February 13, 2009 - Msg 70273:
Love, exciting and new...
Come Aboard. We're expecting you.
Love, life's sweetest reward.
Let it flow, it floats back to you.

The Love Boat soon will be making another run
The Love Boat promises something for everyone
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new romance.

Love won't hurt anymore
It's an open smile on a friendly shore.

From Issac, Capt Stubing and the rest of the
crew...Happy Valentine's day! (Fog horn blast here) (:

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70274:
Better known as ME! MDC

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70275: What an appropriate post to sweep the porch with, MDC!

Boo, I don't know how I posted twice over there, I didn't think I chewed my cabbage twice. Once is bad enough. ;)

Got back from the dealership. They have to order a part that they didn't have on hand. Some sensor or other. So, I'll be going again when they get it. Just how I like to spend my day off, sitting in the Toyota dealership(that I dislike immensely already).
At least it is under warranty. Now if they will just pay for my gas to get there and back we'd be set.

Well, have to go pick up the Kai.

Howdy right back, M-T.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70276: Very interesting stuff, Me-T. Thanks for posting it.

Be back later..


February 13, 2009 - Msg 70277:
Hey, what about MY retro-flashback, bellbottomed, Paul Williams POST?

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70278: Ah, Sterling, you have just demonstrated the tiny difference between a satisfied customer and a dissatisfied one. At Sewell Village Cadillac, it's almost a pleasure to take a car in for service. There are two adjoining waiting rooms, small and parlor-like, rather than just a big old room. There is a cappuccino machine (free), and an oven in which cookies or muffins are baking most of the time. A pleasant young woman serves them, always urging you to "take two". There are fresh flowers on the tables, comfortable chairs and sofas, current magazines and newspapers, and lovely rugs on the floors.

You are greeted in the service bay within two minutes of arrival, always. You are assigned your own service adviser - Alan has taken care of my cars for years. You are kept informed on the progress of your car, and if it's going to take more than an hour or so to fix it, you're offered a loaner - no charge. Now, keep in mind that I buy pre-owned cars, not brand-new! They're certified and given a new car warranty, which covers just about everything but measles.

Any dealership could do the same thing, but most hold the nickel so close to their eye that they can't see the dollars down the road. I just can't imagine that the cappuccino and those muffins cost all that much, but what it does for customer relations can't be matched. They sell a quality car, they offer a superb service package, and they treat you like a family friend. Can't ask for more than that.

I wouldn't dream of buying a car anywhere else. As a result, you see very little commercial advertising for Sewell - they don't need it. Return customers and word-of-mouth does it for them. Tell that Toyota dealership to send an employee to Sewell to get a job and spy for a while, and maybe they'll learn something! --Romeena

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70279: Good MDC. But your theme song is making me seasick. LOL.
So for you land-lovers, in honor of Valentines Day,

Love, American Style,
Truer than the Red, White and Blue.
Love, American Style,
That's me and you.

And on a star spangled night my love, (My love come to me).
You can rest you head on my shoulder.
Out by the dawn's early light, my love
I will defend your right to try.

Love, American Style,
That's me and you.

Dedicated to my wife and anyone else here who has a loved one they care about.

from Poor Horatio

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70280: oops, a small typo in my previous post
It should be

You can rest your head on my shoulder.

from Poor Horatio

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70281: Trivia question.

Who can name the singers (group) who sang the Love American Style theme song during the first season?

from Poor Horatio

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70282: Thanks for the flashback, PH...I used to watch Love American Style faithfully when I was a kid.

Me-They, it so happens that Sean is studying about Abraham Lincoln in his curriculum and today we read the Gettysburg Address. Wonderful stuff. I am going to look up some interesting internet photos for him to look at tonight. I did see a good photo of Robert Lincoln as an adult.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this but Erin has had sort of a "Lincoln fascination" since she was about 4. I brought home a book for Sean about Lincoln and she took an interest in it and wanted me to read it to her. She carried the book around for awhile and now she loves to talk about him. She seems to know alot about it and wanted to listen in today as I read the Gettysburg address and talked about the civil war. I think she might just be a history buff! Remember, she is the one who was singing the Battle Hymn from the back seat a couple of weeks ago. :)

Better go get my cobbler out of the oven (peach).


February 13, 2009 - Msg 70283: Was it "We Five"?

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70284: Oh, I came across the death mask of Robert E Lee the other day....


February 13, 2009 - Msg 70285: Google it!


February 13, 2009 - Msg 70286: Trouble Check...barn working....NEED FOOD!...SPOT

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70287: I'm going to Salt Grass tonight with David and Brittney, and Eloise and Jerry, Spot. How about I bring you back a doggie bag? --Romeena

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70288: Oh man, I love Saltgrass but the nearest Saltgrass is in San Antonio. Will you share your doggie bag, SPOT?

