April 09, 2008 - Msg 61758: Do I sound sensistive? I'm not sensistive--that's spirit!


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61759: I can chew gum and pat my head, or sweep and rant, all at the same time.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61760: You did not pass the white glove test, M-T.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61761: Then your gloves must have been dirty coming in...



April 09, 2008 - Msg 61762: You are almost funny - M-T!


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61763: Me-They, what is there to say? You're right, of course. Yet, if I had to give up my computer I'd be miserable. Any little question pops into my head, and I don't have to get in the car and drive to the library, I can get my answer right here, through my friend Google. I am in almost daily contact with friends I haven't actually seen in years, because they live across the country, but we chat and remain close through the miracle of email. I even know what their grandkids look like, because we exchange photos. I located a cousin I hadn't seen in over forty years, through the magic of a search engine, and even though he lives in Minnesota, we stay in frequent contact, we involved another cousin and the three of us have had some great visits. The Minnesota cousin comes down here about once a year, and this would never have happened if I hadn't been able to locate him. It took me about ten minutes on the computer one afternoon.

I think computers and the internet, like all technology, have the potential to be a blessing or a curse. It's all in the hands of the user. Nuclear power can destroy, but properly channeled, it was a tool that helped to rid me of cancer in 1979. A nuclear bomb wreaks unspeakable devastation, but that very devastation brought an end to a war that would have continued for years and killed untold thousands of our finest young men.

My seven year old grandson enjoys time on the computer, but his parents govern his activities very closely. This governance will have to be adjusted as he grows older, but knowing my son, it will never be lax. The child plays on my computer when he's here, but it's controlled. First of all, the computer sits in an area that's visible to one and all. On the desktop is a file folder icon, which contains all the games the child is allowed to play - Chuzzle, Zuma, Polar Bowler, whatever. He knows to sit down here, click his folder, and play as he wishes. Let someone spot anything else on the screen, and his computer privileges will go away. So far, it hasn't happened.

In addition, I monitor the internet history very closely. This is a MUST! You never know. My son checked his, and found that his computer had been taken to some porn sites. Since they were sites that required credit card payment for entry, and no one had been on the computer but himself, his wife and a male neighbor, it wasn't hard to figure out what had happened. The neighbor was feeding their dog while they were away, so he had easy access. My son confronted him, gave him a very detailed description of what would happen if such as that ever occurred again, and chose to put it aside, in light of the neighbor's profuse apology. So, there you have the contrast - used for good or for evil. It's all a matter of control.

Well, now I'm the one taking up too much space - be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61764: First it's the computer and now it is my laundry skills - what next, you'll probably make some crack about my meatballs! ;)


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61765: Don't get me started about your meatballs! But, hey, they do make great paperweights.

ROMEENA: I agree with all that you said, and I'm sure you and your son use your computers responsibly. I get tremendouse enjoyment out of the net as well. However, that doesn't negate my assessment that the evil outweighs the good. Unfortunately, while many of us are using it fopr good, many are using it for evil. If I could waive a wand and make it disappear completely, I would, because while I would be sacrificing the good the bad would be gone as well. And I'm pretty ceratin I could live just as fulfilling a life without the net. I can't waive a wand (well, I could, but nothing would happen except people staring strangely at me). So I, like y'all, have to learn how to get the good while holding back the bad. I just wish I could be dead certain that I can do that for my kids, and I didn't have this particular challenge. There are so many others, so many other doors evil is trying to enter, I wouldn't mind giving this one up. But that's me.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61766: One thing I would reiterate is that the evil on the net is affects all of us, whether we guard against it or not. When you go to the beach or a public pool, or a sports event or ballet recital for your kids, look around and notice all the people taking pictures, and wonder how many will end up on the internet on smut sites. Kinda makes you think.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61767: I can't fault a thing you said, Me-They. You are right, there's no getting around it. I think we're on the same page, actually. Having "come of age" in the 50's, I have to say that if I could return us to that relatively innocent time, I would. But I can't, so I, like you, will just continue to use what we have and get the good out of it, while doing daily battle with the bad. And you know what? If it wasn't the internet, it would be something else. As the Bible says, "Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8. --Romeena

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61768:
I watched 'Aunt bee's Invisible Beau' last night.
"He buttered her up and she egged him on!" haha
Good sweep MT.
Ya got all that filth off the porch! ha
Ah, baseball is back in full swing, spring has sprung and I thank God for His beautiful creation!
Hey Spot, I miss your clever signatures when you used to say things like "Spot, your fishin' dog of this here porch." You should bring these back!
RO and MT you all have great points. For 2008 I am trying to cut down on TV, computer use, and shopping on sundays. It is just my own personal resolution, but it is working pretty well so far.
well, prayers continue for you all.
Boo, glad you are spreading the Word at rehab.
Great shall be your reward.

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61769: Good afternoon folks, looks like the porch has been busy and all a chatter this morning.

