December 19, 2008 - Msg 68732: To Toye Starr (from Trixie) --

Take it from me kid, sure isn't always easy being a pup. The old guy had to leave me alone at times, but he always made up for it when he came back. It got easier when I got older, but I didn't let him know that. I'd give him the big sad eyes when he got home and he'd be putty in my hands.... er, paws. You got some big shoes to fill, Starr. Just like I had to do.
I know what I'm talking about, kid. I've been to Raleigh, I've been around! (lol!)


-- Trixie

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68733:
The porch looked so clean, I just had to stop by and say "HEY!".


December 19, 2008 - Msg 68734: Hey Chuck, how is the grandbaby? Hope you get to be with him for Christmas.

Hey to Trixie!

Lots to do today..have to go help out at the "Christmas For Kids" org this morning (that's the one my sister heads up every year at her church). They provide toys for needy kids throughout the county. She always sends presents to the kids at the drug rehab every year so I am going over there with a 2-fold purpose in mind; 1) Gather gifts for the kids at rehab, and 2) Help keep Baby Emily from destroying the place....all prayers appreciated;)

Well, my coffee is almost gone and Erin is up and about. She has her last day of school and school Christmas party today so I didn't have to drag her out of bed as usual.

See ya later!


December 19, 2008 - Msg 68735: What movie is this quote from: "Hurry up kid, the store's closin'!!"'s one more from the same movie: "...but I didn't say 'fudge'.."


December 19, 2008 - Msg 68736: "Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!!"

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68737: Boo,"You'll shoot your eye out!" Ha!
Boo,how is Jubi doing? I saw a St.Jude's commercial on tv last night,grabbed my checkbook and am sending a donation in honor of Jubi.I am really concerned for this child-guess it's because of the road I've been down with Laci.Anyhow,sure wish I could've sent more,or even sent it straight to Jubi,but a few dollars in her pocket won't really help her,will it? Best that it goes toward research-for her & other children.
Boo,I have been looking at Christmas videos on YouTube too-I saw the "Annoying Drummer Boy",but didn't check it out.I plan on e-mailing to Porchsters that weren't on our Christmas card list.That is,the ones whose e-mail addresses I have.Found some nice stuff on there.Hope Hazel does get time to check out YouTube.Hazel,you'll find lots of TAGS related videos too!
Ok,I'm finished talking to Boo this morning- ha! I don't want a "RUDE",so I'll leave by saying Hello to everyone! Have a great day!
possum under a rock

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68738: Oh,and "Hey" to Chuck! Sure hope Spot sees ya,otherwise he'll start up that danged hollering (howling)for ya again!

possum again

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68739: Good Morning porch, hope everyone is ready for the week end. I will be at work til about 11 or so and then off to do some last minute shopping.

Patrick will turn 18 on Sunday, so I am in search of some surprise things for him as well as a couple of other things.

Sure was foggy on my way to work today, not too cold but I could hardly see with the foggy and it not being very light outside yet.

Hopefully the week end will be relatively quite.

Lunch menu will be: chicken salad sandwhiches, chips, pickles, a bowl of soup (potato, broccoli cheese or french onion). I could not make my mind up about the soup so we will have all 3 available. Dessert will be: yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Tea, kool aid to drink and then a nap!

Have a blessed day.

Big Maude

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68740: Hi All
ROMEENA DON was here to see me and he said to wish everyone here a MERRY CHRISTMAS.


December 19, 2008 - Msg 68741:
Hey to Don.
Glad to see mayor colt posting again.
Welcome trixie.
I think my wife is getting me the big Mayberry
book from Weaver's this year! woohoo!
Hazel, I think you are describing about 90 percent of Americans these days! ha
I am sending RO photos of my Christmas display that is up for this year.
SPot, are your crosses up?
Anyone recall "American Christmas Carol" with Henry Winkler. I thought it was pretty good. it was on TV years ago.
Have a blessed day, look out for MT's shorts and flying shoes!
God bless,
"ya want me to lasso the moon for ya?"

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68742: Good morning, all. Tom, I'm glad to know that Don visited. He's a keeper - wish he'd stop by the porch and rock for a spell now and then.

Trixie, little Starr asked me to post this, she's too short to reach the keyboard. She said thanks for the advice, and to let you know that she's a past master at laying the guilt trips on me. No one can look quite so pitiful as a four-pound puppy with a droopy tail. She throws in shivering and shaking, and a nervous yawn or two for good measure. It's almost enough to make me call in sick so I can stay home with her. However, when I get home, all is forgiven. She dances out of the bedroom on little light feet, toy in mouth, and is ready to play. You're right about her having big pawprints to fill, though. I ran across an unexpected picture of Sugarplum last night, and just sat here at this keyboard and sobbed. I sure do miss that little girl. She was so beautiful, and best of all, so sweet.

