August 14, 2008 - Msg 65094: Wow, I'm just reading the breakfast menu and it's layin' on my chest.

What is a "hair band" Auh2o?

Wow, NN, so glad things will be better with your daughter. What she must of been going through, and getting those headaches, the stress of school, itself, and a roommate like that! I remember hearing a lecture once at a homeschool conference, from an author who talked about the "college experience". He had been a supervisor of a men's dorm at a Christian (I think Lutheran) college here in Texas, and he shared some of his storied about what went on. Sheesh! To think that kids go right from living at home, being supervised and accountable to parents, to a college campus is scary for some kids. It seems to be kind of a mine field. The stress on kids who are trying to get an education and do well (such as your daughter) must be really tough. Bruce tells me that by the time my kids get college-age, that it will all be available by computer, so no need for dorms and the "college experience". Down here, everyone tries to get their kids to either Texas A&M, or University of Texas, which was just voted the biggest "party school" in the state!

Hey, its raining outside. Yipee!


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65095: That's 2 sweeps in one week...not bad.


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65096: Me-They, I am so ready for a moulage today!


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65097: Do you like 'em runny, BOO?


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65098: M-T lunch sounds good Chick-fil-a..I could use a samach and a bowl of soup...i took off work today to get this yard in ship shape...but will wait till after lunch to start..;)...back in just a bit...SPOT

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65099: Oh yeah, M-T. What have you got?


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65100:
I see that Russia and the Chinese are up to it again. Russia captured a city and looted it after their so called cease-fire, and now a top Chinese gymnast may only be 13 when they have to be 16!!
How's that for a moulage Boo? ha But really, someone has got to stop Russia.
OK, enuf of the soapbox for now.
Maybe I'll brush up on my curling for the winter olympics. (: Let's see now...where did I leave that curling iron...

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65101: That's too bad, MDC. I guess I need to watch the news and check up on what is happening, but every time I turn on the TV and go to one of the news channels, commercials are on. One minute of news, 5 minutes of commercials. I guess I should get my news online.


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65102: Hello Everyone: I am gonna' go hit a few golf balls...and I still think everyone should Google B. Hussein Obamas II. birth certificate and see how fake it is...???? The "Dud"

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65103: Hold on, BOO...

DUD: At your urging, I spent lunch look at Obama's birth certificate and researching yoru claim online. I think Snopes says it best in answer to the question, "Barack Obama does not qualify as a natural born citizen...": "False." First, yes, the copy of Obama's certificate posted online does look conspicuously modern. I think that's because it is. This is not a copy of his actual birth certificate, but a "certification of live birth" issued by the State of Hawaii. In short, if you lived in Hawaii and called to ask for a copy of your birth certificate, thsi is what would be gnerated for you. In these days of computers and digital files, nobody is digging out ragged copies of papers from the 1960s and copying them--even if they were not digitized into a databse and disgarded years ago. That's just not the way things work anymore. Having worked for a state district court for several years, I can tell you that printed official documents have an archival shelf-life; after that they exist only as data that can be constituted in forms like this.

Second, while I found a lot of complicated chatter about why Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible to be prez, all of it was on political spin blogs and conspiracy sites. Not one legitimate conservative or Republican site I looked at takes this seriously. And to the contrary, sites like snopes have debunked it pretty thoroughly. I urge you to check it out.

Snopes, in part, says: "The Fourteenth Amendment states that 'all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.' Since Hawaii is part of the United States, even if Barack Obama's parents were both non-U.S. citizens who hadn't even set foot in the country until just before he was born, he'd still qualify as a natural-born citizen." It's crystal clear he was born in Hawaii.

Interestingly, in my research I found out that John McCain actually was not born in the U.S. but in Panama. Since both parents were citizens, however, so was he.

I hope this wraps up the birth certificate thing. There's plenty left to rap about, though ;).


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65104: BOO: By the way, some examples of hair bands from our younger days would be Bon Jovi, Ratt, Whitesnake, etc. Basically, bands that look like they wiped out the stock of White Rain and Aquanet at the drugstore.


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65105: I decided to beat another nail in the birth certificate coffin. This is from the website

"[The certificate]... indicates Obama was born at 7:24 p.m. Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu. That should be no surprise, as it merely documents what Obama and his biographers have always said. But the document should put to rest groundless speculation raised on some conservative Web sites that Obama might not have been born in the U.S. and therefore might not qualify under the Constitution as a 'natural-born citizen' to be president. The speculation was not based on any evidence. Bloggers raised questions based on the absence of evidence, specifically the lack of a publicly available copy of a birth certificate and the supposed 'secrecy' surrounding it....The 'secrecy' ended when...the Obama campaign sent a message [and a digital copy]. Hawaii state law forbids the release of birth or marriage certificates to anyone but the persons named in the documents or their immediate relatives. This copy carries a date stamp of 'Jun 6 - 2007' (which has bled through from the reverse side), and is, therefore, probably a copy obtained by Obama himself at that time."

