April 12, 2008 - Msg 61910: Oh, almost forgot, Sterling...I wanted to tell you that I had a good visit yesterday with Sean's psychologist while Sean was out of the room and I expressed some of my concerns about Sean. He talked to me about how important it is for kids that age to feel accepted and that they will try different groups in attempt to fit in. It made me think of the groups that come into public schools with the message of, "So, you are gay. It's ok, we accept you and will be your friend, etc.". The psychologist said that sometimes kids are pulled into an alternative lifestyle because of their desire to be accepted. Interesting thought, for what it's worth.


April 12, 2008 - Msg 61911: Good morning Porch. Hope you are all well and dandy.
I'm not sure who it was who was talking about a modular home (hm?) but when I was an apprentice electrician I worked for a pre-fab home manufactuer and I just gotta say these homes were built strong, much stronger than the ones built on site. They had to be to withstand being transported. So if that's the direction you're leaning I'd say as long as the builder is good you'll end up with a very quality home. If you want more detail into what was done differently I can tell you if you want.
And Boo, most builders will know any and all building codes, including local ones, and implement them while building. We built homes that went all over the west, and there were some cities and counties that had very restrictive codes on electrical stuff that went way above and beyond the normal NEC, but we always accomodated them. Just be sure you're builder is a good one and you'll be happy I suspect.
Hazel, I truly enjoyed your post. We do need to be tolerant of others even if we disagree with what it is they may be doing. We may not agree with it, but we can still be civil with them and treat them with respect. I think that's what our Savior would have us do at least.
And I understand Sterling there are some who have an agenda for looking beyond tolerance. I suppose that's where we as parents take a position like you are doing.
Anyway, hopefully we are doing the best we can with what we've been blessed with and can find compassion and kindness in our hearts and try to impart that in our children. And if we are activelly engaged in doing what The Lord would have us be doing, I think we'll be ok. I imagine this is making no sense cause it's not to me as I type it out. I guess my whole point is we should stand up for what is right at all times, but realise not all will share our beliefs and standards and we should try to convince them with kindness and longsuffering rather than with raised voice and rightous indignation.
Anyway, I'll put my ramblings away. Sorry about that.
We will be in the 70's today they say, so maybe spring has sprung here at last. Spot, Hazel, y'all get over here and help me plant. I'm behind and need to get going.
Oh, and you too auh2o. I can use your help also. I'm under sniper fire here. hee hee hee.


April 12, 2008 - Msg 61912: Asa, I'm leaving now, and will be there to help in about 6 hours. Sure hope my back don't go out...
No, Sterling, of course I'm not offended by your response to my post. I understand your position and respect your goal to do what's best for your daughter.
I am reminded of a funny thing that happened to my husband a few years back. He has a good friend that he has been friends with for 20 years or so. The friend is his bike riding buddy, and they've always shared this huge interest in bicycling. His friend is a very straight, honest, Christian man with very strong family values. Anyhow, there was some famous guy, a Bike sports figure, I can't remember his name, who was going to be in Boise on a Saturday, doing a book signing thing, and they were going to have a bike parade or something downtown to promote his book. Local BMX riders were going to be doing stunts and such during the event. Well, my husband told his friend about it, and they both wanted to go, and his friend brought his 12 year old son and they were really looking forward to it. So they go downtown, and find a parking spot, and it was really crowded because hundreds of people were down there. Long story short, my husband got the date mixed up, and they had actually gone to a Gay Rights parade. When he came home and told me the story, I about fell off my chair laughing. Picturing those 3 guys practically bumping into each other trying to get out of there quick. Afraid that the news media, which was there, would show them on the news. Lesson learned, double check the dates of any events my husband tries to take you to.
- Hazel

Barney: "I'll check the engine, I said it first!"

April 12, 2008 - Msg 61913: Good morning, all. Very interesting points of view being presented, and I can find a point of agreement with each one, even though there are differences. Teaching our children to love others, in spite of differences, is Christ's command, but that doesn't mean we have to embrace their ways.

A case in point would be that splinter LDS group that has been in the news here in Texas. We should love and try to respect those folks, but we cannot permit them to continue with their lifestyle. They are breaking the law, and when 13 year old girls are being "married" to 50 year old men, and being forced to have their babies, that's wrong, and tolerance for diversity just doesn't stretch that far. Let me say emphatically that this isn't a swipe at the Mormons, or mainstream LDS church. This group here in Texas is a misguided, break-away group that was cast out by their own denomination because of their activities. Personally, as a Baptist, I wish there was some way to force that nasty Fred Phelps to quit calling his gang of thugs a Baptist Church, too. We Baptists are no more responsible for him than the Mormons are responsible for the Eldorado group.

