July 01, 2008 - Msg 63737: Can Sean come over and show my Mrs.? It may come off better not coming from me. I've been pointing out and cleaning baseboards for years.

"How will we know, pa?"
"Well, Winkin will tell Blinkin, Blinkin will tell Nod, Nod will tell Barney, and he'll tell us."

July 01, 2008 - Msg 63738: Talk about mopping...


July 01, 2008 - Msg 63739: Thank you for the nice welcome. I loved to pull a chair and visit with all of you. A bit about myself, I'm from Ohio, been married for 15 years, and have a 12 year old son. I've loved TAGS for along time. I have been looking for TAGS checks for my account. Does anyone know if they are even available?

July 01, 2008 - Msg 63740: Hi, Missy. If those checks are available, I've never seen them, and I would bet that somebody from the porch would have found them. I doubt if such exists, but what a great idea! If you find them, let me know. I just ordered checks from Checks Unlimited - I get the "Endangered Young'Uns" series - very sweet little drawings of the baby animals of endangered species, and I have the Christian "fish" symbol on there, and a printed line above my signature that reads "All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all" - an adaptation of the famous 4-line quote. I've used that check design for many years. I like having the symbol, because often people will see it as a fish, have no idea what it means, and will associate it with my last name. They think it's "cute", and then I have a chance to explain the real meaning of the symbol.

Does anyone know the incant for an algae-filled pond? I am so tired of battling that stuff all summer. It'a particularly bad right now, the water is just turning green! Even my UV light isn't controlling it. Hmmm. Wonder if it's working? I need to go out there after dark and be sure the sentinel light is visible, but can't do it tonight. I hope I don't have to replace the bulb, they're about $40. Argh.

Well, guess I'd better hop in the shower and get ready for work. Poor Starr, she'll be broken-hearted, but bless her little heart, she's just got to get used to the idea that her mama isn't independently wealthy! She came into a one-puppy family with a single, working mom, poor thing.

Be blessed, all --Romeena

July 01, 2008 - Msg 63741: Yeah, I'll send Sean right over, Me-They. He would love nothing more than to give the Mrs. a demonstration on baseboard cleaning (he is very popular with the ladies, understandably...hehe).

Boy, my checks are really generic and boring.

Thanks for the prayers concerning my parents. "Bob" the social worker came by today and Dad agreed to hire a provider to come in and help, at least until mom is on her feet (I think it would turn into a permanent thing). Dad is pretty tired. It's not really funny but I had to laugh because I went over this morning to get mom up and get her coffee and breakfast so dad wouldn't have to and could rest after his trip. I spent a little time and then had to leave to take the baby bird to the rehab. Well, soon after I left, poor mom (who had been eating prunes for 3 days straight) had a poopy accident and poor dad had to do the clean up. He said (and I quote), "I though I had died and gone to h*ll!". The social worker told him, "You remember when you got married and you promised for better or worse? Well, they didn't read you the fine print". Too funny.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken was on AMC this evening but I had just seen it recently. It was fun to pick out the people in the movie who were on TAGS.

Think I will go take a break...


July 01, 2008 - Msg 63742: Evening Family:
Boo- as a nurse in a nursing home I am constantly confronted with the "poopy accidents"!! Let's face it, unless you run efficiently, EVERYBODY does it...
Hope REV is having a blessed trip. We haven't heard from him in a while. I use his CD's to comfort dying patients as they step into eternity.
Gotta get supper ready...How about cooking SPOT? I'm droopy from work today.

July 01, 2008 - Msg 63743: Oops; it was me ~New Neighbor

July 01, 2008 - Msg 63744: That's wonderful, New Neighbor (about using REV's CD). He will be so happy to hear that! I am rejoicing, too, that the Lord is using you to comfort those dear ones who are stepping into eternity. May the Lord give you just the right words of comfort for them and may He always use you to share the gospel. Thank you for letting the Lord use you in his work!

I had to smile when I read your remarks about the poopy accidents because dad said that when he was trying to clean mom up, he had to go too, and he thought he was going to end up cleaning them both up! Poor old fellow. I told him to please call me when something like that happens and I will come over and take care of it for him. Being a nurse, I am used to all of that (and more, ha!)....sorry if I am making Me-They feel sick (sorry Buddy, I will now change the subject for good).

Not sure what to talk about...hmmm, oh, I found out today that the local electric company is going to charge me 5,000 dollars to put up 2 telephone poles and put electricity on our place. Good Grief!


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63745: Good morning everyone. At least it was until I read the preceeding posts. I long ago called a moratorium on "what happened at work today" with my Mrs. when she worked at the hospital under penalty that she'd have to do clean-up from me. Too bad I can't threaten you all the same way! And let me tell you, I imagine some things are hard to clean out of a computer keyboard!


Watched part of "His Girl Friday" on TCM last night. I have always liked the movie, but after a while it starts to make me feel anxious. That overlapping, fast dialog is something else!

Talk to y'all in a bit.


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63746: BOO: But think how much you'll save by not hooking up! ;)


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63747: By the way, here's a fun quiz for you: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25461301/

It's 20 questions taken from the Citizenship Test. See how you do. I got one wrong. Hope they don't yank my card.