Well, I have to work tonight, and have a lot that needs to be done today, so guess I'd better get off this rocker and get busy. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68743:
Anyone remember the little choir boy candles? (50s-60s)
I got some off ebay last year for my sister, she couldnt believe it!
Ro- I sent 2 photos via email. Let me know if they arrived ok.

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68744: They arrived fine, MDC. I need to size them down, and then will get them in the album. --Romeena

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68745:
For all you It's a Wonderful Life fans, don't forget to
look for "Mayor Pike" on his front porch when young George Bailey is too shy to kiss Mary.
Our "fat little mayor" yells out a quip by George Bernard Shaw, "Aw, youth is wasted on the young!"
Have a great weekend, prayers for all.

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68746: oops! <\i> now is italic off?

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68747: test

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68748: / test

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68749:
Help! sorry

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68750: Hey CHUCK...MDC the crosses are up got a pic I will get to Ro...busy here at work back in just a bit...hey possum....go to go...any supper?...SPOT

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68751:

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68752: a

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68753: Hi All.
Boy OLD Mother Nature can not make up her mined on the weather we are going to git.


December 19, 2008 - Msg 68754: Hi all,

Kai was able to have another snow day today, but I think it was more the threat of snow that did it than the actual snowfall we had, because it stopped at about 11:30. Supposed to get more though later.

We love the Little Drummer Boy, so when I saw that on a recent shopping trip I made sure I snatched it up. Shame they can't bring themselves to show it on tv anymore.

I'm with you, Romeena, I prefer the George C. Scott Christmas Carol. I like Patrick Stewart, but apparently only as Capt. Picard. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68755:

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68756:

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68757: testing

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68758: Another test I didn't study for. ;)

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68759: I fixed the Porch! I'm EPT!
Believe it or not I never messed with Italics before.ItaliANs-yes,but not Italics! Hee Hee
possum under a rock

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68760: Sterling,ya ain't laying claim to my "fix"! Ha Ha

I'm proud.I am SO proud.

By the way,before any moulages get started,I married into an Italian family,hence my Italian comment above!

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68761: Oh,that was me(msg 68760)I was so proud I forgot to sign my name!

possum again

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68762: Well, it's 5:15 and the hospital hasn't called, so guess I'm working tonight. Sure would love to stay home, but I suppose I have to work sometime, and it might as well be tonight. See you good folk tomorrow. --Romeena

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68763:
Possum, thanks for the fix! You are indeed ept!!
I wanted to italize the movie title, then forgot the correct code to remove them! Then I figured, well Most everyone here leans a little to the right anyway! haha
Bon Natale Possum!

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68764:
and that was me, MDC

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68765: Hello everyone.

Wow MDC, you had everyone slanting towards the right for a while there. Are you a conservative?
Thanks to possum under a rock for fixing the problem. You got everyone upright again.

And congratulations to Trixie for sweeping the Front Porch with Msg 68732. It's an honor we acknowledge for those who lead a page with the first posting.

from Poor Horatio

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68766: hey, y'all~~
boy, we sure had us a dandy of a snow storm today! I been out there shovellin' four separate and distinct times an' still ain't got our whole driveway done. went drivin' like a nut, helped push a few cars what got stuck-- I got stuck a couple times but I managed to rock my little truck loose. not bad for an old man with a bad heart, but now I'm done.
anyone see me on TV Land tonight?
~~love, Leon
"No thanks, Leon."

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68767: Yes Leon, I saw you tonight on TV Land. You sure don't talk much. But that sandwich sure looked good.

Believe it or not, we had lightning and thunder this morning, followed by freezing rain that covered the snow already on the ground. It sure is hard to shovel that ice covered snow.

from Poor Horatio

December 19, 2008 - Msg 68768: How very sweet of you, Possum! Our church has been gathering gift cards to give to Jubi and her family, so that while she is in the hospital each month, they don't have to worry about having alot of cash with them. I thought that was a really nice idea for them..Jubi and her family are blessed to have a church family to support them. I don't know how folks do it alone. I saw Jubi on Wed night after her first round of chemo and radiation and she looked fine. She came to church and I saw her working on a mural in the hallway. She was making a snowman so I stopped to ask her how she was doing and to give her a kiss on the top of her head. She said she was feeling ok and she looked it, too. I can't quit thinking about her hair. I swear she has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen on a child and I am praying she keeps it. I have a picture of her to send Ro. I will try to work on that this weekend. Last Sunday, after church, I went to talk to Jubi's mom and I gave her a good, long hug (I had been wanting to do that all week). She really held on and then when I looked at her, she said, "Now, are you ok?". I realized that she was trying to comfort me instead of the other way around. She is pretty amazing. I will try to keep you up to date, Possum. Thank you for caring so much. By the way, I am surprised to hear that you've messed with Italians...see me later...we need to talk.

Guess who called me? My friend who was arrested for s#xual assault. He was out on bond and is getting a lawyer. Funny thing is, he sounded better than he has in years. I guess he is completely clear and sober now. I was very suprised to hear from him so soon.

