October 01, 2008 - Msg 66567:
Barney to Earnest T: What about these cottonpickin' ROCKS!

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66568:
Wow, I swept the porch with that!!? ha
Now I have to clean up all the broken glass too.

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66569: Good morning, everyone - almost good afternoon! Where has this morning gone? Big Maude, thanks for lunch, especially the SLAW! I just love your slaw. Spot, are you cooking dinner? What are we having? Can I bring something?

Me-They, thanks for the very insightful review of the events leading up to the current fiscal mess. I don't think you'll get any takers for a moulage. Truth is truth.

It's beautiful here. 77 degrees, no wind, lots of sunshine. The pond is cooling down and the algae growth is slowing - I only have to wash out the filter every third day now, instead of every other day. By winter, it will be every two weeks. Yay!

One daughter is coming up from Fredericksburg this weekend, bringing my newest grandson. He's not quite a year old, and so very cute. I can hardly wait to see him.

Boo, I don't know what my plans will be for going to the 'burg at Christmas. I can never make any plans until the work schedule comes out, and the November time sheet is still in pencil stages, so I have no idea what December will look like. That's the annoying part of hospital work, as I'm sure you remember. As soon as I have any idea of what's going to happen, I'll let you know.

Friends, with all that's going on in our nation today, I find this verse just popping into my head with great frequency. I wish it could be run on TV, and repeated over and over like an ins#rance commercial. You know the verse I'm thinking of, I'm sure:

2 Chronicles 7:14 - If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66570: what ever happened to andy taylors wife

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66571: Thanks, ROMEENA. That verse just about says it all. And that's one thing you just can't talk enough about: sin. ;)

By the way, the Mrs. is looking to get back onto the night shift at a hospital. Oh, well. It was nice having her every evening for this past year...

MESSAGE #66570: They never explained Andy's wife absence directly, but implied in one of the very early episodes that she passed away.

MDC: The Mrs. has had to put two more of those box things (can't remember what they are called) on the hive lately to accomodate the bees. Two of them are so heavy with honey now that she has some trouble lifting them. We can't take any this year, but if they survive the winter next year will be "sweet." If somebody bakes the biscuits, I'll bring the fresh honey. And surely I'm not joking!

(Stop calling me Shirley.)


October 01, 2008 - Msg 66572: By the way, has anyone heard about thsat new movie about the firefighter and his family from the makers of "Facing the Giants?" It's getting raves about it's Christian themes. It stars Kirk Cameron, but I won't hold that against it. Anyway, it ended up #4 on the movie rankings for the weekend, even though it was playing in a small fraction of the theaters unlike the other major movies. It cost only $500,000 to make and has already raked in like $20 million. When will Hollywood learn that there is a big audience for quality adult and family-friendly movies? They would rather not make that buck than throw the politicval correctness, filth, and anti-faith ideology overboard.


October 01, 2008 - Msg 66573: Yea Romeena I will get supper..you bring a veggie something!...Grilled Ribeye steaks (yer way)..baked taters with sour cream,bacon bits,butter,chives,corn on the cob,asparagus tips in garlic butter,texas toast,maude slaw,Boo bring some tea ok?..Asa just show up!..CD you and possum can set next to me :)..Asa if no shoes at least wear a shirt CD dont know you THAT well!..now the rest of us ...well we learn to live with it...ha ha..my day is about done here and its off for 8 days...gona go home and do some yard work...nice here 74 for a high..M-T CD want know WHAT to think of you..sterling you headed home?..gona wash my truck too this afternoon..well let me get the reports ran and will be back...and oh supper will be at 6:30..Rev find Tom and bring him...ahu2o go by and get Asa...lets plan a fish fry at my place friday ok..will lay out some trout and catfish from the freezer....back in a bit....SPOT

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66574:
Msg 66570- yes, as M-T said, there is an episode where Andy and Opie are talking about love, and a mention of that subject comes up. I think it is the ep with Aunt bee's beau.

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66575:
M-T- I believe tey are called "beehive boxes!" haha (seriously)
Yes, i have heard of that movie and plan to see it this weekend.
Back to the auditors.

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66576: Me-They, you are hilarious today! I want to see that movie you are talking about (forgot the name right now), but it isn't showing around here.

Today has been a stressful day. Bruce is in terrible shape with his back and the pain meds don't seem to be helping much. He is finally asleep with ice on his back right now. He needs help with everything and on top of it all, my mom fell again and dad called me to tell me that she couldn't get out of bed. She did manage to get into the recliner but I think she might have fractured some ribs or something. I am waiting on further instructions from the doctor's office. They are supposed to be calling me in some pain meds for her and seeing about an xray (how am I supposed to get her to the radiology place, I wonder?!). Bruce certainly can't help me. My sister and I decided mom would have to go to her house for now because Dad can't take care of her. He told me today that he wants to "end it all"...I hope he was talking. Anyway, mom will do better at Susan's and Dad can get some rest. Mom's provider is willing to drive the extra distance to help mom on M-W-F, so that's good. I am going to have to get Bruce to the doctor tomorrow (thankfully, I can borrow mom's wheelchair). I hope I don't drop him trying to get him in the car. Last time he hurt his back, when I had to take him to the ER, I nearly dropped him getting him in the car. We have a serious shortage of strong people around here these days! ha

Break over...time to put the clothes in the dryer.