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63748: Good morning, all. Just got home from work, catching up, and then off to dreamland, since I have to go back tonight. Boo, your dad's experience is funny/sad, and of course you already know that the best way to deal with such things is with humor. I remember a morning spent with a dear old fellow in the hospital. He could walk, but required support, and refused a bedside commode, so I was helping him into the bathroom. Well, all you-know-what broke loose, and it was indescribable. You've heard of it hitting the fan? Well, I didn't see a fan, but I would swear that was what happened. Poor old thing, he was so embarrassed, until I got tickled and started laughing, as I was wading in a small tidal wave. When I started laughing, he did too, which only made things worse, but it was worth it. We stood in the bathroom doorway, holding onto each other and laughing like two idiots, while poo ran down the wall. I finally got him on the potty, and couldn't believe it, but there was more! Finally, I left him with two aides, who cleaned him up, and I sneaked out a side door and went home to shower and change uniforms AND SHOES! Yep, it was that bad. Housekeeping was still working on the room when I got back. Oh, it was something, let me tell you, but laughter saved the day. He was in my care on several occasions, and he called me his favorite nurse. The feeling was mutual - I really enjoyed that precious little old fellow.

Want to hear a good joke on me? Yesterday afternoon, as I was sleeping, "The Reluctant Astronaut" was on the TV in my room. Suddenly I found myself standing in the middle of the room, confused by the "whoop-whoop-whoop" of my Brinks fire alarm ringing out, and I could hear sirens in the distance. Scared me silly. I was ready to drop Starr out the bedroom window and follow her out, but first I silenced the alarm so I could hear the phone when Brinks called. I punched in the code, and it quit, but Brinks never called. That's because it wasn't my alarm, it was all on the TV, and the timing was perfect. The scene had changed just as I punched the code in. Boy, did I feel silly. Fooled Starr too, though, because she wouldn't settle back to sleep until I let her out to go check out the house. It was so convincing, that just to be sure, I rewound the DVR and played through that scene again, and sure enough, there were the alarms and the sirens. The alarm sound was identical to my fire alarm. OK, now you can all laugh at this dumb old gal, I don't care.

From an email I got from REV: "With my schedule I haven't been on the porch so please tell everyone that they are in my prayers. And remind them that "JESUS LOVES THEM."

Now I'm off to beddy-bye. Be blessed, everyone --Romeena

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63749: I loved the poo story, Romeena, but poor Me-They is probably dead by now....

Thanks for the message from REV, Ro. You must have a really good sound system on the TV, by the way.

Well, I need to contact the provider we want to hire for mom and then get over there to get her up, etc...see you all later.


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63750: I'll look at that citizenship test later, M-T, but I don't know if I would qualify as a citizen.


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63751: Hello Everyone on the Porch and a big WELCOME TO MISSY FROM OHIO!

I went fishing on the Bayou that is right out the front yard. Yeah in Bayou land the land next to the Bayou is the front yard and the the land next to the road is the back yard. Yeah by boat, I can go golf, play volleyball, buy gas, clothes, gourmet food & meats,seafood & other groceries, eat at restaurants and of course fish. It is unfortunate that the kids who live on the Bayou do not swim or ski in it like we all did as kids. The skiing is dangerous with the cypress trees in the middle and docks on the side and I have seen my share of friends carted off to the hospital after hitting a dock or tree. Our local university right down the bayou has a world class ranked university ski team. They cleared out the trees and installed some ski jumps and they are great to watch.

BOO: I didn't get to make that Reuben on the GF grill but I am going to the store for fixins and will make it tonite.

Me-They: Thank you for your comments and do repect others opinions. I know you love your family very much and shows in your posts. Had a great day fly fishing due to hardly no wind. Caught some great bass on top water flys and saved them and had a great fish feasts last night. Used my French cooking skills and had as main course, "Bayou De'Siard Bass in Papillote" served with a lemon & garlic butter sauce.

The Porch members who have their own gardens have the right idea. With groceries getting so expensive I would love to have access to fresh vegetables and tomatoes. The land around the house has so many Pine and Oak trees that cultivating would be hard.

The "Dud"

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63752: Boo & ROMEENA & Others:

What is your feeling about Houstonite, Joe Horn being no-billed for walking out of his house and killing 2 illegal aliens who just broke into his neighbors house and were carting off the loot while running in Mr. Horn's front yard. He called 911 and they told him not to go out of the house and Mr. Horn told them he was and they were getting away and he was going to kill them, not get killed. The laws in Texas and in La. are different than other states. In Texas if your car is repoed with out a verbal warning you have the right to shoot the repo man because you might think someone is stealing it. Car thieves are using wrecker/tow trucks to steal peoples vehicles in Texas and other states. In La. if you feel that someone is trying to Car-Jack you and you have a concealed carry gun permit you can blow them away on the side of you car or anywhere on the street. In Tx. if someone steals stuff from you car like car wheel rims or from your home and you come outside and chase them and shoot them that is legal and you will probably not even go in front of a grand jury. I got my concealed carry permit in Texas and acquired my La. permit. It is good in both states as well as others. What does the Porch think? The news media of course is calling Texas a backward population and Mr. Horn is a murderer. Of course for years all horse thieves were shot in Texas and in La. if you stole a family's Pirogue it was fatal....

