October 06, 2008 - Msg 66742: Hi All. just a nice day we may it to 70 .


October 06, 2008 - Msg 66743:
Vicks-Man Strikes...

We keep hearing about unconventional uses for Vicks VapoRub. This smelly old salve in its familiar blue bottle has been smeared on chests to relieve congestion for generations.
People have also found it useful for headaches, sore joints, toenail fungus, paper cuts and splinters. But a number of people have used Vicks on critters. We recently received this letter: "A neighbor girl about three years old came to pick cherries. She had a deer tick behind her ear, swollen and red. I put Vicks VapoRub on it and in a few minutes the tick had let go. My husband had a tick on his leg, and I had one on my ear. With Vicks, both were easy to remove, and the bites never itched or turned red."

Some people use Vicks on horses: "When I was a teenager, my friends and I often gathered across the street to watch our elderly neighbor groom his horse. When he came across a worn place,like a saddle sore,he would rub it with Vicks."
We've also heard that Vicks VapoRub is useful under the nostrils of a young stallion training to be a racehorse. The scent interferes with that of the fillies across the field and keeps him focused on the track instead.

Vicks is even used by Hollywood makeup artists to make actresses cry by putting a little dab UNDER the eyes. Never put it IN eyes
With all the news about the risks of cough medicine to children, many assert that Vicks is a great alternative to preventing coughing at night. Just slather the VapoRub on the feet, wear socks, and get ready for some sound sleep. Vicks can also be an alternative product for diabetics who donít want the sugar found in some oral cough medicines.
Vicks also has been known to stop kittens from scratching your legs. It has healing benefits to horses. And is known as the poor manís vi@gra. What? Who said THAT? But what about you? Have you discovered any new cool uses for Vicks?

October 06, 2008 - Msg 66744:
Are you still working on your gum wrapper chain?
Good sweep of the porch. You haven't done that in a while.

October 06, 2008 - Msg 66745: OK, who was too embarrassed to sign the above post, hmmm?...

Yes, Me-They, MDC and I WERE in the jewelry store because I was buying a bracelet for my neice (I guess I will have to be more careful about where I kiss ya from now on, MDC). heehee

Thank you for your kind words and prayers concerning my parents. I think you have a very good idea there, Romeena. That should be the angle that we take. Also, we aren't selling their home, but my neice and his young family will probably take over it's care and live there for now. That might make it easier for them to know that the house is still there. I just hate all of this. It is a very painful experience to see your parents come to this, but as Auh2o once said (and I will try to always remember it), at least I have my parents. He lost his father at such a young age and would love to be able to care for him now.

Better get out of here...plenty still to do...


October 06, 2008 - Msg 66746: that was supposed to be "my nephew", not niece!

Cool uses for VICKS, huh? I think we have named them all by now...let's see..."toe fungus, birth control, cracked heels..."


October 06, 2008 - Msg 66747: I've got one that NOBODY has mentioned - a use for Vicks,that is: I went to high school with a girl who is now our county coroner. She says that when she has to go investigate a death where a body has been for several days,she always sticks a couple gobs of Vicks in her nostrils to mask the smell.I kid you not.
Birth control? I don't even wanna conjure THAT picture up in my mind! Good grief- wouldn't it burn?!!
Boo,my mom lives alone and I just took her to the doctor Friday because she fell & bruised herself badly.She checked out fine,thank God. I have an idea of what you're dealing with & you are all in my prayers. I know the best decision will be made-hang in there.
Gotta go order some plants that my mom wants,so I'll see y'all later.Have a good evening!
possum under a rock

October 06, 2008 - Msg 66748:
Boo, watch it now or we'll be in Opie's newspaper! ha
Did i tell you that I once got to name my brother's fraternal twins. The girl I named Denise,
and the boy i named De-nephew! Harharhar
Can ya tell i'm gettin' in vacation mode?
Hmmm, who was that masked Vicks-man

October 06, 2008 - Msg 66749:
The Shadow knows..

October 06, 2008 - Msg 66750: The Ode'r of Vicks

The many uses of my vapor rub
Are too numerous too mention -
And those who are members of the club. . .
Make one smelly,blue convention!

From the vicks poet, but not the historian of above!


October 06, 2008 - Msg 66751: The "Ode'r of Vicks"? Now that is funny! homemaker, you are too much. --Romeena

October 06, 2008 - Msg 66752: Aw, you make me so proud, Homemaker (as a member of the smelly, blue convention)!

Thanks Possum. When I spoke of Vicks being birth control, I meant that when you smear it on at bedtime, your spouse will stay far away from you due to the smell.

Funny, MDC..you should go down to the nursing home and wax the steps.

Had bible study at the rehab tonight and it went much better. I guess you just never know how it's going to be in that place until you get there.

I am pretty tired so I think I will turn in a bit early and read.


October 06, 2008 - Msg 66753: Ha ha, good thinking about the Vicks, Boo. My wife can't stand the smell of it, but I love it.