God bless you, Romeena. You have such a tender heart towards God's creatures.

Sure is good to see you on the porch again, Poor Horatio.

I had better call it quits and go to bed.


December 19, 2008 - Msg 68769: Oh, almost forgot...I wanted to drag out my soapbox for a minute and I hope you all won't think I'm any of you ever get those print-out letters in your Christmas cards from friends who want to fill you in on every detail of their lives over the past year? You know the ones...they usually brag about how their kid won the Nobel Peace Prize AND found a cure for cancer and "he is only in the 1st grade". Don't want to be a Scrooge, but to a parent who has a child with a some "challenges", it rubs me the wrong way to hear parents brag about their childrens many accomplishments and straight A's. It seems like the children always "excell above their classmates" and they always say something like, "We don't know where in the world they got all their superior intelligence"! Just irks me, is all. If you want to make my day, tell me that your child is kind and considerate to others. Tell me that he is struggling with peer pressure but doesn't go along with the crowd. Tell me that he is being picked on by the school bully and is exhibiting courage and grace under pressure. Tell me that he seems to have a genuine love for animals and people, and especially God. That will make me smile. Frankly, I couldn't care much if your child is in the top 2 percentile of his 2nd grade class. It makes me feel like you wouldn't think much of my dyslexic child, who struggles to get C's. Alright, I have vented and am feeling better. Now, let me just say that I always enjoy all the good reports I hear about all the porch children...I like it when you people brag a little because you don't brag about grades and how super-intelligent your kids are, you talk about things like how they like to go to church and are kind, or pray. Don't stop doing that. I love it.


December 20, 2008 - Msg 68770: Hey, Friday nite Porchsters! Trixie is all smiles and wags with the congrats given to her for sweeping the porch. Thanx, Poor Horatio!
Cold night out but no rain. Don't expect anymore until maybe Monday, might even rain on Christmas Day. That would be a first that I could recollect ever happening over my way.
Me and Trixie sincerely wish each and every one of you Porchsters the very best this evening. From coast to coast and border to border, The Taylor's Front Porch is indeed one very special place.

:-) Lester

December 20, 2008 - Msg 68771: Wouldn't think of it, Possum! I honestly didn't know who had provided the "fix", as I tried it right after my post above, not knowing you had snuck in there before me.
Them possums are sneaky! ;)

I saw you on TvLand, Leon. You held up those sammiches real good! :)

-Sterling Holobyte

December 20, 2008 - Msg 68772: Good morning, all. Just a quick note, on my way to my bed. I got sick at work about 2 a.m., throwing up and miserable, but no way I could leave, we were too shorthanded. Right now I feel like I've been beaten with a stick, sore all over, and still nauseous. I'm going to go to bed and try to just sleep it away. Needless to say, I'm not going to work tonight. They'll manage.

Good cheer to one and all - and now I'm gone. --Romeena

December 20, 2008 - Msg 68773: Poor Romeena! You were throwing up but couldn't leave work?..that's awful. Prayers that you are soon well.

Lester, the weather here in South Texas is what I call "gross", and has been for 3 days. Gray, wet and warm. We haven't seen the sun all week and the humidity is higher than it's ever been. It's supposed to clear out tomorrow, though, and get cooler. It will be in the 70's for Christmas, though.

Well, my parents are officially at my sister's house. That leak in the bathroom has uncovered a mess of problems in the ceiling. The cut holes in the ceiling and have this giant fans blowing in the house to try to dry things out and we are going to get the furniture out tomorrow. What a mess! The insur@nce guys have to leave the fans for three days and then the adjuster will come out on Monday and tell us what they will give dad to fix it...hope it's enough.



December 20, 2008 - Msg 68774: Boo, I couldn't agree more about those Christmas card letters. I used to get a lot more, now I just get maybe one each Christmas season. My husband feels the same way, and we used to laugh about how fun it'd be to send out a bogus one to the folks that send them to us. "Little Johnny is all grown up now, and what a handsome young man he turned out to be! I don't have any current pictures, but you can view his picture at the county jail web-site. He was in a little mix up a couple weeks ago, all someone elses fault of course. Our lawyer says with luck he'll only have to serve a year at the most! And our darling Sally is all grown up too! She did give us a recent scare though, she was in the hospital for a week; something to do with an infected body piercing. As for my husband and I, are marriage is as strong as ever! Amazing how close you get when you have to fill out a lot of paperwork with banks and such, but hopefully we've stalled the forecloser process on our house for another month!" Anyhow, I know what you mean, it just all seems like so much bragging. I like to hear updates on peoples lives, but somehow those letters seem to highlight the wrong things. Like the only thing that matters in life is how sucessful their kids have become.
I hope you feel better soon, Romeena. I'll be over later this afternoon with some soup, and maybe I'll install a light over your bed so you can read. I'll be real quiet.
- Hazel

