February 04, 2009 - Msg 70037:
Hello porch family....Hope you all are staying warm.
Been busy around here trying to catch up on all the things that get behind when I'm on the road.

It's cold here so I think I'll get me some hot cider, put on some TAGS dvds and just kick back.

Spot.....how bout we all meet at the diner in the morning. They have a breakfast special that you just can't beat.

You all have a great night and remember to pray for our country. Jesus loves you!

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70038: Just wanted to check back in here and thank you all once again for the prayers. My grandma left the bonds of earth at about 10 minutes to 7 tonight. My mom said it was a nice peaceful passing and all the sons and daughters in law were there. She said my uncle who was kind of worked up about the whole thing kind of mellowed there at the end, so that in and of itself was a blessing. I especially want to thank you, TOM, for the poem from a few days ago - it was really touching. Again - thanks friends for every remembrance in prayer. God bless you all.

Floyd - enjoyed the podcast.

Hope all is well with you all - prayers for those needs among us and around us. Blessings all!

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70039:
AFD, prayers for your family in this time of grief.

Thomas A. Moody

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70040:
FloydEnjoying the podcast very much.
Have you by any chance ever interviewed Betty Lynn? If so, I'd love to hear that on your podcast.

Thomas A.Moody

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70041: I haven't had a chance yet to interview Betty. I'm going to do my best to work that one out. I'd like to re-interview some of them at some point as well. The interviews I have I did 10 years+ ago.

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70042: I didn't have time to listen to the podcast yesterday, Floyd, but will try to as soon as I can. It seems I stay way too busy these days.

Thank you for posting, AFD. I am thankful that your grandmother's passing was peaceful and that your uncle has calmed down. Lord bless each of you with His peace and comfort in the coming months.

Busy day today. It's time to have my blood drawn again, so I have to go into town for that, and a few other errands. I really wanted to finish cleaning the refrigerator, and Erin's room, but may not get to it. Better be on my way...


February 05, 2009 - Msg 70043: ...wish I had Otis incarcerated (or inarculated) here at home so I could put him to work on some things....

Boo (Bloody Mary)

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70044: That would be "Boo-Dee Mary". :) Slow down...."what's your hurry?" --Floyd

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70045: Mornin' Y'all. AFD,my sympathies to you in the loss of your grandmother.May she rest in peace & prayers that God comforts your family during this time.
Spot,I have Maude's e-mail address.I'll e-mail her & see if I get a reply.Hope she's ok.
Yep,it sure has been cold here in SC,hasn't it Rev? Did y'all get any snow yesterday? All we had were a few flurries.
Well,let me bundle up good & I'm heading over to the Diner for breakfast with Spot & Rev. Y'all come on & join us!
possum under an icy rock

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70046: Hey Floyd! You gonna join us over at the Diner?

possum again

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70047:
Morning Porch

It's -14 here this morning but it is so sunny, almost blinding with the reflection off of the snow.

possum-I'd love to meet you folks at the diner, some homemade beef hash with poached eggs sounds good to me.

hm-Sure hope the weather doesn't set ya back too much.


February 05, 2009 - Msg 70048: I just e-mailed Big Maude. Will let y'all know if I hear anything.

possum once more

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70049: "Boo-dee Mary"...not sure about that, Floyd! ha...I know I need to slow down...thanks for the reminder.


February 05, 2009 - Msg 70050:

possum once more... that sounds like the name of a song or a perfume. Or, maybe some kid complaining about supper, yikes.


February 05, 2009 - Msg 70051: LOL@ the kid complaining about supper! Funny,auh2o!
"Aw,Ma,are we having possum AGAIN?"

possum ONCE MORE

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70052: Good morning, porch! Just got a minute - have to take my car over to the dealership to get the state-required inspection done - it expired the end of January. I hope Barney doesn't catch me on the way. Also, the outside-temp thermometer doesn't work properly. Last week, it told me it was 33 degrees outside, and it was actually in the mid-50's. Not a big deal, but it's under warranty, so I might as well get it fixed.

I feel so sorry for all you folks with your freezing temps. It's 45 here right now. The sky is the color of pewter, and it looks like it would be bitterly cold, but it's not.

PH, I didn't mean to imply that you had accused GWB of lying. Many people across the nation have done so, however. In posting that link, I just wanted to prove that the information he had must have been pretty convincing, since virtually the entire Democratic party believed it, and were calling for action against Saddam. When he finally acted upon that information, they all fell away like sand and called him a "cowboy" and accused him of waging a war for "personal" reasons. Me-They, I don't know that the intelligence he received WAS what he wanted to hear. I really don't think he wanted to go to war. However, he was being fed enough information that was so convincing that Kerry, Gore and everyone else bought it. He had 9/11 on his plate. The eyes of the Arab world were upon him - what was he going to do? They were waiting for him to roll over and play dead, and he knew it. Those people abhor weakness, the only thing they understand is violence and force, and anything that smacks of conciliatory weakness is viewed with disdain. No, I think he did the only thing he could do. If he made a mistake, it was in delaying the action long enough that Saddam had time to remove or bury the WMDs. I will always believe they were there. As for the apology that didn't come, perhaps he felt he had nothing for which to apologize.

