February 23, 2008 - Msg 60466: Rev I allways get the steak at the road house but will try the chicken next time!...those rattlesnake bites are good too!..well lets all meet at cracker barrel this morning...er-well im at work but will call and have them put the bill on my credit card for all yall!...will meet for lunch...back fwith the menu in a bit...whoever is clostest to me here in kennesaw ga swing by and bring me a breakfast plate ok?...well Good sat to all....SPOT

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60467: WOW have not sweep in a while...work,work,work..must have a clean porch!..SPOT

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60468: Sterling, I am mad! Your comments dug particularly deep at me because my mom used to be very much like you mother-in-law (after her stroke she changed) but she knew how to throw a guilt trip like no other. When I became and adult and left the nest, she just couldn't accept it and tried to manipulate me. I wasn't the type to take it and stood up to her but it only threw fuel on the fire and caused alot of hard feelings over the years. I don't know how it would be with your mom-in-law but your wife probably has a good idea of what will happen if she stands up to her. I know how hard it is. Boy, my mom really put me through it when I left the Methodist church!

Is your mom-in-law Mormon? She might have alot of misconceptions about Baptists (and Pentecostals...I've been both and both can be good). Maybe if you invite her to church, pick her up and take her with you and let her see how much Kai loves it, she will soften up...just a thought.

Ro, those are childhood memories you have never shared with us. I really enjoyed them. I hope I have created that kind of "cacoon" for my children. I think I have. They are surrounded by lots of our church friends and love their church. You are right, though, many children don't have that these days...everybody is in such a hurry and working more hours than our parents are and church just isn't important to most Americans anymore. You made me remember an elderly woman in the church I started attending with my sister and her husband when I was 19. It was a small Assembly Of God and it was so much fun. The people really loved each other in that church! And "Granny" had been a long-time member. She was 100 years old when she went to be with the Lord. Just a frail, little woman with long hair that she swept up into a bun. I used to love to sit with her in church and she would hold my hand. I remember how soft it was. She was ready to go be with Jesus and when her time came, we weren't so sad, we were very happy for her. That's the way it should be, I guess, when someone lives to be 100.

So REV is coming to your church, Ro. That's great. Maybe I'll sneak off and drive up your way and we can go together.

Well, better go spend some time with Erin.


February 23, 2008 - Msg 60469: Lunch Time! [a little late]..grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup...bev of your choose....slow here at work...back in a bit...Rev are you gona visit Ro"s Church?..good deal...SPOT

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60470: Didn't mean to get your dander up, Boo.

Yes, she is Mormon. Well, actually from what my wife said, she was excommunicated from that church for living in sin. But I know she still holds to the Mormon beliefs(doesn't practice them much) and I am sure she expects her daughter, and Kai, to be Mormon, just because.
I would invite her to our church, but she lives in Indiana and doesn't come up here all that often anymore(a blessing;)).
So, since you were both, maybe you could give me some idea of the differences between Baptists and Pentecostals, just so I can relay that knowledge to my wife.

Well, I'm on my lunch and have to get back to work. Have a good day, everyone. It's nice out here.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60471: Sterling, don't give up .... with this kind of battle going on, it sounds like the enemy of your soul has gotten his dander up which usually means your doing something right. Kai and your wife (and you) are worth the battle, which with God's help you will win.

Spot, lunch (as always) sounds GREAT! I'll take a Pepsi with mine.

Rev, your going to Ro's church? Where is it? What flavor of Gospel Music to do you sing? Comtemporary, Southern Gospel, or something else?


February 23, 2008 - Msg 60472: Hey, Sterling. I know your question was directed to Boo, and I'm sure she can give you some great insights, but may I weigh in briefly in defense of Baptists? Apparently a sticking point for your MIL is the charismatic thing, the "tongues" issue. While it's true that some Baptist churches are charismatic, most are not. It's not promoted by the Baptist General Conventions, but since each Baptist church is an autonomous body, if a church chooses to participate in that activity, I don't suppose they'd be excluded. There are charismatic (tongues-speaking) congregations to be found these days in just about every denomination, including the Catholic church. It has not been a part of my worship experience, personally. The Bible says it's just one of the gifts of the Spirit, is not to be actively sought, nor valued above the other gifts, and is to be practiced under some pretty specific guidelines, which are spelled out in the scripture.

So, if your MIL is thinking that you're going to all be speaking in tongues if you go to a Baptist church, she's quite mistaken. That's a choice that would be strictly up to you, and most likely wouldn't even come up in the average Baptist congregation.

I hope this helps a little. --Romeena

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60473: Wow, Chuck, what a great observation! That should make Sterling feel better. "The enemy of your soul has gotten his dander up"! I love it! That goes along with what one of our youth camp preachers used to say - "If the devil isn't working on you, could it be because he figures he's already won?" --Romeena

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60474: Hey gang..its a cook out at the dog house tonight...whole checkens on the grill [lemon pepper and bbq] baked beans,tater salad,corn on the cob.and of for sure Big Maude slaw...sweet and un-sweet tea,h20...will somebody bring a cake for desert/..we will make some homemade ice cream...well back in a bit...headed home at 6pm..then off till wed night...12 hrs's OT today will help with barn materials.....prayers..SPOT

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60475: Wow, Spot, that supper sounds good. I'll bring a cake. German chocolate okay with everyone? --Romeena

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60476: Good word, Chuck, and I agree. Prayers for Sterling and his family in this spiritual battle.