Somewhere in all of this lies the age-old question of what is meant by the scripture "Judge not, lest ye be judged." That's probably one of the toughest scriptures to understand, and a lot of us trip over it. I think it means that we are not to judge the worth of an individual in God's sight, but we'd darned well better judge activities at times. Apply it any other way, and we will have to open the prisons and let everyone go free, because we can't judge what they did. Obviously, that makes no sense. So it is with lifestyles. Some things are wrong, we know it because it doesn't fit the yardstick of God's laws, or the laws of the land, either one. Wrong is wrong. We cannot judge the person and say "God can't forgive him or her", but we can say "what they did is wrong and cannot be tolerated." And when, in the light of my understanding, a behavior is wrong, I'd prefer that the schools would not take my children or grandchildren and try to convince them otherwise. The Eldorado group is saying the same thing - they don't want the "outside world" teaching their children differently than they have taught them, but the difference is, what they have taught their children is against the law of the land. And that's a big difference.

Well, that's enough. I could go on all day, but who cares? Not me. The sun is shining, the breeze is cool, and I'm going outdoors. Be blessed, all.--Romeena

April 12, 2008 - Msg 61914: That is just heart breaking what's going on down there in Texas Ro. And I agree tolerance does not stretch that far. I hope all these girls and young women can find healing and forgiveness in their hearts and move on with life. And hopefully those responsible will be held accountable to the umpteenth degree. I'm sure God will have them account to him.

That's a funny story Hazel. Sure hope they weren't down there in them funny tight biking shorts. That could have really been uncomfortable. :)
Well if it's gonna hit 70 today, it's gonna have to work hard at it. The ground was white with frost this morning and at 11 o'clock it's still only 34 with a cold north breeze blowing. Just cold enough to keep me indoors and wait till this afternoon or till next week to start turning soil. Doggoneit. Guess I'll just have to watch the Masters. Bummer. Ha! I imagine for you non-golfers watching Golf is akin to watching paint dry. Well to bad. I enjoy it so nerts to you! Spot, you anywhere close to Augusta National? Dang that's some pretty turf there.

Well, best go make sure I got puenty of goodies to see me through the event.


April 12, 2008 - Msg 61915: Hahaha, Asa. So, "watching Golf is akin to watching paint dry" for some of us, huh? Well, you may be right. To each his own. However, on a Sunday afternoon, I love to have a good golf tournament on TV. Nothing is more conducive to a peaceful nap than a golf tournament. Whispered commentary, low murmurs of approval or disappointment from the gallery, and the occasional subdued, polite smattering of applause - just wonderful, like soft rain on a windowpane. Now if there was just some way to remove the commercials....

It's beautiful here, 67 degrees and sunny. Huge clumps of iris nodding their heads out back, and bright little carpets of verbena, dianthus, snaps, pansies and some hold-over petunias all scattered around their feet. Something fun has happened back there since last year. There's one flowerbed I call the boulder bed, because it's defined by ice-chest sized boulders, all different shapes but fitted together like a puzzle. The resulting enclosure was filled with compost and soil, and became a flowerbed. I planted a pretty little ground cover along the edges, intending for it to sort of cascade down over the boulders. Well, it cascaded alright, right out of the bed. The root stock in the bed died out, and the little plant has colonized the lawn for about five feet out from the boulder wall, along most of the length. It has grown in with the grass, and is now a carpet of little blue/purple flowers, peeping out of the grass. It's just below lawnmower height, so Eddie just mows right over it, cutting the grass down, but not harming the groundcover or its flowers. I love it! The interesting things one sees out there - nature is wonderful.

Be blessed. --Romeena

April 12, 2008 - Msg 61916: HAHAHA! I loved your story, Hazel. That is so funny. I could just picture those guys and the looks on their faces when they realized what was going on, and Asa's comment...so funny! It's like something out of a Ben Stiller movie or something.

It's beautiful here, too Ro! Erin had a t-ball game this morning and it was really windy but it's perfect now and about 70 degrees. During the game, a third baseman tried to tag Erin out a home and knocked her down and sat on her. Boy, she cried and didn't want to leave the dugout. We talked to her about facing your fears and not letting the team down, then we left and went back to our seats. Eventually she joined the game again and was fine. She was very proud of herself for facing her fears (and so were we). Sometimes this parenting things has some really great moments...

Better go get some work done.


April 12, 2008 - Msg 61917: Oh, thanks for the comments about the modular homes, Asa. I mentioned it to Bruce and he said he would look into it more but that he thinks that the codes wouldn't permit it...something about hurricane winds here on the coast or something? He did say he would find out, though.


April 12, 2008 - Msg 61918: Hey folks, just dropping in for a minute. We have had a beautiful day here as well. Warm, sunny but very windy.

I have been doing chores much of the day, went to grocery store and then filled up with gas... pretty broke now though. :)

My husband is working this week end but will be off Monday and Tuesday. My son has a job doing yard work for about 3 different people so he has been busy today and my daugther is spending the afternoon with a friend.

Supper menu will be: steaks from the grill, baked potatoes, salad, grilled corn. Texas toast.
pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

Guess I had beter get cooking.

see you at supper.

