July 09, 2008 - Msg 63937: It's wonderful to hear such a long post from you Hazel! I miss you when you are gone.

I heard something tonight at church that is very concerning and I wanted to ask your prayers for a family in our little church. They are a Navy family and Dad is off in the middle east somewhere on a ship. There are two young daughters in the family and the youngest, who is 12, had kidney cancer 2 years ago. She has been clear on all scans for 2 years ago but today they found a spot on the lung and they don't know yet if it is cancer. Mom is having a really tough time dealing while Dad is so far away. The little girl is a darling little red head with beautiful curls, who is always positive and smiling. Her name is Jubilation (or Jubi for short). Please pray for Jubi and her family (especially mom, Amy, who was in tears tonight).

Thanks Friends,


July 09, 2008 - Msg 63938: Hazel here I am, laying in bed with my beloved next to me trying to sleep, catching up on posts & read your It's as open as it ever was! & bust out laughing! I will tell ya, Mr. Neff didn't appreciate being woke up. LOL Fortunatly, he can go right back to sleep. I could just see Barney with that look on his face & hear that whining voice as he says that! Thanks for the laugh. Sterling I think I would just keep an eye out, watch & see if she is picking someone up or not & be sure to watch your back. Keep us informed, it is indeed a mystery for sure. Boo prayers for that family, that is so sad. Ro I got your emails & will answer them tomorrow, I am looking some things up for you first. Where is Tom?? Check in friend!

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63939: Oh, I meant to say, welcome home Lucy come back & rock a while!

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63940: Welcome back, Lucy and Hazel. You girls have been gone waaay too long! And don't you just love it when someone else tosses out a TAGS line and you can enjoy the laugh together? That's great.

Boo, prayers for little Jubi. Surely the spot will turn out to be nothing at all.

Well, it seems to be the time for sad and disturbing prayer requests, but I feel compelled to add this one. A woman in my SS class, Joyce, has had a tragedy in her family. Her adult grandson lived with her and her husband, and yesterday evening, he hung himself right there in the apartment. EMTs were unable to revive him, and he was declared dead in our emergency room. Joyce's husband is now voicing his despair, as in "I have nothing else to live for now, I may as well just die, too." Naturally, this is sending Joyce into spasms, just terrified. To top it all off, Joyce's sister is in the hospital extremely ill, and she is always the one Joyce depends on for help. Joyce is a strong woman, a strong Christian, but this is going to be rough. Please pray for the family, and for Joyce's husband, that he won't do anything foolish.

Well, I'm pooped. I'm headed for the bed, because I have to go back to work tonight. Be blessed, friends. I am so glad we have each other. --Romeena

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63941: Good morning everyone. I can't post much right now as I'm making an appointment for continuing therapy. THanks, HAZEL. ;)


July 10, 2008 - Msg 63942: Prayers for your friend and her family, ROMEENA, and well as your friends and their daughter, BOO.

Welcome back LUCY.

I'll check back in later.


July 10, 2008 - Msg 63943: APB for TOM, AUH2O, REV, CHARLOTTE, MERRIWEATHER, OPIEMOM, IDELLE, GOOBER, and other proch friends.


July 10, 2008 - Msg 63944: Hey Local Lucy!...lunch will be on Boo!...Where are we meeting Boo?...Storms are on there way back here tonight...hey Romeena,M-T,auh20,Rev and all...back in a bit ...SPOT

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63945: Good morning Porchsitter:......The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63946: That's exactly what I was thinking about that guy, Hazel, that he was trying to show my ex that he was looking out for her. Even though he has nothing to look out for from me. I don't want anything to do with her.
As for the guy with the stakes so many years ago, I still think he was on something and even he probably doesn't even know what he was thinking.

Thanks for the concerns, everyone. I do watch my back everywhere I go, and make sure I am not followed home. Though it gets tiring being on the "lam".
Romeena, you gave some good advice I think on not approaching her to talk. Unless maybe I happen to come across her by accident, but I shouldn't go looking for it, I think you were implying.
And a casual "hi" sort of talk would probably be best, especially if the reason she was planting herself at my parent's house is because she does indeed want me back in her life for some reason. Getting any friendlier would probably only aggravate that.
Well, she didn't show up yesterday as I thought she might, so maybe it is only on Tuesdays for some reason. I probably won't go "looking to talk" to her next Tuesday should she show up. I still hope she is just picking someone up though.

Prayers for Joyce and her family.

Well, I am putting my self, my unemployed self, to good use today. I volunteered to help out our church by picking up some sort of machine(I forgot again what it was, but it is not an organ, that much I know) in another town and bringing it back to the church with some other guys. Figured I have the free time. I still have to look up on the internet to see how far away this town is, as I don't even know.

