July 08, 2008 - Msg 63888: Sorry Ro!...did I say something wrong?....ha ha ...I just love this porch...SPOT

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63889: WEEEEEE ....SWEEP FOR ME...SPOT

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63890: Oh, Spot, you're as bad as Toye Starr. Who can resist puppy eyes?? Speaking of Starr, I just put some pictures of her in the album, under "Porchsters' Pets." Goodnight, all. --Romeena

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63891: Correction - those pictures are in the "Sugarplum and Family Pets" album - the last four entries. --Romeena

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63892: Loved the pics of little Starr, Ro. She is such a tiny thing even at 11 months. Will she be smaller that Sugarplum was? Loved the one with your reading glasses, haha!

Hey SPOT. I do envy your waistline, but I am happy that you don't have the weight struggle that so many Americans have. I meant to ask you if Miss Sherry had lost weight because she looked like it in the last pics you sent to Ro. Good for her but it won't be easy to maintain if she hangs around you, heehee...just kidding.

Well, I guess it is back to the battle of the bugs today. I have to wash the dried Cetaphil out of Erin's hair and then start in again with the nit gel and comb! By the way, I have a prayer request...while I was combing through Erin's hair, I found a mole on her scalp that looks pretty funky. I first noticed it a few months ago but I sraped it and thought it was dirt or something and forgot about it. It looks like some type of Nevus (type of mole that I have had removed in the past) and is brown with irregular borders. I realize that it would be extremely rare for a child Erin's age to have skin cancer but I am going to have it removed, anyway. Bruce had a young cousin who died from Melanoma at 18 and some forms have a genetic link. Anyway, I am going to make an appointment today.

Better get a move on...I'm burnin' daylight...


July 08, 2008 - Msg 63893: My goodness, Boo! I'm so glad you found that mole, and are having it removed. Maybe those bugs were a blessing in disguise, huh?

As for Starr, she just delights in stealing my glasses. As a matter of fact, they have just appeared on the floor beside me right this minute. Guess who?? I have a little wooden box that sits on the table beside my chair. In it, I keep some small scissors, a needle and thread for repairing the toys Bentley disembowels when he's here, a small box of tissues, nail clippers and a file, Starr's eyedrops, my reading glasses - just the stuff you need at hand but can clutter a table. I often forget to put the glasses back in the box, and that's when she gets them. I don't know what the attraction is, but she watches me like a little buzzard, and the minute I get up, she dashes up onto the chair to see if I left the glasses on the table. She chews the end of the earpieces, and has made them all rough and scratchy. Luckily, they're dollar-store glasses!

Yes, she's very small, still less than five pounds. I don't think she'll get any bigger. She may fill out a little as she gets older, might actually make five pounds, but I think over all, she's as tall and big as she's going to be. The Plum weighed around nine pounds, so Starr is much smaller. I always thought the Plum was just right, and she was, but I'm enjoying Starr's tiny size as well. Actually, by breed standard, Plum was too big, and Starr is on the lower end of the standard range. Maltese are supposed to be between five and seven pounds. Judges will often forgive them being a little small, but not too large.

Isn't Bentley cute? Big old goof. I don't know much about Wheaten Terriers, have no idea if he's a good specimen or not, but he looks good to me. He has lovely conformation - very deep chest and a high, tucked-up loin, straight legs, straight topline, and carries that tail straight up! He's such a sweet boy, just radiates good nature. He has a fearsome set of teeth, but wouldn't bite a biscuit, and treats Starr as if she was a soap bubble. They play together much more peacefully than my grandsons do!

Well, gotta run. Looks like the pond filter needs to be cleaned out again, and that dratted light is indeed burned out. The sentinel window was dark last night when I checked it, so have to get another bulb and get into the pond to replace it. Be blessed, everyone! --Romeena

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63894: Good Morning Everyone:

REV, Homemaker, Me-They, Sterling and others my prayers are with you.

REV: Please take care of your self through this troubling ordeal. I have seen this type of Japanese Motorcycle Riders' behavior many times while driving on the Dallas area freeways. They call these bikes "Rice Rockets" and they have clubs in Dallas and even video themselves going 100+ dodging cars on the freeways. You have experienced an unnecessary carnage and I know this will strenghten your resolve while on your travels.

SPOT: I will meet you for B'fast and will bring some of that good TABASCO CHIPOLTE SALSA for RO.....ROMEENA: I was watching the old TIVO from Sun. night and caught the program you saw on honey & food on the FOOD NETWORK. That SPEECHER'S cream soda looked mighty tasty and just like a premium beer bottle. Don't go drinking that stuff while driving in the Metroplex they will charge you with driving with an open container....For a diabetic like myself those fine looking drinks would be a sugar atom bomb....Me-They: I am currently reading a biography of John Singleton Mosby..Are you familiar with this Virgina Confederate Lt. Col who was famous for his guerilla tactics against the North..They said his raids unfortunately extended the war by at least 4 months because he captured needed supplies..he was ran out of Va. after the war due to his pro unionist, republican tendicies....

Had a great time at the Greek restaurant with the lady friend she is a wonderful woman and so much fun...They take good care of me since I have know the family since I was a toddler...The Greek Orthodox Church in town shares a parking lot with our church, so everyone is just like family...not eating Baklava is so hard even though the portions look small..

The "Dud"

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63895: Just an interesting fact...The local Shriner chapter here is named the "Barak" shriner chapter. My late grandfather & father were very big in the Shreveport Shriner chapter...I will tr to find out why they are called "BARAK" and let you know...nothing on the net yet except a contact number and I do not know any of their officers...It could be a great righ wing double secret society reason why the annointed next president is named .."BARAK"..

