May 27, 2008 - Msg 63030: Hey Prayer Warriors - I have a job interview on Tuesday, June 3. Any prayers on my doing well in this interview are much appreciated. This teaching position is only 6 miles from my home, it is where my kids go to school, and it means no traveling 100 plus miles a day. The downside is a smaller salary but much less stress!

thank you


May 27, 2008 - Msg 63031: Looks like I made a clean sweep - could it be an omen of good things to come?


May 27, 2008 - Msg 63032: Let's hope so, homemaker. I would imagine the smaller salary will be offset somewhat by gasoline prices, or were your car expenses paid? Either way, as you noted, less stress! Can't put a price tag on that, can you? --Romeena

May 27, 2008 - Msg 63033:
Well, I'm back and already skimmed the archives.
Welcome Miss Poo.
HM- you will definitely be in my prayers.
good sweep.
Prayers also for all in Iowa. My goodness, more tornadoes and also more shocks in China, such diverse places!
RO-- what is OCD ?
Boo- my prayers continue for Christina.
SPOT- your Braves chopped us D-backs !
Boy, I need some pickalilly relish on those Aunt bee sandwiches to get over that sclacking!
BOO- love both those episodes! "Bulbsnatcher!!"
and his bound copies of the Police Gazette.
Sterling, prayers for your job situation also.
Hope all had a good memorial day.
God bless you all.

May 27, 2008 - Msg 63034: Hey, MDC. OCD is obsessive-compulsive disorder, something I believe we all have to some degree or other. --Romeena

May 27, 2008 - Msg 63035: Hey Folks,

I don't know if anybody mentioned it here but did y'all realize that May 7th marked the 7th year of this version of The Taylor's Front Porch?

The first post was on May 7, 2001.

Happy 7th Anniversary!


May 27, 2008 - Msg 63036: Oops...Actually, it was May 2nd...the first "archive" was on the 7th of May. Either way...happy Anniversary!


May 27, 2008 - Msg 63037:
Hello porch family.....Checking in real quick to say howdy. I'm stll in the Pigeon Forge area. The concerts are going great.

Possum...that would be neat to meet up some day.

Thanks to each of you that have been praying for my tour. As MDC hearts desire is to see lives turning to Jesus!

Spot....thanks for the UPS meals. Keep them coming.

Ro & Boo....I saw on the weather channel that you guys are having some real hot weather.

Well I'm gonna shut this motorhome down and head to bed. You all have a good night's sleep and a very blessed day tomorrow.
I'm pray for YOU (my porch family). You folks are so special. Remember that whatever you do, do it for our Lord. HE loves you so much!

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63038: Wow! Thanks, Floyd, for reminding us, and most of all, for making the whole thing possible for us. I guess it has just become such a part of our lives that we didn't even realize an anniversary had been reached. Thanks again.

Yep, REV, it was very hot here the past few days, and this morning was no exception. It was gray and cloudy, but so humid you could just feel the weight of the air. I'm not sure what the temperature was, but it was hot. My landscaper friend and his helper arrived about 9:30, and when I went outside to begin work, I wasn't sure I could stay with them. It was just oppressive. We got busy, though, and I did okay. Then about 12:30, a breeze came up from the north, and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees in a half hour or so. Sure felt good. Then the rain came, and it just poured for nearly an hour. Beautiful! We had to quit work and reschedule a time to finish up, but the cooling off and the rain made it all worthwhile. We probably couldn't have finished today anyway, so no le hace!

Now I'm off to bed. Little Starr had one of her running, jumping "spaz attacks" and wore her little self out, and she's ready for bed. She's so funny when she does that. Just races around the living room at top speed, snatches up a toy, carries it for a lap or two, drops it and grabs another and never breaks stride! It's just hilarious. It's such fun having a puppy around. She just makes me laugh all the time.

Be blessed, everyone. REV, be safe. --Romeena

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63039: I just read over at Miss Crumps that Earle Hagen passed away Monday. Sure am sad to hear that, and my prayers go out to his family and friends, but thankfully his musical legacy will live on. Read more about him here...,0,1794901.story

Floyd - thanks for all you do to keep the porch standing. 'Preciate it!

Prayers for all.

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63040: Thanks Floyd..Good deal Rev and have fun!..MDC chop,chop on the d-backs!..hey Romeena AFD,Tom,boo,hazel,possum,auh20,Red and too Asa!..I woke up and just cant sleep..its about 4:30 am..while im up I will whup up some eggs and bacon,grits,toast and coffee and h20...SPOT

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63041: Morning all.
Mercy sakes, thanks for 7 wonderful years Floyd. I've been here for most of em I reckon.

AFD, I heard that about Earle Hagen. So very sad. I know he would post on occasion over there. Gosh, we are losing to many of them.

Good breakfast Spot. The smell of them eggs bur..... uhhh, I mean cooking woke me right up.

Boy Ro, we just can't seem to get into summer mode here. We actually had a little snow hit us on Memorial Day. Yesterday was nice, around 70. But usually by now we are in the mid-80's. I'm not complaining other than it's making my corn struggle. Corn likes hot temps. But my grass is loving this cool damp stuff.