The "Dud"

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63753: Boo: I am going to the store for fixin's..gonna fix supper tonite for the "Oil Patch Friends" and then watch a new episode of "Black Gold". I am gonna use some fantastic marble rye bread. Tossed Green Salade and "Zapps La. Peanut Oil Fried Crawtator Potato Chips". All Zapps chips are the best and check out the following recipe from the food network...


The "Dud"

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63754: My view is simple: if you are protecting your family, shoot away. If you are protecting your stuff, or your target is moving in the opposite direction, your guilty of offense not defense and should be prosecuted as such. A life for a tv or car is a rather steep price, more like a head for eye.


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63755: If you can't understand my caveman talk above (where's CHARLOTTE when you need her editing skills?), I'm okay with using deadly force self/family defense and completely against it for larceny. Getting the death penalty for stealing is simply un-Christian.


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63756: Boy I am glad everything is so close to the house. Got my groceries and fixins for tonite, will be making those Reuben Sandwiches....Glad I am able to carry my weapon on my person if something arrises that is unsavory...

Me-They: I respect your views but I am glad I am able to carry a weapon in puble. The "Dud"

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63757: That is public...fat fingers...The "Dud"

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63758:
"Yes Juanita, this is just a trouble check."

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63759: TAGS TV LAND ALERT: Episode 162 "The Bazaar" featuring the first time "no way can I replace Knotts" Warren Fegurson (Jack Burns) airs tonight. He was sometimes funny back in the 60's when he was paired up with the late George Carlin. Will TIVO and cook those Reubens tonight... The "Dud"

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63760: "You know what they say about a man who keeps puttin off getting married? They say he starts getting irritable."
- Barney Fife

I guess I am irritable, ...The "Dud"

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63761: Hey Y'all! LOL at the poopy stories! What else can you do but laugh when in those types of situations?! I could add a few stories of my own,having worked with special needs kids,but I'm afraid of what would happen to poor Me-They! I'm surprised he was able to post earlier! Ha!
Ro, your "alarm" story reminded me of my mother-in-law and the tv. After Hurricane Hugo hit back in '89,I went to her home about 30 miles away so that I could do laundry and shower,as our power was out for 13 days.Anyway,I used to watch The Young & Restless back then and had her tv on watching. The phone rang on tv,she jumped up and answered the wall phone! Laughing,I told her that it was the one on tv ringing,not hers. Well,a few moments later,her phone DID ring,and she just sat there.I had to tell her that this time,it WAS her phone! My daughter & I still laugh about grandma answering the soap opera phone call!
I'll leave y'all with this- My almost 10 year old niece is a throwback to the 70's.She's a little peace sign loving,flower child type.Yesterday we were sitting around eating burgers & fries when the topic of becoming a vegetarian came up. I told her that out of everyone,she seems like she should be a vegetarian. She replied " It would be too hard for me to become a vegetarian." I asked why,and she said " Because I like meat too much!" Thought that was kinda cute!

Well,on that note,I'm outta here.Y'all have a good afternoon!
possum under a rock

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63762: Good to hear from your POSSUM: I have an 11 Yr. old child who is into the hippy-dippy days of the 60's and 70's and loves that type of clothing. I try to tell her that dad wore Levis, work/flannel shirts and boots during this period not tyedye and not disco. She gets a kick out of my old LPs, especially because she loves KISS, AEROSMITH, Etc.. and I have all my old albums and ticket stubs...she is being raised Jewish by her mother and by her choice, but she still loves real bacon, pepperoni on her pizza and shellfish (I still can't figure that one out..) enjoy the youngun's..

The "Dud"

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63763: Hi all,
Just want you all to know I am still around. Just have been going through some trying times right now. I thought some church matters, and our ultra-terrible trip to the Mall Of America last weekend was something I would be talking and complaining about, but those things pale in comparison to some strange thing that happened yesterday with someone whom I had not seen in years, and had some trouble with some friends of theirs. And now am left wondering if the sightings I had yesterday at the store and near my mom's house are just coincidental or something I need to worry about. I don't know, but it has got me thinking I may have to leave my hometown after all, after I wanted so bad to get back here. Not that I could just pick up and move with a house that needs some repairing done before we would sell anyway. Sorry to be so cryptic and don't want to frighten anyone, it was just kind of weird, if coincidences.

Hope you all are doing fine.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63764: "HEY GANG" IM BACK!..just a quick hey to my friends and then I have to get the chores done around..the Camping trip was a BLAST..only one bad quick storm day and then it was smooth sailing..hope yall have been eating well..I have alot of archives to read...anything BIG..I mean"BIG" happen while I was gone?..Rev the new camper done just great..im burnt but thats ok..jet skis and boat eat up the Gas but everyone had a blast...well let me get busy in the garden and around here..Gosh its good to be back..hey Ro,boo,dud,hm,possum,asa,m-t,Tom,asa,nn,auh20 and all...back in a bit..supper menu:home cooked pot roadt with taters and onions and carrots,big maude slaw and rolls and tea.....SPOT

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63765: "pot roadt"?..ha ha..meant "roast"...later gators..."SPOT"

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63766: Sterling, you can't just leave us hanging like that, I am worried about you. Please explain if at all possible. Maybe we can help you work things out or at least encourage you. My prayers are with you and your family.