October 01, 2008 - Msg 66577: Hi to the porchsters! I will be going in late today; gas shipment is late again. Supper sounds great, Spot. I'm sure Possum and I will enjoy sitting with you, especially if I can come barefoot.Thanks for the Bible verse, Romeena. It's always uplifting to hear or read Scripture, especially in today's problems.
Boo, I will be praying for you today. I can't imagine the stress you're probably feeling right now.I'll pray for Bruce and your parents, too.
M-T,Possum,Spot, Romeena, Boo, Sterling, MDC, Asa, Tom, Rev and all my other porch friends, I hope you have a wonderful day in the Lord. Best of luck to you and yours...

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66578: Uh-oh, somebody better tell CD about Me-They and his problem with bare feet...

Thank you for the prayers, CD!


October 01, 2008 - Msg 66579:
Boo- my prayers going up for you and your whole family!

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66580: Howdy, friends. C. Darlin', our buddy Me-They is the porch's answer to Adrian Monk. He's a neat freak, and has this thing about bare feet. Can't stand 'em! Doesn't even like sandals, because toes are still visible. So, whenever I'm going to a porch "do", I always have to scramble to find some closed shoes, especially in the summer. My feet are birthday-bare right now, and probably will be until tomorrow when I dress for work. Our Me-They is a little weird, but we love him. At least he doesn't run around hollering for a wetwipe all the time, like Mr. Monk.

Boo, I wish I was close enough to help you. You've really got waaay too much on your plate right now. What is causing your mom to fall? Is she dizzy, stumbling over something, not picking her feet up properly, or what? It could be very important to pinpoint the cause, as that might lead to a solution. I think you said she has a walker? Does she not use it? My dad had one, refused to use it - "I told you I don't need that thing!" - and managed to fall just about every day. I'm glad she's going to Susan's for a while - you need at least a small break. As for Bruce, for pete's sake, call an ambulance to transport him if you have to. All you need is to injure yourself trying to wrestle him into the car. Take you out of commission, and the whole family is going to go down the tubes. Sounds to me like he needs to be in the hospital for a few days anyway, since he's not getting any better. He needs to get whatever is wrong, fixed!

Well, now that I've told everyone how to run their life, I'll go tend to my own knittin' for a while. Be blessed! --Romeena

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66581: Hi All.
Will it look like this porch can used some help
Boo stop useding m-t short for u f o . hehe
HM where do you git the sawdust used in the meatball. hehe ( I hear it from bran)

Do you have peace
Way down inside,
Or do you turn aside
In foolish prideFollow your heart
And to Him cling,
Feel the joy
His love will bring.
The peace you feel
From God, my friend,
Is a peace
That will never end.
So open your herat
And feel the love
Our dear Father showers
On you from above.

TOM. :)

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66582:
What day and network is Monk on? Don't think I've ever seen it.

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66583:
Thanks for those great words TOM!
Boo- what Ro said!
Charlene D, we had one porchster awhile back who actually thought we were getting together for dinner each night in the flesh! Was it Warren? I think so.
APB for Warren! Where are you?
Prayers for all,

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66584: Thanks Tom - just one more crack about my meatballs and the next time I make them I won't invite any of you over for them. So there! Ha Ha

Boo - I can sympathize with the back problems. Mine is hurting something fierce. I can't take much in the way of pain reliever (codeine makes me itch!) and believe it or not the the pain reliever over the counter knocks me for a loop. I have used Bayer Back and Joint meds and they help some but it has been really hurting here lately.

Did you know that Kirk Cameron won't kiss anyone but his real life wife so his wife in the movie had a stand in for the kissing scenes (kirk's wife). He has like 6 kids. I think that is pretty neat that he lives his Christianity on the screen as well as off the screen. He still looks the same though as Mike Seaver. Cracks me up!

Tom - a very nice poem. . .I am so glad you share them with the porch. You always know what to write!


October 01, 2008 - Msg 66585: Oh MDC, Monk is on the USA network. It is usually on Fridays @9 but he only does like 6 episodes at a time. So every few months we get 6 new episodes and then in the meantime it is reruns. We love them as much as the new episodes - we have favorite Monk episodes and we really like the ones with Sharonna. Also, NBC owns the USA network so if the NBC needs a filler, they put on Monk because it is a ratings booster.


October 01, 2008 - Msg 66586: My granddaughter was reading over my shoulder one day as I was posting, and the porch was planning a barbecue at my house, and then were going to watch TKAM on TV. The sweet little thing offered to help me clean house "before everyone gets here". Mystified, I asked her before who gets here? Your Andy Griffith friends, she said. She thought it was hilarious when I explained what was actually going on. That child has always had the gift of being able to laugh at herself, and that IS a gift!

MDC, "Monk" comes on in reruns at various times on the USA channel. It's #105 on Dish Network. I did hear, though, that a new season of "Monk" begins soon. I hadn't watched him until recently, when my friend Joe was talking about the show and how funny it is. So, I watched a couple of episodes, and it really is good. Today's ep was especially good, as we got to meet Adrian's brother, Ambrose, who is even more neurotic than Adrian! It's all handled so gently, and with such tact, and it manages to be both funny and dramatic at the same time. Really a good show.

