February 13, 2008 - Msg 60272: Boy, where's CHARLOTTE when you need an editor? Sheesh.

Hey there, MDC. Better you than me!


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60273: Hey! I swept!


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60274: M-T, I know in our area there are some Presbytyrian (sp?) churches that are still traditional. Or perhaps Lutheran. I know the Missouri synod is still conservative.


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60275: M-T, you may want to check out the Churches of Christ (non-affiliated, independent) in your area. If you want I can let you know of some. These are independent churches who govern themselves and have no higher church heirarchy than what is at the local church. I belong to this particular brotherhood. We aren't a denomination because there is no higher governing authority. Basically - where the Bible speaks, we speak, Where the Bible is silent, we are silent. Some have gone to praise hyms but some offer traditional services. We are not to be confused with the Disciples of Christ (who are liberal to us). Just a suggestion.

And the next time you sweep - could you get the dust bunnies under my bed. THanks!


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60276: Boy, I know what you are saying, M-T. I think it was a big mistake when many churches stopped reciting and teaching the creeds. They contain the foundation of doctrine passed down from the very beginning. I fear that now we have many groups calling themselves churches that don't hold to the same doctrines of truth. You might want to consider checking into some Lutheran churches in your area. As far as I know, many Lutheran churches are still singing hymns and reciting creeds. Just a thought...I hear your pain. Prayers that God will lead you are keep you where you are, His will be done.


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60277: M-T, I'm curious about what is changing in the Methodist church that bothers you. Are they beginning to ordain homosexuals like the Episcopal church?


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60278: Oh, and MDC, this is just a little friendly suggestion....maybe you should pain your house a nice, cheery colot this time instead of gray?? (smiling).


February 13, 2008 - Msg 60279: Hey, all. Me-They, I hear you, and I know what you're saying. As Baptists, we have always done the Apostle's Creed only rarely, and it is even more rare today. However, the singing of the old hymns has been traditional and much loved by most of us. In the past few years, there has been a strong swing to the praise choruses. I have no quarrel with them, per se, but when they are repeated ad infinitum, and to the exclusion of traditional hymns, I don't like them. This became an issue in my church, and a few months ago, we began having two worship services. The first one is traditional, with the dear old hymns, and the other half of the congregation is in Sunday School. Then we switch places and the second worship service is contemporary. I must admit, that service is better attended. There are many more young families in that second service. This is all well and good, as long as the children of those families are getting a true worship experience, not just lively entertainment. I do have my concerns. Our pastor, of course, preaches in both services, and the messages are the same. He's an excellent preacher, teacher and Bible expositor, and his sermons are never "as dry as dust", but I wonder about all that frenetic music and stuff at the beginning. It just doesn't set much of an attitude of worship for me, but maybe I'm just an old fuddy-duddy.

I was raised as a Baptist, so of course that set the mold for me, but I continued as one because the Baptist church teaches the Bible and nothing else. We believe Christ was born of a virgin, really lived, really died, really rose again, and really lives today. All who believe on Him shall be saved - John 3:16. Nothing else is needed - Eph. 2:8-9. As Baptists, we do some things that Christ commanded - baptism, communion, "good works" - but we do them not in order to be saved, but rather because we are saved. My father used to give me things to do, too, and I did them because I loved him, not to persuade him to call me his child.

I know some are not going to agree with everything I've said, but fortunately, total agreement isn't necesssary. What is necessary for salvation is faith in Jesus as Savior. What is necessary for our worship affiliation is that we study the scripture, understand what we believe, find a congregation that teaches the same, and join in and get to work. Admittedly, that's getting harder and harder to do. My husband used to say that he was a Baptist because the Baptist church taught the Bible as he believed it to be. He said if we ended up somewhere else and there were no Baptist churches, but there was one called the Koala Bears, and they taught the Bible clearly, then he'd be a Koala Bear. (He was speaking to one of our children at the time.)

Well, enough of my rambling. I hope it made some sense. It does to me, anyway. --Romeena

February 13, 2008 - Msg 60280: How sweet, "...then he'd be a Koala Bear"! I love that and it's true. I agree with you, Romeena and love what you're saying. Our pastor (who is a young 43) often says, "What we do doesn't change us, but when God changes us, it changes what we do".



February 14, 2008 - Msg 60281:
Hello porch family....Kinda chilly here on my end of the porch.

Boo...as far as the job situation, you hit the nail right on the head when you said that your prayer for Sean was to follow the Lords plan for his life. If that includes college, fine; but if it doesn't, fine.
I agree with M-T about the college/degrees.... so often it's the parents making the choice of what and where that kid goes. College is great (my daughter is in college by her choice and because of what she plans to do in the future) but it's not the path for everyone. I talked with a young man just last week that has a 4 year degree and is working in a mall store with a bunch of high schoolers making a little over min wage. He can't find a job and really doesn't know what he wants to do. But his brother who is a year younger went to a trade school and is working as a wielder making very good money.
So I guess what I'm saying is that kids don't need to be going to college "just" to be going to college. They need to have a goal and determine what path would be best for them to take. That "best path" just may not be college.