One thing America, and our own Hussein, had better remember. We are not dealing with rational, reasonable people. The Muslims do not hate us because we're rich - a common belief. They do not hate us because we're free - another common belief. No, they hate us because we are not Muslim. They are under an eternal mandate, an irrevocable order from their prophet, to convert us or kill us. Frankly, I think they'd prefer to kill us, in order to secure our resources for themselves. Don't believe me? Read their book.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70053:
Brisco:"A perfectly good hoot owl just plum wasted"

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70054:
Andy: "Young 'uns, young 'uns, Young 'uns, young un's, young 'uns." (after fixing opie's skinned knee.)

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70055: Hey Porch.
AFD, so sorry about your loss. It does sound like she went with peace. I pray for you and your family during this period of mourning.

Gosh Ro, you say things so well. I wish I could express myself half as good as you. And I must agree. I can't imagine how anyone could think that the Bush Administration would "cook the books" to go to war. And I also agree evidence strongly supported WMD's were there. And we gave them more than ample time and opporunity to get rid of them.

Auh20, about the ice dam, sounds like you got it figured out? Hope so anyway.

Spot, what's for lunch? I'm famished.


February 05, 2009 - Msg 70056: Hey Rev, Asa its 17 degrees here in Ga...mercy...lets go to Dennys and have lunch...and tell them to cut up the heat!..hey possum,Boo,Ro,hazel,auh2o,Tom and all...SPOT

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70057: Y'all,I heard from Big Maude- she's okay,just busy with work and life in general.Her son Patrick received his college acceptance letter (Hooray for Patrick!) and I don't think Maude would mind me telling y'all that she's going through some mixed emotions- empty nest syndrome,although he hasn't left yet.I think any of us parents can empathize with her. She said she hopes to be back over here on the Porch soon,and she also said to tell Spot this: The slaw is on its way!

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70058: Hey, folks. I'm back from taking my car in for inspection. Since it has about 47k miles on it, they went ahead and did the 50k checkup on it, and found a small leak in a bushing in the transmission. So, I left it there to be repaired (it's under warranty, hooray) and I came home in a loaner. Now, usually their loaners are comparable cars to what you drive. However, all those cars were out and wouldn't be in until this afternoon. I could bring my car back tomorrow, or wait for a comparable-car loaner to be turned in, or they would rent a car for me from an agency. I chose to take the rental so I could come on home. What fun! It's a cute little car, with emphasis on the "little". Not sure what it is, except it's a Chevy something or other, and it's about six feet long, or so it seems. Even Starr was a little puzzled when we got in it. It has bucket seats, with nothing between the seats but air, and she's used to being able to lie on the seat next to me. She kept standing on the other seat and peering down into the void, then looking up at me as if to say, "Mama, what happened to my place?" Too funny. Anyway, the little car is fun to drive, very peppy and maneuverable, turns on a dime and gives you change. Rides like a buckboard, but so what? I'm just glad I have it, and it's free. I'll get my car back tomorrow, all fixed, and that's free too. Can't beat a deal like that. --Romeena

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70059: Asa, you flatter me. Thanks for the kind words, but somehow I am never at a loss for words when the subject is something about which I feel strongly, and the threat of Islam is one of those subjects. They're not going to launch any full-scale attack, they know they couldn't win. They will continue to make little chicken-peck attacks here and there, some greater than others, just to annoy us, and intimidate some people. Meantime, they are working behind the scenes to increase their percentage of our population. Little by little, they will introduce their people into our political system (helloooo?) and bit by bit, their system of law and economics will creep in. I know, some people think we have checks and balances in place that will prevent that, but it will be so subtle and insidious that it will go virtually unnoticed. Remember, they have the backing of Satan, and he's plenty smart. It won't happen tomorrow, or next week, or next year, but one day, unless somebody wises up, in a generation or so this country will live under Sharia law, and what churches are left will be meeting in the dark of night in basements without windows. Christians in many parts of the world today live in terror and fear for their lives. Atrocities are committed daily. Because of my connection with some missionaries, I read reports now and then that will chill your blood.

I'm sure there are some Muslims who don't buy into the violence and hatred. There were some German citizens in the Hitler years who actually helped hide Jews, rather than hating them. However, they were essentially powerless, and had to remain covert with their activities, lest they be gathered up in a pogrom as well. The Muslims who would welcome peace are silent as well. To speak against jihad would be to invite death.

