October 30, 2008 - Msg 67582: When did I miss that Romeena was going on a Mayberry cruise???...the is BIG..real big. Have fun and don't buy any two-headed nickels (want my penny squashed by a train?).

Thanks for that serenade, MDC...so glad you didn't do "Jump in The Cotton".

Loved the Milton quote, Auh2o.


October 30, 2008 - Msg 67583:
RO- that only happened to us once. The night before we were to go on a vacation, our refrigerator quit, gave up the ghost right then and there. It was about 7 PM, too late for the man, but it was a shot compressor anyway (we found out later) so we gave away our food, took to neighbors etc, as palne was to take off at 9 am the next morning! Had to then deal with it a week later. There's my whine! ha
Have a great time, I'm sure the vid will come up, but as you said, it's really Andy TAYLOR whom we all came to admire, and he can still be real to us! Just relax and enjoy!

October 30, 2008 - Msg 67584: Nice sweep, if I do say so myself...gotta go...Keevy Hazelton is on TAGS.


October 30, 2008 - Msg 67585:
Wow, good sweep Boo.. ya gonna get that baseball too? haha

October 30, 2008 - Msg 67586: MDC,I haven't heard that song forever,thanks for reminding me of it!I have an uncle who used to sing it all the time,but,i don't think he knew all the words,because all I can remember him singing is"tie a knot in the mules tail before it runs away'.prayers for everyone-ky girl

October 30, 2008 - Msg 67587: Hello my family, Thanks for the song MDC. Just wanted to let ya'll know that I'll be gone for a week or so. So dont put out an APB or anything if ya dont see me for a few days lol. You will all be in my prayers though. Love you guys--Salty D

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67588: Hi, gang. I'm not quite gone yet, thought I'd check in once more. Won't have time in the morning, I'm sure - I still have to go to the bank and get some cash. My paycheck will be deposited tonight, thank goodness.

"The man" came and snaked out the drain, just 89.50 for an after-hours call, so not too bad. Everything is worth what it's worth, I guess, and I sure couldn't go off and leave my friend with my furkid and a clogged drain. I have to do this clean-out about once a year. There are tiny cracks in the drain pipe, I'm told, and tree roots find their way in and create a tangled mess. Yes, I could have the yard dug up and the pipes replaced, or have them push PVC pipe through the old ones, but it would cost about $1500-$2000 and make a terrible mess. So, I've chosen to spend less than $100 a year, no mess, and I can do that for the next fifteen years or so, at least. After that, I probably won't care! Now, if it starts happening more often, like three or four times a year, I might have to rethink my plan, but for now, the man was here, the drains are running, and I'm happy.

Now I've got to finish packing, so off I go. Be blessed - see you next Thursday or Friday. --Romeena

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67589: I'm heading out for that Mayberry Cruise my own self. I'll be sure to say "hey" to Romeena for all of us. Y'all take care while I'm gone and just give an interlopers "the big freeze." I leave in the...errr...later this morning.

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67590: Thanks Floyd...you keep an eye on Romeena for us...you know how she can get, teehee. Ya'll have a wonderful time for all of us and get plenty of pics for the photo site, Ro...Oh, and buy me "a ship in a bottle", please. hehe

Who's going with me to the Remshaw house tonight?

I was going over some archives last night and found this incant for forgettfulness and senility:
"Eye of newt and toe of knat,
keep my aging brain intact.
Let me recognize each face,
and help me find my parking space!
Ginko Biloba, Ginko Biloba, Ginko Biloba" (repeat three times).



October 31, 2008 - Msg 67591: Good morning Y'all. I prayed along with everyone last night at 8pm and I feel stronger and ready to face the day. I prayed for God to bless each & every one of you as well. This ain't all about me.Seems I have taken up a LOT of Porch space lately-I thank y'all for the love & patience.
I pray today will be better-for me, my daughter,Laci,all involved.
Hope I can make it to the Remshaw's tonight. I was supposed to be in charge of keeping Asa's mullet out of the tin tub when he bobs for apples -can't let that mullet get wet!
Love to all
possum under a rock

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67592: Good morning everyone. It was 30 degrees this morning! That's darn close to real cold ;).

We're bobbing for apples tonight (or, as I like to call it, sticking-our-mouths-in-water-to-get-apples-that-have-been-slobbered-over-by-everybody-else)? Count me O-U-T. Especially if I see any of ASA's hair floating around in the tub.

I'll be at Remshaw's tonight, though. Just so you all will recognize me, I'll be the one dressed as a bleeding-heart conservative. Or Green Lantern. I haven't decided yet.

I didn't know ROMEENA was goingon the Mayberry Cruise. I wonder what else she's not telling us, huh-huh-huh? ;)

It was nice to feel your paryers last night. Chad is doing much better today.

Be back at lunch.


October 31, 2008 - Msg 67593: Salty Dog I have one word~~VICKS!! HA

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67594: I sure hope that Romeena remembers her seasick pills. . .that could be something dreadful in the middle of the big old ocean.

Septic starts on Monday Boo - who would think one could get excited about septic systems!?


