February 05, 2008 - Msg 60114: Friends, Could I ask for prayer for a family from our church who are working in Bible translation in Chad. I can't say their name for safety issues, but the family got out to Cameroon, but the father is still in the capital of D'jamema. There are reports of hundreds of civilian deaths and casualities as the rebels stormed the capital. We haven't heard any updates. Pray for this family and for the Christians in this country.

Thanks, Opiemom

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60115: Prayers for that family, Opiemom. God bless and keep them. I also have friends who are covert missionaries in a Muslim country. Very scary.

Hazel, you're so right. TAGS fans as a general rule are interested in the gentler, more wholesome things, it seems. I wonder what causes that?? I agree about "I Love Lucy" - I've always enjoyed it, but the more I watch it the more I enjoy it. It's the same with TAGS - once you've become so familiar with an episode that you could restore the script if it was ever lost, you find yourself focusing less on the story and more on the little nuances - facial expressions, subtle voice inflections, the way an actor moves. For instance, the ESP episode with Warren. The canoe turned over, and as Andy waded out of the lake, and walked along the little dock toward Warren, he seemed to grow visibly larger, looking quite menacing. His body language was perfect. Then you have the looks of amused wonderment on Andy's face as Barney makes some outrageous statement.

Desi Arnaz was a relatively unsung hero on the Lucy show. His facial expressions were often just priceless. And Vivian Vance was perfect as Ethel. One episode during the California trip, Ethel is trying to stall Ricky, and then Lucy falls off the balcony, so Ethel has to get away from Ricky to go help her. She gives him some ridiculous excuse, then turns around and looks at him and gives a really sappy giggle and ducks out the door. Perfect timing, perfect take on the giggle - those people were good!

Well, my whole point, which I hid so very well, is that the familiarity gained by watching episodes over and over, is the key to real in-depth appreciation and enjoyment of these old shows. Long may they live.

And now, I think I'll turn in. It's a bit early for me, but I'm tired. Starr says howdy! --Romeena

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60116: Hard prayers Opiemom...good sweep too...that will be good luck..night Ro..still at work here watching a movie..get off at 6 then off for a week!...SPOT

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60117: GET UP PORCH!..rise and shine...breakfast will be hot flapjacks with maple syurp and strawberrys,fresh tennesee pride sausage,bisquits and gravy,bacon,hashbrowns,grits,fried apple rings coffee,tea,milk,oj,h20...will be at the dog house at 8:00...Asa you and M-T wear shoes...you too Romeena...im NOT in a foot mood this morning...ha ha..prayers to all..apb:Lucy,Rev,CHUCK!possum and all....Miss Sherry says hey...45 min and im off work till next wed night at 10!..storms are moving in ga mid morning yall say a prayer,could get bad..I will be checking in from home...we leave for gatlinburg and sking fri early...Big Maude I think we are coming close to you aint we?...well yall hit the showers and get ready for your day...see you at breakfast....SPOT

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60118: Spot, that big breakfast will lay on your chest!
- Hazel

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60119: I'm up, I'm up, SPOT..stop that shreiking! Just having my morning coffee.

Good to hear from Farrah (Lucy) and Hazel. You are so right about us having so much in common besides just TAGS. I really enjoy reading the James Herriot books, too. Not really an I Love Lucy person, though. Not long ago I watched some DVD eps of Ozzie and Harriet and really thought they were funny. Wonder why we never see them in reruns?

I think I'll turn on the news and see how things turned out for the candidates yesterday...


February 06, 2008 - Msg 60120: Okay when did Farrah become Lucy? I sure did miss that!

Bad storms moved through here in the middle of the night. Little Maddie (our Boston) sure didn't like all that noise. Power is out in some areas.

I love Ozzie and Harriet! My boys do too when we can catch an episode. I love Dragnet (This is the city!).

Take care -




February 06, 2008 - Msg 60122: Hello the Porch! Finally getting through. The libuary was getting a new computer system put in and I was having trouble getting here. Sounds like everyone is having an intresting time of it. My prayers for sure. My life style changes are going well--Since I started to eat right and exerise I have had more energy and can do more around the house. I am also keep a jornal--just to keep track of the things I accomplish during the day--I am learning to celebrate the small things and not feel guilty about what I cannot change for the moment. Let's face it--when You reach my age--the "no pain-No gain" makes no sense.
It is no crime to slow down and listen to your body.

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60123: Ahappynut

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60124: You GO, GIRL!! Proud of you, HappyNut.


February 06, 2008 - Msg 60125: Where is everyone today? I just watched the news about the tornados and I wish the southern porchsters would check in soon.


February 06, 2008 - Msg 60126: HEY REV ARE YOU ALL RIGHT.


