February 02, 2009 - Msg 69956:
Hey Folks

Me-They You're a real Renaissance Man (of course that means your part Frenchy, hehe)Thanks for posting the link. I'm not sure why we're having the ice dam issue all of a sudden but I suspect it has to do with the remolding. I wonder can a large amount of snow cause ice dams with heat loss/poor ventilation in the attic added to the equation?

Poor Horatio-I was at a Tim Hortons this morning. I can remember him playing for the Buffalo Sabres when I was a kid. I still have an autographed card of his from 1972. He was one tough dude.

MDC- Hope ya can find the time to post over the next few days.

I didn't catch the big game yesterday (actually I haven't caught one since 1983 Raiders over Redskins) but I heard the commercials were a bit off this year.

Speaking of President Obama, “Let me tell you something, we heard Lenin.” Jim Cramer.


February 02, 2009 - Msg 69957:
M-T that one sentence was to read, I wonder can a large amount of snow cause ice dams WITHOUT heat loss/poor ventilation in the attic added to the equation?


February 02, 2009 - Msg 69958:
And with a break of the ice dam, AUH20 sweeps the porch!

February 02, 2009 - Msg 69959: That's me, a regular Senor Wensas.

I don't rightly know. Maybe if there was a lot of melting and refrezzing going on, but if you never had the problem before I'd be doubtful.

The home inspection course was tough, but I really learned a lot. Don't know if I'll actually get my license, but I sure learned a lot of good stuff.

See y';all tomorrow.


February 02, 2009 - Msg 69960:
The only time I think barney dated others was
when he and Thelma Lou had a fight; and you have
to remember that she was not his "steady" until they were into the third season. From that point on, I cant think of an episode where he "cheated." I dont think the writers would have him doing that either back then. mdc

February 02, 2009 - Msg 69961: Im here gang just busy...will read tonight..SPOT

February 02, 2009 - Msg 69962: auh20, the other day, I was watching a classic hockey game on cable television. It was from 1964 between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks. It was the first time I saw Tim Horton play. That was also the year he opened his first doughnut shop. In 1974, he was killed in a traffic accident at age 44. Little did he realize just how famous his name would become with over 2700 stores today in Canada and expanding into the USA. His stores are mostly famous for the popular coffee they sell.

Speaking of Superbowl commercials, I heard on the radio this afternoon that one commercial was canceled before it aired. It was for a married dating service ... yes, that means adultery. What is this world coming to?

from Poor Horatio

February 02, 2009 - Msg 69963: MDC, you are right,there was no excuse for the Steelers players who started fighting.That is just umproffessional.And, I have no doubt Arizona will be in the superbowl next year.As for Thelma Lou and Barney, I wish they would have gotten married.Who was it that Andy teases Barney about going out with, the one he never knew Barney went out with until Barney mentions it one day in the office?Not Hoggett.As for the commercials during the superbowl, I didn't even watch them, I used that time to get a drink,call my older kids, {we were all watching the game, my oldest in Tennnessee, the other 2 at thier own homes} and grab a snack .I did get a glimpse of Bruce Springsteen at the halftime show, it was o.k. .I've never been a Springsteen fan,but,at least you knew he wouldn't be taking any clothes off.Well,MDC, I'll be prayiing for you during that remodeling.That is never an easy time.Spot, did you get any of those winter storms they were predicting your way?Me-They,like Boo, I love that name Geezer Rock!Poor Horatio, pudding in a bag? I don't know about that.O.k. enough out of me, sorry for being so chatty, talk to you all later-ky girl

February 02, 2009 - Msg 69964: Barney did alot of dishonest things (from cooking in his room at Mrs. Mendlebright's, to lying to "save face") but it seems like dishonesty is a running theme in most all sitcoms, then and now. Andy has told some whoppers, too, that's for sure. Somebody is always fabricating something on that show, but we love it anyway. I guess the difference between the 60's and now is, that back then there were consequences. They always got caught and had to do the right thing (well, most of the time). One of my very favorite scenes is in "Barney's Rival" (I think that's the name of it), during the epilogue, when Barney pretends to be making a date with another girl to make Thelma Lou jealous, and the phone rings! Hilarious. Seems to me that often, Andy twists the truth to keep Barney from losing face...not sure how I feel about that. Sometimes he treats Barney like he's a spoiled child.

Hey SPOT..sorry you are so busy...talk to you later tonight.


February 02, 2009 - Msg 69965: Hey there KYGirl...didn't see you there. Speaking of pudding in a bag, do any of you remember "Shake-A-Puddin'", when you were a kid? It came in powder form in it's own cup. You added the milk and then shook it until it was pudding.

Better go..


