April 28, 2008 - Msg 62344:
Oops, yes prayers for all in need. Possum, you and your husband for sure. mdc

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62345: Wow, my prayers swept the porch! Thank you Jesus!

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62346: Good sweep MDC. I was wondering if you knew about that Sheriff.

Possum, I am so sorry to hear about your hubby. I did not know he had that problem. It's a real hard one to overcome but can be done. I have lived next door to two different alchoholics in my life and I know how big a challange that is for the rest of the family. You folks are certainly in my prayers and hopefully your Husband will get the help he needs. Hang in there.

Good to see you Lucy. Hope you are well.

Anyone had green jello with carrot shavings in it? It ain't bad. Some of your other dishes sounds pretty darn good too. Maybe we should have a jello potluck dinner.
Well back to the grindstone.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62347: Oh Possum, your post brought tears to my eyes and just makes my heart ache for you. I'm so sorry. Addiction is not easily overcome and usually recovery only occurs after a few "relapses". Some say, the relapses are actually part of the recovery process. Don't lose hope, friend. I will certainly pray for you and for your husband (I care about him, too). My dad was an alcoholic during my growing up years and was absent most of the time, but he no longer drinks. He has a younger brother who is a preacher, and that brother began praying for my dad and asked the Lord to cause the alcohol to have no affect on my Dad. It wasn't too long that Dad was complaining that he didn't drink anymore because he didn't "feel anything" anymore. That's been quite a few years and now Dad has an occasional drink, maybe once a month. I certainly believe all things are possible with God. We love you, Possum. You can share your heartache with us.

Hey to Lucy, good to get a nice, long post from you! To answer your question, it is kind of a nice little vacation when Bruce takes a trip. We eat sandwiches for dinner, there is less laundry to do, and Sean and I lay in bed at night and watch TAGS DVDs on his portable DVD player.

Better go...


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62348: BOO: So it sounds like that you'll be spending a lot of time in bed with Andy while Bruce is away, huh? ;)

ASA: My grandmom always made orange jello with shaved carrots in it when I was little. I haven't thought about that in years. She always did pineapple in green.

HAZEL: Praise the Lord about your tests! (I just reviewed teh archives, that's why I'm a little slow on the uptake.)

BOO: Regarding peanut allergies, I have read (not Learn a Month, either) that not only are such allergies overdiagnosed, but there is some indication that in many, if not most, cases of childhood food allergies (especially nuts) kids outgrow them in a few years. Many times, people go throughout their lives never knowing that they outgrew an allergy years ago. Maybe Sean just isn't allergic anymore. If it's convenient, get him retested.

MDC: I think I mentioned that the Mrs. is now keeping bees. So far, the hive is thriving. I think you're right about the fear thing. She goes right up, take the top off and does her stuff, most of the time with no gear on, and doesn't have a problem. On the other hand, I, who am pretty warry of them, can't even to more than 5 feet without having them chase me off.

ROBIN: Welcome!

SPOT: Kids are doing great!

In case you were looking for some provoking conservation, check this out: http://www.newsweek.com/id/133103/output/print. I couldn't agree with her more.

Diane Rehm had a guest who just wrote a book about the Congo, and teh atrocities going on there to women and children. It broke my heart. He book is called: "The Greatest Silence."


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62349: Hello everyone,Cold and windy today.
Rev,so sorry for your loss,we have Labs,too.
MW,hope the doctors can figure out your sister's illness. Glad you got your credit card cleared up,I know how you feel ,my credit card number got used in Paris,but the Visa company caught it,so it didn't cost me.There was a story on the local news recently,some woman was convicted of using her employer's credit card for personal purchases and then she tried to pay her legal fines with another stolen credit card. Boy these people have some nerve.
Asa ,there have been many construction site robberies around here too.
Lucy hope the baking business goes well.
Possum hang in there and be sure you take care of yourself.
MDC did you pick out a vacum yet?
Colter gave me the first season of WKRP in Cincinnati,I 've just watched the Thanksgiving episode,love that
Welcome to the new porch folks.
Everyone take care. PEACE Dr P

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62350: Hey Me-They,how long before you get honey from your bees? Dr P

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62351: Dr. P: The bees will probably just make enough to get themselves through the winter. From what I understand, we'll get some next year.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62352: Possum prayers you way and to all in need.good sweep mdc...well this weekend its the ga linemans rodeo in perry ga..I will be going down fri to be a judge again..hey m-t,my buddy asa,ro,boo,brother Rev...Im just gald to get back to work and have a break from the barn building...whew ..im OLD and sore!..robyn where are you and Red?..Tom did yall get some rain?..we did last night goood on the garden..supper menu:country fried steak and gravy,greenbeans,cream taters,corn on the cob,cornbread,green onions,sweet tea and apple cobbler!...ready at 6:30 est..SPOT

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62353: Thanks Y'all.My husband called me a few minutes ago to let me know he'd be delayed coming from work due to accidents on the interstate. I asked him if he found out who the whiskey that was in his truck belonged to.He told me he questioned his workers and yes,they left it there.He went on to say he dug around in his truck and found 4 mini bottles of tequila that they had left as well. I could tell by the inflections in his voice & the tone he used that he was telling the truth about that.I can only hope & pray,like Lucy eluded to,that he is also telling the truth about the whiskey. Whiskey has always been his liquor of choice,so I do have reason to worry.Tequila? Nah,it belonged to the guys he worked with.That I believe. Anyhow,regardless of whether he has begun drinking again,your prayers are needed.We're on a rough road,for sure.Hopefully,things will all turn out well.

