August 09, 2008 - Msg 64959: Hey Mavis, hope things work out with the house! Let us know something.


August 09, 2008 - Msg 64960: Well, I knew this would happen...especially on a Saturday afternoon, but of course I am missin' my 11 year old young'un the MILK DUD. I wish we were together every day like it was for the first 6 years of her life...I spent more time with her than her mother and fixed way more many meals for her due to schedules and such...she was so excited to see her mother and show her pictures of Miley De'Lab and the Bayou..and of course her mother got to show her pictures of her new house and her newly painted room...well things could be a lot worse for us and for that I am thankful...Economy for the hard working class here is not good, avg per capita income for family of 4 in our parish is below 15.5k..surrounding parishes is lower..Friends of mine that own car dealerships say business is off only about 10% and they are still selling the high profit trucks and SUV because of the oil/gas industry is thriving....Gonna' take Lady Friend out tonight because she deserves it and let her pick the restaurant and I sure enjoy her company...everyone take care..and GO SAINTS!

The "Dud"

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64961: Oh-Oh Dud you & me gonna clash about football this year? :) Just kidding, we'll do just fine, as long as my REDSKINS win. teehee
Sorry you're missing your young'un, I remember those days well when it was time for him to go to his Dad's house. If it's any help, he did grow up & moved down to Bristol to be near me. Although right now, he's a little TOO near, he lives here until he can find a place of his own, but at least he's here & not 400 miles away in D.C.
Best go see what the dogs are carrying on about, probably those hoodlum children that run this neighborhood looking for trouble & usually finding it.

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64962: MAVIS: Thank you for your comments.

Gettin' duded up for my date with Lady Friend..It makes me appreciate Country/Small City livin' being able to go anywhere in the parish in about 15 minutes...I have commandered a friend's houseboat with his assist. It will be a good time...I am gonna' cook her a romantic dinner on the the fixins, music and videos..... The "Dud"

August 09, 2008 - Msg 64963: Have a good time, DUD...hey, why do you need videos on a houseboat, just enjoy the scenery.

We finished Erin's birthday dinner. She wanted spaghetti and corn on the cob. Last night she told me, "I know when you make my spaghetti, you will put your secret ingredient in it...LOVE!"...I looked at her with a straight face and said....(you know what's coming)..."No, OREGANO". She looked puzzled and said, "What?"...(she hasn't watched much TAGS yet).

We still have to do cake and presents sometime and I don't know where we are going to put the cake!


August 10, 2008 - Msg 64964: Edwards' scandal, n'uff said............hat a great meal ond everfouff search..ya hear..

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64965: Whoa nabd had a good night: The Lady Friend loves that dancin' and we had a good time at a club that my friend owns...It is popular and has gotten' good reviews..too young for me, but for visit a lot of fun...Lady Friend says hey and Miley De'Lab doesn't have but a wagger..she wags her tail...Life is good....The "Dud

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64966: That was mpt me?

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64967: SPOT & Others: Where is breakfast....?

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64968: DUD, have you been hittin' the squeezin's again? hehe...just kidding. Your typing just looks a little slurred (too much dancing, maybe).

Well, have to wake up young'uns for church and it won't be easy. I have Karen's kids here, besides my own and they stayed up till midnight.

See ya'll later.


August 10, 2008 - Msg 64969: Breakfast on me:...Eggs any way you like them...Salsa..Pace mild Chunky for ROMEENA and I. Dutch Baby Pancakes with real La. Sugar Cane Syrup...Center cut Bacon, Ham, Wheat Toast with La. peach preserves..Diet Pepsi Max for me and COffee for the ones who need it....THe "Dud"

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64970: Howdy Porch.
Dud, that breakfast sounds mighty fine. Hope there is some left over.

Glad Erin had a good Birthday Boo. We had our first corn of the season last night. Goo-ood stuff.

Mavis, How are your Skins gonna do this year with Jim Zorn as HC? Kind of a risky deal there for Snyder ain't it? Prayers for you that you can get that house. I noticed yesterday that my farmer friend was planting two more cars in his "redneck stonehedge". I think he's getting drunk off the publicity now.

Anyone been watching the Olympics? I caught some of the Womans Beach Volleyball last night and I just gotta say I like that pretty fine. I reminded myself of Floyd who had to ge see the Belly Dancer 5 times. ;)

Well the USA Basketball team is running all over Chine right now, as they should be.

Hope there's more volleyball later. I kinda like that sport.


August 10, 2008 - Msg 64971: This i wrong!

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64972: Asa, such talk...and on Sunday! I think we need to talk about sin because you "can't talk to much about sin". I have heard that watching women's beach volley ball can make you go blind *wink*. (heehee)

Was that you, TOM (message 64971)?


August 10, 2008 - Msg 64973: Ok gang just a quick check in,will read tonight....just got back from a great weekend camping and pics for Ro"s to empty camper and clean...back tonight...prayers...SPOT

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64974:
Hello porch family....Pray that everyone is having a wonderful worship day.

Spot...good to see ya back and glad you had a great weekend.