February 02, 2009 - Msg 69966:
The Company is adding 2 walls at the end of the suite to create a space for storage. Seems simple enough, but inspectors have to come in and all that stuff and I'm the one they have to see, plus i have to make sure the safety in the office is maintained as the framers frame etc., and no doubt there will be spiders under that framin'. haha.


February 02, 2009 - Msg 69967:
"It's Shake-a-Pudding and I h-aa-lped! haha

February 02, 2009 - Msg 69968: Good afternoon, all. Thomas A. Moody, your quote is correct, but there was another one. Remember when Barney and Thelma Lou were at the dance, after a fight, and he told her she was the only girl he ever loved. She pretended not to hear him, and he repeated it, then again, and the last time, the room fell silent just as he shouted it at her, "You're the only girl I ever loved!"

As for Helen, she was okay, she just had a jealous streak and could get pretty petty about it. I never did admire a female who gets all injured and sniffy when she's not getting her way, then is just all smiles when the guy gives in. Grow up, for pete's sake!

Boo, some of those dishes you mentioned are not in my usual bill of fare. Don't care for tripas, and menudo, though I do like carne guisada, and of course caldo is just soup - can be most anything. Huevos y chorizo burritos are good, too.

Well, I'm off to work. Have a lovely evening, everyone. Be blessed! --Romeena

P.S. - Just heard from the family, my BIL does not have a heart problem, thank God. It appears he is having esophageal spasms, and that's manageable, certainly preferable to heart trouble. God is good.

February 02, 2009 - Msg 69969: yea,shake a puddin, I do remember that one.Same thing as instant pudding, but, you know it was much more marketable in that cup so you could shake it!I agree Romeena, Helen did have a jealous streak that seemed kind of petty.She just always seemed to cold and proper to me to be Andy's wife, but, thats just my opinion.Great news about your BIL Romeena, that takes a load of worry off your heart.MDC, watch out for them spiders.Boo, sometimes it does strike me as Andy treating Barney as a spoiled child, but, I guess the basic idea was to be good to each other, and, that certainly came across.I seen an episode the other night I had never seen before, the one wher the couple are always fighting and disturning the peace and the neighbors are constantly calling Andy to come settle them down.I understood the theme of the story,but, it did go through my mind that it probably wasn't so good to let people think that it's o.k. to constantly call thier spouse names and throw things at them. I'm probably just being too "politically correct", that was a simpler time than what we have now.I can remember about 16 years ago, I was just having "one of those days", you know the kind it takes a couple of weeks to build up to, and, I just started throwing plates in my kitchen. And I didn't need a T.v. show to show me how!Don't worry Spot, I got over that plate throwing, I am safe to take to Morelli's, I won't throw anything ha-ky girl

February 02, 2009 - Msg 69970: Sorry about the typos above-ky girl

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69971: Ok gang im at work now and can catch up on my reading (that sounds bad dont it)hot bisquits and sausage...come and get-um...SPOT

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69972: KYGirl, I thought about that when I watched that episode, that times have changed since the 60's and you wouldn't see that now. Speaking of Barn and Andy, it seemed to me that Andy was better to Barney and Barney could be pretty mean to Andy. Andy had his moments when Barney pushed his patience to the limit, but it didn't take much to get Barney steamed up.

Romeena, great news about your BIL!

Barney also said that Thelma Lou was the only girl he ever loved in the color reunion episode, when he finds out she is married to the construction foreman.

I had to smile at your post, SPOT. It doesn't sound bad, given the kind of work you do.

It's Texas-cold out there today (meaning in the high 30s). Supposed to get all the way into the 70's today, though. Yesterday was an outstanding day with cool temps and a blue, sunny sky. Hope you are all staying warm and not dealing with too much snow and ice this morning.

Better get moving. Today is the day I baby sit for Emily...she is exhausting, but in a very nice way (you grandparents know what I am talking about). I can't wait to see her smile at me with her little chiklet teeth (that's we call her little, stubby baby teeth).


February 03, 2009 - Msg 69973: ...oh, and to hear her call me Aunt "Do-Do"...she's still calling me that~!