Thanks, Tom, for another lovely poem. You never let us down.

Well, off I go. Little Starr needs a cuddle. Oh, by the way, C. Darlin', my furkid Sugarplum who is pictured in the album so many times, left me for Rainbow Bridge just over a year ago. She had been my constant companion for over twelve years, and I miss her so much, but I do have Toye Starr now, and she's a darling and a delight. God is good. --Romeena

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66587: Ha! hm, you beat me to the "Monk" explanation. Guess I took too long. --Romeena

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66588: Hey to the porch!
I haven't been on for a couple days, so I need to welcome CD to the porch. Welcome! I'm sort of the black sheep of the family as far as religion goes, but yet, like Goober, I keep hanging around and hanging around. The thing we all have in common is a love of TAGS. Anyways, welcome, please stick around. I'm from Idaho.
Uh, Homemaker, an open goat contest? That one gave me a visual. I think I prefer my goats all closed up, if it's all the same to you...
Gosh, sorry about your hubbys back, Boo. As I have told you all before (probably in a whiny tone) I have scoliosis. Many's the time I walk crooked, or worse, can't walk at all. It's awful. I hope he gets his problem taken care of, and finds a solution he can live with.
Well, 10-4 for now.
- Hazel

October 01, 2008 - Msg 66589:

Hazel-My goodness, no one considers you the black sheep. Maybe, the funny sheep. And, I mean funny HA HA, not funny strange.

CD-Since Hazel gave a little thumbnail of herself, I'll have to admit to running a bit off at the mouth, regarding political... stuff. I think I'm getting better, I know I'm trying. I just don't read anything M-T posts, I haven't for months, the guy is trouble and, I think, troubled.

Luther Heggs: "Take your World War II. There was many heroes in World War II. What were your heroes? Who were your heroes? Let me clairfy this. Thank you for having me!"


October 01, 2008 - Msg 66590: Hey there, Hazel. If you're a black sheep, I've never noticed it. I agree with auh2o, you're too funny to be a black sheep. You're one sharp chicken, dear.

I think we're all doing admirably well and exhibiting great restraint, especially in view of the current events. I'll admit it's tempting, but it really is better if we keep it light. These are troublous times, we all have opinions, and I'm sure we're all a little bit right and a little bit wrong. It's all in the perspective, and since we all stand in different places, no two people are going to see the issues exactly alike. So - peace to us all. --Romeena

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66591: Romeena, Me-They may be a little weird(but then, who of us isn't?), but he sure has Hollywood's number(msg 66572).
And Me-They, I used to hate Kirk Cameron when he was on Growing Pains. I just couldn't stand looking at his smirky little face. ;) But after seeing him on some of those "Way Of The Master" videos on YouTube, where he goes out on the street asking people questions about God and witnessing to them(and some of those people are not very happy with him doing that), I must say that my opinion of him has changed quite a bit. I certainly respect him a lot more.

Oh, btw, we made it back home safely, obviously.:)
I kind of miss it up there. It is weird. My town here has about the same small-town population as Ashland(where we were visiting), but the town is just so much nicer up there. Maybe the fact that they don't have two taverns on every block downtown like we do here is the reason, I don't know. It makes my town look downright seedy.

-Sterling Holobyte

...Did you just call Hazel a chicken, Ro? ;)
Them's fight'n words!

Goodnight all.

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66592:
Hello porch family...nice and cool here tonight in SC.

Possum....my concerts in SC are in the Newberry, Saluda and Leesville area.
Also...that's great news on Lisa. We keep praying.

hm....any cobbler left? If it is I'll stop by and get a bite.

Spot...you taking your boat on the camping trip?

CD....I'm not scheduled for a concert in your area anytime soon but maybe down the road we will. Would love to have you come to one.

Ro...have fun with that grandbaby. I know you will.

Boo....I know it's easier said than done, but you better slow down and take care of yourself also or you're going to be down with them. Praying, praying, praying!

Tom...thanks for the poem buddy.

Hazel....you're just one of our porch family that we care very much for.

Well folks I'm tired so I'm heading to bed. Prayers for all the porch family. God is good...All the time. And He loves you all the time!

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66593:
Sterling....didn't see ya there...Glad you made it home safe.

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66594: Hello to my porch friends. It's good to be back here.
Tom, I really loved your poem; you are truly talented. Not only do you express yourself beautifully, but you are a good witness for Jesus.
Thank you for the welcome, Hazel.You aren't a black sheep; you and I and everyone else here is special in our own unique way. I'm sorry about your scoliosis...is there any chance you could have corrective surgery?
MDC- I laughed at the thought of porchsters actually getting together for meals. When I first read the comments, I also thought the same thing for about 2 seconds. I like to think that we actually do have meals together, in spirit of course. The menus always sound so good.
Ro,I know the pain of losing pets. They are just like family. Your dog was beautiful...glad to know you have a new "baby".
Since auh20 mentioned Luther Heggs,I'm in the mood to watch "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken". A classic...
I will call it a night,so good to see you all here. Romeena, you are right.
"Troublesome times are here
Filling mens' hearts with fear"
Even if we don't see eye to eye, we can still love one another. Prayers for all of you.
Isaiah 12:2 Let's have breakfast at Waffle House.