SPOT, you taking Miss Sherry out for Valentine's Day? I think it's going to be hard to find a good restaurant tomorrow night. Everything will be crowded. Not sure what I will be doing, if anything. Erin is doing alot better, but we will see how she is tomorrow night.

I watched the "Oregano" episode tonight on TVLand. Poor Andy! It made me sick just watching him eat all that spaghetti!


February 13, 2009 - Msg 70289: Yea Romeena what is salt grass? but I will just about anything...Boo I have to work till 6pm tomorrow but we are going to grill out at my dog house after that..she loves stuffed animals...got her a big stuffed turtle holding a heart...she likes turtle things...and Romeena as long as Salt Grass aint no sketty place im good..poor Andy...prayers...4:30 comes early for me..Rev the truck race is on..hey Mavis,Possum,Tom,hazel and all....SPOT

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70290: Saltgrass is a steak place, Spot, with a western theme....(The Old Saltgrass Trail, or something like that). I think it is actually called Saltgrass Mill. Maybe they are just a Texas thing. They know how to do a steak "purdy good".

I made homemade soup today, since we have all had stomach trouble around here this week. I made vegetable beef and it turned out well. We had it with garlic bread and I made a cobbler.

Bruce usually brings me roses and chocolate on Valentine's Day but I think I will ask him not to bring me chocolate this year.

Looks like we are the only ones on the porch this evening.


February 13, 2009 - Msg 70291:

I'd like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves

I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to hold it in my arms and keep it company
I'd like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand
And hear them echo through the hills "Ah, peace throughout the land"

(That's the song I hear)
I'd like to teach the world to sing (that the world sings today)
In perfect harmony

I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony

Id like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves

Happy Valentine's Day to all my porch buddies! Love, Kisses and Hugs


February 13, 2009 - Msg 70292: Gee Homemaker, why do I feel like drinking a Coke after your post?

MDC, good guess with The We Five. But it was the Cowsills who sang the Love American Style theme song during the first season. They were a family rock band (kids and mom) that The Partridge Family television show was based on.

from Poor Horatio

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70293: Hey folks, did you hear about the British teenagers who had a baby? The mother is 15 and the dad is 13. Check it out at http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,25049051-5001021,00.html.

from Poor Horatio

February 13, 2009 - Msg 70294:
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all of the Mayberry Porchsters~

Thomas A. Moody

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70295: I had forgot about the love american style song until you all reminded me of it,I used to watch it all the time too. Now, it may be just me, but,I have been watching some of those old commercials and some old t.v. shows(this comment does not relate to the andy griffeth show) from the late 60's early 70's,and it seems like there was alot of flirtatious inuendo, even for commercials like dippity do!I just don't remember there being all that, but, of course,I'm sure there are alot of things I don't remember!Oh well, It could be that I'm up so late I'm taking everything the wrong way!Happy Valentines Day porch friends-ky girl

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70296: Well happy Valentines day porch..im back at work...will try to catch up...hey Thomas,Romeena,possum,Boo,Asa,Rev,Tom,horatio,MDC we have racing this weekend!..breakfast will be as follows:3 eggs your way,bisquits and gravy,contry ham,sausage links,oj,coffee and toast cut into heart shapes with grape jelly..prayers all...back in a bit..SPOT

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70297: Wow, I checked out that story, PH...hard to believe. The child looks more like 10 than 13. I'm sure it happens but abortion would be the choice for most in that situation, I suppose. I thought it interesting that the girl's family is on government assistance and the mom said her daughter would lack for nothing.

KYGirl, sometimes I notice things like that about the old shows or commercials...the inuendo passed me by as a child but I see it now.

Well, Happy Valentine's Day! Love to all...


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70298: Happy Valentine's Day from possum under a rock and her little valentine Laci.

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70299: Good morning and happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm spending it at work instead of with the Mrs. and family, but not by choice. I think I'll pick up a pizza on the way home this evening. The Mrs. and I are planning a night out next weekend.

POOR HORATIO: A little "Love American Style" trivia and TAGS tie-in...A "Happy Days" pilot was made but nobody thought it would be successful so it was made an episode of "Love American Style." It was so popular among viewers that it got a shot as a series and the rest is history. I believe that Ron Howard and Marion Ross were the only two from that episode that made it into the show.

KY GIRL: I sometimes think the same thing. Sometimes I'll see an old show from the 70s, like "Love Boat," that I watched as a kid and think, I can't let my kids watch that! Remember all the bed-hopping and other adult stuff? Even a show like "Happy Days;" I remember an epsiode from teh first season where Ritchie tries to learn how to unsnap a bra with one hand! And all that "blowing in ears." And I watched that show every week as a kid. Just goes to show how long we have been desensitized.

Good to hear from you HOMEMAKER! Wish HAZEL, NEW NEIGHBOR and others would check in as well.

BOO: Lincoln is a fascinating man, that's for sure. An interesting bit of trivia regarding the Gettysburg Address...The featured speaker at the program in Gettysburg that day was Edward Everett, one of the most noted and popular orators of the day. At lectures around the country he drew exceptionally large crowds. That day, he gave a almost 14,000 word, two-hour long speech on the war! When he was through, Lincoln gave his address, which was just 10 sentences and took less than 3 minutes. Some people never learn it's not quanity, but quality that usually counts.

You can tell Sean he's fortunate that he didn't have to study Everett's address ;).

See y'all at lunch. Who's buying?


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70300: "You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs.
But I look around me and I see it isn't so.
Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs.
And what's wrong with that?
I'd like to know, cause here I go again...
I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you,
I can't explain the feelings plain to me, say can't you see?
Ah, she gave me more, she gave it all to me
Now can't you see?
What's wrong with that,
I need to know, cause here I go again
I love you, I love you..."

Perhaps one of the catchiest sappy songs ever written. A little trivia...Paul McCartney said that we wrote that song in response to a criticism by John Lennon of him in an interview where Lennon said McCartney didn't write any important, just "silly love songs."

See, I'm full of useless knowledge.


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70301: "I love you,you love me,we're a happy family..
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?
I love you,you love me,we're best friends like friends should be
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?"

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70302: The above is compliments of Barney (the dinosaur,not Fife),Possum,& Laci

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70303: UGH!


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70304: And now that touching love song...

'Nita, Jua-a-a-a-a-a-anita...


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70305: It's not unusual to be loved by anyone,
It's not unusual to have fun with anyone,
But when I see you hanging about with anyone,
It's not unusual to see me cry.

Happy Valentines Day my family, Love to you all. I have to work today too, so my hubby took me out last night. I had to add my silly song too. Hope ya'll have a wonderful day. I love you all-Salty Dog

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70306: Goodness. Salty Dog taking off on Tom Jones. I declare Salty, here's some bug spray for you. (jk, you sound fine, just fine) and so do you homemaker. So good to see you. Are you moved in yet?
Happy Valentines day to y'all. Give your honey some sugar and tell em you love em. Told my sweetie she looked good enough to take to the picture show. Made her grin.


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70307: Hey Asa,Salty dog,Boo..possum M-T I will buy lunch if you leave the tip and Boo bring us a news paper to read...lets go to Shoneys and get a slaw burger fries and a bottle of skee!...well almost nation wide race time!..then tomorrow 500 time...well see yall at lunch.."Waterboy" is on the tube....so funny...SPOT

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70308: You guys are making me laugh out loud this morning~~!! I love the Tom Jones impersonation, Salty Dog. Can you do "What's New P#ssy Cat?"...whoa, whoa, whoa...whoa-whoa.

My personal favorite would have to be "Nita, Juanita".

Me-They, great to have you on the porch on a Saturday but sorry you have to work. I knew that story about the orator with the 2 hour speech but I didn't know his name, thanks! I will tell Sean he's lucky he didn't have to learn it. You know, not to be morbid, but Lincoln has a death mask, too. Have you seen it?

Here's my love song in my best Nat King Cole voice:

"L"..is for the way you LOOK at me.
"O"..is for the ONLY ONE I see.
"V"..is VERY, VERY, extra-ordinarly.
"E"..is EVEN more than anyone that you adore.

Love is all that I can give to you,
Love is more than just a game for two.
Two in love can make it,
Take my heart and please don't break it,
Love, was made for me and you!


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70309: Uh, those X's stand for kisses, not triple-X Boo...just in case I confused anybody....just keepin' it clean.

Forgot to tell you Me-They, that I remember that Happy Days pilot on Love American Style from when it first aired. It was so funny that we were talking about in school the next day. I loved the part when Ritchie is saying goodnight to his date at her front door and he is leaning on the doorbell. The girls dad answers and then closes the door again. Ritchie decides to lean on the door this time, but the dad opens it later and Ritchie falls inside the doorway. I also remember the episode with the guys in the Boys Room and they have the bra stretched around the radiator trying to unhook it. Fonzie is there when they leave and he very casually reaches over and unhooks it with one, quick motion. Oh, brother. I remember that there were some questionable moments even in Happy Days and especially on the Love Boat...lots of free love going on in those days. One embarrasing memory I have is watching MASH with my parents when I was about 10. In the episode they were wanting to circumcise and infant, and I didn't have a clue what that meant and, unfortunately, I asked my dad. He explained it at the commercial and I wanted to crawl under the sofa. We never discussed s#x in my household growing up. We don't have any problem with it now, though..haha, and I have learned alot of things about my dad that I would rather not know.


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70310: Happy Valentine's Day, porch! Any celebrating I do tonight will be at work, tending to women who are in the midst of the consequences of some celebrating they did about nine months ago. Some will be happy about it, and unfortunately, some won't. For me, these days, February 14 is just another day on the calendar, and that's okay. To everything there is a season, and I had many years of being taken to dinner, receiving candy, etc.

Yesterday was Eloise's 65th birthday, and her husband took the family, (they kindly include me in that) out to Saltgrass for dinner. I had a mouth-watering steak and really enjoyed it. David and Brittney gave Eloise a new camera for her birthday, then the two sweeties had gifts for both Eloise and me. They gave us each a t-shirt that reads "Bunco Babe" - (hot pink, of course), since we play bunco once a month.

Then, and this was mostly for me, they gave us tickets to the Lipizzaner Horse show in Waco in March. David is taking Brittney to Austin to see the same show a week later, but they gave us tickets to the one in Waco because it's just about an hour and a half away, and we can make it a very comfortable day trip. The tickets are for an afternoon performance, so we can drive down that morning, have lunch, go to the show, then drive home, probably all before dark.

I can hardly wait!! I saw the Lipizzaners perform many years ago in San Antonio, and they are absolutely incredible, just breath-taking. You cannot believe some of the aerial maneuvers those horses perform. It's like they're on strings, floating from the ceiling, or have wings or something. Wonderful! You might want to Google "Lipizzaners" and read about them. They have a fascinating history, including General Patton getting them out of Austria during WWII and all. They were featured in the movie "Airs Above the Ground" many years ago. I can hardly wait!!

Well, I have a few things to do, then I think I'll get in a long nap this afternoon and maybe I'll be able to make it to church after work tomorrow morning. Probably not, but it's worth a try. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70311: XXX Boo! Oh-No what has Asa done to you?...hee hee..its those trips to Yancey....hey Possum,Ky check your mail...Romeena done work to hard..I will keep the light on tomorrow I hope...Lets grill some burgers tonight out in front of my new barn!..want be long after I get her finishd we will have to have a barn opening dance!...lights strung up and all...should be next weekend!...prayers to all my friends..Mavis check in...Rev,Tom.....SPOT

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70312: Don't worry, SPOT, I won't go over to the dark side. :0) Burgers in front of the barn?? I'm THERE!

How neat about the tickets, Romeena! I have never been to one of the horse shows but maybe one day I will go.

Well, Bruce just handed me a dozen red roses...better go put them in water.


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70313: Well,those floor shows of Asa's over in Yancey might've brought some of it on (Boo's XXX-ness) but I think it all started when she was "running with" MDC a while back,spot!
Hee Hee (love ya Boo! I know you're a good girl!)

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70314: Define "good"...;)


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70315: Oh hey,spot- Did you get the "My Cousin Vinny" thing I e-mailed you? Ha ha!

possum again

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70316: Boo, the Lipizzaners will be in San Antonio on March 29, if you and Bruce could make that work. Believe me, they're well worth seeing. You will never forget it. Go to www.lipizzaner.com and you can see the schedule and everything you want to know about them.

Well, Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I'm off to work. Be blessed! --Romeena

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70317: happy valentive day the whole united states of american. unknwn

February 14, 2009 - Msg 70318: Thanks, Ro, I will check it out. I can remember when I was a kid that the show used to come to Corpus Christi, but it has been years. I never saw it while it was here.

Hope you have a good night at work, Ro, and that you have very nice patients who appreciate you!

Bruce took the kids and me to my favorite little local cafe for dinner. It's a neat place with very good and friendly waitresses. I enjoyed it...not exactly romantic, but with Erin being sick this weekend, we couldn't get away without the kids. She is better but not free of the fever yet and not back to her normal, active self. I guess I won't be going to church because there is a good chance that Jubi will be there and she had chemo this last week. Her counts were good enough that the ok'd her for church, but I don't want to take any chances since she and Erin are in Kid's Church together.

Well, it is a beatiful night tonight...very cool and just the way I like it. Wish I had a front porch with a swing to sit on tonight. I would save a place for all of you under my quilt. Maybe Andy will drop by and play us a tune on his guitar...I think I would like to hear "Down In the Valley"...nice dream, eh?

I was on Youtube looking at some old TV shows and I came across The Doris Day Show. It was fun to watch after so many years and I had forgotten that Mr. Darlin' was a regular on the show. Does anybody remember that?

Well, I think I will take a rest on the couch with a nice fleece throw over me and watch some TV. Later, all you Sweethearts :)


February 14, 2009 - Msg 70319: Hey ya'll, hope everyone had a good Valentines day. Mine was pretty good even if I did have to work. Thanks for the compliments Asa, I did something from the light classics so it wouldn't go over everybody's heads. SPOT!! You got me singing Dumas Walkers all night now. And I cant wait for the race tomorrow, so glad racing season is back. Seems like those three months drag forever. Hope ya'll have a good night, Sunday dinner at my house after preachin ok? Then we'll watch the race. Love to you all--Salty Dog

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70320: Yea I got it possum.morning gang.SPOT

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70321: Ya know what? This site was created to talk TAGS, not Love American Style, and everything else. I've not seen MUCH TAGS being talked about. That's why I quit coming here. I check in once in awhile just to see what's being talked about, but I hardly EVER see TAGS in here.

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70322:
Morning Porch

I'm not sure if anyone made the connection but the scene of the plane crash near Buffalo was in my neck of the woods. We drive right by that area often, when we go to the movies later today we'll drive by again. My father's family first settled in that town, a lot of family members still live there. For awhile, I thought my brother could have been on that flight. His job takes him on the road and the last few times out he had flown in from Jersey. It was a pretty anxious Friday morning here. He wasn't, thank God. Here's a short article from a local paper about a "miracle" that occurred after the crash.



February 15, 2009 - Msg 70323: Good Sabbath Porch Friends.
Hey Auh2o, I was wondering how close to you that crash was. In fact I had typed out a post asking about you, but deleted the entire post for reasons I won't go into now. I'm glad you are ok, as well as your brother. That article was very interesting. How on earth those two survived is a wonder. Very sad so many lost their lives. I read two members of Chuck Mangioni's band were killed in that crash. Along with a widow of a 9-11 victim. My prayers go out to all involved.

Msg 70321, yes we do tend to stray into other areas beyond TAGS. I'm sorry you quit posting here here for that reason. Maybe you should stick around and keep us on track more. I say that in all seriousness, not being a smart aleck. I always worry about the number of folks who used to post here who no longer do, and wonder if it is for the same reason. I hope not. I know that I, along with others, tend to stray into areas not TAGS related here. But there are so many of us who have known each other fo so long here on the Porch, we tend to be like family. And like families do, we may not always agree on things all the time, and feel the need to straighten one another out. But I think it is based on love and concern for one another, not on animosity nor anger. Anyway, please join us and help keep us pointed in the right direction. And forgive us if we tend to wander. We live in perilous times right now, and being here for each other, even if it's just to vent or speak our minds is thereapedic (in Barney's words).

Well better go get ready for preachin. Dang, I hate wearing them neck ties. I declare, ties were invented by a mean spirited woman on PMS! There, I said it and I ain't taking it back! HA!


February 15, 2009 - Msg 70324: Asa you did get my Dumas Walker link in msg 70307!..COOL...well all lights are on right now on my beat....back in a bit...hey ayh2o and good point in msg 70323 Dumas Walker "er" I mean Asa!;)...SPOT

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70325: Don't wear one, ASA. Only about 2 men wear ties in my church and one is the pastor (most of the time). Lots of us wear jeans.

I stayed home with the kids this morning. Erin is still not back to normal. She still feels tired and has a little fever, I think.

Well, I am really glad we talk about other things besides just TAGS. There are other sites that only talk about TAGS available on the web.

Think I will check out that link Auh2o posted...


February 15, 2009 - Msg 70326: Hi All.
Thank Boo for passing your bug to my ;(.
All I did for twodays is sleep all day6.
Will the weather is back to being cold and some snow or eain in there too. uk.

My Sis new grandbabby can used some prayer right , she have a grow on her neck and mat have to have sugr to it.


February 15, 2009 - Msg 70327: Prayers Tom for you Sis"s grandbaby..hey Boo..about pre race time Rev,Mavis,auh2o,asa,M-T and all race fans..got hot wings and pizza for tonight....all lights are on right now...SPOT

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70328: We went to my niece's wedding yesterday. She was beautiful and walked down the aisle barefoot! The bridesmaids were in flipflops and it was 32 degrees outside. Geesh
Then onto the reception - it was an Italian buffet. The bride and groom ate and left. No cake cutting, bouquet tossing, or first dance with the dad. They just up and left about 1 hour into the reception. Some people were invited to the reception only and didn't even see the bride and groom. Oh well - the cake was good. Most guests left after the bride and groom left so I don't know if there was much of a dance. The bride's mom and all of the bridesmaids were upset. Well - it was just upsetting to everyone since most of us travelled 3-4 hours to get there!


