down to my last set without holes in them. They don't stay on the bed, though, because they aren't deep enough. Anyway, I decided to buy some and I got those 375 thread count, Egyptian cotton ones in a really nice cinnamon color. Wow, they feel great! I'm looking forward to hitting the sheets tonight and doing some studying for bible study at the rehab tomorrow. Goodnight!


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59465: oh, and "Howdy" to little Starr...


January 07, 2008 - Msg 59466: Sorry, Possum, just got home from work and read your post. Prayers for you. I'm sure all will be fine.
- Hazel

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59467:
Hello porch family... Real warm here today... It's like spring time.
A lot of prayer needs from our porch family today. Oh what a blessingand honor to lift each of you up before the Lord in prayer.

Boo...so glad your MIL is doing so good. Praying for Sean. Hope he's feeling better.

Me-They...Prayers for Veda. And you hang in there buddy. Praying for you also!

Possum...prayers for you concerning the mammogram. We'll just pray that when they do further test that whatever they saw will be gone in the Name of Jesus.

I'm sure they are unspoken needs here tonight so I just lift each of our porch family up before the Lord.
Remember...Jesus loves you so much!

January 07, 2008 - Msg 59468: Good evening, all. Just passing by on the way to bed. Boo, don't you just love those sheets? The more they're washed, the softer they'll get. Our local Linens 'N Things had a great sale on those sheets a year or so ago, and I bought three sets. I have the cinnamon color (probably about the same color), and some garnet red ones, and some chocolate brown ones. My bedroom is done in brown, beige, russet, gold, and even some deep red accents, and a silk duvet which I bought in Beijing, that's a coppery orange. Sounds awful, but looks great. Each color is in a shade that blends into the other colors. I don't know how it all works, but it does.

You asked about Beleek ornaments. Beleek is a ceramic line produced in Ireland. They make vases, figurines, and apparently, Christmas ornaments, among other things. I have a lovely Beleek vase which I inherited from my mom, and my thoughtful DIL has picked up on that, and each time they visit Ireland, she gets me a new ornament from the Beleek line. There's a little snowman, a shamrock, and a snowflake. Beleek is typically a very soft, pale cream color over all, and will have a green shamrock somewhere on the piece. It's very subtle, understated and beautiful.

REV, your posts each evening feel like a benediction. What would we do without you? Or without any of us, for that matter? I love you guys. Starr says goodnight. --Romeena

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59469: Good morning...I think I will have my coffee before waking Erin. I love this time of day. It's so quiet..

Your bedroom sounds nice, Ro. I think the sheets I bought might actually be more of the garnet color, and they are comfortable but it seemed like they were a little warm. Can't figure out why they would be. Maybe after they are washed a few times they won't be.

I agree with Ro, Rev. It's always so nice to read your posts at the end of the day. Thank you for your prayers. Sean seems to have slept well last night, much less coughing.

Better go get Erin moving.


January 08, 2008 - Msg 59470: Gang im still here!..just had some comp prpblems here at the dog house...yall been eating well?..hey possum,boo,brother rev,Tom,ro,mdc,m-t and all...lunch will be grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!...gona go read the archives....SPOT

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59471: Grilled cheese with tomato soup is my favorite. See ya at lunch SPOT.


January 08, 2008 - Msg 59472:
Morning Porch

possum-Thinking of ya and praying for you.

Me-They Prayers for your little Veda.

spot-That's one of my favs also, thanks.

M-T, Asa, MDC (or anyone else) What do ya'll make of Obama? For me, his speeches seem to have all the depth of a Seals and Croft song.

"Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind"


January 08, 2008 - Msg 59473: You may have to wait awhile for those summer breezes, Auh2o. It's warm here today but cloudy and humid.

I'm not so sure about Obama but I like what I have been hearing from Huckabee. How do you feel about him so far?


January 08, 2008 - Msg 59474:
Auh20- or the Stampeders... "love, tenderness and macaroons." ha
Ro- I notice that you say "I reckon." Do you also say "I'm fixin' to go somewhere?"? teehee
Boo- prayers for Sean.
Prayers are continuing for everyone, families, troops, leaders.
Treu Living God be with us always, thank you. Amen
Andy: What's the matter Miss Peggy, you don't like worms?
Miss Peggy: (holding worm can) Yeck!

