January 15, 2009 - Msg 69394:
Me-They: Sheets in the dryer and slavery? That went over my head. I don't get it.

Boo, I forgot that you had told me that about your 2nd GGrandfather.
I accidentally found a genealogy wizard on internet who had already been working on my family for a different reason. After I made an inquiry to him he dug a little deeper and wow he hit the jack pot. He was able to be back to the early 1600's. He's been doing genealogy for 7 years. It's very interesting to actually see old census records of your 2nd and 3rd great grandparents.
My 3rd Great Grandfather was 16 years old when he married my 25 year old 3rd Great Grandmother. Times were crazy back then, I guess.

But my Grandfather married for the first time at the age of 30. My Grandmother had never been married and she was 25.

I was 19 and the Mrs. was 17. That was over 26 years ago.

Porch, I've had a little slack time. Sorry I'm rambling so much. Think I'll go do something crazy like bundle up real good, and ride my bike around town. Every town has to have their local nut. Even Mayberry had Regis.

Down with the Gold Standard!

Thomas A. Moody

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69395:
I love sweeping!

Thomas A.

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69396: You just made liquid come out of my nose with that "sheet" comment, Me-they. :D

The scary part is I wasn't drinking anything. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69397: Good sweeping, Thomas!


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69398: Oh, and if I am not mistaken, Me-They was referring to those guys who go around with sheets over their heads and who don't mind slavery in the least.


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69399: Hi Porch Gang - Just stopping by to say Hi and hope that all is well with all of you. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. The weather here in Middle GA is freezing today. Tonight's temps are supposed to be down to 7 degrees. With the wind chill it's supposed to make the temps feel 0 to -15 degrees. Can you believe that? Here in middle GA? Crazy, I tell ya! But I love it! As long as it doesn't last long. :)

Ant D

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69400: Hey there, ANT D. Everbody complains about the weather but no one does anything about it. Calvin Coolidge said that. He said everything.

TOM MOODY: Yeah, what STERLING said. Just struck me as ironic. Wasn't really a joke or anything. You just have to know that if you're doing something wearing a pointy sheet over your head, A) you're doing something wrong, and B) you must not be too bright. Never understood the fashion choice there, much less the thought processes.

STERLING: You keep your mucous to yourself. Gross.


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69401: TOM MOODY: My great grandmother married for the second time when she was in her early 70s and living at an "old folks home." She lived another 23 years and they both died just a year or so apart. They were devoted to each other. He was a retired Methodist minister.

I have some ancestors who owned slaves, but all I know of fought for the North. See, I come from a long line of contarians.


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69402: Hey there, Ant D. Where ya been? Stay warm.

Thanks for that information, Me-They. I will check it out. I am dissapointed to hear that it is so short, though...

Gross, Sterling! ;)

Just took the sheets OUT of the dryer (no irony intended), and finished my grocery shopping for the weekend. I had to buy some easy things like frozed pizzas and sandwich makings so Bruce could feed the kids while I am away for the weekend....(it's retreat weekend)! Bruce doesn't cook, unless you count bacon and eggs about twice a year. Tonight I am making my favorite cranberry chicken recipe with mashed taters and some kind of veggie...not sure yet. My choice would be spinach, but I'm the only one who would eat it. MIL is back, so the TV will be back on again 24/7. It has been so peaceful with the TV off this week and NO gory murder shows on.

Thomas A., I wanted to be sure and tell you that it has been very enjoyable having you around again on a regular basis. You are real "Mayberry material", in my opinion. Please don't wander off on us again. How is your health these days, BTW, and how is the grandbaby? I was going to tell you that I know a little of my family history due to an inheritance that was up for grabs about 20 years ago. My mom's Aunt asked one of her neices to do some research for her and my Aunt Linda (mom's youngest sister) traced down our family tree, back before internet was widely used. She had to do some footwork and actually look up old records on location. Linda is the one who traced the family tree back to my slave grandfather. The trail to find the rightful heir led nowhere, except to give us some family history. I have records of it somewhere in mom's things. Guess I should search it out a bit.

Enough chit-chat.


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69403: Oh hey M-T, speaking of The Clan, I found out from my Dad that his Dad (who I never met...he died in his forties), joined the clan while they were living in Louisianna. Back then, the clan did alot of things to white men, too, like beating up drunk husbands who wouldn't support their kids, etc. Well, anyway, the story is that shortly after my grandfather joined the clan and saw what they were really about, he "un-joined". My dad can tell some really sad and disturbing stories about growing up in the south in the 20's and 30's. I think I have shared some of them here before, but he actually saw the lynching of a young black man and was greatly disturbed by it, thankfully. He knew it was wrong and always taught us not to be predjudiced. I thank him for that. He also talks about moving to south texas and working in an aluminum plant back in the 50's and 60's. He said that they had seperate drinking fountains for blacks and whites, even at that late time. He never thought it was right. My dad may have done alot of things wrong in his life, but he was certainly right about that.


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69404: "frozed" pizza...yikes...I didn't mean that!