Big Maude

April 12, 2008 - Msg 61919: Mercy, Big Maude! That sounds like some good kind of supper. Make my steak rare, and lots of sour cream for the potato. Corn plain, don't even need butter, and the strawberries and cream with pound cake really twang my buds! I'll wash up for you afterward.

I just went out and cut an armload of iris and brought them in. They're now in a big heavy vase on my desk, and there are twelve open flowers with five buds that will open, probably tomorrow. They smell so sweet, and are so pretty. There are five varieties represented, and they're just spectacular. The wind is blowing very hard right now, and these were so tall, I knew they'd be broken off by morning, so they might as well be in here where I can see them and enjoy their fragrance as well. Lovely.

Well, Starr is begging for a cuddle, so guess I'll accommodate her. She is the most loving little thing, just loves to cuddle up and be close. She has singled out my 7 year old grandson to be her cuddle person when he's here, if I'm busy. She'll go to him every time, and he just loves it. He's very good with her. He has Bentley, his wheaten terrier, and plays rough with him because Bentley likes it, but he's very tender with Starr. Kids are wonderful.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 12, 2008 - Msg 61920: Dinner sounds great Maude. Tell me, do you pound your cake right there on the premises? :)
Well never got close to 70 today. 50 with a cold north wind blowing. So I was good on my promise. I watched The Masters instead. Looks to be a good final round tomorrow.
Boo, glad Erin got back in the game. Good for her.

Well guress I'll go wash up for supper. Anyone seen my socks?


April 12, 2008 - Msg 61921: Big Maude thanks for supper ...GOOD..I have to read..been building the barn [slow]. but dad and I are having fun with it...back in a bit ...SPOT

April 12, 2008 - Msg 61922: Maude thanks for having the bacon bits for the taters...SPOT

April 12, 2008 - Msg 61923: Looks like everyone is in fine form today. I've been cleaning all day, an act in futility, if ever there was one. Just gonna get dirty again.

You hit the nail on the head with the 'judging' scripture, Romeena. I think too many people misinterpret that verse so that they don't have to be accountable for their actions. Starr sounds like she's a sweetheart.

Asa, the only sport I like to watch is baseball, but only when it comes to the world series. I usually root for the team that has never won the title. Red

April 12, 2008 - Msg 61924: Red you like racing?...Its on!...varoom...snack time will be snickers and whole milk...back to the race...MDC you and Mavis watching?...Spot

April 13, 2008 - Msg 61925: "...cleaning...an act of futility.."...great truth in those words, RED!

I think I will call it a night so I won't be "bleery-eyed" for preachin' in the morning.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61926: Jimmy J wins the race on fuel....SPOT

April 13, 2008 - Msg 61927: Mornin Dears and Honeys....Ro, I was watching something on God tube that I think you would want to see. A reporter went undercover in the UK to film what is going on within the Muslim community (within the Mosques) and it is pretty startling what is revealed. The series is in several, short segments and you kind see them by going to godtube(dot)com and doing a search for "Inside A Mosque". Really interesting and something everyone should see, IMO.

Well, best get ready for church. May the Lord bless each of on this beautiful Sunday.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61928: It's in the 30s here today so it is a Chili soup day here -

April 13, 2008 - Msg 61929:
homemaker-Cold, and snowing, here also. Like I said before if it weren't for the colder temperatures I'd be all for this Global Warming.

Asa-I got your back, when I say dock and run, you stop and exchange pleasantries with the locals. Sound like a plan?

Hazel-That is one funny story.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61930:
Duck run and duck run, don't dock, you'll be a goner for sure.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61931: Hi All.
Have a good day, we often hear
Sometimes in a cheery voice;
My answer is Thank you, I will,
You see, it's my God-given choice.
God gave us minds with which to think,
To analyze and choose...
His guidance and His wisdom, too,
Are there for us to use.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61932: Hello
It tvland a calling

April 13, 2008 - Msg 61933: Hello.
look like no one home.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61934: Hello Tom. Nice poem, by the way. Full of truth.
If Tvland is calling these days, I might not answer it. ;) Seems everytime I tune in to it, there is some reality show, or the unending advertisements of yet another one, playing continuously. I did manage to catch a couple of episodes of Leave It To Beaver today, so that was nice.

Well, have to get ready to go to church. I worked this morning, so Kai and the wife went to the morning services(Kai loves the junior church service they have then), and I will go to, as Kai calls it, boring church.;)

Talk to you all later, and have a good night!

-Sterling Holobyte

April 13, 2008 - Msg 61935: Thanks Sterling, may the Lord touch your heart and renew you spirit at church.

The weather here today was so gorgeous! I wish it could stay that way but hot, humid weather is on the way and will stay for months. Hope you are all enjoying a pleasant Sunday evening.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61936: Hi Boo.
It was a cold day .All last week it was warm here up im the 70, and now for the next to day it going to be gold.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61937: Good evening, everyone! I came in from work this morning just beat to the socks and went right to bed. I have slept most of the day, so now I guess I'll be up all night! Maybe I'll just have my own little TAGS marathon, with my DVDs.

