February 20, 2008 - Msg 60414: Good afternoon, all. My landscaper friend has been here all day, and boy, did we get a lot done. I use the term "we" loosely, I didn't do all that much. Still get too short of breath on exertion, but I did what I could. Nevertheless, a lot was accomplished. Three puny roses were dug up, and given to my yard man, who likes to try to revive such things. Three healthy roses were planted in their place, and two more were put in elsewhere. Two flats of snapdragons and one flat of pansies were added to what is already blooming. All the roses were pruned within an inch of their lives, nobody is more than a foot tall right now, but they soon will be. All the beds were raked out and cleaned up, and a layer of corn gluten meal was spread everywhere, lawn and beds alike. No weeds for me in the spring (I hope).

Again on the subject of bundling boards, I would suggest anyone who is interested just Google "bundling board". You'll find a lot of sites to pursue, and they're interesting. The comments that have been made here so far are right on the mark, and I was surprised to learn that for the Puritans, a pre-nuptial pregnancy was not really any big deal, so long as a wedding actually did follow. I always thought the Puritans would have been scandalized, but not according to some of the things I read. When you think of the actual living arrangements (and therefore the unavoidable sleeping arrangements) I suppose they had to be realistic and take things as they came. Just imagine, parents and half a dozen kids, all in one big room. What a scary thought!

Well, I'm worn out. Guess I'll get a shower and collapse into my chair for a while. Starr will be happy, she has only had glimpses of me all day, through the french doors out back. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 20, 2008 - Msg 60415: Couldn't resist sweeping, when I saw all the grass and dirt I tracked onto the porch. Can somebody else get the corners? I'm just too tired! --Romeena

February 20, 2008 - Msg 60416: WOW, evertyhing looks so nice and tidy and clean!


February 20, 2008 - Msg 60417: Good sweep Romeena the queen of the porch!..American Idol is on!..hey CHUCK!...well caught up at work now..here till 6am then cut loose for 6 days..gona start the new barn I hope..Rev brother how much land do you own?..in the pics looks like a farm?..any live stock?...I just have land and taxes to pay on it..whew..Opiemom prayers still going on for you and family...possum is the rock getting cold under there?..well back to the tube...back in a bit with a snack...SPOT

February 20, 2008 - Msg 60418: My lands! I have been trying to find the time to get here & rock a bit in the last 2 weeks & it just keeps getting away from me! Lots of things to reply to, but first & foremost, thank you all for your kind words about our little Bandit. I still miss that little booger so much, feeding time is really hard around here since that was one of his most favorite things in the world!
I had my niece & nephew for 10 days & let me tell you, having children is certainly for younger folks! My nerves couldn't take it on a full time basis anymore! My nephew is a 6 year old bundle of energy that has a mouth to back it up! Boy did they learn alot about minding & behaving here! Their mother lets them do & say whatever they feel like doing & it's like trying to run down a wild buck indian when he is around! The dogs absolutely HATED having them here & we were constantly running interference between them. Needless to say, they were wonderful & very obedient by the time they left here, but within a day, the wild indian was back, at least he was at his house & not mine that time! AND for the record, I never laid a hand on him, but don't think it didn't cross my mind a time or two or 10! Took me a week to get over having them! I love my brother dearly, but I hope that task won't come around again anytime soon. Shew!
Now for the President I'd like to meet & talk with, I have 2, Ronald Reagan & Abraham Lincoln. The singer/band, that is hard to choose, but I guess the clear favorite would be Bill Monroe & Patsy Cline.
Chuck you asked how many porchsters ride motorcyles? Funny you should ask that, check out Romeena's album & under my album, you will see that my beloved & I got married in our leathers & left the wedding on the bike! We LOVE getting out in the wind every chance we can. Such a peaceful way to see the world!
Best get off here before I sweep again with all my jabbering, but I had alot to catch up on! Prayers for those that need them & glad to see you are back home Spot!

February 20, 2008 - Msg 60419:
Hello porch family...Hope you all had a great day.

Ro....be sure to get us some pics when all those flowers are in full glory.

Well looks like gas prices are on the rise again. That gets to me.....all they have to do is talk about it and pump prices go up. Even before the tanker truck refuels the station, prices are up!

Spot....we have 20 acres but no live stock. I would love to have a horse but as much as I'm gone that's not really possible. My dad bought this land many years ago. He was raised in this area as a small kid. Then they moved to town and he said then that one day he would be back. And sure enough he did. They built a house on the land and then after I got out of the Navy and got married, we built in the field next door. It works out very good because while I'm on the road (and when my wife is with me) they look over everything for me.
See ya at breakfast brother.

Opiemom....you take care of yourself and know that we are still praying.

Well I'm heading off to bed. You all have a blessed night and isn't it so great to know that our Lord is always watching over us. Yep, even as we sleep. Jesus loves us!

February 20, 2008 - Msg 60420: My goodness, Mavis, sounds like you really had your hands full. Kids who haven't been given boundaries can really be a trial, but you know what? I'd venture to say that those kids were happier and having more fun toward the end of their stay than they were at the beginning. Kids need those boundaries. They may not even realize it themselves, but they don't want to be in full charge. They need to know there are limits, and where those limits are.