October 31, 2008 - Msg 67595: I'll be the one with the goat at the Remshaws. . you just have to figure out which goat is which?!

Loaded meatballs anyone?


October 31, 2008 - Msg 67596: Well, I know I will be excited when I get my septic tank, HM!!


October 31, 2008 - Msg 67597:
I read that the LA mayor got involved and the Palin efegy has been taken down, thank God.
Prayers continue for all.
Possum, remember, you can take up as much porch space as you like. i just posted that song as a little relief from the heavy topics, sorta like how TOM's great poems lift us all up at just the right times. Thanks tom.
Me_They--old colt told me to attach fresh string to the floating hachet. HA I double-dare ya to go after the baseball.
Boo- if i see an upsidedown owl, I'll let ya know. ha
Thanks KY girl and Salty. Next up: Old Dan Tucker!
Have a blessed day in the Lord. Continue to pray for country, world, and that all children are protected tonight for real!!
Bon Voyage to Ro and Floyd.
God bless,

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67598:
HM-Boo-I know that barney's folks liked their new septic tank! ha

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67599:
I just love it when Opie sings this un':

Old Dan Tucker's a fine old man ,
Washed his face in a fryin' pan,
Combed his hair with a wagon wheel,
Died with a toothache in his heel.

Hey get out' the way, old Dan Tucker
It's too late to get your supper.
Supper's over and dinner's cookin',
Ol' Dan Tucker just standin' there lookin'.

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67600:
Now Dooley was a good old man,
he lived below the mill.
Dooley had two daughters
and a forty-gallon still.
One gal watched the boiler,
the other watched the spout,
And Mama corked the bottles
when old Dooley fetched 'em out.

Dooley, slippin' up the holler
Dooley, tryin' to make a dollar
Dooley, give me a "swaller"
And I'll pay you back someday.

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67601:
(Sung to the melody of "Oh, My Darlin' Clementine")
In a jailhouse, down in Dixie,
fightin' crime and riskin' life,
Dwelled a sheriff and his buddy,
pistol-packin' Barney Fife.
Oh, my darin', oh, my darnin'
oh, my darin' Barney Fife.
He's a deadly crime-stopper,
what a copper, Barney Fife.

Then one day there come a-ridin'
two bad men to rob a bank.
But Fife was tricky,
a dead-eye dickey.
Now they're locked up in the tank.

(Andy added the following)
Oh, my Barney, oh, my Barney,
had a jail and couldn't lock it.
Had one bullet for his pistol,
had to keep it in his pocket

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67602:
"Lyricman" strikes again!

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67603:
So, what's the deal with the battle of mayberry?

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67604:
Hello porch family.

OK....Ro and Floyd act like somebody on that boat now. Ya'll have a great time.

Ro....I was afraid you were going to blame me for the clogged drain line....but I wasn't there long enough. hehe

MDC....sure didn't know you could sing like that. Come on and join me on the road.

Tom....good to see you posted those poems again buddy.

See ya'll at the old Remshaw place tonight. You better keep an eye on Spot because I know he'll try and scare the lady folks.

You all have a great day and remember Jesus loves you! Prayers for all the porch family!

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67605: Well, I'm still busy but I decided to take a break anyway. Can't be all work and no play, y'know.

That Battle of Mayberry episode is one of my favorite color episodes.

Now, if we are gonna have dancing at teh party tonight please let me know now so I can tell the Mrs. I ain't standing in no stag line with a bunch of slumped over teenage boys.

Well, you all have a great weekend. Getting ready for trick or treating. If you wake up with toilet paper hanging from your trees, well, I didn't do it. Probably.

All this singing puts me in a mind to do my voice exercises...


October 31, 2008 - Msg 67606: BOO!

Did I scare ya?


October 31, 2008 - Msg 67607: Nice try, M-T (I thought you was gonna ask me something for a minute there)...have a great weekend and don't take any of that peanut butter taffy wrapped in the black and orange wax paper!

Just made a truckload of sandwiches for the fall festival and iced some brownies. Gotta run...


October 31, 2008 - Msg 67608:
That should be:

Me-They, Me-they, Me----?

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67609:
From the Gold Truck ep:
Barney: I'm the deputy you know, any business of the sheriff's is the business of mine.
Treasury Agent: We'll wait.
Opie: Hey Barney, where's pa?
Barney: I dont know, I'm just runnin' the waitin' room!

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67610:
Where'd everbody go?

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67611:
Gomer, Gomer?, Gome...

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67612: Well gang im still here...got all the rafters on the barn..looks good just been real busy..will get the metal on the roof Monday...hopw yall have been eating...Ro going on a cruise?..WOW..well I will try to read in just a bit..hey possum,Rev,Boo and all...got the lights hooked up and still working on the barn...looks good, will get Romeena (when she gets back) a pic for the album...one of my helpers "Clunked" himself in the head with a hammer but he is ok...mercy...just a knot....prayers...SPOT

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67613: happy halloween porch family!i'm ready to go to the remshaw place as lomg as I can stand outside and look from a distance!We will let spot go in and see if the still is in there,and the floating ax too!-ky girl

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67614:

TOM, beautiful! Thank you.

