March 12, 2008 - Msg 60926:
I'm right here M-T. been busy at work and other things.
BOO- I got a COLD!! Yup, after 6 years, one of the 200 viruses that Romeena talked about got past my oregano-based defense system!! :( However, it only lasted 48 hours! But, boy was i surprised to have runny nose, aches, watery eyes etc. When it started, i increased my ester C, garlic and oregano, and now i am back doing pretty well.
I see that lots of prayer is needed, Erin's family, rehab girls etc.
Ro- my wife saw that play last year--loved it. She tried to take me, but i told her that I had seen it home! ha
M-T- as gov Spitzer would say.... ha
Ya all hang in there.

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60927:
Wow, I swept, so now the who;e world will know! ha

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60928: Good to hear from you, MDC. But I don't think Spitzer is doing much laughing. He better be keeping an eye out for a leg of lamb.

That oregano must be a wonder. It is the secret spice, y'know.


March 12, 2008 - Msg 60929: Cheer up, MDC, the older you get, the fewer colds you get. I haven't had one all year! A few weeks ago I got a little sneezy, throat scratchy, and I started taking echinacea (purple coneflower) and it disappeared, never developed into anything. I think it was a wimpy virus to start with.

I guess the hawk has moved on, because my backyard is a beehive of activity right now. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal have been all over the feeder, which contains black oil sunflower seeds, their favorite. Doves are cleaning up the cracked corn, pigeons are after anything they can find, and smaller birds are darting everywhere. Now and then that annoying little squirrel comes out of nowhere, dashes right through the middle of the crowd of birds, then stops and stands there, tail swishing, and you can just almost hear him laughing. He's such a little stinker, but he's so cute. I say "he", actually there about eight of them out there, but for the most part, for me they're interchangeable, referred to collectively as "the squirrel". With one exception - there's one that is obviously female, obviously expecting, and extremely busy. She's hauling all manner of trash into one of the nest boxes, obviously preparing for a birth, so guess I'll have little juveniles out there in a few weeks. I won't see them until they're nearly grown. Mama Squirrels are strict disciplinarians, and don't hesitate to nip noses that peek out of nest boxes too soon.

Doggone it, my bat house is just swaying in the breeze out there, and has never attracted so much as a single bat. You know how it is - sometimes I like to see a bat! Never have gotten any martins in my martin houses either, but I think it's because they're those gourd houses and there are only two. Martins like to live in larger numbers than that. I need to put up a regular martin apartment house, I think. Maybe I'll do that. Martins and bats - get enough of them around and there will be zero mosquitoes.

Well, off I go again. I feel a nap coming on. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60930: MDC, and anyone interested in what's in our drinking water, check this out:


March 12, 2008 - Msg 60931: Well, I haven't chased the link yet, though I will. However, I can well imagine that one thing in our water will be mercury. And why not? With all the big push for people to use those dumb little corkscrew light bulbs because they're so energy efficient, the mercury contamination is going to skyrocket. Have you read the warnings on those things?? If you break one, you'd better have a hazmat suit ready before you try to clean it up, and then what do you do with what you cleaned up? If one burns out, how do you dispose of it? You don't just put it in the trash, because it will be crushed at the dump and the mercury will enter the ground water.

Personally, I'm going to stick with incandescent bulbs and suffer through paying the extra $20 or so on my energy bill for the year. I prefer the warm light from incandescent bulbs anyway, over the ghoulish green light shed by those corkscrew things. Yes, I have two of them in use. One in my hall bathroom, a light that burns all the time, and one in my living room lamp, which also burns all the time. I don't like for the house to be pitch dark at night, when I'm here alone. If I need to get up, I prefer to be able to see before entering the rest of the house. So, I bought those bulbs and installed them, THEN read all the caveats, and now I wish I'd never heard of them. Incidentally, I bought a three-pack, so I have one left. Anybody want it?? --Romeena

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60932: And Mr. Gore can put that in his smipe and poke it. --Romeena

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60933:
Thomas Edison worked with about 800 different filaments before getting one to burn correctly and for any length of time; so I say why mess with perfection!?
Maybe Mrs Meldelbright will take that third bulb, that little bulbsnatcher! ha
Barn: "6 dollars a week for waht? heartache, that's what!"
Andy: Barney, you're gassed. This cider's turned hard!
M-T-- you could ask Otis what's in the water. ha
Maybe spitzer can blame his woes on all of Bob Dole's drug in the water! haha

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60934: Good afternoon porch, hope all is well this afternoon. Just home from work and sat myself down for a minute.

Thinking about supper... just thinking not "doing"
anything about it at this point.

Again, thanks for your kindness and prayers for Erins family. This young girl touched many many people over the 3 weeks of her illness and she was
in a drug induced coma for the entire time. Somehow I feel she knew she what she was doing and the impact her Christian witness had on people.

It is beautiful day here, warmer and sunny. Race fans are rolling in. I saw many big campers coming into the area as I drove home.

I usually do not comment much on political issues and happenings but "Boy, that Mr. Spitzer sure is Dumb" as Gomer would say. Bad choices and now very bad consequences for him. I feel sorry for his family..

