September 09, 2008 - Msg 66037: Thanks, MDC, I'll try (about having a great day in the Lord).

ASA: Wearing your toolbelt too tight may have you singing soprano on good ole 14-A.

HOMEMAKER: Great to hear from you. A belated howdy to you, too, KYGIRL.

BOO: Recognizing a problem is half the battle--the easy half ;). Seriously, y'all are in my prayers.

Stay safe everyone. Keep us posted on your status, BOO.


September 09, 2008 - Msg 66038: Did I get all the corners?


September 09, 2008 - Msg 66039:
Thanks M-T--Boy if the porch ever needed a good sweep...! Thanks for cleaning up,(altho Floyd got most of it) and yup, the corners look good too!
In a snail mail to our mayor, ole Colt, recently, I told him to get down from that tree, fix up his torn suit, and get to "mayoring" again! haha

September 09, 2008 - Msg 66040: Hey Y'all! Boo,I think it would be wise to go inland.Everything I've heard about IKE lately mentions landfall in South Texas. You still have time to make a decision though-aren't they predicting Friday or Sat. for landfall? Oh,and you haven't seen Jim Cantore hanging around,have you?! Beware of the Weather Channel guy! If I'd known then (Hugo) what I know now,I would've gotten the heck outta Dodge! Can't imagine going through a CAT 5 like you said you did back in the 70's! Just stay safe-please!
Can't rock long- still have Laci. I forgot that tonight was my daughter's First Aid class after all of her other courses. She reminded me this morning when she told me she was sending Laci's pajamas along with all of her other things! I'll have her til about 9pm I think. I'll be one tired possum when this day is done!
Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

September 09, 2008 - Msg 66041: Well, I just heard from Bruce and they will be shutting down at work tomorrow around noon and he will be leaving with us, unless things look different tomorrow morning. I have filled the car, got some drinks for the ice chest and will make sandwiches, finish laundry and pack, and just be ready in case we have to go. Sure hope we won't have to, though.

Possum, we are right on the coast, can practically see the water from here, and when a hurricane heads this way, everyone jumps on the interstate to go inland, and you have one ginormous traffic jam if you wait too long. We are talking about thousands and thousands trying to leave on one evacuation route. That's the problem, you want to wait until you know you should evacuate, and then it's too late and you get stuck. They called an emergency meeting today in my town and decided on mandatory evacuation tomorrow, unless IKE takes a turn...we'll see. What a pain...I haven't seen Jim Cantore around but I have a good suspicion I may tomorrow out on Padre Island or something. Anyway, thanks, Possum. I will do all I can to stay safe. If I didn't have children, I would ride it out just for the thrill (it is a thrill, believe me) but I would never put the kids through it. Sean is already shaking in his shoes.

I'll keep in touch.



September 09, 2008 - Msg 66042: uh-oh...hope that's not a premonition...(BooBoo)..hehe


September 09, 2008 - Msg 66043: BOO: Our prayers go with you. Y'all can stay at our place, if you don't mind the drive. We'll order pizza. Mozarella is my favorite.


September 09, 2008 - Msg 66044: Good sweep M-T...well yall storms are fixing to hit here and work will be HEAVY so I will be buisy ...will someone cook tonight and ship Rev a plate and me also?...Its almost on top of us not....[storm]...will try to check in later...SPOT

September 09, 2008 - Msg 66045:
Spot, BOO and others in path of safe rather than sorry. Boo, dont forget the TP. Hang in there with your hurricane prep, but for the love of mike, just do it! (:
TOM- keep boo's family in your pryaers, as it looks like MT's shorts may have to wait.
My prayers are with you!

September 09, 2008 - Msg 66046: Evening Family:
Good Sweep M-T! See you do have a servants' heart~
Everyone in the path of Ike- please be careful.
Spot- keep your paws on the ground and your tail in the air.
~New Neighbor

September 09, 2008 - Msg 66047: Me-They boy that Chad is a boy after my own heart, there is nothing better than a good ol' bowl of vanilla ice cream, although I do admit, I prefer French Vanilla most of the time. Good on him! Floyd first off CONGRATS! and many more to you & your Mrs. 2nd, thanks for a squeaky clean porch again! To the rest of you, I asked about a week ago about Floyd doing windows, so ya'll just take a number & get in line! Tom did you get any pictures of your roses? What color were they? Prayers for your little neighbor boy & his family. Boo how is Sean doing with the ACE program? Be careful of that hurricane, get out of there if you have to, don't take any chances! Ro is the Eloise in your Mongolia blog the same Eloise you go out to lunch & dinner with alot? Just curious (well, guess nosy would fit too, but I kinda hated to put it that way. ha) Where is Otis? Are we gonna have to put out another APB? Good to see you ky girl! You've been missed! MDC my thoughts are with you friend. And where is auh2o? I thought for sure he would be here since Me-They promised a runny moulage this week. Well best get off here, gotta try to work on my website & my blog if I can, it's been raining here all day & it's hard to get up & do anything.
later taters

September 09, 2008 - Msg 66048: Hey!
Sorry I haven't checked in much lately. My computer has been acting up. Boo and Romeena, y'all stay safe with Ike comin'.
Blessings to you all!

