August 01, 2008 - Msg 64647: Morning Porch. Hope all is well.

Hey Possum, I'm a little confused about all what is being posted. There are several posts and repeats that I'm not sure what the intent is. But don't get upset. Yer fur on yer back sticks up when you do. :) It'll all pass in the by and by.

Hope I didn't offend anyone with my birthday cake post. Just trying to be a wise guy. Heck, I know y'all ain't that old.

Auh2o, How's it going friend? What has happened to our party?

Ant D, If you wanna come weedeat my yard feel welcome. I do it every week but I don't like it. It would help if I had a better weedeater though. Mine is old and worn out. But then again, so am I. (beat you to it NN)

Have a good Friday eveyone and act like you got some smarts.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64648: Oh. and I'll tidy up while I'm at it.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64649: Good Friday Morning porch, hope all is well today.

Working till about 11 today and then off to my Mom duties. Patrick has a football scrimmege this evening so that's where I will be. My husband has to work today 9a-9p so I will be
yelling for both of us.

We have had storms almost every evening this week as well SPOT. Hopefully we will have good weather for the week end.

My kids go back to school on the 11th so they have 1 more week of sleeping late and freedom.

Lunch menu will be: fresh green beans, SLAW, sliced tomatoes, fresh corn, squash, BBQ chicken,
and chocolate cake for dessert. tea, kool aid to drink.

You all have a blessed day and a good week end if I don't see you before Monday.

Big Maude

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64650: Good morning everyone. It’s been hot here and they tell us it’s going to get hotter. It’s not so much the heat that I mind (here it comes…) It’s the humidity. Boy, I wouldn’t mind it if August would just slide on by.

LUCY: “Ooooohhhhh Dream Weaver…” You can thank me later for getting that song stuck in your head.

HOMEMAKER: What’s with the drive-by posts lately? Set down a spell. How’s the job search?

Speaking of job search, STERLING has been awol for a couple of weeks now, I think. I hope all is well with him.

Did ROMEENA go somewhere? It’s been a few days for her as well. That reminds me, I have to check out her blog.

BOO: Can I borrow $500? I want to go out to lunch and I’m a very big tipper. Seriously, we have been experiencing our share of financial anxiety ourselves. We’re looking forward to (well, actually dreading) having an addition put over the apartment this fall/winter. Right now, Nora and Chad share a room. Our upstairs is two small rooms, and Veda is in the crib in one and we sleep in the other. (To get upstairs you go up a side-winding staircase and walk into one room, then walk through that room to the other.) We only have one bathroom. The addition will add two bedrooms and a bath. Anyway, with Chad entering school and looking at paying for that, well, let’s just say we’re relying on the Lord to figure out where the funds will come from. I told the Mrs. that if I was a different kind of person I could sell my body. She told me we owed enough already.

Do any of you watch the show, “Psych?” It’s on USA on Fridays after “Monk.” It’s very funny.

Chad’s birthday is coming up next week (he’ll be 5). He loves superheroes, army men, and pirates (do you see a theme developing?). One of his favorites is Batman, but we don’t allow him to watch any of the movies or even the recent cartoons. I just feel they’re too dark and not appropriate for a 5-year-old. (It’s not really much of a battle since he doesn’t know they exist.) We have gotten him a DVD of the “Super Friends” Saturday morning show from the 1970s, which he loves. I ordered a DVD of the “Batman” movie with Adam West from 1966 from Amazon and got it yesterday. It was made along with the 60s television show and features all the best villains, like Caesar Romero as the Joker, Burgess Meredith as Penguin, etc. Anyway, the Mrs. took Chad with her to the store last night so Nora and I “previewed” part of it. Boy! I forgot how much of a hoot that show was. Talk about campy! It plays more like a comedy. But he’ll love it, I’m sure, and I can’t wait to give it to him.

MAUDE: You can leave the tomatoes off my lunch plate, thanks. We are having a bumper crop of 'em over here. Our cherry tomatoes are the size of golf balls.

Well, hi-ho, hi-ho…


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64651: Yep, Possum, I agree. That's enough. I'm not sure why the odd things are being posted. I guess Dud will explain, since he's the one who did the last couple. Me-They already pointed out the earler ones. The source code shows Dud posted 64642, about looking people up in the system. Then he posted 64643, which just copied your earlier post. What's the point, Dud?
Happy Birthday to Boo. I'm going to celebrate it today! (I forgot to say anything yesterday). And Happy Belated to Possum.
- Hazel

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64652: Mornin' HAZEL.

Okay, call me dense, but I don't get the "T-H-A-T, that" comment, and I hate being the only one who doesn't get a joke. Can someone please explain?

BOO: By the way, if I read or saw all that in one evening, I'd definetly have to medicate. Thinking too much about people suffering, especially children, sets off my OCD and anxiety like nothing else.

"Where did you get the liquor?"

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64653: I didn't get THAT either, MT. I thought it was just me.
I've got the day off today. Believe I'll go down to the Grand, and watch them change the marquee.
- Hazel

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64654: May I join you Hazel. I'll even buy you lunch. It's the businessmans special at the Diner. But I want your little yellow cookie.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64655: Hey AntD, I have some loving advice for you. You sounds like a wonderful wife and mother, by the way...I wanted to tell you that it might be a good thing not to "fix" the little mistakes your husband makes. Praise him on doing the job (even if it doesn't quite meet your standards) and leave it be. That's the best way to love him. Hope I didn't offend...