Dud, the menu sounds great. Hope you enjoy the Ruebens as much as I did when I made them.

Now, for my comments on gun-carrying. Being born and raised a Texas, I probably have a different mind-set than some and I believe in my right to carry a weapon if I do it lawfully but I could never, ever kill someone over stealing something from me. If they were in my home, and were a threat to my kids, I would shoot, but not if they were retreating. I would also shoot if I saw someone doing serious bodily harm to any child. I might go to jail for it, but I would risk it. That's my opinion, for what it's worth.

Have to go feed the kids...


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63767:
Hello porch family.....I've got a concert in a couple hours so this will be quick. Sure missed you folks over the last few days.
Things are going really good. Just a lot of miles.

Spot....those UPS dinners sure have been good. Get us some pics of your trip so we can see that new camper.

I'll try to check back after the concert..... Praying for all our porch family.

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63768: Sorry Boo. Like I said I don't mean to be all cryptic. I'll maybe get into it later. It could just be nothing. I don't see how someone could be upset by something that happened in the 80's, but with some people you never know.

On gun carrying, which I am being forced to consider myself btw, I think everyone has the right to have guns for self-defense and hunting, if you're into that sort of thing. Like you Boo, I would never shoot someone in the back. Unless of course they were running away after hurting my Kai or something. Then I would have no qualms about it. I would probably try to aim at a non-vital area though, if I had time to think about it. I wouldn't want them to get off that easy by dying. ;)

Ok, enough of that serious talk! Spot, glad you had a great time, and welcome home!

Hope you have a good concert, Rev!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63769: Good afternoon, all. On my way to work in a few minutes. On the subject of guns, I don't have one myself because of small grandkids. The only safe gun where kids are involved is one that's unloaded and stored separately from the ammo, preferably in an inaccessible area - so what good would the gun be? Not that I haven't considered it, what with the changing demographics in this area and the rising crime rate. As to my personal moral stance, I feel pretty much the same as Boo. I could and would shoot in defense of life and safety, not necessarily in defense of property. I think in some cases it would be hard to separate the two, though. For example, if I awoke to see someone standing in my house in the middle of the night, I would have no way of knowing if they were there just to rob, or if they meant to harm me, so I would probably shoot. As they say, shoot first and ask questions later. So far, I haven't felt vulnerable enough to make me go buy a gun, though I have considered it. Maybe one day I will, but probably not until the grandsons are older.

I have a nurse friend who carries a licensed pistol in her handbag at all times. Yes, she carries it into the hospital a lot, when she forgets to remove it and stash it in the car. It's in a little zippered cloth bag, so is not visible even when her purse is opened, but still she's taking a chance. Carrying a weapon into the building is grounds for immediate termination, and they would do it. I saw a patient aide escorted from the property one day because somebody noticed the switchblade she had in her purse. In her particular case, it was no loss, we were glad to see her go.

Sterling, when and if you feel like sharing more, we'll listen. Until then, we'll just pray for you and yours. God knows the situation, and doesn't require us to give the details when we pray - He can fill in the blanks. Isn't that wonderful?

Well, I'm off to work. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63770: I am concerned for you Sterling. Please be careful...prayers continue for you.

A nurse's aide with a switchblade, huh?...sounds like a charming woman..

Time for church...


July 02, 2008 - Msg 63771:
On the subject of guns...Barn, put the rifle back in the rack! ha (and green bullets? com'on asa!)ha
My cecile had outpatient surgery yeasterday. All went well, I'm Mr nurse. All going well on her recovery at home. Thanks for prayers.
"Maverick" marathon friday on the western channel. Me got friend with VCR!

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63772: I am red, white, and oh so BLUE -
My little Vicks jar is nearly through. . .

To the store I must go -
For I love that scent so. . .

Oh my VICKS - Oh my Vicks
I just need my little Vicks fix!

The anonymous Vicks poet - explodes again! Ker pow
Happy Red White and BLUE!

July 02, 2008 - Msg 63773: Thanks for the welcome home Sterling,Rev and Miss Boo...I have permit to carry a pistol but never do...and as far as my truck...yes one under the seat at all times...camping or motel, YES with me at all times..and as far as shooting ...well if needed..but only if needed....a threat to my family..yes...0k..BACK TO WASHING THE gosh i went caps! sorry..camping clothes...back in a bit..SPOT

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63774:
Howdy porch family....back from my concert. It went great.

On the gun subject......I agree with all that's been said. I pray I never have to use it but as Spot says.... if needed, I would.

I think the wife and I will just relax tomorrow before we head north Friday. That will be nice.

MDC....so glad the surgery went well with Cecile. Thank You Jesus!

Well I'm gonna hit the bed. I hear it calling me in the back of the motorhome. Nighty night to all the porch family and praying for each of you.

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63775: Homemaker, don't just drop a poem and run! How are you doing these days?