September 09, 2008 - Msg 66049: Thanks, M-T, wish I could. I know Erin would have a great time with your children and we could have one heck of a TAGS marathon or just hang out in your beautiful yard and share a coke and a Moon Pie...I would even wear closed-in shoes.

Actually, we will probably going west if we evacuate. It sounds like going south would put us into more trouble and possible flooding and tornados. We might just take a little vacation out to the Big Bend area. We'll figure it out tonight when Bruce gets home. He is working himself into a frezy trying to tie things up at work right now.

I'll be in touch..


Thanks MDC, I just happen to have bought a economy pack of TP...isn't that lucky?

Hey Mavis, Sean is doing ok with the ACE program. He struggles with any curriculum but I guess ACE is ok and I like the Christian teaching.

September 09, 2008 - Msg 66050: Well haey gang NN,m-t,mavis,romeena,lucy,hazel,kygirl,Tom,Rev,Maude,opiemom,auh20,md,mdc,my friend possum and boo and all..had to wkr a little late tonight but its Off to Kansas tomorrow at 5am for the international linemans rodeo [google the web site]..about a 14 hr drive pulling the trailer,,my buddy and I pull the trailer [I dont like to fly] and the rest will arrive thu afternoon via airplane...great weekend...I will have a lap tope with me and will be able to talk to yall all the way out I hope...well yall take care and Maude cook for this bunch...and send Rev a plate and me too!...prayers for us a safe trip and God bless all...SPOT

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66051: Good evening, all. Lucy, I'm far enough inland that about we'll get would be a little wind and some rain, if that, but thanks for your concern. Boo, you and the family are welcome to come and hole up here if you want to. I have plenty of room, and Starr would be thrilled.

Mavis, Eloise is the same in both cases. She is my DIL's mom, and my very dear friend. We made those two Mongolia trips together, and believe me, if you can travel with someone under those conditions and remain good friends, you've got something great going for you. She's a wonderful person, a lot of fun to be with, and very adjustable. We shop together, go to lunch two or three times a week, go to plays and on trips, and never have a cross word. The fact that we share grandchildren is a bond, too. We'll be going out next week to the gravesite of the little grandson we lost. We've done that every year since he died, it seems to make it easier when we go together. When I count my blessings, I count her twice.

Well, guess I'll turn in. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66052: Well gang its your roving rover reporter SPOT!..running into some rain on the road to Kansas in tenn...headed out 24 west...trailer pulling good and just pasted manchester exit...well let ne get back to navagating and get the radar up....SPOT

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66053: Safe travels Spot, and show em who's who in Kansas.

You be careful too Boo, and prayers that all is still standing when you get back.


September 10, 2008 - Msg 66054: That means you went through Beech Grove and Murfreesboro Spot - that's my brother's neck of the woods. That place sure has grown up alot! Be safe in Kansas and watch out for little dogs named Toto!

Boo - be careful and batten down the hatches! Take some Vicks and Head On just in case. . .and for land's sake, don't wear open toed shoes!

Romeena - I showed the pictures in the photo album to my boys a few weeks back. They really thought that your grandson's light into heaven was the most awesome picture - they didn't mean that disrespectful but wondered if all of us who go to heaven have that same light when we died. My boys understand about death and dying, the circle of life - and they don't understand when a baby passes on either.

I was offered a job as a case manager with the council on aging. They came in $2000 dollars less than what we talked about. I don't know if I can do that. Please keep that in your prayers - will have another job interview in the next day or two with Vocational Rehabilitation.



September 10, 2008 - Msg 66055:
Hey Folks

We had nasty cold/flu/something roll through here. But, it's just wonderfully sunny here today, was 39 degrees when I woke-up, I guess we're shooting for about 65 later. I love this type of weather.

Possum-I stopped by a couple of times a few days ago and had you in my prayers when Hanna came by.

Boo-Same for you and your family with Ike. Wasn't it Fonzie that said, "My bike likes Ike."

I said it before but it still holds true, I think, Obama needs to stop talking for awhile. Maybe, sit out a few plays. The guy gets smaller by the day.


September 10, 2008 - Msg 66056:

homemaker- Oh, hi there. That is a tough call prayers for guidance.


September 10, 2008 - Msg 66057: Good morning everyone.


Me-They Fonzarelli

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66058: Hey Asa,possum,M-T,auh20,hm and all...roving reporter SPOT here...just above Nashville now!..headed out 24 west...Tom?....SPOT

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66059: Mornin' Y'all. Boo,you're in my prayers.Take care.