February 15, 2009 - Msg 70329: Good afternoon my family. Yes I'm guilty too of straying away from the whole TAGS thing, but if you join any board whether it be sports, music or whatever, they all get away from the main point of the board. Granted we all love tags or we wouldn't be here. But like Asa said, we've became so close over the years that it only seems natural to share what is going on in our "real" lives with the ones from the black and white world of Mayberry. I can name several times in my life when things were not well that this was the only place of comfort I found. But if you will look close at each post there will be some reference or quote to tags that probably only the die hards would pick up on. All that being said, SPOT I'll be there for the wings and pizza I'll bring chips and salsa too. Gotta love the race food. Be back later on, let's go racin!! Love ya'l--Salty Dog

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70330: Good Afternoon Porch,
I apologize for not visiting my rocker more often. Life has been a bit hectic lately. I don't always have much time on the computer. Just know that I think of y'all daily even if I'm not able to post.
Yesterday was Bryan and my Anniversary and we spent it all day with the kids. We went for a walk in the woods, took the kids to Cracker Barrel and then watched Wall-E. We had a lot of fun.
Well, I need to take Nick to church. I think I need to find a bandstand and just watch and listen!
Take care!
Blessings to you and yours,

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70331: Hey Lucy how have you been girl?..Salty and all race fans..:reach up and tighten those belts its race time"..boogity boogity boogity lets go racing boys!....yeee hawwww....wow I love it.. Rev and all pray for a safe race..Salty dob some texas pete in that salsa and burn!...will try to keep all the race lights on!...SPOT

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70332: Good afternoon, porch! I just got up about an hour ago. Came in from work determined to make it to church, sat down in my big old chair for "a few minutes" and woke up half an hour later, too late to make it to church. Good thing, I'd have slid out of a pew onto the floor for sure. So, I just went to bed and slept until about 2 p.m. Sure do feel better now.

Had a good night at work, three lovely ladies and one sad little soul. A Muslim woman, she just seemed, well - sad! She wasn't demanding, was almost embarrassingly grateful for any little thing done for her, and she was alone. Her mother took her other children home, which was appropriate, but then her husband left too. Well, maybe he was going to work. I think she's just "off the boat", because her English is fairly limited and she still drinks only bottled water. Anyway, I felt sorry for her and tried to offer her little extra comforts, but she would just look down at the floor and mostly refuse. Poor sad little thing.

To 70321, I'm sorry you don't feel at home here anymore. "There's much in what you say", and the observation has been made before over the years. We've tried, and I'm sure we'll try again, but to talk nothing but TAGS all the time wears a little thin after a while. As has been observed many times, TAGS is a mindset, Mayberry is a state of mind. To just constantly quote the script, discuss the characters and all - well, you just run out of things to say. The porch has evolved into our own little cyber-Mayberry, where we meet and greet and share and discuss, much as the real folks in Mayberry did. I'm pretty sure that in a real Mayberry, people wouldn't sit and talk about one topic all the time. They would tell each other about the happenings in their lives, burdens and joys would be shared, and there might even be a little disagreement now and then, but it would be settled with civility. I'm sorry to disagree with you, but I just don't see anything wrong with that.

I don't think any of us want to see TAGS just left out completely, and I don't think we do - the subtle references are definitely there, but maybe you have missed them. Perhaps we could come to a compromise. How would everyone feel about designating one day a week, maybe Sunday, where postings must be about TAGS and nothing else? I'm willing - how about the rest of you? If you agree, just post a TAGS-related comment. If not, say whatever you wish, and we'll see how it comes out. 70321, would you care to lead the way? Oh, by the way, when you come here and comment and don't sign, it's like walking up to Andy's porch to join the conversation, while wearing a mask. It kinda puts folks off. Just a friendly hint.

Hey, did you folks know that Otis had another job besides being the glue-dipper at the furniture factory? He was also Captain something-or-other on a kids' cartoon show on "The Brady Bunch". That pudgy little feller sure gets around.

Be blessed, all --Romeena

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70333: HM, that wedding sounds like Me-They's worst nightmare...the only thing that could make it worse is if they were wearing Mayo.;)

Ro, I would really rather not have a day each week where nothing but TAGS is discussed. That would get very boring very fast, sorry. I think your feeling about what we do here on the porch is exactly right...that's why it's called "The Porch"..it's a place to come and chat about life (and TAGS). I would rather mix the two than have an exclusive day to talk TAGS.


February 15, 2009 - Msg 70334: Well Race fans that kinda stinks but the rains came..Matt lead 7 total laps only one under green...Tony would have had something and you (if it had stayed under green)Jr may have been at the front...well let me let otis out..Saulty and the other gand I enjoyed the watching the race with yall...back before bed...early shift the next 2 days....SPOT

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70335: Evening Porch, sorry I have been AWOL for a few days, it's been busy here (ain't it always?) Remember I told you we took in a foster Bull Terrier back around the first of the year? Well, he finally got to go to what we hope will be his forever home on Friday, I do hope it works out, he's a great dog! I miss him around here. But we no sooner got him placed when I got an email about another one in the Knoxville shelter that needed to be pulled out and put into rescue by today or they were going to have to euthanize her. So hubby and I went and got her yesterday, so we have a new foster here. Her name is Izzy and she is just pitiful. Very skinny and has what Barney would call compelshuns she is what they call a spinner. When she gets stressed she will start spinning like crazy trying to catch her tail. The end of her tail is a bloody mess and I only hope we can help her so she can find a forever home. I've heard some of these OCD dogs end up having to be euthanized if it's allowed to progress too long. I'm not sure if we got her in time to reverse it. From what I was told by shelter personnel, she was her owner's baby, her owner took her everywhere, doted on her constantly and then something changed, new boyfriend or new job, and she stopped paying attention to Izzy, that developed into the spinning, so the owner decided she didn't want to deal with it and dumped her. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it with this sad little soul.