Spot I remember the days when my dad carried a magnum when we traveled. Anytime we stayed in a motel or were out of town, he had it with him concealed in a book that had the shape of a gun cut out of it's pages. I have to say I felt more secure when he did. I remember on one vacation that my sister and I took with my folks (I was 19) and we got lost one night in Dallas and somehow got into a bad neighborhood. We were stopped on a dark road by a carload of what looked like gangsters. They parked in front of us so that we couldn't go around them. Before I knew it, my Dad, who was already angry from being lost, jumped out of the car and headed right for them (much to our horror), and he didn't take his gun. I don't know what he said to them, but they backed up and left us alone, whew! That was a relief. I would have gone for the gun but I didn't know anything about shooting then and probably would have hurt myself. That's not the case now and I am quite a good shot with a handgun. I don't carry one now since I had children, though.

Hey REV, glad the concert went well.

May Cecile heal quickly. Take good care of her MDC.

The coffee is finished and its time to go get mom up and get her breakfast. Again, thanks for your prayers. Dad let us hire a provider to help out and she starts tomorrow~!


July 03, 2008 - Msg 63776: Good morning everyone. And a happy day between the two Independence Days! (The Declaration of Independence actually was signed, and so declared, on July 2; but it was not made public until July 4.)

Welcome back, REV! It’s always comforting to see your posts.

MDC: Prayers for Cecile’s quick recovery and for your nursing skills. I’m sure you’d made a great male nurse.

BOO & ROMEENA: My position about the gun thing exactly. My dad was a police officer and then a deputy sheriff for many years. Of course, he had to spend time at the range and was a really good shot. When I was a kid I rarely ever got a glimpse of his gun, even when he was in uniform. Later, when he became the (civilian) administrator of the sheriff’s department, he couldn’t wait to get rid of his service weapon. He’s never had a gun since and has never expressed a desire to shoot.

STERLING: Like ROMEENA said, feel free to share but only when you’re ready. We’re here with an ear. In the meantime, I don’t need to know the particulars of your situation to keep you on my prayer list. I hope Kai is enjoying summer.

HOMEMAKER: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all—Vicks! Yuck! ;)

Talk to y'all later.


July 03, 2008 - Msg 63777: Good Morning Everyone:

SPOT: Glad to have you back sittin' on the porch. What plans do you and Big Maude have for lunch?

Boo: The supper went great and everybody there had either a GF Grill or a fancy panini press. Had ham and swiss cheese on rye and the Reubens.

REV: Glad you made it out of LA. safely.

As far as Mr. Horn and his actions that killed the two illegal alien burgulars in Houston, I think the man is somewhat mentally unstable and his actions were inexcusable. If they are in my house or someone is brandishing a weapon at my car door (Car Jacking) threatening me, then I will shoot. My sister lived in the French Quarter for over 25 years and she was talking on the phone, letting her cat come back in the house and a man tried to force his way in to her house and she kicked him were it hurts and he fell back. She always has a Lady Remington Pistol at her side. She grabbed the pistol and fired at the ground and scared him off. I did watch the TAGS episode "Opie the Bird Man" on TIVO and it did hit home. As youngsters we had CO2 rapid fire bb guns and then graduated to much more powerful pellet rifles. Will killed birds and snakes just for pleasure and in hindsight it was a waste. Monroe La. is a bird sanctuary and that kind of behavior is no longer tolerated and you can get a big fine for hurting birds. Snakes are still fair game. When I fish we follow catch and release and only keep what is legal and what we will eat or put in the freezer. Deer are so plentiful due to lack of hunting pressure in La. that Wildlife & Fisheries is encouraging sport hunting because in the Winter there is not enough food for the Deer to survive. In this neck of the woods everybody has freezers full of Venison, Quail, Duck and Geese. Venison smoked sausage is the best.

The "Dud"

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63778: Boo- Thank you for sharing your story about the scary car ride in Dallas. I believe Dallas has the most crime and murders of any city larger than 1 million people. New Orleans is still number one pre & post Katrina. Population is under a million so Dallas gets the Kudos. My BIL was at the drive in of a New Orleans Popeye's Chicken Place. Some thugs in a Camaro got their chicken from the drive thru and did not move. They proceeded to eat their chicken at the window. BIL in his uppie Volvo honked his horn and the reluctantly pulled over on the side and then followed BIL out of the parking lot. They pulled around BIL and blocked the road got out of their Camaro and proceeded to put 16 shots into BIL's Volvo. He survived luckily and they were never caught.......The "Dud"

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63779: My goodness, Dud, that's terrible. You have to be very careful how you use your horn these days (and that's anywhere). Corpus Christi is still under a million but crime is exploding, due to gangs and illegals. I knew it was just a matter of time. It used to be a pretty safe place but it was recently listed as one of the top 10 worst places to raise a family. I'm not singling out any particular race but I remember when I first started working as a labor and delivery nurse in Corpus at the hospital that delivered the majority of the babies, it was 1985 and we were just beginning to see a huge increase in teen, single moms. Most were hispanic and poor and the dads were missing. Many had their first babies beginning at about 15 and went on to return with more babies through their teen years. At that time, there were few white teens having babies and I suspect that is because they often had abortions. The hispanic girls were usually Catholic and didn't practice birth control or have abortions. I remember being very concerned about what things in Corpus Christi would be like 20 years down the road when these babies had grown up in poverty and without fathers. I am seeing the reaping of that now. It's very sad.

Interesting about your dad, Me-They. I wonder if most officers give up the guns when they retire? I suspect not.

