July 19, 2008 - Msg 64204: Evening Family:- that includes AntD. Welcome.
Have to work in the morning, and it's taken me quite a while to read all the posts. HMMM, sure missed alot when the truck don't pick me UP!!--SPOT!!
Off to get some much needed sleep. RO: we're full too, wonder what causes that? Full moon maybe?
Have a blessed Sabbath day- ~New Neighbor

July 19, 2008 - Msg 64205: Never too tired for a good clean sweep of the porch. Sorry about all the dust! ~New Neighbor

July 19, 2008 - Msg 64206: Just read thru some of the archives, and Boo, now you’ve got me curious. You said you’re 46 (or about to be), and that you quit work as an RN when Sean was 3, and he’s 13 now. So that was 10 years ago. So you would have been about 36. You said you worked as an RN for 20 years before that, so that means you started when you were 16. I am just curious as to how you became an RN at 16. Did they have different rules about nursing back then? Inquiring minds want to know!

- Hazel

July 19, 2008 - Msg 64207: Good evening, folks! Boo, what a nightmare combination - a neurotic, hormonal drama queen who thinks she's in labor but isn't, and is a lawyer, of all things! No wonder she had the docs running scared. Anyone can sue, and anyone can win. Never forget - to win a case in court, you don't necessarily have to be right, you just have to convince the jury that you are, and typically, most jurors will favor the plaintiff in a medical suit, right or wrong.

I opted to stay home, much to Starr's delight. The leftovers were good, too. Will probably turn in early tonight, so I can make it to church in the morning without being in a rush.

Yeah, Dud, I wonder how much longer it will take, and what other horrific events have to occur before this country will wake up and realize that we're at war, and I don't mean in Iraq. Our own constitution, in its various interpretations, and with the help of the ACLU, will deliver us to the Muslims on a silver platter, if we don't finally smell the coffee. I heard someone say the other day that they thought the ACLU, which seeks to eradicate all traces of religion, will be very shocked when Islamic law is imposed and all Islamic religious observances are required of everyone. Frankly, I don't think that's true. I think the ACLU will be rewarded for helping to set the stage for the transition. Perhaps they will become the American Taliban. As Edmund Burke said, "all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Well, "good men" have been beaten into submission by the twisting and perverting of our rights and freedoms, and we're now doing next to nothing to stop the encroachment of Islam into our way of life. At my age, I doubt I'll see the actual takeover, but my children very well may, and certainly my grandchildren will.

Do you know what is so amazing to me? We see the rights of Christians being abrogated daily - can't pray in public, no Ten Commandments in a court house, students are forbidden to wear religious symbols on their person, pastors must be careful what they say in the pulpit lest they be convicted of "hate speech" - you know what I mean, you read the papers too. Christians are belittled, Jews are reviled, Madonna does a "crucifixion" parody in Las Vegas, the name of Jesus Christ is used as a swear word, TV shows and so-called comics make fun of religion, and less and less time is given on the air to Christian programming. Meantime, Muslims are accommodated and catered to at every turn, NASA is working on a device (costing millions, I'm sure) to pinpoint the location of Mecca from space, so that Muslim astronauts will know which way to face when they pray, and the whole Muslim world has a hissyfit when that old pedophile, Mohammed, is portrayed with a bomb for a hat. Folks, do you know what makes the difference? I'll tell you. We sit quietly by and take it, unwilling to engage in any overt protest, so carefully granting everyone their "rights", while the Muslims chop off heads around the world and intimidate everyone who dares to face off with them. I'm not advocating that we resort to such sickening violence, but we do need to get up on our hind legs and declare that we have had enough, and tell the ACLU to sit down, shut up and get over it. In other words, the time for political correctness has passed. It's time for us to go into defense mode, and any football fan knows that the best defense is a strong offense.

OK, that's my say. I guess I did it again. I keep promising to lighten up, and there I go again, but maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe we all need to "go again", and declare our patriotism and demand our religious freedom once again. Does anyone agree? --Romeena

July 19, 2008 - Msg 64208: I hope everyone had a great Saturday...I have been told that LABs are very frisky (don't call them hyperactive, yeah right) their first 3 years for life..and the puppy Princess "Miley" is certainly no different...she & the MILK DUD finally tuckered out at about the same time & they really bonded today...

BOO: That was terrible about your friend in the truck who got attacked for no reason..another reason for having a concealed carry gun permit in my opinion..... ROMEENA: I agree with your above post ... The "Dud"

July 19, 2008 - Msg 64209: Yes, Ro, this country is in a scary place right now and it's time to nail down what we believe and what we are willing to do to be free to practice our beliefs.

Well, DUD, from the way my friend describes the attack, if he had reached for a gun, they would have probably gotten it away from him before he could use it. He did the right thing by fleeing the scene. The way they were going for him, he couldn't even call 911. Now, had they followed him, a gun would have been nice to have, that's for sure! To say that he was surprised and shaken by the sudden attack would be an understatement. I am very thankful that he got away because he is convinced that they were intent on killing him and he is probably right. Makes me angry!

