December 12, 2008 - Msg 68583:
This program has been brought to you by kygirl! ha
Hey tom, watch it, there are two empty cells looking for occupants! haha
All have a good wekend, prayers continue,
Jesus loves you (I'm standing in for Rev.) ha
but it is sooo true.

December 12, 2008 - Msg 68584:
Wow, I swept! Now ya all have to go achivin' to
see my 12 days of mayberry for this year.
It's ritche near the bottom.

December 12, 2008 - Msg 68585: I can just see you in one of the cell Mr.MD and HM in the next one for paying bill what meatball.


December 12, 2008 - Msg 68586: Hahahaha - you people are too funny! MDC, I love the twelve days of Mayberry. HM, I can well understand that you might be tired of bringing in firewood. I certainly would be. I'll be very happy for you when you finally get into your new home. Boo, same goes for you - you have to be so tired of all the delays.

I got my hair cut today (finally) and took Toye Starr with me. I used to take the Plum all the time, and she enjoyed the attention. Seems Starr does too. She just sat there and made big soft eyes at everyone that walked by, and of course, everyone had to stop and pet her, which thrilled her. Maltese are just little love sponges.

Is there anyone whose picture I've left out of the album? Besides the mouse in the pudding, I mean? I'll get that one in, but it still seems to me that there was another one. I just can't remember whose it was, and I've searched my emails, can't find it. Maybe I'm wrong.

Spot, I'd sure love to go light-lookin' with y'all. That's one of my favorite things to do at Christmas, and my DH always made sure to plan an evening for that purpose. He'd take the whole family out to dinner, then we'd drive into North Dallas and other places known for spectacular lights, and that long-suffering man would drive for about three hours, making sure we didn't miss a thing. As the kids left the nest one by one, nothing changed. Finally it was just the two of us, but we still went. A treasured memory for me, among many.

Have a great evening, everyone. --Romeena

December 12, 2008 - Msg 68587: What a nice group of caring and loving folks you have here on The Taylor's Front Porch. You all strike me as the genuine article and it warms me to know that places like this porch and those within exist. The Taylor's Front Porch is one nice little gem! :D

Lester (and Trixie, my dog)

December 12, 2008 - Msg 68588: Welcome, Lester. We appreciate the kind words, and I know I can speak for everyone and say that you're most welcome to join us. You can use any name you choose - I think you tried out "Mr. Tucker" - and evidently decided it didn't fit. That's not unusual, several folks have had more than one name. Just let us know if you have a name change, so we don't get confused. TAGS-related names are nice, but not essential. Oh, and Trixie is welcome too. Almost all of us have at least one pet, and we understand how dear they can be. We even have a sub-album called "Porchsters' Pets" within our "Porch Family Album", where pet pictures are posted. When I lost my beloved Sugarplum last year, these kind folks here were so supportive and really helped me get through it. Then they welcomed my new little friend, Toye Starr, and made her a member of the family.

Boo, thanks for being concerned about me, I appreciate it. I don't usually stay up like that, normally I would come in from work and go to bed for at least three hours or so, but yesterday there just wasn't time. And then would you believe, when I finally got in bed last night, I went right to sleep but woke up about five or six times? I guess I was just overly tired, and wound too tight. Finally about five this morning, I got settled and slept until 8:30, and woke up with my head feeling like a watermelon. If that's what a hangover feels like, I'm glad I don't drink. It took me until noon to start feeling normal. I plan to go to bed fairly early tonight, and I'll bet I'll sleep like a baby.

My neighbor's miserable old fat cat came charging into the yard this afternoon, right into the middle of my little collection of squirrels and birds who were peacefully feasting on seed and stuff I had put out. He didn't catch anything, but he sure tried. I grabbed my remote, turned the sprinkler system on that covers the zone he was in, and sent him home soaking wet - yet again. You'd think the doofus would learn! I do that about three times a week. I wish he'd stay home. It's not like he's a hungry stray trying to make a living. He's too well-fed, old fat belly swinging beneath him. He's just trying to catch something because he's a cat, I guess. I like cats fine, but not when they're trying to kill something in my yard! So there.

Well, now for some leftovers for supper, and then early to bed, I think. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

December 12, 2008 - Msg 68589: Good Evenin' Porch,
Welcome Lester to our "neighborhood". Pull up a rocker, but please bring some homemade ice cream with ya!
This is gonna be short. I just wanted to thank y'all for the cards you've sent. I just love them all.
I hope y'all have a nice weekend.
"Hark the Herald Angels sing, Glory to a newborn King"

December 12, 2008 - Msg 68590: :)

Thank you to all for the greetings and welcoming. Some of my previous postings were "flavored up" with TAGS seasonings for fun purposes... I too lost a beloved pooch of over 15 years (a Maltese named "Sugar")... Trixie is a Bichon/Maltese mix and is my new best friend. She took the ache out of my heart that left me more blue than what I thought was possible for a person to endure.

Like the wind, I just sorta' drift on in and around.... but I do appreciate being welcomed here as a "Porchster" and hope to be a regular around here in the future.