Romeeena is right, most churches are pretty free to practice as they wish in the Baptist church and they are all invidual. Some are formal, some very laid-back, some more charasmatic but not much of that have I observed. I am wondering if your mom-in-law might be talking about The United Pentecostal Church, which, from what I know of it is more legalistic (no make-up, dresses only on the women, no jewelry, women don't cut their hair, etc.). The church I attended, as I said before was Assembly Of God but called itself Pentecostal because it still believed in and practiced the gifts of the Spirit listed in Corinthians. There was speaking in tonges, words of prophecy given, the laying on of hands for the sick, and so on. They believe the same as Baptists about Jesus being the son of God and the way of salvation but Pentecostals tend to believe that once a person receives salvation, they have to "stay saved", so to speak. Most believe you can lose your salvation, while most Baptist believe in the eternal security of the believer (or "The perseverance of the Saints", as the doctrine is called, I think). Both believe the bible to be the inspired word of God, so not alot of differences really exist in my opinion.

Keep fighting the good fight, Sterling. Insist on Kai being in a church that teaches the bible. Lord be with your family.


February 23, 2008 - Msg 60477: You're right, Boo. Baptists believe in the security of the believer. Once saved, always saved. Of course, the question is always asked - what about people who profess Christianity, then later "convert" to Islam or some such? The answer is absurdly simple - that person was never a true, Christ-trusting, born-again believer in the first place. Many people call themselves Christians, who have no earthly idea what that really means. To a lot of people, it simply means they're not anything else, so they must be Christians. I've heard several people say, "Well, I guess I'm a Christian, my parents took me to church once in a while." You don't "guess" you're a Christian. If you really are, you know it, no question.

Now, can one fall away from leading a Christian life? Certainly, and many do. That doesn't mean that they won't go to heaven, but it does mean that their capacity to enjoy and appreciate the joys of heaven will be diminished, will not be as great as if they had allowed their spirit to grow and flourish in God's love.

I believe any true Christian who slips into a life that is not pleasing to God, is not going to be happy and will be uncomfortably aware that they're outside of God's will. You think your mama can lay a guilt trip on you? It ain't nothing compared to what God can do! Therefore, anyone who can live an unrepentant sinful life, and feel no guilt about it at all, just simply wasn't saved in the first place. God will not allow His children to be comfortable outside His will. I know whereof I speak.

Again, that's my take on things. We all see things through the lens that God gives us, and that's how I see it. --Romeena

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60478: TRIVIA TIME.

In real life who lived next door to the mansio where the Beverly Hillbilles was filmed?


February 23, 2008 - Msg 60479: I have no idea, Tom, but it had to be somebody who had a huge pile of money. --Romeena

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60480: Romeena, feel free to weigh in with your thoughts anytime. That goes for the rest of you too. I like to get other's opinions and expertise. I may learn something new.

Thanks for the inspiration, Chuck!

That's what I am afraid of, Boo, that we'll go to one of these watered-down churches that don't teach the Bible, and nary anything else, and if my wife likes it, I would just be thinking that it is because her mom doesn't have a problem with it. But actually I think her mom wouldn't be happy unless we were all Mormon.

Wife is still thinking we should maybe try other churches, to not "exclude" any other good ones out there(I think it is still just because her mom stuck her nose in where it doesn't belong). Not that I don't think there aren't other good churches out there. But since we both liked this one right away, I see no reason to mess with success.
Well, we'll see what happens tomorrow. Thanks for all your help and support. It means a lot, it really does.

I don't know the answer to your trivia question, either, Tom.
Maybe Buddy Ebsen lived there? ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60481: No Sterling Buddy Ebesen.
He was a acter.


February 23, 2008 - Msg 60482: I know, Tom.
It was a long-shot that I just threw out there. :) I figured that maybe someone from the Beverly Hillbillies really lived there.

Can you give us a hint?

-Sterling Holobyte

February 23, 2008 - Msg 60483:
Hello porch family. Hope you all had a blessed day.

Sterling....a lot of good advice given. Buddy you just need to really pray and seek God's guidance in this situation. I will certainly continue to pray. Let's just pray that your wife's heart and mind be open to to receive HIS will as to where HE would have you to go. And also that God would tie the "hands" of your MIL so she could not influence your choices.

Chuck....yep, I'll be at Ro's church in October. As for my style...It's pretty much Christian Country. You can go to my website and hear samples at www.rockymorrismusic.com Check it out and find out a little about the ministry.

Boo...that would be great if you could make it to the concert. That would be so neat getting together and getting to meet you.

Spot.....well brother I made it to the Texas Roadhouse tonight. Thought about ya man. I got the smothered chicken again and it was great.