The "Dud"

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63896: Well I found what I was looking for and I think the local chapter of the Shriners and our so-called future president have both acquired great names...see following: :Barack is a Semitic word meaning "to bless" as a verb or "blessing" as a noun. In its Hebrew form, barak, it is found all through the Bible. It first occurs in Genesis 1:22: "And God blessed (ḇāreḵə ) them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth."

The "Dud"

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63897: Good morning everyone. Thank you for your prayers.

BOO: Like ROMENNA said, maybe that case of bugs was a blessing in disguise (deep disguise, I admit). Reading your posts the last few days is having me scratch my head! What you said the other day about serving your mom really touched me, and made me feel a little guilty. My parents are only in their late 60s and so havenít gone through much of the stuff your folks have, but I could still do more for them. Itís funny, but sometimes Iím just blind to what they canít do anymore. In my head, my dadís still the strongest man I know and knows it all, and my mom is able to do anything. Yínow, maybe I should start hanging around lousy people who do nasty things and then I can sit back and feel superior!

SPOT: (Donít read ROMEENA) I had the same waistline (30Ē) from my senior year in high school until about two years ago, over 20 years. Iíve added a couple of inches of late. Between getting older and medicine, my poor metabolism isnít revving like it used to. I miss the days of being able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. More power to ya!

DUD: Yes, Iíve heard of Mosby. Although I concentrated mostly on the socio-political aspects of the Civil War in my studies, I did have the obligatory military history class or two. I remember that Mosby (known as the ďGray GhostĒ) was famous for his daring raids, but mostly I know of his post-war exploits. Although he fought for the Confederacy, he was decidedly anti-slavery. He became good friends with Grant after the war and even served as his presidential campaign manager in Virginia. As you indicated his later political leaning didnít sit well with fellow Virginians, but he did have a successful diplomatic and governmental career. I remember reading in a biography of World War II general George Patton that as a young boy, Patton was fascinated to war stories told him by Mosby, who was the still alive.

HOMEMAKER: Iím not sure what your money struggles are, but I know that in 11 years of marriage things have never been so precarious for us. We are trying to reel in our lifestyle (which ainít that extravagant anyway) and try and find ways to cut the budget. Rising costs are just ridiculous. I was looking at some old bills the other week, and from 2005 to now our gasoline and food bills have doubled (and Veda doesnít eat THAT much!), and our electricity and fuel oil bills have actually tripled. Too bad our incomes havenít, too. We can only do what we can do and then leave it to the Lord, right?

I have had it with TV Land! The other day the kids werere watching Andy sometime between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. When it clicked to commercial the channel started off with an ad for it's model show which had one of the judges asking, "Are your b**bs real?" Starting yesterday, TV Land is now blocked.

I miss TOM, too.


July 08, 2008 - Msg 63898: Good Morning Porchsters!
Rev How horrible, I can't even begin to imagine what you are feeling, prayers are with you friend, and not to minimize this in ANY way, but I learned from my Mother's passing, the Good Lord has a reason for everything & while you may not know right now what the reason was for Him allowing you to see that, you can bet He has one my friend. Ro & Boo can tell you, it took me a while to realize that when Mom passed away, but I know now that there was a reason. Was Mrs. Rev with you?
Boo have you tried VICKS on those bugs?? It works on everything else! (teehee couldn't resist) Dud we have the same problem with those "rice rockets" here, in fact, one almost hit us last night on the road weaving in & out of traffic & this guy even had someone riding behind him! Spot what's fer supper? Romeena thanks for putting the pictures in the album, I love looking at all my porch family. As for Bentley, he looks just like a Wheaton should look (well without all that hair that is) & your family got lucky as far as temperament. I have groomed quite a few of them & as a whole, they tend to be biters. My reflexes are always on "overtime" when I groom one. Your family did a good job with Bentley socializing him. Good on them!
Well, gotta get ready to groom another one of my little biters today, a little Shih Tzu named Suki, who would just as soon take my fingers off as to eat! She's such a little monster, but even monsters need to be groomed sometimes.
Be Blessed All

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63899: Can anyone get in touch with Tom?...where do yall wana go for lunch?..SPOT

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63900: Me-They:...Thank you for your comments..The things you said about Lt. Col Mosby were listed on the book jacket and I have gotten thru 1/3 of the book and he is fascinating...Ran out of Virginia because of his politics and now being praised about his guerilla calvary activities by the pro-South crowd who forget his support of the Union...Like Lee he fought for his state instead of his loyalty to the Union...I am enjoying this book...Still enjoying TV Land except for the movies and shows like you mentioned...You and SPOT are lucky on your waistlines..When I was told I was a diabetic 9 years ago I weighed 265 at 6'3" and waistline of 44-46...lost 60 lbs and kept it off and still have a 40" waist...no 36" for me ever again...Do you still love Journey? I met them backstage (and partied with them) at their 1977 concert in Jackson...Steve Perry didn't like me because he is so short....Had a great time and I love the band to this day....