Prayers for your situation there Homemaker. I know the Lord will lead you in the right direction.

Same for you Boo, and all your efforts with those troubled young women. It must be heart warming to see any progress with them but very sad to see no improvement in others. But if nothing else you're planting a seed there maybe. It may dormant for sometime before sprouting. You just never know.

Dr. P, Prayers for you and yours as you go through this time of mourning.

Well best get going. Lots of work today.

Peace all.

Oh and NN, sorry I missed your IM the other night. By the time I saw it, you was gone.


May 28, 2008 - Msg 63042: Good morning everyone. After a hot, balmy mid-summer-like Tuesday, we're (thankfully) back to more spring-like weather (70 degrees) today. I hope that you all had memorable Memorial Day weekends.

BOO: Wonderful testimony. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with the group.

FLOYD: Thanks for all you do fixing floorboards and squashing spiders. Drop by more often.

AFD: Good to see you stopping by more regular. Nora's been out of school since Friday, and she's already showing signs of boredom. Too bad the spinash isn't tall enough to do much yet.

REV: I will be ordering a CD soon. Safe travels!

MISS POO: Welcome, though your name does have a certain unfortunate, but amusing, ring to it.

STERLING: The other day, for some reason I can't remember, I picked Nora up. Being almost eight and weighing what she does, that's not something I often do. Anyway, as I was holding her I was thinking about how big and heavy she has become, how much she's grown and how I won't be able to pick her up soon. All of the sudden, I was struck by all the times over the years that she has wanted me to pick her up or carry her but for whatever reason I couldn't or didn't. Y'know, it the sadness of what I had missed--though I'm sure at the time it struck as more of an inconvenience--hit me like a wave. It darn near made me tear up. They do grow up so quick, and sometimes we forget to enjoy the little things. I'm glad it happened; I'm more conscious of it now. You can bet the next time the kids fall asleep in the car, I will be making three trips from the car to the house with my arms full.

AUH2O: So, what do you think about Scott McClellan's kiss and tell?

We ended up getting Nora season one of "Avonlea" and "Because of Winn Dixie" (on sale at Target for $5! Can't beat that with a stick.) for her birthday. We also got the kids the complete "Hong Kong Phooey" to take on vacation in case of rain. Actually, I picked that one out ;).

See y'all at lunch.


May 28, 2008 - Msg 63043: RIP Earle Hagen


May 28, 2008 - Msg 63044: ROMEENA: Nora has to leave the room every time that commercial comes on. It is pitiful, and powerful.


May 28, 2008 - Msg 63045: Good morning, all. Yes, Me-They, that commercial was very well done. I have to look away, I can't bear looking at those little faces, some so badly damaged by some cruel person. I'm glad that Nora feels the same way. Children should always have tender hearts, and it shows she understands and dislikes the cruelty.

What still puzzles me, though, is why Starr hates it so. We are talking about a ten month old puppy who has barely heard a sharp word, let alone seen any cruelty. What is it about that commercial that stirs her up so? She pretty much ignores the TV in general, it's just that commercial. She runs in, barks and growls, and watches every image on the screen until the thing ends. Very strange.

Beautiful day today after yesterday's rainstorm, which blew in from the north. It's up to 78 now, at 9:50, but that's cooler than it was earlier this week. Skies are clear, air is still, but everything looks fresh and green after the rain. The grass has grown at least an inch since yesterday - seriously.

Well, I have errands to run, and have to work tonight so will need a nap this afternoon - guess I'd better get after those errands. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63046: Hello everyone:

It is nice and balmy here in N.E.La. TRUTV (court TV) is showing a new reality show on 06/18/2008 Wed 9:00 Central) called BLACK GOLD. It is about the high stakes world of Texas Oil Drilling. Those of us interested in the comings and goings of a working drilling rig crew will really enjoy this I believe. Maybe the enviromentalist will learn a few things on producing energy fuels.

Welcome Miss Poo.

SPOT: What's for lunch?

The "Dud"

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63047: BOO: I know you watch TOP CHEF. Do you watch H'LL'S KITCHEN ALSO?

The "Dud"

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63048: Does anyone know who sang the song, Welcome, Sweet Springtime? (Episode Number 52, Season Number 2, First Aired: February 19, 1962). I know the episode featured the local townsfolk of Mayberry signing the song, but who really sang the song for that episode? It's beatiful. I'd like to find it on cd. Thanks for any direction anyone out there can provide.

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63049: Hey Dud,jennie!..Romeena dont work to hard tonight and get a nap...Im off till sat morning...may rain here could use it..hey Boo,possum,asa,Rev look for the truck...lunch will be grilled ham samaches,pickels,sour cream and onion chips,grape kool-aid....get two....well im gona watch the heard a high school student drowned in a local water park yesterday...oh-my..prayers....SPOT

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63050: Just got back from the BLACK GOLD TV show Web site. The show will be a real life drama about 3 drilling crews and two energy company owners. I imagine it will be Hollywood style and play up all the bad things about drilling for oil and gas. Same company that did the crab catching boat show on TV. It figures, they were talking about the dangers of working on a rig and I can testify to that, being roughneck and a deck hand at a young age. I saw guy get his eye taken out by a blown valve and a rig collapse in half that put the derick hand in the drilling mud pit. He was lucky.