Ro...that's a fact...."Faith in Jesus as Savior." That's what it's all about.

Opiemom....you mentioned the Lutheran church. Not sure about the Missouri synod, but as for the Lutheran ELCA synod, the big problem that I have with them is that they don't teach that you have to make a personal acceptance of Jesus for your salvation. They believe that by the waters of baptism when you are an infant seals your salvation. I really have a problem with that. I pray this doesn't offend anyone but I know what the Lutheran church (ELCA) believes. I was in the Lutheran church growing up, served on pretty much every board they have, served as president of the council and as a delegate to the church synod. At that time I really didn't know what I believed when it came to doctrine. Then I began studying the Bible for myself and began asking all the why's, what's and how's. As Ro posted above, "we need to understand what we believe." That's when I left the Lutheran church. This was over 20 years ago. And please don't miss understand me, there are a lot of great Christain brothers and sisters in the Lutheran church. I have a number of Lutheran pastor friends. But the salvation doctrine really bothers me. That's my two cents worth.

Well I better get to bed....Prayers for all the porch family. Have a Jesus filled night.

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60282: I hold with Rev. Tucker. We've been taken from him for years and I aint about to change!


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60283: Happy Valentine's Day!

Chuck?! Are you the same Chuck that spot's been hollerin' at to come back to the Porch? If so,poor spot would be on vacation when you show up! If not,and you're a " new" Chuck,I welcome you to the Porch. Find yourself a rocker and make yourself at home.

Well,let me get some coffee brewing. And put out the Krispy Kremes. Lunch is on Asa-we'll go to Morelli's and put it on his tab!

possum under a rock

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60284: CHUCK?! Is that you, Chuck? Where have you been, man? Your photos are still in Romeena's photo site but you just went "poof". Please come back and stay a little longer.

That surprises me, REV. With the name "LUTHERan", you would think they would teach what Luther taught. Oh, well. I grew up in a similar situation in a Methodist church, but they never mentioned salavation at all, to my knowledge.

Wanted to wish you all a very Happy St. Valentine's Day, "Belov-ded" (as Ernest T. would say)! (((XXX)))

Better get Erin going and finish my coffee...God bless each of you extra special with a big dose of his love today.


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60285: Thanks, REV, I'm not Lutheran, and so I didn't know their exact denominational beliefs. Not sure about what the Missouri synod believes. I just know they are more conservative than the ECLA.

I grew up Southern Baptist, then married hubby who was Catholic. His entire family saved and chose to be baptized when he was 19. They then attended Charasmatic churches. We got married and we have lived many different places. We look for a church where the Word of GOd is held to be infaliable (sp?) and truth is taught. SO we have gone to many different kinds of churches. We currently attend a Grace Brethren Church. Yes, that is the name and the name of the denomination. ALthough technically they aren't a denom., but a fellowship of churches. What we like about our current church is the fact that 40% of our budget goes to support missinaries. Our pastor and elders have worked hard to keep us out of debt so that our budget was free to support missions. While there are elements of worship that we wish were a little different (more style issues not doctrine) we appreciate the spirit of our fellowship. These folks are serious about their faith and seek to make it real. Doctrinely we agree 97% and the 3% that is different isn't a salvation issue..


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60286: Good morning everyone. We didn’t get the snow they were predicting (imagine the weathermen being wrong!). In fact, strong winds last night blew away what little snow we had and dried up much of the water and ice as well. It’s a sunny 20 degrees this morning—brisk but nice. Now pass me a Krispy Kreme, please…one will the marshmallow crème inside, if you don’t mind…

That’s for all your advice about churches. HM: There is only on Church of Christ that I know of in our area (which is actually near my work, about a half hour from our house) but they have a very liberal lady pastor. There was an article about the church in the paper the other week where she was telling people that Genesis is a nice story, not literally true.

REV: Our son goes to an Evangelical Lutheran Church preschool across the street from my work. Our oldest went there, too. It’s a great preschool. In this area, the ELC is very active is community support—feeding the poor, sheltering abused women, etc., and really seem to be actively reaching out with the Gospel. I didn’t know that about their theology. That would bother me, too. Unfortunately, many feel that the “works” of a church are more important than the beliefs. That’s really dangerous. Like someone once said, the road to h-e-double toothpicks is paved with good intentions. The “why” is just as important as the “what.” Sadly, many a “good person” will be unpleasantly surprised one day.

ROMEENA: There are some (from what friends say) good Baptist churches near us, but as far as I know all of them have jumped on the praise songs bandwagon, and, like you said, the traditional liturgy just isn’t there. I think some of the songs are great, but really believe that they are designed to invoke an emotional response. Traditional hymns (like my fave, “A Mighty Fortress “) actually teach something. They not only can evoke an emotional response, but an intellectual one as well.

Many of the independent churches we have visited, which are very biblical in their theology, seem intent on whipping people into a frenzy—praise songs ad infinitum followed by a very emotional (to put it mildly) sermon. I don’t need to be yelled at, thanks.

BOO: The UMC does not ordain homos*xuals, and it officially holds that such behavior is against Christ’s teachings. However, there is a wink-wink, nod-nod attitude toward the whole controversy. A number of bishops have come out publicly against the official stand, and some pastors are openly “marrying” non traditional couples. A pastor in our conference had a s*x-change operation a couple of years ago and is still in the pulpit. Another, who was actually defended at church trial by our bishop, is in a same-s*x union. Even more repulsive, in my opinion, is that one of the UMC’s most liberal agencies, actually supports NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and others. They claim justification in that funds also are used for other women’s health issues. The Mrs. and I still tithe, put have restricted the use of our tithes (which are by IRS standards, donations) to the local church, its programs, and mission work. They cannot be used to support the UMC or its programs, and, to plug a loophole, our money cannot be used to calculate the yearly apportionment to the UMC. There is a movement within the church to reform, but much of the clergy is liberal. We pray a lot about it.

We may end up in the church associated with Nora’s school. It was a UMC church that went independent about 30 years ago. Its beliefs are similar (though they don’t do infant baptism) but they are much more conservative. Actually, they are a friendly, vibrant, growing church who expect people to “walk the walk” if they “talk the talk.” They don’t do any liturgy, though, and old hymns are rare.

Well, that’s enough religion from me today! Just one more thought, though: the next time someone tells you that one person’s truth may not be for another, or that there is no absolute truth, ask them how they know that’s true?

See y’all at lunch.

“Just for this here, I’ve got you roped for a whole month of Sundays. And I know your lessons would never be dry as dust.”

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60287: Oh, hey there, OPIEMOM. My dad is Catholic. He grew up Catholic, raised us Church of God and Assemblies of God, then reconverted back when he was about 50. I call him a born-again Catholic. It fits.


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60288: DEEDS OF LOVE
Thik not a smile can warm a heart
And leave an afterglow?
A word of kindness fosters hope
Where dreams no longer grow?
Think not a helping hand inspires
A soul to try anew,
Or words of love rekindle grew?
Think so! Think so! Be still and know
Life's purpose-and God's plan:
To do for others, day by day,
To be the best we can.
For selfless dees done from the heart
Are blessed by God above,
And those who care and truly share
Shall know eternal love.



February 14, 2008 - Msg 60289: Thanks TOM!

Love that thought on absolute truth, Me-They, haha! I knew the Methodist church was pretty liberal when I was growing up (our's anyway) but wow, what you are saying is very disturbing. Seems like in their efforts to include any and all, they are twisting God's word. I applaud you for finding out what your denomination is doing with the money it receives. Very responsible thing to do because we are to be good stewards of all that God gives us, aren't we. I am thinking you should give that church that is associated with Nora's school a try...let us know if you do.

Better go put away the groceries...


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60290:
Morning porch family...Great day to serve our Lord!

Opiemom...sounds like you have a solid Biblical church. Praise the Lord!

Hey Chuck....man it's good to see ya. We've kept your rocker dusted off.

M-T....brother you said it right..works are great but can't send us to heaven. I'll be praying that God leads you to the church that He would have you be a part of.

Tom....a great poem for today buddy. Thanks!

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine Day. We look at Valentine as a DAY of "love". But as a Christian we need to live a LIFE of love.
Prayers for all the porch family today.

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60291: I just want to say while I am thinking about it, how much I appreciate all of your opinions and thoughts. I have grown in many ways by spending time here on the porch with you all. Thanks again.


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60292: M-T, that would be a Disciples of Christ and that is a very liberal church. Not the kind I attend. What city do you live in and I can hook you up? (That is if you want, I don't want to be pushy.) I could give you the full history of Disciples vs. Church of Christ, Christian Churches -independent - my college degree in Bible was worth of every penny of my parents money. (I went to two Christian Universities and have a collected 3 BS, two of them being in Bible and Missions - go figure!) Anyway, I have minister friends everywhere. (You knew I was full of BS!)

Happy Valentines Day - making Spaghetti and garlic bread tonite. Minus the meatballs! Using oregeno too!

Boo -having trouble with my son's teacher. Having a big pow-wow on Monday. It's gonna be big - the hubby's going too. I don't know if you are all familiar with Accelerated Reader or the program but that is what I am fighting them about. They have angered my soul! Getting all of my ducks in the row to confront them.


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60293: M-T, my favorite hymn, Wonderful Grace of Jesus! Spiritual, emotional, and truth!


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60294: Wow, Homemaker, you are full of BS (and I say that in the nicest possible way! hehe). Seriously, I would like to talk to you some time about your take on foreign missions. Have you read KP Yohannon's "Revival In Missions"? It was real eye-opener for me.

I have heard my friends with kids in public school mention the Accelerated Reader program but I don't really know anything about it. What about it is angering your soul. I am very interested to find out what is going on when you have time. Hope the "pow-wow" brings the results you are seeking.