February 06, 2008 - Msg 60127: Evening Porchsters! Wanted to stop by & see how ya'll were doing, looks like everyone is pretty busy as usual. Spot you going through Bristol on your way to Gatlinburg? We are about an hour & a half from there. Have a good time, as much as you work, you deserve it friend. Be careful on your trip too, you got your penny that was mashed by a train & a sackful of sammiches?
I'm not going to rock too long, my spine is killing me today, started yesterday & let me tell you...it HURTS! I normally have a pretty high pain tolerance, but this is just about to get me down, or make me crazy or both. Got a call in to the Doctor to see if he can call me something else in besides what he gave me, it's not touching the pain. Kinda hard to groom dogs or much of anything else when it hurts to move.
Enough of my whining for now, maybe is someone would pass me the squeezins, I wouldn't CARE if I was hurting. ;)

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60128: Hey Tom did you get any of those storms? We had a doozy here this morning & our crock-a-poo (fooled the censor) was having a cow. I keep Bach's Rescue Remedy on hand for things like that. It's an all natural remedy made from flower essences. You might look into that for Maddie, homemaker it works wonders.

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60129: SO FARE ALL WE GIT WAS RAIN AND SOME WIND.
But I M keeping a eye on the creek across the rdad for now.

February 06, 2008 - Msg 60130: Prayers for all those in storms' way! Ky college daughter said the sirens went off in the night and scared the girls in the dorm. Thankfully all are safe.
I Love Lucy! (my cousin and I were nicknamed Ethel and Lucy! Guess which one I was) ~New Neighbor

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60131:
Hello porch family....Prayers for all the storm victims. That was a terrible storm.

Tom....yep I'm doing fine. Just been real busy. Thanks for asking buddy.

Ahappynut....keep up that "lifestyle". Proud for you!

Mavis....prayers that you get feeling better.

Spot....have a good time brother on your trip. You going sking at Ober Gatlinburg? It's been a few years since I've been at that ski lodge.

Getting late so I'm heading to bed. You all have a blessed night and sleep good. And when you open your eyes in the morning, be sure to ask God to give you the opportunity to share Jesus with someone during the day.
Prayers for all the porch family!

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60132: Morning porch, just checking in for a minute.

Been busy this week at work. Business is starting to pick up again for now. I like the bring busy but I am very tired when I go home.

My end of the porch (Northeast TN) was spared the really bad storms thank goodness. We had a lot of rain and wind and some storms yesterday but no tornados. It is still cloudy and windy this morning and cooler temps.

Breakfast will be: scambled eggs, toast with apple butter/jelly, bacon, sausages. coffee, choclolate milk to drink.

Prayers for everyone on the porch today.

Big Maude

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60133: Breakfast sounds good - think I'll take a second glass of choco milk to go!


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60134: Just an update on our friend's in Chad. The wife and children are in Cameroon. We believe the dad is at the French base in D'jamena. NOt sure we haven't heard from him. Their apt. was 3 blocks from the Presidential palace so in all likelihood all the computers etc in it are destroyed. We are praying for his safety and that he was able to save some of his translation work.


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60135:
Prayers for all of those in the storms wake thru the south. Very tragic to see the destruction and loss of lives. Prayers also for the situation in Chad. May those missionaries and all be safe. Lord be with us
Yes, I agree Hazel. If nothing is on my free channels, I'll pop in a dvd or justread. I like a lot of the 60s and 70s shows. WKRP is another good one, Barney Miller too.
Dearest Father God, as we begin these 40 days toward Easter, let us remember that the most important thing in it all is repentance. Thank you Jesus for fasting 40 days to prepare for your ministry here on earth!
God bless,

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60136:
Morning Porch

Big Maude-Glad you made it through ok. My goodness, I can't imagine something like that.

Opiemom-Prayers still for your friends. Hope all is well.

M-T What did ya think of Super Tuesday? It looks like it's McClinton for the GOP. And, Hillary floating herself a 5 million dollar loan? She must be part of that other America that Edward's hates. Hey, maybe Hillary and Edwards are neighbors there? I wonder what color the sky is in that America.

Rev-That's quite a challenge. I do try and I'll make a point of trying today.



February 07, 2008 - Msg 60137: Good afternoon everyone. It's sunny but cold again here. Prayers for OPIEMOM's friends and victims of the storms.

AUH2O: I was pretty happy with the Super Tuesday outcomes. I understand why hard-core conservatives like Huckabee, but I can't really figure why they are so dead-set against McCain. He lines up with the social (i.e. Christian) issues (pro-life, etc.) and is advocating fiscal accountability and restraint, too.

I understand the big sticking point is immigration. But he, Romney, and Huckabee all agree that the border needs to be more secure to prevent swarms on our border. The point that stings, I guess, is that McCain is pragmatic about the illegals already here. I hate to admit it, but he is correct: you can't deport 15 million people. It's just not possible. So you have to be pragmatic about it--even if it isn't fair and leaves a bad taste--and do something to get the people into the system. I don't like it, but Romney and Huckabee have offered no real solution to what to do with these people. Something must be done, and if you can't send them home, then what?

