July 24, 2008 - Msg 64425: Today is Ro's birthday? Well, for Heavens sake! Happy Birthday, Romeena! And if today is not the day, well, Happy Birthday for when ever it is...
- Hazel

July 24, 2008 - Msg 64426: I swept with that lame post? Good Grief...
But, perhaps it's not so lame... Happy Birthday to one and all!

July 24, 2008 - Msg 64427:
Hello porch family.....I was able to get service tonight so just wanted to say howdy.

Man it is raining up here in Maine. But from I've been told, it's still dry back home in SC.

Hazel...You're sure working hard tonight sweeping and cleaning.

M-T....I'm sure that's so hard on your grandmother. She will surely be in my prayers.

OK Ro....is today your birthday? If so.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY and God Bless!

Tom....thanks for the poem.

Prayers for all my porch family. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He sure loves you!

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64428: The reason the "War Between the States" is so passionate to us "Southerners" is we are the only American population who has had our territory invaded, our women raped, our things stolen, our homes burned and a policy called reconstruction that held us down for over 50 years.....The "Dud"

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64429: In Louisiana, reconstruction lasted officially for 12 years, the longest of all the states...Gen. "Spoons" Butler took that long to loot the city of New Orleans...my point is it took us around 50 years to recover from "Reconstruction". Yes, the war was a big mistake and I do not glorify that mistake..I do tak pride in my "Southern" heritage and family.....The "Dud"

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64430: Mornin' Y'all! Yep,yesterday was Ro's birthday- now that I look in my little notebook of "Porchology" I see I have it written down.Sorry I didn't notice it yesterday. And today is Ray's birthday- do y'all remember him? I think he was our oldest Porchster and lived in Texas. Happy birthday Ro and Ray!

Asa,I just noticed your question about my husband. As far as I know,he's doing pretty good. We did have an incident a few weeks ago where (and he admitted it) he came home intoxicated. It's a struggle, and it's not fun,but I'm hanging in there. Thanks for your concern and please continue with your prayers.

I have to get going around here- gonna have Laci today and she's waiting for Oma (that's me) to pick her up. Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64431: Yes, I remember Ray..wonder why we never hear from him anymore. Poor Ro has been working, hope she has a day off today.

Looks like the sun is back out today (yuck) and it is shaping up to be a hot one.

Have fun with Laci, Possum.


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64432: Well happy B-day Romeena!...lake day was great yesterday..I have got to read the archives...lunch will be a B-day party for Ro!..Cracker Barrell...salsa for everyone!..SPOT

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64433:
Dud- I guess, it's great that you're a proud Southerner. I'm not so sure that Southerners of African heritage would feel the same way. To me, north, south, east, west, are just points on a compass. Furthermore, I not going to defend rape at anytime, not during war or during servitude.


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64434: Good morning everyone.

Happy birthday ROMEENA and RAY! Guess you really are no spring chicken anymore. Hope your day is special.

POSSUM: Prayers for you, grandma possum.

DUD: I have to agree with AUH2O (is that rumbling I hear?) about the points on a compass comment (that sounds strangely familiar...points of...). About the invasion thing, the British invaded Maryland and Washington, DC in 1812. Can't say whether they commited any atrocities, but they did their fair share of burning and looting. Anyone, for any reason who committs atrocities--war or peace--is a criminal. I'm sure that during the Civil War some men on both sides committed atricities. I don't necessarily think northerners cornered the market on criminal behavior.


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64435:
Hey there M-T, I just bought a book at a used book sale titled, "Union 1812 The Americans Who Fought the Second War of Independence" and, at the risk of starting another ruckus, I was wondering if you or anyone else have read it.


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64436: Good morning, all. To the comments regarding the atrocities of war, I agree with Me-They. In any society, any army, any war - there are always those brutish men (and maybe even some women) who are in the military simply because it sometimes affords them the opportunity to act out their aggressive passions. It happens in every war, and it has happened in Iraq. This is unfortunate, but it's true. Yes, Union soldiers committed some atrocities, but those things must be attributed to them personally, not to "the North" collectively. I'm also quite sure that there were some crimes committed by Southern soldiers as well. There may have been less of it, because of the way the war was going. The North swept over the Southern states, they were pretty much in control and there was greater opportunity. It's also possible that some animalistic Southerners took advantage of opportunities in remote locations as well, North and South both. We'll never know. The point is human nature is flawed, no matter on which side of the war one is serving.

As for the politics of that war - the reasons and the results - it was 150 years ago, none of us were involved, and we'd have to go through several "greats" to get to an ancestor who was, so in my humble opinion, it's time to get over it, and live in the present, which has enough problems to keep us on our knees 24 hours a day. What was, was and we can't change history, so we need to concentrate on the present. No offense to anyone, that's just my opinion.

My friends, I need your prayers very much today. You all are familiar with my friend Joe, the landscaper who was the architect of the yard I enjoy so much. This morning I got a call from his brother, telling me that Joe is in the hospital in very grave condition. It seems that his heart has just simply failed - the muscle is "pretty much shot", as John described it. He is functioning at about 5%, and folks, that just isn't compatible with life, certainly not life with any quality. They have put in a stent, but it hasn't helped much. The problem is not so much blockage as it is just worn-out muscle. So please, pray for my friend Joe and for his wife Kathy, who is in very poor health herself and will be devastated if she loses Joe. Joe has been a very dear friend and buddy to me, and I'm not ready to lose a friend like that.