December 20, 2008 - Msg 68775: Mornin' Y'all! Thanks for the update on Jubi. It will be great to have a pic of her in Ro's album.I continue to pray and wish her the best.Oh,and I know what you mean with those sickening Christmas letters from folks bragging on the kids.Hazel,your idea for a letter was funny!
Leon,I saw you on TVLand last night too.Glad you weren't in danger of being incarcerated/inarculated!
Gosh Ro,nothing worse than being sick like that and not being at home! Sure hope you feel better fast.I'll come over with Hazel and fluff your pillows and tuck the blanket in really tight around your legs.
Gotta go- y'all take care.
possum under a rock

December 20, 2008 - Msg 68776:
Boo, my goodness, prayers for your parents and the whole situation!
Hazel- funny!! Sounds like he's up at State prison with the Hubacher brothers! ha
I think most are overly proud parents.
Let's all bring a turine of soup to Ro's.
Get well soon ro.
God bless and prayers,

December 20, 2008 - Msg 68777: Thanks for the laugh, HAZEL! I AM going to write a fake letter to send out with my christmas cards next year..for real...ha. That's great. I think mine will go something like this: "Well, we are all in one piece and it's been a pretty good year. We are enjoying the "togetherness" of living with my dear mother-in-law in this cozy 1100sq ft apartment! Sean is a teenager now and, besides his dangerously high cholesterol, dyslexia, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, he is doing great! Nobody can keep a rug as clean as that kid. Erin is doing well in school but with her hyperactivity disorder, we are doing our very best to keep our wits about us! It's a real character builder... We are very proud of our little Erin; she can burp louder than any of her friends!":)

Just did some shopping at WalMart...hope I'm outta there for awhile!


December 20, 2008 - Msg 68778: Oh hey, MDC. Thanks for those prayers. We can all use them.


December 20, 2008 - Msg 68779: Hi All.
Will it look like we will git some bad weather sundat and monday, I heat that too.
Thank Hazle for the card.
Romeena hope yoou are feeling o k.


December 20, 2008 - Msg 68780: You're welcome, Tom. I enjoyed yours too.
- Hazel

December 20, 2008 - Msg 68781: Well gang im back at work...let me get settled in and I will holler....SPOT

December 20, 2008 - Msg 68782: awww, poor Romeena! she's done took to her sick bed... we'd better all take some supper over to her to hold her over till that lady pharmacist comes to her senses and gives poor Romeena her pills!
serious, Romeena, you just set tight, do your asperin an' extry vitamin C, eat what ya can, drink lots of water an' juice, cuddle up an' watch as many TAGS episodes as you can... Lord willin' you'll be back in action for the HolyDay.
~~love, Leon
"I wonder what causes that?"

December 20, 2008 - Msg 68783: "You people are living is another world!"

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68784: Rommena feel better ok...hey leon,possum,Boo,Rev,Tom,hazel,lucy...and all ...slow here now at work....watching "Into the Blue"..its ok...I just like water and boat movies...lets have a bowl of Captian Crunch...SPOT

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68785: Hoorah!..It's finally cold outside and positively blustery! Feels like Christmas weather. The humidity and warmth is gone (at least for a couple of days). :)

I hope Romeena is feeling better today, bless her heart. (Whispering)...I think she has been kind of burning the candle at both ends. Hope she gets some rest.

I guess there are alot of folks out doing their last minute shopping this weekend. I STILL have not been able to get Bruce to give me any hints about his gift and I am out of ideas! I am thinking about just giving him a card with promises, like, "I promise to give you a free weekend to go hunting" or "I promise to give you a backrub every night for a week", "I promise you a chocolate pie". You know, something like that. Is that something a guy would like for Christmas?

Better get ready for preachin'...I get to wear my sweater today!


December 21, 2008 - Msg 68786: I just realized that it's time to begin sharing those Christmas memories or funny stories. Anyone want to share one?


December 21, 2008 - Msg 68787: Mornin' Y'all! Hope everyone's doing ok,especially Ro. Gonna start raining here later today-sure wish we'd get some Christmas-y weather! Oh well.
Boo,I don't know what to suggest for a gift. Men are hard to shop for,in my opinion.Maybe one of our Porch fellas will come up with something.Good luck!
Let's all go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.I think it's Mavis' turn to pay! Spot can leave the tip.
I'll be thinking about a Christmas story,Boo. Hopefully I can dig up something better than my Thanksgiving tale- Pringles Potato Chips! Ha!
Have a Blessed Sunday.Love to all.
P.S. Wow,the rains are here! You should here it pounding on my rock!
possum under a rock

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68788: That's HEAR,not here.Sorry Miss Crump- I really DID pay attention in English class!

possum again

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68789: Good morning, all. I'm at home on this Sunday morning, and that's not where I planned to be. However, this is the first time I've been more than twenty feet from my bed and the bathroom since I got home on Saturday morning. Whatever this saber-toothed bug was/is, I hope it can't be transmitted through a keyboard. Sure wouldn't want any of you to catch it. At least the nausea is gone, as the bug has moved from the upper to the lower GI regions. The upside - I've lost six pounds! I've had nothing but a bottle of ginger ale, consumed in little sips, since lunch on Friday. I'm glad I had it on hand, since absolutely nothing else held any appeal at all.