Hey there Hazel, no, I wouldn't have been an RN at 16, I just posted quickly without thinking out the math enough. Let's see, I became an RN in 83, which was 25 years ago (that was probably what I was thinking about when I posted). I then worked until 1999 at the hospital, which would be 16 years, not twenty, however, I did do some part-time on call work for a home health agency after that for about 2 years which would make it 18 years. I think that's right...close enough anyways. I was 21 when I graduated nursing school, not 16. I did start early, though, because I graduated from highschool at 17 and went right into college that summer.

Well, time to hit the hay so I can get up for sunday school. Goodnight!


July 20, 2008 - Msg 64210: hey gang ,back from the beach trip ,had 3 beautiful days there ,it was raining when we left out yesterday morning,a tropical storm off the coast .Everone have a great Mayberry day

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64211: Good morning everyone:

Someone once said, "Some people ask the Lord to guide them; then they grab the steering wheel." "It should be a great comfort to know that God still has His hands on the steering wheel of the universe.".....The "Dud"

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64212: Romeena glad ya got some rest,hey NN,congrats on the pup Dud...hey there MAYBERRY DEPUTY!..no cup race this week...Carl won last night!..hey Mavis I need a summer trim please...hey Boo,brother Rev where are you at now?..need to get the food to ya!..Tom you get any rain?..we have NONE..had to water the garden..hazel you and possum doing ok?..M-T hows them kids?..sterling check in you and Asa...apb: gizzmo,horatio,lucy,robyn,red....Ant-d what part of the porch are you on?..im in Ga..you may have said and i missed it...well I got all the Church lights on I hope...got a sermon on the tube and the braves come on at 1:05 and lunch will be fried chicken and fresh green beans,cream taters,maude slaw and tea and rolls...all is good!...SPOT

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64213: Allright where is everybody?..yall napping after that big lunch I made?...SPOT

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64214: SPOT: Hello from Bayou Country...MILK DUD & I enjoyed that lunch...

Princess Miley De'Lab, MILK DUD & I have been sunning by the pool...Got a Retrieving Baton and that is her new best toy..she thinks she is ready for the water..I got her a mini frisbee also...see will be a great frisbee catcher off the boat dock into the water...plenty of ducks and swans around and she does her immitation of a bark at 'im (good genes)....

MILK DUD, her Na-Na & others went to services...Even though MILK DUD is being raised conservative Jewish her mother does not mind her going to the Christian Church..Her grandma likes to show her off so much...I was puppy sitting...AL GORE on the Meet the Press today...We are in trouble people..No drill, No Nukes, No more natural gas, No Coal...Gonna plug in the SEMI's & cars to the electric grid for power...he talks about GEO-Thermal energy being ok (he did it at his mansion)..that makes as big a mess as an Oil Rig..you have to drill to get it (but that is ok, big oil is not involved)... not gonna' make it to the Zoo today due to new dog, young'un and heat...see ya..gotta to go supervise.. The "Dud"

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64215: Just how does Mr. Bore propose to generate the power for the grid that will charge up all those as-yet-undeveloped-and-unmanufactured vehicles? --Romeena

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64216: Hey DUD, that's really good that your ex isn't threatened by MILK DUD going to a Christian church. I think it usually the Christians who feel threatened by other faiths, at least that has been my experience. Years ago when I was teaching high school sunday school at another church, I was planning to take the kids to a local Jewish Synagogue (we were studying Judiasm as it relates to Christianity). I had arranged a time for them to meet the Rabbi and ask questions, etc. Well, the parents didn't like it and I had to cancel the whole thing. Just ingnorance on their part, and they felt threatened. Kind of ridiculous since, it if weren't for our Jewish roots, none of us would be Christians. And we are considered "children of Abraham through faith in the promise".

Hey to SPOT and Mayberry Deputy!


July 20, 2008 - Msg 64217: Romeena: You live in Texas & SPOT you are in the industry. You both have to agree with me that the politicians are living in Fantasy Land when it comes to our current energy needs..Like Romeena said, what is going to be used to power the power plants so we can plug into to this power grid...

I am for Windmills (even though in todays paper they said North La. is not suitable for them), Solar, Wave & yes GEO Thermal (smaller drilling rigs like water well/workover are used) for energy....Speaker of the House (Mrs. Pelosi) on CNN, said even though 73% of American public and the majority of Congress are for it, she will not allow a vote in the house to allow the states to sign off on off-shore drilling...Mrs. Mult-millionairess says, let the oil companies drill on the leases they already have in the Gulf (Al. Ms. La. & Tx.) before we drill in enviromentally sensitive (West & East Coast)areas..she flies by tax payer supplied private jet from DC to her San Fran dist 40 times a year and refuels in Salt Lake City, (she wanted a bigger GOVT jet so she wouldn't have to stop), (Hypocrite)...They asked Mr. Gore about flying his private Jet, and he replied, "I flew Southwest to get here"..he finally admitted that he has a jet to use... I'm a stocking up on firewood (dead trees) for heat and artificial lures to eat...Gotta supervise...The "Dud"