Better go, chores to do..


July 03, 2008 - Msg 63780: Hey Boo,M-t,Rev,Romeena,Sterling,Tom?Lucy?,CHUCK!?and all..possum,asa,dud,..Rev where are you off to north?..will need to know where to send these plates!..its off to work at 2 for me today 16 today and 16 tomorrow..then off the weekend...Big Maude you get the slaw ready and lunch will be grilled hotdogs and burgers [rare for Ro]some of the dogs will be kinda burnt and busted..yum..chilie no beans,chips of all kind,kool-aid of all kinds,chopped onions,hot peppers...ready at 1:00 est...will holler in a bit..have I missed something or has TOM just not posted lately?...I will read back when I get to work..prayers..SPOT the"got to pick beans this weekend" dog of your porch..

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63781: Me-They: That is an intresting story about your dad and I respect his judgement on the gun issue. I just beg to differ and I am a tall guy, but being armed while on foot, in the car & boat makes me feel like I am in control of the situation and not some crazy fool that cities like my hometown, Dallas & New Orleans are being overrunned...As for as home protection I have a gun safe and a bedside handgun safe with combination digital lock that is bolted to my bedside table with a 9mm handgun. When the daughter is not at the house my best home defense weapon is not far from my side. Winchester Model 1300 Defender Pump 12 gauge shotgun with pistol grip. Great stopping power and you don't have to have good aim.

Boo- My neice was adopted as a baby and she is Mexican. Her birth mother went to a Church of Christ new mothers facility in Texas and put my neice up for adoption. My sister was so lucky to have adopted her and the reason her mother had the baby was she was Catholic, did not believe in abortion and could not afford any other children. She is such a wonderful child, at 15 she is just starting to see discrimination where she lives in Michigan. . . The "Dud"

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63782: SPOT: Lunch sounds great. I love Chicago style hot dogs. There is a place in Carrollton Texas just a skip north of Dallas, called Chicago Ricks. They make the best Chicago Dogs Italian style Beef sandwiches. When I make my Chicago Dogs I use Emeril's recepie..See following:


The "Dud"

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63783: SPOT: I will bring the "Diet Pepsi Max", my new favorite diet soft drink that has more caffeine than all the others except I believe "Jolt Cola"
The "Dud"

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63784: Good afternoon porch. It's been a few days since I have been able to visit, busy at work and worn out when I get home.

Some stress at my house this week end. My son had his first car accident, no one was hurt and his car is only slightly damaged. He backed into the heat pump at his work. As I said, not much damage to the vehicle ( a 1984 jeep Cerokee) but the heat pump took a good lick. It will probably have to be replaced as apparently the system has been discontined and the parts to repair may not be available. Hopefully the State Farm will take care of things speedy quick and will not raise our rates. My son has been pretty upset and hard on himself over the incident. Please Pray for him to learn from this and to ease up on himself.

Welcome to the newcomers and hello to everyone else.

Welcome home SPOT, glad you had a good time. Thanks for lunch.

Dinner will be: grilled chicken, Grilled fresh veggies, rice, sliced tomatoes. tea to drink.
Dessert will be watermelon, cataloupe and vanilla ice cream.
see you at supper.

Big Maude

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63785: You all have a great 4th of July weekend. We are planning to see some fireworks and thank God for this great country we live in.

I leave you with some Independence Day trivia:
* Like I already mentioned, it was actually approved on July 2, 1776. John Adams confessed to his wife in a famous letter that he thought July 2 would be celebrated for years to come. He was only two days off.
* John Adams and Thomas Thomas, the only two signers of the Declaration of Independence to become president, died on the same day: July 4, 1826, the nation's 50th birthday.
* Non-signer but patriot James Monroe died July 4, 1831.
* The version of the Declaration we typically see displayed is not the original, but a copy amde in teh early 19th century. The process used to make the copy, which used a damaging wet-transfer technique, and because the original was carted and displayed all over the country in sometimes horrible conditions, is mostly barely readable today.
* Almost 1/4 of the Declaration's original language was chopped out of it. The section dealt with the evils of slavery. It was cut because it was deemed too controversial. Thomas Jefferson was peeved about this editing for years.


July 03, 2008 - Msg 63786: Uh, Thomas Jefferson was who I meant in #2. Sorry.


July 03, 2008 - Msg 63787: Good afternoon, all. Boo, the scenario you describe from 20-25 years ago in the maternity department of your hospital is very much the same today, times ten. The girls are younger - 14 is common, 13 is not unusual, 12 does occur. By age 18, many are having their third or even fourth child. Having a second child by that age is almost the norm. The dads are still missing, for the most part. What just floors me is the attitude of the male family members - fathers and grandfathers of the new mother. They're proud as punch, usually reek of beer, and they invite all their buddies up to invade the girl's room and stand around making crude jokes and congratulating the new granddad, as though his 14 year old daughter giving birth is something to celebrate. It's sickening. The saddest thing is to see the confusion and dismay in the eyes of this child who has just endured the trauma of delivery, is in pain, and is being asked to endure more pain as she learns to feed a squalling, uncooperative baby, and she must do all this with an audience of at least ten to twelve people. Her childhood has vanished, and the fun she thought it would all be has vanished with it. Then you look at her mother, and you see sadness and a profound weariness as she is watching her daughter start out on the journey that she has made herself - a journey through poverty, hard work and disillusionment. It breaks your heart.