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69405: Many people in teh South joined the organization in teh early 20th century, and many not because of any particular ideology. In many places, it was no more unusual to join the Klan than it was to join the Moose, Elks, or be a Rotarian. Heck, there are many instances of people joining to further their careers, businesses, and such. And they indeed do civic improvements and helped those (whites) in need. But their underlying ideology was hate. I'm sure there were many like your grandfather who didn't necessarily subscribe to all that and still signed on. Like I mentioned, by 1920 the group had millions of members--as many as 5 million. That amounted to about 15% of white men in the country at the time. That's a huge number. Officially, this was the "Second Klan," which was a registered fraternal organization, and not the post-Civil War Klan. They didn't like blacks, Jews, Catholics, Hispanics, and eastern-European immigrants. Equally opportunity haters, I guess. Thankfully, interest in the Klan fell sharply with the Depression and today is pretty much defunct.

Living in the North, segregated facilities were everywhere. The town I sit in as I type this had seperate municipal pools for whites and blacks until 1963. JUst the year before was the first blacks could sit anywhere except in the balcony of the local movie theater. We've come a long way, baby.


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69406: I can't imagine Mayberry being segregated. You duidn't see too many people of color on the show, but I believe that Andy, Barney, and Aunt Bee would have treated everyone kindly regardless of skin color.


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69407:
BOO- Why not try fish oil capsules first with Sean? They may not bother him like they do you.
Try 2 a day for 6 months, then if no differnce,
(with a good diet), then try the "poison".
Soory, but zocor is bad stuff IMO! Many side affects.

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69408:
Me-They: There is one episode in particular ("Barney's Replacement")that comes to mind with a black extra who seems to be perfectly part of the town with no partiality shown in ANY direction.

I think sometimes TV and Government over-corrects and makes things just as bad (IMO). People are people not matter the skin color, but sometimes humans have to make things more complicated than it is.

MDC & Boo: I've been taking Vytorin for a few years now. So far my it hasn't killed me. My cholesterol is better, but it's still bad. Before Vytorin = over 400, then AFTER Vytorin around 260. It's in my genes like that real bad. Looking at my family tree, you wouldn't believe how many have died in their 30's with heart attacks. Personally, I need the prayers of this porch, because I don't feel good at all.

Think I'll just go to the drug store and get a bottle of pop. I sure wished Ellie still worked there. She sure made good floats. After that I'm gonna head to the fishin' hole.

....and Boo, thanks for the kind words. I enjoy this porch.

Thomas (the "H" is silent) A. Moody

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69409:
Ya call the civil war thing a moulage? Now here's
a moulage: I saw MeThey and Thelma Lou together in a pick up truck headin' for Mt. Pilot! tsk, tsk. Such goins on.
C. DARling, Chapter 4 and 5 of Genesis cover
hundreds of years. I've had discusssions with others of how
God may have allowed "in-breeding" during those
times; but also, being God, he certainly could have made more people. For example, verse 17
of chap 4 says; "Cain had relations with his
wife." Well...where did his "wife" come from?
Was she created as Adam and Eve were created or was she
one of other offspring of Adam and Eve as
mentioned in chapter 5 verse 4. All of that
is a little unclear, but i hope that helps a little.

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69410:
TAM- is Vytorn a statin?


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69411:
TAM- just dont get one of Ellie's castor oil shakes! haha mdc

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69412: MDC~ Vytorin is a combination of 2 drugs. One I believe is actually Zocor, but not real sure.
Here's what wikipedia says it is: Ezetimibe/simvastatin. I take the Vytorin 10/80 (mg of ea).

Thomas A.

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69413:
MDC, Yuck! I'd rather stay sick than to drink one of those.

Thomas A.

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69414:
Thomas- you most indeed have my prayers.
May i ask why you don't feel good?
Your photo appears to show good health.
How often do you golf? Maybe more exercise is the key.
But you may want to check out the site:
http://www.healthy-heart-guide.com/zocor-side-effects.html(Copied and pasted from there:
Zocor Side Effects
Zocor side effects and those of other cholesterol lowering medications (known as statins) have been the subject of much controversy in recent years. Because of this, more and more people are now looking for natural alternatives to statin drugs to avoid the possible side effects of Zocor.

What is Zocor and how does it lower cholesterol?
Zocor and other statin medications are prescription drugs that lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Some of the other more popular ones are Lipitor, Pravachol and Mevacor. Doctors sometimes recommend statin drugs even for patients who don't have high cholesterol as a precaution.

Zocor and other statin medications work by blocking the enzyme that your liver needs in order to produce cholesterol. Although Zocor has limited effect on your HDL (good) cholesterol, it does succeed in lowering your LDL cholesterol. However, Zocor side effects can be quite serious, and doctors should be much more cautious when prescribing it for their patients.

What are the Zocor side effects?
In addition to the headache, fever, nausea and other side effects common to most prescription medications, other side effects of Zocor can be much more serious.