I spent the morning in a continuing education seminar in nearby Johnson City. I have to have 15 hours of continuing education yearly to continue my license so I have to go 3-4 x yearly to accumulate the hours needed. Sometimes they are pretty good but then sometimes they are boring. Today was pretty good.

The weather here is beautiful, warm and sunny.

lets have a snack this aftenoon: peanut butter and crackers and a soft drink of your choice.

Guess I had better get to work. see you all later.
Prayers and blessings!

Big Maude

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61770: Homemaker, I would NEVER make fun of your meatballs...do I smell paint thinner?

Well, Me-They, you are right about that genie already being out of the bottle. I don't see anyway to get it back in. Its a huge problem. We have the one computer and I will not ever put one in the kid's room. I'm certainly going to make it a matter of prayer, as far as how to best protect my kids. I haven't even turned on that darned TV today...I'm still mad at it.

I wanted to tell you all about the drug rehab last night. It was another one of those difficult nights with lots of distraction but we had a couple of new girls who listened. I could not help but laugh to myself when one of the new ones said she knew the parable of the Prodigal Son and when asked to tell it, she told it with many expletives! What do you do? I didn't want to correct her the first time she came to bible study. These kids come from such rough backgrounds that what is "normal" to them, we would find offensive. I have to be careful about the way I handle things because, believe it or not, their feelings can be easily hurt. One girl who is a really tall, large african american girl, got up in the middle of things and walked out saying, "Is my a$$ crack showing? I don't want it to show because I'm in church", and I think she was being serious. She left and came back in a few minutes. She is a really sweet kid and I enjoy having her in the group, but I had to laugh. It's always something in there! Thanks for the prayers.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61771: Wow, while I was posting, four of you snuck in on me!

Romeena, it's interesting that you would use that verse from 1 Peter because I was studying it this morning while reflecting on how things went at bible study. I sent it in an email to a friend today and he sent this back to me (I'll share it with you...he kind of broke the scripture down for a closer look): "Be (marked by restraint)(alert, watchful) because (the one who opposes you, especially with animosity) the devil walks around like a lion (uttering a long, deep, loud sound, especially in rage or excitement) (trying to reach or obtain) whom he may (eat up ravenously, destroy, waste, take in enthusiastically, and engulf)."~1 Peter 5:8.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61772: I hear you, and that is frightening, for sure. However, short of making them wear burkas like the Muslims do, I don't know what we can do about it. Also, I don't think the problem is new, I think there's just a wider distribution. Thirty years ago, people could and did take pictures of children and incorporate them into their nasty little films or slideshows, or whatever, long before there was an internet.

When I was eleven, I was home alone for an hour or so, and was sitting on the front steps, wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the 100-degree San Antonio weather. A man came walking along the sidewalk, and came up our front walk and spoke to me. He asked if my mother was home. Being a truthful child, I said she wasn't. He sat down beside me on the steps and for about five minutes he carried on a perfectly innocent conversation. Then he asked me if he could take my picture, and my guard went up. I gave an evasive answer, and he backed off, just continued to chat. Finally, he asked me for a drink of water. I directed him to the nearby garden hose, told him I had to go to my aunt's house, and walked away. I did go to my aunt's house, two doors down, and told her what had happened. She called the police, but by the time they arrived, the man was gone. I will never know what all may have followed - was he trying to get me into the house? Would he have really taken my picture, and for what purpose? What else might he have done? This all took place in 1950. Things haven't changed very much. --Romeena

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61773: You're right, BOO. What they girls have learned in their brief lifetimes can't be unlearned in one evening. You have my continued prayers for this wonderful ministry. You seem ideally suited for it. I wonder who had the forsight to hire you for the job (wink, wink)? See what happens when we follow the Lord and not our own passions?

MDC: You're resolutions sound admirable. I have a friend who refuses to do anything on Sundays. He said he thought it would be stressful but has instead come to enjoy it as a stress-reliever. I try not to do non-essential stuff on Sundays, but sometiems go out to eat. But I leave two quarters!

ROMEENA: You are a wise woman. Maybe I should listen more, and speak less.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61774:
Me-They Our kids have a TV in there bedroom, to watch movies, plays games, and just to hangout in there, with each other and the occasional friend. This will get your shorts in a bunch, but, they had a computer in there until it went belly up. I know our girls, I've made a point of knowing our girls. I know who they are and what they are not. Those parents who do not know their children are doing them a real disservice exposing them to any number of things, including the unmonitored "video screen." However, an across the board judgment I just don't agree with. There was a time that much the same was said about "Big Band" music and AM radio to name a few.

...and yes, I am sensitive! YA BULLY!!


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61775: Wow, a bunch of you sneaked in on me, too. #61772 was directed to Me-They. The rest of you can listen in, though. (heehee) --Romeena

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61776: Speaking of the 1950s, I have some "Leave it to Beaver" trivia (that I got off the web): Hugh Beaumont (Ward) was a lay Methodist minister; the show was on for six years and was never cracked the top 30 in ratings!; it was the first show to have a special "last episode"; and, while it sometimes seems unreal and idealized to modern viewers, its writers were instructed not to concoct stories but take them from their real lives and families. I musr say, I do enjoy "The Beaver."