Prayers for Jubi. Children that young, or any age for that matter, shouldn't have to go through that disease.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63947: STERLING: I read your post and the situation you described is why I have a concealed carry gun permit. I am glad I am friends with all of the Lady Friend's Ex boyfriends...My best friend was one of Lady Friend's first boyfriends in high school...you be careful and enjoy your anniv gift....ROMEENA: I am on oral medication for my diabetes...but have 3rd stage diabetic neuroapathy which has my feet in a constant numbness state and bouts of my arms and hands that are numb.....The brillant Dr. Lee of the Plano surgery clinic has come up with a surgery on the ankles to relieve this numbness...only 5 doctors in the states do this surgery and they all were trained by Dr. Lee..He has a mulitmillion dollar clinic and all 5 doctors do the surgery in Plano and North Dallas...MAYO Clinic advised against this surgery and have never heard of the famous Dr. Lee...I did not do the procedure...I eat well and do not have a fondness for fruit except the occasional melon (Something good did come out of Hope Ark, Watermelons)....As you know I went to Culinary school in Dallas and the nutrition and diet classes have been a big help.....Me-They: I do not like dog slobber either unless it comes from a panting hunting dog....Boo: Where is lunch gonna' be?......The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63948: MAVIS: I am in the market for a Chocolate Labador Retriever Puppy...Friend of friend will sell me my choice of 5 AKC registered puppies...Black $200.00, Choc $300.00 ...gotta a big yard and live on the Bayou so I can walk right outside for training... most of the alligators are extinguished during state annual lottery hunt..(alligator hunting is some sport...you get a bunch of guys together in a fishing boat and you take a big chain with a treble hook, take a freshly slaughtered chicken, put it on the hook, throw the chain over a cypress tree limb and later a gator will bite chicken, make a racket and then you take a large cliber handgun and shoot it in the head, use the meat and sell the rock salted skin)...occasionally they will snatch an unattended dog... daughter wants a dog bad...What is your opinion of Labadors? The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63949: auh2o: Was that you, that I saw on TV in the crowd of the Obama/Hillary (lets get the girl out of debt) fundraiser?.......The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63950: Well DUD and SPOT, wish you guys were here in my neck of the woods because we have some great fresh seafood places here on the coast that I bet you would enjoy. Since that's not possible, how about a good Bar-B-Q place for lunch?

What a tragic story, Romeena. Prayers going up for Joyce and her husband. So very sad. Suicide is becoming an epidemic in the US. I was reading just today in the paper that they want to put up a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bride in San Francisco because they have an average of 24 people who jump off and kill themselved each year. The wall is going to cost so much, though, that they are having second thoughts. I don't know how much of a deterrent it would be. If someone is set on suicide, they will find another way.

Hope you enjoy your outing with the church guys, Sterling.

Funny post, M-T!...

The coffee is finished and its time to put in the laundry. Need some shorts done, M-T.

Oh, can I ask you all your opinion about something (you know you are all my sounding board on matters small and great). Sometimes I don't know if I am overreacting to something so here goes...we have a pretty active youth group at church and a youth ministers and three youth workers (of which I am one). We all teach on different occassions, sunday school included and do many activities with the kids. One of the youth leaders, who is a single man in his 50's and is a very dear friend who I trust completely, lives alone and has offered to have some activities in his large home. He offered to have a kind of "girls night out" and "boys night out", where one evening the girls would come (with other female sponsors present) and cook a meal together, watch a movie and have a kind of sleep-over. They would never be without adult supervision. The same would be done with the boys, with other male sponsors or a parent joining them. I don't see a problem with any of that because I know my friend and I believe he would lay down his life for any of those kids to protect them but the problem I have is that we are supposed to have the girl's night out on Friday and the other woman sponsor won't be able to attend (she is Jubi's mom and in no state to do it this week). I think seems awkward to be spending the night in another man's house without another adult there. I don't feel right about it. I know, of course, that it would be perfectly fine but it just doesn't look right somehow. What do you all think? I have another question, too, but I'll wait and let you think about this one first. Thanks!


July 10, 2008 - Msg 63951: Missed your last post, Dud. I love labs and think they are very loyal, smart, energetic dogs. We have a lab and she is pretty amazing. Very smart and a great watchdog. She can be very vicious with other female dogs, though (she is an Alpha), but always knows her place within the family and never shows any kind of aggression towards members of the family. She loves to play fetch and loves water. What I think it best about her is that she listens. When you tell her to do something she really seems to understand..now sometimes she is like a child and tries to sneak and do what she is told not to do, ha. I don't think you can go wrong with a lab. I did have a beautiful choc lab named Belle a few years ago who was impossible to keep in the yard. She was some kind of escape artist but the sweetest dog in the world! Truley a companion dog who loved everybody. Belled died while staying at my sister's house. She was a young dog but just died for no apparent reason. My poor sister came home from church to found her dead an lying in the petdoor. We never knew what happened.


July 10, 2008 - Msg 63952: Boo: I think the BBQ sounds great...Thanks for your tips on Labs....I grew up with Labs and many of my friends have Labs for hunting dogs..I have always thrown batons with my friend's Labs on the Bayou and we have so much fund watching then go for the batons or dive for Frisbees of the docks...As soon as one of the Choc female puppies can be weaned, I think I will take one home. In Dallas I could not raise a dog like that in such small outdoor spacies, even though many people try....Looking forward to lunch..SPOT, Maude are you guys up to some BBQ?......The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63953: Boo: I would suggest you make arrangements for another adult female to be with you and the girls sleepover...It would probably be a relief for the Adult male to have two adult females their...The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63954: That would be there...The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63955: I agree with DUD, BOO; yous houdl either arrange to have another lady there or reschedule the event. Your friend may feel even more awkward about the situation than you do, and remember, even though the situation in this case is innocent, you are projecting sensibilities to those girls that hopefully will carry through.