Well time for bed. Prayers for all the porch family. Remember Jesus loves you so much....enough that He gave His whole life for you! Thank You Jesus!

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60484: Good evening, all. Just passing by on my way to the ironing board. Feeling a bit tired this evening.

Sterling, if your MIL is Mormon, I'll guarantee you she won't be happy with her family being anything else. I don't know a lot about the Mormon church, but my experience with Mormon friends has been that they generally feel that I won't be saved because I'm not Mormon. Not being Mormon means that I don't accept the Book of Mormon as being another Word from God, and that puts me out of the realm of the saved. I've read the 13 Articles of Faith of the Mormon Church, and don't find much to disagree with, with the definite exception of the references to Joseph Smith and his revelations from Moroni, the golden plates and Smith's translation of them, which resulted in the Book of Mormon. The first six or so of the articles could easily be describing any Baptist church I've ever known - Christ is the Son of God, etc. Then Smith and the book of Mormon appear, and things digress. Certainly I could be misinformed, or under-informed, but I'm pretty sure that your MIL's sincere belief is that you just MUST be a Mormon to make it to heaven.

There's something about ancestry, lineage, marriages made in heaven and such, that carries deep importance as well. You don't exactly inherit your salvation, in their belief, but I think it comes pretty close. This is why any student of genealogy relies heavily on the records kept by the Mormons, because they're very precise. Genealogy and the continuity of the family line are very precious to them. Thus, if you and your wife should fall away, your MIL would be very concerned about Kai. You have to understand how she must feel, if she truly believes what her church teaches. I'd be a bit upset if my son and DIL decided to start taking my grandsons to a mosque!

So, my dear Sterling, you are on the horns of a dilemma. What most certainly feels like meddling and invasion to you, may feel like genuine concern and fear for the soul of her grandchild, to your MIL. My brother, you do indeed need our prayers. God bless you. --Romeena

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60485: Yes, it would be great to meet you, REV. We'll see if I can make it.

Very well said (about Baptists, Ro). I think you are probably right on. Being on both sides of the fence I can say that the Lord began teaching me about grace back in about 2004 and the course lasted about 2 years. What an eye-opener when the Lord started opening the scripture to me concerning His great salvation. It was like reading Paul's epistles for the first time. I now know that I am saved and kept by his grace and that I have a great high priest in heaven named Jesus who is more than able to preserve His own. You are so right about being miserable in sin! I had a few years in my late 20's when I was not faithfully attending church and was sinning (miserably). It was by far the worst years of my life. It was much worse than anything I had been through before becoming a Christian. Here I am now, though, still one of the sheep. Not from anything I have done, but because he continued to pursue and bring about His will in my life. I certainly thank Him for it. I also think you are right about not everyone who appears to be a Christian, being a Christian. I saw that first hand a few weeks back in my own church. People who had been attending for years, confessing that they weren't saved until now. Wow, that really got me to thinking.

I still have never been to the Texas Roadhouse, REV. We have one in Corpus but I have never been to it. Guess I need to try it.

Good for you, Sterling (about wanting a church that teaches the word), you stay strong in what you know is right, Brother. Prayers.

Have Karen's kids staying the night and we watched some old movies I had taken with my video camera of all the kids when they were babies and camping trips, birthdays together. It was sweet and sad seeing Karen so young and healthy then. I'm sure I will dream about her tonight..hope they are sweet dreams.

Better go try to get some sleep before getting up and getting everyone ready for church in the morning.

APB for Hazel, Merri Weather, Charlotte and ASA.


February 24, 2008 - Msg 60486: Bro Rev...I'll have to check out your site later. As for Christian Country, my favorites were the Mid South Boys, along with the Maneul Family Band...Also, I consider David Patillo a friend...ever heard any of these?


February 24, 2008 - Msg 60487: I'm still here. A bit concerned because I fear I've sounded like I'm beating up on the Mormons with my comments, and that's not my intent at all. I confess I'm a bit confused about the implications of what we non-Mormons consider to be "additions" to God's word, in the form of the book of Mormon. However, as I said, if you read the Articles of Faith of Mormonism, you'll find that it starts out with a flat statement of the role of Christ as God's son and our Savior. Hmmm. That seems pretty much in line with what I believe as well - I just don't know what to do with the additional things - the lineage of the saved, and such. Any Mormons out there who wish to contribute? Asa, aren't you Mormon, or am I mistaken? --Romeena

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60488: Romeena, I do have issues with any religion that doesn't accept the deity of Jesus Christ. If a denomination doesn't teach the trinity, then I'm not sure you are really coming to the true God of the Bible.

If there are Mormons on the porch, I apologize if I offend you, but I make no apology for my stand that on Christ is the ONLY foundation on which we can build.

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60489: The above post was me.

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60490: Yes, I believe there were some Mormons on the porch, but I doubt very much if there are anymore.
- Hazel

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60491: Your point is well taken, Hazel. I have said too much, and if I have offended anyone, I apologize. That was not my intent. In my own defense, I do have to say once again, that in my understanding of Mormonism, there is no question of the deity of Jesus. Once more, I'd refer you to their Articles of Faith. This can easily be found by Googling "Mormon Beliefs." Amazing what can be found on the net these days.