FACT: An FDA approved statin drug called Baycol was recently pulled off the market due to serious side effects and even deaths in patients using it.

The two most troubling potential Zocor side effects include extreme muscle pain and serious liver problems.

Take a look at the following excerpts taken directly from the Zocor web site:

"Zocor is a prescription medicine and isn't right for everyone, including...anyone with liver problems" and "Your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment with Zocor to check for liver problems."

"Unexplained muscle pain or weakness could be a sign of a rare but serious side effect and should be reported to your doctor right away."

Other potential side effects of Zocor:

In addition to very serious muscle and severe liver problems many studies have shown that Zocor side effects could include memory loss and personality changes, as well as irritability and s#xual dysfunction.

Anyway, that may help, but i am definitely praying for ya bro.

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69415: Hey Porch! Boy such goings on here today, Boo talking about slavery, then puttin sheets in the dryer, hmmm. Sterling thanks for checking in! Glad to see you here, now I can quit worrying, it's no good for my stomach ya know. Romeena truckers do indeed still use CB's my brother is on his constantly & when I talk to him on the phone, you can hear it in the background (he uses a bluetooth device so he has both hands on the wheel, not one on the phone) Me-They I know the Klan is not what it used to be, but let me tell you, they are still around, I see them myself about every 2 years, apparently a Klan member owns some property a couple of miles from my porch & they have some big gathering/picnic, who knows what else there. Let me tell you, the first time I was driving down the 4 lane, heading out to the lake & saw 3 men in sheets & pointed hats standing at the gate of that property waving cars in, it scared the jeepers out of me! I could only imagine the fear they put in the black community if they could scare a little bitty white woman like me half to death! Just the sight of them is enough, thankyouverymuch!
Ok, supper at my house, ya'll come, Homemade Beef Stew, cornbread muffins slathered with cow butter, & possum's nanner pudding, if she has time to make it that is with Miss Laci running around.
(oh, cow butter is what Jake used to call the homemade butter I always have on hand, I also have Country Crock if you would rather not have the real thing)

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69416: Hi, porch. Just got home from my "finally" vacated rent house. Her rent ran out Dec. 31, and she finally got just about everything out today. The house is trashed. The front door, both bathroom doors, and all three bedroom doors have been kicked off the hinges, at least once each, and crudely repaired. Door jambs are split. I don't know who was living with her, but he was violent. A ceiling fan has been jerked out, leaving a hole in the ceiling. Blinds are destroyed. Drawers are broken. And the filth!!! I am not exaggerating, it is going to take a putty knife to scrape the grime and grunge off the bathrub. I cannot imagine that anyone actually sat in that tub and bathed, but the black ring tells the tale. It's not really a "ring", because it covers the whole inside of the tub, including the bottom. Nasty!

Against the terms of her lease, she had a half-grown pit bull in the back yard. She was told a month ago to get him out of there. She had changed the front door locks, so we could only get in the back door, and my realtor couldn't take anyone through the back yard because of the dog. (Probably a good thing, since no one would rent the house the way it looks right now.) Anyway, he told her two days ago to remove the dog or I would have it picked up. I guess she thought I was bluffing, because it was still there today. Ted and I needed to get in to see what needs to be done in the house, so we just went on in,dog or not. The dog is actually a friendly little fellow, very pretty, with blue eyes. Anyway, I had called Animal Services before I even went over there, and they arrived while we were there. When the officer saw that he had absolutely no shelter, not even so much as a rug to lie on (gonna be 26 here tonight), and no food or water, he seized him on the spot. He called the woman, told her he had her dog, and she could show up within 24 hours to answer criminal charges of animal cruelty, or a warrant would be issued for her arrest! Wow! I'm impressed, and very pleased. The dog will be cared for tonight, and she'll get what she deserves. When I saw what she has done to my house, I was pretty darned mad. When I saw that poor little hungry dog out there in the cold, believe me, if I could have gotten my hands on her, I could have smacked her so hard her grandkids would be born with bruises. I have no patience with that.

So now, I've got a man and his wife going over tomorrow to clean the house, then Ted will start on Monday to make repairs. This time, I'm not going to try to get it into the condition I'd want if I was going to live in it. Truth is, I'm NOT going to live in it, and experience has proven that those who do, don't care how they live. So, we'll patch the holes, repair and paint where we must, and be done with it. Even so, it's going to cost about a thousand dollars to get it to a barely-acceptable state. Some people!

Well, enough of that. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69417:
Ro, why not sell it and be done with that nightmare?
Just a thought from a non-landlord.

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69418:
Ro, I hope and pray you get better tenants next round.

MDC, thanks for the advice. I'm very active, but not so much with golf that last couple of years.

Since my surgery in '04 I've had 9 stents put in. My body keeps rejecting them. I'd like to quit taking the Vytorin, but with me it's almost six of one/half dozen of the other.

Ro, I've got a pic I'd like to send of my 18 year old in Botswana Africa back in July with her group..if you want to put it in your album. I'm so proud of her.

