February 10, 2008 - Msg 60195: Hooray! The porch is back. I thought I had broken it by being so bold, but I emailed Floyd and he assured me it wasn't me, that the server was having another problem. Sure scared me, though, because I kept getting that page that said there was an internal server error, and to contact the webmaster and tell him what you did! Sure sounded like I had done it, but he said I didn't. Whew!

Brrr! It's 45 degrees here this morning. I know that's not very cold to some of you, but we have been in the 70's lately, so it feels pretty chilly to me. It's good, though - I've got a pretty sweater I haven't been able to wear, so will wear it to preachin' this morning. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60196: I guess this cool weather energized me - so I swept. Little Jake's trimmed-off hair was lying around, and I was afraid Starr would get in it and track it everywhere, so I swept it up. I'll bet he does look cute with that new trim, REV. The Plum pretty much hated going to the groomer, though I finally did find one that she didn't seem to mind too much. Of course, I mostly groomed her myself - she didn't see a groomer but about a dozen times in her little life. So far, I'm doing all of the grooming on Starr. She's so tiny, it's not hard to keep up with her. I just keep her comb beside our chair, and when she's in my lap I groom a leg, or her chest or whatever, and just do a part or two every day, and she stays in pretty good shape. Sweet little old thing. --Romeena

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60197: Oh, no offense to Mavis with those groomer comments. Some breeds absolutely require a professional groomer, especially poodles and schnauzers and other breeds that require clipping. Maltese hair really isn't intended to be cut, unless you want them in a puppy cut, and I prefer not to do that. They just need frequent combing to get the tangles out, and a run-through with a slicker brush every couple of days to remove loose hair. They don't have a downy undercoat, so don't mat very much. They have true hair - it's like combing the hair on a very reluctant six-year-old girl. They fuss and argue, but they get used to it eventually. Once in a while I would take the Plum in so they could scissor her lightly, just to shape her up and even out areas where the hair grew a little longer than the rest of her. Mostly, I just kept her cleaned and combed out, and she was gorgeous. Starr is getting very pretty, but she's too small to ever have the "presence" that the Plum had. I love her, though. --Romeena

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60198: Oh good, ya'll are back! Thought the porch collapsed or something.

Ro, I meant to tell you that I couldn't beleive how cute that Bentley is! He is really something....and so is STARR, of course.

Good to hear from you, REV. Yep, the kids are growing fast! (as far as those pictures go, I had better not hear anyone say, I look.."Nice...real nice..."!) We signed Erin up for T-ball yesterday for the first time and she is really excited. I'm not looking forward to the practices but I think the games will be fun. Sean was never interested in sports so this is a first for me.

Better get off to church...Ro, you wearin' earrings?...maybe I'll wear just one, like Andy suggested to Aunt Bee.


February 10, 2008 - Msg 60199: Oh, forgot something...wanted to pass this on to you campers...last night we made a fire on the homestead and the kids roasted marshmallows, well I wanted to make smores but didn't want the mess so I picked up some of those chocolate-covered graham cracker cookies and the kids smooshed their marshmallows between them. They were really good and easy. Just FYI...


February 10, 2008 - Msg 60200: Hi All.
It a cold start to the day and it snowing.
Boo that is a good real good pict hehe :)
M-T your nice looking to.


February 10, 2008 - Msg 60201: Will it look like no one here.
Maybe the storm it to bad to rock on the porch.


February 10, 2008 - Msg 60202: Hi everyone. just an update on my friends in Chad. The dad was at the French base and is fine. He returned to their apt. and PTL all the computer equipment was undamaged. The wife is enrolling the children in school in Cameroon. She is praising God because the lady who would have been the children's teacher in Chad has ended up in Cameroon at the new school.

ON another note, remember my son who was fainting? He had his bronchoscopy on Friday. THe pulmonologist found his vocal chords swollen from acid reflux which could cause him to not get enough oxygen during exertion. Anyway, we are treating him for the reflux. He is to return to normal exertion and see if he still faints or gets dizzy. Pray for us as I learn to adjust his diet and he learns to live without ketchup and other foods he likes.


February 10, 2008 - Msg 60203: Opiemom that is good new for you friend prayer the god
And good new about your son test.


February 10, 2008 - Msg 60204: Howdy, all. Just got home from church, went to lunch with friends and the husband insisted on buying my lunch. Wasn't that kind of him? The word on my friend LaRue is still not too good. She's very, very sick, still has pneumonia and also they have found infectious organisms in her blood but so far haven't been able to identify them. The sensitivity test has found an antibiotic that inhibits their growth, but they still don't know what they are. She works part time at the world market in Dallas, and comes in contact with people from all over the world, handles their ID cards and such. I can't help but wonder if she picked up some bug from somebody, something not common to this country, and which the docs here wouldn't be likely to recognize. She is going to talk to her infectious diseases specialist tomorrow.