Ok, guess I can come up with a dinner menu now:
Meet me at Olive Garden!! Hows that for an quick fix middle of the week meal!

It is good to see everyone, prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60935: Hope I don't get voted off the porch, but I like those curly bulbs. I hate changing light bulbs and so I like the fact that they last for years.

I also like my cell phone. I don't use it while driving or answer it in inappropriate places, but it certainly has helped my hubby and I keep track of our schedules of which one of us is picking up which child where. I also like it on car trips. I feel safer with a way to call if I need help.


OK now I've voiced my unpopular opinion hope I'm still welcome. :-)

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60936: Hey, Opiemom, there's nothing unpopular about those opinions. I have been known to turn around and go back to get my cell phone if I'm not more than a couple of blocks from home. Like you, I feel safer when I have it with me. Also like you, I do not use it inappropriately, but they're a bit like TV dinners - I like 'em!

As for the curly bulbs, I agree - it's nice not to have to change them so often. I won't say "for years" because I haven't yet proven that they'll last that long. Mine have been in place for about six months now. I'm just concerned with the disposal of them - you can't just drop them in the trash. Also, I do find the light they give to be cold, sort of too white with a greenish tinge. Makes me feel like I'm in biology lab. The one up in the front hall bathroom doesn't matter, that bathroom is rarely used anyway. However, I'm getting a little tired of that sickly light in my chairside lamp. I may take that one out, but then I'll have to wrap it in cotton to store it - sure don't want it to get broken. Someone needs to come up with a practical solution for disposing of them. Anyway, Opiemom, you keep right on using your curly bulbs - you got a legal right! --Romeena

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60937: You guys are in excellant comedic form today! I love it.

Thanks for the kind words, MW. You are doing a very important work there taking care of your husband. God bless you both.

I can't believe the Oregano let you down, MDC. Must have been one tough virus to get through the "Oregano Defense"....BTW, I loved your comment about having already seen the menopause thing at home.

Romeena, I hate those cord screw bulbs, too. They just don't put out the nice light that a regular bulb does. I'm not even gonna look up what's in the drinking water...depressing. I filter my water at home.

Well, I think we have found a contractor for the house. He has offered to do the job or help us do it ourselves for a fee (we would still be saving alot of money that way). We would use his subs, and get advice from him. He is a very good builder and he got the best report from the building inpector in our area. He is a very nice man, too. He builds very nice homes that are sold before they are even finished (which is saying something these days). Bruce asked him how he has them sold so quickly and he said that he prices them so families can afford them. I like that. Anyway, we are having the foundation plans done now and will be having the temporary electric and water hooked up next...we are finally on our way!

Oh Opiemom, you will have to voice a much more unpopular opinion than that to even get our attention. Of course you are still welcome on the porch!

Better go get ready for Wed night church. I have to help out with the youth group tonight...I would rather not but...haha


March 12, 2008 - Msg 60938: uh...cork screw...I don't know what I said but I think I am blushing...


March 12, 2008 - Msg 60939: Oh, I figured I was, I was just in a "squirrely" mood. I've been stuck at home with a child with the flu. So far thankfully no one else has caught it. Praying that is the way it stays.

I do agree that there needs to be a safe disposal method for those bulbs. I've had some of mine in for over 2 years now. So far I've not had to dispose of them.

It seems there is always something new to worry about isn't there? Mercury from bulbs, and now that report about pharmseuticals in the drinking water.

So glad I have Jesus to trust in.

Boo, glad that your meeting went well. The drug culture is a terrible thing.


March 12, 2008 - Msg 60940: Evening Porch! My lots to talk about tonight, but first things first, my STOMACH! If I see another bowl of Jell-O......well, let's just say, it ain't gonna be pretty! I've lost 9 pounds already since Fri & my atti-tude is making up for it! Oh, now that I'm done whining...About those light-bulbs, one of my other problems is that I am a migraine sufferer, & in searching different reasons for them, I found a few sites that say those bulbs can contribute to them as well, yet another reason not to have them. I'll send the ones we have to you OpieMom. Race fans are starting to arrive around here too Maude if ya'll are gonna do Olive Garden, you best get it now, wait til the weekend & you won't get a seat. Guess I'll stay home & eat soup or something appetizing like that. Glad to see you Me-They, MDC & auh2o ya'll don't stay gone so long, you too Merri. I'm off to act like I'm doing something besides complain.
don't the porch seem nice & full

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60941: Well, Opiemom, you brought up another thing that needs to be researched and some provision made for disposal. Just what is a person to do with unused prescription drugs? Flush them, put them in the trash? Those are about the only options, and either way, they end up in the ground water. Seems to me a good option would be for pharmacies to have disposal bins where you could drop them off, and they would be burned or otherwise properly disposed of. If anyone is concerned that an unscrupulous pharmacy would retrieve them and re-sell them, here are two things to do: First, change pharmacies. If I didn't trust my pharmacy any more than that, I wouldn't be buying my medications there anyway. Second, crush the pills before putting them in the bin. Seriously, it is a problem. I had some Vicodin and some Darvocet, which were sent home with me after various surgeries and which I never touched. Finally, they were completely out of date, but I didn't know what to do with them. I eventually just gritted my teeth and flushed them, because I have grandsons of varying ages around the house now and then, and you never know what a kid is going to do. I don't think they would, but who wants to take the chance? Anyway, it seems to me that pharmacies could install a small bin, with a grinder on top into which you could dump your pills, it grinds them and drops the bits into the bin. The pharmacy then empties the thing and disposes of the residue appropriately. Trust me, hospitals and pharmacies have a system for disposing of hazardous waste. Something needs to happen, that's for sure.