See ya! (P.S. Trixie says "woof!" to Toye Starr)

December 12, 2008 - Msg 68591: ^^^ (above from Lester) ^^^

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68592: Yes, Ro, I am tired of the delays, but to tell you the truth, I am just glad we didn't build the big house we wanted to build a couple of years ago. I like the new plans much better, so it will all work out for the best, eventually. For the first time since we talked about building, Bruce is anxious to get started, so that is a good sign.

We just got home from our annual deacon's christmas party. It was nice. I ended up doing most of the cooking for everyone and they loved it (especially the seafood lasagna). We had the gathering at my friend, Keith's house and it was the first time he had decorated the house since his Dear Linda passed away. I think it was good for Barney would say, "ther-a-ped-ic". Anyway, a good time was had by all.

Romeena, you have GOT to get a picture of that cat when the sprinklers come on! I would love to see that. I think wet cats are hilarious.

WELCOME to Lester! Don't be a stranger.


December 13, 2008 - Msg 68593: Light were great Romeena and all..,rode for 3 hrs all over town and a drive through a petting zoo that had the animal cages decorated with lights!.so COOL...ok let me get my pets their supper...SPOT

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68594: Good evening, all. Just passin' by on my way to my bed. It's 11:30, which is early for me, but I'm tired. Boo, I'm glad the house plans are more to your liking, but I would offer one word of caution. When it comes to space, don't skimp on the closets or the bathrooms. Make them nice and roomy. When we built this house in 1973, with my dad as the builder, we made some mistakes. Daddy tried to tell us - he wanted to push the whole plan back another five feet deeper on the lot, increasing the total square footage by 80 sq feet. It would have added, at that time, about $25 to our monthly payment, and we didn't think we could afford it, so we refused. I've spent the last 35 years wishing my closet and bathroom were bigger, the front hall bathroom should be bigger, and every room in the house could have gained a foot or two in depth. It seemed like a lot of money back then, but I'll always regret refusing to do it. There's a limit, it's true, but do plan ahead.

Lester, my Sugarplum was a Maltese, and I lost her last year to cancer. She was 12 1/2. She was 17 months old when my husband passed away, so in that sense, she had been with me all my life - the life I now live. Losing her was extremely hard, and I'm really not over it, not sure I ever will be. She was a very special little dog. My son insisted I get another one right away, and I did, three months after losing the Plum. I love this little girl very much. She has made her own place in my heart. It's nice to meet someone who obviously understands. Maltese are just very easy to love, aren't they? I would imagine a Maltese/Bichon mix would be a delight. How big is Trixie? Sugarplum was big for a Maltese, at nine pounds, and Starr is small, at just over four pounds. I'm still surprised at how tiny she is, but believe me, she's all there and it all works!

Well, I'm off to bed. See you good folks tomorrow. --Romeena

P.S. Boo, I don't think they make a camera with a fast enough lens to photograph old Shamu when the sprinklers come on. He's one black and white blur! It would be harder than getting a picture of Barney's fast draw. It's never been successfully photographed, you know.

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68595: Breakfast on Lester?...SPOT

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68596: Too bad, I would love to see Shamu get what he deserves! :)

Thanks for the advice, Ro, and I tried to be sure square footage was taken out where it was needed the least. The only closet I don't like is the one that will be in Erin's room, but she will have a built-in hutch in there for books and extra things, so I think she will be ok. I will have extra storage space under the stairs and a couple of other places, too, as I recall. Master closet will be very big, too. I think the bathrooms are adequate but it's hard to tell when you see it on paper. I'll have an extra pantry area off the kitchen for those things you don't use everyday, too. The reason I think I will like this arrangement better, is that it is more of an open floor plan. In the apartment we are in now, the kitchen is open to the living area and dining area and I like it alot. The way the new plan is, when I am in the kitchen, I can see into the living room, can see the TV, etc. It will have a more spacious feel to it. The bedrooms are about the same size as the old plan, we just omitted one bedroom because we decided to eventually finish the upstairs room and Sean will have his room us there. That will leave us with an extra bedroom. We still have a small office area off the living room, and we actually added a half-bath downstairs. The total sq feet went from 2900 to 2350, which is much more affordable. We still have to put a barn on the place, too (which will cost us), so I'm sure the house will be more than big enough for the four of us. When we get the next draft of the plans, I will try to email you a copy to see if you have any suggestions.

Well, I have a cold today, darn it! Not a bad one, just enough to be stuffy and tired. Erin has a christmas party at church this morning, though, and the little ones are preparing a christmas special with the church choir so she has to be there to practice. I would love to stay in my jammies and watch movies all day (something that never happens).