Okay. Promise that's it on that from me. Blame BOO.


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65106: "I like my moulages moist and fluffy"
Barney Fife

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65107:
Boo-Yup, M-T gave a pretty good definition of a hair band.

M-T I guess these days I listen to a lot of Johnny Cash, I always have come to think of it. Back in my school days, I listen to David Bowie, Talking Heads, Johnny Cash, The Boss, and Mott the Hoople. And, I've always liked singer-song writers, JT, Gordon Lightfoot, even Folkies, like Dylan.

MDC-I guess you can take the Socalist out of the KGB but you can't take the KGB out of the Socalist.


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65108: Talking Heads--dah. Dylan--nyet.


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65109: Hi All.
Unlove Tom

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65110: TOM, I wish you would stay and chat more with us. We care about you.

Thanks for setting me straight on hair bands, guys. Would Twisted Sister be considered a hair badn? What about KISS? you got me thinkin'.

Auh2o, I am a Johnny Cash fan now but never would have listened to him in my teens. I would NEVER listen to country back then. Now, I'll take Johnny and Patsy Cline over almost anything. Oddly enough, I also enjoy Nat King Cole (especially on road trips). I have had some really enjoyable times driving out west and listening to those oldies. I would love to be able to actually "get my kicks on route 66". Speaking of oldies, I used to love to listen to Carole King waaay back when, also James Taylor and Carly Simon (You're So Vain...great song, IMO).

Been fighting a headache again today. Funny thing is I had not had a headache in a very long time and now here they are every day this week!

I won't get into the Obama moulage, I don't know enough about it and don't want to put my foot in my mouth.

They had a special at the grocery yesterday on hamburger meat so I guess it will be burgers on the Foreman grill tonight...with cheddar cheese slices, dill pickles, lettuce, but no tomato (darn). I'm not going to the store for a tomato.


"She's already been plighted!!"

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65111: Hey there is that you Tom?..hey Boo,M-T i was 17 in 77 so the disco days were born in my platform shoes!..gloria gainer,bee-gees,donna summer and so on...but now i mainly listen to talk radio..and the sports talk station...lake music is mainly old 70"s music..well Rev you still at home?..i got to get back to trimming the shurbs..lets go to Red Lobster later for supper on auh20 ;}..possum come by and get me ok?..Lucy head north!...prayers...SPOT

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65112: the bulletin board is down. Francis Bavier will be in a movie on Aug 18 TCM at 5am CT, "Man in the Attic". Frank Nelson who played Ralph Ramsey and famous for "Yeeeeesssssss" was once married to Mary Lansing, "Martha Clark"

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65113:
Foreman burgers sound great Boo. Big maude, Floyd and "Al" will help! ha

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65114:
Oh ho, we got interlopers from miss crumps! Time for the Big freeze! Ha, just kidding, all 'board members' are welcome here!

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65115: Hey there, Tom. I wish you'd stop describing yourself as "unloved Tom" when you know perfectly well that we all love you. You stay away much too long, and we miss you when you do that. I know you're not fond of all the political talk, and probably we do much too much of it, but it's on everyone's mind these days. It's all you can find on the news, that and the Olympics. Anyway, we'll try to lighten up a little, and you promise to come around more often, and quit thinking you're "unloved". It just ain't so! --Romeena

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65116: ditto....Romeena.....We miss Tom!..and all the ones that dont come around much ...guess us regulars will just keep on jabbering!;}..well im off to publix for grocerys and supplys..and a forman burger or red lobster..makes-no-never mind to me!...SPOT

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65117: Spot-I just broke open my piggy bank, we hafta go to the Lobster.

Hey there, Martha Clark.

M-T You're so vain you probably thought that post was about you, don't you, don't you.


August 14, 2008 - Msg 65118: Hello Everyone: Me-They: Glad you did some research...Yes John McCain was takin' to the carpet by Ron Paul's people over him not being eligble for the presidencey due to being born in Panama, at a US military base and he got a judges ruling that he was...You are right Hawaii has no right to release the actual certificate..I was born in 1957 and I got a copy of certificate from my local hospital and it is a true copy with the raise seal and signature..Why not Obama? Please all they have to do is tell the state of Hawaii to release a true copy and put a stop to all these rumors...Why not Me-They? Father was a Arab, ALl his half siblings were full Arabs...Was the best man at his half-brothers wedding...His wife Michelle was Maid of Honor at Jesse Jackson's daughter's wedding..Jesse Jackson Jr. is very high on his campaign staff...Why is this not being reported...???

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65119: Me-They: You even admitted that the birth certificate that they released looks phony..If you admit it imagine how I feel...where is the beef? Release the actual document not a photo-shopped modern font copy?