Wish I could hug all of y'all.Sure do love ya!

possum again

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62354: Lucy - spring babies are easier because I hate dealing with the snow and the ice that comes with winter babies. Spring babies can come in the nice warm weather and they take very little care.

Need to get homework completed!


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62355:
Possum- I know that you want to believe that but alcoholics can be the greatest liars in the world! I know from personal experience with my own brother. We also prayed that the taste would do nothing for him and our prayer was answered in no uncertain terms. That is my prayer for your husband. I pray that also he is telling the truth.
Rough topics today for the porch, but it is reality and sometimes reality just punches us in the gut!
OK, how about a good quote:
Andy: Well looky there Barney, little magnets that stick right to the map; we're still usin' pins."

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62356: Hi Romeena,
Yes I really liked the chemistry between Jim Garner and Jack Elam,the whole "spur" gag cracked me up.
Jim and Angel were a great combo too,man was that guy weasely,but it sure was funny to watch Jims reaction to Angels games!
He basically played a movie version of his Maverick character.
Have you ever seen him in "Skin Game" that one was great too!
They just dont make 'em like that anymore.
Its sad that Universal treated him as badly as they did.
Regarding the Jim Garner/Doris Day movies,Jim himself confessed in his biography by Raymond Strait that he was very attracted to Doris Day and would have done something about it if he'd been single!
Thats one of things I admire about him,he has integrity and principals by which he lives his life.
He's even stated publically that he detests modern day Hollywood and the way people get married just to legitimize an affair and then divorce 2 weeks later.

On another note,I was watching the Jetsons episode "a date with Jet Screamer" the other day and did you guys notice that Howard Morris 'ol Ernest T himself,is the voice of Jet Screamer?

Morris was a riot in the original 1963 Nutty Professor as Kelps dad too!

Jim Rockford....P.S. yeah,I'm a new guy here.
Whose Robyn? is there another Jim Rockford on here?

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62357: Hey did any of you guys see the set of "original Andy Griffith show Jail keys" that sold on ebay yesterday?
I was interested in them,but the seller couldnt really give me any info to verify they were authentic.
I had asked him where he got them from and he said he "bought them from a guy on ebay".
You can see them in completed listings still since they only just ended yesterday.

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62358: Hey did any of you guys see the set of "original Andy Griffith show Jail keys" that sold on ebay yesterday?
I was interested in them,but the seller couldnt really give me any info to verify they were authentic.
I had asked him where he got them from and he said he "bought them from a guy on ebay".
You can see them in completed listings still since they only just ended yesterday.

Jim Rockford

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62359: Boy, the boys are talkative today.

First off, prayers for Possum. That is very hard, and I can totally relate.
Sometimes I wish we had a place where we could get each others e-mail addresses, because there's more I would like to say on that subject, thru e-mail to each other, but I don't know your e-mail. I don't know if everyone else on here exchanges e-mails or not, but the only folks I know the addresses to are Romeena and Asa. But anyway, my thoughts are with you, Possum.

Jello? YUCK. I have vivid childhood memories of being a kid in a small school in Chino Valley, Arizona. The lunch ladies made us eat every thing on our plates, or we couldn't leave. Well, what was I to do with a square of lime jello with grated carrots in it, and topped with a dollop of mayonaise? I hated it so bad, I really didn't have any choice, folks, other than to drink my milk, and then shove the jello into the empty milk carton so I could throw it away. But don't let that stop you... go ahead, have your jello potluck. I've got other ideas of foods I didn't like, and how I disposed of them so the lunch ladies didn't know, but I'll leave that story for later.

- Hazel

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62360: Welcome Jim..Robyn and Red are 2 new comers but aint heard from them in a day or so..Hazel im with you on the jello..naw not for me..I mean I could eat it but...well...naw..well slow here at work...supper was good..yall take these leftovers home with ya..Boo,Romeena Asa yall around tonight?..porch is kinda slow..Rev you still at home?..I will be leaving Friday for the Ga linemans rodeo in perry ga...yall "google" it and check out the web site...well back in just a bit..good race yesterday MDC,Mavis,Rev and all race fans..but who knows who had the best car...it was crazy!...SPOT

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62361: Homemaker, when I was out earlier, I saw the red baby goat again and this time, he had a twin that I didn't see earlier. Talk about cute!..but the best surprise was that I stopped the car and got out to take a look and there in a little sheltered area was a mama goat and a brand new baby. The hair was still messy and her legs were a little wobbly. This baby had the typical white body and red head. I wanted to grab her and run!! Guess that wouldn't be too Christian, though, haha.

Loved the jello story, Hazel...I couldn't have eaten that stuff you described, either, and poor Me-They could never have handled the mayo!

Speaking of Me-They, he sure is a naughty boy (referring to the comment about me being in bed with Andy)...tsk, tsk.

"Hey to Rockford". Interesting about James Garner. It did seem like he and Doris Day were a pretty good pair, but they didn't have the chemistry that Doris and Carey Grant had, though. What was that movie with the two of them where he pretends to be a naive Texas boy? I think it was "Pillow Talk"...that movie was a might racy for back then.

Hi SPOT, hope you have a good evening.