Are you kidding, ASA? I loved your joke about the cake, very funny and took some thought. You know you always brighten my day (again, I'm not flirting, people...I'm too old for that now...).

Boy, Me-They, thanks for the laugh. You're wife has quite the sense of humor. Seriously, though, I certainly can understand your stress over the situation. With three growing children you must really be feeling the need for more space (especially another bathroom). Prayers for your situation, and please, don't result to the world's oldest proffesion. By the way, Erin's birthday is next Saturday (the 9th and she'll be 7...I can't believe it!). Erin is also into Batman, but mostly Spiderman...she is not a "girly" girl. I don't let her watch the Batman movies but she has seen the Spiderman ones. I remember how "campy" the old Batman show was but I never missed it as a kid! I had a crush on Batman, and also the guy on Wild, Wild West, Bat Masterson, The Lone Ranger, and the guy down at the Texaco Station in town (all when I was 5).

I think what is really bothering me with this house business is that I want a smaller, simpler house and do NOT want to pay as much for a house as Bruce is suggesting. I like to live a simple life and buy the kids clothes at thrift stores, etc. I just have certain personal convictions (emphasis on personal...I am NOT judging anyone else) about what the Lord has blessed us with and I don't really want to invest it all in a house. Bruce and I had a good conversation yesterday about making some changes, and simplifying things. We want space, but we don't want extravagant and we are both on board with that.

Hey thanks, Hazel! Let's celebrate my birthday today. Wanna go to Morelli's tonight and then go over to Yancey for the floor show?

About the "T-H-A-T" joke, in my post just before Auh2o's I was trying to spell Manicotti and I wrote, something like "(did I spell THAT right?)" and Auh2o was telling me that, yes, I spelled T-H-A-T right, get it?

M-T, I know what you mean, I felt bad for awhile after I read it. I think it's enough for me to just know it's going on and pray. I don't need to know all the details. I have alot of anxiety about such things and then my mind starts running wild with the "whys" and I'm no good for anybody. Also, I did have a very bad dream last night after reading it. I won't share the details but it was not at all pleasant.

Coffee is gone and I had better get to the laundry.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64656: M-T - the job search is still searching. I am in a small panic since I will have to go back to my previous job if I don't find something and my internal fortitude is already acting up with nerves.

Things are okay on the homefront - there is some tension with the hubby. I am not sure if it will be calm or chaotic on a day to day basis. It is upsetting to say the least. I think he is going through a midlife crisis but how do you say that to someone. My brother thinks he needs counseling but he would never go for that.

We had our county fair last week. The oldest received a Reserve Grand Champion in Vet Science so it is off to the state fair with that. It is exciting for him. He got a trophy and everything.

I have been reading the posts but don't always feel in the mood to comment. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns. . .

Vicks lives on in those who love the little blue bottle!

Yes - M-T, we love Psych, Monk and Burn Notice! I have really gotten into Burn Notice!


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64657: Let me clarify, in my last comment to Me-They, I am talking about the reference I made yesterday to the serial killer and the children who were being persecuted for their faith.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64658: Oh hey ther Homemaker! Sorry you are under so much stress. Prayers coming your way, hang in there.

Yes, "Vicks lives on...."


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64659:
Whew, corporate big wheels are back in california.
No time to read archives, so i'll just jump in with my 5 string guitar. Maybe i can make it sound like a 'lectric! ha
Boo- Cecile and i went there! That is a cool park!
BTW, I need $500 also, where does the line form? ha
Good ole St. Susan, a gem, a bird in this world!
I went to the Gomer site! very cool, thanks to the mystry poster.
hey to TOM, possum, asa, spor au and others,
Prayers for REV in his ventures,
God bless,

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64660: Well Asa my buddy you swept and I missed lunch ..any leftovers?...busy here at work...SPOT

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64661: We're just leaving for the Diner, Spot, you can come with us. Like Asa said, it's the Businessmans special today. Hurry!
And tonight we're taking Boo to Morelli's. (I'm bringing a bottle)
- Hazel

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64662: Haha, Morelli's, here we come!

MDC, Get in line and hold out your hand. So, you have been to the North Pole? Did you sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you wanted for Christmas or did he already figure out that you hadn't been a good boy?..heehee. It really is a cool park (literally) I have nearly frozen my chestnuts off in that park over the years....hee, sorry, couldn't resist the holiday humor.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64663:
You missed Christmas in July by one day! ha mdc

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64664: I may have missed health class the day they were talking about girls' chestnuts, BOO, but you've piqued my interest...

Instead of a floor show, how about we get a pan of cashew fudge and catch that George Raft movie on tv?

Prayers for you HOMEMAKER. I don't know the particulars of your situation, but as a 42--I mean 29--year-old guy I now understand what guys in middle age go through.

We've watched "Burn Notice" and like it, too. The mixture of drama and sort-of comedic elements reminds me in tone of "The Rockford Files," though it's a very different show. Ever catch "Life?" The Mrs. was hooked on it and can't wait for it to come back this fall.