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66595: GOOOD MORNING porch!...waffle house CD?..good deal..you and possum behave setting next to me!.."me".country ham double hashbrowns scattered covered chunked and topped,3 eggs over med,white toast...Asa buy me a newspaper on yer way in ok?..hey my friend Boo (hope Bruce is feeling better)hey hazel,Tom,Brother Rev,Ro,auh2o,hm,mdc,nn,md and all...C.Darlin is gona foot the bill for breakfast lets dont be late!...and once again CD what shifts you work?..and what cha do?...sorry guess I just need to pay more attention to the archives...prayers to all!...SPOT

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66596: And (sorry Rev) no gona leave the boat here..just bank fish...SPOT

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66597: HA, you are awesome, Romeena. I don't mind a bit if you tell me what to do. I know the spirit in which your advice is given. You certainly have a point (about how I need to keep myself from getting hurt). I think about that often. I'll tell you one thing, having my mother-in-law come when she did has been a huge blessing. She is a help to me and I don't have to worry about the kids when I have to run to mom's and do things for her and dad. Bruce is still hobbling around and just took his pain medicine. I don't know if you remember, but when he hurt his back a couple of years ago, we had the MRI done and saw a good neurologist and ortho doc and they determined that it was a pretty severe muscle injury that was swelling and causing pressure on the nerves (sciatic nerve, especially). He didn't have a disc problem, it was muscular and this acts just like the last injury, with swelling in the same area. I am pretty sure he has just re-injured it and will just have to rest it for a few weeks like last time. The neuro said there was no other treatment...just rest and pain management. We'll see what this doctor says today.

Thanks for the poem, TOM. I have had a surprising amount of peace through all the turmoil around here and lots of laughs, too, believe it or not.

Hazel! You and auh2o really made me laugh this morning. Laughter is good medicine.

Thanks for those prayers, folks. We are in pretty good spirits, considering. Your prayers are working.

Ok, let's meet at the waffle house.


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66598: Oh, hey there SPOT.

Gotta go get ERin up for school...


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66599: You got it Spot. You want USA Today? They are usually good for a laugh. :)

CD, My goodness you have fit right in here nicely. Glad you found us and decided to start rockin with us. As you can see, Homemaker is a little sensitive concerning her famous meatballs. She is always looking for a new victim.... urr... I mean.... new supporters. If she approaches you with a plate of them, be afraid, very afraid. We usually hide ours behind the furniture. :)


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66600: Asa its "victim"..;-}..and USA will be fine..I will spring for the breakfast bill so you aint gona get yer 75 cents bakk for the paper ok?..CD you are a great addition to the porch!..my potted plants are tired of those meatballs!.....hee hee ..SPOT

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66601: Once more about the meatballs - I guess you teasing me about them is better than my Vicks fetish. . .ohhh my blue jar!!! And quit calling me sensitive - sniff, sniff - I don't know where - sniff, sniff - you would get that idea. . .

Yep Hazel - the goats will be in pens but it is a pretty open show. My boys are excited and Casey is going to speak about growing up with goats.


Best go make another cobbler. . .no one's complained about them yet!

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66602: Good morning everyone. A chilly, but beautiful day here today.

BOO: Boy, do you have a handful woman! What amazes me is your still cheerful tone. You can tell it’s tough but always a labor of love with you. Still, I agree with ROMEENA—you are trying to do way yonder too much. I’m glad that your mother-in-law being with you is working out to everyone’s benefit. I’ll say a prayer for Bruce’s back and your workload!

HAZEL: Have you any wool? ;)

C. DARLIN: I resemble everyone’s remarks. I mean, I resent everyone’s remarks. The only thing I’m funny about is people wearing my hat. My mother was the same way.

STERLING: Glad that you’re back safe. It’s nice to go on a trip, but just as nice to be home. I was just teasing about the Kirk Cameron thing. Actually, I think I’ve watched, like, two episodes of “Growing Pains” ever. HOMEMAKER is right, it’s nice to see a famous person really living out their faith like that.

AUH2O: I hope that you were joking about not reading my posts. Not that I’m sensitive—just cautious. Vice Prez debates tonight. Hopefully, both will accord themselves with dignity, honesty, and restraint. Yes, I’m laughing, too.

TOM: Thanks for the poem. And thanks for not judging me for my shorts.

MDC: I have been wondering why no one ever shows up when we set a meeting place. Here I’ve been thinking it was all a snipe hunt on me. (By the way, remember the episode of “Cheers” where they take Frasier on a snipe hunt? That’n was one of my favorites. Too funny!)

SPOT: Who’s buying breakfast again?

See y’all at lunch.


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66603:
Morning Friends

Wet and cold but no snow today.

Asa-If we're talking snow on this end of the Porch your folks must be getting ready for it. You guys seem to always be a few weeks ahead of us. And,were you saying that homemaker's meatball need supports? Now that's a heavy piece of burger!

M-T You know I was just joshing with ya lastnight. I love hearing your opinion. I think we've been let down by so many people, that in the past we have counted on, the media, our elected officials, even entertainment figures. These 24 hour news cycles just keep rehashing the same thing over an over an over, then celebrities have their own uneducated take on everything. If I see one more "news" clips involving "The View," I'm gonna run up an alley and holler fish! That's what Luther Heggs would recommend.