The "Dud"

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63051: Floyd- Thanks so much for all you have done for us here on the front porch and over at Miss Crump's.
Hello to every one on the Front Porch.
It doesn't seem very long ago that I was watching TAGS on TBS and we were still learning to use our computer when I found the TAGSRWC web site. We learned of the Mayberry Days Festival in Mt. Airy and Diane and I made it to the 40th anniversary later that year (September 2000). We had a great time and the people we met from the Mayor to the people along the parade route, in the stores and resturants and elsewhere were full of that Southern hospitality. I remember a very nice couple in their late 70's or early 80's that we sat next to on one of those benches along the sidewalk near the parade route. It was warm in the sunshine after the parade and we got to talking. They knew Andy when they were growing up with him. This is their story as best I can remember it:The Mrs. told of how her father and Andy's father were working at a local furniture factory (maybe her father even owned or managed the factory-can't remember for sure) and Andy would bring them apples from I believe an apple tree in his yard and her mother would bake the pies and send pie back to the Griffith family with Andy (or was it visa versa and Mrs. Griffith baked the pies). I should have had a tape recorder with me- or kept a journal. We talked anout being from Pennsylvania and they said they once were on a long trip- all the way to Ohio for a revival meeting under the big tent. They mentioned the name of the preacher and asked if we had heard of him or had gone to hear him ourselves. They were dissappointed when we said we hadn't - I didn't mention that in the 1940's we hadn't yet been born. They were 2 special people that I will always remember. When we arrived in Mt. Airy the first stop was the house where Andy Griffith grew up. It was about 10 AM , we got out of the car to take pictures and were almost immediately greeted by a lady out for her morning exercise walk - "Welcome to Mayberry". For a moment we were surprised at someone greeting total strangers on the street but then began to think that just maybe this is more like Mayberry than we expected. We finally got out a "Hello how are you today". Although I just don't think we sounded as sincere I believe we began our metamorphisis to becoming Mayberrian because of that lady.
Marty from Mt. Top.

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63052: SPOT:

Lunch sounds good. Being a diabetic I can't drink the Kool-Aid, but I will bring the Crystal Light Fruit Punch Mix.

The "Dud"

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63053: Hello Marty from Mt. Top.

I am Ron Howard's age. I grew up watching TAGS as a kid. My older sister always wanted me to get a flat top crew cut and I had my hair cut straight across like Opie. I told her that I would get a crew cut when Opie did. Luckily it never happened.

The "Dud"

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63054: Hi Dud.I was born in '49, I had a crew cut once in 1968 which was my back to college "protest" to the hippie movement but never I went with the flat top. Was that flat top a $1.75 at Floyd's barber shop ?
Mavis - are you the same Mavis that was posting the first week the new front porch opened up in 2001?
Marty from Mt. Top

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63055: CHARLENE says hey, Livin' with BRISCOE and the boys ain't easy. Anyone seen Ernest T?

The "Dud"

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63056: Marty from Mt. Top..what a great story! We've missed Mayberry three times in all the years that it's been going on, and every time, we've been greeted in the same way.
Have a good day everyone.

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63057: Me-They: Apology to ASA:

I am trying not to talk politics. About the Scott McClellan book. I guess he wrote a juicy insider look at the Bush Admin. to get that book deal. I guess at a Pres. Bush aproval rating below 30% you have to make a splash to sell a tome. People in the know said he wasn't clued in to the coming and goings of the admin.

The "Dud"

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63058: ROMEENA & The REV:

Horrors of Horrors I will soon have to go to the Pecanland Mall here in Monroe La. to buy some Crawfish Polo Shirts for myself. ROMEENA I remember when you posted the last time after I announced my dreaded trip to the Pecanland Mall. You said and I quote, "Well, I guess I can settle the pee'-can vs puh-con' debate. Pecanland Mall, huh? Try saying that with the two pronunciations. One sounds just fine, rather charming. The other is just ridiculous! Pee Can Land? Ugh!"

The "Dud"

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63059: Every time I hear Pecan pronounced on the food network as Pee Can with emphasis on the Pee, I cringe. Both pronunciations are correct according to Websters. I go in my back yard down to the shores of Bayou DeSiarde and gather me a paper sack full of puh-cons.

The "Dud"

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63060: Welcome back to the porch MARTY and JENNIEBOONE. Some of you people stay way yonder too long.

DUD: I don't expect ASA will mind. All things in measure is what I think he meant. You're probably right about the McClellan book.

MESSAGE #63048: As far as I know, the cast was signing, with ace soloist Barney Fife. I ceratinly don't know for sure, but I can't imagine the show paid for a real choir to double teh song for the episode, when they could just have the cast and extras do the job at no extra cost.