STERLING: Remember that prudent caution is one thing, but don't worry about it. The Lord is still God.

BOO: Here's my shorts. Remember, no starch...

"That's not superstition, it's caution!"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63956: Very true, M-T, we must always set a good example of prudence and sensibility in front of the children. You know, I find myself in these difficult situations from time to time with this particular friend because he just doesn't think about something like that. He has only been widowed for just over a year and was married at a very young age so this is all kind of new to him. His wife used to instuct him alot, I think. She was a strong and intelligent woman and I remember him telling me that until she passed away, he didn't even know how to buy a shirt for himself. I know everything is fine but it makes Bruce a bit uncomfortable at times and I find myself having to be on guard a bit to avoid what might appear to be inappropriate. It is strange to even have to consider such a thing as "how something looks" to other people because as a middle-aged, overworked housewife I have absolutely no interest in other men besides my own husband (who keeps me busy enough)!

Speaking of busy...better get back to the chores.


July 10, 2008 - Msg 63957: Well, I watched the oil drilling show "BLACK GOLD" last night and they are trying to ratched up the suspense...had one of the drilling company owners fretting about FRACing a well and the extra cost of 1/2 million after he had already spent over a million for a so-called non-producing well...He went ahead and did it and of course the well is expected to produce over 300 barrels a day and make 11 million the first year...some suspense...my friend who owns his own production company FRACs all of his wells to help them produce more oil and or gas...anyone seen the T. Boone Pickens' commercials about his new windfarm/solar pannel solution to America's energy needs (he is going to want you to invest in this company and make him more millions..It is on TV constantly...We can run the whole country's vehicles now on Natural Gas and Picken's had a manufacturing facility that could convert existing vehicles are new vehicles off the line...He even did it for free on certain vehicles like Dallas police cars...with the price of oil so high maybe we can go back to his old idea..we have an abundance of natural gas to supply these vehicles, but you have to drill for it and the ECO GREENERS don't want expanding drilling...that would get us off foreign oil..

The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63958: I just got off of Pickens' Web site and he plans on his windfarm to produce 20% of domestic energy needs and take the natural gas saved to run transportation vehicles...so he is back to his old idea....The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63959: ROMEENA & Others: You guys love birds and in my old age I have come to appreciate their beauty...how many birds do you think will die when we have high rotation plastice windmills for miles from the Texas panhandle to south of Canada?

The "Dud"

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63960: DUD: I get it, I get it: Oil and natural gas-good, environmentalism and alternative energy-bad. I'm not sure how the ladies feel, but we (mainly you and I) have beat this horse way past dead.


July 10, 2008 - Msg 63961: Hey Boo,Dud,Romeena,M-T,possum,auh20,hazel,lucy and all...can anyone get intough with Tom?..Rev keep up the good work...kids are over for a few days..gona go get some movies..missed lunch...storms here again this evening..yall check out the radar...its all over us here in Ga everyday!..but we do need the rain and as long as im off from work...hee hee...Miss Sherry is there though!...well supper will be a grill out if it aint a wash out...hamburgers ahd kinda burnt dogs...Maude slaw,chips pickels,kool-aid..and oh-yea Salsa for Romeena!...back in a bit....SPOT

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63962: I have sent another job resume out. The local agency on aging is looking for an Assistant Director. I meet all of the qualifications listed so I have my fingers crossed that I will get an interview. And yes, it is not teaching per se but it does involve alot of community outreach which I think would be right up my alley.


July 10, 2008 - Msg 63963: Hey, all. Just a quick pass-by, on my way to work. Boo, I would absolutely not have the sleepover without someone else present. The Bible says "avoid the very appearance of evil", and that's very good counsel. What Me-They said about projecting proper sensibilities to the kids is very wise. Actually, I'm not absolutely comfortable with the whole idea even if there is another woman present. Do you suppose Bruce would be willing to attend? Could Susan watch your kids? I think that would be a good alternative. No question of propriety then. My feelings are based on a situation from past history with a youth group at a church we attended. A husband/wife team came under fire because of allegations from a little teenage drama queen, and it got ugly. I never believed it, but some did, and it caused a lot of harm. A third adult (at least) on the scene would have made all the difference, and I think it's important that the team includes a married couple. OK, that's my two cents' worth.

Now I gotta run. Poor little Starr will be broken-hearted, but she'll forgive me the second I walk in the door in the morning. What a good little girl she is. --Romeena

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63964: Dud, to answer your question - I don't know. How many? Have any studies been done to document the degree of hazard presented by the windmills? --Romeena

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63965: Romeena must be the night shift for you!..im off till sat morning...kids are over and we are grilling...get ya a burnt dog with salsa!..porch is quite tonight!...Tom?CHUCK?...Rev will send ya a dog and burger both..tell the misses I said hey!..Horatio?...Gizzmo?...HELLLOOO?...well back in a bit...the grill calls...and YES it has stopped raining so I know its gona be 4-wheeler and gokart and MUD time around the back field trails...well there is allways the garden hose for washing!....SPOT

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63966: Just wanted the porch to know that I just talked to Asa's daughter. Mrs. Asa is not doing very well. Please pray for her and Asa. They are in the battle of their lives. Pray for endurance and comfort as she has no strength and in pain. Asa is trying to COOK (that can't be good) and keep his job going too. He's one tired puppy (sorry SPOT) ~New Neighbor

July 10, 2008 - Msg 63967: Very wise word, Romeena. I know what is right, but sometimes it helps to hear it from somebody else. Thanks so much. These days, especially, you just can't be too careful.