I'm going to go check out that site Me-They mentioned....


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62362: Good evening porch family, just back from the beauty parlor and getting ready for bed. I make our appointments for after work and school so when both kids and I have hair cuts it takes all evening...trying to make as few trips as possible these days.

my work was kinda slow today.. weather was rainy and cool so maybe that kept people from remebering their appointments. We are supposed to be in the 40's tonight. A lot of folks are covering up their garden plantings as well as some flowers, they may be expecting a freeze the next couple of days.

Prayers for Possum and hubby.

welcome to the new sitters/rockers. Glad to have you around here.

I like jello okay but I am kinda allergic to something in it... makes me tongue swell and itch.
Wonder what causes that??? :)

Lets do a bedtime snack: moon pies, chocolote or plain milk.

see you folks in the morning. Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62363: Read the article, Me-They. Makes ya think. I believe the "over-reporting" of child abduction and such that we see in the media is the real cause of the anxiety in parents these days. This less news and TV I watch, the less paranoid I am, this I know about myself.


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62364: Hey there, Maude, you snuck in on me. Allergic to something in Jello...hmm...not sure what that would be. Have a peaceful evening!


April 28, 2008 - Msg 62365: Maude plain milk for me please but a BIG glass and very cold..thanks...SPOT

April 28, 2008 - Msg 62366: Good evening, all. Boo, I think that was Rock Hudson and Doris Day in "Pillow Talk". Cary Grant and Doris were in "That Touch of Mink", I believe. Both movies were hilarious.

Possum, my prayers are with you, dear. Alcoholism is a tough one, it affects the whole family, and there's very little you can do except stand firm and pray. It is an illness, and it helps if you can keep that in mind. Moral judgments and "preach-ifying" don't help much, and in most cases are counter-productive. Every case is different, but in most of them, it will help you if you have someone, some uninvolved party, to whom you can turn for support and advice. Believe me, you will need to vent now and then, and we're here for you.

On the subject of email addresses - be aware that I have many of your addresses, gathered over time, and will be happy to serve as a go-between. I will not share anyone's address without permission, but if you want to communicate with someone, just send me your request, I'll forward it (blind) to the person in question. If they're willing, then I'll send your addresses to each of you and you can take it from there. Of course, I don't have everyone's address, but if you will post a request here, we'll figure it out somehow.

Jim Rockford, I think the Robyn/Jim Rockford confusion is my fault. You came in about the same time Robyn did, and for some reason I got the impression you were the same person. Sorry 'bout that!

Hazel, I have a very similar memory involving cafeteria monitor women who made me drink the horrid warm milk that tasted like the cardboard stopper. To this day I absolutely will not drink milk. I eat all dairy products, love them, use half & half on my cereal, drink buttermilk, and would drink regular milk if I could get it unprocessed and poured very cold from a big glass pitcher, but since it's all processed now, it tastes like the cafeteria milk and I cannot drink it. It wouldn't stay down, I'm quite sure. Jello - no problem. I love it. I recall the green jello with carrots and a blob of mayo, but as it happened, I liked it, still do. There are really only two things I cannot or will not consume - milk and lamb. Don't like lamb, don't cook lamb, don't eat lamb.

Goat - not my favorite, but I'll eat it. Except as served at a true Mongolian barbecue, in Mongolia. Tried it, taste wasn't bad, but the hair remaining on the bits of hide on the end of the rib I was served just did me in, and I hid it under a bush. Argh.

Well, enough of that. I'm off to bed. Starr says how-do. --Romeena

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62367: I just fell awake.
- Hazel

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62368: Well hello there Hazel..yall get up gang...its 5 am!est..good night here at work only one outage and got those good people back on...breakfast menu will be at the good old Cracker Barrell on Miss Hazel and I..it must be blackberry winter here in ga ..its only 47 degrees...but gona hit the warm temp at the end of the week..they said may get doen to freezing though tonight..hope my mater plants snuggle up together...they should be fine..back in the 80"s by thu...the weather in the south is so strange...hope this is the last cool spell for the year...well see yall at breakfast...prayers to all...SPOT

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62369: Mornin' Y'all. Ro,you can share my e-mail address with Hazel.That's perfectly fine with me.Any other Porchster wants it,just mention it to me here ,& I'll let Ro know. Thanks,Ro.

Today will be better,I think.I have Laci,so my mind will definitely be on other things!

Y'all take care!
possum under a rock

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62370: Just a suggestion: If anybody does e-mail,please put your Porch name in the subject line,so there will be no confusion over who it's from. Example:" From Possum". Too much spam & junk floating around out there!

possum again

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62371:
Hello porch family.....just checking in real quick before heading to bed. I've been up since yesterday morning finishing mixing in the recording studio (26 hours). I'm seeing double and I don't drink.

Yep Spot....that was a wild race. That Kyle Busch will put a car in places that seems impossible.

Prayers for all the needs posted here on the porch. See ya'll a little later today.

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62372: Sorry you "fell awake" Hazel...hope you fell back to sleep.

You're right, Ro. Now that I think about it, it was Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk. He was some actor...hard to imagine he was a g@y man when you see him act with Doris Day. For some crazy reason, I often confuse Carey Grant, Rock Hudson, and Gregory Peck?...all three tall, dark and handsome, I guess. Didn't you just love Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird?! (I do have the right actor, don't I?)...Also, recently I happened to catch "I Happened One Night", with Clark Gable (for the first time) and I couldn't believe the s#x appeal of Clark Gable...wow. I remember watching him as a little girl in Gone With The Wind and thinking about how stupid Scarlett was to prefer Ashley!

