August 07, 2008 - Msg 64875: BOO: Interesting trivia: Doc Holliday was a dentist and a barber. In those days, especially out west, this was not uncommon. I guess you just took care of the whole head while you had them in the chair.


August 07, 2008 - Msg 64876: Did I get all the corners?


August 07, 2008 - Msg 64877: BOO: you get better and all others and don't forget the POSSUM family...REV: Thank you for your strong posts, I appreciate them when I am kinda' down at night...Thanks again..Me-They: even though we disagree on many things, I think me and you could hang together and listen to bad music.....Ant D:.... You are such a good mom and wife and keep your head up...The "Dud"

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64878: Hi!

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64879: Hello post 64878# How are you? We all are TAGS fans, and what is your handle...Just make somethin' up, we don't care....The "Dud" Wash.

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64880: Me-They....

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64875: BOO: Interesting trivia: Doc Holliday was a dentist and a barber. In those days, especially out west, this was not uncommon. I guess you just took care of the whole head while you had them in the chair.

Me-They:.... Why do you always push my buttons...I do not consider my father's profession to be at the sam level as a HairDresser...but you do...The "Dud"

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64881: DUD: Nothing was meant by my post!!! I am absolutely not trying to push your buttons. If you were say that your dad was a doctor, and someone said that doctors once used leeches and performed bloodletting (which contributed to Georeg Washington's death, by the way) it wouldn't mean they were disparaging your father. Aren't you being a little sensitive here?

And I'm sorry if historical facts bother you, but dentistry (which you did not even have to attend a school to legally practice in the 1800s) was tied to barbering. I am quite sure that dentistry in Doc Holliday's day was not the highly medical, scientific field is was in your dad's. I'm sure your father was a educated, top-flight dentist. That said, I do believe that Doc Holliday (how do you think he got the "Doc"?) probably was a better shot. But that's not even a given.

Ease up, man! I agree with your statement in teh previous post.

"Who you calling sensitive?"

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64882: For cryin' out loud, Dud, pull in your horns. Or were you just teasing Me-They? I certainly hope so. He wasn't trying to push your buttons or demean your father in any way. What he said was true, many years ago. Things change. And besides, what's wrong with being a barber, or a "hairdresser"? --Romeena

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64883: In case you're interested, DUD, I got this from Wikipedia: "The barbers of former times were also surgeons and dentists. As well as haircutting, hairdressing, and shaving, barbers performed surgery, blood-letting, cupping and leeching, enemas, and the extraction of teeth. Thus they were called barber surgeons and they formed their first organization in 1094." And it looks like my own state of Maryland can claim the first dental school in the world, established in Baltimore in 1840.


August 07, 2008 - Msg 64884:
"Can't we all just get along."
Mr. Darlin's 'Rodney' Cuz

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64885:
Ed Sawyer: I just wanted mayberry to be my hometown.

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64886: Put that in your smipe and poke it, MDC!

"I remember that about yoru mother."

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64887:
From MDC-opedia =pip, (n) One back up singer for Gladys Knight

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64888: Aw, heck. I'm leaving on that midnight train to Georgia. See y'all tomorrow.


August 07, 2008 - Msg 64889:
Ed Sawyer: I'm just warming up.
Andy: If you get much warmer Ed, I'll have to run you in.

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64890:
OK, I filled up my tires with air, I turned off the lights in the House of Representatives, anything else?

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64891:
Ha, that's me, MDC

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64892: Hey there MDC, thanks for the "pip" definition (why didn't I think of it?). Bet it's really hot in Phoenix, it sure is here.

See ya tomorrow, Me-T, thanks for the interesting history trivia...I have heard that before about early dentists. By the way, I think DUD must have been joking with his earlier comment. He's a smart guy and probably knows his history well enough not to be offended. That's the problem with this sort of communication. It is hard to really get the true intent in which something is said.

Well, better go get the laundry out of the dryer before it is a wrinkled mess...

But first....some advil.


August 07, 2008 - Msg 64893: I am the son of a smitten Dentist and I am Guilty..Bye, Bye,...The "Dud"

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64894:
In Tags the Undertaker was also the TV Repairman.
In the ep about the guitar player, remember, he complained to andy that it was bothering his clients! ha (Of course, he meant people bringing in TVs and Andy was thinking of the 'other' clients!
Have a good evening, prayers,

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64895: Someone once said: "The most desirable time to read the Bible is as often as possible".

The "Dud"

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64896: Amen to that.

Well, I am making some Ranger Cookies. Anybody want some?