Well, back to TV. That inane, stupid High School Reunion is on TVLand yet again, so I just turned the thing off. Guess I'll check out Discover or Animal Planet. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60942: That's a great idea for medicine Romeena. I, too, have flushed outdated meds in the past because I thought that was what I was supposd to do. Now I find out that was bad.

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60943: Ooops that was me Opiemom

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60944: Hey gang! still kicking!...been working on getting the land cleared for the new barn!...hope yall are doing fine!...hey boo,Tom,Rev,boo,hazel,possum,m-t,auh2o amd sterling,asa,CHUCK,gizmo,opiemom,my friend mavid and Lucy....gosh all to work at 6am in the morning so the ironing board calls....prayers...SPOT

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60945: Evenin' Porch,
Opiemom- I rarely leave the house without my cell, however, I do use a bluetooth so that both of my hands are on the wheel. We have the corkscrew lightbulbs for our living room lamps, which we use the most, but everything else is just plain 'ol bulbs because my husband likes 100w bulbs. Yes we're blind, but my husband, who has corkscrew glasses can see!
Romeena- I enjoy hearing about your backyard creatures! I turn TVLand off after TAGS.
Spot-thanks for keeping the lights on.
Boo- Building a house must be a daunting task. In the end it should be worth it!
Mavis- I'm going on your jello diet to lose 9lbs! Ugh, Bryan mentioned going to Orlando to the holy land experience, but I'm thinking spring break, Disney, bathing suit, uh, no.
MDC- That's why you need to do the omnipotent Oreganal oil. That stuff will knock out anything!
Big Maude- What a touching story of Erin. Thanks for sharing!
M-T- In our local paper (the AJC) there was an article about drinking water and it listed Lou, Ky where my parents live. They don't seem too concerned. I do believe that we should stop drinking so much bottled water for a multitude of reasons, including pollution (not Gore fan, by the way) and cost, but overall our tap water is safe, especially with a filter, like Brita.
Auh20- Do you like the current Lt. Gov since he will become your new Gov?
Hey to everyone else. I'm pretty pooped tonight. The boys and I are going to my parents tomorrow for a weekend trip. I'll try to check in there. If not, y'all have a great weekend!
Blessings to you and yours,

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60946:
Hello porch family....The porch is busy today.

Boo....prayers for all the young ladies at the rehab. And of course for you also! So glad things were better this week. Also, prayers for Erin.

Bea....welcome to the porch. Just grab a rocker and sit a spell. beter keep posting....We miss them when you don't. You are a big part of our porch family.

Ro...I'm with you....I'm geting fed up with TVLand.
Spot....should have hollered brother and we would have come over to help clear the land.

Well I'm heading to bed. You all have a blessed night. Prayers for all the porch family!

March 12, 2008 - Msg 60947:
Hey there sneaked in on me.

March 13, 2008 - Msg 60948: Morning Rev,Lucy and all...breakfast will be waffle house on me...let me get busy here at work...back in a bit...SPOT

March 13, 2008 - Msg 60949: Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful clear, sunny--if crisp 35--day here.

Olive Garden is always good with me, MAUDE.

BOO: Back in 1600 and 1700s early America, the most consumed drinks for people of all ages were milk and beer. Even kids drank beer with meals, which was differently considered than "liquor." Germs weren't understood, of course, and many people thought water was bad for you. In a lot of towns and cities, because of what was being dumped into the streams, it was bad for you. Some things don't really change, I suppose.

ROMEENA: We turned off "High School Reunion" and watched the premier of the new season of "Top Chef." We love that show!

OPIEMOM: We flush unused medicines, too. Who knew it was such a problem? I really don't know what other option us regular folks really have. Maybe soon pharmacies will offer "drop back" services or something.

I don't like flourescents, either. I know they are cheaper and (marginally) better for the environment. And I care about those things. When I'm at the grocery store there are many things I will buy the cheapest brand, or the safest brand, or whatever, but there are a few select things I want the name brand, and only that will do. Light bulbs are the same with me. I want the incandescent natural (the ones that look bluish)--period. I don't mind turning my heat down to 62 at night and 68 during the day (the Mrs. doesn't always care for that, though), and spending a few dollars more for all natural laundry soap, but I want my light bulbs!

I really believe that we all should do something to make this a cleaner, safer world for our kids. But that doesn't mean we all have to live in a cave, eat grass, and use flourescent bulbs. Though if I'm forced to choose, I'll eat grass. I am trying to lose a few.