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70336:
Hey, all. Sorry for bustin' down the door without catching up first, but I have a prayer request. I couldn't name the names of all the folks if I tried, but something tells me the Lord will know who it is.

There is a family in my neighborhood - the parents aren't even the Bundys, much less the Cleavers, but they have innocent kids - whose house is in foreclosure and they've been without electricity for about a month. Seems the parents aren't terribly pro-active about earning money, and what $ they have could be spent better. That's all I'm willing to say, if you get my drift. Anyway, these kids are doing everything they can to put food in the house, including selling blood on a regular basis. These are hungry teenagers who are constantly job-hunting - difficult to do in our area, where you have to have a car to get anywhere. Tonight I'm putting on a big old-fashioned dinner for the kids. After church, one of them showered over here earlier - said the hot water was "amazing." We're in financial straits ourselves, but there's always someone worse off. So if you could send up a prayer for these kids, it would be much appreciated.

I'll come back later and read up proper-like. I hope everyone's ok. I keep the Porchsters in my prayers all the time; I hope I haven't overlooked an important post.

Love to all.


February 15, 2009 - Msg 70337: Well DES, I was just wondering what in the world became of you and here you are! Talk about "love thy neighbor" in action. You are so kind to be helping those in need when you, yourself, have needs. God bless you for it and may He always meet your needs according to His riches. Prayer for that family. It's a very sad situation and one we are seeing more and more these days.

Mavis, very good to see you, too. Poor Izzy. I pray you are able to help her and that she finds a forever home with lots of love. I know this sounds like a drastic measure, but would it help to have her tail amputated so that she couldn't actually get ahold of it and cause herself injury?

Better go..


February 15, 2009 - Msg 70338: Hey Des, Boo,Mavis..im gona hit the ironing board 4:30 gona get here quick..breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Asa and Salty...possum come by and get me I aint got much gas..Boo bring a newspaper ok....night and prayers my porch family...SPOT

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70339: That's very nice of you, Des, to help out where you can for that family.

I just saw that episode of The Brady Bunch, Romeena. He was acting so strange as that kid's show host, that I would've thought he was drunk. ;)

Just saw Floyd on Leave It To Beaver as well, where he played that barber called Andy.

Them TAGS actors really get around. Though I like them best at home in Mayberry.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70340: To the anonymous poster of Msg 70321. Thank you for posting your comment. But where did you get the impression that "This site was created to talk TAGS"? I scrolled to the top and bottom of this posting page. I even searched through the first page of the archives from 2001. And yet I could not find any such restrictions.
I must admit that I have not posted a TAGS related comment since February 4, 2009. However, I have never been corrected nor reprimanded by the host here for my subject content. In reality, I enjoy the variety of topics mentioned here.
Instead of stopping your visits, why not post something TAGS related and give us a chance to respond? We donĺt bite ů well all except for SPOT (but we keep him leashed and well fed most of the time).

hm, your story about the wedding brought back some memories. When I was a professional musician, soon after starting to play at one wedding, they requested the bridal march. The bride and groom left as expected after the march. However, nearly all of the guests followed them out and that was unexpected. So although our band only played for 1 hour, we got paid for the contracted 4 hours.

Tom, ~Dež~ and Mavis, I will add your requests to my prayer list. I wish I was in a position to offer more than just prayer.
~Dež~, please have those parents check out http://www.hud.gov/foreclosure/index.cfm for some free advice from the government. There are options they have but they need to act quickly.

Folks, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkSvqhGk__0 to view a cut scene from the pilot episode of TAGS. Notice how Andy is wearing his badge on his shirt pocket instead of above the pocket.

From Poor Horatio

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70341: Wow Des that sounds so sad, what the heck is wrong with parents anymore?? Good on ya for helping those kids out, I think it's wonderful of you. I'm outta here for a while, got alot to do tomorrow and morning comes awful early around here anymore. Meant to say earlier, Ro I saw the Lipizzaners years ago at the National Horse Show in DC. I have never forgotten it, those horses are amazing! Glad you get to go, you'll have a blast.

February 15, 2009 - Msg 70342:
Hello porch family....Just got in from my concerts today so I'm pretty tired. So I'll just check the post later.

I pray you all had a great Valentine's Day!