August 07, 2008 - Msg 64897: Boo: Without me searching from GOOGLE what are Ranger Cookies? MDC: I believe your are from the Phoenix area, correct? Looks like my beat up Saints are tied with your Cardinals 7 to 7...enjoying the game with the Dis-interested MILK DUD..I love my Football..., T Ihe season is here and will enjoy the game..Football Widows unite....The "Dud"

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64898: Ranger cookies are made with 1 cup of butter, 1 each of sugar and brown sugar, 2 eggs, 1 t. vanilla, 2 cups of flour, 2 t. baking powder and 1 t. of soda, 2 cups of oatmeal and 1 cup of corn flakes. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes and they are really good! When does Milk Dud have to go back home, DUD?


August 07, 2008 - Msg 64899:
Asa-You are right about the GOP, this is great but where have they been? Pelosi is unbelievably average. She is not up to the job that's for sure. Her new book sold under 3000 copies, YIKES!

Tom-Hey there buddy, thanks for sharing that. I bet you made your Grandpa proud. That is a wonderful poem. I can remember seeing a bumper sticker when I was a kid that said, "Ya'll save your Confederate money son, 'cause the South is gonna rise again." That has always stuck with me.

Dud-Glad to hear you're enjoying the game. I haven't watched a whole football game since the Raiders smoked the Redskins in the Super Bowl, sometime in the early 80's.

Doc Holliday: And you must be Ringo. Look, darling, Johnny Ringo. The deadliest pistoleer since Wild Bill, they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate him?
Kate: You don't even know him.
Doc Holliday: Yes, but there's just something about him. Something around the eyes, I don't know, reminds me of... me. No. I'm sure of it, I hate him.


August 07, 2008 - Msg 64900: BOO: Are the cookies named after the Texas Rangers? I am gonna' take MILK DUD to Shreveport Friday night and the Ex, MILK DUD and I will eat at the Legendary "Herbie K's". MILK Dud and I will have the Shrimp Buster Po-BOy, Marinated Crab CLaws, Homemade Fried Onion Rings and split a Shrimp Salade...Ex will have a hamburger and fries...I will then see them off to Dallas and I will return to Monroe, La...Miley De'Lab will stay with me for the time being due to Ex and MILK DUD's moving into a new home..Joint custody of the puppy and when things calm down she will be staying with MILK DUD part of the time..It is ashame that we cannot buy my daughter's uniforms at a cheaper store like J. C. Penneys...Her private school as a special made to order pattern/plaid that is like no other and you have to go to one specialty store in N. Dallas (payoff any one?) who carries it...They charge a small fortune, but I am used to the hit to the pocket book..Boo: Take care of that great family..

The "Dud"

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64901: BOO: Do you know if I can subsitute immitation Brown sugar and Splenda in the Mix..instead of the regular?....The "Dud"

August 07, 2008 - Msg 64902: REV: Have you eaten at Herbie K's? If not, it has been there for over 70 years..Shrimp buster is 4 plus super large shrimp, butterflied and pounded flat and served on great French bread, lettuce, tomato & either secret red sauce or my choice remoulade sauce..It is soooo good? The "Dud"

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64903: Saints 24- Arizona Cardinals 10..Yeah...

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64904:
Hello porch family. Supose to cool down to the 90's tomorrow here in SC.

Pray that you all are doing great.

Dud....nope never have eaten at Herbie K's. Sounds good though. Maybe I'll get there in the future.

I guess Spot is on his camping trip.'re just full of all kinds of good info...that education is sure paying off.

Well it's late here so I'm off to bed. Have a Jesus filled night and be sure to ask God to give you someone to share His love to tomorrow.
Prayers for all the porch family.

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64905: Morning all. Hope you all have a grand Friday.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64906: Good morning everyone.

AUH2O: "I'm your huckleberry."

DUD: Hope all is weel today. No cracks from me, promise!

POSSUM & BOO: How're you feeling?

A question for anyone who can help: What can I do with 3,000 copies of a book I recently purchased? I was thinking of winter fuel, but I just can't get the dust jackets to ignite.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64907: "My hypocrisy only goes so far."


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64908: Hey Me-They, how about a bonfire at Myer's lake? hehe

I am feeling better but tired, and just looking at the dishes piled in the kitchen sink is making me want to go back to bed. Funny how when I get sick, nobody does anything around here. Oh well. I have to clean up and put in some laundry, then go shopping for Erin (tomorrow is her birthday and she will be 7). I had a bad dream early this morning that woke me and I feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over me...I hate when that happens. Well, better get on with the day.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64909: Hi All.
Nice day. Just stop in to said that I'm being a bad boy and doing thing that i me Doc would be mad at me for. UNlove TOM

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64910: Well you take care, BOO. You, too, TOM. Doctors usually know what they're atlking about.

An early happy birthday to Erin! Actually, today is Chad's 5th birthday. He spent the night with my parents last night, and his big sis is at her cousins until tomorrow, so we're going to celebrate properly on Sunday. We'll give him his gifts tonight, though, and maybe go out for ice cream or something.