Thanks for lunch, SPOT. Good dog!



May 28, 2008 - Msg 63061: "Pee-cans" and "Puh-cons?" Y'all are just plain nuts!


May 28, 2008 - Msg 63062:
I can just picture Don Knotts BANGING THE CYMBALS as Earle Hagen strode thru the Gates of Heaven.
I bet a lot from the cast of the Dick Van Dyke show were also there to greet him!!
Message 63048-- Me They is pretty much spot on. Andy has stated that the actual cast members did indeed do all the singing in all the episodes, but they would often do them in a studio to get the quality, and then dub them in for the actual scene in the show. A good example of this is when Joanna Moore (Miss peggy) sang "Down in the valley." I am not sure if any of those songs has ever been released on cd however.
Marty and JennieBoone, how in the world are you??
FLOYD, you are a bird in this world!!Thanks for the new rockers too! I heard you got them at Cracker barrel just for us porchsters. Nice, real nice.
Rev, safe travels! Jesus is Lord!

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63063: Hey the camper out and set up giving it a good cleaning and stocking for summer..hey MDC,Asa..TOM?..Rev supper is on the way to you and Maude..Grilled ribeye steaks,baked taters with the works,corn on the cob,salad all the way..sweet tea..un-sweet for you Dud...SPOT

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63064: No Dud, I have never seen H#ll's Kitchen. Is it a good one to watch?

You're welcome, Me-They. I hope I don't bore you all with my stories and prayer requests for the girls. They are just so important to me.

Me-They, I certainly know that feeling well (the one you had when you were holding Nora). Now when it's Veda who's 8 and getting too heavy to carry, that will really be tough. Erin being my last, I should really try to savor every moment with her and say "yes" more often than I say "no". She is always wanting to "spend time" with me and yesterday I told her I had to do some work but she could help me. She loved following me around and helping me with the laundry and I loved it too. She is getting easier and told me today, "I'm tired of getting in trouble so I am getting better!"...ha

Who is Earle Hagen??

Been a busy day..had to get the tires rotated in town, get my hair done, etc...(you know...blonde from a bottle). Wish I could stay home and rest but the pastor won't be there tonight and he asked me to lead bible study/prayer. He said he was going to leave me some verses to use on the fruit of the Spirit in the church and I told him, "Well, I think there are more vegetables in this church...". Better go get ready.


May 28, 2008 - Msg 63065:
Boo- Earle Hagen composed the tags theme song and the background music for the show. He also did the Dick Van Dyke show and some others.
H#ll's Kitchen is a terrible show! I watched the first show of the first season and said never again. It shows a head chef and two teams. The head chef cusses and yell at them all the time. It was awful. They bleaped out every other word he said. I thought to myself, with all the starvation in the world this idiaot is worried about scallops that are a little cold, and then throws them up against the wall. Lord help us with today's TV! It is indded, for the most part, the vast wasteland that was predicted.
Prayers continue for all porchsters.

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63066: jennieboone glad you enjoyed Mayberry as much as we did/ I'd like to get there again maybe this year. Its about a 10 or 11 hour trip down I-81
Me-They I check in at the porch almost every day or so except when on a vacation one of which is coming up pretty soon. I just haven't posted much lately.
MDC That kitchen show is on our TV not by my choice. I have to leave the room. I don't think there is any need to speak like that except to be so shocking you get an audience for your commercials. I don't appreciate them trying to trick me into getting interested by such tactics. Its too bad because some of what is brought up has some value. All too often people are being bombarded with rude, crude , lewd and are accepting it as just fine and I believe some are eventually influenced into adopting those same mannerisms. He had another program until 2007 called Kitchen Nightmares where he went into failing resturants to find their problems. Usually filthy food storage and preparation problems as well as poor menu selection. As with the other show the bleeped out language and bullying was absurd. A shame it degraded the program because they were presenting some very serious issues with bad restaurants. I watched some of these programs because I began my career inspecting among other things, restaurants for the Dept. of Health and I can tell you that many were as filthy as those on the program. Some had untreated drinking water full of bacteria. They never covered that aspect on Ramsay's show even though some restaurants were in rural areas using well or spring water. I don't think he is as aware of the potential problems as he should be. There were other obvious problem areas I could see at those restaurants besides possible water contamination that he was unaware of. Ramsay is more show than go as can also be said of the FOX network and most of the others .

Marty from Mountain Top

May 28, 2008 - Msg 63067: Msg 63048 - in addition to the choir singing "Welcome Sweet Springtime", Delos Jewkes (playing character Glenn Cripe) sang while Barney was using the super sensitive microphone. I looked on the web and came up that the real name of the song is "Melody in F" by Anton Rubinstein if that helps you.

Evie's last day of school is tomorrow and she goes until 1 pm. She will get to find out who her teacher will be in the fall and she's pretty excited about that. We've got a pretty good garden going (no spinash though) so she's got that to keep her busy as well as summer school for a few weeks and a summer reading program at our local library.