HM-Yes, please make some more cobbler. I've found out over the years that you can just never have too much cobbler. Do you make rhubarb pie? I haven't had a piece of rhubarb pie in years.

BOO-Rev has a good point about taking care of yourself also.

Spot-Maybe we should eat someplace where Asa can leave his shoes off. We'll just have to have M-T avert his eyes, is all.


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66604:
Oh, Hey there! M-T


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66605: auh2o - I absolutely abhor rhubarb although it was a staple item on my momma's table when it was in season. I do not like things with strings - ie. celery and rhubarb!


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66606: Good morning, friends...it is a cool 55 degrees here in NC...looooove it. Fall is my favorite season of the year.
Good to see you on the porch this morning, Spot.I work in a manufacturing plant that produces conveyor belts (all sizes). I run the grinding machines that grind the ends of the belts for a gluing process. I also measure the belts, and cut them to customers requirements. I work from 3:00 pm until 11:00 pm.
Thanks for the compliment, Asa. It's easy to connect with people when they are as nice as all of you are. I told God many times that I wish there really was a Mayberry somewhere; I think He led me here to show me that there are still some good, decent people left in this world.
hm, you sure take some guff for those meatballs...I'll try them...as initiation for the porch.
Spot, I hope you are enjoying your time off.
Boo, I'll say a prayer for you and your family. Glad to know your mother-in -law is helping.
Possum, auh20, Hazel, Romeena, Rev, Sterling. Tom, MDC, and any porchsters not listed, I hope you have a blessed day and you are all in my prayers...keep me posted on the lunch menu; hopefully, there will be plenty of hm's cobbler!
C. Darlin'

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66607: Oh my goodness. Rhubarb pie? That opens an old guilt scar. My husband just loved rhubarb pie, seems his mom made it quite often. He was from Michigan, and I guess they grow a lot of rhubarb up there. Anyway, after we married, he started asking me to make rhubarb pie. I tried it, it was awful, and I just never could manage to make it right. He would eat it, and try to say it was good, but I knew he was fibbing. I couldn't even eat it myself, and I eat anything, for pete's sake! So, I quit trying, in spite of his pleas over the years for me to try again. I'm sorry about that now. If I could have him back, I'd take lessons, or do whatever it would take, to make him a good rhubarb pie every day of the week! Sometimes you just don't get a do-over, I guess.

Well, gotta run. I'm taking little Starr to get her nails clipped, and to see why she occasionally favors her left front foot. She walks on it, but anytime she's sitting or standing still, she holds it up off the floor. Curious, curious. We'll let Dr. Mike check it out. The little foot is so small, the leg so slender, she could have hurt it just jumping down off the ottoman, I suppose. I could cover her pawprint with a nickel, and her leg bones are no bigger than a pencil. Still, she runs and plays with big old Bentley, and seems quite healthy. Sweet little old thing.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66608: Thank you for those kind words, Me-They (you're such a sweetie-pie...and so funny, too...what a lucky wife you have!).

Oh boy, I hear you, Auh2o....(running....hollering "FISH"!).

Wish it was cold here! It's hot again, but at least it's not 100 degrees with 99% humidity anymore. The only thing I like about the warm weather is that just about all anyone wears down here is shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops and I love that (sorry Me-They)...we even wear that stuff to church. I only flip-flops on Wed night church, though, and nicer sandals on sunday morning.

Such a nice thing to say, C. Darlin' and you don't even realize yet what these folks will mean to you in years to come if you remain with us. Thank you for the prayers....Yes, mom-in-law is a help but she is sometimes a bit messy (I think she is more forgetful than anything). She forgets to clean up after herself sometimes and yesterday she wanted to help me by putting away Erin's clean clothes and she actually "misplaced" two of Erin's school jumpers?! I found one in a pile on the floor beside the bed, and one stuffed, unfolded in a drawer. She said she couldn't find them anywhere! haha...this could get interesting.

Break time over! Laundry awaits...

I hear you guys about taking care of myself and I am going to take my vitamins, by B vitamins, my coQ10 and take some time to relax in between chores. I still have a smile on my face, and Jesus is the first thought in my head every morning, and that is mighty good medicine (not to mention the prayers and support of good friends, such as all of you).


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66609: I remember that about your mother, Me-They.
- Hazel

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66610: good deal CD..CD bought breakfast (or at least I hope someone payed the ticket)..hey hazel,Ro,M-t,auh20,hm and all...Asa you and me will buy lunch ok?...at olive garden...ok-ok "I" will buy!...mercy I know you bought that paper at breakfast....;)....lets go get in line....SPOT

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66611: CD - I DON'T EVEN EAT MY MEATBALLS!

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66612: hey gang ,just dropped in to catch up ...welcome to the new comers on the porch ,its a great place ....SPOR,REV. are you guys having any trouble getting gas down your way ..here in western N.C. ,the mountains of N.C. and the piedmont area we have had a gas crisis for the last 2 weeks only 1 in every 4 or 5 stations have gas and mostly only have regular ,long lines at the pumps when you find a station with gas ,its suppsedly due to the refineries shutting down in Texas when the hurricanes came through several weeks ago ..the Go. of N.C. keeps saying things will get back to normal in a few days but so far its gotten just slightly better
BOO... prayers for you ..hang in there , God wont give you more than you can handle

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66613: I smell gas. You smell gas?