Thanks you New Neighbor, for letting us know about Mrs. Asa. It is hard to hear, but we can increase our prayer on their behalf. May Christ be their strength.


July 11, 2008 - Msg 63968: There was a big argument going on around here about those windmill farms. A company wanted to construct one near a little village close to my town, but most in the little village don't want it, so they are still battling it out. I can see both sides, really. I realize it is a relatively cheap method of energy, but then if I lived in some peaceful country village my whole life with just the sound and sights of birds and bees and cows, I can see why some would not want those big, whirring windmills mucking it up.

Well, what should have been just an hour or two task(what I thought it would be anyway) turned into an all afternoon and into the early evening affair. First we had to wait at the church for the guy with the lift on his truck for about 45 minutes, then when we got to the town where we were supposed to pick up this cutting machine(I finally remember what it was), we had to wait while a couple guys tried to figure out how to disassemble part of it because it wouldn't go through the doorway otherwise. That took about an hour to an hour and a half. I mainly just tried to stay out of the way but did make myself useful by going to get some drinks(no, not alcoholic drinks, this was a mission for church).
Then after they had some of it apart, we had to figure out how to get this behemoth machine across the room and out the door and onto the truck with just one jack and one makeshift wooden dollie. And let me tell you, this thing weighed almost a ton. And that was with the motor taken off, and that was pretty heavy itself(I know, because I carried it on to the truck - oww).
Well, after we had it moved to the front of the room, it started pouring rain and lightning outside. They even had tornado sirens going off back home. So we had to wait until it let up.
We finally got it loaded on the truck and drove slowly back to the church, looking at the storm damage as we drove through town. Getting the thing off the truck was easier than putting it on there. The hard part came when the guy tried to drive his truck off the now rain-storm drenched lawn. One guy got an impromptu mud shower when the wheels started spinning and he was directly behind it near the open doors of the side entrance of the church where we put the machine. Yes, it got inside there too and on the glass doors.
I think most of us got at least some mud splattered on us as we tried to help push the truck out.
Yeah, it may have taken about 5 hours more than it should have, but we got it done and it was also kind of fun. No one was grumpy at the end of it all, and that's a good time.

But now I am tired and have to go to bed. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

P.S. That's if I can sleep. We are getting some more storms here, with the weirdest thunderclaps I have ever heard. Sound like really loud cannons going off.

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63969: Thank you for the update on Asa, New Neighbor. I have a friend whose wife has progressive MS and it isn't a good situation. I can only imagine Asa cooking - you are right, that can't be good. Hope he hangs his toolbelt up before he starts.

I am up late finishing a graduate class - I wish it were online but it has been all DVD's and reading. . .and I am tired. I have a reflection paper yet to write and then I can call it a night or morning (it's 3:30).


July 11, 2008 - Msg 63970: Mornin' y'all! Hazel,I'll bet if you smear some mayo on your feet before those dogs go to slobberin' all over them you could send Me-They into permanent therapy ! Ha! Good to hear from you.

Sterling, my thoughts on your situation are that it all is probably a big coincidence. Keep your guard up though. You just can never tell with people these days.

Boo, I agree with the others - you need another adult there. Try to find a female to attend the sleepover. I remembered Jubi in my prayers last night and will continue to do so. Keep us posted. I like her name,by the way! Oh, I've been keeping up with the Heparin incident in Corpus Christi. That is so uncalled for. I was wondering if you had any connection to the hospital or babies,then noticed where you said you used to work there. Glad you're not caught up in that terrible mess. God Bless those little ones and the families.

Ro,I'm praying for your friend as well. She sure has a lot on her plate. Prayers for her peace of mind.

New Neighbor,sure appreciate you informing us about Mrs. Asa. I'm sorry they are facing this battle. Prayers will continue for sure. Maybe Spot can ship some food care packages out to Asa,like he does for Rev! Still have Rev. on my mind and pray he's coping well.

Speaking of food,since I'm the early bird- Krispy Kremes for everybody! Enjoy!
possum under a rock

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63971: Good moning everyone.

Sorry so to hear about Mrs. Asa. Renewed prayers for ASA, his Mrs., and their family. Thanks for filling us in, NEW NEIGHBOR. Speaking of ASA's cooking, I wonder if it's anything like that episode of TAGS where Aunt Bee gets a job as a tv cook and Andy has to cook for him and Opie.

Opie: "What is it?"
Andy: "Corned beef hash."
Opie: "I thought so."

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63972: I'll bet it's very much like that episode, Me-They..hehe. Too bad we can't ship him some of hm's meatballs, that would really cheer him up.