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65120: Hello Family:
Just wanted to pass along that Daughter arrived at campus in good time, safe and sound. Thanks for praying. She is excited to get back to her local church, with lots of college age kids there. We don't have any in our small church here for her to fellowship with. Very lonely.
Better get to bed, work is on the schedule tomorrow. ~New Neighbor

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65121: auh20 Red Lobster was a good stuffed..hey NN,M-T,Ro,,Tom?..Rev?..well 4:30 comes early for me..ironing board for me...prayers and dont let the bed bugs bite!..[or those spiders either]...see yall at b-fast..Maude,possum....night...SPOT

August 14, 2008 - Msg 65122: does anybody know who the real guitar player was on season one THE GUITAR PLAYER
Air Date: 10-17-60.
Andy schemes to help a young local guitarist (James Best).

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65123:
Hello porch family....Good to see ya'll today.

New Neighbor......So glad your daughter arrived safe at school. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Boo...I pray your headache is better by now.

Tom....good to see you buddy. Been missing you.

Spot.... yep, I'm still home. I'll be local here until Labor Day weekend.

Well it's after midnight so I'm off to bed.
Prayers for all the porch family. Remember, if you keep Jesus 1st place in your life, you'll always be a winner!

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65124: Thanks REV, the headache is better.

New Neighbor, so glad your daughter arrived safely! God bless her this semester and my her life be far less stressful.

I am sleepy. I told Erin I would sit up and watch a couple episodes of TAGS with her. She wants to watch what she calls, "Bloody Mary" (Aunt Bee the Warden). It's her favorite. She calls Andy "Andy Griffit" cute.


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65125: Get up!,Get up!..morning gang..Rev glad you are home for a while.hey boo,ro,NN,Tom,possum,Lucy,Maude...breakfast menu:3 eggs your way,country ham,bisquits and gravy,toast with apple butter and grape jam,grits,hashbrowns with cheese,sausage links,bacon oj,milk and salsa for Romeena...prayers and I will be back in a bit...SPOT

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65126:
Morning Porch

Spot- Ok, Ok, quit your yelling and thanks for the chow.

New Neighbor- You were right, everything is OK. Prayers for your daughter and you.

Rev-Thanks again Rev, just for showing up. Prayers for you to.

Dud-I don't think there's much news when two Liberals like Jackson/Obama team up, is there? Does his Arab heritage disqualify him from being President? I don't think so. Obama needs to lose not because he from an African/Arab family tree. He needs to lose because he makes Dan Quayle look qualified.

see ya'll later,


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65127: Good Friday Porch family, been busy week around my end of the porch.

Hope all is well today. Thanks for the breakfast SPOT, you are such a good cookin dog!

I will take care of lunch for us: grilled ham sandwhiches with sliced tomatoes, cheesy chicken tortilla soup, georgia peach cobbler. tea, kool aid to drink. see you at lunch.

Got a full week end ahead: football jamboree tonight, community celebration tomorrow and then Sunday afternoon a church picnic. I think I need to listen to Rev. Breen's sermon again.

Everyone have a great day. Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65128: Good morning everyone: Well some states are doing everything they can to make us energy independent from foreign oil...From our local paper:

BATON ROUGE ó A geologic formation 12,000 feet below the surface in northwest Louisiana could contain enough natural gas to supply much of America's needs for the next 15 years or more, state oil and gas officials say. The latest estimate about the size of the Haynesville Shale tops 240 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. But John says, "Frankly, we really don't know." "It is possibly the fourth-largest gas discovery in the world and the largest in the United States," said Don Briggs, head of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association. With the record amounts being paid for leases, bonuses and up to 25 percent royalties, "a lot of millionaires are being made," Briggs said.

Coupled with an even larger mineral deposit in the Barnett Shale in Texas that has been in production 10 years, the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas and the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, Louisiana's Haynesville Shale presents a revitalization of the industry and the opportunity for the nation to wean itself from foreign oil, Briggs said.....The "Dud"

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65129: auh20: I agree with you I just thought it was very intresting and Fox news just started reporting about as of this morning...He is unqualified, I wish the Republicans had a better candidate...I am not a McCain man and cannot vote for Bob Baar the Libertarian either...

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65130: Morning all.
Auh2o, Dud, I was just reading an article that's saying the Russians are blaming Cheney for the events in Georgia. It says that the Bush political machine wants McCain to win and after trying everything else has had Cheney mastermind all the events in Georgia to give the illusion of the "cold war" returning. Unreal. Yet what's more unreal there are freaks on the far left (and some not so far left I'm sure) who are sucking this all up like a dry spounge. And they say the concerns some have with Obama's muslim connections are radical? Ha, what a freaking joke! Sorry, but IMNSHO the Bush Cheney team does not have to do anything to make Obama look unqualified for the job. Nature is doing that just fine. (sorry about the rant but I read that and blood started squirting out my eyes!)

N.N. Sure am glad Meredith made it back to school safely. You never did tell me how Courtney's doing? Where's she living at now?

Spot, them sounds like some good eats buddy. Keep em coming.