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59475: Friends, I've just been through the longest and most terrifying night of my life. We had a rash of tornadoes that started at 5:30 p.m. and were attacked until 5 this morning. We were without power for 16 hours. People died last night. Our elementary school was hit; the roof is gone and part of it was destroyed altogether. There was a gas leak and some folks down the road had to be evacuated while tornadoes were hitting relentlessly. My husband and I had our girls in the interior bathroom bathtub with blankets, pillows and a mattress over them. My husband and I sat on the tile floor next to them and felt the vibration through the ground--I can only describe the sound as a jet engine on top of our house. It lasted maybe 30 - 45 seconds and then dead silence. Across the highway from us--a path of destruction. We were saved again. But my neighbors have lost their homes and businesses. One house down the road a little ways had a tractor trailer thrown into the front of their house. We had straight line winds of 100 mph over night and somewhere near 8 inches of rain. The storms just kept coming and coming...I thought it would never end. The sirens would go off, then then the storms, then quiet. Repeat that about 7 times. Maybe I'm just exhausted and out of sorts but I can't help but wonder when is it going to be our turn? I feel like we've escaped disaster too many times and our luck will run out. If you can call it luck. There's really no rhyme or reason to any of this, I know. Well, my oldest girl is out of school today and I just found out they will be out tomorrow and possibly the rest of the week. I just got an email from the Red Cross home office asking me to come in. I hate to say it, but I just don't think I have the energy right now. I feel guilty because I'd love to be out helping my community right now, but I'm just bone tired. It's that kind of exhaustion you get after that fight-or-flight stress happens. I've yacked enough. I just want to close by saying that I thank God for keeping my babies safe. Everything else (like my house not having a lick of damage) is a bonus. Join me in prayer for my community, will you? There are people who really need them. Thank you friends. I am going to watch a movie with the girls and see if we can all get our minds off the longest night! Love to all! MW

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59476: Oh my, Merri. Thank God you and your family are safe. I'm so sorry for all of you and your community. You have my prayers. Please try not to be hard on yourself and get the rest you need. There is always tomorrow and you can help then. You mentioned that you feel like you have escaped disaster "too many times". Is there any way you could have a storm shelter dug in your property? It sounds like you don't have a basement to get into. Just having a place to go might make your life much less stressful. I don't think I would want to live in an area prone to tornados unless I had someplace underground to go to. I can remember spending summers in Michigan at my grandparent's home and they had alot of tornados in the summer. The sirens would go off and we would all go down to the basement until it was safe to come up. Tornados scare me. Folks sometimes ask how I can live on the coast when the threat of hurricanes is there. I can get away from a hurricane because there is enough warning to plan for it, but there is not escaping a tornado unless you can get to a safe place within minutes.

Thank you for your prayers, MDC. I'm sure Romeena says "fixin' to"...all true blue Texans say it.


January 08, 2008 - Msg 59477: Hey BOO, yes we need a storm shelter! The problem is that basements aren't readily available in the Ozarks--we sit on miles of solid rock. Contractors have to blast and that adds thousands to home construction, if they can even do it. In our area, it's darn near impossible to put in a privacy fence! However, there are storm shelters that you can build into your garage. The problem is they're expensive and we've not been able to afford it yet. However, hubby is getting some quotes today--we're just going to have to save for it. Thank you for your concern and prayers! I have to agree with you BOO--you get a head start with a hurricane, not so much with a tornado.

RO, I've been thinking of you today and hope that you're getting some rest before your pacemaker surgery. Don't worry about the Christmas decorations. They just might keep you cheered up as you're convalescing at home!

Hope everyone is having a good day! MW

P.S. Something kind of humorous...a stray cow ended up in our neighborhood this morning just moseying around looking kinda lost! Poor ole gal. Her owner found her and walked her home to the farm next to our subdivision. I'm sure she's glad to be home!

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59478:
Merri-Glad you folks are safe-and-sound. Don't feel guilty about going to the Red Cross. You certainly do your share, your own house, and family, need some tending to. Try and relax and be with the family. I'm 47 years old and only once had to head to the basement because of a tornado. We have two girls also and they were looking to me for safety then, and I was so scared for them. They didn't know that part. Cuddle up with the girls and enjoy the movie.


January 08, 2008 - Msg 59479: Merri,the angels were watching over you & yours. How terrifying a night it must have been.I have never been through a tornado,but have been hit by a Cat.4 hurricane.Like Boo said,we have more options with a hurricane,unlike tornadoes where you only get a few minutes notice. I pray you'll always be safe and protected in your community should another come through.Prayers for your neighbors as well.

