April 26, 2008 - Msg 62286: Hi All.
A nice warm day.
Spot fishing I do not like, and never bein camping as a kid.

April 26, 2008 - Msg 62287: Sorry for that .that was me

April 26, 2008 - Msg 62288: Thanks for sweeping, Tom. It was a might dusty.
- Hazel

April 26, 2008 - Msg 62289: You know, I've decided to quit griping about TV Land's misguided programming mistakes. Because of their current programming, I've been surfing a lot more, and I'm glad. Today I not only watched the delightful comedy "Move Over, Darling", but just finished watching another movie that I had never even heard of - "Dear Brigitte". This charming little tale starred the wonderful Jimmy Stewart as the forgetful poet and professor, and an old favorite of mine, Glynis Johns, as his wife. Their son, Erasmus, was played by Billy Mumy (danger, Will Robinson!) and dear old Ed Wynn was the in-the-action narrator. It may not have been Oscar material, but it was fresh, and skillfully done, and was a great way to spend an afternoon. Thanks, TV Land! Who needs ya?

Now I guess I'll go dice up some taters into my kraut and meat dish, and start thinking about supper. It was good last night, should be even better tonight, especially with the taters in it.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 26, 2008 - Msg 62290: Well, I just received it yet again - that lovely email, all about Rev. Billy Graham and the wondrous revival on the streets of New Orleans. It is so inspiring, so uplifting, and sounds so good that it immediately sent me to TruthorFiction.com. It has been my impression that the more warm and fuzzy an email makes me feel, the greater the likelihood that it's a hoax. This one is, of course. Billy Graham did go to New Orleans, to attend a meeting being held by his son Franklin, in March of 2006, and spoke briefly. He did not lead a procession of thousands down Bourbon Street, and there was no "great revival" in The Big Easy that night. The email presents it as having happened "last Sunday", and accuses the media of suppressing it because of the upcoming elections. Folks, it just didn't happen.

I have about three friends who consistently send me things like this, and I'm consistently amazed. I always check them out, and send back a reply with a link to the page that exposes the hoax, but still they come. I truly wish it had happened. I wish it would happen, really I do. However, when people send out fallacious emails like this, it just holds the cause of Christianity up to ridicule. Besides, our Lord is not so bankrupt that He needs us to make up exciting stories in order to prop up our faith.

TruthorFiction.com is a free site. Anyone can run a search through there to learn the truth about an email before forwarding it on. Why these otherwise intelligent women insist on sending me this stuff, I'll never know, but they do. One even gets a bit miffed at me because I send back a debunking reply, even called me a "wet blanket". Hey, send me something inspiring and true, and I'll forward it all over the place, but I will not knowingly perpetuate a hoax. Have I ever sent one that wasn't true? Yep, the few times when I've been so inspired and "het up" that I just hit that "forward" button and forged ahead, I have been very embarrassed to find that my wonderful story just wasn't true. So, I try to be very careful.

Just in case anyone might think this is directed at a porchster, be assured it is not. I don't get that kind of stuff from you folks. The guilty parties are lovely women who happen to be in my SS class, and are so ardent in their faith that they just can't resist forwarding "hallelujah" messages. One is so innocent that she has forwarded the same missing child story to me at least four times in the past few years. That one was a hoax, too, and the kid that made it up and circulated it about herself is at least twenty by now, so watching for her on the streets will be fruitless.

Well, all of that was probably unnecessary, I just felt like barking a little after getting that Billy Graham story again. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 26, 2008 - Msg 62291: I know what you mean, Ro. I check everything out on truth or fiction and have had to tell people to please not send me things. I especially don't like the ones that are like chain letters...if you don't send this to 15 people, you won't receive a blessing, or the one I really don't like that says something like..."If you aren't ashamed of the Lord, you will forward this to everyone you know."...I email people that send me those things and tell them that I don't read them so they might want to not waste their time. Now, having said all of that, I like it when people send me things that are funny...good jokes I enjoy alot. Again, I, like Ro have never been bothered or offended by anything anyone on the porch has sent me. It usually comes from a certain sister in law.

Still sneezing and feeling under the weather but not too bad. Guess I'll sit and relax awhile.


April 26, 2008 - Msg 62292: I could not agree more, Ro and Boo. It's so irritating to get stuff like that. There was one going around a few years back about a kid with a brain tumor that was so sad and heart-warming; until it was realized that it was the same e-mail that had started back about 10 or 12 years ago. And those chain letters... stupid. Like your faith really hangs in the balance if you don't forward it to 20 people. I admit I don't understand the motive of some of them... like the Billy Graham one. Are they wanting people to send money? I don't understand why they would fabricate a story like that. Just to get peoples emotions all het up?

Kind of slow around here today. Everyone must be out enjoying the weather.

- Hazel

"A slender, high-spirited person needs a sugar pick me up late in the day."

April 26, 2008 - Msg 62293: Hi, Hazel. I have wondered myself, who starts these things and why. Money doesn't seem to be an objective, especially in the case of the Billy Graham hoax. That organization has had such a high profile over so many years, that if they weren't squeaky-clean you can bet somebody would have found out and ratted them out a long time ago. My dad contributed to them for many years, and their communications were always tasteful and low-key, no pressure, no "buy a blessing" tactics, nothing like that. Just a gentle letter about twice a year, with an envelope enclosed and a report on what the ministry is doing.