It's 25 degrees here! Bright blue sky, beautiful sunshine, breeze blowing, looks like a spring day - then I noticed that the birdbath is frozen solid! Checked the thermometer - 25! Brrrr! Guess I'd better go put out some critter feed.

Boo, your proposed letter is hilarious. I get those letters too, from the same three people every year. One is downright obnoxious (because I know their kids, and only their grandparents would believe the letter). One is just mildly irritating, because the things they tell about their kids are annoyingly true. One is fun, because it tells it like it is, warts and all. Great stuff!

Well, got to go feed little Starr. I did manage to keep her fed during the past 24 hours. At least I guess I did, there's food gone out of the Beneful tub in the fridge. I have pretty much slept since Saturday morning, only getting up to feed her and toss my cookies. I swear, I threw up things I ate in the third grade! Still not 100%, but feeling considerably better.

Be blessed! --Romeena

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68790: Sorry, can't resist this:

To All My Democrat Friends:
Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2009, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or s#xual preference of the wishee.

To My Republican Friends:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nothing personal intended here - I just thought it was pretty cute! --Romeena

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68791: Thanks for breakfast possum...well im back at work now again...but let me share something with the southern end of the porch (and all corners)..but the south will really know what im talking about...we ate Christmas dinner at my Mom and Dads with Miss Sherry and the kids and aunt and uncle and neighbors....the menu was:Honey baked ham,Chicken and dressing(gravy),(all the veggies from the garden this year)greenbeans,purple hull peas,fried squash,fried okra,creamed silver queen corn,potato salad,Mom slaw,devil eggs,rolls,Mom sweet tea,sweet tater pie,little green porch thats a southern meal! about to bust...I got leftovers in the fridge here at work..i spec i will get into them in a bit..Rev bet you and Miss could enjoy a meal like that...sorry but had to brag on Moms cooking...mercy....well if my Falcons win today they are in the playoffs!...ok let me get logged in...hey Romeena,Tom,CHUCK,hazel,Boo and all...back in a bit...signed:SPOT the "full" dog of your porch...

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68792: OH my goodness! Spot, I'm still a bit on the greenish side, but that meal sure does sound good. Sounds like home to me! Texas cooking and Southern cooking are pretty much interchangeable. You didn't name one thing that couldn't have been on my mom's table, or on mine, for that matter. The only difference for me these days would be that the veggies would come from the market, not the family garden. I don't have enough room to grow enough veggies to amount to anything, so I just grow flowers instead, and get my veggies from the local farmer's market. Sure do wish I had some of those leftovers in my fridge - I'd do some serious damage to them.

Actually, I'm feeling like I might want to eat something tonight, not sure what, maybe just some oatmeal. Nothing that will lay on my chest, that's for sure.

Drat - the pond needs attention and I just don't feel up to it. The leaf netting is holding, but it's covered with a heavy layer of leaves, which has it sagging down until the leaves are actually in the water, on their little netting bed. Also, one pump isn't working because the filter is clogged. Argh. I may just go unplug that one. It's cold enough that the fish will survive with the aeration from the other pump for a day or two. They're practically dormant right now.

Well, be blessed, all. --Romeena

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68793: Hey Spot! Boy,that Christmas Dinner sounds great! Nothing like good Southern cooking! Send me some of that creamed silver cream corn.Y'all had one heck of a feast,my friend.You had Christmas dinner a few days early-does that mean you have to work on Christmas Day? Sure hope not! Tell them you worked Thanksgiving and you ain't working Christmas! Tell 'em possum said so! Ha!
Ro,you sound like you've had a doozy of a stomach bug.Hope you feel better and can enjoy Christmas.
Y'all have a good evening-love to all!
possum under a rock

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68794: Romeena you feel better girl...just rest..Possum yea I have to work Christmas day..its just the way it falls this year, but just till Christmas eve....its good money double time and a half..we have the dinner early acording to when Miss Sherry and I work..going to Miss Sherrys son and DNL"s house for Christmas eve...and guess what I will be 49 tomorrow!..B-day and Christmas close for me...well Go Falcons...SPOT

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68795: Happy Birthday SPOT, hope you have a great day.

My Patrick turned 18 today! I can not believe he has gown up this fast. The Lord has truly blessed me and my husband with great kids.

Hope you are feeling better Romeena.
Thanks for the e card Possum.
Very windy on my end of the porch making it very cold and no fun to be outside.

Guess I will work Monday and Tuesday and then be off the rest of the week. I will check in from work tomorrow.

Bedtime snack will be: brownies and milk.