Thanks for those prayers for Jubi, Possum. She and her mom have not been far from my thoughts most all the time. Life can be so scary. I am so thankful we have Jesus.

Possum, I hated that something like that happened at the hospital I worked in for years because it has a wonderful reputation and has for many years. Spohn Hospital started out as an old wooden 2-story building on the beach. Dr Spohn (pronounced "spawn") was the founder. The building was destroyed during a terrible hurrican in 1919 and rebuilt in town, where it really began to thrive. It has always been a well-respected hospital in the community and was actually the first. My sister and I were both born at Spohn and I went on to work there for nearly 14 years before I quit to be a stay at home mom. Both of my children were born there, too. In the years that I worked there, I seldom saw mistakes. There were alot of checks in place. I guess something like the heparin incedent could happen anywhere.

I have been praying throughout my days for REV, too. I hope he checks in soon.

Better coast on out of here..Sean has an appointment with his psychologist this afternoon and my sister and Baby Emily are going with us...hooray! Baby Emily is walking now and soooo cute.


July 11, 2008 - Msg 63973: Meatballs, meatballs, meatballs - Asa has no regard for my meatballs, but he does say they do mighty nice for golf!

Prayers for all - good luck this afternoon at psychologist Boo -


July 11, 2008 - Msg 63974: this porch is heartlis

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63975: Hi All nice.
some weather we are having hot and now and thim some rain.

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63976: Hey there, TOM! It's great to hear from you. It's hot here, too, and they are calling for thundershowers. Don't stay away so long.


July 11, 2008 - Msg 63977: Well Hello there TOM!...Romeena was work busy last night?...rain here again today but we need it...hey Sterling,m-t,possum and all...lets all get loaded up and hit olive garden tonight...Boo will you and Mavis drive?...asa you can ride with me and Tom....SPOT

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63978: Olive Garden sounds great, SPOT. I call shotgun!

Y'all have a great weekend. Prayers.


July 11, 2008 - Msg 63979: M-T: do you have a permit for that shotgun??? If not, move over I have one! And you know I get sick if I ride in the back away from the window. ~New Neighbor

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63980: Howdy, all. And a big howdy to Tom! Where on earth have you been? We were about to put out an APB for you. I figured you might have gone over to Yancey to catch Asa's act at the Gigolo Club, and might have gotten mixed up with those Fun Girls. You gotta watch those two - they'll lead you astray!

I'm so sorry that Mrs. Asa is facing such challenges, and thanks for filling us in, New Neighbor. MS is a hateful disease, and I know we'll all be in prayer for Mrs. Asa, and for Asa as well, as he walks this rugged path with his dear companion.

Well, my two night shifts are behind me, and I'm now free as a bird until next Wednesday night. That's a good feeling!

Speakaing of birds, grackles are so annoying, and I have a large population of them hanging around the back yard. They're molting right now, and a more bedraggled group you never saw. Many are tail-less, some have a few tail feathers but they're bent and scraggly, almost all have scrawny, almost featherless necks - they're hilarious! The big old boat-tail males who strutted around showing off for the females in the spring don't look quite so grand now. It's not their disheveled state that annoys me, though. They're just so messy. They drag all sorts of debris into the yard - bits of trash, dog food, whatever they find - and put it in the birdbath to soften it up. Of course, it dissolves, and soon the birdbath water is foul and smelly. The worst part, though, is that about once a week, one falls in the pond and drowns and it's up to me to net him out and dispose of him. I hate that. The birdbrains try to land on the waterlily pads, which promptly sink, the bird ends up in the water and can't fly out. Poor things, I hate that it happens, but you'd think they'd know better. I suppose when your brain is the size of a pea, though, you can't be expected to be too smart. I never seem to see one in time to rescue him, but I guess it all happens pretty quickly.

Well, I'm trying to decide whether to cook something for supper, call a friend and go out somewhere, or just eat some fruit and cheese and forget it. Decisions, decisions. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63981: I just added another picture of Toye Starr to the album. It's hilarious! She had just jumped off the step you see behind her, so her topknot was flying, her ears were flying, and the flash REALLY reflected in her eyes! Hard to imagine that anything so tiny could look so scary. --Romeena

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63982: Glad you have a few days off, Ro! Thanks for sharing the picture of Starr....eeewww, scary! Well, sort of...hard to look scary when you are so cute and wearing a purple topknot.

Busy day, all went well at the psych. It sure is hot here today, though! Very clear skies and hot as blazes. I already took one shower today before I went out and now I am going to have to shower again before I leave for the evening...our water bill is always so high in the summer.