February 03, 2009 - Msg 69974: Mornin' Y'all. Still kinda fighting my way online-I've been tweaking things on my computer all weekend-to tell you the truth I am about sick of this thing! But,it's my link to the Porch & my friends & family who are scattered about,so I'll keep plugging along until I can get it into the shop or toss it out the window & get a brand new one! What did we do before these dagburned things?!
Poor Horatio,I will take a few of your timbits.I think Spot might want the scrunchins (fatback).I'll pass on that!
Talking about food makes me think of our "lunch lady"- where's Big Maude?
Hey to Aunt "Do- Do" and all the other Porchsters! MDC,don't stay away too long now.
Doing laundry,so I'd better go. Toss 'em,if you need 'em washed,Me-They!
possum under a rock

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69975: Good morning, porch! I wonder if we're over-analyzing the eps? I think they just showed life as it is, warts and all. Helen could be petty, Aunt Bee fibbed (lied?) about a date with the butter and egg man, Barney had a short fuse, Andy got out of sorts at times and came down pretty hard on little Opie, Clara meddled (with good intentions), and I could go on and on. That's life. Nobody is perfect, not even those of us who sit on this porch! (heehee) Most women have, at some time, put on the cold shoulder to force their husband to do things their way. My dear and patient husband could be hard on our kids at times. We all, (yes, all of us) are guilty of shading a story involving ourselves so we appear at our best, when maybe our behavior was just a tad shy of best. Dating couples have spats and go out with someone else just for spite - it happens all the time. As someone has pointed out, they weren't married yet.

I've heard people say they just can't stand the episodes with Warren, because he was so annoying. That was the whole point! He was terribly annoying, that was the role, and Jack Burns did a bang-up job of it. He was supposed to be annoying!

Same idea - I know people who refused to watch "All in the Family" because Archie was a bigot. Well, of course he was, that was the whole point of the show. I know, Mike was an atheist, Gloria was following him, Archie was ignorant and bigoted for sure, and Edith held it all together with her sweet nature and her faith. However, even her faith slipped once, when "Beverly", the female impersonator, was killed. But she worked through it, and came back to her faith. I did a bit of screaming at God myself, back when Dale died.

The whole point is, these shows portray people and life situations, for good or not so good. If it's all perfect and happy-happy all the time, I'd rather just drink syrup and forget it. The most important thing is, in every situation I can recall, good prevailed in the end. I wish life really was like that. --Romeena

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69976: auh2o you just HAD to bring up that Raiders over Redskins thing didn't you? Just had to. I think I'm beginning to see what Me-They is always going on about, you always seem to be just one egg white shy of a moulage, now don't you?? hehe I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but I did keep up with the score online, my team wasn't there so I really wasn't all that interested.
Poor Horatio glad to hear you're not mixing that screech with those cheese curds. We have a couple of Canucks that always come down for the Bull Terrier Club Nationals and throw a party to start the week of dog shows off. They bring down all kinds of Canadian things to eat & the screech is always a big hit (most people that show dogs also like to drink alot) I tried it & it reminded me of moonshine. Since I rarely drink anymore, I let everyone else fight over it. :)
possum I'm sorry to hear you have computer troubles, nothing is more aggravating than trying to do something online and that rotten machine not co-operating!
Well, the weather man was all gloom and doom yesterday, going on about 6-8 inches of snow and all I see outside is barely a covering of white. I mean really, if it's gonna snow, let it SNOW for crying out loud!
Well, I'm off here for a bit, I have a 60 pound Bull Terrier puppy that is "brat barking" at me, so I better go get the brat taken care of. He wants me to go out & play with him, but it's just too danged cold for me to be out there.
later taters,

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69977: Let me clarify~ I said MOST dog show people, & while I used to be in that list of drinkers, I am not in that list anymore. Didn't want ya'll runnin around hiding your mulberry squeezins or anything.

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69978: We need to have some TRVIA CONTESTS on Andy Griffith, Mayberry, Don Knotts,etc.
Also...wasn't Goober's LAST name "BEASLEY" & NOT Pyle, on the show...am I the only one who recalls this?

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69979: Didn't see you there Romeena I agree with you, I love "All in the Family" Archie was always such a hoot and in my opinion, Edith was the only one with any sense on there. (I shudder to think what I just revealed about myself) LOL
Oh, I loved the latest post on your Missions to Mongolia blog. That little lady that came back to look for you just to get a picture is cute. Did they (her and the little man with the glasses) ever get copies of those pictures?

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69980: Hey Mavis,possum,Boo...kinda busy...lunch:Ham sandwiches,chips,tomato soup.....SPOT

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69981:
Morning Porch

Et tu, Mavis? uuhh. Nope, it is true! I do love to moulage.

Poor Horatio-I can clearly recall the day Tim Horton died. A friend called to let me know and I was just speechless (watch it M-T). He was so good. I was 14, I think, when he died. Ya know what seems strange to me? He was four years younger than I am now.

Speaking of moulage. here's a little fact concerning the ridiculous "stimulus" bill. I read today that, If you started the day Jesus Christ was born and you spent a million dollars every day since then you still would not have spent a trillion dollars today.

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help," Ronald Reagan.


February 03, 2009 - Msg 69982:
spot-That sounds great!


