January 30, 2008 - Msg 59946: Mornin' Y'all! Thanks to Floyd for shooing Count Telecky off of the Porch! Hope everybody can get up here to relax & rock again.

Ro,so happy your son is home. Praying that he continues to improve.

Welcome back to SHAZZAM! We need more of our long lost Porchsters to reappear.. Marty from Mtn.Top, fun girl,Idelle,Mary Wiggins,kentucky girl,BWB,Warren,and CHUCK! Poor spot's been hollering for CHUCK for about a year now-he's gonna lose his voice and we'll have a non-talking dog then! Ha! Y'all check in-we miss you guys.

Well,I'm off to do laundry.I think Me-They's shorts sailed over my rock yesterday or I'd have tossed 'em in with my things. Maybe they've landed in Texas where Boo can launder them!

Y'all have a good Wednesday!
possum under a rock

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59947: Good Morning porch, hope everyone is well today

very windy and cold here today but the sun is bright which is good to see.

Thanks to Floyd for working to get things back to normal...

lunch will be: homemade potato soup, grilled cheese sandwhiches, little debbie cakes and sweet tea to drink.

have a blessed day. Prayers all around.

Big Maude

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59948: Good morning everyone.

POSSUM: If you see flashing lights and hear disco music coming from your washer, my shorts are probably in there somewhere.

TOM: Your jokes (as well as your poems) are one of the things that keep me coming back to the porch.

Thanks a bunch, FLOYD. I don't care if you don't get my sideburns even, you're the best.

I'll be back later (that's a threat).


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59949: I forgot, praise the Lord about your son, ROMEENA. Prayers will continue.

I still wish AUH2O would check in. Maybe he's snowed under? ASA: Has AFD checked into the Mayberry Hotel lately? I know she posts there sometimes. She's been AWOL a long time, too.

M-T (see, I told you I'd be back)

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59950: I think that will be no more joks from me


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59951: I hope that you're joking, TOM ;).


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59952: Dadburn, if I didn't have to put Blue to work to sniff out this here porch. It has been a long time, M-T, thanks for asking after me.

Not a whole lot going on here, just need to head to the store for the "milk, bread, and TP" ; ) since we're expecting 5-8" of snow tomorrow.

Girls are fine, although Reagan has been feeling kind of puny due to her eye teeth coming in. Hard to believe our girls are already a year and a half old, M-T.

Prayers for all of you! Have a blessed day!

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59953: Of course he is, Me-They. Tom knows we love him, and enjoy his jokes as well as his poems. --Romeena

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59954: Hey, welcome home, AFD. Did you run into any of the other missing porchsters while you were wandering around out there? Now that you've found the path again (thanks to the trail of bread crumbs Floyd left for us), don't be such a stranger! --Romeena

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59955: tom have leaver the porch

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59956: Tom - I missed what was happening but the porch wouldn't be same without you. Don't you ever, ever talk about leaving this porch again.


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59957:
Hey Folks

I hope this posts. Like Hazel I had composed some of the most insightful thoughts ever thunk and then when I when I tried to post them...nuthin! A Luther Heggs speech is the only thing I can really compare them to. Me-They you would have wept. And M-T, thanks for your concern.

L. Heggs: "I have been called brave. What is brave? Let me clarify this. Of course we all know this is short for brave-r-y. That goes without even being said. But is also a symbol of another thing. It is a symbol of doing one's duty no matter what is scarring him personally. Take your World War II. There was many heroes in World War II. What were your heroes? Who were your heroes? Let me clairfy this. Thank you for having me!"

Like a bad penny,

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59958: See what I get for not reading the archives - my MEATBALLS are just good fodder for all of your jokes. Thanks a bunch! :) People have said that my meatballs are from something out of this world - now I know what they mean!

And I do believe with the windstorm we had last nite that not even M-T starched shorts could have survived. We did not sustain any damage but the neighbors lost the roof to one of their buildings. Metal flying everywhere!

Ro - so glad your son is doing better.

When my hubby becomes 100% I may be able to get back on here more regular. I just don't have enough time in the day nor the energy to get everything accomplished.

Please take care and M-T, act like somebody!


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59959: So good to hear from you AFD. Veda still only has her two front teeth on the top and the bottom and one in the back, making her look soemwhat like a beaver. I will try and get some Schristmas pics to Romeena to post. Glad y'all are doing okay.

AUH2O: I'm sure I would have cried all right. I was worried that maybe the Clinton campaign machine had chewed you up. I'm tickled pink that McCain won last night. Looks like Rudy is bowing out today. I am convinced that Huckabee has been campaigning for the vice presidency for the last two ro three weeks. It looks like a real two-way race on both sides now. Oh, wait, I forgot about Ron Paul. Well, somebody has to park cars at the rallies.

HM: Even if you don't check in regular, we have your petrified meatballs to keep us company. And scare us, just a little.

Where's BOO now? Do I have to keep my eye on you people every minute? First one of you wanders off, then another.