As for the other rumors, I get the impression that it's just folks who have nothing better to do, maybe trying to see how long it takes to get back around to them, whatever. One of my personal favorites is the one that tells you Bill Gates is "tracking" your email activity and will send you an amount of money for every designated email you forward, and a lesser amount based on who your contacts forward to, etc. It's like a pyramid scheme, only no money changes hands, it's all supposed to come from Papa Gates. If Gates, or anyone else, actually could track and keep a record of the emails everyone sends - can you imagine how many thousands of lawyers would be swarming on that like ants, screaming about invasion of privacy? At times I wish there really WAS a way to do that, because then a tiny charge could be levied on every email sent, and that would stop the spammers in their tracks. Most of us don't send that many emails a day, and a half cent or so on each one wouldn't break the bank, but it could sure add up for the spammers, who churn them out by the millions. Do the math, it's astonishing. I'm not ready to trade my privacy for that, though. However, I'm not sure just how much privacy we actually have, considering my recent experience with spammers. They got my name off somebody's address book, somehow.

Oh well. That question won't be answered tonight, and I'm tired, so guess I'll head for the ironing board. Gotta comb Starr's hair a little, though. I took her topknot down for a while to give her little head a rest, and now she's trying to see through a curtain of hair, and is bumping into things. Guess I'd better rescue her, poor little thing. She is so precious. --Romeena

April 26, 2008 - Msg 62294: Hi all! Thanks for offering a chair on 'ol 'ange's porch! Afterwards I'll go down to the drugstore and pick up some ice cream for y'all!

Romeena,"move over darling" is a great movie! you should also check out "the thrill of it all"
another Jim Garner-Doris Day movie.
I think Jim and Doris worked very well together and its a shame they didnt make more films with him.
James Garner was a real class act,I have often thought that Jim was never really given the acclaim he deserved.
Not only is he a very talented actor,but he is a decent down to earth person who has integrity and personal values that he adheres to.Thats practically non existant in Hollywood today.

He was nice enough to take the time to personally autograph my 78 firebird!

Its sad that all the great ones have to get old,I wish it didnt have to be so!
We dont have any real actors anymore.

I was very saddened when Don Knotts passed away.
He was such a talented and funny guy and I have fond memories of watching him as Barney and Mr Limpett as a kid in re-runs.

I remember Hal Smith too,not only was he Otis,but also the voice of Goliath Daveys dog on Davey & Goliath!

Its really amazing how many talented folks we had in Hollywood back then.

I am just gratefull for film,because of it Don Knotts,Howard McNear,Howard Morris,and all the other TV legends of the past will live forever to entertain and inspire future generations and remind us of how we once were,and what we can be.

The Andy Griffith show had heart,we came to know Andy,Barn',Otis,Floyd,Opie and the rest.
Andy was a caring dad the kind of father we all wish we had.
I am certain I speak for all of us when I say that Mayberry will live forever in our hearts.
In these increasingly debased times when everyone is unfriendly and has a bad attitudes its nice to escape to a simpler kinder time.

Sadly we no longer make shows of this calibre anymore.
nobody is making any future classics.
I'm glad I found this site!...Now I think I'll go over and pick up some ice cream from the drugstore!
"Jim Rockford"

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62295:
Hello porch family...been a tough day today. We had to have our Black Lab (13 yrs old) put to sleep. She has been really going down hill for sometime but this last week she had gotten real bad. That's so hard to see her suffer but it's also so hard to make that decision. The vet had told us that it was nothing we could do and that she was in a lot of pain. But it still torn us up.
Ro...we stayed with her and loved on her during the whole process and I though about you so I told her that there would be a little doggy there named Plum so be sure to play with her.

Praying for all our porch family. Jesus loves us all!

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62296:
Sorry for the typos above. My mind is just not working like it should today.
Love ya'll...-REV.

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62297: Aw, Rev, I'm so sorry. That is such a hard thing to do, but I'm sure you rest in the knowledge that you did the right thing. It's so hard to let them go. Again, I'm sorry.
- Hazel

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62298: Morning Porch, good Sabbath.
Rev, so sorry about your Lab. You did the right thing of course, but it is hard to lose a family member like that. Prayers for you all friend.

Jim Rockford, is that you Robyn, or do we have another newbie? Either way, welcome.

Nice vent Ro. I know I have been guilty of sending stuff like that at times. Mostly when I was newer to the internet and nave (as Barney would say). I usually have neither the time nor inclanation to go check the validity on something so I will either just delete it or if it's a very touching story, send it to a few close friends I think will enjoy it with a note attatched that I don't know if it's true or not but the message it delivers is good. It's just like this one I have gotten dozens of times about a Pastor who opened a session of some State Legistature somewhere and in his prayer pretty much called the poloticians to repentence. Can't remember all the prayer and have no clue if it's tfue or not, but if not it's to bad cause it's a good one.
Or the Sheriff down there in Arizona who rules with common sense. I get a lot of updates on him but no idea if they be true or not.