...next time I'm the one who has a headache....;)

I love Vicks, and so does Kai. Did I mention she once put it on her teddy bear? It colored the part below his nose dark brown.

We were going to put Kai in Girl Scouts this week, but then we decided against it. So you are all going to have to buy your cookies from someone else, sorry. :)

Night all.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66754: Good evening, everyone. The hospital offered me cancellation tonight as they were overstaffed, and of course, I took it! I really wasn't looking forward to going to work, and was happy to stay home. It didn't break Starr's heart either, to have mom stay home tonight. We're having a mild thunderstorm, and she's a little nervous.

Some of you received an email from me, a rather intense political email. I received one reply from a porchster, very kindly worded and politely requesting that I send no more such materials their way. I respect their right to make such a request, as well as their courage in speaking out. No offense was meant either way, and none was taken either way. Isn't it wonderful that we can just agree to disagree, and let it go at that? If anyone else feels the same way, please don't hesitate to let me know your feelings, and I'll do my best to honor your request. It need not be mentioned here, just reply to my email and I'll flag your address.

And now I'm off to the ironing board. Good night, all, and blessings to you. --Romeena

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66755: Morning, Ro. Glad you got the night off last night and hope you got some good rest. I saw on the weather channel that you all were getting some storms up there. It has been very warm and humid here, even in the mornings. I wish it would cool off again. BTW, I like your emails, Ro, so please keep sending them my way. You don't do it often.

Cute about the headache, Sterling! I remember when Kai put the Vicks on her bear. Oh, and we really don't need the girl scout cookies around here, so it doesn't bother me any...

Busy day today...it's my day to watch Emily (yay!). I can't wait to see that angel, even if she does refer to me as Aunt "Do-Do" (her toddler version of Julie).

Better get up and moving...


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66756:
Hey Folks

It sunny here this morning but last night we had a killing frost, I guess this end of the Porch hit 27 degrees.

Romeena-I didn't receive the email you mentioned but I have to agree with Boo, I love hearing from ya. That's not to disparage the other Porchster you mentioned. We all know politics is just not everyone's cup of tea.

Me-They I think I have figured out my disenchantment with Palin. It's her populist message. I need to hear what's in the fixins not just that it tastes good. Populism has always bothered me, them against us stuff. Populism led to the French Revolution, it got black guys hung and churches burned. Populism is what I can't stand about Obama, all that change is coming stuff. Does he mean when bird seed changes to bird droppings? But, I still like her better than the other four. I just expected more from her.

Look what I found.

"Two little elves named Blik and Blee,
Lived in the shade of a jubjub tree,
In a little blue house, as round as a pie,
As clean as a whistle, as blue as the sky.
They Made their home in the old jubjub
In an empty jar of Vicks VapoRub."

See ya'll later.

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66757: Good Tuesday Morning Porchsters! Hope everyone is fine as a frog's hair this morning! Things here are busy as always, I'm getting all packed up for a trip to Orlando. Leaving tomorrow to attend the Bull Terrier National Specialty. Wish me and my newest Bullie luck, we show in Thurs, Fri and Sun, then back home on Mon. There will be Bull Terriers there from all over the country and Canada and I think even a few from the UK. Mr. Neff is staying home and holding down the fort this trip.
Boo I declare, you do more laundry than a chinese laundromat! Can I send some of mine over while I'm packing everything else? Romeena you send all the emails you want, I have a delete button if I don't want to read it, I'll just mash that. ;) Sterling not trying to be nosy, just curious (yes there is a difference) why did you decide not to let Kai join the Girl Scouts? Have I missed something? Not having one that young anymore, I'm afraid I'm not caught up on the latest where children are concerned. CD it warms my heart to see you sitting on this porch, you fit right in! Asa how's Mrs. Asa? auh2o 27 degrees? I believe old man winter is on his way.
Well, I best get off here and get started, have a vet appointment this afternoon for one of the dogs to get a Rabies shot, can't go traveling without that. I'll try to check in later, I'm not leaving until early tomorrow morning & I will be taking the laptop, so I can check in.
Have a good day ya'll

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66758: Good morning everyone. I can only stay a minute this morning, which is just as well since the porch stinks like Vapo-Rub.

ROMEENA: I don't mind getting e-mails from friends like the one you sent. Some I read, some I don't; some I comment on, some I don't. If I think they're particul;arly insightful, I pass them on. If I think they're nutty, I stop reading and delete them.

AUH2O: I agree. The face of populism is often rhetoric. We need solutions. Where's Ross Perot and his flip charts when you need them?

STERLING: Shucks! I love, love, love the Tag-alongs (the cookies with peanut butter and covered in chocolate). I could eat a box in one sitting no problem, and I have on more than one occasion. I think they put crack in them or something. Anyway, I really think Kai would benefit from joining the Girl Scouts. I know I would ;).

BOO: "Your name is Doo Doo?" (Inspector Clousseau in "Shot in the Dark")

See ya at lunch.


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66759: Oh my goodness, Me-They. "A Shot in the Dark!" I hadn't thought of that movie in a long time, but it was one that made my husband laugh out loud. He had several "favorites", and that was one of them. The bumbling Clousseau was just so funny!