Friends, things are crazy here.Last night my daughter kind of flipped out (for lack of a better term)and now won't let me keep Laci. I did nothing wrong,she still has unresolved issues from growing up with an alcoholic stepdad (my husband) who did nothing wrong last night as well.She's always accusing him of being drunk (he was not),I'm in denial,etc. Just a big mess that had both me & Mr. Possum crying last night.I'm still crying. Laci is with an elderly aunt today who is off work on Wed.and has watched her before,so I guess she'll be ok. Who knows what my daughter is going to do. I've heard she's going to try to put her in a private daycare. What about her therapy? I would be taking her tomorrow,but I guess that's out. What about when she gets sick from being around all those kids at daycare? Who'll keep her then? What about Laci missing coming to my house? It is a real mess.A big hurt. Please pray,friends. That girl has some problems.God bless my Laci.
I'll keep you posted.Love to all.
possum under a rock

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66060: Thanks so much, Romeena, for that kind offer, but Bruce is on "call back" status and we will have to go west and not too far, so he can get back to town if they call him. He reserved us a room in Del Rio, which is about 4 hours west, so that will work.

I am so sorry Possum. You must really be hurting. I know you love Laci so much. My prayers for you, Laci and your family, that the Lord would work everything out speedily.

Well, have to do the last minute packing up, then go help my parents get ready and wash their dogs. Whoo, too much to do..can't even think straight anymore...just wanted to check in, though. I will try to check in before we leave. Thanks so much for the prayers.


September 10, 2008 - Msg 66061: Thanks Boo- I think the Lord heard your (and my) prayers because my daughter phoned on her break from classes and sort of apologized and asked if I would still keep Laci,because she knows things would be hard on Laci without me. Of course I will watch that child. Like I said,my daughter has some issues-the whole family knows it. My sister just commented to me that it is the time of year for my daughter to start some conflict. I pray none of you have turmoil with your children like this. I never know what she's going to say or do and she lies,which I detest. I will say she is a very good mother to Laci.And she is a sweet girl,just has these issues. Things like this have been going on with her since her teen years. She thrives on trauma & drama within the family.So.. life picks up where it was and I hope things will calm down some.
Thanks- love to all.

possum again

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66062: Good Wednesday porch, just stopping by for a minute today. hope all is well. Prayers for Boo and Possum and safe travels for SPOT. I missed breakfast today but can do lunch: grilled cheeseburgers, chips, pickles, SLAW and little debbie cakes for dessert. tea, pink lemonade to drink. see you at lunch. Drive by SPOT and you can have a take out plate.

Prayers and blessings to all today.
Big Maude

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66063: Spot the roving rover reporter here just crossed over the Ohio river (what a site)..leaving Kentucky...entering Ill....hey possum,maude thanks for lunch...well my turn to drive again..prayers.."roll on"...SPOT

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66064: Thanks Maude. I just sat down for a little break after a tuna sandwich and my first cup of coffee finally (it's 11am and we are just having breakfast!)...I feel a headache coming on and wish I had not waited so long on the coffee! We finished the laundry, cleaning out the car, most of the packing, filled the ice chest and now am on my way to wash the dogs and help mom and dad pack up some things. I wanted to tell you pet owners about a new pill for fleas (if you aren't already aware of it)...let me preface by saying that our big lab, Leah, has had a flea problem no matter what we do. We have use both Frontline and Advatage all summer (expensive stuff), washed her with flea shampoo and she has been in the dad's house all summer and STILL was covered with fleas. I tried something one her called "Comfortis"..its a big horse pill that knocks the fleas off within an hour and is supposed to keep them off for a month and it was only 16 dollars. We gave her the pill yesterday, and within an hour the fleas were jumping ship like crazy. You could literally see them. Sean did alot of vacuming and mopping and while brushing Leah, the fleas were coming off like crazy (some even jumped onto his head!). That stuff worked like magic...hope it lasts. Anyone else familiar with it? If you live in the cooler part of the country, where freezes and snow occurs, you may not have a flea problem, but down here, wow.

Well, Possum, I am very glad your daughter called you and realized that Laci needs you (and she does). I feel for your daughter, though...sounds like some good counseling is in order. Do you think she would be open to such?



September 10, 2008 - Msg 66065: Hey, good luck at the rodeo, SPOT my friend!


September 10, 2008 - Msg 66066:
Prayers for possum, Boo, HM and all else who need 'em.
Don't ya wish some days that Jesus would just come and take us all up to heaven? Of course, I'm not calling the shots in that department, so as the Lord tarries, I'll just stay enlisted in His earthly army. Hope Rev is doing OK in KY.
Maude, thanks for the vittles. Sure hit the Spot!
Life is handing out a few lemons, so thanks for making the lemonade!

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66067: Good late morning, all. Two more minutes, and I'll have to say "good afternoon!" Possum, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with such nonsense, and pray that God will open your daughter's eyes to what she's doing and the hurt she's causing. At least she softened her stance a bit - I have the impression that she saw some inconvenience ahead for herself and figured she'd better! She knew, of course, that you'd accept her white flag because of your love for Laci.

Boo, you all be careful now. I'm glad you're getting out of there. My granddaughter just called, and she and her fiance and his parents may be headed this way. They're in Aransas Pass, so they're in the bullseye just like you. I'm glad I'm as far inland as I am. All we ever have to worry about is tornadoes.

Yep, auh2o, I agree. Gonna take a magnifying glass to find him before long. My yardman friend, who just happens to be black, calls him "an empty suit". He says "he talks a lot, and right pretty too, but he doesn't say anything." Hmmm.