Well enough of that. Got special services today at Preachin so I gotta go get spiffy.

Later friends


BTW, If you don't forward this post to 20 of your best friends in the next 30 seconds, you have no heart and will face 20 years of bad luck.

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62299: how can i watch the reunion show on my computer

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62300: Asa - if its special preachin - are you wearing your earrings! I specially like those dangly ones you wear!


April 27, 2008 - Msg 62301: Ro - I just read the archives - so you were the real Marcia, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"
Boo - we had a whoppin 82 in our class - we were the first class in several years not to have someone with child at graduation. We had senior nite at King's Island (a local amusement park) and that was the extent of that. We had four valedictorians (two went on to become engineers, one a teacher and the other farms). We had a motto - no clue what it was. . .yeah rock on class of 80!

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62302: Good morning, all. Oh, REV, I'm so sorry to hear about your dear old dog. I know all too well how that hurts, and I applaud your decision to stay with her to the end. It's painful for you, but it must surely have made it easier for her, to have you there. Cradling my little Plum while Dr. Mike ended her pain nearly killed me too, but I could do no less. How kind of you to remember her. I'm quite sure they're together today, romping together and sharing impressions of life on earth with their people, and just waiting for us! There may be holes in that notion theologically, but it sure makes me feel better right now.

Welcome, Jim Rockford (or Robyn?). You're so right, Garner was (is) a much better actor than he was given credit for, in my opinion, and he and Jack Elam were a great comedy duo. After "Support Your Local Sheriff" they went on to do "Support Your Local Gunfighter", just almost a remake of the first one, but with a slight change in the basic premise. Instead of a reluctant sheriff, Garner was a reluctant gunfighter, and in both films Elam was his very reluctant and very inept assistant. Of course, there was a spitfire girl in both films, as well. Hey, I guess they figured if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Well, obviously I didn't make it to preaching today. I'm sure the entire congregation would appreciate it, if they only knew. These coughing fits are about to do me in. They're becoming less frequent, but nearly put me on the floor when they do come. Cough syrups are not really an option, as they only make me feel sick, and sometimes don't stay down. Warm drinks help a bit, and oddly enough, very cold stuff helps too, at least a little. So, one day at a time. Right now, I'm enjoying watching a couple of mockingbirds whose territories apparently overlap, and the battle is on. Both are paired off, and all four birds were in the fight yesterday - very unusual. The things I see from this window!

Asa, enjoy the updates on Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricope County, Arizona. He's real, the updates are real, and he just keeps getting re-elected, over and over again. Personally, I'd like to see him put in charge of INS/ICE. I'll bet a few things would change. Felipe Calderon would probably have to come back and scold us again because we're not treating his people the way he thinks we should, but I'll bet the flow of illegals would slow down, and those who are here would begin to consider taking steps to getting legal and becoming true contributors to this society. Hmph! Felipe Calderon - now there's grist for my little gripe mill! I think I'll write another letter to the editor.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62303: That's "MaricopA county". --Romeena

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62304: Just a quick afternoon yall...Rev brother I know how ya feel about the lab thats all im gona say..lunch will be pot luck on the grounds..I will bring the fried Chicken...back in just a bit...SPOT

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62305: Hi everyone. I have so much I want to say to everybody, especially Rev, but I'm on the way to the hospital. My sister went into convulsions last night and has been having some major health problems. She was admitted late last night. No one knows what's going on, just that she has several enlarged organs and has put on 45 lbs. of water weight in the past month. She's only 31 and is an avid exerciser and marathon runner. She's also a nurse and has no clue at to what's going on either.

I just got over bronchitis and had been wiped out this past week. It seems like it's been one thing after another.

HAZEl, I am so happy that you are ok and wanted you to know that you've been in my thoughts.

Welcome to all our new "Porchsters." Look forward to learning more about ya.

I better skedaddle. Take care of everyone! MW

PS I have a friend from Oklahoma who moved to L.A. after high school and kissed James Garner in an elevator...not a sleezy kiss, but one that you would give to your grandfather. She loves him and she said he was a prince of a guy! Just thought you'd enjoy that little story. (I thought Garner was absolutely brilliant in "Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.)

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62306: So very sorry for your loss, REV. Prayers for you and your dear family.

Prayers for you sister, as well, MW. You must be very concerned about her. Please let us know how things go with her.

It has been raining like crazy most of the day here. It's beautiful to see and everything looks so green...if only there was a way to keep the future mosquitos from biting!~

Guess where Bruce is headed? He is flying somewhere over North Carolina by now. He is going to be there near Raleigh all week for some kind of computer class....lucky guy! I would have loved to go with him but couldn't work it out.

Think I'll go take a rest...it's a lazy kind of day. My cold seems to have been a short one and I am feeling pretty good today, just a few sniffles.


April 27, 2008 - Msg 62307: Hey, Merri. I'll certainly be praying for your sister, her family, and you. The situation certainly sounds scary - please keep us posted.

It's cool and windy here, only 58 degrees, and very cloudy. No rain yet, though. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and very nice. My friend Joe is coming to get some flowers planted for me. I need to get about ten flats of impatiens in the ground out back. I just don't feel up to it myself, but if they're not planted very soon it will be too late. They can tolerate shaded heat, if they're planted when it's still cool enough to let them get a good start. Otherwise, the heat just wipes them out.