Hey there MD. Long-time, no see.


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66614: BOO: If you were a fly on our wall, you'd see that I am the blessed one. I'm tolerable most days. Like I always tell my Mrs., there's no accounting for a woman's taste.

I wish Jesus was the first thing I thought of each morning. Usually, my first thought is, "What's that noise?" (the alarm), and my second, "But I don't wanna get out of bed!"



October 02, 2008 - Msg 66615: Ten minutes to Wopner...


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66616:
Auditors left this AM..yippie!
CD- hazel has been known to ask for prayers, so don't let her fool ya! (and i'm funnin' with you too hazel)ha
Isaiah 12:2 Let's have breakfast at Waffle House.
CD that line in you message made me lol.
I didn't even know that they had Waffle houses back then! ha
OK gang we'll meet at the Waffle House at US60 and AZ101 at 6 pm. (Now I'm just messing with CD's mind!) teehee
Boo- thank God for MIL and St Susan.
Is Luther heggs anything like Leonard Blush? haha
M-T--i havent been snipe hunting since my Boy Scout days, along with OWAH-TAGOO-SIAM !
Ro- Hows the caddy running?
MD- good to see you, get your chase update here!
Prayers for all!
Gomer: ...it's not so bad for fat people, but barney ought not to worry.

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66617:
M-T- one line from past debates that i liked was when what's-his-name said, "well, I think we both married "UP!" ha
I will be praying for and watching the debate tonight.

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66618: Good Afternoon Porch,
Sorry haven't been by. I'm doing some data entry part-time so I don't want to type too much more!
Boo- Look for Vax-D for Bruce. I've had 2 back surgeries and when I start to hurt I get vax-d and it feels better.
Charlene D- Welcome to the porch. I used to be a regular visitor, but have been a bit sporadic here lately. I'm from the Georgia end of the porch. Nice to "meet" you! This is a nice place to visit.
Romeena- Enjoyed your post the other day on your blog. Enjoy your grandbaby.
Auh20- I love small towns, wish I lived in one. Maybe someday. I mentioned to hubby that I'm a bit homesick for Kentucky and he said hopefully in a few years we can move back.
Me-They- Why is your wife having to go back to the hospital?
MDC- Waffle House sounds good!
MD- We've been struggling finding gas down here. I know people who have found out that a station will get gas in the morning so they sleep in their cars to get gas. It's been awful.
Spot- Did you hear our droughts gotten worse? Wonder when we'll get any rain.
HM- Have you ever made those porcupine meatballs?
Tom- Hope you're doing well.
I know there's some I've missed, but I got to get back to work. Y'all take care now!

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66619: Your hubby seems like he was one decent guy, Romeena. Even after eating a pie you knew was awful, he still wanted you to try and make more?! That is faith. And a faith that comes out of love.

Your story about how you came here to the porch sounds so similar to mine, C. Darlin.
Maybe we are all searching for a little bit of Mayberry. And God leads us here, as you talked about.

Ha ha. I remember that chant, MDC.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66620: good afternoon porchsters! i"m at a friends house and thought i would drop by... prayers for everyone especialy our country.spot- i hope you have an extra plate i"m hngry.mdc- another set of pics headed your way. prayers for all that"s struggling to find gas. well i uess i had better mosey back to the chores. poor boy

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66621: Hi, all. Just a quick run-by. Just finished combing little Starr, now I'm headed for the sink to give her a bath. With family coming in tomorrow, I want her to be nice and fresh and pretty. She may pack her toys and leave home. Not only am I about to bathe her, but I'll be leaving her alone tonight while I go to work. She's going to be miserable. And this day started off with a trip to the vet, of all things! She just got her nails trimmed, and a check up, though. He found nothing wrong with her left foot, said it might just be a little muscle strain. Oh, and she still weighs 4.6 pounds. Big doggie!

Yes, Sterling, my Dale was one of the good guys. Patient, indulgent, and loving. I miss him terribly, even after nearly thirteen years. He thought I could do anything, and always encouraged me in anything I set out to do. Yep, I guess you could say he was a decent guy. He died leaving no enemies and a whole host of friends, and I'm absolutely certain he is in Heaven, waiting for me. He knew and loved the Lord.

Well, guess I'll drag Starr out from beneath the desk, where she's trying to hide. She saw me get her hairdryer out, so she knows what's coming. Poor puppy.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66622:
Barney: I get such a kick out of this Mayberry After Midnight.
Andy: Yeah, that guy really gets around for a 16 year old.

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66623:
Barney: Now Fred, I represent the law, and you have to respect it.
Fred: Yeah, yeah, sure deputy, I do, I do. You're right, that judo is tough stuff.

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66624: APB out for Goober. . . . . .and little goobette!