The "Dud"

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63901: SPOT: How about the Porch for some good old GF grilled chicken breast sandwiches with good old mustard, Mayo, Horseradish sauce, lettuce and tomato...pickles on the side...ZAPPS chips (regular for the non-spicy crowd)...Blue Bell non-sugar added flavors of Banana Split
Buttered Pecan.....The "Dud"

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63902: That is Blue Bell Ice Cream for the non-Texans..The "Dud"

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63903: Didn't mean to rock on yer toes Me-They how you been? I agree with you about Boo's comments on taking care of her parents, I wish I had Mom here to do ANYTHING with, taking care of her, or just plain going out to breakfast with her. Mom was 61 when she passed away & I thought I had plenty of time for those things. So take your own advice friend, spend time with them while you have them. And hm I didn't say anything, but you are in my prayers as well. Actually, all more porch family is in my prayers. When I count my blessings, you folks are right there at the top!
Now, I'm really off to groom a monster (or mon-o-ster, as Jake called them when he was little)

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63904: Mavis - are you still making our secret salsa? I am much better today so your prayers must have helped. It has just been a very stressful year so far - I can't believe that so much can happen to one family in one year. Sheesh - I am ready for 2009 (it's kind of sad to wish my life away but 2009 has to be better!)

Prayers for the biker's family.


July 08, 2008 - Msg 63905: Good to hear from you MAVIS. Did you ever watch that show "Groomer Has It" that was on Animal Planet the last few months? It was a competition, sort of like "Top Chef" with groomers instead of chefs. Some of the challenges were pretty tough.

DUD: I've always liked Journey, and to hear a song always takes me back. Our prom was held at a hotel in Baltimore's Inner Harbor and our theme was "When the Lights Go Down in the City." They alwasy had really cool album covers, too. I never saw them when they were at their peak but I did catch them in concert in 1985. They were down to three of the original members and Randy Jackson played bass for them (yes, that Randy Jackson from "American Idol").

HM: The Lord allows trials to temper our spirits.


July 08, 2008 - Msg 63906: Me-They: Yeah I saw them at their peak, but the drummer was the great Ansley Dunbar and not the original...Neil Schon is short also but he is not hung up on it like Perry..If you watch their old videos on VH1 Classic they shoot Perry from down to up and he never get close to anyone...I saw the groomer show and would like to have a comment from MAVIS......

Chicken Breast Sandwiches on the porch..gonna use up all those old George Foreman Grills...MAUDE where are you?.......

The "Dud"

The "Dud"

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63907: I can not wait for football season to start..I am an original NO. Saints and long time LSU fan. It will be a season I am looking forward too...Gonna' go fishin' on the Bayou...No Gar, Goo, Turtles or sunburn please....The "Dud"

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63908: Mavis is right, M-T, spend more time with your parents, but lose the guilt....there will be plenty of time for that later (heehee). Seriously, I am glad my story made you think but I don't want you to feel bad. It is very likely that the time will come when you will be much more involved in their lives and you won't have time to feel guilty (sometimes that's a good thing). By the way, I feel your pain over finances. I am so concerned for our nation and it seems like people are losing their jobs left and right. I hope Bruce's job is secure since he works for the government, but I know true security only comes from God. It is sure tough to go forward and build a house, though, with the huge increase in cost.

Mavis, I certainly do remember the painful road you were on when your dear mom passed away. We were all so concerned for you, but the Lord was faithful and has brought you so far. When you found Mr. Neff and fell in love, it was such a joy to all of us who love you.

Hang in there HM...sorry things are so difficult for you and your family right now. Prayers for you.

M-T, TVLand is certainly not what it used to be. What you heard was rather mild compared to some of the commercials I saw when they were showing High School Reunion (Pee-U). I saw a commercial today that I didn't like, either. It was for KY and I was glad nobody else was in the room. Have you ever been with other people when a commercial like that came on and you just want to dive under the cushions?



July 08, 2008 - Msg 63909: Hey y'all! Mavis,you and me think alike,girl! Just this morning,it crossed my mind suggest Boo use some Vicks for the lice! Hey,it might work! I have heard of the mayo treatment for them.Thank goodness my daughter never caught them. My mom was the school nurse and dealt with a lot of headlice.She used to get phone calls from angry mothers disputing the fact that the school nurse sent their kid home with a note saying they had lice.One lady even came to our house to confront my mom! My mom kept her cool and calmly explained everything. And of course,the parents claimed their kids got the lice from the black kids in school-Wrong! Boo,it sounds like you're doing everything right in order to get rid of them.Good luck.Maybe you had this ordeal in order to find that mole on Erin.Things work that way sometimes,don't they? Prayers for your situation with your mom as well.I know it's hard.
Prayers continue for Rev. I feel so badly for him witnessing that accident.
TVLand is pretty disgusting these days.I know I have sent several letters of complaint their way,for what it's worth.Just gets worse.In fact,there's not a whole lot of quality programming anymore (in my opinion)on the tube.
Well,I need to get into the kitchen.Just sloppy joes and fries tonight,but y'all are welcome.Come on over!
possum under a rock

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63910: That's "crossed my mind TO suggest to Boo..."

possum again

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63911: Hey gang ...busy here at work...had storms move through last night and more tonight possible..we need the rain!,hey Boo,Romeena,Hm prayers for and Rev"s ordeal...Rev we will get you a plate..what about Tom?..CHUCK?..asa,possum,lucy,red,robyn,horatio,gizzmo...Dud did you go fishing?..you need to get Romeena some pics of you and lady friend and stuff...have ya checked out my album on her page?..she is the cats for doing that for us...well let me watch the depressing news and get busy...supper will be as follows:slow cooked roast beef,red taters,corn on the cob,purple hull peas from my garden..{gooood},sliced fresh maters,hot peppers,garlic butter for corn and cornbread,sweet tes[un for dud] and a tear from b>my roll of paper towels...prayers...SPOT

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63912: Good evening, all. I agree with the comments about TV Land. It's really going downhill. I guess I'm not as sensitive to some of the junk as those of you with small children would be, but they really do need to clean up their act. I know when my grandsons are here, I don't allow TV Land. Of course, they always want to watch SpongeBob anyway.