Thomas A. Moody

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69419:
Ro, I hope and pray you get better tenants next round.

MDC, thanks for the advice. I'm very active, but not so much with golf that last couple of years.

Since my surgery in '04 I've had 9 stents put in. My body keeps rejecting them. I'd like to quit taking the Vytorin, but with me it's almost six of one/half dozen of the other.

Ro, I've got a pic I'd like to send of my 18 year old in Botswana Africa back in July with her group..if you want to put it in your album. I'm so proud of her.

Thomas A. Moody

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69420:
Sorry for the double barrel shotgun blast. It wasn't intentional.

Thomas A.

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69421: OK Gang im here ...been BUSY here at work...going down to 8 or 9 degrees tonight...im here all night..when it gets that cold something always goes arong..I got 2 crews coming in at 2am to stand by...hey Romeeena I am gona shoot you some more pics right now in just a bit..thanks..hey Ant D,possum,Asa,Tom,Thomas,MDC,auh20,hazel,Mavis and Boo,M-T,sterling and everyone...well let me get some order around here...prayers to all....WOW Romeena hun I just stopped and read you post above....Oh-My...I sure hope you get that place back in order and some good people back in there...thats unreal....well ok...back in just a bit...Maude did you cook?....SPOT

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69422: MDC, I did try fish oil for Sean and he started getting nose bleeds (most folks don't know about that possible side effect). Thanks, though. I am familiar with the potential side effects of Zocor because I take a statin drug, too. Also, we will be monitoring his liver function through blood test every month, then every three months once an effective dose is established and he doesn't show any problem with his liver function. You are very kind to list all of those things and to be concerned Chuck and Sean. I understand your caution and that is why I have put off starting the drug for almost 2 years now. Even with dietary changes, his cholesterol stays the same and the LDL has even been continuing to go up. What he has is genetic and I have it, too, even when I was a vegetarian, very slim and ran religiously. I finally gave in and went on the Lipitor, but not until I was almost 40. My chlolesterol, HDL and LDL are all very good now and have been for years. The only side effect that I might be experiencing is decreased s#x drive, and that is probably due to age and fatigue! :) Believe me, I finally had to come to the point that I feel this is the best solution at this time for Sean (and it wasn't easy to come to)...BUT, here's where the real controversy comes in, IMO...it seems like high cholesterol levels cause damaged arteries in some, but not in others. There is more to the picture than cholesterol. For instance, I have had it high for nearly 40 years and seem to have no problem (no blockage in the nuclear stress test, at least, which I know has it's limits). I am supposed to have one of those fancy new tests that they do on the carotid arteries that are supposed to tell your doctor what shape the walls of your arteries really are in. It will be interesting to find out how my high cholesterol has effected them over the years. I know there are doctors who feel the cholesterol meds are not really needed. After having researched both, I have decided to go with the meds, especially since I have such a difficult time keeping a teenager on a diet!

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, Thomas A. You certainly have my prayers. I know the Lord is in control.

Oh my gosh, Romeena...I am seething! What in the world is wrong with people like that? I could say some really ugly things that I would regret latter so I had better just shut up. It makes me sick.

Wow, I had no idea that the Klan was that widespread, M-T. Now it makes sense that my grandad might have joined since it was in the 1920's. You certainly know your history (you and Auh2o)...it's a pleasure talking with you.

Thanks for the supper, Mavis. That is so creepy about the Klan, Mavis. I would have a hard time not walking up to them and telling them what I thought of them. I'l like to snatch off some hoods and start smacking some cheeks with the back of my hand....man, you people are really getting me all riled up tonight. I had better hit the squeezins so I can chill out and go to bed!;)


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69423: Oh, Thomas A, I would LOVE to see the picture of your 18 yr old in Africa! Please send it.


January 15, 2009 - Msg 69424: Porchsters:
Hello from this cold side of the porch. It is 11 degrees right now. Where is everyone today? Too cold to rock I guess. Prayers for all the family. ~New Neighbor

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69425: Ro, I just emailed you a few pics of my daughter in Mochudi Botswana, Africa.

New Neighbor, move down to my end. It's only 23 here. Much much warmer.

Thomas A. Moody

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69426: Mavis I snuck a tupperware bowl of beef stew for a snack tonight at work...thanks..Thomas will check the pics out...gona get Romeena some more tonight....its 18 and dropping here....back in a bit.....SPOT

January 15, 2009 - Msg 69427: Hey, all. I've cooled down a little, maybe I can at least be civil.

MDC, that's the question everyone asks - why not just sell it and be done with it? Good question, and unfortunately, there are good answers.

First of all, it rents for $900, out of which I pay about $275 a month in taxes and ins#rance, plus 10% to the realtor who manages it. So I clear about $500, it seems, but it's actually more than that, because with depreciation and all, it always helps me on income tax, quite a bit. Also, as we all know, it's all about cash flow. Of course, there are repair expenses whenever some idiot like this one moves out, but I do have a $700 damage deposit to help out, so it's not as bad as it sounds.