Anybody been watching the Olympics? And no Boo...haven't been watching the womens' beach volley ball. (they won the other night..hehe) Well OK I did watch it but I watched it with my wife.....only because she wanted to watch it:)

Yep Asa....USA basketball rolled over China.

DUD...dancing? clubs? we need to talk about something? .....just picking buddy.

Well gonna go watch the finish of the race. Prayers for all the porch family. Remember Jesus is LORD not JUST on Sundays but EVERYDAY!

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64975: Good day. Good nap.

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64976: I am going to watch the China fest..for the rest of the day..sure miss the MILK DUD..and MILEY DE'LAB also...Thr "Dud".

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64977: I do have the Lab with me for the next couple of weeks. She is a good a food dog, I Am gonna take her to Dallas to visit MILK DUD...Ya'll take care...

The "Dud"

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64978: Howdy, friends. No, Boo, that wasn't Tom up there, that was Dud. I'm not sure who #64975 might be, but they have visited us at least twice before, each time leaving a brief little greeting, nothing more. Must be shy.

Nothing much happening around here on this sweltering day of 104 degrees. At least the humidity is a bit lower than usual, and there is a significant breeze blowing. I was outside briefly, and it's just too hot to stay out there. Got to go back out, though, and put something in the feeders. Birds and squirrels are making hopeful little explorations, and there's just nothing there. I've let it all run out, so I suppose I'd better remedy that. At least there's always water for them, that's automatic. Joe ran a line to the big birdbath, and connected it to the line that feeds the island sprinklers, so whenever that zone runs, the birdbath is filled at the same time. No home should be without an automatic birdbath filler! (heehee) He knew it was over the top when he did it. Actually, I think that's exactly why he did it, to give me something to laugh about.

Blessings, y'all! --Romeena

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64979: Happy Sunday Family:
Just dropping by before I drop into bed.
Glad to see everyone is enjoying the Olympics. I sure have been!
Asa- you know what your mamma said about watching Women's Beach Volleyball!!
Ro: you work at the hospital to support your habit (or the animals habits of eating). You're a good friend.
Prayers for all the family-and safety for our competitors. ~New Neighbor

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64980:
Hey Asa, you're a real Patriot cheering for your country like that, a regular Paul Revere you is! hehe


August 10, 2008 - Msg 64981: REV: Yes I do take the Lady Friend out to clubs and we do dance...don't see anything wrong with it...all my friends are out and about...if it is wrong in your opinion then most of the population is a sinner like me...I love live music and to see this music you go to clubs...The kind of music I like is not gospel...I would go to see you though...and I would bring the MILK DUD...Take Care...The courteous sinner....The "Dud"

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64982:
OK all my birds are going to be jealous if they find out about your auto water filler. That's pretty neat.

August 10, 2008 - Msg 64983:
Hey Dud...didn't see ya there until I posted. Of course I was just picking with you about the dancing post. And I know that Gospel music is not what everyone listens to. I listen to other music also. When I'm traveling in the motorhome I'm listening to 70's, oldies, Gospel, country, etc.. And of course there are styles that I don't care for.
I'm sure Milk Dud would love to see the Lab if you take her to Dallas.
You take care

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64984: YOU don't just listen to gospel, REV?! Horrors! hehe...just kidding, of course, although it is hard for me to imagine you driving down the highway in the RV listening to "Slow Ride" or something. My problem is that I am very picky when it comes to music. There is not that much that I like. I like some classical piano but it is hard to find a good radio station down here that plays it. I also like George Winston (pianist and composer), but that is about all I enjoy besides Christian music. We have a couple of pretty good contemporary Christian radio stations but I only like about 1 in 10 songs I hear on the radio (told you I am picky). What I really wish is that we had a station that played alot of hymns but that never happens. I love the old Keith Green stuff, too, and also Michael Card. Have any of you heard of John Michael Talbot? He is a monk who plays guitar like you wouldn't believe and writes and sings worship music (much of it directly from scripture). I had the chance to hear him in person years ago at the big cathedral in the city and I will never forget it. He is catholic, of course and was performing in a Catholic church, but there were other denominations present and it was just an amazing experience worshipping God together. If you would like to hear some of John Michael Talbots work, you kind find him on YouTube.

Been a long day. Church was good, though. Pastor taught from 2 Timothy about some trouble-makers who were causing a problem in Timothy's church. Pretty interesting.

We had leftover spaghetti for lunch and then I watched a Doris Day movie on Turner Classics. It was called "With Six You Get Eggroll"...cute movie and pretty darned funny for the 60's, in my opinion.

Well, guess I should turn in...another busy day tomorrow.


August 11, 2008 - Msg 64985: Morning porch, Hope everyone is having a good Monday. Busy week ahead but that's okay.

My kids go back to school today, for 1/2 day and then beginnning tomorrow they will go regular schedule. Patrick is a senior and Beth is a freshman. Made me teary eyed to see them go off together this morning for a beginning and an ending school year.

Its good to see everyone today.

Breakfast will be: scrambled eggs, toast, crispy bacon, sausage links, cantaloupe, apple butter, jelly, coffee, tea, chocolate milk to drink.

You all have a blessed day.

