November 22, 2008 - Msg 68144: im going to the movies to night with my mom to See the twilight i dont no if i will like it or not ill just wait and see. - ky kid

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68145: Spot I'll see your 24 & raise you (or would that be lower?) 13, which is how cold it was on my porch this morning. Let me tell you, my dogs went out, pottied & came right back in quick as a flash! Especially the Chinese Cresteds, they had their little fleece hoodies on, but they still don't like the cold one bit. I have to go out to the new house today & get some things done out there, but I ain't going nowhere till it warms up some more. Sure am thankful for the heated seats in my Blazer. Hello to youky kid we got a little snow yesterday, about 2 inches, but it's about all gone now. Since Spot is going to be working at the Dog House all day, I've got supper covered~Beef Stew, cornbread with butter (real butter, not that stuff from the grocery store), Ritz crackers for those that prefer them, milk, coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Can someone else bring dessert? All I got is a box of Twinkies.
Later taters,

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68146: Oh, I meant to tell you all, I found the neatest plants at the nursery the other day, they are called "Living Stones" or "Split Rocks" don't even look like a plant, google them & check them out. They're pretty cool.

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68147: supper sounds good.

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68148: ky kid

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68149: Morning, Porch. Supper sounds good, Mavis. I'll bring the dessert. Which reminds me, could you post that desert you posted a few months back? I think it was a bundt thing, and called for yellow cake mix, if I remember. I made it, it was delicious, but now can't remember the receipe.
Welcome to KY Kid. It's nice to have youngin's around.
Well, we finally got another dog. It's been over 2 years since our dear Molly died, and it's taken all this while for us to find another. At first we just couldn't do it; it was too soon, and then when we decided we were ready to have another dog, it was hard to find the one we wanted. We wanted another border collie, and have been serching the animal shelters and newspapers for quite a while. Quite depressing actually, to see all the un-wanted dogs. I think even more depressing is the cats. Anyhow, we got our dog, we pick her up Tuesday night.
Today is my daughers 25th birthday. I can't believe my baby is that old.
See ya later at supper.
- Hazel

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68150: Hooray for you, Hazel! I'm so glad you're finally getting another furkid. Life is too short to spend it without a furry companion.

Spot, the cruise really was a lot of fun. I wish you and Miss Sherry would consider going next year. Eloise and I are sending in our deposits today to reserve a room. A little sent now, a little more every month or so, and long before the cruise actually happens, we'll have it paid for. I even heard that for those who drive in, there's a good chance that free parking will be available. That's not confirmed, but if true, it will save about $75. Rev, it would be so cool if you and Mrs. Rev could be aboard, and Spot and Miss Sherry, and so many others who live out that way. We Westerners will have to fly, but we're going!

Boo, your whole church must be hurting right now, with the untimely death of that youngster. So sad. When kids do something like that, I always have the feeling that they didn't really understand the finality of the act, and that just makes it doubly hard. Such a tragedy.

Well, it's 44 outside right now. If it gets up to 50, I'll get out there and set up a deer grouping or two. It's getting to be about that time. Seems like these days just fly now, until Christmas. I'm wondering how on earth I'm going to keep Hurricane Starr out of the Christmas tree! Last year I had some very large wrapped gifts, and stacked them where they blocked her. She was so tiny, and was easy to block. This year, she's still tiny but is a lot more agile and will probably master anything I put in her way. This could get interesting.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68151: Good morning friends!

I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Sorry that I haven't been by much lately. Just got a lot goin' on what seems all the time.

We are heading out of town today for a weeks trip visiting family in Kentucky and Ohio. My birthday is on Thanksgiving Day so my parents are having a little party for me. I'll be back to rockin' with y'all soon. Although I do need to stop by Weavers for some Christmas shopping.

Y'all take care and Happy Thanksgiving if I'm not able to get back on.

Blessings to you and yours,

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68152: what are you having for thanksgiving this year? - ky kid

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68153: Hey ky girl,Ro,Mavis,Local up now and warming up...gona get started on the barn...Mavis supper sounds GOOD....SPOT

November 22, 2008 - Msg 68154: Happy (early) Birthday, Lucy. Hope you have a terrific time with family.

Yes, Ro, it has been quite painful. The graveside service was particularly hard, but I will spare you the details. I just feel so sorry for the mom and grandmother. On a brighter note, though, Keith and I went to the drug rehab for a thanksgiving party for the girls and it was alot of fun. Several people from church baked cookies and we had punch. They played some games with the girls and even had them dancing the chicken dance and the cotten-eyed Joe. Boy, did I laugh and that was a good thing, after coming from the funeral. Afterware, the superviser pulled me aside and asked me to talk with one of the girls who is having a tough time. I spent an hours just letting her talk and cry, poor child. She is only 16 and has more problems than many have in a lifetime. She lost a baby about a month ago, too, and that hurt her terribly. All I could really do is listen and let her cry. She has been holding everything in and the supervisor thought that maybe she would cry and get some of it out, and she did. Her name is Cassie, if you are inclined to pray for her.