And the other point of contention, McCain-Feingold, only irritates politicians, pundits, and those (like me) who follow such things. Frankly, though, even if it is less than successful, the intention to limit the truckloads of cash that corporations and lobby organizations dump into the election accounts of politicians is a good thing. Funny, people like Sean Hannity get all red about McCain-Feingold saying it limits freedom of expression, but then have no problem supporting the limiting of freedom of expression in other ways (flag burning, anyone?).

I figured it would end up close on the Democratic side. I have flipped, though, and now say if one of them has to win, I hope it's Obama. I don't think I can take any more Clintons. Gee whiz, I hope Chelsea doesn't have any political aspirations. If I were Obama, I'd lock my doors at night, though.

I agree with Ann Coulter about Edwards: he acts like a little girl ;).

I wouldn't be upset if Huckabee ends up the nominee, though. He's my close second choice. Romeny is seeming more and more like W all the time. Anyway, I'm all smiles for now :).


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60138: good morning porchsters. just a quick hello, i'm plum tuckered out after being an election judge for 19 hours tues and working this week. sure hope someone cooks tonight, i hate the diner special on thrusday nights don't you? hang in there and my prayers are with each of you. pappa bear

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60139: HI ALL.


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60140:
Me they- to answer your question from the other day-- I gave up political talk for Lent! ha So now you have to wait until March 24 to hear why this Arizonan is so upset with McCain aka McClinton teehee
TOM- hey bro, I am finally over the loss, but my wallet is still out 5 bucks! ha
Maybe Bert and I will set up a stand across from Weaver's to make up my losses! (:
HI PAPPABear- That special will just lay on your chest anyway. So was they election let off for good behavior in the mayor's court?? haha
AUh20-good to see ya
Prayers continue for all!!

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60141: MDC I WAS JUST GUESSING ON THE GIANT TO WIN.


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60142: Hey Me-They, I am still liking Huckabee best, but I don't feel badly about McCain, either, and I certanily see your point about the illegals. I can't help but have compassion for those families who just want a better life.

Making chicken soup for dear 'ol Bruce. He is home sick with an awful cold.

The weather here is divine today! Cool and sunny. Wish you from the North were here to enjoy it, too.


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60143:
M-T I don't think of Huckabee as a hard-core Conservative. McCain pragmatic? No one is saying send 15 million back, what the Conservatives are saying is build the fence first, enforce the borders, and find out who's here. We tried amnesty back in the 80's, and then never enforced the borders, it doesn't work. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is crazy. Romney has a very good border policy. And, McCain-Feingold is a disgrace to our Constitution, talk about limiting free speech, it doesn't get worse than that piece of dreck. I don't know much about Hannity. I know who he is but I don't watch him and don't listen to him. Nothing against him but I don't watch too many news "shows." I do try and catch Tucker Carlson from time to time.

...gotta run.


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60144: Hey Y'all! Thanks for checking in,Big Maude. I was wondering how you made out.Glad you didn't get slammed by those tornadoes.Now,if ky girl will check in and let us know if she's ok.Sure hope so. Prayers for the folks who lost loved ones and for all impacted by the storms.

Hi Pappa Bear!

Well,I took something for allergies and my head is all fuzzy (fuzzy possum-sounds like some kind of drink they'd serve over at the Gigolo Club!) so I think I'll go rest a bit.

Boo,are y'all over the stomach virus? Hope Bruce shakes that cold off ASAP.

Y'all take care! Prayers for Miss LaRue,Ro's son,and Opiemom's pals in Chad.
possum under a rock

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60145: Good afternoon, all. Word on my son is that his liver and kidney labs are "trending" toward improvement, but he will nevertheless undergo dialysis tomorrow. Not sure how long that will continue, but it's not expected to be permanent. They just want to relieve his body of some of the toxin load it's carrying right now.

On the immigration issue, I think I sent many of you that email where the guy uses a jar of gumballs to illustrate the situation. It shows very clearly where the problem lies, and also clearly suggests what must be done. If the population in the disadvantaged countries doesn't come under some sort of control, there is no way on this green earth that we will have anything but continuing trouble. We simply cannot absorb the excess population of the whole world, and that's what we're trying to do by admitting so many immigrants, legally or otherwise. I know, I know, there are those who will accuse us of passive genocide if we try to promote birth control in those countries, but it's the only answer. As long as some subsistence dirt farmer in Mexico is trying to feed ten kids on a farm that won't support five people, you can bet that farmer and his family are going to be trying to get into the U.S.

On the flip side, if we're going to let the illegals stay, and even defend and "understand" their reason for coming, then why do we make it so hard for them? Why make them give some coyote a couple of thousand dollars to haul them here in a sweltering truck, or swim the river and risk being shot? Why don't we just send a fleet of buses down there, drive through the barrios and broken-down farms and announce "Come one, come all - get on for a free trip to America!" Then they could use that $2k to live on for a few weeks after they get here, so maybe they won't resort to robbery and burglary.