Well, I cleaned the pond filter, hooked it back up and as usual, it wouldn't pull water right away, because air gets in the lines and forms an airlock. Usually it will work on it for a few minutes and then start to flow. Today, it hasn't started. That means I'm going to have to get back out there with the mosquitoes and backflush the thing to get the air out. Argh.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66068: 50 miles outside of st. louis!...SPOT

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66069:
Tomorrow is Patriot's Day and the 7th Anniversary of what evil cowards can do.
Seven years have passed since the unprovoked terrorist attacks upon the United States. 3,000 INNOCENT people died in the attacks that brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, left a gaping hole in the Pentagon, and a left a smoldering gash in a Pennsylvania field where the final hijacked airliner crashed after passengers fought the hijackers.
Let us remember the victims of these attacks, and may we never forget!
Lord help us and be with us, let Michael your Archangel continue to lead us in erraticating this pure evil. Thank you true and living God.

May God bless each & everyone of these people & their families!

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66070: Very well put MDC..this traveling dog is as I type going . by the st. louis arch..gateway to the west!..what a site...lots of traffic down town here...ok me navagate....hey Asa,possum,boo,Rev,Tom,auh20,hazel..heck all yall..prayers..this truck is eaten up the fuel!...SPOT

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66071: Thanks for that reminder, MDC. With all this Ike business going on, I forgot what the date was. Amen.

Well, Ro...those hurrincanes can be might scary, too. Hope things don't get too bad in your area.

My kids are already driving me crazy...I would almost rather send them on to Del Rio and stay here and face Ike! I hope there are some things to do in the area to keep them occupied. I have heard that Lake Amistad is pretty. Maybe we will go there and swim.

I managed to get the dogs washed and it was no easy feat washing that lab! She has an obsession with the water coming out of the hose and likes to attack the hose like it's a snake. I have to hold it behind her at all times because if she sees it, she goes berserk trying to get ahold of it. That results in quite a struggle, lots of shouting and I end up soaking wet. I practically had to wrestle her to the ground to get her washed and she weighs eighty pounds and is strong! I was a mess by the time we finished and it wore me out. I was determined, though, and got my way...she is nice and clean and I couldn't find one flea on her anywhere (the Comfortis worked!).

Well, break is over...


September 10, 2008 - Msg 66072: What the heck is a "hurrincane"?....and I meant to say TORNADOS!...sorry Ro.


September 10, 2008 - Msg 66073: Sorry I've been awol today...very busy...

BOO and everyone else: Stay safe!



September 10, 2008 - Msg 66074:
Boo-Well after that, at least YOU won't have any fleas either! haha
Now... one of my 'favoritest' lines of all the TAGS lines is in Prisoner of Love (which i watched last night) where the pretty female jewel thief is put in the Mayberry Jail overnight. Barney is falling all over himself trying to help her out, and this conversation takes place.
Andy: Well, she is something.
Barney: Oh her? I couldn't tell her from Adam.
Female Prisoner: Really Barney, you couldn't tell me from Adam?
Andy: How'd you get to be a deputy with eyesight like that!

Of course, you have to see the facial expressions etc, but i just crack up everytime. Maybe I'm just easily entertained! haha

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66075: Hey again y'all- I do appreciate your prayers.I talked a long time with my daughter this afternoon and she has tried to make amends and has also spoken to her pastor and a teacher at school about her behavior. She says she will get counseling at school,so we'll see. I can't take much more of these flip-flopping moods of hers. Maybe she will get herself straightened out.Praying she does.
Has Spot said whether he's driving? I don't like the idea of him typing and driving at the same time! Pull over & type,Spot! Have a great time and bring back top prize! I'll cook ya a meatloaf if you win-how's that?

Boo,still praying for y'all. Hang in there. Glad you're heading inland. Hope there's not too much damage to come home to.

MDC- good comments/prayers about 9-11. I will wear a special t-shirt I have tomorrow in memory of all we lost on that day.Maybe someone who has put those tragic events out of their mind will see it and remember.
Gotta go. Y'all have a nice night.
possum u.a.r.

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66076: Deal possum I type only when I riding shotgun..hard then..all safe and about 40 miles outside of kansas city kansas...nice trip!..back hurts!..gona stop at the river and eat...hey Boo, we go..SPOT

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66077: Quick drive-by, folks, on my way to work. However, I was skimming through an old "Guideposts" a few minutes ago, and came across these gems:

"I have argued with God and gotten angry with God, and I think it's permissible to do that. The only thing that is not permissible is to ignore God." --Kirk Douglas

And this one is very special:

"I firmly believe that in every situation, no matter how difficult, God extends grace greater than the hardship, and strength and peace of mind that can lead us to a place higher than we were before." --Andy Griffith, on his struggles battling Guillain-Barre' syndrome.