July 11, 2008 - Msg 63983: M-T shot gun for you it is...we are running late...lets load up...come on Asa and Tom..Rev will send you a plate...SPOT

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63984: Good grub yall..and everyone behaved...even you Asa!...and I liked the red and white shoes!..Romeena you working tonight?..the kids are on the 4-wheelers...I got to work in the morning at 6...Mom will be out for the breakfast meal when the kids wake up....well its friday night what about a game of croqute..[did I spell that right?}..bet NOT...SPOT

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63985: Where is everyone?..Andy just ran out of gas on the 4-wheeler WAY down on the trail,he just walked up here...gona get the gas can and get on Kelseys and go fill him up...back in a bit...SPOT

July 11, 2008 - Msg 63986: Romeena the pics of Starr on the album are so cool...Bentley has grown!...does he not whup little star?...Otis and Opie just hang out together here..Otis could eat Opie for a snack...ha ha...back in just a bit..Andy on the trail agan full of gas...ya know gang I do have a TAGS named family...now my son "Andy" was named after Mr Taylor...Otis and Opie [dog and cat]..and did not even think about it but daughter Kelsey!...Old Man Kelseys lake[or woods,or pond]....she is in the mix too!....SPOT

July 12, 2008 - Msg 63987: Yep, Spot, Bentley is a big boy, but he thinks he's a lap dog. It's not unusual for someone to be sitting quietly watching TV or something, and suddenly find themself with a lap full of dog. He just makes a big leap and lands in your lap! It's a bit shocking, since he weighs about 45 pounds. I guess he thinks since Starr can do it, he can too. However, her little 4 1/2 pounds landing in your lap is hardly noticed, but believe me, you notice him! And no, he has never been the least bit rough with her. He seems to understand that she's fragile, and he's just ever so gentle with her. They chase each other around the island in the kitchen, until one decides to stop suddenly. If it's Bentley that stops, Starr just runs right into him. If she stops, he jumps over her. It's really sweet, watching him being so careful with her.

Hey, everybody. Here's a fun game - just click on the link and follow the directions. The object is to quickly memorize the order, from lowest to highest, of the numbers it shows you, then click the blank circles in the proper order. After ten tries, it will calculate your "brain age". I usually score in the 30's, but did reach 29 once, so guess that's not too bad for an old gal. Here it is, just copy and paste:
Try it, it's fun. Someone emailed it to me.

Well, Starr is asking for a cuddle, and there's no lap room when I'm at this desk, so guess I'll go get in my big old chair. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

July 12, 2008 - Msg 63988: Sorry, there's no "link" to click - that's what the email said, and there really was a link there. You'll have to copy and paste here, since I'm too inept to make a link. --Romeena

July 12, 2008 - Msg 63989: Morning porch...here at work till 6pm...all is quite so far...waffle house on me...SPOT

July 12, 2008 - Msg 63990: Well gang where is everyone?...gona break out the lunch menu: baked ham,fried okra,greenbeans,purple hull peas,mac-n-cheese,tea...hope someone shows up..:}..SPOT

July 12, 2008 - Msg 63991: I'm right'chere Spot slept in this morning for once, but boy did I wake up hurting. I am so sick of this back pain, I'm about ready to hit somebody with a leg o' lamb!
Well, enough complaining, it's a beautiful day outside & even though I am hurting so bad I can hardly move, at least I'm alive and able to enjoy the sunshine the Good Lord provided for us today. Hey to Tom!! Good to see you friend!
Be Blessed ya'll

July 12, 2008 - Msg 63992: Good morning, everyone - or is it afternoon? It's a beautiful day here too, bright and sunny, but it's 95 out there and no doubt quite humid, so I haven't been outdoors yet. Got to do it, though, as the pond filter is full yet again and must be washed out. The algae problem is just awful right now. I've got the UV light working, and it's killing it, but the dead growth still exists and gets pulled into the filters. I suppose since algae has lived on this earth longer than people, it would be foolish of me to hope it might just go away. I could almost believe that there was a very early command not recorded in the Bible - "Let there be algae!" And algae covered the face of the earth, and all water, and lay in wait for Romeena to build a fishpond!

Mavis, is your back pain from the sciatic nerve? That one can be a real bear to solve. Do you take a B vitamin supplement? If not, just get yourself some Niacin and take the recommended dose daily. It's a nerve nourisher, and might help a little. It can sometimes cause a "flushing" feeling, so you might want to take it at bedtime. You'll sleep through the flush. Niacin has helped me in the past.

Well, better go clear that filter before the pump burns up. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

July 12, 2008 - Msg 63993: Sure is a quite porch...everyone must be enjoying the nice days they are having...Romeena take care of those fish!..Mavis take care of that back...yall been riding bikes much?....well got 2 broke poles and crews headed in to change out..car hit one and the wire broke the other...got a shopping cneter out right now till work is done......SPOT

July 12, 2008 - Msg 63994: Wow, Spot! A whole shopping center? I'll bet you're getting a bunch of calls. A dark shopping center on a Saturday afternoon - a recipe for disaster. Elevators and escalators don't work, everything is dark, food services are dealing with melting ice and thawing food, shoplifting is rampant, pickpockets and muggers are having a wonderful time - argh. If it's a strip center thing, it wouldn't be so bad, but if it's like an indoor mall - what a mess! I've always wondered - do places like that have emergency backup generators? Hospitals do, of course, and at our hospital the switch from commercial power to generator is almost seamless, but I never knew if other entities have that feature.