Yes, yesterday was my birthday, and thank you all for your kind wishes. I really don't mind being 69 all that much, but I sure don't like being this close to 70. Now that's scary!

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64437: Prayers for your friends, ROMEENA, and for you, too. Whatever the Lord has in store, it's part of His perfect plan.

As usual, your wisdom is evident regarding the topic at hand. Your age may be scary, but it certainly has its benefits. Thanks for sharing it with us.

AUH2O: The War of 1812 actually always fascinated me more than any of the other American conflicts. Probably because so little is taught about it. I had a course in college, have read a couple of books, seen some documentaries about it, and still always learn something new, so please share if you feel like it. One of the most interesting aspects about it to me is the fact that we were such a young, immature nation, certainly no world power. Imagine if a foreign army would march into Washington today and burn the Capital and White House? I wonder if it would be more demoralizing or inspiring (to action).


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64438: Belated Happy Birthday Ro and Ray, and prayers for your friend Joe. 5%? That's not good. Any chance of him getting an assist device? Sure sorry to read that.

You sound like you have a good and supportive attitude Possum. God bless you for that. I have never lived with an alcoholic but have lived next door to two of them and have seen the torment they can put families through. Hang in there.

Auh2o, I have not read that book you asked about. I love history but I do struggle with much of it because the source needs to be always considered. It makes it a difficult process to know what really transpired in these events because often time the author has put his or her own twist on things. I tend to find as many sources as I can for any event and hopefully several will be in agreement. That allows me in my own mind to think it's acurate. Don't know if that makes any sense. If it did you may want to go see a Doc. LOL


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64439: That makes perfect sense to me, ASA. I often try to read different viewpoints on the same event or historic figure. With the internet and vanity publishing nowadays, you really have to be discerning about "facts" and dig into the historiography of authors and genres.

(Historiography is one of those five-dollar words I am proud to know and don't have many opportunities to show off. For you rabble, historiography is the study or critical analysis of the process of writing and recording history.)


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64440: Makes sense to me, too, ASA...hand me the phone book; I wanna look up a good psychiatrist...

Speaking of alcoholics...guess who called me yesterday? Layla's mom, Jill (remember Jill, the oldest daughter of my departed friend, Karen?). She never really gave her alcoholic, drug-using, wife-beating, bum of a husband the boot (no big surprise). She got Layla back from the foster home she was in months ago but continued to let hubby live with them. Well, she called to say she had now had enough and she was going to New York to stay with her aunt. Her Aunt had bought the tickets and wanted me to see that Jill and Layla got on the bus today for New York. Jill stayed here last night and was very nervous. She didn't turn her phone off, though, and the next thing I knew she was talking to him on the phone with him telling him she was just taking a vacation. Anyway, whether she stays in new york or not is her business. I sent her off on the bus anyway. It was so difficult dealing with her even for one night...so much drama and she cusses like a sailor, smokes constantly and just is difficult to be around. If she doesn't make the most of her opportunity this time, that's it for me. I'm not going to do anything else. I feel like I am putting my family at risk because her crazy drunk, drugged-up husband is crazy enough to do just about anything. I could see the bruises on her arms from him and I don't want him coming after me when he realizes he wife is not coming home. So, that's it. No more good samaritan where she is concerned. I am hoping she has enough sense left to do the right thing for the baby but I'm not counting on it.

Better go get dinner started...


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64441: Good afternoon, all. There is good news about my friend Joe. His doctors ran another test today, and said that his cardiac function is a little better than they thought. No explanation as to how the improvement came about, because improvement in a case like his would be quite rare. (Prayer, perhaps?) Anyway, if Joe related the news to his brother accurately, then there has been some improvement. Please keep praying.

Boo, it seems to me that the key to Jill's whole problem is right here - so much drama and she cusses like a sailor, smokes constantly and just is difficult to be around. Jill stays with that miserable excuse for a man, because a good man with any substance to him would not be interested in her. Birds of a feather, I guess. So, be prepared to hear that either she has returned to him, or she helped him get to New York, but my guess is that she'll get back with him, in her comfort zone. She'll put up with him, because he's willing to put up with her. God help her.

Well, gotta run - I'm finally getting a much-needed haircut. I'm pretty shaggy - can't stand it any more. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64442: I fear that my last post was too harsh. I have been frustrated by the last 24 hours. I certainly don't want to seem "holier than thou". You know, I am with kids at the rehab that have been through much more than Jill and I spend alot of time with them. I find most of them to be fairly intelligent, clean and well-mannered. We have a few problems with their language but I usually just ignore it. I find Jill to be so much worse than most of those girls and I just don't understand it. I guess it is the people she has chosen to associate with since she was 13. She hangs with a very tough crowd and for the most part, she is just like them. You know, I gave her baby a bath last night, and you should have seen the dirt left in the tub afterward. There is just no excuse for it. The child was filthy and so were her clothes. I guess the icing on the cake was when Jill got ready to go and she was wearing jeans with holes in the back and no underwear, and a t-shirt with an obscenity on the front. I guess my hopes aren't very high, but to her benefit, she does seem to want to make a better life for her daughter and at least realizes, intellectually that the road she is on with her husband leads to a very bad place. I just don't know if she has the strength to make the break and honestly, I don't think she will be happy living with decent people like her Aunt and Uncle. We'll see. What you say certainly makes sense, Ro...it's what Bruce has been telling me all along. I guess because I have known Jill since she was a baby and I love her, I want to believe differently.

Got some cookies in the oven...better go..


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64443:
Boo- prayers for Jill and for you all too! My goodness, i would never read 'holier than thou' into any of your posts. That whole situation sounds pretty hard to deal with.
RO- Prayers for you and your friend. May the Lord Jesus wrap his arm around you and boo and all involved.
Last night was the old sam episode, and sometimes we want to hold on to such when we know it is hard but better to just let them go.
My prayers especially for the baby because it cannot do anything about the situation. Please help us Lord Jesus.
God bless,

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64444: Hey auh20,MDC,Romeena,hazel,mavis,boo,asa,Tom,Rev horatio and everyone!..I have just been busy around the dog house today...the concerts are tomorrow...M.Tucker,ARS,Ga satalites and vanzant brothers...like I said its been at least 20 years or longer since I have been to an all day thing like this...will have to drink plenty of h20..gona be hot...well did not have time to cook...has anybody got any leftovers...prayers...SPOT

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64445: Prayers for Joe & Kathy and for Layla & Jill's situation.

Hope you have a great time seeing those concerts, Spot. I can't even remember the last time I've been to a concert, however, I'm going to see Ricky Skaggs on Wednesday at our local fair. Can't wait.

I'm reading an interesting book - Write it When I'm Gone by Thomas DeFrank. It's off the record stuff from Gerald Ford and it's really quite interesting.

Well, my folks are due to arrive sometime in the next couple of hours and I've still got to get a few things done. Talk to ya'll later. Have a great weekend!

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64446: Democratic Presidential nominee & Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards was caught in a very scandalous situation as reported by Fox News and the Enquirer..reporters followed Edwards like they did Gary Hart and got the goods...it is on nationalenquirer.com...The MSM played down Jennifer Flowers allegation cause she made the tapes available through Star Magazine during Bill's 92 campaign.. I know Elizabeth Edwards is fighting Cancer and does not need this in her life.... The "Dud"

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64447:
Asa & M-T You guys are right, history books and facts are not mutually assured. Asa- Your posts always make sense to me. So, now maybe, you should be concerned. hehe

Boo-MDC said it, holier than thou, you are not.

AFD-I seen that book in stores, it sure does sound interesting. It's sounds like you like it.

Spot-You folks have a good time tomorrow. Auh2o's are going to see Taylor Swift in August, our girls are about to burst from excitement.

Robert E. Lee: "Both sides forget that we are all Americans. I foresee that our country will pass through a terrible ordeal, a necessary expiation, perhaps, for our national sins."


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64448:
Hey Dud, good to see you friend. Do you think that is true about Edwards?


July 25, 2008 - Msg 64449: Auh2o Taylor Swift is a Great singer and preformer for sure, would love to see her..hey DUD AFD yea I know ...I just dont go "Out" anymore..but Miss Sherry and I do just fine...we boat and camp all we can...next one will be aug 7th..will get pics for the album on ro"s site..porchsters yall need to get pics into her!...well miss sherry gets off at 10 tonight so she will be calling...prayers porch..Rev keep up the good work...SPOT

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64450: Hello Auh2o, SPOT & Others.....I don't read scandal sheets like the Enquirer and Star, but I do watch Hannity & listed to Hannity and it was on his program with a reporter and I did go on the Enquirer Web site and read the story...He is sure acting guilty and coming out of a alleged mistress who had his baby.,Beverly Hills hotel room at 2:00 AM and running from reporters sounds like a bad movie...The "Dud"

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64451: Well, hopefully, Dud, if we don't discuss the scandal here, we'll all be taking the high road by keeping the porch free of trashy news.
- Hazel

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64452: I am sorry did not mean to offend../ I will keep my thoughts to myself....Thanks....The "Dud"

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64453: Guess the porch has gone to bed!...and the ironing calls me also...concert tomorrow..we are all meeting at Red Lobster at 1:30..Im buying yall be there OK..brother Rev I will send you a plate...Shrimp and baked flounder...well night poech and as allways prayers..Ro. one xtra prayer for your friend.....SPOT

July 25, 2008 - Msg 64454: Well thank you MDC and Auh20. You guys are a blessing. I hope I would never come across as self-righteous, although sometimes I feel that I am too judgmental. It's something I have to guard against.

Ro, I forgot to mention that I will pray for Joe, bless his heart (and for his dear wife).

I had not heard about Edwards, DUD. I hope it's not true because of his poor wife. Being a politcal figure has it's risks, eh? Better be ready for you life to be an open book and leave no stone unturned.

Has anyone heard about the new movie about the life of Billy Graham that is coming out in the fall? You can see a trailor of it on GodTube dot com. It looks pretty good. Now, there was a man who left no stone unturned. I don't think there has ever been any scandal associated with his name (that I have ever heard, anyway). God bless his heart.

Well, went out for Mexican food tonight and it's layin' on my chest at 11pm! Anybody got some Mylanta or something?

Goodnight, all!


July 26, 2008 - Msg 64455: Boo Mylanta yer way!..sleep good girl...SPOT

July 26, 2008 - Msg 64456: Well, looks like I might be the only one up.

Hey SPOT, thanks for the Mylanta! hehe..wanted to fill you in on something new with the building project. Bruce has been busy with the bid process and lining up the sub-contractors for the job and things are going well. Before Bruce decided to do the job himself, he got a bid from a few builders (I think I already told you that?..) and they were very high but there was one builder that Bruce really liked who had a good record but he just couldn't afford him. He was going to hire his crew to do the framing, though, so he met with him this week. He and Bruce really seem to click and he offered to build the house for 10%, which would really be good. Bruce has so much work at his job, and so much stress that it would certainly be worth it. Bruce could work enough overtime on all his projects at work to pay off the 10% and would be getting caught up at work, too. Anyway, it is something we are working on. He still needs to meet with the builder again to iron some things out before he gives him the final word. The plan is to lay the foundation by October 1st, but we may be able to by mid-September. I can't believe things are finally starting to happen. It has been a long wait. Now I have to start the process of picking and choosing everything from tile to molding! I know what I want but now I have to find and price it (in all my spare time! ha).

My sis-in-law came by last night and she is doing really well. Vicki is the one I have mentioned whose husband left her for another woman and she had an emotional breakdown and got addicted to Xanax (and went through rehab), yada yada. Anyway, she got fired from her job at the hospital several months ago and put in for 300 different jobs without result. She finally got a job in San Antonio as a cake decorater for HEB and her starting pay is 11/hour, which is pretty good, with benefits after 3 months. She also found a nice apartment for 450.00 per month, which is unbelievable and it's in a very nice part of town. She also found out that an old friend lives just down the street from where she will be living and he offered to help if she ever needed anything. She has other friends in town, too. So, I hope she can make a new life for herself and is strong enough to make it work. She has been through so much but is doing so much better, thank God.

I have been thinking about Me-They's grandma and wondering how she is doing. I hope her grief is lessening. It is not only painful for her, but so painful for her family to see her hurting. I have been through something similar with my parents when they lost a beloved pet and it was so hard to see them hurting like that. Their little dog, Holly, was like a child to them.

Well, the rain is long gone and the sun is out but everything is so green from the rain. I hope it lasts through the summer.

Have to go get mom something to eat soon. She finally hit on the right comination to prevent the bowel problems she was having and we haven't had anymore accidents, hooray! She is getting stonger and needing less help, too. Dad is getting weaker, though, and his arthritis is making him hurt. The med the doc gave him for it makes him sick. It's like we can't seem to get things right for Dad, it's always something.

Sorry to talk so much, I guess I just needed a long visit with my porch buddies. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


July 26, 2008 - Msg 64457: Good morning, all. Boo, that's what friends are for. I'm glad to hear about the upswing in Vicki's situation. Sounds good! Also, regarding the house/builder thing - that sounds like a win/win to me. Bruce works at what he's trained to do, works extra and gets paid for it and gets caught up, which in itself will reduce his stress level. Meantime, Mr. Builder is doing what he's trained to do, and receiving a good and fair commission for it - so everyone wins. You may remember that my father was a home builder, and trust me, trying to contract it yourself is a very dicey proposition. Quite a few times he was called in about midway through a home construction, to take over and finish it because the owner had finally realized he was in over his head. It seems so simple - you just have a plan of what comes first, second, third, etc. and you follow that. Unfortunately, there's a lot more to it than that. A small example - the subs may walk out on you. You are a one-time thing for them, and if a busy builder calls them and needs them now, they may leave you and go to the builder because he represents future employment for them, and you don't. They're not going to risk having a builder hire somebody else and keep hiring them forever, just so they can stay and finish your sheetrock, or whatever. Now they'll come back and finish, eventually (probably) but you can face many delays. Nope, take it from one who has observed a lot of home construction and all its inherent problems for many years - you'll be much better off if you hire a trustworthy builder, and let Bruce do the thing he knows how to do. We all have our place in this world, I guess. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm just saying it can be very difficult, and very stressful.

The word on Joe this morning is that he's "doing better", but exactly what that means, I don't know. Prayers are still very much needed - thank you.

Well, must get busy on some chores around here. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

July 26, 2008 - Msg 64458: Exactly, Romeena, not to mention the stress would probably take years off Bruce's life! I already can't make him take his blood pressure medicine regularly. What is it about these men that makes them think they are too tough to get sick? Anyway, I'm with you, I think it would be an ideal solution. Bruce tends to be wishy-washy, as far as decision making and I know he would be stressed beyond measure by building the house. He is always afraid of making the wrong decision. Too careful, I guess. Please pray! We have got to get it done. If only we had been able to do it a few years ago when things were cheaper!

Prayers for Joe...


July 26, 2008 - Msg 64459: Good Evenin' Friends,
Romeena- Happy Belated Birthday!!! Prayers for your friend, Joe.
Ray- If you are reading this, happy belated birthday also!
Hazel- If you're done sweeping here please come to my house!
The Dud- I, too, am a Southerner, and am terribly proud of my heritage. However, I really don't spend much time thinking about the Civil War. I love sweet tea, slow living, and antebellum houses. This is the south. We lost, oh well. I appreciate your enthusiasm though!
Auh20- I love your books! I just checked out "Patriot Hearts". It's about Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and other patriot wives and mothers.
Rev- Don't forget some wild blueberries!
I don't know about Edwards. I hope not for his kids and wife's sake. I just think it's none of our business and it doesn't matter since he's not running anymore.
Possum- This will be an ever going struggle for him. I pray for you all!
Boo- With Layla, follow your heart.
MDC- For the color episodes Old Sam is a good one. It's true that sometimes letting go of something is hard, but if you believe it will come back, if that's God's will.
AFD- I love Ricky Skagg's. It's a good concert.
Boo- I heard about the Billy Graham movie. You have GOT to read "A Legacy of Love" by his daughter Ruth about his wife Ruth about motherhood.

Tonight I took Nick to the Y for a teen concert. I always feel uneasy about that. The kids were smoking, had nails in their ears, and girls dressed like hoochie mamas. Bryan said let him stay. Oh, 6 more years until he's 20!

July 26, 2008 - Msg 64460: Well gang just a quick hello...got to Rome Ga for the concerts and the BOTTOM fell out...they called the event off...we were set up in the field with chairs and bbq and everything...we got SOAKED...big thunder storms came through...but at home now and cleaned up and the 6 of us are going bowling!..."STRIKE"....aint dun bowling in a while neither....had good food at the event and seemed like good people...was just to much storm to carry on...well im off...will read in a bit...prayers to all...SPOT

July 26, 2008 - Msg 64461: I'll look for the book, Lucy, thanks.

You know, as far as girls looking like "hoochie mamas", it is hard to find decent-looking clothes in department stores these days, especially the bargain stores like WalMart. I can find decent, more traditional clothing more easily at the finder department stores but they are much more expensive!

Been a slow day on the porch...


July 26, 2008 - Msg 64462: Hello everyone, I will try not to offend anyone with the following comments:

ROMEENA & the Texas Pitmaster named RAY: Belated B'day wishes... ROMEENA: The Dallas area is crazy for GELATO and that is my daughter's favorite summer treat...no one makes it in this town even with all the Italian-Americans...her favorite place is the original Paciugo Gelato in Highland Park...Have you visited the new location in Irving at 114 & John Carpenter FWY (no-diabetics allowed)??

Boo: We have that problem buying street clothes for MILK DUD. Thank God for uniforms....We have KOHL'S & T.J.MAXX in Monroe, La. & of course Dallas...Have good luck at both places and the outlet for T.J.Maxx in Dallas is great...MILK DUD likes Hippie Glam type fashion.....SPOT: sorry to hear about the rainout...Glad the food was good.............The "Dud"

July 26, 2008 - Msg 64463: Hey there everybody. I'm working an event tonight at work (yay) so I though I'd pop up and say hey. No time to read; I'll have to catch up Monday.

My grandmother is doing a little better. She is getting a kitten on Monday. We'll see.

Stay cool.


July 26, 2008 - Msg 64464:
Lucy-Thanks! And please let us know what you think of "Patriot Hearts." The Revolutionary era really holds my interest.

Dud & Lucy I, too, am awfully proud of the South. Not because of it's geographic location but, in my eyes, because the South has become a firewall, of sorts, during Presidential elections, over the last 40 years. The "Northeastern Liberal establishment" would love to have the government step-in and manage our lives, from cradle to grave. And, every four years the South says, no thank you. I love that. If I may offer one other view of the South, and, I've said this before but watching "The Andy Griffith Show" when I was younger, it never occurred to me that these people are Southerners. I saw, and still see, so much of my life in those shows.

...well, I'm rambling and in obvious need of some sleep. So, goodnight folks.


July 27, 2008 - Msg 64465: Auh2o: Very wise words indeed...My grandfather (83yrs-87) & grandmother (81-85)came and lived with us in La. when I was a wee child..And we sure claimed Mayberry as being Southern...Especially with Andy's prominent drawl in the earlier years..we still didn't get the bottle of pop references..My grandfather who couldn't wear "blue" clothes until he was 18, like the rest of the family loved the Beverly HillBillies even though they made fun of our Southern culture. When Granny would say I am a Moses from Tennesse and parade around in her Confederate uniform and proudly carry her COnfederate battle flag, my Grandfather would give out the biggest laugh...We loved those CBS comedies...Good times and Good Memories they were...

The "Dud".." The conservative with libertarian leanings....

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64466: I loved your post, Auh2o. As a southerner, I thank you. You may be living in the North, but it sounds like you have had a "southern" heart since you were a boy (not that there is anything wrong with being northern, don't misunderstand me).

Right, Dud, they are good memories. I wish TV was more like that now. In the meanwhile, we have to settle for reruns.


July 27, 2008 - Msg 64467: Happy Sabbath!
Boo- I have seriously been thinking of either trying to make my clothes myself, or find a seamstress. I'm not sure how much cheaper it would be, but I can't take the look. If I wanted the world to see my behind I'd be on Playboy. I actually found a "vintage" pattern like something Ellie would wear. Remember Ellie wore sleevless dresses with the full skirts? I just love that look!
Asa- How are your grandbabies?
Auh20- I like what you said about the South. You have a big heart for sure.
Spot- I'm glad you got that downpour. I heard today on TWC that Lake Lanier is still 15' below level. That's horrendous!
Romeena- Can you email me another link to your blog at brysonwg(at)aol(dot)com? How's Joe doing? I'm going to try to email you a few more pictures. I'm learning how to download them onto photobucket and it takes a good while.
Me-They- What is your event? Ya know I rarely think of the War of 1812. I'm not sure why, because it was very dangerous period, but I don't. I'll have to investigate it more. I just love the revolutionary times. Y'all will think I'm silly but I often watch "Felicity: An American Girl" because she is based in Colonial Williamsburg during the Revolution. Williamsburg is one of my favorite places ever!
I hope all are doing well. Has anyone heard from Goober, Mayberry Deputy, or The Mayor anytime recently?

I have a question. Every Monday the boys are given a chore chart. When they get 3 marks stating they didn't do the chore they are grounded for the rest of the week until the new chart is given. With Bryan being out of town the boys think everything is up for negotiation and I'm sick of it. So, Bryan told me to write up a contract stating this is the chart if you do not follow rules, negotiate, or complete the chart you will be grounded from everything electronic including all telephones. I have no problem typing up the contract, but how should I handle it if they get upset and try to have a argument over it. Bryan is out of town until the morning and he goes out of town once a month and they try to talk me into stuff when he's not here. Also, can y'all help me in being tougher with them? Thanks!
Have a wonderful Mayberry Day! What was the name of the preacher talking about having an easy day?

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64468: Lucy, it was Dr. Harrison Everett Breen. "Slow down. Take it easy. WHAT'S your hurry?" I love it when he came to that "What" part. He said it so loud, that everyone that was nodding off in the pews jumped.
- Hazel

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64469: Hazel- Exactly! I love that episode! I may just have to pull out that dvd today! How is your husband

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64470: Please pray for the victims of the Knoxville church shootings that happened today..The "Dud"

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64471: Good afternoon, folks. Lucy, watch your email. Now, as for those rebellious boys, the best advice I could offer is simple. Refuse to argue, refuse to engage them. When Bryan is not there and they start their campaign, just stand and look at them. Do not answer, and keep your face as impassive and expressionless as you can. Walk away from them, like you would walk away from a three-year-old in the middle of a tantrum. When they follow you (and they will) and continue to try to pull you into their drama, just stand and stare at them. If Bryan carries a cell phone, just dial his number and hand the whining kid the phone.

The main point is - do NOT allow them to drag you into a big old argument or debate. Just don't go there. You can't win if you do, but conversely, you can't lose if you refuse to fight. Bryson is bullying you, and you just have to simply make yourself unavailable for bullying.

You said: Bryan told me to write up a contract stating this is the chart if you do not follow rules, negotiate, or complete the chart you will be grounded from everything electronic including all telephones. No. The contract should be established by him, not you - signed, sealed and delivered before he ever leaves town. Expecting you to get it done just throws you in the lions' den. You should not be responsible for doing anything but to indicate whether it was fulfilled or not. He gets the report when he gets home. No discussion, you're out of it. This would require his cooperation. Will he do it?

The problem is, and the boys have demonstrated it clearly, they do not respect you as an authority figure in the home. The only way they're going to give you that respect is if the Alpha male (Bryan) forces them to do so. Sad, but true.

I may have shared this once before, but here it goes again. When one of our sons was about fifteen or sixteen, he and I disagreed about whether he should do something (don't remember what) and he started giving me some real big backtalk. He had never done that before, but there he was. What he didn't realize is that his father had come in, and he heard the whole thing. That poor kid nearly wet himself when his dad walked in - I'm sure he thought his life was over, and it nearly was. Dale got him by the neck and backed him into a wall, and said, "This woman is your mother, and that should be enough to command your respect. However, if it's not, know this - she is also my wife and I will not allow anyone to speak to her like that, especially you. If you were anyone else, you'd be flat on your back right now. Now apologize!" That may not be word for word, but it's pretty close, and believe me, it was effective. I got a very tearful apology and a lot of cooperation for a good long time, and never received any such backtalk again.

I hope some of this makes sense. I'm so tired and sleepy right now I'm not sure it does, but that's my humble opinion. Be blessed, friend. --Romeena

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64472: My husband is doing good, Lucy. He's not working this summer, so I've got myself a house-husband. I love it. Dinners ready when I get home, or at least started. House kept neat and tidy. Projects getting done. Bless his heart. I wish I made enough money so he didn't have to work at all, but at least he has the summer. (He's a school bus driver, so he'll start back to work here in about 4 weeks)
Prayers for the Knoxville church victims.
- Hazel

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64473: Lawn service did a treatment on the grass yesterday, so complete watering program in this 100 degree heat has been ordered...108 with heat index...we get the water for the grounds from our bayou pump/compressior and it is free for the takin'...talked to neighbor on our street without bayou access and his bill last month was almost $600....whew!.....The "Dud"

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64474: Hey Lucy!..prayers Dud..allatoona lake is just 2ft below full pool..its in good shape ..hey Romeena,asa,Tom...supper will be baked chicken and fresh garden veggies..look for the truck Rev...i will read the archives when i get to work at 6pm today...Maude make some slaw please and Romeena I will whup up some salsa...prayers ...SPOT

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64475: Gas is $3.65 here in North La...The "Dud"

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64476:
LUCY- I'd just like to ditto what RO said. When I did similar contracts as a school teacher, it was me alone, but parents are a team and it should be done and signed by both of you and as ro said, before he goes. Then it has some real TEETH and it MUST be adhered to completely. Kids really want boundraies regardless of what the world tries to tell us, an it is important that we give them clear boundaries.
Spot,hope Howard didnt bowl with ya!! haha
Throw old sam back, load up the bbq and head back home, ha.
Good Sabbath to you all! prayer o plenty.

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64477:
Dud, gas in Phx area has gone from 4.10 to 3.88 in the last week!
It's funny, but there have been much fewer drivers on the road lately, so I think the gas has just been sittin in the stations undergound tanks! ha mdc

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64478: hey gang , just a quick trouble check .. gonna read the posts from the last couple of days..prayers for all in need ... belated birthday wishes for ROMEENA

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64479: Hey mdc,MD,lucy,dud,Romeena,asa,auh20,possun,Rev,Tom,hazel,Boo and all the porch...kinda busy here at work...had one pole catch on fire and got it put out and a crew in changing it out but nothing real big ..no storms or anything..lets have a snickers for a snack...Rev where has the travles got you at now?..brought my daily planer with me tonight to wright bills out [joy joy]..watching some movie called 'While you were sleeping"..has anyone see it?..kinda hard for me to follow it but then again im just a dog....well lets have that snickers..and milk...SPOT

July 27, 2008 - Msg 64480: thats "write'...jeezze..and "travels'..but yall know a dog has fat paws and cant spell ;}

July 28, 2008 - Msg 64481: Pretty slow weekend on the porch, but a busy one here at home, I assure you! I am actually glad that tomorrow is Monday. I had Karen's children overnight last night and took them to church today. Her youngest, Ally, is doing well but Zachary is still having a very rough time of it. His dad is working out of town again and Zach feels very alone, I think. He was in the kitchen with me when his dad called him from out of state and when he got off the phone he just broke down and cried on my shoulder. He is having such a tough time and besides the pain of losing his mom, he has so much anger and even hatred towards his stepmom. She is a very nice woman and is trying but he resents her because she isn't his mom, I guess. He is still having a sort of faith crisis, too, and that is causing him some anxiety. Please remember Zach this week. He has a really tough time for a 14 yr old. I tried showing the DVD I have called "The Case For Christ" by Lee Strobel...you may have heard of the very popular book that has been out for several years. I though it might help him with his doubts but I think it was over his head. He has so many questions and I try to answer them as best I can. I have tried to get him to talk to the pastor, but that hasn't worked out. Anyway, it is always very draining trying to help him and I feel alone with it alot. I have gone to pastor, youth pastor, and Keith, even but it doesn't seem like they have tried to really help him yet. I asked pastor to talk with his dad about some counseling but I don't think that ever materialized. Not sure what else to do but pray but I see Zach becoming harder and more despondant and bitterness is taking root. It really concerns me because he is at the point now that he doesn't even want to come to church anymore.

Well, I actually had a chance to go to my sister's tonight and have a visit with her. The kids were at a friend's house and sister's hubby is out of town. It was great. Sad to say, it has probably been literally years since we have really spent time together without kids around. It was a huge blessing because we were reminicsing (sp?) about when we attended church together at the Assembly Of God church and the wonderful times we had at the all-night prayer meetings when God would meet us there! What times those were...

Today was my mom's birthday and she is 81, which is good because I thought she was 82~! The whole family went to her house and had cake and ice cream and played with baby Emily, that little angel! She is the cutest thing ever. Walking all over the place and always after Dad's dogs. Leah growled at her the other day (I wasn't there at the time or I would have corrected the dog) so I am a little nervous about her snapping at the baby, but the weinie dog is gentle with her. I am going to have to get some new pictures of Emily for the photo album, she is just adorable and such a chubby little thing...am I gushing?...sorry, I sound like she is my grandbaby, don't I? I feel like she is. I think she is the cutest baby in the world and can do no wrong. I could just stare at her for hours....(yes, sounds like a grandma). My sister and I are like twins, though, and we have always said, what is mine is hers and what's hers is mine...so I guess we are sharing a grandbaby. It's only fair, I shared my children with her and I shared her only son! hehe What a blessing it is to have a sister like Susan. She is my hero.

Well, I think I will grab the Word of God and do a bit of reading and then head to bed. I was reading something out of Titus yesterday that said that Christians should be "zealous for good works"...hmmm, that intrigues me. Zealous is a strong word. I am praying we will all be zealous for good works so the world will see them and give glory to our Father in heaven. Have a wonderful night!


July 28, 2008 - Msg 64482: Anyone else want to gush about their grandchildren...(or children)? I would love to hear about them.


July 28, 2008 - Msg 64483: Well let me just say Happy B-day to mother BOO!..slow here at work..get off at 6 in the morning and then off till thu morning..gona have a big open window house cleaning from top to bottom tomorrow when i get up..Rev holler at from the road...Tom you been getting any rain..race fans Jimmie won the race but it was a strange one..the mandatory cautions???..tires were just falling apart...well let me get the daily reports ran....will check back in just a bit...SPOT

July 28, 2008 - Msg 64484: Wake up porch!..breakfast menu: 3 eggs your way,saysage links,grits,hashbrowns,flapjacks with maple syurp,bisquits and gravy,center cut country ham slices,oj,h20,coffee...prayers to all!..SPOT

July 28, 2008 - Msg 64485: ‘Morning, Porch. Here we are starting out another week. The summer has gone by so quickly, and it seems like once we hit August, it really zooms by. My tomatoes are just starting to turn red in the garden; we’ve had 3 or 4 so far. I usually don’t start getting lots and lots of them, enough to make salsa and such, until the end of August and in September. I envy you folks with the longer growing seasons. I made pesto yesterday; I have so much basil and it is doing great. We had the pesto over tortellini, and it tasted so good. I was going to try Mavis’s bundt cake recipe, but never had the time. Plus, it’s so hot here, I didn’t want to heat up the house by having the oven on. I am going to try it real soon though.

Boo, I feel for Zachary’s situation. I was in the same boat myself many years ago. Sometimes people can feel so pressured at times; especially if they feel like they are suppose to believe a certain way. I can remember emotional conflicts that were very depressing to me. Feeling like I knew in my heart what I truly believed in, but having people make me feel like that was wrong and that I needed to believe exactly what they believed. It’s very depressing . I will pray that he can be strong, and that he will hear what God is telling his heart, and that he can be at peace with his beliefs. There is no greater feeling than that. Also, I will pray for peace for him with his mothers passing. That is so hard. My nieces still cry at times, and get bitter, and their mom (my sister) has been gone 14 years.

I watched the “Man in a Hurry” episode this morning. It occurred to me, wouldn’t it have been neat if they had followed up with that story, and maybe the next season have Mr. Tucker come to visit again. Needing a break from his stressful job, he decides to come back to Mayberry for a day, where the pace is slow and the people are friendly. They could have come up with a story line for that, I think. The Mendlebright sisters could still be talking about their feet falling asleep. (I wonder what causes that…)

- Hazel

July 28, 2008 - Msg 64486: Thank you, Hazel. I think that Zach is under a tremendous amount of pressure, as you suggested. As I think I have mentioned before, his dad is not an easy man and is very insecure. His kids have to be perfect and the best at everything. While Zach was here discussing how he felt, he said, "My dad thinks I am this perfect Christian. He doesn't know that I'm not". I thought, 'Oh great, something else he has to try to live up to to please his dad'. It is very upsetting to me and I try to talk very honestly with Zach. For example, he also mentioned college and how his dad wants him to get a scholarship to UT and become an engineer. He said, "I don't know about this engineer thing"...I asked him, "Oh, were you thinking of becoming an engineer?" and he said, "No, that's just what my dad keeps telling me, but I don't want to go to a big college in a big city. I want to find a small town college in a little town like Mayberry"...(that must be my influence...ha). How sweet and sad that he would say that. Already at age 14 he is trying to escape the pressure. I mean, this kid is an honor roll, all-star baseball player who never gets into any trouble and it's all to try to stay in his dad's good graces. He is so miserable he can't just do sports just for the fun and joy of it, he is always nervous about his dad's dissaproval. His fear should keep him out of trouble, at least for now, but I wonder about how things will be in the long term. As I said, he is already showing signs of getting hard and he will probably eventually rebel from the pressure. As far as his doubts concerning faith, I try to explain to him that everyone who is really seeking will have doubts and I share my own struggles with certain doctrine. I have not doubted Jesus and who the bible says he is, but sometimes I have alot of questions and frustrations with my own theology and not understanding certain sayings of Christ, etc. It is a very uncomfortable thing, so Zach is not alone. It seems to him that everyone else has it all together and its easy for them but, not so. I wish Christians wer more open in talking about their struggles and doubts instead of acting like they never have a problem. Hey, anyone with half a brain has questions and struggles. If we didn't we wouldn't grow much.

Hazel, I know where you are coming from about being comfortable with your own beliefs. I believe that the bible as we have it is God's word to man but I have heard that word twisted and I had to learn not believe everything I heard from behind every pulpit. Everyone needs to search out the scriptures for themselves and ask the Lord to impart his truth to them. Christians get lazy and don't want to seek truth themselves, they want to hear a sermon that someone else came up with and go their way without even examining what has been said to be sure it is truth. Many Americans will fall for just about anything.

Love that Man In A Hurry episode!

Better finish the coffee and throw in some laundry. You need shorts, M-T?