How 'bout that?? --Romeena

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66078: Evening Family:
SPOT--pictures, we need pictures. Oh well, if ya can't take pictures, word pictures will have to do. Go out to the rodeo and prove you ARE somebody!! Prayers for you and your team.
possum- WE SERVE AN AWSOME GOD!! He knows our desires BEFORE they are spoken.
Stay safe everyone. ~New Neighbor

September 10, 2008 - Msg 66079: Spot ya'll have a good time & show them what for, but first & foremost, be careful! You got your penny that's been mashed by a train? possum you & yours are in my prayers friend, in fact, you porchsters are always in my prayers. Ro that is pretty neat about you & Eloise, I can tell by your posts you are very close. What a joy & blessing a friend like that is, huh? Boo ya'll please be careful & stay out of the way of that thing. How are your parents taking the evacution possiblity? Oh & about the Comfortis, it is good stuff, but make sure you don't give it with certain medications, most notably Ivermectin, which is in most heartworm preventatives. check out www. cvm/ CVM_Updates/ ComfortisSafety. htm, it gives the information on it. Oh & be very careful giving it to the little dog, toy breeds tend to have reactions to drugs that bigger dogs don't have. Me-They-relli did I just hear you snap your fingers?!? HA
Anyways, I'm outta here for the night, love & prayers to each & every one of you!

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66080: Oh, I was so intent on telling Boo about the flea meds & possum's situation, I forgot to tell ya'll what happened last night. Mr. Neff called me from work this morning & told me someone came up in our front driveway & removed the tow hitch from the back of our pickup truck! Can you believe that? Now mind you, that front driveway is right under a street light & right up against the house! How is that for gall? I am so glad to be getting out of this neighborhood! It can't be soon enough for me! Makes me so mad, you work to have something & someone too lazy to work comes along & steals it from you!

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66081: Ok, so I lied, I said I was outta here for the night, but that was before my son came upstairs to talk to me about some problems he & his girlfriend are having, I am trying me level best to stay out of it, but when he comes to me to talk, I have to tell him what I think & let him decide from there. That is my duty as a mother, be there, listen & advise & let him do with it as he thinks best, right? I am so frustrated with this situation & trying to keep my mouth shut has been hard, trust me. Please keep Jake in your prayers that he will do what is best, not what other people think he needs to be doing.
His girlfriend is pregnant, but they are not sure if it is Jake's or her ex-boyfriend's baby. Jake, however, has decided to treat the situation as if it IS his baby & is trying to do what he should be doing as a dad, he has gone to the Dr. with her, helped her with different things concerning the baby & the pregnancy & has decided to enlist in the military to get training for a better job & to help the 2 of them have something. She doesn't like the idea of the military & is throwing a fit about it. I offered them my house on the VA side that I lived in before I got married, Jake is excited about it, she on the other hand doesn't want to leave her mother's. I told Jake my opinion was this: She needs to get out from under Mama's apron, grow up & be a woman & mother to that baby. I also told him she & her mother should not expect Jake to do all the Dad things if they are not going to let him be with the baby all the time. He should be responsible if the baby is indeed his, but I honestly think there needs to be a paternity test done before he takes this responsibilty on. He is so upset & I don't know what to do for him. Anyone have any other suggestions or anything I can say to Jake to make him understand where I am coming from? I hate to see him going through all this when he is just trying to do the right thing, but I come off as the "bad guy' by bringing up the testing. I know how hard it is to raise a child, & I don't want to see him do something stupid.
Thanks for listening folks & thanks in advance for the prayers.

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66082: Prayers for Jake, Mavis.For you as well,I know being a Mama is rough sometimes. I am with you on the issue 100%- don't know what else to suggest. Yes,get the testing so Jake will know if he is the father. I commend him for taking responsibility. Thank you for the prayers about my situation.Dealing with a child,even a grown up one,can be a handful at times. I know I am just whipped from all this drama. On a positive note, I will have Laci today-we'll go to therapy & then to her favorite store- WalMart! Should be a good day unless my daughter flip flops with those moods again.She should be worn slap out from all this junk! Hope she gets into counseling ASAP.
Good quote from Andy Griffith-it applies to so many life scenarios, doesn't it? I know I will take it to heart.

MDC,hope you are ok today. Prayers,my friend.

In memory of all that perished on Sept.1,2001

Have a good day y'all. Hope Boo has/is heading inland and prayers for all in Ike's path.
possum under a rock

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66083: Sept. 11th, that is.

possum again

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66084: Good Morning porch friends. Good to see everyone today.

Prayers for Boo and family,for SPOT and his travels (hope he has a penny that has been ran over by a train to bring him luck in his travels), prayers for Possum and Mavis as well as everyone else today. Looks like we are all thinking about 9/11 today as we should.

Breakfast menu will be: scrambled eggs, toast, crisp bacon, apple butter and coffee , orange juice and chocolate milk to drink. see you at breakfast.

Lunch will be: chicken salad sandwhiches, chips, pickles, brownies and tea to drink.

Maybe M-T can take us all to dinner tonight??

Have a blessed day.

Big Maude

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66085: Morning Porch.
Mavis, that is a tough situation you have there with Jake. I certainly would do everything in my power to see a paternal test done, but I understand how headstrong kids can be sometimes, and if they don't hear what they want to hear from Mom and/or Dad, will get defensive. Does he have anyone else in the family he looks up to, say an Uncle or older cousin or someone like that who he might listen to? Sometimes kids will listen to anyone but Ma and Pa. Anyway, that's just my thoughts on it.