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61777: AUH2O: To each his own. You know how best to serve your family. That's why God gave them to your care.

I am doing my best to get to know my kids, too. And I hope that I end up being as good a father as you seem to be when I'm your age (dig, dig--ha!). But even the best kids make stupid mistakes, and bad things look for kids even when they aren't looking for them. I can't stop either thing. I can only do my best to lessen the opportunities for the enemy to attack.

Some people choose to teach their kids how to safely use guns. There's nothing wrong with that. Other people don't let their kids go near a gun. That's okay, too. Hopefully, I will be able to straddle both camps with respect to the net.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61778: Oh, AUH2O: The only thing I would fault is your analogy of the net to Big Band music and AM radio. The worst perceived evils of things like those were indirect, at best. I don't recall kids being exploited to sing on AM radio, though there was that "My name is Michael, I got a nickel" kid. And, unlike Big Band music, which in hindsight we see did not send all teenagers to the devil, the internet has proved to be the biggest boost to smut and evil we have ever experienced. More people will view porn in this one day than the sum total of all the men's magazines that have ever published. And that's just today.

So, nyah!


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61779:
M-T I didn't try to drew an analogy between Big Band and the Internet, I just meant to say much the same was said about each. But, now that you mention it, a lot of the fear regarding Big Band music and earlier rock music (AM radio) was that it was going to condition the kids and make them act out in the manner of the music they were listening to.
And, If I had to bet I'd put my money on you being a great Dad!


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61780: AW, Me-They, you made me cry. Bless you for your kind words (you have a way with words, ya know).

Romeena, I think I was holding my breath throughout your account of what happened to you. Thank God you were so wise. I had a similar experience at about age 7 when my little friend and I were in the back alley feeding the neighbor's horse. We liked to climb the big wooden fence and give treats to the horse. This really seedy guy from down the street came walking by and said "Hi" to us. I remember looking down from the fence into his leering smile and feeling very afraid. He didn't say another word but he came closer and reached up and slid his hand into the leg of my shorts and touched me. My friend and I jumped off that fence so fast and tore home! I will never forget the fear I felt just from that, and some kind of shame, too. Hard to describe but I can't even imagine what children must feel who are actually molested, especially by people they trust. God help our children. You know, the funny thing is, I didn't tell anyone like you did, Ro. I felt ashamed somehow and never told my mom...just kind of kept it to myself. I'm glad I remember it so well because it is kind of a glimpse into the "child-mind". I can understand why so many children suffer in silence and never "tell".

Wow, very scary about the porn on the internet...lots of addicts, I guess. I heard once that as many ministers view porn as all other american men.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61781: That last statement didn't make sense. I meant that ministers view porn as much as other men.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61782: Thanks, AUH2O. And thank you, too, BOO.

When I was twelve years old I was back-to-school shopping at a mall with my mom. While I was leaving the restroom, an old guy was walking in--real grandfatherly-looking guy. As he walked by me he very matter-of-factly grabbed me in a sensitive place. I knocked his hand away, and looked at him. He just smiled and kept walking. My mom was right oustide the bathtroom door waiting for me the whole time. I just walked out and acted like nothing happened. To this day the thought still makes me feel sick.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61783: Hey Maude,Boo,Ro,auh20,asa,Tom,Rev[you on the road?],possum,hazel,CHUCK,gizzmo,m-t,mdc,md,macis,lucy,horatio,opiemom,mw and all...such a great day here in Ga...hard to stay inside..gona read in just a bit...Idol gives back on tonight...yall come over and watch it with me...supper menu:grilled pork chops,mashed taters,greenbeans,fried okra,corn bread,corn on the cob,big maudey slaw,sweet tea,slices sweet onions...lets eat outside on the porch...well just checking in...signed:SPOT the"gona sneeze from all this pollen" dog of your porch..ruff ruff..

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61784: Oh, meant to mention that I enjoyed the "Beaver" trivia. I think I knew that about Ward but the other trivia was new to me. Just think, if the writers based the show on their own family problems, etc., things sure were less complicated in those days. I guess that was just one of those great times in American history. The war was over and people were prospering, there was no Viet Nam war yet, was there? When did things start to get really crazy? Seems like the early 60's were still ok and then people started to get alittle wild. Was it the invention of the birth control pill?...any sociologists out there who could tell me?


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61785: "Who'd take a magazine like that?...BARNEY!"


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61786: I missed you last post, Me-They...I know that feeling and I'll bet most of us do. I'm sorry it happened to you and it makes me really mad. I will always remember when I was probably in the 5th grade and they built this new mall in Corpus Christi. It was a big deal to everyone and got lots of business. Soon after it opened, a woman sent her little boy, who was about 5 into the restroom alone and some pervert castrated him. Everyone in town grieved about it. I will never forget the sadness we all felt for that child. I want to cry, still, just thinking about it. It is certainly not safe to send little ones into public restrooms alone (boys or girls).