If you didn't get the email, and would like to, let me know and I'll send it to you. It's pretty much an eye-opener, one of the best illustrations of the problem that I've seen.

Well, time for Starr's nap, and she's standing here looking at me, as if to say "Mom, will you please get in our chair so I can have my nap?" Yes, she's spoiled, no doubt about it.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60146: Good afternoon. It's been one of those days. Can't wait to get home.

MDC: Drat! By that time, it'll all be over but the shouting (for the primaries, anyway).

AUH20: I guess we'll have to just disagree about McCain-Feingold, but I certainly understand why you feel that way and respect your opinion. Truth is, you seem like one smart cookie and what you have to say usually makes me have to think about what and why I believe what I do. That's a great thing. And I usually do that thinking under a bucket.

ROMEENA: I completely agree that we absolutely must secure our borders--there's no argument there. But as far as the ones who are here, unless they're criminals, I'm afraid that we just have to grin and swallow that most are here to stay. They might as well start paying for the services they enjoy. I also agree that the futures of stemming this immigration tide (after the "fence") is to help Mexico's economy grow. A higher standard of living there will do more than anything to stem the tide. And if people resent welfare to Mexico, well, they can consider it an imaginary fence of dollars.

Part of the problem for me is seeing and accepting that our nation's complexion is changing. In all likelihood, in 20 years our country will look a whole lot more hispanic, and that's something many people can't grasp. This must a little of what the English felt as "their" country gradually became more German and Scotts-Irish. But I do love Mexiocan food.

BOO: Prayers for the hubby. Hope you're doing okay, too. Washer still broke?

Doesn't AFD live in Arkansas? I wonder if she's doing okay? APB...

Have a great evening, folks!


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60147: Concerning McCain-Feingold, I read this quote by Bradley Smith (FEC chairman): "We're heading into a new era. You get less protection talking about your congressman than for Internet porn sites or burning a cross outside a church...". Hmm, scary.

I didn't get that gumball email, Ro. Would you please send it to me? As far as birth control for those in foreign countries, I think that just being taught about natural family planning would work wonders...or maybe not, especially in countries where women don't have the same rights as men. Prayers continue for your son.

Thanks for the prayers for Bruce, Me-They. He seems to be on the mend...and the washer is still working! Need shorts?


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60148:
Me-They You are too kind. I love discussing history/politics with you also. The one thing I do hate about our little discussions is how my posts look after I return to the Porch. I don't ever intend for them to look as shrill as they do, really. And, I'm not totally against McCain, unless something I don't see happening happens, I'm gonna vote for him. After all I have 25 dollars invested in him.

I have nothing against Mexico or Mexicans, they just need to get in line. I really don't buy the story that their are "jobs only Mexicans will do." How degrading is that? The marketplace should set the wage. If you pay a good wage there will be Americans willing to work. If businesses can't stay in business and obey the law they shouldn't be in business. When you get a chance sometime, if you haven't already, you should google want happens to people that illegally cross into Mexico. Those folks get the bums rush and a beating.

Romeena-I'd also love to get that e-mail. Do you still have my e-mail address?


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60149:
That's...they're not their.


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60150:
OK Me-they, I'll break my fast on the second day! And i'll use "relavent" terms. But this is it! ha Here's the deal in a nutshell.
The media loves McCain right now, but as soon as he gets the nomination they will absolutely "crucify" him!! I KNOW it will happen. They will first start with the Keating deal and bring all of that up ad infinitum, then it will be the Feingold bill, then it will be "hey, you are not tough on immigration", then it will be about his age, then his temper, then, yes, his service, did he conspire etc., then about staying in iraq, etc, and he will be dragged thru this kangaroo court for months until the average voter will say, "jeesh, this guy is a joke!" Let's vote for Hillbama!
Mark my words, the media will pounce on him like a cat on a mouse. We need someone who can withstand all that and i honestly dont think he will be able to do it.
OK, that's it. Also, I propose this for the porch from now until November: Let's keep it all on friendly bantering terms so we dont end up like Miss crump's and if we do political talk we must end with a tags quote!! Everyone agree? (:
Goober: Speed, speed, speed! Keep your shirt on gilly. The way you treat this car, you're lucky it runs at all

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60151: Howdy, all. Boo, the gumball email is on the way to you. auh2o, I thought I still had your address, but evidently I don't. If you don't care to post it here, I understand. You can send it to me by email if you wish, and I'll pick it up from there. Do you have my address? --Romeena