Forgot to say "howdy do" to Miss Poo - Welcome!

Loved the comment about Don Knotts banging the cymbals as Earle Hagen entered Heaven, MDC. I can just picture that. : )

Hope your Bible study went well tonight, Boo. I loved the "vegetable" comment. I think we've got some in our church too. : )

Well, better finish up my laundry. Sweet dreams and prayers, all.

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63068: Boo- Earle Hagen was probably one of the best present-day composers to ever live. I'm sure his music turns up most every day in our lives and we don't even realize it. He also was one of the most down-to-earth folks I've ever met.
It's a sad day in Mayberry indeed.

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63069: Mornin' y'all! Well,hello to Marty from Mtn.Top! Good to have you back on the Porch.Hope you'll be around on a regular basis. Welcome to Miss Poovey as well!

Boo,you hear Earle Hagen every time TAGS comes on tv. He's the one whistling (and also created) the theme song. Nothing like it in the world as far as theme songs go,in my opinion. Thanks,Mr.Earle.

Spot,that's sure sad about your local high school student.Hate to hear something like that.Prayers for that family.

Gotta get rollin' around here.Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63070: Thanks for the word on Earle Hagen. Sounds like he will be missed but his music will live on, that's for certain.

Hey AFD, hope you have some fun with the kiddos this summer. So far, we have stayed fairly busy and Erin is adjusting much better than I thought she would (she has been out for nearly 2 weeks already). Bruce and I are leaving for a little vacation on Sunday and the kids will be staying with their grandma for a few days. Bruce has some training in San Antonio and wants me to come with him. It will mean no laundry, cooking, cleaning or kids for a few days so I am looking forward to the rest. There is lots to do in San Antonio, too, and lots of good food! Maybe I will finally make it to the Tip Top Cafe. We plan on taking the kids to the river at the end of the week, to a place above San Antonio called Guadalupe State Park. Never been there but it looks like a good place to swim. Ever been there, Ro? By the way, AFD, thanks for asking about the drug rehab. We are meeting now on Monday nights and this week went well. One of the girls gave me a written copy of her life story last week and I finally read it all last night. Wow, you wouldn't believe what she's been through. I thought it was good that she wanted to share it, though, and she is really opening up.

Well, better get moving. I actually have a meeting at lunch with the guy that runs the rehab and we are going to discuss some possible changes and a follow-up program after the girls leave the facility (hopefully), we also need to come up with a way to get the girls to church on Sunday mornings. Are any of you familiar with Teen Challenge? We are trying to find a way to somehow transition the girls who are turning 18 into the Teen Challenge organization. They have a home near us and it's a good one. Prayers appreciated...I'll let you all know how it goes.


May 29, 2008 - Msg 63071: Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood; hope it is in yours, too (that's my homage to one of my childhood heroes).

BOO: I've heard good things about Teen Challenge, and know they have been around for many years, but don't have any detailed info.

Glad to hear that you got that three-day pass to Tokyo and you're getting away for some R&R. Of course, you will be getting ahead on the laundry before you leave, right? (Here's my shorts.)

AFD: I put in a garden this year, too. Nora picked most of what we planted and helped me get it in the ground. We're not quite at the "thinning" stage yet.

In addition to doing the themes for many tv shows ("Dick Van Dyke," TAGS, "I Spy," "The Mod Squad," etc.), Earle Hagen also was an accomplished musician who played in Benny Goodman's band and also composed a jazz standard (Harlem something-or-another--I forget the name but you'd recognize it if you heard it).

MARTY: I don't like "H*ll's KItchen," either, but I do love "Top Chef." There's a foul-mouthed chef on that one as well, but the show isn't about her. I was hoping that she'd get booted last night, but she made it into the final four. The other three seem like good eggs and carry themselves very professionally. I like that the show is about skill and there's very little personality drama. It's on Bravo, Wednesdays at 10:00 EST. The final battle is next week. Can't wait!

Talk to y'all at lunch. Who's turn is it to leave the quarter? Sorry, I'm tapped out--my gasoline bill is killing me ($550 last month!).


May 29, 2008 - Msg 63072: For your Thursday morning enjoyment and edification, "Odd Facts Known by Few:"

It only takes 7 pounds of pressure to rip your ear off.
You use more calories eating celery than there are in the celery itself.
On average, there are 178 sesame seeds on each McDonalds BigMac bun.
Odds of dying while in the bath tub - 1 in 1 million.
Odds of being killed by space debris - 1 in 5 billion.
Odds of being killed by falling out of bed - 1 in 2 million.
Odds of being killed in a plane crash -1 in 25 million.
If you played all of the Beatles' singles and albums that came out between 1962 and 1970 back to back, it would only last for 10 hours and 33 minutes.
The Apollo 11 only had 20 seconds of fuel when it landed.
13 people are killed each year by vending machine's falling on them.
The average talker sprays about 300 microscopic saliva droplets per minute, about 2.5 droplets per word.
The Earth experiences 50,000 earthquakes each year.
314 Americans had buttock lift surgery in 1994.
Driving 55 miles (88 km) per hour instead of 65 miles (105 km) per hour increases your car mileage by about 15%.
If we had the same mortality rate now as in 1900, more than half the people in the world today would not be alive.
1/3 of all cancers are sun related.
There are more than 1,000 chemicals in a cup of coffee.