Opiemom, that is indeed good news about your friends in Chad, and your son as well. Identifying the problem is sometimes more than half the battle. Keep us posted!

Yes, Boo, Bentley is very cute, and he's just as sweet as he looks. Big old goofy galumph, but he's so gentle with little Starr. She's not the least bit shy around him, just gets right in there and plays with him. She plays with the three cats too, and that concerns me a little bit. They're all three declawed on the front paws, so when they slap at her they can't hurt her. I'm afraid she's going to think all cats are like that, and one of these days another cat is going to teach her differently! Right now, she loves everything and everyone, trusts everyone, and has no clue that anything or anyone might not like her. I wish the whole world could be that innocent.

Tom, how's your weather? It's sunny and cool, but not cold around here. Makes me want to get out and dig in the dirt. Did your roses survive? If so, in a couple of weeks you'll want to cut them back. Get some sharp clippers and cut them back to about 18" high. They'll come out all fresh and new.

Well, I feel a nap coming on, and I think Starr would like one as well. See you folks later. --Romeena

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60205: Sunny and cold here this weekend. We installed a squirrel feeder that I had gotten for Christmas, so I keep peeking out the window, waiting for a squirrel to find it. So far, nary a squirrel has stopped by. This morning there was a big cat chasing them, and I wonder if they are waiting a while to come back. Durn those cats.
Well, think I'll go take a walk. 10-4
- Hazel

"I ain't got time to stand around and discuss trivial trivialarities."

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60206: Romeen it cold out. I can not waite for springtime for i can play in the drit.
I think the roses may it.
Im looking for a evergreentree, but that will go on my wish list (1) new dry ,and more plants.


February 10, 2008 - Msg 60207: I know what you mean, Tom. I'm ready to play in the dirt, too. It won't be long now. --Romeena

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60208: that one thing i to do , so play outdoor in the dirt.


February 10, 2008 - Msg 60209: I know what you mean. I'm never happier than when I'm digging in the dirt, planting something that will be pretty, sooner or later. I have pansies blooming all over the yard right now, and I noticed yesterday that there are hyacinths blooming. So far, just pink ones, but there are blue and purple and white ones out there too, I'm sure they'll bloom soon. My daffodils out front are putting up foliage, I'm sure they'll bloom in a week or so. Some tiny crocuses are just opening, and the irises are sending their sword-like leaves up all over the place. They'll bloom soon. Probably "Thornbird" will bloom first, or maybe "Purple Streaker". It bloomed in February last year. I have about forty different irises out there, scattered all around the yard, front, back and side yard. I just love them, just wish their blooming time was longer.

Tom, if you're expecting any more hard freezes, it might be a good idea to pile mulch, like leaves or grass clippings, around the roses, and don't forget to prune them back. Then when the weather starts warming up, you can rake the mulch back off of them, and very soon tiny reddish leaves will appear at the cut-off spots, and before you know it, you'll have full-blown bushes again, brimming with buds. Roses are such fun. Do you have any trouble with black spot or fungus on yours? I have remedies for that, if you're interested.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60210: Yea!! the proch is braced back up for another posting session!! I thought Romeena's boldness was just the last straw. Then again it might be Asa's eating all the time and the extra weight was too much for it!
It is now 13 degrees and the wind is blowing so hard that the trees are bending low! BRRRR that's cold! Well, gonna curl up next to the woodstove and get some sleep. Gotta go to work early. ~New Neighbor

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60211: It's so cold I can't spell porch anymore. ( I think they call that brain freeze) ~New Neighbor

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60212: Hi Everybody i never wrote anything here before this looks like a fun place to talk to people. Mary

February 10, 2008 - Msg 60213: Romeena iIhad one that the leaves was eat haif way up, so yes Im interested.
We may everysome more temp below 30 at time.
New Neighbor it cold on me end of the oorch and we are going down to 6 degrees tonight.BRRRRR .
Welcome Mary to the porch


February 10, 2008 - Msg 60214:
Hey Folks

Hey to Tom, Romeena, Mary, Hazel, New Neighbor, Opiemom, and Boo.

Looks like the Porch is working again, thanks Floyd!

Mary-Welcome, sit and enjoy!

It's 7 degrees below zero here now with 50 MPH winds and a wind-chill dropping down to 30 degrees below zero. We had no electricity or phone for most the day, today. The chimney flue was frozen shut so I had to go up on the roof to open that. Man, this has been a long cold day.

I'll stop back in the morning gotta get some sleep. We had a fire going the whole day but trying to take care of things has left me chilled to the bone.


February 11, 2008 - Msg 60215:
Hello porch family...Just got in from my concert tonight. Everything went great and had a real big crowd.

Ro...it's so funny when we brush Jake he thinks we are playing. All he wants to do is play. He's a hoot.

Boo...you'll have so much fun with the t-ball. I miss all those days with Erica.