Hey there KY Kid. Well, I am cooking a turkey, cornbread dressing, candied sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole (the kind with rice and lots of cheese), and my sister is bringing some pies and the rolls. Pretty traditional stuff..for here in the south. Oh, and can't forget the SWEET tea and cranberry sauce. What are the rest of you having? I know that my relatives in the North eat a different kind of dressing (or stuffing, as they call it), and it's made with regular bread instead of cornbread. I like the northern stuffing better than the cornbread dressing, but I am way out-voted around here with all these southerners. Anyway, for dessert, I know we are having pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate meringue pies.

It's been a very long day, so I need to retire to my bed. See you all tomorrow.


November 23, 2008 - Msg 68155: wow your thanksgiving sounds better than ars -ky kid

November 23, 2008 - Msg 68156: Oh, why? What are you having? Too bad you and your mom can't be down here with us for thanksgiving. Wouldn't that be fun? Have you ever been to Texas to the beach, KY Kid?

Oh boy, I had a late night. I had one of my nieces, who is 7, spend the night and it was terrible trying to get her and Erin to go to sleep. When I finally got them settled in, my niece started complaining of a tummy ache. I think it was about 11:30 before everyone got to bed. I will have to try to grab a little nap this afternoon after church. We have our big thanksgiving church dinner tonight and it is my favorite thing that we do together as a church. It's not the food, it's having everyone together for a meal and we always have a little service after, when people share some of the things they are thanful for. I love it. Of course this year, it will be more solemn (with Aaron's passing), but we will be all the more thankful for our families.

Better get ready for preachin'. I'm wearin' dangly earrings, dang it.


November 23, 2008 - Msg 68157: Hi All.
My brother send me this poem.

I knelt to pray but not for long,
I had too much to do.
I had to hurry and get to work
For bills would soon be due.
so I knelt and said a hurried prayer,
And jumped up off my knees.
My Christian duty was now done,
My soul could rest at ease.....
All day long I had no time
To spread a word of cheer
No time to speak of Christ to friends,
They'd laugh at me I'd fear.
No time, no time, too much to do,
That was my constant cry,
No time to give to souls in need
But at last the time, the time to die
I went before the Lord,
I came, I stood with downcast eyes.
For in His hands God held a book;
It was the book of life.
God looked into his book and said!
'Your name I cannot fine. I once was going to write
it down...
But never found the time'
god bless you

If you look at what you do not have in life, you don't
have anything,
If you look at what you have in life, you have everything.


November 23, 2008 - Msg 68158: Afternoon Y'all- nice poem,Tom. Not much going on around here at the rock today-just a nice lazy Sunday.
Boo,continued prayers for you & your church family. Boy,the funeral I went to yesterday couldn't have been more different than the one you attended.My sister & I were the only white people at the funeral (heck,that's common for me-remember my high school reunion last year?!) and I mean to tell y'all there was some singing,tambourine shaking,stomping & shouting going on.I was worn out just from sitting there listening to it all! I'll miss my old friend-god Bless her.
Hey Spot,did you catch "My Cousin Vinny" last night on A&E? I had to watch it-at least through my favorite part " Did you say YOUTS? What is a YOUT?" I laughed out loud & thought of you! Good movie!
Well,looks like everyone else is having a quiet Sunday.Hope all is well with each & every one.I'll see y'all later.
Congrats to Hazel's daughter & Lucy on their birthdays!
possum under a rock

November 23, 2008 - Msg 68159: Now I KNOW I capitalized God's name up there!

possum again

November 23, 2008 - Msg 68160: Rommena Miss Sherry and I will try to plan to go next year for sure...she will cruise anywhere!..I just dont fly...where does it port out of? long as I can drive there...hey YOUTS possum...oh-my im laughing out loud right now..Rev you get your stew?..hey Tom...well let me get this work area at the barn policed up...back in a bit...SPOT

November 23, 2008 - Msg 68161:
Hi KY Kid, as you can see, we talk about a lot of different things here. Even MAYBERRY now and then. Ha I'm sure you saw Boo talking about the funeral and also about the drug rehab place. Here it is thanksgiving week, time to count our blessings, but also a time to realize there there are many problems in this world. But as Rev says, Jesus loves you, and when we cast our cares on Him, it makes our burden MUCH lighter! Thank your dear mom, whom I have spoken to in the past on the telephone, for all she has done for you! You are one lucky kid!
God bless you.
B00- prayers for Cassie, you bet, and for you too!
Hey all, how about some eel for thanksgiving! ha
It is among some of the fare served in 1620.
Rev- I got gas at Costco yesterday--1.82 !!
TOm- Very good poem for this time as 2008 flies by! We all need to exhale and then sing a verse of "The Little Brown Church..."
RO- I cant believe that you've had Starr for over a year already!
God's blessings to all, give Him a hearty and heartFELT Thank you!,

November 23, 2008 - Msg 68162: Mmm..roasted eeel over a fire!
Ha.. almost as good as Barney's pheasant!