Boo, try some of that HEAD ON, APPLY DIRECTLTY TO YOUR FORHEAD stuff. There commercials are so obnoxious they make fun of it themselves.

Message 65122, I don't know who was the actual guitar player in that episode. We know it wasn't James Best because by his own admission he doesn't even know how to play a guitar.

Tom, you know we all love you here. Not sure why you're feeling so low, but please know we love ya brother.

MDC, you cooling off at all. Believe it or not there is a cold front dropping down from Canada on us today. It's expected to drop our temps here at 5,000 ft about 25 degree's but up in the Uinta mountains, (around 10,000 ft) it's suppose to drop down into the 30's tonight with a chance (I'm not making this up) for some snow. Dang, it's just to blame early for that stuff. Anyway we are gonna be in the 70's here all day and I like that pretty fine. Back up to the 90's by Monday. Guess I best start thinking about getting the snowblower ready though. YUCK.

Hope y'all have a great Friday.


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65131: Blood squirting out of your eyes, Asa? Wow. hehehe. Hey, thanks for the advice but I might be too embarrassed to buy HEAD ON. BTW, I am extremely jealous about the cool front you are expecting today...I think blood just may squirt out of my eyes....

Speaking of guitar players on TAGS, I just saw that color ep about the guitar player/singer who comes to Mayberry and sings that cheezy song that Clara and Aunt Bee wrote. Not THAT was a goofy-looking guy. So funny to watch while he was singing!

Better finish the coffee and HEAD ON outta here.


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65132: Good morning everyone. Itís a little more humid here today, but still nice. They say we may get some nasty thunderstorms later, though. Weíll see.

AUH2O: Your post gave me a heartache, nothing but a heartacheÖ

ASA: Youíre right, that is ridiculous. Even if Cheney is the malevolent and cold-blooded politician I believe that he is, the idea that he orchestrated a war in Georgia with Russia to get McCain in office is beyond preposterous. Anyone who would believe that for a second is a nut. Even going beyond the plausibility of the possibility, or the fact it would make Cheney and the administration utterly and truly evil, I donít believe McCain is considered a hanginí buddy with Bush or Cheney. I donít think thereís much love lost there.

DUD: Elvis really is dead, Marilyn wasnít killed by the Kennedys, and FDR didnít know the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor. Iím sorry, but I put the birth certificate thing in the same file as the story above. There are so many real, concrete issues to judge candidates by. I just donít see the need to focus on and discuss rumors and conspiracy theories. Now, if you want to settle our differences on the badmitton court, youíre on. Just go easy on me ;).

BOO: Sure, sure. Ask for a moulage but donít step in itÖ;)

TOM: We need a poem!

REV: I wish I logged on at night. Your evening posts are like a benediction.

Anyone catch the beach volleyball last night? Man, that first U.S./Belgium game was exciting! Those two women are gooooood.

Iíll be back later.


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65133: Could HEAD ON become another VICKS around here?....nah, never.


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65134: BOO: Keevy Hazelton goofy? Why, he's a regular Conrad Birdie.


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65135: SPOT: I was 11 in 1977. I may have been young, but I loved the nightlife, and I've got to boogie...


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65136: Hey, there you are Me-T. Sorry, didn't want to step in that moulage due to my political ignorance....try me again!


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65137: Hadn't thought of Conrad Birdie in ages, thanks for the memory. What kinda name is Keevy, anyway?


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65138: Never like disco. I was too cool for that. Emphasis on "was". I'm not too cool to boogie in the grocery store now when they are playing that stuff....just ask my poor kids.


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65139: Wow - Conrad Birdie, he was so dreamy- - -

Well I started with the first of my fall canning (did maters and corn last nite). My poor kitchen is a mess so I took off a little time today to clean it up.

I am still job hunting - I have a couple of leads and not in the education field but more in the human services field (another council on aging position and a vocational rehabilitation counselor).

I have not been staying away due to the political banter - I really enjoy "listening" to it and to tell you the truth, both of the candidates need to be scrapped this time and we need to start all over again! I slightly trust one more than the other but only one I feel is competant to lead. The other I think has become a celebrity in his own mind. If he doesn't win - I think it will be blamed on being a racist America and not the facts that he isn't a leader. He couldn't even remember how many states there were in the United States.

M-T - do you remember that the badminton shuttle used to be called a birdie? Or at least it was in Indiana.

Boo - I boogie in the grocery store, the family restaurant, wherever that music is playing - my boys have just learned that there mom is a little weird.

Asa - can you make milk squirt out of your eyes?


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65140: Let's groove tonight! Was it Kool and the Gang or Calvin Coolidge that said that?

In case you were wondering, I mentioned "Bye Bye Birdie" because Jesse Pearson, who played Conrad Birdie, also played Keevy in that episode. BOO, you may have thought he was goofy, but evidently Anne Margaret liked him just fine.