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61787: I'm sorry to have dragged us down this morbid road today. So, let's have a quote-a-thon...

"You wanna be taken over by a mob of women?"
"I wouldn't mind."


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61788: You're forgiven, Me-They. Here's my quote: "I need to get out of the house more often"~Aunt Bee


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61789:
Andy (to Barney): sniff sniff, You been paintin'?

BOO- you are right. My dad has often told me that '46 to about '63 were about the best years of his life. The war was over, there was prosperity, WE were actually lending money to OTHER nations. We were still on the gold standard. Many conveniences were "perfected", sulfa drugs, penicillin, sulk vacine etc, low divorce rate,etc,
then came Kennedy as$asination, abortion, s@xual revolution etc.to where we are today, a great increase in knowledge, but seemingly worse off for it. Pray hard, and be a DOER of the Word.

Opie(to Barney) sniff, sniff, you been paintin'?

Prayers for all,

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61790: Mayor - "Sniff, sniff, what's that smell?"

Barney - "I've been paintin'."


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61791: Is it too late to tell my story? After reading about everyone's experiences, it leaves me absolutely raged. Just think how many of us here on the Porch have had experiences with perverts and degenerates. It makes me think of how vulnerable children are. It leaves me breathless.

I was about BOO's age when she had her experience--around 2nd or 3rd grade. My best friend, Jennifer Beaver, lived a block up and across the street from my house. We all lived in 2-story brownstones. One afternoon, after we got off the bus, we walked to Jennifer's house as we did everyday. I would "drop" her off and head on home. This particular day she invited me in. This was a rare occurrence because Jennifer was embarrassed of how dirty her home was. Her mother worked to support her family while her dad stayed home and did nothing. I hesitantly agreed to go in but I told her only for a short time. When I walked in, the house was disgusting with dishes piled high, clothes everywhere and piles of old papers. I was very uncomfortable. Before I could turn around and high-tail it out of there, Jennifer's dad came out of the corner where he'd been sitting, smoking something strange smelling and blasting CCR. He pulled out his wallet and showed me a picture of a young Asian woman he had met while in Vietnam. They were both shirtless. My stomach lurched and I knew that I needed to run away but I was frozen. He proceeded to talk to me like I was an adult, complementing me on how pretty I was, how tall I was, how old I looked for my age. He asked me if I wanted to see something pretty and opened a closet door. He pulled out a robin-egg blue silk kimono with a gold dragon on the back. He said he got that when he was overseas and that his girlfriend wore it for him when they were "loving each other." I didn't understand. He placed his hand behind my neck and smoothed my hair back. He wanted me to undress and put the robe on while he would take pictures of me. Jennifer was no where to be found. I grabbed my book bag and tore out of that house like I was on fire. I ran so fast that at some point I dropped my book bad on the sidewalk. I went straight to bed. My mom thought I was sick until she asked me where my homework was. I told her that I dropped my bag somewhere outside. This peeked my dad's curiosity and he questioned me. I reluctantly told him as I was petrified that my dad would be mad at me; as if I had brought the situation on myself. I don't think I got the whole story out before my dad charged out of the house. The rest of the story my dad has told me over the years and the jest of it is he waited for the guy to come out of his house and beat the tar out of him (my dad is 6'6" and about 250 so he could be intimidating). My dad made it known under no uncertain terms that if this guy were to even be seen anywhere in my presence that he would not live to see the next dawn. I don't think the police was ever called. Back then, I think people were inclined to take care of business like that, withholding trust in the police and their ability to remove trash from your neighborhood. But my dad grew up in a very rough neighborhood in St. Louis so maybe it was just him!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I had really pushed that experience way back in my mind but once I started reading your experiences, it came back very vividly. I'll never forget the details. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I'm so overprotective with my girls. Seriously, I'm very overprotective. As an example, we have a bad forecast all day tomorrow with tornadoes and I'm considering not taking my oldest to school. Well, I'll close this for now. Hope I didn't share too much and made anyone uncomfortable. That was not my intention. MW

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61792: I think it's time to talk about pleasant things!

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61793: M-T, I forgot to say that what you did today is very important (and BOO and RO, too.) Thank you!

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61794: #61793 was me, Merri. I don't like leaving anonymous messages.

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61795: Well, life's just not always so pleasant #61792 (I say that in the nicest way possible, not to offend), and I for one am glad Merri shared her story because I know it helped her. Sometimes this porch is just, plain therapy and I love it that way. I also welcome anyone else who wants to share. Talking about what has hurt us can be a very healing thing.