Possum, so sorry your Daughter is trying you like that. I pray she will indeed get some help. From what I have heard you talk about in the past, you need to be there for Laci. Not saying she is a bad parent, but I know the level of love you have for that precious gift, and with her special needs, you will need to be there in her life. Nothing on earth will substitude the love of a Mom or Grandma. I pray for you all for reconciliation.

Be safe Spot, and have fun.

Prayers for you and your family Boo, and anyone else who may be in harms way.

And special prayers for you HM, that your interview goes well and you can find something that will work for you.

Hard to imagine it's been 7 years since that morning. I remember it well, as I'm sure you all do. I am grateful there have been no other attacks on us since and am thankful we have had a man in office who has taken seriously the threat to our Nation. I pray whoever replaces him will likewise be mindful of those who desire to destroy us and will not only respond appropriatly, but also be pro-active in dealing with those animals. If we wait until thet have done there deed, it may be to late.


September 11, 2008 - Msg 66086:
Hey Folks

Sunny and cool September 11 here, just like it was 7 years ago. God Bless America!

Asa- Well said. The first responsibility of our government is to protect us, both proactively and reactively. I know I shouldn't be but I'm just as angry today as I was then. I can't believe most of these thugs, the planners not the cowards that flew the jets, were able to crawl back to what ever sewer they crawled out of. I know McCain has the metal to see this through and I hope Obama will see the light, although I have my doubts.

Mavis-Prayers for you, Jack, and his girlfriend. I really don't have much to offer, however, shouldn't a paternity test be done just for the health care of the baby. Isn't it a good idea to know for sure who father is in terms of basic genetic history for the baby?

W: "I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you. And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon."


September 11, 2008 - Msg 66087: Good morning, all. Just got home from work, waiting for my granddaughter to call and let me know if they're coming from Aransas Pass or not. The computer models I've seen this morning make it appear that Ike is swinging more to the east, will probably hit Houston and Galveston harder than Corpus and Aransas Pass. Who knows what the thing will do? I'm just proceeding on the premise that they're coming, and will get the house in order. Should already be in order, but it's not. Dirty me, dirty me, I'm disgusted with myself!

Mavis, sounds like you've got a tiger by the tail. A pregnant, emotional girl, a young man all full of himself and the idea that he may be a father, wanting to take responsibility but not really sure what to do with it if he gets it, and an uncertain paternity situation. Wow. Obviously, the first thing to do is insist on a test. Now, I'm under the impression that he thinks he's in love with this girl. So, is he prepared to raise another man's child if the test comes out that way? By the way, let's say for the sake of argument that he isn't the father, but wants to marry the girl and raise the baby. The test is important, because the biological father can be made to pay child support even if Jake marries the girl and raises the baby. Don't let him get all noble and say he doesn't want the guy's money - he may not, but the baby's education could be funded with that support money. Just have it directed into a designated savings account, if he decides he doesn't want any help in raising the child. I know, I'm doing a lot of "iffin" here, but those are just some thoughts based on things I've seen at work. However, since this girl isn't even able to tell for sure who the father is, I wouldn't have a whole lot of hope for a solid future for her and Jake.

Well, I'm pooped. I need to lie down for a while, then get up and hit this house hard. Be blessed, everyone - especially you, Possum. --Romeena

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66088: Waitin on a Woman has been nominated for video of the year for the Country Music Awards. What do yo think - the CMA's will have Brad and Andy both on the show!? Let's hope so. . .

Prayers for Boo and her family in Ike's way -

Prayers for our military who are fighting those that dared to tread on us! God Bless this land and our next president! (And I ain't tell you who I am voting for but lipstick looks good on the pitbull!)


September 11, 2008 - Msg 66089:
Hey everyone, just got back from the cemetery, and we had a nice graveside ceremony for remembering my mom. Thanks for your sentiments.
I noticed that the military section of the cemeteryhad flags at halfstaff, good to see.
Have a good PATRIOTS DAY. Even McCain and Obama suspended campaigning to be present at the attack site in NY today. But where is the 9-11 footage on the TV networks?
I can guarantee you that Pearl Harbor footage was on every theater newsreel in 1948!

Boo- are you still planning to leave? There are about 6 different computer projections, so who do you believe?
Prayers for Spot, Boo, Possum, our troops, our country and all.

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66090:

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66091: Ok porch, my brother, who is an OTR truck driver just called & told us to get our behinds to the gas station & fill up TONIGHT, according to his dispatcher, word was put out to every driver to fill up every available rig they had, fuel is expected to go up between 1.00 & 1.50 per gallon overnight. OPEC announced they are cutting production by at least 500,000/barrels a day because the price of oil dropped below $100/barrel. I checked CNN & OPEC websites & it seems cutting oil production is true, but I can't verify the dollar amount. All I can find is that it DID rise in some places already.
I'm off to the gas station with all our vehicles INCLUDING the motorhome.