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60295: Well better full of BS than HOMEMAKER's meatballs, I suppose! I'll have to pick your brain from time to time (if there's any left--hehe). I have a minor in religious studies, but all that means is I know a little something about a lot of religions. If you want a little info on Zoroastrianism, I'm your man (bet my ziggurat is bigger than your ziggurat). I wish I had a stronger Bible knowledge.

I don't know about the program, either, but I'm nosey...

"No trading on Sundays."

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60296: I tried Googling that, BOO, and could get anything relevent. I tried the title and the author, too (whom I;m not familiar with) and didn't get a bite, though I did learn that someone with the last name Yohannon evidently has written an instructional book for ways, how should I say this, large people can, uh, be intimate. I'm sure that has absolutely nothing to do with the article you mentioned.


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60297: Try, "and could NOT get anything..."


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60298: HAHAHA!! I had better check my spelling, but how can I get that book?


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60299: Oh, google Gospel For Asia and you will find KP and his book there.


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60300: Good afternoon, all. Me-They, I think we're on the same page with regard to the "works" of a church. A church can have all sorts of wonderful programs for helping people - food, clothing, whatever, and can offer aid in many areas, but if they're not teaching the virgin-born, crucified and risen Christ, living today, then they're nothing more than a helpful civic organization. This doesn't mean that churches shouldn't be in the thick of things, helping people. James 2:14-18 addresses the issue beautifully - to paraphrase: "Show me your faith without your works, and I'll show you my faith BY my works, for faith without works is dead." So, a church that is really connected to God will be in the business of doing good works, in addition to preaching and teaching the gospel.

I'm a bit proud of my own church in that regard. We support the BBMOI (Baptist Benevolent Ministries of Irving) with donations of food and many, many hours of volunteer time. We have International Friends who meet every Wednesday morning for fellowship, teaching of crafts, cooking classes and classes in English as a second language. This is very well-attended. Over the years, we have hosted several immigrant congregations, giving them meeting space and financial support until they're able to fly solo. There is a Korean church in town now that started with us, a Spanish-speaking church as well, and we currently have another Spanish-speaking group trying to get on their feet, as well as another Asian group, not sure of their actual origin, but don't think they're Korean. My Sunday School class passes two envelopes every Sunday morning, one for a pastor of a little mission in Romania, and we always meet our goal of $50 a month to be sent to him. The other collection goes to the mission in Mongolia, the one I worked with on two occasions. We send them $50 a month as well. In addition, several of us send whatever we can as individuals - mine goes to Mongolia. The church, of course, sends an alloted amount to home and foreign missions annually, and also sends support to the missionary in Mongolia, as an independent endeavor of the church. We have an apartment ministry, with Bible classes taught in English and Spanish, we serve meals in the apartments on Thanksgiving - well, I could go on and on. It's a mission-minded church. The demographics here in Irving are changing radically, and we're trying to serve the changing population, and still survive. It's not been easy.

Tom, what a lovely poem, and as always, so appropriate. Thank you.

Well, I need to clean up around here. Hurricane Starr has been through, and the place is a mess. How can one little 4-pound puppy make such a mess? She makes it look easy. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60301:
Beautiful poem for today Tom.
Happy St. Valentine's day to you all.
"And the greatest of these is love."
More later .

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60302: testing

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60303:
Anyone else see .."family...Great" thru my name above?

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60304: CHUCK!...wow...im back from a great trip..warm weather till the ride home then snow....yall been eating good?....im gona read the mail...at work now...>SPOT

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60305:
Hmmm. Hey Boo, how did you know that my house is kinda grey?? Maybe it's on the photo site.
Well, ya all have a great evening.
God bless,

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60306: The Count told me, MDC.


February 14, 2008 - Msg 60307: Hey, MDC, you better let somebody check out that jug of cider. I think it's turned hard! --Romeena

February 14, 2008 - Msg 60308:
Hello porch family....Some good post!

Spot....good to see ya back brother. How was the ski trip?

Did the race fans see the race today? The toyotas got their first win. Good race.

Prayers for all the porch family tonight. A big Valentine hug for all of you!

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60309: Brother Rev the trip and race both were good!..busy here at wrok..hey ro,TOM,boo,possum,auh20,mdc,md,big maude good porch cooking !...snack will be a glass of milk and cheese crackers...well let me get busy....SPOT

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60310: Hey there SPOT! How was the trip?

Lots to do today...trying to get ready to go out of town for the weekend. Not even sure when but we need a break. I think I will only be gone one night but it will be nice to get away. I have the laundry and cleaning to do (yuck), beds need changing, etc. but I will stop by on my breaks.

Yesterday I came across a bunch of vhs movies we took of the kids when they were babies and their birthdays and christmas, etc. and I was watching the tape of when Sean was born. I tell you I just can't believe that he is about to turn 13. Where on earth does the time go? It shook me up a little bit and makes me want to enjoy my life and family more...slow down...."what's your hurry?"...I need to be enjoying these kids while they are still in the nest. What really made me sick was seeing what I used to look like compared to now! Man, I went downhill on a greased slide. Can't wait to see what the next 20 years brings...haha....more bags and lots more sags, I'm certain.