SPOT, sounds like we have similar weather. It's cool now but will be warming up today.

I love spring! I forgot to mention yesterday, that we also saw a new foal. One of our neighbor's horses (Blue) had a new baby that we didn't know about. What a surprise! She was the most beautiful honey-colored baby with a white stripe down her nose. Blue is used to us, so she came up to the fence for a scratch and a treat and she brought the baby with her. Erin and I even got to pet the baby. It was so much fun. Blue had a baby named Buddy 2 years ago and we got to watch him grow up and give him treats, now another one! I am developing a fondness for horses that I didn't used to have.

Better go get Erin off to school!


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62373: thats, "IT happened one night"! Gosh.


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62374: Hey Folks

Me-They Nope, no election canvassing from me this time around, a moderate and two liberals, not my cup of tea. I'm not sure why McCain is a Republican, Hillary is more dishonest than Nixon, and Obama just seems like a light weight to me, he acts like he's running for Queen. I guess we're gonna find out if it takes a village.

possum-Prayers for you and your hubby!

Robin-Nice to meet ya and welcome!

Welcome to Jim Rockford- You are so right, Jim and Angel were great together. One scene with Jim and Angel, and Jim's dad, has always stuck with me. Angel said to Jim if you don't come back I'll kill the "old man" and Jim just said, "shut-up Angel" and walked out the door. That was so funny. I loved that show.

God Bless,

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62375: Hey auh2o. Good to see you. Your a-ssement of the candidates is right on IMHO. Mercy sakes, me thinks we is doomed.
I loved the theme song of the Rockford Files. Great song. Oh yea, and his car. Wasn't it a Firebird?
Didn't care for his trailer, but loved the location right there on the beach like that.
You can still come to the jello potluck Hazel. Maybe hm will bring some meatballs. Hey, hows about meatballs stuffed in jello. It might work. Yea, but it might not. Anyone feel lucky and wanna try it?


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62376: Good morning all.

Yes, ASA, Jim Rockford drove a Firebird. He got a new car (same color) each season, for the first few seasons, then got stuck with the '78 for the last two seasons.

Angel grates on my nerves! But that's what he was supposed to do. I can watch and rewatch that show. James Garner was perfect in that character.

BOO: YOu know that's one of my favorites movies. Peck was great in it. I wonder whatever happened to the girl who played scout? You probably know it already, but the character of Dill was modeled after Truman Capote.

AUH2O: Stop insulting Nixon like that! How did you like the Rev. Wright's speechifying yesterday at the Press Club? He's trying to say it has nothing to do with him or Obama, it's whites trying to tear down the black church. I heard Juan Williams (liberal African-American journalist who has written a book about the history of the black church in America) on NPR this morning. To paraphrase him (and not by much): that's a load of bunk.

BOO: Have you heard about that book I mentioned yesterday? I know you do a lot of reading.


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62377: HAZEL and ROMEENA: I forgot to mention my own cafeteria nightmare. When I was a kid, I actually didn't mind mayonnaise, and I loved tomatoe sandwiches. One day in second grade, I did not eat all my sandwich because the mayo and tomato had mad the bread really, really mushy. I wrapped it in my lunch bag, crumpled it up and threw it away. One of the cafeteria monitors saw me, and made me pick it back out and sit down and eat it. You talk about trauma. That woman (I can still picture her) scared the heck out of me, and to this day the sight of a tomato sitting on mayo or mushy bread makes me want to hurl.


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62378: I learned to spell from Dan Quayle.


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62379: And one more thing...

AUH2O: His contemporaries in politics wondered why Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican, too.


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62380: Good morning, all. Well, I'm not familiar with Juan Williams, but hooray for his side. Wright's assertions and accusations ARE a load of something or other, and it's time someone said so. He's cut out of some of the same cloth as Jesse Jackson. They're seeing the end of their little ride coming, and they're scared. It's a bit hard to keep crying "oppression" when we have men and women like Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Cosby and Maya Angelou,and so many others who are successful and well-respected, yet never whine about racism. People like Jackson and Wright never seem to mention that a lot of white people, brown people, people of any group, are "disadvantaged" as well. As Jesus said, "The poor you will always have with you." And He was right.

Why do these pot-stirrers such as Wright and Jackson think that just because a person is black they should be granted special privileges? To me that smacks of paternalism and patronization. No, the opportunities are there for all who are willing to get in there and dig, but first you have to pull up your pants, get a haircut, take a bath, learn to speak clearly and occasionally use words of more than one syllable. You have to be willing not to produce a passel of children before you're twenty, spend your money on something besides drugs and alcohol, stay out of trouble, hang out in a school or library instead of the street corner, and be willing to accept a job before you're ever offered a "position".

These things apply to everyone, they are not directed at black people only, but Wright and Jackson just can't handle that. Protest and racial rhetoric are all they know, and if race ever ceases to be an issue in America, they might have to get a real job, and they just can't handle that awful thought. So, anytime things begin to improve, they crank up their little whiner and start crying.