March 13, 2008 - Msg 60950: Well, I guess I missed the Olive Garden, so I'll see you at the Waffle House, SPOT.


March 13, 2008 - Msg 60951: That's interesting, Me-They. I remember watching something on the history channel not long ago that really was horrifying, about something like that. I would not have wanted to live in those days of plague and dirty water. I think even bathing was considered unhealthy for the same reason....eww.

I'm tuckered out today. Erin had me up really late. She kept waking up crying because of her fever. I feel like a zombie...where's the coffee, SPOT??


March 13, 2008 - Msg 60952:
Just checking in this AM.
Prayers for all the porch, hey to lucy.

March 13, 2008 - Msg 60953: Toss your shorts, M-T, I got one more load to do. Do you like Gain fabric softener or would you prefer Downy (would you rather your shorts smell like a tropical breeze or a bouquet of flowers?)...

Would somebody PLEASE make a fresh pot of coffee? Pretty please...


March 13, 2008 - Msg 60954: Here's a joe, BOO. Tropical breeze, please. But in the future, I prefer the fresh linen.


March 13, 2008 - Msg 60955: Boo I got yer coffee made ok?...Boo throw my clothes in the next load...I dont care what they smell like as long as the cats dont follow me!..late lunch:..ham sandwiches and veggie soup [homemade]...milk...will put a chicken or 2 on the smoker for supper,greenbeans,mash taters and big maude Rev you bring your stringing instrument and pic a little ...we will jkust make it a party!...Tom where are ya buddy?..Chuck?..possum?...well let me get the lunch made and smoker ready...SPOT

March 13, 2008 - Msg 60956:
Anyone here remember top 40 AM radio stations?
In the Phoenix area we used to have two. You either listened to KRIZ or to KRUX. Here is another question: Is there even such as thing as top 40 anymore?
Lucy- my cold tried to make a come back so i did zap it with ten drops of oregano oil!!
Everyone have a good day.

March 13, 2008 - Msg 60957: Wow, what a beautiful day! 80 degrees and sunny. Supper sounds great Spot. I'll be there with brownies for dessert.


March 13, 2008 - Msg 60958: Tropical breeze it is, M-T.

Thanks for the coffee, SPOT! Throw your clothes over and I'll wash 'em (I won't use the new Downy scent "Fresh Fish Market", so the cats won't follow you).

Hope you are feeling well soon, MDC.


March 13, 2008 - Msg 60959: Has anyone heard from Asa?


March 13, 2008 - Msg 60960: Yes MDC - They still have the American Top 40 although I listen to the country top 40 only. I don't recognize most of the top 40. As I reread your post - I realized you were talking about music on the AM - most of the one's I listen to are all talk. WE do have a local AM station that plays country but I don't hear too many AM stations devoted to music.

Celebrity Apprentice is on tonite and that is one show I am hooked on. NOt so much a fan of Donald Trump's but I do enjoy his celebrities.

WE has some jr. high kids trying to smoke sage as pot today. That was the funny part but the pills they took were not funny. They were all 7th graders. Too many drugs in small town mid-America.

I'll take brownies and a small bowl of vanilla ice cream, please.


March 13, 2008 - Msg 60961: Homemaker, I get e-mails from Asa a few times a week. I sure wish he would come back to the porch. I miss him too.
I'm over at Sarah's, if anyone wants to stop by.
- Hazel

"I just don't trust my own judgment when I'm sober."

March 13, 2008 - Msg 60962:
Hello porch family.....I can smell that coffee from here. must be in a washing mode today.

OK Spot....Brother I'll throw my git-fiddle in the car and head on over. We'll pick and eat.

Where's Ro today? Hopes she's feel ok.

Our local AM station has a lot of farm market reports and local talk programimg. Some music but not a whole lot.

You all take care and have a blessed night. Prayers for all the porch family.

March 13, 2008 - Msg 60963:
That was supose to be "hope she's feeling ok." OOPPS

March 13, 2008 - Msg 60964: Hey, REV, I'm rightchere! I went to the cardiologist for an echocardiogram today, don't have the results as yet, but the tech is a friend of mine, so he told me a little bit. He said I wasn't in atrial fibrillation at the time, so that was encouraging. Maybe the new medication is working. I still don't feel very well, though, just no energy and get very short of breath on the mildest exertion, like carrying out the trash.

When it rains, it pours, it seems. This morning I discovered that a faucet in the back yard was running a pencil-sized stream and I couldn't turn it off. So - called a plumber. It's a freeze-proof arrangement, the cut-off valve is actually deep in the wall, rather than in the visible portion of the faucet. So, changing it may be difficult. If it will unscrew as it's designed to do, fine. However, it's over 30 years old, so it may not. In that case, they'll have to go into the wall in my bathroom to get to it. Argh.