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60152: Hey All!
Boo- I'm not a I love Lucy fan either. I prefer TAGS (a given), Beaver, and Mr Ed. I do not like a majority of the shows on TVLand. I was on their website today and I wasn't too thrilled with their selection. What a sad world we live in when a talking horse is passe.
Homemaker- It's just my lack of a brain. Lucy is my TAGS name and Farrah is my given name. I sign on all emails with ~ and I forgot a few times to use my Lucy Matthews name. Sorry for the confusion.
Opiemom- Thank you for sharing with us about your missionary friends. That's scary. Prayers for them.
Ahappynut- Yay! Congrats on your success. I'm starting Jordan Rubin's Perfect Weight America plan because my husband is starting to sell their products and he wants to see if it works, or so he says;) Keep us up to date with your progress!
Mavis- I'm sorry to hear about your back. That's tough! Get some of the Colnel's tonic and you'll feel better in no time!
New Neighbor-Which college does your daughter go to in Ky. I'm from outside of Louisville and I'm just curious. Mom said the sirens kept them up til 1am.
Rev- I was just talking to my boys hairdresser today about Ober Gatlinburg. I dislocated my kneecap there about 15 years ago. Met a cute ski lift operator and at 15 that's all that mattered! I saw ice and slowed down instead of keep going at regular speed and my ski slipped and hit my knee. Lots of physical therapy later and it still bothers me!
Big Maude-Glad y'all are a-ok!
MDC- I appreciate your prayer for the time up to Easter.
Me-They- all smiles about politics, are you feeling alright? haha
Papabear- Is being an election judge paid or volunteer? It's so nice that you checked in!
Possum- Have you been hanging out with Otis again?
Romeena- Well, the news sounds a wee bit more positive about your son. Is he still in the hospital?
I'll say it for once and for all. I voted for Huckabee on Tuesday. I have never voted for a republican, and am a registered democrat. However, I am not a fan of Obama or Hillary. For once my husband and my votes didn't cancel eachother out!
Compared to most of y'all my prayer request is going to sound silly, but can y'all pray for Bryson. He has failed 2/3 spelling tests since coming back for Christmas. He has one tomorrow and he's really struggling. Thank you.
Blessings to you and yours,
"Blessings and cursings should not come out of the same mouth" -James 3:9 (I think)

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60153: Yes, Lucy, my son is still in the hospital, will probably be there for a while, if he's to be on dialysis. However, that can be done on an outpatient basis, so we'll see. Fortunately, they have excellent ins#rance, so he should lack for nothing.

Auh2o, I think I need to get my lens implants checked. I do have your address, and will forward the gumball video right away. Sorry about that.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

Hey, everyone, there are new pictures of Me-They and his family in the album. Check them out - great pictures. That little one is adorable!

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60154: Great pictures, Me-They! Thanks for sharing them. I can't believe Veda is that big already. What a cutie. You really have a sweet family.

Thanks for the email, Ro. I found it disturbing, to say the least. I also saw a report on CNN that said that each year the US spends 12 billion dollars to school immigrant children and17 billion to birth them. Also, all federal prisons are 30% immigrant, costing the taxpayers 3 million a day! They estimated that from 3000-8000 illegals come into the country every day...that's like the entire population of a small town EVERY day. We are in deep do-do.

Hey Lucy, good to get a nice long post from you again.


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60155: By the way, Me-They. I'm glad you sent us a picture of you that we can really see...it's nice to be able to put face with those shorts..hehe


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60156: Prayers for Brysons spelling test! Tell hm wee al strugel weth speling.
I agree with you, MDC. All friendly political bantering should end with a TAGS quote.
I hope that the election comes down to Obama vs Romney. Because, although I know which one I would vote for, I could live with the other choice if it went that way.
- Hazel

Barney: "That's amazing! That's the very idea I had!"

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60157: Hey Gang!,,Yea brother Rev we are gona try our hand at sking..been a while for me also..hey papa bear!,auh20,possum,ro,bo,mav,lucy,opiemom,Tom,hazel...well we are pullimg out at 6am est in the morning!..got the truck packed will pick up miss sherry at her house..got my big outdoor fryer in the truck for boiled p-nuts on the deck of the cabin!..Big Maude you and M-T feed this bunch ok?..I will not have internet on the mt. but I will be thinking about you all the whole trip!...gona miss the porch for a week!..gosh!..will try to maybe use the rental office comp to check in...well let me get finished packing ...prayers for us a safe trip ok?...miss sherry says hey...gona have a big crab and shrimp and corn and tater boil sat night ...just look for the smoke on ski mt and yall come!..maude catch b-fast ok...SPOT

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60158: Ro, I emailed you some pictures for the photo album, but I didn't really know what I was doing and had to mail them one at a time. Hope I didn't hold up you computer or anything. Let me know if it caused a problem.


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60159: No problem at all, Boo. Some were lying on their side, but I rotated them. Also, they were enormous, but downsizing is easy, so it's done and they're in the album. I can't believe how the kids have grown. As for Erin in that big hat, well, what is there to say! Lawsy, girl, you do have your hands full. --Romeena

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60160: By the way, folks - just FYI. If you have sent me pictures for the album, whether digital or prints, be aware that I still have them on the computer. They are in the album, of course, but I also have them here where I can access them easily if you ever need a replacement. I'm thinking especially of those of you who sent prints. I scanned them, they're stored on my computer, and I can easily email them to you or print a copy and snail mail it to you. Just in case you'd ever need to replace one, I thought I'd let you know that you have that option. --Romeena

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60161: Ro, your education was worth every penny.
- Hazel

February 07, 2008 - Msg 60162: No kidding! Thanks, Ro...I sent a couple of more (sorry).