The reason I asked about "Psych" was because the show last week had me really cracking up. They went back for a high school reunion, and the whole show was filled with John Hughes movie inside jokes.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64665: Well, it was just an expression, Me-They, although I did start out on this porch as a man, didn't I? I think the cashew fudge and George Raft movie sounds great. In fact, I have a George Raft movie on DVD with a Christmas theme.

I haven't seen any of the shows you guys are talking about except Monk, once. Seems I don't have much time for TV these days. Speaking of, better get back to the chores. By the way, M-T, Romeena has been working and also had a busy day planned for today.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64666: I know, I was just funnin' you, BOO.

Well, I'm outta here for today. I'll be back on Sunday since it's my day to work (yuck). Talk to y'all then. Prayers.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64667: Me-They: Dreaaam Weaver....Artist: Gary Wright: Summer of 1975...Album given to me by none other than the Lady Friend, she got a laugh out of that....

Hazel: I do not know why you seem to not like I said earlier...even Mr. Tucker was welcomed on the porch...I have nothing against you ( I am a golfing independent minded Republican though) The "Dud"

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64668: Bye M-T, hope you have a great day off!

Aw, Hazel likes everybody, DUD. She never said she didn't like ya, now let's all get along and go up to Wally's for a Coke (for you southerners) or a bottle of pop (if you are from the north). My treat!~~:)

I just ordered Sean's school curriculum for the new school year and it was only 248.00, including shipping. Pretty good! This ACE curriculum really has families in mind and keep their prices down.

Guess I need to check on the sheets..


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64669:
Boo- did you hear that in California they actually tried to stop home schooling!! Only in Cal! free government education is never mentioned in the constitution or amendments.
DUD- let's go to the drugstore for a malted. It's only those darn interlopers that we give the big freeze to! haha
Ya all have a good weekend. fRev is having a guest speaker, Dr. Breen...


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64670: Good evening everyone:

Just got off the phone with my ex and MILK DUD is so excited...Her mother just closed on a 3,000 sq ft house in Garland...MILK DUD is so happy and so am I...Looks like Miley De'Lab (I am gonna miss her) is gonna be Texas bound due to them having a big backyard....The "Dud"

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64671: Hazel you bringing a bottle!{hee hee]..hey dud,ro,boo,possum,lucy,Tom,Rev,auh20,horatio,md,mdc,m-t and all...been in the garden all afternoon...pulled over 100 maters!..mowed some grass and work at 6 in the morning..hey local lucy and ant-d! rain here for a few days...Maude ya wana help me with breakfast?...I will fry the ham and hashbrowns...well back in just a bit...I need th read the archives "" is the porsh allright?...prayers...SPOT

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64672:
Hey Folks

Asa- I don't know what has happened to the GOP. I've never been a member of the GOP but for most of my life I have supported the Republican Party. And, while it most certainly is not a perfect group, what other choice is there? This is the Party that saved he Union, freed the slaves, and stuck a fork in the USSR. I just don't know. However, this is still the greatest country the world has ever seen and we will overcome the mediocrity BOTH Party's have given us the last 20 years. W is one strong man but he can drive ya crazy, can't he?

Boo- I'm just glad you didn't ask how to spell Manicotti, that has way too many vowels for me.

Spot-Hey there! Our maters are still as green as green can be. Although, we do fry up quite a few of the green ones.

George W Bush: "I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon." (... and they did!)


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64673: Dud - I have been reading the porch as I said, and not always commenting and I don't think Hazel likes or dislikes you. We all disagree on something or other, like too much starch in M-T shorts put there on occasion by Boo so he'll stand up straighter. Don't take anything tooo personal here on the porch except the respect we all have for one another's opinions and the right to express them.

We will soon be coming up on the anniversary of our beloved Millie's passing. . . sure do miss her comforting words and her graceful presence on the porch. I know there are many of us missing her. She was so good to us on the porch by allowing us to be with her in her final moments.

We still miss you Millie


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64674: Interesting that you would mention that, HM. I was lying in bed last night thinking that it must be right at about a year now. I wonder how her family is doing...How true you are about her allowing us to be with her in her final moments. She gave us lasting gift, didn't she? I miss her and think about the day when I will see her and so many other loved ones. Thank you for reminding us, Homemaker.


August 01, 2008 - Msg 64675: Good evening, all. I've been really busy, and just worn out when at home, but it's over - at least the work schedule is over. I don't work again now until next Tuesday night. However, my daughter, granddaughter and grandson are on their way here, will get in in the wee hours. Therefore, I'm in a fizz around here trying to get the house reasonably clean, and a little food cooked. Baked an angel food cake, but don't know how it's going to taste. I made the mistake of answering the phone, got involved in a conversation and let the cake bake much too long. Hope it's not ruined. Pot roast is done, looks wonderful, just falling-apart-tender. So, that gets the main components of a meal all done, will be easy to put it on the table tomorrow night. Now, I've got to bathe Starr. Oh, mercy!

My friend Joe got his pacer/defibrillator put in yesterday, monitoring shows all is going well, and he'll probably go home tomorrow. Please keep praying for him. God is good.

hm, I miss Millie, too. Her picture is still in the album. Just can't bring myself to remove it, guess there really isn't any reason to do so anyway, so there it is. She was really a special person.