Mavis, good luck at the shows - I hope your pups sweep the board! I'll be watching your blog.

It's absolutely beautiful outdoors this morning. 66 degrees, breezy and clear, a good day for pruning roses, and I shall. They're starting to red-tip at the end of long canes, and those canes need to be removed so they'll put their new growth into making pretty shrubs instead. Yep, gotta go sharpen up the old pruning shears!

Well, gotta get dressed. Eddie called, he needs money for car ins#rance so I'm going to pay him in advance for the mowing he'll do at the end of the week. I'm glad to be able to help him, he does a good job for me, week after week, and this yard is no picnic. Anyway, he'll be here soon, and I'm still in my nightshirt, so guess I'd better get dressed.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66760: Good Morning, Porchsters. I hope ya'll are having a wonderful morning. I won't be able to sit for long, either; I'vr got to run, literally; I warming up for the treadmill. I usually walk for 55 minutes every day, but lately I've gotten lazy. And now I need to get back on schedule
Thank you, Mavis for making me feel welcome. I wish you much success at your dog show. I,m sure the weather will be good.
Boy howdy, you people weren't kidding when you said "Vick's fetish"!HeeHee.My sinuses will be clear for a week!
I assume from a lot of the messages and comments that some of you are friends/relatives, and not just cyberspace aquaintances.(Hope I spelled that right).
Prayers and God's love to all my porchster friends. I won't be having lunch today, but save me a plate from dinner. Gotta run.

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66761: It's one of my favorites movies, too, ROMEENA.

CD: To my knowledge, no one on the porch is related. A few porchsters have actually met at some point, but most of us are, indeed, "cyber buddies."


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66762: MAVIS: Did you ever see the movie, "Best in Show?" Funny stuff!


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66763: Well CD, we are all Brothers and Sisters in Christ. All part of the human family He created.

Romeena, I always enjoy your e-mails. Especially the fact that you check them for validity before sending them on. Kepp em coming to my house please.

Auh2o, Don't be to harsh on Palin. She's running in a support mode in this thing, and as such is most likely being "handled" by the (holding my nose) "brains" of the campaign. I think she could easily outshine McCain if she had a mind to. Remember the job of the V.P. candidate is usually to lead the attacks. Although I'm still confused how someone simply pointing out past associations and dealings with questionable groups and people is negative or an attack. It seems the person involved with that association, if indeed is concerned enough about it that he is calling the opponent who is pointing it out, being negative, has a big problem on his hands. I realize it is just a diversionary tactic to call it negative or an attack, but folks seem to get caught up in it pretty easy all the same.

Mavis, good to see you Dear. The Mrs is doing ok. Not great, but we just take things a day at a time here. Thank you for asking.

Well best get back to work. They don't pay me to sit here and straighten you folks out all day. You'd think they'd tap into the great resource that they have in me and all my wisdom that I offer here so freely. :) Where oh where is the justice????


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66764:

Buck Laughlin:(after a dog jumps up on the show judge) "He went for her like she's made outta ham."


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66765:
Hey Asa-I think you're right about the VP's job. And, I think it's about time they brought up the Bill Ayers connection. Obama has gotten a complete pass on his past. I guess, with Palin being the only Conservative of the four, I just want someone to explain our positions. Bubba, Lee Hamilton, even Alec Baldwin know that this economic crisis should be laid at the feet of the Democrats, but only the folks on radio are doing that. Hank Paulson's a Democrat and the press makes it sound like he's a key Republican... Asa, I'm just frustrated. I knew McCain was gonna do this to us.


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66766:
"On my word as a gentleman."

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66767: Well Mavis, as you and most of the porchsters probably know, I am very protective of what goes into Kai's mind by outside influences. It had to do with the oath they wanted the parent to sign, about what they would ask their daughter to accept, that I being a staunch social conservative don't really agree with nor think children have to know.
And even though I know you really didn't have to tell your daughter anything, I just felt the fact that the organisation had you sign something like that, made me question whether I wanted Kai to be a part of that.
Surprisingly, my wife, who tends to be more P.C. minded, went along with me on that. Actually, she was never very keen on putting Kai in to begin with, so it didn't matter too much for her.
But, that is all I will say on the matter.

Oh, Mavis, while I have you here, do you groom cats as well as dogs? I was wondering if you would know why Kai's cat, Sofie, has all this matted hair on her sides, underneath her other hair, and what we could do to get rid of those, and possibly prevent it. Her brush doesn't seem to work too well on getting those out. Should we be using a comb-type thing, and what kind is best, would you know? Thanks!

auh2o, I wouldn't know about Palin being a populist, but she sure is popular with me, just from her values. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66768: Thanks Asa and M-T for clearing up the relationship question. Ro, Hazel, M-T, Boo, Asa Tom, hm, Sterling and all other porch family, have a blessed day; time to get ready for work.
Breathlessly yours, C Darlin'

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66769: STERLING: But the cookies! What about the cookies!