Then when I came home from the doctor, I found the glass in one side of the french doors in my sunroom was completely shattered. There's a tiny hole near the bottom, where apparently a rock flew from the mower or edger as my yard guy was working. He probably wasn't even aware of it, as the mower would be noisy, but the glass looks like a huge, busy cobweb, just completely cracked from bottom to top. So - another phone call, to my handyman friend. He will decide whether to replace the glass or just replace that side of the door. Actually, replacing the door will probably be cheaper, because the glass would have to be custom-cut, but he's going to check on it. Oh, well, it's only money. (haha)

Now as I'm sitting here looking out back, I see that one of the landscape lights is out, so there's a big dark corner in the yard. Those dratted bulbs are expensive, and I don't have one, I used my last spare last week. Seems like they all go out at the same time. Again - oh well.

There are some tiny, cold little paws tapping my leg - I think someone wants to be picked up and cuddled. Her little feet get cold when she stands on the kitchen tile, eating her supper. Guess I need to put her dish on a little rug or something. And she is NOT spoiled, she's just loved!

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

March 13, 2008 - Msg 60965: Romeena, isn't it odd how things seem to go bad in groups? I have often noticed the same thing. Good luck with the home repairs.

Think I will try to turn in and get some sleep. Hope it works!


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60966: ROMEENA, sounds like you've had one of those days! I can identify. This afternoon, my toddler projectile vomited all over my sofa (I'll spare the details), my oldest accidentally knocked out a loose tooth and was hysterical at the sight of her own blood, I fell off a stool as I was trying to change a flood light and hit my jaw on a banister and over all, I'm feeling pretty grouchy. My jaw is killing me! I swear, I don't know how I manage such things. Now I'm freezing because I have the back door open and the windows open in the living room because I can't stand the smell of you-know-what. Did I say I was grumpy?

I don't mean to offend anyone but if alcohol didn't make me deathly ill, I just might have a stiff drink and call it a night!

RO, hope your doctors figure out what the problem is. I hate to hear that you're feeling poorly. I'll be thinking of you dear.

BOO, hope you get some good sleep. There's not much in the world that can't be cured with a good long rest.

HAZEL, have fun over at Sarah's. I haven't really figured out how to use that forum yet. But I haven't really stayed there long enough to figure it out. I will someday soon.

By the way ROMEENA, what brand of dog food do you use for STARR? I just switched my pooch from Iams to Blue Buffalo Senior. I'm telling you, the list of ingredients is better than most people eat! You'd be amazed...stuff like human-grade chicken, cranberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes and carrots, green tea extract, Omega 3 & 6, tomato pomace and glucosamine. The list goes on but I think you get the idea. The amazing thing is, it doesn't cost but a few bucks more than Iams. What really propelled me to change was paying attention to fillers in her food that just gets passed through without any absorption. Since she's in her golden years, I felt like I needed to step up her nutrition. It may not end up making a difference but I wanted to give it a try.

Well, we're having storms roll through the Ozarks this evening. I don't think they're supposed to be severe, just a little rumbly. Monday is going to be a different story I think, so prayers in advance for NO TORNADOES would be greatly appreciated!

Sleep well everyone! I'll pop in tomorrow! PEACE--MW

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60967: Morning all...Rev,hazel,boo,ro,Tom,MW and all...breakfast will be ham and bisquits with mustard,grits,hashbrowns....let me get started here at work...SPOT

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60968: Mornin' Y'all! Hey there,spot-thanks for breakfast,although you can hold the mustard on my biscuits. I think I'll pass on that!

MW,sounds like you had quite a calamity there!You take care now.

I don't know what to do with myself-Laci,her mom & dad are down in Disney World for a few days.I miss my girl!

Oh, talking about music from the "old days" (y'all were talking about Top 40 and such) guess who I'm going to see tonight in concert? No,not Leonard Blush! Going to see America & Poco. Remember "Horse With No Name","Sister Golden Hair",etc.? I am really looking forward to it!

Well,I'd better scoot for now.Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60969: Thanks MW, I slept fairly well but not long enough. I can tell I am stressing too much because my sleep is restless and I am very jumpy. I am going to try to get into bed early tonight. I have been trying to prepare for the youth camping trip I have to go on this weekend (don't leave until Sunday). The kids have spring break starting today. Anyway, I am one of 3 sponsors who are taking 10 or 15 kids camping for a couple of days (what was I thinking?). I just hope it doesn't rain like last time we went. What a mess!

Sounds like you had quite a day, MW. Hope you jaw feels better soon (and your daughter).

Hey mean America and Poco are still singing?? Hope they remember their false teeth. Have fun and take your Geritol.

Better go get Erin ready for school..she is lying on the couch looking pitiful but she was fine yesterday and literally bouncing off the walls, so she has to go to school today.


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60970: Lucky girl, Possum, getting to see America! Should be a fun time.
Of course you didn't offend anyone, MW, with your comment about taking a stiff drink. (If it didn't make you sick) I'm sure there's folks on this very porch who take a nip or two now and then.
Thanks for breakfast, Spot. Hold the mustard on mine, too.
- Hazel

Goober: "They say a feller works better on a full stomach."

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60971: But only for a special occassion, HAZEL!


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60972: Good morning everyone. Getting ready for Chad's preschool teacher conference this morning. Shouldn't be too bad; after all, how much trouble can a 4 1/2 year-old boy get into ? ;)

BOO: Coke almost came out my nose with that false teeth comment to POSSUM. But of the two bands, I'd be more excited to hear Poco. You know you're getting old when you skip right to the oldies section of the concert schedules. I still think this rap thing is a fad ;).