There is some weirdness going on out back with my landscape lighting. The colored floods are already on, and the sun is still shining. I think probably a clematis vine has grown up so thick and heavy around the light sensor that it's causing it to come on too early. I'll have to trim some of the foliage back to fix that. Then there are the low-voltage lights around the pond. They'll come on when it truly gets dark back there, and they're pretty, but in about an hour, they'll go off. The light-sensor box is a sealed unit, no repairs possible, so I guess I need a new one. Drat.

Another iris has opened, one called "Rustler". It's the most unusual color. Imagine the color on a robin's breast, and just deepen it several shades. It's a rich orange/red/brown color, with gold lights - a very unusual color for a flower. So pretty! I love this time of year with the irises, because you never know what outrageously pretty thing is going to open up next.

auh2o, you are so funny. You're so right, I would imagine it's pretty hard to get all het up over global warming with snow blowing in your face in April.

Well, guess I'll go scare up some supper. Sure am glad I don't have to go back to work tonight. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 13, 2008 - Msg 61938: Hey Tom, try and stay warm, Buddy.

Glad you have the night off, Ro...snuggle in and watch some TAGS. Today I was talking to my sister and she was telling me about her trip to Fredricksburg this weekend (for her anniversary). They stayed in a great old, restored cabin and she told me that the owner was there when they arrived. She was an attractive woman, in her 50's named Brenda and she was very pleasant. When my sister showed her a picture of her grandbaby (Baby Emily), Brenda said, "I will never have one of those. My only son died a year ago.". She went on to explain something about her 29 yr old son dying from being shot, although Susan was unclear as to if it was a suicide or he was killed. Anyway, the woman was grieveing for the young man and had left his bible (which contained the son's notes and markings) and pictures of him for guests to look at in the cabin. My sister was troubled for her (she has an only son who is 29, also) and said she would pray for her. I am wondering if she might be someone your daughters know. Sounded like she was having a tough time, of course, bless her heart.

Well, the kids are outside washing the car (yes, it's that warm here) so I had better get them in and cleaned up.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61939: Hey gang...hope yall eat good today..Maude was you avalable for vittles?...well been at Miss Sherrys all day and at mom and dads...hope yall had a great Sunday..I work at 2 tomorrow so will holler then...hey Rev,Tom,auh20,bo,ro,hazel,m-t amd all...breakfast will be huddle house on Boo....I will hold the door...SPOT

April 13, 2008 - Msg 61940: What's a "huddle house", SPOT?...sounds cozy.


April 13, 2008 - Msg 61941: Huddle House is a restaurant - similar to Waffle House. Been a very cold day in Indiana - wood stove os a going and so is the electric blanket. Winter last blast (hopefully) and then spring can really spring! I would love to see some Global Warming. . .

Nitey nite


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61942:
Hello porch family....Just got in from my Florida trip and wanted to check in real quick. Haven't read the archives but I'll catch up tomorrow. I'm whipped so I'm off to bed. The concerts went great.
Prayers for all the porch family!

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61943: Welcome home, REV! Get some rest, now.

We have an appointment with Sean's endocrine doc this morning. They sent me a letter telling me to come so I guess they want to discuss his cholesterol again. I really don't want to put him on medication at such a young age so I am praying for the Lord's direction. Please remember Sean in your prayers this morning. I really appreciate it.


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61944: Hi All.
Will it a cook wet day on this end of the porch.


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61945: Cheer up Tom - tomorrow will be sunny, a little cool and nice weather by the weekend. I had your weather yesterday and your tomorrow's weather today!


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61946: I just want it to stop raining for i can work outsizd.
I have two new rose busch, and I have to git someone to help cut thr grass ,

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61947: You can work outside this weekend Tom - tomorrow it will be still a little cool but by Wednesday - you should do just fine.


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61948: Boo huddle house is the sister to waffle house around the south...same thing...just different name...we have both...welcome back Rev...TOM its gona get down to freezing here in Ga tonight...then warming back up...well let me get ready for work at 2...will read then...SPOT

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61949: I just can not sand being in the house and do not a thing all day.


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61950: Hello,hope all is well with everyone? Nice and sunny today,supposed to be 70 degrees on Wednesday, I can't wait. I'm celebrating my 29th birthday today for the 19th time.Just spent an hour on the phone with a friend I hadn't heard from in a year and a half, We had a great conversation, it was a nice surprise.
Well,need to get busy around here,you all take care. PEACE Dr P

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61951: Good day everyone!
All this talk reminds me of the modern phychologist who was being interviewed:
"Right, I absolutely believe that there are no absolutes." (:
Nice poem TOM, please send us the rain!
RED- your dusting comment is spot on! We can dust here and they very NEXT DAY it looks like nothing was done! Reminds me of when man first landed on the moon. They expected find a LOT more accumilation of "million of years" of space dust up there, but their little-publicized finding was only about 6000 years worth of dust. Hmmmm
BOO- You should hear the spin cycle on Cecile's new washer. It sounds like a jet engine starting up with a low whine, and then kicking up to 1000 RPM's, then back to the low whine to a stop. The clothes come out practically dry! We now do about half the time in the dryer.
Prayers for all,

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61952: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR.P.