God bless you, Merri, and I will pray that you find the peace you need as far as your girls are concerned. I know the Lord can give that in time. Most people wouldn't agree with the way your dad handled that situation, but let me tell you about my dad. He has lived with a lifetime of guilt because he didn't do what your dad did. Years ago, my mom's brother came for a visit and molested my brother. My brother had the sense to tell my dad and dad took my uncle to the train station (this was in the early 60's) and told him if he ever came back, he would kill him. I have heard him say that he wished he had because my uncle went on to do his share of damage to little boys, while my mom's messed up family lived in a perpetual state of denial. I was just a kid when I knew him but I knew what was going on in that house. He's dead now but it still eats my dad up. So, this kind of thing is certainly nothing new. The good news is, that we all survived and the Lord is watching over us, just as he is our children.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61796: I didn't say life was always pleasant, and I wasn't aiming my comments at Merri. I was simply saying that it would be nice to change the subject. RL

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61797: Who are you, RL? I don't recognize the initials, so stand forth, friend, and be recognized! --Romeena

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61798: By the way, Merri, my dad would have done exactly what your dad did, and for that matter, so would my husband. --Romeena

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61799:
RL-Sometimes the porch topics get to things like this. It aint always pleasant, but it is REALITY and as Boo said, it can be therapy also.
Perhaps youve been looking in on us like "Stranger in Town"ep, and if so, you know the nature of the porch.
Jesus said that the wheat would grow with the tares, and it has been so throughout history, look at figures from the past like Jack the ripper for example. We just have to try our best to be "in the world, but not OF it."

BTW BOO, there used to be a Wigwam Hotel right here in tempe until about 15 years ago. ASU bought it and bulldozed it for a new building.
Andy: Mr MacBeevie, boy am I glad to meet you!

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61800: MDC, you're funny! I guess you could say I've been like the "Stranger in Town". Guess I'll have to come up with a 'Mayberry' name. Yes, I know the nature of the porch. Everything under the sun is talked about here. Interesting bunch of folks, to say the least! :) RL

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61801: Rl - let's see. . .are you a butter and egg kinda person or are you a Mrs. Mendelbright kinda of person. . .my name isn't very Mayberry but homemaker is kind of generic and describes many women in Mayberry.
MW - I am glad you could share with us. I am glad your dad took care of things!


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61802: Welcome RL. Sorry you landed on a serious porch day but we like to talk about all sorts of stuff.

I can only say that I thank everyone here today. I had suppressed that memory for so long, to be honest, I haven't even told my husband about it. Not out of shame or guilt, but maybe out of self-preservation. I'm here to admit to the world that after I had my firstborn, I was a drastically changed person. Things I never thought of before crept into my mind. I am constantly on guard with my girls, like a sentinel at his post. It has caused me great anxiety at times to the point that it's hard for me to trust anyone around my girls (when I'm not around.) I am ashamed to admit that I even worry when my husband has them and takes them places without me, though I know how irrational that can be, I can't control everything. And I know how much I need a break. But the worry creeps in and before I know it, I'm on the phone calling my hubby home. It's something that I have to work on; I must strike a balance between being a good parent and not being neurotic and overprotective. It's very difficult for me. But I've decided to speak to my minister about it. Maybe it's time for a little chat and finding some perspectives to help me. I just thought I should share that with you all. Forgive me if I've said too much but you have really helped me out today.

Well, I recorded Biography on "Happy Days" last night so I think I'll go have some sweet tea and relax.

Tomorrow is another day...Blessings and Peace. MW

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61803: Wow,it's scarey how many of us have a bad experience. I'll tell you mine.I was 10. My best friend Nan,her younger sister Debi and her little brother Kevin,our friend Lisa and I were walking home from getting ice cream on a Sunday afteroon , a guy in a car stopped to ask us directions we went over to the car and he was not wearing any pants He asked us if we had ever seen one of these. We all just ran away. WE never told anyone then. My face gets warm just remembering it now. PEACE Dr P

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61804: Thanks for the welcome MW. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I've been going through some struggles myself. Was just looking for a little 'lighter' conversation, but it's okay. The experiences that we have growing up do affect us for the rest of our lives. Enjoy your tea and relaxation. RL

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61805: Hey gang!GOT ALOT OF MY YARD WORK DONE TODAY[gosh sorry about caps!)..hey Dr.P...mw,hm...where are ya at maude?..hey RO,boo,..where is TOM and Rev?..breakfast:3 eggs your way,grits,hashbrowns,bisquits and gravy,sausage,and h20,coffee...back in a bit ...SPOT

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61806: Sorry about your struggles, RL. Hope you feel at home here. I want you to feel welcome.

MW, thank you for sharing your difficulty with us. I will pray for you. I can relate alot to what you are saying because I used to be that way when Sean was younger. I think dealing with Sean's problems has helped me alot. I have seen how God has taken care of him and that he belongs to God and it has given me so much peace to see that. When I became pregnant with my second, I was so afraid that I would go through the same anxiety with her so I prayed and asked the Lord to please not let that happen again. When I was searching for a name for Erin, the Lord gave me her name (it means "Peace"). I knew it was a promise from Him and it has been been fulfilled. I don't worry about her. My experience with her and my experience with Sean are like night and day. No anxiety, and I have gotten progressively better over the years. The freedom is amazing. I was miserable before. So, I know the Lord can set you free from it but it may take time. Keep seeking and asking him and go talk to your minister. I am proud of you.