Well, enough of that. Spot, save me one of those blackened hot dogs - you know just how I like 'em. Lots of mustard, please and thank you. --Romeena

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63788:
Andy: I didn't know Howard was a drinker.
Barney: Not Howard, Lorraine!
Well gang, I will be pretty scarce until Monday. Got some family gatherings and Cecile to care for. Her droopy eyelids are fixed, but she will look "racoon-like" for a while due to bruising.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! God, thank you for blessing America, may we stop back-sliding and bless you once again with our praises!!
One other trivia that M-T missed: General George Washington knelt down and PRAYED before going into battle against the English, asking the Lord to bless his cause.
Maybe I'll do like barney and throw my hat into the ring! haha
Boo- been to IHOP lately? haha
Everyone, have a good safe holiday!

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63789: How about a sing a long. . .

God Bless America
Land that I love
Stand beside her
and guide her . . . .

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63790: Nope, MDC...don't think I'll be going back to IHOP after the last incedent!

Have a great weekend MDC and thanks for the lesson in American History.

Wonderful about your neice, Dud. It is such a blessing and a sacrifice when a young woman decides to give her baby a chance for a good life instead of aborting. I don't believe in abortion. It is so sad to think of how many families want a baby to raise and so many abortions are performed in this country every day.

Hey Maude. I'll bet your boy will remember this and be more careful from now on. Backing a car up takes alot of concentration and so many children are killed by drivers who aren't careful in backing out a car.

I am watching my baby neice, Emily and she is so adorable!! She is the one in the photo album with the ring of flowers on her head. She is just starting to walk about 5 or six steps at a time before collapsing and she is all over the place! Better go play with her...


July 03, 2008 - Msg 63791: Ooops, I meant thanks for the history lesson to M-They.

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63792: Through the night, with the light from above.

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63793: Big Maude thanks for supper I got kinda busy here at work...slap a dobble of bbq sauce on my bird please..I love cataloupe..with a pinch of salt..Boo have fun with Emily!..Rev I will make you a plate and get it on the way..Cecile droppy or not get better ok?..You have a good one in MDC to take care of you {take advanage}..ha ha..have I just missed TOM"s post?..CHUCK!..possum..Lucy?..Robyn?..Red?..Romeena when you work nights again?..im here till 6am tomorrow then back at 2 for 16 more then off the weekend..I have some pics of camping loaded up [I think] and will send them your way tonight...well let me cut up some little green onions to go with Maudes fine supper.."MEAT".....back in a bit...SPOT

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63794: Howdy, all. Maude, take it from one who knows - all new teenage drivers have an accident. I think it's a law, written down somewhere. They just do. Sometimes they're serious and tragic, of course, but the majority of them are relatively mild, such as what happened to your son. Each of our four kids had an accident within weeks of starting to drive. They ranged from simple fender-benders to a fairly serious accident, and on to one that could have been a real tragedy, if God had not had His hand on the situation. How my daughter came out of that with only a bruised knee could only be God's protection. Her car was totaled. I think I've told you all this before, but my wise husband's philosophy was that kids should start out driving the biggest, heaviest, gas-guzzling clunker he could find, until they could afford to buy and support the car of their choice. He put each of them in an old land yacht, and it was a good thing. First of all, the heavy car offers some protection. Since it burns a lot of gas, and we made the kids buy their own gas, they didn't drive a lot, or very far. The cars were ugly and un-cool, so their friends rarely wanted to ride with them. That's a safety feature in itself. Ins#rance was relatively cheap. The cars were also fairly cheap, either something we had used up and wore out, or bought from a lot for a song.

My husband developed that philosophy when our oldest child was six. He received a brand-new bicycle for Christmas, his first, and he had to learn to ride. Oh, it was a beautiful bike! Streamers, a bell, shiny red fenders, a nice leather seat, lots of reflectors - Barney would have thought we were rich if he had seen that bike. Well, by dark on Christmas Day that bike looked like we had salvaged it from the dump. The kid had run it into two parked cars, a tree, a telephone pole and had hit the curb so many times we lost count. That's not to mention all the times he just fell over, for no reason at all. His knees and elbows looked worse than the bike, but he finally got the hang of it. We had to replace the front wheel because he had hit so many things head-on that it was oval-shaped instead of round. So, when that same kid came of age and was ready to drive, my husband said "Remember the bicycle? Well, I do, and he's going to start driving in the old Buick Wildcat." And he did. Wrecked it, too. Dale just beat the dents out of the fenders and sent him on his way. Oldest daughter inherited the car about the time her brother bought his own car, and she added her damage. Eventually, there wasn't a fender or a quarter panel on that car that wasn't wrinkled, crumpled, dented or scraped, and the rear bumper simply disappeared. That was sort of a don't ask, don't tell situation.

So, Big Maude, your son has joined the ranks of teenage drivers everywhere. Thank God his first accident was so mild, just property damage. I have State Farm ins#rance too, and my guess would be that they'll take pretty good care of you. They have insured everything we own for 35 years, and have never reneged on a claim.