Dud, I think I've asked you before, but forgot what you said. Are you on insulin? I am, and I'm an old-school doctor's nightmare, because I refuse to follow a careful diabetic diet. Fortunately for me, my doctor is more progressive, and doesn't try to keep me on a strict diet. Of course, my age is a factor - as he said once, "At your age, something else is going to get you before the complications of diabetes show up!" I wasn't sure whether to feel encouraged or not.

Anyway, I eat pretty much as I please, but try not to be just plain stupid about it. For example, when those 16oz sodas arrive, I'll try them, and as I open each one, I'll have small amounts of it over a couple of days. No way would I drink a whole one, or even half, at one time, and it will probably take me several weeks to sample them all. I eat regular ice cream, but small servings. I do not use artificial sweeteners in any way, shape or form. Can't stand the taste, some give me a headache, and I don't trust them. When you can kill out a fireant bed with a substance, you shouldn't be putting it in your tea!

My doctor agrees with me, or at least doesn't argue with me, and just tells me to check my sugar frequently, which I do (like about five times a day), and use regular insulin accordingly, in addition to the Lantus which I take every morning. I stay in pretty good control, and he seems satisfied with my labs. My biggest challenge is fresh fruit, which I absolutely love, and which will send my sugar through the roof. I just load up on at least five units of regular insulin before eating a big bowl of cherries or whatever, and then dive in.

Well, speaking of food, I have more leftovers to clean up. A small bit of fettuccini Alfredo which I brought home from Olive Garden at lunch, and a dab of baked beans from Friday, and some fruit. Sounds good! Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63913: Good to see you hm, nope, not made any salsa in a couple of years, simply haven't had the time to put out a garden. Makes me a little sad about that, I love having the fresh veggies, but....oh well. Me-They & Dud I caught that "Groomer Has It" show when I could, I am glad that Artist one the whole deal, while he wasn't the best groomer as far as his clig skills are concerned, but he had what I think every groomer should have, a true love for the animals & for what he was doing. I firmly believe you can't be a good groomer by concentrating solely on how much money you can make & how many "high end" clients you can aquire. A true love for the dogs, and honesty about you & your business is what make you a good groomer. I did think the show's idea was a good one, but some of those challenges were absolutely RIDICULOUS! I mean please, I've been doing this for 28 years & I have never had any reason to know how to groom sheep for crying out loud, or make dog clothes for that matter! I'll probably watch it again next year, but I won't be applying to be on the show, I know I can groom & I don't need a judges panel full of folks that don't know grooming from a hill of beans to tell me if I did it right or not (well outside of that guy named Joey, he's the only one that knew anything about the grooming industry) as long as my clients are happy, both the human ones & the canine ones, I'm happy. Anyway, enough about that, I'm off to bathe one of my own kids, he's being going to work with Mr. Neff at the auto repair shop everyday & he looks like a little hairy mechanic! When Mr. Neff had the food business, he came home smelling like a cook, now he looks like a mechanic. What next??

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63914: make that CLIP skills, not clig, good grief

July 08, 2008 - Msg 63915: Possum, you and Mavis might think you were kidding about the VICKS, but I read that anything with Eucalyptus oil repels lice! hehe


July 08, 2008 - Msg 63916: Hey, Mavis. So you think Bentley looks like a pretty good Wheaton terrier? You mentioned "all that hair", though, and I'm confused. His hair is only about an inch long, except on his big old moppy head. Is that what you mean? We have no idea what he's supposed to look like, and this is what his groomer does. I'm very surprised to hear that his breed can be biters. He's such a sweet and gentle boy, so loving, it's hard to imagine. He has teeth like a grizzly, though, so I'd sure hate to see him ever decide to bite.

I watched that "Groomer" show a few times, and was mostly very confused. I never could figure out exactly what their goal was. It seemed very disorganized and hectic to me. I just wanted to see them groom some dogs, for pete's sake!

Well, back to my baby. She needs her little topknot redone, it's flopped over one eye right now. --Romeena

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63917: Hey Ro go to www (dot) scwtca (dot) org to learn more about the National & Local clubs for Wheatons, they normally have lots of pictures of the latest show winners & you can see how much more hair they have than Bentley, but since Bentley is not being shown the clip he is in is the best one for him, easier to take care of. That's what I meant, that Bentley doesn't have all that hair. You can also go to www (dot) akc (dot) org & look up any breed that is recognized by the AKC, including the Wheaton, the Maltese, the Lab (Otis), the Boston, the Dachshund, my breeds Chinese Crested & Bull Terrier. You can spend alot of time on the AKC site. ;) Sure wish Rev would check in & Tom I'm worried about them.
Nite Porch sleep tight & don't let the bed bugs bite (sorry Boo) ;)

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63918: Little Starr is all combed out, and she's so pretty. Her coat is still a little thin, nowhere near as thick and lush as the Plum's was, but I'm hoping it will thicken up. Her vet said the problem is the time of year. Mavis, do you agree?

She's just about finished shedding all her baby fluff, and the silky, flat Maltese coat that was coming in is also shedding a bit due to the season. He says things will look a lot different in the fall, when her real coat comes in fully. I know when I comb her I'm still getting clumps of fluff, to a surprising degree. I don't have a memory of the Plum at this stage to compare to, because I let my husband talk me into taking her to PetsMart to be groomed, and at his request, I asked for a puppy cut. I meant one thing, they understood something else, and when I got her back she was just pitiful. Her hair was about an inch long. She looked like a mosquito. She was about nine months old and Starr is eleven months, so at this age, the Plum had almost no hair. It took her a full year to grow her coat out, but when it finally grew in, she was beautiful. I can only hope that Starr will be as pretty. Mavis, in your experience, do the very tiny Maltese develop the same pretty coats that the bigger ones do? I can imagine that they would not.