Seriously, what specifically are you referring to that they wanted you to sign? Inquiring minds want to know. Us nosy people, too.

AUH2O: I'm not sure I'd lay all the problems of the Republican party at McCain's feet...

CD: No problem. That'll be a quarter. Two if you're a big tipper.

BOO: My shorts are piling up again...

Where's SPOT? Here boy, here boy!


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66770: "We will NOT sing! We will NOT sing!"


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66771: Afternoon Y'all. Got a few minutes to myself since Laci is napping,so thought I'd pop up on the Porch and say "Hey!"
Ro,about the e-mails you send: DITTO what Me-They said.
Believe it or not,I have another VICKS tale: When my daughter was about 2 or 3 years old,she was in one the bathrooms sitting at the vanity playing "Beauty Parlor"-combing & brushing her hair while I was busy folding & putting laundry away.She was playing so quietly at one point that I decided I'd better check on her.Plus,I noticed a really pungent "pine-y" type of smell wafting down the hallway. She had gotten into a jar of VICKS and was combing it through her hair! She was slicked down like Ernest T. Bass! I washed her hair I know 3 times and she still had a little slicked down spot on the top of her head-that stuff didn't wanna let go! I had to send her to the babysitter the next morning with her "VICKS SLICK"!
So,a word of warning-watch those kiddies around the VICKS-it's hard to get out of their hair!
And with that,I'm outta here- y'all have a great afternoon!
possum under a rock

Ernest T.: "If a duck stands still,you can catch him by the bill!"

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66772: Did any of you catch the show "17 and One on the Way" on TLC last night? It was one after "John and Kate Plus 8." It's about the Duggar family, who have 17 kids. Anyway, the episode mostly followed the oldest son who is 20 and was going to propose marriage to his "girlfriend" who he's known for two years. I put girlfriend in quotes because not only have they not even date in the traditional sense, but have only been in each others physical presence a handful of times. The Duggars are a Christian family and believe that courtship should lead to marriage, and that a coupleís first kiss should be experienced on their wedding day. The kids don't date. The son buys into this wholeheartedly, as do the other children. So, he and his future wife hold hands and are not together except in the company of chaperones. It seemed really special, but pretty hardcore to me. Just curious what you all think.


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66773: Oh, hey there POSSUM!


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66774: I wanted to watch that, Me-They,but had to go to sleep 'cause I had to be up early. I wondered if it had something to do with the Duggars-I've followed their story.I guess Josh is going to go down the same road,huh? I'm curious to watch & see if any of the kids break from the family values- you think there might be a rebel in the bunch? Maybe not. Interesting family,for sure.

Oh,Spot is on a camping trip,so quit calling-he can't hear you out in those woods!

possum again

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66775:
Possum, your story and tags quote made me lol. Choice!
Sterling -the Boy Scouts are MUCH more traditional than the Girl Scouts. As an Eagle Scout and part-time volunteer, I know. The boy scout oath is this:
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.
The Girl Scout oath is much
more "diverse" in many ways, as they can
substitute other words for God etc in
their oath.
But Girl Scouts have always been much more
that way than Boy Scouts.
I remember in the late 60s, yes the 60s, my mom pulled my sister out of Girl Scouts after she came home from a meeting at our Catholic School. The leader hadtold her that 'God" could be whatever she wanted 'it' to be. The pullout happened only after my mom marched down to the school and gave the leader the what for! It was the only time i remember her being really angry about something.
Well, I am leaving work now and cecile and I are heading for the hills. See you all sometime next week. You will all be in my prayers.

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66776:
PS: I know that the Bible says, "be angry, but sin not", which refers to that "holy anger" such as Jesus overturning the tables. And that is what I am refering to with this! She kept saying to us all evening, "rember your catechism, God is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost."
OK, now i'm outta here...

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66777:

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66778: Me-They, I think MDC's post explains a large part of it.

I would be proud to enroll Kai in the Boy Scouts. ...If, uh, she was a boy. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66779: But, I ask again, what about the cookies?!?


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66780: "Am I gettin' through to you?"


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66781: I don't think they make cookies in the Boy Scouts, M-T. ;)

At least I don't remember making any. Now, S'mores, that's another story.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66782: Might be more EF FEC TIVE(saying it like Andy said to Barney regarding the special microphone) Me-They if you throw "cotton pickin'" in there.. Here,I'll help ya out (I like Girl Scout cookies too!):

Bet you'll get a case of Tag-a-longs from Sterling now! Ha Ha

possum again

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66783: Okay - Boy Scouts sell popcorn (extremely overpriced popcorn) and the Girl Scouts sell cookies (extremely overpriced). Do you realize that these organizations only keep an extremely small portion of the money that is from that popcorn and the cookies in their local troops. The rest goes to corporate greed. Having said that - please pass the Carmel D'Lites (that will be one box for me, one for my oldest, and two or three for Mr. Homemaker and a box of Tag A Longs for the red-head boy!) I will also take the largest can of carmel corn you have and a box of microwave buttery corn.