About me,well,I'm still extremely concerned,but I can't do a thing till I find out what I'm up against.I am anxious to see my doctor tomorrow.Please pray for a good outcome.Thanks,friends.

possum under a rock

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59480: Good afternoon Porch, just dropping by to say hello, I'm not going to stay long, don't want ya'll to catch this old bug I have. Prayers for those who need them & Possum I got one of those test results back one time too & it turned out to be nothing to worry about. Some type of cyst that is somewhat normal in us pre-menopause women, (nice way of saying I ain't no spring chicken any more) Oh & MW I am so glad you & yours are ok, how scary!
MDC & Boo Texans ain't the only ones that say "I reckon" or "I'm fixin to" we Tennesseans say those things too. We also say "out yonder" only it sounds more like "ouch yonder" when it's said. ;)
I'm off here to curl up with a furkid or 2 under the blankets in front of the tv & wait for Mr Neff to get home.
Prayers my friends

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59481:
Prayers for all porchsters, and the various situations. My goodness MW, you were indeed blessed. Hope the whole comunity can pull together and help each other out.
ME-THEY- where are you my friend! Please come back and set for a spell.
Well I will just join you all in prayer tonight for all that is going on right now!

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59482: Prayers for all the families in the storm lines. Was watching the weather channel, praying for those in harms way.
As I was reading MW's posting I couldn't help think of the old hymn, "A Shelter In the Time of Storm"--vs.3 The raging storms may round us beat, A shelter in the time of storm; We'll never leave our safe retreat, A shelter in the time of storm. Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land, a shelter in the time of storm."
~New Neighbor

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59483: Oh my goodness, Merri! What a night! Thank God for the protection you received. I can just picture a huge angel, standing there turning back the storm. Bless your heart, you must have been just terrified.

Yep, I say "fixin' to", and "ouch yonder", and "yonder comes so-and-so", and I guess I thought everyone says "I reckon". Now, anybody wants to make somethin' out of it, why I'll just knock knobs on your head faster'n you can rub 'em! (heehee)

My brother's hip replacement surgery went well, though they had to put him in PCU afterward, due to some low blood pressures, probably reacting to the morphine they gave him for pain. He should be fine, they switched him to dilaudid, no more morphine.

As for Obama, he concerns me greatly. Now, lest anyone get the wrong idea, it has nothing to do with the fact that he's black. Actually, I think a black president would be a good thing for America right about now, it might go a long way toward healing some old wounds. But it has to be the right man, black or white, or the right woman, and I don't think we have anybody to brag about in that area, either.

My concerns about Obama have to do with his Muslim background. I know, he professes membership in the Church of Christ. Check out this website: www.tucc.org/about.htm. It's the webpage for his church, and it will raise several questions in your mind. Not particularly pro-America, is it?
Back to the Muslim thing - his father was Muslim, so we can assume the possibility that he has extended family members in some Islamic nation/s. Later, he had a Muslim stepfather for several years, who had him partially educated in a Wahabbi school, the extremist branch of Islam that typically produces most of the terrorists. He says he is not a Muslim, and maybe he isn't. However, if push comes to shove, and it comes down to a lethal clash with a Muslim nation, will he be able to do it? Would Truman have sent the bombs to Hiroshima and Nagasaki if he had been of Japanese heritage, and perhaps had family there? Probably not, and many thousands more Americans would have died in that war as it would have gone on for much, much longer than it did.

I think Obama is a handsome, well-spoken young man and perhaps he's sincere, but I'm not convinced. I think his handlers have groomed him well, but they failed to teach him to at least try to look patriotic when he's on a platform and the Star Spangled Banner is being played. OK, that's my take on that. If he's somebody's favorite candidate, I mean no offense, and if you have a good counter-argument, I'm listening. I only wish I had a good counter-candidate to offer! What a dismal group it is this year.