Possum, keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Ro & Floyd, have fun on the cruise! Think about all of us... far away... cold... lonely... LOL (Are you feeling guilty yet? ;-)

I'm not much of a Palin fan, but that effigy was flat out disgraceful. Shame on them.


October 31, 2008 - Msg 67615: My My ...guess im the DOG in the spook house!..I aint skerred............SPOT

October 31, 2008 - Msg 67616: Well gang sorry again about the time away from the porch..(possum,Ms P.) mail me anytime..and the barn is looking good...been out there with the lights cleaning up...and still got a long ways to go..hey Romeena (trip yet?).brother Rev..mavis,M-T,hazel,des,mdc,md,ky girl,Tom,auh20,BOOOO ha ha..did I skeer ya?..and Hey Boo too..well Maude let whup it up right..Menu:4 eggs your way,sausage links,gravy and bisquits,country ham,hashbrowns with onions,grits,toast with grape jelly,MEAT!!!...ha ha..prayers...SPOT

November 01, 2008 - Msg 67617: Well I have cut the lights out and picked up of all the wood trimmings....yall out there?...SPOT

November 01, 2008 - Msg 67618: I finally finished my oil painting of Floyd, Andy, Barney, the mayor and Goober in the barbershop. You can see it at www.mayberrybuildings.com. It took a long time to do it, and my wife says I can hang it in the living room. My painting of Wally's Service Station has to stay in the hall, though. Hope you enjoy----
J. Dean
Down in Alabamna

November 01, 2008 - Msg 67619: I enjoyed your website, J. Dean. Really nice work. I especially liked the Floyd's barber shop painting.

So you are getting that barn done, SPOT? Great.

I never made it to the Remshaw house but I did do something similar...let me tell you about it but it will take a little background info. When I was 2, my parents moved us from Corpus Christi to a very small town in the area...back then it was about a population of 2,000. One little mainstreet and very quiet. Well, there was this one big house in town, about 2 blocks from mainstreet and it was built by a wealthy family in the area that I believe had a vineyard at the time, probably in about 1900. The old house was a 2 story, red brick with balconies and was just a very neat old house. The old lady who built it and lived there, died in one of the upstairs bedrooms and her children, who were from out of town, wanted to do something with the house right away so they offered it for rent. We moved in as they were still moving out the old woman's belongings. Some of them, they just left there. I still have an antique chair that came from the house. Anyway, it was a little creepy in that house...don't know if you believe in hauntings and the like, but if there is such a thing, it IS happening in that house. We lived there until I started 1st grade, and as a child, I loved the place. I had a huge play room and backyard to play in. Strange things would happen in the old house, though, like coat hangers slamming around in the bedroom closet, footsteps up the stairs. My older brothers used to be scared to death, as was my mom and sister. I do remember seeing 2 actual "ghosts" upstairs, but as young as I was, I wonder if I may have been in a dream state at the time or something. Well, dad was gone alot and mom was terrified, so we eventually moved to a smaller house and the old house was sold in time to a couple of different families, including a Catholic family with several kids. Well, last night I gave in and let Erin trick or treat at 3 or 4 houses and thought it would be fun to go up to the scary old house I used to live in. Erin gripped my had as we crossed the yard and stepped up onto the front porch. There was a light on and I could see in through the old screen door, to the original old staircase and worn wooden floors. Erin knocked, and a tall man came to the door to give her a treat. He was very pleasant and I mentioned that I used to live in the house as a child...his head snapped up and he immediately called for his wife. When he told her what I had said, they both came out onto the porch, introduced themselves and wanted to know the years I was there, etc. They knew about the original owners and that the old woman had died in the upstairs bedroom. I explained that we lived there about 5 years but moved because my mom was afraid in the house. Well, the woman wasted no time telling me that they had been there for 11 years and "things" happen in the house. She told me some things that would make you hair stand up on the back of your neck. She also told me (and MDC you might understand this), that she thinks the previous owners had the place blessed because she found holy water and candles in the top of the kitchen cabinets and there are some kind of numbers or dates written above all the doors in the house. She also mentioned something about an old "phone box" in the wall that started ringing a couple of years ago, after the death of one of their children, and there is no phone in it. She said she has not been able to do any remodeling on the house because if they try to make any changes, the ghost acts up. She also said the kids are afraid in the house. Now, either this woman (and her husband) are totally whacked-out or that place has got something strange going on in there. I don't think I would be living there for 11 years! I told them that I think I have a picture of what the house used to look like (at some point, they removed the original red brick and it has some horrible-looking siding on it now). They asked me to please come back and show it to them or just visit and tell them about what we experienced in the house, but I don't know if I want to. I felt strange last night and had trouble sleeping. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone. What do ya'll think?


November 01, 2008 - Msg 67620: Wow, sorry about the novel.