Ironically, our own constitution will be our undoing. We are built on the premise of freedom of religion, and to deny the Muslims in our midst the right to be here and to practice their religion would be to fly in the face of our own laws and freedoms. Believe me, they will use that against us. It appears we are, as Hamlet said, "Hoist by our own petard." Translation - our britches are caught on our own pitchfork.

AFD, I'm glad your grandmother had a peaceful passage. You and the family will miss her, but she's not gone, she's just in the next room. God is good. --Romeena

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70060: Argh! My service manager just called to tell me that there had been an accident in the service garage, involving my car. There is now a hole in the right front fender. They will, of course, make all repairs and restore it to like-new condition, at no cost to me, but that means they'll have to keep it until Tuesday.

They'll probably send someone out later today or tomorrow with one of their own loaners, a car comparable to mine, and pick up the little rental I've got right now. I told Alan I didn't mind driving the rental until Tuesday, but he said first of all their policy is for their owners to receive comparable loaners, and besides, they're having to pay for that rental! Ha! I hadn't thought of that. So, I told him whatever works for them will work for me.

Alan has been my service manager for 16 years, since we bought our first car from Sewell. He's like a family friend, and he always takes good care of me. Of course, Sewell takes good care of everyone. I can't imagine buying a car anywhere else. --Romeena

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70061: And now I'll stop monopolizing the porch. --Romeena

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70062:
Brisco: "Neat AND reverent, that's a combonation
that's hard to come by."

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70063: Possum you may have to fill in making the slaw....SPOT

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70064: Good afternoon porch, sorry I did not mean to cause anyone to worry. Just been a bit busy and had a lot on my little ole mind the past couple weeks. I appreciate Possum checking in on me on behalf of the porch.

Very cold around here and snowy.

I am trying to stay caught up at work but am having a hard time with all the paperwork, guess I am not a focused as I need to be as I can usually stay on task.

Since SPOT ask about my email I will pass it along. therapylady33@yahoo.com.

Possum may have told you that Patrick got his acceptance letter for college this week The one he really wants to attend. Tennesse Tech in Cookeville as he wants to study enginering (sp?). I am very proud of him but also somewhat nervous and sad. I know he is ready to go both academically and maturity wise BUT the thought of him leaving the nest is hard. I will work through this and be okay but right now when I think about it too much it makes me cry.

Since I have been away for a while I will cook supper: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, SLAW, biscuits, corn on the cob,
and peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert.

come and stay a while.

Prayers and blessings to all and thanks for your friendship.

Big Maude

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70065:
I'm ritche here possum!
Busier than heck with the construction guys.
Spot, asa, the 'lectricians come tomorrow!
Cut the power please...MDC (:

sha na naa na..get a job..

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70066: Thanks for checking in, Big Maude. I had a different email addy for you - an AOL address. Is that still good, or did the one above replace it?

I've got a small rack of ribs baking in the oven, and boy, do they smell good!! I'm going to dip out a couple of tablespoons of the drippings, put it in a skillet and use it to wilt down a package of fresh spinach. A little lemon juice squeezed over that, and it's larrupin' good. Got a bit of leftover tater salad - sounds like supper to me! There's enough to share, if anybody wants to drop by. --Romeena

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70067: Romeena, You can use either e mail. The one above is my work e mail and Pjpbcoxfam@aol is the home address. I am on the computer more at work and do most of my porch posting from there. I get e mail at both so either is okay.


Big Maude

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70068: Hey Maude! Good to see you on the porch. I have to admit that when I read your post about Patrick, I felt a painful little tugging at my heart. My Sean will turn 14 in a couple of months and it went by so quickly! I know my day is coming when he will be leaving the nest and I have my work cut out for me getting him ready for it. He will probably still be at home until he is older than 18, but we will see. I don't see him going off to college. We have a trade college near home and he will probably attend there, unless the Lord has other plans.

Too bad about your car, Romeena. What in the world happened to it?

Speaking of cars, I had better find another one soon. Today while i was in town, my car started sounding like I was popping corn in the engine! Hope it keeps running long enough to trade it in.

Been a long day, so I think I will sign off. I still need to help Sean with some of his schoolwork he didn't finish. Some days he gets very stressed and needs more one on one help. It does well if I am working along with him and I see progress as his stress level gets lower. He starts to remember things and his spelling improves. I have been teaching him some math tricks for dyslexics that a teacher-friend showed me and it is going well.

Ya'll have a great evening and I will see you in the morning with my coffee...


February 05, 2009 - Msg 70069: Wow Maude I sure did miss you girl !...aint no slaw like Maude slaw!...dogs are gona taste good now..let me get the lights cut off at the barn and Opie and Otis fed...back in just a bit...hey possum,Ro,Boo,Rev,To,,auh2o and all...SPOT

February 05, 2009 - Msg 70070: Hi All.
It going to bre a cold nightdown to 10 deg.
can not wait to this weekend it going to warm up so like about 50deg.:)
I think someone can make up a list of allare email address and win one of us are miss to lone we can email to found thim.