Well, I guess I'd better go bathe little Starr. She's a dirty puppy, needs a bath really bad. Her little face is so dirty she looks like a weasel, instead of a sweet puppy angel. Gotta fix that!

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63795: Romeena if I done it right you should have some new pics in your mail box!...SPOT

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63796: hey gang ,I have alot of catching up to do ,my modem and NIC card got fried my lighting Saturday night ,just got back online today . On the gun issue ,I hace a concealed carry permit,have had it for lthe lasat 10 years ,like SPOT I keep a pistol in my truck all the time ,but ROMEENA I see your point about having one around kids . SPOT , hoes the garden this year ? Happy 4th of July to everyone

July 03, 2008 - Msg 63797: Well hey there MD,check out Ro"s album and click on me for my sub album..got some garden pics from about 2 weeks ago, barn pics under construction also and sent her some camping pics tonight...trying to get caught up here at work...lots of just busy work....SPOT

July 04, 2008 - Msg 63798:
Hello porch family.....the wife and I had a great day just bumming around here in Pigeon Forge.
I leave here in the morning for the north. Spot you can forward those plates to Princeton,NJ through the weekend and then Monday send them to Windham, Maine.

Prayers for our country as we celebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday America!

Probably won't be able to check back in until Monday. Will be praying for all our porch family.
Keep Jesus first and you'll never go wrong..... that's a fact!

July 04, 2008 - Msg 63799: Good evening - just passing by the porch on my way to dreamland. Got a couple of hours of sleep when I got home from work this morning, got up and have been on the run ever since. Got a lot of errands handled, though. Seems like it just piles up these days. Gas prices have something to do with it. I no longer just hop in the car and run do this or that, I now sort of let things accumulate, and then try to get them done in one big circuit around town.

Starr got her bath this evening, and she's just beautiful. Not as pretty as Sugarplum was, but she's a very pretty little dog, nevertheless, and is just so very sweet. She's much easier to groom than the Plum - I'm amazed at how much difference her smaller size makes. Poor little thing, she sure does hate her bath, just shivers and shakes and looks so miserable. Once she was all done, though, she climbed up to my chest and curled up with her head on my shoulder and slept for a while. So sweet.

Spot, I got the pictures. I will need to resize them, but that's easy. The captions came through all in a group, like a paragraph of text, but I think I can match them up, since the numbers are there. If not, I'll drop you a note. I probably won't get to it until Saturday, got family all coming over tomorrow for burgers and hotdogs. We didn't decide that until this evening, so now I have to go to the grocery store in the morning, and I guess I should rent a front-end loader and try to clean this house up a little bit. Or not. The kitchen and bathrooms are clean, and I don't worry a whole lot about the rest of it. Starr's toys are all over the place and you would have no problem finding dust if you were looking, but my theory on that is simple - don't look! I'll run the Swiffer Vac over the tile in the kitchen and sunroom, dust the coffee table and the piano, and that will be about it. Just family and good friends, so who cares? Their houses aren't any cleaner than mine, anyway.

Well, now sleep is in order. My old decrepit body just has to have some rest eventually. Be blessed, everyone. I'm going to go curl up with my clean, sweet-smelling puppy. --Romeena

July 04, 2008 - Msg 63800: Thanks Romeena and no hurry at all on the pics...I sure do thank ya ..porchsters yall need to get Ro some pics now!..I got her a bunch more to post...and as far as the size Ro...well I do good just to get them to ya in any size!...ha ha but thanks again for your good album work!..we just need more pics!...sleep good and have a good time tomorrow and burn me a dog!...well Tombstone the movie is on ...gona watch it...all is quite here at EMC...back in a bit..Rev I will keep the food comming North brother,just keep up the Good Work!.SPOT

July 04, 2008 - Msg 63801: Happy Birthday America!..lunch at crackle barrell on me.....headed home to sleep ...see yall at 2...SPOT

July 04, 2008 - Msg 63802: You're funny, Romeena! Maybe it's time to call on Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie, the brittish women with the show "How Clean Is Your House?"...great show, one of my favorites and I know you like Brittish humor. The show doesn't come on here anymore but I catch episodes of it on YouTube...check it out, you'll appreciate Kim, especially....she's really "cheeky". Beware, though, Me-They...the show gets a bit sickening when showing the condition of some very untidy (and I put it mildly) homes. It is very satisfying to see the clean up and finished product but you get the feeling that most of the "dirty beggars", as Kim calls them, will have their homes back in the same shape in a month.

Almost forgot to say Happy 4th to all of you! Hope you have a great day. Bruce and Sean attempted to go on a boating/fishing trip early this morning and it was a real mess! Bruce's brother had a boat and they launched it in the channel, only to have it stick on a sandbar (twice), then it started pouring rain and they got soaked. They were freezing and decided to pull the boat out and go home. When they tried to put the boat on the trailor, the trailor split in two and Bruce's truck got stuck in the wet sand. Also, Bruce was wearing his hearing aids which got wet in the rain and stopped working. They finally procured another trailor and managed to get the boat out and the truck un-stuck and got home. They are now both showered and tucked into bed for a nap. Not much fun for them, for sure. We are going to be going to friend's house later tonight for homemade ice cream and such, so that should be fun.

Best go get some chores done...