ROMEENA: Sorry to hear your troubles. I've had days like that lately myself. The thing that keep me "real" is turning on the news and hearing about the real troubles of others. I'm sure not knocking your aggravating circumstances, and I have them myself, but when I think of the people in Darfur, the kids picking through trash cans in Mexico City, or even kids like that poor girls BOO told us about, it really puts it into perspective.

HAZEL: I must confess, I have been known to take a nip every now and again. Mostly a glass of wine with dinner out, or something like that. Well, and there is my standing rule to have a margarita when I eat Mexican out (but only one!). The Mrs. doesn't imbibe at all, and we never have the stuff in the house. I'm certainly not a cold beer man.

Happy Sir Walter Raligh Landin' Day! HICK!


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60973:
Morning Folks

I enjoy winter but, this time of year, I can't wait for Spring. We still have at least a couple of feet of snow on the ground so ...

Romeena-Hope you get to feeling better.

Merri-Sure hope today is better for ya.

MDC-I think Spitzer is gonna find out the true meaning of payback and what people say about it. The guy was a thug and destroyed people when he prosecuted them simply to make his own star shine. Spitzer, Clinton, Clinton, Foley, and Craig do we really want these type of people doing much of anything for us?

M-T I do think we should be able to stick a fork in Hillary, she's gotta be done. However, It's hard to understand how O'Bama can get a nomination simply because he is in likes peace more than war. Ferraro was right.


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60974: Morning porch, hope all is well this Friday.

Working part of the day today and then off to do grocery shopping and laundy. Busy week end ahead. My daugther has a birthday party this evening and my son needs some new clothes. I declare that boy grows taller and bigger every day. Guess we will go shopping while she is at her party. I can not do clothes shopping for them at the same time. Makes me crazy.. :).

Lunch will be: sloppy joes, home fries, SLAW.
Tea or kool aid to drink. cupcakes for dessert.

have a good day and blessings to all around.

Big Maude

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60975: Howdy, MAUDE. I'll be there for lunch.

AUH2O: I don't think Ferraro's comment was racist, and I think she was right, too. If he was white, the party would have told him he was too young and inexperienced and to get in line for 2012 or 2016. No matter how charismatic he is.


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60976: M-T, I thought it was Leif Erikson Day!

AUH20, I didn't know O'Bama was Irish! St. Pat's Day is just right around the corner! HA!

I have enjoyed a nice glass of wine now and then but I just can't anymore. It sparks off a migraine. I still do the bourbon, honey and lemon for a cough. It works better than anything I've ever tried. Thanks Grandma for the "recipe!"

Well, busy, busy day today. I have a lunch meeting, hubby has a dr.'s appt and I'm getting pretty low in the grocery department. I better snap to it. By the way, I woke up this morning with high hopes that today wasn't going to be like yesterday and then I go and burn my hand on my first cup of coffee. I better get my Karma in check!

Have a great day Porch Family! MW

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60977: "I didn't know there were so many Moslems in Mayberry."


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60978: Well, I certainly don't judge anyone for their drinking habits. I can't drink, though. It is a temptation for me but I abstain. I had some problems with it in my early 20's and found myself turning to alcohol to dull the pain in my life. I realized I was becoming addicted so I stopped and have not had a drink in 20 years. My Dad is an alcoholic and so were many in his family. I am afraid of even one drink because I realize my weakness. A cold beer sure sounds good to me, though, especially at the end of a stressful day but I know that it would be dangerous for me to begin to compromise. Bruce won't touch the stuff and it is never in the house so it's not so hard to abstain.

Blowing Coke out your nose can be painful, M-T, sorry! ha

Hey Auh2o and Maude. See you at lunch...


"Wastin' away again in Margaritaville...Lookin' for my lost shaker of salt. Some people say that there's a woooman to blame, but I know, it's my own "darn" fault.


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60979: I certainly understand your rationale there, BOO. And I like to remember Paul's admonition not to tempt a brother (or sister) so I usually abstain when out with others. Plus, it's not really a big deal to me. My Achilles was cigarettes. Thank the Lord I was delivered from that horrible, nasty habit some years ago. It's terrible to hate something so and feel like you can't stop. I had cut down quite a bit, but for me it was having kids that finally pushed me totally over the hump.


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60980: Also, not a big Jimmy Buffet fan, but if you know some Steely Dan, that'd be cool...


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60981: STOP US ALL ARE KILLING ME OUT OF HERE;

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60982: Sorry, TOM; didn't mean do no harm! By the way, howdy!


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60983: this is the frist time i ben here .
Tuesday win I asked for prayer for someone. M-T


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60984: Good morning, all. Tom, how is your niece and her family doing? Still praying for them, for peace and comfort.

Merri, for goodness' sake, be careful! Does your jaw still hurt? Is it possible you could have a non-displaced fracture? Your jaw would work, but sure would be painful. And oh, how I do NOT miss the joys of sick kids! At least when Starr throws up, it's about a tablespoonful, and doesn't do much harm. And yes, being such a little trashmouth, she does throw up now and then. Who knows what she finds on the floor to nibble on?