It really doesn't matter, because I love the little baby so much, but I would like for her to be pretty in other people's eyes as well.

REV, I was wondering - how many of the bikers were involved in that wreck? I gathered that it was just the last two bikes, with three riders. I hope I'm right. Certainly that was bad enough. Bless you, I'm so sorry you had to witness that.

Well, guess we'll turn in. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63919: Oh. Now that I went back and re-read your post, Mavis, I understand what you were talking about. (Dawn comes late in some countries.) Yes, the groomer told them that if he was being shown his hair would be left longer, but she recommended the "pet clip" (I think that's what she called it), and she's right. He has enough hair to feel really soft and plushy, but it's too short to mat easily. Plus, they have him groomed regularly, about every three weeks, I think. The groomer loves him, and he doesn't mind going at all, is very well behaved. He's really a sweet boy. I wish the groomer would shorten up on his facial hair, though, especially his mustaches and that chin bib. He makes a terrible mess when he drinks water, just soaks it up in all that hair and then dribbles it all over the house. I've learned to put Starr's water where Bentley can't get to it, and then just give him water about every two hours. When he finishes drinking, I mop his face and chin with a paper towel. Otherwise, I'm slipping on wet tile in the kitchen, and squishing in wet spots on the carpet. Oh, the things we put up with for our pets.

OK, this time I'm really going to bed. --Romeena

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63920: Oh, I know all about that face dribbling thing, Ro! When I was a kid/teen my mother had a giant Airdale in the house and she had a furry face. She liked to catch the toilet seat up, drink out of the toilet and then find me to wipe her face on...bad memories! I never cared for the dog, but when I think back about her, she really was a sweet dog, just always smelled terrible (mom's fault) and she had some sort of anxiety trouble. Leaving her at home when we went somewhere was always a gamble. She would tear things up, or put holes in the door. Not sure what all of that was about.

Well, I think I have conquered the battle of the bugs (I hope!). I will be a very happy woman if I never see another nit in my lifetime.

Been a busy day so I should turn in and get some sleep...God bless you all and special prayers for REV. I hate that he experienced such a terrible tragedy but I know the Lord is in control of REV's life and will work it all out for him.


PS-Mavis, forgot to mention how cute your bull terriers are!!

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63921: "Gooood Mornnning Porch"..well im headed back to work to get some of this storm mess cleaned up..one death in Ga so far from a tree falling..hey Mavis,Romeena,Boo,Hm,Dud..and like I said has anyone heard from Tom?..Rev watch for the UPS truck and prayers for all...breakfast will be at Shonnys breakfast bar on Romeena and I..Asa come hungry...wel I better hit the shower and get started will holler from work...SPOT

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63922: Good morning everyone. Hope your days starts out well. Thanks for breakfast, SPOT.

I'll stop back later. Just wanted to catch up and say howdy.

You can put me on record as not liking dog slobber, by the way.


July 09, 2008 - Msg 63923: BOO: Things with eucalyptus oil repel everything...


July 09, 2008 - Msg 63924: Haha, very true, M-T. As someone said before, Vicks is also a good method of birth control!

Romeena, we had a terrible incedent here in Corpus Christi, in the hospital where I was an employee for years. There is a small neonatal ICU within the hospital and there was a mistake made in the pharmacy while mixing heparin. 17 babies were given huge doses of heparin for 2 days, starting last Friday. One baby died, although an autopsy is pending. The baby had been very sick before the heparin was administered. One baby is still critical and the others seem to be ok. I'm sure you remember what happened to Dennis Quaid's twins at Cedar Sinai last year. They also received and overdose of Heparin and almost died. There has been a bit of a media frenzy around about it. Very sad situation and the hospital in which it happened is a very good one, so it's a shame. They say that the error occured when the dosages were mixed by a pharmacy tech and signed off by the pharmacist (they are both on leave from work).

Coffee break is over~!


July 09, 2008 - Msg 63925: I hope REV checks in today. I am concerned about him. Maybe we could pray an extra prayer for him today?