They're not alone. Lots of mainstream "disadvantaged" folks do the same thing. "I could have done great things if I'd only been given a scholarship". Yep, I heard that from the lily-white son of an acquaintance. Never mind his brushes with the law, the drunk-driving charge, his refusal to hold a job because "the boss doesn't like me". Lots of rank-and-file people rely on the excuse of social repression or oppression. Perhaps blacks are more vocal about it, because they have the convenient excuse of skin color to fall back on, but whites are just as guilty. As for Jackson and Wright, they don't want the cause to go away, because then there'd be no parade for them to lead, no one for whom they can beat the drum and call attention (and contributions) to themselves.

Well, good morning again. Maybe I'd better go back to bed! --Romeena

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62381: By the way - I should give credit where it's due. Not all "disadvantaged" people, whatever their color, spend their time crying about it. My friend Eddie, who mows my yard and keeps things tidy outdoors, is black. He works hard, very hard. His fees are reasonable, so much so that I always add extra because I feel he earns it. He struggles with a reluctant, decrepit old truck. His mowers are an incredible conglomeration of parts salvaged from broken ones and combined to make one that works. He's creative. He doesn't buy what he can borrow. My ladder disappears for weeks at a time, and I'm sure it has seen parts of town that I'll never see. I know it assisted Eddie when he was trimming some trees and getting limbs off the roof of my friend's house across town. It always comes home, eventually. I don't mind at all. When his leaf blower died, mine cleaned every sidewalk on this street for a while, until he got a new one. My spreader, my electric hedge clippers - they all make the rounds, but they do come home. I truly don't mind, and Eddie knows that. If he thought I did, he wouldn't move so much as a broken rake off the premises.

Now, here's what came out of his mouth one day: "I'm gonna vote for Mr. McCain. I know a lot of black folks are gonna vote for Obama because he's black, and I think that's just dumb. We got to think about what's best for America, not just for black folks, and he ain't it. He's too young and inexperienced, he doesn't show proper respect, and I'm a little scared of him. Mrs. Clinton is too much like her husband - we had him, and we don't need him again. Nope, I'm voting for Mr. McCain. Not sure he's the greatest candidate, but he's the best of what we have to choose from." He went on to compare their political stance on various issues. He's much better informed than I am (though that's not too hard).

Remember, this came from a middle-aged black man, standing there in muddy overalls, sweat pouring off his face, with an uncooperative lawnmower sulking on the driveway. It didn't matter who he was going to vote for - what mattered was that he had obviously given some thought to the issues. I know if he was voting for Obama, it would not be because Obama is black, it would be because he honestly felt he was best for the job. That's very reassuring. --Romeena

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62382: Don't hold back now, Romeena...hehe. There is an interesting little peice on Hillary on the truth or fiction website you might enjoy, Romeena, having to do with her character. Do a search...something to do with her being fired for being dishonest.

Me-They, that makes me mad that the cafeteria Hitler would make you eat that soggy sandwich. That's just, plain mean. To answer your question, no, I had never heard of the book.


(I think I took the Dan Quayle course in spelling, too M-T)

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62383: Well gang im up from sleep now and gona hit the showers..back at work at 2 then off for a few days for the linemans rodeo..yea Rev that Kyle is turning into a one man racing mach...well hey to all and yea I would not mind anyone on the porch having my mail just ask..and Romeena can mail it to you she has one of them...well Maude, Rev lets take this bunch to Olive Garden for a good lunch...see ya in just a bit porch..prayers...SPOT

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62384:
Boo, Hazel and Ro- The nun in our cafeteria stood right next to the big can where we would dump our trash, and they were on to the milk carton thing!
We had to open our carton's stopper and she would actually look inside!! I couldnt get away with nothing! One thing i really loved was pizza that they made in the big sheet trays. It had a thick chewy crust. That was good stuff.
Ro- it's a good thing you dint have to eat the original passover dinner! ha
Prayers for all in Virginia tornado areas!

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62385: APB for TOM

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62386: Been catching up on the posts... Have had a stomach virus since Sunday. Still trying to get over it, but am on the mend. Romeena, I've been in my 'gowntail' for 3 days now! My Mom says that too.

MW, sorry to hear of all you've had to deal with lately. Prayed for your sister as soon as I read about her. Don't know about you, but I don't handle stress as well as I wish I could. My husband's the calm one. He keeps me balanced.

Possum, prayers for your husband, as well. My grandfather was an alcoholic. Praise God, he became a Christian just a couple of months before he died.

Rev, so sorry to hear about your pet friend. I know that's hard. My favorite pet when I was growing up was our german shepard named Dutchess. She was a wonderful watch dog and such a part of the family. When she died of heartworms, I thought my heart had been ripped out.

On a lighter note, Hazel, you brought back a memory that made me chuckle. I remember those lunch ladies! Thank goodness for milk cartons.

Well, I guess I better get some rest. Still not 100% yet. Blessings for a wonderful day. Red

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62387: Well hello there Red..get some rest and chicken soup..where is TOM?..and CHUCK just ran off again..these peopld need to quit falling off the porch!..possum you hang in there girl..hey auh20,M-T,MDC...apb for goober,gooberet,irishter,opiemom,gizmo and a bunch more...Boo its up to 60 here now..kinda nice..Robyn come on back now..auh20 I did like rockford for sure!..well supper will be as follows: grilled Sirlon Steaks,baked taters with butter sour cream,bacon bits,cheese,salad with your dressing,asparaus tips in a cream garlic sauce,mushroom and onions for the steaks,rolls,corn on the cob [half ears],sweet tea,preach cobbler...ready at 7:00..how yall like yer steaks cooked?...come hungry..SPOT

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62388: Enjoy that 60 degree weather, SPOT. It's a little too warm here right now.

I guess i was real lucky as a kid. We didn't have anyone making us eat everything on the lunch tray. They wouldn't allow us to play with the food but we didn't have to eat it all, either. I remember one time when one of my classmates named Herbert was using his straw to make worms with his goulash and our 3rd grade teacher made him eat it...seems like he had mixed some of his mild up in it, too. The woman was a sadist! She's the one who sent me and my friend Arleta to the principle's office in 2nd great for writing a note in class about a boy we liked. She read it aloud to the whole class. Poor Arleta spent the rest of the day hiding her head in her desk.

I have to go get ready for drug rehab...remember us tonight. Keith is showing a DVD to them of this pastor named Frances Chan. Hope it gets through to them...it's a good one.


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62389: ...uh, I mean "milk in it"

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62390: SPOT: Maybe the porch is leaning too hard? I'd help fix it, but I ain't getting under there with them spiders.

Prayers for BOO tonight and for RED to feel better.

MDC: Pizza day (every other Friday) was the only day I bought lunch at school. I don't know if I'd now classify those rectangular things as pizza per-se, but it was darned good nonetheless!

A co-worker and I were talking about how different school was in the 1970s/early 1980s and now. Can you believe that we had smoking areas? All you needed to take a smoke at lunch or whatever was to be 16 and have a note from your parents. When we mentioned this to a college intern, he thought we were pulling his leg.

Well, I'm off to dinner with the family. See y'all tomorrow.


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62391: When I was a kid, I usually brought my lunch, too, but I like to eat in the cafeteria on Thursdays (hamburger day). I often wonder what we were eating because it didn't look like meat, but we liked it anyway. They always served red icee's in little Dixie cups on hamburger day.

Thanks for the prayers, Me-T.


April 29, 2008 - Msg 62392: Good afternoon, all. Me-They, we didn't have smoking areas at school when I was a student (back in the dark ages) but when I went to work at my hospital in 1979, patients and visitors smoked in the rooms and waiting areas, doctors smoked at the desk, and nurses smoked in the break room. That break room was small, and when you got three night shift nurses in there, giving report to five oncoming nurses, along with the unit manager and a couple of aides, and half were smoking, well, the air got a bit thick, especially for non-smokers like me. That's really hard to imagine now. People have to completely leave the hospital grounds to light up these days. Believe it or not, they do. They go stand at the bus stop, or go across the street. There they stand, little frozen groups in January, puffing away. I feel kinda sorry for them.

We went non-smoking in little baby steps. First step was to stop visitors from smoking in patient rooms, unless the patient was a smoker as well. Most people cooperated, but I remember one "good ol' boy" who pushed the envelope and lit up. I politely reminded him that visitors were not permitted to smoke (there were signs posted), and asked him to put it out. He crossed his big cowboy boot up on his knee, leaned back in his chair and drawled, "Well now, missy, I just don't think you're big enough to make me do that." I looked him right in the eye and said, "You're right, I'm not, and I won't try, but I know the number for Security, and they are big enough. Shall I call them?" He looked a little uncertain, then said "I don't think you'd really do that." I said, "No? Are you sure?" He just looked at me for a minute, then gave a big old laugh and dropped his chair back down, said "I declare, I believe you would!" and put out his cigarette. He was a frequent visitor, and we become pretty good friends. And yes, I would have called Security. Such battles have been fought over the years, but it's pretty much a thing of the past now. Nobody pushes it.

Well, guess I'll go scare up some supper. Got enough leftovers to swing it, I think. --Romeena

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62393:
Prayers for Boo at rehab tonight. Lord, I lift her and keith up to you that they will declare your truth, and please Lord,open the ears of the girls to receive your truth, in Jesus' name. Amen

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62394: Hi everyone!
Yes,Jims car was a Pontiac Firebird Esprit.(the luxury model,one up from the base model 'bird)
Jim Picked that model because he didnt think Rockford would be able to afford the trans am.
He got a new one each year up until 1978,even though the show ran until 1980.

auh2o,I remember that scene too!,I really like Noah Beery as Rocky (Jim's dad) too,he had a very warm and gentle nature about him that Jims first dad played by Robert Donnely in the pilot didnt have.
I think they made a fantastic choice casting Beery,It was funny the way he would always give Jim a hard time about his profession and the not so subtle way he had of always letting him know he ahould be pushing a rig instead.
Have you seen the episode where Rocky goes into bussiness with Vincent Whitehead (a gangster)?
He put garlic in everything,the chili,the salt cellars,everything.
"Thats some kind of chili Vince,yep some kind of chili"
It was hilarious to watch Jim and Rocky struggle
to come up with a kind way of letting Vince know that they were all begining to sweat garlic!
One of the many things that made Rockford so great was the chemistry the characters shared!
They had humanity and heart.something sadly lacking in todays tv and movies.
I was just a kid when that show came on,and still all these years later I enjoy watching it over and over.

Regarding Jims trailer,theres a scene in one of the Rockford Tv movies that sticks out.
a young actress upon seeing Jims place for the first time makes the remark "Its kind of small" and Jim says yeah,well I'm kind of broke!
I always liked how Rockford just told it like it was!
I liked his trailer because it fit his personality.Rockford wasnt a snob,he didnt care about having a million dollars if he had to kill himself to get it.
He enjoyed what he did,and having the free time it provided to go fishing with his Dad and go to games...in short,enjoy his life!
That lesson seems lost on people today! plus everything today costs so much!
I Like the Andy Griffith episode Big Man in a Hurry,where Malcolm Tucker finally saw the charm of a small town and deliberatly stayed the extra time by pretending his car needed more work!
I wish there was a way to go back to that simpler time!

P.S. its about 90 degrees out here (Southern California) today! I'm sure not looking forward to summer!

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62395:
Me-They, I guess there was a 'cafeteria food manual' in those days! ha Another one was the scoop of mashed potatoes with some kind of hamburger sauce over it.
Has anyone been watching CARRIER on pbs? It started Sunday is is each nite thru Thursday. It is very interesting about life on a carrier, and i can see now why my 30 year marine pilot brother didnt like it when they deployed women on the ships with the men. I know this sounds s@exist, but on his first two carrier tours, it was all men and the boats were simply run better..no complaining about every little thing, they just did their jobs. Plus men and women are built differently (duh!, I know) but the women cooks cant carry the boxes of frozen chickens, handle ordinance for example. His last tour was on an "integrated ship" and he said it was totaly different. The men were distracted, there were pregancies, more petty problems, etc. Israel tried this years ago and saw that it didnt work, so what do we do, we go to it because it's PC!!
Stupid, stupid. OK sorry for the moulage!
Have a good evening.
"Of course it smells like gas!"

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62396: Who posted msg 62394?..M-T and Boo..I grautated HS in 1977 and ya know what, back in the 70"s in middle school I really dont know WHAT some of that stuff we had to eat at school!..In HS we had a smoke hole too between the buildings..I usually carryed something in HS to eat or if someone had a car we would snned off to eat and back in time for the bell..Romeena you did not want any steak tonight?...it was good...SPOT

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62397:
Oops, sorry for rockin' on your toes rockford.

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62398:
and your paws spot! mdc

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62399: Romeena,I liked the story about the "smoking cowboy",I remember back when I was a boy in the 70's that people used to be able to smoke in resteraunts like Carls jr's! etc,then as you said,little by little all that vanished.
I believe there is even a law out here that states that you cant smoke within 20 ft of a buildings enterance.
I dont smoke so it doesnt affect me,but it is funny to see the lengths them make those poor folks go to just to get a drag off their cigaretttes!
At least the guy you dealt with was good natured about it,back then people used to actually have a sense of humor.
Today it seems you have to be very carefull what you say because you never know who could pull out a gun.
We had a guy out here who shot a clerk at autozone (or was it Kragen) because they wouldnt refund his money on a pair of brake pads because he lost his receipt!
Soceity has definetly changed for the worse.

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62400: So school lunch is the topic of late? Oh,boy! We never had anyone standing over us making sure we ate everything like some of y'all mentioned.Poor Me-They & MDC! Best thing we had was vegetable beef soup and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.The jelly wasn't grape & it almost tasted like honey.When I grew up,I worked in the same schools I attended as a kid and believe it or not,the same lunchroom lady supervisor was still there! And they were still serving those PB&Js. I asked her what was in them that made them so good-she told me it was just PB & apple jelly.I mixed some up at home,but mine just didn't taste like the school kind!
Back in high school( Late 70's) we had a trailer out behind the main buildings for Study Hall. Students could smoke and play cards in there! Seniors could even leave campus at lunchtime! I never smoked,but played lots of cards and drove my friends around at lunchtime in my orange 1966 mustang. Boy,have times changed!

Going back to school lunches, I wonder if any of y'all were ever served this concoction? A slice of fried bologna with mashed potatoes & shredded cheese on top.It even had a weird name- Beetlehats. I kid you not! Wasn't bad,actually!

I think I'll just leave some Alka Seltzer on the Porch,and apologize for the tummies I may have just upset!

P.S. I'm hanging in there.Sure appreciate y'all's support.Thanks,friends.
possum under a rock

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62401: Ahhh, cafeteria days...takes me back! I'm with you all--I loved the square pizza. It just had a special quality to it though I have to admit, I don't care to know what it was! When I was in 4th grade, as we got off the bus in the a.m., they would file us past the cafeteria to pick up butter and peanut butter sandwiches. I always ate breakfast at home but I sure did enjoy the government peanut butter--it was goooood. Of course, I didn't realize that they did that for the poor kids who weren't fed breakfast at home. I just thought it was awful nice to set out sandwiches to start our day. I don't have a Nazi lunch lady story but I do remember my hideous principal, Mr. Smith. He practically drooled over torturing us kids. One day at lunch, as he patrolled aisle after aisle of lunch tables, he hit me as hard as he could across the lower back. Then he proceeded to scream at me about keeping my legs to myself. I was stunned. And hurt. A boy named Jeffrey had been kicking me under the table and Mr. Smith thought it was me. I never said anything to my parents that night because I was humiliated. But as my mom was helping me into bed that night, she flipped her ever-loving wig. I had a hand mark across my back. Needless to say, my father was in the principal's office the next morning. Mr. Smith apologized to me in front of my classroom that morning and asked Jeffrey to the office. I wonder if he continued to hit kids and ask questions later?

RED, hope you're on the mend real soon. Kick back and watch TAGS. I find that so relaxing. I caught 4 episodes of Beverly Hillbillies the other night and really enjoyed it. I had forgotten how much I liked that show as a kid.

Regarding the smoking in public issue, I have to say that I don't mind whatsoever that people are restricted in public. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and certainly don't want my children exposed to it. What people do in their car or home is their business but if they're sitting next to me in a restaurant chain smoking like there's no tomorrow, then it becomes my business too. I watched my beloved grandmother waste away in horrible pain for 10 long months from lung cancer and will probably have to face the same thing with my own mother, so no, I'm not a fan of cigarettes. As much as it pains me to say, my mom can't even get through a 90 minute movie without having to run outside for a smoke. Like #62399 said: the lengths people go to.

BOO, hope you had a productive night. I really enjoyed everyone's lunch room stories today. BTW, my mom made that lime green jell-O with the carrot shavings but fortunately she didn't add the dollop of mayo--that put my gag reflux on alert. Ugh. Have a great night everyone. Thanks for the laughs! MW

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62402: Hey POSSUM! Been thinking of you a lot lately...hope things are on track with you and hubby! Many blessings---mw

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62403: Don't forget to sign your name, # 62399, I haven't a clue who you are (I'm kinda nave, so people have to draw me a picture.)
Ah, cafeteria lunches. I told you the "jello in the empty milk carton" story, and it was shorty after that that I had a minor incident with a piece of buttered bread (couldn't eat that either... cold, unmelted margarine on a piece of cold bread... gag), and I ended up taking the bread and sticking it to the underside of the table (stuck real good too, if I recall). There was also a brief problem with some macaroni and cheeze. Anyhow, mom packed my lunch for me and my brother from then on. My sister still ate the cafeterial lunch, she liked it. Go figure.
I remember the smoking in places too. Remember going to the grocery store, and having people smoke in there, right by the produce and everything? Seems like the dark ages now. I remember my mom used to smoke, and when the company she worked for banned smoking in the building except in the lunch room, at breaks and lunch, she took it philosophically. She said, well, maybe it will help me quit. (this was I think, in the late 80's). So she would have a cigarette in the morning before work, and then a couple at lunch, and then at home at night. Finally, she realized she was only smoking about 6 cigarettes a day, and so she cut down on the lunch time smokes, and was then down to 2 or 3, and pretty soon she just quit. It was like, why bother? I was always proud of her for that. No whining, no feeling like smokers were discriminated against, just the attitude of "well, maybe it'll help me quit."

It's raining here now. (I was right there in it!)

- Hazel

April 29, 2008 - Msg 62404: Good evening, all. Oh boy, MW, I'll bet your dad tore things up at the school that day. Mine surely would have. I remember when my youngest son was in first grade. He was the sweetest kid, kind hearted, and a champion of the underdog, which was great, because he was a big kid for his age. He's still that way, just a gentle giant, like his father. He was also truthful. His kindergarten teacher loved him!

A few weeks into the school year, he became quiet and withdrawn, and seemed unhappy about something, but wouldn't or couldn't tell me what was wrong. Then he came home one day in tears, very upset. A little gentle probing revealed that his teacher never believed him, called him a liar in front of the other kids, and when some kid would yell or scream in the lunch line they would blame it on him and the teacher would believe them. The last straw came that day when the teacher told him he could not return to school the next day without 85 cents to pay for a "lost" book. I saw him get out of the car earlier that week, carrying the book with the intent of turning it in, and he said he did. He told the teacher he did, and she yelled at him in front of the other kids, "Don't lie to me!" This embarrassed him very much, and deeply hurt his feelings. He didn't cry easily, but this made him cry.

So, on the pretext of going to the store, I drove back up to the school, and found her still in the classroom. First, I handed her the 85 cents, to remove that issue from the table. Then I asked her why she thought he hadn't turned the book in. I told her exactly where he said he had placed the book on the corner of her desk. She looked like a greedy cat, and informed me that she did find a book there, but the number was registered to another student, and David "must have seen the other student put it there". I asked to see her registry. Sure enough, she had the same number registered twice, and when she found the book, she credited it to the other student, who in reality had not turned theirs in yet.

Oh, such apologies! Red face, much stammering, and when she said "Apparently a mistake has been made", I said yes, and she had made it. Then in about two minutes, I verbally dissected her, and made it plain what would happen if my son came home crying because his teacher didn't like him, just one more time. He had never done that before, and he never did it again, she had the honor of being the only one. She offered to apologize to him, and "make it up to him." I told her not to, he was not even to know I had come to school to defend him. All I wanted for him was a fair shake, to be treated as kindly as the rest of the other kids, nothing more. If he does something wrong, nail him for it, but be darn sure you SEE it, that it's not another kid's word. Apparently she did this, because in a week or so, he was my happy little boy again, and told me how "the teacher likes me now, she even smiled at me today." Doesn't that just break your heart?

Oh, yes, she tried to give me back my 85 cents, and I told her to use it to pay for the other kid's book! Yep, I was pretty mad. She did send it to me the next week, when the other kid finally turned in her book.

Well, sorry for that long post, I just got wound up all over again. That was over thirty years ago, and it still makes me mad to think about it. David did not deserve that! --Romeena