It would sell for around $95k, cash to me after realtor's fees, then the IRS takes their bite. With whatever's left, probably around $75k - I challenge anyone to find me a place to invest that where I would have a clear $500/month coming to me. If you know of one, please let me know. Another thing, a chunk of cash like that has a way of trickling away, at least it does for me. Maybe others are better managers, but I can't spend what's sitting on the ground with somebody living in it, and I darned sure can spend cash.

However, I have hit on something that I may just do, at least with the other rent house. It's a big house, really too nice to be a rental. It's worth about $170k, which in this area is a very nice house. The current tenant has offered to buy it, and get this - he wants me to tote the note! (Probably because he can't qualify for a loan, but I don't care. He has paid his rent on time, and if he defaults on a mortgage payment, the house comes back to me.) Now that puts a different face on things. First of all, he would buy it as is, and the house is going to need some work before very long. Second, I wouldn't get a chunk of cash for the IRS to get their greasy little fingers into, but I would have a sizable monthly cash flow coming in, probably just a tad more than I'm getting in rent after an escrow for T&I is added in, and I don't have to worry about downtime when a renter moves out, nor do I have to make any more repairs. Yes, the equity in the house is slowly slipping away as he pays it off, but on a 30-year note, and I'm almost 70 - do I care? So I won't have the house to leave to my kids. That's the down side, but meantime, it sure makes my life a lot less complicated. So - I'm working on that. The smaller house, though, I guess I'll keep. For one thing, if worse ever comes to worse, I can move into it.

Well, little Starr is asking for a cuddle, so guess I'll oblige. Think I'll make us some popcorn, snuggle into our big chair under a soft throw, and enjoy some quiet time. She's such a little cuddlebug. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69428: Well, Thomas A. Moody, your pictures of the lovely Leah are in the album. And, the addition of those two brought you to ten pictures, which is the arbitrary number I decided upon when I set the album up, to entitle you to a sub-album of your own. So, there you are, in person, on the cover! I hope you don't mind, I didn't go through each picture and change your name in all the captions. I will, if it's important to you. --Romeena

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69429:
Ro, you're a very kind person. The captions are perfect. Thanks for adding them to your album.
Thomas A. Moody

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69430: Brrr !! 11 degrees here if Ga this morning..gona get off here at 6 and back at 2....hope the next shift cranks our trucks before coming upstairs!..hope ya all have a mayberry day...breakfast will be at waffle house on Thomas A. Moody and I...Boo buy us a paper and Asa and posssum get us a corner table....SPOT

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69431: Really enjoyed the pictures, Thomas A. You have such lovely daughters and as I looked at them all together there at the IHOP, I couldn't help but think,'That Chuck must have SOME clothing bill!'...heehee. You really have a lovely family and it is great to see Leah in Africa, serving the children there. You must be so proud of her.

Glad you are feeling better about things, Romeena. Getting mad doesn't change much, I guess. Obviously the offender doesn't care what you think. I am so glad that the animal control held her accountable for her deplorable actions toward the dog, though.

Mornin' SPOT. See you at Awful House. I'll bring the paper.

Well, I have to do some last minute prep for my trip out of town and get Erin off to school, so I had better get moving. Will see you all again on Sunday or Monday...stay warm and safe!


January 16, 2009 - Msg 69432: Good morning everyone. It's going to be a tough day today, so please keep plugging for me. Getting ready for the audit at work, plus the other pile of stuff, and issues at home.

I'll try and check back later.

Keep on truckin'!


January 16, 2009 - Msg 69433: HELP.
It's at -3deg here .

Un HAppy TOM

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69434: Don't know how much help I'll be, TOM; it's only 6 degrees here. Glad to here from you.


January 16, 2009 - Msg 69435:
Hey Folks

It's -9 here this morning our low was -14 sometime during the night. Once again, the girls were a bit dismayed by having to attend school today. But, all is well here.

Me-They Hang in there buddy. Hope ya can stop back today.

Boo-If ya don't mind me asking, what has brought the Civil War into your thoughts?

Tom-It's 41 degrees in Anchorage, Alaska this morning. Maybe, we should move north to a warmer climate.

I wish W would just leave it to history to judge him. The people in the media are bought and sold, and about has deep as a mud puddle.


January 16, 2009 - Msg 69436: I can't help much either, Tom, it's 24 degrees here in Dallas. For us, that's COLD!! I am so glad that poor little pit bull puppy isn't shivering on a bare concrete patio this morning. Thank God for the officer who was willing to exercise his power to pick the little feller up and take him in. Had he not done so, I'd have been over there with a plastic bin and some old towels or something, as well as food and water. Actually, I probably would have put him in the garage, all of which would have been good for the dog, but would have ruined the legal case against the woman.

The officer told me something yesterday, just for my future reference. He said, "Ma'am, I didn't hear you just say you have fed him, because legally, that would mean you have assumed responsibility for him. He would now be your dog. Also, if an animal is starving, we can make a strong case for cruelty, but if you feed him, we can't prove that he's starving. X-rays would show a full stomach." Well, I don't need a pit bull puppy, pretty though he is. I'm glad the shelter has him. It's a no-kill shelter, and they are careful who they allow to adopt dogs.