BOO: You've been having your fair share of bad dreams lately, haven't you? Maybe you need to start falling asleep to some Andy Griffith Show.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64911:
Morning Porch

Raining and cool here this morning, but it seems to fit.

Me-They I KNEW you were a huckleberry! There are so many good quotes from that movie. By the way, Nancy thanks you.

Asa, M-T, MDC, Dud, or anyone so inclined- Did anyone catch Obama getting tripped up by a 7 year old? She asked him something like, "Why do you want to be president?" And, he said something like, "humm-in-nah Humm-in-nah." What a joke. If he can't answer t-ball questions, wow!?

Doc Holliday: "Evidently Mr. Ringo's an educated man. Now I really hate him."


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64912: Well, if he can't answer that one, I sure hope his own 7-year-old doesn't come home from school one day asking where babies come from.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64913: By the way, where do babies come from?


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64914: Happy Birthday to Chad! Is he losing some of the trepidation towards going to school, M-T? Sure hope so. Glad to hear that ya'll had a good time at Dutch Wonderland. I had heard of it before - the Jon & Kate plus 8 gang went there in one episode. BTW, maybe you could recycle those books as a carbon offset (send them to the former VP in TN), or you could see how well they flush. (j/k - not!)

Happy (early) Birthday to Erin. Can't believe she'll be 7 already. Good to see her on the porch too. Those Ranger Cookies sound good, Boo. Do you ever add chocolate chips or M&M's? That sounds good.

auh2o - maybe "humm-in-nah Humm-in-nah" means something in Arabic. ; ) Maybe that 7 yo should have also asked him about the surge like Katie Couric did to see if he'd thought of an answer yet.

TOM - you take care of yourself now, ya hear!

Worst job I ever had was cleaning motel rooms in a not so whoopy motel my aunt owned - definitely saw things a 16 yo ought not to see.

Well, got the last of my corn from the garden last night and pulled all the stalks out of ground. Got more tomatoes turning and will have a boatload of potatoes, canteloupe, watermelon, and pumpkins here before too long. Still got some beans coming on too - and we've already put up (froze) about 10 gallons worth and probably given that much away as well.

Good to see you back, Rev. You too, Lucy, and prayers for your situation.

Evie is super excited to head back to school next Thursday. I have been making the rounds at all the Dr offices. Paid out around 250 bucks total yesterday at the eye doctor and dentist, and will give our PCP his share on Monday. I think I'm in the wrong business. Fortunately I don't really have a big output in clothing expenses. I usually just watch clearance sales all year round and Evie is more partial to sweats in the winter time and those are cheaper than jeans these days. She has only gained a couple of pounds in the last year and has grown just a couple of inches so I'll only have to replace a few things in her winter wardrobe for school.

Well, I better get the girls going so we can do our grocery shopping this morning before it gets too warm.

Have a great day - prayers for all!

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64915: Chad told us yesterday he didn't want to turn five because he didn't want to go to Kindergarten, so I suppose he still is a bit nervous. Once he gets there, I'm sure he'll be fine. He adapts pretty quickly.

We are spending very little on back-to-school clothes as well. A friend of ours who has three boys, teh youngest of which is Nora's age, regularly passes down boys clothing. We haven't really had to buy him much in a few yeras beyond socks, undies, and shoes. It certainly is a blessing to have friends. He inherited several pairs of blue pants, so we bought him a few white shirts and he's set. Since the boys and girls where the same gym uniforms, he can use Nora's old one.

We thought we'd have to replace everything of Nora's--she's growing like a weed and is literally off the height chart. But in the last few weeks a few moms with older kids have asked us if we can use their old uniforms, and teh Mrs. picked up a few items at the school's consignment shop. (The consignment shop is a great idea. You can get gently used school unforms for a fraction of the cost.)

I wish we had your bounty, AFD. We have a bumper crop of tomatoes, green beans, and beets, but I didn't plant nearly enough of the other stuff. I'm going to put in a late summer crop of spinach. Next year, I'm going to expand the garden.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64916: Thanks, M-T, happy birthday to CHAD! He won't know who it's from, but you give him an extra little hug from Aunt Boo, will you? (it'll just be between you and me)...he is getting to be a big boy now.

You have a point about the bad dreams, Me-T. It is unusual for me and has happened a few times recently. I think what caused this dream was that I watched Larry King Live last night and he was interviewing the Chapman family (the family of chrisian singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman) about the death of their little adopted Chinese daughter, Maria. You may recall she was accidently run over in the driveway of their home by her older brother (she was 5). It was quite an interview and testimony to their great faith but it was painful to see. After watching it, I dreamed that my little Erin died and Erin stayed the night with Susan so I couldn't even put my hands on her this morning. I have been praying that God will keep her safe in His care while she is with Susan but it will be nice to have her in my arms again later this afternoon.