February 07, 2008 - Msg 60163: Hey Ro and Boo!..and of corse hazel!..well bed time for me...off of the porch till next wed night..maude you and m-t take care or the cooking...you help to hazel...gosh gona be a fun ski trip but gona miss yall!...night ...SPOT

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60164: Howdy ya'll. Doing fine here. M-T, I live close to an hour north of Arkansas, so we missed those terrible storms. Prayers go out for all the losses that occurred during the inclement weather.

Well, ya'll got me in the mood to send some pics of my girls to Ro (Thanks so much, Ro - hopefully all 3 pics make it through okay). Boy, all these young'uns are growing up. Boo and M-T, you and yours are a fine looking bunch. Wish my Reagan was blessed with as nice a head of hair as Miss Veda has.

Well, any comments on Mitt's departure and the endorsement of Huckabee by James Dobson?? (I agree about TAGS quotes ending political talk here on the porch as well, MDC)

Prayers for all the needs among us - protection, peace, health, wisdom & recollection of spelling words, safe travels, and no skiing accidents (right, spot!).

Good to see Opiemom, Rev, and Lucy around, too.
Have a good night all!
"A wink's as good as a nod to a blind mule." ; )

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60165: Hey there, AFD. Good to hear from ya. I don't know anything about Dobson's endorsement of Huckabee.

I woke up at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep, darn it, so I decided to look at the photo website and saw some porch pictures I had not seen. The picture of REV's grand-puppy, for one..how cute! Also saw the new pics of SPOT's new boat, wow, nice. Wish more of you would send some pics to Romeena.

Where is Merri Weather, I wonder? I keep thinking about how she and her family had the tornado scare a few weeks ago and am hoping they didn't get hit with the storms that came through this week. Check in, MW.


Barney: "If only someone would just kill somebody".
Andy: "Barney!"
Barney: "Well, it wouldn't have to be anybody we know...if two strangers was to come to town, and if one of them was going to kill the other one anyway...."

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60166: Just one more quote for your entertainment...one of my personal favorites:

Barney: "I've got this one dead to rights. Otis was drunk. I gave him the test. I drew a line on the sidewalk and told him to walk it. Know what he said?"
Andy: "What?"
Barney: "He asked me, 'What line?'" I got this one right, Andy. Otis was drunk!"
Andy: "That right, Otis? Did you ask Deputy Fife what line?"
Otis: "Yeah, but I didn't have my specs on and drunk or sober, I can't see much without my specs."
Andy: "Otis, three hours ago when Deputy Fife arrested you, were you drunk?"
Otis: "I don't know; I wasn't wearin' my glasses."


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60167: I hadn't listened to the news yesterday, and just this morning learned about Mitts departure. I for one am dissapointed. Although I wasn't planning on voting for him.
- Hazel

Otis: "I just don't trust my own judgment when I'm sober."

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60168: Who's Mitts? I don't even know who you are talking about (how sad is that?)...


Barney after he writes himself a traffic ticket: "A boob, that's what I am, a boob!"

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60169: Boo - let me rephrase - Dobson's endorsement of Huckabee is expected at any time. I don't think it's been officially announced.

"I got a hobby...drinkin'." ; )

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60170: Mitt Romney - former governor of Massachusetts, was in the Republican race for pres, Boo.

"You beat everything, you know that!" : )

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60171: Hey, I have an idea..let's do a quote guess-a-thon. Guess who said it. I'll start you out with an easy one: Who said, "OOO-tis Campbell...where'd..you....get....the..liquor...?"


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60172: Oops, forgot Romney's first name. Is he officially out of the race?


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60173: Yes - he is out of the race. I am really sad about that too. I will almost vote for Hillary rather than McCain. It is a tough call.


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60174:
Morning Porch

It's 25 degrees and a nice gentle snow falling here this morning. This is the easiest winter I can remember on this end of the Porch. We've only had about 95 inches of snow so far, last year we had about 250 inches. I believe we've been averaging about 240 inches of snow each winter. It's kinda strange.

Romeena-Since I live out here on the edge of the planet with dial-up Internet access, I'll have to play the youtube link later. Thanks again.

Boo-I love that quote also, very funny. Another Otis one I like, and I can't recall the exact quote, is when he discovers he can only to his "art work" when he's a "little bit gassed." Was your quote from Andy?

For these who enjoy history a bit, I found this neat link. It has all of Ernie Pyle's columns during World War II. I don't mean to insult anyone but for those who do not know of Ernie Pyle he was a war correspondent and was killed in action. Anyway, here's the address http://journalism.indiana.edu/resources/erniepyle/

I miss Mitt already, classy guy! We'll see more of him.


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60175: Good morning everyone. It's clear and cold here today, but not too cold. In fact, it's quite nice and brisk.

ROMEENA: Thanks for adding the pics to the album, and thanks everyone for the nice comments. AS you can see, my once quite nice head of hair is bailing out on me.

AUH2O: Thanks, but no need to explain. Your comments never sounds shrill to me. I, and maybe other people, usually read these posts as if someone was speaking to me. There are two ways to visualize it. One way, is that a friend is saying them; the other is that a stranger is. Well, I have conversed with you enough that I hear the words coming from a friend, as a friend would speak them. So shrill is not the word I would use to describe them. Maybe misguided or meatheaded, but certainly not shrill ;) (just kidding).

Also, did you see that they released a death photo of Ernie Pyle recently? It had been keep from the public out of respect for his widow. It is not gruesome, at all, but it very sad.

BOO: INCOMING! Interesting that you speak of putting faces with posts...I don't see a photo of you in the album...

MDC: Thanks for weighing in. I've given up giving things up for Lent for Lent. Actually, instead of giving something up, I'm trying to pray and read the Bible more this Lent.

AFD: Glad you are okay. Can't wait to see your pics.

HM: You would rather vote for someone who you probably disagree with 100% rather than one you disagree with 50%? Me, I'm still leaning towards Ellie.

Hey to LUCY, HAZEL, TOM, and the rest of you good people.

Now I have to get back to McCain Campaign Head...I mean work now...

"I"ve got a fine head of hair under this wig!"

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60176: BOO: Regarding McCain-Feingold, read the brief entry in Wkipedia about it. It's a pretty concise and accurate description. I'm interested to hear what you think of it.


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60177: Yessiree Bob, I mean M-T. . .I trust McCain less than I trust Hillary and I don't trust Obama at all. I think that I will have to campaign for my guys to take the House and let them fight it out with Hillary. Some people say that I am a tad contrary - but you wouldn't say that - would you?

Need to go out and act like somebody!

toot-toot-tootsie goodbye!!


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60178: Oh my--so many things and people to pray for! I am so terriable at names and things-this whole presedental race has got me in a whirl-- I can't help thinking that it reminds me of one of my favorite songs by the Four Tops(well this ages me)
The same old song--or as the Who used to sing-meet the old boss-same as the new boss.
Well--some good news--I saw my Doc yesterday--I have lost 15lbs and my blood sugar level is down 100 Points!!!
Weeeellllll dogies! as cousin Jed would say.
I am doing Ti Chi-and it works. the instructor on the DVD is a gem. He talks in a nice calm voice and takes you step by step through the routine--explaining clearly on the way.
Sure beats the ones with the skinny little things in tights screeching at you.
I would recomend it to anyone-especially older folks and those-who like me --have been without regular exersise for a long while. The movements are slow and gentle and you don't end up achy. Ti chi is also low impact. It only takes 20-30 min and can be combined with any other exersise you choose to take-though it is just as good alone. You will also see a differnce in your flexability and strenth.

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60179: Great news, AHAPPYNUT! I'm not fond of Ti chi, I like coffee. Oh, I thought you said chi tea.

HM: You, contrary? Nawwwwwww. Hey, I respect your opinion more than most people I know. You people on teh porch make a whole lotta sense. Except when you start talking about Vicks.

Continued prayers for ROMEENA's son and all who needs them today.

Please keep my oldest in your paryers. Long story short, he knee has been popping out and we found out she has several problems with her knee bone and interior muscle than connects (can't remember the name). The specialist wants her to do physical therapy two times a week for three months to try and strengthen the muscle. He thinks that it may help to get her through her teenage years. If not, he may recommend surgery on both knees. He said they typically wait until kids are done growing, but in her case it's so bad that it could mean real, and perhaps lifelong, knee and leg problems if we wait. Surgery would mean casts on both legs for a month, six weeks recoup, and three months of restricted activity.


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60180: HM: I forgot to mention that if Hillary wins I'm afraid we will have more political battles and gridlock than meaningful governing for the next four years. That bothers me when I think of the many important things that must get done to keep this country great.


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60181: Amen, M-T. Hillary is saying that we need an administration that can step right in and bring about the needed changes, but I don't see it being that easy. I read the Wiki. piece in McCain-Feingold and, it sounds ok (although very brief) on the surface, but I still think it limits freedoms. If I want to contribute to a campaign, that's my business if I want to do it without anyone knowing about it. What I read recently about Mc/F, was more indepth and talked more about freedom of speech...don't know, need to research it more, I guess. To tell you the truth, M-T, I am very, very concerned with losing my freedoms, especially as a parent.

About the photos, I was trying to give Ro a break before I sent some more. I was looking through my pics and found only 3 of me and they were all horrid. You're a good-looking guy but I don't like showing my middle-aged, fat-self! I will send one, though.

Congratualtions, HappyNut! Keep up the good work...

Prayers for Nora's legs.