May 29, 2008 - Msg 63073: Hello everyone:

The "Dud"

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63074: SPOT: Count me in for supper. I will bring may compound dill and compound garlic butters for the taters and corn. The garlic butter goes great on top of those steaks.

MDC & BOO: I like H'LL's Kitchen. If you have ever worked for a demanding CHEF they do act like that, throwing things and cussing.

The "Dud"

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63075: SPOT: I guess i missed those rib-eye steaks last night. Darn!

The "Dud"

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63076: Hey, DUD. I waited tables for about 12 years in "fine dining" restaurants and I know that what you say is correct. Being a chef is high pressure, and many I met or worked with have had, shall we say, very high opinions of themselves, their abilities, and their superiority over others. In many cases, this is reinforced by owners/house managers. However, because of the hours and pressures, most I know are divorced and have alcohol problems. I had to work under such circumstances sometimes; I can't imagine electing to watch the behavior on tv. But, different strokes, right?


May 29, 2008 - Msg 63077: Me-They: Loved post #63072. I heard Barry Manilow had butt-lift surgery a long time ago.

The "Dud"

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63078: Hello Me-They:

I went to culinary school in Dallas and apprenticed at some of Dallas' fine dining extablishments. I agree with the critique of Chef Ramsey. He does however have his skins on the wall. I enjoy the show because I have been in that work enviroment.

SPOT: Whats for supper?

The "Dud"

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63079: Me-They: Your comment about CHEF'S having alcohol problems is correct. Being in the auto ins+rance industry we do take in account of people's jobs.

Take care everyone. I am going fishin'.

The "Dud"

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63080:
I guess I'm old fashioned with my morals, but the last "restaurant" show i enjoyed was "Alice."
But I am basically stuck in the 60's 70's and some 80's with TV. Most of the "reality" stuff turns my stomach, but hey, as MT said, different strokes! Yup, liked that one too. (:
Like Boo said, either hot or cold, lukewarm He spits out.
Basically, for the time I actuallt do watch TV, it is usually tags, DVD, Bonanza, Little House etc.
"Andy, Mayberry is a pushover; if any crooks did come here they'd walk off with the whole town!"

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63081: Dingy!

(Just kiddin', MDC)

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63082: Very neat post M-T..I printed it...hey to all just been working around the farm!..OK Dud..supper menu:baby back bbq ribs,grilled lobster tails,cream of asparagus with the tips,garlic mashed taters with the skins,long fresh snaped green beans,buttered rolls,sweet tea [un also]h20,peach cobbler with ice get ya some of that! ya porch!...see ya at supper..will try to read tonight...SPOT

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63083: i

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63084:
no problem MT

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63085: Hey Dud, I forgot to mention that I did some chefing at some less than fine eating establishments in NE Pa. The first was a fast food drive in where I flipped burgers and drowned french fries. The next was a kitchen making specialties for the deli counter at a classy grocery store/deli/lunch counter type of place. Based on a couple of Ramsayesque outbursts at the time maybe I had it in me to be pursue that field. For the most part everyone including me was very well behaved. The most pressure I ever had was when a bus load of tourists pulled up one day-(we never had a bus stop before). Pies-Fries and 40 burgers at once-like dealing cards onto the grill-burgers-flips- bun bottoms-reconstituted onions- ketchups-pickle slices - bun tops- flip in bags. Ha Ha I never want to do that again. I was studying something entirely different in school at the time which was more suited to me.
Marty from Mt. Top

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63086: Good Evenin' Porch,
It's nice to "see" some of the not so recent visitors coming back! Things have gotten worse on the Nick front and with end of the school year stuff I haven't had a chance to check in. By the way, Nick is now grounded from the telephone and computer for calling that girl's cell phone 560 times in 28 days. Plus, he spent 70 hours in 6 days on the computer, thank you parental controls! We're going to put him back in counseling and possibly see a psychiatrist. His OCD is waayy out of control. Bryan and he had a blow up last night because he called her again after telling Bryan he would never speak to her again. So, we'll see. I know I sound like Little House, but what happened to courting? Seeing someone on social occasions, only when you think they could be someone they could possibly marry? Why do 12 year olds (Nicks 14) feel the need to "hook up"?
Marty from Mt Top-Thank you for sharing your story in going to Mt Airy. I'd really like to attend at some point in time.
Rev- Glad things are going good for you. Have you had to raise prices with the cost of gas?
Boo- I've never heard of Teen Challenge. Sorry!
Me-They- Many people in high stress jobs have alcohol problems. I have to say since Nick has moved in that I have been putting brandy in my fruitcake, ha!
Possum- Thanks for telling me who Earle Hagen is.
Jennieboone- Thanks for sharing he had perished.
MDC- I agree with you on cooking shows. I'll watch Paula Deen, but that's it.
Well, I'd best get dinner started. Y'all come over for some buttermilk pie!