September 11, 2008 - Msg 66092: Oddly enough, MDC, the only place I saw footage of 9/11 was on that bastion of left-wing wackytude - MSNBC. They put the tape on of that day and just let it roll. Kinda scary. Again.

Hey, does anyone have any info on how safe Flouride is? Kai came home with a note for a flouride rinse they give at school and I have to sign it. But I must say, after some of the stuff I have heard about flouride, I am not that keen on signing it.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66093:
Ro, it's looking like Ike will skirt the CC/PA/AP area. I hope so. All the best to your granddaughter and family, prayers for Boo and family, and all those in this storm's path.

Please send a prayer up for my co-worker, Debra F. Her father, who's been fighting cancer, passed last night. Deb suffers from lupus, fibromyalgia (sp?), rheumatoid arthritis, and has seizures as a result of a beating by her ex many years ago .. and now this. She has to bury her daddy this weekend, then see her third granddaughter into this world next week. I can't imagine what she's going through.

Sterling, I've heard bad things about fluoride, but it just depends on the source. For what it's worth, our water (we're not within the S.A. city limits) doesn't have it, nor have my kids ever had a treatment. They'll be 17 next week (is it possible?? LOL) and they've never had a cavity. Go figger. I kinda like the sound of that tooth-sealing treatment. Is that an option?

Much love and prayers to all the Porchsters and theirs.


September 12, 2008 - Msg 66094:
One more thing, Mavis, Ro is right. on about getting that paternity test. In some states, any child born "within the marriage" can be deemed the responsibility of the husband, regardless of actual paternity. This happened to a friend of my husband. I hope and pray Jake is able to step back, just for a moment, and try to perceive the next 18 years. It's a tall order for a young person, especially one so in love and trying to do the right thing.



September 12, 2008 - Msg 66095: Mornin' Y'all. Mavis is right about the gas prices. My daughter said they made an announcement at school late yesterday afternoon that it was going up at 8pm last night-possibly to $5 a gallon. She didn't know what to think,but on her way home she said cars were lined up at all the gas stations she passed. I heard gas jumped from $3.50 to $4.11 here last night. Aren't they jumping the gun a bit? I was in the NC mountains right after Katrina and because of loss of production,some of the stations in remote areas like Lake Lure were unable to get deliveries and were out at some of the pumps. But we found gas with little trouble and it had only gone up by maybe 20 cents. Who knows what gives or what we'll be dealing with in the coming days?! Guess I'll go fill up the possum mobile at whatever prices I find this morning.

Once again,I appreciate your kind prayers. I had a wonderful day with Laci yesterday & daughter is back to "normal"- for lack of a better word.

Ro, please be wary of the coming hurricane. I heard a lot of "Dallas talk" on the Weather Channel last night concerning what's going to happen due to Ike. I know you're way inland,but so am I and I know I didn't expect Hugo to whup up on us like it did,as we are 50 miles or better from where it made landfall,but believe me-my little town got HURT. Please take precautions,secure things outdoors,etc.,and keep in mind that the hurricane strength winds extend out over 100 miles with IKE.Take care and God bless all in Ike's path.

Y'all have a good day and love to all.
possum under a rock

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66096: What bothered me yesterday was the way Barry O tossed his flower at Ground Zero. I am probably reading too much into it but it was laxidazical - if that is a word. Just troubling...

Prayers for those dealing with Ike. . .


September 12, 2008 - Msg 66097: I saw that too, hm. Wasn't a very reverent "toss" was it?!

Des, our city water isn't fluoridated either, that's why the dentists are always asking if we give her fluoride pills(how something you ingest is supposed to help your teeth I'll never know).
The jury is still out for me, but I have been reading and it seems that a rise in tooth decay has less to do with kids not getting fluoride and more to do with our preoccupation with junk food and sugary snacks and sodas. Makes sense.
Then again, I find other sources that go in the other direction on fluoride being safe, so I don't know what to think really.

Prayers for your co-worker, Des.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66098: Hi All.
Will it is going to be a raining day all weekend here.

The beauty and the special warmth
Of this time of the year
Brings thoughts of friends and family,
The ones I hold so dear.
I hope their days are filled with joy
And wishes that come true,
That happiness will dominate
Throughout the season, too;
For there is nothng that's too good
For those whos lives I share,
So I am sending this to say-


September 12, 2008 - Msg 66099: Well, I went & checked out the gas prices here in town. We have 5 stations- one had bags over the nozzles as if they were out of gas (I doubt that),the highest price was $4.77,the lowest was $3.75 and cars were ringed around that station-crazy! The others had gas at $4.65 so I went to one of them & spent $18.00 for not even 4 gallons of gas. It is ridiculous!

lackadaisical- lacking life,spirit,or zest

Yep,it's a word hm,and before you go telling me that my education was worth every penny,please note that I keep a dictionary close at hand! Good choice of words,if I may say so.
I liked what McCain said at Shanksville PA in tribute to Flight 93. He certainly paid respect to those fallen heroes.