Big Maude

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64986: Good Monday morning everyone.
Hope your day and week is wonderful.
Hey N.N. How's Courtney doing?


August 11, 2008 - Msg 64987: Mornin' Y'all- Just checking in and I'll have to catch up on all the posts. What's this I hear? Asa's playing women's volleyball or something?! I worry about that fella!

Happy Belated Birthday to Erin & Chad!

Well,I seem to be getting over this bronchitis-finally.Laci is 100% well.I still have Mr. Possum at home sick. Hoping he'll be able to return to work tomorrow. My daughter has it now and she's got a week to shake it off because she starts nursing school on the 18th and I'll have Miss Laci Mon-Thurs.each week.

I'd better get moving around here and do some housework that I haven't felt like doing. Y'all take care!

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64988: Thanks Possum! Hope Mr. Possum is well soon. The cold we had around her was a short one. We were lucky.

Sweet post about the kids, Maude. Time just flies, doesn't it?

Hope you have a great day, ASA.

I am going to be babysitting for Baby Emily for the morning while her mom shampoos her carpet. That little Emily is quite a seems like she has rockets on her feet. She is zooming around everywhere, and don't even try to pick her up! She is the cutest thing. My sister had to go to StrideRite yesterday and buy her some special shoes because the top of her foot is so chubby that regular shoes won't fit her.

I wanted to watch the news this morning but I kept up with it last week and felt depressed just watching it, so maybe I will steer clear this week. I am sick and tired of hearing about Edwards, frankly.

I had better finish my coffee and get moving...


August 11, 2008 - Msg 64989: Good morning everyone. It was a glorious weekend here. Days in the mid-80s with virtually no humidity, and nights in the high 50s. I could learn to live with this, but I know I’d better not get too used to it.

BOO: I’m sorry Erin was feeling poorly on her birthday, but I’m glad you two got to spend some girl time shopping. Chad had a nice day yesterday with the grandparents. My parents got him a new, larger bike (actually, my mom picked it up at a yard sale and my dad worked on it and had it looking like new). He’s still using training wheels but he does love to hit to highway.

I could a part of one of those Doris Day movies yesterday, too: “The Man Who Knew Too Much” with Jimmy Stewart. Have you ever seen it? Did they play “Midnight Lace?” That’s the one where Doris’ thinks she’s being stalked. It’s a good-un. The wife’s favorite Doris Day movies are “Move Over Darling” and “The Thrill of it All,” both with James Garner. They’re both cute.

NEW NEIGHBOR: Where are you about again? I’ve forgotten. (Well, I’m no spring chicken anymore.)

REV & ASA: Beach volleyball, like water polo, just leaves me scratching my head. They just don’t seem like competitive sports but things you play informally. Next thing you know they have Olympic lawn darts and flashlight tag. We watched a few minutes of the volleyball, mostly because the Mrs. is going to help coach the middle school girls’ volleyball team at the school this year.

Speaking of 70s tunes, I recently came across one of those “Billboard Top Ten” CDs they used to make. I have a bunch of them. Anyway, the kids wanted to hear it so we stuck 1978 in the van. They have been listening to it over and over. Nora likes “Car Wash,” mostly because she knows it since they play it in her jazz class, and Chad—I’m ashamed to admit—wants to hear “You Make Me Feel like Dancing” by Leo Sayer again and again. Anyway, I ended up dragging a handful of the CDs out and we’ve been having a great time listening to them (though I have found I’ve had to skip certain songs, “Rich Girl,” etc., and there are certain songs I can’t stomach—“Undercover Angel,” anyone?). The mix of songs/singers is pretty eclectic; you go from “Love Will Keep Us Together” (yuck-o!) to “Philadelphia Freedom” to “Show Me the Way” (that one’s for you, DUD).

Well, I’m being paged but not done responding to some posts so I’ll stop back later.

Time to wax the steps at the old people’s home…


August 11, 2008 - Msg 64990: Good morning, everyone. It's cloudy and 83 here today - looks like we just miiiiight get some rain. Sure could use it. I opened my water bill yesterday and about fell off my chair. Went right out and knocked several minutes off every run-cycle on the sprinklers. I'm ashamed to tell anyone how much it was, but it was way yonder too much. This little remote device that Joe gave me is partly to blame. I sit here at this window, see something out there that looks droopy, and turn that zone on. The plant perks up, but the bill rises, too. It's too easy - just push a button and the sprinkler comes on for that zone.

Me-They, don't forget to check back on the blog - I left a comment there for you.

I was so proud of little Starr at my friend's house on Saturday. I never quite trust her as far as potty-training goes, she's not always reliable. I took a piddle pad along, and put her on it when we first got there so she would know it was available. Then I spent the next half hour camping on her trail as she explored the house, terrified she was going to piddle on the carpet. My friend just laughed at me, assuring me that it would be the least of the carpet's problems, but still - you want your furkid to behave. Finally I got tired of chasing Starr and sat down to eat. At some point, my friend called my attention to the piddle pad, which was sporting a wet spot! Neither of us had noticed her when she did it, but she did, and then did it again later just before we left. I was as proud as a toddler's mother when the kid "performs". She did the same thing out at my son's house last week, so maybe she's getting the idea.

