October 18, 2008 - Msg 67100: hey, y'all~~
been havin' a real time lately. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
"Hey" to Des, Mavis, Romeena... everyone... Yeah, I had just gotten started with the workshop and a real peach of a main product when this moving adventure kinda took over. got some pictures at my website-- www.waxxman.com
I probably sound like a nut with all these 1940's suggestions on how to fix our country. Work projects could do so much.
~~love, Leon

October 18, 2008 - Msg 67101:
Good sweep Leon! I see that you even washed your face and hands... "no thank you Leon, I already ate." I heard that Leon in the show was the brother of Ronnie Howard. Any truth to that?
Leon, I love your suggestions, but nowadays we'd get such programs all bogged down with "regalations!" ha
But, i agree, it would get folks back to work!
Preachin' tomorrow!
prayers for all!

October 18, 2008 - Msg 67102: Hey, Leon. No, you don't sound like a nut at all, you make perfect sense. What this country needs is to get the freeloaders, whatever their origin, whether homegrown or imported, out there working and earning a legal paycheck. You weren't here a few weeks ago when I put forth my little solution, but I'll summarize it for you. Make showing up at a "checkpoint chickie" every day a requirement for getting a welfare check. Whether you get chosen to work or not, you check in. If not chosen, you go home for that day. If a roofer or a landscaper or whatever picks you up, you work for them that day. The employer doesn't pay you, he sends your wages to the Welfare board. It may or may not be enough to cover what you draw, but it would help. At the end of the month, you get your usual check, provided you have shown up daily to be available to work. No workee, no checkee.

There might be other ways to get the same job done - such as something like the WPA. It could be a clearinghouse for all the roofers and landscapers and restaurants needing busboys, etc. - and send out workers as requested. Again, no workee, no checkee.

It would take some refining and organizing, and would of course create another bureaucracy, but it might be worth it. What we're doing now isn't working too well, obviously, and talk about bureaucracy! Oh, well, what do I know?

Blessings! --Romeena

October 18, 2008 - Msg 67103:
Ronald Reagan: "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free"


October 18, 2008 - Msg 67104: Possum I am so sorry to hear about your situation,I understand it completely.I had the same situation,only with the physical abuse.Tried for 13 years ,but,you can't change another person,they have to want to.My pastor was really helpful.he gave me biblical advise that was a real eye opener,there were things I didn't realize were in the bible that applies to marriage.I will keep you in my prayers.Sorry folks for taking up so much space.Talk to you all later-ky girl

October 18, 2008 - Msg 67105: Romeena,if you have anymore of those bulbs ,I'd like to have some.-ky girl

October 18, 2008 - Msg 67106: Whew, been a busy day. Got the suburban out of the shop already, which is great.

I had to take Erin in the the urgent care center today because it seems she has a staph infection. I think I mentioned the rash she had that we have been treating with a steroid creme. Well, it is clearing up but there are still some bumps that look like insect bites. One of them on the underside of her left forearm is infected. I happened to notice it this afternoon while getting her ready for a birthday party. It's about a 2 inch area of redness and swelling around one of the bumps. Anyway, the doctor said it is staph and put her Bactrim, which is a sulpha drug. I had to give her a dose of that right away (and some type of ointment for skin infection) and I have to put warm compresses on the area several times a day. If it isn't better in a couple of days, I have to take her back. Please remember your prayers for Erin that this staph doesn't turn into something really bad. Thanks.

I need to get Erin to bed and crash myself! Love to All...


October 18, 2008 - Msg 67107: Oh hey, kygirl, you hardly take up any space at all, so please don't be sorry. You keep coming and talk anytime you like. We will be here for you.


October 18, 2008 - Msg 67108: Goldwater quoting Reagan, that's a tough act to follow.
actually that reminded me of the old Dimension X radio program, where tales "are told in future tense" with 1978 and 1999 as the future. we are closer to President Reagan's "sunset years" than we think.
we need more little cowboys and bigger sammitches. that'll fix things right up!

October 18, 2008 - Msg 67109: Good evening, everyone. What a pleasant night for porch-sitting! Can't stay long, though, gotta get up early for preaching in the morning.

ky girl, has your email address changed? I'm thinking maybe the part after the @ changed? Let me know - I just got one back that I had sent you.

Boo, I'm sorry Erin is having problems. That poor little thing just can't seem to get everything well at the same time! Bless your heart! Prayers for both of you.

Well, I'm heading for the ironing board. I slept late this morning, but am still tired tonight for some reason. Getting old, I guess. I'm no spring chicken anymore! Blessings, all. --Romeena

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67110: Good evening friends, Just moseying through and thought I'd holler hey. HEY!
Possum and Ky Girl, you both deserve better and are both in my prayers. Keep a good atti-tude. Things will get better.

Auh20, love the quote. And sadly I wonder if we are seeing it happen right before our very eyes.

Hey Leon. Ain't seen you here in a while. Welcome back.

Boo, that poor Erin is having a time. I hope she gets feeling better soon.