Be blessed, y'all! --Romeena

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59484: Gosh prayers MW...mercy..God will help...hey brother Rev,possum,boo,ro,Tom,mavis,Asa,Mdc,NN,auh20,md and all...still comp problems over here..locks up...de-fraged but no help...buddy of mine is gona come over...I think KIDS have packed it full!..prayers to all ...Big Maude let feed this bunch at Shoneys breakfast bar in the morning and let Mavis pay!....back in a bit...SPOT

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59485: Just stopped in to say goodnight to everyone. I appreciate all the well-wishes and prayers. I feel very fortunate, indeed. The light of day really showed the power behind these storms. I'd like to stick around and chat a little more but I had some Chinese for dinner tonight (too tired to cook) and it's not sitting well at all...wonder if I got a bad shrimp! HA! I want to close by saying, gosh, you all are so sweet and supportive and this frazzled gal appreciates you all! MW

p.s. I got some estimates on having a shelter built; all around or more than five thousand dollars. Yikes.

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59486: I'm so glad you and your family are safe, MW. Thank God! And good luck tomorrow, Possum. Keep a good thought!
I'm afraid I've got my own bad news to share. Mr. Hazel is back in the hospital. He had another heart attack last night. I just got home from hospital. He's in Intensive Care, and I'm not sure when he'll get out. Maybe Thursday. I'll share more later. Love to all.
- Hazel

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59487:
Hello porch family... Sitting here watching TAGS on TVLand. (The "Gold Truck" ep. is on now)

MW....I thank the Lord that you and your family are safe. Praise the Lord! I pray for all those affected.

Spot....hope you get that computer fixed up brother. Been missing seeing you in your rocker.

MDC....I'm fixing to go to bed but I reckon I better finish this post first. You know I'm kinda thirsty but I just hate to walk all the way ouch yonder to get it. Oh, wait a minute, yonder comes my wife , maybe she'll bring it.

Possum...still praying you!

You all have a good night's sleep. With all of Ro and Boo's talk about sheets have made me sleepy. hehe
Prayers for all the porch family. You know even though we stumble in our walk everyday, when we turn to Jesus we can lay our head on that pillow at night in peace. Remember Jesus loves you so much....and how do I know...because the bible tells me so. Night all.

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59488: Sounds like a scary situation there, MW. Glad you and yours came out of it unscathed.
I can imagine it was extra scary not having a place underground you could go to.
For a short time I lived in a trailer home with my brother, and during one storm the tornado sirens went off and my brother and our other roommate wanted to head to a nearby building that was a bit more solid. Being that I was young and brave at the time(or young and stupid), I felt I could handle the storm in the trailer. But eventually, as the rain and wind was pounding our home harder and harder, they talked me into going too.
The only time I was as close to a tornado as you were, I was too young to remember it. But my mom remembers the sound.
Other than that, it's usually just been a case of the sirens going off, heading to the basement, and then getting the all clear with, thankfully, no tornado ever really touching down.

Yeah, that's the thing about Chinese food. An hour later, ...you still feel sick. ;)

Spot, what anti-virus and anti-spyware do you have?

I don't know what it is, Ro, but I just can't see Obama LEADING this country. I can't see him stepping up to the plate in hard times.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59489:
Hazel...we posted at same time... Bless your heart I am praying for you and your husband right now.

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59490: Prayers for your husband, Hazel.

For you too, Possum. I am thinking good thoughts for you. Hoping everything goes well tomorrow.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 08, 2008 - Msg 59491: Hey Rev.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59492: Oh my goodness, Hazel. I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Hazel's situation. Thank the Lord he survived it, and I will be praying for his complete recovery. Hang in there, love.

REV, you are a caution! That's too funny, using all those quotes in a sentence. And correctly too, I might add! Obviously, you speak fluent Southern.

Sterling, I agree. He's just a bit too - too - well, too something. I'm not sure just what. Maybe ingenuous is the word I want. I'm not sure he really "gets it", you know? Besides, he looks like a baby bird. I can't see the rest of the world taking him very seriously.

Well, guess I'll hit the ironing board. I have to go get some labs drawn in the morning, and can't eat until that's done, so guess I need to get to bed. Blessings, all! --Romeena

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59493: Oh, I forgot. Spot, I'm sure you've already done this, but just in case - have you gone into Internet Options and deleted all the temporary internet files and the cookies? If not, you might try that. When those two things get full, it sure can slow your computer down, and can even lock it up if they've got too much junk in them. --Romeena

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59494: Morning all.
Gosh, a lot going on to our friends.
Hazel, I am so sorry to read about your Husband. You folks are in my prayers for sure.
Praises be you came out of that ordeal safe MW. That must have been terrifying.
I'm pressed for time so let me offer a praise for all who may need them today. Hope the Doctors news is encouraging Possum.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59495: Hang in there Hazel. Praying for your dear husband, bless his heart.