Well,I think I'm gonna go out and look for a horse & buggy. Wait- I still have to shell out money to feed the horse! Guess I'll stick to driving a car.What can ya do?
possum again

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66100: Oh, hey to Sterling and Tom (nice poem!) and I will keep your friend in my prayers,Des.

possum once more

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66101: Possum - corn and feed ain't cheap. Our goat feed has raised almost raised $6 a bag. And hay isn't cheap either because of the fuel prices. We are closer to settling in a new modular home. If all goes well - it should be in place sometime in October! Hip Hip hooray!


September 12, 2008 - Msg 66102:
Sterling- personally, I think you should tell the school to stick to reading, writing and 'rithmetic and that you, as PARENTS, will take care of her teeth! Sorry, but I really think the schools are getting out of line. First, these are her BABY teeth for crying out loud, and secondly, yes, just daily brushing and watching what she eats should be sufficient. How did all of us for all these years do OK without floride "treatments??"
"Putintame, ask me again and I'll tell ya the same." ha
Actually I have used a natural toothpaste and mouthwash made of cloves, zinc and other spices etc, called Vita-myr for years. google it if ya like.
When the back of a toothpaste tube like crest says
"if swallowed, call the poison center" I look for alternatives! ha
I hope Boo is evacuating. Hopefully she will check in.
Great poem Tom. no fall yet here in Phoenix area, but it has "fallen" into the high 90's ! ha
Got a letter from ole Colt, our mayor in absentia. He says hey to all!
HM- get chopping wood! haha
hey to REV whereever in KY he is .
God's blessings,

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66103:

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66104: Good morning, all. Thanks for the concern, Possum, but I'm about 300 miles from where Ike is supposed to make landfall, in the Houston area. We're expecting some wind and rain, and since I've had tree limbs come down in a 30 mph wind, I have to believe that anything can happen, but I don't expect any real damage. Nothing direct, anyway, it would be secondary to a downed limb if anything happens. As for the rain, we can use it! Granddaughter is still planning to ride it out since Ike swung northeast, but I do have a cousin in Houston. I just spoke with him, and he's going to ride it out in his home. He said the authorities are asking people who are a few miles inland not to evacuate, because the roads are already packed with cars, and those who are on the coastal edge can't get out if the inlanders clog the roads. My cousin from Minnesota is there with him, he had come down for a doctor's appointment and now he can't get out. So my last two remaining first cousins on my dad's side are sitting there looking down the throat of a hurricane! Prayers, please, for them and for all who are in harm's way with this terrible storm.

Well, gotta get moving. Much to do today. Oh, Tom, thanks for the lovely poem. We can always count on you. Be blessed, my friends. --Romeena

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66105: Happy Friday all! Hope all is well with Boo and those in Ike's way. Weatherman says that we are going to get one doozy of a rainstorm here (SW MO) over the last part of the weekend. I'd be happy to give some of you some of the excess 20" of rain we already have.

Evie gets the fluoride treatments at school a couple of times a month. We don't have fluoridated water, so I don't think it hurts her to just have it every couple of weeks, plus the two times a year she gets it at the dentist. She can be opted-out of the program as well if we decide against doing it. She does have sealants on all four of her rear molars so that helps as well.

Our gas was 3.32 until about 8 this morning and now it's up to 3.45. I'm sure sorry to hear how the prices have "shot" up for the rest of you.

M-T, sounds like Nora is quite the growing girl. Evie is just now going into size 1 shoes. She's a hair over 4 feet tall, but is also skinny as a rail. BTW, how did her appt go concerning Nora's knees? Hope you got good news.

Well, better get off here, Reagan's about to climb my leg. Just wanted to check in and let you all know I was thinking about you. Prayers for all the needs among us and around us.

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66106:
"Me and Lefty's bustin' out tonight"

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66107:
Where is everybody today?
Prayers for all!

September 12, 2008 - Msg 66108: I'm rightchere, MDC. Just passin' by the porch, on my way to the shower. My landscaper friend, Joe, surprised me this morning with an unscheduled visit, but we got a lot done. A large stand of nutgrass has been sprayed. I hate doing that, but there's just no other way to control that miserable stuff. Pulling it only spreads it. I've tried spraying it with a vinegar/soap solution, and that helps some, but only if you get it early and young. This stand is huge and mature, so it had to be Round-Up. We'll let it die back, and next week Joe will come back and we'll rake and dig and get the remnants out. Then I'll be ready for snaps and pansies and dianthus in a few weeks, when the weather cools down. Also, we're going to make a new bed for the 18 new iris rhizomes I've got sitting in the garage. Also, we'll lift and divide the existing iris that have just taken over the big island. I want them out of there, and give that bed back to annuals like pansies. The iris will then have their own bed, and my island will look like it should once again. I'll be giving away a lot of the iris that we thin out - my daughters have already got their dibs in for them, and a couple of neighbors as well. Such fun! Oh, and we did more than just spray nutgrass - lots of weeding and pruning done, and a flat of begonias were planted.

Well, I've about quit sweating, so guess I'll go shower and clean up, and spend the evening changing linens on the extra beds and doing a bit of cleaning around here, doing laundry, and such. The yard is looking pretty good, so now I can concentrate on the house. Be blessed, all. --Romeena