Forgive me, oh Lord, whne I stumble,
Forgive me for going astray.
I know I'm a weak human being,
And I need You each step of the way.
Sometimes, when I think I'm perfect,
And I feel I can "go it alone,"
You cause me to stop and remember,
That You are still on the theone.
Lord, there are times when I'm helpless,
And everything seems to go wrong.
I call out to You for assurance,
And You hold me until I am strog.
Help me, dear Lord, to be patient,
When trials come my way.
Help me to learn the true meaning,
of "only trust and obey."


February 06, 2009 - Msg 70071: Beautiful poem, Tom, and so true. Good idea about the emails, too. Actually, I have quite a lot of them. Anytime someone wants an address, just ask me. I'll check with the other person, and with their permission, will share their address with you. Or - you can ask here on the porch, and if the other person is willing, they can just post their address, like Big Maude did. Not everyone is willing to do that, so for those folks, I don't mind being the go-between.

I found colored glass at Hobby Lobby and bought seven sheets in different colors. I cut one piece to put over the lens on the $10 halogen landscape light fixture Ted installed to replace the $30 fixture I broke last week, and it works beautifully! I'll probably replace them all before the wedding. Those $30 fixtures are big and clunky, corrode badly, do not include a bulb, and the bulbs are $7 each. The halogens are $10, include a bulb, and are small and unobtrusive, yet throw a wider, brighter and richer light. Hmmm. Hard choice! (ha)

Boo, I don't know what happened to the car. Alan just said "we had a little accident back in the garage, and there is now a hole in your right front fender, which of course we'll fix." I didn't ask for details - he'll tell me when I pick it up, I'm sure. I'm not worried - they'll take care of it, and they'll do it right. There will be no sign of damage, it'll be like new.

Well, I'm off to bed. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70072: Perfect poem for me today, TOM, thanks so much. Hope it warms up for you this weekend.

Well, that's good, Ro. I was just curious about what kind of accident occured.

Well, today is Friday and I couldn't be happier about it. I am really hoping I can sleep in until at least 8 in the morning. I need the rest but always seem to wake up early, even on weekends.

Bruce came home early yesterday complaining of being tired and having indigestion. That got my attention so I kept a close eye on him. He slept for a few hours and seems to be better today. He worries me with his stress level like it is. I saw him take his blood pressure medicine last night, so that's a good thing. His job can be so demanding.

Got a call from MIL last night asking me to stop by after leaving Erin off at school. She wants to talk to me about something. I hope she is happy in her apartment and doesn't want to move again or something. I told Bruce that the next time she moves, we are hiring movers. We are getting too old and injured for that.

Yesterday, while in town, I took Sean to get a haircut at this little, old barber shop that I heard had a great barber. He had been cutting hair for 46 years. The place was pretty neat with lots of 50's memorabelia on the walls. Turns out he is a first cousin to Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart. He had old pictures of his family gatherings with Jerry Lee present. It was fun to look at. He have Sean a real "man's" haircut and he looks like he is in the navy. I like it, but it takes some getting used to.

Better get on with the day. Hopefully I can check in later...


February 06, 2009 - Msg 70073: Good morning Porch. Good to see you Big Maude I was beginning to think you were frozen in over at your place, we've had a few pretty nasty cold days here this past week. Thankfully it's supposed to start warming up. I'm more than ready for it. I'm beginning to get the nursery catalogs in the mail and that makes me want spring even more. I haven't heard anymore from the crazy lady that used to live in our house, but I figure since her husband passed away on Feb 12 she'll probably show up next week sometime. I sure hope not, but if she does I'll just have to handle it. Well, I'm off here for a while, got a couple of puppies to groom today, then off to the grocery for the dogs. It's time for their organ meal and we're all out of livers. (YUK)

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70074: Morning folks, hope all is well today. Working till about noon and then off to Wal Mart. Not my favorite place but I need some things that the grocery store does not have.

Thanks to SPOT and Mavis and everyone else. I missed all of you.

Cold again this morning but as Mavis said it is supposed to warm up nicely this week end. I have a lot of household chores to do so maybe the warm weather will motivate me or not. :)

Please say a prayer for Patrick's friend, Laiken.
She is a junior and plays on the girls basketball team at school. She is a good basketball player and very tall 5'11".(since I am about 5' 1 that is very tall to me) anyway she took a pretty nasty elbow (from the opposing team's player) to her eye. She has a bruise and a small cut just below her eye. Thankfully that was all but any injury near the eye can be dangerous. The team athletic trainer told her to be careful as she could have a torn retina. She was a trouper about it and wanted to go back into the game. She will appreciate your prayers.

Lunch menu will be: hot dogs, homemade chili, SLAW, chips, pickles. brownies for dessert. tea or kool aid to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70075: Wow, post 70,000?! Is there going to be a parade or something? ;)

Or maybe a band concert.