Well, I'm hungry for a good cheesy potato and onion casserole, and just happen to have the necessaries on hand, so I'm headed for the kitchen. Not sure how that's going to go with the last of the pork and kraut, but I imagine I'll eat it. I'm so glad I'm not a picky eater - I can be happy with just about anything.

Aw, Boo, what a shame you couldn't have gone with Bruce. You could have rented a car and run down to Mayberry for a day or so. Oh well.

By the way, I sure do wish some of you porchsters would join me and my friend Eloise on the Mayberry cruise in November. It's inexpensive as cruises go, and should be a lot of fun. I think there's still room! --Romeena

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62308: Good Sunday porch.

hope everyone is doing okay this sabbath day.

Back from church and sitting a spell. Doing a few
chores. It is a rainy cool afternoon. It wasn't raining when we came out of church but about the time we finished lunch, it began thundering and it has rained off and on since we came home. The pollen here is terrible. There is a yellow film all over the cars and on our front porch and porch chairs. Guess we will need to scrub them when we have anothe5r sunny day.

My son has 2 friends over today working on a project for his Pre Cal/Trig class. One of the friends is a foreign exchange student from Romania. They seem to be doing very well together and have a good repoire. I am trying to stay out of their way.

The dinner menu will be: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn. sweet tea to drink and a big ole chocolate cake for dessert.

see you at supper.

Big Maude

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62309: Hey y'all. Hope your Sunday is good. Sunny but cool here today. Preacin was wonderful. Very uplifting.
MW, Sure do hope all is well with your Sister. That is scary to be that young and active. Prayers for her and for you.
So the stories about Joe are true huh Ro? That's good to know because I agree. We need more folks like him taking care of business. I get tired of being worried about the perps rights. Time to think more on the victims.
Well think I'll go settle down with some golf action. I hear they are down in the heart of Texas this week Boo and Ro. Watch yerselves. Golfers gone wild. Don't wanna see you on no videos. Especially with Bruce gone.:)


April 27, 2008 - Msg 62310: PreacHin. Sheesh!


April 27, 2008 - Msg 62311: Yes, Sheriff Joe is real, and we need to clone him. Just check out this website: http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/arpaio.asp

Alternatively, you can just google "Sheriff Joe Arpaio" and you'll bring up a host of options, with lots of great information about this courageous, outrageous, and innovative sheriff. I love one of his quotes - "This isn't the Ritz/Carlton. If you don't like it, don't come back". And many don't. The recidivism rate for his jails and work farms is far below the national average. Former inmates may not give up their life of crime, but they darn well go conduct their criminal activities outside his reach. If the whole country was like that, there would be no way to go but straight, I guess.

Well, back to my big chair. My potato thingie is in the oven, timer will wake me if I doze, and it will be a peaceful afternoon. I just love days like this. --Romeena

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62312: I've never posted here before but am a regular on Ms. Crump's boards. Just read Rev's note about his dog. I am an animal lover and have 3 dogs we treat like children. We had to put our 13 year old Yorkie down in July 2006 and I still haven't gotten over it. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Our vet told us that being able to let them go when the time comes is the most important trait of a good dog (pet) owner. My sincere sympathy goes out to you. Dr. Peterson

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62313: Welcome Dr. Peterson, your words to REV are very kind. I hope we will see you again on the porch.

ASA, you are hilarious (in so many ways!)..."Golfers Gone Wild"...as IF.

Gotta go visit the folks..


April 27, 2008 - Msg 62314: Rev - I missed the archives about your dog. I know the pain that goes with that as I still miss our beloved Bandit (a Boston Terrier). He was a good boy and he has been hard to replace. Miss Maddie is a Boston, but she isn't Bandit.
Take care and God Bless,hm

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62315: Romeena, I checked the photo album for the photos you said you were going to post for MDC and couldn't find them. Are they in yet or did I just overlook them somehow?


April 27, 2008 - Msg 62316:
Hello porch family....Thank you all so much for your encouraging words. You folks just don't know how close I feel to you all. THANKS!

MW....I am certainly praying for your sister. Please keep us informed.

Welcome Dr. Peterson...thank you for your words. And hope you come back often. We sure do love to have new folks move into our little Mayberry porch. We're just one big family from all over the country.

Prayers for all the porch family. Have a good night.

April 27, 2008 - Msg 62317: Good evening, all. Welcome, Dr. Peterson. We all appreciate your kindness to our friend REV, as he means a great deal to all of us. What hurts him, hurts us. By the way, you don't have to be a pet lover to sit on the porch, but it sure does help, so you should fit right in.

homemaker, I know you still miss little Bandit. You love Miss Maddie, but as you say, she's not Bandit. Nor will Toye Starr ever take Sugarplum's place. She's making one of her own - has made one of her own, actually - but I still miss the Plum, and I guess I always will.