Oh AFD, you killed me with that statement about Obama! haha...good to hear from you. I have tried chocolate chips in the ranger cookies and I thought they were too rich, just too sweet, but I am thinking of putting pecans or coconut in them next time...maybe raisins would be good. I have made them with coconut before and they were very good.

You know, last night I was watching TVLand with Sean and an Obama commercial came on. Sean asked, "WHAT is his first name?"...I told him what his first and middle name was and Sean got really big eyes and said, "That is scary, Mom. Will he make us become Muslim?". I had to explain to him that we always have a choice and that Obama "claims" to be Chrisian but has Muslim relatives. Knowing that it was radical muslims that caused 9/11, he didn't seem to get much comfort from my answers. He is only 13. Interesting. Of course, I am going to have to talk to him and explain that not all muslims are out to get him but I understand his concern. I have never spoken to him about any of these things before or even with Bruce so I was surprised that it even concerned him. He is aware, though, of some the persecution of Christians that occurs in Muslim nations, and particularly what is happening in the Sudan.

BTW, AFD, that would have been a gross job, cleaning in a "not so whoopy" motel. Which brings me to remember something I read this month in Reader's Digest that is pretty scary. There is a strain of HPV (STD that causes cervical cancer) that is causing a huge increase in oral cancers in the baby boomer generation. The indescriminate s*xual behavior that occured in the 80-90's is coming back to haunt many people. If a person has this strain of HPV in their bodies, they are 3000 times more likely to get oral, throat, tonsil and tongue cancer than the general population, even though they do not smoke, drink or use tobacco. HPV can be a very mean virus and unlike cervical cancer, will be responsible for the death of men, as well as women.

Better get moving towards the dishes in the sink...yuck.

Oh, TOM...still feeling unloved? I'm very sorry. I hope you are drinking to make yourself feel better. I am concerned about you. Please leave us a longer post and let us know what is going on with you.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64917: Oh my gosh!,/b> I made a terrible typo in my comment to TOM! I said I hope he is drinking to make himself feel better, and of course I meant I hope you are not drinking, Tom. Forgive me.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64918:

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64919: test

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64920:
New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Braves both beat up on my AZ teams last night! boohoo!
But Jesus loves me this I know!

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64921:
Brett is a Jet, tho he's no Broadway Joe,
Green Bay didn't want him, so now watch him go!

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64922:
Auh20, asa, ro, I heard there is a book out now called
"Obama-nation." Anyone heard of it or read it?

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64923: BOO: Romeena's recent blog has to do with the concern that Sean expressed. I commented there, and that's all I'm going to say here.

Don't get me started on Sudan, or anywhere else where Christians (or anyone else) is being brutally persecuted. I still don't understand how we can't justify doing something meaningful to stop it but we could justify Iraq (a war I support, by the way). I guess we have to feel threatened before we act; it's not enough that other innocent men, women, and especially children are being, at this moment, tortured, raped, and killed. I keep hearing, "We can't be everywhere" or, "It's not our job to police other countries." I guess that justification only goes as far as if we feel a possible threat to ourselves or our gas tanks.

The way I figure it we--especially us Christians--should be more concerned with helping others than covering our own butts. Send in the Marines. I wonder how we can sleep at night knowing that we could do something but instead do nothing but wring our hands.

Oops! There I go moulaging it up.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64924: It just slipped out, honest! Now I know how Andy felt when he called Ellie silly. It was just greasy and slipped out!


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64925: Ooops, Me-T, I think you just stuck you foot in a big moulage, there. I'm going over to see what you commented on Romeena's blog...


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64926: Well, I think I fall somewhere between what you commented and how Ro feels, M-T. Let's just say I am very concerned.

It is very hard to accept the truth of what is happening in other parts of the world that we are helpless to "fix". I feel the same pain that you do, Me-T. Never forget the power of prayer, especially when we aren't the ones making the choices about what is happening in the world. Pray that God would lead those who make those decisions. Speak out when possible and pray as often as possible. You are a good man, Me-T with a very loving heart. May God use you to change your world (near and far). "The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man, availeth much"! Lord annoint you to give the good news of His love to those around you and make you strong in faith, perseverance and love." Remember, as Paul said to Timothy, "God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind...".


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64927: BOO: Thanks. Your words are well spoken. I often feel very immature after reading posts by ROMEENA, ASA, (gulp) AUH2O (that left a bad taste), and some others. I have to admit, I don't pray about it half as much as I should.

By the way, is there a book somewhere that I can find good advice like that? ;)


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64928: BOO: In case you're interested, there's a brief interview with a conservative author who has just written a book called "The Faith of Barrack Obama." He previosuly wrote a book about George Bush's faith. It's interesting. The link is:


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64929: Hey Porchster Family! I hope all of you are having a fantastic TGIF! Whooo Hoooo! Let's all do the Friday dance!