November 01, 2008 - Msg 67621: Boo- I don't know what to think. Personally I do not believe in ghosts. Something is obviously weird though. What did Erin think?
Tom- I loved the poem!
MDC- Are you the one printing the lyrics? I really enjoy reading them. I was totally picturing Opie singing that song.
J.Dean- I like your paintings. I second liking the one of the barber shop. That mayor was my favorite.
Spot- Breakfast sounds great. Can you add some hot cocoa too?!

My Mom was telling me of 2 University of Kentucky students who hung an Obama out on a noose like Palin. Those students were expelled from the school and arrested.

Bryson had a good time last night. I still have weird feelings about Halloween, like we're doing something wrong by letting him trick or treat. See I was never allowed to go growing up and we went to our church for a fall festival. My husband thinks its fine as long as the kids know its just dressing up for candy. I still feel its kind of celebrating the devil, however, the kids have always gone. Last night Bryson dressed up like Mario on Super Mario Brothers nintendo character. He had on my old overalls put a pillow underneath, red thermal shirt, red hat with an M, work boots, and I drew a moustache. It really was cute.

Well, I need to take the kiddos to get shoes. Boys are so hard on shoes! Bryson's feet are growing so fast! I wonder if that means he'll be 10' tall. Have y'all started Christmas shopping?

Have a blessed day everyone!
Countdown to Thanksgiving begins today!

November 01, 2008 - Msg 67622: Hi Lucy, it didn't seem to bother Erin in the least. At the time we were talking, their 18 month old was playing around our feet and Erin was interested in that, mostly. She never mentioned anything about it except to say she wants to go back sometime! It's pretty hard to scare Erin unless you threaten to take her TV or computer priveledges away.

Something happened outside a little while ago that I have to share...a red truck came down the street, swerving from side to side and then ran into a ditch on the corner. A man who was outside asked to borrow my cell phone and called 911 to report someone drunk in the ditch. Well, the cops showed up as someone was pulling the truck out of the ditch and the guy was about to get away and they pulled him over. I was bored and went back in the house, but Erin, Sean and Bruce were still outside. In a bit, Erin came back inside (note: we just watched the Remshaw House ep last night) and she said, "Mom the police are giving that guy a sobriety test and Dad said I should come and tell you that they are making the guy jump rope!" haha...I loved it. Of course, they weren't really, but it made me laugh.

Where is everybody today?? Tired out from the party last night?


November 01, 2008 - Msg 67623: hey, y'all~~
jes' been allowin' th' pressure to get to me, went an' hermitized myself a while, but mebbe about ready to snap outta it an' function again.
good ta see y'all. I gotta read some back an' see what's been goin' on up here on the Porch.
~~love, Leon

November 01, 2008 - Msg 67624: Hey Friends- things are getting better.I'm just laying low,resting.Everything finally caught up with me physically-just trying to stay well. Laci ,I saw yesterday-she's fine.Daughter getting help she needs. Thanks for prayers.Love y'all.i'll be back online few days.
possum under a rock

November 01, 2008 - Msg 67625: Take care possum..yea Boo got most of the roof done on my barn got to run the strips monday then camping tue and wed and thu...gona look good...got some pics...hey leon,asa,Ro,hazel,M-T,thanks for the help Rev...well Ga bulldogs getting STOMPED by Fla....Texas on tonight...lets order Pizza tonight....back in a bit....at work..SPOT

November 01, 2008 - Msg 67626: Camping again, SPOT??...You lucky "DOG"!! I just don't go camping nearly enough. I am still dreaming about a pop-up someday, but first things first...I need a house to live in, haha. You work hard, SPOT, and you deserve to go places and have some fun.

Glad Laci is ok and you are getting some rest, Possum. Thanks for checking in.

Remember, tonight the time changes (clocks back one hour), if you live where that happens. We get to sleep-in an extra hour in the morning, yipee!

Got to spend some time at Mom's tonight and Susan and I were looking through some old pictures and found 3 pictures of the front of the old house I was talking about earlier. I was about 4 in the pics and they are a bit blurry, but I was happy to find them. It must be Easter because we are all dressed up. I have white gloves on and one of those little oatmeal box purses (anyone remember those)?. Dad is in a black suit with one of those very thing black ties and his hair slicked back. Funny.

Well, better go...hope everyone is having a nice Saturday evening and that Floyd and Ro are enjoying their vacation.


November 02, 2008 - Msg 67627: Well gang my night is about over..hope yall set yer clocks back...or at least we did have to here...will be getting dark at about 6pm...rather have it the other way...Boo we will be at the camp site at the lake when we find out about the election !..

November 02, 2008 - Msg 67628: well for some reason that jumped up and posted...I will just keep typing and just let yall run it together...we have both voted early so being at the lake might just be peaceful....breakfast will be hot cakes syurp,sausage links,coffee...prayers for all to have a blessed Sunday....I may just have to check soemthing on the tube when I get up after while...got to be back to work at 8pm but off weekends next month....check in possum,Rev,Boo,Tom and all....and hey Lucy!..what ever happened to Red and opiemom?...SPOT

November 02, 2008 - Msg 67629: Hi All.
Just a nice fall day.