February 03, 2009 - Msg 69983: Very well stated Romeena. I have often said that two of the best characters on tv were Barney Fife and Archie Bunker. And for two reasons.
1. Both actors (Don Knotts and Carrol O'Conner played the parts wonderfully.
B. And this one may be tougher to handle, but I think most all of us have a little of both Barney and Archie in us. We relate to those characters so well, cause I think we all get a little prideful sometimes, like Barney, and probably all have some bigotry in us somewhere deep down. Not saying just on things of race, but in many different areas of life.
Anyway, that's my take on it and I say it with pride and prejudice. LOL

I just knew Auh20's comments about the Raiders defeating the Redskins would incite her. HA!


February 03, 2009 - Msg 69984: Asa, I absolutely agree. Very few of us could truthfully and without hesitation declare that our life is an open book, and I doubt any of us would want our every thought and opinion and attitude revealed. What we all forget, though, is that nothing is hidden from God. (Ouch!) You're absolutely right - everyone harbors some secret sin, some prejudiced attitude, some unkind thoughts. If that were not so, if we could all be perfect and sinless, then why would Jesus have done what He did? It is said that "art imitates life", and I think that even in things like situation comedies, that may be true, in varying degrees.

Well, Eloise is on her way over here - Denny's is serving free Grand Slam breakfasts until 2 p.m. and we're going to get in on it. I'm too sleepy to drive, so she's coming after me.

The plumber just left, sink now running freely. Argh. Seems like it's always something.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69985:
"Mornin' honey"
"Morning DEAR!"

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69986:
Where is Obama and FEMA to help with all these ice storm
outages? Why are we hearing nothing on the news
about the terrible response time?
gotta run,

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69987:
Internet news said there is a "worm" out now that is one of the fastest growing virus' in history. Supposedly 9 million computers infected within 3 days. You may have gotten this or another worm in your computer. I'm not recommending this to you, but I had some "worm" issue or virus...it got so bad I finally reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything as it came from the factory, had all the software updates done, and bam! This Mo-chine is screaming fast and smooth all over again.

I think one of my kids (always nice to have children to blame it on) click on an attachment with a virus, and my Norton subscription had expired, so my computer was very vulnerable.

She runs great now.
BTW, I did all this last Monday.

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69988: That was me in the computer virus above.

Thomas A. Moody

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69989: Don't rain on my parade, Ro. I love to over-analyze. It's a hobby. As far as TAGS showing life as it really is, YOU would never lie about the butter and egg man, would you? (Maybe the Swann man, though);)

"...and I say it with pride and prejudice."...that is so funny, ASA! You are probably right. I have a little of Barney and Archie in me, I'm sure.

Oh no, MDC, do we have another Katrina on our hands? I haven't seen the news today.


February 03, 2009 - Msg 69990: No, Boo, I never would, because everybody would just laugh, no one would believe me! It would be just all too awful!

Possum, you very likely do have a virus of some sort. I don't know a lot about it, but the symptoms sure sound suspicious to me. Or - is it possible that your computer is just old and tired, overloaded and trying to do too much with too little available space? Over the years, I've found it worthwhile to change computers about every five years, with one notable change at three years, when there was a sudden shift in the technology. The prices have come down so much that one has to consider whether it's worth paying the high cost of repairs, or just to replace the machine.

My first computer was an Epson Equity, a dual floppy-drive (no such thing as hard drives then), with 256k in memory, if you can imagine. We paid about $2000 for that monster, back in the 80's. Now you can get a really decent desktop unit for about a fourth of that. Laptops are still pricey, but they're coming down too.

On the advice of my computer guru friend in Florida, I run AVG Anti-malware on my computer, and so far, have not had any major infiltrations. The occasional spyware plant, but an in-depth scan finds those and quarantines them. Not much else. It's a few dollars a year, and it's worth it.

Well, I think I'll go browse some flower catalogs. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69991: Cold here in ga..real cold,,gona go get some fire wood on the porch...prayers...brrr.SPOT

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69992: Thanks for the computer advice,Thomas & Ro. I have been running virus scans,nothing shows up,so I don't think that's my problem.I did have one Windows Start up problem,which I fixed.I think Ro may have hit the nail on the head though.Computer is going on 9 years old,and I have gotten several messages telling me that I am running very low on disk space. So,I have been spending a good amount of time removing programs I never use,deleting old e-mail (I keep EVERYTHING!) and hoping it keeps running until I can have it completely overhauled or get a new one.
About Don Knotts & Carroll O'Connor- I cried when I heard each of them died.Only other actor I remember shedding tears for was Lucille Ball.God Bless 'em-they were great,weren't they?
Well,guess I'm off to remove & delete some other stuff,then hit the old ironing board.Y'all take care-stay warm!
possum under a rock

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69993: Hello folks.