Judging from the apparently violent nature of whoever had been living with my tenant, my best guess is, that sweet little pup would have ended up fighting in a pit when he got a little bigger. That just makes my blood run cold. Even if the shelter would euthanize, that's better than spending his life being chewed on. However, I'm confident he'll find a good forever home - he's a very nice little dog. Totally unsocialized, but sweet-tempered. Trained, he'll make somebody a good dog.

Brrrrr! Gotta go put out some critter feed and pour some warm water into the birdbaths. Looking out there right now, not a creature is stirring, except for a few fluffed-up grackles, huddled in a tree. Fortunately, I've got lots of critter feed. No need for any of them to be hungry around here. Stay warm, folks! --Romeena

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69437: Auh2o, I['m not so sure anymore about leaving it to history to judge someone's performance. The way the ACLU, the spin doctors, and the agenda-bearing, politically correct non-patriots in our upper level educational institutions are re-writing history, they'll have him sprouting horns and a tail before long. You are aware that the Holocaust didn't really happen, aren't you? And if it did, it was the Jews' fault? (Tongue placed firmly in cheek.) --Romeena

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69438: Morning friends. Hope you are all well and dandy this Friday.
I took the day off work today so I can run my wife in to the Doctors. She is going in for her first infusion of Tysabri. We both are doing this with great reluctance, both very concerned about potentially serious side affects. But her disease is progressing at a rate we both feel something has to be tried. We have both peti-tioned the Lord to intercede if this is not the right path to be on, so we are leaning heavily on Him concerning this. Your prayers for her well being are much appreciated.

Thomas A. Moody, I'm sorry you are not feeling well. I didn't know you had those types of health issues. I've been to bust wallowing in my own self pity. You certainly have my prayers to get feeling better soon. Same for you and your Mrs. Me They. I guess we all have our challanges, and most likely would not want to trade others for theirs. "I use to cry when I had no shoes, till I met a man who had no feet" comes to mind.

Ro, that sure is rotten what that renter did. But I can understand your wanting to keep it. I like the idea of selling you other house on contract. You get the proceeds of the sale of the house, along with charging the intrest. Bank of Ro. We sold our first house on contract and was looking forward to making a good sum off of the intrest, but only 2 years into it the seller re-financed through a bank and paid us off. It was nice to get the lump sum, but we would have made a lot more had they paid on it for 20 years. It's a smart way to go if you don't need the funds up front, which it sounds like you don't. Now, I need to borrow $2,000 for a...... just kidding.

Tom, sorry you are dealing with that horrible cold weather. Spring is coming. I always consider January 15th to be monumental. It is, for me, the absolute middle of winter. Winter for us as a rule sets in on Dec. 1st and ends Feb. 28th. So the 15th of Jan. marks the halfway mark. That means we are now on the downside of it. Already the days are getting longer, and soon you will see the temps begin to moderate. So hang in there.

Have a safe trip Boo, and don't take any wooden nickels.

Mavis, did you get that issue with the "remains" resolved? Hope so.

Prayers and salutations to all. Hope you have a great day and a blessed weekend.

New Neighbor, Salty, sure is nice to see you two here. Love you guys.


January 16, 2009 - Msg 69439: Oops. Interest. Wish I coulsd spell.


January 16, 2009 - Msg 69440: Dang, Wish I COULD spell. Fat fingers this morning.


January 16, 2009 - Msg 69441: Romeena check your mail..I sent some pics but one way said they sent the other not...let me know and I will try again from work..your mail ia the "tx" one now aint it?..SPOT

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69442: Hi all,

The wife just texted me, and I have to go pick her up at about 1pm, and then drive on back home and get to see the Kai. The Mrs. might have to come back next week, but I probably won't be with her this time. I don't want the Kai to feel I am abandoning her, especially when I don't really need to be here.

Better go pack up our things!
Boo, have a safe trip!

-Sterling Holobyte

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69443:
Asa: Prayers for your wife. I feel the same as you. I dive straight in the pool of self pity sometimes, and then I see someone who can't even walk to jump in. It makes me feel guilty.

Boo: Don't make fun of Awful House. With all them clothes to buy it's all I can afford. Even then Spot has to jump in and get the tip.

"You left a tip? I did too. How much? A quarter? I left a quarter too! Let's go back and pick one of them up."