Your story is scary, Dr. P. Guys like that just might progress to pulling little girls into the car with them.

Good night. I think I will retire with a good book. I am reading a book called "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" by Jim Cymbala (pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle)...pretty good so far.


April 09, 2008 - Msg 61807: Night Boo...SPOT

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61808: No hurt feelings RL. It just took a lot for me to brave writing my experience down. Besides, I have to be honest, I have a thing with anonymous messages if they appear negative in nature at all. But nevermind that---Welcome, welcome, welcome. Come back tomorrow and you can see what kind of fun this place is! Have a good night.

DR. P, isn't it unbelievable how many of us have a story? Thanks for sharing yours.

SPOT, I have a recipe I came across today that involved crescent rolls, apples, butter, cinnamon & sugar, a a can of Mountain Dew! Does that interest your tastebuds at all? If so, leave a message and I'll post the recipe.

BOO, if you're out there tonight, I have to tell you that I laughed so hard at your story about the tall girl and her comment last night! I nearly fell out of my chair! It's got to be moments like that, that can make you smile through such tragedy!

See ya later--mw

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61809: Oh, there you are BOO! mw

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61810: Good evening, all. RL, how about telling us a bit about yourself? Are you a guy or a girl? Kinda hard to tell just from initials, and we've had a little confusion here in the past, so I thought I'd just ask, right up front. What part of the porch do you sit on? I'm in the Dallas area, Boo is down around Corpus in Texas, Spot is in Georgia, and everyone else is just sort of scattered everywhere.

Mavis sent me a couple of pictures of Miss Peggy Sue, her new little poodle puppy, and she's a doll! Tiny little thing, not even two pounds. The pictures are now in the album, in the sub-album entitled "Porchsters' Pets". Check it out! Also, in my own section - I think it says "Yard and Wildlife" - I've added some pictures of the iris and other things that are happening out back right now. You're welcome to check that out, too.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61811: Thanks MW but im NOT a sweet eating person...never have been..just soon to eat a ham sandwich than a snickers bar...hey Ro..SPOT

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61812:
Hello porch family...great day here in SC.

The studio session yesterday went great. Thanks for your prayers. Should finish it up by the 28th.

Boo....I may not be there to sing to you when "your time comes", but one day we will all be together in HIS presence singing His praises.

Ro...buying bugs....what is this world coming to..hehe

M-T....that list is almost scary when you look at it. It's like I heard someone say, "We're digging our own graves one spoonful at a time."

MDC...that's great news about the Mrs.. Continued paryers for her.

Big Maude....you just keep getting smarter and smarter with all your education.

Welcome RL....so to have you.

I'm here Spot...not on the road right now. But I'll be in Jacksonville, FL this weekend.

You all have a great night. Prayers for all the porch family.

April 09, 2008 - Msg 61813: Good deal Rev...see ya at breakfast in the morning
have a safe trip to Jak!..keep in touch brother!..love the porch ...im gone to bed ...SPOT

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61814: Morning all.
Whew, some heavy stuff out there yesterday for sure. I'm shocked at how many of you have had encounters of this type. That has to be difficult to deal with.
Welcome to RL. Maybe we can have a contest and guess what RL stands for. I'll go first. Rudolph Lightlinger. Am I right? Did I get it the very first guess? :)

Glad your session went well Rev. Didn't even have to use any bug spray?

Hazel, how's the planting going? I'm hoping to be able to turn some soil this weekend finally. It has been a very cold and wet spring here so I am behind schedule. I may end up like old Quiet Sam and have to plow at night. Boy, I sure hope nobody thinks I'm planting wacky tobacky because of that.
Best get off to work. Got a busy day today.


April 10, 2008 - Msg 61815: Good Morning Porch! Rise and shine,blustery and rainy this morning,supposed to be for the next 3 days.Welcome to RL,I'm on the Iowa end of the porch,where you located? Since we all told a scary memory Let's all tell a good one.
When I was little my Grandparents had a big old green 1952 Chevy,one of my favorite things to do was to go to town with them on Saturdays,I would sit in the backseat all by myself,it seemed huge to me.We would get groceries and Grandma always gave me a quarter to spend.I would usually get a 10 cent bottle of pop,a candy bar and a pack of gum ,once and awhile I would buy a comic book{usually Disney}.Boy'it was a simple pleasure but I"d give anything to do that ,again.
I'm off to make a Peanut butter pie for Colter,his B-day was Tuesday,but he was working .
Take care PEACE Dr P

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61816: Great memories, Dr P. Sounds like you had a good childhood.

Yep, MW, there is never a dull moment at the rehab!