I just read a story on the internet about President Obama's mishandling of the tax controversy involving one of his cabinet nominees (Daschle). I was surprised when President Obama admitted that "I screwed up."
Isn't that refreshing to hear a politician admit not only that he made a mistake, but make a public admission in a timely manner?
ex-President George Bush, are you listening?

from Poor Horatio

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69994:
Poor Horatio, unfortunately you'll probably get sick of his apologies if he's honest.

Thomas A. Moody

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69995:
Ro, saw your post about Thelma being the only one he "loves". I stand corrected. Thanks.

The Pickle Story Does this episode make you crave pickles or am I the only one?

Not feelin' so hot...minor bug, but sure wish Colonel Harvey would come into town.

Thomas A.

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69996:
"Katrina exposed serious problems in our response capability at all levels of government and to the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility." George W. Bush September 13 2005 on CNN.


February 03, 2009 - Msg 69997: Every time one dollar of my tax money is used to fund an abortion in Mexico or anywhere else, he will owe me an apology, but I'll bet I don't get it. --Romeena

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69998: auh20, great comeback about ex-President George Bush's Katrina admission. However, I was thinking about the weapons of mass destruction intelligence mistake and the "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended" speech given in 2003. Those are sore points that changed my opinion about him. Had he followed with a timely apology, I would have admired him more.

Romeena, don't expect any apology about abortion. That has been a Democratic platform before and still is.

Thomas A. Moody, we'll have to keep an eye on President Obama. One apology does not make a good president. However, many apologies can demonstrate bad judgment or incompetence. Only time will tell.

from Poor Horatio

February 03, 2009 - Msg 69999:

Poor Horatio-I'm not W's biggest fan. I think he's a good man. I believe he always did what he thought was best for the country. I guess I admired him but I was rooting for Steve Forbes back in 2000. Although, I know for a factW admitted, a couple of years ago, that Iraq didn't have WMD's . However, I wonder how many people realize that Iraq had "yellow cake" in country prior to the war and our Government, the UN, and other countries knew about it. So, we had a an absolute dictator ( who was, if we all remember, shooting at our jets every day) that all major intelligence agencies believed was trying to constructWMD's. And, we know he has some grade of "yellow cake." He's in the same region as Afghanistan, where the Taliban was located, and where are troops are also located. What to do? W made the best call with the information he had. Saddam was the one playing the shell game with WMD's . Remember those truck caravans that head into Syria from Iraq every day before the war? We'll never know what was in those shipments, probably not sand.

I know Hollywood and the McMedia hate Bush and a great many falsehoods and half-truths are entrenched because of this hatred. But, I think the truth is George W Bush did what he was charged with, protecting the Republic.

Here's a link about the yellow cake, it has a Canada connection.


February 03, 2009 - Msg 70000: Possum, have you tried defragmenting your computer? That'll condense alot of the stuff there and could give you some more space.

Boo, I think you asked if Juanita was ever shown?
And I don't know if it was ever answered, but I remember seeing the episode where that hollywood producer comes to Mayberry and wants to film a little movie there, so the townsfolk get all gussied up and "Hollywood-ish", and when the guy comes back, he says he wanted to film there because of how they were before - just regular folks. Incidently, the same thing that Andy kept telling everybody as he saw his town changing, to just be themselves.
Anywho, while they were waiting around the oldest tree in town - which they were going to chop down because it wasn't glamourous enough - for the producer to arrive again, the Mayor(I think) was there with a lady he called Juanita, who was going to sing a song or something, even though she sang about as well as Barney does. Maybe that's why they liked each other. :)
Anyone else remember that? They just showed that episode a couple nights ago. But it seems like I don't see it that often in the rotation.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70001: auh2o, thanks for that link about yellow cake. Although I knew there was nuclear material present in Iraq, this was the first I heard of the term "yellow cake". I don't watch much television here in Canada. But the article explains that it had both peaceful and military uses. Funny how when the government mentions it, they seem to emphasize only the military uses.

I was aware that during ex-President George Bush's final press conference, he stated "not finding weapons of mass destruction was a significant disappointment." But I was surprised when you claimed he admitted something similar years ago.

Reading you folks discuss TAGS made me realize just how much lying and how many shenanigans occurred. So much for fantasy.

from Poor Horatio

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70002:
Sterling, the Juanita in that episode is Mayor Pike's daughter. (The actress plays the part of Lydia in later episodes. She's one of my favorites)
That would make her name Juanita Pike, the Juanita at the dines last name is given in one episode as Beasley, so we are talking about two different Juanita's.