Well, got to get this grubby puppy bathed. The folks who are on the way here have never met her, so I want her to look her best, and right now, she's a sight! She just hates this, but it must be done.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

August 01, 2008 - Msg 64676: Oh, hi, Boo. I just have to respond to what you said, about seeing Millie and others some day. That's a precious thing to me, the knowledge that I'll see family members and friends who are gone now, and get to meet others - like Millie - who touched my life in ways both great and small. I think of my little grandson, who only lived an hour. I'll meet him, and he won't be a tiny infant, he'll be whoever he really is, and I'll get to know him.

Years ago, it was my joy to care for a retarded man in the hospital on several occasions. He was in his 60's, and had a mental age of about two, for all practical purposes, though he could be surprisingly sharp at times. I remember the day he finally passed, and his dear mother, who was in her 80's, was at his bedside. She looked at me through her tears and said, "I can't wait until I can follow him to Heaven, and sit down and talk with him. Just imagine, he'll have a whole mind, and we can have all the conversations we've never been able to have on this earth. All these years, I've cared for this child, and in Heaven I'll get to meet the man." Isn't that beautiful? --Romeena

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64677: Yea I sure miss Millie we had some late night porch fun...hey Romeena,hazel,hm,asa...auh20 we have fried maters too...well lets eat...slow so far here at work...but spec it will pick up...SPOT

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64678: That is beautiful, Ro. We, as beloved children of God, have so many things to look forward to (more than we can even imagine with our mortal minds).

Late last night I was up reading the archives of the months preceding Millie's passing and was remembering her great courage. She really suffered in those last months but was so full of love and as I read the encouragment and love that folks here on the porch just poured out on her, and so many prayers, I was so blessed. As someone said, Millie gave us such a gift in her last months of life, by letting us share her life and passing. She was an amazing light in this world that will shine eternally.

I also was reading the things that you all wrote to me (and others) in times of trial and I was so humbled. You all tend to brag on me at times and talk about all I am "doing" with the girls at the rehab, but you all are the ones that deserve to be bragged about. I hope you see yourselves for the amazing, loving, human beings you are. I feel like since I came to this porch, I won the love lottery! You folks are MORE than the cats.

Ro, your post about the 60 year old and his mom reminded me of a scene from a movie, which is one of the most emotional on film to me. Have you seen "Mr. Holland's Opus"? He is a music teacher and composer (well, his dream is to compose an Opus that he is always working on in his very limited spare time), so besides his family, music is his life. He and his wife have one son that they name Coltrane, after a beloved jazz composer. When their son is a toddler, they discover that he is profoundly deaf and the specialist they take the child to, instructs them to treat him as any other child and under no circumstances should they teach him sign language. The child grow to be about 6 and still cannot communicate with the world around him, other than pointing and making grunting noises and the poor child and his mother are painfully frustrated. There is a scene in which Cole (as they call the boy) is in the kitchen with mom and is trying to tell her that he wants something high in the kitchen cabinet. Dad is sitting at the piano, as usual, trying to compose his opus. Mom can't figure out what Cole wants and Cole is becoming increasingly loud and frustrated, which makes dad lose his temper and say, "What does he want?!"...Mom tells dad, "I don't know what he wants"....this was the problem, of course, and she goes on to tell her husband (who reminds her that the specialist said "no sign language") that she wants her son to learn to communicate, no matter what it costs. Poor mom then pours out her frustration about how her son doesn't even know who she is and that there are things she wants to tell him, needs to tell him. She can't even tell him that she loves him. She ends with, "I want to talk to my son!....(screaming) I WANT TO TALK TO MY SON"! I have seen Mr. Holland's Opus several times and it is certainly one of my favorite movies and there are several scenes in it that never fail to make me cry, but the one I described always makes me weep. Maybe, having a husband who is hearing impaired and knowing it's a possibility for my own children, has something to do with it, but I think of how painful it must be to not be able to communicate with your child with words that he can really understand.

Well, the coffee is finished and there is some straightening up that needs to be done, then, off to the store. We are out of some things and I need to get a birthday present for Baby Emily! She is turning 1!


August 02, 2008 - Msg 64679: It's odd that several of us were thinking of Millie on the same day. Yesterday afternoon I couldn't get her off my mind. It started when I was looking for something to wear to go to the movie. I'm a T-shirt type of person, and I was digging thru my drawer looking for something to wear, and came across one of the T-shirts that Millie sent me. It is white, and says "Bogarts" on the front and on the back it's got a bigger "Bogarts" logo, and underneath the logo are the words "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship". Her friendship was always so special to me, she was such a wonderful and loving person. I miss talking to her at Sarahs, and reading her posts here. What a beautiful addition to the porch she was, and she touched so many of us.
My husband and I went to see the movie "Swing Vote" yesterday, with Kevin Cosner. What a great movie it was; I really enjoyed it.
- Hazel

Andy: "The luckiest thing a man can have is friendship."

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64680: Love the quote, Hazel! It is interesting that we have had Millie on our minds at the same time. Maybe it's God's way of sending us a little "I love you" from Millie.

I ran into our pastor and his wife yesterday and they had just been to see "Swing Vote". They enjoyed it alot, too, and said it had some really funny parts.


August 02, 2008 - Msg 64681: Hello: Just checking in and not lurking....The "Dud"

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64682: Hi All.
just sitting out of the hot sun.