Glad your visit with the Rev was so good Romeena. He sounds like a fine feller with a good heart.

Well I spent the day cutting damaged limbs off all our tree's that was damaged by last weeks snow storms. Sure was sad to see all the damage done. Oh well. They'll survive.

Anyone got an incant for my back? Iy's sure been giving me a time as of late. Somethings gonna have to happen there I fear.

Well you all keep on snoozing. I'm gonna stay out here and rock for a bit and contemplate life. I'll be quiet.


October 19, 2008 - Msg 67111: MDB, here's th' IMDb page with th' Leon character info. www.imdb.com/character/ch0045327/ Five brief appearances, no lines.
Clint Howard went on to being in a lot of Ron Howard's work.
ky girl, domestic violence is a dealbreaker. I'm glad you got out.
"hey" to Boo an' Romeena.
~~love, Leon
"No, thanks, Leon."

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67112: "Hey," Mr. Asa, it's sure good to see ya again.

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67113: "GOOOD SUNDAY MORNING PORCH"!..back at work keeping the Church lights on..will catch a sermon or two on the tube...hey Asa my buddy,leon,My friend Boo..The ever so famous Romeena!..auh2o,hazel,brother Rev,Tom,NN,MDC,MD,CHUCK!,shift worker CD,prayers possum and ky for sure..possum if ya need me at the Rock just holler fish!...such a great day the Lord gave us here in Ga..crisp 40"s and nice,real nice..Rev football was GREAT yesterday.....Short track racing today..Jimmy on pole due to rain..My Falcons have a bye this week...well enough running my mouth now down to business..breakfast menu: 3 eggs your way,thick sliced bacon,jimmy dean sausage links,hashbrowns with cheese,grits,bisquits and milk gravy(salt and pepper),fried apple rings,oj,coffee,h20..everyone come as you are!...Prayers To All...your porch dog "SPOT"

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67114: Well Well I post at 6;60 am and no one has rocked since then and its almost Lunch time!..hope all of yall had a good Sermon in Church this morning..I caught some good messages on the tube getting ready for football and Nascar!..sure was alot of breakfast left over!...ha ha...I feel like a stray dog!..ha ha...well its Olive Garden for a late lunch at about 2 or so...will check in in a bit...SPOT

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67115: "6:60"..huh :) new dog time...ha ha..thats 6:30..

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67116: Afternoon Family:
Sure is quiet on the porch this afternoon. Everyone must be napping after that fine sermon on Sin- just can't hear enough about it. Gonna rock for a while, take a nap, maybe even go down to the corner for a pop- how about it SPOT? Want me to get ya a bottle of pop? Nap away...~New Neighbor

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67117: New Neighbor, he didn't talk about sin!
- Hazel

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67118: Well he there New Neighbor a pop would be great.. wana go hazel?..we are the only ones here after lunch...and I was alone on the porch before lunch!..lets go....SPOT

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67119: Good afternoon, porch friends. I have been outside helping my grandson to learn to ride his bike without training wheels. He is laughing and excited because he is finally getting his balance. It's a bigger workout for me as my heart rate feels like a freight train rumble! But we're having a good time despite a few minor falls in the grass.
Hope everyone is having a good Sabbath day. The weather here is great; sunny and 57 degrees.Sorry I missed breakfast this morning, Spot. I'll definitely be there for the Olive Garden. Let's share a never-ending pasta bowl.
When the bike-riding lessons are over, I'll be back here to sit in my rocker on the porch and relax.Prayers and blessings to all...

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67120: Pasta bowl sounds good CD...know yer having fun doing the bike riding teaching!...Race fans its ON...good football on..im off at 6 today then back at 2 tue for 16 then off till sat night...porch sure is quite today...hope everyone is enjoying their day..SPOT

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67121: Good afternoon, friends. Just got home from services, and lunch with friends afterward. We went to Applebee's, and I had the quesadilla burger. That is one fine meal. I brought half of it home because the thing is huge, so I've got supper taken care of tonight.

I'm thinking a nap would go good right about now, and Toye Starr is always in the mood for a cuddle, so I think we'll go curl up in my big chair and snooze for a while. It's a good day for it. Beautiful weather, looks like spring but feels like fall, and I love it. After a little nap, I'll go poke around the back yard for a while, maybe do a bit of weeding, though there's not much to do. Mostly I'll just sit out there and soak up the pretty day. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67122: Good Sabbath, all~~
Preachin' today was particularly energizin', then got to go down to the river an' lookit the purty colors over in Canada, now home watchin' th' race... Full belly, take a nap. Life is good.
Best o' luck to you an' yours!
~~love, Leon

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67123: Well gang looks like Romeena brought us home supper!..ha ha..Race is over and race fans looks like Jimmy J is on his way to a third Championship..good for him..well my day is about over and its home to rest...think Miss Sherry is coming over for a movie...prayers and will check back after while...CD guess you work tomorrow..hopw the bike training wrnt well...Rev look for your meals brother,Tom,auh2o,possum,boo and Asa yall take care...prayers and thanks Lord for a great day....SPOT

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67124: Hi friends,good sabbath day .It was a beautiful day here,preaching was wonderful this morning.Talk to you all later-ky girl

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67125: Well, it's been a fairly lazy day for me today (I needed the rest!). Other than treating Erin's wound (which is looking better) and feeding people, that's about all I have done. It feels like a Sunday ought to feel...restful.