Those porchsters who have livestock will back me up, I believe. You can put a little calf in a corral and he'll just sort of stand there, usually up against a fence rail. Put that same little calf out in a big pasture all alone, and he'll wander aimlessly, bawling and looking miserable. That has been my experience, anyway. Kids are no different. They're more comfortable when somebody is in charge, even though they may fight it. So you did those kids a favor when you took control, to say nothing of the favor you did yourself!

Well, I'm tired, and going to bed, I think. It was a long, hard and tiring day, but fun. I love being in the yard, and I've just got to get to feeling better, so I can do more of it.

Prayers for all - that's part of my night's routine. Be blessed! --Romeena

February 21, 2008 - Msg 60421: Yea Rev I have 14 acers and my Mom and Dad have 6 all tied together..I was raised right here in the house that sets in front of me..Mom and Dads..Im about 1200ft off the road but can still see Dads house in front of mine..uncle and aunt live joining the farm...they have no kids and he and my dad are twins and i have no brothers or sisters...just the 3 familys...It was grandmas land ,was about 160 acers but in the late 60"s and early 70"s she sold off 3 tracks for subdivions...but we still have room to romp!..I built my house out here in 1997..and I know what you mean, a car dont get down my drive way past dads with out him tracking it!..with me working the odd hrs I work he is my burgular alarm!..I had a pig about 2 yrs ago but...well he is gone...thought about getting a goat to put in the pin with Otis but miss sherry said "yer crazy"..guess it will for now just be me Otis [lab], and Opie [cat]...snack will be seedless grapes!....well back to my movie ..all is quite here...well this post is long for me...night Romeena and all...prayers and dont let the bed spiders bite...:)....SPOT

February 21, 2008 - Msg 60422: You're right, Ro. We started really cracking down on Erin a couple of months ago and inforcing boundaries and it made a very big difference. Someone (I think it was Me-they) suggested that she might not be getting enough rest and so we set an earlier bedtime and that really seemed to help, too. I certainly see a big correlation between her being tired and bad moods/attitudes. She is one ball of energy, though! I can't wait until little league starts so she can run off some of it.

I wanted to ask your prayers for Zach (Karen's boy). He is having a tough time and recently I have gotten a couple of disturbing text messages from him at night asking for help. I spoke to our pastor and he called Zach's dad to offer to do some counseling with Zach. I pray they follow up soon and that he gets the help he needs. Last night he sent me a text that said, "I can't believe Jesus. Help me". I try to talk to him but he needs more than what i can do for him. We also have a new youth minister that is very good and he is offering to be available for Zach but I am hoping he feels comfortable enought to talk to someone else about what he is going through.

Well, better get Erin out of bed. Talk to you all later.


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60423: By the way, Ro, I found what you said about the Puritans very interesting! I never would have thought it.


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60424: Hi All.
Will someone trun tup the sun to high at
to cold .
It hit down to 2 deg.


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60425: Romeena,

Glad you enjoyed the concert. I remember his show was superb when I saw him many years ago. He's a real entertainer.

I noticed the gas prices too REV. What's up with that. Although we do have Kroger that sells gas and they are still low. I better go fill up there before they go up.

My mom is still in the hospital. My sister said my mother is very confused at times. Doesn't remember where she is or what is happening. Not sure if that is the pain med or her age. My sister is holding up ok. She asked for prayers because my brothers are coming there and they are not refraining from their various addictions (one is drugs, the other alcohol). My mother takes on over the drug one as if he were the one taking care of her in the hospital. etc. My sister also asked me to pray specifically for the nurses. She was a nurse herself and she says they are spread too thinly. She knows how frustrating that can be.

Have a great day !


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60426: Oh, my goodness, Opiemom. In one short paragraph, you alluded to many of the more vexing problems that face families of an ailing parent. She's in the hospital, she's confused and disoriented. Question - pain med, or age? Both? Stressed caregiver. Other family members coming and causing more problems rather than helping. Confused parent singling out one undeserving sibling and making a fuss over him/her, to the exclusion of the one who is actually doing all the work. Nurses too short-handed to give the quality of care they'd like to give. It's an old story, and I could write the script, over and over. All I'd have to change is the names and genders. And I might add, just wait until there are some life-death decisions to be made, and the irresponsible brothers suddenly appoint themselves to be the authorities, the decision makers. They'll veto any suggestion of a "do not resuscitate" order, then go tootling off to go about their lives, leaving you and your sister to deal with the realities. Honey, I could write a book. Maybe some day I will.

These comments aren't intended to depress you, though I'm afraid they might. I just want you to know that you're not alone, the situation is not unique, and you'll want to involve some professionals - clergy, your mom's doctor, anyone else who has experience in the situation - to guide you and your sister through this valley.

I've dealt with similar situations through nearly thirty years of nursing, and with extended family situations as well, and I can tell you, it's not going to be easy, but you can do it. There are tactics for dealing with the brothers, and they work. If you want to talk, just email me.