DuD Dude Thanks for the kind words. I try to be a good mom and wife but you know I have my moments when I doubt myself. I know we all have those moments. Take for instance, Bailey my daughter is 13. Lord have mercy on me. 13 and a female at that. I know I speak "Been there, done that" for lots of moms out there. The day she turned 13, it's been an emotional roller coaster ride ever since. She turned 13 AND got her first boyfriend. He turned out to be a nasty little kid. I'm sorry but he is. I've prayed for him but I have to call it like it is. Bailey was real smittened by him but I think it was because he was her "first" ever boyfriend and she wanted a boyfriend because her friends at school had a boyfriend. I kept telling her to put all that off and just enjoy being friends because there was plenty of time later for all of that. But you know how that goes. Anyway, I found some text messages on her phone where the boy had asked her to sleep with him. I was really hoping it meant "snoring" but when I asked her she said he meant it the other way. Thankfully, her replies back to him was that she didn't want to do anything like that. She's a good kid for the most part. But I told her to immediately break things off with him. He was 13 also.

So she did but she didn't want too. They went to school together. He kept calling her and texting her. I ended up having to take her phone away. He kept hassling her at school and I ended up having to get the school involved. Then he started calling the house and hanging up and sending threatening emails (such as wishing that I will die of cancer) so then I had to get the cops involved and put call block on my phone. He is definitely STALKER material.

He comes from a broken home; I almost feel sorry for the kid. Bailey is very involved with her youth group at church and just returned from a youth retreat. She wanted to invite him to church because he's told her doesn't believe in God and that he's just a fairy tale. Bailey wants to lead him to God and said she feels led too. I told her the devil can also be leading her to put her back in his life and she can't always think that every tug at her heart is God calling. So I told her she could pray for him and help him that way but that he could not go to church with her. Well she relayed that message to him this week and the little twerp had the gall to send ME text messages on my cell phone asking me "What's wrong with you?? What have I done to you?" and "Tell me what I've done that was so bad!"

Yep. It's been a fun year.

Ant D

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64930: ANT D: Wow. I'm glad I have a few years before crossing such bridges. Hopefully, I won't have to. I think you make the right call having her break it off with him. He obviously is a broken individual, but a 13-year-old girl, no matter how strong her faith or maturity level, is equipt to help fix someone else. My niece was like that; every guy she ended up with had some huge wound. I used to tease my brother that she's already a social worker, she just doesn't get paid yet. Thankfully, she managed to keep her head through those years. But you're right, even a good kid can be dragged down. The teenage years are hard enough for a kid to make it through. The odds just aren't good for the teen trying to drag someone else through on their backs.

Take care!


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64931: Hey ME-THEY: You are right about easily being dragged down. Bailey obviously cares for this kid and is vulnerable when it comes to him. She feels confused about what is going on with her; she wants to help lead him to God and I'm telling her to back off. I've tried and explained to her that there are other ways for him to be led to God without her being physically involved with him. I've even asked for help from her middle school minister. My associate pastor has also spoken with Bailey. I know she's at a tough age right now but she's taken a vow to remain celibate until marriage and I certainly hope she will stay on that track. And I know she wants to help every stray that comes along because she's like me; I just have to keep praying that she'll make the right decisions of who to help and who to let someone else help and be there for her.

Ant D

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64932: Well it looks as though the Edwards rumors are official. We can go ahead and tack them up on the bulletin board. Such despicable behavior. By teh bad judgment he exhibited with this, seems we dodged a bullet, so to speak. Prayers for his wife and family.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64933: Y'all have a great weekend. I'll be back on Monday, as usual. Take care. Give Erin an extra squeeze for me, too, BOO.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64934:
Ant D- I think M-T pretty much had my reaction, "Wow!" I must say though, good job. That is a mine field you walked through there and, I bet, you and your daughters relationship just got even stronger. It looks like it was in good shape before this.

M-T That was very kind of you but, I must say, your post are never appear immature. I think you speak from a very solid foundation, and with confidence. I look forward to them. "Onward Christian soldier!" Jack Kemp calls himself a "bleeding heart Conservative." I've always liked that.

MDC-No, I haven't heard of that book, I'll have to check out M-T's link.

Hey Tom, buddy, don't do anything silly. You mean too much to us here.

Something just come up... gotta run for now.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64935:
M-T Yup, for sure, prayers for his family. And, him too.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64936: AntD, I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open...bless your heart. Your daughter is only 13 and feeling the pressure of a boy wanting s*x from her. The ordeal you describe is unbelievable! I'm glad you are willing to share with us because there are some good moms here (who have raised girls) who will be a support and give you some good advice. Sounds like you are taking some good steps to protect her. I wonder what it will be like by the time Erin is 13. I know it's no garuntee, but maybe I will keep her in that Baptist school she is in , where all the girls wear long skirts and nobody dates. Ha...if only it were that easy! (let me have my fatasies, will ya?).