Well, my weekend has already started since I get Fridays off. Though I am still tired. Maybe I should take Mondays off instead, then I would have that day off before I am all tired out from the week. ;)

Have a good day all!

-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70076: You too, Sterling...glad you have the day off (wish I did...) :-(

Well, back to work...


February 06, 2009 - Msg 70077: Hey Y'all- See,told ya Maude was bringing the slaw! Good to have you back in Mayberry,Big Maude.Spot,I don't do slaw,but I make a great meatloaf (not to be confused with meatBALLS! Ha!)-let's have that for supper tonight.Then afterwards,we'll get the Mayor's daughter to sing "Flow Gently Sweet Afton" and present Sterling with a plaque for hitting post 70,000.Or do y'all think he'd rather have a watch? We can have "70,000" engraved on the back.Either way,it's gonna be BIG,Sterling,so slick down good,ya hear?
possum under a rock

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70078: Sterling's got hot knees!


February 06, 2009 - Msg 70079: Just a quick trouble check...busy busy....prayers....SPOT

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70080:
ya all have a blessed weekend,

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70081: I always figured that about Sterling...


February 06, 2009 - Msg 70082: Evening Porch Family:

Finally got a night off and decided to catch up on my reading! Boy do ya miss a lot when ya don't check in. M-T, still waiting to see your smiling face on the mountain. Let me know if ya need some passes.
Better go wash the dog, been out rolling in the stream in the yard. Boy, what a mess. ~New Neighbor

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70083: Okay...it's killing me and I'm admitin' it.

The last episode of Two Chairs No Waiting ( http://mayberry.com/podcasts/ ) came out on Tuesday and I haven't gotten any feedback (other than from family members and I can't rely on them to be honest).

I did something different in that episode....I kind'a wanted to let it be something folks just discovered so I didn't talk much about it. Now, however, I'm beginning to think it was just bad and folks are trying to be nice to me.

Episode #17 is called Bert Miller Barbershop Flashback and in it I was joined in studio by Bert Miller from over at Weaver’s Department Store.

Bert does a special http://www.WeaversDepartmentStore.com segment and then joins us for an update on his recent visit to Floyd’s Barber Shop.

At the end Floyd's showed up my Thoughts from Floyd segment.

Anyway, even the guy what wrote the "flashback" hasn't let me know what he thought even so I'm getting paranoid.

I'd love to have y'all listen to the episode (and all the past episodes too if you haven't been able to) and give me a fair and honest trial and then hang 'em...I mean then tell me what you think.

I can't get better at this "podcasting" thing nor do things folks actually want to hear without feedback so....if you listen to it, please let me know what you think. (e-mail me: Floyd AT mayberry.com)

If you don't listen, let me know why because that might be helpful to me as well. Maybe I can make it a show you don't want to miss.

Thanks porch folks and happy 70,000+ posts here on The Taylor's Front Porch!

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70084: Good evening everyone - congrats on us for yakking up to 70,000 plus posts. Boy - we have a lot of air or busy fingers!

Well - I finally bought myself a new-to-me Blazer this evening. Pretty nice - 99,000 miles so it is barely broke in. One owner and garage kept. 4WD which is a must here! Hubby is happy to have his truck back.
I applied for job with a local college also. They are looking for a coordinator of student teachers. Maybe I'll get this. The boy's can go to this college for half-price, when they get that old, which would help.
We warmed up to almost 50 today - now we have mud instead of snow. Which is worse - I don't know!?!


February 06, 2009 - Msg 70085:
Floyd, you are getting paranoid.
I enjoyed them thoroughly. I think one of the things about cyberspace is that instead of interaction, and relating or responding we just do it like television and can walk away and get back to the ironing or changing the oil.
Response or the lack thereof is not really a reliable indicator.

I listened to about 4 in a row the few nights ago and caught up on them. They were good, and I enjoyed that hard driving salesman Bert.

But don't go by what I say, I'm just a stranger passing through.

Thomas A. Moody

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70086: Gang I will be back on the job here on the porch tomorrow...just been busy around here..I work in the morning so I will catch up...prayers...SPOT

February 06, 2009 - Msg 70087: Hello folks. Just stopped by for a quick visit.

I noticed a couple people have posted their email addresses. I highly recommend against that practice. Spam advertisers use software programs called "spiders" or "web crawlers" to visit all types of web sites and crawl around looking for email addresses to use or sell.
There are techniques you can use to minimize or eliminate this problem. Visit http://labnol.blogspot.com/2006/03/hide-your-email-address-on-websites.html for some great tips.

from Poor Horatio

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70088: I listened to a couple of podcasts, Floyd, one being the Bert Miller podcast. You do a good Bert Miller! I thought the part about the marine buzz-cut was funny. It was all enjoyable, thank you for taking the time to do something like that for all of us. It kind of keeps Mayberry alive, doesn't it? YOU keep Mayberry alive for us here on the porch, Floyd...you are certainly no "Floyd the Gay Deceiver"...hehe...:)

Very cool about the Blazer, HM. Hope it lasts as long as my old suburban (we are now at 200,000 miles).