You mentioned music - my taste runs to good modern gospel, old country gospel, anything with lots of pretty harmony. I love the Statlers, the Gaithers, and I've even got the Sons of the Pioneers. I like Golden Oldies from the 40s and 50s, and I like some classical. None of that fancy, annoying, nervously-sawing violin work, and I'm no expert on classics, but I know what I like.

Well, got things to do today, and have to work tonight, so will see you all later. Blessings! --Romeena

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64991: I’m back, if only for a minute.

POSSUM: I’m glad Laci is better, and hope the rest of you are feeling 100% soon.

DUD: I’m glad to hear that Louisiana has banned rooster fighting (sorry, the censor won’t allow what it’s called). Good for y’all! It really is barbaric. Killing an animal for food is one thing; watching animals tear each other apart for sport is another.

ROMEENA: I tried to respond to your response, but, after many tries, I just couldn’t get it posted for some reason. Though my response was a bit longer, I have shortened it a lot to post here. (Hope that’s okay.) Your points are well-taken. From the news report you cited, it looks as though Tyson was responding to a request by the workers' union, who represents all their employees. I suppose, then, that the membership had either agreed to the change or will protest the decision in some way (like withholding their dues or something). Either way, I think it actually puts Tyson in a favorable light; they are complying with a request from the workers' own union.

As far as the Obama conflict of interest, I don't really fear it. After all, his wide, kids, mom, and grandmother all live in this country (his grandmother lives in Hawaii). I believe he’s going to hold his own family’s safety and security first. I guess I basically believe that the concern that Obama couldn't make hard choices because of relatives he barely knows or never met is overstated. I think the concern should lie with his inexperience and positions. But I sure respect anyone who feels otherwise. We do live in a great country, don't we?

Hey to the rest of you people!


August 11, 2008 - Msg 64992: Hey gang thanks for b-fast Maude...I still have chores to catch up on here a the dog house....and archive reading...hey brother Rev,dud,ro,boo,mavis,m-t,hazel,asa,possum,Tom and all you guys and off today so its grass mowing and bush hogging...lunch will be open face steak sandwiches,french fries,maude slaw and tes!...back in just a bit...prayers...SPOT

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64993: Hey, Me-They. I agree that Tyson was responding to their union's request, but I still feel they should have recognized that the request wasn't backed by 100% of the members, and some consideration should have been given to the minority. When an issue is an either/or thing, then the majority should rule, but this wasn't. They had options, and they apparently chose not to consider those options, just forced the decision on the non-Muslim workers, whether they liked it or not. They chose to make it a win/lose thing, when they had the chance to go for a win/win. Pretty short-sighted, in my opinion. Always go for the win/win if you can. If that's the way it's going to be, then I have to wonder how many more Muslim demands will be made and met, and imposed on the non-Muslims.

As for Mr. Obama, he has a number of relatives in Islamic countries whom he most definitely has met and according to, he is in frequent contact with them. One is his cousin, Raile Odinga, a Kenyan politician with close ties to the Islamic community, with strong Socialist leanings. Perhaps I'm an alarmist, but frankly, all this smoke scares me, and makes me wonder just where the fire will break out. I don't believe any of the "scare" emails I receive until I vet them through Truthorfiction, and in fairness, many of them are debunked on that site. However, many of them are supported, enough to make me very, very skeptical about his claims of innocence. I simply don't trust him. And yes, we do live in a great country - I just hope we can still say that in 2012 - regardless of who wins in November.

Busy little squirrels with semi-bushy tails (still developing), fat pigeons, scruffy grackles and starlings, and excitable blue jays - all in a tizzy around the feeders this morning. I put out peanuts, so the jays are in heaven. The squirrels eat a few and bury a few, so I'll have peanut vines sprouting soon. Such fun! I put out cracked corn too, but have seen no doves. That's unusual. Little sparrows are darting in and out around the bigger birds, grabbing tidbits here and there. Brave little souls.

Blessings, all. --Romeena

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64994: Those sparrows are funny little birds, aren't they, Ro?! I was watching one(either a sparrow or a chickadee) out the window on the trellis, going after a hornet that was only about 3 times smaller than he was. He/she would watch the hornet as it flew close to the trellis, tilting his head the way birds do, hop around it, and then flutter around the hornet trying to take a bite.
I was rooting for the bird. I don't know what happened as I had to stop watching to tend to Kai's lunch, so I hope that tiny bird didn't get stung. I don't think he did though, he was pretty quick.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64995:
Hi all,
Hope you had a good weekend.
My oh my what's up with Georgia! Tanks etc.
What did we all miss? What really upset me was there was Putin watching sports (which is to bring nations together) and meanwhile tanks are rolling. Weird stuff these days.
Lots o prayer for the porch,
more later,

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64996: Wars and rumors of wars, I guess.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64997: Yep, weird stuff these days, MDC. Pray. I, for one, don't want to get into another world war.

Hey there Me-They. Glad Chad had a good birthday. Erin didn't let her cold get her down and ended up having a great day.