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59960: welcome to illinois- yesterday it started out at 64 degrees' dropped to 19 and sleeted last night. and its 8 below right now with a snow storm looming. andy and rest of mayberry folks need to dig out the long johns. ha. you all come for supper. having bbq ribs, cole slaw, baked potatoes, cake, apple pie and hot chocolate with a little hard cider on the side. my prayers are with you. have a great day. pappa bear

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59961:
Pappabear, I knew our mayor could get thru!
No more bear at the bottom of te tree! ha
I'll send you some fresh squeezin's to help keep ya warm! Aged for 37 minutes! good stuff!
Floyd, I dont know what a DNS is, but if it is like a porch girder, than I'm all for it! Thanks!
RO- that was SHAZAM the porchster, not someone just saying shazam! ha
ol' MDC

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59962:
Possum, I think te count is back because i only typed 'MDC" once, but it showed up twice! hmmm
AFD- glad to see ya back! mdc single

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59963: Haha! Silly me! I didn't get it, that it was SHAZAM, in person. So welcome home, SHAZAM. It's about time you came home.

TOM, quit your teasing! You're not going to leave the porch, at least we all hope you're not. You would be missed waaay too much!

Well, gotta run. A nurse friend is retiring from the hospital today, and they're giving her a little party. Guess I'll go. I still can't work, because I can't reach above my head and can't lift over 8 pounds, but I can drive, so I can go to the party. Hey, anyone want to come help me take my Christmas tree down? It's pretty hard to do that with an 8 1/2 ft. tree, when you're under the restrictions that I am. Oh well. It's pretty, I enjoy it, and I guess I'll get it down eventually.

Be blessed, y'all! --Romeena

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59964:

pappa bear- Great to see ya! We had a similar weather swing. I think every school in WNY was closed today. We had sustained winds over 70 mph for a while today and up north of here the Niagara and Buffalo Rivers both were pushing ice ashore. But, I guess that's why they call it winter.

Me-They I keep telling myself (I say, self) politics is more like poker than chess, you have to play the hand you're dealt (...and then I think, what? You talking to me?). While McCain isn't as Conservative as I'd like, he's better than some "Nanny Stater." That being said, W wasn't as Conservative as I'd like. But, I loved those Supreme Court picks. I think the Democrats are going to beat McCain silly with the "Keating Five" thing. Keating Five? Didn't they sing "Rocking Robin"?

Floyd- I just read some of the archives, thanks for all of this. If you build it, we will come.


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59965: Good to see you, PAPPABEAR. Nice to have the mayor check in every now and again to keep us all acting like somebody.

ROMEENA: REmember to stay under the legal limit ;).

AUH2O: Well, if the Democratic nominee is Clinton, she'd be unhinged to start dragging decades old skeletons out of closets. But, for me at least, McCain has more than made up for the taint of his part in the scandal. In fact, some REpublicans would say he's gone overboard in his zealousness the other direction (I'm not one). And for any conservatives who still hold up that chestnut, let us not forgot old Ronnie's administration had a little dirt on it in that one, too.

Ann Coulter, whose column I enjoy, rabidly hates McCain. She said he's like Dole minus the charm and youth. I don't know what She, Rush, and Sean Hannity are going to do if it comes down to McCain. They may explode.

I loved W's Supreme Court picks, too. I don't think he could've done any better (but Harriet--what was he thinking?!). In fact, in my opinion they are the big positives of his presidency.


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59966:
Here's a good question. Where does an Independent sit during the State of the Union? haha
maybe right in the center of the middle aisle!?
I see that the candidates are dropping like flies today. Who will be the last "comic' standing? Lord help us!
REV- we need your prayers brother. We got flying short, we got people going Shazam and it aint even super Tuesday yet!
THINGS ARE getting VERY crazy around this town with 4000 media types here, thousands of private jets, rental cars and fan for both the superbowl and the Open! HEEEEEEElp! It's an Al Gore nightmare!
ol' (hic) MDC
Ya all have a good evening!

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59967: I don't know about any other Independents, MDC, but I was sitting on my sofa ;).

Can I have my shorts back now? You know how I chaffe.

Have a good one.


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59968:
Of course i meant Independent Senators and/or Congressmen! ha, good one M-T. "Now dont be tellin' me how to vote" ha
I forgot to mention, as if there isnt enuf craziness here, Bill Clinton is coming here Friday night because of our primary coming up. He will be the ringleader for the whole circus here! teehee I wish it would rain and storm so people would say, "Man, Phoenix is worse than my city! (:

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59969: Hey Folks,

Good to see that things seem to be working today! WHEW! I was getting tired of being down there with them spiders under the porch. I think I got a spider bite.

Anyway, y'all enjoy it. I'm gonna take some time off to get the spider eggs out of my hair. I hope they aren't like bat eggs? Barney says bat eggs in your hair will make you go crazy?