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66625: Lucy I dont know when we will get rain...whew...good to here from ya...well its leftover baked chicken and rice ok yall?..CD you working?...Asa buddy you out there?..Romeena thanks for putting the pics in the album..hey hazel,Tom,Rev and all...well its debate night..M-T and auh2o yall gona watch?...back in a bit...SPOT

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66626: Evenin' Porch Family:
First I'll start out with welcoming CD. We love having new porsters show up!!
It's beautiful on this side of the porch. Fall is here in all it's glory. As my children used to say- "God has his paint brush out!"
I'm on the Pennsylvania side of the porch, live on a dairy farm and am the mother of 4 ALMOST grown children. (and I use that term loosely).
Well, hear the livingroom starting to get a bit out of control- siblings- hhmmm. Gotta go. Prayers for all ...~New Neighbor

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66627:
Hello porch family.

auh2o.....I had some rhubarb pie this past summer on my New England tour. A lady up there always has me one each year.

Mayberry Deputy....yea, gas has been in a short supply around here in SC. They keep saying on the local news that it should get better soon.

Lucy....good to see ya back in your rocking chair. Miss you checking in on a regular basis.

Prayers for all of our military men and women that are serving our country. Also for their families. For our leaders and for the upcoming election. And as always, for our porch family. I'm sure glad that God always hears our prayers.

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66628:
Hey Folks

Spot-You betcha I'm watching the debate.

I like Sarah Palin, and I'm as hayseed as anyone, but I'm sick of the "you betcha" line. Too many of her answers sound like a beauty contestants, "such as."

Lucy-I want to echo the Rev, it is good to see ya rocking. I'm right there with you regarding small towns. The only time I find myself in a city these days is to see a ball game or a play. I'm just too much of a bumpkin to feel real comfortable in the big towns.

Romeena-I bet you're beating yourself up a little too much. I didn't know Dale but I share his love of rhubarb. We have rhubarb all over the place up here. I've had a lot of rhubarb pie in my life and I can't remember a bad one. So, I bet Your hubby loved your pie, maybe in part because he loved you.

Rev-It's been 3 years, I figure, since I've had a piece of rhubarb pie, I hope you enjoyed yours.

Homemaker- Ha Ha, abhor rhubarb, I like that, good one.


October 02, 2008 - Msg 66629: Debate still on........SPOT

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66630: Go Sarah........SPOT

October 02, 2008 - Msg 66631: ok yall what did yall think about the debate?....breakfast will be on C.Darlin at I-Hop (ok know yall dont like it)...but lets try it again....im gone to bed...prayers...SPOT

October 03, 2008 - Msg 66632: 'Course you smell gas, Me-They whadda ya think this thing runs on? Coal?
Sorry I haven't been around in a while, been busy here trying to get things settled to move and work at the same time. Crazy here most of the time. I haven't even had time to post in my blog for a while. (would someone pass me some cheese to go with my whine please?) HA
A big ol' TN howdy to CD good to have you here, and you fit right in too! Not to mention what a brave soul you are actually trying hm's meatballs! Like someone said up there, I think it was Boo you stay around here for very long & you will come to think of these folks as family. I have been coming to this porch, or some version of it, for 11 years now & I love these folks, we've seen each other through some rough times & good times. I'm from Bristol, TN & I'm the resident dog groomer on the porch. I have 1 son, Jacob, who is 20 & I just got married again last year to the most wonderful man. Anything else you want to know, just ask. I do have a website that I am still working on if you care to go see that www dot groomingbyangie dot come (course you know how to run it together to make it work)
Spot sorry I didn't get your trim before you left, hope you can still have fun with all that hair to deal with. Hey to Miss Sherry!
Romeena hope to get by your blog soon, sorry poor little Starr had to endure a bath, wish I was closer, I'd fix her up for you so I would be the bad guy & not you. Boo fer cryin out loud girl, slow down if you don't who's gonna take care of your family? Lucy good to see you too, hope to get to your blog as well. And auh2o I LOVE rhubarb pie! I'm like Ro though, can't make it worth a lick. I found some of the best homemade jam the other day at our local produce stand, Hot Pepper jam!! It twangs my buds! Hazel yer not a black sheep, yer a red chicken! HA seriously I enjoy your posts, wish you would stop by more often.
I'll try to stop by tomorrow, I'm not as busy tomorrow as I have been all week, until then ya'll take care & act like somebody!
Did I hear somebody hollerin FISH? ha

October 03, 2008 - Msg 66633: I need a trim Mavis!....SPOT

October 03, 2008 - Msg 66634: Breakfast will be at Cracker Barrell on Mavis!...yall be there...SPOT

October 03, 2008 - Msg 66635: Guess I can do that since I didn't get to your trim, if you got a few minutes after breakfast, I'll bring my clippers with me, but I gotta eat first or more than your sideburns will be uneven!

October 03, 2008 - Msg 66636: Hi to the porch family. Hello to MD,nice to see you her. Thanks to Lucy, New Neighbor and Mavis for your kind words. Looking forward to talking to you all.
Romeena, glad to know little Starr is okay.

Boo, how is Bruce's back? Has there been any improvement?

Glad I was able to make you laugh, MDC. While we are on the subject, what did people eat for breakfast in Biblical times?

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel sounds great, Spot (Especially if Mavis is buying!)

I'm going to bed...Prayers for my porch family.

October 03, 2008 - Msg 66637: Hi all,just stopping by to read the posts and see how you all are.It is turning cold here where i am,in the low 50,s.hey,i was just noticing i haven't seen any posts from Millie lately,have you all heard from her?it's just been so long since i've stopped by on a regular basis I was wondering how some folks were who used to post often.Spot,the fish sounds great.boo,take care of yourself,i'm sending a prayer up for you amd yours.talk to you all later-ky girl

October 03, 2008 - Msg 66638: Morning Porch. It's Friday.

KY-Girl, sadly Millie passed on just over a year ago. We were all saddened by it, but also somewhat happy for her to be released from her pain and suffering. I'm sorry you hadn't heard about it.

Mavis, can you trim my ears while at it?

Spot, I thought Sarah did herself proud last night. I think her biggest challange was being a conservative and trying to defend some of McCains history. Conservative he ain't.

Thanks for the breakfast CD. Mighty nice of you.


October 03, 2008 - Msg 66639: Well, I was too tired to check in last night. I got Bruce to the doctor yesterday (after having to shower and dress him)! That dr's visit was an experieince. There was a large waiting area that looked like a waiting room in an ER. There were 2 strechers with patients brought in by EMS and one poor man who had crawled out of his wheelchair was laying flat on the floor in agony. It was something else. The appointment took 3 hours and we only saw the dr for about 10 minutes, of course. They did an xray and told us what we already knew, but they gave him a steroid precription, which will help. They also gave him the paperwork he needed for workman's comp while he is off another week. While we were in the waiting room, Bruce wanted to get up and move around because he was in pain sitting there for so long, so I helped him up (which took several minutes). There was an elderly couple and their son (who was a priest) sitting next to us, and when Bruce finally made it onto his feet and started to walk (if you can call it that), the elderly man and the priest looked at him and started laughing hysterically. It was hilarious. Of course, Bruce wasn't laughing. hehe.

Hopefully, today will be a better day if I can get his meds from the pharmacy. They wouldn't give them to me yesterday because they needed a certain "number" from the dr's office that they didn't have and the office was already closed. Crazy.

Erin has a field trip to the museum today and is very excited. I am thinking about taking Sean later and going, too. I haven't been to the museum since Sean was little.

Auh2o, I saw a picture of Sarah Palin in a bikini on the front of a magazine in the checkout line. If it was really her, she sure is in good shape to be in her 40's....yep, the words "beauty contestant" come to mind, but there is more to her than that.

Gotta run Erin to school...be back later..


October 03, 2008 - Msg 66640: Mornin' Y'all! Hey Mavis,how about giving spot his trim out in the parking lot-NOT right there in Cracker Barrel! Maybe you can wrassle Asa out there and snip that mullet of his off while you're at it! I'll helf ya hold him down if you promise to keep them clippers away from me!
Boo,I saw that bikini pic of Palin in some article- nope,it's not her.Her head was spliced onto a young gal's body.They showed both pics.Prayers for Bruce and all that y'all are dealing with. Remember: This too shall pass.
Laci had fun at the fair yesterday. I didn't know it was "Free Day" and all these groups of school kids were there.Been there,done that,I know there were lots of worn out teachers & aides around these parts last night! Laci had a FIT over the Merry-go-Round- we rode it 3 times. I think she would gladly live on that thing! Sorry,Asa,but didn't win ya a prize-we tried!Oh,and homemaker,I thought of you when I saw the cutest little brown goat-you & Otis' Uncle Nat! Ha!
Well,I don't have Laci today so there's a lot I need to do around here-better go. I'm leaving some Pepto,Alka-Seltzer Rolaids,and Immodium for CD- after eating homemaker's meatballs she'll need it!!
Rev,I wish I could get to Saluda this weekend-visit my relatives & catch your concert,but just can't make it this time. I promise myself I'll be at one of your shows someday!
Love to all!
possum under a rock

October 03, 2008 - Msg 66641: helf ya? Ha!
That's "HELP" ya!

possum again

October 03, 2008 - Msg 66642: Good morning everyone. Another clear, crisp day here. In fact, it was about 45 degrees when I got up this morning. It’s supposed to get to 70 this afternoon. No rain in the forecast at least for the next several days so it looks like it will be a nice weekend. The leaves should really start turning in another few weeks.

I watched the debates last night. I was in the car for the first half hour or so and listened to it on the radio. All I could think of was that episode of TAGS where Aunt Bee and Howard both run for council. Remember the debate where Aunt Bee gets up and keeps spouting platitudes? (“If the people want a bridge, then a bridge shall be built!”) I thought Palin really “Aunt Bee-ed” that first portion. I caught the rest on tv. I thought she did much better after that. In fact, they both accorded themselves pretty well, in my opinion. Of course, they both played a little fast and loose with the facts. I wish politicians would just stick to the unadulterated facts instead of spinning things. We’re adults—we can take it. In the end, Joe didn’t explode and his answers didn’t run on and Palin didn’t put her foot in her mouth, so both did their jobs and didn’t sink their respective campaigns.

AUH2O: Speaking of Palin catchphrases I could live without hearing anymore, please add “mavericks.”

As much as I like and respect McCain as a man, if it wasn’t for the issues of national defense and the rights of the unborn (which are extremely important issues for me), I’d probably be voting Democratic in this election. I didn’t have to mention that, I just thought I’d get everyone’s blood pumping first thing this morning. A few of you looked a little groggy. ;)


BOO: Sorry to hear about your evening. What kind of museum are you headed to today?

Be back later.