Just wanted to check in and say "Hey"...


October 19, 2008 - Msg 67126: "Hey, who's been messin' with the bulletin board?
No official verification, no work order.."

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67127:
RO- ky girl mentioned that she currently does not have an email address. We can just pray at this point in time.
BOO, Prayers for Erin!
Who won the race?
Leon- thanks for the info.
CD- love the grandson bike story!
RO- have you ever heard the preaching of the late Adrian Rogers, good Baptist preacher.
I listen to him every sunday am before heading to my church. Good stuff. he has a knack for aliteration also.
Good Sabbath to you all.

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67128: Hello to my porch family; I hope ya'll had a blessed, restful Sabbath day.
Good to see ya on the porch tonight, MDC.
Boo, I will remember Erin in my prayers. How is Bruce's back? Is he fully healed now?
ky girl, you are in my prayers. God will bring you through.
Spot, hope you and Miss Sherry enjoyed a good movie.
Ro, how is Toye Starr's paw?
Asa, New Neighbor, Leon, MD,Hazel, Big Maude, Mavis, Sterling, and all my other porch friends-blessings and prayers for all of you. See ya'll for breakfast in the morning. Will Shoney's be ok?
With love in Christ--

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67129: Good evening, all. I'm about to tuck the Starr and myself in and watch some Britcoms, but thought I'd rest a minute on the porch first.

CD, Starr's little foot seems to be fine. Her doctor could find nothing wrong except a little muscle tenderness, and that has disappeared. I think she may have pulled a muscle jumping off the ottoman. It's not all that high, but when you're only about 7" tall, it's quite a drop. Thank you for asking.

Thanks for telling me about ky girls email address, MDC. I missed that. And yes, I've often heard Adrian Rogers. He was excellent.

I can get a few of those surprise lily bulbs but I'll need your snail mail address, ky girl, in order to send them to you. That's why I wanted your email, so I could get that information.

I still haven't found Starr's little comb, since my neat-freak grandson was here and tidied up the living room. He has put it somewhere, but at age 7, if I ask him, he won't know where. I tried to get her a new one, but PetsMart didn't have the kind I like, so I'll have to look elsewhere. I tried using a slicker brush, but it's hard on her tender skin. Mavis, do you have any suggestions? What do you prefer for combing out a Maltese? I've been using the comb with the rotating metal teeth, as it doesn't seem to snag like the combs with immovable teeth.

Well, off we go. Be blessed, everyone. Praying that REV's concert went well today. --Romeena

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67130: Good evening, all. I'm about to tuck the Starr and myself in and watch some Britcoms, but thought I'd rest a minute on the porch first.

CD, Starr's little foot seems to be fine. Her doctor could find nothing wrong except a little muscle tenderness, and that has disappeared. I think she may have pulled a muscle jumping off the ottoman. It's not all that high, but when you're only about 7" tall, it's quite a drop. Thank you for asking.

Thanks for telling me about ky girls email address, MDC. I missed that. And yes, I've often heard Adrian Rogers. He was excellent.

I can get a few of those surprise lily bulbs but I'll need your snail mail address, ky girl, in order to send them to you. That's why I wanted your email, so I could get that information.

I still haven't found Starr's little comb, since my neat-freak grandson was here and tidied up the living room. He has put it somewhere, but at age 7, if I ask him, he won't know where. I tried to get her a new one, but PetsMart didn't have the kind I like, so I'll have to look elsewhere. I tried using a slicker brush, but it's hard on her tender skin. Mavis, do you have any suggestions? What do you prefer for combing out a Maltese? I've been using the comb with the rotating metal teeth, as it doesn't seem to snag like the combs with immovable teeth.

Well, off we go. Be blessed, everyone. Praying that REV's concert went well today. --Romeena

October 19, 2008 - Msg 67131: Sorry! That's what happens when you navigate away from the porch, return via the back arrow, and think you haven't posted what you wrote, but you did. My apologies for chewing my cabbage twice! --Romeena

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67132: Romeena, you always write so nicely, I don't think anyone would mind reading what you wrote twice. ;)

Thanks for your suggestions about the Kai's workbook, and to everyone for the comments, and thanks for the prayers CD.
Kai told me Friday that she forgot that the teacher-helpers(actually I guess one is a school counselor and one is a school social worker - what the difference is I don't know) take the books with them when they leave. I don't know why she told me they told her to keep it in their desks before, but I guess little kids minds are sometimes all over the place like that.