Tommorrow's the big day, Ro? Prayer for you, as well. I am supposed to have labs drawn today, too. The doctor ordered a special (supposedly really comprehensive) test for me to take a better look at my blood lipids or something. I don't know if I can go, though. I seem to be having back trouble since last night. You know the old muscle spasms in the lower back. I was carrying Baby Emily around yesterday (the 5 month old, 28 lb cutie)....guess that put a strain on things. I must say it was worth it, though. That is absolutely the most personable, easy-going baby I have ever known. Smiles all the time and in 5 months I have never heard her really cry...a little fuss now and then when she is sleepy but no real crying. She's a peach and has the fattest baby legs I have ever seen (so much fun to squeeze).

Well, see YA'LL later, I'M FIXIN' to try and get up and try to walk....


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59496: ooops, baby Emily is NOT 28 pounds. I meant to say 18 pounds!

Prayers for Possum today.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59497: Good morning everyone. Still in a malaise, but coping. You had nothing to do with it MDC.

Prayers going out to POSSUM (tests), ROMEENA (procedure today), MERRI (peace), BOO (back), HAZEL (Mr. Hazel), HOMEMAKER (family), and all teh rest of you friends.

AUH2O: I'm not worried at all about Obama being a Muslim (I don't think he is) or that family connection holding him back (it wouldn't), but I agree that he's more of a motivational speaker than leader at this point in his career. I think Hillary is going to trounce him.

I'm pleased with McCain's win yesterday. He's my horse in this race.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59498: Oh, friends, do keep me and my family in your prayers. Veda has a bad ear infection that has been keeping her up at night (and me, too), and Chad woke up last night with 102 degree temp. I'm still in this funk.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59499: Well, look at how much we all need each other! I am praying for HAZEL and her HUSBAND--may the Lord be with you both right now. I pray for strength and peace. POSSUM, we're right behind you! Praying that God lays his healing hands upon you and may this issue be resolved immediately. ROMEENA, I pray that your procedure tomorrow is swift and painless. Get back home and enjoy your healing time with STARR! M-T, I'm praying for you and your children today. It's a terrible thing to see your children suffer. May you all get some rest tonight. BOO, rest your back dear. Let us know when you get your tests done.

STERLING, I had to laugh at your comment about Chinese food. My family adores it but it doesn't seem to adore me. I do much better with Japanese food--maybe more healthier? My body can only handle so much grease!

Hey SPOT, good luck with your computer stuff. I know it can be very frustrating!

Hey there REV, ASA, and AUH20! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

I'll be checking back in to see how everyone is doing, but until then, you'll be in my prayers. MW

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59500:
Prayers for M-T to get out of his funk and for his family!
M-T- as a voter from McCain's state, all i can say is that he makes a better D than an R. Plus, he is never in DC for important votes!! Sorry to say all this in your current funky state, but at 71, I'm afraid he would be like Reagan in his second term, just a figurehead. As much as I admired Reagan, by the end of his second term, he was in bad shape.
Right now, the whole state of the world seems bad, Kenya now as well, the pakistan situation etc., but we still have the Blessed Hope and that is where I place my trust! Let us continue to lift up our nation and ask the blessings of Almighty God. Thank you Lord!

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59501:
OK, to lighten the load a bit, I got to thinking about these sayings, like "I reckon," and i thought of the first time I heard my dad say, "I got a frog in my throat." I, at about age 5, thought that he had a REAL frog in there! ha
Here's some other funny ones"
"I'm all ears!"
"You can't have your cake and eat it too."
"Dropping like flies."
"Hat trick"
"The whole nine yards."
"Keep your shirt on."
"High on the hog."

"Mr Darlin's Cuz" (Funniest one of all!)

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59502: 71 is not so old these days, MDC, and didn't Reagan have Alzheimer's? I still like Huckabee, but haven't looked that closely at McCain.

Still waiting to hear from Possum...

Prayers for your little ones, Me-They, and for you. Hang on, Spring is coming and it will lift your spirits, I'll bet. Do you think you may be needing a medication change? Maybe there is something chemical going on in the precious brain of yours.

I did go and get my labs drawn and got a new tech who bruised me up before putting a butterfly needle in my hand and getting the blood. Getting stuck with needles never bothers me but when they start prodding around with the same needle, it gives me the creeps. I would rather be stuck repeatedly than have someone keep trying on the same stick.