HM and BOO: I can do you all one better; I often embarass my wife and kids. I'm a goof.

HM: We called in a birdie, too. If I can remember correctly back to my college course, I believe that was it's "official nickname." DUD may know better. Prayers that the right job finds you.

Speaking of jobs, one of my coworkers on a museum list-serve forwarded a job listing to me for an Administrative Assistant with the U.S. Congress Office of History and Preservation (in case you're wondering, salary starts at $65K plus plum federal benefits). What made us laugh was the line under qualifications which read, "This individual must have the temperament to communicate with a variety of personalities in a tactful, pleasant and professional manner." Translation: must keep your cool when dealing with...well, you know what kind of people.

HM: Do you know if you can freeze beets? WE have a ton of them. My mom used to can beets when I was a kid. The Mrs. doesn't want to get into all that for a few cans of beets (not to mention she wouldn't know how to start).

BOO: Today's nonpolitical moulage: butter or margarine?


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65141: Boo "HEAD ON".:).I hope that stuff dont take the place of vicks...hey Maude,my buddy Asa,M-T,auh20 Romeena?..Tom? Rev?..well slow here at work...Fridays and not to bad most of the time..lunch will be krystals and frys in me...cheese on mine..and about 6 or so of those boys! they are good..yall got krystals?..or are they white castles?...well back in a bit...SPOT

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65142: Sounds great, SPOT.

FYI: If anyone tries to defend the Jerome Corsi book, I can't be held responsible for the resulting political moulage.

Me-They, HEADIN' ON outta here...

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65143: There is no moulage in that question MT. That ain't even a question. There is no comparison. Butter, a natural substance produced from cows that when placed upon fresh corn on the cob to the point of running down your arms and dripping off your elbows could be even considered in the same sentence as a chemically produced crud that would be better served for lubricating the steering on my 4 wheel drive truck than to be ingested by a human form, just shows how ignorant and uneducated you really are. ;)

Good to see you posting Homemaker. I pray a good job is headed for you and things at home are improving. Keep a good thought.

Yes Boo, blood can squirt out my eyes when the world has gone mad. And as of late I'm pretty sure I may need a transfusion.

Remember "Afternoon Delight" by the Starlight Vocal Band or whatever they was called. I remember the ruckus that song created when first released. Sure is tame by todays standards. I'd say that frog in the pot of boiling water is overdone. LOL


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65144: Asa -did you know that a frog with no legs becomes deaf? hm

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65145: To poster 65122: From Mayberry's FAQ's (

Who was playing the guitar for Jim Lindsey, was it really James Best?

James did NOT play his own songs. James can't play a guitar. James has stated at reunion events that he thought Herb Ellis was the one doing the actual playing of the guitar in those episodes but James wasn't certain.

Earle Hagen was the music director for The Andy Griffith Show and he himself told TAGSRWC's own Paul Mulik that the person playing was Barney Kessel so that's good enough for me. Earle ought to know.

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65146: Butter, Me-T, defenitely butter. Margarine isn't real. Anything you can leave in the trunk of your car for a year, take out and still use, should NOT be consumed.

What's your blood type, ASA. Maybe I could donate.

I hear you about how things have changed in our society..something funny I will share. Yesterday I was watching Greer Garson in the movie Mrs. Miniver and the sequeal "The Miniver Story" (very depressing, I might add) and there was a scene in which her young, probably 18 year old daughter was getting a ride from a "flame" she had during the summer. He mentioned something about "making love" to her and that she "liked it well enough". I thought 'Whoa, what's that about?!'. Apparently, making love didn't mean then what it means now! I hope, anyway.

Lot's to do...better get my HEAD ON straight and finish the chores!

Me-T, I didn't recognize Keevy as being Conrad's been a looong time!


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65147: Y'all leave that Head-On stuff alone! You'd be better off rubbing a big glob of VICKS on your forehead.I bought some Head-on for my mom and it didn't help her one bit.From what I could tell from the label,and smelling it,it's basically just a bunch of herbal ingredients.Not that herbs aren't helpful.. Uh,oh,all this talk of the 70's and now I'm mentioning herbs? Ha Ha I think I'd better shut up because I was neither Cheech nor Chong! Y'all might get the wrong impression. But I DID love disco!
"Get down,boogie,oogie,oogie"
1977 was a good year for us critters-right,Spot?!

See y'all later!
possum under a rock

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65148: Have a great weekend everyone!


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65149:
65145-- Also, if you listen, it is actually an electric guitar that is playing as Jim strums his acoustic.
Well gang, busy day today.
Go Mike Phelps. Now they are now trying to say that he doped. But i just dont believe it! I think it is plain ole 'untouched'muscle and training!
Prayers for all!!