August 02, 2008 - Msg 64683: I hope that was a typo and that you aren't really feeling unloved, TOM. We love you here in our porch family. Hope you aren't feeling too down.

Hello DUD, sorry you are going to have to send Miley home to Dallas with MILK DUD, sure will seem lonesome for awhile.


August 02, 2008 - Msg 64684: Fond memories of MILLIE: She was very special and she loved to talk about cooking...I am gonna' try to repair my image on the porch if possible..and be positive and not be sensitive.....give me a chance please...The "Dud"

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64685: Good Afternoon Friends,
Bryson and I went school shopping and we're broke!!! Nick still hasn't gone! Can you believe, even with sales, for school supplies we spent $145! Thank the Lord we had a $100 gift card for Office Depot. However we didn't have any credit for Kohl's and we spent $168 there just on shoes and underwear, and that was tax free! Nick's jeans are going to be about another $100. How in the world did it all become so expensive?! Sorry for all of the exclamation points. I'm a little peeved right now because to get 2 boys ready for school is outrageously overpriced!
Dud- My stepdaughter visits us every summer and it's usually hard on my husband to send her home. Are you remarried? Do you have any more children?
Tom- Cheer up dear fellow! Give us another poem soon. Are ya hot there in WV?
Hazel- What a special memory you have. Do you still go to Sarah's? Thanks for letting us know about Swing Vote. Anymore we just wait for Blockbuster or $1 theater.
Boo- It would definitely be difficult not to be able to communicate with your child. When Bryson was having serious speech problems he went through that whole pointing thing and that was so frustrating, but at least he could hear me to know what I was asking/telling. Sometimes it takes things like Mr. Holland's Opus to make you even more thankful. Are you homeschooling Sean this year?
That is odd and neat that y'all were all thinking of Millie! She really was a sweet woman. I too hope her family is doing well. I wonder how her son Miller is doing.
Homemaker- I'm glad you made some longer posts.
auh20- Are your daughter's ready for school? What grade will they be in this year?
Well, I need to get to tidying up my kitchen. Where oh where is Malcolm Merriweather?
Blessings to you and yours,
PS. If you don't like skulls on your son's clothing to have skulls or your daughter to dress like a tramp then do not even attempt clothes

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64686: Miley De'Lab will be missed...MILK DUD lost a dog that she really loved and I do not like to say bad things about my ex-spouse but the dog dissappeared..I found out that the dog was given away by my ex to a friend who lived out in the country....MILK DUD loves the dog and I gave it to her and thought she would be with me on the Bayou...Didn't work out that way..Ex bought a nice house in a good neighborhood...MILD DUD loves the dog so it is going to TEXAS..The "Dud"

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64687: That is MILK DUD, Not MILD DUD, sometimes I wish.
The "Dud"

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64688: Lucy: My daughter is 11 years old and I am 50 Years old...not remarried and I get along with my ex real well...she just got out of a 2 year relationship with a guy I really liked and he had a good job and loved my daughter...She just bought this big house in a suburb of Dallas (Garland) and I am very pleased...see is talking about joining the country club that is 2 blocks from MILK DUD'S new house so we can continue the golf & tennis lessons ( I will pay the tab)...My ex is a wonderful mother and it is time for us to buy MILK DUD new uniforms for her school..will bring checkbook and MILEY DE'LAB..sorry to see her go, but the child is so attached to this cute puppy...Take care everyone and have a good weekend....The "Dud"

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64689: What do y'all think about the Family Forman on TVLand?

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64690: Boy, can I relate, Lucy. It is so hard to keep a family on a budget now days. I was just saying that the kids as we were coming home from WalMart a few minutes ago. I bought groceries for the coming week (and hopefully a little beyond). I was out of things like TP, paper towels, soap, laundry soap, too. I also bought a couple of birthday presents for Erin for next week, and for Baby Emily's birthday I bought her one of those "See-N-Say" toys that makes the farm sounds, a little shirt with a pair of jeans, and a couple of other little things and when I got through the check-out I had spent 235.00!! I was even careful about what I was buying, bought store brands when possible, etc. I just don't know what is going to happen in this country. I saw on the very depressing national news yesterday that besides the half-million people that lost their jobs this year, 3 and a half million were cut back to part-time by their employers who are trying desperately not to have to lay them off. They are also getting their health benefits cut. God help this nation, between the warm, inflation, and illegal immigration, it sure seems like we are on a greased slide to really hard times.

Yes, Lucy, I am going to homeschool Sean again next year. He has matured alot but I don't think he is ready yet to go back, but maybe in a few months, if he wants to try it again, we might. The school he would attend used the same curriculum that we are using so it should be ok.

That is really sweet of you to be so understanding. Maybe you could mention to your ex that if things don't work out with Miley, for some reason, that you would want to have her back to live at your place. Enjoy them both while you can!

I carried in al the groceries and now have to finish putting them away and then make dinner (tacos tonight)...It is about 100 degrees out, I think. Talk about miserable~!!


August 02, 2008 - Msg 64691: I have never seen Family Foreman, Lucy.


August 02, 2008 - Msg 64692: haha..I meant, "between the WAR..", not warm, although it is pretty warm, isn't it?!