Everyone have a good night.
Big Maude

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68796: Thanks for the good wishes, friends. Still feeling puny, but better than I was. Spot, Happy Birthday, you good old dog. Wow! Double time and a half? Sure wish we got such as that. We do get time and a half for major holidays, but that's all, and it goes from midnight to midnight, so a nurse working night shift on Christmas Eve would start at 6:45 p.m., and get off at 7:15 a.m. on Christmas Day, and would only receive time and a half from midnight to 7:15, not for the whole shift. Believe me, hospitals know how to squeeze a nickel until the buffalo bellows.

It finally quit raining a couple of days ago, and everything is dry, so all my lights out back are working again. Not sure about the ones out front, and am scared to go check. I know if something is out, I'll be teetering on a little ladder trying to fix them, with the icy wind blowing, and I probably don't need to be doing that.

Hazel, thanks for the soup. It really made me feel better. That light over the bed came in handy, too. I do enjoy reading in bed, when I can get my eyes to focus!

Half a string of lights went out on the tree - would usually have been a big frustration, kept me busy for an hour or so, but not this time. I got my trusty Lightkeeper PRO, zapped them, and they're back on! I tell you, that thing is nothing short of a miracle.

Now I'm going to drag my weary self into the kitchen and try to bake something, and wrap a few more gifts. Be blessed, everyone! --Romeena

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68797: Good Evenin' Porch,
It is SO nice having the oldies but goodies poppin' in for a quick hello and rock in their chairs. Leon, Papa Bear, Chuck, and Don via Tom it's so nice to "see" you! Y'all come back now real soon.
Boo-Lordy girl, you're always doin' and worryin' about/for others. The Lord truly blessed you with the best heart around!
Hazel- It's nice that you're stopping by more regular.
Possum- I received your regular card however if you're sending ecards my address is: brysonwgataoldotcom.
Romeena- You feeling any better? Sure is terrible being sick this time of year. 2 years ago poor Bryson was sick on Christmas day and had to miss the celebrations. No fun!
Spot- Happy Birthday my local friend! You take care of yourself. I hope your youngin's gave you a nice bone and paint on your doghouse. Maybe Barney can give you some nice sugar.
Big Maude- Happy Birthday to your youngin though at 18 he's now an adult. I imagine that would have to be scary! The brownies and milk sound great!
Possum- You're right there is nothin' better than Southern cookin'! That's why Cracker Barrel rakes it in.
Tom- Glad you've had some company!
Mavis- How was your Kennel Club party?
MDC- That book sounds like an awesome present! I'd love to have one my veryownself.
Well, now, I reckon I'd best be getting ready. Tomorrow morning we head for Kentucky to visit my parents. I'll have computer access and have internet on my phone so I'll stop in and sit for a spell. Y'all take care!
Blessings to you and yours,

December 21, 2008 - Msg 68798: Whoa, that was some meal, SPOT. I had leftover pizza for lunch :( I don't even know yet what we will be having for Christmas dinner but I had better start thinking about it, right?! We got most of the furniture out of Dad and Mom's house and I took some more of their things to them. Mom seems to be ok with the move but Dad is looking kind of lost. I know it will be hard for them and feel so sorry for them. It is so unfair that they have to get to this point and can't safely care for themselves. I fear it is already causing problems between St. Susan and her husband. He was doind alot of complaining to me already...of course, to him complainin is like breathing (necessary for life).

Glad you are finally feeling better, Ro. I was concerned about you. I loved the note to your "Democratic Friends"! :-) Wish I was nearby to bring you some baked oatmeal with a little cinnamon, brown sugar and cream.

I am going to get Bruce to help me put some of my pictures on the computer so I can send them to Ro for the album now that she is feeling a bit better.

Happy Birthday to Patrick! He's a great, I guess I should say young man now.

Oh wait!...the Loaded Goat is on TVLand...!


December 21, 2008 - Msg 68799: Oh, hey there Lucy! Thanks for those kind words.

Hope you have a great week.


December 21, 2008 - Msg 68800: Hey, MDC. Your pictures are in the album. Folks, you will want to see them - very lovely display. Look in the "Christmas in Mayberry" sub-album. Very nicely done! --Romeena

December 22, 2008 - Msg 68801: Gosh Romeena even if it is after Christmas im gona get you the cross pics...durn it...thanks Lucy and Boo im telling ya girl we will have another meal like that Thu too...well slow here at work...gona watch "RV" with Robin Williams in just a bit...funny movie...and My Falcons ARE in the playoffs!..Mavis yall in the house yet?..Rev check in..I know everyone is busy this time of the year...Im just lucky to be able on the night shift here at work to check in more often..i have to get out tomorrow for last miniute Miss Sherry a dimond necklace and earings...and believe it or not the earings are the 3 dimond "dangley" ones!..good for dancing!...ok..ok..back to my movie..SPOT

December 22, 2008 - Msg 68802: Christmas Card from The Newsome's 2008

It's that wonderful time of the year once again and all the Newsome family has been working on a special gift for you.