Romeena - my one email isn't working anymore - please email me at abaugh at etczone dot net -thank you very much.

I agree pretty much with most of your commentary so you can't offend me!


October 07, 2008 - Msg 66784: hi all,just a few minutes to sit in my rocker.have any of you seen the show'my redneck wedding'?It is pretty interesting.I just had my cable turned back on again after having it turned off during the warmer months,so,that is why I am just now seeing these shows.Me-They,I like those tag along cookies too,and the chocalate mint ones too.My oldest daughter used to be in girl scouts,and,we always sold out of the tag alongs and chocolate mints fastest.I didn"t care too much for how it was run so she only stayed in one year.Well there was frost on my windshield this morning and I have a rose bush still blooming.Hope it continues to for a few more weeks.Take care all,talk to you soon-ky girl

October 07, 2008 - Msg 66785: Good evening, everyone. Such a beautiful day we had! Cool and pleasant all day. Eloise and I had lunch at a new place called Sweet Tomatoes, and it was good. Basically just a big salad bar, with homemade soups and baked potatoes also available, and freshly-baked muffins and bread. Everything was fresh and nicely presented, and we enjoyed it. Will definitely go back.

Toye Starr looks like a ragamuffin. My grandsons were playing with her comb, and now I can't find it, and I can't use just any old comb on her. It has to be the kind with the teeth that revolve, otherwise it breaks her hair off. So, her topknot is hanging over one eye, she has some early-stage mats forming, and her face is crispy. When I find that comb, or get another one, boy is she gonna get it! That will happen tomorrow, for sure.

Mavis, her coat is very sparse and thin compared to the luxurious coat that the Plum had. She's fourteen months old, born July 2007. Her vet says not to give up hope, that her coat could still thicken up, something about the summer molt and blowing baby fluff coming at the same time. What's your take on that? Do you think I can expect her to sprout a better coat at her age? I hope so, because she sure looks raggedy right now. If not, I'm not going to make her pack her toys and leave, I love her no matter what, but would really like for her to have a thick and pretty coat. Also, do you see any correlation between the size of the dog and the quality of the coat? She's so tiny, just 4.6 lbs. Little nut thinks she's a Rottweiler, though.

homemaker, I sent that email to your old address, and it didn't come back, so it ended up in an inbox somewhere - just FYI. I've made the correction now.

Well, guess I'll go cuddle my little scruffamuffin. She's such a sweet little thing! Be blessed, everyone! --Romeena

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66786: Hello, everyone. It's good to sit in the rocker tonight; it was a rough night at work.
I loooove Samoas; I would buy 7 or 8 boxes of those cookies. They are overpriced, but they're irresistable.
Romeena, a friend of mine is interested in becoming a sterile process tech at the hospital. She wants to take online SPD classes; I told her that I heard that being a sterile process tech is rather stressful. Do you know what is involved in this type of job? I wanted her to be fully informed before she committed to taking these online classes.I would appreciate any info you could give me.
Boo, hope your family is doing okay.
Sterling, I admire you for sticking to your convictions. We only get one chance to teach our children values and morals; hang in there.
Well, time to get ready for bed. Prayers for all of you. Thanks for the fellowship.

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66787: Howdy, all. Just passin' through....

CD, I really don't know what all is involved in the Sterile Processing department. I know they autoclave surgical instruments and repack them in trays designed for various procedures. At least I guess they still autoclave such things. There may be some other process involved now - radiation or some such - but I'm pretty sure it's still done by steam or a gas autoclave. They clean up rental equipment such as fans, heating pad units, suction machines and the like. Beyond that, I'm pretty clueless.

To correct something I said in my recent email - Truthorfiction.com no longer has the report on Mr. Kennedy's wreck and the subsequent drowning of the girl who was in his car. I saw it there a few years ago, but it's no longer in their search file. However, Google will bring up anything you want to know and then some. Just search "Mary Jo Kopechne".

OK, I'm off to the ironing board. Starr is in there, standing beside the bed, waiting for me to give her a lift. It must be awful to be so little! She sure is cute, though. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66788: Good morning, porch. Hope you all rested well. I was too busy to check in again yesterday!...and yes, CD, sometimes I do more laundry than you can believe, it seems...speaking of, toss your shorts, Me-They, there's room for more.

Wonder if SPOT is having a good time on the lake, and MDC in the mountains...sounds wonderful, doesn't it. I am ready for a little vacation.

Bruce and I were pricing and trying to make the final selection on the flooring for the new house yesterday, and whew! So much to choose from. We did decide on the wood flooring but now I have to pick the tile for the bathrooms and mudroom. I want porcelain tile that won't chip as bad as ceramic and let me tell you, there is alot to choose from! We have to go again today and make a decision about tile. I know many women love doing this kind of thing but I am NOT one of them. Wish me luck!

Better get Erin off to school...


October 08, 2008 - Msg 66789: Good morning everyone.

BOO: Lots of luck to you and yours!

AUH2O: That "debate" last night was a snoozefest, in my opinion.