Thanks M-T, I will give Erin a huh for you. I went shopping for her today and took the opportunity to "kill 2 birds with one stone" and combine birthday gifts and things needed for school, thus, she is getting a new pair of KEDS (really cute white ones with charms on the laces), and a new really groovy backpack with the word "LOVE" on the front. I bought her a few other things, too, like some shirts on sale and a couple of toys. Bruce is supposed to be getting her cake for me..that's kind of what he likes to do.

Well, our church rented out the local pool for an after-VBS celebration tonight, so we will be doing that. Better go...


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64937:
Ant D- Just a thought that came to me, may be the Holy Spirit, but what if YOU invited him to church? And he sat by you and not by your d?
It might help open him up to God, maybe not, but then no harm done either way. Any possiblity? I will be praying.
Good weekend to all,

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64938:
Romans 12:21--"Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good."

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64939:
I heard that Hazel uses her peroxide strickly for gardening.

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64940: Good Evening Friends,
I hope all are doing well. It's hotter than blazes. I have to say that this is my least favorite time of year. I swell so much from the heat!
Boo- Happy Birthday to Erin! Have fun tonight!
M-T- Happy Birthday to Chad! I think he'll like kindergarden once he gets started. Nick feels the same way about going to high school and that's what I told him.
Ant-D- I'm so sorry about your daughter. I have a 14 year old stepson, Nick, and I've spoken before about his issues with girls. It's so difficult how forward both girls and boys are these days. I have girls calling all hours of the day and night. Nick has mostly girls on his Facebook. Tonight he's going with a group of guys and girls for a girl from church's birthday party at a Japanese steakhouse. All we can do is pray and teach our kids about staying pure morally. Really it doesn't matter what is going on with the other kid. Nick had a "girlfriend" when he was 13 who had bipolar and she was crazy. I told him, that I don't care what's wrong with her. Her behavior is not acceptable for my kid. He broke up with her not long afterwards. This is a hard age so we should all be praying for our children, grandchildren, and just children of this Earth in general.
Auh20- Thanks for the book referral. I'm still on Patriot Hearts. It's really getting interesting. I just want to find out how much is accurate or fiction.
Hey to all.
I'm tired so I think I'll lie down for a few minutes and watch the FoodNetwork. Y'all take care now.

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64941: Mercy! Heavy stuff on the porch today. Ant D, bless your heart - your wise and loving little heart. I think you handled that beautifully. Now, whether all will live happily ever after is not a given and remains to be seen, but you surely did do all the right things. Every day, I give thanks that my kids are all raised, and my grandkids are all boys, except one girl who is now 26 and has her head on quite straight, thank you.

Me-They, you give me far too much credit. If only you could know how inept, ill-informed and downright dumb I feel whenever I try to enter the political conversational arena, especially with you guys who are so much better equipped to discuss the issues. There are a couple of things about which I feel very strongly, but it's exactly that - feelings. I read headlines and skim stories, get a lot of synopses from "One News Now", and manage to keep up with the basics, but an awful lot escapes me. So, my opinions are always best taken with a large grain of salt. That doesn't keep me from expressing them, though. (heehee)

Well, the pond fountain is at a trickle - translation: filter clogged again. I'm so looking forward to cool weather, when the algae growth will slow down. This really gets monotonous!

Going to play bunco with eleven other nutty old ladies tonight - should be fun, it always is. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

P.S. Tom, whatever you're doing that your doctor wouldn't approve of, you stop it right now. You're too important to us around here to be doing anything that could be harmful to yourself.

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64942: Well, anyone been watching the news about what is going in in Russia today? If they don't cease fire, we will be getting involved in the next world war, is what they are saying. Pray.


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64943: Hey, Me-They. I read your comment on the blog, and left one of my own. Check back when you have a moment - I think I may have cleared things up a bit. Thanks for the visit, I appreciate it! --Romeena

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64944: FYI: ABC's Nightline will be doing an interview with Edwards tonight at 11:30 EST, 10:30 Central. If anyone cares..


August 08, 2008 - Msg 64945: You kind of scared me with your post about your daughter and that boy, AntD, being that I have a daughter myself(only 7 but growing too fast), but it looks like you are raising her right.

Yeah Boo, I've seen the fighting in Georgia(not our Georgia) just today. Where the heck did that come from? It just seemed to start out of nowhere, or did I miss some build-up to it?

Oh, btw Romeena, I couldn't get to your blog. For some reason I couldn't find it in the address bar or a search engine. I figure I must be putting in the address wrong. Did you say that was supposed to be with a "dash" before Romeena, or with a "dot"?

-Sterling Holobyte

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64946:
Hello porch family.