Well, tell me about your Valentine's Day. Did ya'll do anything special. I made heart cupcakes and got cards and flowers for my parents and the kids and I went over to visit them (Bruce had to work late, poor baby). My sister was there with baby Emily and I had a great time with her. She is at the point where she wants to get down and walk/crawl so badly but can't yet. She zooms around in her walker, though (she is 7 months now) and she likes to kiss you now. She will grab your cheeks with both hands, open her mouth and plant one right on you. It's heavenly! It was my favorite Valentine greeting, of course, and the first time she has kissed me. I'm telling you, that sweet angel is the cutest thing in the world and I am crazy about her. Speaking of sweet angels, I wonder if Romeena has gotten to see that new grandbaby yet. Seems like they could bring her up to see you by now.

Better get Erin ready for school...later.


February 15, 2008 - Msg 60311: ...was the grandbaby a boy or girl, Ro...I am having a lapse of memory...?


February 15, 2008 - Msg 60312: Hey, Boo,

Well, I made a card for each of the kids with love Bible verses about what God (and I) think about each of them and gave them a box of their favorite candy. Remember those boxes you could get at the movie theater. We have cran-apple juice for breakfast and strawberry ice cream at lunch.

Hubby and I were blessed with free $75 tickets to a reception of chamber music by 4 of the members of the National Symphony who are in town for a performance. I love classical music and so it was wonderful. Beautiful music, chocolate covered strawberries perfect for me.

I know what you mean about the kids growing up, My oldest will be 15 in April and I think where did the time go. Some days I feel like I can't wait till it is just me and hubby again and then others I think how much I'll miss them.


February 15, 2008 - Msg 60313: Good Morning Porch, wanted to stop in & say hello to everyone & hope you had a good Valentine's Day. Mine was terrible, we lost one of our little rescue dogs yesterday, I'm pretty sure he had a heart attack (he had a bad heart), but it sure made for one horrible valentine's day. I miss that little boy so much, seeing his empty crate gets it all started again. Amazing how attached you can get to these little 4-legged children, especially ones that have been so abused before you get them. Little Bandit was our 10 year old Shih Tzu that had been beaten constantly by the teenage boys he lived with. He had a little broken jaw that never was treated, so his little mouth was always crooked. Anyway, I gotta go to work, but I'll be back later to read the archives. My guess is Bandit is at the Rainbow Bridge playing with the Plum and all my other little kids that went before him.
Have a good day ya'll

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60314: Morning folks, just checking in from work for a minute.

I was out of the office yesterday attending a workshop all day on "Making famlies Resilient." The keynote speaker was wonderful. Her name is
Dr. Mary Pipher. She has written several books about families, teens and such. I would highly recommend the book "Reviving Ophelia" to any parent who is raising a daugther especially adolescent age. It is a wonderful insight into that challenge.

It is good to see everyone today, better get back to work. I have some catching up to so after being gone yesteray.

Welcome back SPOT, Mavis and everyone else.

Big Maude

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60315: Hmmm I googled the book Reviving Ophelia, interesting review on Amazon. I'm not sure I would completely agree with the author's philosophy. I tend to see society as the opposite. Not that I don't think girls have problems, but I think society as a whole has focused on the problems of girls to the detriment of our boys.


February 15, 2008 - Msg 60316: Good morning, everyone! Hope you all had a great Valentine's day. Mine was pretty quiet. Spot, welcome home. We've missed you!

Mavis, Bandit's story brought tears to my eyes. How on earth anyone can abuse a helpless little animal like that is just beyond me. If I was a betting person, I'd bet my next paycheck that those boys, whoever and wherever they are, will abuse their wives and children as well. A coward is a coward, and the behavior will always come out. Oh my, I'd love to get them in my sights. You can bet they'd think twice before they abused another little dog. A Shih Tzu? All ten pounds or so of him? That's just disgusting. Wouldn't you just love to pit them against, say, a 100-lb rottweiler, not chained or restrained in any way? I wonder how "brave" they'd be then. I look at tiny little Starr, as I used to look at the Plum, and think of someone doing something like that to them, and my reaction scares me. I know, in my secret heart, that I would try to hurt them, badly. That's not good, not Christian, but it's a fact.

Well anyway, bless you, Mavis, for giving that poor little guy some love and a sheltered, happy life for a while. I'll bet he returned the love ten-fold, too. Animals, especially dogs, are so forgiving.

Gotta get busy around here. The place is a mess, and there's a load of laundry that's been in the dryer for two days! Dirty me, dirty me, I'm disgusted with myself! All I want to do is sit and play with Starr. She's just a riot.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60317: Good morning everyone. I only have a minute; busy, busy, busy. The boss is out with the flu.

Werlcome back, SPOT and howdy doody to everyone else.

I have a prayer request (or two) today: Chad was having some pain this morning and the Mrs. found a hernia. She called the doc, and, as she expected, the doc said you don't wait and see with kids like adults. She wants us to bring him in and discuss surgeons. Of course we are concerned, and between this and Nora's problems possibly requiring surgery, the Mrs. is pretty overwhelmed and upset. Please pray for us all.