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68163: I'll pass on the roasted eel, MDC. Think I'd rather take my chances eating with Spot & the Martians- FREEN beans-Yum! Ha Ha
Y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68164: Good morning one here at work that wanted to stay deer hunting one more day so im here today on OT...good deal right here at Christmas...hey possum,M-T,auh20,hazel,asa,Romeena,Tom,ky kid,ky girl,Cheryl,Lucy,Red,MDC,goober,mavis,boo and EVERYONE!...well rain here in Ga for the day..let me get settled in and I will be back with the lunch menu...SPOT

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68165: Thanks for those prayers, MDC. Our gas here is 1.57!

Good morning SPOT.

How is Laci, Possum? Are things settling down with your daughter?

The church thanksgiving dinner was nice, we had over 100, which is a good turnout for us. I have now had turkey and dress twice and it's not thanksgiving yet. Now....where are those thanksgiving memories???...I don't remember too many specific thanksgivings as a child, but I remember certain things clearly, as someone already said, the smell of the turkey in the oven when I woke up to watch Macy's parade in my pj's. I remember we would have our dinner, then the guys watching football, taking a nap, eating again later in the day....things like that AND I remember my aunt's cornbread dressing (she made the best).

Romeena, I, I like MDC, can't believe you have already had Starr a year! Time flies...I was remember the red cardinal ornament and how Sugarplum would find a way to get it off the tree. I was thinking that you are going to have to start putting that tree of yours up soon if you want to get it finished before Christmas! You know how long it takes to get it done. Maybe you and Eloise can get together one evening and work on it and maybe even have a TAGS marathon.

My December calendar is filling up so fast that I am starting to get anxious about it already. Every year I tell myself I am going to do less and spend more time at home in December, and every year I have myself over-extended before it even gets here. Our church youth have a few things planned (progressive dinner, caroling and hayride, ringing the salvation army bell at Walmart) that I feel I need to be a part of, especially with the recent events, and then there is the ladie's ornament exchange party, the deacon's party (sounds boring, doesn't it?'s not, though...:), chritmas party for the girls at rehab, shopping, baking, planning christmas dinner..etc. Oh, and making time for mom and dad. This will be their last Christmas in their home, if they can make it there that long. Last night dad told me he couldn't wait to get to Susan's house so he would have more help with mom. That is great that he is wanting to go now and it will be better for them both.

Well, I have bent your ears long enough. I sure hope more folks turn up on the porch today. I miss you guys when you're away.


November 24, 2008 - Msg 68166: Good Morning Porch, checking in from work today. It will probably be a slow week around here due to the holiday. I will be at 2 on Wednesday and then off Thursday and Friday. My husband and son will be away Hunting Friday and Saturday so I Beth I am will probably try and get a head start of Christmas shopping if we can.

Raining and cool here today.. maybe some snow flurries later day.

I would like to request prayers please. I am awating test results for 2 different issues. I hope things will be fine, but the worry wart that I am keeps getting in the way of my "it will be okay thought process. I surely would appreciate them.

Lunch menu will be: grilled ham and cheese, chips, chocolate chip cookies and kool aid to drink or tea. see you at lunch.

Have a blessed day.

Big Maude

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68167: Prayers Maude,was gona whup up lunch but see you beat me to it..thank you..may I have 2 sandwiches? those ham and grilled cheese...what flavor kool-aid?..if its grape count me in on a jug of that...SPOT

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68168: Hi ya'll, just stopping by for a minute so I can enjoy my rocker and the company of all of you.Thanksgiving dinner sounds great,everyone is having a great menu.I told ky kid we could have cornbread dressing and regular dressing.Cornbread is my favorite too,but,my folks don't care for it,so I usually just make the other kind.MDC,good to see you on the porch.It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year Romeena since you gor Starr.Time does fly.Well,better get back to my chores.Prayers for all-ky girl

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68169:
Prayers for big maude.
Praying that all will be A-OK.
Matt. 6:25, Jesus' actual words:
"Do not worry about your life."
Prayers also for Boo, ky girl, ky kid, spot
and all porchsters.
Happy Thanksgiving!
PS- I did some lawn work and i think
I sprained my "pitila oblongata."
Anyone got a pie, ham or half a turkey! ha

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68170: Prayers for you Maude. I have been in that situation and know how easy it is to get yourself all worried. Try not to stress and keep the faith. We're here for you if you need us.
No,it sure doesn't seem like Ro has had Starr for an entire year-boy,time goes quickly!
Ky girl,it's good to have you back again and nice to see your ky kid on the Porch!

Boo, things are getting better. Laci's doing well,daughter may have a job! Will know for certain tomorrow. If she gets this one,she'll work 3 days on,4 off (as a nurse at MUSC in Charleston) 12 hour shifts. I'll keep Laci while she works.And get paid-hooray!I'll keep y'all posted.
Gas here is $1.81.Glad to see it going down-hope it continues to drop!
Got a few things to do around here,so I'd better scoot. Y'all have a good day and remember that Ro's grandson is undergoing surgery today. Prayers that all turns out well.
possum under a rock

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68171: I think I just made your "pitula oblongata" worse by rocking on it,MDC- didn't see ya there!

possum again

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68172:
SPOT- not sure how long you have been in the Atlanta area, but do you remember when the Peach Bowl was played in Grant Stadium?
I was going thru some old stuff this past weekend and found my program from the THIRD Peach Bowl in 1970! 3 other guys and i drove 38 hours straight, watched the game, and drove back after the game! It was Arizona State against the North Carolina Tar Heels. We were all seniors at ASU.
It was about as crazy as it got in those days!
"I'm in my forties, and I admit it."
..and my blond hair aint from a bottle no matter what Me-They says!" ha