Boo, the pictures aren't there yet. When I tried to process them out of email, I found they were in a format that I can't transfer. Maybe I just don't know how. They're in Acrobat, and I'm not familiar with it. I explored some, but could find no way to get them into .jpg, which is the format I need them to be in before I can transfer them to the album. I emailed MDC, and I'm sure he'll do what he can to save them in .jpg format and re-send them to me. They're great pictures, and might be helpful to Sean in his fear of bees.

Well, I think I'll go have a bowl of jello (I love the stuff) and head for bed. I'm feeling better and want to get up and get a few things done in the morning before my landscaper friend comes to get some flowers planted. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62318: Hope everyone is nestled in for a peaceful night. Just wanted to touch base about my sister. At this point, not much is known about what's causing her problems. They've mentioned everything from Lupus (and a host of other autoimmune diseases) to caner. Some blood work came back with a tumor marker. However, they were not able to find any tumors after ultra sounds and a brain scan. She will probably get an MRI this week. She had a sudden spike in fever and that's what they thought caused her convulsions. Her bloodwork also came back indicating inflammation. She checked herself out this evening and is sleeping comfortably at home. This is all so illusive. No one seems to know what to make of any of it. But I will say this, for several months, she has had bouts of sickness that resembles a really bad flu. That has got to be the key. That and the fact that both my parents have autoimmune diseases. My dad has rheumatoid arthritis and my mom has MS and Fibromyalgia. And they're both young and were seemingly healthy. I worry about my girls because of the genetic link to my parents and their father having Crohn's disease--more autoimmune problems.

And just when I thought things couldn't be more stressful...TA-DA! Someone from California hacked my husband's debit card information and tried to charge almost $2,000 worth of merchandise in various stores. One being Wal Greens with a purchase of over $400. Luckily, our Visa company flagged it immediately because, well, we're here in Missouri using our card for groceries and a Saturday night dinner at Steak-n-Shake while some degenerate is using it in the Los Angeles area trying to buy $200 worth of Bath and Body. (Just how much lotion does one person need???) Despite being turned down, they kept going store to store. So, bright and early, we'll be at the bank trying to straighten this mess out. I'm really at a loss...the craftiness of people who use their intelligence and ingenuity for evil. I wouldn't even begin to know where to start on how to hack someone's banking information and actually create a credit card with a magnetic strip! Is there a kit somewhere that I don't know about?? Most likely, we'll have to close our accounts and start with a new one (of course, my hubby's card was deactivated immediately.) We take precautions: shred sensitive materials, don't shop on line a great deal, obviously we don't give out our account number or socials to anyone. I just don't get it! That's what's driving me nuts! HOW did this happen. And I'm angry. I don't like to be angry. It's a gross feeling. So is feeling violated. It brought back feelings of the weekend that my hubby and I got engaged. We were out celebrating while a group of guys robbed my house blind. And I mean blind! They stole everything form my canned tuna to my tv and computer. Don't get me started on my underwear drawer...this has been one of those days where all I wanted to do was curl up in a fetal position and take a long nap. Stress does that to me sometimes. But I didn't. I wanted to end the weekend on a positive note, so we made homemade pizzas (I didn't care if it was "mozerella" or pepperoni--I just like pizza) and cupcakes. The girls had no idea what was going on and that's just the way I like it. It's my dying duty to preserve their innocence as long as I humanly can.

I've vented enough. Thanks for listening. REV, you're in my thoughts, RO, I hope you're feeling better, BOO, thanks for the support sister, HEY to POSSUM, ASA, SPOT, DR. PETERSON, RED, HM, M-T, AUH20, STERLING, MDC, TOM and ALL.


"After all, tomorrow is another day."

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62319: Morning, porch. Sorry I didn't get a chance to stop by yesterday, so I missed your post about your sister, MW. How scary, and I hope they can figure out what it is. Prayers for her, and you.
Welcome to Dr. Peterson.
- Hazel

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62320: Good morning every one - up and at 'em!
It's a rainy morning on our end of the porch. We worked on repairing fence yesterday to put the goats and sheep and Shotgun in a new pasture. We accomplished that. We have a new kid named for now "Connie" - she is absolutely gorgeous and if she lives up to her potential - she should be on the show circuit this summer. The boys and I are getting anxious to trim the goats and out and hit a few shows. As much as I like placing well in the classes - it gives the boys a sense that all this work we do is rewarding to them that the goats are a good thing. We meet lots of nice people in goating and we all understand one another. It's in our blood or on our shoes!

Ro -thanks for the kind words about Bandit. Plum was such a part of lives on the porch as well. She was the best mascot our baseball team ever had. Maybe we should get Asa a new pea for his whistle and we'll get the team back together again!

Ya'll act like somebody. . .


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62321: Morning all.
Gee MW, you're having a rough weekend dear. Hang in there and keep swinging. It seems sometimes like trials come in bunches, but remember He won't place more on our plate than we can handle. I hope and pray they can find what is ailing your sister and that it's not serious and that it is treatable.
Welcome Doc. Peterson. Good to have another golfer on the porch. Nothing I love more than an afternoon on the old links. And I have taken 4 strokes off my game when I swithed from using Nike balls to using Homemakers meatballs. For being as heavy as they are they seem to fly real well and the wind don't bother em at all. :)

I enjoy Jello also Ro, but my wife don't cotton to it much so we don't see a lot of it around here. I love the red jello with bananna's sliced up in it. You ever had that?