Been a busy one...have to go shower and get ready for bible study at the rehab. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.


August 11, 2008 - Msg 64998: Evenin' Porch,
My kiddos started school today. I still can't believe Bryson's a 5th grader! Nick seems like he should have graduated by now, but my baby?! They are both super tired. I don't think either one quite liked school. Bry rode the bus for the first time today (too many bullies when he was younger). He was so excited this morning. When he got off I asked him if it was all he'd anticipated and he said, not really in a sad voice. Isn't that the way life so though? We have all of these high anticipations and then every so often something that is totally cool is a let down. Kinda like drinkin' and doin' drugs. It sounds good, but in the end it wasn't as good as first thought.
Rev- I'm probably the only 30 yr old who listens to doo wop and early rock n roll. I also like country, especially old country. I like gospel and have an affection for old school rap. I have no idea why, but MC Hammer makes me smile!
M-T- Did you say cute? I don't believe that I have ever heard you say cute?! Glad Chad had a great day!
Boo- I hope tonight goes well!
MDC- I thought the whole Putin/Bush thing was hilarious!
Y'all might think this is crazy, but do you think there is a conspiracy with all of this war stuff? Sometimes I wonder if all of these countries are doing all of this stuff at the same time to send our troops away from the US so if they attack us there will not be as many here to defend us. Just a thought.
Sterling- That's a cute story. I love watching birds. My MIL gets Birds and Blooms magazine and watches them most of the day.
Romeena- I'm telling you I cannot believe our bills either! Our electric bill just about sent me overboard!
Possum- Watching Laci sure sounds like fun! I'm glad y'all seem to be feeling better!
Spot- The cooler temperatures are a bit nice this week. I enjoyed our breeze when walking to the bus stop.
Big Maude- It's cool that your kids both go to the same school. Bryson and Nick never will, however if Michaela was to move back here she would always be with one of them.
Tom- How are you? I've been thinkin' of ya and prayin' for ya. Please come out and visit us soon. You are loved by us and Jesus.
Dud- I hope ya have a good time with your Lady Friend. Just don't do anything that Andy wouldn't!
Auh20- When do your leaves change up there? Soon you'll have to think about snow!
Asa- You naughty boy you, haha. I watched it myself, and I'd take their bods anyday!
Mavis- So your son is living with you? Did he graduate from college?
I went to the doctor today and she told me that I'm more anemic, but everything else is good. She did make reference to my needing to lose a few pounds. I could not believe that this summer I gained 5 pounds! I gues the ice cream, pizza and french fries for lunch aren't good. She told me to eat nothing but fruit, veggies, nuts, seafood, chicken, and a little red meat for the iron. She also told me I should consider giving up my sweet tea. Just because she's Indian don't mean she knows anything about tea! This is the south honey and I can't give that up! It's not like I'm a diabetic or anything. Just got a little bit extra here and there.
Well, speaking of food, I'd best get dinner on the table. We're just having homemade pizza tonight with a spinach salad. Y'all take care!
Blessings to you and yours,

August 11, 2008 - Msg 64999: Well hey there local Lucy!...gona be nice good summer weather for a few days...Andy and Kelsey start school next mon...10th and 5th grades!..they are looking foward to it...:}..hey sterling,boo,ro,Tom,Rev,maude,mavis,auh20,dud,hazel and all...I got a great screen saver I run across somewhere[surfing] of Wallys Service station...the real set pic....will try to get on ro"s album...yall get her the pics...welll I see pop is in the garden ..better go help...left over hamburger helper for all that wants! at 6 am for 16 so I will be back on the job...thanks for helping all that cooked....SPOT

August 11, 2008 - Msg 65000: Well gang im hitting the ironing board....prayers to all...will holler in the morning with breakfast...SPOT

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65001: Hello Lucy! Good to hear from you. I guess with the boys back in school, maybe you will have some time for yourself (maybe a little).

Tonight was wonderful at the rehab. We ended up holding bible study twice in 2 different halls, so we were there for awhile , but it was a very special time with the girls. I have mentioned Maya before (she is the sweet girl who cuts herself and has been through so much abuse in her life). Well, your prayers are working for Maya. She begged us to stay tonight and we ended up spending about 2 hours with her and 2 other girls who are hungry for the things of God. Maya and her friend, Ashley sang for us and they were amazing. Maya had even written a beautiful song and performed it for us. That child has a gift from God, the voice of an angel! Both girls want to be baptized and I am working on getting them to our church this Sunday so Keith can baptize them. Please pray that we can work it out because Maya really wants Keith to baptize her. One of the boys we take to church (Nathan, who has the alcoholic, bi-polar mom) is getting baptized on Sunday, too. I am really excited about it. Hopefully his parents will be there. He was going to be baptized last Sunday and his dad was going to be there, but mom was passed out after a drunken party the night before. I feel so sorry for Nathan and his brother. When I dropped them home the other night, there were several cars parked in front of the house and they told me, "Oh no, Mom's friends are over so we will just close ourselves in our rooms for the night". How sad but I am so thankful to God for those boys and their faithfulness to God. Those boys are in church come rain or shine. In fact, they were upset the other day when church was cancelled due to a hurricane watch! Of course, I am sure they like being out of the house when they can be.