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59970: Romeena is Starr beginning to wrap you around her little paw? ;)
Tom boy that wind was something else here in TN last night, I kept looking for those flying monkeys & the wicked witch from the Wizard of OZ!
Boy what a day this has been, I had 2 of the brattiest (is that a word?) Poodles in all of Bristol today! They don't bite me thank goodness, but they down everything else, up to & including "doing their business" on my table TWICE! Little monsters!
Got beef stew in the crockpot with cornbread and/or croissants for those that want to head to the Neff house.
Prayers for everyone

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59971: I'm watching Law and Order right now & just heard one of the characters say "I killed Malloy" wanted to say out loud "Who's Malloy" but thought folks would think I was losing it! ;)

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59972: Hey Floyd you don't want moth eggs in yer hair either! teehee

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59973: Oh, yes, Mavis. She is indeed a little charmer. She looked so beautiful after her bath last night. Her coat is now about four inches long, very soft and silky. Our biggest problem is with the constant wetness beneath her eyes. Some days it's worse than others. It gets worse when she's anxious, like when I have to leave her, or when we ride in the car. Sadly, she's not as good a car traveler as the Plum was. I took her with me to the car dealership today, and she threw up on the way home, and her little face was sopping wet beneath her eyes, from tears. She gets carsick easily. I'm really hoping she'll outgrow that. But yes, she is just precious, and I love her very much. It would be hard not to love her - she's such a little cuddler.

Floyd, you are indeed a treashuh. My end of the porch seems to be working fine now. Once in a while, I get that "can't find it" box, but I just close the box, click again and the porch appears. It's like it's still hunting for the path now and then. I'm sure that will straighten out with time. If not, no problem, I'm still able to get here. Thanks again!

Well, gotta go rustle up some grub. I may just make some homemade mac and cheese - my favorite, especially with a can of tomatoes added. Don't need anything else with it, I consider a bowl of that to be a meal. Be blessed, y'all! --Romeena

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59974: So Mavis ben dringing out of the crock and seeing fly monkeys.
Now we have flying SHORT , MEATBELL AND MONKEY.
THANK FLOYD for fixing the porch, now maybe you can help fix everyone who are seeing flying thing.


January 30, 2008 - Msg 59975: Hey guys. Its great to be back. Been checking up on you all in the archives, and I can see Ive missed alot. I just want to say that I am here every night after 8 and I am on all weekend. I look foward to saying hello to you all. Thanks for the well wishes. And until then SHAZAM!!!

January 30, 2008 - Msg 59976: Well, my computer has been down the past 2 days but I'm back in business. Really missed you guys.

SHAZZAM! I remember you, Buddy. Hope you come back regular-like.

We have all been coughing around here after the recent virus. I think we have used up an entire jar of VICKS between putting it on feet and chests!

No big news to share, I guess. I was very happy to hear that your son went home, Romeena. He has certainly been on my mind. Prayers continue for a full recovery for him. What you said about him going home and enjoying his life made me think of the movie "Awakenings", with Robin Williams and Robert Diniro (spelling?). It is one of my favorite movies and it was showing on AMC today. It is one of those movies that makes you cry evey time but has such important life lessons in it. If you haven't seen it, you just have to. In it, patients in a mental institution who are in a comatose state, are given a medication that brings them out and into life again. It is a true story and in the movie, the main character who comes out of a 30 year coma, is angry at how people take their lives for granted and aren't happy with just living, working, playing, being with their children. Simple things we take for granted that many people in this world can no longer do. It really made me think today. I think we all need that reminder that things may not always be the same as they are today. We should rejoice in the very gift of life and love everyday.

Well, better hit the ironing board. Goodnight to All,


January 31, 2008 - Msg 59977: Morning gang...back at work....sausage links and bisquits this morning....let me get started...hey Brother Rev,Tom,ro,boo,hazel,asa,possum,mdc,md,nn,m-t,floyd,mavis and all....SPOT

January 31, 2008 - Msg 59978: Just checking in with my morning coffee. Hey there SPOT, thanks for breakfast.

I am beat this morning. I was up until 3am with Erin. She was throwing up! Sean was coughing, Erin was throwing up all over her bed and things didn't settle down until 3. The really bad part is that my washing machine went out yesterday. I would still be sleeping but have a dr's appointment this morning...groan.

Hope you all are having a good morning, though.


January 31, 2008 - Msg 59979: Good morning, all. Slept like a rock last night, except for twice when Starr woke me to help her off the bed so she could potty. It's so funny. I'll be sleeping so soundly, then slowly become aware that something has touched my face. It's a soft little paw, of course, just an occasional pat. I open my eyes, and by the light of the TV which is always on, I see these huge, round brown eyes about six inches from my own, just staring at me. As soon as she realizes that mine are open, she pounces, jumping around on me and licking my face. I get up, and she stands at the edge of the bed, standing very square with her backside toward me, and looking back over her shoulder. This clearly means "pick me up!" I do, and take her to the bathroom and put her down on her pad. She does her thing, I praise her profusely, and we go back to bed. We do the same routine in the morning when it's time to get up, so naturally I start off every morning with a big laugh. Can't beat a deal like that!

Eloise and I are going on the Mystery Lunch with the church group today. Don't know where we're going, won't know until we're about halfway there, but it's always a good place to eat, and is fun. This time I figure we're not going too far, because we're not leaving the church until 10:40. Good food, good fellowship, good fun. Can't beat a deal like that, either.

Well, be blessed, all. Starr says howdy! --Romeena

January 31, 2008 - Msg 59980: Mercy, Boo. As much as I loved and enjoyed my kids, I think I'm glad I have a puppy instead at this time of my life. --Romeena

January 31, 2008 - Msg 59981:
Morning Folks

MDC-I think Independents have to choose a Party they want to committee with, so in effect they do align with one Party, and typically sit or gather with them. I think. Don't leave your keys in your car on Friday.