Glad things went well in the studio, REV, and may your trip to Florida be a smooth one. You
re right, someday we won't all be seperated by all these miles...won't it be great?

"Hey" to SPOT...I'm with ya. Sweets aren't my weekness, but alot of other foods are...I like good old home cooking with lots of butter and cheese! ha By the way, Bruce met another couple of builders that he asked bids from and they are more expensive than the one we wanted originally. In fact, one was asking double (how is that possible?!). We were hoping to just be able to give it over to a builder but it is looking like we are just going to have to tackle it ourselves. We'll see.

Take care, ASA, and don't work too hard...

I've got plenty to do today myself. I have to go over and check on the folks, too. Better go get Erin moving..


April 10, 2008 - Msg 61817: I want the Mt. Dew recipe - it could really twang my buds!

Boo - we asked for bids on our new house and it was a very simple design and the house was going to cost us an arm and a couple of my children's legs. That is why we are going with a modular. It comes with GE appliances, Moen faucets, wood trim and it is half the cost of building plus it is done within about two weeks and we can move in right away. Everything in the house is a neutral shade so I won't have to repaint anything right away. It is going to be bigger than we originally wanted and it is solidly made. It ain't no double wide so my husband can't call me the queen of the double wide trailer! :) When it is installed - I'll send in pictures.

RL - Ralph Littlespoon, Ralene Litzenbigler, Roy Lewis. . .those are my guesses!

Hey ya'll. . .take care - and if you travel to Cincinnati - be careful of the bedbugs, they have an epidemic there!


April 10, 2008 - Msg 61818: It was going to cost you an arm and a couple of your kid's legs?! haha...yep, send me some pictures of your place, HM.


My guess would be Rollo Loosebottom.

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61819: Good morning everyone.

Redcrested Lakeloon?

Be back in a bit.


April 10, 2008 - Msg 61820: Okay, I have a minute now…

MERRI: It's great that you felt like you could share. Many of us have these kinds of experiences and they do shape our outlook. It has a doubly negative effect: the acts wound us, and they make it harder for us to put our trust in the Lord and not our own ability to protect our kids from every danger. It’s a fine line between being too permissive and being too overprotective, and both are dangerous to a child’s development. The best thing we can do is protect our kids from danger when we can and equip them to deal with the dangers that will come when we fall short, because we will fall short.

Interestingly, “Talk of the Nation” on NPR featured a segment on parents bent toward being irrationally overprotective. It was very interesting and the guest was engaging, if anyone would like to listen. She is a NYT columnist and has a website called Free Range Kids. I found myself agreeing with a lot of what she had to say and her statistics were eye-opening. It’s about 15 minutes long. You can hear it at: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=89502019.

It ain’t easy being a parent, is it? And if you think it is, I’d bet you’re probably not doing something right!

Did anyone watch “American Idol Gives Back” last night? I was flipping back and forth. (The stories are so tragic, I can only take so much.) From what I’ve read, Bono is one of those celebrities who doesn’t just show up for the photo op but really puts his money and time into doing work like that. On the lighter side, Carrie Underwood was the standout performance of the evening, in my opinion, but I enjoyed Annie Lennox, too. I love her voice, if not most of her songs. And wow, I haven’t seen Heart in decades. That Ann Wilson still has one powerful voice. She can really belt it out. (I missed most of the song, though, because I flipped channels when Fergie came out. Don’t like her music or her image.)

While I was flipping I hit on a few minutes of that stupid “High School Reunion” show on TV Land. It said that the people were from J.J. Pearcy (I think) HS in Richardson, Texas. That’s in your neck of the woods, isn’t it ROMEENA?

Welcome, RL, and howdy to DR. P, RAY, REV, and all the rest of you regulars. APB for AFD, LUCY, MAVIS, IDELLE, GOOBER, etc. etc.

See y’all at lunch.


April 10, 2008 - Msg 61821: Here's the recipe HM:

Apple Dumplings

2 cans crescent rolls

2 large apples

11/2cups white sugar*

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 sticks butter*

1 can Mountain Dew

Preheat oven to 350-degrees. Core, peel, and slice apples into 8 pieces. Roll apple slices into crescent rolls, roll from wide end first. Melt butter in microwave and then add sugar and cinnamon. Spoon over rolled apples in pan. Pour Mountain Dew around apples in pan. Bake for 45 minutes. You can use a disposable foil pan to bake in.

Yield: 8-16 servings

* You can use less sugar and butter if it is too rich/sweet for you. Reduce sugar to 1 cup and butter to 1 stick.

Preparation time: 15 – 20 minutes

Bake time: 45 minutes

Total time: 1 hour

I am off to visit an elderly couple from church that are in the hospital. They had a bad accident on their way to Kansas City yesterday. The car ran off an embankment and landed in a creek. They'll be ok, thank God. If you think of it, send out some good thoughts for them. mw

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61822: Oh, howdy M-T. I think everything you've said is wise. I'll check out that later. Thanks for posting it. Have a great day everyone! mw

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61823: I meant, I'll check out the radio clip. Sorry, that's what happens when I get in a hurry. mw

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61824: Whose making a batch with that recipe? I want to know where to head to...