"Hey" to SPOT. I look forward to seeing the pictures of your last trip.

I think I will turn in. I am getting pretty sleepy and it took Erin forever to fall asleep! I felt so guilty because she was wanting to read her little beginner bible and she was so slow, that I turned the light off somewhere in the middle of "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil"! Poor Erin. Once again, I have lost my chance at "mother of the year". She really made me laugh tonight. We were doing a little role-playing and I was pretending to be someone who didn't know the gospel and she was going to tell me. She was hilarious. I couldn't seem to get her out of Genesis and into the New Testament and she said some of the funniest things. Wish I had it on tape. Kids are great.

Well, I am waiting for REV to tell me goodnight and that Jesus loves me. Guess he already went to bed. Love ya, REV.


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65002:
Hello porch family.

Sorry for keeping you up so late Boo but I didn't get in until a few minutes ago. You have a good night and YES....Jesus sure does love you! OK now you can go to bed :) Night night

Possum....prayers for all that sickness with your family.

Come on M-T......admit are a huge "Undercover Angel" fan. Go ahead and admit it.....we won't laugh...and if we do we'll do it behind your back...hehe

Lucy....sounds like you listen to a wide range of music.

Spot....did you get all that grass cut? How bout the race Sunday....Kyle still smokin.

Well it's late so I'm heading to bed.
Prayers for all the porch family and remember....Jesus loves us all!

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65003: Mornin' Porch,
I hope y'all have a wonderfully Mayberry day!
Rev- Yes, my music is quite skitzophrenic.

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65004: Rev Kyle is just unreal...Jr dropped to 4th in points...hey Lucy..Boo...Rev I have to finish the grass up here till 10 pm for 16hrs today..may rain tomorrow though..will just have to see....well late breakfast for us: Waffle House on Rev and I....well the work morning is starting to pick up...back in a bit...SPOT

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65005: Morning Porch, and ain't it a grand morning indeed.
Boo, it sounds like your efforts are bringing forth a harvest. Good job girl. Keep it up.

Hey Lucy, a spinach salad? You keep that up and you'll be playing volleyball too.:)

Sure has cooled down here nice the last day or two. I'm begining to feel just the slightest suggestion of fall in the air. I do love the fall. I just hate what follows it. Oh well, if you want the rainbow you gotta have some rain, right?


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65006: "During our lifetime we travel many roads..."

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65007: Hhaha, I love that quote~!

Thanks for the kind words, ASA. You are something, you know that (in a good way). I hope things are going better with Mrs. Asa. How did things go with the latest medication?

Boy, I wish it would cool down here. It is torrid! It just drains the energy right out of you when you are out in it. We won't feel a hint of fall for months yet.

I think you're right REV. Me-They probably likes that "Undercover Angel" song (gross). I never cared for that one. Just kidding, Me-They, you have better taste than that.

I ended up sitting up too late watching an episode of "Intervention" on A&E about a young woman who had an addiction to inhaling aeresol cans (strange). She buys 10 cans of that stuff you use to clean computer keyboards everyday and inhales it. It was just terrible. A smart girl who was making A's in pre-med and got involved with a guy who got her started on it and she is now just a shell of a person. I have seen alot of drug use but never seen anything like that before. It is literally killing her brain cells. God protect our children from these terrible addictions.

Well, I had better get moving in the direction of mom's house to give her breakfast. She is doing well, and getting around better with the walker but the leg is still weak.

Oh, one more thing, please. A prayer request came through our church prayer chain about a 19 year old girl who seems to have strep in her lungs and the doctors are telling the family that she probably won't make it. They are gathering the family and told them that the next 12 to 24 hours would tell them for sure. Please pray for the girl and her family? Thank you.


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65008: Did y'all know that on Facebook there is a group there called "Andy Griffith is the greatest show ever known"? I'm a member. There is a discussion now on the greatest quotes. Plus, they have the youtube of Brad Paisley's song wtih Andy as the other character. Just thought you'd like to know.

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65009: Lunch menu:grilled cheese sandwiches,chicken noodle soup,maude slaw,tea....busy here at work...SPOT

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65010:
Andy: What's the matter Mr Darling?
Briscoe: It's Ernest T Bass. He don't take to Dud and Charlene being married.

Hi honeys and dears. I watched that ep on dvd last night. Also in there is about the "Robert E Lee natural bridge". Great ep with the night snore scene, and barney in the bridal gown!
BOO- my prayers are with you! Drug use today is really frightening and escalating. Thank you for all you do.
After looking into the georgia situation, here is how i understand it:
Let's say that Minnesota wanted to break away from the united states and wanted to be independent, but that it also used to be part of Canada. That is what the state of South Ossetia of Georgia wants to do. Russia said, OK, we'll speed things up and just take you back, so they invaded and are taking over government buildings etc. Georgia is saying, oh no you don't, South Ossetia is part of us, so they are fighting back.
Meanwhile S.O. is caught in the middle. So, it'd be like Canada invading Minnesota, the US says no, they are a part of us, and Minnesota says, no we want independence. What a mess.
But i also believe that this is Putin's first step at wanting the USSR back. I truly believe that they will also invade Ukrane etc, tho I pray they do not. Lord be with us. OK, soapbox away!
Have a good day in the Lord.
God bless,

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65011: Hoy, I'll never eat at any Burger Kings in Ohio.