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64218: Dud I heat 85% with wood during the winter..I just cut and haul my own wood..have a big wood burning stove with blower and it heats well and the bedroom is a little cool but I like that..Romeena when do you work next girl?..im off at 6pm today then day shift mon and tue 6 to 2 then off for 3..I hear the lake calling two of those days!..lets all meet at Longhorn steak house tonight...I will bring you some salsa Romeena for yer tater...well got a subdivision out of power let me get to the phones and get a crew headed that way to find out the problem!...SPOT

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64219:
Hello porch family....I'm in Fryeburg, Maine now. Had a concert this morning and one tonight then one Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll be in this area for the next three days. So Spot you can send the truck to this area.

Gotta go and get ready but hope to check back in tonight. Prayers for all the porch family.

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64220: Good evening, everyone. Spot, I don't work again until Wednesday night, then again on Friday night. Oh, and thanks for the salsa!

Of course I agree, Dud. I wish everyone could be like you and Spot, and heat with a renewable fuel like wood, but even that would run out eventually, if everyone in the country was out cutting down trees to heat their homes. Hardwood just doesn't grow that fast! Soft woods, like cottonwood, grow very fast, but they also burn extremely fast and don't produce the steady, efficient heat that oak does. Woodburning is fine in a country setting, it's part of America's charm - the sweet woodsmoke rising from the chimney of a country home - it's the stuff of Christmas cards. But imagine the smog if everyone in Dallas had a fireplace and was burning wood all winter long? You wouldn't be able to see to the next corner.

When my DH was here, we used our fireplace a lot in the winter, almost every evening. It was extremely heat-productive and kept the entire living area, dining room and kitchen warm. The bedrooms got pretty cool (I like that too,Spot
So, with a gas line already existing in the fireplace, I bought some really beautiful gas logs, and had them installed. I can now have a lovely fire whenever I want it, at no risk to my old bones. Granted, it doesn't produce as much heat as our roaring oak-fed fires did, but it does provide a nice ambience for entertaining, or even just for me, and it's cheaper than buying wood. Burns clean too, so no creosote in the chimney. I guess the point here is - as the old saying goes - different strokes for different folks. --Romeena

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64221: Hey, where's the rest of my post? A big chunk is missing out of the middle. --Romeena

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64222: Ha! I found it in the page source. I messed it up myself, with a misplaced symbol. Here's the rest:

The bedrooms got pretty cool,(I like that too, Spot, because the thermostat is in the living room, so the furnace wasn't running. In the early morning, as the heat from the fireplace finally died down, the furnace would come on and the bedrooms would be warming up just about the time we were all getting up. It worked fine. However, when it became just me here alone, things changed. Dale always tended the fireplace, ordered wood, built the fires, carried in the wood and kept them going - all of that. I tried it for a while, but didn't do it very often.

Then I slipped on the ice on the driveway late one night when I went out to get some logs, and thought I had broken my hip. It really, really hurt, and I just lay there on the ice for a few minutes, not sure I could get up. Finally I did, found I could walk and the pain lessened, so nothing was broken, but I had learned something. Suppose I HAD broken something? It was nearly midnight, and no one would have even known I was there until the paper carrier went by around daybreak. The temperature was 22. Not a good situation.


July 20, 2008 - Msg 64223: I hope you can make some sense out of my jigsaw puzzle of text up there. Sorry. --Romeena

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64224: Did any episode ever include a Northern relative?

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64225: Omigosh!
Did I do that? It didn't show up until I closed the program for a Firefox update, and it opened again. Anyway, it should be fixed now. Good grief. I think I'll go out in the garden and eat a bug. --Romeena

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64226: Andy tried to pass Ernest T. off as his cousin from Boston. I took that to mean that he might actually have had relatives there. --Romeena

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64227: MILK DUD & Princess Miley De'Lab says hey!

ROMEENA: Our house is just like your house was before the gas logs...We have a two wood burning natural gas starting fire places and we heat/cool/cook with natural gas. The Monroe Gas Field that we sit on was the largest Gas field when it was discovered. You are right, if everybody burned wood we would be like parts of Africa that have no wood fuel/trees and terrible errosion, so there is no crops...no solution there...It is just frustrating, I am going to see about going in with a friend of mine who gardens for pleasure and money at the farmer's market..I can fish & hunt for protein and trade pecans for other things...we have pecans all over the place...I do not live in a rural area, the homes on this part of the Bayou are very nice and the cypress trees are beautiful...We do not allow the public to launch boats on our part of the Bayou (dammed from river access and dammed from the upper reaches), the only place to launch boats is on people's private ramps or the Bayou De'Siard Country Club...I do not think that is fair to the public that pays taxes for upkeep, but that is the way it has been done since before I was born.....The "Dud"

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64228: Wow, Dud, it sounds beautiful. I love cypress trees. They grow along the Frio river in the Texas hill country - Boo knows that river too - and they're so pretty. Also, there's quite a respectable little stand of them along one end of our local duck ponds, just a mile or so from my house. Knobby knees sticking up and the whole thing. Not sure about the deal prohibiting public use of property that's taxpayer supported, but I don't know enough about it to really have an opinion. Seems to me if it's privately owned, tax money shouldn't be used to maintain it, but if it's connected to public property and could influence the quality of that property, then I suppose that could be a mitigating factor.

OK, I have to ask. Do you have a 'gator problem in your end of the bayou? --Romeena

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64229: Also - I envy your pecans! I'm like a squirrel when it comes to pecans. Actually, I like all kinds of nuts, but guess pecans are my favorite. I love to make a waffle and just load the batter with pecans, and add a tablespoon or two of sugar. Then I bake it pretty brown, and just pick it up and eat it like a big nutty cookie. Delish! Just faintly sweet, and full of those toasty pecans - yum! --Romeena

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64230: Oh boy, Ro, you had to mention the Frio! I dearly, from the bottom of my heart, love that river. Just this morning while I was sittin in church I was thinking about it (when I should have been listening to the preacher) and thinking that we are going to have to make another trip soon. I would really like to move to the Leakey area and be near the river when Bruce retires...we'll see.


July 20, 2008 - Msg 64231: Hello Boo...Romeena, we have a state gator hunting lottery..a bunch of us guys enter and at least one or two of us get gator tags to harvest one gator per tag....we go into our part of the Bayou and make sure we bag at least at 6' plus gator...We only have a few small ones running around at one time and most of the time none...When a couple of hunting dogs go missing the state will come out and harvest them out of our part...our city of 55,000 gets its water from the Bayou so yeah tax payers pay for its upkeep..lots of people bank fish, some for food and that is allowed along with small boats that you can take out of the back of a pickup that you can carry...most people don't bother so our part of the Bayou is like a private perserve..no fishing pressure and the ducks and swans like it just fine...Miley, enjoys it so far...MILK DUD is asleep..the water tires her out...The "Dud"

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64232: Just a brief note -
kids are in 4-H this week. . . Casey received a Reserve Grand Champion on his Vet. Science project and Jesse had an honors ribbon with his Photography exhibit. The rest of the projects received blues. Goats are judged on Thursday and not expecting them to do much - we have only entered two - we usually have 12 or so. So much "stuff" has happened this year. Really couldn't take the stress of more animals.

Love and miss all of you - thanks for all the prayers - I covet them enormously. Yeah, I know - thou shalt not covet!


July 20, 2008 - Msg 64233: Ooh and Dud - I enjoy the energy talk between you and MT. I talked to someone in California that couldn't fathom that Walmart is 15 miles from us and that is because we are in the country and mass transit just doesn't happen here. Geesh - country-fied and no mass transit. Does anyone watch Green Acres - life would be great if Mr. Haney still delivered!


July 20, 2008 - Msg 64234: HomeMaker: Glad to hear from you and Congrats to Casey and Jesse...Me-They has his strong opinions and I respect that, but this country is in a bind.

Our Sunday paper TV insert is called the front porch. On the cover each week is a different family and included is a TV profile...It is called "Meet your neighbors on the Porch". Our paper's Web site has a blog called "Miss Eileen on the Porch" and she is a nut from Colorado that does not understand us people in the South..He,He,..It is interesting... The "Dud"

July 20, 2008 - Msg 64235:
Hey Folks

homemaker- "Green Acres, we are there," also. The nearest mall is an hour north and the nearest Wal Mart is about 25 minutes west. And, I think we also have the same mass transit as yours. Congrats to your kids.

Dud-I gotta tell ya, as a fellow Consevative, unless you "act" as though you care more for tree slugs or polar bears the press just doesn't care. Who cares that we don't have a replacement for fossil fuels? All fossil fuel has done over the last 80 years is provide the greatest prosperity for the largest number of people the world has ever seen. Fossil fuel has made heating homes safer and more efficient, allowed us to have ambulances and aircraft. Fossil fuel has helped to power factories, hospitals, and schools. It just doesn't matter that there is nothing more cost effective or more readily available, it just doesn't. So, I guess, the "in" thing now is to rage at our successes. We have to hate Wal Mart, Exxon, and God help us, we absolutely have to hate "BIG PHARMA." That only means we care. Hang in there buddy.


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64236: You boys are right, and everyone knows it, if they're honest with themselves. The fact is, we are who we are, we have what we have, and we live the way we live. Obvious? Yes. True? Again, yes. It's not feasible at this point in history to change who we are, do away with what we have and completely alter our way of life. Our world runs on electricity and gas, and our cars run on gasoline. No, they don't run on coal. And that, Mr. Gore, is the real "inconvenient truth". I'm not sure just what he would have us power and heat our homes with. Somehow, I don't think it would be possible for me to drill in my back yard in order to connect with geothermal resources, like he did. I mean, hooray for his team and all that, but I don't think the average person can do that. Also, I'd love to hear him explain what we're to do with the millions of unacceptable cars we now possess. Can he direct us to a landfill that will hold them? And just where are we to get the money to buy replacements for them all, especially since even the best of the vehicles being produced today are really not all that efficient, and it will be years before the automakers decide to really get on the bandwagon and change that.

No, as I've said before, we need to make the short-term commitment to fossil fuel, and drill wherever we need to drill in order to supply our present needs. Meantime, we need to be working overtime to develop alternate fuel sources, such as wind and solar power. Those things are infinite, and any moron can see that they're preferable to sucking up non-renewable resources, but they will take time to develop and be made available. It will happen, because it has to happen, but we need to quit fighting about it and get to work on the development while we still have fossil fuels to support us. Good grief. Why is this so difficult?

Homemaker, I envy you, and wish I could live the way you and Spot and auh2o live, but for me, it's not possible. Not everyone can live in the country - if we all moved out there with you, you'd have to move over and make room for us, and you wouldn't like that very much. I enjoyed country living when I was young, and know enough about it to realize that it wouldn't work for me now, at this age and stage of life. So, I create my little natural world beyond my window, and thank God for that. --Romeena

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64237: Auh2o: Good to hear from you buddy...I am hanging in there and enjoying being with my daughter and her new puppy.

One more thing about Gore..He did all this Green conversion to his mansion in Tenn last year and he still used 14% more energy than the year before. He still uses the equivalent of 232 average Tenn. households worth of energy to power his big house..I don't mind people who can afford it, to own big homes and have private planes..but don't tell me that the avg American is an energy hog/polluter and "I" have to change my way of life...the avg per capita income in NELa. is less than $15k. People are going to quit commuting to work because of the price of fuel..they can not afford a GEO-Thermal well & piping costs, a solar panel on the roof, Spaceage Plastic Windmill. They maybe can afford a jump start given by a neighbor...Gore and his bunch blame everything on George W. Weren't these brainiacs in power the 8 years previous to the two "Oil Men we have in the White House" now....have a good night all..... The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64238: Ok Rev will swap out food plates for some Maine Lobster!..Romeena I dont know what it would be like to live in a sub. or city...hey auh20,Dud.....been looking for Asa and Tom...well breakfast will be the good old waffle house on Romeena and I..well let me get started here at work....prayers to all...back in a bit...SPOT

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64239: Good Morning to all! I hope you had a great weekend. My husband John and I painted my dad's kitchen and dining area as a surprise for him while he was out of town for the day. Today my back and feet are talking to me! He was pleasantly surprised (because I also "re-arranged and cleaned up" for him.) It's an interior decorator's OCD to do that. :) We also went out of town for my aunt's 80th birthday. She and I share the same birthday of July 4th. She's a firecracker just like me! Full of spunk! She's great!!

Ant D

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64240: Good morning everyone:

SPOT: I will meet you at the W House..They have good salsa on request, ROMEENA....looking forward to spending the day with daughter and dog....

Someone once said, "Age doesn't always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone"...The "Did"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64241:
Hey Folks

Morning, Romeena, Spot, and Dud.

Romeena-I love being a hayseed but there are times when I wish the mall wasn't an hour away.

Spot-Being the good dog that you are, I bet you're gonna give us all a holler when that lobster is ready, right?

Dud- I love the name Miley. In our house we have a split decision on Miley Cyrus our oldest daughter loves her and our youngest couldn't care less for her. I like her. I think she's a talented kid that's trying to find her way and I'm rooting for her.

"There's Uncle Joe he's a moving kinda slow at the junction. Petticoat Junction..."


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64242:
Morning, Ant D and "Did"?


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64243: Good Morning porch, hope everyone is awake this morning.

Back to work for me, hopefully it will be a busy and good week.

Busy this week end. My church celebrated our
63rd anniversary. We still have several of the charter members with us. There were about 7 of them with us and the others have gone on to heaven. 2 of our former pastors as well as
3 former ministers of music. It was a great service followed by a BBQ dinner with all the fixins. Made for a long day but we had a good time.

Thanks for breakfast SPOT and Romeena. I can take care of lunch for everyone: roast beef sandwhiches, SLAW, broasted potatoes. Wasp nest cake for desset. tea or kool aid to drink.

Better get to work. You all have a blessed day.

Big Maude

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64244: Typo on the last post, should be The "Dud"...The "Did" sounds kinda cool for my epitaph.....

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64245: Boy, lots of chatting going on here on the Porch this weekend! Good to see everyone & welcome to you Ant D! You fit right in here! I bought my nephew one of those ant farms for Christmas & he loves it! Oh & my son, Jake, is also a firecracker baby! He turned 20 this year! Dud I bet that puppy is cute! Labs are wonderful dogs, I had one when I was a teenager that went everywhere with me, he too, was chocolate, I called him (are you ready?) Mousse, as in Chocolate Mousse. He was a very smart dog, completely obedience trained by the time he was 4 months old! I will warn you though, Labs are VERY destructive when they are young, for a dog that has such a soft mouth when they grow up & start retrieving, they sure can tear things up as younsters! A big welcome to Milk Dud as well, how lucky that little lady is to grow up in an environment like you are giving her, not many children get that opportunity anymore! hm congrats to those wonderful boys of yours, photography huh? Spot don't work too hard friend, you & Miss Sherry work too hard as it is! Congrats on her new truck, btw. Good to see you auh2o where you been? Raleigh?
Friends, I want to tell you, I found a bundt cake recipe this weekend & made it, I have never made a bundt cake before, always scared me (HA) anyways, it turned out so good! & EASY! I'll post the recipe.
Best get off here & get ready to get back to work, got dogs to groom today. Back later friends!

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64246: *younsters? Good grief, I caught whatever auh2o has! Good to see you Big Maude you snuck in on me there! What's Wasp Nest cake? Do you have to wait until sundown to make it? HA (I'm full of it this morning!) I wanted to ask for prayers for my beloved Mr. Neff, he has been in pain all weekend with a bad tooth, why does that always seem to happen on the weekends? Gonna get him to the dentist today if I can & IF he'll listen to me & go.
Here's that recipe: Butter Pecan Bundt Cake
1 box yellow cake mix
1/2 cup of oil
1 cup milk
4 eggs
1 can Coconut Pecan icing

Mix all ingredients together, including the can of icing, and pour into a greased-and-floured bundt pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 - 45 minutes.
Cool on a wire rack and sprinkle confectioners' sugar over top.

Gotta go!

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64247: Hello Ant D., Mavis, Auh2o and other porchsitters..

I have always been the chef in the family, but it does make a father real happy when his daughter says, "I love your cookin' daddy, it's better than the Black Eye Pea". For those that don't know the Pea is a Dallas area franchise institution for home cooked meals..and when MILK DUD told me when I was still with her mom, that my meat loaf was better than their's I beamed for a week...the little things are sometimes the most precious things....MAVIS & BOO I will keep both of you as resources on bringing up Miley De'Lab...The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64248: Hey Dud - I agree with the others about Labs being destructive. They're also diggers when they're pups. I grew up with Labs. All in all I probably had about seven labs over the years. Four of them were named Smokey. There was the original Smokey and when he died, we got another Lab and he became Smokey #2 and so on and so on. But they're the most loyal and loveable dogs with a great temperament. You'll love having a Lab. Now I have an ankle biter (a Yorkshire Terrier). He's a feisty little booger. I got him because I was having "baby fever" and figured since I wasn't having any more children then he'd be good cradling material. He's not; in fact, he'd rather stand there, look at you and bark at you than to let you pick him up and love on him. We also have a Pug named Sam. Sam is the SWEETEST pup and smart too. Unfortunately I can't cradle him in my arms like a baby because if you turn him on his back, he starts snorting because he can't breathe (because of their pushed in noses). Bless his heart.

Kids do say the most wonderful and darnest things sometime. Dawson (my 8 year old) who is ALL boy and heavily into playing baseball (has played 8 seasons thus far) and very good at it. But Dawson is also my clown. One day not to long ago while in second grade at school (he's now going to third), his teacher was going over their spelling words and was picking students from the class to use a spelling word in a sentence. Well I feel like she set herself up when she selected Dawson to use the spelling word "but" in a sentence. She said, "Dawson. Give us a sentence with the spelling word "but" in the sentence." Dawson immediately responded, "Get your but outside". Well she didn't take to kindly to that, especially when the kids bursted into laughter (two of them falling out of their desks laughing uncontrollably on the floor). She emailed me and called me and punished Dawson as well. When she called me and said, "How do you feel about that?" I said, "I think it's funny." :)

Ant D

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64249: You got it, DAD, uh, I mean "DUD"...we keep trying to change your name, don't we? Something neat I wanted to share about my lab, Leah, is that she is now staying in my parent's home because when we moved out (we lived with them for two years, thinking our house would be ready sooner...big mistake), Dad felt very insecure and wanted to keep Leah with them. She sleeps in their bedroom and just like to be near them, which caused me concern because she is very big and if she bumped up against them, I was afraid they might fall. She is so smart, though, that she can be lying on the floor near where they are sitting and if mom starts to get up, Leah immediately jumps up and gets out of her way. She looks out after the folks and is a very good watchdog. Of course, when people come into the house invited, she is very cordial. The thing the dog loves more than anything is playing fetch! She is not much of an eater like my last lab. She is fed once a day and usually takes her time finishing, eating a little, then coming back to eat some more. My dad also has a little weinie dog with a big attitude! The weinie sits on Dad's lap anytime he is watching TV in the recliner, and Leah wants to get up there so bad that she will sit and just rest her head on his leg. So cute. Labs are good dogs and you are going to have some fun with Miley.

Recipe sounds good, Mavis. We are really trying to eat better around here and shed some pounds...very difficult to do, though. The kids are eating too much sugar this summer and I need to do something about it.

Living in a smaller town is a blessing, although it is growing. The WalMart is within 2 miles of us!

Well, the laundry needs catching up...where's Me-They?...need some shorts, buddy?


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64250: Thanks for Lunch Maude..worked out great...im busy here at work...SPOT

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64251: Ant. D.: Thank you for your comments. and your story about Dawson is very funny...I did not know Labs are the most popular dog in America and you are on my list for help in this process .. MILK DUD is a videophile and when she was younger and she had just started at her Jewish school, we took her to our church's childrens bible class before regular church like we always dlo...They started talking about Moses and MILK DUD said "I have the video, I love the 'Prince of Egypt'. Needless to say the teacher got a big kick out of her...The MILK DUD has awaken and I shall make breakfast burritos with Pace Salsa (mild). The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64252: Big Maude: We will catch lunch with ya enjoy some of that famous slaw....

Auh2o: I loved Petticoat Junction and I wish it was available on TV Land..until recently I did not know that it was a spin-off of the Beverly Hillbillies and to be named "Whistle Stop". I read this info just recently reading a biography of Sharon Tate & R. Polanski...She was supposed to be Billie Joe and Bea Benaderet was going to be Aunt Pearl (Jed's Cousin) and her 3 daughters have a rural hotel...I love both shows and knew of the connection....The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64253: Gonna go Bayou boat ridin' with the MILK DUD. It is great to be on vacation and letting the daughter enjoy some of the things I did as a kid...We are gonna' park the boat and then get us some burgers, fries, and soft freeze ice cream..Life is good...got gas for the boat and a way back..Yes she is bringing the puppy and the puppy will be welcomed at the C.Club...I feel like Paris Hilton.... The "Dud"

The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64254: I feel like Paris Hilton because I got a small dog in tow..no other connection..The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64255: Well, you won't feel like Paris Hilton for long because you won't have a small dog for long, DUD! hehe

I am a Petticoat Junction fan, too, DUD, but you never seem to see it syndication.


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64256:
Mornin' all. G
ood to see mavis and Big maude. That anniversary sounds neat. An actual good ole American time! I also see that Dud "oudid" himself! ha
Dud, what you said about Sonic and the terrorists really hits home. We have a Sonic a few blocks away, and I have always thought of it as an "All-American" place. Corvette clubs often show off their cars there etc. We eat there about once a month (don't worry Boo, I still like whataburgers), and the carhops even wear roller skates. I guess today we just never know!
After all, even our big "American" beer companies are now foreign owned!! :(
ROMeena, may I have permission to use your muslim thoughts in a letter to the editor? I have wanted to write something, but it was not coming out in the articulate way that you have said it.
hey to Spot, Ant D, Auh20, asa, REV and all.
HM- my prayers continue for your whole situation. What's the job hunt finding?
My wife and I had one of those unique weekends.
Painted the living room on Saturday, then went to Cracker Barrel for one of those "breakfasts for dinner." Goood! Then to see new movie Mama Mia! neat show. Sunday church, sermon about the wheat and the tares, a slow maybery afternoon of reading and cuddling. Such a weekend doesnt come around all that often.
Ya all have a good day. prayers.
"Now all you got to do is sideswipe a salt truck and you'll be all set."

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64257: I had a good ole footlong hotdog from Sonic today. Yum! I like their burgers too but nothing compares to the Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshake they make. It's in a league all of its own.

MDC - I love breakfasts for dinner. We eat alot of grits, eggs, turkey bacon and buttermilk biscuits with some Pear Preserves for dinner. Deee-licious!

Ant D

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64258: I had a good ole footlong hotdog from Sonic today. Yum! I like their burgers too but nothing compares to the Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshake they make. It's in a league all of its own.

MDC - I love breakfasts for dinner. We eat alot of grits, eggs, turkey bacon and buttermilk biscuits with some Pear Preserves for dinner. Deee-licious!

Ant D

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64259: Good afternoon, everyone. MDC, I can't imagine that anything I've said would be quotable, but feel free. You needn't present it as a quote, just use it any way you see fit.

That leads me to a little segue' - to whom it may concern. At the urging of some friends, I've set up a blog. You can find it at


I won't go into an explanation about it here, because that's what the introductory entry is all about. Visit if you wish. Some of you have received an email from me about it, but for those for whom I don't have an email address - now you know.

What's this about Sonic and terrorists? I think I must have missed a post. Reference number, please? Good grief, I have a Sonic literally down at the end of my street! I feel like Chicken Little - the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!

Well, my friend Ted will be here shortly to install the new pond pump, so guess I'd better get into something a bit more presentable. Be blessed, everyone! --Romeena

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64260: Somebody "bump" Ant D. She's stuck.:)


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64261: Just visited your blog Ro. Looks good. I look forward to reading more.


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64262:
RO- check out post 64203, last message of last archive.
And, yes, i did not mean a direct quote or mentioning your name, but just your basic line of thinking on the matter. You are right, we need to start standing firm on such topics.
OK Ant D, now ya got me craving a Coney Dog! ha Lots of chili. Arteries are hardening as i speak! ha
I broke down and bought a collection of '50s doo wop music. good stuff, I have it playing now, Earth Angel, 16 Candles, Great Pretender, Book of Love, Tears on my Pillow, etc. Can you 46 year olds relate?? haha
BTW, I got a letter from COLT this weekend. he sends his greetings to all!
Back to work.
"Down in the valley, the valley so low..."

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64263: Romeena: Post# 64023...about the Sonic employees...you probably don't remember but it was in the Dallas Morning News about the arrests of management/employees of the restaurant on Forrest Lane in North Dallas...The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64264: MDC & Ant D., You have me wanting a FootLong Corney Dog from Sonic and they just opened a new one about a mile from the Bayou..I could use a Texas State Fair Corn Dog right now also..Gonna take the MILK DUD to the fair again this year..it is a ritual...The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64265: ROMEENA & BOO: That is a Fletcher's original Corn Dog....Right!....The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64266:
Dud, have you ever had a state fair deep fried twinkie? Now that's adventure eatin' ha
OK I'll say it, that mid-50s black men's groups music was good stuff. Really am enjoying this collection. "In the still of the night..."

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64267: MDC: No I haven't, I am Diabetic and that would be the sugar bomb I believe...Sounds good though.

Texas style supper on the porch tonight....Chicken Fried Steak & Chicken Fried Chicken, broiled chicken for the dieters...Creamed sausage gravy, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Fancy style sauteed green beans, Black Eyed Peas & Blue Bell Candy Jar Ice Cream, Rich Caramel ice cream containing all of your favorite candy pieces - peanut butter cups, chocolate chunks, peanut brittle, chunks of caramel and chocolate crisp pieces & Buttered Pecan Non Sugar added Ice Cream...Tea you add the sugar & Barq's Root Beer for Otis...The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64268: ROMEENA: What happened is there was a terrorist cell operating in Dallas...and it didn't get much coverage at the time..this happened after the first Trade Center Bombings in New York under the "I didn't know we had terrorist" Clinton Admn......The "Dud"

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64269:
Blue Moon, Why Do fools Fall in Love, Only Yoooou..."

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64270: A deep fried twinkie?!! Horrors~! Stay away from those, MDC, there is not enough Oregano in the world to protect you against a deep fried twinkie. By the way, I had a chicken sandwich at Whataburger on Sunday...should-a had a cheeseburger, and no, I can't relate to the 50's music...it was a little before my time but I'm glad you are enjoying it.

"Hey" to ASA, AntD, Ro and DUD...I'm off to read Romeena's blog...


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64271: Well, I just watched the local news and it looks like there might be a hurricane headed my way in the next couple of days. Looks like it should be a weak one, though. People will be going crazy, though, buying up gas and bottled water. I hate going to the grocery store!


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64272: Get pulenty of terlet paper Boo. Don't be unprepared.


July 21, 2008 - Msg 64273: Howdy, all. Thanks, Dud, and you're right, I really don't remember that, but I'm not surprised. They're everywhere.

Be careful making reference to "black men's groups", MDC. We have a Dallas county commissioner by the name of John Wiley Price, and he will get upset with you. He is black, and ironically, is the biggest racist I ever saw. He's just like Jackson and Sharpton, in that his worst nightmare is that racism should die out, because he would no longer have a cause. Get this - someone in city government made the comment that some issue had "fallen into a black hole or something" and Mr. Price got all bent out of shape. Why a black hole, he wanted to know? Obviously, he's not familiar with that scientific term for an imploding star, and doesn't get the implication of something being hopelessly lost if it falls into the vacuum. He apparently thought the man just made the term up. He's ridiculous, a pathetic caricature, a cartoon-ized version of political correctness. He runs around town hunting for something to get miffed about, and if he can't find anything genuine, he comes up with something as asinine as this latest cause. So, MDC, you'd better be careful. He has been known, literally, to get a big bass drum and stand outside a location where he feels he has been slighted, and bang on that bloomin' drum. He once picketed the "Dallas Morning News" location, marching around the square, beating his drum. As I said, he's pitiful. How he keeps getting elected, I'll never know. I think people keep voting him in just for the comic relief. --Romeena

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64274:
Boo- I take enuf oregano that i can handle one fried twinkie per year! ha Tho I admit that my whole system is taxed for about a week! haha
There is a good tags line where someone turns to Gomer and says "It'll probably KILL you." But I can't rememnber the circumstance.
Prayers for all and prayers for a good bible study tonight.

July 21, 2008 - Msg 64275: ROMEENA: Boy are you right about John Wiley Price...I have been following his exploits for years...he used to park his classic 1950's car at his parking area at the Dallas Book Depository Building where Oswald shot Pres. Kennedy...I was going to cullinary school downtown and I would see it every day parked...One day Commisioner Price came out as I was walking by...He looked all around his car very carefully, then he bent down and looked all under the car...I guess he was checking for a bomb..then he gingerly opened the vehicle with a key...this was right after he was picketing channel 8 and the Dallas Morning News and got so mad at a honking motorist that he attacked their vehicle and snaped off a windshield wiper and was arrested my Dallas PD...what a character....The "Dud"