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60182: I worry about that too, BOO. I've said before that McCain-Feingold is certainly imperfect but at least a try to curtail corporations and lobby organizations from "buying" politicians. I'd be willing to look at any other attempt to try and combat the problem, but no one else in power seems to want to tie up the cash cow. I don't believe the law hurts regular people like you and me much (if at all). The main targets are the wealthy, businesses, and pacs.

Unlike many people I don't support the whole Patriot Act (I do support some its measures, though) for the very reasons you state (losing my freedoms). Many/most people feel okay with giving up freedoms for safety, though. I don't like to think it's the guys/gals with the closest ties to corporate America or labor unions that stand between me and my best interest. But enough of that!

Thanks for the prayers.

Middle aged?!? Aw, you're only four years older than me. And, like Jack Eggbert, I ain't no prize.


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60183:
afd- I thought it would help keep the mood lighter with a tags quote following politics!! haha thanks. Tho i aint gonna be keeping score!
And i'm back on the fast so we'll see if my prdictions happen since yesterday's announcement.
YA all have a great weekend!
"Wouldn't you know his name would be DON."

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60184: Well, you look alot younger than me, "Jack Eggbert". I sent a picture of me to Ro. It's not exactly a close-up but I didn't have many choices (I am always the one taking the pictures). In the picture, we are in Lincoln, Mew Mexico, in the old jail that Billie The Kid shot his way out of. In the picture, I am the one with the blonde hair, not the dummy holding the gun...hehe.

Guess I'll do some reading up on the patriot act so I can comment!


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60185:
Prayers for SPOT and Miss Sherry! mdc

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60186: "Mew" Mexico...hmmm, must be he cat capital or something.

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60187: While we're talking, how dfo you all feel about the relief checks that it looks like will be sent out in May? On one hand, getting a big, fat check for $2,100 appeals to me a great deal. On the other, since we are already swimming in national debt, it means our government won't actually be giving us back our own money (which is already spent) but instead borrowing it mostly from the Chinese. I don't like that. But, since I'm not one to be rude and send money back, I guess good manners require I take my check. Seriously though, it worries me that the Prez and Nancy's Gang in Congress are so quick to get us even farther into hock with China, which already owns most of our national debt. That's scary.

Anyway, except when absolutely necessary to prevent bursting, I'm gonna cut back on the political talk next week. I know I've been running on too much lately. Sorry!

Y'all have a great weekend!

"How did this great big foot--all of it--fit in my mouth?"

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60188: Hey, Boo...

"Blonde--right from the bottle!" Hehehe


February 08, 2008 - Msg 60189: Good afternoon, all. Boo, the rest of your pictures are now in the album. Don't forget, folks, Boo has a sub-album, having submitted enough pics from her family to warrant one. If anyone else has enough, please don't hesitate to call it to my attention. I may not have noticed. Generally, I think I've been making a sub-album when someone reaches ten or more pictures.

AFD, the ones you sent are now in the album as well. Those little girls are just precious! Come on, everyone, we need updates! The porch kids are growing up so fast.

Well, Starr made it to the bank and back with me this afternoon, without getting carsick. She was starting to yawn a lot before we got home, and was trembling some, but she made it. Poor little thing, I hate that she gets carsick. She has thrown up in the car about five times now. No damage, I have sense enough to carry an old towel in there and when the yawning starts I spread it out and put her on it. Besides, the seats are leather and it would wipe right up, but a towel is easier, just toss it in the washer. Bless her little heart, I sure hope she outgrows that.

Well, guess I'll go do a few chores. I really should do a partial water change on the pond, but it's so windy out there, I think I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings. I need to pump out a couple of hundred gallons and run in some fresh water. I'll need to do that about three times over the next couple of weeks, to clean the water up a little. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 08, 2008 - Msg 60190:
OOooop! Sorry. --Romeena

February 09, 2008 - Msg 60191: hello.

February 09, 2008 - Msg 60192: Where is everyone tonight.
Every hared time gitting on the porch/


February 09, 2008 - Msg 60193:
Test..test...test...Just checking to see if I can post. I tried last night and couldn't.

February 09, 2008 - Msg 60194:
Hello porch family...that was my test above.
Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Spot and Miss Sherry are probably on the slopes by now. Have fun!

Ro...We took little Jake to get groomed. He didn't like the hair trim at all. He's just a baby when it comes to that. He looks so much better though.

M-T....in your above post you mentioned about losing hair.....don't feel bad man...mine is turning gray AND turning loose. But you know what they say.....If your head ain't perfect God covers it with hair, but when He sees a good looking head He lets it shine! hehe
You sure have a nice looking family.

Boo...those kids are growing up so fast. I know you're proud of them. And it's good to put a face on our Boo. Thanks for posting it.
By the way...that dummy looks scared to death. Billy the Kid must have shook his nerves up.LOL

Well I'm heading to bed. Got an early day tomorrow. You folks have a great night. Prayers for all the porch family. Jesus loves you!