Thomas A. Moody

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69444: Hey Y'all! Tom,I'd tell you to head down here & crawl under my rock,except it's cold here too! Gonna be 12 degrees tonight. And.. I have heard the "S" word mentioned! Yeah,we might have SNOW flurries on Sunday!
Well,I've finally read all the stuff I've missed while I was babysitting. Boo,thanks for the Jubi update.Nice to get better news on her. You have a safe trip.
Ro,that is horrible about your rental house & the puppy.Some people! Hope the lady gets it and good! Prayers for John.
Back in the early 80's the Klan marched through my town-Grand Dragon & all. Boy,the ignorance was really showing that day! Bunch of low life trash!
I have a lot of ancestor stories,but not time to go into all of them now. I will tell y'all who two of Laci's ancestors were- Mr. Haney( Pat Buttram)on Green Acres and Mark Twain!
Well,I'd better go. Y'all stay warm-love to all!
possum under a rock

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69445: Oh,do any of y'all use Mozilla Firefox? Have you noticed that the toolbar color is different as well as the overall appearance? At least mine is.Guess they changed it without telling us! I liked it better the other way.Oh well..

possum again

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69446: Hey,never mind about the Mozilla thing above.I just remembered that the lights flicked (spot!! ha!) a day ago and it must have knocked my settings out of whack. I've got it straightened out now.

possum once more

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69447: You all have a great weekend. We could use your prayers. You have mine.


January 16, 2009 - Msg 69448:
75 degreeshere in Phoenix today and
tomorrow. I will box up some sunshine and FedEx
to TOM and all you other folks. Ya all are
having quite a cold wave. Hang in there.
Prayers and God bless,
"Boy, ya put a mailsack on some people and
it goes right to their heads."

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69449: will it may it to 8 deg and that high for the day and back to 0 for the night.

Un Happy TOM

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69450:
Floyd: Wait Andy. (snip, snip) There, every head
a walking testamony ya know.

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69451:
Floyd: Wait Andy. (snip, snip) There, every head
a walking testamony ya know.

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69452:
Many are saying that God's hand allowed that plane to stay intact during the water landing in NY. Whatever or whoever, it was pretty darn amazing! Have a great weekend.
Prayers for all porchsters, Asa's wife, everyone.
as REV would say "Smile, Jesus loves ya!"

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69453: Hey Friday night gang..hey MDC,Tom its gona get down to about 10 here...stay warm buddy..Rev check in...Mavis did you and Mr R get moved?,, hazel you doing ok...Possum my good friend you doing ok?...Miss Sherry and DNL and her sis and mother are gone to a play in Atlanta called Hair Spray?..yall heard of it?...NN,gizzmo yall check in..Lucy you staying warm local girl?..well I sent Romeena som pic for the album...im sure she will post when they are in there..the ones with the camping squirrel are neat..he would come up right at your feet and eat...and bring his friends..bet he would have ate out of my hand but just did not want to chance it..he stayed all week wit us....well let me get the reports ran and Maude and I will get us up a snack...prayers my porch!...SPOT

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69454: IT'S COLD HERE!!! Brrr. I think tonight might be a 2 dog night. It's down to 4 degrees with today's high getting to a whopping 11 degrees! Heat wave. Move over possum, I'm cold. How much snow ya got Asa?
Prayers for you and your wonderful wife, Asa. May the Lord's hand of healing and peace surround you. Gotta go crawl into my WARM WATERBED. Love you guys. ~New Neighbor

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69455: Tom,we got the cooold weather too!Put another log on the fire!-ky girl

January 16, 2009 - Msg 69456: Good evening, porch. Spot, the pictures are great. They're in the album, folks, so check 'em out. You have to go into Spot's sub-album, and the new ones are the last six at the end. You won't believe how Kelsey has grown! That little peanut-thieving squirrel is just so cute - I love those little critters.

New Neighbor, I don't know what I'd do with a 2-dog night. All I can muster around here is about 1/10 of a dog, and she doesn't put off very much heat, let me tell you. She sure had me laughing the other night, though. I had just dozed off, but woke up to the realization that something was moving around in the bed, because the covers were moving. I have one of those Tempur-pedic mattresses, that doesn't transfer motion (it really doesn't) and usually I can't feel it when she's walking around, but that time, I could. In the glow of the TV, I could see a little bump just moving around in the bed, this way and that. She had somehow gotten under the top sheet, which was all the cover I was using, and was trying to find her way out. Maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" things, but at the time, it was pretty funny. I rescued her, of course, and she got way up on my pillow, against the headboard, and slept there. She wasn't fixin' to get trapped again!

Well, I have to be at the hospital at 0700 for a unit conference - isn't that ridiculous? It could all be printed out and handed to us, but no - we have to get up at 0600, and show up. Oh, well, I'll be paid for the time, so they can just prattle on, I don't care. I just wish it wasn't so early.