I'd also add that I have encountered many people who believe that Baptists think no one will go to heaven but Baptists, and that's simply not true. There are many misconceptions out there. I was taught as a child that Catholics think the same thing - that non-Catholics are not saved - and there may have been a time when that was true - one must be a good Catholic, current on confession and communion, to go to heaven - but I think few, if any, Catholics believe that now.

Hazel is right, we have sailed into rough water, and I think I'm very much at fault. May I propose that we confine ourselves to basics, and try to avoid doctrinal differences? The majority of us believe in God, though a few may not accept Jesus as God's son, but it has been my experience with my Jewish friends that we can co-exist most pleasantly. If there are others who do not believe in either God or Jesus, then I'm sure they won't mind if we do, and probably won't object if we pray for them, if it's done gently. If something doesn't exist, it can't hurt you, right?

Most of us have each other's email addresses, or can get them, and perhaps the deeper discussions could be carried out in that format. It can always be a group thing if we wish, thanks to the cc function.

Hazel, once again, I apologize. In Andy's words, "I guess I've done it again, huh?"

Be blessed, all --Romeena

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60492: No, we have talked about this before and Asa is not Mormon. He has Mormon frieds but he isn't Mormon. There aren't any Mormon folks on the porch that I know of.

Ro, as far as not discussing differences, I think you were friendly enough in what you said and don't know why anyone would take offense. Why should we be so insecure that we can't even discuss our differences? Sometimes it's a very good thing, it all depends on the spirit in which things are said, I think. It didn't sound to me that you were attacking Mormons...just my opinion.


February 24, 2008 - Msg 60493: Also, remember that the reason these things were being discussed in the first place was because we are trying to help a friend who is going through some difficulty finding a church home for his family.


February 24, 2008 - Msg 60494: Good SundaY to everyone, Thought I would stop by for a minute or two today.

Been busy and had a lot on my mind so I have not been around for a few days.

A very good friend of my families was killed in a car accident last Tuesday. He was 67. He and his wife were driving back from Nashville and a lady(who was also killed in the accident)pulled out in front of them, basically t-boned the driver door. The accident broke his arm and ruptured his aorta. His wife was injured but will recover physically. Such a sad loss for his family and many of us in the community. He had owned a community pharmacy for 38 years. He retired about 5 years ago but worked some in the Pharmacy where my husband works. He and his wife lived in my neighborhood when I was growing up so I babysat for their sons and did odd jobs for her. He gave my brother his first job in the drug store when he was able to work for about 9 years or so. Seems like a bad dream. He was truly a great father, husband, freind, neighbor, colleague and was one of those pharmacist you could call and would go in after hours and fill a prescrition for you. PLease member them in your prayers. The graveside service is this afternoon.

Hope all is well with everyone. I will try and check in later.

Blessings to all.

Big Maude

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60495:
I think I'll go down to the drugstore and buy a bottle of pop.


February 24, 2008 - Msg 60496:
If anyone else wants one, just holler.
(They're on SPOT).


February 24, 2008 - Msg 60497: Oh sure, Boo, blame me. ;) Just kidding.
But actually that was kind of what I was going to say; I was the one who did bring Mormon's into the equation. Romeena isn't at fault here for giving her view. All I know is that I have some serious apprehensions with some of what the Mormons believe, and it goes deeper than "lineage of the saved".
I would like it very much if someone who is Mormon could enlighten me on whether some of the stuff I have heard on radio programs, read in the library, or researched on the internet is indeed what Mormons believe and teach.
Like, what are the different statuses of the Mormon system and do Mormons really believe(as Joseph Smith did) that God was once a man, and therefore one can aspire to be a God themself?
And that one is one of the biggest problems I have with it. Seems to smack right in the face of the First Commandment.
Do they really believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers? And why?
Do they really believe in three levels of Heaven, where the really devote Mormons go to the 1st heaven, lax Mormons and people of other faiths go to the second level, and murderers, thieves, etc go to the bottom level of Heaven?

I ask these questions with a sincere wonderment, and with no offense intended. The Mormon people I have come into contact with, including the elders that sometimes go door to door, have always been nice, respectful people(with the possible exception of my MIL);). It's just some of their doctrines I have a problem with.

On a side note, Ro, in all my years in Catholic grade school, going to church, and being in a Catholic family, not once was I told that only Catholics go to Heaven. :)
As you said, alot of misconceptions out there. Maybe some are mine pertaining to the Mormon faith.

Oh, by the way - although my wife was scared that if we went a second time, we would be expected to go there every time - we did go back to our Baptist church again today. And once again we all liked it. That Pastor has a way with words, that's for sure. His sermons are always interesting and meaningful. They always make me reflect.

That's terrible about your friend and that lady, Big Maude. My prayers go out to them.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60498: Prayers for you and your family, and the family of the dear man who lost his life. God be with you at this terribly difficult time.