See y'all at lunch.




October 08, 2008 - Msg 66791: Good Morning, Everyone, hope you all are having a good day so far.
Ro, thanks for the info; at least I can tell her what she will be doing job-wise. Maybe she can google the info and find out whether it's stressful or not.
Well, the dance music has changed; we've went from a Vick's fetish to a Girl Scout cookie hankerin'! I'll take some Tag-A-Longs if there is any left.
Boo, I know what you mean about making choices for the home; it is overwhelming with so many things to choose from. And the knowledge that you will be living with what you picked out for a long time to come. I'm sure the end result will be beautiful when everything is installed.
M-T,you are a hoot and a half! And I'm still laughing about possum's "cotton pickin'" cookies!
Blessings and prayers to all. Gotta run and take care of some errands. See you for lunch; I'm paying today.

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66792: In that case it's lobster and filet surf and turf all around. And I'll have the asparagus tips in hollandaise. Remember it's not a big deal if we leave two quarters for a tip. Olive has five kids, y'know.


October 08, 2008 - Msg 66793: Nobody likes a tag-along, Me-They.

At least that's what my older brother's always told me. ;)

Thanks CD! It's hard being a parent today. But it is even harder imagining giving up our kid's minds(and souls) to the world.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66794: STERLING: Between things like Bratz Dolls, belly shirts and "boy cut" underwear for preteens, and commercials for shampoo where women fake, well, you know, the enemy is hitting parents where we live. A special condemnation must go to the world-wide web.

I know the internet has brought some wonderful things--like us together--and I use it every day for shopping, chatting, news, and work purposes. But in my opinion the evil that it has unleashed is undeniable. The most recent statistics are that by age 13 90% of all boys and 70% of girls will have viewed p*rnography on the internet. I don't care how good your defenses, every day the purveyors of this filth "build bigger wires." And if your child is one of the blessed ones who has parents who care to stay knowledgable and take steps to keep them safe, you can bet they know someone at school or church whose parents are clueless. In addition to making p*rnography the number one business on the web, allowing perverts to gather and disseminate horrible, horrible things has skyrocketed in recent years. There are whole communities of people from all over the world who discuss despicable things. I recently read an article that the new thing is copying family photos taken of children from sites like Flickr.com and Photobucket. These photos may have started out innocently enough as a vacation picture posted to send to grandma, but ends up being traded all over the world amongst perverts. It makes me physically sick.

If I could flip a switch today and turn the internet off, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I'd surely miss talking to my friends, but I'd look at my kids and rest just a little easier.

I guess that's my moulage for the week, such as it is.


October 08, 2008 - Msg 66795: FYI: I don't want to alarm anyone needlessly when I mentioned photo sharing sites. They are quite different from ROMEENA's album. One must know the address of her album to view it. At places like Flickr, all you have to do is go to the site and search using key words (say, if you want all pics posted of dogs, you just have to search for that). ROMEENA's album is as safe as the album in your living room.


October 08, 2008 - Msg 66796: Afternoon porch folks, just a minute to check in, been busy with work and I am still dealing with the sinus infection!

Raining here today which we need. I am hopeful it will help put an end to my sinus problems.

Looks like all you all have been eating is girl scout cookies... and with SPOT away guess I will cook a late lunch or early supper which ever works for you: Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, onions, brown gravy,SLAW, green beans, macaroni and cheese, homemade yeast rolls, chocolate layer cake, iced tea, kool aid to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66797: You won't get any argument from me on that stuff, Me-They.

Many a time I've wanted to go live like the Amish and get away from all this trash.(not talking about you guys. ;))

-Sterling Holobyte

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66798: I can only say a big AMEN to you, Me-They. Satan has infiltrated every medium of communication we have to spread his horrible evil. I admit to being ignorant of a lot of political happenings simply for the fact that I have seen news items so disgustingly awful and heartbreaking, that I can't bring myself to read the news anymore.(I probably need counseling). Like you, I found the porch and it has been a joy. I guess I need to keep praying that God will help me face the world in a more positive way instead of retreating from the world.
I will now get off the podium. Hope you don't think I'm strange. I choose to shun things that I think are sinful. Prayers to all.

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66799: Big Maude, lunch sounds fantastic; count me in. Hope your sinus problems get better, I've had sinus problems and I know how it feels.

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66800: Strange, CD? More like smart, I think, or maybe "wise" is a better choice. After all, the Bible does say we are to avoid the very appearance of evil. And you are so right, Me-They. The internet has brought us some wonders, and some horrors. The scariest part for me is that you can stumble into something without intending to. It happened to me. I was doing a search for a particular thing I needed for a crafts project, and to my absolute shock, one of the links took me to a site I would never, EVER, have visited knowingly. Yep, they sold what I was looking for, but for an unimagined purpose. I couldn't shut that site down fast enough, and I wanted to spray my computer with Raid, and go take a shower. Unbelievable. So - be aware that no matter how careful parents may be, kids can get in deep water fast, absolutely without intending to do so. I think if I still had kids at home, the computer would be in the living area, with the monitor facing into the room. It's really scary.