Prayers for them, MERRI.

That columnists link is: http://freerangekids.wordpress.com/. I haven't had time to look at the entire site, but it looks interesting.


April 10, 2008 - Msg 61825: Good morning everyone. I loved your guesses concerning 'RL'. My favorite comes from M-T. Made me smile! I said to myself, "That's it!" That will be my 'Mayberry' name... Redcrested Lakeloon, 'Red' for short. Thanks M-T. Appreciate the warm welcome from Romeena, Boo, hm,Asa,Dr.P, Rev.,mw, and anyone else I've missed. I've got to run and get ready for the 'dreaded teeth cleaning' at the dentist. Prayers for the elderly couple, mw.

Blessings, Red

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61826: I am going to make that - I have a feeling that will go over big at my house (with a great big dollop of vanilla ice-cream!) I got some apple loving boys at my house.

We plan on planting some fruit trees at the property too. Two apple and a pear. I just love canned pears! The boys do too!

Prayers for elderly friends MW - I think about my parents every time they set off. It is a good thing they don't drive to the city by themselves anymore. Dad stopped doing that when he turned 83! He'll be 85 in a couple of weeks.

Didn't see Idol last nite - we were too busy getting homework completed. My son now has 40 AR points for the 9 weeks. He came home last nite and said the principal would give them a pop if they read a book above their level and passed the quiz. Sure hope he gets that pop! I will never hear the end of it!

Well - take care - and act like somebody!


Rollo Langowski!

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61827: BTW, Romeena, I'm a girl... a middle aged girl. The middle of 'what', I'm not sure... Red

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61828: Good morning, all, and great goodledy-moo! Boy, does that apple dumpling recipe sound wonderful! I wonder what would happen if you used brown sugar for all or part of it? I just love the taste of brown sugar. It sounds really good, but a diabetic's nightmare. I'd probably cut the sugar and butter down a bit.

Boy, we had a storm last night! I have two pretty big limbs down in the back yard - haven't checked the front yet, or the roof. The power is off out back, both low-voltage and 110, so I have no pumps working on the pond. It's okay, the pond is big enough to support the fish for a couple of days without aeration, and there is no sun shining, so that helps. Will still have to get it fixed, though. Seems like it's always something.

Boo, I watched a program - "How It's Done", I think - about those modular homes. It was fascinating. They appear to be extremely well built, and when the components were trucked in and fitted together, the house was absolutely beautiful. Even had a fireplace. Might be something you'd want to research. I would think a quick Google of "modular homes" would do it.

Well, I have to see the dentist today, so guess I'd better get moving around here. Then I have to work tonight. Yuck.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

Oh, I think RL stands for Really Lucky! He/she found us, right? (heehee)

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61829: My goodness, you folks are quick! Just look at what all was said since I started typing, right after the recipe! Red, welcome, and I love your name choice. Believe it or not, I'm headed for a cleaning session at the dentist, too. I just hate that! Because of my heart stuff, I have to take a huge dose of Amoxicillin before they'll touch me, so I keep a prescription of it on hand.

We're always glad to get another porchster of the female persuasion on board - it takes us all to keep these fellers under control. They just get wild if we don't stay on their trail, especially Asa. I declare, when he comes prancing out in that mullet, and wearing his toolbelt, it's just Katie bar the door! If you ever want to catch his whole act, just go over to the Gigolo Club in Yancey on a Saturday night!

Well, off I go. --Romeena

April 10, 2008 - Msg 61830: Ro - the walls in our home will be 2x6 and the flooring is 2X8 and it will be put on a poured foundation. The one we will be getting is almost 1900 square feet. And for the cold Indiana winters - it has lots of insulation.

So sorry about your storms - they are heading our way tonite.

I like the RL being really lucky! That was smart!


April 10, 2008 - Msg 61831:
RL- welcome. Sorry i was a litlle overprotective, but sometimes we get "interlopers" and ya know what we do? The big freeze! But you seem more like an Ed Sawyer.
MW- my prayers and consolation are with you. That was hard to do, but glad it was therapitic. I am wondering about your classmate jenifer, did she turn out ok after that horrid childhood?
One time when i was teaching, a set of parents hadnt come to PT conferences two times so i went to their house, and i was never so shocked in my life at the conditions of that house! have you talked to your kids about stranger danger. If you let them know that they can tellyou about anything, it may help you all.
ASA- too funny--wacky tabacky!
HM- how goes the recovery from the barn damage?
Dr P- What? no childseat, no safety belt, no air bags, no dvd screen, no a/c, yet you survived those trips to town! ha And i bet you used to get candy cigarettes too! (:
Rev- glad the session went well.
Prayers continue for all. Hope we all feel the good Lord's presence in our lives!
Racing here at PIR this week!!
MDC (Mr Darlin's Cuz)