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61953:
Ha. not US in the dryer, of course, but rather the CLOTHES! mdc

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61954: Wow, you are making me salivate with all that washing machine talk! I'm green with envy.


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61955: Happy 29th again,Dr. P.!!!

possum under a rock

P.S. Extra prayers for Sean today,Boo.

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61956: OK busy here at work...quick supper menu:Grilled ribeye steaks,baked taters with butter and sour cream and bacon bits,salad with cuks,maters,onion,carrots,cheese...your chose of dressing,corn on the cob with lots of butter,asparagus tips with garlic cream sauce..texas toast,sweet tea,apple cobbler....whew....ok back to work...maude you can bring the salad tonight!...SPOT

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61957: Why Spot. This is pure gala! Thanks buddy. I may even wear shoes for such an event.
Happy Birthday Dr. P. How do you stay so young looking?
Hope Sean's visit went well Boo.
Hey Possum. How's everything?
HM, Hows yer arm. Getting better?
Well best goe clean my toe nails before going to Spot's for supper.


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61958: Wow! That meal sure enough is pure gala. Can I bring some candles and a bouquet of flowers for the table? --Romeena

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61959: Oh my gosh, SPOT! That is the best supper ever...mmm-mmm.

Sean's appointment went as usual..a 3 hour wait in the office to speak to a nurse, a pediatric resident, a dietician and a nurse practitioner! Sean gained 16 lbs and 5cm in height since we were there in August. I couldn't believe it..16lbs since August, and that is after we are being stricter about what he eats. I am getting very frustrated when I see what his friends eat when they are here. Teenaged boys can really put it away. I feel like I am already depriving him, and can't imagine taking more food away from him. I am going to have to make him get more exercise and pray for a growth spurt in height. He has to have blood drawn again before they make a decision about medication but they mentioned that his triglycerides are very high and I am wondering if there is a natural substance I can give him for that....are you out there by any chance, Lucy Matthews??

Gotta run...Erin has a game...


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61960:
Boo- I was just going to ask what kind of exercise he's getting, and sometimes the meds can cause weight gain too.
Will keep him in my prayers.
RO- Spot will even hold the chair for ya, and maybe even get ya one of them "New Ah-lens" drinks.
have a good evening!
Opie: We're going into long division now.
Andy: Yeah.
Opie: Well, I hate it.

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61961: BOO .. my wife has high triglycerides ,her DR. has her taking Fish oil daily, 3000 mg. or more ,he wanted to go this route first over meds .

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61962: Asa my buddy shoes would be nice :)..ha ha..Ro I will hold yer chair and not even make you wash dishes!..good ept coming on now on TV land...GOOD one..Lucy,Red,CHUCK?...Tom its cold here too buddy..Rev you gona be able to make supper?..how long will you be at home?..where to next?..prayers Boo to all..Romeena when you work next?..well the grill is smoking and taters are about done..Msude you gona make it with the salad?..hey MDC,MD,possum,hazel,auh20 yall gona make supper?..wonder what happened to Irishter?..well back after supper...prayers...SPOT

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61963: I see some great old Don Knotts films are on AMC tonight.
Happy viewing!
jennie boone

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61964: Good evening, all. Spot, I work Wednesday and Thursday nights this week. How about you? Oh, and I don't mind washing dishes. I'm pretty good at it!

Well, the mystery of what has been happening to my goldfish has been solved. I had about fifteen nice-sized little fish out there a while back, and there are only about six now. Yet I never find a dead one, so have really been puzzled as to their disappearance. Figured probably a raccoon, or maybe an enterprising cat. Nope. A few days ago, I saw a flash of white soaring over the fence, and thought it could have been a white pigeon, but it seemed a little too big. I didn't see it clearly enough to know what it was. Well, today I saw it. It's a heron, about three feet tall, and it was strolling around in the back yard like Mr. Sassafras hisself, walked across my little bridge, paused to peer into the pond, and was clearly thinking about nabbing himself a snack. Of course, I'm rapidly snapping pictures through the window, and he finally saw me and flew away. I got one shot of him in flight. It's a bit blurry because I had no time to focus, but I got him. The nerve of that critter! Now would somebody please tell me just how I'm going to defend my little fish against that long-necked invader? Of all things!! Oh, I'll post a couple of pictures in the album, if you'd like to see him.