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65150: Good evening, all. Lots of funny stuff up above, it's fun to just sit and read through. As for the butter/margarine moulage, I agree. No contest. I've read that margarine is "just one molecule away from plastic", whatever that means. I'm actually not sure it means anything at all, since that statement could be made about a lot of things. Change one molecule, and you have a whole different critter. Still, the statement pops into my mind when I see margarine melting into something, but I have no problem with butter at all. It's not the butter that hurts us, it's the quantity, according to my endocrinologist. Limit the quantity, and you're fine. Wow, now I'm getting hungry, because I have some ears of red corn in the fridge that I bought this morning, and I'm wondering what they will taste like. I've never eaten red corn, but the sign advertised it as "sweet". Guess I'll find out.

Yay!!! We're finished with the color eps and are once again enjoying the beloved first season. I feel about the color eps about the same way I do about cats. I like cats fine, but prefer dogs. Given a choice, I'll take a dog every time, but if for some reason I couldn't have one, then I'd have a cat and would enjoy it, I'm sure. Given a choice of color eps or no TAGS at all, I'd watch 'em every day!

We had a lovely rainstorm early this morning, I think I got about two inches here at the house. The yard is really happy! Amazing what a little rain will do. Sprinklers are fine, but nothing does it like rain.

I'm watching a beautiful little chameleon outside my window. He's only about four inches long, slimmer than a pencil, and is just slipping around out there, adapting himself to resemble whatever he happens to be sitting on. Amazing. Even more amazing is the fact that I actually saw him! He blends so beautifully.

Well, I'm off to rustle up some supper. Peace and love, friends, as the saying goes! --Romeena

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65151: Possum 1977 was great..graduated HS,smokey and the bandit came out,bee-gees,and silky shirts! I was there..I will try to get some pics for Romeena"s album...whew..but i did manage to stay out of trouble...urrr...Go Mike Phelps!...possum I think Rev was just about our 1959 midel too...Boo was just a youngster at 11 :)..MDC,M-T what model are yall?...hey there HM..we got to get TOM back on the porch...lucy I think you were younger than us but in the mix of disco?....well I get off at 10 tonight and got to stop by the all night Walmart for a few things..will check back in just a bit...peace-n-love...hee hee.....SPOT

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65152: "WE DEFY THE MAFIA!"
Barney Fife

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65153: Evening Family:
So glad to see a moulage that's not political! But, now you're starting one with at dairy farmer! We only use the one with the REAL seal. Guess which one... I have personally raised a PA Dairy Princess, Dairy Ambassador and Little Miss.. so we could serve you some Real Dairy Products! (and tell you some scarey facts about the imitations)
Asa- I forwarded some pictures of Courtney. If you don't get them let me know. I'll try again.
Better get to bed...wrok again in the AM. ~New Neighbor

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65154: Man, I need to go to bed. It sounds like I'm a Rock fan. That's supposed to be work. but the other would be more fun. ~New Neighbor

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65155: Nigtht Rock fan New Neighbor! day is about done here at a yard full of shrub clippings to get up tomorrow...4-wheeler and trailer loads!..but they look good! to put some sealer on the back deck...will holler at yall when I get home..prayers,peace and love!..its 70"s day!,puma,converse shoes!..denim jackets,mirror pilot sun glasses!...oh-man...SPOT

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65156: "How I vote brother-is my business"
Barney Fife

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65157:
Hello porch family....Worked all day in the yard getting things caught up from being away all summer. Wow I'm tired.

auh2o and M-T...well put about Obama.

Spot....yep I'm one of those 1959ers too. All this 70's talk is taking me back.

Tonight I went out in my yard to take little Jake out and I just so much enjoyed the sounds of the country night. I sit there and listened to the sounds and thought that this must be God's nature "bandstand". It was so nice.

You all have a great night sleep and know that before I go to sleep I'm praying for all our porch family.
Jesus loves you....He really does!

August 15, 2008 - Msg 65158: Sounds like you're stuck in the 70's, SPOT. It was quite a decade. My sister and I were just talking about that very thing and remembering some of the "mischeif" we got into in our high school days. She and I were taking a drive tonight to get baby Emily to sleep and Emily started crying, so Susan (my sister) said to me, "Sing something...quick!"...I said, "What? What do I sing?"...she answered, "Sing that mockingbird one."..."What?", I asked. You know...(and she started singing) "Hush little baby don't say a word, Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird, and if that mockingbird won't sing, Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring. And if that diamond ring won't shine...."....I said, "Shine? What are you gonna buy if it don't shine? It's supposed to be 'if that diamond ring turns brass, Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass. It's not 'shine'! What are you gonna buy if you use the word 'shine'?!"....She looked at me and went on singing..."..and if that diamond ring don't shine, Mama's gonna buy you a porcupine". I about died. I said, "That's the redneck version". Anyway, this is the girl who likes to read, "hysterical" markers and just realized that Milk of Magnesia isn't called, "Mick of Magtaysia".

Well, they are about to show old Mark Spitz at the Olympics, so I had better HEAD ON over to the TV....


August 15, 2008 - Msg 65159: Oh, thank you REV. Knowing you are praying for your friends is a great comfort. God bless you and your family (((HUG))).