Hey Sterling, I can't comment alot on the Mormon faith. Sounds like the Book of Mormon contains many things that aren't exactly mainstream Christianity.

Glad you all enjoyed church today.


February 24, 2008 - Msg 60499: Thanks, Boo, you make me feel a bit better. I just don't ever want to run over someone's feelings or cause hurt to anyone here. I do still think that deeper discussions might be better carried out by email, though. Sometimes what is intended as an answer to someone's question may sound like an attack to someone else.

Sterling, don't forget that my memories of what I was taught regarding the beliefs of the Catholic church date back to the 40s and 50s, and were based on the church as it existed in heavily-Hispanic San Antonio. A great many of the people there are heavily influenced by the campesinos (country folk) of Mexico. Those people are Mayan descendents, and although they are Catholic, there is still a lot of folk practice, Maya Indian ritual and superstitious belief involved. To this day, in San Antonio one would not dare admire or compliment a new baby without also touching it. To just offer a verbal compliment is to invite the attention of evil spirits, but the spirit can be warded off by laying a hand on the child at the same time. Yes, many educated paople still believe that, though they are reluctant to admit it. So you can see that what I was taught about Catholicism in San Antonio in the middle of the last century may be very different from what you were taught, and different from the mainstream teaching today.

Big Maude, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That's a terrible tragedy, one that will be very hard for the widow to get over. Prayers for that family, and you as their friend, certainly.

I went over to Eloise's for lunch today, and my son and DIL and grandsons were there, of course, as well as their dog, Bentley. I wish you could have seen tiny, 4-lb Starr playing with big old goofy 45-lb Bentley. She runs straight at him, nips at his face, he bats her gently with a big fluffy paw, then they chase each other all over the house. One will get a toy, and toss it at the other, then one will grab it and run and the chase is on again. It's just a hoot! They make more commotion than the little boys.

Well, guess I'll run. I'm going to try to duplicate that Zuppa Toscana that Olive Garden serves, and I think I can. I'll let you know how it turns out. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60500: Ha! I Googled the soup recipe, found it, and it's just exactly what I had figured out. Guess I'll go make it - it's pretty easy. --Romeena

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60501:
Hey Folks,

I not sure how a person can make it through the day if Romeena's word offending anyone. Let's remember stating a fact and deriding someone are two separate avenues. If someone has been hurt by the manner in which Mormonism has been discussed here, well, I'd venture to guess that they were not firm in their beliefs to begin with. The best part, for me, here on the porch is they discussion with like minded adults. I know I have inadvertently hurt feelings here in the past (I am still sorry for that) but I can honestly say that, other than the time Boo was being bullied a while back, I have never left the porch hurt or mad.

Ok, that being said and with Sterling accepting full responsibility for all of this trouble he has caused (hehe)how about a little joke?

This is an oldie but a goodie. Our Pastor told this to us during church (a Baptist church).
There was this fellow how had recently died and when he arrived in heaven Saint Peter was there to greet him. Welcome he said, let me show you where you'll be staying. He took the man to a great house with many rooms. They came to the first room and they looked through the window in the door. The people inside were having a fine time, some kneeling in prayer, others hugging each other. Those are the Catholics, Peter said, great people. Then they came to a second door and looked through the window, the people inside were signing hymns and chatting with each other. Those are the Methodists, Peter said, never a problem. Then they came to a third door in the great house. Peter told the man to look inside the window but not to make any noise. Shhh, Peter said, those are the Baptists. We have to be quite because they think they are the only ones here. haha

I have always considered myself a Baptist and that was simply a joke told to our congregation by our Baptist minister. I was just hoping to make someone smile.

Big Maude-Prayers! How sad!

God Bless,

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60502: this porch had falled off the deepend

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60503: Thanks for your prayers everyone.

Big Maude

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60504:
Hello porch family....I pray you all had a great worship day.

Wow....a deep conversation today. But I agree with auh2o and Boo....No way can I see where Ro's coments could have offended anyone no matter what their faith may be. Folks let's get real, if you are not confortable enough in your belief to be able to respond to someone who may question or not agree with the way you believe, then maybe you need to learn more about what you believe. Like Chuck posted, I too have problems with some beliefs of certain groups and I'm sure they have a problem with what I believe. But am I offended?.....absolutely not. It just gives me the opportunity to share what I believe. If I'm ashame of what I believe then my believe is pretty weak. I guess what I'm trying to say is it doesn't mater if it's Mormon, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, etc., just be willing to stand up for what you believe and don't get so bent out of shape if someone questions your belief. If you're offended, then your belief can't be too grounded in the first place. I truly say that in Christian love.

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60505: Hey, auh2o, I love your story! If we can't laugh at ourselves, it's a sad world indeed.

I agree, Tom, we do seem to have gone off the deep end, but that's how it is with families, I guess. Sometimes we're light-hearted and silly, and have a lot of fun, and other times someone has a concern or a question, and we all say how we feel, hoping it will help the one who needs it.