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65012: Howdy ya'll. Just stopping in to say "Hello" and hope that all is well with all of ya'll. Boo - you are doing something really wonderful for these kids, ya know? You will probably have no idea how much you mean to them and what positive influences you have brought into their lives. You have a wonderful gift from God and I'm glad to see that you are using what God has blessed you with. Children are wonderful and they all just need someone to love them.

M-T: - Does this sound familiar? "Undercover angel, midnight fantasy" and "Undercover angel, answer to my prayers!" I love that song. :)

Ya'll have a good day, ya hear?

Ant D

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65013: Yep, MDC, that is what I am thinking about Putin, but I hope we are wrong. On a brighter note, I saw a report on TV about the church in China and how the government is becoming a little more accepting of Chrisianity and the church under and above ground is growing. It seems the government may be beginning to see the benefit to society that true Christians can be. Funny to think about, but some day, China could certainly be a much different country as Christianity spreads and becomes more accepted. If you think about how many people live in China, wow! Just think if the church continues to grow and could send out missionaries to other parts of the world. I know a missionary to India, who is a pastor with the Baptist Missionary society (or something such-Romeena would know the name, probably) and he and some of his friends who are trying to reach the many in India who have never heard the gospel, actually took a trip to China to meet with one of the leaders of one of the large underground churches there, to talk with him about church growth and how to reach larger numbers in India. How wonderful it must have been to fellowship with members of the underground church there. Want to look true faith in the eye? I'll bet you'll see it there!

Thank you for your prayers, MDC. I wish you could have heard those girls singing last night. You would have been so blessed by them. Your prayers mean so much. You know, one of the new girls last night was telling about how she nearly died of an overdose and the experience she had. She described it as an "out of body" experience in which she was aware of a dark figure trying to pull her away and it seemed like she was coming out of her body and going back in. Could have just been the drugs, or could have been she was near death and there was a struggle going on over her soul. Interesting, isn't it? It is great to be able to spend time with her now and talk about the things of God. I am so thankful for the opportunity to go there. I certainly don't deserve the blessing of it. They minister to me and bless me and I have learned so much from the experience of opening my heart to them. What a miracle that God actually puts His love into the hearts of His children so we can love others. How humbling to think of it. Such grace!

Well, I am doing laundry and trying to fight off a headache today. Think I will take a break and rest my eyes. Talk to you all later...

ASA, what is this about Burger King and Ohio?


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65014: Good afternoon everyone.

BOO: Ditto what ASA and ANT D said. Prayers you requested.

REV: No, I'm no "Undercover Angel" fan, but I will admit to letting some other unmentionable 70s tunes play out. (My name is Me-They, and I'm a Little River Band fan.)

MDC: That Putin is a menace.

I just wanted to drop in and say hello before I get going again. Long story short, I ended up eating vegetarian sushi for lunch (it’s a long story). I figured I’d be safe; at least no raw fish. Oh, how wrong I was. Sorry all you sushi lovers, but that seaweed stuff it’s all wrapped up in is foul. Real foul. You know how really stinky kid’s feet smell? That’s what it tasted like to me. It’s been hours and the taste is still in my mouth. I’ve tried a soda and an Atomic Fireball (that’s all I happen to have here at work) to no avail.

Say a prayer for me, will you? I feel like I might be sick. By the way, ANT D, your singin' ain't maiking me feel any better ;).


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65015: Oh Hey, AntD! I didn't see you...thank you for your kind words, I appreciate the you really like undercover angel?? eewwwww...hehe;)


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65016: Oh, hey, you snuck in on my, too, MT. Thank you, as well....Little River Band, not so bad. I'm really glad you don't like Leo Sayer (didn't you say that?).

So sorry about the sushi...prayers coming your way...(wow, an Atomic Fireball didn't even help?..surprising since it burns your tastebuds off).


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65017: Hey there, BOO. Sorry to rock on your toes. My Mrs.' niece (she's 22) has gone on a couple of youth mission trips and had just completed some missionary training in Florida. She's getting ready for her first assignment with kids in the Brazilian Amazon. It's hardcore missions work. She always wanted to a midwife, but in teh last few years has decided that God is calling her to teh mission field full-time. In Brazil, she will be based in a remote, very poor village. She will live with a local family, and will receive a very small stipend. She has support of the organization, of course. She has a good head on her shoulders and a herat for Christ.

Speaking of China, did you hear about the littel girl who sang at the opening ceremony? Seems the cute little 7-year-old was just lip synching. Another littel girl actually did the singing behind the scenes. She was deemed "not pretty enougH' for the ceremony so the organizers found another cute little girl to be the face to her voice. What a slimy, horrible thing to do. You can read about it on MSN.

Better get back to loosening the wheelchair bolts...