Some of my fish are really getting big and pretty. One is about 8" long now, another just slightly smaller, and they both appear to be in the family way. Goldfish lay eggs, and will eat the eggs if they encounter them later, but my pond has a few rocks, some gravel and other irregularities on the bottom where eggs can settle and be protected. For the few that manage to hatch, there are plants and other places for the young to hide. At the moment there are at least a dozen little inch-long minnows out there, so I guess somebody is having some reproductive success. It's fun, but at this rate, I could get too many fish in the pond before long. My landscaper friend has a large pond on his country property. It covers over a quarter of an acre, so I guess he'd have room for some excess goldfish. I'll have to ask him if he'd take my overflow, but I feel sure he would.

I just watched a little gray tree lizard, about 6" long, as he climbed up the cottonwood outside my window. He'd climb about two feet, then freeze in place, and would align his body to match the contour of the nearest bark ridge. This made him about 99% invisible. I would never have seen him if he hadn't moved. He'd climb a little, freeze for a minute, climb a little more, freeze again and so on. I think he only moved when he felt no birds or cats were watching.

There's also a little chameleon out there, who hangs out on the hose reel at the back of the house. I've learned to thump on that reel and make sure he's not in there before I start winding or unwinding the hose, so as not to squish him. He makes himself exactly the color of the green hose, so he's hard to see, but his little pink throat gives him away. He will jump off the hose onto the brown/beige brick wall, and immediately turns the same color as the brick. I love it!

Well, guess I'll rustle up some leftovers and have an early supper. Early for me, that is. It's nearly 7 p.m., but the sun is still high, so it seems too early for supper. Get thos poles fixed, Spot. You're one of the unsung heroes. I know you don't climb anymore, but you coordinate it and see to it that it gets done. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

July 12, 2008 - Msg 63995: Hey Ro, isn't it wonderful that you gain so much enjoyment from your back yard? That's just the way it should be. I am so looking forward to living on those 5 acres of ours. I'm sure I will see plenty of nature.

Been helping mom-in-law with her garage sale...well, she doesn't actually have a garage, but you get the idea. That woman cleared about 1300.00! I couldn't believe it. Her departed husband had some tools and things that really added up and she sold some furniture. She is planning another sale soon to get rid of the rest. She gave me beautiful Christmas bowl that she has had for years and I love it! Its a pretty cream color with gold trim and a sprig of holly painted on the front. I am thrilled to have it to pass on to my own children some day. It really is lovely.

I forgot to tell you all that when I was battling Erin's headlice, I cut about 4 inches off of her hair so it was about 3 inches past the shoulder. I did a lousy job so I took her to a salon up the road to have it trimmed up, to fix my mistakes. I told the woman to just trim it up and showed her with me fingers to take about an inch off. Well, I no sooner turned around and she had started cutting on the back and it was all the way up to about the jawline! As it turned out, the woman didn't speak very much English. The haircut is cute but I really am kind of sick about it. It took so long to grow out Erin's long hair and I loved her hair. Oh well, it will grow back, right?

I've talked enough for awhile...see you all later.


July 12, 2008 - Msg 63996: Oh my, I forgot to say hi to Mavis and SPOT!


July 12, 2008 - Msg 63997: Thanks Romeena...yea its a coordinate thang...but people do come in and get it done and just talked to the guys at work and about an half an hour ago all is done...I do miss those days in the field but the job I have is rewarding also..hey Boo...well let me get the young-uns showers and bed down....back in a bit ....SPOT

July 13, 2008 - Msg 63998: Hey, Spot. I suppose you do miss the days when you worked outdoors, but I'll bet when it's cold and rainy, or miserably hot and humid and the sun is beating down, or when it's icy - you don't just sit and wish you could be strapped to the top of a pole right then, do you? I would think it's a lot more pleasant to sit in a comfortable chair in front of a bank of monitors, and dispatch somebody else to shinny up that pole. I know you served your time doing that, and I do respect you for it, and all the guys who are doing it now. That's a very tough, dangerous, demanding job, and I think you guys are often under-appreciated. I say "guys" because that's the way I think, but I'm aware that there are women out there on the lines these days as well. Not sure I approve, but nobody asked me.

Yes, Boo, I do get a lot of pleasure out of the yard. It's a bit shaggy right now, needs weeding and some spent plants pulled up and something else put in, but it's just been too hot and I haven't been up to it. Joe is coming in a week or so, and we'll make a day of it, and things will look better. It's still pretty, but not like it should be. Still, the wildlife out there puts on a never-ending show, and that's what I enjoy the most. I envy you, with your five acres. I would just love that!!

I finally figured out how to solve a problem with the umbrella fountain. The way it works, there's a pump at the bottom, a riser pipe, and a cylinder on top of that which has fins, or flanges on the inside, extending from the inside of the cylinder toward the middle. There is another piece, shaped like the end of a trumpet, which fits inside that cylinder and is held in place by friction between the flanges and the trumpet piece itself. The further down in the cylinder you push the neck of the trumpet, the larger the circular spray, or umbrella. Pull it up too far, and the water just runs down the outside of the cylinder. Well, it's a bit worn, and the flanges wouldn't grip the trumpet neck, so the water column would push it up and the umbrella pattern would be lost. I finally figured it out, and took the blade of a pruner and cut little gashes in the trumpet neck. That left raised edges where I cut it, and now the flanges can grip again, and I have a beautiful umbrella of water once again. It's so pretty.