Well it's Monday morning so off to work for me. Hope you all have a blessed day and week.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62322: Good morning everyone. Back to work today after a (work related) bus trip to Mount Vernon on Friday. The Mrs. and Nora went, too, so it was enjoyable. The new orientation center and museum are great.

I haven't had time to go back and read all the arichives yet, but howdy to newcomers JIM ROCKFORD and DR. PETERSON. The more the merrier.

ROMEENA: Stay off the cough syrup!

MERRI: Prayers for your difficulties. Hope this week is much better for your family.

BOO: After a long weekend, I'm really low on shorts :).

HM: Welcome Connie! We watched the movie "Babe" with the kids yesterday. I thought of you (because you have sheep, too, of course).

REV: So sorry about your dog.

I guess AUH2O is still busy campaigning, huh?

See y'all at lunch. Who's leaving the tip?


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62323: Oh, we have both "More Over Darling" and "The Thrill of it All" on tape; they are two of the Mrs.' favorites. I have up through season four of "The Rockford Files." It's one of my all time fave tv shows.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62324: Rev, so sorry to hear about your black lab. Nice to think about her and the Plum playing together, though.

MW, we've had some instances with our bank info as well. One time, someone somehow used our debit info to buy a cellphone and service from Sprint. I caught that one while looking through the statement one day. Our bank shut down that card and issued us another one, and we weren't charged for the purchase.
Then, sometime after that, our bank informed US that they had to shut the card down again(along with a lot of other's cards), because we had made purchases at TJ Maxx store, which was one of the stores that had financial information of their customers compromised by a hacker. That information, incidently, was stuff that the store was not supposed to keep on file. There was a class-action lawsuit going around about that, but we didn't get in on it because we generally aren't the suing kind. We just don't shop there anymore though.
That's a good comment you made about people using their intelligence for evil. You'd think they could make a good, honest living working in the IT field.

Prayers for your sister, btw, MW. Praying it is nothing too serious.

Went to the evening service last night because I worked during the day. They had communion. This is the first time I have taken communion in a Baptist church, and it has been a long time anyway. I didn't know if I should have taken it, but the Pastor was talking about who should take it beforehand and that people should approach it reverently and not flippantly, and I don't ever remember taking communion and not being reverent about it or not understanding the meaning of it, so I took it.
It was a little different, of course, than how I used to take it. Here I was all ready to get in line to go up to the Pastor to receive communion, only to find that they bring it to you as you are sitting down. It was all nice and low-key, and I generally like low-key.

Well, I have to work today since one of the workers is on vacation, so I will talk to you all later.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62325: Oh, that makes me so mad, MW! It's so frustrating to know there are people out there that would hack into a person's identity. What on earth would ever make a person think it was ok to do something like that?!

MW, this is a tough time you are going through. If it were my sister in your sister's situation, I would be needing lots of prayers from my friends. I will pray for you and your sister today. Hang in there.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62326: Good morning, everyone! It's absolutely beautiful here today. Only 54 degrees, but should warm up, and the skies are crystal clear. Just a hint of a breeze blowing, brilliant sunshine, one of those days that just drags you outside.

Oh yeah, Asa. I've had every color jello makes, with everything you can think of stirred into it. What's in the fridge right now is wild cherry flavor, with mandarin oranges, pecans and chopped dried berries (cherries, strawberries, currants, and cranberries) stirred in. That one is best on the second day, because the dried berries plump up. One of my favorites is lime jello with cottage cheese, crushed pineapple and pecans mixed in. Yum!

Merri, that's awful about the hacker. Wouldn't you just love to get that person in your sights, just long enough to pull the trigger? Lazy good-for-nothing waste of space. Someone got my Visa card number (I still had the card) about four years ago, and maxed it out. I didn't know it until a small automatic charge was declined and the organization contacted me about it. The thief had charged hotel rooms in Seoul, Korea, of all things, as well as computers, cameras and jewelry. I called Visa immediately, and they were very cooperative. They closed the account, and faxed me a copy of all the charges on the card for the current period. I knew anything before that was good, because I always verify my statements. Anyway, I marked what was mine and sent it back. They cancelled the rest, and transferred the verified charges to a new card. I didn't have to pay one cent of the stuff the thief had charged. They even apologized for not catching it, because a charge from Korea was a bit out of the ordinary.

Oh, what a beautiful day! I've got to get dressed, my landscaper friend will be here in an hour or so, and I'm still running around in my "gowntail" as my mom would have said. Prayers all around, friends - have a great day! --Romeena

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62327: Glad to hear of the nice weather some of you are having.

...it is snowing like it's January here. :(

Please send some of your nice weather over here please. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62328: Oh, hey, I walk away for a minute, and everyone shows up on the porch! I love that..

Me-They, I am doing laundry at the present, throw me your shorts and I'll wash 'em. Glad you had a nice little trip this weekend.