August 16, 2008 - Msg 65160: Who's saying that about Phelps, MDC; the Chinese?

I will probably be the lone voice of opposition here on the notorious butter/margarine-gate, but I just can't help it.
Normally I would go with the natural simplicity of butter, but then I found Move Over Butter(I found it because I was being a cheap-skate and it only cost 88cents at the time for a tub of it), and I'll tell you, it is the only butter spread that I could eat by the spoonful, with nothing else. I never have eaten it by the spoonful just so you know, but I have licked the spoon or knife that I was using with it.
I also use it for cooking and it works well for that. I haven't used butter since.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 16, 2008 - Msg 65161: Yea Rev thought you were a 59er too...Boo it was for sure a decade to remember...and I love the HEAD ON quotes!..:)...well miss sherry is on her way over to help me with yard work till she has to go to work at 6pm...hey there Sterling!..Maude lets have a big grilled chicken salad for 59ers got to start watching our diet!..back in just a bit ...peace and love ...SPOT

August 16, 2008 - Msg 65162: Boy, SPOT, Miss Sherry sure is nice to help you with your yard work. She sounds like a "keeper"...hint, hint (enough said)...Just like Barney, I'm not one to meddle in other peoples's just that I was thinkin' that maybe you two ought to maybe, HEAD ON over to the preacher and say your vows....just sayin' is all....(you know I'm kidding...sort of...hehe).

Hey there Sterling, the porch is pretty quiet on weekends, isn't it? I have plenty to do today but don't feel like doing squat. I would love to just lay on the couch all day, but that'll never happen. I have tried "move over butter" and I don't recall what it's like. Wonder what's in it?

Erin's little cousin stayed the night last night and now Erin and Sean's rooms are terrible! I am going to have to suit up in my biohazard suit and go start wading through the mess. Later...


August 16, 2008 - Msg 65163: Well Boo, reading off my tub of it, the ingredients are: Liquid soybean oil(yum;)), water(hey, we all need that, right?), sweet cream buttermilk, some more soybean oil(this time partially hydrogentated), salt, vegetable mono(oh oh, that doesn't sound good)-and diglycerides and soy lecithin, potassium sorbate AND sodium benzoate(huh?), more hydrogenated soybean oil(why they had to list this twice is beyond me), phosphoric acid(you 60's people might like that one), artificial flavor(well, what was all the other stuff for then?!), colored with beta carotene(well, at least I'll have good eyesight), vitamin A(in case you didn't get enough of it in your beta carotene), palmitate, vitamin D3 added.
Oh, and then at the bottom it says: Contains: Milk(in case you didn't know what sweet cream butterMILK meant).
That's it in a nutshell. Or rather, a tub. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

August 16, 2008 - Msg 65164: Well, the "hydrogenated" part is concerning but the truth is we get alot of hydrogenated fats in our diet that we aren't even aware of if we buy processed foods or eat out. Oh well...enjoy your margarine. How cool that you took the time to list the ingredients...

Poor Bruce had to go back in to work last evening and had to work all day today, too. Some kind of computer crash at work. I am making a roast on the stove, mashed taters, corn and green beans, if anyone wants some. I am also making some Pastel Cookies for the kids. Ever heard of those? You make them like you would a sugar cookie but you add a small pkg. of the jello of your choice, which makes them a pretty pastel color and it also flavors them. Today we are making orange ones. They are cute to make at Christmas if you use strawberry or cherry because they turn out a pretty pink color.

Better go get 'em out of the oven.


August 16, 2008 - Msg 65165: Very interesting, Sterling. And reading off the side of my 1-lb box of butter, it says "Cream, salt." Hmmmm. --Romeena

August 16, 2008 - Msg 65166: "hydrogenated"--that is the clincher.

August 16, 2008 - Msg 65167: Oh, and the butter box also states "Contains Milk", just like the margarine tub. I really don't know how anyone could miss the fact that "buttermilk" contains "milk", but I suppose if somebody was raised in a New York brownstone and never saw a cow in their life, they might not be aware that cream also comes from milk. Gotta cover every base these days, and warn the one person in the country who is lactose-intolerant AND has no idea that buttermilk and cream would be derived from milk. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? --Romeena

August 16, 2008 - Msg 65168: Boo you make me smile!:)..Miss Sherry is a keeper for sure we are just "old""not" and just figuring things out...its been 6+ years for us!..and as far as weading bells..??..well I think I will just "HEAD ON" out to the dog lot and feed and put up Otis...hee hee.."HEAD ON" my Im laughing out loud....SPOT

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65169:
Hello porch family....Had a great day with the family today. Went to eat at Olive Garden. mentioned reading food labels....My wife gets so out done with me in the grocery store because I read all the labels. If it has "hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated" in it, it goes back on the self. That's where most of the trans fat comes from and that's BAD news. I like the ingredients in Ro's butter....cream, salt..period. don't forget that I'm an ordained minister so we can do this wedding thing up right away. No pressure...hehe...just kidding with you brother.