July 09, 2008 - Msg 63926: Hi all,

You remember last week I told you I may have some trouble with someone I used to know? Well, what got my curiosity up about it last week happened again yesterday; same day and pretty much the same time. So I think I will tell you and see what you all think. But I will have to get in my wayback machine and give you a little history, which I don't really want to do, I mean, I would rather forget the whole thing.
Anyway, I will try to keep this as short as possible(get ready for a long post):
In the mid-to-late 80's and a few years after high school, I met this girl. I actually went out with her friend first, then after she dumped me because I wouldn't go to bed with her, this other girl asked me out. I didn't really want to, this girl was a young single mother and I didn't wasn't ready for a ready-made family, but she was persistent and called, and called, and called. Until finally one day I said what the heck, gave in and went out with her, in part just to get her to stop asking me out, and besides I didn't really acquire girlfriends easily, being a quiet sort of person.
We went out for a year or two, but we never could really get it together and I think at the end there had too many fights. So we broke up.
Not long after that, I got a call at the store that I worked warning me that some people were looking to jump me. I sort of brushed it off even though in hindsight I do remember a bunch of grimy guy friends who were friends of both girls stop at the store looking pretty suspicious sometime before the call.
I did mention this to a co-worker and he said he once had problems with a guy harassing him just because he wanted to race his car. Well the co-worker said he finally went to the police and the police found the guy, talked to him, and he never had problems after that.
So I remembered that when not too long after I received that call I was met by one of the bunch as I went out to my car to go to lunch. He accused me of being a trouble-maker and other things, and some other stuff about knowing where I live(I lived at my parents' at the time) so they can get me anytime. He also had some wooden stakes on him and some stashed by the store building(Don't know what he planned to do with them, must have thought I was a vampire or something).
I tried to reason with him and ask him who put him up to this but he was not reasonable. He looked like he was on something, in fact, because his eyes looked weird.
But I didn't lay a hand on him except to push away his arm when he grabbed my collar. Then my manager came out and asked what was going on, and the guy left.
Well, I knew who this guy was but I didn't know why he did this. I figured at the time it was because of some things I said to my ex-girlfriend's friend(the one who dumped me) after we broke up. I admit I could be kind of cokky, but mostly that was just hurt talking.
So anyway, I remembered what my co-worker had said and, wanting to diffuse the situation, went right to the police thinking maybe they would talk to the guy.
But no, first they took pictures of where I was scratched when the guy grabbed my collar, and then told me they couldn't do anything unless I get a restraining order against the guy. Now me being totally unaccustomed to police procedure at the time, thought, ok, maybe my friend had to do this too, and I drove right up to the courthouse in the next town and wrote up the incident and got my restraining order. It was when they then talked about the court date that I really knew it had gone too far, but it was out of my hands at the time.
So in the meantime, I found my ex and asked her what was going on and that I didn't mean to hurt anyone. She denied knowing anything about it(which I wonder about now but I will get to that later). It was then that the guy who accosted me came walking up to talk to her from where he worked at an auto place. But he saw me sitting in the car and quickly turned around, I'm guessing from the restraining order.
So it apparently worked and I never had any trouble with them again, but I still never wanted it to go that far with the courts and everything. I mean, I figured the guy was mad enough at me as it was, why make someone hate you more. But when I asked the DA to drop it, they wouldn't, and basically said it was out of my hands then.
After the "trial" and they called me and asked me if I wanted him to pay restitution for gas and work lost, I promptly said no, and finally told them I never wanted it to go this far in the first place.

Ok, so after almost two decades and no problems(although I did move away a couple times, I did live here immediately after for a number of years), let's get back to the present.

Last week Tuesday, Kai and I went to Walmart, where I saw my ex across the room by produce. It was almost like she saw me for the first time, although I thought she had seen me before there, once a couple Christmases ago when I was in an aisle, she moved to enter the aisle, but saw me and quickly exited. I figured she was just uncomfortable.
This time we both looked away. I did try to regain eye contact with her because I did want to be friendly, but she was busy talking to her kids.
So, no big deal, we leave and go home and put the stuff away, and then eat lunch.
Around two something, Kai and I decide to walk over to my moms. I put Kai on the seat of my bike while I hold up the bike and walk. Kai likes to do that.
As we turn a corner and get on my mom's block, we walk past my ex, parked down the block with her car door open, talking to some big burly guy. I thought I heard her say "see" to the guy as we pass, but I can't be sure. To say nothing of the fact I wouldn't know why she would say that referring to me anyway.
We get to my moms, and keep watch on what they are doing, just because I thought it was odd that they are there down the block not long after I see her at Walmart. I should add that the couple times I saw her at Walmart have been the only times.
So after a while this guy walks by my mom's house, casually(or trying to look casual) looking at my bike, and then at the cars parked out front(none of them mine). I think that this guy doesn't look like the kind of guy who goes for strolls, and watch him go down the block and across the street(I think).
*I actually started the above part last night, but I had to go to bed, so I finished it today. Sorry for the length*

Pretty soon, sure enough, I see him walking back to the car my ex is in and start talking to her again.
It is at this time that I finally let my mom in on what is going on, but she thinks it is just coincidence; that the guy could have just been walking down to check on what the neighbors were doing to their house and that it doesn't make sense for my ex to hold a grudge after so long. I agree, but say that it didn't make sense last time during that other incident.
I did try to think of every angle as to why she would be parked down the block from my moms, from maybe in driving past she just saw this guy she knew and wanted to talk to him, or she knew someone in the small apartment complex next door to my moms. It's a small complex, with four rooms in front and four in back, and it would be possible that I may have seen him there(or even her there, but didn't recognize her) but didn't know it. I haven't seen him there since however, and I could accept my mom's thought that it was just coincidence except for when he walked by looking at my bike, almost like he was trying to keep it in his memory(then again, that could be my paranoia talking).

Anyway, after a little while they left, and I think he went with her because I didn't see him after that. I did go for a short bike ride, which is what I was going to do anyway, but I also wanted to see if anyone would follow me. I didn't see anyone and after about a 10 minute ride, went back, got Kai, and took the back way home, still wondering if this was all coincidence and not sleeping very well.
In the days that followed, I kept up calling my mom to have her check and see if anyone was out there sitting around again, but every time she said it was empty or was just the normal people who lived at the complex. I even drove by numerous times to check myself. I know, a little paranoid? But after that other incident I didn't want to brush anything off again.

So, the week comes and goes, Kai starts summer school(just a couple classes, I didn't want her to spend the whole day in school during summer)this past Monday, and there is no sign of my ex or the red car.
Oh, I should mention that my mom lives right across from the middle school, where the summer school courses are held, and there is activity up there in the morning, mid-afternoon, and later afternoon, so I was keeping my eyes open while taking and picking Kai up from school mid-day as well.

Well, yesterday, at about 2:30 pm, I once again call my mom and ask her if there is anyone, possibly in a red car, sitting out there, as I was interested in seeing if my ex thought that she might see me there again since she did last week at this time and day, but I wasn't expecting anything.
My mom says, "oh, there IS a red car down there(same place it was parked before), and some guy sitting on the lawn."
So nervously, I tell Kai we are going for a ride, and drive past to see. Well, it wasn't a guy, but it was my ex. Same day, same time. Except that she didn't have her kids with her this time. My mom says she was out there reading when she saw her.
Now I am wondering again if I should stop and talk to her just casually to try and diffuse any situation, if there was one, like I was thinking about doing before when I saw her there, but I didn't want her to know what kind of car I drive so I figured I would go home and walk back, bringing Kai in the side door of my moms. But then I got a call from my sister saying that she just looked out and the car was gone.
I drove around anyway looking to see if there was a red car possibly driving around looking for me, but didn't see one.
Now, both my wife and sister said later that my ex COULD have been picking up someone at the school. I mentioned that the last summer school class lets out at 2pm so why would she still be sitting there, but my sister said when I called again, that she saw someone picking someone up there later and there was another kid waiting to be picked up also so there were still people there.
My wife said that since there was a pattern(same day, same time) it could actually mean that my ex was picking someone up. I just wish someone would've seen if indeed anyone got in the car with her before she left, but no-one saw when she left. That would make me feel a lot more secure if that's all it was.

So that's where it stands right now. I have no idea why my ex would be looking for me, though I do know if someone hates their life and doesn't have much of one, they may try to add some drama to it themselves. Or, it could be just a simple fact of her picking someone up from the school or whatnot. I prefer it be the latter and hope that's all it is. I was thinking she may try a different day since I wasn't there yesterday if indeed that is what she is doing, so I will have to check today at around two-ish. I hope not, and I kind of hope that I don't see her for the rest of the week again. I know one thing, if she is looking for me, either because she wants someone to blame for her life or because she is obsessing over me(ego I know, but she did call me over and over when we first met), I don't want her to ever know where I live, or I will never be able to go to sleep. So I have to hope for the coincidence angle.

Ok, that is it in a nutshell. A very large nutshell. The kind of nutshell that will feed an army of squirrels for life. So what do you think? And do you think they have a witness relocation program for old flames?

Oh, just thought I would mention that it is my wife and I's(sorry, I am still tired) 9th wedding anniversary. You know what she bought me? A Playstation portable, and an extra game. Her and Kai went to Walmart last night. I really didn't want her to go, as I am kind of afraid Kai will be recognised. I know I am trying to avoid Walmart recently.
Though I do appreciate it and I tried to act like I liked it, but dang, we can't really afford that, and she knows it. Sometimes I don't know what she is thinking. Oy. Like I don't have enough to worry about. I just wonder what I am going to get her as well. Has to be something relatively cheap.

Well, I've taken up enough porch space(as well as used the words "well", "so", and "anyway" too much), so I will sign off now.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63927: Hey M-T,Sterling that is some post!..we will be thinking about you ..and yea Boo wish brother Rev would check in...Lunch will be Sub Way sandwiches of your choose....mine will be a club...all the way with extra black olives....SPOT

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63928: Wow, some story, Sterling....kind of reminds me of that movie with Glenn Close about the obsessed woman (forgot the name of it). Probably shouldn't have brought it up...
Well, chances are everything is ok and you have nothing to worry about. I am pretty curious about the guy with the stakes, though. Pretty creepy. I wish I had some great advice for you but I will have to think about this one. Your ex does kind of sound like she might be mentally disturbed.

Hope you and Mrs Sterling have a good anniversary. She may not have used the best judgement when selecting a gift, but it was nice of her to buy you something, don't you think?

Better get back to the chores...


July 09, 2008 - Msg 63929: (sniff, sniff) Do I smell rabbit cooking?

Just kidding. I understand why you are disconcerted about the situation, STERLING, but like BOO said you probably have nothing to worry about. I was thinking, is it at all possible that your ex might have thought you were "following" her and that's what she was talking to teh guy about? If she had been in the neighborhood or picking up someone at that school, perhaps she saw you one or several times previous to teh grocery store spotting and felt like maybe you were shadowing her. The situation definetly insn't funny, but wouldn't it be ironic if she was just as concerned as you for the opposite reason. If you haven't had any more close calls lately, it's likely nothing. I can't imagine the person who would hold a grudge like that (over something like that) through 20 years, kids, and who knows what else.

Anyway, happy annivsersary! How about buying your wife a few games for your new Playstation? ;)


July 09, 2008 - Msg 63930: That's a good idea M-T, a couple of games you all could play together and with Kai.


(I hate agreeing with M-T!)

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63931: Well, M-T, she does know that my parents live there, so it shouldn't really surprise her to see me there at times. Though as I think I mentioned in my "novel", I could have seen her there, or at least her red car, and never realized it. My mom even brought up that maybe she thought I was snubbing her and being stuck up. She has thought something like that of me before when we were dating, and I am/was anything but stuck up. Opinionated at times, but mostly shy and quiet, and she should know that.
What do you mean by close calls, M-T? I did just see her yesterday outside my parent's house, remember?

Thanks for the anniversary well-wishes! I did go to the dreaded Walmart today and bought my wife an office chair that she has been hinting about wanting for the computer. I put it together, and I don't really think she will like it though. The back seems too straight and doesn't have any give. I know I don't like that.
While we(Kai and I) were there, I sneaked a peek at the PSP and I just about had a cow. $200.00 for one of those, plus the game I imagine is about $50.
Yeah Boo, it was nice of her to buy something, but I would have been just as pleased to just get a card. I am pretty easy to please.