Tomorrow night, I have to return to work. I do not want to go, but I have no choice. So, I'll do what I must. I feel really guilty, whining about working just two nights a week, and I know I should be thanking God for the fact that I have a job that pays well and provides many benefits. Still, I don't want to go. It's not that I mind working - I don't. I mind leaving home! If I could just find something I could do from home that would pay me what I make at the hospital, I'd snap at it. I'd even put in more hours to make the same money if necessary. I just love being at home, and hate to leave. Having little Starr isn't making it any easier, either. She is extremely attached to me, and literally grieves when I leave her. Still, I guess she's just going to have to get over it, just as I am.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60506: Thanks, REV, and I think you're right. I really don't believe anyone was offended, but Hazel's gentle, tongue-in-cheek comment made me wonder. I know I can be sharp at times - not necessarily something I'm proud of - and I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

By the way, Boo, it occurs to me that I never responded to your mention of coming up here in October when REV is here. I think that's a great idea, and would be very happy to see you. Anybody else in driving distance from Dallas - be aware that you'd be welcome, too. If he has enough time in his schedule, maybe we can all meet for dinner, or come by the house for a while, or something. What fun!!

Well, this time I'm headed for bed. Starr is a pooped pup, after playing with Bentley all afternoon. They had such fun. --Romeena

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60507: Oh, wait -- the event REV will be singing for IS a dinner! You'd all be welcome, believe me. It's held in our fellowship hall at church, and the food is always good. It's sometimes catered, but is usually potluck, and you know how good that can be! --Romeena

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60508:
Chuck....you mentioned the Mid South Boys. I was booked with them for a concert some years back. We had a great time together. Very talented group of guys. They always reminded me of a Christian version of the group, Restlest Heart. Larry Stewart of Restlest Heart produced most of Mid South's recordings.

Maude....prayers for that family. That's so sad.

Spot...you off for a few days brother? Enjoy

Ro....The soup sounds good but does it have tomatos in it? If it does, I guess I'll have to watch ya'll eat it.

Well, I better get going. Gotta get some things done before bed. Of course one of those things to do is pray to my wonderful Lord. And you can be assured that you guys are in those prayers. HE loves us all so much! And so do I!

February 24, 2008 - Msg 60509:
OK Boo....you heard Ro and I'm not accepting any excuses. You have a reserved seat at the concert.
And any other of you Texas folks.

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60510: TOM....I didn't knowt that bit of trivia. I love the Andy Griffith episode that Buddy Ebsen played in. Some of his greatest acting right there.
A few episodes of The Beverly Hillbllly's was actually shot at Branson's Silver Dollar City, and a bit of coincedence for me, the day Buddy Ebsen died, I was at Silver Dollar City, and there first heard the news just several yards where they shot footage of the Bev Hillbillys episodes.
Thanks for the trivia.

SPOT, what's for breakfast???

Rev....I listened and enjoyed the available songs links on your website. They kind of reminded me of Del Way. Keep up the good work!

Boo, I've been enjoying your post. You help to keep me in line!

God Bless All, and just know that Barney's patrolling the neighborhood with Gomer riding shotgun!


February 25, 2008 - Msg 60511: What was the answer to the Beverly Hillbilly trivia question? I missed it...

Ha, you're welcome, Chuck.

Sorry you have to go back to work, Ro. Prayers that the adjustment is as easy as possible for you and Starr. Take care of yourself and, thanks for the welcome (concerning October). We shall see what transpires.

Had kind of a tough time with Karen's boy this weekend. He is still grieving so! He called me three time yesterday to talk and last night he was crying so much on the phone that it was hard to understand what he was saying. I just listened and tried to reassure him that it would get better in time. He wants to spend more time with me and keeps saying how he much he loves me and it just tears my heart out. It is very hard to be on the other end of a phone with a crying child. I talked with my pastor and he talked with Zach's Dad about counseling. I am praying her will go through with it. The boy needs all the help he can get. Anyway, I got off that phone and just cried my eyes out for nearly an hour. Just when you think things are getting better, here comes the pain again. I just hurt for that boy, but I'm not going anywhere. How could I? I think back about how my life was a year or two ago, and how quickly things can change. Seems like there have been so many changes in the past year and not good ones (seemingly). I just have so many hurting people in my life now with Karen's children, my mother-in-law, my parents, the girls at the drug rehab. I know it's just life and I know the Lord is getting me through it and could always be much worse. One think I also know is that God will cause all of these things to work out for good in all involved (including me). I do rejoice in that.

Better go Erin up for school. I have a dr's appointment this morning and am supposed to get the results of the comprehensive blood lipid test I had done awhile back. I am interested in seeing what it shows. I'll let ya'll know..


February 25, 2008 - Msg 60512: Good morning, all. Speaking of the Beverly Hillbillies, in the past few days they've shown the episodes where Jethro is living out all these fantasy roles - one day he's Robin Hood, then he was General Patton. Most of the action in these shows has taken place in a park area, with a lake that very closely resembles the lake that appears in so many TAGS eps. In several scenes, there is a sign that says "Griffith Park", but that doesn't necessarily mean it was actually filmed there. (Incidentally, Griffith Park has nothing to do with our Andy - it was named for the man who donated the land, and it wasn't Andy.) I'm just wondering if the studio used the same area for the Hillbillies scenes that was used in the TAGS eps, or if the Hillbillies shots actually were made in Griffith Park? Anybody know?