August 02, 2008 - Msg 64693:
Just a quick pass thru to say that Jesus loves you!
Hey, that even rhymes!
God bless,

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64694: BOO: Yes I will miss MILEY De'Lab and maybe I can get her back, but right now after giving her to MILK DUD and they are now living in a nice house with a big yard, I can not deprive my daughter her dog...Yes, I think she would be better as a LAB on the bayou traing with her batons and Frisbees....but I have to go with my daughter's love of the dog....take care...The "Dud"

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64695: Evening Family;
Just trying to dodge lightening bolts on this side of the porch. We have been in Severe Storm warnings for most of the afternoon and evening. Hopefully it will get it out of it's system before dark. I don't like major thunderstorms (the lightening is entertaining) but Not worrying about the electricity going out. SPOT- could you run an extra cable to my house?
It's funny, last night I was thinking about looking up the archives when Millie passed away. She is on my heart and her family is still on my prayer list. I know they are still trying to adjust to the "empty kitchen" syndrome.
Better get the kids bathed before the next round. Hold on to your hat M-T...they're on the way. ~New Neighbor

August 02, 2008 - Msg 64696: Hey there, NN, keep safe, you hear? That is interesting that you were also thinking of Millie. I read one of my last posts to her and I told her in the post that we would be praying for her family and I have not done enough of that...I wish I knew how they were doing.

You're a good dad, DUD. Of course you had to let MILK DUD take Miley home with her...I just hope your ex doesn't give her away like the last time. No reason to think she would, though I guess.


August 02, 2008 - Msg 64697: Boo: This was one time I had a heated argument with my EX...How could she lie to our daughter and say the dog disappeared...I do not know what was in her mind..but my MILK DUD was devasated...It will not happen with "MILEY De"Lab"...I am gonna' keep a good track of this will be our dog if I have reservations...don't mean to be negative...I am so glad that MILK DUD and mom have a great home in a good is a buyers market and she saved about $45,000 on the house...The "Dud"

August 03, 2008 - Msg 64698: Hey gang we are slammed here at work...been here since 7 last night...need food...SPOT

August 03, 2008 - Msg 64699: Good Sabbath to ye. Looks like a few of you overslept and missed preaching. It was a good one on "sin." That's one subject you can't hear enough about.

Prayers for all who needs them today, especially MILLIE's family. I wish we knew how they were coping. Maybe MILLER will stop back by sometime.

NEW NEIGHBOR: I didn't get your warning, but those storm hit us like a ton of bricks. Thanks for giving a shout out.

LUCY: When shopping for tops for my daughter, the Mrs, has her do the "raise and praise;" if she can't raise her arms up without exposing her belly, that shirt doesn't come home. Between peek-a-boo belly tops and shorts that almost could qualify as swimsuit bottoms, it is very difficult shopping for a daughter these days. We have found the best success at Target, generally. And you can get some pretty good sales.

One thing that floored me was bikini underwear for preteens. What kind of nutcase would buy their eight-year-old bikini underwear? I suppose some people feel comfortable taking their daughter from Dora the Explorer to Maxim in one giant step. I'm no expert and make my fair share of mistakes, but what are some parents smoking? But it's Sunday, so I'll leave it there...

SPOT: Here's a burger. Hope you like extra pickles.

DUD: Sorry about you missing your pooch. But, your actions sure peg you as a dad who cares more for yoru daughter than yourself, and that deserves some applause. We need more of that in this world.

AUH2O: Our tomatoes have starting coming in hot and heavy. Anybody need any?...please?...

Back to work.


August 03, 2008 - Msg 64700: Thanks M-T...thats perfect...still busy.....SPOT

August 03, 2008 - Msg 64701: Hey, Me-They. Toss a few of those 'maters my way, but toss 'em gently, please. We had home-grown 'maters last night while my kids were here, along with a sinfully good potroast, mashed potatoes, and cheesy squash. I didn't grow them, but our little family-owned farmer's market here in town had some real beauties. When you can smell 'em as you walk by, you know they're good. Got some good avocados too, and my granddaughter made some knock-your-socks-off guacamole. I made an angel food cake, and we had strawberries and blueberries and real whipped cream to put over the cake - yum! It was my grandson's 13th birthday, and the cake was for him.

Dud, I'm sorry you had to give up Miley De'Lab (that's the coolest name!), but of course, you did the right thing. I'm sure you let your ex know that no further disappearing acts are expected, and that if the dog doesn't work out at her house, you have first right of refusal. Also, have you considered getting another one, to be your dog but also to be there when MILK DUD visits? Could be fun.

Tom, it's hot here too. It's 102 and expected to get to 105, with 107 predicted for tomorrow. Yuck. The birds are walking around out back with their wings held out away from their bodies, and their beaks wide open. Poor things, they're so hot. I've only seen one squirrel today, and he didn't stay out there very long. He came from somewhere up high, came down a tree trunk, snagged the last leftover pancake out of the feeding tray, and carried it back up the tree with him. I'm not sure where he went.