Romeena, I just KNEW you being a Texan that surely you would love that joke. I thought it was funny. hehe. My daughters didn't appreciate it, though my wife is the one who emailed it to me. She works at bank, you know.

Thomas A. Moody

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70003: Did anyone watch the Quiet Sam episode last night? Andy sure told a whopper when he told Sam he had delivered lots of babies...guess he had to do that to keep Sam from freaking out on him. I really like that ep. I think it is a uniques episode and has some really funny parts...like when Sam is in town and trying to pull away from the curb when Barney is making small talk with him...funny! It is also the episode that mentions marajuana (I think someone brought that up recently). I really love the part when Same calls the baby "Andy"...the look on Andy's face is great.

Well, it's time to face the day and pull Erin out of bed...


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70004: I was dissapointed to find out that I wouldn't be able to get a glimpse of Juanita, afterall :( Thanks for trying, Sterling.


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70005: I should take the time to proof read....Boo

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70006:
Morning Porch

It is 1 degree here this morning but the wind is still.

Poor Horatio-As I type this I'm drinking a Tim Horton's coffee. I'm really glad to see ya back and about on the Porch, there was a real void while you were absent. Here's a link from one of W's Press Conferences in 2006 where he says Iraq didn't have WMD's. He also says Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11.


Me-They I pretty sure you've lost interest in my ice dam problem but I think I've figured out what's going on with the ice, at least in part. Ok, this part is a little embarrassing, the vent I was digging out was not the attic vent it was the vent to the oven, oops. With all of the snow up there coupled with the remolding I just got turned around a bit. Thanks for your help buddy.

possum-It was sad to see those stars depart. Lucy was a local girl.

As for some of the "short comings" of the characters on TAGS, my wife always felt that Andy was too much of an enabler for Barney. We've had a few discussions about it but she always thought Andy protected Barney's feelings more than the others. I know what she's saying but I don't agree.


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70007: THAT's the word I have been looking for..."enabler"! Exactillioso!


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70008: What the heck? Who's Noo? That's supposed to be "Boo"!


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70009: Good morning, all. It's beautiful here, crisp and cold at 39, but bright and sunny, will be quite warm this afternoon.

I really don't want to start a moulage today, and this is all I'll say on the subject, especially since all this ground has been covered so thoroughly, and is no longer a viable issue anyway. Still, I would challenge those who feel that Dubya "lied" to check out this link. Considering that the man couldn't put on sandals and a burnoose and hop on a camel to go see for himself, all he could do was rely on the intelligence he had. Here's what he had to go on:


Hussein is going to learn a few things over the next four years - one of those things will be that he's not omnipotent nor omniscient, and he will have to make judgments based on the information he's given. Sometimes he'll be right, and I'm sure that will be trumpeted to the skies. Sometimes he'll be wrong, and perhaps we'll learn of it, perhaps not. He has the backing and protection of the leftist media, while Dubya did not.

One thing I know for sure - I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of either of them, not for all the tea in China. A president is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. And if old Lurkin' George is out there, before you chastise me for my language, check the context of the word.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70010: "he may be planting that funny weed"

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70011: Exactillioso Romeena. There were many on BOTH sides of the aisle whom accepted the information available and voted to authorize action. They were all for it until things got a little tougher than thought, and public sentiment began to lessen, then all of a sudden it became Bush's war, and Bush's incompetence, and Bush's fault. Well thank goodness we had a man of character who was not about to sway to public opinion, most of that opinion based on 15 and 30 second sound bites delivered by a very left leaning media. We were told constantly by those on the left that Hussien would never be captured. Never would happen. And then when he was, those same people were jumping to the cameras to let the world know they had indeed voted for the war. I'm sorry, but that type of two faced spineless showmanship don't cut it with this boy.
(whew) sorry, had to vent there.
I could say much more, but as Ro said, it's all been said and it's rather a mute point now.
Time will tell how well our Hussien does.


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70012: Mornin' Y'all. Had a few SNOW flurries earlier,but I'm not getting excited. They didn't last long-never do. it's just Ol' Mother Nature's way of messing with us down here in Lowcountry SC!
Sterling,I tried to defragment,but it says I only have 6% space & tells me I need 15% to do so. Told me to delete unnecessary files from my hard drive. I have removed all the programs that I think I can do without,and have deleted tons of old e-mail. Anybody know what else I can do? I am scared to tinker with the hard drive-how can I delete old files without completely wiping the hard drive clean? My brain is spinning from all of this techie stuff! Any advice appreciated.
I'm getting off of this contraption now! Y'all take care.
P.S. I'm still looking for Big Maude- check in Maude!
possum under a rock

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70013: Possum, I'm very definitely no expert, but from my own past experiences, I'd say you have two options. You can buy more memory and have it installed. Not terribly expensive, you can probably get a good memory addition for around $150 or so, including installation. It will help a little. Or you can bite the bullet and get a new computer. I've done both, and depending on various factors, both are valid options.