Prayers for our ailing ones - seems like there are so many. Oh, BTW, I went to my cardiologist yesterday for a checkup, and he was very pleased. Adjusted one of my medications a little, and said I should have more energy and stamina now. He also said I have no evidence of coronary artery disease, and while my heart muscle does have some old damage, and is weakened to a degree, it functions adequately. Also, the leaky valve is no worse than it was three years ago, so still no need to consider replacement. Hooray for that!! So, I thank God for good words, at least for now. Every day is a gift, for all of us. Be blessed! --Romeena

January 17, 2009 - Msg 69457: Thanks Romeena for posting the pics!..yall go check them out in my sub album!there at the end of page 3..thanks again Ro..i will get some more if ya dont mind...yall get new ones into her..the album is so neat..romeena.myphotoalbum.com well some strange movie on...lets have some cpt crunch...back in a bit gang..ky girl stay warm..NN 4 degrees is super cold..we may stay in the teens tonight I hope..SPOT

January 17, 2009 - Msg 69458: Good morning my family, seems like everyone is fussing about the cold weather. It was down to 5 yesterday morning, and in the low teens this morning. They said we might hit the low thirties today. Asa, I like your theory about the 15th of January that sure does sound better. Well I'm off to class this morning, I get to cut up cars today that should be interesting as cold as it is. Hope ya'll have a blessed and warm day. Prayers for each of you and/or your family members who needs them. Salty Dog

January 17, 2009 - Msg 69459:
Hey Folks

Most of the snow missed us but it's -18 here this morning. The door hinges inside the house are covered with frost. However, I guess it goes along with the general theme of the Porch, with the exception of that show-offMDC and all of his sunshine.

Can't believe how cold it is for you folks down South and Romeena only having 1/10 of a dog! That's too funny Ro. Maybe, you can just use Starr for ear muffs.

Me-They Prayers for you friend. It sounds like something is going on, maybe I missed a post.

Asa-Prayers for you and your wife. Your in our thoughts buddy.

Spot-I haven't had Captain Crunch in a month of Sunday's. Does it still taste the same?

Salty-Have fun... err... "cutting up cars"?

Hey Tom- Here's link to keep ya warm.


January 17, 2009 - Msg 69460: It's 29 degrees here this morning. Not as cold as some of you have, but still cold.
I didn't check in yesterday so I didn't read the post until today. How is your wife today, Asa? I hope that treatment works and that things start looking up for your wife and you.
Well, I'll be back later after I've had some coffee.
- Hazel

"A lot of people lie at lunch, what of it?"

January 17, 2009 - Msg 69461: It a cold start to the day -7 degree, but hoping to git up to 30 degrees
Unhappy TOM

January 17, 2009 - Msg 69462: Tom: Stay bundled!

Asa: How's the Mrs.?

Spot: Love this pics. The squirrel (I love them little creatures), the camper looks nice and miss Sherry seem to be enjoying the day. Loved the Crosses at Christmss!

Boo: Where's your trip taking you?

Porch: Did y'all see the youtube video of Floyd and his son at the REAL Myers lake in CA? Pretty cool.

More coffee for me. Will swing back by later.

Thomas A. Moody

January 17, 2009 - Msg 69463: Good morning, porch. Just got home from that meeting at the hospital - didn't take long, and I must admit, there was some worthwhile informatioin.

Auh2o, Starr wouldn't even make a pair of earmuffs - she'd have to be just one earmuff, and run from side to side to warm both ears. She'd try, though, the sweet little thing.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some breakfast. It was much too early when I left for the meeting, but I'm getting hungry now. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

January 17, 2009 - Msg 69464: Hi folks,

Made it home safe and sound. We stopped at my parents' and my mom said my sister and Kai were at the library and then going over to our house to check on it and the cat. So my wife and I drove over there quickly, put the car in the garage, and waited inside for them to get there.
So the first thing Kai says when she sees us there is,(drolly) "Where's my surprise? What did you bring me?" (I had told her that we bought her something and it will have to be a surprise)

The little brat! I could have cuffed her upside the head right there(not really; don't call social services on me now ;)), but then a split second after that she literally jumped on me(I was sitting down) and gave me a big hug, so I guess we won't have to go out to the woodshed after all. The little stinker!

Hopefully good information, Romeena.

Hope you all are doing well.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 17, 2009 - Msg 69465: Mornin' Y'all! Cold here too- don't think it got down to 12 degrees,as predicted,though. Right around 18 & that is too cold for Lowcountry SC! And of course,on the coldest night so far,what happens? Heating system starts making noise around 11:30,just as I was getting ready for bed.Squealing & squeaking to beat the band.So I woke mr. possum up at midnight,he thought it was the bearings in the motor.Sprayed some WD 40 on them and thankfully that did the trick.But of course I slept with one ear open listening for the noise to start back,so I am kinda tired this morning. I do have a fireplace,but most certainly do not want the heating system in non working order! I'll keep the WD 40 handy just in case.
You know,I have a black friend (not trying to be offensive at all-maybe this is in the culture though)that tells me that when his back begins aching,he sprays WD 40 on it and the stiffness goes away! I told him that stuff isn't medicine,it's nothing but chemicals and suggested that he shouldn't put that on his skin. He very well could be poisoning himself in the long run!
Let's hope it warms up before we resort to rustling up dogs to keep us warm! I doubt Starr would want to be an earmuff! Ha!
We'll,y'all stay warm & have a good day!
possum under a rock

January 17, 2009 - Msg 69466: Hey Sterling! Enjoy your reunion with Kai. Give her a hug for me- tell her it's from a possum and see what her reaction is!

possum again