Well, my landscaper friend will be here shortly to fix that broken water line, so guess I'd better get dressed. I'd hate for him to walk into my back yard, with me sitting here at my window in my nightgown! (Read "big t-shirt".)

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60513: You know, Boo, I think God must have a lot of faith in YOU to give you all that you have on your plate right now. I think He knows He gave it to the right person. He knows you better than anyone, after all.

Yeah, Ro, he might think you were flashing him. ;)

Chuck, that's a nice thought. Barney and Gomer tooling around the neighborhood. I wish my town would only need Andy, Barney, and the occasional temporary deputy like Gomer to keep the peace. Though I live in a relatively small town, it seems they're getting a bigger police force all the time. Not that I don't appreciate them; I just wish we didn't need them, you know?!

-Sterling Holobyte

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60514: time is runnig out on the trivia.
In the 70 he was in hot water.


February 25, 2008 - Msg 60515: Romeena... Go here. http://www.radoknews.com/andy-griffith-show-part-2.html It's an interesting site for "Myers Lake". It's near Hollywood.

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60516: Good morning everyone. I'm the one who's supposed to be on the hot seat for shooting off my mouth! Geesh, gone for a weekend and evryone's muscling in on my action.

In all seriousness, I agree with AUH2O about your comments, ROMEENA. It might be the only thing we agree on ;).

I've missed you HAZEL. Did you hear me APBing you last week? Why don't you stop by for a real chat?

TOM: I have no idea, but I"m dying of curiousity so tell us already!

MAUDE: Prayers.

BOO: I'll have some more comments for you later, but please take care of yourself. Remember what they tell you on the plane: if the oxygen mask drops, give yourself oxygen first before your kids. If you do it the other way around, you may not end up being able to help them after all. Simple pragmatism, not a matter of "me first" or selfishness. Good advice.

STERLING: What they said.

The only thing I will add is that I grew up Assemblies of God (Pentecostal). The lack of sceurity in my salvation gave me many a sleepless night as a kid. I was constantly worried when I messed up that if something should happen I would die and go to h*ll. And to my mind, that's a torturous anxiety I cannot imagine God allwoing for a child. God saved me by His grace, in spite of myself. I don't believe He makes mistakes, or would withhold it for the mistakes He knows we will make.

See y'all later.

"We sill have our money, pep, and pelnty of good weather ahead!"

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60517:
RO- I think i heard one time that "Myers lake" was actually Franklin Lake near LA, and that even today one can visit the same road where the opening theme of Andy and Opie was filmed.
Hope all had a blessed Sabbath and are ready for a great week in the Lord.

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60518:
Spot, if i was closer to GA, I'd be there in a sec, my spotty friend. As long as i dont get the hiccups from Aunt bea's potatoes. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60519: Hey, all. Landscaper friend has been here, finished the job, and is gone. He put in another flat of snapdragons for me and spread dry molasses throughout the yard and flowerbeds while he was here. Also he and his helper lifted the big stone slab that bridges the pond and put a couple of re-bar rods beneath it for support. It's a 3-inch thick limestone slab, and probably plenty strong enough, but he was worried about it breaking some day and injuring someone. It won't break now, not with the re-bar under it.

I'm still not feeling very well, and my doctor is keeping me off work at least for another week, until we can get a 24-hr monitor session completed and he can see what's going on. I'm glad, because I really don't feel like going to work tonight. I guess I could do it, but it would take a lot more effort than I want to expend.

Thanks, MDC, I think I had heard that about Franklin Lake. The scenes I really had in mind were the ones where you see the bigger lake, like when the convict took Andy's boat and was trying to escape. That scene, in particular, looked just like one in the Hillbillies, where Mr. Drysdale was wearing a German uniform and rowing across the lake, and Jethro was firing the gun on a tank at him. That lake really looked a lot like the one where the convict was escaping.

The Olive Garden soup turned out just great, as a matter of fact, I think I like it better than what they serve. And no, REV, there are no tomatoes in it. It's actually really good, and I'll be making it again, I'm sure.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60520: Good afternoon all. I hope you made enough to share, ROMEENA ;). Sorry you're feeling poorly, but I'm glad you get to skip school tonight.

I forgot to mention that we had a good old-fashioned family movie night last night. The girls had gone to a dinner theater and seen "The Sound of Music" a few weeks ago for our neice's birthday, and Nora had been wanting to rent it ever since. She had never seen it before and loved it. The Mrs. had never seen the whole thing either. I hated it growing up, probably because my parents watched it every time it was on tv (at least once a year) and since we only that one tv, it was that or nothing. I've come to reappreciate it in my young adulthood (stop snickering, you're as young as you feel).