Homemaker, just a few minutes ago, after I dropped Erin off at school, I passed by a farm with goats and right out front near the fence, was a mom goat and the cutest new baby I have ever seen!! It was mostly red with some red specks on it and it couldn't have been more than a few days old. This is kind of embarrassing, but I got tears in my eyes and kind of whined to God, "I want one of those!"...maybe some day soon. I was out at the homestead for a bit this morning and we are starting to grow grass the and little oaks out there are growing and getting new, bright green leaves. It's so peaceful. I'll have to get another picture for the album soon.

That is really scary, Sterling, I think I need to start looking more closely at my statements, etc. I use a debit card for most purchases these days. I don't use it or credit card for online purchases, though. If I can't send a check or money order, I don't buy it.

ASA, when I was growing up, my mom used to make strawberry jello with bananas in it every week, I think. I haven't had that since I was a kid. I don't usually like jello, but that was pretty good.

Better go get something done..


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62329: Ro, have you ever made that orange jello salad with mandarin oranges segments, cool whip, pecans, coconut, and little marshmallows (sometimes I omit the marshallows). It is good but contains so much sugar that it'll make your heart pound out of your chest within minutes! MMmmm

Look out, Sterling.....nice weather coming your way~!


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62330: OK, I'm not gone yet. Sterling, I'm not the suing kind either. An honest mistake is exactly that, and I wouldn't sue over it. However, if TJ Maxx was not following their own stated policies, then they deserved to be sued, and I'd have gotten on the wagon. I don't shop there either, but that's not the reason. They just don't impress me that much.

Boo, these people don't think what they're doing is okay. They just simply don't care. As I said, they're a waste of space. They will get your numbers and pick your bones with a big smile on their face, because they think they're so smart. I'll tell you why this stuff goes on. It's because there are no teeth in the laws. I just read a great story in Reader's Digest, about a young woman who, through a series of circumstances, identified the thief who had stolen and was still using her identity. She literally chased her through the streets of San Francisco for hours, all the while on the phone with 911, relaying her location, and the police never caught up with them. She finally physically restrained the woman as she was getting into a cab, and held her there until help arrived. It turned out the woman had prior convictions and was out on probation for the same crime. The outcome of the new case? Conviction - and her sentence was "time served (44 days while waiting for trial) and probation!" Now how does that grab you? And you ask why they would do such a thing? I have to ask, why not? If you have no conscience, then jail is all you have to fear, and apparently, they don't get that. It's our own fault. We don't demand and insist upon stronger laws and proper enforcement of the laws we have.

Okay, now I'm gone. --Romeena

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62331: Thnaks, BOO. I think I read that article, too, ROMEENA.

As a rule, if you use your debit card, use it as a credit card. That way, there are generally extra protections should someone use your account. With using it as debit, "poof," it's gone. And if you purchase online, use a credit card. Most credit card companies will not hold you liable for unauithorized purchases.

Speaking of checks, never get your social security number put on them, and don't have your phone number put on them, either. Just so you know, it is against the law for a retailer to ask you for either number when you write a check. You also can even leave your address off your checks. Your name and the bank routing number really is all the information a retailre needs.

Many experts actually are advocating using credit cards for online purchases instead of checks. Checks offer too much personal and account infromation, and do not offer the insur*nce that credit cards do.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62332: ROMEENA: How about the rack? Medieval tortures always get a bad rap.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62333: Lime green jello with crushed green pineapple or pinapple (not sure on the spelling). My oldest really likes cubed jello with whipped cream. Some people call it stained glass.

Boo - after we got the fencing done we just sat on dirt mound and watched the goats graze. Little Connie was a sight and we knew that all this work was worth the doing. We have 5 does to have babies by June. I like spring babies better than winter babies.

Off to my next school -


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62334: It's a regular sin city any more. There was a report on the local news yesterday about the latest theft going on. It seems as that people are stealing catalytic converters off of parked cars in broad daylight. In shopping malls, or any large parking area. They can slip under a car and have one removed in less than a minute. I guess the converters are full of copper and they are selling the stuff to the scrap yards. The price on copper and brass has gone out of sight. We have to take any rolls of copper wire and lock it up on our trucks now instead of leaving it at the job sight after a days work. It's getting crazy. And this is going on all over the Country. So be careful where you park.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62335: Mornin' Porch,
Its a beautiful spring day here! I am "listening" to CMT. I can't stand to watch the videos with all of women's "doodads" exposed.
MW- When it rains it pours don't it, dear. Bless your heart! Your family is in my prayers. Let us know if there's anything we can do!
- I don't remember who said this, but I too loved James Garner in the YaYa movie. Mr. loved him in Maverick movie w/Mel Gibson.
Rev- I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You are also in my prayers.
Boo- Hope Bruce has a nice trip. How do you feel about him going?
Me-They- How's the Mrs job going?
Sterling- I went to a penecostal church growing up that took communion that way, but never a baptist. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!
Homemaker- Why do you like spring babies rather than winter babies?
Dr. Peterson- Welcome to our porch!
Asa- My grandmother makes that type of jello. I make the one with the grape jello, pineapples, blueberry pie filling, and fresh whipped topping.
Spot- Did you hear of those teenagers in Marietta run over this morning? I hate all sections of Roswell Road.
Tom- Hey! Is it snowing there? My MIL in Mansfield was saying it may snow!
Well, I need to get busy. Today I take bread to sell up to the local produce stand. I've called my little "business" Suzy's Natural Southern Goodies (my middle name is Suzanne). I hope it goes well. We really need the money. Wish me luck!