Better hit the sack. I am really tired tonight...Goodnight!


February 07, 2009 - Msg 70089: Hey folks,

Thanks for the kind words and warning against paranoia! :) Doing the podcast is a good bit of work and I guess that's why I wondered if folks liked it. The downloads have gone from a high of about 500 for the first episode down to only about 150 per show for the last 8 episodes. Makes a feller think that maybe its not something folks really enjoy and as I said...it's not that simple and quick to do so that's where my paranoia started.
--Floyd http://mayberry.com/podcasts

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70090: Mornin' y'all! Floyd,I admit I haven't checked out your Podcasts yet.I will make a point of doing so,however. And thank you for all you do to keep Mayberry "alive" for us.You are a treasure!
Well,Boo,tonight's our big night- you still up to running with Spot? Gussie up,put on your dangly earrings,cause he's gonna be mighty sharp in that "My Cousin Vinny" velvet suit tonight! See ya later!
Supposed to warm up here-yippee! Last few days have been a bit much for my Southern blood!
Y'all have a good weekend-love to all.
possum under a rock

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70091: Possum what time will you Ladys be ready?..Purple is my color...Hey Floyd,horatio,Thomas,Sterling,NN and congrats on the ride Hm..slow here at work I fell asleep in the chair with my feet up...dont tell anybody..glad there are 2 of us here but I nap very light...Asa lets take this crowd to Maudes house for lunch..I will give her a ring...slaw dogs all around.....well back in just a bit...Possum I will wash the truck and vacume where yall want get dog hairs on ya and get the cans from the bed...kinda make a racket rolling around back there!....SPOT

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70092: Morning to everyone today. Just finished my daily treadmill walk and thought I would drop by the porch.

We have a beautiful day today, supposed to warm up to about 61. I have some chores to take care of, need to get my shower and then looks like I am having company for lunch so I had better get busy.

Lunch menu will be: beef pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, corn on the cob,
SLAW, rolls, apple pie with carmel topping and ice cream. tea, kool aid to drink. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Have a great day and be careful on your trip to my place in SPOT's truck.

Big Maude

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70093: Well, this is spooky. I posted last night, mostly a response to PH's timely advice about how to mask an email addy so the bots don't pick it up. Now it's not here. I guess I didn't actually post it. Maybe I hit "reset" instead of "post". Oh well, golden prose it wasn't, so nothing lost.

He's right about those addresses, though. The link is a good one, and gives some great suggestions. The first ones are the simplest, and are effective. Here's my favorite method. My old email would have been posted here as: romeena at airmail dot com. Just write everything as text, complete with spaces, and you've got it. The bots won't pick that up, but anyone reading it knows just to put it in email address form.

Floyd, I enjoy the podcasts very much. I confess I haven't visited lately, but seem to have a problem finding enough time. I want to be able to just sit and enjoy them, and it seems something else always pulls me away. I follow several blogs too, and am waaay behind on reading them. I don't know what I'd do if I had a family to take care of - where would I find the time?

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70094: Yes, sometimes I have the same problem, believe it or not, with 2 kids at home, it's hard to even carve out 10 minutes to listen to something, especially when I want to answer emails and visit the porch, too. I have a couple of friends with blogs that I visit, as well. I would love to make the podcasts a regular thing, though. Floyd, maybe is you shortened them to, maybe 5 minutes, it would be less work for you, and you would have more folks listening on a regular basis...just a thought. Maybe you could do podcasts in 2 parts or something?

Hey Maude, lunch sound fantastico!

Yes, Possum I will be ready for tonight.
can I just wear my sunday jeans (that what some of us Texans wear to church)? I'll wear the black ones some with some real shoes, instead of flip-flops. Wonder if Asa will be dancing tonight?


February 07, 2009 - Msg 70095: What did I just say up there??? Man, I should have had my coffee earlier.


February 07, 2009 - Msg 70096: Maude im on the way with the gang for lunch..I got a jar of hot peppers..Asa when we fuel up you clean the windshield.....SPOT

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70097: Hi All
Just a nice day but rain comming in tohight.


February 07, 2009 - Msg 70098: Hi All
Just a nice day but rain comming in tonight


February 07, 2009 - Msg 70099: It's 72 degrees here today, cloudy but the sun peeks through momentarily now and then. Balmy breeze blowing, very pleasant.