December 13, 2008 - Msg 68597: Morning Porch FAmily:
Just stopping by on my way to the kitchen. It has been hectic on my side of the porch.
If you remember I was taking care of the elderly neighbor couple, taking her to the nursing home on my days off, making sure she was taking her meds, well, the Mr. passed away 2 weeks ago. I have been trying to stay with her and encourage her. She has such a sweet spirit. The Lord's timing is perfect, as all 7 of their children were her when he passed. One was from Idaho ( got there 3 hours before his passing) and the other was a missionary in Africa. The rest were "local". Transistion is difficult, but especially after 68 years of marriage!
I have kept up on the archives, but little time to post. I love you guys! ~New Neighbor

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68598: Good morning Porch! Just stopping by to ask for prayers from you wonderful prayer warriors. Things here are pretty tight money-wise since we bought the new house (that we haven't gotten into yet, but that's a whole 'nother story) & its beginning to cause some problems between me & Mr. Neff. We have rental properties that we have to pay on as well & our renters aren't keeping up with their end of the bargin. They come in with about half (if we are lucky) of what is owed & all kinds of excuses & we are carrying the load. Now, the renters are my brother & his family, the one whose little girl has CF & while I understand it takes alot to take care of her, I also understand that they have all kinds of gov't help to pay her bills, so that excuse is not working. I know I should have known better than to rent to family & hind sight is 20/20, but please pray that I can get things worked out so that it doesn't cause problems between me & Mr. Neff & I can still have a relationship with my brother.
I talked to him this morning & told him he would have to start paying up & getting caught up or we were going to ask them to move. It didn't go over very well, but enough is enough & I don't want any problems in my marriage over it. Guess if it causes hard feelings with my brother it just does, I've gotten used to not having my sister around, guess I could get used to life without my brother as well, I just hope it doesn't come to that.
I appreciate your prayers & your listening to my problems. Thanks for letting me vent, I feel safe venting here because I know I am amoung friends & no matter what is said, it's said with love. Makes it easy!
thanks for being as wonderful as you all are & if anyone has any suggestions/comments, I welcome them, no matter what they are!
Now, I'm off to bake some cookies & pack some more, catching 2 birds with one net that way.
Love to you all

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68599: Mornin' Y'all. Prayers for your situation,Mavis. We know all too well about those Family problems,don't we? We should collaborate on a book,might be a best seller & we'd get rich! Ha! Seriously,hope things get straightened out.
Welcome to Lester! Seems like on TAGS,they would mention a Lester every now & then. Maybe one of the fellers that hung out with Ol' Jud? I'm not sure,but the name sounds "Mayberry-ish" to me.
Have received some cards from Porchsters-made me feel SO good to get them! This was a great idea,hope we continue it over the years.
Now,some news on Laci's health. I know y'all keep her in your thoughts and prayers,and I ask for some special ones for her right now. I mentioned she had strep throat.Well,my daughter got concerned over her last night because she had a very rapid heartbeat. We know that sickness/fever can cause a heart to "act up",but given Laci's history (she had open heart surgery at 11 months for an atrial septal defect,for anyone that doesn't know) she wanted to have her checked out. So,they went to MUSC last night.Good news is the strep is clearing up.The cardiologists that used to treat her came in and detected a conditon called Wolff Parkinson White. It is where the electrical impulses of the heart fire on a wrong part of the heart. Can make her tired,and could under extreme stress,cause her to pass out. So, Laci has to undergo a heart cath on Dec. 22nd. They go in through the groin and zap the part of the heart that's being misfired on. I hate she has to go through this,but she is a tough little warrior. And it can't be anything too complicated/dangerous if they're doing it just days before Christmas. She'll be in and out and home for Christmas,they say.
Laci's mom is an EKG/heart technician,so Laci will be watched over very well until all this can take place.If anything changes,I'll let y'all know. I say it was a blessing in disguise that she got sick with strep & worried my daughter enough to take her to MUSC.God works in mysterious ways and He made a way for this potentially harmful condition to be found-and fixed.
I know y'all will join me in prayers for her. Thanks and love to all.
possum under a rock

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68600: Neglected to say that this condition is often found in patients that have had an atrial septal defect. Didn't want y'all to worry that additional problems were going to be cropping up with Laci's heart.She's in good condition,despite this electrical impulse disorder.
possum again

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68601: SPOT --- breakast on me? It might be a tad bit late for breakfast but I did make accomodations at the Ricardo's and Mertz's "A Little Bit of Cuba/A Big Hunk of America" diner for everyone. (I got a running tab there)

Ro -- Trixie is almost 11 pounds and is best described as a jumbo size Maltese (but with wavyish hair.) Like a big ol' beefy teddy bear! Real cuddly and squeezable. lol! I keep her groomed in a puppy cut fashion.

Anyways... take care all you Porchsters!

Lucy -- I'll bring homemade peach ice cream next time, ok?


December 13, 2008 - Msg 68602: (whoops! almost forgot... hey to Possum, Mavis and (wayyyyy up there ^) BOO. :-)


December 13, 2008 - Msg 68603: Hi a nice sun day here.
Will it look like the Lord is handy out some test to some people? who he can used thim .


December 13, 2008 - Msg 68604: Afternoon, all! Possum, you're absolutely right, Lester is a TAGS name. It was Lester Scobey that Ben Weaver had Andy serve the foreclosure notice, and Ben ended up hiring him to work in his store and dropped the foreclosure. Now why didn't I remember that earlier? You reckon I'm getting (old)? Naahhh, can't be that.

Tom, you're right. Sometimes the Lord does test His children, which gives Him a chance to prove that He will care for us.

Boo, it sounds like you and Bruce have made some very wise decisions regarding the house. This house was 2366 sq ft until I added the sunroom about ten years ago, which brought it up to just over 2600. We raised four kids in that 2366, and did fine. I still wish the bathrooms and closets were bigger - you couldn't cuss a cat in my bathroom without getting fur in your mouth - and two of the bedrooms are a bit small, but they were adequate and my kids weren't warped in any way. It's a very open plan, and I love it. That was my dad's trademark, and he was doing it long before it became popular. This house was built in 1973. Another mark of his houses was NO wasted space, and cabinets everywhere. He could find more little nooks and crannies in which to tuck a cabinet! Daddy quit building in the very early 90's, and still today, now and then a realtor's ad for a house will read "A Sterling home, built by Jim Rogers". Most buyers don't recognize it, but other realtors do, and they'll bring their clients to see the house, because they know it's well-built. My house is 35 years old and there is one - just one - tiny crack above a door frame, nothing else. The house is solid! When city code called for framing on 24" centers, he framed on 20" centers. When the code changed to 20", he started building on 18" centers. He used only quality lumber, and he always said that he built each house as though it was going to be his own. I'm pretty proud of that, I guess.

Well, I'm off to clean the pond filter. That nasty leaf-induced slime has clogged everything again. Looks like a salt soak is going to be needed. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68605: Supper on me...BBQ pork sandwiches and chips and pickels...coke...let me get logged in here at work...hey possum,Ro,Mavis,Tom,Rev where are you?...SPOT

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68606: Hello everyone. I just watched a biography of Don Knotts on the Biography channel and it made me think of you folks. it's been months since my last visit. How are things with my front porch friends?
The only thing different that I have to report is a sad situation. My brother-in-law was in an auto accident and remains unconscious in critical condition. Could you all please say a prayer for him? Thank you.

from Poor Horatio

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68607: Prayers Horatio...yall all stuffed from the pulled pork sandwiches?......Romeena when you work nights again? all night tonight and tomorrow....ok....Heisman Trophy Presentation on the tube..and also Talladega Nights movie on...its a funny one....SPOT

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68608: Oh my goodness, Poor Horatio. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, and will certainly keep him and the family in my prayers. We were just saying a few days ago that it had been a long time since you'd been around. You have been missed. Please don't stay away so long! When someone is not here, the porch just isn't the same. It takes all of us, you know. Blessings! --Romeena

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68609: Prayers Poor Horatio for your brother-in-law.The biography sounds good, hope I get to see it sometime.Prayers for all on the porch-ky girl

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68610: Almost forgot, Mavis, I'll keep you in my prayers,I've been in that situation and there are no easy answers,because it is a family situation-ky girl

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68611: hey, y'all~~
Miss Mavis, you're a good sister. maybe it's a good thing your renters are family-- if they was strangers you'd have a more difficult predicament of even considering throwing them out.
Miss Possum, li'l Laci can't help but get better bein' the center of so many prayers.
Bruther Horatio, I'll also be prayin' for added strength for you to help hold your sister and family up.
"Welcome Home" to Lester and Trixie!
~~love, Leon

December 13, 2008 - Msg 68612: good old 14-A

December 14, 2008 - Msg 68613: Good evening, all. Mavis, you do have a problem there. That's precisely why, when one of my rent houses is vacant, I avoid mentioning it around people I know. None of my local family would be in the market for a rental, but I don't even want to rent to friends or acquaintances. Things happen, folks can't pay their rent, and for some reason they just don't seem to understand that you have to have the rent money, or you end up in the same boat they're in! The taxes and ins#rance continue, and if you have a mortgage on the property, that still has to be paid. When people pay their rent, they think you get to keep it all. Don't I wish!

Frankly, I think it's very unfair of your brother to default on the rent, and pretty presumptuous of him to expect you to just carry him. How does he dare get his feelings hurt because you asked him to get caught up on his back rent? He couldn't get away with that if he was in an apartment. They'd put his stuff out on the curb, and never hesitate. Sure, you can maybe help him a little, give him some time to catch up, but he needs to stand up and face you, and present a plan to get caught up, and then get it done. If he can't do that, then he needs to move out.

You asked for suggestions on what to say or do. Here's one. Call him, or go see him, and ask him if he can loan you $500. Tell him you have bills to pay - (don't we all?) - and you need $500. I'm sure it's true - you could use $500, couldn't you? Naturally, he doesn't have it, and can't loan it to you, but it will make the point with him that you're not rolling in money and he needs to get his rent paid. If he miraculously produces the $500 to loan you, take it. Then in a week or so, instead of giving it back to him, tell him you applied it against his back rent. Sneaky, but effective.

Some years ago, someone was wondering how to get a friend or family member to quit asking to borrow money, and I remember advising them to reverse it, and ask to borrow money from them. It works every time.

Possum, you know you always have our prayers for little Laci. Bless that baby girl, she just has waaay more than her share of problems.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

December 14, 2008 - Msg 68614:
Hello porch family

Welcome Lester.....good to have you here. And Trixie too. We always have room for another rocker. good to see you back. But I'm so sorry to hear the terrible news about your brother-in-law. I sure will be praying for him.

Mavis....that's a tough spot to be in. I like Ro's thought on the matter. Praying for you.

Possum.....praying for little Lacy. Thanks for keeping us informed. been able to work on your barn lately with all the rain? We got 5.7in Thursday.

Well I better get to bed. Prayers for all the porch family. You all have a blessed night and remember......Jesus loves you!

December 14, 2008 - Msg 68615: That is so kind of you, New Neighbor, to be so loving toward your neightbor. I feel for her. My good friend, Matt, just lost his grandfather this week and he was 90. I feel so sorry for his wife of nearly 70 years. She lives across the street from where we will be building, so I plan to get to know her and be there for her if she stays in the house. See, you're an inspiration!

That is really something about your Dad, Romeena. Such a wonderful work ethic and his "sterling" reputation is still known today.

Mavis, all I can say is family can sure bite you in the b#tt when you are trying to help them...happens around here too often. You try to help but when they don't hold up their end of the bargain, they get mad at YOU. I agree with Ro, that renting to someone you know is a problem, but that doesn't help you now. I wish I had some great advice for you (Ro's sounds good to me), but I really don't know how I would handle that situation. I can pray, though. You hang in there.

Hello to Poor Horatio. Good to hear from you and very sorry about your brother-in-law. Prayers.

Possum, I have a nephew in his 20's who has Wolff-P-W. He had that same procedure done a few years ago and it was a piece of cake. He no longer has the problem and is in fact, doing well in the air force. I'm sure Laci will "fly" through it, too. She always bounces back well, doesn't she?

Good to see ya, REV. We have been missing you!

Better get ready for preachin'


December 14, 2008 - Msg 68616: Mornin' Y'all and thanks for the comforting/inspiring words & thoughts concerning Laci's heart problem. I know she'll be ok-just hate any time she has to head to the hospital.But,they'll "fix" her up and she'll be fine.
Poor Horatio,I was thinking of you just a few days back.Good to see you on the Porch & I am sorry about your brother in law. Praying for him.
Well,I should get going too- y'all have a good Sunday.Love to all!
possum under a rock

December 14, 2008 - Msg 68617: Thanks for the welcome, Leon and Rev.

Helping a neighbor today chainsaw down some huge branches. She got her nephew to be my assistant, but only I get to work the "whirring chain of death". lol. She said she would bake me a pie for my troubles... not necessary I told her but if she insists... (gonna be an apple one! Yum!)

No pie for Trixie. Sorry, girl...

I been reading back on the situations and plights of various loved ones of the Porch Family. Prayers and more prayers are being sent your way to help. Hang in there.

Lester & Trixie (aka "Cuddles")

December 14, 2008 - Msg 68618: Hi All .
Will it a nice day here up in the 50 that the way I no this time of the year .
Lucy I can to a stop on the gumchain because I run out of the wwrapp for it . it at 789 ft. and Im looking for all the wripp I can giT.


Christmas is the time of year,
In our hearts, we hold most dear,
For it was one Holy night
God sent His son, withn our sight.
A better world for all mankind
To cleanse the sins of every mind,For in Bethlehem ages ago
He was sent by God who loves us so.
Place your gifts under your tree,
For your loved ones they will be,
But don't forget that Holy night
Or the star that shones so bright.
We see the tinsel and the glow
Maybe fields of fresh fallen snow,
But I HOPE THAT YOU do believe
More gifts from God, we do receive.


December 14, 2008 - Msg 68619: Hey Rev!..have been working on the barn some but been wet...Falcons Win!...hey lets grill burgers tonight...bakedbeansand maude headed to work to keep the Church lights on...will holler after 6..hey Tom,Ro,Mavis,Boo,auh2o,MDC.possum you doing ok?...prayers to all..hey lester and ky...let me hit the shower...SPOT

December 14, 2008 - Msg 68620: Supper sounds good,spot! I'm doing ok,just been concerned about Laci(msg 68599) but I know she'll be ok.Did you get my Christmas card? Since you & I are both Porch "critters",I had to send you that one! Ha! Hope you liked it.
Well,thank you Tom.I was hoping for a Christmas poem and you came up with a lovely one. Happy Holidays to you too,and the card you sent me was very nice-thank you.
Well,spot didn't list anything to drink on the supper menu,so I think I'll go make a jug of sweet iced tea for us all.Somebody bring dessert,ok? See y'all later!
possum under a rock

December 14, 2008 - Msg 68621: Hello everyone. I just read through the older messages on this page.

Thanks to SPOT, Romeena, ky girl, Leon, REV, Boo, possum under a rock, TOM and anyone else who said hello or offered prayers for my brother-in-law.

To possum under a rock, sorry to hear about Laci's heart problem. I will add Laci to my prayer list.

To Romeena, why did you add Toye to Starr's name? And why the unique spelling?

To *Mavis, sorry to hear about your tenant problems. Maybe it's time to have a private talk with them to reveal the numbers and show them how you are losing money that could result in foreclosure on that property. Then ask them how they would handle this if the roles were reversed. Suggest to them to apply for section 8 housing or try to get your property approved by HUD for section 8. I will add you to my prayer list.

And welcome to Lester and Trixie. I've been a sporadic visitor here over the past 10+ years. The front porch here is composed of a great bunch of people and you will enjoy getting to know them.

from Poor Horatio

December 14, 2008 - Msg 68622: Thank you for the welcome, Poor Horatio. Thank you very much! (Trixie thanks you too)

Got a few scrapes from falling branches that I cut earlier. Treated them with the same stuff that Andy applied to Opie's scrapes. Whoo!! Stung a bit.
Trixie's ears went up when she heard me yelp. lol!


December 14, 2008 - Msg 68623: Well hey gang..possum we will keep Laci in our prayers...she is a fighter...Horatio how is your Brother-n-law doing?...well im stuffed with swich cheese burgers and Maude slaw...M-T those kids are growing!..Romeena you got some night to work coming up?..Asa my buddy you check in ok...Tom I got your card...thanks buddy..Possum I aint went to the box this weekend I may be blessed with more cards..gosh the heart are so big here on the porch...COLC here in Ga..I got a couple to look at the pop up camper I got for sale tomorrow he is very interested in it..he saw it on craigs list..hope they get it...can use the money to get the barn all finished up..if "I" can hold out in this cold...well Mavis are you and Mr R gona get in the house for Christmas? pins moved?..well let me get this Sundy night busy work done here at till thu after tonight...gosh for a dog this is a long post...sorry...catch yall in a ya porch!..signed:SPOT the"chili dog" of your porch...

December 14, 2008 - Msg 68624:
Hey Folks

Welcome to Lester & Trixie and Hey to Leon, good to see you again!

Poor Horatio-You have to stop by more often. I miss your posts; You mentioned a site a while back, a long while back, that, if I remember right, would pull up Internet pages... that were no longer available? I'm not sure if I described that clear enough but I love to know what that site was if ya could post it again. And, of course prayers for your BIL.

possum-Prayers for Laci and the family. I think you're right about it being a "blessing in disguise."

Mavis- Praying for a resolution for your situation, that dang money, isn't it a pain.

Tom- Beautiful poem.

Spot-How you doing tonight buddy? Hope you can sell that camper.

Maude- I have to agree with Spot, I love your slaw!

Rev-Wow! 5.7 that is a lot of water, my goodness. I can still remember a few years back we got close to 5 inches and I couldn't believe the mess that made.

We're still battling the elements, all of this snow has caused an ice dam to build up at the edge of our roof causing ice melt to back up into the house. I've been on the roof with a crowbar, a saw, a hammer, and a shovel, off an on all weekend. We're at about 8 feet of snow and the past two days here we've had rain. But, all is well.


December 14, 2008 - Msg 68625: 8 feet of snow, Auh2o?! I can't imagine. I was running around in shorts today. It was way too warm and humid to be Christmas time, but I don't envy your eight feet of the white stuff and the problems that would bring.

I should be putting my Christmas cards in the mail tomorrow...

Better get off to bed now..another busy day tomorrow.


December 14, 2008 - Msg 68626: Hi Porch friends, just stopping by for a minute. Tom, thanks for sending the rain this way and the warm weather too. It has helped melt the ice.Spot,don't forget to send pic's of that new barn to Romeena, can't wait to see it.I love barns,probably cause I spent so much time playing in them when I was a kid. Then working in them when I got older,talk to you all later-ky girl

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68627: Hey auh2o,my friend Boo and all ...slow here at work ..watching October Sky on the tube...if ya aint seen it its a GOOD movie...roasting peanuts in the oven...let me check them cause I smell um!...SPOT

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68628: GOOD MORNING PORCH!!..hope everyone slept headed home at 6 to snooze for a while..gona be nice in the 60"s for a few days here in Ga,hope to get back to work on the barn..hope everyone has a mayberry day...breakfast menu:3 eggs your way,cheese grits,hashbrowns,toast,bisquits with gravy,country ham,bacon,sausage,flapjacks with real maple syrup,grape jelly,salt-n-pepper,apple butter,OJ,h20,coffee,milk,apple juice and a tear from my roll of paper towels! its gona be good..prayers to all and I will holler this afternoon from work...your porch dog SPOT

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68629: Spot,that'll lay on your chest! What a breakfast!
I'll bring the Alka- Seltzer! Ha!
The tip for today is: Behave yourself,don't get anybody riled up-ya might get a shoe (or shoes) thrown at ya!
Wasn't that the craziest thing?! I think Mr.Bush handled it well though.
Y'all have a good day-love to all.
possum under a rock

P.S. I'm thinking we'd better get a posse together.. where is Asa,CD,Opiemom,Dr.P.,and all the other missing Porchsters?

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68630: Good morning, everybody! Just got home from work - had a decent night, not bad at all. Now I'm off until next Friday night.

Mavis, I think Poor Horatio had a great idea, to just sit the renters down and lay the figures before them. Like I said once before, many renters seem to believe that all the rent money they pay goes into the owner's pockets and stays there. Well, that just ain't so, and it might do them good to see it on paper.

Tom, thanks for the beautiful Christmas poem. I wish I knew where to get you some gum wrappers, but I just never see them anywhere. You can be sure that if I find a source, I'll get them.

Lots more I'd like to visit about, but I'm pooped, and I'm headed for my bed. First, though, I've got to put some critter feed out. It's 28 degrees here, windy and cloudy, looks like we could get some ice later on. Just you wait, Boo, you may be putting some sweats over those shorts yet! However, I think this is moving more east than south, so maybe it will miss you.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68631: Just got around to checking out the Mayberry Cruise pics in Ro's album-what fun that must have been! I think it's great that there are folks that love TAGS so much that they'd devote a big part of their lives to performing,imitating,going on the road,or in this case,the seas.God Bless 'em!
Oh,and Me-They,your children are just precious! Thank you for sharing the new picture with us.
Ok,I've got to get away from this computer & get busy around here! Y'all take care!
possum again

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68632: Hi All.
Boy is ths crazy fall weather e are having and winter is not here.
This is just some of the bad stuff we may git?
Prayer for all today


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68633: Busy day...wanted to tell you all to go to and do a search for andy griffith christmas. You will find an old Hickory Farms commercial from the 70's starring Otis as Santa Claus..really neat!

Laundry awaits!


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68634: SHORTS INCOMING!!!


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68635: Good morning everyone. It supposed to be an unseasonable 60 here today. Darn that Al Gore!

Welcome to LESTER and TRIXIE. No matter what you are told, I am the voice of reason and tranquility here on the porch. And, no, I am not laughing.

Do my eyes decieve me or do I see half a boy? Welcome home, HORATIO! Prayers for your brother-in-law. Please come around more often.

Prayers for MAVIS, LACI, and the rest of you, too.

Prayers for AUH2O's roof. Better make sure its sledworthy. And don't step in any reindeer stuff while you're up there fixing it. Hope your remodel is going better.

SPOT and POSSUM: Thanks.

Now, back to work but I'll be back at lunch.


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68636: MDC: I'm sure you already know this, but the Twelves Days of Christmas began as a coded catechism.

BOO: Just make sure my guest room is spacious. I'm partial to 600 count cotton sheets and feather pillows (just like Uncle Ollie, I can't sleep without my goose down pillow), and a light knock on the door about half an hour before breakfast would be great.


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68637: You got it, M-T. I'll even put mattress protectors on the bed to provide a barrier between you and any bedbugs that might have managed to get on the mattress (I'm a true friend).

A cold front just blew in here. It is gray and blustery, leaves flying around...just the kind of day I adore! Feels like Christmas.

Well, better put the clothes in the dryer and get out in that cold weather.


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68638:
Tom- nice poem, now "DUCK!" , MT's shorts flying by! ha

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68639: Well you are a true friend, BOO. But don't worry about the cover; I wouldn't be coming if I even suspected a local bedbug. Do you have two mops? Sean and I can do a duet.


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68640:
OK, by popular demand, one more time...

On the 12th day of Christmas TAGS gave to me:
Twelve prospects for Andy,
eleven tipsy ladies,
ten jars of pickles,
nine fish a leaping,
eight tucker spark plugs,
seven "trouble checks",
six singin' Darlings,
four merry men,
three baby birds,
two fun girls,
and a mayor up a gre-at big treee!!!


PS: Any Christmas stories for Lester?
and welcome back Poor Horatio!

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68641: "two mops, no waiting."
Has a certain ring to it. ha

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68642:
Oh and yes MT, I have heard of that origin, but when i checked a couple years ago at a true or not site, it claimed that it was false, so I don't really know for sure.

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68643: MDC: After I read your poist I looked it up, too and it appears it is apocriphal. But, true or not, it's a good story!

Love your Twelve Days of Mayberry. In case you're interested, PNC Bank has calculated the cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas at $21,080.10 today. The partridge in the pear tree in the cheapest item.


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68644: "...and soon your mailbox will be reading "Mr and Mrs Andy Taylor..."

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68645:
Spot's buyin' at Cracker barrel tonight... eggs your way, grits, biscuits, love them breakfasts for dinner.

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68646: oops last two were me, MDC

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68647: Patridge eggs?


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68648: "Otis, Otis Campbell, this is your subconscious speaking. Where is the Holister still?.."

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68649: Howdy again, friends. Just got myself about four hours of sleep after working last night, and I feel great! My SS department Christmas party is tonight at the church, so gotta get all gussied up here in a few minutes, but thought I'd sit and rock a spell first.

Poor Horatio, I just realized I never answered your question about Toye Starr's name. Actually, she is registered as Toye Starr, the "Toye" wasn't a recent addition. I just usually call her Starr, unless I'm scolding her. Then, like most moms, I use her full name. Even poor little Sugarplum felt that. When I was getting after her for something, she became Sugar Plum!

Now, as for the spelling of Toye Starr's name, I guess my only explanation is that I'm weird. Sugarplum's full name was Sugarplum Faerie, using the Old English spelling for "Fairy". I just like creative spelling, I guess. It looks pretty written out. Sugarplum. Oh my, how I do miss that precious little thing.

Well, I'm off to get all fluffed and buffed, and head for the Christmas party. I think I'll wear earrings - dangly ones! It is a party, after all. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68650: PLEASE NO RGGS FOR ME


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68651: SORRY THAT WAS TO SAY EGGS


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68652: Do I have 2 mops, M-T?! Why, of couse I do. I have a few.


December 15, 2008 - Msg 68653: Hey M-T I bet she's got 2 vacuums too, you & Sean could clean "in stereo", just don't clean at night, the noise will keep Master Bruce awake! ;) Spot we did get the dog pens put up, but after looking at them, we will have to go get another one, I just don't think it will be enough room for them to run & play like they are used to doing. Thanks for all the prayers & the suggestions about how to handle this, I think I will take Horatio & Romeena's advice about sitting them down & talking with them. I am just at my wit's end with them. I know I should have known better, but....too late now. More about it all later, right now, I'm heading over to the new house & check the trim in the bathroom that was done today, the painter called & said the green I picked, which should be like a dark, forest green, went on looking like neon green, I don't think so scooter, ain't having THAT! I'll let you know about that as well.
Later Taters

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68654:
My new book coming out: "I took a shoe in the gut
to save the prez." ha I just couldnt help myself!
RO- have fun at the deacon party, sparkling cider all around.
Prayers for all. Please do take a moment to remember our troops in your prayers. My retired Marine brother and my two Marine nephews remind me how hard it is to be so far away at Christmas. Even my dad, at this time, always mentions how he attended Mass in a half bombed out church in France in 1944.
It was his loneliest christmas ever. Thanks!!!

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68655:
Sorry, it was boo at the deacon party and Ro to the ss party. mdc

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68656: Hey to auh20, Me-They, and Poor Horatio. Thanks for the welcome (and thanx to all that I have may missed)

Bundled Trixie up in a snazzy winter sweater and took her with me to drop off some bundles and packages for those who needed a bit of help this time of year. So very sad to hear from folks that no one calls or comes to visit them. Or if there is nothing left in the "kitty" for something extra. Breaks my heart.
A sad time of year, but a happy time as well. Seems that it's been that way with me for the longest of times.
- Lester (Trixie sends her best to you all)

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68657: Good evening, all. I'm back from the SS Christmas party, and a good time was had by all. We had a good dinner, then a gift exchange, which was fun. There were probably 75-80 of us, and we arranged our chairs in a huge circle. Everyone picked up a gift from the table, any gift. Then the leader read a funny Christmas story, and whenever she said "right" we passed gifts to the right and kept passing them until she said "left", at which time we reversed and passed to the left. At the end of the story, the gift in your hand was yours. I got a lovely picture frame ornament, just right for holding a little picture of Toye Starr to hang on the tree.

We finished early and left just after eight. I was taking a friend home, and we decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights for a while, but we didn't get far. The temperature is 25 degrees, and it started to rain, which rapidly became sleet of course, so we chickened out. I took her home, and hightailed it for the barn myself! Car safely stowed away, got warm jammies on, little Starr lying on my foot, and a Christmas movie on TV. Life is good. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68658: Had to stop by & holler for Rev I saw the neatest Church sign today & just had to tell you about it! The sign said Christmas is celebrating Glory in human form I thought it was great! Ro glad you had a good time at the party, what fun that game sounds. Our kennel club does a gift giving game as well. Everyone brings a gift that would work for a male or a female & we put them all under the tree, then we all draw a number, starting with #1 you go pick a gift from under the tree to open. Then #2 can either pick a gift from the tree or swipe the gift #1 chose, in which case, #1 goes back & gets another. #3 then has a choice of swiping either gift or going to the tree, it goes that way until everyone has a gift, it can get pretty wild with folks trying to hide their gift if alot of ooohs & aaahs were uttered, or mock threats & such. HA It really is alot of fun & everyone usually has a great time. A gift can only be "stolen" 3 times tho, so if you manage to be #3, you're safe & the gift is out of the swiping pool.
Lester I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your posts. Did you say what part of the porch you hail from & I missed it? I'm from the TN side of the porch, Bristol to be exact. Welcome to little Trixie too, I bet she's cute. In case you haven't already figured it out, I'm the resident dog groomer on the porch, have been enjoying that profession for the last 28 years.
Bless you all, I'm outta here for a while.