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62336: Back from the bank. Everything is straightened out. This has certainly taught me a lesson. No more paying bills on line or over the telephone. The bank has no idea how they hacked our number but we're taking all precautions.

ASA, the same thing is going on here in s.w. MO. Government is trying to pass legislation to crack down on scrap metal yards who take metal that criminals get off cars and out of new home construction sights. There is no end to people who will steal their living and yes RO, I'd love to get my hands on my perp. My area also has a huge Meth problem. Missouri has the dubious distinction of being the Nation's highest producer, especially here in the Ozarks. That leads to all sorts of property stealing to turn a profit for the production of Meth. It's a sad, sad situation.

All this jell-O talk is making me hungry...I love all the jell-O's brought up. I had some that was made of orange jell-O mixed with cream cheese and cool-whip. Oh my. I could eat a tub of that stuff!

M-T, have you noticed that stores will still ask for your phone number on your checks? They do in my area. I always tell them that it's unlisted and if they press the issue, I just leave my purchases and walk out.

I wonder how ANDY would handle sheriffing in this high-tech world we live in?

Be good everyone. I'm off to make some Jell-O. MERRI

PS BOO, I haven't made it to Laura's House yet with everything that's been going on, but when I do, I will send RO pics for the album.

STERLING: You and KAI have inspired us. We went tv free this weekend. It was nice and quiet and we sure got a lot more done! Thanks for the inspiration. Stay warm!

Someone tell AUH20 to give the campaign a rest and get his hiney back to the porch!

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62337: Oh HEY LUCY! Didn't see ya there. Thanks for the prayers and it was me that loved Garner in Ya Ya. He was the best part of the whole movie. He's just so good in everything he's in. MW

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62338: Lucy I just heard about the roswell road wreck...bad..well let me get ready for work...hey to all..been busy on the barn..will holler from work..maude thanks for cooking...SPOT

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62339: Hey Y'all. First of all, wanted to let MW know that I'm praying for her sister.So sorry to hear about her (unknown) illness. Sure has to be worrying you to no end. On top of all of that,someone's messing with your debit card! Hang in there,friend.

Well,I'm feeling better physically,but have some things going on that are affecting me emotionally.Without going into too much detail,I think y'all know that my husband is an alcoholic. A few months ago,I got him to seek treatment.Went to doctor,put him on some meds to help curb the desire to drink.Expensive meds at that. I thought he was doing really good,until this weekend when I discovered a half empty whiskey bottle in his truck.He denied it was his-claimed some of his workers left it there.Well,I didn't just fall off the turnip truck,you know? I am just so down & discouraged and disappointed.What now? Y'all please keep us in your prayers.This is hard. Thanks,my friends.

Oh,Rev.,I am sad for you over the loss of your pet.Like others have already said,you did the right thing,hard as it was.Yes,Plum has a new buddy now.That's a sweet thought,huh?

Guess I've rambled on enough.Sorry to lay my burdens on the Porch.It just helps me to vent a little.

Y'all have a good day-love to all!
possum under a rock

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62340: POSSUM: I'm so sorry. You have my prayers, as does your hubby. Don't be too discouraged; sometimes two steps forward is followed by one back.

LUCY: It's good to hear from you. The Mrs. is doing fine in her "new" job, thanks.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62341: Possum- My father was an alcoholic and not the fun kind. The best thing to do is to go to Alanon (sp?). Also, maybe he's telling the truth. I hope he is, but that opens that piece to your heart with trust. I'm sure it's hard, but the Lord will protect you if you ask Him to. I am praying now.
MW- We did tv free last week and the boys were thrilled on Saturday morning to have their tv and wii. I realize now that they really are addicted and we have to put restrictions b/c otherwise they wouldn't leave the house!

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62342: Many, many prayers and positive thoughts to you POSSUM. You strap on your armor my friend and do whatever you can to help your husband but also, take care of yourself. And you know you always have friends here to vent to. We care. Sure will be thinking of you today...MW

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62343:
My goodness are the rocking chairs nice and full, or what?
I leave for the weekend and in come Inkin, Blinkin and Nod ! Welcome newcomers.
BOO- I tried sending the photos via a new scan system at work, but they would not go thru right.
So i am sending them to her via snailmail.
Great race in Talladega!!!
ASA- I am a Maricopa County resident, and an eye witness. Sheriff Joe is a no nonsense, enforce the law, type of sheriff. It is all true.
We have many "drop-houses" here where smugglers hide up to 100 illegal immmigrants in terrible conditions. At least one a week is discovered. They wait here to go to other states, as we have passed tough laws for employers. Kidnappings here are also rampant. The smugglers will kidnap the illegals right off the streets to extort more money from them. 350 alone the last few months, and that's the ones that are reported! Over 50 percent of the criminals captured here now are illegals, they bring their crime here.
OK, I've gone on way too much for porch talk, sorry.
MW- ALWAYS use a landline if giving out a credit card number!! Ham radio operators can pick up cordless phone cnversations. that is truth!
Ya all have a great day!