Tom...don't be playing outside in the snow making snowmen. hehe... Stay warm buddy.

Opiemom....I know what he's going through with the reflux on the vocal cords. I have to be super careful with that. I eat NO tomato products, very little fried foods, no caffine including chocolate. I've learned to do without these because I can't risk damaging my vocal cords because that's my livelihood. Praying for him.

Stay warm New Neighbor. That's cold.

Well, I'm kinda tired so I'm heading to the ole hay stack. Prayers for all the porch family. Keep Jesus first in your life and all other things with be in the right order. HE loves us!

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60216: Tom, ask me about it again in the spring, when the roses are sprouted and growing, and I'll tell you some things to do to help them grow and to fight the black spot and mildew.

Now, I think I'll hit the sack and watch some British comedies. I just love them! --Romeena

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60217: Oh, hi, REV. Hope I didn't rock on your toes. You just keep right on protecting those vocal cords, friend. Valuable commodity, your voice. Don't risk it! --Romeena

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60218:
Oh.... hey there Mary. So good to have you. What part of the porch are you from? I'm from SC. Be sure to come on by at anytime and pull up a rocker. You'll love these folks. Just a big family from all over the country.

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60219:
Hello Ro....I'll be calling your friend at your church soon and getting that date set. We'll have a great time....again.

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60220: Hey there, REV. Have ya'll heard of drinking Aloe Vera juice after meals for reflux? I heard a well-know nutritionist suggest it. I tried it and I couldn't stand the aloe vera juice, but when I put it in a little apple juice, it was ok.

I should be asleep but am wide awake for some reason..lots to do tomorrow so guess I had better try it again.


PS-there is an adorable picture of my baby neice, Emily in the photo album and I have not heard one comment about it, YET. I am about to get obtuse if I don't hear something soon..."If there's anything I hate, it's being called sensitive!"...

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60221: Funny you should mention that, Boo. I saw the picture of your niece over the weekend, and it was so durn cute! My son happened to be in the room at the time and he saw it too, and got the biggest grin on his face. What a cutie. I really meant to say something earlier, but that was about the time that once I left the porch, I couldn't get back on. Then when it was back up, I just clean forgot to say anything about it. She's adorable!
- Hazel

Floyd: "Floyd Lawson, you're a miserable, deceitful wretch!"

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60222: Good morning.
Will it a cold start at 8 dr.
Romeena o k I will waite to spring.
Rve No snow here but cold BRRR , stay warm.
Boo Emily is living doll.


February 11, 2008 - Msg 60223: Awww, shucks, thanks! I feel much better now....he...no really, thanks Tom and Hazel. I think she is a real work of art.

Did any of you happen to catch the report on Good Morning America about artificial sweetners? I know we have this conversation now and then but they are now saying after a 17 year study, that people who use artificial sweetners are actually changing their brain chemistry and they are at greater risk of gaining weight over the long haul. They said it has something to do with the body tasting sweet, but no increase in metabolic rate that should occur with the ingestion of sugar. After awhile, the brain tastes sweet and says, 'no need to raise our metabolic rate because there are no calories to burn'. I literally changes the way the brain reacts to the sweet taste. This is very significant and they say that people who only drank one diet drink a day gained more weight than those who didn't. The message the doctors was giving on the report was, no artificial sweetners, ever. They don't know yet if the brain will go back to normal after the sweetners are stopped yet. Also, forgot to mention that the study was done on rats with the same results. Very interesting. Just wanted to pass that on. It's hard to fool mother nature without consequences. I guess it goes back to the old wisdom of eating right, all good things in moderation and exercise.


February 11, 2008 - Msg 60224: Good morning everyone. It was 10 degrees when I left for work this morning, but at least we had heat. Many in our area donít have electricity because of the high winds yesterday. Hope your fingers have thawed, AUH2O and your power is back on.

BOO: If thereís one thing I wonít tolerate, itís a fat rat ;). Seriously, Iíll have to pass that on. Good thing I stick to the real stuff: good old fashioned teeth-rotting, blubber causing sugar.

Sorry I didnít comment on your niece. I thought you looked real young. Actually, you looked real good in your picture. Of course I had to get out the magnifying glass to see you ;). I also was meaning to ask, in that photo of Erin (who is going to be a real heart-breaker someday, Iím sure!) and her cousin, was that taken at an old house? That column looks real interesting and I could just imagine a big old front porch.

Chad starts t-ball this spring, too. Nora played soccer a few seasons, but wasnít really into it and decided she didnít want to do it anymore. Thatís fine with me. Carting the kids to one thing each is plenty (and she does dance). Chad did soccer last fall but wanted to try t-ball this time. The Mrs. is real excited since she played softball from the time she was a little kid until before she had Nora. Iím not sure Iíll get my turn playing catch with the boy.

AFD: What cuties! Iíll bet Veda and Reagan could stir up some trouble. I donít know about yours, but ours has her older brother and sister at her beck and call. Talk about bossy; she demands and they give in. Weíve told them not constantly give in to her, but they do, whine about it, and now she knows if she yells loud enough theyíll give up the toy or whatever.

REV: Thanks for the encouragement, but I still consider them of a bunch of deserters. Iíve kept them relatively well groomed all these years, and what do I getÖHEARTACHE!

ROMEENA: Continued prayers for your son and friend. Thanks for keeping up the album.

Where has ASA been? Also, APB for HORATIO, CHARLOTTE, IDELLE, GOOBER, MERRI, and a bunch of others.

Iíll try and stop back at lunch.


February 11, 2008 - Msg 60225: Good morning, all. Boo, I didn't see the report you mentioned about the artificial sweeteners, but it doesn't surprise me one bit. I think we're going to hear more and more about them, and I think the day will come when they'll be pulled off the market, or will be by prescription only. When I stop to think about it, I can't think of one truly thin person who uses them. Everyone I know who uses them so religiously is overweight, and they'll put Equal or whatever in their tea, to drink with a big piece of cake! Go figure. You are so right - all things in moderation, including sugar.

My friend LaRue has zero appetite right now, and the doctor is threatening to put a feeding tube down to deliver nutrition if she doesn't start eating. They have found she is "borderline" diabetic (whatever that means), with sugars running around 140, so she's on a diabetic diet! Have you ever seen what comes on a tray at the hospital, for a diabetic diet? A lab rat wouldn't eat it, let alone a sick person. A little shriveled piece of broiled chicken, some broccoli (no butter, of course) and a salad with play-like dressing. You know - fat free, sugar free. Yum!

I pitched a fit, talked to her daughter and to LaRue, told them to talk to the doctor and demand a decent diet. If her sugar rises, give her a little insulin, for cryin' out loud! For now, feed her and get her strength built back up, then deal with the blood sugar issues later. They spoke to the doctor, and surprisingly, she agreed and liberalized the diet. She's now eating - not well, but better. Actually, our hospital's food is quite good when it's not a restricted diet.

Well, I have more to add, but I think I'll break it up, lest the "hot-air police" come for me. --Romeena

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60226: OK, me again. Friends, our bodies are designed to handle natural substances. God took Israel to "a land flowing with milk and honey." That milk wasn't low-fat, and the honey was truly sweet. Also, the "milk and honey" description was something of a metaphor, it described the over-all condition of the land. To get milk, there must be cattle, or goats. For honey, the bees must be able to find a lot of vegetation, so we can assume the cattle were well-fed. Now in the laws given to Moses, the rituals regarding the processing of meat involved burning off or otherwise discarding much of the fat. God knew we didn't need all that animal fat, long before the diet gurus figured it out. However, God didn't say not to eat the meat. In fact, He commanded it, when He showed Peter the vision of all the animals coming from heaven in a big sheet, and told him not to call anything He had created unclean, but rather to take and eat. All through the Bible, there are common-sense commands and advice regarding what we eat, but the thing that rings through it all is - moderation.

So, I have it partly right in my own life. I eat real butter and other dairy products. I eat meat. I shun artificial sweeteners and pretty much any "fake" foods. Now if I can just master that "moderation" part.... --Romeena

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60227: Thanks, M-T. The picture was taken at an historical park in town with restored houses. I think the one in the pic (called the Sidbury House) was built in about 1900. Because of the humidity and sea air, there aren't many old homes that stand the test of time around here but the ones that did were moved to the park area and restored.

Sounds like you helped LaRue's daughter to make the right choice for LaRue. She is blessed to have a friend like you, Ro. Hope she gets better.


February 11, 2008 - Msg 60228: By the way, folks, regarding the picture album?? I'm assuming that you know you can click on the little pictures and they'll expand into a big picture. To return to the thumbnails, so you can look for certain pictures, just go above the enlarged picture and click on the album name, and you'll be taken back to the thumbnails. There may be another way to do it, but I haven't found it, and that way works. --Romeena

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60229: I made a little change on the picture of Boo and Erin in the museum. I cropped it, and enlarged the cropped image, so you can see Boo a bit better. Ha ha, Boo, you can run but you can't hide!! Heehee --Romeena

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60230: Hey Y'all! Glad to be back on the Porch-I wondered what was going on!

Ro,best wishes going out to LaRue.Hope her health improves soon. And Opiemom,I'm glad you finally know what's going on with your son and that he can now nip that reflux/fainting in the bud!

I'm going to have to peek at Ro's photo album real soon in order to see all of these cute kids I'm hearing about-bet they are all adorable!

Speaking of kids,did y'all hear about Botox causing deaths in children with Cerebral Palsy? They are injected with it into their legs to help with spasticity. The Botox (because it's a higher dosage than people are given for cosmetic reasons)has caused several deaths in CP kids. Laci had it done once. Oh,thank God it didn't kill her! Those poor children-and parents. God bless 'em. Laci recently saw her orthopedic doctor last month and he did NOT want to go with more Botox ( he must have known this report was coming out)-nor will we ever agree to her having it injected again.He will have to do surgery on her ankles when she gets a few years older. Botox is a temporary fix,while the surgery should alleviate the problems.So.. we'll go down that road in a couple of years.

Come back home to Mayberry,Asa! Where are you?

Gotta scoot-y'all have a good day! Stay warm,auh2o!

possum under a rock

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60231: You're ept, ROMEENA!

BOO: I forgot to mention that Nora has those green pjs that Erin is wearing in the Christmas pic of her and the cousins. In fact, Chad has them in blue, and Veda in purple. They were their Christmas pjs last year. Every year the Mrs. insists that they get matching new pjs that can't be worn until Christmas eve. She usually buys them the year before during the after-Christmas sales. I don't know about yours, but she got the kids' set at Children's Place for next to nothing on the clearance rack.


February 11, 2008 - Msg 60232: ROMEENA have you heard from where you send the money to.

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60233:
G'day all. Hope everyone is well. So much to pray for these days, people, the country, the world! I have to go read the archives.
God bless,

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60234: Thanks Ro (you stinker!).

Really, M-T? Erin has the same pair in red, too. I got them last year at Children's place, too. I love them. She has been wearing them for over a year and they look great after tons of washings. I bought them when we took that last trip to Colorado, December before last.

Took a walk this morning with Sean and it got my engine going, got the house cleaned real good. Gotta go get Erin from school and then "the man" is coming to work on a leak under the sink. That's the one good thing about renting...you don't have to repair everything yourself. I would still rather have my house built, though.

Oh, Possum, that is so scary about Laci. It bothers me so much to think that they took risks like that with children before knowing the possible risks of giving Botox in that large dosage!


February 11, 2008 - Msg 60235: Howdy, all. Yes, Tom, I did receive an acknowledgement from the church that they got the money, but they didn't include the note on it that I wanted - to the effect that it was a group contribution and not tax-deductible for any individual. I wrote and asked again, but they never responded to the second letter. So, I guess I need to just go with what I got, and you all will have to trust me, that I didn't deduct it from my income tax. I'll get an email out with a copy of the receipt as an attachment. I think I have everyone on the list, but if you don't get the email, let me know.

Looks like LaRue is going to have to go to a nursing facility in a couple of days. Medicare is about to run out on hospital care for her diagnosis, but she still needs a lot of IV antibiotics. So, she'll go to a skilled care facility until she no longer needs the antibiotics. Too bad. I'd be happy to go to her house and give her meds, but since I'm not officially "on the case" I wouldn't be allowed to do it, and Medicare would not pay for the drugs. Trust me, some of those IV antibiotics cost BIG bucks! Sure seems like there should be a better way.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. I haven't eaten all day - just sorta forgot. Hmmm. That doesn't happen very often! Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60236: Ha! I just looked at that letter again, and realized they addressed it to my husband and me. Apparently, they took the information from my check, rather than the letter I sent them. I still keep his name on my checking account, and printed on my checks. No real reason, I just never could bring myself to remove it, and it doesn't hurt anythying, so it's still there.

Blessings, all. --Romeena

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60237: Anythying? I guess that's my Texas drawl coming out. --Romeena

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60238: That the letter herd have a phone nu, on it to called.


February 11, 2008 - Msg 60239: THANK YOU Romeena. for the rec.


February 11, 2008 - Msg 60240: I'm glad your doctor doesn't want to do the botox injections anymore, Possum (so you wouldn't have to argue with him about that). Scary thing indeed when you are going through with some procedure, or medication, and a report comes out like that.

Glad you finally called the man, Boo. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 11, 2008 - Msg 60241:
Hello porch family. I pray you had a great day today.

Boo...I have used the Aloe Vera juice and I really feel it helps. I have used it off and on for a number of years. Good for cuts and burns too.

M-T...man you crack me up. You do know that the hair don't stop growing when you start getting bald... instead of growing out it just grows down and comes out the ears and nose.

When is Spot coming back from his TN ski trip?

Ro....I agree with you on the God given natural foods. I use the real butter, honey, fruits, etc too. I WILL NOT use that fake sweetner. We use a lot of honey here.

You all have a good night. As you say your prayers and know that God hears them all. Praying for all the porch family.

February 12, 2008 - Msg 60242: Morning porch, It is good to see everyone.

Life has been busy on my end of the porch the past few days. WHEW! I am ready for a nap already.

A cool 32 degrees this morning but it is supposed to warm up a little today and then cold tomorrow with 100% chance of rain!

In honor of National Pancake Day Breakfast will be: PANCAKES with Maple syrup, link sausages, bacon, eggs, coffee,tea, orange juice, chocolate milk. Come hungry.

Things are falling apart at my house these days. The garage door refuses to go up and down so we are having to replace "some thing a mig" so it will work again AND the button that controls the heat on my van is stuck on "high" so the fan blows constantly on high. This makes it very warm and noisey. I have made an appointment with the dealership tomorrow so my husband can take it in.($$) My husband is pretty good about fixing most things but with some of the computer things that may cars now have, I was concerned about him taking the dash apart and then not being able out it back together. Anyway, it is always something. We need "the man from Mt. Pilot" to come over and take a look I guess, he probably only fixes freezers though. Well enough my of complaining.

see you at breakfast. Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

February 12, 2008 - Msg 60243: Those automatic garage doors can be testy, can't they Big Maude?! Sometimes ours wants to work, and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know if it is the remotes or what. I've already ruined one of the remotes by pressing it too hard trying to get it to open(or close). Well, that and taking it apart.:)
That heater thing in your van could be nice in the winter, but then again, after it heats up a little too much, you must look funny driving with your windows down in 32 degree weather. ;)

Hope you get it all sorted out!

-Sterling Holobyte

February 12, 2008 - Msg 60244: I know what you mean, Maude. It seems like things break down in groups, never just one at a time! Thanks for the pancakes. It is in the 60-s here right now and very humid (yuck). I would like for it to be in the 30's and dry. I think spring has already sprung here in South Texas. I am already seeing some buttercups sprouting.

Hey REV, I have never used artificial sweetners and I only used honey in my tea. I'm sure I consume too much white sugar and I need to watch that.

Hey there Sterling, why the short post, Buddy. I miss seeing you around here. Guess you have been busy. How is Kai doing these days?

Hey there, TOM, hope you are staying warm.

I want to be sure and thank you all for your prayers for Sean. He is having more problems with the Tourette symptoms but is doing great with the school work (which is the last thing I asked you all to pray about). Yesterday he completed 36 pages of work in his workbooks and I am still amazed. Just seems like things are working out much better for him and he is doing better about his eating, too. Yesterday we took a pretty long walk and he didn't complain about being too tired..no mention of chest pain, either. Just wanted to let you know that the Lord is anwering prayer in a big way around here, praise Him for it.

Better go get Erin off to school.

Where in the world is Merri Weather? I remember that Asa said he would be away for a bit when the porch was having problems but I don't remember hearing anything from Merri and that's not like her at all.


February 12, 2008 - Msg 60245: Morning.
Will it look like it time to git the dogs out to help found all who are missing and poster on trees. hehe
BOO - Yes Im staying a lttle warm, but I wish that this weather would make up it mined .
BOO- send me some of that 60 weather here.


February 12, 2008 - Msg 60246: Not sure about Merri. SHe posts on another board I'm on and her last post there was 2/5.


February 12, 2008 - Msg 60247: I feel your car pain Maude. OUr AC and heat in our van only comes out the defrost. To fix it involves taking the dash apart which costs a pretty penny. We just had to have the rack and pinion replaced for the steering column. YUCK! Sometimes it seems just we can start getting ahead financially here comes another HUGE bill. Hubby is good at fixing house things, but cars are another matter altogether. I keep encouraging one of them to be a mechanic.


February 12, 2008 - Msg 60248: I guess it's true, the days of the very capable shade-tree mechanic are about gone. Most of them were self-taught, and could do a pretty good job. However, the cars of today, with their computer-controlled functions, pretty much require formal training. By the time a man (or a woman, I guess) goes to that much time and expense to learn how to fix one of the things, they aren't going to just piddle around with that knowledge, they're going to work at a dealership or a big garage where they can make good money. Can't blame them, I guess.

When I take my car into the Sewell Cadillac dealership where I bought it, I'm met by Alan, who has been my service manager there for many years. He wears a white shirt and a tie, and he doesn't do the work himself, of course. However, what he doesn't know about that car isn't worth knowing. He listens to me, then he listens to the car, sometimes even drives it, and he runs it through some computerized diagnostic thing. Then he tells me what he thinks is wrong and how long it will take to fix it. He is rarely wrong. If it's expected to take less than a couple of hours, I just wait in their lounge on a deep leather sofa, where there are fresh flowers daily, and a smiling young woman makes cookies and muffins and serves them warm, and there's coffee and cappucino available. If it's going to take longer, someone drives up with a loaner car, I sign for it, and away I go. It's no clunker, either, the loaners are very nice cars. Now here's the good part. None of this costs me a dime. Even though I bought the car pre-owned, it's still under full warranty, (6 years or 100,000 miles) and the only thing I ever pay for is oil and filter changes. When that warranty is about to run out, I trade cars. I can budget for a car payment. I cannot budget for that long, low whistle coming from the guy with his head under the hood. I don't like surprises.

Opiemom, you're smart to encourage your kids to be educated mechanics. I was told once that Alan makes over $100k a year, and the actual mechanics also do extremely well. The agency has a great benefit package, too. Alan came up through the mechanic ranks, and is now an advisor in the reception area, with clean fingernails. It's not a bad way to make a very good living.

Well, guess I'll go get some lunch. I wish our wandering porchsters would come home. --Romeena

February 12, 2008 - Msg 60249:
RO- did Alan get a picture with the hood up and "deem it an honor to work on such a fine machine as that." a la Gomer!? ha
We ha
TOM- we are at 74 degrees today, but will "dip" to 54 by Thursday.
AUh20- do you think Hucabee has a prayer?
Sterling- but did you take it apart inside the courthouse? ha
I hope SPOT is having a good vacation. Thank God we have Maude to keep the panckes coming.
I appreciate it and good night.
Prayers for all,

February 12, 2008 - Msg 60250:
Hmmm, not sure how the "We ha" got in there.

Barney: Otis, if you back out, I'm gonna spread it all over town that you're a yellow-bellied chicken.
Otis: Oh I don't mind.


February 12, 2008 - Msg 60251: Just popping in to say hey, I try to look in on you all everyday. We've been having a real old fashioned winter here in Iowa,snow almost every other day. I love it, everything is so fresh and sparkling. Well I need to take the dogs for their walk , put some corn down for the deer and fill the bird feeders again. You all take care.

February 12, 2008 - Msg 60252: Evening folks, just stopping by for a minute on my way to the laundy room.

Dinner menu will be: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, SLAW, green beans, corn on the cob,
rolls, chocolate layer cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, tea or lemonade to drink.

Have a blessed evening.

Big Maude

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60253:
Hello porch family....Can't stay but a quick sec but wanted to check in.

Thanks Maude for the good food. We'll be sure to send Spot and Miss Sherry a plate.

Blessings and prayers for all the porch family. Jesus loves you!

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60254: Good morning.
just seeing who here for now.

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60255: Good morning, all! Got up this morning with my usual laugh at Starr's antics. What a blessing she is. God is good.

I'm off to the doctor this morning, time for a checkup on the pacer. He wants to see the incision (completely healed) and will do a radio-frequency check on the pacer itself. Isn't that amazing? They can monitor the thing, and even re-set it, all externally. Modern medicine does some wonderful things. Makes some mistakes, too, but I guess that's part of the package. Being both an art and a science, it is imprecise at times. What might be dangerous for one person may be a life-saver for another. I guess that's where the responsibility falls on the patient. If you don't feel right about a treatment, speak up.

Well, off I go. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60256: Oh, good morning, REV and Tom. Have a great day. --Romeena

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60257: Make that Tom. What did I do wrong?? --Romeena

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60258: Oh, I put a slash in where I didn't need one. Dumb ol' me. --Romeena

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60259: Good Wednesday porch family.

Checking in for a minute from work. Cold and raining today on my end of the porch.

Hope your doctor visit goes well Romeena.

Hellp to Rev, Romeena and everyone else.

Lunch menu will be: roast beef sandwhiches, chips, pickles, little debbie cakes and tea to drink.

Hopefully we will hear from the folks who have not been around for a few days.

Have a blessed day to all. Big Maude

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60260: hey

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60261: Good morning everyone. LOvely waether we're having--freezing rain all night. It's melting now, but will turn back into ice this evening. But it's supposed to snow tonight just to make it all purty.

ROMEENA: Thanks for the receipt. I'm not gonna worry about it, though. You're a treashu.

BOO: I'm happy to hear Sean is doing better. Continued prayers...

MAUDE: I feel your pain (done in my Bill Clinton voice). Hope things start looking up.

OPIEMOM: This may seem sacreligious to some, but I think the emphasis on encouraging every kid to get a 4-year college degree is ridiculous. If you want a lawyer, you can't help but trip over one on the way to the phone. But if you want a good mechanic, good luck. I don't know how it is your way, but in Maryland most kids go to college. It's the ones who go to trade schools that have the last laugh, though. My brother used to run a body shop for a large metro dealership. Body men, painters, and mechanics were in such high demand they could practically choose where to work, and except for criminal behavior were all but immune to being fired. And salaries start somewhere around 50K. Other two-year degree and "other schooled" professions, like nursing, police, and such, can count on multiple offers at graduation and a pretty nice starting salary. Not every kid is designed for college--or teh professions it educates for. It doesn't mean they aren't as smart. Heck, maybe they're smarter. My mechanic works four days a week, lives in a beautiful neighborhood, and drives a BMW to work.

See y'all later today.