Thanks. Hope to stop back later.


February 15, 2008 - Msg 60318: Prayers are sent up M-T. Blessings for you and your family.


February 15, 2008 - Msg 60319:
Ro- yup, I musta hit the hard cider, but it was there yesterday! ha weird stuff.
Prayers for M-T's family and for all in Northern Illinois too.
Well, ya all might not see me til Tuesday with the painting project coming up, so have a blessed weekend, and we'll be one with that apostle's creed!
Andy: I heard something rip.
Barney: Yeah, me too.
Andy: Turn around (Barney turns) OK, you're all clear. How about me? (Andy turns)
Barney: 10-4

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60320: Hey MDC - we need some more wood split. Are you up for it?


February 15, 2008 - Msg 60321: Wow, absolutely we will pray for you, Chad and your family. That is such a trial, dealing with that sort of thing with children. My heart goes out to you all. Keep the faith and remember that if Jesus is in your boat, you have nothing to fear.

Mavis, I would like to thank you for taking good care of little Bandit. God bless you for it. My prayers go out to you, too.


February 15, 2008 - Msg 60322: Mavis - I know that my Bandito is up there playing with your Bandit. God Bless you through the tears.


February 15, 2008 - Msg 60323: they are having a boil and cribbage game down at the firehouse tonihgt

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60324: Hey all - just checking in. We had an ice storm earlier in the week and were out of power for almost 2 days. Hubby has been working long hours since Monday and Evie finally got to go back to school today after being home all week.

Thanks for the comments on my girls, ya'll. M-T, Evie is more than likely to take something away from Reagan than give it to her, but Reagan usually holds her own. They get along pretty well, except when it comes to Evie's room - she does not like Reagan in there at all and tries to keep her door closed as much as possible. Prayers go up for both Nora and Chad's situations, and for peace for you and your Mrs. through everything.

Prayers for you, Mavis, at the loss of Bandit. I am sure sorry to hear that.

Thanks for the sweet poem, TOM.

Have fun painting your house, MDC. Make sure when you use the sprayer it's not to windy or your neighbor's house will be gray, too. *wink*

Well, I guess I don't have much else to say so prayers for all and have a great start to the weekend.

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60325: pappa bear stopping bye a minute to say hello and let you all know your in my prayers and thoughts. i had my license plates personlized to say ole coot so if you see a post saying ole coot its just the mayor checking in. hey to mdc. what's for supper? ole coot

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60326: I declare, pappa bear/ole coot/ole buckeye, (did I miss any?) you have more aliases than that lady convict that Barney and Floyd tangled (tangoed?) with. Good to see you!

Me-They, prayers for the kiddoes. Surgery is a scary thing when you're talking about a little kid, but they recover so fast and do so much better than adults. My oldest son had major chest surgery when he was six, and was riding a tricycle down the hall of the hospital the next day.

What's a "boil"? Cribbage I know, but a boil? Aside from being a carbuncle's cousin, that is? I'm guessing it involves a big pot, cabbage, potatoes and some sort of meat, or maybe lobster and crabs. Am I somewhere near right?

Well, speaking of boiling, I think I'll go boil some potatoes and stir up a bowl of potato salad. I just love the stuff, and get a hankerin' for it now and then. Something has flung a cravin' on me for it, so guess I'll go make some.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60327: Here is SC we have Low Country Bowl, it involves, Shrimp, crab, sausage, potatoes, corn on the cob and Old Bay seasoning. It is best cooked in a HUGE pot outside. YUM!

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60328: Oops that was me, Opiemom

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60329: Truck race is ON!..yee haww...Boo the trip was great..opiemom here in Ga at the dog house I do a low country boil just like that about once a month...kinda costly but great...at work here again till 6..im gona start me another barn tomorrow for my boat and a garden shop tomorrow,gona try to get my poles set..gona be 24w and 40ft deep with 2 lean 2"s for the 4 wheelers...no hurry but while the weather is still cool im gona get started...Rev are you at home now?..hey TOM,maude,hazel,possum,ro,mdc,md,goober,asa,auh20 and well you all know "everyone"..I got busy and did not get a chance to cook tonight but I will get back on the job!...any left overs?...well back to the race and the phone is ringing..may be some work...SPOT

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60330: Hey spot, sounds like you've got quite a set up planned there. Are you doing all the building yourself?

Ro - sure hope you've got plenty of potato salad, as that sounds mighty good right about now. When I eat it, I like it topped with a little cottage cheese and a dollop of ranch dressing mixed in. MMMM!

Good to see you, ole coot! *wink*

Night all!

February 15, 2008 - Msg 60331:
Hello porch family. Trust you all had a blessed day.

Boo....we had a great Valentine Day. My daughter was home from college so I cooked supper ( rib-eye steaks) for us and gave them both a gift. My daughter had been wanting a ring she saw at the jewelry store so I bought one for them both. It just makes my day when I can do something for them and suprise them.