Well, guess I'd better go. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61965: Spot, I was drooling over that wonderful spread! All I had for supper was tuna and crackers. Been at a friend's house all afternoon. Her grandma passed away.

Romeena, your back yard sounds like a paradise. I'm sure you enjoy it very much.

Happy Birthday Dr. P. They come round much faster than they used to, don't they?

Prayers for Sean, Boo. So hard to keep weight down. Hope the doc can get his meds regulated. Red

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61966: Well Red glad you could join us for supper...aint seen Big Maude?Romeena Im at work now till 6 am then back at 2 tomorrow for an all nighter and 2 to 10 wed then off 6 days..gona get the rest of my pole barn poles set thu..gona rent an auger to dig them...getting told old for post hole diggers...got 17 more to set then will be on my way...will get you some pics of the barn in progress Ro for the album..well Ro I will dry if you will wash...Asa those red shoes with purple tips were snazzy at supper....back in a bit..SPOT

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61967: Thanks Mayberry Deputy...I'll try him on it. Do you know if it lowered your wives triglycerides significantly?

Thanks for the prayers, Friends, it means the world.

You know RED, tuna and Ritz crackers are one of my favorite meals. I'm a tuna fan and like it with sweet relish, mayo and diced red grapes.

A HERON IS EATING THE FISH OUT OF YOUR POND, RO?!! Now that's a surprise. I wouldn't know what to do about that unless there is a way to cover the pond until he loses interest.


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61968: ...uh, that's "wife's"...I know you are no polygamist, Mayberry Deputy...


April 14, 2008 - Msg 61969: Hello?...Boo love the tuna just like you make but I will pass on the grapes..where is everybody?..Hillbillies are on...yall toss the dinner steak bones in a poke for Otis [my lab]..back in a bit..phone ringing..SPOT

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61970: Yep, a heron is eating my fish. Here in the middle of the metroplex, within a quarter mile of the much-traveled Loop 12, a 3' tall heron has found my little fishpond and is eating my goldfish! I would never have dreamed of such a thing. I put the pictures in the album, by the way. They're under the "Yard and Wildlife" cover, at the end. Some new irises there, too. One called Rustler is just spectacular.

I don't know what, if anything, I'm going to do about that winged marauder. Covering the pond is not really an option right now, though I'm going to try to find a way to do it in the fall, to keep the leaves out. My son says get one of those bobble-head owls that supposedly scare away varmints. My daughter says go to Petsmart and buy more feeder fish and keep him coming back. She thinks it's very cool that a big heron has chosen to visit my yard. I sort of agree with both of them. If he'd just eat the little feeder fish, and leave my older residents alone, I could handle that. They started out as feeders - I paid twelve cents each for them - but they've been in there a couple of years and are big and pretty now. One is about eight inches long, and is quite beautiful. So, I guess I have to decide. Buy a fake owl, or buy more fish. Hmmm.

Well, back to the TV. Have a great day tomorrow, everyone. Be blessed! --Romeena

April 14, 2008 - Msg 61971:
Hello porch family....Got caught up on some rest today. Chilly here today and gonna get colder.

Happy Birthday Dr.P

Tom...hang in there....it will get better.

Spot....thanks for the steaks. Brother that was a feast.

Boo....of course exercise is very important but also along with the Fish Oil that Mayberry D posted you may want to look into a garlic supplement(aged garlic supplement is best) and Coenzyme Q10 with Red Yeast Rice. A diet high in fiber.(soluble and insoluble)
I will be praying for Sean.

Well, it's getting late here on my end of the porch. Prayers for all the porch family. You all have a Jesus filled night as He watches over us.

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61972: Buy more feeder fish Ro...keep the big fellow around!..glad you got some rest Brother Rev...when is the next trip?...well im watching the movie US Marshals [Tommy Lee Jones]..seems to be a good one..got all my reports run and all is quite here...done some more roof truss figuring for my barn...gona put 2 good days of work in it thu and fri..prayers for Sean..Tom stay warm...gona get down to freezing here in Ga..glad I waited to plant...gona do it next weekend...breakfast menu will be simple:sausage and bisquits,hashbrowns and coffee,oj..well I will check back in just a bit..its 2:12 am right now...all lights are on....SPOT

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61973: Thanks REV, I appreciate it. I'm not familiar with the Red Yeast Rice. Does it come in capsules? Right now I am having trouble getting Sean to take the fish capsules because they are huge, but I have not been able to find smaller ones.

Thanks for your prayers, as well, SPOT. They are much appreciated...There has been alot of Clint Eastwood on AMC this week. Did you get a chance to catch any of his movies? I watched some of The Ghost and Mr Chicken on AMC last night. I missed the first half but enjoyed the rest. I was surprised at how many TAGS characters I spotted in the movie...it was fun!...Loved seeing Big Maude/Eleanor Poultice in the movie.

Saw the Heron pics, Ro. It is a beautiful bird and graces your yard well, but I hate the thought of him eating your fish. I was very impressed by the pictures of the pond with all the lovely flowers! You really have a beautiful haven back there. Wish I lived close enough to come and sit on the swing with ya some evening.