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65018: Actually, I'd better get back to my spelling and typing lessons...Sheeesh!


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65019:
MT- try fruit. Do you have an apple or grapes? They will help disapate the aftertaste! ha but seriously, try any real fruit.
(Just dont microwave it! ha)

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65020: Wow, that is really something about your neice, M-T. Please keep us informed about her and pass on any prayer needs she may have.

So sad about the little Chinese girl. Just make you sick, doesn't it? Poor little sweetheart.


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65021: Oh Boo. There was a worker at an Ohio Burger King who was naked and bathing in the kitchen sink. I guess it was filmed by co-workers and even the manager was aware of it and has been circulating on you-tube. I guess the whole bunch was fired when it was discovered but sure makes you wonder about what else went on.


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65022: ok yall where are ya at?..Tom check in buddy...Rev lets you and I grill some pork chops for supper...get maude tto make some tater salad,texas garlic toast,fresh green beans, pie....lucy yall getting any rain?..we are...Romeena working nights?..Boo do yall still have house plans?....Asa you doing ok?..M-T hows the kids like school?...well back to work storms just good Ga rain...will give my maters and peppers and okra a good late boost!...back in a bit....SPOT

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65023: Hahaha! That is funny, ASA (well, if you have never eaten at the Burger Kind in Ohio, it is).

Hey SPOT, we are all set to start building soon, infact, Bruce and I have a meeting tonight with a local cabinet maker to discuss cabinets. We have found a builder who is willing to work with us and let us choose our own subs, etc. Bruce is digging the trench this weekend to lay the pipe for water and electric will be hooked up soon, too. So, we are planning to lay the foundation by October 1st and hoping to be finished in 7 months, depends, though. We are thinking about doing some of the finishing on the inside ourselves (painting, moulding, etc.) to save some money and we may lay the floors ourselves with help. We also plan on finishing the upstairs bonus room ourselves, at our own speed after the house is done. Thanks for asking! You are always so thoughtful to do that.


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65024: uh...I mean Burger know that little voice in your head that says, "proof read" before you hit the post button? Well, I never listen to it.


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65025: Howdy, friends. A Burger King employee was bathing in the kitchen sink??? Eeewwww, gross! Was he living in the restaurant? That's just nasty. Has this been verified, or is it some Youtubers' joke?

I worked last night, came home and hit the sack, intending to sleep a couple of hours. Instead, I slept four hours and got up with my head feeling like it's full of bowling balls, and I'm afraid to let it tilt in any direction, because I think I might just fall over. Is this what a hangover feels like? I declare, I haven't had a drop, not even any cider!

We're having a regular cold front - it's only 90 degrees out there today! Amazing.

Boo, I'm absolutely in awe of you and the work you do with those girls. God will not let such things go unrewarded. If even one precious soul is saved through your efforts, it will be worth it all - but of course you know that.

Well, gotta run. My SS class is filling backpacks with school supplies tonight, to be turned over to an elementary school in a disadvantaged area. The teachers will distribute them as they see a need. I think we have about 25 to fill. Actually, it's a good excuse to gather at a member's house and eat yummy snacks brought by each member. I'm taking rosemary and basil triscuits, and a bowl of chevre (goat cheese), seasoned with sundried tomatoes and fresh basil. I'm not going to tell the girls it's goat cheese until everyone has tasted it and loves it. (It's really very good.) Then it will be such fun to watch them all try to gag. Heehee!

OK, off I go. Blessings, all. --Romeena

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65026:
"Pa, poor Horatio"

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65027: I read it on The Drudge Report who has linked it to a local tv news station in Ohio. He wasn't living there. It was just some kind of a dumb prank I reckon. Nasty!

Boo, I bet you and Bruce are excited to get going on your house after all this time. Keep us in the loop.

We BLT's for dinner tonight. Real good cause the T's came from our garden and the B's came from my son in law's farm. Had to but the L's though and the bread was store bought.

Well think I'll see if there's any voll... olympics on.


August 12, 2008 - Msg 65028:
Hello porch some rain here in SC.

Boo...that is so sad about the 19 year old girl. Will surly pray for her.
It just blesses my heart to hear what God is doing through your ministry to those girls.

M-T....Little River Band.....good music!
I saw that report about the little girl in China that sang the openning ceremonies. Can you imagine what that could do to the little girl that "was not pretty enough"? That makes me sick. I also find it hard to believe that the little gymnist is 16 yrs old. I really believe they are lying about that too.

OK Spot....I'll be right over brother and we'll fire up the grill.

Well gotta catch up on some paper work so I better get off here.
Prayers for all the porch family. Give Jesus a great big hug tonight. HIS arms are open.

August 12, 2008 - Msg 65029: Evening Family:
Next thing ya know it will be a new Olympic Sport- "Burger Sink Bathing". 2 back flips and a half bun, then SPLASH!
Worked a double today so I better get a little sleep.
M-T, I live 3 miles from Whitetail Ski Resort, but my kids attend a Christian school in MD. Are ya getting a picture. The resort has a web site.
Godd Night everyone. Asa-NO SAND in the bathtub! ~New Neighbor