I'm sitting here at my window, looking out into a gray, chilly and drizzly day, but the yard is so neat and tidy after my landscaper friend was here yesterday, and so well prepared for spring, that it's pretty in spite of the drizzle. There's a clump of pansies, about two square yards of them, that are gorgeous. I love the deep purple ones, mixed with those lovely orange-sherbet-colored ones, and that one area is filled with those two colors. The rest of the island is just a mixture, a riot of color, but that one defined area has my two favorites, and I love it. There are clumps of iris foliage everywhere, green and strong and healthy, and all noticeably larger than last year. Those things do multiply! No bud stalks rising yet, but it's early. Another month, and there should be some eye-poppers opening up. I love it!

Well, guess I'll get dressed, pick up Eloise and go visit LaRue. Poor thing, she's just bored to tears in that nursing facility. The other folks are long-term residents, confused or very ill. She's an independent, fully functional person and is only there to have that IV managed, so she's feeling very out of place. I can't imagine. I'd be climbing the walls.

Well, be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 21, 2008 - Msg 60427: You think maybe that if we don't talk about gas prices, they might go down, Rev?;) To take it even further, maybe if we remove the words "gas" and "prices" from the english language, the prices will go down to how they were in TAGS days.

Boy, you're right about Baptist's being short on ritual, Ro. The service last Sunday was basically singing and a sermon, and that was pretty much it. No communion, no kneeling, no recitation of prayers by the collective church-goers - except of course for the "Amen" after prayers by the Pastor.
It's ok though. I view this as an interesting new venture, and as I stated before, I like that Baptists are basically just Bible-believing folk coming together with no other pretense other than to praise and follow God through the Good Book.
And I don't think the two churches are that different, anyway. At least in what they are trying to accomplish. Because while in the Catholic church we would recite prayers(over and over, ...and over;))and practice other "rituals", it was very helpful in remembering them and why we were there. In the same way, as the Pastor and associate Pastor of our Baptist church here mentioned when they came over to say hi and talk for a little while a couple days ago, they are here to help us learn more, and thus remember more, about the Scriptures as they help us in our relationship with God.

Prayers for Zach, Boo. I think it would be very helpful to him if he would talk with that youth minister. I think kids can relate more with someone who they feel is closer to their age.

Prayers for your Mom, and to you and everyone involved as well, Opiemom. Those pain medications can do alot in causing confusion and "spaciness" in people. I've seen my Grandpa go from a strong-willed, witty individual, to a 90 year old "infant" near the end of his life who barely knew where he was, after he was admitted as a resident at the VA hospital. Not trying to scare you or anything, but I have a feeling he became like that because of that medication they had him on. He just wasn't himself, and it was sad to see.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 21, 2008 - Msg 60428: Good afternoon everyone.

BOO: That's great that things with Erin are getting better. Prayers for Zach. As we all know, problems and things can always seem bleaker at night, which may explain the timing of his messages. It's obvious that he is reaching out, though, and it's great you have people stepping up to try and help.

OPIEMOM: Prayers continue for your mom and family. Sorry to hear about the complications. If your mom had anesthesia it could help account for the personality issues. The Mrs. tells me that going under general anesthesia sometimes can effect personality, especially in older people.

ROMEENA: Maybe I should open a bundling board store and bring it back? Bet I'd make a fortune. You are so right about the Puritans. In a nutshell, they understood that people would sometimes do teh wrong thing and as long as they "made good," no reason to beat them up about it. Of course, if they couldn't (like adulterous affairs) or wouldn't, that was a very, very different story. Can't say I agree completely, but it seems to have worked for them. In any event, a significant number of first born children to Puritans were born in less than the first nine months of marriage. The math can't be too wrong.

The Victorian age gave us a lot of great things, but a lot of times social attitudes and such that started there are believed to reflect the previous ages. That just isn't true. Attitudes toward s*x were very different in 1800 then they were in 1900. All through the 19th century skirts got longer, collars got higher, and people got more and more uptight.

Well, more later, I hope. I love this history chatter!

AUH2O: I heard an interview with (can't remember his name) the lawyer who served as counsel (he is a Democrat) during the Keating Five scandal say that he and others advised the leadership to drop McCain from the investigation because of his limited role and evidence. However, the leadership said no as they didn't want the investigation appear to just involve Democrats.

The best the media can do is drag up a 10-year-old "alleged" affair that both parties absolutely deny.


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60429:
TOM- I'll try to box up some Phoenix sun for you!
Boo- prayers for Zach.
REV- i know that 3 "dings" equals a dollar. ha
SPOT- would love to have that much land. Too bad Sherry wont go for the goat. You could say he would be a natual lawnmower.
M-T--I see the "attacks" on McCain that i predicted have begun. Why didn't they break the "story" during the NH primary? I wonder what else they will try to drum up between now and NOV. In fact, sure enough, on Saturday in our paper, there was an AP article about his temper.
STERLING- I think the Baptists have communion about once a month. Recently our pastor has started getting very liberal on things that he has been talking about in his homilies, so i finally met with him at his office this week and he said he was doing it to see if anyone was really listening and had the wherewithall to question him. So, i think he is going to ask me to stand and be acknowledged at Mass this Sunday.
I hope it all works out ok.
Well, you all have a good day.
Barney: Only one way to take care of it.
Andy: Nip it?
Barney: In the bud.