Boo, I'll bet Erin's little pixie face looks adorable with that short haircut. It will be cooler and easier to keep for the summer, too, and as you say, it will grow out.

Well, back to my newspaper. I was about three days behind on the papers, due to working, but I'm catching up. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

July 13, 2008 - Msg 63999: Ha ha! Just looked at the pic of Starr, Romeena. She still looks cute, even for a demonic puppy.

Wow Boo, that's an excellent haul for a garage sale. I'm lucky if I break $100 when I have had sales.

Thought I'd let you all know that my mom called me yesterday, saying that on Thursday while I was helping move that machine for the church, the dreaded red car parked down the block from her house, in the same place as before and about the same time. She said my sister watched it the whole time, and after a little while a young girl walked from the school carrying an instrument case(with probably an instrument in it;)), got in, and they drove off. Now me being the terminal sceptic, asked her if she was sure it was the same car(remember, my mom once thought that my ex sitting outside the car that one time was a guy, and I don't have any guy ex's I assure you) and she said it was because she saw it before the first time I told her about it.
That would be the rational explanation for that, and I hope it is the case. I haven't talked to my sister about it yet. I always like to see things for myself just to be sure, but in the meantime it has made me feel a whole lot better knowing that I am probably not being stalked.

Went to see Journey To The Center Of The Earth in 3D today with the wife and Kai. That was probably the best 3D movie I have ever seen(I haven't seen that many however). Maybe because I wasn't expecting much, as other 3D movies I was all excited to see turned out to be unimpressive. But in this one it really felt like you were right there in the room(or wherever) with the characters.
The only downside, and one of the many reasons I absolutely hate going to see a movie in the theatre, was that there was this guy sitting right behind us who would not shut up. I call him "Mr. Know-Nothing", as opposed to Mr. Know-it-all, because this guy was trying to impress his girlfriend or something by verbalizing - before the characters did - for instance, what chemical was in the sides of the cave making them flammable, or why the ground was crumbling beneath the character's feet etc, and he was wrong every time. I know, I had to listen to him.
We finally just all three got up and moved over to the other side of the theatre, where no one was sitting. The seats weren't as good, but at least we could concentrate on listening to the movie instead of some jerk who still thought he was in his living room.

Goodnight all.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 13, 2008 - Msg 64000: As well as terminal bad speller; that's supposed to be "sKeptic". ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

July 13, 2008 - Msg 64001: I feel sorry for "Mr. Know-Nothing"'s girlfriend. I went out once with a "Mr. Know-Nothing", only he was also a "Mr. Talk Bad About His Ex-Wife"...gross. One date with him was enough for anybody. He also asked me to take my car on the date (he said his was in the shop) and then sat in the car while I pumped my own gas into my car. That was the last date I went on before I met Bruce. I remember telling God (as I payed for my gas and walked back to the car), "That's it! I don't want to go out on another date again until it's Mr. Right, and he opens doors and sends flowers!". Well, guess what? God took me at my word and soon after, I met "Mr. Right" and he sent me flowers after our first, very romantic date, in which he was a perfect gentleman....hey, what happened to that guy? Now he sits on the couch in his robe, black socks and slippers while I carry in the groceries. Well, to be fair, he usually says something like, "Uh, you need any help with that, Hon?"...I usually say something like, "I don't need it but I would certainly enjoy it."...I hope you men don't do that to your wives. When you see them carrying groceries, don't ask, just get up and help.

Better hit the hay...got preachin' tomorrow.



July 13, 2008 - Msg 64002: Boo, for cryin' out loud! Don't you know how to handle that? You went and bought the groceries, did all the calculations to determine the best bargain, stood in the checkout line, etc. So, when you get home, you get out of the car and walk in the house, saying to one and all "There are groceries in the car. If you don't want melted ice cream and sour milk, please bring them in." Then you make yourself a glass of tea and sit down for a little while. Works every time, assuming there is someone home who is capable of carrying them in. Starr isn't much help. The Plum wasn't, either, so I carry my own these days, but there was a time....

Sterling, I'm glad some of the worry is subsiding for you. I know you must be feeling better.

Your story of the motormouth in the theater brings up a pet peeve of mine. Since you were able to get up and move, it's obvious that there were plenty of empty seats. So why was bigmouth and his date seated right behind you? Have you ever noticed how that works? You can walk into a nearly-empty theater and sit down, and someone will come in and sit either behind you or right in front of you. They won't even leave an empty row, when there are plenty of rows to leave. Why is that? Same on a parking lot. I make it a point to park waaaay out on a lot, all alone, to protect my doors and so I can see from a distance if someone is loitering near my car. Invariably, when I come out, someone will be parked right next to me, very carefully lined up in the painted lanes. There may be 500 empty spaces, but they will park next to me. I call it the "flocking syndrome". It's like they can't stand to be alone, they have to be in a little flock with someone else. Amazing.

Just watch next time you park on a big lot. People will sit and wait for a chance to nose their big old car into a tiny space, where they're bound to ding another car or get their own scratched. There might be plenty of open spaces about thirty feet further out, but they'll struggle to squeeze into a single empty space. It's like they think they're required to fill the empty space, so everything is all neat and tidy. It just beats me, it really does. --Romeena