Well, I'm hungry, it's long past lunch time, and I think I'll go poke around in yesterday's leftovers, what there is of them. There's plenty for a meal, I'm sure. I love leftovers. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

August 03, 2008 - Msg 64702: Love the "raise and praise" thing, Me-They! (Good to see you on the porch today, BTW)...I had to smile the other day when Erin came to me after getting dressed to go to VBS and told me, "Mom, I can't wear this shirt because when I raise my hands, my belly shows", I have never told her anything like that but she was just naturally modest about it. It was a good feeling, and of course, I let her change. She is growing so fast she is about to need a new wardrobe to keep her belly from showing. I call her "Weed-ette" because she has grown like a weed this summer.

You know, M-T, I noticed something at preachin' this morning that made me think of you (folks probably wondered what I was smiling about during the sermon...trying not to laugh). I happened to be kind of looking around and noticed that nearly all the women were wearing flip-flops or sandals that exposed their toes and it was kind of gross (I think you are wearing off on me). I, too, was wearing sandals but they covered my feet more. Also, at the invitation time, I leaned over with my head down to pray and found my face WAY too close to the foot of the woman next to me who was wearing a flip-flop and had her legs crossed! Ewww...

BYW, I'm confused about the underwear thing, M-T. I have never seen underwear for 8 years olds that weren't modest? Erin hasn't yet gotten into the size 8's so maybe they change at that size or something. I do find the brief-type hard to find, though. They do make the ones that fall just below the bellybutton and they are modest. I remember when I was a little girl and my mom would go to the high-end department store just to buy me cotton, high-wasted underwear with the cotten lace around the legs. They looked more like bloomers than underwear, and talk about cute! I wish I could find some today (uh, not for myself but for Erin...hehe). I did come across some at an expensive store but they were only in toddler sizes.

Hey there, Ro. Poor birds! It is very hot here, too, but that's August in Texas, unfortunately.

Well, Baby Emily turns 1 today and I need to be off to her birthday party, which happens to be outside at a local park...plenty of hotdogs, heat and mosquitos....poor child will probably be miserable.

See you all later,


August 03, 2008 - Msg 64703: Hello everyone.
I return after two weeks and I find you folks reminiscing about Millie. I can't believe it will be almost one year since she passed. She touched all of our hearts. May she rest in peace, Amen.

from Poor Horatio

August 03, 2008 - Msg 64704: Poor Horatio- it is so good to see you post on the porch. I think of you often . . .hope things are going well for you.

It's been an okay day here - we worked outside in the goat pasture. It was hot but we were under big old shade trees and it wasn't so bad.

Tom - please feel that you are never unloved on the porch. I know that West Virginia is hot too - keep up the poems. We need your uplifting voice.


August 03, 2008 - Msg 64705: Homemaker, what is the address for your website again, please?

Hey Poor Horatio, good to see you and hope you are well. We do all miss Millie.

Baby Emily had a great birthday party and you should have seen the way she dug into that cake!~It looked like she had a brown beard. It was a good day!


August 03, 2008 - Msg 64706: I'm hanging out over at Sarah's, if anyone is bored.
- Hazel

August 04, 2008 - Msg 64707: Good evening, all. Lucy, to answer your question, I've been watching the George Foreman series, and I must say, I'm favorably impressed. He seems to be a genuinely nice man. He's very involved with his family, proud of his kids, and seems to be very devoted to his wife. I realize that she's about #5, and that's too bad, but I don't know the circumstances in the failed marriages. He's been with the present wife, Joan, for 22 years, I think. She seems to have his number, and holds him to a high standard, which he appears to be happy to try to meet. I think he must be pretty savvy - not like so many other high-profile sports figures, who make a lot of money and blow through it and end up broke. He has made a screamin' fortune, and apparently has kept it. Anyway, I'm enjoying the series.

Good to see you, PH. Don't be such a stranger.

Hazel, I have just never been able to get into Sarah's, at least not consistently. I think I did make it once or twice, but couldn't repeat it later. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Well, off I go. Time for my Britcoms. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

August 04, 2008 - Msg 64708: I haven't watched The Family Foreman, Lucy, but from what I've seen of the promo's, it looks very scripted to me.(I mean, even more scripted than other "reality shows");) I don't know, that's just how it seems to me. Glad you are enjoying it though, Ro.

By the way, Me-They, I am still around, thanks for the concern though. I just have been busy doing different things lately.

Have kind of sad story that happened today. Especially sad to those of you who love your little yard animals(like you, Ro).
Today as I walked back toward the garage to get out the lawn mower, I heard some racket behind one of the trees, and then noticed a squirrel on the ground. Well, since that was not very unusual to see a squirrel by the tree I just walked on and got the lawn mower. Since it looked like it might rain I decided to mow the front yard first(since everyone sees that one) in case it started raining and I couldn't finish it.
Then I came back around and started mowing the back and out of the corner of my eye I saw the squirrel scampering across the ground and onto the concrete pathway. Well, I thought it was scampering, but then I noticed it not moving very fast, and always stopping. So I turned off the lawn mower and watched as it crawled slowly toward our little outdoor fireplace. I figured even though it was obviously hurt it was pretty smart going to the fireplace for shelter since it couldn't get up a tree.
Well, I sat and talked to it for a little while, and tried to figure out what was wrong with it and what if anything I could do for it, and also hoped it wasn't our little squirrel we named Sammy who frequents our yard.
First thing I did was went and got a board to put on the top open grate of the fireplace in case it rained.
Then I went in and looked up on the internet and most places said to call the vet or animal rescue. Well, since it is Sunday and the only animal rescue we have is the vets and it was closed, I did the next best thing and called my sister, who is always concerned about animals.
She wasn't there, but I talked to my mom. As I was talking, Kai and I were both looking out the window when we saw it's tail kind of quiver, and move up toward its back, and then, nothing. I knew it had died right there, but I didn't say anything to Kai just then. I went outside, still talking to my mom, and told her to forget it, because I could see the squirrel wasn't breathing anymore.
I had noticed before as I placed the board over the top grate, that its breathing was kind of slow and shallow, and wasn't breathing quick like it was before.
Anyway, so I broke the news to Kai, who was also concerned that it might be Sammy, and we dug a hole in the garden area, near the tree it was near when I first saw it. Kai made a cross out of popsicle sticks, and I wrote just "Squirrel" on it, since we didn't know if it was Sammy or not. Kai had wanted me to write "Squirrel, who might be Sammy but we don't know if...", and I said Kai, there's not enough room on the stick for all that, so she was content with just "Squirrel" and RIP. She also placed a flower on the grave and took a leaf from the tree and placed it there also.
Oh, I forgot to mention, as I was going to look for my shovel in the garage, Kai asked me if she could go sit on the lawn chair(which was near the deceased squirrel), so I said ok, and suggested that she could also say a prayer if she wanted to, as I didn't think it would hurt. As I was in the garage I looked out the window and saw her staring at the squirrel, then she clasped her hands and bowed her head, and it was a pretty touching sight. What a sweetheart.
She was kind of sad about this squirrel she hardly knew, as she would later mention its passing after staring off in thought and with teary eyes. But I had to remind her that I am sure it is very happy, playing in the luscious trees they must have in Heaven.
And Kai said to me, "It's weird how it's both good and bad."
And I asked her what she meant, and she said, "Well, it's bad that it had to die, but then it's good because it's in Heaven now."

Well, I'd better get to bed. Kai is still in summer school. She has her new classes for this session - Birds(in which she has already made a squirrel feeder(oh the irony)), and science experiments. She has already attempted some of the experiments at home, but I drew the line when she wanted me to give her some bread so she could rub it in the dirt and grow mold on it. :)

Goodnight all.
-Sterling Holobyte

August 04, 2008 - Msg 64709: Good Monday porch, just checking in from work this morning. Hope all is well.

Busy week end so I am tired already. This is my kids last week before school starts back.We have been getting into the school mode already though.
Doing some shopping for clothes and then of course with Patrick's football practices and all that entails.

Our church has recently hired a new youth pastor. The parents have been meeting with him and so far I have been impressed with him. He is about 30 years old, married and seems to be a genuinely nice fella.

Breakfast will be: french toast, sausages, bacon,
scrambled eggs, juice, coffee and tea to drink.\
see you at breakfast.

Prayers and blessings to all today.

Big Maude

August 04, 2008 - Msg 64710: Good morning, friends. Sterling, I know what you mean about the George Foreman show sppearing scripted. It does, and of course, it is! I think it would be pretty hard to produce such a show without scripting it. However, that doesn't bother me, I try to see beyond it. I watch the expression on their faces, listen to the tone of voice, and watch body language. I really think George is a genuinely nice guy who truly loves his kids and is so very proud of them. He's richer than the hills, shamelessly surrounds himself and his family with the trappings of wealth, but doesn't hesitate to give glory to God at every turn. He also shares that wealth, has built and supports a big youth center, where he has a program that ministers to street kids in Houston, and he has other ministries as well. Sure the program is scripted, but I'm okay with that.

I'm so sorry to hear about the demise of the little squirrel in your yard, but it sounds like you used the situation as a teachable moment for Kai. You showed her that we have reverence for life, even a little squirrel. You didn't just drop him in the trash - you had a little burial and allowed her to reflect on death and the hereafter in a situation that didn't cut too deeply. Later, when she faces a harder loss - a friend, a family member - she'll have that little bit of preparation to strengthen her. Sooner or later, a child has to confront the reality of death, and it's helpful if their first experience is something like this.

My daughter had a terrible experience when she was about ten, and I've never really forgiven the man who caused it. She was invited by a church friend to go with them to their lake home for the weekend. We knew the family well (we thought), and didn't hesitate to let her go. On the way, as they were bumping down a back road near their home, a small dog ran out, barking and chasing the car. At one point, he got a little ahead of the car, and the father of the family said, "I'm putting a stop to this, I'm tired of it!" He swerved the car, deliberately running over the little dog, who then lay yelping in the road, and the man just drove on, leaving the dog to lie there and suffer. My daughter was physically sick, threw up when she got out of the car, and spent the weekend avoiding even being in the same room with that man. She told us about it when she got home, and to this day, I can't even look at him. Needless to say, my daughter never went to their home or had anything else to do with that family again, nor did we. It was a deliberate, inexcusable cruelty, and I shudder to think what he was teaching his kids. You, on the other hand, tenderly buried a little wild squirrel. God must be very pleased with what you were teaching Kai. Thank you.

Well, gotta run. Starr is in here, trying to get my attention, little soft paws patting at my leg. She's such a sweet little thing. She's the baby, gotta love her! --Romeena