Well, guess I'll go cuddle little Starr. I've been gone most of the day, and will be gone all day tomorrow and Friday (a hospital-required seminar) so she needs some mom-time. Be blessed, everybody! --Romeena

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66801: Hi, porch family; just stopping by to say goodnight. I hope all of you have a good night and I will see you for breakfast in the morning. Will Cracker Barrel be ok?
Prayers for all of you.
C Darlin'

October 08, 2008 - Msg 66802: Thanks for the encouragment, CD! It does seem overwhelming and I was just worn out at the end of the day from standing around looking at things and dealing with salespeople and their questions. It seems like when you find something you like, there is always a "catch". For instance, I found exactly the kind of tile I wanted for my master bath and shower. The price was right, too, but it was ceramic, rather than porcelain (Bruce only wants porcelain because of it's durability). Now I am trying to find the same thing in porcelain. We did decide on the marble countertops for all 3 bathrooms, and we selected the wood flooring...it is a wood called "Timborana". It is not really dark, but somewhere in the middle and has some reddish tones. I think it is really beautiful and we decided on the 5 1/4" planks. Believe me when I tell you we looked at ALOT of wood and we both agreed on this one. Honestly, though, I never would have believed how much trouble I would have selecting tile. If it were just the floors, but there are three showers to tile, as well. All three baths have a walk-in shower and the master also has a jacuzzi tub, so lots of tile to think about. I love natural stone, but it's pretty pricey and has to be sealed, etc. I am settling for tile that looks like stone. If you are interested in looking at the wood floors we selected you can see a picture at a site called Floormall. Search for Scandian Timborana, but the photo looks a little less reddish. Nice stuff, anyway.

Hope you feel better Maude..wish I could send you some chicken soup.

Sterling and Me-They, you are such loving fathers. If only the world were made up of fathers like both of you. It would be much more like heaven here on earth. Me-They, you certainly said a mouthful and I agree with every word. Very disturbing issue. The internet is a pandora's box that won't be shut anytime soon. Thinking of my children being exposed to such things causes an anger in my gut that not much else can equal. I'll never forget a time when Sean was about 6 or 7 and we were out of town and staying in a nice hotel..forget which one. I was on the bed flipping through some channels and Sean was playing in the room (luckily his back was to the TV). I came upon a station showing very sickening porn. There was that image staring me in the face before I could get the channel changed. It made me so angry to think that my child could have been watching at the time. I complained but it probably did not good.

I hear you, CD...I have to admit that I have taken a break from the news for months now because I just can't stomach it. I decided to try and watch it last night and the first story was about a local 14 month old baby girl in ICU with multiple head, arm and leg fractures put there by the mom's boyfriend. I gave up and changed the channel. It's just so painful. Why would we think you were strange for staying away from things you believe are sinful? I think most of us are trying to do that, sis.

You know, RO, I funny thing is that I happened to be meditating on that very verse this morning as I was driving into Corpus (avoiding the appearance of evil). I started thinking about the definition of evil and how that differs sometimes from person to person. I think each person has to come to understand just what the Lord thinks is evil. It's something to think about. For instance, some religious people see other people who don't attend their church or believe their "doctrine" as evil, when the real evil is judging and refusing to love their neighbor. Evil is not always so black and white and I think a person really has to examine their motives in relation to God's idea in His word. I am thinking of how the Pharisees of Jesus' time thought that what he was doing was wrong when he "ate with tax collectors and sinner", but they were the ones with evil in their hearts when they accused Jesus and thought of themselves as better than the sinner. Just something I was thinking about today. I'm going to take some time to talk with Jesus about what is really evil in His sight.

You are so right, Ro, the only computer we will ever have will be in plain site of everyone. No computers in the kid's rooms.

Well, I am pretty tuckered out. I think I will turn in for the night.


October 09, 2008 - Msg 66803: Good evening, all. Boo, you're right, of course. Sometimes evil, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The only true guide for discerning what is or is not evil is the scripture, and even there we must be careful that we don't apply our own spin to it. God's word is clear, so long as we don't twist it. When someone sees non-membership in their personal church as evil, that's obviously twisting things, because God gave only one prerequisite to salvation, and it's spelled out clearly in John 3:16 for starters, and expanded upon in many scriptures. Anything added to that, including membership in a particular church, is not of God. This same yardstick can be applied to everything.

I do believe, however, that God gives his children a spirit of discernment, a conscience, that tells us when something we are doing is not within His will. We all know that nagging thought - "I shouldn't be here", or "I shouldn't have done that, I hope no one saw me", or "I shouldn't have said that." My mom made it real to me when I was about twelve and wanted to go with friends to a movie on a Sunday afternoon. She asked me, "Is that where you would want to be on a Sunday if Jesus came right then? Is that where you would want Him to find you?" A simplification for a child, but a truth nonetheless, and I never forgot it.