November 02, 2008 - Msg 67630: Thanks for the Sunday breakfast SPOT. Sure was nice of ya to fix a nice warm meal with the temps here in the 30s. BRRR sure is cold here. Glad I had that extra hour. Preachin' was good, now a nice fall day. Might rock for a while on the porch, won't be many more days to do that. Have a restful Sabbath everyone. ~New Neighbor

November 02, 2008 - Msg 67631:
Boo- I think you got into the squeezins again!! haha. Seriously, there are evil spirits who are the fallen angels, and so it could be some of them and need to be dealt with just like Jesus dealt with them ("Get out, or Be gone and run into the sea, etc), but that is a pretty heavy subject for here. I have , tho, indeed prayed that none are to ever enter my home or the lives of my family, asking the Lord's authority and protection.
Our Bible Character party was great friday evening. So many cute ideas and everyone had good, clean Bible based fun! Many saints, and we sang "when the saints come marching in!" It was refreshing and uplifting. The world is scary enuf without "creating" any more, in my humble opin.
LUCY- Yup, I'm the lyricman.
HI to you too TOM.
God blesss, prayers for all.

November 02, 2008 - Msg 67632: Thanks for your opinion, MDC. It's funny that even my dad (who is not a Christian) says he just can't figure out why in the world we take a day each year to celebrate what is fearful and evil. He says he hates all that "Hoo-Doo", as he calls it. Still unsure what to do as far as the old house is concerned. I would like to show the pictures to the family that lives there now but am wondering if I should just leave well enough alone. I know that Jesus said (at least I think it was Jesus) that "greater is he that is within you (us) than he that is in the world"...did I get that right? I shouldn't be afraid of evil spirits and what they can do to me, but I don't want to entice them, either.

Been a nice day here...warm, but not too warm. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday.


November 02, 2008 - Msg 67633: Mdc, what do you know about the ceremony that the catholics have to bless a house or rid one of evil spirits? Is it considered a type of exorcism and did the thing I mentioned about the dates written about the doorways mean anything to you?...just curious. Thanks.


November 02, 2008 - Msg 67634: Once again friends, I ask for prayers. Why? Because I KNOW God hears them and works on our behalves. My daughter,me,and Laci are going early tomorrow to family court or wherever we need to go. She is filing separation/divorce and we HAVE to get some kind of power of attorney/joint custody whatever for me so that Laci's dad cannot take her from my care again (when her mother wishes Laci to be in my care) and sleep with that child next to a loaded shotgun or worse. He admitted it to my daughter. She even went in home & saw gun on bed.He is so whacked out-no wonder my daughter has problems. Lots coming to light now about him.Yes,he is Laci's dad,he will be allowed to see her,but we MUST protect her. He could come to my home anytime I am babysitting her,take her,and who knows what he'd do or go. I have seen him bottom out with his Type 1 diabetes down to 13 and seen him go as high as 600 or so. He is a danger to himself & Laci. He has guns & is resentful of me-I guess because I can do for Laci what he can't? I have been nothing but kind to him. Now people are telling me he has always hated me. It is a scary time. We have to pray that a judge will do the right thing for Laci. We have written testimony,my word,my daughter's wishes,I can give names of all sorts of people who know how I care for Laci. Even Ro has things documented from the Porch for me and in time,in a divorce battle,we will most likely need it.How many times have I told y'all "Laci's coming" or "Gotta take Laci to therapy"? The truth will prevail. I pray this judge or whoever we deal with tomorrow does right by Laci. Please pray friends. Pray hard. I will let you know when I can. I am near exhaustion-trying to be strong for my Laci though. We HAVE to protect Laci. Pray for the court to protect her. Thank you-love you all. Hope this makes sense! Doctor has me on something for nerves,I don't like taking anything,but my heart was bothering me,so I had to. remember I said God told me I would need to be strong? I will be. I get so much strength from your prayers.And the Lord. Again,sorry & hope this does'nt sound loopy. I am dead serious as to what is going on.I will go with my daughter tomorrow with the strength of the Lord carrying me.I will let y'all know. I need to shower & rest,but wanted you all to know & keep praying. Love to all.
Pam possum under a rock

November 02, 2008 - Msg 67635: Continuing to pray...prayers that Laci will be safe and the Lord will get you all through this and you will all be better off for it. Prayers for the safety of all involved.

I am glad tomorrow is Monday. This has been one lonely porch this weekend.


November 02, 2008 - Msg 67636: Possum my prayers are with you..NN yer welcome for breakfast..Rev check in brother..hey my friend Boo...Tom hey to you buddy..My Falcons won big today and Carl won on fuel milage...chase gap is closer for all you race fans (yall know what I mean)...well tomorrow is working on the barn in the morning and then off to the lake camping till thu..got fire wood cut and fishing rods ready..hey Lucy,hazel,opiemom,M-T,MDC,Asa where are you buddy...well slow here at work gona eat a bite of baked chicken and taters my Mom made for me to bring...yall are welcome to join me...back in a bit...SPOT