Mavis.....I am so sorry to hear about your little friend.

Me-They....I'm praying for you and your family. Please keep us posted.

Opiemom....I know all about the Low Country Boil. Good stuff!

MDC....have fun painting.

Spot....yep, I'm home brother. I'll be close by home for the next couple weeks. Man the barn sounds like a nice one. We'll come over and have a barn raising.

Well you all have a good night. Prayers for all the porch family. I saw a church sign yesterday that said; "As a Christian, there's no such thing as a last goodbye." That is so true, we will all be together one day with no goodbyes. But until then, we'll just keep chatting and praying on our little porch.

February 16, 2008 - Msg 60332: Hey brother Rev..good to hear you are gona be close to home..I have 2 smaller barns but just got to get the boat somewhere dry not just covered up..just never enough room!..I have helped raise a few pole barns and once ya get going its really fun..I have plenty of help for the roof..dad and I will get the rest started. MDC we may have to have a Red barn painting in a few weeks!and Oh Rev ment to tell you we took your CD"s to gatlinburg and the couple that met us Sat up there took 2 of them home!your work is doing good thru music down here!..well breakfast in the morning will be: 3 eggs your way,flapjacks,grits,country ham,bisquits and gravy,milk,oj,coffee...auh20 can Romeena can wash dishes [hee hee]..well prayers..im here till 6am at work .all is quite right now ,got one call working...John Wayne movie coming on!TCM channel...back in a bit..SPOT

February 16, 2008 - Msg 60333: Wow...I feel loved!
Thanks Romeena for not throwing our pics away, (though I wouldn't blame you if you did).

I just got so busy with so much that I forgot to sit down and rest a spell.

Thanks Rev for keeping my rocker dusted.

I lost a dear aunt back in July with a heart attack.....only she was truly like my sister. Only 48 years old, and me 45.

Can I tell everyone that me and "Mrs. O'Malley" are gonna be grandparents for the first time?

Our son and his wife are due on 3/18. He was promoted and transferred about 4.5 hours away to just east of Dallas is the only sad thing.

Spot, if you ever retire..I have dibs on your job. I'll even take everyone out to Ihop on a daily basis. hehe.

Romeena, I'm with you on the traditional hymns, and I'm pentecostal!

Nearer My God to Thee, Nothing But The Blood....songs like that just get me through this ole world.

Can't make it without Jesus....wouldn't want to.

"With their horn honkin' and jay walkin'...welcome to Mayberry folks...gateway to Monte Carlo!"


February 16, 2008 - Msg 60334: Asa, when are we gonna get together and play a round of golf?


February 16, 2008 - Msg 60335: So,it IS our long lost Chuck! Welcome Back! Sorry to hear of your aunt's passing. Oh,and take it from me-you will LOVE being a grandparent! Congratulations!

Hey there,pappa bear! Bet you're ready for some warm weather in your neck of the woods,aren't you?

Mavis,Bless your heart.I know it's hurting.

Me-They,I'll keep you and your children in my prayers.

I think it's time to get the ol' posse together & go look for Asa-where's he been?! Merri Weather too,for that matter.

That Low Country Boil is something else,ain't it? Y'all forgot to tell that when it's ready to eat,you just dump it out on a newspaper covered table and everybody starts eating!

Have a good one-love to all!
possum under a rock

February 16, 2008 - Msg 60336: Good morning everyone. I'm stuck filling in at work today. Thanks do much for all your thoughts and prayers. The Mrs. is still having a hard time dealing with all the surrounding stress and worry, but I think is coming around.

Welcoem back, CHUCK. Long time, no see. SPOT just about wore himself out APBing you. Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family.

Good to hear from you, too, BUCKEYE...er, OLE COOT.

MDC: If you cash in those Confederate bonds, maybe you can get your neighbors to come out and help paint your house. By the way, you still making berries for women's hats?

POSSUM, OPIEMOM: I think I'll let the boil pass me on by. Not that I have any objection to any particular ingredient, but the manner in which it appears to be served is not twangin' my buds. I even put a paper plate over the newspaper when I eat steamed crabs (which is rare, because though they are delicious, it's too much like work!). And I always cut the corn off the cob. One of my "issues" is eating with people who are eating corn on the cob. Too many accidental kernels flying and such.

AFD: Your girls sound sweet. I often think how nice it would be for all of us to be able to get together and sit, eat, and chat while our kids are off playing with one another. Regular Mayberry picnic.

ROMEENA: I like my tater salad with a just a little mayo (just as much as absolutely necessary!) and some mustard. Don't forget the dill seed, and of course the paprika on top!

MAVIS: Bless your heart. Our rescue pooch is still settling in. She still swipes food and darts out the front door, but is getting better about both. She's decided recently to start barking at birds, though. And she still has a problem with Chad.

Well, since I am trying to hesh up a bit on the political talk (and there's not much new, anyway), I thought I'd ask y'all a couple of fun questions:

1. If you could meet any president, which one would you choose and why?

2. If you could arrange a concert featuring any musician/singer/band you wanted, who would you choose? (And choosing REV does not count for this one!)