Well got to get to bed. You all have a great night. Prayers for all the porch family.

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65170: Good morning, everyone. Y'all wave to me as you go by on your way to preachin', 'cause I'm not going. I just got home from work, and it was a loooooong night! I am so tired, if I tried to sit upright in a church pew, I'd end up looking like one of those cartoon characters, when they just collapse and slide down the steps or something, all flat and conformed to the shape they're sliding over. That could get embarrassing.

I'm going to eat a little breakfast, gather up my puppy and hit the sack. It was definitely a long shift. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65171: Rev lets keep that to ourself...hee hee...hey Romeena!..sorry for your long shift but you do good preaching on the tube...back in a bit...ham and toast for breakfast..[and Rev if it does happen I think I would meet ya and want you to hitch us!)..SPOT

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65172: Afternoon Family:
Just got back from my work, and sitting down for a little reading and rocking. Ro- we just had a full moon!! I bet you could tell, too!Things at work go nuts (or should I say patients). I just work hour to hour trying to make it through.
Going to take an afternoon nap. Anyone want to walk and get a bottle of pop? ~New Neighbor

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65173: Hey spot, can I be the flower possum (girl) in your wedding? I could drive up to Rev's place in less than two hours and we'd just jump in his RV and HEAD ON over to Georgia!

I'm on stand by..anytime for a fellow 1977-er!

possum under a rock

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65174: Well! I'm up, after several hours of sleep and I feel much better. New Neighbor, you're so right. Sometimes, though, it's more like minute to minute - just surviving. The hospital's management style has swung around to micro-management, and it's making us all crazy. Plus, we have several redundant, unnecessary charting procedures in place that waste a lot of time. Then with our changing demographics and the sense of entitlement displayed by so many of our patients, it just gets pretty rough at times. Last night, a big loutish woman was in the care of the other nurse on the unit. Demanding, rude and just generally hateful, she had about worn my partner out. At one point, when something didn't arrive as promptly as she thought it should (translation -instantly), she told my partner "You'd better shake a leg when I call. You'll get your money - I do have Medicaid, you know!" She actually thought that would impress the nurse! Well, I guess it IS better than self-pay, which we would never get. Oh well. That's all behind me now until next Wednesday. I'm home, watching squirrels and birds in my yard, the pond is pretty, some roses are blooming, and Starr wants to play. Life is good.

Blessings, y'all. --Romeena

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65175: Gomer says hey.

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65176: Hey to Gomer...

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65177: Romeena:
The "younger" patients (and I use that term loosly) think everything is owed to them. Some are rude, impatient, nastly, and generally ungrateful. Their families are WORSE. And I hate to say it, but medical persons, whether nurses or Drs. are the WORST! They are ENTITLED... but, then there are the sweet, gentle VERY grateful ones that have settled the accounts with others long, long ago. I can tell a difference. Even in their dying days... Well, I'll leave this porch on this happy note! Good night, HEAD ON to bed. Keep your accounts short and settled. Lord bless you. ~New Neighbor

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65178:
Hey Folks

M-T I think I speak for everybody here when I say, you are a maniac maniac on the Porch.


August 17, 2008 - Msg 65179: Good Sunday Evening People of the Porch:

I just got in from a wonderful Weekend with my friends at one of their fishing camps on Lake D'arbonne..It rained quite a bit, but the temperatures were usually in the 80's during the day and the low 70's at night...Night fishing' off the pier and day fishing' on the boat was very enjoyable...I did a lot of cooking for the guys while they played Texas Hold 'Em and we watched alot of Olympics and yes Birdies is acceptable but the proper name is Shuttle Co*k....Took Miley De"Lab with me..Most of the guys are big duck hunters and everyone brought their hunting dogs...There were fully trained Labs and a Golden Retriever..They were all retreiving batons and frisbees off the banks and docks of the camp...Miley was having the time of her life pestering and learning from the other dogs...they keep a small sand beach operating during the summer and Miley was hitting the water and checking it out..It was very cute...Caught some fish, bad weather does that.

I am a 1957 baby and Graduated HS early in 1975..Hated disco & loved "Album Rock" and never wore those godawful clothes like in Sat. Night Fever...Jeans, workshirts, flannel shirts, athletic shoes or boots for me..No past pictures of me in the Travolta garb..You guys and gals have mentioned many 70's artists I really like...Well I will cut it out for tonite..Take Care.....The "Dud"
......The "Dud"

August 17, 2008 - Msg 65180: Possum yer a hoot...we could have a 70"s party wedding!..:} Miss Sherry is a 59 model also...hey dud,Romeena...we are going camping thu till Sun this week..will get some more pics...well let me "HEAD ON" outside and feed the out loud by yourself means that this porch is my true friend...prayers....SPOT