Boo-You better find time for a catnap today.

Romeena-I forgot to mention it yesterday (I'm glad Boo and others did) that is great news about your son.

M-T I am not rabidly against McCain but I do get sick of all his "straight talk." The way he lied about, or at the very least completely distorted, Romney's record on the war, I found very telling, very "Clintonesque." As for the Conservatives you mentioned, I think they will be just fine. They believe in the Founders and the principles of their creation, not in winning elections. After all, Conservatism wasn't great because Reagan was one, Reagan was a great President because he believed in Conservatism.

Asa-The Porch up and running out your way yet?

Barney:"Of course you smell gas. What do you think this car runs on, coal?"


January 31, 2008 - Msg 59982: Just a quick visit today.
Hope all is well. Boo, hope your kids feel better.
hello to Shazaam, SPOT, Romeena and everyone else today.
lunch will be: grilled cheese, tomato soup,
brownies and tea to drink.
Enjoy your mystery lunch Romeena!
Have a blessed day.
Big Maude

January 31, 2008 - Msg 59983: Good morning everyone. It's nice and sunny here today. A welcome change. Still cold, though.

BOO: Sorry to hear about your troubles. Prayers that you have a great day today. We (and when I say we I mostly mean the Mrs.) dealt with a little of yoru misery last evening; Chad, for some unknown reason, threw up right in the middle of dinner. I say the middle of dinner, but since no one had much of an appetite after that I guess it was the end. He seemed fine and was as perplexed as us about why it happened. I was just thankful that I wasn't sitting next to him ;).

AUH2O: Yeah, I have to agree that the "straight Talk" catch phrase is wearing thin. I put his spinning of Romney's record on the war in the same vein as Romney's twisting of McCain's immigration views--unfortunate and unwarranted. I see Rudy is endorsing McCain. I wouldn't be suprised if Huckabee didn't stay in the race just to spite Romney. From what I've heard, he's not personally well-liked among the otehr candidates.

My new general election predictions (updated periodically as I'm proven wrong): I think it'll be a McCain-Huckabee ticket v. Clinton-Richardson. If Hillary wins, I think she'll go for Richardson as VP so she can claim a diverse ticket. Plus, he's well-liked among Democrats.

Maybe a Ron Paul-Dennis Kucinich ticket would unite the fringes. Heck, they are so far apart they almost meet.

ROMEENA: Sweet story. Still prayiong for your son.

MAVIS: I have a canine question. Our dog, Mazy, is a little more than a year old, and we adopted her from a rescue a month or so ago. She absolutely loves Veda, and the rest of us, but for some reason will not tolerate Chad approaching any of the rest of us (like if we're sitting on the sofa or something). She'll growl, and, rarely, give a warning snap. She will play with him, though, just seems like she thinks it's her job to protect the rest of us from him for some wierd reason. He's pretty gentle with her, too. Anyway, do you know what' might be causing this or have any advice for overcoming it? Chad is starting to shy away from her.

See y'all at lunch.


January 31, 2008 - Msg 59984: Seems the porch got sucked up in the Twilight Zone again, but now it's back. There's no place like home.


January 31, 2008 - Msg 59985: AUH2O: What do you think of Teddy Roosevelt? He was a Republican, but he certainly wasn't conservative--at least in any conventional sense.


January 31, 2008 - Msg 59986: Hi, all. Back from the Mystery Lunch. It was good - we didn't go but about fifteen miles, ate at a nice little Italian place, actually one of those on a main street, out in front of a strip center. It was highly recommended to our coordinator, though, and the food really was good.

Me-They, I'm sure Mavis will be able to offer some suggestions regarding the protective furkid, but I'll throw in my two cents' worth too. Perhaps you could have someone occupy the dog in another room, while you and your wife sit on the sofa with Chad there with you, so that when the dog is allowed into the room, he's already there. Maybe that will help her get used to the idea that his presence with you is okay, and she doesn't have to guard you. Can't imagine why she is reacting like that, unless she was abused by a little boy before you got her. But you say she will play with him, so that sort of blows that idea. Very strange.

Well, it's time for our nap, and Starr is in here to tell me about it. Guess I'd better go get in the chair and make a cuddle place for her. See you folks later. --Romeena

January 31, 2008 - Msg 59987:
Wow, I'm actually back on the porch again!
RO- how goes the pacemaker these days. all ok?
BOO- have you seen the latest Sonic commerical for frozen Lattes? Another gem with the same couple!
This town is CRAZY right now!!! Blimps, helicopters, Pamala Anderson, Obama, Bart Starr, Clinton, Micholson..celebs ad infinitum,14 Super bashes tonight alone. I'm praying for a big rain storm!! ha
"The carbon footprint is like outta control man."
"Everything is like messed up man." haha
Prayers a-plenty.
Barney (to Andy)Did you know that the size of a horse's eyes at birth are the same size as when he's full grown?"
Andy: Huh, I'll be dogged.

January 31, 2008 - Msg 59988: Me-They I agree with Romeena my guess would be she was probably teased by a little boy before you got her, so she doesn't fully trust them, and since she doesn't trust him, she figures she has to protect you guys from him. My suggestion to help "fix" it, give Chad some treats or something she absolutely LOVES to eat (cheerios are a big hit around here), have him give them to her and praise her when she takes them, she will learn "Chad=Good stuff to eat". You might also let him be the one to feed her, let her see him set the bowl down for her. Dogs are alot like men, the way to their heart is through their belly! Hope that helps, if not, let me know & I'll see what some of my dog training friends have to suggest.
Off to Sam's Club

January 31, 2008 - Msg 59989: Finally! Couldn't get on the porch all day.

Glad you are enjoying Starr, Romeena. She sure sounds like fun.

Me-They, that is a very unusual dog you have there. She plays the kazoo, afterall (boy, I got a kick out of that story...quite a visual).

Sean seems to be fine today. He was perfectly fine by the time we got to the dr's office, of course! ha...Erin slept most of the day and doesn't want to eat anything but is keeping down water. She had some diarrhea, too, poor baby.

The weather is strange here today. We got some kind of a front from the Northwest and it is blowing like crazy. Very dry, cold air and we are under a freeze warning.

Gotta go get Erin a popsicle..


January 31, 2008 - Msg 59990: By the way, Mavis' response made me think of a question I have, too, about our lab, Leah. Since she was treated for heartworms, she has gained weight and is about 90 lbs of dog! She is still living with my Dad and he lets her stay in the house. Well, the other day she was inside and Erin was outside in the garage petting the neighbor's little fox terrier that wandered over. Someone opened the door and Leah ran out and attacked the little dog. I wasn't there but my sister was and she said Leah had the other dog by the neck and was trying to kill her. She wouldn't let go until my sister threw something on her that was big enough to make her turn loose. The little dog fled and was bleeding. I am guessing that Leah was trying to protect Erin, but it was such a vicious attack that it scares me. Is that kind of thing normal? The dog knows it's place among the family members and is very docile, never a hint of agression with any of the children, but she sure can be vicious to other dogs or strangers that come anywhere near us. I am wondering if I should take her to training school or something? She doesn't play the kazoo, but I think she is really smart...hehe.


January 31, 2008 - Msg 59991: Hey, all. Boo, your story about Leah is very interesting. My daughter has a yellow lab that she rescued from the pound's death row. Bella had been picked up as a stray, so no one knows her background, but she gets very alert and "antsy" during hunting season, when you can hear rifle shots occasionally. Anyway, I had been there a couple of times with the Plum, and Bella hadn't bothered her, but did growl at her once. Didn't make much of that, growls are a form of communication with dogs, not always a threat. My daughter also had a JR/fox terrier mix that was a total nuisance, very hyper, pestered the other dogs constantly, and was just everywhere at once, all pointy little paws and intrusive nose. Maisy was there first, so I guess Bella considered her to be alpha.

Well, we walked in one day for a visit, and the minute I set the Plum down, Maisy charged at her, just mowed her down. Sugar yelped and Bella (the lab) ran over and grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to the floor. She could have killed her right there, but she didn't hurt her at all, just scared the daylights out of her, and me! We decided that perhaps she was telling Maisy to back off, that this little dog wasn't hers to pummel. Still, I wasn't sure, and never let the Plum out of my sight after that.

Later, due to Maisy's extremely annoying behavior, my daughter took her to a shelter, with instructions to find her a home or call her and she'd come back for her. Two days later, they called and said she had to get her NOW, as she was hysterical all the time, and was driving away potential adopters. So, she brought her back home. Bella apparently no longer considered Maisy to be alpha, since she had left and then come back, and the first chance she got, out in the yard, she jumped on her and almost killed her. It took over 40 stitches to close the gashes in Maisy's neck and shoulders. Maisy was chained at the time, Bella definitely was the aggressor. When Maisy came home from the vet, my daughter just chained Bella up until she could make arrangements for Maisy, but Bella would glare at her, and you could see the hatred in her eyes.

Ultimately, my daughter placed Maisy with a friend, and it's a good fit. The friend has a way with obnoxious little dogs, and Maisy is now a model citizen. Bella got away with her murderous attack, and now struts around like "don't tread on me", and believe me, I don't. I never took the Plum back down there, and Starr isn't going either.

I believe most labs are friendly, gentle dogs, especially toward people, but it would appear that there's a disconnect somewhere when it comes to small, varmint-like animals, including small dogs. I'm taking no chances. Well, that's my tale. --Romeena

January 31, 2008 - Msg 59992: That's interesting, Romeena. I don't know if you remember, but Leah was a stray that was less than a year old when we took her in. At the time we had our beautiful lab, Belle and Leah was terrible with her. They got along ok until one of us was anywhere nearby and then Leah would attack Belle to show her who was boss. I hated it and eventually gave Belle to my sister to get her out of that situation. I wanted to get rid of Leah but my Dad liked her and she did save Erin from a snake bite once so I thought she would be good to have around. She would never let a stranger anywhere near the yard. She has turned out to be a good dog, but certainly is an Alpha dog with other dogs. The only dog she tolerated well was Jingles, I guess because he was male. The two of them were great pals. They even played tag in the backyard.

Well, better go get a shower and head to bed. It's been a long day after an even longer night last night. No more throwing up, though, thankfully. Bruce wasn't able to fix the washing machine and was trying to give me a description of all he was doing. Right in the middle of his speech I said softly, "Don't care", to which he replied, "Well, I wanted to tell you in case you ever have to fix it" (as IF). I told him, "No thanks, I'll just call the man".


January 31, 2008 - Msg 59993: That was quite a tail, Romeena. haha, I crack me up.
- Hazel

February 01, 2008 - Msg 59994: Well im on then off...but while im ON..hey to all,big maude,boo,mavis,brother Rev,CHUCK,ro,mt,mdc,md,hazel,possum,NN,Merri,aih20 and all...breakfast will be country ham,bisquits and red eye gravy,grits,hashbrowns,coffee....SPOT

February 01, 2008 - Msg 59995: You crack me up, too, Hazel. I know you're a chicken and not a dog, but do you play the kazoo?

Well, poor little Erin is STILL throwing up and isn't even keeping water down now. I can't stand the thought of driving her the 40 miles it takes to get her to the dr with her throwing up...wonder if they would phone me in something to the pharmacy? I remember once when Sean was her age he had a stomach virus that lasted 9 days. It is one of my worst memories! He was at the height of his anxiety disorder at that time and he had a phobia about vomiting...you can imagine what those 9 days were like. He spent hours sitting in the bathroom, terrified about the next time he might throw up. Nothing helped so I finally just let him sit there. The doc said there was nothing to do but keep giving him sips of fluid until the virus passed. I remember being pregnant with Erin at the time and feeling terrible...it was just an bad time.

Been up a long time...I think I will try to nap while Erin is sleeping....


February 01, 2008 - Msg 59996: Morning Y'all. Boo,sounds like you're dealing with that same virus that Laci has had this past week. Everyone in the house got it-her mom,dad,then her.It's a bad bug- It lasts for several days-starts with throwing up,then diarrhea,then they gradually get better.They couldn't keep anything down. Poor Laci lost so much weight-you can see her ribs and hipbones! I am concerned over her.As if she wasn't thin enough,this takes such a toll on her. Anybody know of anything we could feed her to put weight on her? She drinks Pediasure and I told my daughter to buy vitamins.

Boo,and anyone else with that virus- The doctor prescribed Phenergan suppositories to stop their vomiting. If using them the regular way doesn't appeal to the sick person,the doctor said you can place the suppository on the inside of the wrist.Cover with a band-aid and it will absorb into bloodstream. That was the only thing that worked.Phenergan will make you VERY dopey,sleepy,etc.,butwhen you're that sick,who cares? Most doctors will phone it in-they did for my daughter.We took Laci to the doctor because she also had an ear infection.

Hope everyone feels better soon. I'd make breakfast,but after all of this talk,I bet no one has much of an appetite!

Y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock

February 01, 2008 - Msg 59997:
Morning Porch

Boo & possum-Hope all gets a bit better for ya today.

M-T Sorry, but I'm much more a fan of the Taft family than I am the Roosevelt clan. I think the glamour of Teddy is pretty much a myth.

I don't recall Romney twisting McCain's immigration views, I think McCain is doing his best to twist his own immigration views.

Spot-Thanks for the Break Fast!

Barney: "Listen, you'll find compelsion nuts all over."


February 01, 2008 - Msg 59998: Whew! Nothing like a brisk bike ride out in the cold, cold, cold... did I say, cold, morning air to really wake you up.
Took my route out in the country. Didn't know if I should have, what with knowing that the farmer's fields would be windier without the corn stalks to block the breeze, but I did it anyway.
I had icicles hanging from my eyelids when I got home, and that's the truth.

Sorry for the sicknesses in your family, Boo and Possum. And thanks for the pharmacutical suggestion, Possum. Hopefully I won't have to use it, but it is good to know.

I'm not too pleased with the choices of candidates who are leading the way.
I like a lot of what Romney says. But the trouble with Romney is that a year ago he said, and did, the opposite of what he is saying now.
McCain, while not being a flip-flopper, just doesn't seem to hold my same values. And since I vote my values, that is important.
The only one worth any salt now, in my mind, is Huckabee. I wish the Republican party and conservatives could all get around him. I actually think he would be the better candidate to go up against Hillary or Obama, because it would give the country a clear choice: morality or immorality. Because sure as shooting, the latter will be what Clinton or Obama - with groups that will have them in their pocket - will be bringing to the table if they get elected. And I think that would be a hard pill to swallow for a lot of folks, and would galvanize conservatives(who don't really care for McCain all that much) to get to the polls.
Just my two cents. For what it is worth.

...About two pennies. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 01, 2008 - Msg 59999:
B00- you may also want to try to have her drink some gatorade to help replace the lost fluids.
I am praying for her!!
AUH20--Yes, here here.McClinton(Cain)was against a fence for YEARS and we Arizonans knew it, now all of a sudden he is for it. We just no longer trust him. He is a polititian with a capital P. He will probably take the state on Tuesday, but watch closely because I dont think it will be by verymuch. We all know his bait and switch tactics here and quite frankly are sick of them.
OK, on to other things..frank petty and the heartbreakers are in town, will be doing the halftime show.
MAVIS- It is like 20 Bristol races around here! haha
Looks like Floyd added more floorboards to the porch. Thanks Floyd!
Prayers continue for all.

February 01, 2008 - Msg 60000: Oh boy it time for the SUPER BOWL


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60001: Good morning everyone. We got some freezing rain overnight last night so all the schools were either closed or late. The temps come up to about 40 now and itís changed to a cold, hard rain. That sounds like the title of a movie or maybe a Bon Jovi song.

BOO: We had labs growing up, and Iíve never known one to act like that. Strange. It might just be one of those things. Everyoneóeven dogsóhave a bad day. Can I have a popsicle, too? Cherry, please.

ROMEENA and MAVIS: Thanks for your dog advice. I think Iíll try the treat and feeding thing. Iíll let you know how it goes.

STERLING: Did you get my e-mail (via ROMEENA)?

AUH2O: I think Iíll have to part ways with you on the Teddy Roosevelt assessment. I think he was one of the most influential presidents of the 20th century. I have read more than a handful of biographies of him, and read probably half a dozen of his own books on various subjects, and find my opinion of him growing all the time. In some ways he was as conservative as they come, in others as liberal. As far as Taft goes, you canít study TR without studying Taft, too. He did some good things for the country (like trust-busting) and stood for the conservative values of his time. But he was borderline protectionists/pacifist and in some ways had little regard for the common folk. Plus, itís pretty obvious he wouldíve rather spent his presidency on the Supreme Court, were he was a respected jurist.

I also have to disagree with your comments yesterday about some conservative pundits wanting whatís best for the country over the Republican party. Surely some do, but for some itís a matter of making ideological hay. This is a quote from Ann Coulter about McCain: ďThe bright side of the Florida debacle is that I no longer fear Hillary Clinton. (I mean in terms of her becoming president -- on a personal level, she's still a little creepy.) I'd rather deal with President Hillary than with President McCain. With Hillary, we'll get the same ruinous liberal policies with none of the responsibility.Ē That sounds like someone who cares more for ďtheir sideĒ than for a positive outcome. I also think conservatism means something very different today than it did in 1787. But Iíve been wrong before ;).

MDC: I hear that McCain is very popular around the state, but not in Pheonix. Is that true?

By the way, itís nice to have a few friends who enjoy some friendly political banter. I mostly have to just keep quiet. Thanks!

Well, enough for now. Iíll stop back later.


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60002: I did get it, Me-They. I'm sorry, I was going to mention it in my above post, but I got so wound up in that political gibble-gabble.
Boy, politics ruins it every time, doesn't it?!
Thanks for the email and the link!
I don't think I need to be reminded of what's important(What it says in the website's header), but it's nice to have a place where people who are going through the same sort of thing can gather, ask questions, and chew the fat(my cooking;)).
I've already gleaned some good advice on that forum.
-Sterling Holobyte

February 01, 2008 - Msg 60003:
M-T I couldn't agree more about others joining in, great. And, I have to tell ya I have never once signed off the Porch angry. I hope you feel the same. As for TR, I guess this falls under the "Different Strokes" category. But, I must say, with him creating the Progressive Party and entrenching the "Country Club" wing of the GOP for 50 years leaves little room for Conservatism.

I also read the Coulter piece and I agree she cares for "her side," Conservatism. She may be many things but a Party Hack isn't one of them. I guess you would have to indicate what differences you mean between 1787 and today, I don't see too many, if any, other than Conservatives in 1787 were called liberals. As for differences, Thomas Jefferson wouldn't believe what today's Liberals have done to his Party, for that matter neither would JFK. Party's are Party's, political philosophy, that's what it's all about for me.

Sterling-I hope you're wrong about Hillary or Obama but sometimes there are strategic losses. It's been said we wouldn't have had Reagan without Carter.

MDC-Boy, would McCain losing Arizona turn things sideways. That'd be fun.

Is everyone back up and running on the Porch?

Barney: "Well, I happen to have this low sugar-blood content, and if I don't get my lunch by noon then I get a headache and I'm no good to anybody."


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60004: You guys are so well-read, you impress me. Thanks for sharing your opinions with those of us who are too wrapped up with sick kids and elderly parents. No excuse, really, but it sounds good right now. As for Ann Coulter, I have loved some of the things she has said and other things have turned me off...not sure how I feel about her. I do have to agree, though, that Hillary gives me the creeps a little. It's hard to forget about what went on when her husband was president. I still shake my head and think about how shameful it was the way every sordid detail of Clinton and Monica L. was shouted from every newspaper and network. Sickening. I honestly, can't figure out why Hillary stuck around and didn't leave him. Not my business, I guess, but as a woman with self-respect and morals, I just don't get it. Was she thinking of her future politial career, I wonder?

Possum, hope Laci is doing well by now. I wouldn't worry too much about her gaining weight after she is well. Nature takes care of those things. Just make sure she is eating good food and along with the pediassure, she should be just fine, in my opinion. The time I mentioned above, when Sean didn't eat for 9 days, he looked like a little skeleton and it hurt to look at him, but it didn't take long for him to get back to normal...and look at him now (160 lbs at age 12!).

Thanks for the prayers for Erin, MDC. I am expecting a call for her doctor to hopefully get some Phenergan for her. She drank a little Gatorade about 15 minutes ago and so far, so good. What's the weather like in Phoenix? Wonder if it's as beautiful as it is here today.

Better go tend to the kiddos.

Sterling, maybe you better wait until it warms up a bit to ride that bike. Hope you bundle up enough to stay well.


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60005: Oh, guess what, I just heard that Fred Price and his gang are supposed to be here in Corpus Christi this weekend to do some picketing at some poor officer's funeral.


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60006: boy tomorrowis

February 01, 2008 - Msg 60007: OH boy groundhog day saturday?
I hope he stay asleep!
We do not six more weeek of this wihder.


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60008: Howdy all - a little chilly here - mid 20's and we got about 4 inches of snow yesterday. Evie was out of school both yesterday and today, but that turned out okay as she woke up with a sore ear and we were able to get into the doc this morning. She has a slight ear infection.

M-T, I bet Veda is as cute as a bug with her teeth like that. Is she talking much? Reagan doesn't talk much (she's too busy climbing on desks and tables...argh!) and probably says about 7 words - the cutest being "bubble" when she wants to take a bath. Hope things get better with the Chad and Mazy situation, too.

Ro - that Starr sounds like the sweetest thing. Prayers continue for your son.

Anybody want to see either Mike Huckabee or Bill Clinton? Both will be in my fair city within the next 24 hours or so... (And I agree with you about Huckabee, Sterling - cuz I'm a value voter too!) I also enjoy hearing your political/historical banter, auh2o and M-T - keep it up.

Prayers for all of you and yours. Have a nice weekend everybody.

February 01, 2008 - Msg 60009: Hey Boo and Tom, didn't mean to rock on your toes!

I agree, Tom, no more winter. I've been ready for spring since the first day of fall.

Prayers for you and your young'uns, Boo.

Speaking of Groundhog's Day - my hubby got married on Groundhog's Day, seventeen years ago. I had to pick a day he wouldn't forget! ; )


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60010: No, AUH2O, I've never left the porch angry. I don't get angry when people disagree with me. I haven't cornered the market on ebing right, that's for sure. Plus I'm downright gleeful when I can have a polite discussion of political differences. Y'all are great!

As far as the Ann Coulter piece, I don't always agree with her (but often do) but I always enjoy reading them. She has a great wit. I also used to enjoy reading Al Franken for the same reason (though I almost never agreed with him). Pundits like Hannity and Rush leave me pretty cold most of the time, but the ones who inject a little wit into it I enjoy. After all, if I've got listen to one person's opinion, it goes down better with a smile.

I will admit that TR's post presidency tarnished his legacy a bit (and was largely based on shafting Taft for personal reasons). However, I also believe that he shook up the Republican party with his running and his impatience with Wilson's foreign policy was justified in spades. (Have you ever read "Fear God, and Take Your Own Part" by TR?) His biggest negative legacy was probably getting Wilson elected, in my opinion.

AFD: I certainly could live quite pleasantly with a President Huckabee. Veda doesn't say much, either, at least not so as you can understand. She loves baths, too! I hope to get a pic to ROMEENA soon. You do the same.

Me and my Mrs. got married on the anniversary of our first date, which is two days after her birthday.

BOO: I read a bumper sticker somewhere that said: "Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife for President." Too funny! You and your lame excuses ;). Really, don't feel bad about not staying up-to-the-minute on the elections, as long as you do your homework and your part when it's necessary. With me, it's more of a hobby.

TOM: Please don't shout, you'll wake up that darned groundhog!


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60011: Happy Anniversary, AFD!


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60012: Boy I wish I could spell, or at least edit...


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60013: I think all the shout that porch is doing may wake groundhog.

February 01, 2008 - Msg 60014:
AFD- re-read your sentence. So who did your hubby marry? haha
Yes sterling and Me-they, it is good to "shoot the breeze' a bit about politics and stay civil about it. Some sites are full of vitriol.
But man, that debate with Hillary and Obama was almost as if it were all planned out. It was just dripping with Aspertame in my opin.
MT- Yes, Phoenix area voters cant stand McCain.
he is not the McCain we first voted in. But i am afraid that at this point that a vote for Huck is a vote for McCain. Huck is out of money and it's not coming in. too bad.
B00- prayers continung for Erin, poor thing She must be totally worn out. Glad you got some gaterade down her!
TOM- I'm going Patriots. Hang in there friend.
Y'all come back now hear?

February 01, 2008 - Msg 60015: MDC why wound you want to patriots for.


February 01, 2008 - Msg 60016: As much as I think the Patriots will win - it sure would be an upset if the Giants could pull it off. I really like the Manning family so I am pulling for Eli to have a great game.

We had snow - ice - rain and the boys had their school closed. Mine opened but hubby made me stay home - said it wasn't fit for man nor beast (nor wife).

Take care all -