I've had PCs since the mid-80's, starting with that old dual floppy drive Epson I mentioned. I'm now using the sixth or seventh machine, I've lost count. One computer back, I had added memory at some point, and was still having issues with it. Slow, sluggish, cranky, balky, would hang up - whatever. My guru friend said adding even more memory was not going to help, as the processor was old and slow. It wasn't just a matter of enough memory, it just didn't have the speed of the newer machines. As he said, you can put a Model T and a Maserati on an open road, side by side. They both have the same open road on which to run, but one is going to outrun the other every time. Guess which one? He suggested I replace the computer, and I did. That was a couple of years ago, and I've added memory to that machine already, just a few months ago. It's an ongoing process, apparently. If you're getting those "out of memory" messages, then you're about to hit the wall. You're going to have to either add memory or replace the thing, and soon. Otherwise, you're going to have a big old crash, and trust me, you don't want that. What happens is, the computer will continue to store stuff in every nook and cranny, until even that 6% is full, and then when there's no more room, it just has to stop in its tracks. There's no more room to maneuver and it's just stuck. Imagine trying to turn your car around inside your garage, with the door shut. You couldn't do it, unless you made the garage bigger.

Well, that's how I understand it. PH and some others can probably give you much better explanations of the problem and better solutions, but that's about the situation as I see it.

Now I'm off to pick up Eloise, and we're going to El Fenix, our favorite Mexican place, and have the Wednesday special - cheese enchiladas! Yum! Then we're going to go get our nails done - her fingernails, my toenails. (Sorry, Me-They! Then we're going to Hobby Lobby to mouse around for a while. I need to get five little pieces of colored glass cut, to serve as coloring lenses on my landscape lights. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70014: Oh, my stars! Sorry!

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70015: So sorry - I didn't mean to be so bold. --Romeena

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70016: Good morning everyone. Hope that you all are doing well.

POSSUM: I have only had the opportunity to skim the posts from the last few days and may have missed something suggested to you or something you may have tried. However, at the risk of being redundant, have you deleted all unnecessary files? If you go to your hard drive, right click on it, then choose "Properties. " Under the "General" tab, then hit "Disk Cleanup." This will delete temp files, cookies, etc. Make sure that your Recycle bin is empty. I have a friend who was sending things to his recycle bin for years thinking that deleted them. Of course, as long as they are in the bin they are on the drive. Also, when you delete programs that you are not using make sure they are actually being uninstalled and you are not just deleting the shortcut. Finally, if all else fails delete a fairly large program like Excel, defrag, then reinstall it.

AUH2O: I'm just glad that your problem was a quick fix.

Now, I want in on the record that I did not begin this recent moulage. And I'm not even going to weigh right into it. Instead, I'll dance on the fringe ;).

I don't believe the Bush admininstration is guilty of out-and-out lying. What I do think they are guilty of is creating an atmosphere where those who report to them are "encouraged" to tell them what they want to hear. And there is no doubt that they wanted to hear what they heard regarding WMDs.

I'l be back later.


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70017: Good point ROMEENA. My only caution would be that if you are getting "Low on Virtual Memory" messages it does not necessarily mean you are running outr of actual memory space.


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70018: auh2o, thank you for those kind words about me. Also, since I'm not a coffee drinker, I prefer Tim Horton's chili.
And thanks for that youtube link. Ex-President Bush had a difficult decision to make that was dependent on information he obtained from others. How do you retaliate against a group (terrorists) who have no political boundaries? Had I been president and had access to the same information, I wonder if I would have made the same decision to invade Iraq?

Romeena, thanks for your opinion and that link. Unfortunately, that link only mentioned how others made mistakes and did not defend ex-President George Bush's mistakes. Please understand that I never accused ex-President George Bush of lying. I only accuse him of not apologizing quick enough for some mistakes performed by people under his command.

In the Navy, I was taught that the Captain of a ship has overall responsibility for the actions of everyone under that Captain's command. If a Captain accepts accolades for positive accomplishments of his or her crew, he or she must also answer for any negative accomplishments. When intelligence is used to influence a decision, take extra ordinary steps to maximize accuracy, especially when lives are at stake. And if intelligence still results in a bad public decision, then a timely public apology should be expected. Am I asking too much?