February 21, 2008 - Msg 60430: MDC: I forgot to mention that I didn't mean to imply I was condoning what was going on in France. I was only pointing out that the reasons didn't (it seems) have a whole lot if anything to do with religion.

I always thought Baptists were more quarterly or biannual in their communion habits.

I have noticed that HAZEL, LUCY, and a few other regulars have become irregular or are awol. Prayers for them, whereever they are. Please stop in if you're eavesdropping!


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60431: Well, M-They, most Baptists are "supposed" to have communion each month but it usually turns out to be quarterly in my church (which I think is a problem). I would love it every week.

MDC, are you Catholic?


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60432: So who wants to argue transubstantiation?!? ;)


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60433:
MeThey- I realize what you meant on France, i was just funnin' with the way you said it! (:
Boo- Yup, lower case and upper case. ha. It may surprise you, huh, with all I have said these several years like laying hands upon Sean, prayer over your kids etc. I had a super experience with the Holy Spirit in the 1980's and he just really opened my mind to the Bible etc, and i have been on a 'charismatic' trip ever since. Take knowledge for example, it's a gift of the Holy Spirit. That is why it is so important to give the Holy spirit his place as Counselor in our lives. We can gain all the book knowledge in the world, but it is still just book knowledge without the discernment of the Holy Spirit. I hope you don't think any less of me Boo, now that i have revealed this.
M-T- we can discuss the big T thru e-mail if you like. dipper40 at hotmail dot com
OK, I've gone on waaaay too much.
Prayers continue for all, god bless,

February 21, 2008 - Msg 60434: Of course not, MDC, if you won't feel any less of me for being Baptist! You are my brother in Christ.

Me-They, I don't really want to get into the transubstatiation topic except to say that when I was going to the Episcopal church and taking The Eucharist, I had some questions and prayed about it. I remember one afternoon I was lying on my bed praying with my little new testament in my hand and I beleive I heard the Lord speaking to me very clearly. What I heard was this, the Lord asked me what I was holding in my hand and my reply, of course, was "a bible", and the Lord repsponded, "no, literally, what are you holding?". I looked at it and answered, "Well, some paper with ink, a leather cover." To which, I believe the Lord responded something like this:"What you are holding is something material but when you open it, read and take it in by faith, it becomes something living. So it is with the Eucharist.". We are consuming the bread and the wine by faith and it becomes something living. I know that doesn't sound very Baptist and it is something of a mystery, but I believe it is something the Lord revealed to me. It's about receiving by faith and it is grace through faith that saves us, according to Paul.


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60435: Me They....."transubstantiation"? I'm still studying this word.
Anyone on the porch got a dictionary?

Everyone ave a Mayberry Evening!


February 21, 2008 - Msg 60436: Good evening, all. Just got back from our monthly Thursday night dinner at church, and it was wonderful. Food was good, but that wasn't the best part. The "entertainment" was a mini-concert by a young lady who grew up in the church. Her dad is a doctor, I worked with him professionally at the hospital for years, and on two Mongolia missions, and count him as a good friend. His daughter, Rachel, sings like you wouldn't believe. She possesses perfect pitch, and can sing anything from hymns to country to whatever. She did a rendition of "Second-hand Rose" that was just delightful, complete with a slouchy old hat pulled over her ears. Well, anyway, it was a great evening, and I thought her dad was going to bust his buttons.

Transubstantiation, huh? Well, as a Baptist, I do not believe that the wafer and the wine become the actual flesh and blood of Christ. I think if the elements were examined under a microscope they would still look like what they are - bread and grape juice, fermented or not. I think Boo is very close to the answer in what she said, but I believe (forgive me for this Clintonism) we must define "living". As she said, when we read God's word, it enters our mind and heart, takes root there, and becomes a living thing, a part of who we are. So it is with the elements of the Lord's Supper, (the term I grew up with, though many Baptist churches now use "communion", probably because it's simpler and more people identify with the term.) When we humble ourselves before the Lord, and share that "supper" with Him, commemorating the Passover meal He shared with His disciples, we are identifying with Him, with the sacrifice He made for is.

I have no knowledge of the languages used in the original texts of the Bible, but I have heard in sermons over the years that the verb translated as "is", as in "This is my body, broken for you", actually would be translated today as "represents", but there was no word for that at the time. The meaning was indicated by the speaker, and understood by the listeners, through the context in which it was spoken. In other words, the disciples did not understand Christ to be saying that the bread was actually, literally, His flesh, but rather that the bread was broken, as His body would be broken, and represented His body. He asked them to keep that in mind, and "as oft as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, do this in remembrance of Me."

Remembrance. What a beautiful word. One of our Christmas Pageant songs over the years was "In Remembrance of Me", and I never hear it without feeling God's love flood over me, and tears come to my eyes.

There is no magic in any of the things we do - not in communion, nor baptism, nor any other thing. Those things are remembrances, symbols, representations, tributes - nothing more. They do not save. They are a form of worship. They are important, vastly important, but they are exactly what Christ Himself called them - a remembrance.