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63087: ten-four, over and under

May 29, 2008 - Msg 63088: Just setting here...remembering Mayberry, Andy and Barny...What has happened to this old world.Wish things were still that way...when you didn't have to worry about what the kids was watching on TV or listening to on the radio...My...I sure am home sick for the good hearted honest people of Mayberry...


May 29, 2008 - Msg 63089: P.S. I'm sure looking forward to the Lord Jesus very soon return...


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63090: Me too, too. Welcome to the porch.

M-T, thanks for those odd facts. You really made my day with the coffee on and the saliva droplets...yuck.

Hey to Lucy, don't be such a stranger.

Would like to chat longer but have to read to Erin before bed...


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63091: Morning Porch
Since Allen's birthday announcement I've been reading some of the early archives. Sure has been fun, but makes me wonder what has become of so many of our early posters. They seemed to have just disappeared into thin air like so many of Andy's girlfriends. Oh well, that's life, through and through.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. We are expecting a nice one weather wise. Temps in the low 80's. That'll feel good for a change.

Phillip, welcome, and don't let life get you down to much. I know it seems to be spiraling downward fast, but remember, the Lord is in control. I have to remind myself of that a lot or else I'd be a basket case. Hang around here. We always try to lift one another up. It gets a little heavy sometimes even here, but probably just reflects the anxieties we are all feeling somewhat. All in all though, life is good. (wow, this is pretty good stuff. I hope someone's writing it down. lol)
Hang in there Lucy. Sounds like you have a lot to deal with.

Good to see you posting again Marty. Don't be a stranger.

Hey Dud, what's for lunch?

Well best get to work.
Later gang.


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63092: Good morning everyone. Nice to hear from you, LUCY, and welcome, PHILLIP.

LUCY: Sorry to hear about your troubles with Nick. Have you tried taking the phone away? You hear a lot about kids "needing" phones today so their parents can get ahold of them or in case of emergencies, but all of us grew up without 'em and we managed to survive okay. Just a thought. In my humble opinion, 12 and 14 year-olds shouldn't date--but that's me. Based on the behavior you have described, Nick's OCD may have crossed from compelshun to stalking. I agree he should see a doctor. Your family is in my prayers.

Boy, it has been downright quiet on the porch these last few days. Did I forget my deodorant or something?

Talk to y'all at lunch.


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63093: LUCY: Also, you could put a password lock on your computer to prevent Nick from using it when you're not aware, and there are programs that will log off after a certain amount of time.


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63094: I just heared that Harvey Korman passed away. So sad. He was a very funny man. He was great in the "Carol Burnett Show" and many Mel Brooks movies, especially.

I promise, no more from me for awhile.


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63095: RIP Harvey Korman

Boy,did he make me laugh.I loved him as Ed on "Mama's Family."
possum under a rock

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63096: Welcome Phillip..moring porch gang....hey Rev,Local Lucy,Tom,possum,boo,ro,hazel,m-t,auh20,mdc,afd,dud,asa and all...lunch will be as follows:pb and j sandwiches,free-toes and milk....SPOT

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63097: Good morning, all. Been pretty busy the last couple of days, worked Wednesday night and went on the Mystery Lunch thing yesterday with the church group. It was fun - shopped through some antique stores, bought one plate. Not a real antique, it's part of the new Fiestaware collection, but it's a discontinued color and I've been looking for one, just one, and woohoo, there it was! The price was right, original retail, so that's fair.

I haven't watched the current "chef" shows, but our PBS channel used to broadcast a British comedy called "Chef!", starring Lenny Henry. It was hilarious. Henry played a highly temperamental, volatile and very verbal chef named Gareth Blackstock, balanced by his beautiful, cool-as-a-cucumber wife, Janice. He had several hapless, long-suffering kitchen staffers, and the trademark of the show was when Chef would get upset by some lapse of discipline in the kitchen and would launch into a long verbal tirade. There was little, if any, profanity but Chef's verbal imagination and his abusive vocabulary were astonishing. It was really very funny. He would get all wound up and spout off, and Janice could puncture his balloon and just shrivel him with a bored, withering look. Really very creative and funny stuff, fiction written to be funny.

Reality shows generally leave me cold, I'll take fiction every time. Rotten behavior in real life is just that - rotten behavior. On the other hand, rotten behavior written with the intent to be funny can be great. It allows you to take one step back, and laugh at the behavior without having to confront the reality of the individual. Archie Bunker is a case in point. Archie was a thick-headed bigot, but he was funny. We have all known real people like him, and they're not funny, they're pathetic and annoying. However, in the show, they could make Archie outrageous, worse-than-life, dumber than a box of rocks, but give us a glimpse of a soft heart or a flash of intuition now and then, and we could afford to love him. Nope, no reality for me, but fictional "reality" can be a lot of fun.