Spot....Because of my concerts I didn't get to see much of the race but I heard some tough talking about some of the divers on XM radio on my way home tonight. I'll check it out on replay.

You all have a good nights rest and be sure to tell some folks about our Jesus tomorrow.
Prayers for all our porch family!

February 16, 2009 - Msg 70343: Possum you coming by to get me for breakfast told you I aint got no gas in the truck!...thumb is out...SPOT

February 16, 2009 - Msg 70344:
Hey Folks

~Dež~ Prayers, prayers for all of us.

Asa-Geographically the crash wasn't real close. However, we're pretty rural here and we have to travel for just about everything (thank God for the local Walmart)and it just so happens our travels often take us by the area.

spot-Hey to you buddy.

Me-They I'd love to answer your question from post Msg 70170 but I seem to clear the Porch every time I discuss that stuff. I will say, I'm a big fan of Adams, Hamilton, and the Founders. Marx, Lenin, and their ilk, not so much.


February 16, 2009 - Msg 70345: Hey brother Rev,auh2o...I had to pour my lawnmower gas in my truck to get to breakfast...possum never showed up....;)...SPOT

February 16, 2009 - Msg 70346: Put yer gas back in your lawnmower,Spot- I'm on my way to get ya!
Prayers for the baby,Tom.And to Mavis as well.
DeS(I can't make that squiggly thing you do),I hate to hear of those kids struggling so.God Bless them & you for your efforts to help.
Boo,seems like Erin's been sick forever-hope she feels better soon.Prayers for Jubi too.
As for my two cents: I like the Porch the way it is.We talk about Mayberry & everything else,just like I'd imagine us doing if we really were all gathered on a porch.
Well, let me get the possum mobile cranked up and go get Spot before he has a conniption fit!
Y'all take care!
possum under a rock

February 16, 2009 - Msg 70347: Possum we might as well call it brunch by now ;)....ha ha....SPOT

February 16, 2009 - Msg 70348: Good morning, all. I must say I agree with you about free discussion on the porch, I was just offering to accommodate the Unsigned Poster. I do think he/she has a point, though. I do love it when we bring more TAGS into conversations. I'm more guilty than anyone. Dirty me, dirty me! I'm disgusted with myself! Seems like the things I want to do, I don't do, and the things I don't want to do, I do. Hmmm. Where have I heard that before? (heehee)

Possum, to make Dež's squiggly thing, just hold down the key and at the same time, type 7-8-9, using your number keypad, not the ones above the alphabet. Try it, it works.

Praying for all the hurts on the porch right now - Tom's niece, Erin, Jubi, poor little Dizzy Izzy, and always, our porch baby Laci, and anyone I've missed. God knows! I would add an update on Miss Betty. She is being moved from the hospital to Hearthstone, a nursing care facility, where she will be under hospice care. This is ominous. She and her son have finally requested no visitors. As much as we all hate that, we have to understand. If you knew Betty, you would know that the visitors would be numbered by the dozens daily. She needs rest, and I'm sure wasn't getting it. Eloise and I went only once and stayed less than five minutes, but there are others who will go, pull up a chair and stay all afternoon.

Folks, you probably all know this, but really, take it from a nurse who sees it from the patient's side. When you go to visit in the hospital, don't stay longer than ten minutes, unless it's a close family member or very close friend.
Wash your hands when you enter the room.
Don't sit on the bed!
Don't go in huge groups.
DON'T take children, unless they're grandkids the patient is eager to see.
Don't take food in with you and eat in front of the patient.
Don't tell the patient about all your recent ailments.
Don't try to tell the nurses how to do their job.
Don't question the nurses about the patient's condition, especially in front of the patient. They can't give you any information anyway, under the Privacy Act.
Don't play with the equipment in the room. I've had to restart IV's because a visitor silenced the alarm.
Don't use the patient's bathroom.
Don't wear heavy perfume.
If you smoke, stand outside in the wind for a while before going into the building, so you won't smell quite so strongly of smoke.
Turn your cellphone off before you enter the room.
Don't lug in an armful of flowers that you got cheap at the grocery store and then expect the nurses to find you a vase. We don't have them, JCAHO doesn't allow us to store them. There's usually limited space for flowers anyway, so take a small bouquet that's already in a vase.
DO take a simple gift in lieu of flowers, if it's appropriate. A good book. A pair of tickets to a movie or a play is an optimistic choice, if there is reasonable certainty that the patient will be able to use them at some point in time.
Keep a respectful distance and don't hug or kiss the patient. They may be immune-compromised.
If you have a cold, sore throat or any other communicable ailment, STAY HOME!

I could list a lot more, but you get the idea. Now I've got to run, Joe will be here shortly to start getting all these little bloomers in the ground. It's cold outside - 43 degrees - but will warm up a bit, I hope. Anyway, working will warm me up! Be blessed, all. --Romeena