Oh, and thanks for the suggestion on Blue Buffalo dog food. I've never seen it, but would love to find a really good, natural food for her. Where do you get it?

Well, guess I'd better go. Got errands to run and things to do. Be blessed, everyone! --Romeena

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60985: She doing o k .


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60986:
Merri- Ok, smarty-pants. He's not Irish but a "top O' the morning to ya" anyway. To tell you the truth I'm always surprised when ya'll close to figuring out what I'm trying to say. For example, above I was trying to say that OBama's only firm stance was that he's for peace and against war and what I posted was, "he is in likes peace more than war." And yet you folks seem to understand.

Big Maude-We're having sloppy joes and made french fries here today but I wish we were having slaw. Boy, do I love slaw!

Tom-Glad to hear your niece is holding up. That must be so hard for her.

possum-Have fun at the concert, sounds like a good time.

Lucy-Everyone in both Parties seem to think he'll be a fine Governor. Plus, Spitzer really had no friends or fans once he took office. It was his ridiculous "drivers licenses for illegals" that got Hillary in trouble. Well, I guess Hillary got herself in trouble when she said it was a good idea.

Rev, Boo, Mavis-Thank you.

M-T I did see that about "John Adams" and, like you, I will what for the DVD. I just started a book, "The Summer of 1787" I guess that will have to hold me over until the DVD comes out.

Adam Ant: "Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do? Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?"
(I think that's correct, the 80's were a while ago)


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60987: Hazel - could you please give Asa my regards and tell him I miss him? THank you!


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60988: auh2o, I thought you just meant that Obama likes peace more than he likes war... and that made sense to me, so I didn't try to figure it out any further...
I hope everyone who had a rotten day yesterday has a better one today. How's that for a toast?
- Hazel

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60989: HAZEL: Please tell ASA we all miss him!

AUH2O: It's been awhile since I hear that 80s chestnut, but I think you're "subtle innuendo" is correct. Wonder whatever happened to old Adam?


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60990: Just got back from lunch and had a nice Antipasto salad with a homemade Italian dressing. It was quite good!

HAZEL, I love your toast!

AUH20, I remember that Adam Ant song well...the last I heard out of him, he had been arrested for fighting outside a club in London, I think.

Am I a smarty-pants? It wouldn't surprise me--my hubby calls me the same thing! I just call it joking around!

ROMEENA, my jaw still does hurt but not nearly as bad as last night. Thank goodness. I was surprised at the amount of pain! I felt like a big goofball too. If it keeps hurting, I guess I'll go in to have it checked.

I bought the dog food at Petsmart. They have puppy food too. If you'd like to go to their website, I'll email it to you. I think you will like them. I was impressed.

Hey to everyone--hope each and every one of you are having a good afternoon and if not, look on the bright side: IT'S FRIDAY! MW

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60991:
Hello all! It is one gorgeous day here in the desert! 79 expected high, but will take a turn on Sunday with rain and 55 for high. That's how spring goes here.
Hazel- do you remember KRIZ and KRUX or was that before your time here? i suppose you now get the potato futures report on your AM station! ha
Prayers going up for everyone ailing!
Hey to TOM.
Andy to Opie (after Opie gave Trey his football): Now Trey has a gen-u-wine, full size, regulation friend to match.

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60992: I don't know what ya'll are talking about. I remember Adam Ant as a cartoon in the 60's..."Up and Adam, Adam Ant"!...he was a cartoon superhero. Anyone else remember him except this old fossil?

Hazel, I love your sense of humor. Priceless!

TOM, didn't you post a nice poem here just a day or 2 ago?

Gotta go get Erin from school...


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60993: Sorry, that was supposed to be "Atom Ant"...


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60994: Hey, Boo. Of course I remember Atom Ant. Note the difference - Atom vs Adam. That's the tipoff.

I just got home from my errands, and went to lunch at Red Robin with Eloise. They sure do have good burgers, but you gotta get the smaller version - the full-sized ones are just too much. They have good fries, too.

Then we went to Michael's (craft store) and I got some pretty spring silk flowers to make a couple of arrangements for the house. Now with the Christmas stuff gone, it looks a bit bare.

Merri, I'm glad to hear that the Blue Buffalo dog food is available at Petsmart. We have one here in town, just across the parking lot from one of my favorite restaurants. That will be no problem at all! Good to know it's so readily available.

Well, I'm pretty tired, I think I'll crash for a while. Be blessed, everyone! --Romeena

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60995:
uu, uu, we're talking old cartoons!?
"not bird nor plane, nor even frog, just little ole me, Underdog."
"here i come to save the day..."
"I'll make mincemeat outta that..."


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60996: Meet George Jetson, Jane his wife,
daughter Judy, his boy Elroy!

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones,
A modern stone-age family. . .

Heavens to Mergatroid. . .
Exit - stage right!

Those are my cartoons!