Well, guess I'll rustle up some lunch. Maybe I'll make some potato salad just for grins, to fit in wherever it can over the next couple of days.

Welcome to the newcomers - and I too wish our old-timers would return. It takes us all, you know. --Romeena

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63098: ROMEENA: I used to watch "Chef!" I thought the show suffered after Gareth and Janice got the divorce. It just wasn't as funny.

I had some really interesting potato salad last weekend. It was made with red potatos and feta cheese is a very light oil-based dressing. Very good.


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63099: Hi All. Nice day here going to hit 85 deg.
I like the wood working show and how to buid thing.

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63100: Romeena we will have that tater salad with baked chicken and peas tonight ok?...SPOT

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63101: Sure thing, Spot. I loved baked chicken!

I agree, Me-They, I lost interest in "Chef!" after he and Janice split, too. The chemistry between them was part of the show's appeal, and without Janice's balance, Gareth was a bit much.

Tom, I like that woodworking show, too, and it was always a favorite with my husband. He couldn't drive a nail straight in reality, but he enjoyed that show.

Did anyone else receive one of those national "Community Survey" things in the mail? You know how the US Census Bureau sends out those detailed surveys every ten years - another one due in 2010? Well, this time it will be different, not so long and complicated. Instead, a new associated agency is sending out the demographic survey to randomly selected addresses (not individuals, it's done by address). That means the actual census form will be smaller, because it won't have all that stuff on it. Naturally, I got lucky and received one of the surveys. It took nearly an hour to complete, took some digging and research (I needed a calculator) to answer some of it, but it's done and in the mail. No option, if you receive one you are required by law to complete and return it.

Well, guess Ill get busy around here. I need to run to the farmer's market for some fresh veggies, and go to the post office for stamps. Seems like there's always something. Oh well. At least I have the strength to do what I need to do. God is good. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63102:
Amen Phillip! Welcome.
Tom- good to see ya. Good weather too!
RIP Harvey. He was so funny in all of CB's skits. Loved him in the Scarlat OHara skit. I read where they were the consumate practical jokers on the set!
I still think of Earle Hagen's contributions to tags. His background music made the show in so many ways. Music is a real mood setter. Could you imagine Peggy singing any other song than "Down in the Valley?"
Asa, good stuff from you too. I couldnt have said it better myself! ha
Where is our new miss poo poo platter? ha ,couldnt help myself.
You all have a good weekend. Will be praying for all.

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63103:
From the looks of my smaller,sliding sidebar, I think someone will sweep the porch real soon!!

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63104: Thanks Boo and ASA...and all the others...It is really good to be here...I feel somewhat among family (Christian's)...God bless to all...


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63105: Well, all you good folks have a great weekend. Safe travels, BOO. Talk to y'all on MOnday. Hope AUH2O shows up and STERLING gives an update on the job search.

And this is a warning: If things stay this quiet I'm going to have to start a moulage to get things going again! And it won't be runny, either!

Take care.


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63106: OK Romeena tater salad Ro style!..I will get busy preping the birds..Phillip I try to do most of the cyber cooking around on the southern end of the porch in Ga...where your location on the porch...we have setters from all over the US and did have some from across the waters..{old man Kelseys pond]..well hey Asa..where is Mavis?..hey tom..Rev watch for the and Maude..Romeena guess its your tater salad till Maude gets back with the slaw!..I love tater use mayo "and" mustard?..thats how Miss Sherry makes..Mom just uses mayo and eggs....SPOT

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63107: Oh no, Spot, not just mayo and eggs. I use mayo AND mustard, though not much of the latter. I want the zip, but don't want it to overpower. I add chopped sweet onion, and pickle relish, both sweet and dill, with a pinch of dry dill for good measure. I put my mayo and mustard in a shaker and add some pickle juice and a big dollop of sour cream. Then I shake that up until it's smooth and pour it over the diced potatoes and other stuff. It blends in much easier that way, with no remaining globs of mayo. You don't taste the sour cream either, but it adds a little zest and tang. Sometimes I put in chopped boiled egg, sometimes not - won't this time because I'm out of eggs! Serve it cold and it's gooood! --Romeena

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63108: Your tater salad sounds yummy, Ro. My mom makes it pretty similar, although she's never added sour cream. She puts in the dry dill as well, and has added shredded cheese and bacon from time to time. She hasn't made in a long while and I have talked her into making it for our family reunion which is coming up next weekend.

Welcome to the porch, Phillip. Come back and set a spell whenever you can.

Boo, hope you and Bruce have a great time!

Hope everyone has a super weekend and prayers for you all.

May 30, 2008 - Msg 63109: Well if you really wanna add zip, place the potato salad in the back seat of your car with the winders rolled up sitting in the sun for 12 hours on a 100 degree day. That'll give it some zip! :)


May 30, 2008 - Msg 63110: Asa you are too funny!..Romeena the shake thing sounds like a good dont smash yer taters up stiring!...hum...the birds are in the over..ready in a bit...SPOT