This years card features Adam's "Beginner Band" playing in the background. Floyd is excited because Adam is playing the trombone...a chip off the ole barber block. (Actually, I can't play anything but Adam's doing well.)

We added some "bloopers" at the end of the card. Hopefully those will bring a bit of joy to you during this joyful season.

The card is done in "Flash" so you'll need that but most people already have that plug-in installed so it should work fine. As a bonus, you might like to see The Ghosts of Christmas Past in the form of all the "old" online Christmas cards from our family dating back from 1997 through 2007. The link is below this years card animation.

We hope you enjoy them and have a VERY Merry Christmas! May the Lord bless you with happiness and smiles.

Allan "Floyd" Newsome
"The Andy Griffith Show" Rerun Watchers Club - Webmaster
"Two Chair's No Waiting - Mayberry Internet Radio Show (Podcast)"

December 22, 2008 - Msg 68803: Well good Morning Gang!...hope everyone had a good sleep night..COLC here in Georgia..17 degrees and wind blowing...all lights are on and im gona go home and snooze with no alarm set cause its my b-day!..Miss Sherry is taking me out for late lunch somewhere and I got to get a few more things for Christmas..will have to get some fire wood brought up from the wood pile this evening...well lets eat a light breakfast of bisquits and sausage...gona hold out for that free late lunch today...well prayers to all and have a mayberry day..this cold spell will be here for 2 days then 60"s Christmas and rain...well Happy Holidays and I will holler from home this afternoon...your "burr hair standing up on the back of my neck" dog of your porch "SPOT"

December 22, 2008 - Msg 68804: Happy Birthday to Spot! We've got another member of the 49er Club! Have a great day!
Cold here too,but not gonna last.It'll be warmer for Christmas-aw,shucks.
Maude you're welcome .Hope you liked the e-card.Lucy,I sent e-cards to the folks whose e-mails I had if they weren't on the snail mail Christmas card list.But,I can send ya one too!
I think I'll make a birthday meatloaf for Spotty today.Y'all come on over around lunchtime,ok?
See y'all later!
possum under a rock

December 22, 2008 - Msg 68805: Happy Birthday, Spot! Possum...I have to send out e-cards to folks too. Can't afford to send out real cards to all the folks on the Internet so I make an online version of the paper card I create each year. That's what I posted above (Msg 68802) and I hope everyone enjoys it.

Merry Christmas folks!

December 22, 2008 - Msg 68806: Hi All it cold here 7 deeg.


December 22, 2008 - Msg 68807: Good morning everyone. It's very cold and windy here today. It was 13 degrees when I woke up this morning, which is no way to start a week. It's supposed to be back in the 30s by tomorrow.

Happy bithdaqy to SPOT and MAUDE's Patrick! I would sing, but I forgot my atomizer of honey water.

FLOYD: Thanks for the e-card, and a very Merry Christmas to you, too. You're a fine man, even if you can't get sideburns even. Hope Santa brings you a new lather cup. I know how you like that "kelp, klep, klep."

HAZEL and BOO: You're letters were too funny. WE haven't gotten any of those yet, but my grandmother gets several and feels the need to make sure that everyone who darkens her door reads them. For the most part, they are from distant relatives I've never met. BOO: I think it'd be pretty funny if you actually sent a letter like that next year to the offending party. Of course, the effect would be greater if you get the drop on them. Maybe they'd see their bragging in a different light.

ROMEENA: Hope you are feeling better today. What, no holiday wishes for us "unaffiliated?" ;)

BOO: It's interesting that you comment that the Patrick Stewart "A Christmas Carol" seems so drawn-out. Have you ever read the book? Talk about drawn out. Dickens didn't usually say things a few words that he could make into a paragraph. Still, I think he was a great writer. Ya gotta love a good muckraker with a festive bent. Anyway, I believe that the Patrick Stewart bersion actually sticks very close to the original story. The sets and costuming are spot on, too. On those scores, the black and white 1930s version is really lacking, those is still very entertaining in it's own right. Same with the Georeg C. SCotte version. The only problem with that one is that I can't watch him anymore without thinking of George Patton or Mussolini. (He played the dictator in a 1980s miniseries and was verty, very good. Scott, that is, not Mussolini ;).) He was a good actor, but I still wait for Scrooge to crawl into a jeep or something. I've never seen the Henry Winkler updatyed version but I know others who like it a lot.

Well, I have a pile on my desik to throw away...I mean take care of... them I'll be back.

"Always keep my whiskers out; cold air makes them grow."

December 22, 2008 - Msg 68808: TOM: Brrrr! I'll take my 13 degrees! Sounds almost like a heat wave compared to your temp.


December 22, 2008 - Msg 68809: In case anyone is wondering, yes, I typed my earlier post with my feet while my eyes were closed. Sheesh.


December 22, 2008 - Msg 68810: Wow, TOM, that's cold. It's about 40 here which equates to about -10 to most south texans. I love it, though.