Tom.....buddy I'm praying for you. Just keep Jesus in your thoughts.

Happy Birthday Chad and Erin!

M-T....I'll have to check out that Newsweek web site link.

A lot of prayer needs listed here and be assured that I'm praying! Just goes to show that the times of "Mayberry" are far and few between in this day.
Have a blessed night and no matter what you're facing....Jesus loves you!

August 08, 2008 - Msg 64947: Hi, neighbors. I'm back from playing bunco, and we did have fun. You'd be amazed at what all a bunch of old gals like me can find to laugh at.

Sterling, you should be able to get to the blog at www dot romeena dash views from my window dot blogspot dot com. I really don't know why I'm spelling the address out like that - it's on the internet, for pete's sake. Email addresses are another subject, but a blog is fair game, I guess. Anyway, there it is. At least spelling it out makes it easier to read. If you can't get there, email me and I'll send you a link.

You know, in a way I feel a little sorry for Edwards. Certainly I don't condone what he's done, and I feel even more sorry for his wife, but he has pretty much ruined his life, his marriage, his relationship with his family, the whole thing. It's sad. I can imagine that a man in his position may be tempted more than Joe Schmoe down the street. Same with preachers and other high-profile people. The devil works overtime on people like that, because when they fall they make such a big splash. Also, there are always those women who are ready to go after the thrills, the conquest, the notoriety and yes, maybe the money to be made from a relationship such as that. Shame on them, but still it's true. As I said, I think it's just sad.

Well, I'm tired, Starr is asking for a cuddle, and I think I'll just oblige her. I'm going to curl up in my big chair with her warm, sweet and fluffy little self in my lap, and stay there until I get good and sleepy, and then we're off to bed. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64948: Hey everyone - just checking in before I call it a night. Thanks for all the warm words from all of you in helping me with Bailey. I've always heard something like that "It takes a whole neighborhood to help raise a child" or something like that. My words are being redundant; it's late and my brain is only at 1/2 speed. Goodnight everyone and sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. I'll turn the lights off.

Ant D

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64949: It's a village, AntD, and please don't quote Hillary Clinton at this hour! (kidding, of course)

I feel sorry for the Edward's family, too, but wasn't too impressed with Edward's interview tonight. Seems he hasn't really figured out that his "mistake" (his word, not mine...I think "mistake" is a very small word for making the decision to breaks one's sacred vow of marriage) is his own fault...that could just be my interpretation. I understand that he feels like his wife has forgiven him and he made reference to his Lord forgiving him. That's his business but from the interview, I don't think the full impact of his "mistake" has hit him yet. Prayers for him, his family and the supporters who are feeling pretty bad, I'm sure.

It kind of irks me that as I have gone through the major news channels, all they are showing is reports on Edwards. There is so much going on in this country and world that are more important.

Better get to bed...have to be up early tomorrow. Poor Erin has come down with my cold and was sick when I put her to bed tonight. Her birthday tomorrow might not be so much fun, poor baby.


August 09, 2008 - Msg 64950: Oh, poor Erin, sick on her birthday. Oh well, baby her tomorrow and keep her cozy. That would be the nicest birthday present when you are sick.

I'll try that address again Ro, thanks.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64951: Food Morning Porch Family:
Just stopping by on my way to a 75th family reunion! Just was reading up on all the missed postings. Sure doesn't pay to miss a few days on the porch!
Rev- Still praying for your ministry on the road.
Tom- Now STOP that! We all love you here. You haven't been posting as much lately, and I for one miss you!
Happy birthday to all our GROWING YOUNG PEOPLE!
Ant D- I have (and am still) raising 3 daughters. DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN! I have found that if you think it will "be alright" that's when they stumble and fall. Your job is to be her friend, mentor, mother, but mostly spiritual guide.Keep her interested in spiritual activities (that are chaperoned) and encourage her to think up her own. I know from experience that girls want to feel loved and important to the opposite gender. But help her focus on the future- college, home or MISSIONS!
The one thing I always told my daughters- You are a peach- growing high in the tree. Make the "special" guy focus, climb,work to reach you...he'll decide if it's worth it! (Some fall off the ladder) teehee
Well, enough of the "mommying".
M-T I think our School plays your school in sports. HHHMMMM. Maybe there will be a meeting of the minds! Just look for my rocker at the games.
Better get my dishes done. Hey Boo- can you come do mine?
Have a blessed day. ~New Neighbor

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64952: Wish I could, NN, but I'm afraid it would be quite a drive.... Good "girl" advice, by the way.

Very sad about the American tourist being killed at the Olympics. I guess when you get that many people together in one place, there are bound to be some crazy ones. Seems like something like that usually happens at the Olympics...wasn't there some kind of bombing at the last one? (I seem to recall something like that).