February 16, 2008 - Msg 60337: Oops! That was me,


February 16, 2008 - Msg 60338: ANGELS OF GLORY
Angels from the realms of glory
Singing praises to the King.
Hallelujahs loud Hosannas
All people of the earth shall sing.
Sing His praises, sing His praises,
Proclaim the glory of His birt.
People of all nations praising,
Send His love throughout the earth.


February 16, 2008 - Msg 60339: Good morning, all. Wow, Me-They, if we had one of them psychiatrist fellers in town, you could be a whole study, all by yourself! Corn on the cob bothers you? You poor thing! That's the fun of eating the corn - just making a big old mess! If you cut it off the cob, you might as well just open a can of Niblets and be done with it.

As for eating the low country boil off of newspapers, I'll admit I'm not fond of having my food smeared with newsprint, but I have a solution for that. I would just take my choices off the top of the pile, and let Spot have the pieces that were next to the papers. I don't think he cares. Actually, I'm with you on the paper plate, at least for what I'm eating. I really don't mind the food being dumped on the papers, but I do want a plate under mine while I'm eating.

When I make tater salad, I boil whole, unpeeled taters and a few eggs. While they're boiling, I chop an onion into a big bowl. Then I get a jar of relish (there's always one about half-empty), add a couple of good squirts of mustard to the jar, several dollops of Miracle Whip (or mayo if I don't have MW) and a dash of Tabasco and a tsp of salt. Sometimes I put a big dip of sour cream in. If the relish is sweet, I add an equal amount of dill relish, or vice-versa. Then I put the lid on the jar, and shake it up. Pour it over the onions and stir well. When potatoes are fork-tender, I rinse them with cold water, then slip the peels off, dice the taters, peel and dice the eggs and stir into the stuff in the bowl. If the taters are still warm, it helps the flavors to "marry" better, but I let the whole thing sit for at least half an hour, then eat. Yum!

Meet any president? Hard question. Truman, perhaps. I'd like to know what it felt like to unleash the A-bombs on Japan, and if he was able to remain at peace with his decision. I hope so. He really had no choice, not if he wanted to spare multiplied thousands of American lives.

I'd also like to meet Bill Clinton, because I'd love the chance to ask him - "What on EARTH were you thinking??!!?"

Then I'd love to meet the Statler Brothers, and hear them in concert. Their sound was so unique, their music choices so original, and I think they were/are just nice guys. I have one of their CDs in my car right now!

Well, that's enough from me. Next? --Romeena

February 16, 2008 - Msg 60340: Oh, hi, Tom. Lovely words - thank you!

Again with corn on the cob - when I was a kid, my horse loved corn. I'd throw a few ears over for him, and then watch him eat. He'd put his hoof on one end, grab the shuck in his teeth and proceed to strip the ear, eating the shucks. Then he'd nibble with just his front teeth until he had cleaned the kernels off the cob. Then he'd eat the cob! It was hilarious. That horse was so smart, and a born clown. I had so much fun with him. --Romeena

February 16, 2008 - Msg 60341: I hope horses get to go to Rainbow Bridge! --Romeena

February 16, 2008 - Msg 60342: Nice poem as usual, TOM. Do do have a sixth sense about choosing the right sones. Maybe both you and Warren have that ESP.

ROMEENA: I'd kinda like to know why, too. Goes to show, even the smartest can do the dumbest things. Did you know that the Statler Brothers first big break was being hired as a backing group for Johnny Cash? At least that's what I've heard.

I think I'd like to meet Teddy Roosevelt. I can only imagine the conversation!

As far as the concert goes, there are several groups and singers I enjoy quite a bit, but I'd have to say James Taylor. Just a nice, relaxing concert for the Mrs. and I.


February 16, 2008 - Msg 60343: Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't visited nor posted since New Year's Day. Nothing new to report ... yet ;)

Romeena, over the past few months, I replied to your last three emails. I know in the past you have had problems with your spam filter. So since I received no response from you, I now wonder if you received them.

Take care. From Poor Horatio

February 16, 2008 - Msg 60344: Hey all, Romeena, of course horses go to rainbow bridge,I believe all animals do.
Me-They Good questions. I would pick Abe Lincoln,just look what the man did. And as for the concert that's a hard one,I guess the Dillards or Glen Miller or Louis Armstrong or the Beatles or Johm Mellenkamp or the Eagles or ect..... sorry I can't pick just one. Hope things go smoothly for your youngsters and the Mrs.
Mavis sorry to hear about your loss,hope you are feeling better.
Spot,my sons just finished building a shed 48x60 at Colters new house.They are planning on storing their 3 Firebirds and 1 35th Anniversary Camero and my husband's 1970 Javlen.
Rev,enjoy you time off.
Well it's 36 degrees here now,but we have a winter storm warning for tonight at midnight ,we're supposed to get 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice and then 4 to 6 inches of snow, with high winds.Oh boy,love the snow but not the ice.
Hope you all have a good weekend,take care.