But I am having doubts as to whether I need to see it anyway. The gist of this four-day program seems to be focusing just on "stranger-danger" type things, and what to do if someone makes you upset(like shaking out the "energy"), and how to know the sign they are feeling scared.
I'd hate to appear like a nervous nellie just over the counselors teaching them that stuff.
There is also a video they are planning on showing on one of the days called "I am the boss of my body" which is supposed to help them recognize and deal with possible danger and abuse situations. They say you can view it before your child views it with the class. Once again, I am not sure I need to, although like I said, whenever they send a note telling the parents they can look over something it makes me wonder what they plan on showing my child that they need to ask.
I'd be interested in knowing you porch people's opinions on this and what you would do, because I could go either way now. Well, actually I do kind of want to see what they plan on showing Kai in that video.

Mavis, thanks for your comments about the cat. Sofie has an appointment to be shaved on Tuesday. The vet thought that would be the best thing for her, so we may come out with a cat that looks like a poodle.;)

CD, I wish you could work with Kai on riding a bike without training wheels. Kai just has this intense fear of falling off her bike and she gets frustrated with me trying to help her learn to balance while she is riding, and I think upset with herself a little too, and won't even get on the bike anymore. Bought her a new helmet, pads and everything too.
I have had to catch myself a few times when seeing kids a lot younger than Kai riding bike without training wheels and wanting to tell her, "see, they are riding...." to encourage her to want to do that, but I think that hurts her feelings and she feels bad, because I know she wants to.

Well everyone, have a nice night.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67133: Hey porch. Sorry long time no see.
Got a question for you porchsters:
Why is in episode "To TV or Not" does Andy introduce Goober Pyle to the television producers as "Goober Beasley"?


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67134: Hi, Sterling, I'm sorry Kai won't get on her bike. How old is she? I'm sorry I can't remember. My grandson is 8 and I thought it was weird that he is just now learning to ride. Up until now, he has never expressed any interest in riding a bike. He has always had a fear of falling. And today, he wanted to try to ride one more time before he went home. And, you guessed it, he fell. Got hurt, got up off the ground totally frustrated, and refused to get back on. Nathan(my grandson) wants to be able to ride like the older boys, but he is impatient to learn.
My daughter believes in "making" a child do or try something whether they want to or not. I don't agree, because I believe in letting a child try something when they are comfortable with it...I just offer subtle encouragement and then they are more willing to try new and different things. Don't worry , Sterling; Kai will eventually be ready to learn to ride and she will do really well.
As far as the videos dealing with abuse,etc.,it's sad that we live in a world where we have to prepare young children for the possibility of bad things happening to them. I would preview the video to make sure that Kai can understand and emotionally handle the content of what she will be seeing. I admire you and your wife for being such devoted parents.
Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow. Prayers and blessings for all-

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67135: Chuck, Andy calling Goober by the last name of "Beasley" was just one of the many contradictions on the show. I don't think there was any reason for it; I think since they had so many different writers on the show, that sometimes inconsistancies just happened.
- Hazel

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67136: Gomer an' Goober are cousins, Goober's from the Beasley side. Wasn't there other Beasleys mentioned?

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67137: Good Monday mornin', all~~
MDC, till I reread you up there I thought you had a preacher who does alterations.
~~love, Leon

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67138: Mornin' Y'all! Hope everybody is off to a good start.
From the bottom of my heart,THANK YOU guys for the kind thoughts and prayers.

Well,it's Monday,that means lots of household chores,so I'd better get busy. Since Boo is dealing with Erin's problems (get well Erin!) I guess I can do Me-They's laundry to help out a bit. Toss 'em, Me-They!! Watch out for flying shorts heading South!

Y'all take care.. love to all!
possum under a rock

P.S. CHUCK!!! (That's my take off on Spot hollering for him-hey Spot,looks who's back- it's CHUCK!!)

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67139: Good Mornin' Porch friends.Hope everyone is doing well this morning. I'll stop back by after breakfast.

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67140: Thanks CD.
Well, Kai is 8 also so maybe she will get up the gumption to try to ride "one more time" like your grandson did.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67141: hello porchsters! glad to see my rocker is still here, albeit extremely dusty!!!

i just wanted to drop a note in here for THE REV, to tell him how much my husband and i enjoyed his concert at romeena's church last thursday night. he is a joy, a blessing with his music, talent and the message of Christ.

romeena, your church potluck is the mother of all potluck's! we loved all the wonderful food and fellowship. what a terrific group of folks you have at your church. we may stop back in one of these days for another visit. :-)

thanks again for the invite, and thank you REV for making the trip to texas to put on your wonderful performance. i love my cd. hope to see you perform again! and hope to see you sometime soon romeena!! babes--ANYTIME!! :-D


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67142: Sterling, I think it would be good idea for you to see the video, too, so you could reinforce what is taught at home (if it contains helpful information). By the way, a cat that looks like a poodle! haha...very funny mental image...if that does happen, you will have to send Ro a picture for the album!

Sterling, I was remembering something when you were posting about Kai and the bike situation. My nephew, Matt, who is now 30, was trying to learn to ride a new bike he received for Christmas...the first one without training wheels..he must have been about 6, and was so excited about getting to ride a "big boy's" bike. Well, the first time his Dad helped him to try it out, he took off, and wrecked...his response?..."What are you guys trying to do to me? That thing is dangerous!"...and he wouldn't try again for I can't remember how long. haha Kai will get over her fear soon, I'll bet.