I just read that President Obama's Economic Recovery Plan now exceeds $900 billion. I figured that if you spend $1,000 every second continuously, it would take you 28.5 years to spend $900 billion. YIKES!!!
Now if they divided that up between all 300 million of us Americans, we each would get $3,000. Now that I wouldn't mind especially if it was tax-free.

Do you folks remember the song "I Shot The Sheriff" by Eric Clapton? If you do, then you might enjoy the revised lyrics I found at
(I wonder if that will automatically appear as a link or do I need to add HTML coding?)

Sterling Holobyte, do you realize that you posted the 70,000th post here? Congratulations!

from Poor Horatio

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70019: That song parody is funny, if in a dark way, POOR HORATIO. It IS great to have you back, by the way.

AUH2O: Did you by chance post at Familyman?


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70020: Hey again Y'all. Me-They,I did the disk cleanup.Sterling,I think you suggested ccleaner.com-I used that and it freed up more space.Ro,I had it in the shop a few years back & they added memory,so not sure if that's the problem.It's most likely just old & running out of life,as you also suggested.I think I'll be able to purchase a new one once income tax refund comes in. Meanwhile,I'm scratching & clawing my way onto the Porch as long as I can! Computer does seem to be running a bit faster & better since I used that ccleaner.com.Thanks again!
Hmm.. still no Maude. And MDC just happens to be AWOL this week too! Y'all reckon they're off "runnin' with" each other? MDC is fickle,ya know-he's the first to admit it!
Boo,are we still on for Sat. night with Spot?
possum under a rock

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70021: Sure, I'm still on for Saturday night, Possum. Who's picking up who?


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70022: Boo,I think as soon as the coast is clear with Miss Sherry,Spot will pick us up and we'll head over to Yancey for the floor show.I know it's not the same as going to preachin',but I'm gonna wear my dangly earrings? What about you?
possum again

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70023: Didn't mean to put a question mark on those dangly earrings!
possum again

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70024: Well, if you two are going to use such a vulgar phrase as "running with"...


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70025:
M-T Nope, I'm not sure what Familyman is.

Poor Horatio-They would've had to been pretty convincing for me to sign off on the Iraq invasion. I'm not even sure I would have supported the first Iraq war. Ya know, it's a little silly for us to try and make these decisions concerning war. I mean look at Obama he was dead set against "Rendition" and "Secret Trails" but he signed off on continuing both. He even has waffled a bit on Gitmo. That's not a slam to our President, I'm just saying, we actually know so little. Until you get those high level intelligent briefings, it's just hard to say.

70,000! Atta Boy, Luther! eerr... I mean Sterling.


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70026: "five"

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70027: Good snowy afternoon porch, at least here on my end of the porch it's snowing. Bet it is over at Big Maude's place too since she lives so close to me. Asa whadda you mean "incite" I didn't start no riot, that my friend was auh2o what incited first. ha possum I'm glad your computer seems to be running better, or is that running with? boy ain't I funny today, must be the weather. Anyways, gotta go get some pupcicles back in, they don't stay out there long in this weather, believe me, if it were just snowing, they stay out and play, but with temps reading 17 right now, they get their business done and want right back in. So until next time, ya'll try to act like somebody!

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70028: Funny, MAVIS? You're a nut ;).

AUH2O: It's a Christian based website for husbands/dads. Anyway, I read a post there that sounded like you. Just thought I'd shoot in the dark.

Prayers all around. See y'all in the a.m.


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70029: Waffle? Is that anything like flip-flopping? I just want to get my jargon correct.

Me-"The Scamp"-They

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70030: Hey gang..possum got yer mail,hey boo,auh20,Romeena,Mavis and all...Idol is on and I have been busy here at the farm!...back in just a bit...COLD..teens here...SPOT

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70031: that was a good game .

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70032: Maude?...has anyone got her e-mail?...SPOT

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70033: Mine is Randycan1@yahoo.com.if yall got it shoot it to me!...SPOT

February 04, 2009 - Msg 70034: Folks,
I'm excited to have you listen to the latest episode of Two Chairs No Waiting podcast!

Bert Miller does a special segment about Weaver's and then joins us with a "flashback" update on his visit to Floyd's Barber Shop a few days back.


Hope to hear from you about what you think.


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70035: It6 is colder than blue blazes here. I whopping 8 degrees. We have had snow delays and cancellations for the last week. The 1-2 inches yesterday turned into about 5 inches. At this rate, it will be June before we are in the house!

I am going to find my electric blanket and turn it on HIGH!


February 04, 2009 - Msg 70036: Wow...8 degrees....HEAT WAVE!! ha ha It's 22 degrees in Huntsville. No snow or anything..just cold for us but NOTHING like you're seeing, hm. --Floyd