Well, better work on getting Erin off to school.

I have the drug rehab tonight and I am praying about what to share with them about some to the discipline problems we have been having. Not certain how to handle things at this point.

I have tons of laundry and housework to do, but I will check in later during a coffee break or something.


April 15, 2008 - Msg 61974: Good Mornin, Thanks for the B-day wishes,Asa,you really are a charmer.
Fritz bought me a Japanese maple tree ,now I need to find a place to put it. So better get to it. Hope all is well with each of you . Take care. PEACE Dr P

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61975: Good morning everyone. Praise the Lord, Chad's surgery went well yesterday. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. It really means a lot to know that you were out there praying for him. Now the challenge will be to keep a four-and-a-half year old down for a few days.

I'll try and stop back later, but there's a pile on my desk from the weekend for me to start working on. And I have to do it under sniper fire, too.


April 15, 2008 - Msg 61976: We rejoice with you, M-T! Glad Chad is doing well. Thanks for giving us a report.

I understand how you feel (with the pile of work on your desk). I am sitting her amongst dirty clothes, unwashed cups, discarded paper towels, groceries needing to be put away, yada, yada...COFFEE BREAKS OVER!


PS-DR P, is your hubby really named Fritz?? (maybe you told us that before)...Fritz is one of my favorite names.

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61977: Thanks, BOO.

I forgot to wish y'all a Happy Tax Day! I'd head over the Morrison sisters for some celebrating elixir, but have you seen the sales tax on corn liquor?

Speaking of German names, didn't it seem like every civilian German non-regular on "Hogan's Heroes" was named Hans Gruber?

Take care.


April 15, 2008 - Msg 61978: Hi All.
Nice day a little warm now I hope it stay this way.


April 15, 2008 - Msg 61979: HI again
Me-they, what was Chad's surgery for? My 7 year old is scheduled to have her adenoids out in June.
Ro: I know how you like watching your birds (right??) I got excited today to see at least 3 gold finches. We just put out new feeders this weekend.
Hope everyone else is having a good day.
allie (idelle??) heha

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61980: Good morning, all. Boo, I'm leaning toward putting more fish in the pond. I need more anyway, since I'm down to six, but won't be purchasing any more big pretty ones. I had a gorgeous shubunkin fantail out there and it disappeared a few months ago. He was about nine inches long, and at least a third of that was beautiful fins, but alas, he's gone. I guess that bird got him. I can't imagine that I've never seen the bird before now, but perhaps he hunts very early in the morning, and I usually stay up late and sleep late, because of my work schedule. Anyway, I need to put some more little ones in there, and they'll either provide a snack for Daddy Long Legs, or they'll grow up into pretty goldfish. Either way, it's okay with me, I guess. It still creeps me out to know that big bully is eating my little fish, but if not them, then he'd be eating little fish and little frogs somewhere else, I guess. Yes, Boo, it's looking pretty good back there right now, and I agree, I wish you could come and share the swing and some tea and conversation with me. That would be just great!

Me-They, I'm glad Chad's surgery went well. You will be amazed at how quickly he'll recover. My oldest son had major chest surgery at age 6, to correct a malformation of his sternum and ribs, and the next day he was riding a tricycle down the hallway at the hospital. Kids are amazing. You're right, keeping him down will be the hard part.

Well! I just saw a starling pick some petals off of a pansy, and carry them off to the now-vacant squirrel house, where I assume she's building a nest. The birds and squirrels alternate in the nest boxes all year long. What is it with these birds? First a heron is eating my fish, now a starling is picking my flowers! The nerve.

Dr. P, I love your husband's name. My grandfather was Frederick Albert, but was called Fritz as long as I can remember. I recall my grandma standing at the back door, yelling "Fritz! Fritz!" in her best Edith Bunker voice, and then she'd walk away mumbling "Now where in the world has he poked off to?" If he was in earshot, he'd answer her, and then she'd yell some instructions at him. He'd say "All right, all right, all right!" Then HE would walk away mumbling "Bossy old battle-axe!" Oh, it was a riot around their house. I could write a book.

Well, gotta get busy. Tom, stay warm. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61981:
Happy Tax Day? Not for ole sucker Barney Fife!
It's open season on Barney Fife. Everybody's takin'a bit out of Barney Fife! teehee
RO- a heron? As in LAKE heron? wow, that even beats a red crested lakeloon! (sorry Red!)
Have you thought of a rigid screen like chicken wire to act as an "open" cover for the pond?
We cant have that heron taking old Sam!
JENNIE BOONE- ! You ole honey and dear, where have you been!?
Hey to Tom. It will be 93 here today!
Anyone here know where i can get some of those fuzzy dice used in the 50's?
Prayers continue for Chad and others.
God Bless,

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61982: Oh, Idelle! I have tried to attract goldfinches here, without success. I hung a nijer thistle sock up, but nobody seemed interested. They are such beautiful little things, like drops of dappled sunshine flitting around in the yard. Lucky you! --Romeena

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61983:
BTW- I saw a blue grossbeak. That's pretty far south for it. mdc

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61984: Hey, MDC. Yes, a lake heron. Go to the album and you'll see him. I put the pictures in my "Yard and Wildlife" cover. He's about three feet tall. As for the chicken wire, it would probably keep him out, but would likely trap some of the other birds, and would be pretty unsightly. That pond area is the focal point of the yard, and I'd hate to put a big old wire cage over it.