Thanks for the prayer, MW, I have been up and around, just being more careful. The back is sore but tolerable.

Think I'll relax for a bit before I have to get ready for my next appointment this afternoon with the GYN for ANOTHER pap. Hope this one is normal because this is NOT fun every 3 months.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59503: Brain? What brain? I guess it could be the meds, but not likely. One thing I've never had a problem with is depression. More likely is that I'm just feeling some pressure and getting some of those "what am I doing with my life?" kind of feelings thrown in. Nothing in the way of a crisis, just thinking maybe career change or something.

About your tests, don't worry, BOO, you'll be back in the saddle again soon ;).

MDC: You could be right about McCain's party affiliation, but I do like how he's more than willing to tell people the truth, even if they won't like it and won't vote for him. Plus, I think he has a good balance with being more conservative on the social values side (like me) and more liberal on the environmental/business side (also like me). I don't think the 71 is that much of a drag. Heck, we've had some really bad presidents decades younger than that.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59504: BOO: I didn't mean that to sound like I think you're tests won't be okay; I'm praying that they are fine. Just thought I'd make a little joke. It just didn't come out sounding right.

Now, saddle up, pardn'r! (Sorry, I couldn't stop myself.)


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59505: You mean back in the "stirrups", don't you Me-They?? haha


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59506: man who writing all the bad joke here.

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59507: Hi All
Nice day here just on the cook side.
Why is this porch sound so down for?

The sun still sets
And rises at dawn,
Painting skies with color
As a new day's born.
The strars still twinkle,
The moon still glows,
Te flowers still blossom,
The grass still grows...
T mountains still stand,
The seas still roll,
God's in His Heaven
Still in control.
So don't fret or worry
When troubles abound-
Sweet peace and victory
Stil in Him are found.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59508: What a wonderful poem,Tom! Thank you for it.

First off,my prayers go out to Mr. Hazel.You too,Hazel-hang in there. Now,as for me,my news is encouraging.My doctor told me that the screening mammogram didn't come out as clearly as they needed and that they want this special view and ultrasound just to look and be sure nothing's amiss,because there are some changes showing up from when they look back at my last mammogram which was in Dec.2003. There's an area of 1 centimeter that they need to check out-he said it might be a shadow on the film. He also said that if something is bad,they usually use words like "suspious" or "looks suspious",etc. in the report they send to him.He said there is no indication of that. I asked him " Are you worried?" and he shot back emphatically," No." So,I am quite relieved and hopeful that it will turn out to be nothing. I have the special view on Jan. 18th. Thanks again so much for the prayers.

Me-They,hope your children get well soon and you perk up,you hear?

And last but not least, Miss Ro, prayers that all goes well for you tomorrow and that you have a swift recovery. Love to you.

I will have to join in on the Southern speak some other time-I am just plain "give out" and "I'm fixin'" to rest a spell. Well,ok,I've got to throw one out there-let's see if Rev. uses this one!

Usedtocould- " I used to could stay up until the wee hours of the morning,but I'm getting too old to do that anymore."

Yep,I'll admit,that's come out of my mouth a few times,but I talks good now!

Y'all take care!
possum under a rock

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59509:
Very cool TOM !
Thanks for those re-asuring words.
I think we all needed that!

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59510: Sounds like good news, Possum. Now ya'll pray for good news for me, please. I'm not worried, just need less stress.

Thanks for that poem, TOM! I read something good in my devotional this morning that used the verse from the bible where Jesus is walking on the sea to come to the disciples (who were terrified at the time). Jesus said, "Be of good cheer, it is I. Be not afraid"...good advice.

I'm off...giddyup!


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59511:
Sorry possum, stepped on your rock again.
Here! Here! I aint at a council meetin' but i agree that is great news!
Prayers continuing for y'all!
MDC "Zzup"

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59512:
And Boo too! mdc

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59513: Boo,I neglected previously to wish you well at the GYN visit.The things we gals have to endure-me getting the super duper waffle iron next week and you in the stirrups every 3 months-geesh! I think when all this is over you and I should head over to the Gigolo Club to relax & enjoy ourselves. Maybe catch Asa's floor show. I heard that he has added a few more tools to his toolbelt and is wearing glitter in his mullet for the New Year!

possum again

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59514: Hey, why don't you two just stay home and catch that George Raft movie on tv?


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59515:
Well, we got a small, actually tiny, touch of the storm that blew through Merri W. neck of the woods. Winds up to 70 mph, last night. Knocked our electro out until about 3 PM. We had over 60 inches of snow in December but temps have been over 50 degrees for 5 or 6 days now so nearly of the snow base is gone. It could have been really bad those winds and snow on the ground.

Hazel-Prayers for your husband.

possum-Good news, continued prayers.

Romeena-Prayers for you also, friend.

Merri-Thanks for the well wishes.

M-T Hope ya get to feeling better buddy! Obama's religious wasn't of concern to me, I think you may have meant Romeena. But, I did find Romeena's info to be very enlightening. I'm a fan of Federalism and Adam Smith so I don't have too many dogs, if any, in this hunt. I wanted Thompson (but I don't think that's gonna happen). I like this version of Mitt but the older (and when I say older I mean Massachusetts Mitt) one scares me. I have also respected McCain (I think he's every bit as Conservative as W) but he wonders off the reservation a little too much for me. I guess I'm just a little saddened but the number of Americans who want the government to tuck them into to bed at night.

MDC-I think your right about McCain, he may be a conservative Democrat but he's not a Conservative.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59516: Well, if they don't, who is going to tuck me in?


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59517: Here's an interesting little statistic to throw into the "government tucking us in" scene. One night at work recently, we had thirteen patients on our board. Just out of malicious nosiness, I went through and checked the info sheets on each one. Out of the thirteen - all of whom were either new mothers, or were about to be - two were actually married. Two more listed themselves as married, but gave their mothers as next of kin. Also, out of the thirteen, one had ins#rance, one said they would be private pay, and eleven were on Medicaid. And no, we're not the county hospital - it's just down the road from us. And we wonder why things are in a sorry state? These women ranged in age from 18 to 39 that night, and all were able-bodied. One has a seizure disorder, but it's well-controlled with medication - she hasn't had a seizure in two years and is certainly employable. Most of the FOBs (fathers of babies) who were hanging around didn't appear to be all that employed either, judging by snippets of conversation I overheard, but they had all the latest toys. Something is wrong here.

I've said it before, and here it comes again. Make welfare recipients report daily to a central point and be available to work for whatever contractor, landscaper or road crew needs help. The employer sends their pay to welfare, and the worker receives their welfare check as usual. It would help defray the cost of welfare, and the worker might just decide he'd rather choose his employment since he (or she) has to work anyway. Get their big old fannies up off the couch and out working, and they wouldn't have time to make so many babies, either. Welfare is for those who really need it, and I know some people do, and I'm all for that. I'm just tired of seeing people drawing it who obviously could work, but don't, simply because they don't want to. Well there, I've said it and I ain't takin' it back!

Peace, y'all! --Romeena

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59518: I agree with most of what you say, but there is such a problem with health care costs, that no matter how hard some people work, they can't afford health insur@nce or the cost of having a baby in the hospital. Just think about what the bill looks like when there is a complication or c-section. Wow!


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59519: Agreed. So then why are they coming in having their eighth or ninth child, and begging for WIC, mad because no one is giving them a carseat, and the kids they have are skinny, half sick, and barefoot in November? (Daddy still has his toys, though.) Gee, that sounds like a good reason to have another one to me! --Romeena

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59520: Hmmm. On reflection, I have a couple more comments. I totally agree that the cost of healthcare is out of control, and I don't know what the answer is. However, my complaint is not with people who have no insur@nce, and not enough income for self-pay, no matter how hard they work. My problem is with people who do NOT work, though they are able, but rather collect not only welfare, but expect Medicaid and ADC to finance them as they produce child after child after child, often by multiple fathers, who are often absent or unidentified.