Funny about the games for a gift, M-T!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63932: My goodness, Sterling. Sounds like a screenplay. I pretty much agree with the rest - it's probably nothing but normal occurrences, taking on a life of their own due to past history. I don't think I'd try to talk to her or "settle" anything, but a casual wave or "hi" if you happen to pass within hearing distance would be a normal thing to do, and might take the edge off things. Like Me-They said, she may be just as concerned as you. As for the guy with the wooden stakes all those years ago - could he have been making yard signs for some reason? The best advice I could offer is to keep your eyes open and be careful, but don't let your imagination run wild, and be very careful that you don't communicate any anxiety to Kai. Don't go to the area unless you have a valid reason, and just tend to your business as usual.

Boo, that's awful about the babies receiving too much heparin. Heparin is a scary one to administer anyway, because the dosage is so critical and it comes in such high concentrations. I've always thought it should be diluted to a much weaker concentration, so doses would be in cc's instead of tenths of cc's. It's hard to get a really critical dose, even when using a TB syringe. My usual practice is to dilute it myself into saline, and then work with the larger quantities. All it takes at the higher concentrations is a misplaced decimal, and you can make a really big error. To give 1 cc instead of .1 cc can happen a lot easier than giving 10 cc instead of 1 cc. You just notice the difference a lot easier.

Dog slobber? Years ago, when my youngest daughter was a baby, crawling around on the floor, we had a little spaniel puppy. Sweet, precious little dog, who just loved kids, and especially my baby daughter. She would walk up and give the baby a big old slurpy kiss, which horrified my mother and yes, worried me just a little. So, I asked our pediatrician about it. His answer? "Yes, there is a possibility of disease transmission, but not from the puppy to the baby. It's more likely it would be the other way around! Don't worry about it, puppies have kissed babies for centuries." Try not to gag, Me-They. (heehee)

Well, I have to work tonight and tomorrow night, so guess I'd better go try to get a little nap before going in for twelve tonight. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63933: Hey Friends!
I just wanted y'all to know that we're alive and well. We have been out of town for 9 days and didn't have internet. I'll read the archives as soon as I can. Have a blessed evenin'!

July 09, 2008 - Msg 63934: Very logical thinking there, Romeena. I was always very cautious about Heparin because when I was a new nurse, one of the older (and very batty) nurses on the unit opened the IV pump on a bag containing heparin and walked away from it. The patient got the whole bag in a hurry. It was a close call and got the nurse fired. I remember that she was a poor risk anyway (something just not "right" upstairs).

Hey Sterling, hope your wife likes her chair. It was very nice of you to buy and put together for her.

Church tonight...better get ready. Ya'll have a wonderful evening.


July 09, 2008 - Msg 63935: LUCY!! WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN?...check back in soon and fill us in on all you have been doing.


July 09, 2008 - Msg 63936: Goodness. Iíd been looking for a new book to read, and I stopped by the porch and there it was! Sterlingís Novel! And what a good read it was; a mystery, just like I was looking for. Just kidding, Sterling, and Iím not making light of your serious situation. I guess I agree with the others; that itís probably nothing to worry about. And I can even get over the guy with the stakes those many years ago. Although I donít think it was something innocent like yard signs; personally I think he was probably going to do some sort of mischief with them. Like beat you up; but for whatever reason, that plan failed, thankfully. Anyway, that was long ago, and one would think it would be all but forgotten. But hereís my thought. I agree with you on the guy walking by your bike, and checking it out. Somethingís up with that. What it is, I donít know, but it sure seems suspicious. Maybe itís a friend of hers, and heís trying to be protective. And she may have told him the story of your break-up, but perhaps with a different spin on it. So maybe heís the new boyfriend, or, want-a-be boyfriend, and she mentioned that her old boyfriend treated her wrong (again, her spin on the story) and for some macho reason he wants to check you out. See what kind of bike you ride. Let her know heís watching out for her. I guess Iíd just keep my eyes open (and avoid Wal-Mart). Keep us posted!

I read about Revís witnessing of that terrible accident. I am so sorry that happened, Rev. I canít even begin to imagine what you are going thru. What an awful tragedy. I pray for peace for you.

I donít know why, but Iím just not surprised that Me-They doesnít like dog slobber. Just to freak him out (and get him back into therapy) I believe Iíll walk by his rocker in my bare feet. WITH some dog slobber sticking to my toes. That ought to do it.

Sorry I havenít been on much. My garden takes up so much time during these hot spells. And itís been over 95 every day. The dead-heading alone of my flowers is practically a full-time job. And I already have a full time job! Iím away from home every day from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Hereís a story about my day job. Iíve told you all I work in Family Law Court. Well, we have this one case, that is so old; itís like over 2 years old. (And we have time standards; weíre supposed to try to get these things done in a timely manner; within 6 months). Anyhow, for one reason or another, it had been set and re-set several times. We had already gotten the folks divorced, but were still having hearings on what the child support should be. So, today was the final hearing! (or so I thought) So, we go into the hearing, and yet another thing had happened (with the custody part), so once again it had to be reset. Anyhow, afterwards, when the Judge and I were leaving the courtroom, I said ďYou mean the case still isnít closed?Ē, and he said ďNo, itís as open as it ever was!Ē . For those of you that may not know what Iím talking about, that was Barneys line in ďThe Case of the Punch in the Nose.Ē ďItís as open as it ever wasĒ (My Judge is an Andy fan too)

Well, now Iíve written a novel. Prayers for Asa and his wife. And Hm with her financial problems (Iíve got them too). And for all the porchsters..

- Hazel