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68173:

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68174: Hey Ky kid, how was the movie? Give a review if you can. My wife wants me to take her to that one, but I don't know if I really want to see it.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68175:

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68176:
I forget who mentioned it,
but i watched the Barney's Physical ep and
sure enuf, in one scene the wall calendar
says May 16, and in the next scene it says
May 15! BTW, the shortest quote for both Andy
and barney comes in that same ep: "Five." ha

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68177: Hey Sterling, where have you been lately. I know everyone is very busy at this time of the year. I don't suppose you have been snowed in, yet? Yesterday in church, a woman who runs a local children's home spoke at our church. The first thing she said was, "I'm Melissa and I am from New York state...but please don't hold that against me". I thought that was pretty funny.

Well, I have bible study at the rehab early today so better run. I'll let you know how it goes, MDC.

Where is Me-They? He never runs off at the mouth anymore. Man! :) I miss his filibustering (did I spell that right?) know I am kidding, buddy.


November 24, 2008 - Msg 68178:
I'll be prayin'. mdc

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68179:
"ooohh, I think I et too many apples!" ha

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68180: Maybe me-they run off wite one of the fun girl.


November 24, 2008 - Msg 68181: Hey family, been busy for a couple of days so I'm still catching up on the reading here. Hope everyone is doing well. They're calling for a "mixture" of stuff tonight, so I have no clue what I'll wake up to in the morning. But I made a big pot of vegetable soup and cornbread so ya'll come on over it's ready. Gonna settle back, and watch some college basketball tonight. Ya'll have a good evening--Salty Dog

BTW--Has anyone heard from Asa? Aint like him to be so quiet so long.

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68182: Howdy, all. Been busy today, just now getting to rock for a while. Possum, thanks for remembering my grandson. I just talked with him for about half an hour. He's home, knee surgery went well. His leg is all wrapped in a big bulky dressing, and he's in the CPM machine, pretty much confined to the sofa or his bed. We had a good conversation. My son and his family went down there to be with my daughter and offer moral support. This is the first time one of her kids has had any surgery, and she was pretty tense. So, brother to the rescue, bless him. Anyway, Tyler is doing great, praise the Lord.

Big Maude, prayers for your concerns at this time, whatever they may be. Leave it with the Lord, and get some rest tonight.

I know, I can't imagine I've had Starr for a year now either. That means my little Plum has been gone for well over a year - it was a year on August 16. I still miss her so much. That was a very special little dog. Starr is a delight, though, and has made her own place in my heart. It's a good thing, because Sugarplum's place is still fully occupied.

Spot, the Mayberry cruise sails from Jacksonville, Florida. I would think that would be in driving distance for you?? For me, it would be a two-day drive, so it's a lot easier to just fly. Gosh, it would be just great if you and Miss Sherry do go along. It's really a lot of fun.

Friends like Eloise don't come along every day. She came over today for lunch, and then got out in the back yard with me and we got all my lighted deer arranged, staked down, powered and lighted. They look so pretty! I still need to put out the colored twinkle lights, but that's easy. The power posts and timers are already in place, and the twinkles are just draped and scattered over the bushes and stuff, and plugged in. I've got just about enough open plugs to handle what I'll want to use. If I can get a decent picture, I'll put it in the Christmas album.

Well, Starr is in here nosing at my ankle, I think she's hungry. It's past her suppertime, and mine too, for that matter. Guess I'll go rustle up something. Be blessed, y'all. --Romeena

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68183: MDC, you gave yourself away as a phony right from the first. Petula Obondala ain't in the legs. It's it the brain.

Prayers for Maude.

I was trying to think of a Thanksgiving memory to share, and at first I couldn’t think of just one. I mean, all of my Thanksgivings have been so special. I have always felt very loved and cared for by my family, first in my early years with my parents and brother and sister, and now with my husband and my own children. I’m very grateful for the great times and memories I have of Thanksgiving. Actually, all of them have been the same. Turkey dinner, with all the family there, great food, football games, and always, some card game or another. My Dad taught me to play Pinochle when I was about 6, and later on I learned Canasta and Hollywood rummy, and others. Card games have always been a big part of our family, we always manage to squeeze in an hour or 2 of something. And thru out all the Thanksgivings, there have always been “extra” people. Maybe someone my mom worked with, who didn’t have family in town; or maybe a college friend or two of my sister or brother who lived too far away to go to their own family. The extra people changed as the times change, but the theme is always the same. Family and Friends.
Anyhow, that’s what I was thinking about just now, when I suddenly remembered I did in fact have a different Thanksgiving memory - different from the rest, and something I hadn’t thought about in years. It’s really not that interesting but Boo insisted we share a memory, so here goes. This was when I was about 9 years old, and my family moved from Arizona to Idaho. I was too young to remember exactly why we were moving, other than my dad was a farmer, and my parents thought we could do better in Idaho (we were pretty poor). And they had to wait for our farm in Chino Valley to sell, I guess, and anyhow, for whatever reason, the plan was to move about 5 days before Thanksgiving of that year. So we loaded up all our belongings; my Dad hauled a U-haul truck behind his pickup, and my Mom drove the family car with me and my sister and our 3 dogs. So Mom followed Dad, all that way. Somewhere about ½ way there, it began to snow. It snowed so long, and so thick, we couldn’t even see out the windshield. I still remember how stressed my Mom was, trying to see, and follow the lights of the U-haul Dad was hauling. Anyway, at some point, we stopped for the night, and in the morning, Dads truck wouldn’t start. We ended up having to spend 2 days at some cheap motel in some place (I can’t remember where we were), and we ate Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant! Unheard of for my family…my Mom always cooked. So, that’s my memory. We made it to Idaho about 2 days after Thanksgiving. There was a family that we had been friends with in Arizona that had moved to Idaho about 2 years before us, and we ended up having Thanksgiving Dinner with them, 2 days late. But, even that memory, of the “Thanksgiving That Wasn’t” is the same as the others. Still with my family. Still loved.

- Hazel

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68184: Sterling,ky kid is in bed,but, I can tell you she loved the movie!She went one day with her older brothers girlfriend,and the next day with her older sister,and now she says she can't wait for it to come out on video!Or,I should say DVD.Well,better hit the hay,Prayers for all.-ky girl

November 24, 2008 - Msg 68185:
Hello Porch! I just had a Mister Schwamp sighting on season three of Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. The episode is "Gomer the Rarebit Fiend".
Some of you all may have already seen this, but it was kinda exciting for me to find him.

Does this excitement mean I have NO LIFE?

I hope and pray everyone on the porch has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


November 24, 2008 - Msg 68186: What a great story Hazel! I love Boo's idea of having Thanksgiving Memory Stories. Are we going to do Christmas ones too? I will come up with one before Turkey Day, I promise.
I'm just a little on the irritated side tonight (a down-grade from the earlier ALOT irritated), so you all are going to get another story tonight.
I had this client last month (Oct 15th to be exact) that called me practically in tears about needing her little dog groomed, but she just didn't have the money to get it done. She's on a fixed income, she's been in & out of the hospital, she's taking care of her daughter who has also been sick with pneumonia (sp?), having a hard time paying her bills, buying groceries, etc, etc, etc. She asked me if I would groom her dog (who was covered with fleas & sores from the itching) & let her make payments. I normally don't do anything like that, I groom the dog & get paid when they pick the dog up. My firm belief is, if you can't afford to take care of an animal the way it should be taken care of, you should not have one! I told her no, to call me back when she gathered the money.
But, I have been where that lady was, I've been in a place that I didn't know how I was going to pay my bills & keep food on the table. I've been in the place where I went to bed with worry over not having the money for things I needed, much less for what I wanted, & I would have (and did) appreciated any help I was given, so I called her back & told her I would agree to take the money in payments. I just felt like it was the right thing to do & I knew my mind & my heart would not give me a minute's peace if I didn't have some compassion & "pay it forward" so to speak. Anyway, I groomed the dog & she paid me a little on the bill & told me she would be back in 2 weeks with another payment, hopefully the full amount owed. Well, I haven't seen her since. I called on Nov 15, giving her a full month to call or come by & she told me she would be here one day next week (which was last week), she never showed. So I called this morning & got a little nasty with her about it & the "woe unto me" started again, along with how she's known my husband since he was a little boy, now what THAT has to do with anything, I still haven't figured out! She promised, yet again, that she would be in by Dec. 5th after she gets her check, so we shall see.
All this has done is make me think I should have followed my first instinct & tell her no, it's also made me decide, NO MORE! No matter what the story, I won't take payments anymore.
I really feel like "why bother?", what good does it do to try to be good to someone or try to help someone? They don't appreciate it anyway. It really makes me mad to be used like that.
Now, any suggestions from you folks about this situation? I probably won't see my money & I can't exactly UN-groom the dog & while what she owes won't break the bank or pay a bill in full, that's not the point.
thanks for letting me vent, you folks are so good at lending an ear or should I say eye & I do appreciate it.
I'll try to be in better spirits, but I had to get that off my chest.
it's the liver, she looked right at it & started crying

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68187: Yep Chuck, I think you now qualify as having "no life"...teehee...

Thanks for sharing your thanksgiving memory, Hazel. It somehow reminded me of the vacation I spent in Colorado Springs one December when my mom had the bad stroke and we spent most of our time in the hospital (until we got the flu and spent a week in delirium). That year it felt like we missed the Christmas season and Christmas. We were, however, very thankful that mom was alive because the stroke was a very bad one. That was 10 years ago...sure doesn't seem possible. I realized today that I have been doing the thanksgiving turkey and dressing for the family almost every year since (she taught me how).

Ro, so glad your grandson is doing well! Prayers that he is back to normal soon.

Prayers for your test results, Maude. I know how tough that can be...I think the waiting is the worst part.

Hey there, Mavis. I think my advice would be that if she doesn't pay you by Dec 5th, just consider it money lost and move on. Just chalk her off the list in the future and put it out of your mind. You tried to do a good deed and had to take a loss. It happens to all who take the risk of trying to help, but don't let the dissapointments make you less likely to help out if you feel led to help others in the future. God sees everything and said if we even give a cup of water in his name, we will receive our reward. As the scripture says, do everything as unto the Lord and not as unto man. You will never be dissapointed if you do. Keep that sweet and generous heart of your's. My two cents, for what it's worth.

Better get to bed. I have Emily tomorrow morning.


November 25, 2008 - Msg 68188: Good (very late) evening, everyone. Hazel, what a lovely story. Through it all, your family was together, and that's the thing for which we're usually most thankful, after all.

Mavis, you asked for suggestions, so here's mine. Sweetie, you set yourself up for that one. Your kind heart took over, and you called the woman back and made her a deal. Now calling her back wasn't a mistake, but perhaps making her a deal was. Let's say you called her back, told her you would accept payments, you groomed her dog and she gave you a down payment. So far, no difference. Then you said - "Just bring me the rest when you can." No deadline, no date set. Most important of all, no expectations on your part. You fully expect that she will not pay you. In your mind and heart, you know she won't, and you decide to be okay with that. Sure enough, she doesn't pay you, so no difference there either. The difference would be in how you're feeling right now. Instead of feeling ripped off and taken advantage of, as you do now, you wouldn't have had any unpleasant phone conversations and probably would have forgotten the whole thing by now. If you thought about it at all, you would remember that you groomed the woman's needy dog for five bucks or whatever it was, you'd know the dog felt better, and you might sorta hope that the woman's conscience was nagging her, but it wouldn't really matter, because you never expected to be paid anyway.

I learned that concept from my husband. One day I was with him when he stopped to put gas in the car. This was before the pay-before-fueling days, and a nicely-dressed man walked up and told my husband that he had just filled his car, it was about $18 and he discovered he didn't have his wallet. No cash, no credit cards. He wondered if my husband would lend him the money and give him an address to send it back to. I watched my Dale hand the man $20, but no address. He told him all he asked was that he be watchful and help someone else as soon as he could. As you said, pay it forward. I asked him why he did that, and he said because if the man didn't send the money, he'd have a bad feeling toward him, and he'd rather leave it where he could believe that he did repay, rather than to know he didn't.

Grooming a dog is a lot of work, especially one that's as needy as the one you described, but feeling like you've been cheated is a lot of work, too. It's all in the way you set yourself up to feel. OK, that's just my opinion.

Well, I'm off to gather up my sleepy puppy and hit the sack. She's so sweet when she's worn out from playing. Just a little limp bundle, all warm and soft, and soooo cuddly. God's little gift to me.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68189: That is such sound advice, Romeena (Godly wisdom, really). We had a similar situation here recently. My husband's brother, Richard, was in a jam and asked to borrow 3,000 dollars. This was money put aside to dig the well on our place, but since Richard was in a real jam, Bruce lent him the money (even though many times before, Richard didn't do Bruce right when he has lent him money before). Well, this was back in June and Richard said he would pay Bruce back in August. He came to see Bruce and asked for an extension. Everytime he said he would pay it back, he didn't (several times since) and he has been working alot of overtime and has a very good job. He met Bruce at his office a week ago and Bruce was expecting to get his money back. Richard came saying he couldn't pay him back yet. Bruce asked him if he had any of it and Richard said he had no money, but had excuses. It hurt Bruce because when he loaned him the money, he told him that it was money he was saving for his family, to help get our house built and that he expected Richard to be good to his word. Well, you know the old saying about a leopard not changing his spots, and Bruce ends up dissapointed. I have told him before, though, that when it comes to family I don't believe in loaning money. It has always been my way to assess the need and give the money, not expecting to be repaid. I don't remember ever loaning money to friends or family, but I have given it and there was never any hard feelings. It's like you say, RO, if you want to help someone and do a good deed, do it. If someone needs a loan, let them go to the bank. Bruce tells me he will never loan money to family members again, and I told him that if someone in the family has a genuine need, we will give to them, never loan. If the person is ever pays you back, good, if they don't there is no hard feelings. Ro, Dale was such an amazing man. I am looking forward to meeting him and having a long talk with him someday.


November 25, 2008 - Msg 68190: Yep, Boo, he was a pretty neat guy. He was quiet, lots of people thought he was shy, and he was, a little bit. However, mostly he just enjoyed watching and listening to other people. He used to say he never learned a thing by talking, but he had learned a lot by listening. That was advice I needed, but alas, never really took. I rattle all the time.

I'm sorry Bruce was disappointed by his brother, yet again. However, the truth is, he set himself up for it, and you told him the truth. Now he has to make himself forget it, put it out of his mind, but at the same time, resolve never to let it happen again. Give it if you can, but don't loan.

Mavis, I know if that woman had flat out asked you to groom her flea-bitten dog even if she couldn't pay, you'd have done it. What has you so upset is being lied to, and I don't blame you. So -- don't let anyone put you in that position again.

Well, guess I'd better get busy. I've got to deep-clean my kitchen, and clean out the fridges. I hate going into a holiday with cluttered refrigerators and a less-than-spotless kitchen. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68191:
Good one about the brain hazel. I forgot about that line! ha
That was quite a trip!! Especially not having too much snow experience. I bet you have it NOW tho! ha
Did you say once that you are near Boise?
Mavis, RO and boo gave good advice. All I would add is this: The "pay it forward" to me has always meant "gratis". I give pro bone in the hope that you will then give pro bono to someone.
Jesus even said "Give without expecting anything back." I once "loaned" $1,000 to a family member expecting it all back, and only got half. Since then I have just given when there was a genuine need with the family member, and actually got MORE back, and was able to help the poor etc, so go figure. So write it off, stew on it no longer,and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! (that's my 2 cents)! ha
Possum- Happy thanksgiving to you too!! God bless.
Chuck- yup, get a life! ha

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68192: hey everyone ..Its a few days early but HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all porchsters may God bless everyone one of you
MDC ..Im having NASCAR withdrawl already and the season is barely over

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68193:
Hey to MD- long time no see! Same to you, and i know what you mean.
For thanksgiving, Hazel will come riding out on the mayor's horse singing opera! haha
And Floyd's ad will read "Best clip joint in town!" teehee.

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68194:, I can just s-t-r-e-t-c-h out on the porch today, put my feet up and.. Zz-zz-z-z-z-z.

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68195:

Gosh, Boo, $1.57? That's amazing. I got excited the other day when I paid $1.66! I try to buy from Valero and Murphy because I hear it's domestic oil. If anyone knows any different, please post, because I prefer to buy domestic gas, tyvm. :-)

Ro, I cannot believe it's been a year since you got Starr! Time flies...

Thank you for the uplifting passage from Matthew, MDC, which goes on to say: "...can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?" The answer is, Of course not. It's something we've been told time and time again, yet when things are rough, it's hard to remember. Feels like a load has been lifted from my shoulders. We've been a pickle here, and not Aunt Bee's funny kind either. The Mister busted himself up working on the house a couple months ago and I've been carrying us all - well, to the best of my ability. (I'd forgotten how good bologna sammiches can be. hahaha) Seriously, it's been HARD. In addition to my regular job, I took a part time job to buy groceries and pay a few bills, so Thanksgiving is ON. LOL Meanwhile, the Mister is recovering (which is the important thing) and should be back to work, at least part time, in a couple weeks.

I might not be back before Thanksgiving, so I would like to wish The Porch a wonderful, blessed holiday. Eat lots of turkey and dressing, and spend as much time to those close to you as you can.

All the best, and prayers for all here who are suffering losses and fighting the good fight. Stay strong.


November 25, 2008 - Msg 68196:
Hey Folks

DES-Loved your post. We've had things go a little sideways here the last few weeks but we are much blessed, and I feel like a fool when I lose sight of that. You're right about bologna sammiches. I love German bologna.

We have about 2 1/2 feet of snow and love the white stuff however it has slowed our project a bit. But, all is well and God is most certainly good!

Peace friends,


November 25, 2008 - Msg 68197:
Oh yeah, almost forgot, 81 until Spring Training.


November 25, 2008 - Msg 68198: Thanks for the advice folks, I knew I could count on you. I figure I won't get the money either, but it just really bugs me that I've been lied to. It really makes me not want to help anyone again. MDC I guess "pay it forward" was the wrong choice of words, I just meant I should do the same for her that was done for me when I needed it. Either way, I will really wrestle with doing anything like this again. Anyways, I'm feeling like the crud is creeping up on me, been taking some extra vitamins to ward it off if I can, but they ain't a workin! Hope I can hold it off til after Thanksgiving, I hate to miss that good old turkey. Wow auh2o 2.5 feet of snow?? Better you than me my friend, just thinking of it makes my bones hurt! Where is Asa? Wish he would check in!
Back in a bit,

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68199: Oh, I meant to ask, how many of you send Christmas cards? I would love to be able to send cards to my porch friends if ya'll are so inclined. I have a couple of addresses, but not everyone's. Anybody else game? Sending cards is one of my favorite parts of Christmas, I love sending them & I LOVE opening the mailbox to find cards instead of bills!

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68200: Mavis, as Barney would say, that is amazing! That was the very idea I had! Seriously, I have thought of that before, that it would be cool to actually get a card or send one from a porch person. I got a couple things from Millie, and they meant the world to me. And I usually get a card from Asa, and a couple others from other Mayberry places I post at. But I would love to add to the collection and get (and send) even more! Perhaps Romeena could be our "office manager". She has a lot of our snail mail addresses, I think, and maybe if we give her approval to let the others know, she could pass out addresses? Might work.
Yes, MDC, I live in a town about 12 miles out of Boise. Drive there 5 days a week for my job. And yes, we are all used to snow driving now!
2 & 1/2 feet of snow already, auh2o? Good grief! We've had snow 2 times this season so far, but both melted off by the next day.
- Hazel

November 25, 2008 - Msg 68201:
Hello porch family.....just a quick check in. Been real busy here. I'm "grandpuppy" sitting this week. And loving it!

Ro.... Dale was right on the mark. By the way, did you and Eloise go get some of that chicken when ya'll went out?

Boo....I know that hurt Bruce...even more so that it was family.

Mavis & Hazel....two great minds working alike.

auh2o.....snow....brrr...Stay warm up there.

Well folks I'm going to bed. But as always, I will be praying for all my porch family before I go to sleep. You all have a good night's sleep and be sure to give God thanks for all of HIS goodness. He sure does love you....just make me feel so good to know that!

November 26, 2008 - Msg 68202: Well DES, my goodness, I didn't know you were having such a struggle. Prayers for you and your dear husband! You are a strong person, that comes across in your posts, but remember, if you need me, I'm only 2 hours away. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's!

Mavis, you could send me a care if you promise not to get mad if I don't reciprocate! hehe...I used to send cards but when I started taking Dad to Colorado in December, I just got too busy and stopped sending them. I don't even know where my old address book is now (how sad is that?). I will send you a Christmas e-card, though.

Speaking of which, thank you Possum!! I loved it.

Hey there REV. I know it did hurt Bruce, and unfortunately he has been hurt alot by his siblings. It wouldn't do to go into it, but it is really sad.

Gotta go get some chocolate chip cookies out of the oven...


November 26, 2008 - Msg 68203: I'm back...DES, wanted to mention that I loved your little "smiley face" at the end of one of your sentences. Mind if I use it?

Auh2o, that snow must be beautiful. Today was a gorgeous day here in south texas. Sunny, low humidity and about 63 degrees! It is about 50 right now...perfect sleeping weather normally, but this apartment we are in is so well insulated that you can't tell what the weather is like unless you have all the windows open. With mother-in-law living here, every time I open a window, SOMEBODY closes it....I am beginning to get a we bit peeved at mother-in-law from time to time, but mostly, she is just fine (if you like slugs with gray hair and eyeglasses):-)

Did I say that? Shame on me! I didn't really mean it...what I meant to say is "If you like sloths with gray hair and eyeglasses".

Where in the world is Me-They? I miss him. Hope he checks in before he is off for Thanksgiving.

Hazel, you get cards from ASA? I'm jealous...where is that man, anyway? So you live near Boise? I have never been to Idaho, but my dad talks about Boise and how much he liked it there when he visited. Is your town a small town?

Better go lay down before I fall down. Been a long one!

Mavis, I wanted to ask you about something, if you don't mind. We are having to board Gizzy (MIL's chihuahua) overnight while we go out of town this weekend for a family reunion. We had to get his recent vaccines, so today they have him rabies, parvo, distemper, and something called Bordotello(?)...well, a couple of hours after his shots, he just didn't seem to feel well and is very sore. He yelps when we pick him up. We were surprised that a new vet taken our old vet's place and I am hoping he didn't give Gizzy more than he should have or something. He is just not his usual, frisky self. Can vaccines affect dogs like they sometimes do children? I don't think he has a fever and he seems to be getting a little better, but still doesn't seem to feel well and is afraid for us to pick him up. Just wondered what you might be able to tell me. I don't remember ever having this problem with dogs I have had, but Gizzy is so small, maybe it is harder on the little dogs.

Talk to you all tomorrow (after I sleep-in, hopefully). It is after 12 and I just finished baking the last of the cookies! Reminds me of when Millie used to stay up late baking goodies.


November 26, 2008 - Msg 68204: Hazel yeah, but it might not! HA and I agree with Rev great minds work alike. :) if you don't mind, email me at k9hairstyles @ without the spaces of course & we can exchange addresses. Boo I don't mind if I don't get a card back, I know you have alot on your plate. Hey Rev where are you now? Still on the road? Ro you have my permission to give my address to any porchster that asks. I'll have to send you my new address too, but either one will work for the cards, we still have this place until it sells & since we haven't put it on the market yet, we can still get mail here as well. Anyways, I'm off to bed, I'll see you fine folks in the morning.

November 26, 2008 - Msg 68205: that was supposed to be "GAVE him rabies, parvo, etc...", in case I sounded confusing.


November 26, 2008 - Msg 68206: Hey there, Mave, you snuck in on me.


November 26, 2008 - Msg 68207: Mavis, email me your address and I WILL send you a really neat Christmas card...I really will (I'm never too busy for a good friend).


November 26, 2008 - Msg 68208: Didn't see you there Boo & yes you're right, vaccinations are a little harder on the small dogs, they sometimes make them feel a little "blah" & they do make them sore, especially the rabies vaccination. He should be ok in a day or 2, but in the meantime, just try to be careful when picking him up, they seem to make the muscles ache a bit & a Chihuahua doesn't have much there anyway. In the future, I would get the Distemper/Parvo combo vax on one day & the rabies vax about 2 weeks later. I know it seems like it's prolonging the pain involved, but it keeps them from being sore all over. I used to do that with all my toy dogs, nowadays, I only give the rabies vaccine & if the state didn't require me to do that I wouldn't vaccinate for that one either. Recent studies have tied giving routine vax every year to cancers, thyroid problems & skin problems in dogs. Most dogs, once vaccinated carry the immunity for many years & it's not needed. If you want to know more about it, just email & I can send you the studies on it. Meanwhile, just make sure Gizzy is getting water & eats well & he should be ok.