November 02, 2008 - Msg 67637: Hey Spot how long are you gonna be gone? Be sure you listen for that lake loon if you get lost! HA
possum continued prayers for you and your family. You got us to lean on!
New Neighbor it has been cold here, but warmed back up this past week, hope it stays that way too.
Boo sorry you have been so lonely, maybe you & MDC can go out & start barking real loud & stir up all the neighborhood dogs, that will get things hoppin!
Mr Neff & I have been trying to get some things done on the new house, it needs new doors (some of the windows have been broken out of one of them), needs ceiling fans (got that done upstairs today) & some of the faucets need changing to stop them from leaking. We've been back & forth all weekend, the folks at Home Depot are going to start calling us by name!
Mr Neff met our other neighbor today, we have 2 out there & he told him a little more about the house. We found out where the city water cut-off was at so we can finish with the plumbing things that need fixing & found out a little about the history of the place. It's pretty sad. The attorney that did the closing for us told us that the man that lived there before us, the one who built the house, had died & his wife & kids couldn't keep up with all the bills & they couldn't get the house sold so it was put in foreclosure. Well, today we found out the man did indeed die, he committed suicide by hanging himself in the basement!! I wanted to cry when I heard that, how very hard that must have been for his family, his insur@nce didn't cover anything since it was a suicide & they were left with all of it. Now I know you all have been talking about ghosts & such (haints as my grandmother used to call them) & I just wanted to say, I went downstairs when Mr. Neff told me that & "had a talk" with him, just in case he was still around the house. I told him I didn't mind sharing the house with him, but please don't let me see him hanging anywhere! I can handle seeing ghosts, I've seen my grandmother, my grandfather & Mr. Neff's mother, but they were just sitting, I don't want to see anything horrible like that.
So, now that you all think I'm crazy, will you get past that thought & please pray for Mr. Stover's family (the man who owned the house) they have to be dealing with some pretty hard thoughts from that tragedy.
I'm off to bed, someone please leave a night light on if you're the last to leave.

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67638: Wow Mavis at least you had a talk with him!(the ghost)...Tell the Hubbe we said hey...we are leaving tomorrow afternoon and will be back thu afternoon so yall saay a prayer for us a safe trip...just going to Alltoona Lake about 10 miles from the dog house..prayers again possum...and all in need..Maude you and Asa keep this bunch fed ok?..send Rev his UPS shipment meal..will miss yall...but the breakfastmenu will be:3 eggs your way,country ham,hashbrowns,grts,pancakes,milk,coffee...auh2o and M-T keep Tom in line..ha ha...well will try to holler before I leave tomorrow ....Romeena and Floyd is there internet on big boats at sea?...hum...Mavis I will leave the night light on...SPOT

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67639: Thanks Spot that night light helped me to sleep. HA Hope you have a good time camping, I LOVE camping, used to go camping in a tent all the time, but time has taken it's toll on my body & my back can't take that kind of "adventure sleeping" anymore, now we just use the motorhome. I'm making banana bread today, so you & Miss Sherry be on the lookout for it & I'll send you some to ake with you. possum how are things this morning? I'm thinking of you, please email me when you can. k9hairstyles|at|aol.com
I'm off here to get some things done before my first grooming customer gets here.
Later taters

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67640: oh, I forgot to tell ya'll, I went to Lowes the other day & hit the jackpot with some cactus, I found some really cute ones & a couple of pretty good sized ones for the new house & got them all (6 of them) for 12 bucks! The original price tag on just one of them was 13.97! Gotta get them re-potted & ready to set out. Ok, now I'm really off here for a bit.

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67641: Oh boy Mavis. All this talk of shopping at Home Depot and Lowe's has got me excited. I don't care to shop, but them two places are a great way to spend some time. :)

Possum, my prayers continue for you and your whole situation. I just know the Lord will protect Laci.

Have fun and be safe spot. Don't forget yer in the wild and things are different there. A fire started pioneer style always burns hotter than one started by matches so don't burn yer bird.

Hey Boo. What's going on with you?

Happy Monday all. Thank goodness this election will be over tomorrow.... I hope.


November 03, 2008 - Msg 67642: Why'd ya buy cactus, Mavis?! That don't go along with what I had planned for YOUR house at-taaaalll....hehe. Creepy about the man hanging himself like that. I thought the law required the realtor to tell you something like that before you bought the house. Here where we are, it's law, I think. There was a family murdered in our town 10 years or so ago and it was a very violent, sadistic murder. When it came time to sell their house, it was sold for about 10% of what it's worth was because the agency had to disclose what had happened there and no one would buy the house. A family in our church finally bought it. They didn't live there long though. The couple had some problems and split up. I don't know what you believe about this sort of thing, but I can tell you that the murders committed there were sadistic, s#xual murders of an elderly woman and her daughter who lived in the house. The couple I mentioned that moved in there afterward, seemed to be a strong and loving couple but the man became involved with internet p0rn and then got involved with other women and the marriage broke up. May have had nothing to do with the house, but who knows? If I were you, I think I would annoint the new house and pray in every room, using the name of Jesus. Pray protection over your home and family and everyone who enters. Would Mr. Neff go for something like that?

Have fun at the lake, SPOT!...don't forget to wear your flea collar out there in the woods (that's a funny picture).


November 03, 2008 - Msg 67643: Haha..right, ASA...you hope! Who could forget the last presidential election? What's going on with me???...well, sitting here thinking about laundry, mostly. I have to take mom to the ear doctor for some kind of test today, clean up, fix dinner, crack the whip to get Sean on his schoolwork...you know, the usual.


November 03, 2008 - Msg 67644: By the way, I have a question...I called the county jail yesterday to see if my friend, Paul could have visitors and I was told that he could not because he was on "medical supervision"..I am assuming that means suicide watch. Do any of you know?


November 03, 2008 - Msg 67645: Good morning everyone. It was a beautiful weekend here, especially Saturday. Too bad I spent most of the day inside working an event for work. Oh, well.

All this talk of ghosts! Who you gonna call? I will admit strange things do happen in this world and I do believe that supernatural forces can be at work here, but I donít believe that our dearly departed can ďhauntĒ us. For them that do believe, more power to you.

POSSUM: You and your family are in my prayers. Such a hard situation. You know we are here when you need us (youíd think all we do is hang around on this porch snoozing and loitering). Take care of yourself. Remember, you canít help anyone if you donít do that.

LUCY: Donít be such a stranger. We let our kids beg for candy, too ;). I understand why some people donít participate, and fully respect their positions. Iíve wrestled with it myself. But I figure as long as we can keep it in the proper perspective and instill that in our kids, itís just a fun night of dressing up. And getting candy.

SPOT: Have a great time. If you get lost, listen for a lake loon.

BOO: That sure is creepy about that house. You could always share your pictures by mail, and that may nip the comparing notes part if youíre not comfortable with it. At least thatís what Iíd do. As I said earlier I donít necessarily believe in ghosts but I donít feel comfortable making light of otherís experiences either or make them a big issue, if for no other reason than I donít want to encourage or reinforce their superstitions.

About the exorcism thing, ands anyone who knows better can correct me if Iím wrong, I think that, like many Protestants, Catholics believe that supernatural, evil (demonic) forces are at work on earth. Demons, at least in Christianity, are fallen angels, workers of Satan. That is what is exorcized or cast out; not ghosts. Ghosts, typically speaking, are people who have passed on. There is no indication in the Bible that those who die linger here on earth, though some Christian traditions (as opposed to Biblical evidence) credit this.

Some Christian traditions also believe in demon possession. While the Bible does give examples of demon possession, itís not possible for a person who has Christ in his/her heart to be so possessed. If a person is in-dwelled by God, how could a demon possibly take possession? Well, thatís enough of that on a Monday morning.

APB for AFD, STERLING, HAZEL, HM, AUH2O, and some other missing persons.

My grandfather came into town yesterday. We had dinner over at my parents, where he and his wife are staying. Heís still in good spirits but is going downhill physically. His wife has Alzheimerís. She okay during the day, but by evening is out of it. Itís sad. My grandfather was telling my dad and I lots of WWII stories. It was very interesting and some where kind of disturbing to hear. War has a sad effect on people, sometimes even the ďgood guysĒ I guess. Heís never talked a whole lot about his experiences before. He was a paratrooper and participated in the Battle of the Bulge. He also participated in the liberation of a couple of concentration camps. Terrible stuff. One little thing he mentioned that one day he was marching through the Ardennes, where his father had fought in WWI, and thought how ridiculous is it that in this big world heís half way around the world from his home fighting in the same spot his father did.

Well, thatís enough for now. Don't forget that tomorrow is election day. Vote early; vote often!


November 03, 2008 - Msg 67646:
Hey Mavis, if i knew you wanted cactus, I could have gotten you all you want!! haha
BOO- i will email you about what you asked, so heavy topic wont be on the porch. BTW, I think your dad is wise beyond his years. I'll pray that he will be saved. I'm sure you have invited him to pray the sinners prayer, but if not,this may be a good time with all that fresh in his mind. Like, "you're right pop, shall we say a prayer about it?"
About Paul, that is probably it, yes. I'll be praying.
ASA- Just don't get snippy about it! haha
Possum, prayers continuing for you all.
OK, welcome November..I'll start things off..
"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."
Have a good one,

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67647:
Well put Me-they, for the bible says "we don't battle flesh and blood, but rather principalities and powers." I know, I know, a catholic who knows his bible, who woulda thunk! ha
I agree with you about the ghost thing, it's not a departed one, but rather fallen angels hanging around those "haunted" places.
However, I think a few "ghosts" have been voting the past few elections! ha But AZ has a tough law now. we have to present two forms of ID.

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67648: Well, I'm curious about the numbers BOO was talking about, too, MDC. Could you comment here on that without going too deep into it? Enquiring minds want to know!

I'll be in my office. If you stop by, don't walk over my tape...er, walls...come through the door, please.


November 03, 2008 - Msg 67649:
M-T- I just didn't know if this board was the place for it, but I guess with everything else we discuss, it would be ok.
If it offends anyone, I am sorry.
back in a bit.

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67650: Went with daughter & Laci to court this morning.Daughter filled out papers,I had written statements,my sister had written statements doctor faxed statements (Laci's dad is Type 1 diabetic & will not take care of himself.)-presented them to Judge's clerk. She looked at them,took them directly to judge-matter of minutes quickest thing I ever saw,y'all he had signed off on them.Never saw the judge! I think if all he read was that Laci's dad (and he admitted it) slept next to Laci the night he took her from me with a loaded shotgun-no safety lock on gun ,well,that probably was all judge needed.Wait till he goes thru everything. They served papers on Laci's dad ASAP -right now my daughter has full,sole custody and he cannot come near her or Laci. They go to court tomorrow-that's how serious this is.I have Laci! My daughter said "Mama,he took her from you and I promised myself I would give her back to you. Let Laci spend the night and you enjoy her."
THings will be ok-court is never fun,spliting up a family,etc.-but he is a danger to himself & my daughter,and most importantly,Laci. She is happy-she's been calling my name & giving me kisses.That child knows and she's been through something,but prayer brought her through it safely. Again,I thank you friends-she is protected now. Pray for my daughter's safety at court tomorrow. Her best friend since childhood is going with her,so I feel better.God's brought us this far-it will be ok.
Mavis,congrats on the house.I haven't read,but skimmed real fast & saw that.Glad for you!! I know y'all have lifted us in prayer- heartfelt thanks with love to all. Gotta go-Laci is supposed to be napping-sounds like she's tearing up the universe in there!
God is good all the time.Praise Him.

love to all
possum P.S. I'm voting for McCain tomorrow if I have to drag Laci with me!

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67651: POSSUM: That's great that your daughter got the temporary protective order. The process you experienced is what is supposed to happen. I worked for several years as a civil clerk in district court. Protective orders are handled through the civil (as opposed to criminal) court system. They are usually valid for only 48 hours, enough time to serve the other party and both sides to show up in front of a judge to present their side of the case. I will be praying hard that the judge does the right thing in your case and either extends the order pending a full custody hearing or grants custody to your daughter. In either case, the matter will continue past this court hearing.

Sadly, in a number of these cases by the time the two parties appear in front of the judge the next day, they have reconciled and the plaintiff wants the order quashed. It was very frustrating to see (mostly) woman who had been battered, abused, and threatened fill out protective orders only to show up the next day on the arm of the culprit asking that their order be cancelled. But in 90% of the cases, that's exactly what happened. I'm sure you gave your daughter more sense than that.

Constant prayers!


November 03, 2008 - Msg 67652:
Amen to that MT and possum!
Busy here today. Back later.

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67653:
That's busy here at WORK.

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67654: Work? You mean your number one job isn't fly-killin'?


November 03, 2008 - Msg 67655:
Whew, I finally got a minute.
Yup, MT, I remember the ep where Andy gets one right on Helen's back!
Well, the dates are just a tradition that some use to remember when the blessing was done. Nothing else really that i know of.
When we do a home blessing, it usually begins with everyone renewing their baptismal promises, rejecting satan and all his works etc.
Then there is a scripture reading, like Colossians 3:12-17 a great one on "getting along."!
Then we usually go around to each room, saying a little prayer,
making a 'cross' using blessed oil over each door lintel and window, asking God to inhabit the dwelling and to protect it with His hedge of protection and with His holy angels.
And then end with a song of thanksgiving, and rousing "peace to all who enter here."
Hope that helps. I suggest that everyone do some sort of blessing like that, coming against the evil one with the full authority of the Father which has been given to believers.
Hope that helps MT and Boo.
God bless,

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67656:
OK, here's a trivia question:
In the episode where Opie is trying to impress little Sharon by standing on his head etc, "The Rivals", barney mentions a Vickie Harms.
Who was Vickie Harms?

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67657: The one who bit the end off his snowcone & sucked all the syrup out of the bottom then handed it back to him. ;)

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67658: Evening Family:
Just stopped by to tell Possum- I'm still praying for you and the family.
Just as a side note- wild turkeys DO FLY!! They fly up in our trees at night to roost. At any one time we could have as many as 30-40 in our tree tops. Makes them black as night, some of the tree limbs break from the weight. (Then ya have a mess!!) Asa- ya want to come shake my trees, there's no snow, just turkeys?
Beautiful day here on this side of the porch. Warm 60's and sunny. Enjoying these days. Probably not going to be too many this warm. Blessing to all ~New Neighbor

November 03, 2008 - Msg 67659: I think the little girl Opie was trying to impress was "Karen" instead of "Sharon"...not that it matters, I guess.

Thanks for the information, MDC. I appreciate it. And for the words concerning my dad. Thank you also for your prayers on his behalf. I had a talk with him today and he told me that he was coming to the "end of the line" and wants to do some things before he goes. He told me that he knows he will be dying soon and it doesn't bother him. Well, it bothers me, I said and I found myself crying. This is the first time that has ever happened. We are usually able to talk about such things pretty matter-of-factly, but things feel different now. I am thankful that when the time comes, I will have my friends here on the porch to help me through it. Please remember dad in your prayers, that he would be ready to meet the Lord when his time comes.