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60997:
I loved this one when I was a youngster (still do),

Overture, dim the lights!
This is it, the night of nights!
No more rehearsing or nursing a part;
We know every part by heart.

Overture, dim the lights!
This is it, we'll hit the heights.
And oh what heights we'll hit!
On with the show, this is it!

Yosemite Sam; "Ooooo I hate that rabbit".


March 14, 2008 - Msg 60998: Oh boy, cartoons! I love 'em! I like all the ones mentioned so far, but if I have a choice, give me a good Tom and Jerry any day. Not necessarily the oldest ones, and probably not the newer ones, but those in the golden years were just the funniest things! Does anyone remember when Jerry's country-singer uncle came to visit? He would play his guitar, a string would break, and he'd reach up and yank out one of Tom's whiskers to restring his guitar! This, of course, irritated Tom just a bit, and the chase would be on. And remember Jerry in his little swashbuckler hat, fencing with Tom, with a toothpick for a sword? He jabbed Tom, and in one of the few times that the characters actually talked, he said "Touche', Msr. Pooshycat!" Too funny!

...from the town of Bedrock,
they're a page right out of history!" - take it away, homemaker.

Then there's Bugs Bunny - "You realize, of course, that this means war!" and "I knew I shoulda turned left at Albuquerque!"

And Sylvester and Tweety - "Oooo! I tawt I taw a puddytat! I did! I did! I did taw a puddytat!"

And the Roadrunner - "Bee-beep!" (zooooom!)

And dear little Speedy Gonzales! Some little mouse remarks that Speedy is a friend of his seester (sister), and Speedy's pal Slowpoke Rodriguez just smiles and says "Speedy Gonzales is a friend of everybody's seester!" Oh, that was funny stuff. Little Speedy just annoyed the daylights out of his adversaries, and did it so cheerfully!!

The kids today don't know what a really funny cartoon is. By the way, the Boomerang channel runs some of the old stuff, especially late at night. Oh yes, I love the cartoons. Sometimes when my grandsons stay over, I let them stay up late and we pile up in my bed and watch those good cartoons. One grandson was heard to remark that he wished "these funny ones" were on during the day. This from a kid who grew up with Spongebob Squarepants. I have nothing against Spongebob, he's cool, but he can't hold a candle to the old masters.

Well, back to "Gaslight". I got tired of it, and came in here for a breather. Guess I'll go rewind and catch up. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 14, 2008 - Msg 60999: Oh, my gosh, auh2o! I know that song too, and I'm delighted to know I'm not the only one. Then there'd always be a tussle between Bugs and Daffy, about who was the star.

And Yosemite Sam! Big old red mustache, about four feet wide, awful old hat, bushy eyebrows - so funny. But wasn't it more like "Ooooo, Ah hate that rabbit!" (heehee) You gotta get the drawl in there, with the Ah.

Such memories! Come on - let's hear some more! Phooey on "Gaslight". --Romeena

March 14, 2008 - Msg 61000: I know what you mean about Daffy, Bugs, Tweety and the gang. I'm at the pediatrician's office rather often. The TV in the waiting room is often on Cartoon network. Those cartoons don't hold a candle to Looney Tunes. Most of them aren't very funny and Some of them are just plain strange.

Speaking of Cartoon NEtwork, I remember looking so forward to Saturday Morning TV when the cartoons came on. Now kids can get cartoons 24/7. Half of the enjoyment for me was the anticipation. Cartoons weren't something I did every day.


March 14, 2008 - Msg 61001:
Opiemaom, yup, I recall how mom could barely get us up for school, but come Saturday, we'd be starin' at the test pattern on the TV at 5:59 AM waiting for Tom and jerry at 6. ha.
I also loved the dry humor of the Bulwinkle Show.
Popeye, and some others.
Also good was Mr Magoo.
Prayers for all. have a good weekend.

March 14, 2008 - Msg 61002: I love all those cartoons too. The favs of course were The Flintstones and The Jetsons. And Tweety Bird. And I too looked forward to those Saturday cartoons. I don't recall ever watching them after school... although I seem to recall that The Flintstones were on prime time for awhile, weren't they? Aw, those were the days. I loved the beginning to The Flintstones, where they all piled in the car and went to the movies.
Romeena, the Menopause Musical is coming to my area next week, I think. I'm not sure if I'm going to go, but I'm thinking about it. I looked up the actresses names at the one that's coming here, and the gal you recommended wasn't in the group. I'm sure they're all good though...
- Hazel

March 14, 2008 - Msg 61003: Oh, Hazel, you've just got to go. Grab a gal pal, somebody who likes to laugh, and go enjoy it. Be prepared, one of the songs at the very end is a little, er, suggestive, but as I said earlier, it's done with such finesse, and no bad words, and by that time you're in hysterics anyway, that it's not offensive. There were 14 of us, almost all from my church, and we came away saying we'd go see it again, no problem. It just takes one of life's unavoidable annoyances and makes it extremely funny. I really wish you could see the cast I saw, but you know what? I'll bet everyone who sees the play anywhere, with any cast, comes away saying the same thing. They're not going to ruin a play like that with a bad cast. Go see it! --Romeena