Floyd, I would dearly love to view your card but my dear hubby removed my adope and flash and everything in beween, in anticipation of loading a new ant-virus program or youtube, no e-cards, nothin'! I'm suffering here...

My dear Me-They, I have read A Christmas Carol, and that is why I like the George C Scott version. :) I may just have a touch of adult ADD or something. I am fortunate enough to not have seen Patton or Mussolini...I loved your comment about the jeep. I also have to confess to a certain romantic interest I have in George C, which I don't have for Patrick Stewart...(I know, I know, I can't figure it out, either). Scott must remind me of someone. For some crazy reason, I think he's s*xy. He looks and speaks very much like a reverend we had in the Methodist church around the time of my entrance into puberty, so it could be explained by some strange, subconscience thing. Ya'll really didn't want to go there, did you? Guess this would come under the catagory of TMI...sorry.

Anyhoo...boy, you really made me laugh with that post about typing with your feet with your eyes closed, Me-They.


December 22, 2008 - Msg 68811: How about some Christmas memories, ya'll? I thought of a memory the other day while I was sitting in one of the only remaining chairs in my parent's old house, waiting for the insur@nce adjuster to do his thing. I was sitting there staring at my mom's fireplace, which had held so many warm fires in the past, now stone cold. I remembered a time in my college days. It was a very cold day, with sleet, and I had just finished my last final exam for the sememster and now was off for the Christmas break. I remember arriving home after driving home in the sleet. When I came into the house, I was greeted by the wonderful smell of Mom's stew (the best), a warm fire, and a couple of unexpected family members from out of town. I can still remember sitting on the hearth with my back to the fire and watching mom in the kitchen. It was just one of those moments. Mom has not cooked in her kitchen since the stroke 10 years ago and now, she is out of the house for good. Well, at least I still have both of my parents and that is something to rejoice in.


December 22, 2008 - Msg 68812: BOO: You haven't seen "Patton?" It is his academy-award winning performance, y'know. You should watch it when you're in the mood. Karl Malden is in it, too, and very good. I always thought he was a very underated actor.

About the attraction, to each his or her own. I can tell you, neither George C. nor Captain Picard do anything for me. ;) My mom always had a thing for John Wayne and when I was a kid would catch his movies whenever they were on tv. Normally, she was no fan of westerns or war pictures. After Wayne died, she couldn't watch his movies anymore. Still won't.

Boy that puberty is something else, isn't it? I know I couldn't do it twice, that's for sure.

Nora is spending the morning in her room today for being disrespectful. It's the first day of Christmas vacation...

If y'all could say a little prayer for my Mrs. today, she has a job interview this afternoon.


December 22, 2008 - Msg 68813: Mmmm, Christmas memories. I already did the cupcake stick on the tree...

Well, there was the year that I dropped the head of my bendable martian astronaut "action figure" in the toilet. I was five, and after opening gifts on Christmas morning we went to my grandparents. I was especially fond of this martian I had gotten from Santa. So fond, in fact, that I couldn't put it down long enough to go to the bathroom. I did learn a valuable lesson: if you love something, set it free...I mean down.


December 22, 2008 - Msg 68814: Ok,a Christmas memory from possum..
Been listening to Christmas carols and when I hear "Winter Wonderland" I remember how we used to change the lyrics to it.We did it just to aggravate my mom-you know how kids can be! Anyhow,we'd change the line:" Later on,we'll CONspire,as we dream by the fire.." to "Later on we'll PERspire,as we dream by the fire.." My mama would try to correct us,but our reasoning was if you're sitting by the fire you're gonna sweat! Ha! Usually we'd act out in the car,cause we figured as long as Mama was driving,she couldn't hit us without chancing a wreck! Ha!
Merry Christmas to you Floyd & thanks for keeping this special place for us!
possum under a rock

December 22, 2008 - Msg 68815: I think I will way to FLO to git wram it just git to 10 deg here and it is to be up to 22deg today brrrrrrrrrr


December 22, 2008 - Msg 68816:
Merry Christmas Floyd, THANKS!
RO- get well dear. Thanks for posting my Christmas photos. BTW it is all handmade and handpainted by yours truly!
Sterling- did you put up your manger scene this year?
Keep warm all you noreasters!!
#68783-- "There are men circling the globe..." ha
LUCY- There is a $68 hardcover- autographed version of Mayberry Memories, but i have the feeling I will get the $18 softcover, but I aint complainin'!! haha I'm just glad that Weaver's is there!
BOO- great memory. I cried in 1999, the day my Phx childhood home was sold. My dad had bought it for $5000 in 1953. Lot of good memories there, childhood, no "real" responsibilities, growing marks on the kitchen threshold etc.
RO- loved your Christmas/Newyear greeting/moulage! haha
As the poem says...
"..and we heard pappabear exclain as he drove the brown truck fitted with skis out of sight, Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good price for the mayor's office!" teehee.