Another problem is the fact that they come to us at all. As I said earlier, the county hospital is just down the road, about three miles. Very few come to us so far along they couldn't have held out long enough to get to Parkland. Yes, Parkland, which was good enough for President Kennedy when he was shot. Instead, while most of our patients have had no prenatal care at all, (brilliant!), those who have had it received it at Parkland, where it's free. Then they come to us to deliver! Why? Ask them, they'll tell you, and I quote, "Because I don't get a private room there, and I get one here, so I like to have my babies here." They know we're not allowed to make them go to Parkland. If they come in in labor, we have to accept them, and they know it. It's not fair to our staff, or to the taxpayers who are footing the bills, or to the insured patient who ends up in a broomcloset room because the better rooms are filled with Medicaid patients, but I really don't know what can be done. If people refuse to behave responsibly, you can't force them. My heart breaks for the poor little babies, born into the cycle of poverty and welfare, and I know very well that in about fifteen years we'll be delivering their children, too. It's just sad. They're so proud that they've produced yet another mouth to feed, when the ones they already have are hungry. It makes no sense. --Romeena

January 09, 2008 - Msg 59521: My gosh, Romeena. Do you mean to tell me that most of the patients you see have no prenatal care? It sounds like you ARE working at Parkland (and boy, have I heard stories about Parkland from doctors I've known who did their residency there). Surely things aren't that bad everywhere are they? When I quit working back in 99, we seldom got walk-ins and seldom got a patient with no prenatal care. Little more than half were married, I guess. Lots of Medicaid, though. I worked in a fairly big hospital but it wasn't the county hospital (they have very few deliveries each month). I guess things are alot worse where you are. Must get very frustrating for you. Scary to think about, if things have changed that much since I worked in labor and delivery.


January 09, 2008 - Msg 59522: Hey Possum, I forgot to respond to your post earlier. You got yourself a deal. Let's go out and relax at the Gigolo club after your tests are done...It sounds like my tests might go on and on...I asked the doc why I had to keep coming back and her first response was, "Because we know how you love to get pap smears" (ha-not funny), then she told me that I had "atypical cells". They aren't pre-cancerous but I have to be tested for changes every three month(groan). I guess I just have to get used to being back in the saddle every three months (Yee-Haw).

Better get ready for the ironing board.


January 10, 2008 - Msg 59523:
Hello porch family...Getting a quick late post in before hitting the ironing board.

Ro...yep, I graduated from southern school.

M-T...still praying for you and your family.

Boo....glad your test are ok. Better safe than sorry.

Possum....of course I've used "usedtocould" many times.

Well folks you all have a great nights sleep. Don't it feel so good when you go to bed and say your prayers and then you feel Jesus tucking you in for the night. We have a great God! HE loves us so much!
Prayers for all the porch family.

January 10, 2008 - Msg 59524: No, Boo, it's not that bad everywhere. My town has just inherited a lot of woes because of the unprecedented influx of illegal aliens, er, excuse me, undocumented workers. Our mayor a while back declared that he wanted us to be a "welcoming city", where everyone had a place. Well, he quickly found out that being a sanctuary city wasn't quite what he imagined it to be, as he watched property values plummet, rentals trashed and standing vacant or overwhelmed with four or five families living in a 3-bedroom house. Crime went up, the quality of education in the public schools tanked because the teachers spend most of their time trying to teach kids who speak little or no English, and the solid, average families began moving out in droves. No, it's not "white flight", because the American-born folks of Hispanic heritage are as disgusted as everyone else, if not more so. Just as the schools are overwhelmed, so is the hospital. We just can't keep up. Our ED is used like a family doctor, and you can sit for hours while the sniffly children of illegal families are seen and treated for their ear infections, coughs and sore throats - all things that should be seen in a doctor's office, but aren't because they don't have a doctor. I don't know how it is in the rest of the country, but here in Dallas, the healthcare crisis only affects Americans of middle class or less, who aren't willing to lie. Those folks are expected to pay, and will be tracked down and billed. Meanwhile, the illegals waltz in and out of the hospital, giving fictitious addresses, and since they are undocumented, there's no paper trail to locate them. Just try to locate one particular Juan Garcia in this metroplex, especially when he has several fictitious SS numbers, and no driver's license, or a forged one. Thus, they get free care.

Needless to say, our mayor has repented his decision, done an about-face, and is now cracking down on illegals, and is catching a lot of flak for it, being called a racist and a bigot, among other things. How soon they forget.

We were talking about the presidential candidates earlier, and I believe I mentioned that I'm really at a loss to choose someone. Well, let me just say that the candidate who comes up with a sane, workable answer to the immigration problem will get my vote, and I don't care if he or she is purple and has three heads.

And on that note, I'm going to bed. I have to get up at 4:30 in order to be at the hospital at 6. Prayers, please, friends. I've had a lot of surgeries, but this is the first time somebody has been messin' with my heart! I'll admit, I'm a little bit nervous this time. --Romeena