Thanks, POSSUM, I appreciate the help...turns out my dryer is acting up, too. The air conditioner was not working yesterday, either (it is in the 80's here), but seems to be ok today. Erin's arm is looking better today so the Bactrim is working. I have to go to her school today and get her work before she gets too far behind. I am keeping her home while the wound is draining because it can be contagious to the other kids.

Well, better scoot..


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67143: Is that OUR Chuck??


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67144: "Hey" to Daphne...don't stay gone so long...


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67145: Good morning everyone. It was a chilly 29 degrees this morning and I had to scrap the frost of the windshield. It’s warming up nicely now and will probably hit 60 degrees today. Great sleeping weather.

Here come my shorts, POSSUM! After being away all weekend, I can use some clean ones, thanks.

We had a wonderful time in Lancaster. On Friday evening, we walked around town and visited a lot of the little shops. They had some outside jazz so it was a nice time. On Saturday, we visited a couple of the Amish museums and just drove around the countryside. The Amish still are pretty “primitive” in some ways, but they sure have adapted. The reason they don’t use electricity or a telephone is not the technology, but that they don’t want to be connected to the outside. So they have propane washing machines and such and lots of them have cell phones. It’s kind of odd to see an Amish person drive by you in a buggy chatting on his cell, or see an Amish woman in her traditional clothes cleaning off the driveway with a gas-powered leaf blower strapped to her back. On Sunday, we took the kids to a farm with a pumpkin patch and corn maze. This one had a patriotic theme and they actually had stations where you learned about government at different points in the maze. The kids enjoyed it.

The only near-disaster of the trip happened when my brother and sister-in-law, who were driving my parents in the lead vehicle, decided to stop for lunch at a smorgasbord. I had previously told them to stop wherever, that we didn’t care. I will choose my words more carefully next time. Thankfully, the wait was way to long and we traveled on to a Friendly’s. When I told him that any restaurant was fine, I assumed he understood that, to me, a restaurant is a place where someone you can’t see fixes food just for you ;). Sorry, don’t do buffets or all-you-can-eats.

We also went to this place that had all kind of jams, jellies, salsas, etc. They had sampling stations with crackers just about everywhere. It was really busy, and I was looking around with the Mrs. At some point, I just started looking around and taking stock of all the people at these sampling stations. I just had to walk out. But we did buy some great salsa and lemon curd (great on scones).

Prayers going up for KY GIRL, POSSUM, Erin, and the rest of you, too. You all are never far from my thoughts.


Thanks, ROMEENA.

AUH2O: I’m disappointed about the way things seemed to be headed, but I’m optimistic that this isn’t “the beginning of the end” of our democratic heritage (small “d”!). We’ve weathered some downright incompetent and even dangerous presidents like Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, etc. We’ve weathered terrible times, too. And, when you read history there is a long succession of people of faith who have been saying, “This is it! Our nation has gone too far.” I’ll be pulling that lever for McCain, but no matter who gets elected I’m going to be praying for them and trusting that the Lord can use anyone for His good. By the way, did you see the Alfred Smith dinner the other night? McCain was hilarious and at the top of his game.

STERLING: Nora is 8 and still struggling to master riding a bike. Chad, however, is only 5 and treats his training wheels like some sort of launching devices. Some kids just take longer.

I think I’ve mentioned before that abuse and exploitation of kids is my single biggest mental landmine. I don’t understand it, can’t tolerate it, and, if I think about it too much or too deeply, it tends to overwhelm my anxiety meter. We do live in a dangerous time. That said, we also live in a culture of fear. We see every evil deed plastered across the tv screen 24/7, no matter how unique or where it occurred. I pray all works out in Kai’s school situation.

Can I get on the soapbox for a minute? The “stranger danger” thing hits me wrong. There were about 800,000 abductions of U.S. children last year. Of that number, 58,000 are non-family abductions; the vast majority are custody-related. Of those 58,000, only a little over 100 are stranger abductions. That’s out of an estimated 72.3 million kids! Now, each of those is a tragedy of epic proportions. The “stranger danger” we make our kids paranoid about has less of a chance of happening than being struck by lightning (actually, about 5 times greater of a chance of being struck). In fact, more than 115 people are injured each year by things falling out of the sky, but we don’t teach our kids to be paranoid of playing in their backyard.

By contrast, 4.3 million kids are injured in car accidents each year. I recently said to a friend of mine that based on this, as parents we shouldn’t do “unnecessary” driving to take our kids to, say, ballet, soccer practice, or the movies. He responded that this would be ridiculous and we have to let our kids experience kid stuff, and I agreed. But this is the same friend who won’t let his 8-year-old play alone in the front yard for fear of “stranger danger!” Does anyone else see how bizarre this is?

The chance of our kids being adducted, abused, or exploited by a stranger is practically zero. No, the sad reality is that if something terrible like that happens to our child, it will be by a family member we love, a child-care worker or teacher we willingly hand our children over to, or a friend we trust. Instead of teaching “stranger danger,” we need to teach our kids to independent and secure. Fearing people we don’t know or cars that drive down the street is a red-herring. I believe that as parents we need to stop letting irrational fear dictate raising our kids. It’s about time we let them hike to the woods down to the creek, walk to their friends house, go riding bikes through the neighborhood, or stay out after dark playing kick-the-can. And, for crying out loud, let them play in the front yard!

Okay, that’s my soapbox for this morning.


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67146: About learning to ride a bike - my youngest couldn't get the training wheels thing. Just couldn't seem to get the hang of it but we took the training wheels off and lo and behold - he could ride the bike just fine without the training wheels. Who would have thunk it!


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67147: About learning to ride a bike - my youngest couldn't get the training wheels thing. Just couldn't seem to get the hang of it but we took the training wheels off and lo and behold - he could ride the bike just fine without the training wheels. Who would have thunk it!


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67148: looks like I chewed my cud twice - sorry! hm

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67149:
Watch it TOM, Me-They's shorts are flyin' over your house! ha
Sterling- I too think you should watch the film.
Who knows who made it and what the contents really are!
HM- did you ever land a new job? What are you doing this year? How's the new house?
Good one about the alterations LEON. Maybe HE can fix those band uniforms! ha
CHUCK ans DAPHNE on the same day!!Wow, If we'd known ya all were coming, we would have had Leon dust off your rockers.
Hazel, yes there were other Beasleys in the show.
And Andy and Barney were cousins! Emma and Clara also had two different last names, but that could be explained by saying husbands passed away.
Maybe they are still trying to find Goober's birth certificate in Hawaii!! haha
have a good day, prayers!

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67150: Well MDC, I know who made it. It is called "I am the boss of my body" and it is a video created by United Learning, and I have been trying to read up on them. It seems(from the descriptions) to be pretty much about what the school said it would be, though I don't know exactly how they present it, or how graphic it could be. I can't imagine it would be all that graphic, at least not overtly.
I have been looking for the video online, or at least clips from it, but I haven't been able to find any that you don't have to pay for(I was hoping someone might have put it on YouTube or something ;))
I am going to ask about it though.

Wow hm, I wish Kai felt that way about the training wheels. She wanted me to put them back ON. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67151: Well - Me-They, you raise some interesting points. Your statistics are no doubt accurate, and I'm sure what you're saying is true, and yet I just could never bring myself to allow a small child to play in the front yard unsupervised. It just doesn't feel safe to me. And yet I would take that same child with me to a buffet or smorgasbord and let him or her eat whatever they chose. Go figure.

Sterling, you darn betcha I'd want to see that film, and I would be previewing books as well. All done in a friendly, non-confrontational manner, but done nevertheless. You have that right. If they are ever hesitant to show you the materials, then that's all the more reason to insist.

Years ago, when my youngest son was in second grade, he asked for some boxing gloves like the kid in his book at school had. Curious, I asked to see the book. The teacher provided it, and I was horrified. In this little book, a parent called a child a liar several times, as in "You're a liar! Don't lie to me!" Two children who squabbled frequently were provided with boxing gloves and allowed to slug it out. There was more, but that's what stands out in my mind. I pitched a little hissyfit, and the result was that the book was withdrawn from the classes. It pays to be vigilant.

Well, I'm off. Headed up to the church to address envelopes to send out letters regarding the liquor election that will be on the ballot Nov. 4. We have no package stores in this town, and no alcohol is sold in the grocery stores. Liquor by the drink is available in restaurants, but that's all. We'd like to keep it that way, but the liquor crowd trots the election out every two years, and we keep voting it down. So here we go, one more time....

Blessings! --Romeena

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67152:
A dry county heh, Romeena?! Look out for little old ladies in lace! They are after that "special occasion" crowd, Mohammand's birthday, for example. ha
Boo- I was just wondering if you are going to have a basement?
Sterling- seems like a film with that title would have to bring up WHERE they are boss etc. One thing that I think I would at least insist on is that it NOT be viewed it in a gender-mixed classroom.
I too will be voting for John McCain. for one thing, he has hung out all his laundry these past 30+ years, including MT's shorts, whereas I have not seen one single piece of BO's laundry, other than his "present" votes. OK, soapbox goes blueey. Thanks, I appreciate it, good DAY!

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67153: Heehee, that's funny ROMEENA. When I talk about children in the front yard, of course I don't mean small children. I just think it's a shame that most kids today won't have the pleasant memories many of us have of the "freedom" of childhood. That loss is based less on real, probable dangers and more on irrational, statistically improbable fear.

MDC: Yep, you sure know what you're getting with McCain, like it or not.

STERLING: Nora keeps asking me to put her's back on, too!

Happy Sir Waletr Raleigh Landin' Day!


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67154: Hey again y'all- wanted to share some positive news that I just received. Laci went back today to her pediatric orthopedist who last saw her earlier this year. Some of you new Porchsters might not know that Laci has mild cerebral palsey,and at age 5 is still not able to walk independently. She can take about a dozen steps across a room,but is not able to go much further right now,unless she uses her walker. She also wears braces on her legs. Anyhow,last visit the doctor was strongly suggesting that she will have to have hip rotation surgery in the coming years in order to ever get to the point of walking independently. This is a very traumatic surgery,with a recovery time of many months. We really didn't want to see her go through that after all (heart surgery) she's been through. Well today,the doctor examined her and said barring anything drastic occurring with her,ABSOLUTELY NO SURGERY!! He said that Laci is learning to compensate for her disability and is coming along fine and that she'll make her own way.He expects the ball and socket in her hip to pretty much straighten itself out around age 8. Seems to be an age 8 theme going on here today,huh?!
This is beautiful news and I know y'all have prayed continually for Laci over the years. God's been listening,so thank you all and praise the good Lord!
possum again

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67155: spelled "palsy" wrong-sorry.

possum again

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67156: That's awesome, Possum! I know how scary that word "surgery" is, especially when you are dealing with a child, so I am so glad you don't have to worry about that. God is good, isn't He?!

MDC, one would hope, and I would think, that any teaching about that would be about just in the general vicinity, like how we already have told Kai where people should not touch, and not the specific parts named and diagrammed.
Like I said, one would hope not anyway. But that is something I intend to ask; how graphic.
Problem is I can't seem to get a hold of either of the two counselors. They weren't there Friday, and I haven't been able to reach them by phone today. The school secretary did say that the one counselor isn't permanently at this school, and the other one is here only on certain days, but I forgot what they were.
Well, I have to go pick up Kai in a little while, so I will see what days they ARE there.

Really am glad for you, Possum! :)

-Sterling Holobyte

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67157:
Hey Folks

Well, we are still tucking the yard in for winter. We have had deep hard frosts again the last couple of days.

Me-They I concur with your thoughts regarding the election, as well as, prayers for our new President. I found it hard to believe that McCain is being blamed for the economic down turn. I also find it hard to believe the cure is to increase taxes. The market makes adjustments all the time. But, here we are. If we think we're a long way from Mayberry now wait until January 20th.

Sterling- I also have the concerns same M-T has about "stranger danger" programs. I think what kids need to be more aware of "strangeness" so when well known uncle, cousin, or a teacher, for example, acts "strange" the child will know what to do.

Asa & Hazel- You folks must be thinking snow soon.

Ronald Reagan: "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I'm from the government and I'm here to help."


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67158:


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67159: exactillioso!

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67160:
Thelma Lou: ...And don't go around tellin' people that you've got me in your hip pocket.

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67161: Praise the Lord, POSSUM! That's wonderful news.

AUH2O: Raising taxes is the cure to our economic woes as bloodletting was to "bad humors"--it sounds like the bad idea it is.

Only a month until turkey day! One of my favorite holidays. I say everyone chip in one special recipe for our Mayberry feast. I'll bring the mashed potatoes (potatoes, skin off or on, with milk, real butter, dash of salt, fresh chopped parsley, dollop of sour cream--hey, what do you want? I'm no Alton Brown).


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67162:
Hello porch family....sure have missed you folks. I'll have to read all the archives later.

Well I tell you, I had a great time with Ro this past Thursday and Friday. She is so sweet.It was so nice to be able to just kick back and spend some time together. Ro has such a pretty home and garden. So peaceful. And Little Starr is just too precious. She is so loving.
Ro took me to a place called "Babes". That was the best chicken that I have ever eaten. Oh my word, I ate so much and still had plenty to take back to the motorhome for later.

I also got to meet Daphne and her hubby. It just seemed like I knew them all my life. And her hubby is a huge TAGS fan also so I told him to grab a name and rocker and join in on the porch.

Well I've got to meet with some folks in a few minutes. I'm in Louisiana now. All the concerts are going great. I'm praying for all the porch family. Remember, JESUS loves you so much!

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67163:
Thanks REV, you are a trea-sa, and i don't say that to too many folks.
JJohnson on top of the race chase!
Wow, MT- Thanksgiving talk already! My goodness,2008 has flown by, faster than a cow's tail during fly season!
Andy: You know what I believe I'll do? Run down to the drugstore and get some ice cream for later.
Barn: You want me to go?
Andy: No, I'll go.
Barn: Well, I don't mind.
Andy: I don't either,I'll go.

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67164: I am rejoicing with you POSSUM! What wonderful news about Laci! Bless her little heart, she is a tough little cookie and will "make her way" as the wise doctor said.

Thanks for you words of wisdom, Me-They. The truth is that most parent's over-protection of their kids stems from the paranoia we have about someone taking our children. It is most parent's worst fear, I imagine. It's hard to think rationally when it comes to great fears. You're right, though, we are so bombarded with scary stories that our parents weren't subjected to, that we have a tough time letting our kids experience the world. It's a real shame. Fear is not often the best reason for doing things, is it? I have to admit I have a really tough time letting Erin play in the front yard in this neighborhood (2 registered s#x offenders on my block). When my mother-in-law came to live with us, I was letting Erin play outside sometimes and MIL told me, "I wouldn't let her play out there if I were you"...and she doesn't even know about the s#x offenders.

I love Thanksgiving, too, Me-They! You might remember that last Thanksgiving I was in Cloudcrofft, New Mexico in a cozy cabin and it was snowing! What a great time I had there with St. Susan, Dad and the kids. I cooked a turkey and cornbread dressing and sweet potatoes in the little cabin kitchen..it was so neat. This Thanksgiving will be spent at home, though. My poor mom has been talking about me making the "good" dressing that she didn't get last year. I guess I will be doing most of the cooking again here at my place. I will be thinking about that special recipe to share. I made a new recipe today for Chess Pie. I have never made it and it was pretty simple so I gave it a shot. It is cooling now, so don't know how good it is yet.

No, MDC, nobody here on the coast has basements. If you dig down more than 3 or 4 feet, the sand starts getting real wet here (we are at sea level). It sure would be nice to have one, though, come hurricane season.

Well, Bruce just got home from work and he is walking crooked...poor guy is still having problems with his back. He is over-doing it, though.


October 20, 2008 - Msg 67165: Good evening, all. Spent some time up at the
church getting those anti-liquor sales letters out. To clarify - Dallas is not a dry county, but we do have local (city) option. Several suburban cities are dry or semi-dry, though our numbers are decreasing. Irving is semi-dry. You can buy wine and mixed drinks in restaurants, but there are no liquor stores, no outright taverns or bars, and no sales of beer or wine in grocery stores or convenience stores. That, of course, also means there are no "Gentlemen's" Clubs, and the like. We'd like to keep it that way.

Irving is almost a divided city - we have Old Irving, which is where I live, and the zoning laws are very scrambled and lax. I could take you to a $400k house in a residential section, where there are horses, a cow and some chickens next door. The city has developed very rapidly, expanding to the north, doubling the population in about twenty years. The new area is carefully zoned and controlled. There will be no liquor stores or bars or clubs there, but Soccer Mom will be able to buy a bottle of wine with the steak for dinner at the grocery store. Meanwhile, the rest of us will deal with the garbage that will ride along, and taxes will rise as we have to have more and more police, emergency services and all that goes with it.

The big selling point is "keep the tax dollars in Irving." Right. One lousy cent on the dollar would remain in Irving. One cent. For that penny, I could have a package store at the end of my street, the 20-25 illegals in the house on the other end of the street would be able to walk to the store to fuel up, and I'll be picking up many more beer bottles out of my front yard than I do now. I do note, also, that the very same Soccer Moms who want their liquor tax dollars to stay in Irving have no problem at all with going to Dallas to shop for clothing and everything else. OK, 'nuff of that.

Possum, thank God for Laci's good news. That's just wonderful. That baby has endured enough, thank you.

Me-They, I do hear what you're saying. I ran wild as an Indian as a child, and my own kids were just about as free, but somehow, it seems different today. Like Boo, I have a registered s#x offender just six houses down, and two or three more within a three block radius. Makes you thank, and you don't even need a bucket.

REV, I'm glad the concert went well. I'm still hearing comments from folks who heard you sing, and they really enjoyed it. I'm constantly being asked if you're coming back. Glad you liked Babe's - it really is good chicken!

Well, guess I'll go round up some vittles. Got some left over 'tater salad, think I'll go get some chicken to go with it. No, it won't be as good as Babe's, but it'll do. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67166: Just curious, Ro. How far do the people that throw their beer bottles in your front yard have to go to purchase their beer? I guess where there's a will there's a way, but it seems like in a community like yours there wouldn't be that many "beer bottle throwers". As Barney said to Otis "Where did you get the liquor?"
MDC, I guess you're right. Perhaps Goober did have some Beasleys in his family history, and that's why Andy slipped and used that for his last name. I've always felt it was just one of the contradictions on the show. There was a lot of Beasleys on the show; Andy Griffith had friends with that last name growing up, and liked to reference them by using the name in the show.
I love Thanksgiving too. My favorite holiday.
Great news about Laci, Possum! Yay!
- Hazel

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67167: Evening porch Family:
Glad to see all the dusty rockers being used again! Seems more like home when they all are being used.
Rev- we will continue to pray for your concerts, that the Lord prepares the hearts of those in attendance.
Laci has been a blessing to us on the porch as we have lifted her up in prayer over the years. And now a miracle for our little one... God is truly good.
Have a fine evening. ~New Neighbor

October 20, 2008 - Msg 67168: "CHUCK" hey buddy..gosh I holler for ya all the time!...great news Possum...lets you and I step out and celebrate!...;)...been busy at the dog house all day..made 2 dump trip withj pop...pop is so cool at 77 yrs old he tryed so hard to order a Big Mac at Wendys...finally he just said give me a double meat burger..his mind is sharper than mine and can out work me but he just dont get out much...ha ha..well let me read the mail...prayers to all...Maude any leftovers?..you or MDC,MD,Romeena?...im hungry...SPOT