As for the fuzzy dice, I'd bet you could just Google "fuzzy dice" and come up with multiple options. My 17 year old step-granddaughter (I'll drop that "step" part pretty soon, I think, because I just hate it) loves rubber ducks. I Googled it, found a great site and ordered some of the coolest little rubber duckies, which I gave her for Christmas. She was thrilled.

Well, I really do have to get busy. --Romeena

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61985: MDC, ebay has furry dice....are ya' thinking of getting some for your mirror (we already stopped playing Route 66)...


April 15, 2008 - Msg 61986: Romeena
What I bought was an upside down feeder. It holds thistle, and the finches are suppose to hang/perch upside down to eat. We had them hanging on a hook in a flower bed, it was mighty low and next to the house. For a couple days there was no action. I wondered if it was too close to the house. So.. we moved it. We are always seeing birds sitting on top of the swing set. So, my husaband hung them on that. From my view, it doesn't look like they are upside down. I guess they are still getting the food. I would think they could figure it out. And I guess its a finch. I don't know of any other yellow bird. We also have a song bird mix in another feeder on the other side of the swing set. It has fruit and Nut mix in it I think. But the finches are eating that too. Whatever works! I wonder why you can't attract them there? Are your feeders close to your house?

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61987: Hi all Windy here today, I have to keep an eye on the clothesline or my sheets will be in the next county.
Boo and Ro, Fritz is my hubby's nickname,his real name is Edwin JR ,he was Fritzy as a little boy. Frederick is our last name.Ro,you should write that book sounds like an interesting read:) An Iowa woman wrote a book resently about growing up on her grandparents farm in the 30s.It's called Little Heathens ,it's an enjoyable read.
Me-They,glad to hear Chad is doing well.
Idelle ,our male goldfinches are just starting to turn bright yellow now.Where are you located?
We had some bad news, the end of last week, my MIL
tested positive for cancer,she's having a catscan and bone marrow test today.We're all trying to think positve thuoghts, today.
I just made a batch of peanut butter and chocolate no bakes and they are calling my name.Every one grab some and a glass of cold milk
Enjoy. PEACE Dr P

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61988: Dr.P..I am in VA

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61989: Idelle,I've been wanting to go to Virginia for a long time. My Great Great Great Grandma was from Frederick County VA. I've been researching my ancestry for a long time.I'll get there someday.
Do your finches turn drab in the winter? The only other small yellow bird I can think of now is a yellow warbler. Dr P

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61990: THat should be only 2 greats,my 3 greats grandma was living in Shenandoah County when she died sometime in the 1880's or 90's. Probably more then you wanted to know. Sorry Dr P

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61991: dr p.. I am not near either of those places.
I don't know about the birds either, as I am just beginning to attract them.

April 15, 2008 - Msg 61992: Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers regarding my son. Now, please pray he doesn't drive his mother crazy. She's spent the day trying to keep him realtively still--at least from jumping off the furniture and trying to climb off our deck. He's all boy.

IDELLE: Just don't let those finches lay eggs in your hair. You'll go crazy. Chad had surgery for inguinal hernia, which a fair number of kids are born with. Nothing too serious, and very correctible. As with most surgeries, one of the biggest dangers is with the anesthesia and that was our main concern.

AUH2O: I wanted to let you know that Barry Goldwater will be featured on "Talk of the Nation" on NPR tomorrow. They are interviewing his son and someone else I don't recall, and will be talking about his until-now undisclosed private journals. You can look up to see when your local station will be carrying it.

TOM: It's pretty nice here, too. A little chilly (long sleeve weather) but very sunny. Beautiful. I hope it lasts, too.

ROMEENA: That reminds me, how is your son doing?

MDC: If I'd have caught Ole Sam, we'd have been having sauteed fish for dinner. He'd be delicious with a little lemon, salt and pepper. Just hope he hasn't sucked up too much mercury!

BOO: Prayers for you tonight. Are the disciplne problems you are referring to the ones you have been having with the girls? I feel for Sean. But you know what? There is a great, big plan for him, something special that God has planned only for him, that only he can accomplish. It may sound cruel, but perhaps this is his preparation to fulfill that mission. Prayers for Sean.

"Nip it!"


April 15, 2008 - Msg 61993: Yeah, you heard me right! I said it twice.