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60262: I hear you, Me-They. I know that it certainly could be that Sean will not get a college degree, but he has many talents and has been fixing vacume cleaners since he was 5. He also knows alot about how a car engine works. I want him to be able to make a living and hopefully enjoy what he is doing. Being a nurse, I knew quite a few miserable doctors who made 6 figures and hated every minute of it. I am just praying that Sean will follow the Lord's plan for his life, whatever that is. Now, if there are any female preachers when Erin grows up, I'll bet she'll be one. This morning on the way to school, she was going on about praying while she was in the bathtub last night and about how Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins. She also told me that she reads her bible at school when she finishes her work early. That kid is a walking irony....so good one minute and so ornery the next! Go figure. You know, as far as college degrees go, my husband has one in business but he does computer work. He got his training to do that after he was already working and went for special training and certifications. The degree helped him get his foot in the door but he certainly doesn't use the education he got in business (expect on the church financial committee, I guess). I used my degree as a nurse for years so it paid off, but it sure was a tough job and I don't think I'll ever work in a hospital again. I loved helping people, but dealing with administration was the absolute pits.

We had a really good meeting last night with the girls at the drug rehab. They have so many questions!...a theological genius couldn't answer them all, but we sure enjoy being there with them and teaching them what we can. There are some changes going on at the rehab that is causeing alot of problems, though, and many of the staff are quiting. The girls tell me there alot more discipline problems and fewer of the girls are attending bible study. I am concerned about and would certainly hate to see the place closed. God is doing a very fruitful work in that place but the darkness is greater than it was a year ago. We do, though, have 2 girls that come each week that are following the Lord closely and are being helped by meeting with us each week. We found out last night that there is a possibility that we might be able to take some of the upper-level girls (who are cooperating with authority) to church and one girl, Christine wants us to baptise her.

Well, better go check the laundry. Where's your shorts, Me-T?


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60263: Now boo it not windy out for me=t short to fiy


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60264: I was off yesterday, BOO, so I'm okay on shorts (I did laundry--I'm not wearing the same shorts). It would be nice if you could get a crowd at your Bible study, but I guess better to get a few who are listening rather than a bunch who are not. Prayers continue for this important work.

Erin sounds a lot like Nora. When she was four or five, she used to "play church" at home. The coffe table was her altar, and she would lead hymns, give a short message, and even do communion. I wasn't sure how to handle that at first, because it's "the" sacrament, but then a friend (it may have been a porchster) told me not to worry about it. She was doing it from a place of innocence and it was obvious it meant something to her. She knew all the litgury even then (Doxology, Lord's Prayer, Apostles' Creed, Gloria Patri, etc.).

We haven't allowed her to really take communion yet (which our church does once a month). I think she's old enough and has learned enough now to really understand the meaning, but she hasn't actually asked to do it. When she does, we'll talk about it and let her. She's training to be an acolyte. I don't think I would trust Chad with fire ;).


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60265: TOM: Hey there. If you need a kite tail, I have some old shorts I've been saving for an emergency :).


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60266: A five year old who knows the Apostle's Creed, now that's cool! Sounds like Nora and Erin would be good friends.


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60267: Now look here, if I want a tail for a kite.
I will asked for one


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60268:
Hi all, another beautiful day here, about 72 degrees. I am going to paint my house this weekend. It's been 15 years and due! Will rent a sprayer and go to it. We have been masking all week. Our house looks like the one in ET! ha
Plastic over the windows etc. It may seem funny to those in snow right now, but here we have do do this type of thing now and not in the 118 degree summers! (:
M-T- You got me to thinking of the verse where Jesus said "may they all be one as you (the father) and i are one", and here we are saying the Apostles Creed thru so many denominations, so it's getting closer! And the greatest of these is love!
Prayers continue for all.

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60269:
Barney: Ya put a mailsack on some people and it goes right to their heads!

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60270:
One more PS- Spring training is back and it is beautiful! Put me in coach.
And nascar too!!

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60271: Note taken, TOM! MY shorts might attract some attention, anyway.

Well, BOO, we do it in church every Sunday so after a few years it's bound to sink in. Sometimes we do with nighttime prayers, too. It's a great thing to be reminded, in a nutshell, what we believe. You never know when someone will ask.

This relates to a dilema that the Mrs. and I are in right now. We have been discussing finding a new church since the UMC seems to be going in such an unbiblical direction. That said, we do like our particular church, but our tithes and work still support the larger church. Anyway, it is impossible to find a Bible-believing church that offers and of the traditional elements of service like the Apostles' Creed or Doxology. Heck, we can't even find one that does traditional hymns. It's a struggle because those thinsg are very meaningful parts of worship for us. Different strokes and all, and I'm not knocking any particular form of service, but it seems many services have been reduced to two elements: Praise songs (mostly choruses) and preaching. Now, the sermon is a vital part of any worship service, in my opinion, but if that's all there is I can get that from the radio and stay in my pjs. When did reciting the Lord's Prayer in chorus with other believers, or signing the centuries-old Doxology, or even partaking in communion more than once a year become passe?