I do not wish to start a moulage here, but I would recommend to each of you that you go to YouTube and search for "Kids Sing for Obama" and follow the links you will find. Just check it out, and judge for yourselves. That's all I care to say on the matter, except that I'd suggest email as the appropriate forum, lest we fall into a very slushy moulage.

Well, I'm off to bed. Have to be up at 6 (argh!) in order to be ready by 7 a.m. when I will be picked up by a nurse friend for the trip to downtown Big Baylor for that wretched seminar. Her husband is driving us there and picking us up, for which I'm grateful. I HATE driving in downtown Dallas, and will avoid it if at all possible. So, off I go. It's after midnight now, guess I won't get a lot of sleep. Oh well. Be blessed, my friends, and please pray for the upcoming election. --Romeena

October 09, 2008 - Msg 66804: Good morning, everyone! It's very unusual for me to be the first one on the porch, especially at 6:30 a.m. I'm not usually up this early - I tend to stay up late and sleep until 8:30 or so. Makes it easier to do the turnaround when I have to work a night shift. However, this morning I have to go to that seminar, so here I am. The birds aren't even awake yet!

My a/c is out, I'm so thankful that the weather is cool. It's only 58 right now. Eloise's husband, Jerry, will be coming over to fix it this morning while I'm at the seminar. He installed it about three years ago, and thinks it may be the thermostat - or did he say "thermo-coupler"? I'm not sure, but I know they're not the same thing. The compressor runs fine, and the fan works fine, but they won't run at the same time! He also mentioned a circuit board in the fan unit, so guess we'll see. It's always something, but I'm just thankful it was cool last night - the ceiling fan was quite enough.

Poor little Starr, she's moping around, fully aware that something is not right. Mom is not supposed to be vertical and in motion this early. If she only knew! I probably won't be home before 6 p.m. Poor little lonely baby.

Well, have a blessed day, everyone. See you tonight. --Romeena

October 09, 2008 - Msg 66805: Good morning to Ro...hope the seminar is not as painful as expected.

I am going to watch the Obama thing on Youtube..


October 09, 2008 - Msg 66806: Morning all.
Ro, sounds like a thermostat or control board problem. Thermocouplers are not typical in cooling equipment. Just in heating equipment. It's the device that monitors the pilot light and will prevent the main gas valve from activating if the pilot light should go out. I'm not sure where one would be used on a refrigeration unit, but then again I'm no expert.
I have heard the Obama song you are referring to Ro. Very disturbing to me. Oh well. This Nation will deserve what it gets I reckon.

Boo, How's Bruce's back doing? They say if a marriage can survive the building of a home, it will survive just about everything. So I hope it go's well for you. Mt wife and I built 3 new homes in an 8 year time span. Sure, we had our little spats on choosing the different things, but ala in all it went pretty well. I remember one time on the second house we were in the process of selecting lighting fixtures. I really wanted to go with a nice flourescent fixture in the kitchen. There are bulbs out now for these that are called "full spectrum" and are very nice. A good quality light offering all spectrums of light, and much cheaper to run than the traditional incadesent lamps. But she didn't want it. She wanted recessed flood lights in the kitchen. Well we went back and forth. I reminded her I was an electrician and had to deal with lighting issues all the time. She reminded me she was the cook and had to work in the kitchen all the time, and unless I was to learn how to cook, it would be the lights she wanted. I have really enjoyed those rescessed lights in the kitchen.:)

Well speaking of work, best go do some.


October 09, 2008 - Msg 66807: Haha, funny ASA!! Sometimes you men need to learn to just let us have what we want and not give us alot of aggravation over it. Thankfully, Bruce is pretty agreeable about most things, or we have similar tastes, but when he doesn't like things I like, he doesn't give in easily (well, neither do I, I suppose). For instance, we don't agree on windows and he won't budge. We'll see...I am usually the one to compromise. I like the old-fashioned windows that have a total of 4 panes (two on top and two on bottom)..you see them in old farmhouses. Bruce likes the ones that have 6 panes on top and 6 on bottom. I can live with it, but it's not what I prefer. The four panes have more character and don't inhibit as much of the outside view.

Bruce is still home but goes to see the doc today to see if he can go back to work next week. He is doing much better but still taking the pain meds and making painful faces (also walks crooked).

BTW, I would have to side with your wife on the kitchen lighting, ASA. I don't like flourescent lights. We have them in our kitchen now, yuck.

Better get Erin off to school...


October 09, 2008 - Msg 66808:
Hey Folks

Wow, have we had some nice weather here, sunny and about 45 degrees.

Boo-We are having a major remolding job here so I can relate to some of what you're going through. Hang in there and try and picture the joy the end product will bring, that's what I'm trying to do. Some days it works.

Me-They What debate? An hour and a half of my life gone.

Asa-You're right again buddy, we do deserve what we get. What's that old saying, if you throw a frog in boiling water it will jump out but if you put it in cool water and boil it slowly you can cook it alive. I think it's getting warm in here. I can't believe we let the undecided ask the questions in some of these debates. What they need is a library card or a newspaper subscription.