BOO: I watched a Cary Grant movie called "Room for One More" this weekend. It also goes by the name "The Easy Way" (not sure why). Anyway, it is rarely played on tv and has never been released on video or disc. Cary Grant and Betsy Drake play a couple with three kids that adopt two problem children. It's funny and serious--a really great movie. Anyway, the wife/mom reminds me of you. No necesarily your personality, but your spirit. You should try and catch it if you can. Actually, you can download it from Amazon for like $3 and watch it on your computer. You'd love it.

MDC: I think FLOYD used the road in one of his Christmas cards.


February 25, 2008 - Msg 60521: I have never heard of the Cary Grant movie but would love to see it. I will definetly check it out, thanks.

Glad you are getting a few more days off, Romeena. Wish I could bring over some dessert and we could watch a few TAGS eps tonight.

I got my test results and they weren't that bad...not worse than usual but I do have to continue to try to lose weight because my fasting blood sugar is creeping up. I have a very caring dr who takes good care of me. She's the kind who will sit and listen and make sure she answers all of your questions before she leaves. She is going to do some sort of test soon that takes a sono picture of your coratid arteries and is able to "age" them to tell your risk of disease. I am looking forward at getting a look at my arteries after having this high cholesterol all my life!

Well, lots to do...the sink is full of dishes, the laundry is piling up and I still haven't fixed dinner!


February 25, 2008 - Msg 60522: I'd like to see that movie too. Cary Grant was always a favorite of mine - loved him in "Arsenic and Old Lace". He was one of those great talents who could do both drama and comedy, equally well. Another actor who was surprisingly good at that was Mickey Rooney. Come on over, Boo, and we'll make some cookies or popcorn and watch a movie!

I'm doubly blessed this spring. There's a nest of cardinals somewhere nearby, because I've seen both the male and the female in the yard, and heard them singing. Now there's a pair of mockingbirds as well. The sassy little female has been flitting around the yard for two days, and the pugnacious male has been challenging the neighborhood cats for a while, too. Good - maybe he'll run them off. After finding that headless bluejay on my driveway, I'm seriously at odds with the cats, the dadburn critters. I sure do wish people would keep their cats indoors. Country cats - that's different, of course, but in town cats belong in the house. Shamu comes over from next door, his big old over-fed belly swaying beneath him, and stalks my birds and squirrels! I send him home soaking wet every chance I get.

Well, guess I'll go have a bowl of the leftover soup. Sure is good, and it was so easy to make. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60523:
Hello porch family....Another great day that our Lord made for us.

Thanks Chuck....glad you enjoyed the songs on my site.

Boo....prayers for Zach. That just breaks my heart knowing that a child is hurting in that way.

Ro....glad you're taking a little more time off. It will be good for you. That soup sounds good. You should post the recipe.

M-T.....close your eyes and listen....Judy, Judy, Judy.....now don't that sound just like Cary Grant?

OK Tom....when you tell us the answer?

Spot, MDC and all race fans......Carl was flying today. Man he was untouchable.

You all have a great night and get some rest. Tomorrow is another wonderful day to lift up our Lord to the world. One of the best ways to show our love for Him is to share His love with others.
Prayers for all the porch family. Jesus loves you!

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60524:
Tom...that was supose to say..."when are you going to tell us the answer?"

My brain is in low gear tonight.

February 25, 2008 - Msg 60525: Im going to stay to Friday to see someone can come up what the answer!
He was a star back in 1957 bedtime?


February 25, 2008 - Msg 60526:
Tom....Robert Young?

February 26, 2008 - Msg 60527: Here's that soup recipe:

Fry about a pound of ground, italian-seasoned sausage. If you can't find loose grind, get links and crumble them after frying. Drain grease, if any.

In a big pot, put two cans chicken broth and two cans of water, bring to gentle boil. Toss in half a chopped onion, a few chopped green onions with tops, some minced garlic, and 4-6 medium potatoes, sliced 1/4" thick, not peeled. When taters are soft and breaking up, add sausage, and salt and pepper to taste. Simmer about 15 minutes, add a large dollop of sour cream and about 2/3 cup half and half. Milk won't do, and forget the low fat stuff. Simmer a little longer. About ten minutes before serving, rough chop some kale tops and toss in. It's nice if it's not completely wilted before serving. Trust me, this is good.

You could use any greens, I think, instead of the kale, except maybe turnip greens. They might be a bit strong. Actually, I had some chinese cabbage on hand and used that, but will do the kale next time. You might have to add more water along the way. I'm guessing at the two cans thing - I think that's about what I used. I'm not a "recipe" cook - I just add this and that as needed or as I think of it, or if it's been in the fridge a while and needs to be used up! My husband used to say that supper was an adventure every night. Actually, my soup also had about half a cup of canned mustard greens left over from a day or so ago - I just dumped them in.

The new thing to me was the cream. The internet recipe actually called for heavy cream, but I had half/half on hand, so used that and added the sour cream, and it worked.

I have a friend who makes fried cabbage - you know, fry some bacon, then shred some cabbage and fry it in with the bacon until soft. She adds a big splash of cream to the whole thing before serving, and it's wonderful!

OK, that's the cooking spot for tonight. Be blessed, everyone! --Romeena