Well, that's my take on it. It's my reality, and I understand and accept that others may see it differently. I do not take issue with you if you do, and appreciate that you do not take issue with me. God meets each of us at our point of greatest need, and if for some it is terribly important to believe that transubstantiation occurs, then perhaps for you, it does. It occurs for me, in one sense, when I take the wafer and the wine, because it makes me keenly aware of His sacrifice for me, and I try harder to be a good representative for Him on this earth. As Boo said, it is a mystery.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60437:
Morning Folks

I'm not sure if my little end of the porch is the most Podunk but the Internet problems we have been experiencing around here were due to a "manure spreader" clipping the phone lines. I know... that stinks, literally! ba da bum... I'm here all week, thank you! But, no kidding about a mile down the road the lines were cut.

As for the topic of Transubstantiation, I don't want to say too much. I bother enough people with my political nonsense. However, the topic did cause a bit of a strain between me and my MIL, years back.

Romeena-Well said. Those are my exact feelings regarding transubstantiation and remembrances. Boy, I wish I could convey my thoughts as well as you do. Very nice. I am a Baptist at heart but I attend a United Methodist Church.

Me-They I don't dislike John McCain, really. I do find it a bit interesting that he keeps complaining about special interest wrecking government and then surrounds himself with lobbyists. I believe that is way he got dragged into the Keating Five mess, not so much that he did anything wrong but the access that lobbyists had to him was evident.


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60438: Thank you, Romeena, you are very good at making your thoughts "understandable". I appreciate what you said.

Auh2o, I have not heard the word "Podunk" in ages..good word choice. I, too, live in a Podunk town and grew up in one. Maybe not as Podunk as yours, though because I am close to the city. I was just passing down mainstreet and thought the word "Podunk" didn't exactly come to mind, that was what I was feeling! Our mainstreet is comprised of a thrift store, a tortilla factory, a bar and a tattoo parlor...no kidding. Lovely place, this is (sarcastic smirk on face).

Well, better go do something house-wifey.


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60439: ..oh, and we have a gas station on mainstreet. Of course, like all Texas towns, we have a Dairy Queen in town, too, and a Whataburger, a Subway and a Sonic. Oh, and a Dollar store...I guess we aren't as "Podunk" as we could be.


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60440:
GooooooD Morning Porch family! (My Tye Pennington impression! ha)
Interesting stuff here on the porch these days.
Boo- Thanks for the good word. Sterling and i have talked thru email, (I dont think he'll mind my saying this) whhile his catholic upbringing was spotty, mine was about as full dunk as one could get. It was special. My dear mom taught us about the love of Jesus from the get-go. She was so Spirit-filled that it just flowed. Nothing was ever routine or ritual for me, always a very meaningful experience and still is today. We would always go with a reverent attitude. One can repeat and recite the same prayers, yet extract something new each time with the transforming of one's mind as Paul said. I listen and follow each Bible readings, then, at home look at the full context. But I think this is true thru all denominations. If one is just going because their parents went there or whtever, that's one thing, but to go to be fed and led, well, that's another. Sorry to go on again. Box goes blueey.
Have a great day,

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60441: No, I find it interesting, MDC. Do you believe in praying to Mary or Saints? To me you seem like the type who would go straight to the Father through Jesus.


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60442: Good morning everyone. Wow! I was only joking about talking the big "T." But you all had some very interesting and insightful comments. I can heartily agree with what BOO and ROMEENA said, at least from my own perspective.

No problem here, MDC. As I think I mentioned, my dad was Catholic as a boy, "converted" to pretty hard-boiled Protestantism (Assemblies of God) for about thirty years--even becoming a Deacon--until he came back to Catholicism about 10 years ago. He calls himself a "born-again Catholic," but basically it's charismatic. In fact, you and my dad would probably find not much to disagree on with that regard.

BOO: I believe (you can correct me MDC) that in RC the saints are venerated and Mary is hypervenerated.

AUH2O: What do you think of current UMC political leanings? I don't know if you caught it, but I'm having a "crisis of denomination" right now because of the direction it's headed.

Gosh golly you people are swell! Good conversation on teh porch!



February 22, 2008 - Msg 60443: AUH2O: At least you don't have to stay off the internet all afternoon on Sundays because two old women talk about their feet!


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60444: My mom continues to be hospitalized and confused. THanks for your words Sterling. I wish it were just the meds/anes., but I'm afraid they are just magnifying my mother's personality. She's always been a pessimistic person and given to doting on my 55 yo bum of a brother. As she's aged, it has just gotten worse. She takes most of it out on my sister. Although she does on me a bit also. I talked with my sis this morning and my mother. My mom was crying and saying, everyone was lying to her. SHe doesn't remember much of anything that has happened this week and is confused. My sis says it is the pain meds. I'd like to go just to be a help to my sister. Money is fairly tight right now at our house so it would be a stretch. My sister says, she'll be ok, but I would like to be there. Pray that i'll make the right decision. It is hard because I have 5 children of my own.


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60445: OPIEMOM: Sorry to hear that. It's little consulation when you're in the situation, but I really believe that each time we take injury here doing the right thing our reward goes for later. You, and your family, have my prayers.