Well, Erin is still sleeping and Sean is with some of the youth boys helping mow and clean up the yard of an elderly man in town who is living alone after being in a nursing home and needs some help. His insur@nce company was about to drop him because his yard was so bad.

Well, guess I will have some breakfast and do a little cleaning up before Erin wakes up. Last night was one of those restless nights and I am tired, but life goes on..see you all later.


August 09, 2008 - Msg 64953: Hey to the Porch! Man, I've missed you folks, I spent a week in Salem, VA at the dog shows there last week & the internet connection was hit & miss at the Civic Center. We got back last Sun & it has been go, go, go since then, I got lots to read in the archives, but wanted to post first.
Mr. Neff & I are trying to buy a new house, ya'll please keep your good thoughts that things will work out for us. I have SO got to get out of this city! I hate it! The house we are looking at is on 1.5 acres, way back in the woods on top of a little ridge, only 1 other neighbor & nothing to listen to but the sounds of nature. Will know something about the financing the first of the week.
Anyways, got lots to do here, if we don't get this house, we will just keep looking until we find something, so I'm going to start getting this place ready to put on the market, too bad I can't hire Malcolm Merriweather to come take care of all that.
Blessings to each & every one of you, I'll try to head back over later when I've read the archives.

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64954: Good Saturday Morning Everyone:

Had a great time with MILK DUD & the EX in Shreveport last night.THe EX flew over from Dallas/FW. We had a great meal with some of my and the EX's friends who live in Shreveport..Got them on the plane back to Dallas last night..Thankfully the Ex has her airport connections with her old boyfriend and they got thru the process ok and MILK DUD's flight was cheaper than gas for the car...Love those Shrimp Buster Po-Boys and I am gonna try to make a version next week for my buddies...Miley De'Lab waves her tail.....

I posted about the Edward's problem on here about over 2 weeks ago I believe...looks like this Trashy story is now finally all over the Main Stream Media..What took them so long when the story broke about the affair back in 2007?..Well, I will say this if it was a conservative politician, Minister or Talk Show host there would have been wall to wall coverage back in 2007...This man came close to being President/Vice-President/Ambulance Chasing Attorney General/Poverty Pimp Czar and his poor wife and family..Prayers for all....Have a good day.....

The "Dud"

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64955: Come to think of it, It is amazing how nicer the Ex has been to me now that she is single...I wonder why??? The "Dud"

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64956: Oh, and Ro IF we get this house, I'll be bending your ear for your gardening expertise, LOTS of shade there obviously since it's in the woods & I want some color around there. I also wanted to tell you (and the others) about this stuff I found called Mosquito Barrier, it's an all natural, garlic mosquito repellent that works like a charm! I haven't had a problem with them since we sprayed. You can even spray it IN your pond with no ill effects on the fish or the plants. www (dot)mosquitobarrier (dot)com

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64957: Nice day.

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64958: Oh my goodness! I just read about the attack on the two American tourists in Beijing. According to the report I read, it took place on the second level of the Drum Tower, an ancient structure that's located just north of the Forbidden City. I feel so bad for the families of the victims - such a tragedy. Why is that some nut case always manages to mar a beautiful world event with something like this? Apparently after the attack, he jumped from the tower to his death. Sad, but at least he spared the world the ordeal of a drawn-out trial and the expense of his keep for the next decade or so, as it dragged through the courts. No, wait, that's what would have happened here. In China, he probably wouldn't have lived until next Tuesday.

The location of the attack is of particular interest to me, because I have been up in that tower! When I was in Beijing with the Mongolia mission group, we stayed in Beijing for about three days on the way home. One of the sites we visited was that tower, and I climbed to the top of it. That was no small endeavor, and I wouldn't try it today, I'd never make it. As I recall there are well over 200 steps to the top of the tower. The stairs are extremely steep, with about an eight-inch tread and a one-foot rise. Stairs are usually built the other way around, with the tread exceeding the rise, but not in this case. It's almost like climbing a ladder. Most people cannot get their whole foot on the tread without turning it sideways. As I said, extremely steep and very difficult for an old lady like me, but I was determined, I made it, and it was worth it.

The view from the tower is breathtaking - you can see the city of Beijing just sprawling in every direction. We stayed on the top long enough to witness one of the drum ceremonies, and it's impressive to say the least. Some of the drums are enormous, and are played by well-muscled young men. I have some pictures of those drums in my Mongolia folders, I think. Maybe I'll put them in the album so you can see. There are some other pictures that might be interesting as well. Perhaps that will be a project for this afternoon, if anybody's interested.

Well, I'm off to pick up some plate lunches at Boston Market, to take to a friend who had surgery earlier this week. We'll enjoy a good lunch and some happy talk (she's a nut) and it will be a good afternoon. I think I'll take Starr along, my friend loves dogs too, and doesn't have one right now. She's about to remedy that, I think.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena