December 15, 2008 - Msg 68659: Evenin Porch Friends, just reading the posts and getting ready to hit the hay.Those gift exchanges sound fun, never heard of them done that way before. Started snowin here again tonight, hope it doesn't hang around long. Tom, you gettin any snow? Prayers for all-ky girl

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68660: Well, bought time I swept the Porch! I wasn't able to stop by alot before and help sweep, sure glad I can help out now.-ky girl

December 15, 2008 - Msg 68661: sorry, that was "about" time-ky girl

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68662: Hello everyone.

cough cough ... carefull ky girl about which way you sweep.

Wow auh2o, 8 feet of snow and then rain? I don't envy you.
The site you were asking about is where they advertise they have 85 billion old web pages archived. I tried searching there for Frank's original Front Porch postings from the 1990's but had no luck (I found the URL address in the archives here). I would love to read some of my long lost postings. Although I don't remember exactly when I first began posting at the original Front Porch, I do remember my last post was in the fall of 1998, a short time before the original Front Porch disappeared suddenly.

To SPOT, our "chili dog" of the Front Porch. mmmm, I love those chili dogs.
Since you asked about my brother-in-law, they moved the breathing tube from his mouth to the base of his neck so he's seems more comfortable. His eyes open a little and he moves one arm and one leg. Although he makes noises like snoring and coughing, he does not speak.

Also thanks to auh2o, Me-They and MDC for the welcome back.

To Romeena, thanks for the info about Toye Starr's full name. This is the first time I saw you post Toye. I only remember you posting Starr when you first got her.

To TOM, regarding the eggs that you don't want, save them for me. Yum-yum.

To MDC, I liked your 12 days of Mayberry. Maybe I can come up with a version.

To Lester and Trixie, I like your idea about caring enough to visit with lonely folks.

from Poor Horatio

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68663: Mavis! If one was looking at the Porch like you would a globe, I'd be on the far left side of the Porch. Way out California way! (LA County)
Dog groomer?! Cool! I have deep respect for the professional groomer. The one I have for Trixie (the same one who took care of Sugar all those years) is very special to me. She has earned Trixie's trust and mine by her caring ways, and has never let me down once. Trixie always gets the puppy cut (which makes her look like a chubby lamb).
Tennessee is pretty far off from me, but in the Porch scheme of things, you're just two chairs - three rockers - and one glider away! lol! I hope all is well on your side of the porch, Mavis!

- Lester (and Trixie, who is eating a biscuit now)

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68664: Poor Horatio! First, prayers for your brother in law and his family. Secondly, visiting and helping out with others is one way I keep the holiday blues at bay. I'd do it anyways, but being that it helps me out too is a bonus. Christmas time is a time of mixed emotions, and has been for me for years. The sparkle and magic of the big Christmas family celebration is not there anymore, not since grandma passed away decades ago. She was the central figure and it seemed the family revolved around her. It took many many years later to have bottomed out and begin to rebound. So many years for me to get with it and understand what Christmas is really all about. I know I'm on the right track because the warmth in my heart tells me I am.

Anyways... you take care, Poor Horatio!

- Lester (and Trixie, who is sleeping now)

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68665: Mavis, when Bruce takes out his hearing aides at night, he couldn't hear a "dumptruck driving through a nitroglycerine plant!" (anyone remember that quote from the Christmas Vacation movie with Chevy Chase)?! ha

When we have our annual women's ornament exchange, we have it in the home of one of the women in our church who has a very nice, homey house and we do the kind of exchange that Mavis mentioned. We've been doing that for 10 years, and let me tell you, those Baptist women are ruthless! One poor widow had her gift stolen 8 times this year, which has got to be the record. She did finally end up with something nice in the end after everyone had their turn. It does get pretty funny. I can still hear one woman whose gift was stolen, "But I'm a new member!", and then later when it was stolen again, "But you're my sunday school teacher!". :)

We had a wonderful time at the rehab last night. The new girl I mentioned praying for last week was there (Jennifer) and she told me right away that they took some of the girls to church on Sunday and she went up during the altar call to receive Christ as savior. She was much different this week than last week, so happy. It was a wonderful answer to prayer. We sang carols again (which they asked to do) and we didn't stink quite as much as last week...We also let them make a little Christmas ornament and one of the girls that I am especially fond of, named Cassie, made an ornament for me that I will treasure. I'm sure it will be on my tree forever. You know, as I sat there in that old hospital-turned drug rehab, with it's horrible, cold yellow walls, I thought to myself, 'There is no place I would rather be right now in this world than right here'. You could just feel the love in the place. Things are better there since my friend Sonja became supervisor. They are having a hall-decorating contest and the place is so festive with homemade decorations and lights and the girls are just happier and calmer...another answer to prayer.

Well, have to go drag Erin out of bed and get her to school. It is cold outside! About 30 degrees, which is enough to make a Texan freeze his chaps off.

God bless you Lester, for reaching out to those in need this time of year! I am so glad you have joined the porch, you fit in like a permanent fixture.

Wonderful to see you on the porch again, PH.


December 16, 2008 - Msg 68666: Y'all are getting on my nerves with your Christmas-y weather! Ha! It is going to hit 80 degrees here by the end of the week! Kinda hard to think of Winter Wonderlands and Frosty the Snowman when you're in short sleeves trying not to crank up the A/C! Well,maybe we'll get a cold snap the week of Christmas.
Lester,you sure have the right philosophy.It's great that you're reaching out to others this time of year.I try to do what I can as well to help others.Just wish I could do more. There is a Mexican family here in town that Laci used to live next door to.A mom,dad,& little girl about 8. The dad works hard,they just scrape by,and we found out last year that the little girl wasn't going to have much,if anything,for Christmas.So,my daughter & I went to Dollar General,got a lot of gifts for about $20 each & made a little girl happy on Christmas morning.And I already went ahead and bought gifts for her this Christmas.It sure made me feel good deep down in my heart.So,if you have the chance & the means to help someone at Christmas-Do it! I promise you'll feel good- right,Lester?
Mavis,you gonna put orange shag carpeting in your living room,and get you a chocolate brown refrigerator? Don't forget the avocado colored washer & dryer and with that neon green bathroom you'll be the talk of your new neighborhood- Retro 1970s! Hee Hee Get that neon green off of them walls,girl!
Well,I've got laundry to do,so I'd better skeedaddle.Any thing Boo might have missed,toss 'em my way,Me-They!
Y'all have a good day-love to all.
possum under a rock

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68667: good morning porchsters! this is pappa bear your mayor... I"d like to wish each of you and yours a blessed christmas.... I would like to thank all of you for the christmas cards to me, they really touched me. Because of the economic times Santa can"t make every house this year so I told him the 1960"s brown truck(made in the usa ) would take up the slack- so It"s gassed up with sleds on the wheels and a special flying powder additive... Our ILLINOIS GOVENOR THINKS HE HAS problems ; with all the names I've used it makes one wonder.HA We"ve had two back to back crooks, I guess we must have been a sleep in Miss Crumbs civic class? So far this week we have had an ice storm, today 4 inches snow followed by another ice storm and this is only tuesday. again thanks for all the great cards. pappa bear- the mayor

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68668:
Well bless my soul, mayor pappa bear how good to see you!! Glad the cards are coming in, you deserve each and every one! I heard that the mayor's post is up for sale! haha
Dont worry, we'll make that Dec 24 run for ya. Santa was before congress asking for a bailout! ha
Wow, a lot of rain, sleet and snow falling on
the porch these days. here in Phoenix we
have been getting rain as well, but eight feet of snow, I dont think so!
Thanks for all your prayers for troops, other porchsters etc. Lester, your good work will
not go unrewarded!
Good sweep ky girl, did ya get the snow off the roof also? ha
Possum...whatever you do to the least of my brethern..
BOO- I can hardly see the keybord as I re-read your post..God bless you!! and maybe after the holidays, you could get a group together and paint the walls!! haha

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68669:
and Boo, the angels are rejoicing today over Jenifer accepting Jesus as her savior!! woohoo! mdc

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68670: Well, a good frosty morning to one and all. Especially you, pappa bear! Nice to see you! Wish you could come by more often, but we're grateful for the visits you do get to make.

I have counted seven squirrels in the yard this morning, gathered around the piles of seed and cereal I put out. That poor little juvenile is still there, and one bad-tempered female still keeps trying to chase him off. The others don't seem to mind his presence, but she surely does. Hateful thing. He's so little, I just feel so sorry for him. I hope they let him snuggle at night so he's not so cold.

Lester, I agree with the others. You fit here like a hand in a glove, and we're glad you found us. It's evident from some of your comments that you've had some hurts, losses or disappointments in your life. We understand that all too well. Most of us here have something - the death of a loved one, broken relationships, physical challenges, crushing responsibilities - you name it, somebody here probably is dealing with it. We have prayed for and supported each other through the years, and as long as Floyd is willing to make it possible, we'll stay together and continue to take care of each other in the only way we can. Distance keeps us from doing the practical things, but the powerful things are still open to us. We can pray, and we can provide emotional support, and make each other laugh sometimes. You can't beat a deal like that!

Hmmm. I think I feel a blog coming on. Maybe I'll drift over to that site and see what comes out of this keyboard. Whatever it is, it will likely be too long for this forum. Thus, the blog!

Oh, speaking of blogs - I'd like to recommend one.
Check out It's written by Omar Garcia, who was our fearless leader on my two trips to Mongolia. He now serves at a church in Kingsland, TX, but spends much of his time all over the world, going into some of the most dangerous, Godless places you can imagine. His blogs are wonderful, and you will receive a blessing. --Romeena

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68671:
Ro, that reminds me, I try to give an unsolicited shout out each year for Weaver's! It helps keep the front porch going, so if ya all are wanting to get anyone some unique mayberry gift, Weaver's is the place. They deliver quickly too!

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68672:
Hey Folks

Just a quick stop until later.

Maybe I should clarify the 8 feet of snow. We don't have 8 feet on the ground at the present it is the total snowfall we've had since the second week in November. We've had no snow days at the local school so far.

Poor Horatio-Thanks for posting that link again. Do you folks in TO ever get "lake effect" snow?

Me-They Thanks for the prayers buddy. I always knew you had my back.

oops! gotta run


December 16, 2008 - Msg 68673: Hi All.
Will it raine last night and now it snowing.
Boo maybe you can send a pic of the gil that teac to.


December 16, 2008 - Msg 68674: Hi All.
Will it raine last night and now it snowing.
Boo maybe you can send a pic of the gil that teac to.


December 16, 2008 - Msg 68675: On the first day of Cold Season, my true love gave to me. . .a shiny blue jar of Vicks!
On the second day of Cold Season, my true love gave to me, a pair of men's thermal insulated socks. .
On the third day of Cold Season, my true love gave to me, a pretty handkerchief for my neck to use with my shiny blue jar of Vicks. .
On the fourth day of Cold Season, my true love gave to me, an electric-fied blan. . . .ket!
On the fifth day of Cold Season, my true love gave to me, Rudolph's shiny red nose. . .
On the sixth day of Cold Season, my true love gave to me, a new box of Puffs (with lotion!)
On the seventh day of Cold Season, my true love gave to me, a warm bowl of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. .
On the eighth day of Cold Season, my true love gave to me, a Vick's Vapor Inhaler. .
On the ninth day of Cold Season, my true love gave to me, another jar of Vicks to replace the first one gave to me. .
On the tenth day of Cold Season, I'm feeling much better. . . . . .
On the eleventh day of Cold Season, I gave my true love, my lovely germs to this cold. .
On the twelth day of Cold Season. . .I feel just fine, but my true love needs the afore mentioned things!

Guess who?

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68676:
Homemaker!!!??? ha
But you forgot the mayo and the oregano!! ha

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68677: Thanks for rejoicing with me, MDC. I know you are emotionally involved with what happens to those girls because of your many prayers for them. You are the main reason I always try to report on how things are going with them. Thank you again for your prayers. I don't know if I mentioned this to you or not, but the girl named Miya, who cuts herself and has such a terribly painful past, moved to a facility in Dallas that is much better and I actually got to talk to her on the phone last Friday. She is doing well and here's the big news: Keith's daughter and son-in-law (he is a pastor) went through foster training and Miya will be placed with them next month. She may even get to spend Christmas with them. It is a huge answer to prayer and we are very excited about giving her a chance because she is a very special girl.

You know Tom, I have wanted to send pictures of the girls but because they are minors, we aren't allowed to take pictures of them at the facility. I think Keith may have some pictures we took of some of them when they were at our church. I will find out and if I have any I will send them, thanks.

Hi Homemaker!


December 16, 2008 - Msg 68678: Good Afternoon Porch,
Once again this will be brief. It's nasty and raining here. However, technically we are still in a drought so it's okay.
Y'all crack me up on the 12 days of Vick's and Mayberry!
Romeena- I just wanted you to know I sent some pictures to you, but forget which email address it was sent from. In the subject I believe it says pictures for the album. I have 4 email addresses and 1 outlook program and it gets confusing!
Stay warm and know that you are loved! I will stop by again soon when I have more time.

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68679: Howdy, Porch folks. Kinda dang chilly out today. Brrrrrrr! A tomato soup and grilled cheese sammich kind of day.
Trixie is snoozing on the bed all burrowed into a warm felt blanket. (having good doggie dreams I imagine)

- Lester :-)

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68680: Re: Msg#68670 Romeena -- I do count my blessings each and every day. Things I guess could always be better in my life, but they could always be worse. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west - - I'm very thankful to just be a part of it all. Trixie, too! (she's eating a bit of cheese right now, sharp cheddar)

- Lester

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68681: Evening porch family, Hope everyone is doing well tonight. I have been busy at work and no time to visit. Hoping to take off work 3 days next week and 3 days the next week so I am trying to see folks who need to be seen.

Welcome to Lester and welcome back to all the folks who have been visiting again.

My husband and kids took a day trip on Sunday over the Pigeon Forge. We don't have much chance to do things together now (Patrick has his part time job and my husband works every other weekend). We gad a great day, nice weather and enjoyed our outing.

Let's have a snack this evening: cocoa, warm chocolate chip cookins, peanut butter cookies.

Eveyone have a great evening.

Big Maude

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68682: Hey to Big Maude! Thanks for the welcome! (hot cocoa sounds good for this evening)

- Lester

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68683: Hey gang...been working on the barn...sold the popup camper!,,let me get cleaned up...any supper left?....prayers...possum I got yer card...very nice....ok back in just a bit...SPOT

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68684: Hi folks,
Just popped in to let you in on a little tidbit of info I came across, in case you haven't heard. Apparently, there is some huge security flaw for folks using Internet Explorer and Microsoft doesn't have a fix for it yet so there are warnings going out.
Of course you still have to click on an infected link, but they are saying that the malicious code that would allow a hacker into your computer can be placed in just about any website. So they are recommending people use another browser, like Firefox(which is what I am visiting here on).

Thought you might like to know. ;) Stay safe, and here is some more info on it:

Poor Horatio and Pappa Bear, good to see both of you again! And Lester, nice to meet you!

-Sterling Holobyte

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68685: Hey to the porch. The Christmas cards have been arriving daily... Thanks, friends. I love Christmas! Mine went out yesterday, so hopefully you will be getting yours soon.
Welcome to Lester. I'm from Idaho, so you can help me hold up the western end of the porch. I don't have time to post every day but I try to post at least once a week. I'm really busy at work right now, and may be changing jobs soon; plus we just got a new puppy, and I seem to spend an awful lot of time just looking for my shoes and socks. (she drags them everywhere)
Nice to see you Papa Bear. We sure do miss you.
And Poor Horatio, nice to see you also.
Well, 10-4
- Hazel

"Merry Christmas, Barney Parney Poo."

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68686: Ok yall im hungry!......need some leftovers...if not im gona run to waffle house..late night breakfast...SPOT

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68687: Hey ya'll, it's been awhile for me too. I guess everybody is busy this time of year. I'm enjoying all the Christmas cards I've been getting. I have mine addressed finally, and ready to go. Speaking of the parties, you all are the only ones who would appreciate the humor in this one. We had my husbands company dinner Saturday night, well it was at a piano bar/restaurant and not a place we would normally eat at. Very high brow type place but they made a good Prime Rib and the music was a little stuffy for my taste but anyways, I went to the restroom, and there was no stall there, just the facility, a sink, and two chairs with a table in between them. I walked in there, and the first thought that struck me, was Two Chairs..No Waiting LOL!! Yeah I'm sick I know, but it was just so odd looking. First time I'd even seen anything like that. I guess everybody in the south it water logged here lately, I dont know when I've seen the Sunshine last. I think Saturday was the last time. We are heading out for one last weekend of camping, it's actually supposed to be in the 70's and I cant wait. Just enough to spoil me before that blasted cold weather comes back again. I hope ya'll have a blessed week love and prayers to everyone. Salty Dog

December 16, 2008 - Msg 68688: Hi All.
This had ben a bad day snow and now rain .
I had a bad day I had too go to the dental tto have it pull and now Im notfeeling to good.
Thank to everyone for the christmas cards.

( Silent Night)
A tiny town with darkened lanes,
A cattle barn with sheaves of grain;
A mother there with gentle face,
Her husband, too, stands in his place.
Some shepherds kneel inside the door
While lambs lie down upon the floor;
A stream of light from overhead
Shines down upon a manger bed,
A newborn Babe with silky hair-
God's gift to all who seek Him there.


December 17, 2008 - Msg 68689: My word Salty!...guess uppedy folks dont like stalls! its late night waffle house for me....any takers?...yall load driving...possum you up front...Rev meet us there..M-T bring the kids...Romeena I got a jar of salsa....lets GO..Mavis you and Boo stop traffic..SPOT

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68690: Sorry about your tooth, TOM. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas poem.

Hey Salty, when you were in that fancy restaurant, did you order a Sezarak and the escargot? ;) I don't think I have ever seen that set-up in a restroom, either. Who do you expect is supposed to sit in the two chairs while a person is "conducting business"?..peculiar.

Thanks for the info, Sterling. I use Internet Explorer. I will talk to Bruce about it because I don't even know how to switch.

I am gettin quite a nice collection of Christmas cards this year. Mine were mailed the day before yesterday.

All my christmas shopping is done and the holiday baking will now begin. This year it will be Magic Cookie Bars (not to be mistaken with "Mr. Cookie Bar", but every bit as good), fudge, christmas cookies, chocolate-chip and Ranger cookies. I bought a couple of cute stocking for my 2 neighbors and I will fill it with some goodies to give them.

My poor dad showed up on my doorstep last night to tell us that there was a leak in his bathroom and water was running down the wall! He cut the water off and we found the problem, so now I will have to find a plumber today. The house is very old and no telling what needs fixing.

Well, I had better get Erin up and get going...


December 17, 2008 - Msg 68691: Good morning everyone. It's chilly and rainy here today. I hear it's worse farther north and west so I'm counting my blessings. Gee, seems I've heard Bing Crosby sing that around this time of year...

Welcome and howdy to SALTY, LUCY, HAZEL, NEW NEIGHBOR, and others less frequent. Since you're not as regular as some other folks, maybe try a dried plum or two after breakfast.

BOO: Praise the Lord! The front lines of the battle may make you weary at times, but when you get to see the victories up close it's all so worthwhile. Your ministry and those girls remain in my prayers.

AUH2O: When you have eight feet of snow, do you shovel out your windows? Just curious.

HOMEMAKER: You, maam, are a roublerouser.

Well, I'll be back in a bit. Posting and fly killing aren't my number one jobs, y'know.


December 17, 2008 - Msg 68692: If you don't mind, you can leave the Vicks and mayo out of my stocking. I'll just take the traditional coal, thanks.


December 17, 2008 - Msg 68693: Good morning my fine porch friends! It looks like we will FINALLY be loading up furniture & moving to the new house this weekend! Hooo-Ray! All that is left of the painting is the kitchen ceiling & that can be done whether furniture is there or not! I am so excited!
Spot how did you like the way me & Boo stopped traffic last night? I thought we "done good"
I also want to thank you all for the beautiful Christmas cards, I love, love, love getting cards & getting them from you guys has been extry special. I wish Lester had gotten to the porch earlier, we could have added him to the list. I suppose it's not too late Lester if you want to get in on it. You could send your address to Romeena or to me (k9hairstyles @ of course, you run it all together without spaces. Anyway, thanks for all of them, I am really enjoying them, it's exciting to go to the mailbox & find cards instead of bills. :)
I wanted to share a link with you guys, some of you may have seen it already, but I wanted to post it here for all to see, it's an awesome video.
Enjoy, now I'm off to (hang on to your toolbelt Asa) Home Depot for house things.
Later taters,

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68694: Oops didn't see you there M-T didn't mean to rock on yer toes, you got steel toed boots on?
I also wanted to say hey to Poor Horatio it's good to see you posting more.
I appreciate all the advice on how to deal with my brother & I think what we are going to do is sit them down when he comes in off the road with all the details of "here's what we HAVE to pay every month" & "Here's what you all ARE paying every month", then explain to them that whether they pay us or not, the mortgage has got to be paid every month & the money doesn't just magically appear. I talked to him some on the phone the other day about it, but I think if it's on paper, in front of him, it will have a bigger, better impact. I'll let you know how it goes.
Now, I'm off to record the minutes of our last Kennel Club meeting (I'm the Recording Sec for the club) & then run & get things done, then home, make some fudge & cookies, then over to Thelma Lou's to watch a little tv. ;)

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68695: top of the morning porchsters! in Illinois we havw layers of ice and snow then snow and more on the way. going from the house to a car that sits outside the song dashing thru the snow is sung with a lot of feeling. Since I'm from Illinois i should discouse that as mayor I've never attemted to sell a single Mayberry council seat. ha!!! My prayers and thoughts are with each of you... I quess it"s time to dashing thru the snow again... TEMP. is balmy -8 degrees and is suppose to make it into the teens today. pappa bear aka the mayor

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68696: Hi All.
Tere is a dvd I think you will like called CHRISTMASHERE AGAIN and Andy Griffith is sant and there is a mess in there that mark you stop and think


December 17, 2008 - Msg 68697: To TOM, thanks for that information about the DVD.
I searched the internet and learned that the movie
will air tonight on the MyNetworkTV cable/satellite channel at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central/6pm Mountain/5pm Pacific.
It's an animated (cartoon) movie and Andy Griffith is the voice of Santa Claus.

from Poor Horatio

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68698: A warning to everyone who is using an indoor or outdoor antenna to receive television signals. Today, between 6pm and 8pm local time, broadcast television stations in 29 states will turn off their analog signals for up five minutes. There may be other days when this temporary shut off will occur within the next two months. These are just temporary tests in preparation for the permanent shut off that will occur on February 17, 2009.

from Poor Horatio

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68699: Thanks, HORATIO. You are particularly colorful today.

PAPPABEAR: I cannot believe my rudeness! I forgot to welcome you back. It's great to have you back. Now don't go kicking me outta my house; I have a Confederate bond made out by the town...

MAVIS: I can only guess what kind of treats you all serve at those Kennel Club meetings. Congrats on getting in the house.

TOM: Thanks for the heads up.

See y'all tomorrow.


December 17, 2008 - Msg 68700: Hi All.
We all said how we like to send cards to the porch family?
Will about we all send mill family one just to show thim who mouch we miss thim here


December 17, 2008 - Msg 68701: Thanks for the welcome, Sterling Holobyte & Hazel! (Idaho? Cool! or instead, ORE-IDA!!) ;-)

Thanks, Mavis!

Cold and wet out my way. Blah! Main drain from the house is clogged. *sigh* and yuk!

- Lester

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68702: Evenin' y'all! Been out doing the last of my Christmas shopping-that's why I'm just now showing up to rock on the Porch.Tired,but wanted to say "hi".Plus,I'm having sinus trouble,or an ear infection or something that's trying to knock me down right here before Christmas.Might go to doctor if I'm not feeling better soon.This wacky weather is making everyone sick- last week,chilly & damp from all the rain,past few days,muggy & warm.I actually had the A/C on in the possum mobile while playing Christmas CDs!
I am also loving the Christmas cards.Thanks y'all.Got one from Rev & family today.Nice,Rev,nice-thanks.Each one I've gotten has been special. Glad you liked the one I sent you Spot!
Tom,I have been thinking about Millie's family too.Matter of fact,I think of them quite often & wonder how they are,especially Miller.
It would be nice if we could get a Christmas card to them.
Me-They-laughing at your "dried plums" comment! And Pappa Bear,I'd suggest YOU run for Governor of Illinois,only we wanna keep you here as OUR mayor! Bet you'd straighten 'em all out up there though!
Pretty festive there,Poor Horatio. You do pretty good for being half a boy.
Mavis,did you get that neon green off of your walls yet? Just don't get fancy ideas and do your bathroom up like the one Salty mentioned! Ha!
Well,I need to check e-mail & then get some rest.Oh wait,we have to head over to the Waffle House with Spot.If Spot doesn't drive like Gilly Walker,maybe I could catch a nap on the way! Y'all have a good evening-love to all!
possum under a rock

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68703: Hope I didn't rock on your foot,Lester.Didn't see ya on the Porch! Better put a buckeye in your shoe & do an incant,just to be on the safe side!
possum again

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68704: Mavis, I forgot to say earlier that I am so happy you are finally getting to move into the "Little House In the Big Woods"! How exciting...I'll be needing more pictures when you are done...(pretty please) :) PS-why's you have to go and mention Asa's toolbelt...(wiping away a lone tear!...sniff)...what I wouldn't give to see him in his toolbelt again. Where are you ASA??

Me-They writes: "I can only guess what kind of treats you all serve at those kennel club meetings". Man, you are too funny. I love your sense of humor (the dried plums thing was funny, too).

Hey Possum, hope you feel better real soon. It is tough to get sick right before Christmas! I had a cold a few days ago and just kept running right on through it. I took alot of Vit C and kept going. I am over it but I sure am tired!

Better get going...caroling at the nursing home with the youth group tonight and some kind of hayride. It's really foggy tonight so I don't know how that will be. Wish me luck...


December 17, 2008 - Msg 68705:
Busier than a cow's tail in fly season today!
Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow!
God bless.

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68706: Hey...I am back...Its the ole HoBo here...Be away for a while...anyone miss me...

December 17, 2008 - Msg 68707: Gang im still are pouring in! cool...ok..Miss Sherry and I have been Christmas shopping all to work back to back doubles tomorrow and fri so i will get to catch up....hey possum,boo,ro,Ton,Rev,Lucy and all...McDonalds in the morning!...SPOT

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68708: Ok gang its 4:30 hitting the shower....see yall at Micky-D"s....SPOT

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68709: Hi All.
Look like a dart gray dry day here.
Spot you every send a pich of Miss. Sherry to
Ro for the album.


December 18, 2008 - Msg 68710: Good morning everyone. It’s not raining and a little warmer here today. Hope it’s pleasant wherever you happen to be today.

Gee, hearing you all talk about exchanging Christmas cards makes me wish I had joined in, too. As I said before, it’s not that I didn’t like the idea of it. But I have my reasons (of which some of you regulars are aware). Still, it makes a person feel good hearing so much good will and cheer being passed about. Just know that you all have my very best wishes for a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

I’ve been wondering where ASA has been, too. First AFD, now ASA—you’d think we were in the Remshaw House or something.

POSSUM: How’s Laci doing?

BOO, HOMEMAKER & MAVIS: I’m thinking that you all should post some pictures of your houses in the album. You can wait until you have walls BOO, unless you want to pull a Les Nesman and put down some tape.

We watched “A Christmas Carol” last night—the one with Patrick Stewart. It’s my favorite version. We’re going to watch “Miracle on 34th Street” (original version) on Saturday. It’s one of my all-time faves but he kids have never seen it so it’ll be nice to share that with them. Remember the Rankin-Bass “Little Drummer Boy” from the late 60s? You don’t see that one on tv anymore. They’ve played Rudolph about six times, but that one you don’t see.

AUH2O & MDC: Did you hear about Rick Warren delivering Obama’s invocation at the inaugural? It has liberals screaming. One was saying it amounts to “violence against gays” on the part of Obama. Between that and his choice of some Republicans and lots of moderate Dems for his cabinet and key positions, many left wingers are really getting ticked. I don’t know, but it appears he really is going after experience over ideology and heading towards a pragmatic center. Maybe there’s hope yet.

Well, I’ll be back at lunch.


December 18, 2008 - Msg 68711: M-T. . .I have been called worse than a rabble-rouser in my day and I called my children hooligans yesterday. They thought that was too funny.

As soon as the house is completed, I'll send some pictures to Romeena for her to post. Still having problems with the contractor - many words could be said but I will be lady like.

Will chat with you all later. . .


Glad you enjoyed my poem!

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68712: M-T. . .I have been called worse than a rabble-rouser in my day and I called my children hooligans yesterday. They thought that was too funny.

As soon as the house is completed, I'll send some pictures to Romeena for her to post. Still having problems with the contractor - many words could be said but I will be lady like.

Will chat with you all later. . .


Glad you enjoyed my poem!

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68713: oops - I believe I am taking on goat tendancies and chewing my cud twice. . .sorry hm

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68714:
By S. Omar Barker (1894-1985)

I ain't much good at prayin', and You may not know me, Lord-
I ain't much seen in churches where they preach Thy Holy Word,
But you may have observed me out here on the lonely plains,
A-lookin' after cattle, feelin' thankful when it rains,
Admirin' Thy great handiwork, the miracle of grass,
Aware of Thy kind spirit in the way it comes to pass
That hired men on horseback and the livestock we tend
Can look up at the stars at night and know we've got a friend.

So here's ol' Christmas comin' on, remindin' us again
Of Him whose coming brought good will into the hearts of men.
A cowboy ain't no preacher, Lord, but if You'll hear my prayer,
I'll ask as good as we have got for all men everywhere.
Don't let no hearts be bitter, Lord.
Don't let no child be cold.
Make easy beds for them that's sick and them that's weak and old.
Let kindness bless the trail we ride, no matter what we're after,
And sorter keep us on Your side, in tears as well as laughter.

I've seen ol' cows a-starvin, and it ain't no happy sight:
Please don't leave no one hungry, Lord, on thy good Christmas night-
No man, no child, no woman, and no critter on four feet-
I'll aim to do my best to help You find 'em chuck to eat.

I'm just a sinful cowpoke, Lord-ain't got no business prayin'-
But still I hope You'll ketch a word or two of what I'm sayin':
We speak of Merry Christmas, Lord-I reckon you'll agree
There ain't no Merry Christmas for nobody that ain't free.
So one thing more I'll ask You, Lord: Just help us what you can
To save some seeds of freedom for the future sons of man.

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68715: Good Thursday Porch, hope all is well today.
Thought I would do a check point chickie this morning.

Been pretty busy at work and trying to get ready for Christmas at home. I am about done shopping and have most things wrapped. Need to do the grocery shopping but I have to figure out the menu first. My Mom and brother and his family come for Christmas Eve and then this year my 3 brother in laws will be here from Knoxville on Christmas morning for breakfast and then spend the day and have dinner and then go home. Makes for a long day (if you know what I mean). Guess I had better get busy with making my shopping lists.

My kids have finished school for this semester so they are probably still asleep at home about now.

Raining around here but warmer temps.

Lunch menu will be: grilled hamburgers, broasted potatoes, SLAW. Ice cream sundaes for dessert.
tea, lemonade to drink. see you at lunch.

Better get back to work. Have a blessed day.

Big Maude

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68716: Thursday on The Porch! Rain has stopped and the sun is out... FINALLY! Rain caused a little damage at my place but nothing that'll get me (or Trixie) in a funk. She's happy cause she had some scrambled eggs with her kibble this morning. Y'all take care!


- Lester

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68717: Hey Y'all- I like the Cowboy Christmas prayer-thanks to whoever posted it.
Went to the mailbox earlier and it was full of Christmas cards from y'all-sure beats bills,like somebody else said! Pappa Bear signed his " Mayberry Mayor"-thought that was cute!
Maude,are any of your brothers in -law named Don? Sounds like you've got a bunch of "hungry buzzards" there! We'll have to give you a reprieve from cooking for the Porch for a few days just so you can rest!Today's lunch sounds great,by the way!
Me-They,Laci is much better,thanks. Going in Monday for EKGs/Echocardiogram,& whatever so they can pinpoint the part of her heart that they need to treat.She may have the procedure done that same day-I'm not real clear on all the details.I saw her a few days back and talked to her about going in and getting her "Ticker zapped"-she's a brave little girl & will do fine,I know.
I think I'm gonna go be a couch potato- still not feeling well.I started taking Mucinex (don't ya love that name?!) which I believe is helping.So,I'll see you good people later-take care!
possum under a rock
P.S. Does anyone watch reruns of "Home Improvement"? I love that show! The other night they had a Christmas episode in which they were attending church services. The youngest boy was part of an all boy choir-had on their little robes,each with a letter spelling out NOEL.Anyhow,they lined up wrong in front of the congregation and their robes spelled out "LEON". The preacher hurriedly got them rearranged & they sang "The First Noel." It was such a funny sight gag!

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68718: Quick update- my daughter just phoned & said that Laci's heart cath will most likely be after Christmas -just testing on Monday.

possum again

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68719:
MT--At least ABC still plays the last part of "Charlie Brown Christmas!" I have little drummer boy on videotape and play it every year!
Maude setting up a checkpoint, aint that like the inmates runnin the prison?? haha
68714--nice poem, real nice!
Possum- I almost bought season 2 of HI the other day. I liked it when the boys were young and not so much when they were older.
RO- is your email airmail addy still the same? I got one returned to me today as no good. thx.
Boo- Thanks for those kind words. I know that others are praying too. Hope the pipe problem isnt too bad.
Anyone here remember stringing popcorn, making paper chains, etc for the tree? We also had the original "bubble" lights in the 60s, and tinsel was metal, not plastic. I still have an unopened box of metal tinsel!
Prayers for all,

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68720:
Just call the man!

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68721:
Ben: Well look there, I must have mistaken that for an electric razor!

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68722:
"Zuzu's petals! And my lip's bleedin', Merry Christmas Bert!

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68723: Tape!! M-T, that's a great about I show you where the foundation is going to be? ha. So, Patrick Stuart's version of Scrooge is your favorite...sorry, but that one bores me. I want to scream, "Just get to the point!!" seems they drag out Dickens something awful in that one (just my humble opinion, of course). The one that I couldn't even finish watching was the musical one with Kelsey Grammar...remember that Holiday nightmare? Oh, I liked "The Drummer Boy"..I happened to have seen a video on Youtube today called "The Annoying Drummer Boy" might want to check it out.

I guess it's time for our annual "guess what Chrismtas movie this quote is from". I'll start: "What is it? A confirmation of your reservation to the nut house?"....


December 18, 2008 - Msg 68724: Hey gang..Tom there is a pic of Miss Sherry and I on the album page...prayers possum..brothere Rev you doing ok...gosh been busy here at a new member of the staff...hey auh20,Boo,Romeena,Lucy,leon,CHUCK,MDC,MD,hazel,lester,hm...maude thanks for lunch...lets meet at Shoneys for supper on Asa and I...back in just a bit....SPOT

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68725: Good evening, all. MDC, my email addy has changed. The first part is the same, just sub tx dot rr dot com for the airmail dot net part.

I like all the versions of "A Christmas Carol". Each has its own good and bad parts. The old original, with Alistair Sim was great. I guess if I just absolutely had to choose a favorite it would be the one with George C. Scott, but then I think he was wonderful anyway. He seemed so genuine, so completely at home in the role. He downplayed the curmudgeon trait that would be so easily overplayed, and was simply a hard-bitten businessman, embittered by life, with no time for non-productive nonsense. His joy, when he finally found it, knew no bounds and he was so openly grateful. I just think he did an excellent job.

Just about finished up my shopping today, and got a much-needed pedicure. Now it's time to go get dressed. Another dinner party at church - that's three this week! Poor little Toye Starr will be unhappy, but such is life when you're a little pup. She'll get plenty of cuddling when I get home, and depending on what is served, maybe I'll bring her a little bite or two.

Be blessed, all. -- Romeena

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68726: I'm with you, Romeena. I love the George C Scott version most of all.

Who was it who said they recently visited the house used in filming "A Christmas Story"? I saw a video of the place on YouTube. Pretty neat. By the way, Romeena, if you still have not watched "A Christmas Story", you can watch it on YouTube, as well. It is in several segments, but it's there and it's free.

I finished up the shopping today, too, all except for one present and that is for Bruce...I have no idea what to get him and he isn't giving me any hints!

Better go clean the kitchen so I can start doing some holiday baking...


December 18, 2008 - Msg 68727: I only wish I had time to watch stuff on YouTube, Boo. Sounds like a lot of interesting stuff on there.
I know; I should slow down. "What's your hurry?" But sheesh, sometimes it's so hard to balance all that needs done, when you work away from home. I'm gone from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day. And when I get home, I'm pooped. And it gets real old spending every Saturday and Sunday cleaning house, paying bills, running errands, planning meals, doing grocery shopping...
I don't sound bitter, do I? Hehe. I'm really not, I just need a vacation.
- Hazel

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68728: Well gang my work is about done ..headed home to snooze and back at 6am for 16 more...hope all is well...slow night on the porch...lets eat waffle house in the morning...prayers...SPOT

December 18, 2008 - Msg 68729: That's gotta be really tough (7am-6pm) Hazel. Although I am very busy throughout the day, I have the luxury of being able to take little breaks during the day and the way I take my break is to grab a drink or some coffee and sit down in front of the computer. I always check email first, then check in on the porch and since it's been the Christmas season, I have been checking out the Christmas videos on Youtube now and then. I spent some time doing it today so that I could send some of the videos as e-cards to my friends. I found some funny ones, let me tell you! Even if it's just a few minutes before bed, you should check some of them out. It'll make your day and you deserve come nobody is helping you with the chores around there, by the way??

I shopped all day, wrapped presents, cleaned, did some laundry and am making several batches of chocolate-chip cookies as I write. 'Tis the season!


December 18, 2008 - Msg 68730: Oh, Boo, Mr. Hazel does as much as I do; he's a keeper. He is also gone each day from 7:00 to 6:00, so we're in the same boat as far as our jobs. He cooks more than I do, walks the dog, and also is one heck of a bathroom-cleaner. Plus does all the outdoor chores, like fixing the fence (which blew over last week) and taking care of the upkeep on the cars. He does a lot. We both usually nod off in our chairs around 9:00 each night. Our kids don't live at home anymore, so I can't expect them to come over and do my housework! They've got jobs and lives of their own. We're just part of the millions of Americans who have to try to "do it all" I guess. Work to pay the bills, but also try to find time to just enjoy life. We're both lucky to have jobs right now, with this bleak economy. So I'm really not complaining, just venting about how hard it is sometimes. I'm glad you got your shopping done and presents wrapped. Good for you!
- Hazel

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68731: I'm happy to hear that Mr. Hazel is a team-player. You are so right about Americans having to "do it all". I count myself blessed to not have to work outside the home anymore. Honestly, I just don't know how I would get it all done and be a good parent to the kids. There would just not be enough hours in a day and I hate to say it, but now that I am "no spring chicken anymore", it is a real challenge doing so much for so many family members (kids and parents!). We are trying to get my parents moved out of their home and into my sister's this month and yesterday, dad discovered water running down the wall in one of the bathrooms so we are working on getting plumbing fixed, insur@nce adjuster is coming out tomorrow and when the plumber was in the attic, he told us that dad has some dangerous electrical problems going one (not a surprise). So, we are also having an electrician out on Monday. That old house needs some major work and is not safe the way it is. Bruce has been over there all week cleaning out the garage, yard and storeroom and there is just so much to be done. The good news is that the folks have had a couple of months to think about it and they are ready to move. That is a real blessing that they are reasonable enough to see that it is time.

Well, speaking of time, it's time for bed. Nice rocking on the porch with you this evening, Hazel. I hope you find some time for yourself and area able to find some peace and enjoyment this Christmas season. God bless you and Mr. Hazel.