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60446:
OPIEmom, prayers indeed. Sounds like some dementia coming in there also. Is anyone here designated hcPOA and does she have any kind of Trust or living will? If so, that could be a first step in helping with disputes in care.
BOO- M-T has it pretty good. It is confusing because in some cultures (ie: south of the border) some very strange things have crept in and was not properly supressed, such as the worship of saints, etc.) Emulate may be a better term M-T. For example,I have a picture (drawing) of St Francis on the family photo wall because I admire what he did. But, yes Boo, right to Jesus with my prayer requests. (:
M-T, yup, I would say that too, Born-Again Catholic.
Religion AND politics, my what has this porch come to, haha
Mayor Colt where are you? APB for Mrs Wiley, Horatio, Lucy, Dr P, Shazam, DWF and others!
Happy Friday!

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60447: Me again. Just as background info, I was born and brought up in San Antonio, a city heavily influenced by the Latino culture. Latin America/Mexico is, of course, predominantly Catholic, and as MDC said, the beliefs of the Catholic church in that culture have been strangely blended with a lot of folk legends and practices. You will see parades, where a statue of some saint or other is carried through the streets while people dance and gyrate and even beat themselves in ecstatic worship of the saint. Not all Catholic churches participate in these rituals, but in those days, many did.

Therefore, in San Antonio, the line between Catholics and non-Catholics was very sharply drawn. My grandmother, a sweet and kind lady, had no use for Catholics and nearly went to her grave when her son married a Catholic girl. As the years went by, however, because of the truly Christian attitude of Ann, my uncle's wife, my grandmother relaxed her rigid attitude quite a bit, and actually developed a close and loving relationship with Ann. Things were very different in the Catholic church in the 40's and 50's, especially in San Antonio. I recall that when Dale and I married, Ann and my uncle Fred had to secure special permission from their priest to attend the wedding, because it was held in our church and in those days, Catholics were forbidden to even enter the building that housed a non-Catholic church. OK, that will give you some idea of how deeply the differences ran a while back, in some places.

Fortunately, today I think it's very different. Some of the finest, strongest Christians I know happen to be Catholic, and conversely I know some Baptists and other non-Catholics that are truly taking the name of Jesus in vain when they call themselves Christians. It works both ways.

It's all so simple, and it always seems to come back to this. Mankind - sinful, rebellious and unable to live a perfect life, yet beloved of God, Who devised a way to reconcile His wayward children to Himself. Jesus Christ - virgin born, really lived, really died, really rose on the third day, and really reigns in Heaven today. Confess the first (I'm a sinner) and accept the second (thank you, Jesus) and you will be saved. On this earth, you can call yourself by any name you choose, align yourself with whatever denomination you choose, but so long as you know and acknowledge that Jesus paid it all, and nothing else is needed, you're His. So simple that many just fall all over it, twist and revise and redesign it, and never grasp the truth. --Romeena

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60448: Well, I'll just have to add one more time that I hold with Rev. Tucker. We've been taking from him for years and I aint about to change.
Hee hehehe.

Really, I'm so glad I gave my life to Jesus twenty something years ago. After what he did for me on Calvary, I don't regret one mile I've walked for him.

Andy to Opie while sitting on the porch: "Bible knowledge is a good thing, but don't flaunt it!"

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60449: Just a quick note. I'm going to drive over to be with my mom and sister this weekend. I'll be back Sunday evening. Thanks for praying. Pray that I'll be a blessing to my mom and sister. Pray that my mom's body will begin functioning again as it should. THe dr. hears bowel sounds, but there aren't any results. So he ordered an x-ray this AM to determine if the sounds are above or below the repair and if more surgery is needed.

Thanks Opiemom

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60450:
Once again Romeena comes up with a better way of putting it than I could. That was well done.
Praise the True and living God!
Just dont let Opie deliver his newspaper to the preacher's house! ha!
I hope everyone has a great weekend.

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60451: Hi All
Thank You heavenly Father
For wee blessings everywhere,
The sweet aroma of the purple lilac
And the lily white and fair.
Tiny hummingbirds and chirping sparrows,
Morning dew sparkling on a rose,
A creek trickling in the forest-
It's a wonder how it flows!
The laughter of a child at play,
Asip of warm, chamomile tea,
A smile, a friendly nod a chucjle,
A March kite twirling wild and free.
Each descending raindrop
That splashes upon the ground,
A trumpet swan squawking-
Such a noisy, boisterous sound.
Oh, thank You glorious Creator
For butterflies that flit about,
For acorns and twinkling stars-
You exist, I haven't any doubt,
I praise You God in Heaven
For all You've done for me,
From blessings of the greatest magnitude
To realms as mall as wee.


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60452: Nice poem, Tom. Made me think of spring and summer, and not all this snow we have.
Ah, give it time.

MDC, did you mean that the INFORMATION I gave you of my Catholic upbringing was spotty? Maybe I am not understanding what you are saying.

Hoping and praying that everything goes well over with your mom and sister, Opiemom.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60453:
Sterling, I was going mainly by message 60384 and that I thought you said one time that when you were growing up church-going was a kinda off and on proposition. I'm sorry, i may have confused you with someone else.
TOM- thanks for checking in. Beautiful words. Hope you are surviving the cold weather, it is "cold" and rainy here today.
Hang in there everyone.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60454: Beautiful, Tom. I thought about that poem just now, as I was out in the yard. I have some tiny, bright yellow crocuses just starting to bloom, their little faces looking like a drop of fallen sunshine. So pretty. There are some purple ones too, but I really like the yellow, they're just so cheerful. Also, I noticed that in the border around the pond, things are popping up all over. I've planted a lot of different things in that border, and haven't seen much result, but now suddenly things I had forgotten are starting to emerge. There are snapdragons, dianthus, dwarf iris, and something else whose name escapes me. I guess I'll know when it blooms, and it WILL bloom. I just about won't plant anything that doesn't bloom at some time or other. Flowers are the whole point, in my opinion. Also, I noticed a bud starting to rise in an iris - it's Purple Streaker, the one that has bloomed first every year for three years now. It was a gift from Joe, my landscaper friend, and it is beautiful. He dug it from his yard and brought it with him one day when we were working back there. He brought others, but Purple Streaker is my favorite.

He has to come back Monday to fix a sprinkler line. I was trying to water the rose island, and none of the sprinklers were emitting any water. Then I noticed the soil at one end was slowly lifting and heaving! Apparently, when Joe replaced one of those roses, he cut a deep line with his shovel, and the water was just gushing beneath the soil. Not to worry, he'll fix it.

Opiemom, you have my prayers as you go into that emotionally-charged situation with your family. Keep your cool, honey, do not rise to anyone's bait, don't engage. Stay sweet, and remember that there are some things you cannot change. When that's the case, just accept and walk away.

Well, guess I'll rustle up some grub around here. Wish I had a couple of pork chops. I'd fry them up, make a little gravy and a pot of grits, and I'd be all set. I don't want them badly enough to go to the store and get them, though. Maybe another day.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60455: Awww, thanks, MDC. You're very kind, but it's easy to talk about God's grace. --Romeena

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60456: I think we're about to have REVIVAL here on this porch, folks! I love what I am hearing. Romeena, when you started stating the simplicity of the gospel..."virgin born, really lived, really died, really rose on the third day, and really reigns in heaven today...", it hit my spirit and caused those rivers of living water to spring up in my soul and I wanted to shout! So beautiful, the truth of the gospel. Thank you Jesus!

I appreciate it so much when you all share your testimonies about what you believe and what Jesus has done for me. It blesses me beyond words. I remember when I attended an Assembly Of God church, along time ago, once in awhile on a Sunday night we would have a "testimony service" and they were always my favorite. People would just stand one after another and tell what God had done for them. Talk about a blessing! Wish we had those in the Baptist Church now.

Been a beautiful day here in South Texas! Cool and sunny, so we had a cook-out on the homestead and invited some friends. The sky was crystal clear and you could see the glory of the stars. Wish you could have been there with me.

Well, wish I could stay longer but one of the children needs me. Have a great Mayberry evening!


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60457: Haha, just re-read my post and noticed that I said, "what Jesus has done for me" instead of "what Jesus has done for you"! Funny.


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60458: Oh, prayers for your mother, and for you Opiemom.


February 22, 2008 - Msg 60459: Hey, Boo. I remember those "testimony" evenings too, but they took place in the little Baptist church in which I grew up. Thank you so much for calling them to my mind.

What precious memories! Bro. Clary, bald and feeble, who would stand and sing "Oh, How I Love Jesus" in his quavery, old-man's voice. That was his testimony! And Bro. Bradshaw, retired police officer, big and brawny even in his old age. He was everyone's friend, children loved him, adults respected him, and he wouldn't hesitate to tell you what Jesus meant to him. Mom and Pop Gibson - both very old, but still active. He was a retired chiropractor, she had been a homemaker, and was blind since birth. She would go to the piano and play "Amazing Grace", singing as she played, in a voice that had once been a strong soprano, weakened by age but still pretty. They had no children, but more or less "adopted" the children of the church, including me. I often went home with them on Sundays, for a marvelous dinner prepared by Mom, who got around her kitchen as though she had perfect sight. Then she would play the piano and sing, and would allow me to play with the little trinkets in her "what-not cabinet". I never broke one! Later, we would return to church for the evening service and I would rejoin my parents, feeling very special after all the attention I had received from Mom and Pop Gibson.

I remember the young couples of the church, my parents' contemporaries, and have so many memories of the social interaction that took place. I think the things I observed there had a great deal to do with shaping my attitudes and expectations of marriage and life in general. I saw happy couples, committed to each other and to God, just as my own parents were. I remember falling asleep on someone's sofa, lulled by the soft click of dominoes and the gentle conversation. Even the occasional excited shout as someone made a grandstand play didn't bother me - I felt very secure in that world. Loving parents, church, family, friends - all of this made up the little cocoon in which I grew up. I can only pray that these same things are taking place for the children of today, but I very much fear that they're more the exception than the rule. We live in a different world.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60460:
Hello porch family....Can only rock for a minute. But love what I'm seeing on the post concerning our faith.

Ro...just scheduled your church for a concert on Thursday night, Oct.16th,2008. Can't wait to see ya again.

Tom....loved the poem. Thanks buddy.

Boo....I agree with you...I love to hear folks bragging on what God has done in their life. We need to do that more.

Well folks I would love to chat a little longer but I need to get to bed. You all have a blessed night and ask God to give you the chance to brag on Him tomorrow. I know I sure will. HE loves us so much!
Prayers for all the porch family!

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60461:
Hey there Ro....didn't see ya!

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60462: Well hey gang...been busy here at the dog house...sorry about the "no post"..maude you been feeding this bunch?..hey Rev,CHUCK,Tom,ro,boo,mavis,ct,possum and all...well just got back from my date with miss sherry...gosh had to wait and hour and 10 min to eat!...do yall have Texas road house" steak houses?..good but the wait ...shew...well a co-worker called and wants off tomorrow so OT for me! 6am to 6 pm...will holler at yall from work in the morning...prayers ...SPOT

February 22, 2008 - Msg 60463:
Hey Spot....Texas Roadhouse is one of my favorites. I love the smothered grilled chicken with sweet potato and ceasar salad. We may eat there tomorrow. Don't work too hard brother.

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60464: I might have given you the wrong impression somewhere along the way, MDC. But no harm done.
While I did fall away from my church during a period of deep questions, and yes, maybe even rebellion, my upbringing did not cause it. My parents are ardent church-goers, and my mom especially is very active in it; she was PCCW(Parish Council of Catholic Women) president for two years(and then vice-president, as they wanted her to be in there longer) and a long-time member of the choir. She is still active and is on the Liturgy committee, among the other things she volunteers for.
So believe-you-me we were taught right from wrong from a Biblical perspective all our lives(to say nothing of those eight years in Catholic elementary school). Maybe that is why I rebelled, I don't know.
But my parents weren't even that strict, Catholic-family stereotype speaking. When I decided to leave the church, my mom didn't like it, but just said fine, you're old enough to make those decisions now. But that's how she was. She really went by the grace of God, I think, and had faith that all the things she taught me and that I learned in church would stay with me.
I am so glad I had that foundation. If not, that period of "rebellion" might have just gone on forever, and I would be lost. But even during that period, I still knew what was right and wrong, in even just the vaguest situation, and I credit my religious education for most of that.

All that said, it seems we might not have found our new church after all, and it has my MIL written all over it(you remember her, don't you MDC?!).
Yes, it seems she has a thing against Baptists, and apparently she has been trying to talk her daughter out of going to the Baptist church. My wife told me that her mom said that Baptists were about as bad as the Pentecostals. Now, I don't know too much about the Pentecostal church, but I am pretty sure that Baptists don't speak in tongues like they do, nor I don't think they are as fervent in their practices. Not that I have anything against Pentecostals, mind you, I just don't think I would be comfortable with some of their practices.
I am sorry for speaking ill of my MIL, especially after what I said above, but I just wish she would MHOB. Now she has my wife thinking we should look into other churches, when WE both found something we like in our little Baptist church here. And besides that, Kai loves it. It seems like a good thing all around, and I don't really see a need or want to change it.
It's the same thing as when WE had decided to name one of my brother's as Kai's guardian(should anything happen to us, and it was my wife's idea to go with him, btw), but when MIL found out that she wasn't to be named guardian, she went ballistic, at first, and then hit my wife with the biggest load of guilt trip ever to be unleashed on a person. You would've thought she was Catholic(you know, we do guilt so well;)).
Well, I am just hoping and praying that my wife can see the sense in keeping with this church that we both seem to like(that doesn't happen very often around here; us both liking something.:))

Everyone have a nice evening.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60465: Great mercy, Sterling, with a MIL like that, and a wife unwilling to stand up to her, you just don't have much of a chance. It can't come from you, obviously. The more you try to take a stand, the more problems you'll have. It's got to come from your wife. Somewhere along the line, she's got to grow a spine and realize that she's in charge of her own life, not her mother. I wonder what would happen if you tried a little reverse psychology. All innocence, not a hint of sarcasm, of course. A question arises, a situation, a decision to be made. You express some concerns, mention some alternatives, then say something like, "Well, I really don't know. Maybe we should run it by your mom and get her opinion before we try to decide. She always seems to know the right thing for us to do." This would be especially effective if it's something your wife actually has strong feelings about, and which her mom would not agree with. Then you just stand aside and let them lock horns. At some point, in gallant defense of your wife, you would encourage her to make her own decision and let mom get used to the idea.

"It might work."

"Yeah, but it might not."

I never had a MIL problem, mine is a gem. My own mother had plenty of opinions, but didn't give them unless asked, and then hushed and didn't pursue the matter. I observed and learned, and have always tried very hard to support the in-laws, to keep my opinions to myself, and even if asked, I often will just ask leading questions and let the kids make up their own minds.

My kids have made good choices, and some bad ones, but at least they don't run when they see me coming.

Hey, REV, that's good news! I'm really looking forward to that time at my church. It would be wonderful if Mrs. Rev could be with you on that trip, I'd love to meet her.

Well, Starr and I are headed for the ironing board. She has been in here rubbing her cold, wet little nose on my ankle, which means she's tired and wants to go to bed. She can't get up there by herself though, she's too short, so she comes to me for help. Precious little thing.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena