November 13, 2008 - Msg 67891: Absolutely nothing ROMEENA. Maybe we (the country) will finally help out the kids in Africa who are being victimized and killed in these "tribal wars." But I doubt the new adminsitration has any more guts in this regard than teh last one did. You're right that doing teh right thing is rarely appreciated, and likely will cause some harm to you, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.

If any other country can boast a better record in the lending a helping hand--to a friend or a past enemy--let it please stand up...

MDC: Thanks for the link. As we have dicussed privately, there are just some things in life that are black and white and contain no gray areas. This is one of them.

So much for small talk. I just can't help myself I guess. Mayeb I need one of Emma's little blue pills.


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67892: See, I can spout off and sweep at the same time. I can chew gum and hop at the same time, too.


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67893: Ro, your patient had already had six abortions? Is that disgusting or what?
They are nothing more than vicious criminals.

Even wild beast like say Coyotes would die to protect their young.


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67894:
"Here's my dime. I just want my pills"

November 13, 2008 - Msg 67895:
APB for all missing porchsters!

November 13, 2008 - Msg 67896:
Thanks for signing Ro.
To use a worn out phrase, but one that can be used in other ways: Yes we can!
Good sweep Me-They.
Could you pass out lap blankets too.
I promise i won't rock on yer toes.

November 13, 2008 - Msg 67897: "Paw, what CAN you do with a woman?"


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67898:
OPIE:"He's right out on the corner picking up girls"
ANDY:"What do you know about picking up girls!"

November 13, 2008 - Msg 67899:
ROMEENA- I heard recently that the Archbishop of Cantebery is calling for sharia law in England!
This just sounds to unbelieveable to me. Could you run it thru your true or untrue, deal or no deal site, and see what you get. Thanks.

November 13, 2008 - Msg 67900: Hey Folks,

We're up to Episode #5 on the ( Two Chairs No Waiting podcast! We finished up the 4 part George Lindsey interview and this issue has some listener feedback.

I wanted to let y'all know about it but I also wanted to make sure you knew you can "subscribe" to the podcast in several ways including signing up to get an e-mail when new episodes come out.

Thanks for listening....our first episode has had just under 300 listens and I'm hoping folks are enjoying all the episodes.


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67901: Good evening, all. Happy day (or evening) for me! The hospital called, we were overstaffed, and they offered me the night off. Naturally, I accepted. Starr is a happy puppy, and I'm a happy puppy's mommy.

MDC, I ran that idea through, and they don't seem to have anything on it. I do recall reading a couple of articles a while back regarding some highly questionable antics from the Archbishop, but don't recall that calling for Sharia law was one of them. He is, apparently, extremely liberal in his views, leaning toward New Age thinking and secular humanism. TorF's report on "The Golden Compass" had this to say regarding the Archbishop: "Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has proposed that "His Dark Materials" be taught in schools as religious education." This refers to a work by Philip Pullman, the author of "The Golden Compass." I could find no mention of Sharia law, though nothing would surprise me these days. Sadly, the Christian church is almost dead in England, and whenever such a void exists, you can be sure that Islam will rush in to fill it. I addressed that phenomenon in a blog recently - if you're interested, it's romeena dash views from my window dot blogspot dot com. Put it together, of course. What I find so interesting, almost amusing in current developments is this - people who find Christianity "repressive" and who rebel against its very existence, are just going to love Islam and Sharia law!

Well, I think I'll go cuddle my sweet little girl. She's tapping my leg with her tiny soft paws, asking for attention. She's so spoiled, and I so don't care. Blessings, all. --Romeena

November 13, 2008 - Msg 67902: Floyd, thanks for the advert up there. I really did enjoy the first two episodes and didn't now there were three more.
I'm gonna swing by there early in the am when I get home from work.
I'm gonna help Barn out tonight on this chicken thief stake-out.


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67903: Ooooo, I am soooo mad!!! I just wrote out a long post and the censor caught it and when I hit the back button, it was gone!!! Floyd, what am I doing wrong? Help.


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67904: Hi All.
Just a raining day and more to come.

Do you long for sweet peace
In the midst of your storm?
For a gladness and joy
When your heart has been torn?
Do you long for a calm
In your life filled with grief?
For an enduring strength
When there's doubt in belief?
Yes, I know you do friend,
For I've been where you are;
And tho try as we may
We don't get very far,
Till on Jesus we call
Asking help from above,
Giving Him all our trials,
Trusting His supreme love.
Then He'll give us His grace
That will carry us through;
And He'll strengthen our faith
If we just ask Him to.
There will come a sweet peace
And a comforting calm,
Until ourheartaches cease.
If you're weary, dear friend,
Cast your cares upon Him.
Let Him lighten your load
On your pathway grown dim.
How you'll praise Him one day
For the sorrows He's borne
When He came unto you
In the midst of your strom.


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67905: Uh-oh. Sounds like Helen has displace Peggy Boo.:)

That's good of you to help out Barn Chuck, but where were you during the great cow theiving going on a while back? I know Barney insulted your moulage making, but still, he could have used your help. If you're gonna make moulages for them chickens, you better keep it runny.

Glad you got the night off work Ro. I imagine Starr is ok with that too.

Glad tomorrow is Friday. I need a weekend bad.

Later taters.


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67906: My S I L mother pass away today.
That the one in Ceveland Ohio that nun of us like. SO can us send up a prayer her and my brother.


November 13, 2008 - Msg 67907: Boo, you might want to try copying it when you think you have a long post(you know, highlight over your post and then hit Ctrl/C) just as a safety precaution. I do that sometimes when I have a long post, just in case something happens with the censor. Then if you do lose the original post you can always hit Ctrl/V and edit your post.

MDC and Romeena, what is that Bishop doing in the church anyway? He sounds like one of those Apostates that the Bible speaks of, who creep into the Christian church and take over with their false teachings. I can't believe they even let someone like that in a position of power.

Sorry to hear about your SIL's mother, Tom. Prayers for all concerned.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67908: Good evening, all. Beautiful poem, Tom, and thank you. I'm sorry for your family's loss. You are very kind to pray for her even though she's not a likable person.

Boo, do you access the porch through Internet Explorer? I have the same problem with that browser, and Possum had a similar experience a couple of days ago. I rarely use IE, I mostly use Mozilla/Firefox, and have no problems with it. I have both on the computer, but only use IE for jigsaw puzzles, not much more.

Sterling, the current Archbishop of Canterbury is apparently a very secular-minded individual, one who is seriously watering down the gospel and taking an extremely liberal approach to everything. Islam is making deep inroads into British life, and he is doing little or nothing to curtail it. As for what he's doing in such a position in the church - as I said earlier, Christianity is suffering in Britain. There aren't enough people who care enough about what happens, and that's how he got into power. The ONLY thing that holds Islam at bay is strong Christian resistance, and when that doesn't happen, well - I guess we only have to look at France, Spain and many of the smaller European countries to see the result. The Western hemisphere and Australia will soon be the lone holdouts, as they're making inroads into much of Asia now as well. Our world will not be recognizable in fifty years, unless some strong stands are made. The important decision made here in the US last week doesn't promise much from us, at least for the next four years. Actually, it goes much deeper than one man. The worrisome thing is the lack of recognition and concern that allowed him to win. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Well, on that happy note, I think I'll head for the ironing board. Prayers, friends, and blessings to you. --Romeena

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67909: Perfect poem, TOM. Thank you for posting it. Prayers concerning your Sister-in-law's family.

Thanks for that advice, Sterling. I will try that the next time I have a long post.

Yes, Ro, I use IE. Not sure if I have anything else. I am not very computer "ept". I will have to ask Bruce. He tends to neglect our computers at home when he works on computer for 50 hours a week at work.

Yes ASA, I turned into Helen there for a minute, but Peggy is back, I hope. Didn't get much sleep, though and was awake at 4am, so Helen could make another appearance later in the day.

Well, MIL is back from San Antonio and kind of bugging me this morning. She was up at 5am and asking me questions. I am really not a morning person and never have been. She is the type that the second my head pops out of my bedroom in the morning, she is waiting to say a big "Good morning"...and then waits for one in return. I always want to just give her a dirty look and grunt. Uh-oh, there's Helen already. I have my to get my eyes open, sit down at the computer and check the email, visit the porch, and then some online devotional (sometimes). I don't like for people to ask me questions during that time, but I smile and nod, whether I feel like it or not. I'm the type that needs to clear the cobwebs out of my brain for 30 minutes or so before I talk. I don't really perk up until at least 9, so I walk around in a semi-zombie state for a couple of hours every morning, doing chores with a blank stare on my face...hehe.

Better get a move-on.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67910: Boo- Stay away from Internet Explorer! I think it may be the culprit.
Tom,prayers for your family during their time of loss.
Heading out in a few minutes to get my flu shot. Hope there's no mix-up and I end up Incarcerated rather than InNarculated! If I don't show back up on the Porch,y'all come looking for me,ok?!
Have a good Friday all!
possum u.a.r.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67911: I'm back- just got innarculated was all! Think I'll go do what I want when I want,maybe have a peanut butter & jelly sandwich..
possum again
P.S. Boo,your MIL sounds like Mr.Possum-he'll start yapping away before I'm even fully awake! I feel your pain!

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67912: Good morning everyone.

BOO: Count Istvan Teleky maybe?

MDC: I remember what you are talking about from a year or so back and did some reading up on it at the time. As ROMEENA said, the current Archbishop of Canterberry, Rowan Williams, who is the head of the Anglican Fellowship (the Anglican churches around the world the mainline Episcopal Church in the U.S.), is socially very liberal. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone considering the current (official) direction of the Anglican/Episcopal Church. There was a flap about regarding a statement he made regarding Sharia Law. Basically, at first it was reported that he had advocated Sharia Law being made a part of British Law. Actually, what he had suggested that perhaps Sharia could be used within Moslem communities in Britain outside of law—kind of like a “people’s court” or arbiter. While its decisions would not be legally binding, it might help arbitrate disputes with the Moslem community. The cause for his statement was some Moslems who were not satisfied that the British courts were sensitive to their particular religious sensibilities. The Archbishop has stated that he was not advocating Sharia, only suggesting a way the Moslem community could police itself. Williams didn’t really have a plan, just made an offhand comment. From the dustup it caused, I imagine he’s choosing his words a bit more carefully these days. I haven’t heard any more about the controversy since. Of course, this is all from my sometimes foggy memory. If you do a search, just put in “Archbishop” and “Sharia” and you should get some hits.

TOM: Prayers for your family. So sorry for your loss.

BOO: You and my wife. Maybe I should sit you both down in the morning an have you glare at each other.

Have a great day!


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67913: MDC: It seems that there's more to the story. Here's a recent USA TOday story on it: I was sorta right.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67914: Sounds like your wife and I would get along fine, M-T. We could glare at each other and then ignore each other in the morning. It would probably make us both feel much better:)

Yep, maybe Istvan Teleky abides in Internet Explorer...hmmmm.

Mornin' Possum. Glad you got inarculate. I still need to do that!

I am seriously thinking of a nap before I get Sean up for his schoolwork. Waking up at 4am makes for one long day.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67915: Hey Boo,

I don't know what might be causing you, and others that have mentioned it, to have the censor hit you. I'm at work right now but I *think* I made a "test" area at one time or another for testing things if the censor got you and it would show you why.

Keeping a copy of a "LONG" message before you send it in is a good idea though. I hate to hear that you lost your work. IE 7 seems to be causing this type thing even when the censor isn't really a problem.

I'll look at it when I get home this evening and see if I can find a solution for the problem...or at least a work around.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67916: Good Morning Porchsters! Boo reading about you clearing the cobwebs from your brain in the morning felt like I was reading about myself, only difference, it takes me close to an hour to act like somebody thankfully, Mr. Neff is the same way so we get along just fine in the morning. Now my ex-husband (Jake's dad) would get out of bed singing or whistling, bee-bopping around the house & all I wanted to do was smack him upside the head most of the time. Jake took after me, he takes a while to wake up as well. Does Bruce wake up sunny & ready to go or is he like you in the morning? Tom prayers for your SIL family. What a thoughtful person you are to ask for prayers for someone you don't much care for. I'm proud to call you my friend. possum good thing you went & got inarculated, least we won't have to sing Dig my Grave with a Silver Spade for you anytime soon. Where is Hazel? I miss her, wish she would check in. Sterling is Kai still liking her new school? I remember when I was going to High School, I graduated Bethlehem Baptist Christian Academy in No. VA, we had to wear uniforms, the girls wore skirts & I remember the teachers using tape measures on our skirts, anything over an inch above the knee meant you got sent home to dress appropriately. Also, no heels over 2 inches on shoes as well & our shirts were to be buttoned all the way to the top. Very strict, but that was the rule. Trust me, we always were trying to come up with ways around it, but it just didn't fly. We thought we were so smart. HA For gym, cheerleading & ballgames, the girls wore coullots (spelled right?) & they had a length limit as well. Wish I could find some old pictures to post for you all.
Anyway, gotta get some things done to get more into the moving direction around here, the painter is still working over there & hopefully, we can be in the new house by Dec. 1.
Talk to you fine folks later
Yer lookin at what happens when a near-sighted man tries to put shoes on an onery old bull

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67917: Oh, you are very kind, Floyd. Thank you. IE may just be the problem and I will have my hubby look into that, as well.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67918: Oh hey there Mavis. So you are a "morning zombie", too. Bruce is not a morning person, either, so we do ok. Of course, on workdays he gets up about an hour before I do, turns on the bathroom light and wakes me up, sits on the foot of the bed to put his shoes on and I want to throw something at his head...(well, not really). I know some (good) wives actually get up when their husbands do and make them breakfast. I'm not one of those. Bruce doesn't like to eat breakfast, so he just goes to work and has coffee. I also do NOT iron. I do all the other household chores, though, so Bruce isn't suffering any!


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67919: Boy Boo. You would probably do me an injury. I am morning person all the way. I usually wake up and am chipper and cheerful and full of life. Sadly it's all downhill from there. By noon time I'm starting to coast and by evening I'm a mess. Tired, sometimes grouchy, and ready for bed.
Funny how we are all different.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67920:
Wow Me-They- I see what you mean. This starts creeping in and, before they know it, stoning is back in England!! That's scary. Here is a quote from that USA Today article:
"Earlier this year, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams fueled the debate over Muslim law in Britain when he suggested that some aspects of sharia law, incorporated into civil law, seemed "unavoidable" in the future."
Let us pray that the Christian church here stands firm, like the catholic bishops are planning to do with BO.
Asa, boo and others, with my wife and I, it is temperature. She is always cold and I am always hot. But it keeps our lives interesting, that is for sure. (:
Well, I am praying for BO, and I pray that he will take things real slow, if he starts signing away on things I think we'll see that conservative rise again, like in '94.
God bless.
Prayers for Rev where ever you are today.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67921: Not meaning to poke at you MDC, but your post has me giggling. You say you are always hot and then you're praying for BO. Ha. The two things together are funny.
I'm always warm as well where my wife is never warm. Needless to say our thermostat gets a good work out most of the year.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67922: Friends,I may just get incarcerated before it's all over because there has been more turmoil with my daughter/son-in-law mess and I am taking a stand for Laci.Enough IS enough!
If I can sort it out here's what happened.Daughter's new friend was depressed over mother's death/holidays coming,so friend wanted to go to a bar.STUPID Daughter (Laci's mom)tried to talk friend out of it,but ended up calling Laci's dad Who is diabetic & under COURT order not to have Laci,drive Laci,to come get Laci so she could accompany friend. She is a MOTHER and should stay home with her child!!Daughter & friend got toodly,got in fight,daughter heads ( driving while drunk,I suppose) to Laci & her daddy,who daughter is NOT to be around-COURT order! They are going thru a divorce!(she does not want to be with him,guess she went where Laci was-felt she had no place else to go?) Where are this girl's brains?! I am LIVID.More than LIVID.I don't think there is a word for how I feel.
As things stand,daughter is in agreement to go with me on Mon. to sign temporary custody of Laci to me. She'd better! She will not get Laci to carry back into craziness until then,unless she wants to put me (her mother) in jail. And kill my mom,who she loves so much,who has heart trouble & is in fragile health stress-wise.I think having me in jail would pretty much be the end of her. Daughter won't go there,believe me.
Laci's dad will go to jail,lose job,etc. if his part in this is found out. My daughter will lose Laci to Child protective if we all turn on her and tell her recent antics to the judge. So, she WILL place Laci into my care, if she is ANY type of loving parent. And up til now,she has been top notch. At least what I've been aware of.
I think the tide has turned.Laci will get some much needed stability.
I promised that little girl when I got her today that everything was going to be ok-that Oma has her. I will honor that no matter what it takes.
Pray that daughter doesn't flip and decide she's taking Laci back into the melee. Possum won't be under a rock,but in a cell block. If it come to that. I don't think daughter has the guts/heart,whatever to do it.
Pray for Laci. She deserves peace and stability.
I'll keep y'all posted. Thanks friends. This has been a nightmare.I don't live this way,believe me. Sounds like something you'd see on Jerry Springer or one of those reality Cop shows. I am ashamed of it all.
I'll be in touch as often as I can. Don't hear from me over the weekend,guess I'll be incarcerated. Love to all- I know y'all are praying.
Pam (possum)

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67923: Any advice welcomed. Ro knows my e-mail address and has my ok to give it to any regular Porchster.
possum again

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67924:
Ha, I didn't notice that asa. You're gonna get me out of this funk yet.
"Well, lookie there Bert, my lip's bleedin'."

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67925: Good afternoon, all. Morning person vs slow-starter, huh? That can definitely be a problem, I suppose. My dad was a lark, always up with the chickens, whistling and singing. My mom tended to sleep in, especially as she got older, and my dad honored that. He would get up quietly, creep out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, and spend the next half hour or so making coffee and toast, cutting up fresh fruit into bite-size pieces and setting her place at the table. Then he'd go and very gently wake her, and lead her sleepy little self to the kitchen, wrapping a little blanket around her shoulders if the room was cool. He would sit and read his Bible while she ate her breakfast, often reading part of it to her. Then they'd go and get dressed and make up their bed. I cannot remember, ever, seeing their bed unmade during the day. They were the most loving couple I've ever known, perfect role models for my brother and me. They eloped when they were 17 and 18, and everyone said they'd never make it a year. Well, they made it 63 years, and were as happy in the 63rd year as newlyweds. God was good.

My Dale was an early riser, unfailingly cheerful, but was quiet about it. I can happily sleep late if left alone, but if I need to get up, I'm not grumpy, just a little slow-moving for a minute or two, then I perk up. No coffee, thanks, and I don't want breakfast either, at least for an hour or two. By then I'm busy, so lunch is usually my first meal.

Britain had better consider very carefully what they do with regard to the sharia law thing. Those people will not be satisfied with "rubber stamp approval" of their laws. They'll accept it at first, as an opening wedge, but soon they will want the need for British court approval removed, and self-governance allowed. The next step will be to start inserting some of their laws into British law, and before you know it, they're in control. Their agenda is to control the world, make no mistake, and they will accomplish it unless the non-Islamic world is very, very watchful. It won't happen today, or tomorrow, but it will happen. God help us if BO puts a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer on the Supreme Court. No one waiting in the wings that fits that description? Are we sure?

Blessings! --Romeena

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67926:
OOps, sorry, didnt see you there possum. Now I'm back in a funk. Man, a writer couldnt come up with a more complex story, as you indicate. Prayers for the whole situation. I feel so bad for you. You're right, she just isnt thinking at all! Hang in there friend.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67927: Nope ASA, I would never do you harm...unless, of course, you were to do what my dear 'ol dad used to do to wake me in the morning when I was a kid. He would grab an old, out of tune guitar, and come into my room singing (LOUDLY) "Good morning to you. Good morning to you. We're all in our places, with bright shining faces. Good morning to you!"...he couldn't really play the guitar so he just faked it and he sang REAL bad. I'll bet even you would have wanted to kill him, ASA.

What a lovely memory of your parents, Romeena. You are so blessed to have been raise by such loving, good parents. Guess that's why you are who you are (loving and good)...well, Jesus has alot to do with it, too, I'm certain.

So sorry for what you are going through Possum. We know you, and we know what you are and you are a fine person who is devoted to her grandbaby. Keep the faith, and we will keep praying.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67928: Good grief, Possum! You must be just about at your wits' end with all of this. And poor little Laci! Thank God she has you.

You know what? As I read that post, and thought back over the others, one thread keeps reappearing. Alcohol. Every time there has been a big blow-up, somebody has been drinking. Laci's dad gets a snoot full and acts like a jacka$$, on several occasions. This time, Shanna's friend was feeling blue, and naturally the remedy was to go to a bar and get loaded. (??) Exactly why that's always seen as a solution, I'll never know, but an awful lot of people think that way. So, Shanna goes with her, gets pie-eyed herself, and look what happened. Laci's dad now has all sorts of ammunition to shoot her down in court, courts typically make wacky decisions, and who stands to lose in all of this? Laci. Unless you get very lucky, or God takes control, and the judge makes a good choice and gives her to you. I pray that's what happens. Anyway, one thing is clear. Take alcohol out of the entire situation, and the whole story would be different, from day one. I have seen this so many times in my life, and I will never understand why people think that drinking a volatile substance, one that will burn at the touch of a match, and that can be used to preserve lab specimens - is going to help them solve their problems. I don't understand that.

Seriously, can anyone on the porch describe any situation in their life that was improved by the presence and use of alcohol? Any problem that was solved by it? Any hurt that was healed by it? Now, can anyone describe anything that was made worse because alcohol was involved?

Prayers for you, dear Possum, and know that we're here when you need someone to talk to. --Romeena

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67929: OR, I may just have them both in my hip pocket,as Barney would say. Laci's dad,if told on (my sister & I who saw him with Laci/daughter in violation of court orders/restraining order ) would probably get arrested & lose his job.Right now,that's all he's got and believe it or not,he is a Corrections Officer! They suspended him a week just for having a protective order against him-imagine what they'll do if they get wind of this?
As for my daughter,it boils down to her family,which is all she's got,and thru all of her antics over the years,she has ALWAYS come around because of us. She WILL sign temporary custody to me- she won't jeopardize her grandmother's (my mom) health,she won't put Laci's "Oma" in jail. We all just KNOW it. We might not have that gilr figured out-not by a long shot,but this we are mighty sure of.
Yes,they've gotten themselves in a potentially big fiasco,as far as the divorce goes,but if they keep quiet(yes,I know it's not ethical) then things should proceed as planned.
I am to the point that I'd rather Laci go into Protective Services than back into more madness. I am guided by God.I know HE has a good plan for Laci.I think I was made her grandmother for a reason-it's all part of HIS plan. If God be for me..
Thanks friends- continue with the prayers.Monday can't come soon enough. Hopefully then, Laci will be legally in a safe place with me.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67930: That's "Girl" not "gilr".
possum again

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67931: Hope to be back on Porch tomorrow. Need to go tend to Laci- thought she was settling in for a nap. Think she needs some hugs and love.
Take care all. I'll be here when I'm able.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67932:
Prayers for you and Laci. May the good Lord protect you both.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67933: Just remember Possum, resist the urge to be an enabler. Good, kind folks like you, who have had to live with and deal with alcoholism, often rationalize ways to give in to their loved one and the cycle just keeps repeating and things continue to get worse. Be strong and remember that sometimes real love has to be very tough. You be the one to break the cycle of alcohol abuse in your family (for Laci's sake), because Ro is very wise in her assessment of alcohol. I grew up in an alcoholic family. My dad made some horrible decisions that affected his family for years and in my teens, I began abusing alcohol (I was first drunk at age 14). The older I got, I began to find myself drinking in secret to kill the pain but as a Christian, the Lord dealt with me about that poor choice and I stopped. A lightbulb just came on in my thinking. Sounds strange, but when you are raised around it, you don't see it as being wrong sometimes. When I realized what I was doing, I stopped, completely and have not had a drink since I was 19. Thanks be to God and Him alone. I do remember well, rationalizing my Dad's behavior and thinking I could help "fix" things in the family. It never works. Keep praying and listening, Possum, and obey God no matter how hard it gets. We are praying for your strength.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67934:
BARNEY: Hello Floyd, this is Barney Fife. Who's in the chair...well get rid of 'em. I'm coming over and I'm ready for action.! That's right I want the works. Shave haircut, witch hazel,
O.D. cologne, toliet water...If it smells I want it.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67935:
Good thought Boo, and thanks for sharing. We need to remember that the 12 steps, as great as they are, is just a human concept. Instant recovery, however, is a God concept. This also worked for George Bush. Another instance, for example,is my Bible knowledge. It is more from it being "revealed" to me as I was "prompted" to read it than from any class that i ever took on it.
Look at St Paul's conversion. Why isnt everyone converted that way? It's because of God's mysterious ways. Maybe this is God's way of getting laci to a safe haven.
So I say hear hear and amen to your post!

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67936: Back on briefly- Mr. Possum is entertaining(aggravating!) Laci. I keep remembering when this all started (Laci's dad taking her in a rage,sleeping w/gun,etc.) that I was crying out to the Lord and He told me that he had Laci in His hands,even tighter when I could not hold her and that I had to be strong & not fall apart,because in the end I was going to have to be the one there at the end of the mess. God does not lie to us,friends. He spoke that clearly to my heart.
I am holding onto that. Thank y'all for believing in me. I ain't super woman & it's going to be such a change,and hard work if I have Laci to raise,for a while or for longer.I will need all the support I can get. Love y'all.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67937: Gang im still here!just been busting my dog tail on building the barn...any leftovers?..hey possum,asa,boo,ro,mdaand all....working OT tomorrow so i will be checking ya porch...SPOT

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67938: Please pray- this is an unending nightmare. Just got a call from my sister who heard that Laci's mom was in a car accident. Paramedics took her to hospital. I can't go-I have Laci. My husband won't go-he has had it with my daughter. My sister has a sick child-can't go. Only one who can go is the friend that my daughter had the fight with last night.It seems like my daughter may have deliberately (sp?) run an accident-for attention from her friend.She & Laci were staying with friend,but friend tossed my daughter out. Y'all,I MUST get custody of Laci. Please pray.My daughter sure needs help. God in Heaven please bless us. I ask in Jesus' name- amen

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67939: The friend IS being good enough to go to the hospital & will let us know. We tend to think it was staged. Thank you Jesus that Laci was not with her in the car!
possum again

I will let y'all know-probably tomorrow. PRAY please

I am so sorry I have Taken over a Nice Andy Griffith gathering place with all of these troubles.It's just- I need my friends.And you are here.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67940: Just glanced up at what Boo wrote to me. I would be enabling her if I DID go to the hospital,wouldn't I?
Gotta give it over to God.And pray my sick sick child will someday get it together. She just became a nurse! Scary,isn't it?!

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67941: daughter was hurt,this is for real.typing w/1 hand with phone in other. another car involved w/ elderly folk. daughter knocked out for 20 min.-elderly folk pulled her out.she's in a neck brace,had cat sister is texting,calling etc. right now trying to get more info.just pray.again i thank y'all. possum

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67942: Me again- sister had my daughter on speaker phone-I could hear her,but she couldn't hear me. Sister relayed btwn.
Accident not daughter's fault.Trooper explained accident-elderly people at fault. No results yet from Cat scan-have her on morphine. Daughter's van is totaled- she was told she'd be dead if not for seat belt.So glad Laci was not in van!
Laci's dad showed up at hospital,in violation of restraining (censor wouldn't take the next word-rhymes with border)-daughter told authorities about it,he most likely got arrested on the spot. Plus,he went in her purse & stole money.I'd say he's pretty much out of the loop now,as far as trying to get any custody of Laci.I hope so.
I didn't know,but my daughter just the other day in court got an order that if she was ever incapacitated,hospital,etc. That I have custody of Laci.Was filed in the court. I thought it was only in case of death,but she says otherwise.So, Laci is safe right now.With me.
Let's disregard the earlier statement about her possibly staging an accident for attention. No,this was legit. But,she does have some issues that have to be addressed.She needs to get herself straightened out. More counseling than she's getting,whatever.I can't see her caring for Laci full time until then.
Thank you Lord for keeping my daughter safe.I pray this was a BIG wake up call for her.
Again- love you all. Thanks for putting up with me.This Porch is a blessing to me.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67943: Possum my friend I will be praying hard for you my friend,,,,yall im still hungry!,,any food left?,,,breakfast will be on Asa at waffle house in the morning...OK,OK Asa I will leave the tip...prayers once again for all...will read at work to go in at 6am so im off to bed...SPOT

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67944: Why would censor not take that word,but it let me use it later? And I'm not using IE either!

order (let's see if it takes it now)
possum going to try to get some sleep.

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67945: Hey Spot- thanks buddy. Love ya.


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67946:

Glad to hear it, Jelsik. One of these days I'm gonna BUY one of them houses. I'm wondering, though: will I be able to float boats in the basement?

I enjoyed the CMAs. It was pretty rock-ish, but I love me some rock & roll. Carrie Underwood made us cry - beautiful! I wish they'd give more props to Bluegrass. It's a passion of mine - the more traditional, the better. Big Maude, I love me some Kenny Chesney, too. Soooo happy to see him perform with The Wailers. That made my day.

M-T, I sympathize. Too bad we couldn't have cloned Will Rogers and just kept him around all these years. There'd be no such thing as term limits. ;-)

Ro, your dad was a wise man. Strange how many times the police intervene in a wife-beating situation, only to be attacked by the victim. I'll never get it. "No good deed goes unpunished" has become one of my most oft-repeated sayings of late, unfortunately. (Btw, I too hope that Britain has its eyes open.)

Tom, thank you for the lovely poem. It takes inner strength to endure life's turmoils. God gave us the sense to find it and put it to use. Prayers for your brother and family.

Boo, you're ept! I still need to get inarculated, too. Btw, I don't use no IE. My machine's one of those old timey steam-powered machines that Dave Barry wrote about: The DataBelle. bwahahaaa...

Oh Pam/Possum, you poor, sweet lady... how I sympathize with what you're going through. I pray for you ALL, especially Laci, whose interests you are trying to protect. I pray things will turn out well for all of you. And don't be "ashamed," mija. These things seek us out, no matter who we are. Ro's right: alcohol turns people stooooopid. After this latest incident, God willing, you will get Laci.

Sounds like you're onto a good plan with Erin, Boo. Just hang in there. That's one thing I didn't have the energy to do. I finally let them be responsible for their own rooms (closing the door when company came over). Took them a decade to finally 'get it.' LOL May you prove to be more persistent than I. :-)


"... 'cause once you're down in Texas, Bob Wills is still the king." ~ Waymore

November 14, 2008 - Msg 67947: Thanks, DES! It is about 10:30 here and I am waiting on that cold front that you already have in San Antonio...should be blowing in anytime now.

Possum, your life has been some kind of whirlwind nightmare the past couple of weeks! Just hold on, God knows what to do. Prayers for you, Laci and your daughter. Keep us informed of changes so we know how to pray. Love you.

Hey SPOT! How's the barn coming?


November 14, 2008 - Msg 67948:

Yeah, it's chilly here, girlfriend!


November 15, 2008 - Msg 67949: Well, it's not exactly warm here. It's 52, which for Texas is a cold front! Actually, I had just walked outside when that north wind hit. It was a real old fashioned "norther" - just slammed through town like a physical blow, and the temperature dropped about fifteen degrees in less than half an hour. If I had left home five minutes earlier, I'd have been without a jacket. I love these winds, though. Lots of leaves being driven out of town, never to return!

Possum, you hang in there. It's got to get better. Laci's dad is surely no longer a threat, and daughter will recover, hopefully a wiser person for her experience. As you've said so many times, God IS in control.

Well, I'm off to visit the ironing board. Little Starr is flopped at my feet, making tiny snores. I don't know if mice snore, but if they do, they would surely sound just like her. She is just the sweetest little thing! I thank God for her. She was just what I needed after losing my precious little Plum. She's sweet and loving, energetic, comical, and such fun. God is good. --Romeena

November 15, 2008 - Msg 67950: Good morning gang!..Boo the barn has a roof and I have started the trim around the overhang...rain cut me short..will start the siding next week I hope...let me tell ya what a 30 by 40 barn takes some time!..well lets all get in Asa"s van and head to waffle house!...possum hum hope your day is a better one...prayers...and Rev watch for the truck...hey auh20,hazel,M-T,Lucy and all...Tom check in ok.....back in a bit...let me get logged on here at work on the 4 comp....SPOT

November 15, 2008 - Msg 67951: Morning Porchters.

Pam, my gosh you are having a time. I will pray for things to calm down for you, and for safety and protection for Laci. It sounds to me like you are her only hope, and I'm sure the Lord knows that and things will work our accordingly.

Where's Homemaker? I picture standing outside in a field, staring in a hole, admiring her 2 tons of steel reinforced concrete. Bless her heart.


November 15, 2008 - Msg 67952: Thank you friends. Had about 3 hours sleep due to all that's going on & bad T-storms last night. I pray for strength to get me thru the day.
Daughter phoned after 11pm- they released her-concussion,whiplash,gonna be very sore & beat up,but alive. If not for seatbelt,I would have a dead child.
Laci's walker & adaptive stroller were probably in the back of the van. Van is totaled-we need to find where it was taken & if Laci's things are in good condition so we can get them.I pray walker is ok-she needs it for therapy & mobility.
I'll keep y'all posted. Yes,it has been a doozy lately.Things started the end of October with my husband getting put in jail on bogus charges- remember? Middle of Nov. now and I just want peace,friends. I know y'all are praying & it means so much. I'll be in touch as often as I can.
I really truly love y'all.

November 15, 2008 - Msg 67953: Thanks for the update, glad your daughter will be ok. Will she be staying with you? "Doozy" is a pretty good word for it, but it probably feels like more than a "Doozy", doens't it?

Funny, funny post, ASA (about HM)...hehe. I can picture the same thing. Hope she checks in soon with an update. I think I am near as excited as she is about that reinforced concrete of hers. Cannot WAIT to see the finished product when the house is up...(wonder if she has pictures of the septic tank???hmm).

SPOT, I imagine a 30/40 foot barn would quite the project. It will be worth it, though. Bruce has been talking about doing the same, but a little smaller. Right now, there is nothing on the place but a fence. I think I am going to name the place Sticker Burr Ranch. You can't believe how many stickers there are on the place. Bruce says he'll deal with it later but it sure is a pain, literally. When we are out there with the kids, about every 10 minutes you hear someone say, "OUCH!".

Well, DES, it is beautiful here today! Very cool and sunny (windy, though). I love it.

Better get moving..


November 15, 2008 - Msg 67954: Spot, around here it's better known as Awful House. Besides I always get car sick ridin' in Asa's van. You know that.


November 15, 2008 - Msg 67955:
Maybe it's cause Asa's the one doing the driving. At least let me set by the window.


November 15, 2008 - Msg 67956: Just don't hang yer head out the winder Chuck! HA

November 15, 2008 - Msg 67957: Hey Chuck...well all slow here at work..all lights are on and im on OT!..this is my day off but one of the other guys called me thu and wanted off so here I am...good barn money!..well its about lunch time..Maude lets take this bunch to Olive Garden and then to the mall for a afternoon Movie...we will just have to see whats playing.....SPOT

November 15, 2008 - Msg 67958: No,Boo,she won't be staying with me.Don't have room and my husband is just fed up with all of it. No way they could live here together. She stayed with the friend she was out with the other night when this whole chain of events leading up to the wreck happened. But,unless I hear differently today,friend is sick of her.Only went to hospital & took her home because of a good heart. If that doesn't work out,guess she'll go to another friend or maybe my sister's.Thing is,and sad to say,nobody wants her living with them.Not like she is.
Oh,sister checked & as far as we know Laci's dad didn't get arrested.I think it's going to have to come down to blackmail with him- either he agrees (along with my daughter who already says she will) to give me temp. custody,or my sister & I will tell court how he broke the restraining issue,had Laci alone again,etc. He WOULD be in big trouble then.Spell it out to him,it's either me,or Child protective services because we (family) don't want either of them to have Laci right now.He really won't have a choice,if he cares about Laci. That may be our smoking gun.I just hate this. Just keep the prayers coming.Thanks friends

November 15, 2008 - Msg 67959: Good morning, all. It's 49 degrees here and very windy, but clear skies. Pretty day, but chilly. I've got to go deliver a cheesy/potato casserole that I made this morning - a Sunday School class member has had a death in her family, so the class is taking in food.

Possum, I hope Laci's things are okay, not damaged. Equipment like that is expensive, I know, and sometimes hard to come by. I'm glad your daughter wasn't hurt any worse than she was, and am eternally grateful to God that Laci wasn't in the van.

Boo, I think Sticker Burr Ranch is a hoot! You should have a sign made and hang it on the fence. As for those sticker burrs, corn gluten meal spread in the very early spring, and dry molasses spread in spring or fall will go a long way toward controlling those nasty little things. Are they just regular sticker burrs, or do you have those miserable goat-head things too?

Well, gotta run and get my tater dish delivered. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 15, 2008 - Msg 67960: Hey there Romeena!..possum just hang in there friend Boo I LOVE the Sticker Burr Ranch! like Ro get a sign made..going into my property on my fence I have a big green and white sign that says "Mayberry Country"..people get a kick out of that..well Ga Bulldogs better get busy the second half of this here game...MDC you ready for the race tomorrow?..Mavis are you working on that house?..when are you moving?..Asa I too picture HM staring in a hole at her concrete...oh-my can just picture her with her arms crossed just-a-looking...hee hee..Rev hope you get to see some football today and tomorrow buddy...well back to the game...SPOT

November 15, 2008 - Msg 67961: Ok gona go home tonight and build a fire..its getting down to freezing here in Ga..well bulldogs won..porch must be out shopping at the mall....supper menu: Honey Baked Ham,tater salad,greenbeans,corn on the cob with real butter,fried okra,rolls,tea...ready at dark!..prayers and I got to get home and bring wook in...burrr..prayers for possum and all in need ...SPOT

November 15, 2008 - Msg 67962: Located the van- got Laci's walker & stroller.They were in the back & guess the front of van got the worst of it. Daughter said wait til I see pics of the van.She is lucky to be alive,according to all accounts.
She is staying with my sister (and this is the one I had so many problems with a while back-most of that we found,was instigated by my daughter.) My sister has been a godsend to me.She & her husband will be good influences on my daughter and their house is only 2 away from mine-next door to my mom. So,she'll be close,I'll keep Laci,we'll see what we can do about me getting temp. custody.
By the way,Laci's dad admitted to her he took money from her purse.Violated court orders by being at hospital with her,plus stealing from her. We've got so much on him-only thing,we do anything about it,he'll lose job,Laci will lose child support,etc. But it's good to know we have something else on him-that makes 3 viloations of the court orders that have eyewitnesses.
Let me go-can't keep a good eye on Laci when I'm in here w/computer. Mr. Possum is with her,but that's just another kid!
I'll keep in touch.Love y'all.