Ted got my new landscape lights installed, and I rigged up a little rack that fits over the face of each one to hold pieces of cut colored glass. The fixtures are halogen, no colored bulbs available, no colored lenses either. I thought I had fixed the problem, but not so. The heat from the halogen lights literally shattered my little colored lenses, even though they were standing off from the fixture about a quarter inch. It's going to take tempered glass. Unfortunately, tempered glass can't be cut. Well, I guess it can, but must be done professionally, and it would probably cost more than I can afford to cut seven little rectangles, and I don't know that anyone even makes tempered glass in colors. So, now I'm wondering if I can temper the little pieces I can cut myself from the sheets of hobby glass I bought. I have a ceramic oven, which gets extremely hot, so I guess I can at least try. I'll probably end up with a multi-colored puddle of molten glass on the floor of my kiln. Hmmm. Maybe I need to Google this problem a bit first. Anybody have any experience with a problem like this? Any suggestions?

Well, I'm off to the grocery store. It's my turn, along with another old gal, to take the refreshments to Sunday School in the morning. We always have donuts or something, and coffee and tea. Jo is bringing donuts, I think I'm going to get some of those little sausage roll thingies and bake them just before I leave in the morning. I love those things!

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

P.S. Boo, thanks for the kind words in your email. You flatter me.

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70100: Well race fans it all starts today!Arca on now and Shootout on tonight then next week ...well yall know 500! I cant wait...well lots of wreck in the Arca race..one 20 yr old woman from Daytona running..Ali Owens..well Maude had a great Lunch and Asa you got my truck windshield clean...lets meet at the diner for a quick burger and then Asa you can run by and pick up possum and Boo and head out to meet the others..heck its Sat night we may stay out till 9:30 or 10..Asa get you a nap where you can stay awake!..Romeena you are in charge of keeping everyone in line..Rev check in..Tom we are not getting any rain till about wed...675 here today...well Im gona take my sat bath and shave....SPOT

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70101: Wow now thats "Hot" not 675 "65"..SPOT

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70102: Did my HOT temp skeer yall?...Asa you drive my truck to the duck pond ok...I want to set in the back....SPOT

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70103: Well race is almost over...no post but from me since 5:30 pm and its 10:00pm......hum......SPOT

February 07, 2009 - Msg 70104:
Hello porch family...Been busy today.

AFD....my thoughts and prayers are with you and family.

Possum.....well it warmed up for us here in SC today

Ro.....hope they get your car back to new shape. I'm sure they will.

Spot.....man that was a wild shoot-out finish. Setting up for a good 500 next week.

Maude.....will surely be praying for Laiken.

Well folks I'm heading to bed. Prayers for all the porch family.
Remember, even on the coldest day, the love of Jesus can warm the heart.

February 08, 2009 - Msg 70105: Good very late evening, porch. I've been listening to "Two Chairs No Waiting". I highly recommend it! Oh, an interesting note - while listening, you can explore some of the links as well. I ordered a T-shirt from Weaver's, and checked out the pictures of Myers Lake (Franklin Canyon Reservoir), all while listening to interviews. The interview with Elinor Donahue was especially nice - she's a real sweetheart. They're all good, though. Jamie "Opie" Sullivan does a good job as well. I had the privilege of meeting him on the cruise last year, and he's a very nice young man. Well, actually, I got to meet all the tribute artists. I know I've been beating this drum before, but really -- I wish more of you would consider going on that cruise. It was really a lot of fun, and the price is right. The more porchsters we have there, the more fun it will be. Spot, how are your plans coming along?

REV, it's good to have you home. We miss those benedictions when you're gone. As for my car, don't you just know that my service manager hated to call me? Poor guy! He knows how particular I am about my car - refers to it as my "pet car" - and to have to call me and tell me they had damaged it must have been really hard for him. I didn't get upset, of course. Things are only things, after all, and besides, I know they'll fix it like new.

I'm having fun driving the loaner. It's a new Cadillac SRX, the sporty version of an SUV. Actually, it's like a cross between an SUV and a station wagon. It has only 3000 miles on it, and is fully loaded. I don't think there's an option available that's not on that car. I have considered trading for one of those next year, when my car goes out of warranty, so am glad for this chance to try one out. I like it, it's very peppy and responsive, but the ride is a little truck-y, and the interior is nowhere near as roomy as my car. No, I think I'll stick with the Sedan de Ville. I think the SRX is a little more expensive than the sedans too, though I'm not sure about that. There probably wouldn't be a lot of difference, since I buy pre-owned cars and the differences tend to level out a bit at about two years. Well, we'll see. I won't rule it out, and I've got about a year to go before I'll need to trade, so don't have to decide now. I'll see what my salesman friend trots out to show me.

Guess I'd better hit the hay. Preachin' in the morning, and I have to get up earlier than usual to bake a bunch of pigs-in-a-blanket to take to SS for our department refreshments. There are about 40-50 of us in the departmental meeting, so I'm baking 60 of the things. The other lady is bringing donuts and donut holes, so everyone should have enough. When we break up to our classes, anything that's left will go with us to the ladies' class! (heehee)

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

February 08, 2009 - Msg 70106: Good Morning gang...I will keep the Church light on I hope..hey brother Rev next week the 500!..MD,MDC,Mavis and all race fans its gona be a good year i think...Ro girl I can just see you sporting around in that SRX!..people may think you are "upedy"..you dont own grain elevators in Raliegh do you/..:)...well its a quick breakfast for all..hot bisquits and ham or sausage..coffee,Oj..prayers to all..Tom did you get rain yet?..auh2o check in,you and hazel,HM,Boo you and possum have a good time last night?...well let me get all these comp. fired up here at work..have six just on my side and my co-worker has the same....mercy...SPOT

February 08, 2009 - Msg 70107: Good morning, Spot. We appreciate you keeping the lights on. I know you regret having to miss church yourself, but there are some jobs that must be done on the Sabbath, just like any other day. Your job is one of them. Mine is, too. Once, a particularly self-righteous woman told me how comforting it was to know that there were Christian nurses, but then informed me that she could never have been a nurse, because her conscience wouldn't allow her to work on Sundays. I pretended to be considering what she had said, then asked her if it would be okay with her, if she was sick, that on Sundays the hospital was staffed entirely by non-Christians, including the nurse at her bedside? She just stood and stared at me like a duck looking at thunder, I said "think about it", and walked away. Some people! Then, of course, there are the good souls who say, "I admire you for doing what you do. I could never be a nurse, I'm just too tender-hearted." So what does that make me, Lucretia Borgia? Nurse Ratchett?

Well, I'd better go get those little piggies into the oven. Fortunately, they're already wearing their blankets, all I have to do is bake them. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

February 08, 2009 - Msg 70108: Well, Nurse Ratchett, I certainly worked alot of Sundays, myself....every-other, actually. I never got the "I'm too tender-hearted" routine, but I sure got alot of turned up noses about working in L&D...."Ew...I don't know how you do it. I could never do THAT!",...I guess because it involved touching female body parts and blood. The way they always looked at me when they said it made me feel like a leper. Other nurses were the worst offeneders...if they worked elsewhere in the hospital, they had something to say about our job (they didn't think it was real nursing or something), but nobody in the hospital worked harder than we did, with less staff to work with and other nurses were terrified to come help us out. You know how sometimes nurses float to other areas that are in desparate need? Well, I have floated to the cardiac unit, ER, you name it, and they never failed to call when they had a tough IV that needed to be started (we were good at that, too, because we started so many of them), but nobody would ever consider helping out in L&D....too chicken.

Well, I had better get ready for preachin'. I have to teach the high school class again, so ya'll remember me. We will be talking about 1 Thessalonians 1-11, which speaks of justice. I have a good story to tell them that illustrates the point. Maybe I will share it with you all later.

Have a blessed Sunday, and may you feel His love and Peace as you worship this morning!


February 08, 2009 - Msg 70109: Oh, and one more thing about L&D...it was stressful. Watching and interpreting those fetal monitor tracing all shift was very nerve-wracking. Those babies could do the craziest things. Had one once who kept grabbing hold of his umbilical cord and his heart rate would plummet randomely, then recover quickly, so there were no actual fetal distress, but I had to watch it like a hawk. When that child was born, he had a death-grip on the umbilical cord as he came out! Funny...maybe I already shared that story, but if you are as forgetful as I am, you probably don't remember it anyway! :) I would also challenge other nurses to find other areas where people were in more pain. Dealing with patients in pain was probably the toughest part. Our unit did lots of epidurals, though, so that helped...a wonderful invention, epidurals! I've had two and they were worth every red cent.


February 08, 2009 - Msg 70110: Good Sabbath everyone.
Goodness sakes, all this nurse talk from Ro and Boo causes me to realize how little I really know and appreciate what y'all do. I didn't realize there was such animosity between nurses working in different departments. Anyway, I look upon all who work in healthcare as special servants, if indeed they are there to truely assist the sick, and not for the money. I think Nurses fall into being there to care for the ill. I'm convinced not all Doctors would fit into that category though. Call me a cynic.

Well Ro, your pigs in a blanket sound much safer than Boo's chili from last week. Boo, was there any "fallout" from last weeks menu? That's adventure eating. Ro's church must be a little more reserved than yours. :)

Hey Spot, how's things in Atlanta these days. Glad you're keeping the lights glowing.

Floyd, I have only had time to listen to a couple of those podcasts, but have enjoyed them much. I think you do a fine job with them. Glad to see you don't get all tounge tied like Barney did when a mike was put before him. (he let's his revolver do his speaking for him)
Anyway, keep em coming. As time allows I know I will be listening to them.

Sure hope everyone is weathering the recession ok. As Barney said "it's tough, and it's gonna get tougher". I hope and pray we are all getting through this without getting to bruised up and bloody. And I pray things will turn around soon and improve. And certainly hope and pray things don't get much worse.

I'm teaching today also Boo. My topic is on the Prophet Elijah. He was quite the Prophet too.

Prayers for you all.